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AWTY 56 - Play Nice (A Silent Voice)

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AWTY 56 - Play Nice (A Silent Voice)

"This is wrong on so many levels and welcome to our exploration and education and anime. I'm your anime idiot Patrick Dugan. I'm an anime expert Dana Hollander Brennan McCullough your animate. Uh Ha ha. He's got jokes league because it's a sin points yeah the because there's not nearly start. I think that's the best way to do it. I think he did at one and it's not going to get better. It's GONNA be some weird cryptic references in the sixties otherwise behind the scenes. We are very worried that Brendan's computer will it and that was a very mean prank to play on as soon as we started recording computers. GonNa legitimate it is the most perfectly timed way for computer to be like fuck this. I'm out trucks. It feels like that sometimes her bus goof because we're watching a silent voice yeah he gour where watch another movie this week we've been burned into by so many series just forego that medium entirely just movies now so yeah. This was your pick this week. Dana what what what was your history with it nothing. I've just heard very good things about yeah. I know I know what it's about vaguely but like I don't know exactly what it's about but I've always been interested in watching it because I like a good would animated film. You are a cinema goer who of s Japanese persuasion well you love Japanese films all the same right films all of them Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. That's my shit on loop every day playing Brendan. Do you know anything about this movie probably about the same as Dana. I kinda got a basic idea of the plot and I remember when it came out. It had some buzzed because I think it came out not too long after your name so it's too big emotional anime movies. I got like wildly popular order like even in the states so it's kind of like. Oh Hey how's animates not just tits and monsters which covert Albert that the release of this US release I should say was October twentieth twenty seventeen so within the careers here is your name. Your name came out in in the states in April two thousand seventeen. Okay convenience. Yeah your name in April great great snow different the same so yeah. I know I know just about the plot and I know it's supposed to be like a beautifully animated and Wonderful Score but that's that's about it. I don't know too much and this also I analysts to watch eventually well. Let's let's get that. Pencil ready to cross it off because we're about to watch the UH I'm I'm not crying. You're crying correct. I am not cry one of US money. I'm crying yeah. We'll we'll. We'll talk about it but I haven't really been and saying how I feel about this movie because I don't like it very much. Oh did that on top. That's long I wanted to see I. I was being cagey about it because I knew that you liked it so I wanted to talk about it on here. So we'll wind side me. Make me especially sad. That's fine yeah. Let's go suprise uprise karnavas sweeter the bell yeah. I I should rephrase this I think this is a very a beautifully well made movie. I think the message is yeah so well well. We'll get into it. Okay so movie starts. We have a boy and he's making making plans. He has a calendar that has deadlines on it. want us to quit his job. Another wants to go to the bank. which I mean I mean I know are signs of like wrapping things up so yeah content warning talk of suicide so he's shown on a bridge and he crosses off a day that says final day and he gets up on the bridge and he well I think in his mind he gets up on the bridge but he doesn't actually do that. and he's like distracted by by some kids doing some fireworks and then we get like an opening which is him just hanging out with all of his friends just bunch of kids elementary school kids and the opening leads up to the stay at school. When a new girl is their transfer student she's yet. She's very cute. Shy and the teacher tells her to introduce yourself to the class. She does not do deuce. Oh he taps her on the shoulder. She gets out a notebook and she has notes on it. That says my name is Shoko. If you want to talk to me use this notebook because I can't hear and all the kids in class are pretty like Haw 'cause I guess they've never met a deaf kid before. Noni Noni she she just gets to know some of the girls in the class the pretty nice to her start out her nickname is show John which they say is the same nickname as the boy we saw earlier. His name is Ishida. 'cause last name is show. Ya So he's Shoshana also what a coincidence and then we're pretty much just shown her in several different scenes having a really hard time at school because they're just not accommodating her her disability there's a girl names now who at first. It's very helpful to her. She takes her notebook and she writes stuff down for her during class. there's a moment where they're reading out loud in class. The teacher still has her do it because she can talk like most deaf people too they can talk and because she can't hear herself it's not perfect and and then when Ishida goes he makes fun of her which is Shitty and she's having trouble well making friends were shown her after school with now and like a couple of other girls and now we're leaving by. Shoko and she's just by herself and then he she comes up and she signs to him that she wants to be friends and he she says it to and he calls her weird in throws dirt her face. That's cool move off to a great start off to a good start very likable learned and then the teacher tells everybody that they're gonNA start taking some time out of every morning to learn sign language so everybody can talk to Takushoko easier and now is like why do we have to do that writing easier for me and then there's one girl that gets up up. She's like I WANNA learn it and her name is Sahara and then there's just like more shit of them ridiculing her him and he writes something on the board. I think I missed something because he writes something about how she took Sahara away did Sahara leave the school for some reason or another yeah. I I also missed what they were trying to get at with this. Ah No clue cool chalkboard is what it boils down to yeah. It just comes up later so like and miss something and he erases it as she walks in and he's like Oh. No someone did this rude and then she writes thank you which is sad because he's jerk children awful children awful and then she has hearing aids and they kind of start making fun. They don't start making fun of her for it. They do make fun of her for it. He yells in her ears and and starts taking them out just fucking throwing them and then one day he rip them out of her ears and she starts bleeding like he pulled hold on her ear lobe and he's called the principal's office because assault and as he's leaving the school with his two friends friends she's waiting for him and he's like what are you want and then sorry she holds up her notebook and it says I'm sorry which which made me very sad and she wants to she just wants to be friends so bad and he's just the worst and then he tosses her notebook in the pond and the next day she's not there and the principal is in their class saying like she's not in class today because she's her mom found out. She's getting bullied like you guys are fucking up her hearing aids which are very expensive who done it and the teacher was just like Ishida Ashida you. You're the worst you've openly done it in class in front of me. I know it's you. I know it's you also also shitty teacher. That doesn't give a shit so I'm I've just sort of. Let it happen and get to this point. It's true everyone kind of sucks. Here's these two girls else so she does kind of trying to be like Oh. Well you guys you make fun of her too but it's just you know just that thing of he's the one who got caught. Everyone else is just saying like well yeah but we told you to stop even though they didn't and then school called his mother he gets. Home and she she tells him get ready like we're GONNA go see. Shoko and her mom and she sees they go see her. and his mom gives Shoko smother money to replace the hearing aids and then Shoko is like with her like adjacent to the scene. She's feeding. Some pigeons sounds so easy to kind of sneaks up behind her and tries to be sneaky but the birds fly off. We don't really see them have a conversation BIA after this he starts getting bullied for one reason or another I guess because kids suck and there's one day where he goes into the classroom and see Shoko wiping the tape wiping his desk off and he's like what are you doing and it's evident that she just didn't want him to see whatever someone had wrote. She thinks she's returning the favor for him doing that for her. and then he just starts fighting her physically which was sad and she pushes him down and gets on top of him and he's like like he says you always have this look on your face like just say what you're thinking and she says I'm trying my best and that made me sad and I was semi cried. It was like the first time I teared up yeah and then after that altercation. Shoko transfers and there's time drum woo ishita is at at another school and he is there to find Shogo and he sees her and he's like hey do you remember me is she's just like and runs away which is naturally physically fire the last time they saw each other you're but he's he chases after her and he wants to return a notebook and he like hands the to her and signs. You forgot this and she likes signs to him. Like why do you know sign language and he says I learned it like I just wanted to learn it and then he asks if they can be friends and she cries and then we jumped to the day after he tried to commit suicide he he goes downstairs for breakfast. His mom looks exactly the same from his childhood. she yeah she. Thanks him for the money because he left money on her pillow and then she asks him why he tried to kill himself and he says like. I've been through a lot lately as she was just like I knew like I knew something was wrong. Like why don't you talk to me and she picks up the money she holds a lighter to it and she's like a few. You have to promise me that you're not. GonNa try some shit like like that again or I'M GONNA burn. This money worked so hard for and he's just like okay. I'm very very sorry Ma'am and then she burns it by accident oops so I I want to talk about this real quick. 'cause this also solidifies why I think he such a the piece of shit so they say one point seven million yen which I did. The conversion rate is almost sixteen thousand dollars who yes oh we it's sort of built up as light childhood bullying but my dude cost this deaf family sixteen thousand dollars in damages yes that was it directly the money he cost them and that's what he was paying back or is it just a general yeah because when when they go to when his mom drags him to apologize she gives the money to pay back for all of the multiple hearing aids that he trashed which cost sixteen thousand dollars okay. I knew she gave him the money. I was feels directly like he's paying back exactly how much he calls her or general like Hey. I'm going to kill myself. Here's all the money I mean. I have to make up for. Just everything yeah well. Oh you believe it's a direct correlation to that. Okay who it's a split and the other thing I wanted to just while I'm talking about this number. One a felony damage charges for like destruction of property is anything over five hundred dollars at least in the US so so This kid would have had felony like hate crime charges against him for targeting this death woman in her class but light light bullying is the great kids are shitty and angry and especially the talk about there's shitting though yeah gets a real shitty which is why I don't like it. I don't give a shit about this piece of shit yet. The reason he started getting bullying they say later on he has contact issues which yeah I I get that but also a lot of the bullying we see in him. Being bullied. MONTAGES are him being bullied for being such an asshole to this person. He drove out of school. A lot of the graffiti and stuff are like Jerky fucking asshole so that is some of the bullying stuff he gets to you and we'll feed into more stuff. I don't like later on but I just wanted to establish that well. It's still relevant great. Okay Sorry I have feelings about this movie clue so he's going back to school. he explains that that him taking that notebook to. Shoko was supposed to be like a last act of courage. He reveals that like once they graduated waited from elementary school and moved on to middle school his friends kind of dumped him and told everybody not to talk to him because he's crazy and we have this visual of him. His in his is just like XS being over. Everyone's faces 'cause he just doesn't WANNA look. He just ignores them all. He doesn't WanNa look at them. You can't look at them. He doesn't want to deal with it and he also while sitting in class has this moment of like making things up that people are saying about him saying that he's crazy. Roese and asking what he's alive and stuff and he's eating lunch alone and he's like wondering when he can see Shoko again 'cause he really wants to he goes home and his mom apologizes for accidentally burning the money and then. She says that she wouldn't have wanted to use that money anyway because he raised it specifically to kill himself self which would have made her feel gross the next day he's parking bike at school and he's walking toward the school when he sees this kid with really fluffy hair very steven universe. Ask I was a little little fro and it has a green tint to it so it's slight Steven Universe decorative so someone comes up to him and it's like let me use your bike. I forgot something at home and he's like Nah. This is my bike you cannot use it and they kind of start fighting each other and he's calling for help and then issued goes over and he says do you want to use my bike and the guy's like yeah so he steals his bike national and he has to walk home and he's thinking. I have to find like a natural away to see. Shoko again. I can't just go see her. It will be weird so he finds God divine intervention God I was GonNa say God intervention. That's not sees Jesus POPs hello. There's a coupon for some bread and he's like Oh. She likes is to feed the fish bread. Bring her some bread so he gets to school. He gets to her school will and there's a kid standing at the door and very is Scott here. He just left because he's like see. Shoko and the the kid is just like she's not here and he's like I can see her. She's over there and they're just like she and they closed the door. She's not here and he's walking home and fluffy hair boy. Is there with his bike. He's like I found your bug. I looked all over for I found it abandoned in a rice field here. You go friend. My name is Nagasuka Suka. I think nice to meet and his ex falls off of his face 'cause now he's a friend because he did this league for you. Shida and and now he's comfortable with him. She's a friend. Also I look at my notes and yes that is correct. Knock Asuka Great. They go to the movies together. They're just like having a chill time. They get food and she does like what does it mean to be friends. Like what are the qualifications applications of having a friends and Nagasuka a very funny guy he liked grabs a French fries ketchup so it looks like a cigarette and he's just like my dude. There are no qualifications for being friends friendship transcends words and logic my man and he starts to see so so which I also love this. This is the biggest I've ever seen and I love him. Yeah he's great finally character. I lack back you don't even like Shoko easily with okay so issue to try to go see. Shoko again but the same will kid is blocking the way and he's like this kid that we at this point assume as a boy says I'm going out with Shoko Andy. She does just accepts this. He's just like all right that makes makes sense sure and then the kid says if you're here like to be selfish and get some kind of self satisfaction out of this you should leave yeah yes and and my is the movie ended right there and then soukous there and he grabs the kid and he's like hey fucker. My buddy wants to see this girl. Let let's see the girl so they're causing a scene and then all of the people that are in the classroom like come over to watch and she'd makes eye contact with. Shoko and he's like you and he eats himself out of there and Shoko follows him and they're having signed conversation down by the river where she she feeds the fish and the kid that is supposedly going out with. Shoko has a camera so he's like zoomed in on their hands and hand is translating the conversation for Nagasuka and a Ishida says like I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to come see you but I wanna be your friend as she says I want to be your friend and then he gives her the bread and they feed the fish together and she pulls out the notebook he gave her and like opens it to read it and he's like no never mind I don't want you to read it and they like struggle over it and it falls in the water and then she jumps Simpson the water to get it and then he jumps into and they get out he apologizes for that and gives it back to her and then they part ways for the day so yet all all pick up from here trinity half the next day at school it turns out the kid that was so protective was taking pictures and posted all over. Social Media show Ya jumping into the river and he gets suspended for like improper behavior or whatever he's not supposed to jump in that river or something irrelevant. Yeah Basic Leo's like against student conduct which is being an idiot all wet and stuff so he's suspended his mom tells them to go pick up his sister at school and when he does he's here's someone in the park like play tunnel thing and he goes and it's it's the kid it's the kid those taking pictures we learn another name is Zorro and they there's still mad about stuff stuff and show. Ya is our sorry. I should say zero is still mad at show. Ya but show you doesn't really care that the picture got him suspended so rather than men sleeping in the slide decide show you decides to take take them home for a nice dinner so that night Yuzu is staying over and goes out in the rain show you a follows gives them shoes so they are out in the rain and it turns out that zero had a fight with Shoko and that's why they were gone and questions show you as motivations for trying to reconnect the Shoko and show you like hey. I know I'm a bad person. I know I don't deserve anything but I'm trying here. Try and then suddenly we learned that use zero is actually Shoko sister and not her boyfriend at all which number one I before they established when we first get them in the classroom. They just say Shoko is it's my girlfriend and I was like yes. She is gay perfect great. No because they had an established us are as the boyfriend yet they just said. SHOKA SHOKA was my girlfriend. Es finally that's what I thought that's what I do but also earlier Maria the younger child Donald House was like oh by mom casey their mom her mom go off to work and I was like Oh but show us mom's still here. I was like Oh to mops ops yeah and find Maria. Maria actually show you the niece assist so it's like okay yeah. Fuck me up that relation that whole family dynamic. I was so confused because we don't see the movie so it just Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. We got the big reveal that these are the sister they get to the house and Shoko Zeros mom comes out wow and recognizes show ya as the boy who was the worst and of course slaps him in the face fair yeah so they go well he leaves and then in the mom go inside and the MOMS like hey they don't hang out with that piece of Shit and use our or zero fuck is I misheard it as us us. Abu My doing back and forth so I'm just trying to translate my handwriting and real-time line if everyone nicknames yet all gay sister is like well. I can decide who I want to hang out with so I don't care. I'm not gonNA tell Shoko to not hang out with anyone. so the next day show you introduces knock Asuka to Shoko and zoo and tries to get shockers phone number but says it's so vaguely that Shoko is like oh I actually want the the phone number of one of our elementary school friends who was not the meanest person in elementary school but someone who's still all the bully. I don't think so they learn that she goes to a different school horace phone number. I'll think Sahara ever believed her with with the time jump I lost track of who was who elementary school so. I guess yeah sorry Yeah Asahara Person. She's the one that I wanted to learn sign language right yeah yeah I narrow after being told so so yeah they go to visit her. She is going to school in existence city so Shoko and show Ya go and travel and they find her and learned that she learn sign language and is super friendly the and immediately jumps back into being friends and apologizes for what happened and all the bullshit the happened in elementary school aw so while they're catching up show you feels super guilty and all that and walks away and passes NOCA- Ohka who was the extra M- mean girl in elementary school. I'm going to cry and her name. Aim is but they call her now Turkey right now. Her name is bitch. I just fucking. She doesn't deserve I ate her. She doesn't deserve name. No early. Pay attention to anyone's name in the elementary school. I'm just learning all of their like adult what adult Gotcha but now but now yeah however Shoko wants to earn I forget who wants them to reconnect but show your shoka wants now to be at least reconnected somewhat they visit her at the cat cafe that she works at she sees them and hides so they end up not connecting and show Ya. It's like oh I wouldn't want to hang out with me either self-loathing so we see Shoko at the doctor and she's getting news news and show you gives us our cat to give her that like a little purse that he he picked up at the cat cafe and she's crying in a room but I I believe the news was that she got like a new he or she lost hearing in one ear but got like a new hearing aid in the other and is able to verbally communicate a little bit. This was also left as subtext so I don't know the exact change that happens here. I just thought it was like is that she's he's just. GonNa like fully lose her hearing eventually like that's just how I read it probably yeah because I was confused because she is being more verbal than previously Asli but they do know that one hearing aid has gone so I assumed she completely lost hearing in one ear and I don't know maybe as trying to verbally communicate. This is all subtexts yeah yeah but yeah so later on now actually meets up with ler show yeah and sees. Shoko across the street right buying something is like Oh that death idiot. We're still making fun of her right to hate her and so yet show. Ya is now like oh no yeah so. Shoko oh comes over to meet them and now jumps right back into bullying her and takes her hearing aid and show. Ya is like hey. I'm changed now and now is like Oh. She's your girlfriend. You only care because she's your girlfriend. this is when she started out as mean girl in my notes and this is when she wanted to just Schertel bitch yeah you would think as you get older and mature as a person you would think wow. I really shouldn't have made fun of the girl in my class. No no she's Classen her again. She was like old habits old. So the next day after the bullying they go to see the car show who is wearing her hair up for the first time and you can like exterior see the hearing aid and she's speaking show you is thrown off by this and Asif she consigned in which me immediately makes herself conscious because basically what he's saying is your voices weird because your death and she she gives him a gift that she got the previous day and in her voice. She says I like you but he cannot make out the words that she's trying to say so he thinks she's talking about the Moon and so he defends her and she runs away and is all embarrassed because she confessed her feelings and he didn't understand stand her so the next day in class he goes up to one of the other people from elementary school. He hasn't talked to basically since since then and is like hey so. Why do girls change their hair. There has to be a single answer right one reason well. He over hears talking before he talks to them. She walks in and she they hear all the other girls like oh you change your hair. You got got a DI. Di like somebody and throwing these suggestions of why she might have changed your hair and that's what makes him think like. Oh is that why Shoko changed her hair and that's enough for him to to get up and ask him but she is like now. There's many reasons. It's not always about a guy but also this other classmate. wants to hang out with you so they they less uh-huh so they gather up. They're all they're all being chums actually trying to have high school friendships so it's basically every character we've mentioned so far. goes to amusement park. It's Shoko Shoko Universe Steven Universe and bitch for some reason who because I don't think it was. I think it was trying to like because it's like a bunch of light. The grade school kids again. Oh everyone should be either. I don't know it could it could have been the blonde girl maybe yeah yeah but they go on a roller coaster word. We get some enlightening like hey don't judge things until the end heavy-handedness and we see deep show. Ya is actually having the realization that he's having fun for the first time in is still feeling guilty like I don't deserve to to have fun so he and the bitch girl decided to go get food they go to the concession stand and the person some working at is one of the old friends that turned on show yeah and he's now feeling all weird again end because he remembers about what a Dick he was and bitch girl is like I thought you would want to reconnect. We're doing uh-huh doing you. A favor each be happy and basically just goes into the life was so much simpler before death death row showed up and ruined everything because you got weird appeared and every everyone feels weird. It's all deaf. Girls Fault man fuck this bitch so hard hard yeah and she goes and he's like hey. I really wanted to go on this ferris wheel. you and me alone go on this ferris. Wheel sounds like a great idea especially after areas saying how much better better things would be if you were never on it. Let's go on this very tall object. zero is like. Hey hey a shock. Oh take my camera and maybe take some pictures and they leave and then after the amusement park they easy through and show you meet up and US Zero is like hey I snuck. I was basically just rolling the camera the entire time. You really need to see what happened. and we see that on the ferris wheel bitch girl was like hey you deaf idiot. Why do you have to ruin everything. Everything's your fault and then just like attacks her and that's basically where where mm-hmm we get to the third the third act so yeah. I'm just GONNA call her sister. Because I'm going to butcher the name of pronounce it shows show you the the video and we basically says all he wants is for Shoko to like herself and he sees a lot of self loathing in her so I just I just I just want her to enter all the Shit I and when he's at school show you tells his new friends. He's like the red. I just caught him. Ron But girl the other all time such Colorado. It's easier another name. He tells us about the video and he's kind of like wow what a bitch like who bullies the death is the only a douchebag would really be fully to defecate dies inside and then we get it it gets here at team of for this person hold too and when he gets back into the classroom her mining the blondes a friend who was like in school or wherever search stuck in a show you show you confronting him about the stuff after she finds eh the video as kind of like you were bullied to and he's like no. I was just like all of those bullets like no I wasn't but you laugh along defender you didn't stop it and and then they just Kinda got into the tussle and she starts freaking out like yelling and kind of draws attention saying like the reason show change schools is because you show you or the bully that really drew the school and he's like. I'm going to BARF and runs out because he's getting a tax sort of thing again. You've runs out wholeness now shut and and as he goes out he just leave school and goes on the self reflection thing and any ends up at the usual spot on the bridge NEC Shoko and her sister there and while he's there they're talking about an everyone else shows. Steven Universe me to bitch smashes everyone everyone's here everyone should be and undermining comes up to show you an apologizes saying like sorry. I kind of like when I just had a lot of emotions bottled open. It's kind of speed out and it bitch comes strolling loan and on our high horse thinking the. Dow Look me gotTa hear so much. There's literally no redeeming quality and she comes saying we're we're all guilty of bullying shook. Oh you guys in stop. You guys made fun of her. I'm worse now. Jeeze the worst well. Initiative is definitely the worst one they were kids she just causing a scene kind of saint everyone's socks and show you kind of snaps if he kind of goes league in a fetal position on the ground and and just kind of sense like why are you trying to bring everyone down to your level just because you know you'll never be at their level. Everyone else down like that's why everyone doesn't like. You and they're like Oh wow hey that was pretty harsh and he's like. What are you trying to defend her me? Do you run away with you. Always do whatever get tough. WHOA got about the names the one that wanted to learn Sara. Sorry Yoko Sahara yeah I I watch. It's the dubs I think we have. The names are as me yeah that's that I had Miyoko to an and like he's like her money Sadah Voice. That's why you're talking to someone who put yourself in situations that you really don't belong into scalise fucking were show yeah like what the fuck happened with you and Siemian universe comes slope like you say what you like. What are you doing like touching me. We barely even know each other like we didn't like a month ago. So why are we doing what you're my friend. It's like all right. I'm GonNa give you your space 'cause you're clearly working through soften some of the most emotionally mature thing in this movie and everyone just kind of leaves because they're just like wow way too fucking shit over party and Ronco. Hey man that was cool. He's just like what are you but do here. You're not part of our group and he's just like I fuck it. I try to help them. We'll see when I got me leaves and so he kind of just like bullies everyone else just like just a real hard on everyone at scares them all off. Shoko and her sister. There and he's like hey so What are you doing during the summer. Maybe we get paying out this one. fucking dude re to room. It's like oh boy and so shook under sister go back home and her grandma pulls. Her sister signed classes like hey. I'm worried about you like you're really wrapped up in Showbiz life like don't forget to like liver yourself and her sister's like you're doing the same thing with your learning a sign language. It's like I'm doing that for me and her sisters like I'm doing this for me like it's the same thing your kid. I got two good grandkids like you had kids and then we see she has like the circus sister has dream about going like this dead pigeon or something at freaks out and Wakes Wasabi. We see her in bed with grandma trying to come back to sleep and then it cuts to show you out dating bread. Kinda talking up. Hey she'll go how you doing planning to meter began acting like nothing happened yesterday after he just snapped at everybody and at the British. She sees her her sister in a school uniform crying further down under the bridge. He's like oh I should probably say something never mind kind of turns away alien and see at she sees him up at the bridge. CK Show you what up shit sober and school uniform trying to play trying to play it off like a normal day and he's like yeah. I saw you crying earlier. Words going on you. Don't WANNA be involved. He's like yeah not worried about you. Though you grandma see the same thing yes because it's concerning find if you wanna come along you can tag along with me is he okay and get to this gate abolished the street. She's like all right. I'll see here and kind of futile boarding school. Is that what she's in the uniform. as he shows walking away she confronting back obscured and then comes back and she says she's scared. Hoard fucking cut to grandma's funeral dizzy that happening and we see that she's in her school uniform because I'm guessing it's the most formal clothing she has so. That's why she's wearing it in the summer. It's just like oh boy. That's that's a rough game. Show you Texas show okay. Oh saying like hey you wanna go out tomorrow kind of get your mind off things and they go off. Co Train and they do to museum and they spend all day together and you get flashbacks whether kids moments like this and we see him going uphill trip and ship it goes to help him and she politized. He's the one that made her unhappy so so now he'll always be unhappy when she's around her kirk kind of saying like because you believe me when we were kids and now you're just trying to redeem yourself so now you'll be unhappy when you're around me and he's signals not truly come on. I WanNa be around you and then we did a shot of all fizz like newer friends turning their backs on him like in a kind of a date or kind interim. This was sad. This reminded me of the end a fan of the opera when he singing masquerade to himself off. I don't know if either of you have seen the I haven't heard it since I was a wee baby. Oh it's sorry some says he's doing the same thing. He's he's definitely going through another depressive episode well. There's no there's no pretending like we can just go back to the way things were be happy so down to double down and he just hangs out with. Shoko and her sister a bunch and he's like clearly forcing himself to be happy and upbeat. I feel any guilt on happy when we hang out. This is healthy healthy lifestyle L. physically and he's like Oh hey tomorrow we do. The singing like we already got plans. He's like okay. Maybe I can come along like yeah. You can come along and then which cut to them in their apartment and showcase apartment and they're making a cake. It's the month birthday so they WANNA make cake show so he was helping out. He's a yeah I'm GONNA trump bounce for your mom gets back because the last time she saw me she made me upside the face so leave your mind because of the multi thousands of dollars that I call stir. I don't know why it's fine. He could stay and as soon as the mom walks back interesting the footsie to here okay okay tha chill mom cool he can rock and they're having that they made and they're having a little birthday dinner sort of thing and sook his mom says like oh is. I submit your photos to a contest. So what do the show because idea come on. I did just somebody for fun. It's not a thing than the make plans to go out. See Fireworks Erase later 'cause it's the summer it's anime fireworks gase the main girl Yukata check so we'll be on the bigger point and and so we see them out like at the festival having snacks and stuff and having a good time in this fireworks and while they're watching the fireworks sugar sister and her mom get up uh-huh hey. Let's go get some snacks. Come on mom and he'll leave the two lovebirds alone yeah. Thanks for everybody out and started kind of his birthday and sugar. It's like she was happy. She signing and they're talking about like Oh. It was her mom's birthday. When's your birthday. Oh Man. I can't believe I missed it like just miss it a few weeks back next year. We got a plant something he's like. Oh God I'm planning next year stuff like we're a couple kind of gets nervous nervous and all of a sudden. Shuki like get something well. I gotta go. I gotta go to study but it's the sum ISSUR too key. I got a Gal now granted 'cause. It's all signed subtitles so that's just like Kinda. Don't know sidelining that you kind of what she's saying from him saying okay. I guess I'll I'll see you later and she leaves the festival to study and her sister and her mom comeback wing what happened the other. She just left us. Oh Hey do. I left my camera at home. Can you run back to our apartment and get it for me. Get into the fireworks instead Amigo back to get it yeah okay weird so it goes back to their apartment. It works just went and he goes in. He knocks and everything he's polite but he goes camera. I should make sure it's charged and as he turns he sees Shoko out on the balcony uh-huh. I wonder what she's doing out. There thought she was supposed to be studying and he sees her start climbing up on the railing of the balcony. Oh I know what's happening. He's been there there and as he do Surani does the Shoko trips a table chair and he falls over and it gets back up and we see we see the current flagging over the window and we you see her standing on the railing and then the curtain flaps over the camera pulls away she's gone yet but then we get cut him like leaving like diving over the railing hanging on and and he grabbed her by the hand at the last minute. He's still holding her and he's like trying to pull it back up like come on you. GotTa help. This is what we're doing is praying to God bodies like God if you help me out with this like I won't run away anymore. I'll start listening to other people's feelings and stuff l. SORTA looking people in the is like a turn my life around and all this stuff and he's even realize it's like I never even apologized for stuff. I did as a kid like I don't think I ever apologize for scarring here. Here's from ripping. The hearing aids out. All this shit is come on guy. You GotTa help me out L. and that you see Shuker reached back up. Its or pulling yourself up onto the balcony and ready. She's getting back over the railing. Show you like falls trips over at he falls off the railing instead so then we got shot of him falling any falls until the river we've seen earlier we see kind of blood pouring out a bit and it's just a hard cutoff sirens and lights so yeah show you fell off the balcony instead. He got his wish familiar Ed. This fad cuts to ship it. A sister like I guess in a hospital waiting room. I think this is super clear and show his mom shows up. Hi Mrs show US bomb just wanted to ask how show he was doing and all of a sudden. It's go. He's chose. Mosley seems pretty upbeat considering her sons in hospital for falling off how many stories and now he's buried. He's fine now. They took him out of the ICU in. He's in Gallatin room now like he's doing good. He's in a coma own. Yeah we find out she's really upbeat and I ah you will live just not right now right now and at the moment does mom like walks in and associates sees showing his mom she it just drives down and like based forgiveness at Super Hard and crying like I'm so sorry it's my fault. It shook his follow. It should and should show his Mobley pornography non. Stop the stopped note. Stop for for dentists isn't. It's no one's fault like it. Just it happened. He's fine. Let's move on sort of and her sisters cry I too and then we cut to we see shook an outside and just what's happening. She's getting bullied a fucking game by bitch. Who's just Yes yes. You just saw physically hitting her meeting her your reason he would never be in the situation hitting her while she's hitting her. You're shook his mom comes out and it's just bit slaps the girl across the face and then they start fighting and like I know sure because moms trying your best. She seems it hit a lot of people. I don't want knowledge that I think as soon as we are introduced to her mom. She just doesn't seem like a great person. 'cause I don't know it's not it's never made completely clear but in my mind the fact that she was like tell. Shoko this to to use you to in my mind again. It's like that. She never bothered to learn sign language so like she doesn't know how to talk to Shoko. You know what I mean so like I was just like Oh. She's a bad mom got it. I mean I think I'm not mad at her. I just think I don't see nearly enough of her to get a real idea Sushi. She's in maybe like scenes in this whole movie because we only ever see her children so excuse me beating children who have beat her child. Yeah I mean when she slept now across the face like it's what she deserves said that out loud. It's everyone in this deserves to. I'd show code needs a nothing. I have nothing against her beating her daughter. Ron Ron Anyway as she is mom comes out pulls them apart like let the doing knock it off your bitching about my son and trying to see him. AM and don't be don't be fine around my thug off and she goes to the Shoko unlike how sugar crying and apologizing profusely got Jesus what I just say. It's not apologise about my son. He's GonNa be fine and then back in their apartment. You see her sister taken out some of the photos she had like stick picture like some dead frogs or like roaches. I think maybe if there's less death brown. Sugar won't try to kill herself as his Zuroff seen. That's made me cry right. That's something that made me cry is another day. She'll try to visit show you and run. Stephen and they find out bish has been in the room the whole time and blocking. Shoko from going into visit so Shoko goes out and like talks. Stephen a bit more finding a he's a he's my true friend. I can't lose him. He's the only guy it's just like. You're a pure boy and he's like I know you'll wake up like don't worry and shocking wants to try and she says she wants to try and rebuild what was destroyed so she goes to all of their friends that like snap that and trying to rebuild all the relationships and stuff and try and bring everyone back together and then we see her waiting outside the hospital for bitch to come out and she's waiting there like multiple days in a row wral. Try to mend the fence with her but she's a bitch she won't she's walking past and then we see Shoko has a dream about Chile's suicide. I'm lost here. The stream was confusing for me. He's getting a lot okay yeah. I wasn't super clear on that. that makes more sense she wakes up search running down and she wrote the bridge where they usually meet up and she's just crying crying like he's not here and it's right when she did her what she's bringing out crying. Show your wakes up in the hospital. It just like Oh what the Fuck Oh God why live in hospital fuck this and he gets out of the bed and to serve this. This hospital's got shit as security 'cause I just won't go from Tacoma and just walked right out the where is his nurse Yeah. There should be some sort of alarm or security guard of some sort hello so he walks in the room service. He walks up to the proud of you so you know she's not here but it's because she's off to the side like crying on the Loyd a cubby area and when he gets close enough he sees her. He breaks down and cries and they have this. This moment startled is accused really here. He's awakening maybe here and conversations or didn't meet to her and he apologized for all stuff he did as as a kid and she's saying that no my phone. I was being selfish and like everyone's trying to be because of me but it's like. I'm not being better for them and and it's just this real like I'm not doing justice. I'm going to try like I am but as a conversation between the two of them saying like basically trying to say like they both heat themselves and they're like well. We got work on this because so far. We both tried to kill ourselves. Shoko doesn't deserve that at all. Nothing is your fault none. None of it's her. Oh yeah all of your friends. Everyone says I want he wants. Shoko to teach him how to live any kind of gets like for the Oh God. That's very openly embarrassing. You guys just almost idly. It's okay to be open and we see show you asleep in the car car and his mom's driving back from the hospital when he gets there. Maria watering plants offside. She's like Oh show you died and hugs sport of this movie we as well as they believe actually ducks back. She was in your bed hospital room. Every day like waiting for you to wake wake up and say oh I should talk or still bitch and she goes a little heart to heart. Anticipate says like I'm never going to like show cow. I'm always GonNa like heater her 'cause she's deaf have and there's a little rain and she says tears enough she says. What is your believe you in high school. He's the one applaud you out of the river like when he fell into Donna told you that this kind of trying to like even still repair his friendship from back that goes to see he goes back home. NC surface MOMS that are getting Erica and she's like hey show you sorry again about the whole balcony thing it's fine. Stop and let me see ads popping like I'm GonNa go pick up Maria from the playground. What what who were severely nice. Can we introduce a new character five minutes before before this movie ends Cool Yeah Okay we see him in the montage in the beginning and now and yeah so I I think they say he's like a soldier. He was deployed or something and he just came back so he goes upstairs. took a sister to go. Hey when the photo contest. I'm trying to get back to school. I won the contest. I'm bad at school. Can you help me out. Is it helps. Teachers are study and get ready to go back to school and then he sees those little stick animals that show could gave him earlier his Mama. Maria put them in the garden. He's like Oh. I guess that's what they're supposed and he means show back at school together. Thanks for being here at my school school because she doesn't go to the Simpson. Thanks for being here for me and as he wants back in the school he's Kinda getting another exciting attacking getting depressed because everyone's talking about him whispering and he's kind of get overwhelmed and handed sugar. I pulled him back. Obviously not an end like pulls a by the hand back to his classroom to help and when he opens the door everyone's like oh shoes bag in any just shuts it began overall again an and goes into the bathroom like get some catches breath in like brief and it's Stevens there and he opens the bathroom door. I'd knew you'd be alive. uh-huh and he's like my best friend and I couldn't I couldn't have gone on my only friends with any kind of brings back to reality and grounded pulling out the bathroom you see Ron and reminding there and every kind of like rekindle yeah we kind of had a thing on the bridge but like we can go past asked this and everyone's their sugars airlie talking still and we hear bitch on the silent stairwell like come walking actually got everything's game so sappy. God hears. She's like Let me guess. He's GonNa apologize like she always does. You're a moron Iran Iran and that's when shoka grabs her hand and start signing when Moron isn't sign language. It's just about it's it's. It's nice soc- Shoko kind of her her now now H. Yet she signed it wrong and Choko was like hey moron. This is how you sign more and it was a good like finding supposed to actually stands up for. It's supposed to be array deeming moment for now being like Oh. She's learning to sign. That's nice but it's like the first thing you signed to show more on so I solution and choosing Oh. That's pretty close to what you're trying to say okay yeah. I thought her hand came doesn't let me fix it but the other way you guys described it makes more sense in a better seen anyway so now that they're all like rekindle stuff they mended the bridges and all the hurt feelings show you goes on to like the fence folate courtyard of the school and seasonal stands shots of all its friends and everyone's happy and he gets all emotional up. We get another shot of like the shape of voice. Which is what the movie opened with so it's like a nice book end to the to the opening so yeah? That's that's a silent voice. He accept public people into his life God. I'm not even GONNA ask anyway so yeah. Let's let's chat. Shall we so you know how y'all felt about bitch girl that that's how I just felt about show you the entire entire movie just like we can't come back from this. I mean I can see your point of the severity of what he did. It was so bad it's irritable but is that to make the argument that no one is ever a table like there is a threshold of irritability that is right like. I do believe in redemption but I feel like number one. He was feeling ostracized because everyone was like hey you fucking suck. You bullied that deaf girl out of school and also while we're being critical of you we also notice you don't make eye contact but primarily you are a believe that we do not like or want to interact with so setting him up as the victim in the same way as the death girl is not a fair comparison. I guess and I guess I never really saw him that way. I never saw him as a victim like yeah. He was bullied but I was just stayed with fucking movie in like it all comes down to basically we wouldn't have this movie. Show yeah was any other person that would say fuck you as soon as he showed up in high school like if we're all DORK ASS losers. There's if someone who bullied you. In elementary or middle school came up to you and just out of the blue didn't say sorry or anything. It was just like hey. Let's hang out. Would your immediate first reaction be yes. I'm going to fully dive into that but I think another thing. Is that Shoko Oh is so naive like she always wanted to be his friend so like I think just like that validation from him like this is a toxic relationship like I think I think that that that validation from him of like I wanna be your friend. Now was was like hell yeah man. You know what I mean. I think she already had more of an into more of a reason to be more more accepting than if light hey I got bullied by this asshole like elementary school and I never wanted to be his friend and he wants to be friends no thanks but she had more of a a goal worship. They already had a reason to establish that also I would say I was being with show you with these guys saying like he was an asshole. He doesn't deserve to be redeemed. He deserves to be bullied like he was bowing others coon. You also make the case that that's the same as what bitch girls doing. She's like Shoko deserves to be bullied because she's different. She deserves it. It's justified defined for yourself. Why you're treating her like this so you were saying he was a bully now. He deserves to be bullied is just another justification for like. I'm just applying as is happening. I think we want to dissect it. I'm not standing by like yes. It was right of the school to lash out against him. It it was the movie sang in high school now. They are on the in even playing field. That is what I disagreed because he's ready to kill L. himself because his high school life is so terrible because of the repercussions of his actions when he was younger okay okay so it's not so much of yeah. This fucking bully deserves to be bullied. It's because this bullies bullied that does not erase race the debt that has been established by him bullying this death woman okay yeah. I guess I just saw him getting bullied as its consequences. Commodities come up was shitty harm to someone who couldn't really stand up for themselves force them out of school in cost them sixteen thousand dollars in damages and the school was like you know what you're not a good person and we're not going to hang out with you. That seems valid. full-on bullying is a little much but see. I've even when they were kids. I felt it as the reason everyone turned on him because he tried to bring everyone else down when he got trouble and they're like Oh. You were trying to get us in trouble to night. You're going to get ostracize yeah. I think there's just a lot of it. Also is like not a lot of it is that there are things tiller. It should be interpreted in your own mind. That's what it's coming down to right. Now is like we all saw subtext we all saw. These characters is different people so like while while shows like not likeable. I think that because he saw the error of his ways he's he is more redeemable than like now because she still hates. Shoko for literally. No reason you know that brings me point number two so yeah like with the establishment that bitch girl is still bitch girl outside of elementary school. It's SORTA leans into. I specifically remember. There is a Demi. Digitally Bay has a parody of the ending song for Green Book which has a great line. That's it's been stuck in my mind all day. It says perspective is a key. I'm GONNA paraphrase a little bit. I just needed to find someone more ablest this than me and that sort of what now the character was of oh now we can root for show yeah because we have someone who's even worse so he's no longer the villain. It's the person who's even worse see what you mean so establishing. Oh because because I was as a child we can overlook that because she's ablest as an adult well even then still in highschool so not even full adult okay so superbug me so much at least twice in this movie. Someone has has told Shoko hey life is hard. Sometimes you just have to deal with it. Says all of the able bodied bullies to this bullied deaf woman saying hey life sucks sometimes yeah multiple times so they really tried to hammer that point home. That life sucks sometimes as like. Hey No. You don't get to say that you person who bullied this poor defenseless child yeah everyone had the best intention but just that such like tone deafness of hey you struggle just with everyday society but me a person who has everything. I'm GonNa tell you life is hard. Sometimes you just gotTa deal with it yeah to the one person who has not been like visibly affected the most forgiving person to like Jesus Level I would argue the case. There is still There's a saying where it's like. The worst day in someone's life is still the worst day of their life. Regardless of the severity of other people's lives the worst. I S soldier has two faces much worse in comparison to the worst day of late in year old girls but it's still the worst. They live up to that point so it's hard to compare you. Don't don't WanNa make pain and suffering competition into WHO's. Had it worse but it it I think it is much more of a problem with this movie because it's it's the pain and trouble that Shoko is going through isn't flicked it upon by the characters like talking about their struggles as well. Will you have struggled for other reasons. She has struggled because of so I I do think that is a fair criticism of this movie. so it's it's interesting that there's so much subtext and maybe language barrier and miscommunication in a movie about a deaf person communicating how she feels yeah and I I will acknowledge. I am very much in the minority cuzner. The only two bad reviews I could find on rotten tomatoes of this movement really one. I agreed with I've heard some people uh not admonishing but like saying like there's a reason your name was so much more popular than like. I think I think a majority of people do say I I have heard other criticism of it so yeah but like on rotten tomatoes critic reviews is like ninety two percent positive and audiences ninety four and some of the audience were like it's too long. I only like the funny one so I just credited. Uh those things but yeah the one review it was from the village voice. Basically I agreed with it saying hey they coded oded the attack on Shoko in the classroom when they're elementary school as rape because he's like standing between her legs beating on her so like where why do I care about this kid and like I I have the same feeling like I don't care about your redemption. You don't deserve to kill yourself. Of course we're be bullied but like no one knows you you this forgiveness to to bring in another quote from a show. I like Bujak horsemen. You have to live with the shitty thing you did for the rest of your life. I'M NOT GONNA give you closure so sort of going in and being like hey I wanna be friends. Woman I tormented is putting it all on her to to keep being as forgiving as she was as an elementary school kid which she has every right to say. Hey fuck off like her entire. Your family basically did but she just happened to be the most forgiving yeah. I I agree with some of those points I think that's still would back in does not deserve redemption and it's up to because she was the victim the bullying it's up to her to determine if he deserves to be redeemed and in this situation it's based on what the writer wanted. It's not like she's a functioning person. She didn't make so. It's just it's a very scripted scenario because it is a movie. If it was a real life circumstance it'll be up to it would just be up to debate of whether she forgave him or not and that's it because it's a frame narrative. It's more debatable of like. Is this okay or not because it's so much chose to do it for her so we're also already doing long so I won't be too yeah. I'll I'll leave it there with this is a well intentioned idea but it sort of leans into you. Boys will be boys as long as there had good adult. Everything's fine and it's like that's not great yeah. I can see that case that that'll that'll. That'll do that if you want to end on more positive notes because you like now. I'm I mean I'm going to I've been. I just feel defeated like I don't know what else to say like. I I mean I liked it while I was watching. It and I think every point you made is is fair but I don't know I don't have any. I mean I'm not gonNA. I'm not gonNA spend sometime. Defending it like you were defending Iraq and again favorite anime vast majority of people agree that this is great so I I will gladly Bradley Retreat and say it wasn't for me if that's what it comes down to you on a lighter note next week the birds birthday things but we're starting up something special. We made it a year. We did a full year so we're not just doing just doing an anniversary episode. We're doing a month special when we are doing anniversary upset but it's leading into a marathon. Yeah we are where we're diving into to at least my anime origins. We're going to watch a whole mess of four kids silver our one year anniversary since next week is the official anniversary it'll just be as the celebrating but then we're going to have a whole slew of fun people joining us to talk about some questionable at. Eh so next week we're starting off is also dangerous birthday so he picked to Hugh Mu. Yeah I'm excited. I haven't seen anything of it really long time. So I know nothing about it. Yeah I've also never I've seen clips of the four kids done but I've never watched the four kids dub so I'm a little scared for. Hey so so yeah if you have a suggestion for as to get to in like mid November because it's GonNa be a little bit reach out to us or email is are we there yet at Jima. Dot Com or you can reach us on twitter and instagram at a Rivera yet you can find me on twitter and Instagram at Mr Patrick Dugan you can find me on Instagram instagram at Queen Period and on twitter at clean underscore we ABHU and queen underscore we Abhu art can find me on twitter abt as Brendan stands as for almost better than silence which I also do and thank you to Camille really for artwork and thank you to zong far theme song stories off the album competes. You can find Olive Louise Music at Louis Song Dot Band Camp Dot Com. Thank you and we hope you'll join us next week as we learned to live with it uh.

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