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"yoko sahara" Discussed on Are Weeb There Yet?

"It's like oh I wouldn't want to hang out with me either self-loathing so we see Shoko at the doctor and she's getting news news and show you gives us our cat to give her that like a little purse that he he picked up at the cat cafe and she's crying in a room but I I believe the news was that she got like a new he or she lost hearing in one ear but got like a new hearing aid in the other and is able to verbally communicate a little bit. This was also left as subtext so I don't know the exact change that happens here. I just thought it was like is that she's he's just. GonNa like fully lose her hearing eventually like that's just how I read it probably yeah because I was confused because she is being more verbal than previously Asli but they do know that one hearing aid has gone so I assumed she completely lost hearing in one ear and I don't know maybe as trying to verbally communicate. This is all subtexts yeah yeah but yeah so later on now actually meets up with ler show yeah and sees. Shoko across the street right buying something is like Oh that death idiot. We're still making fun of her right to hate her and so yet show. Ya is now like oh no yeah so. Shoko oh comes over to meet them and now jumps right back into bullying her and takes her hearing aid and show. Ya is like hey. I'm changed now and now is like Oh. She's your girlfriend. You only care because she's your girlfriend. this is when she started out as mean girl in my notes and this is when she wanted to just Schertel bitch yeah you would think as you get older and mature as a person you would think wow. I really shouldn't have made fun of the girl in my class. No no she's Classen her again. She was like old habits old. So the next day after the bullying they go to see the car show who is wearing her hair up for the first time and you can like exterior see the hearing aid and she's speaking show you is thrown off by this and Asif she consigned in which me immediately makes herself conscious because basically what he's saying is your voices weird because your death and she she gives him a gift that she got the previous day and in her voice. She says I like you but he cannot make out the words that she's trying to say so he thinks she's talking about the Moon and so he defends her and she runs away and is all embarrassed because she confessed her feelings and he didn't understand stand her so the next day in class he goes up to one of the other people from elementary school. He hasn't talked to basically since since then and is like hey so. Why do girls change their hair. There has to be a single answer right one reason well. He over hears talking before he talks to them. She walks in and she they hear all the other girls like oh you change your hair. You got got a DI. Di like somebody and throwing these suggestions of why she might have changed your hair and that's what makes him think like. Oh is that why Shoko changed her hair and that's enough for him to to get up and ask him but she is like now. There's many reasons. It's not always about a guy but also this other classmate. wants to hang out with you so they they less uh-huh so they gather up. They're all they're all being chums actually trying to have high school friendships so it's basically every character we've mentioned so far. goes to amusement park. It's Shoko Shoko Universe Steven Universe and bitch for some reason who because I don't think it was. I think it was trying to like because it's like a bunch of light. The grade school kids again. Oh everyone should be either. I don't know it could it could have been the blonde girl maybe yeah yeah but they go on a roller coaster word. We get some enlightening like hey don't judge things until the end heavy-handedness and we see deep show. Ya is actually having the realization that he's having fun for the first time in is still feeling guilty like I don't deserve to to have fun so he and the bitch girl decided to go get food they go to the concession stand and the person some working at is one of the old friends that turned on show yeah and he's now feeling all weird again end because he remembers about what a Dick he was and bitch girl is like I thought you would want to reconnect. We're doing uh-huh doing you. A favor each be happy and basically just goes into the life was so much simpler before death death row showed up and ruined everything because you got weird appeared and every everyone feels weird. It's all deaf. Girls Fault man fuck this bitch so hard hard yeah and she goes and he's like hey. I really wanted to go on this ferris wheel. you and me alone go on this ferris. Wheel sounds like a great idea especially after areas saying how much better better things would be if you were never on it. Let's go on this very tall object. zero is like. Hey hey a shock. Oh take my camera and maybe take some pictures and they leave and then after the amusement park they easy through and show you meet up and US Zero is like hey I snuck. I was basically just rolling the camera the entire time. You really need to see what happened. and we see that on the ferris wheel bitch girl was like hey you deaf idiot. Why do you have to ruin everything. Everything's your fault and then just like attacks her and that's basically where where mm-hmm we get to the third the third act so yeah. I'm just GONNA call her sister. Because I'm going to butcher the name of pronounce it shows show you the the video and we basically says all he wants is for Shoko to like herself and he sees a lot of self loathing in her so I just I just I just want her to enter all the Shit I and when he's at school show you tells his new friends. He's like the red. I just caught him. Ron But girl the other all time such Colorado. It's easier another name. He tells us about the video and he's kind of like wow what a bitch like who bullies the death is the only a douchebag would really be fully to defecate dies inside and then we get it it gets here at team of for this person hold too and when he gets back into the classroom her mining the blondes a friend who was like in school or wherever search stuck in a show you show you confronting him about the stuff after she finds eh the video as kind of like you were bullied to and he's like no. I was just like all of those bullets like no I wasn't but you laugh along defender you didn't stop it and and then they just Kinda got into the tussle and she starts freaking out like yelling and kind of draws attention saying like the reason show change schools is because you show you or the bully that really drew the school and he's like. I'm going to BARF and runs out because he's getting a tax sort of thing again. You've runs out wholeness now shut and and as he goes out he just leave school and goes on the self reflection thing and any ends up at the usual spot on the bridge NEC Shoko and her sister there and while he's there they're talking about an everyone else shows. Steven Universe me to bitch smashes everyone everyone's here everyone should be and undermining comes up to show you an apologizes saying like sorry. I kind of like when I just had a lot of emotions bottled open. It's kind of speed out and it bitch comes strolling loan and on our high horse thinking the. Dow Look me gotTa hear so much. There's literally no redeeming quality and she comes saying we're we're all guilty of bullying shook. Oh you guys in stop. You guys made fun of her. I'm worse now. Jeeze the worst well. Initiative is definitely the worst one they were kids she just causing a scene kind of saint everyone's socks and show you kind of snaps if he kind of goes league in a fetal position on the ground and and just kind of sense like why are you trying to bring everyone down to your level just because you know you'll never be at their level. Everyone else down like that's why everyone doesn't like. You and they're like Oh wow hey that was pretty harsh and he's like. What are you trying to defend her me? Do you run away with you. Always do whatever get tough. WHOA got about the names the one that wanted to learn Sara. Sorry Yoko Sahara yeah I I watch. It's the dubs I think we have. The names are as me yeah that's that I had Miyoko to an and like he's like her money Sadah Voice. That's why you're talking to someone who put yourself in situations that you really don't belong into scalise fucking were show yeah like what the fuck happened with you and Siemian universe comes slope like you say what you like. What are you doing like touching me. We barely even know each other like we didn't like a month ago. So why are we doing what you're my friend. It's like all right. I'm GonNa give you your space 'cause you're clearly working through soften some of the most emotionally mature thing in this movie and everyone just kind of leaves because they're just like wow way too fucking shit over party and Ronco. Hey man that was cool. He's just like what are you but do here. You're not part of our group and he's just like I fuck it. I try to help them. We'll see when I got me leaves and so he kind of just like bullies everyone else just like just a real hard on everyone at scares them all off. Shoko and her sister. There and he's like hey so What are you doing during the summer. Maybe we get paying out this one. fucking dude re to room. It's like oh boy and so shook under sister go back home and her grandma pulls. Her sister signed classes like hey. I'm worried about you like you're really wrapped up in Showbiz life.

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