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"For over 130 years Good morning I'm Joan Jones And I'm Bruce Allen teddy gellman is our producer The top story we're following for you this morning the Senate is preparing to take a historic step after approving aid for Ukraine involving what could be the most significant expansion of NATO in decades WTO's Mitchell Miller has today on the hill The Senate's approval of the nearly $40 billion for Ukraine was overwhelmingly bipartisan Even if Putin is stopped in Ukraine will remain dangerous Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell says that's one of the reasons he joined with Democrats to support the assistance He and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer are also on the same page when it comes to admitting Finland and Sweden into NATO Each has invested seriously in the sort of modern weapon systems that can operate seamlessly alongside our own During a meeting at the capitol the Senate leaders assured the leaders of Finland and Sweden they'll support their entry into NATO and hope for a vote on that soon On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO President Biden kicked off his 5 day trip to Asia by speaking at a Samsung facility in South Korea addressing some of the employees there mister Biden emphasized the importance of maintaining a good working relationship between the two countries Our two nations work together to make the best most advanced technology in the world And this factory is proof of that That gives both the republic of Korea and the United States a competitive edge in the global economy Now we'll go for the president's trip is to establish a new economic framework with allies in Asia one that would lessen China's dominance in that region He'll meet with South Korean president yoon south later today The first flights of baby formula into the U.S. are expected within days as federal officials put the final touches on plans to fly in supplies from Europe Federal agencies are looking for commercial planes to bring more than a 1 million 8 ounce bottles of hypoallergenic baby formula from Switzerland to Indiana From there the formula will be distributed to areas of the country with acute shortages of infant formula The feds have approved COVID booster shots for kids ages 5 to 11 it's good news according to a local Doctor Who's also concerned about those kids who are not yet vaccinated When they get infected with COVID-19 but there are a handful of children who have long-term effects Doctor Sarah schaefer Giroux of children's national hospital There's concern for myocarditis after COVID-19 infection There's concern for long COVID which we're still learning about Also MIS-C or multisystem inflammatory syndrome If you are 5 to 11 year olds already has been vaccinated and the last shot was at least 5 months ago schaefer derus has now is the time to get boosted Christy king WTO P news The booster shot approval comes at the same time as vaccine protection is waning and many kids in our region are testing positive At the end of last month D.C. said its school system reported 451 cases in a week The highest since the end of the winter surge cases increased more during the weeks of May 1st in May 8th In fairfax county doctor Ben Schwartz with the county's health department says the number of COVID cases has been increasing With nearly 4000 students testing positive so far this month Montgomery county reported more than 3000 cases in schools over the past ten days Nike LAW TOP news To read more on COVID in schools head to WTO P dot com and check out the school zone our new weekly feature on education in the D.C. region Well you may remember that the Montgomery county council agreed last week that the county's ride on buses would remain free Council president council vice president Evan glass and the average bus rider has a household income of less than $35,000 and the average household income in Montgomery county is a $108,000 The council then voted to keep the service free through June of next year but later the council settled on a $1 fair half of what it cost before the pandemic a final decision on the ride on fares will come when the council approves the budget next week Coming up after traffic and weather and investigation underway to find out who hung a confederate flag outside a high school in the area It's 8 36 Just.

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