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"yorkshire squads" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

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"yorkshire squads" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"A bit later, but you can clearly handle yourself and those in the situation, you're you're talking to join the London sixty as well, and you do have a background the try this maybe takes us right mind to the beginning of your career while I was amused to hear that you were you've been training for the London sixty with the British Academy. Because of course. But with a real diet of, you know, Madison training underwrote ailing worth. Yeah. I guess, you know, given the this is the rule you now have as as guy can really handle himself and handle his bike. You probably know again. Maybe as you said about Lofton, not realizing what good thing was you look back a bit of the British economy with You a little note. don't know is really is really odd. I don't it's all I I was on the British Kadhamy for a short period of time. I'd say my craft was going back. This is like full not stuff is different craft. I'd say, but I think going back to when I was talent so talent he might join the Yorkshire squad. Whatever that was and it was filled west on Johnny Clegg. And obviously, they were very good Tri riders quite experience. So I think going onto that on so westie rarely filled is he taught me a lot about truck riding. And the nice thing with him was he was ju- still on the bike. So he could jump on the track. I'm really not show you how do things, but if you go on a motorbike, it's a lot easier for someone to be next. You want to tell you a ride it rather than and urea telling you, how do it. So I learned a hell of a lot from them. And then when I was on the academy. I was on it for I think when I was on the I was technically on for three months by spent three weeks in the house houses, I was a lot. So I've nothing to thank very shocking floor about the academy. But before the. So. Yeah. Well, why do they not win? It did work for obviously a lot guys. I just think I wasn't sue. It's you know, I think a lot of APL the economy works and a lot of people it doesn't work for them. And for me that time I seventeen just moved out from parents, obviously. And you know, you moving into into fly space in the middle of follow failed in Manchester, which is shoot in central lease of life. So of you free, and we moved in with two of the laws all the lots in like, ten minutes way in the house and everything, and it was just so more overwhelm with being with the lots of them being you'll hear on the economy solo thing, and I think so took over a little bit..

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