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"yo regina king" Discussed on Yes, Girl!

"Charlie pin you know what I know. You all could not see this. But we're looking. We're back in mid town an entire suit here. An entire stupid to do with. These lovely microphones were fancy. Yes I you know. I think this is a precursor to what's going to be happening. Because the essence offices are moving. We're moving to a the office. You guys you can enjoy but we sure are going to. I'm Charlie I'm cory Mary. Yes girl cray. Are you feeling good. They'd like holiday vibes and energy. 'CAUSE we're like coming up on Thanksgiving. I'm feeling really thankful and happy. I am and one thing. I'm really thankful about Thanksgiving. Vin is good. Yeah my mom big Mama. We're going to drop down to Maryland. PG county you know. They don't let me Cook. You don't cook anything no they don't Mama don't let me they. Don't let me not even like the cornbread or any other. Don't you love. How over here acting like did you feel that this year manifesting a meal of some kind? Well you do a ride. I too Regina don't you. I usually do but this year when I got. Are you gonNA spend Thanksgiving in your new home still gonNA get grown okay. We are like okay. We do holidays. We're GONNA do a friend's friendsgiving Nice with my best in her happy in her kids and guess what I love her because she was like bring champs brings She was like that's easy. The Break Joy Maria just gave me a bottle of champagne today. I will give it to you. Thank you see paying out there on the show this week. Regina motherfucking King. I love her so much. She is cover star cover star essence cover star but quick story I. I saw her at black rock speech. I love the fact. She opened up her speech by saying she's in her season. 'cause I see so how many times on instagram people were saying. I'm coming into my season or you know my turn but I was like. She proudly Acknowledging this is her time and headed hinted is which is so overdue. This is her year. I mean Golden Globe Emmys Academy Award winner. She is phenomenal. Phenomenal and from two to seven to now to now look at look at look at look at God I mean I can think of a million Liam Regina king roles I loved. Where do we begin? Even when she was the sister in Hasta La Guy who grew back yes with the ambulance. I'm thinking of her past this. This in the sister of this Christmas she put the vessel was nervous. Lady does baby after baby on the BAFTA. I think she told a lot of women that day. He learned today says what you know what I also loved her for Enemy of the state gas enemy of this. Oh my God. She's she's an I feel like we're missing some some great ones. No we are but you know real talked. Oh I remember following director career. That when she started doing tv I remember because this was back when film film stars their TV was Kinda like Oh you know it was like us weird like why are you doing. TV leashes movies. But Yo- Regina King flipped it on him because she I remember reading something where she said. She did not work because she could start learning to be a director Interact she directs. Now she's filming. She's actually now she's in a whole camp. She is in a camp really dedicate herself a prepping for her directorial debut as far as a feature found. That's phenomenal. It's amazing crate. Don't you love loves thing. Actresses just keep reaching new height level. And you've seen I think just to the coverage with your work entertainment you've really seen it up close and personal. Yes I I'm so proud of so many of these women and their long overdue for their roses. Their snaps their cheerios. All of it all at the top of that list for me she is and I would I love. I love talking about behind the scenes people but I love that. She's really is much. She's getting flowers in front of her for her camera work but she's doing so much good stuff behind the scenes because remember when she won the Golden Golden Globe. She said that she was committing. To having I think a little bit over fifty percent of women or include to be diverse on her film set. So she's doing I plan. He's not playing. I I am a move says and speaking. Virginia's another Regina Regina Are Robertson Shadow Regina who has been essences longtime west coast editor. She is our guest interviewer today for gene. It only made sense for to Regina's to talk to each other a cool. They always know each other. Go around to the farmers market. They they see each other they. I believe Regina told me that they agreed each other's Queen Because Regina Means Queen. Oh yes I didn't know. Regina Means Queen Regina Queen Spanish Corey. Yes what else has been going on this week before we get into this incredible Regina on Dina interview which is going to be iconic. I kind of Gels does we weren't there but I'm also really happy that Regina has talked to Regina yes gene is a whole moment her style a whole moment our west coast clean holding down. What's Regina and she's having a moment trey now so regina is in critically acclaimed series on? HBO called watchman is really really fantastic. Really really deep as a lot of history there superhero. He's like a superhero. We're here it's almost like you need. CLIFFNOTE is admirable. ooh It's marvel marvel. Somebody's GonNa come on twitter and smack me. Yes with the universe DC comics smut that. I'm not a shame that's a no. It's a comic book series where you look at like the marvel. Universe is like like the Beijing beyond says like watch what you say who is not these guys marvel. No okay. It's its own shit okay. That is really really. Llc Star is in it. I love it And it's going to. It's we're in the peak of it right now. Because I believe the finale is going to happen in a couple of weeks so right right now actually this weekend. Her episode is going to be. What I've been hearing is GonNa be the Regina King episode like She's Really GonNa be throughout because it's a lot of It's an unsolvable cast as going to be taken the lead this Sunday. Some really excited to like so. It's not a movie. It's a show is series. Yeah I'm just used to doing everything I I know. You never know what's his by former Dina do not so you know what Regina's superpower is cory to me what I feel like she can just come out of nowhere and blow you you away She could be selling me gum And I would be moved yes right. Yeah Cina King Yeah crushes. I mean she could like you could be like get an elevator. Like what floor. Please you could say four and you could throw her an Oscar or an emmy right like. She's her superpower. Is that anything. She touches on screen. Yeah turns the powerful is say that I mean Greta will have a direct correlation to it. But I'm remembering when she was on. The American crime series was so good and she played sheriff. John Chevy Jackson's because mommy she was married to come when she was married. Two hundred thousand and made it seem like Oh. It's no biggie. I'm just married. I'm telling you a lot of actresses have great superpowers Athletic Gabrielle. Union can look like she's in like college forever. True superpower is that she could be any age downstairs like she can players of then and now I like the You know who also could do that. Regina Hall got. I Know Regina Hall and Regina King. They get a lot of play because a lot of people mix mix up their names but she's another one yes a lot I mean I clearly know both those showing totally funny because they're both connectivity that I'm like I'm trying to think who has what's legal Davis's superpower who girl the the the viola will bring the pain into the performance. Yes you know what I mean like somebody to really act like I mean he clearly where I was winning and fabulous but she will bring that deep hurt yes My superpower is like extreme in motion and like anti like onscreen. Just make you feel angry like mad in a good way. Yeah you know wanting about route now who I'm thinking about Gabriel. Dennis going forward money. She's funny but there was one of her skin. Black Lady Sketch show where she played like a slick. She was a serial killer or that was so good but it just makes me think like I think she could like I literally come into Your House be nice kill you and then walk away. I don't necessarily know if that's a super power. She just got it like manipulating manipulating changing. onscreen yeah being in disguise like just flipping it. I'm smiling because black ladies guess show is over but the those certain segments stick with me just other day for no reason I was I was in my room and I was like black lady courtroom black. May I don't know that it's all black it. It was just like imagine that moment where you walk into something and everyone imagine you in the post office and everybody everybody was black or if you went in the grocery store everybody well the happens. No that does is a fifth but we don here if you WANNA see more of our Coverage Star Regina King. Don't forget to watch her her new series the watchman Hello this is regina are Robertson West because editor of excellence and I'm thrilled to be sitting here with Hollywood royalty.

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