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#211 with Julian Shapiro - The 3 Cheat Codes Startups Use to Print Cash

My First Million

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#211 with Julian Shapiro - The 3 Cheat Codes Startups Use to Print Cash

"Nasa astronauts olympic athletes ufc fighters and world leading neuroscientists. Have in common. They've all been featured in the salesman an award. Winning podcast feature in the hub spot. Podcast network the salesman. Podcast helps beat sales professionals. Learn how to find new potential buyers and went business in a modern effective an ethical way. I love the salesman podcasts. Why because we're on earth. Are you gonna see fighters and athlete talk about sound stuff. But look. we're all selling something so it's kinda corded their perspective so listen learn. Grow the hub. Stop podcast network at hubs dot com slash podcast network if you can't make the economics of ads channel exciting can you at least a not burn money while b building. A huge database. That likes you. Because you're free thing or your cheap feel like the word. Nobody could be what i want to my days. Oles travel never looking back. I'm actually. I'm surprised you haven't been on this before. Feel like you're made for this in a way. Maybe i mean i was doing pods for awhile. Trying purposely get on podcasts for indie hackers. Getting word out about tonight anchor then at some point. I'm like this is cringe. Man i listening back myself and so it took the process of actually starting podcast. We know in part. Thanks also watching. You do your magic to be like. Yeah i can just totally be myself enough worried about as much and then it stopped being cringe. So i'm all and how has it been since you launched. The pod said launched brands rate brands with or without the. Yeah it's been good. It's been is rare to have reasons in your life to be very seriously self reflective about whether or not you're boring the shit out of people silica happy so deliberate about. Can i be charismatic. Can i be interesting. And i'm not saying there yet. But i'm saying i'm at least thinking about it. All in context of china not or people podcast sites enforcing function. okay. I like that has been launched. This podcast you did it. very methodically. Recorded like eight episodes with bad ass people ahead of time and so i feel like you were pretty thorough about how you went about it or more so than at least Did it go the way you wanted to. Or where would you learn. Yeah i was thorough. Because i self that i kind of had no choice. I listened to a bunch of podcasts and found most of them to be like unlistenable. Anyone i heard my first million. I'm like there's something special here. But i don't actually know what it is. And so my co hosts on the podcast cortlandt from hackers. He's like what's going on here. That special is they're not asking boring interview parties. They're literally just riffing on ideas. Collaborative leagues and making charge statements letting people response and the net effect feels away more like recall if dinner conversation you're hearing so we really rolled with them and then we try to be delivered about. How do we choose guests. That can actually play into that. Can they speak. Spontaneously are willing to play ball and bad ideas around right side for probably a lot of the steps that you're thinking about as well and yet it's been it's been great so we're basically in a in a way where my first million but for everything outside of business like writing a book being a story brawler yet. The episode i was on had alexandra says on name. Actually what did he say it properly. That's right as Chess champion twitch streamers. So she's like content creator really interesting person. Her content is about chess because she's really damn good at chess and so i found it pretty interesting. That was not what. I keep it on a bunch of podcasts. That's not usually what i get to talk about or talk to and so i immediately was pretty bought in just as kind of guest on it but anyways i wanted to have you on here because this is the pod for ideas and i feel like you have a lot of interesting ideas also see a lot. Interesting idea for people don't know we're in a group chat together and being in a group chat is like the closest thing to being a dorm together. I feel you get to know people over time you get to see him. Walking around there boxers. You know you you just. You're going to share bathroom together. There's no place to run. You're going to be yourself over a in enough time in the right group chat. So i feel like i've gotten to you even though we have never met in person but you are an idea person you consider yourself an idea person I see i see. I think of myself so just loves to brainstorm. But i'm not as fixated on ideas i think is you are like i know you and sam loved the treasure hunt. You love the shakes. Who's making money. How are give me a problem. I want to solve the problem. And so what i did for. This show actually went through the community of my startup. We have about forty thousand marketers and founders and so i picked out three most interesting growth translated sign and king with some examples of each of those trends. So there were three things that were popping out that felt almost like cheap coats like ways that startup sore printing cash and reaching unicorn status much quicker than one would seek. This should okay. So that's something we can jam on. I got three categories. There we can jam on if you like jealous do that right now. Don't even say anything else. Besides that i'm completely. I'm completely hooked. Let's do that all right all right. So okay let's kick it off with this first category. So i'm going to give these funny name because i don't have the means were so category. One is give customers in absolute no brainer. So there's two ways to give them a no brainer that i've seen a community no-brainer number. One is you literally give them away money in a way economically sustainable which will get right another no-brainer way is make the friction so crazy. Low that people like fucking. I'll just click the button one time and get this installed so let's walk through examples of what i mean by that so starting with giving away money. There's this cartha long time ago. Call service and what they did. Is they give you money back anytime that. Your flight was delayed if a few conditions were true because there was this. Lesser known. Loophole in the contracts are airlines. Where for loyalty reasons. They wanted to have a policy to give fliers money back. If there was you just have to do the paperwork requested. Nobody ever did exactly No one wanted the friction so services iky will automate will create a like a. Va army will file the paperwork for you. Just give us your. Were literally giving you cash almost literally because it's like credit so the reason this was so clever is for a very simple reason. It wound up creating some of the world's best performing ads because when you made ads on facebook that he did you know the airlines will pay you up to a hundred bucks. Whenever you're delayed. The clicks rates on those ads were astronomical. The cost per click were super-low and they were able to yet to skyrocket and millions netspend monthly very quickly and give you more examples because this is actually something more than just service could do another examples. A recent why c company and they're called yada so yatta does is they'll take your money's just normal banks will take your money novel manage savings but because there are so low overhead. They they redistribute all of that extra potential margin into lottery winnings four their bank customers so just by having more money in yatta they are going to give you tickets to desert to this real lottery that they run every single week they give away millions and you just you're automatically entered the bank cut No loss so imagine. No loss lotteries call right. Yeah and just imagine their acts like assistant about your. How compelling his position that to a lot of people who either love the lottery or just really wanna way to make extra cash so a couple more examples. If it's helpful meter unser bier. We got mainstream. That's when you said it. That's the one that came to mind as soon as you said in a basic giving away money i thought of street as a company. That's growing fast. During this is brilliant right so explain what it is if people know so. They're basically running ads. Come at it from the perspective. What is the access. That's the whole perspective. This chat is like what's the growth right so the ad main street can run to people. Is you know that you're not taking advantage of action of say ten thousand dollars in tax credits every year for your business. It's like whoa while small business making it months and months. That's huge and so again. They found a business model. That can act as a means to at least optically without being scam. Either give you free money in a sense or credit. Back and such as ultimate acquisition wedge. No sense which then becomes how they grow so darned quickly and so the question is how did these companies make money and this brings us to this idea of like having a wedge in the gross world we talk about wedges or yoon investing and is. You can just use one of these products as a means to collect. Emails happens husna very quickly than it's a wedge into building a customer base that you can monetize other revenue streams if not that one regime itself right. Yeah i liked that a lot and there's another one that was doing this Do not pay and other one. That does this right the a thing. I don't remember how they started. Lose them or somebody else. There was another one that was like the flight flight cancellation pay-back one. That was had you get a parking ticket in san francisco. We'll find it for you so just show send us a picture of the ticket. We will fight for you. Did you know that four out of ten tickets are filled out incorrectly and are therefore invalid even if you were in the wrong to cop filled out wrong and therefore you don't have to pay a dime we will find these officers for you and you only pay us out of the savings of whatever money we save you. We'll take twenty percent. Whatever money we give back to you and i thought wow that's actually like a great idea and it got so popular that san francisco band them pretty quickly after a few months because it was like being used so much. Same with service by the way service the airlines. like what. What the hell's going on you just shut it closed policy and so sometimes that actual wedge can be very flimsy one but if you if you ran away with happy customers who now trust you for other products than maybe it was still okay one so i wouldn't necessarily recommend these flimsy unsustainable channels but the main street does not seem flimsy to me right on paper. Another great example. I'll give you one last one. Because it's my favorite because it's under everybody's noses which is if you look at the top of buildings when you're driving around you have those clearview billboard ads and so imagine being business owner and some companies osama pay you. Let's say fifty grand a year gotta do purchase billboard on your roof right. I'm sure it's much more complicated. Isn't that but the idea. Is that sometimes. When you get pitched with a revenue stream that super low for you that you did not realize it's possible it is becomes crazy graph ledge. You can basically create value out of thin air just by just knowing the rules connecting the dots. I feel this way about. There's some bigger businesses that do this principle one for student loan refinancing. It's just like hey you're paying too much. Just tell us what you pay. Today we will find your cheaper student loan. You just click a button and and boom. You're you changed this monthly payment instead of this one. Common bond or something like that is one of those and house. Refinancing is another but these require. It's not as they can't do the whole thing on your behalf. Unfortunately but i feel like somebody could get closer to doing the whole thing on your behalf and that's a pretty big opportunity to me absolutely and what does actually speaks to is is larger trend of can you think of your product roadmap. You're starting business in unison with your growth. Because everyone we've just been discussing is basically a product feature. It's not like you're running ads in a silo. You're ads because you have this way of giving away money or lease the optically giving away money. So i tell founders. Sometimes can you think of the feature list on your product roadmap. Can you reprioritize it. Such as silicates grow strategies like these and that can guide you for bitcoin. A lot quicker living local maximum running inserts. So we're talking about the trojan horse yo for acquiring customers in a nonce gambian authentic way where you're really often valued so the other half of this by the way. Is this idea. I was mentioning of super low friction. So this this category of giving customers in absolute no-brainer to exactly. How do you become a no brainer. where it's like. I don't have to think about this. So second subcategory. I was giving away money. Second is super low friction. So let me give you. An example chrome extensions are. Maybe my favorite example is if we think Honey right which gives you a chrome extension that as you browse the web at surfaces discounts on whatever your browsing right right looking at a charitable saying. You didn't know this but you can get twenty percent off. So that's really because the chrome extension is like a to click process from being part of your internet browsing experience for the until the rest of the time. Delete the extension right. It's so low friction. You don't have to sign up that credit card you don't have to give any of your data verify two factor authentication verifier email address. None of it. You don't even have to remember to open the app right. That's most apps you just person just forgets to open you ever again. But with chrome extensions. they're opening chrome. They already have that habit. You just get to tag along a little fully on elephants back exactly. And so if you could find a way to make something so painless. It's like two clicks said. Forget it the idea. Is that now. you're around now. You have a bunch of exposure opportunities. You keep popping up. When relevant on web pages that the user's browsing and eventually when china's right and you can deliver real value contextual e because this is going to be a monster plan. I could give the customer. We're gonna save thousand bucks right. Dasan finally asked. Hey can you make an account real quick before we give you this monster coupon and now they're completely bought the trustee. Yeah that's smart. What what are the chrome extension ideas have you. Have you seen that you like or you have like what. What else is like honey. Does anything come to mind. I know it's a hard question. But what else is like honey yet. It is a tough question but one good example is extensions in the seo space that give you data but web pages competitive analysis as you're browsing so that if you are marketer you can get this x ray vision into hauer they growing. What are they. What key returns in all this stuff right so winds educating you better for your business and becomes very sticky if that the valuable which which chrome extensions. Which purpose do you have installed. I have similar web. Which is what you're talking about. Basically gives me traffic information about different websites. I can see how popular they are. And where the traffic comes from. I have met a mask which is a theorem. Wallet or crypto wallet. And i have at block. Those are the three chrome Have very particular about chrome extensions because when you install extension it says this extension can read everything you type onto any website. I'm like wow. That's so insecure. that's crazy. What are you have installed. Yes so nothing exciting. I got my ad block. I got the thing that tells me. If i'm on a website that had their password sort of broken into so it'll tell me should switch my password. You know And then i have this awesome twitter extension that when i'm looking at someone's twitter profile. It'll show me older historical best-performing tweet so again like a snapshot view. Who they are what they're known for. It's called t. w. e. and es the twin. That's like that's pretty cool. I was thinking there could be a couple others like a volume saying that i was thinking. What other extra recess xtra vision. I like that. So i was like what revision what i want as browse the web. So one is just taking at the twitter thing but sort of like anytime. Someone's name is on unaware web page. If i just hover can just pop out a thing that basically tells me about that person. It's like here's you know. Here's the twitter providing click follow. Here's some things about them. Here's the wiki or whatever so it's like you know the quick who is this on any name on any website that's one the other. Is facebook ads. So i'm constantly going to the facebook ad library to find what adds accompanies running. Actually just want that done automatically so i just wanna go to any products website. Any any comes website and be able to click this and see what ads are running without having to go. Open up the library Yeah i love that the The way i think about this this type of question is like what type of chrome extension framework for thinking about which category of chrome extension would be the stickiest. Would people love download the most and think about how to kill the vice a cadillac field of people's desire to make money and so might bring those right away is what about sort of x ray vision where you're on like bloomberg you're on twitter and anytime the chrome extension picks up a keyword for public stock crypto token cryptocurrency. Then it just suggests gives you x ray. Intellect house performing. Who else talks about it a lot. Who should you fall to learn more about this right. And then it kind of triggers. More show like this greedy like okay. Well i can make money off this. I'm gonna pay more attention to when you do the educational route really with any tool that kid x ray vision. Let people now like amazon's x ray vision when you're watching a movie it'll tell you what music is planning the background who these actors like. Do people really care community some but it's probably the the the One more on this is that i was just thinking while you're browsing websites if it basically could you create robin hood in the chrome browser a chrome extension. I think you could so you could basically have it. Be like acorns. Were sort of rounds up on anything you buy. And it buys either a fraction of that stock or it adds up until you it tells you. Hey you've been shopping a lot on apple. Why don't you buy hundred dollars. Apple stock click here to do it. And maybe there's a way to kind of like us that roundup model get you to own instead of just being a customer and not on any of the underlying company in which case you could so i think one interesting ideas is look at every app on your phone How'd you do robinhood as a chrome extension. How would you do blah blah. That super clever so to recap that. You're basically saying as browsing literally as on robinhood dot com right. Can there be acorns. It can be some acorns like extension. That's like hey why don't you spend a little bit more. Actually vest directly in this company. Examine a sense of ownership and incentive alignment or even better like he we stick the pops up right isn't sees you're about to do a trait thinking we see you're about to treat for like ninety seven bucks a roll up. Get the extra three bucks in robin but itself. Yes that's that's typically. I love that are in. That was the one. Let's go to theme to shore. So let's see here okay. So this next category is does encouraging people to use your product naturally encourage other people. They know to use the product. Also this is commonly called Led growth but we can break it down in more interesting ways. Let me start by giving you some examples so slack. Connect dropbox pay pal county so what these companies have in common is. When i use any of those products might use of that products is better if i invite other people onto it or share it with other people when i joined slack. It's a ghost town. If is just meet right break. So i'm naturally encouraged to to invite my co workers. And his slack. Did something super brilliant called connects. Where now. I can invite noncoercive people. Who'd like a different Work companies and. I'm using slack as the glue but because i'm using slack the glue i need to go invite those people to start using slack. So we can communicate on our Whatever service contract we have gone so the idea behind product led growth. The first half of the idea is that you use the products in a way that benefits you when you invite more people. So you're going to do it without them having to grind with five bucks to invite your friends your all right and then the back half of product that growth is when your friends receive your invite or when you share that with your friends they have to feel that signing up for the product is also beneficial for them. So let me give you an example. Like if i draw faulk someone a file they could just take the file as it is but if they signed up for dropbox will now they're gonna get version history now. They're going to have to store it on their hard drive for emails and be like this thing that they can more easily. Nick relates to dropbox software. Or let's say. I'm sending someone to pay pal payment while. Guess what if you want my money you gotta sign up for. He's italy have to sign up in order to get the money. I'm and for countless. Same thing like when i'm sharing my county link the soft worker calendar booking. The person who's receiving the link has a much better experience if they themselves sign up for county because it'll show them when they have overlapping time windows rights. That are free. So that's the trick behind Let gross both parties have benefit. And if you look at the fastest growing companies of the last few years of groom exactly this way where you don't have to rely on seo which could be super flimsy. Google makes algorithm updates draft rely on lake paid acquisition meaning ads so facebook is the cpm's rise at the cost rise and is so healthy and robust retentive. And so. that's the obvious part though so the less obvious part. Is this idea that. I call billboards and billboard is a sub type product let growth. That is my favorite. Because anyone can do you don't have to software and i'll give you the oj example If i sign up for hotmail. And i send an email and you know aren't going with this Meal signature in the or if i send with my iphone. There's that sent from iphone in the email signature. Right right how. Many millions of people every day get beaten overhead ahead with sent from And it's just a phenomenal way to stay top of mind. So real sub clearview example the billboards from early we were saying such a brilliant business because it was giving people money but is also brilliant because guess what they do whenever they put billboards up they throw their logo on the billboard right so that's billboard literally in the truest definition then i'll give you one last example which is my favorite because it's like blowing up right now i can't stop unto subject to it. I can't stop seeing this creative mercury. Actually actually that is better than my example. Because they're they're they're making it they're like people make it their profile right. So crypto punks are an nf tea and if you go by cool you bought this visual file. It sits in your digital wallet privately and there's no it's it's even worse display than art because you're not putting it in a frame in your house but what people started doing was they put it in the most visible frame. They have the profile photo. So they're swapping their twitter profile photo with a crypto punt and one persona in two three four and then more doing it is a now. I can't use twitter without seeing fucking crypto punks. And reminding myself how i missed out on crypto punks and so i feel like that's like version of bill boarding It's like wearing your favorite companies t shirt but wearing it every day in front of thousands of people. A day exactly. It's like the twitter equivalent of having a air pods or nike zomig. Everybody's gonna see it and it's also identity building like if you break apart. What makes brand loyalty. Why would you want to put a crypto punk as your tutor avatar right or why would you wanna nike shoes. It's because you actually feel a sense of prestige. there's either social signal in you're in the club or you're singling you have good tastes right. You wanna be the girl or the guy who wears like shoes every day or the girl in the guy who has slack stickers over his laptop everyday like it becomes his identity based affinity for a brand. And when you have that it becomes very hard to the because now almost approaching tribal for better for worse for this because there's another Competitor doesn't necessarily mean that they can just take over. If you'd better marketing because better marketing has a hot will hit hard wall against tribalism and building identity around something that people will think the way it plays out is with one. It's good but it's not great soon as you get to tribes now they have somebody to fight feud with and so you'll get republicans and democrats. You'll get you know yankees red sox on twitter right now. You'll get crypt punks or board. Apes right board yacht club the other. Nfc project that is rivaling then and so people are switching to those two. Now you're probably not going to get twenty of these until there's room for two to three main tribes and everything else be very very fringe those people who want that. But okay so you're gonna save. Mercury is one of these. Where do you see mercury billboard yet. mercury's interesting because well let me back up here in round my head around. Okay okay so yeah. Mercury's a great example of billboard because it's a it's a modern hyper growth example. All digital anyone can find an equivalent way to do the following so mercury first of all bank for startups but don't necessarily just startups and if you see it's become a defacto. Startup that y companies use. So what happens is when wife see companies go to demo day where they fundraise investors they have to then send a link bingo bingo. So here's the interesting thing all these investors now getting these. Pdf wire details with the label. Mercury on them. They're very nice. Very well formatted looks beautiful. Looks better than a normal bank. But you're right. It's a silent signal that i use mercury bingo and it's also it has his interesting phenomenon of oversampling. Might be using the term wrong. But you'll get the gist. Which is these. Vc's are seeing such a high percentage of startups using mercury that. They're now under the assumption that everyone's using mercury early. It's risks that impression right and so as a result these vc's when they're asked by their own portfolio companies. Hey should we use mercury like. Oh yeah everyone uses it defacto ver- but is it really probably not feel about max right you go to silicon valley. You see max everywhere. And you're in the filter. Bubble of everybody uses max anu look at the stats and it's like wait. Ninety percent market for windows. Like how is this possible and i. Yeah because the world is not silicon valley. That's right yeah. This is accurate. Even create this optical impression and if you're making the impression on a persona that is itself addition bution like lightning rod like investors or like very high social signal influencers if they get the impression just them narrowly sink will. Then they'll act like you're everything and then finally trickles down to the mainstream. Yes it's like high school but for a fifth year olds is that's that's growth trend. We got trend. One no-brainer not no-brainer. No loss offers cool Trend to is the the the billboard effect you know either you intentionally create kind of status symbol that people choose to flag or just in the act of doing business. You're attaching your logo into their world And so everybody that they use the product with sees. You sees you you until it becomes a sort of like self. It's a free add. Basically that you're getting through your own customers. What's number three aren't right. Look most businesses. Have something that. I hate silos. Say it with me side lows. What does that mean. it means. Different people are using different information across your company and no one ever actually knows what's going on or they're using one source of truth. It's a pain in the butt and it costs you money. It cost me time and it hurts. It hurts so with the hub spot. Crm platform you can bring all your data together in one roof so this is like sounds a little fluffy and these big words. But i'm gonna put together in a very simple and easy to understand way. Look we have sales people going out and selling stuff. They need context. I need to know who talked to a particular customer. They need to need to know how that customer has interacted with your website with your customer service. They need to know what's going on. So when they go and talk to that potential customer they can make the sale and they can get it done now. Most of the time they're going to be prospecting spending tons of time researching. How does this person knows. How do we know them. What's background yadda yadda yadda that's a pain in the but that is called silo information and wasted time. You don't wanna do that. That is why hub spot. Crm platform exists so with the hope spots platform bringing together all the data under one place with no lag between marketing and sales need to sink your data and keep it clean no problem. That's what the operations hub is. And that is what it can do. Connect to other apps. Clean customer data and automate business processes. This is music to my ears so check it out about crm platform. Just go to hubs by dot com and save about a decade of tears and crying and heartache over not being able to have your data across your business check it out. Yep you got it so number. Three is self liquidating fouls which i know sorta term. It's actually been around for a long time. This is not really a new thing but very few founders to have got it so let's breakdown this idea of self knitting funnels. So did you hear. is that lesson. you can't make your facebook ads work profitably or you can't get them to pay you back in a reasonable amount of time. It takes eight months before someone buys from you after you pay thirty bucks to get three right right so self liquidating basically means you're offering some type of product that is secondary to your main product. So let's say you're selling thirty dollar e book or let's say you're in seo tool and you're selling a complimentary seo tula content planning tool. That's only five bucks a month as opposed to two hundred bucks unless okay and the idea here is if you decrease the cost of whatever you're offering but still make it related to your primary products up people will buy much more reflexively during the alva- grocery store and it's cheaper so lesser consideration purchase and Because more will i. Hopefully it will be higher rate of purchase. Andy much quicker turnaround to purchase. It could make the economics of your facebook ads for example suddenly totally viable right. So imagine you're doing this just to break even you're not trying to make money off it. The question is what is the point of. This is where it becomes so clever. Is this a giant. Excuse to print email addresses. Because if i can capture emails using a self liquidating funnel and i'm paying effectively nothing for these emails. They're just literally self liquidating hence the name. Then i can now scale this up to the extent possible capture that say a thousand one hundred thousand emails and now playing the long game. I've just come up with a fantastic source of legion stood. I can nurture those emails. Those people over time and eventually seldom the real product and make the real margins. So that's the sort of brilliance of like going back to my point earlier about if you think of your product roadmap in unison with your growth roadmap what are the product features that can actually facilitate much easier. Gross and. I must say every company has to do this. It's just that if you're having a hard time making certain channels work strategies were chatting about are potentially available to cheat codes albeit potentially very distracting wants. So we consider. But i'm just giving you guys ideas to pick from from what i've seen working the community. So right about this. Particular idea sean. It basically comes down to this if you can't make the economics of ads channel exciting can you at least eight not burn money while b building a hugely database. That likes you because you're freezing or your cheap thing rather really high right. Yeah so you see this content a lot. I think pretty well. I think you put you have these ikea handbooks. You call them on your websites. And it's like way more high high-quality than a blog post. And so you send them at being for free. Grabbed your email address. They're happy has. Wow i got he over delivered on value for this free thing and you're getting emails for free during that none of you do paid ads to run those but many people do run paid ads to a free book and grabbed the lead bear or a five dollar. Just pay shipping. So i think. I think they call this marketing. The free plus shipping offer is. You're giving the thing away for free and you just charge shipping so they do this with books or like if your clothing brand you can give away like a little hat and they just pay. The shipping costs the shipping cost. Kind of big in your cost of goods. Also because it's like you know seven dollars. Shipping is five the customers to. And you think you're getting item for free when you lose all you gotta do. The shipping seems fair. And they're they're using that to get your to get your information. They're safe great now. I'm going to go back to this list. Now they've had a sample of my stuff and can i go twenty five percent of people to become a real customer after doing that. Yeah absolutely although i think about it is in. This is a strong opinion of mine. That i'm not saying is the right way is i actually. Don't sell anything on my website. So join dot. Com is what you're to write these handbooks breakdown like powder right well how to grow your startup. There's nothing being sold like. There's some ads as for but some some references to anchor dot com where we teach people growth but vion large. If i'm making money from the manquer than. I don't want to have to make money from the things i'm doing for pure enjoyment and that music to build an audience like i want to build this association that you can trust me. I've trying to sell you anything. And i think that's not critically required but so healthy for the long term and like you think paul. graham writer grew weiss founded In a million years you'd never expected to have like a banner ad at the bottom of blog posts. He writes because it'd be so out of character and we're really compromise. I think or a hundred ninety nine dollars. Course behead exactly exactly so yes. I just try to keep them totally separate and Anyway so yeah that's not not saying people have to monetize have to make a living but if you make a living through other things you don't have to make a living to the thing you're passionate about. Like when i see very rich people start podcasts and still run ads on their cast. Like unless you're doing pay employee's awesome but if you're doing because you're trying to make extra bucks. If you'd like totally defeats the purpose of wireless call call him out. Reid hoffman. Your billionaire created link. Did you sold it for twenty billion dollars. Why does your past have ads. I know they're enter the answer to actually but No excuses as far as i'm concerned. Now people can say the same thing about me i do. I think there's ads on this podcast. There are i do courses in. The way i thought about it was was pretty simple. Which was a minute. Spend my time doing something. I value my time. And i also want to scoreboard for. If the thing i'm doing is valuable and one scoreboards likes the other. I think more powerful scoreboard. A is money and i do a lot of things for likes. Podcast is free all that good stuff. But if i do something like a course or mexican gonna sit down. Spend time with your digi something then. I want to charge for that. Most of the time i give away. A bunch of free spots in the last thing is i. I do this to get myself more excited about it. So i'll set a of a goal for the money so i'll be like okay like just right now with this course. I'm doing right now. I want to do two things. I want to be able to I made a list of ten people who've been just awesome to me in life and They've like mentor. Me or help me in some former fashion as i want to buy them all like a fat gift like a gift. That's you know way more than what what they would be expected in this case. The second thing is i want to. I'm i'm really trying to get in shape. And i was like i wanna have a personal chef coming that cost. I used to have an investor he had. He had a personal ship of private chef in the chef would come cook for us at lunch at the office every day and it was amazing and i will always thought those a one day one dream i kind of looked up the cost and i was like oh i think i could pay for. That's basically like six to eight grand a month. Okay cool so if i sell one hundred thousand dollars profit in this course that pays for a chef and now got excited about it so it made me more excited to actually do the thing than just my benevolence and maybe. It's because i'm kind of a a greedy. You're selfish person. That could be the reason. Why all i know is once i have a target and then targeting could be anything silly could be. I'm going to go by you. know you know. Go buy a bunch of crypto boxer. I'm going to put it all in on this penny stock. And then i'm gonna turn that into content of riding the wave of this penny stock. It doesn't matter what it is is. But when i have target the financial target it makes me try to do away. Better job at the thing i'm doing yet that definitely resonates and i think it's healthy and i think that's awesome. I see it differently in different ways. Not a better way and my different ways. I see what. I spend my time on outside of earning a salary through demand curve dot com in the context of a person and so i don't wanna do anything even fister like some extrinsic goal like getting chefs in less i. I would be happy doing it if i got nothing else from it. Like the process itself as the reward. And i feel like it took a really long time swedish cigarette. What those things are in my life where the process alone is really rewarding is the and i. It's just like it's such a beautiful thing if you can find it and was going through this binge on youtube whereas watching videos craters and like artists musicians in the process of making their music. If you google if you shoot for arianna guerande. I forget the name of the song. But she's big Arianna guerande in studio dude. I've gone down so many rabbit holes of this There's a documentary if anybody wants. Watch on apple. Plus of him making his On apple tv plus or whatever of him baking his album. And it's like. He invites a bunch of people. Whose house and you literally see him like in a car ride just messing around on the guitar. And he's like Can hear him figuring out. This one guitar lake became a love herself. Or whatever it becomes one of these kits today and you could see him. Just like humming like. Oh what if. I said you know blah. And he's like figuring it out. Live god that that stuff is like. That's my business porn. That's my creativity porn. It's a dopamine. Hit a great one is if you guys search. John mayer beats live radio on youtube. You'll see him like literally make up a song in real time is such a business. Such dopamine hit to watch people but the singlet take away from all those videos is. They made no money from that. I know deep in my bones. I know not all of these musicians that are successful but some of them john. They're just obsessed with doing this for the reward is can they come up with something awesome. So the the flip side of that is the flip side of that is you. Don't want john mayer tapped to build demand curve as a business or defined his musical pursuits. And so if if this is the thing you love the most and you wanna spend all your time doing it and you didn't have some major major exit beforehand. Which is a big criteria for most people. Then this is how it becomes sustainable right like i want to create more content. I wanna teach so that. I need teaching to be sustainable. Spent all my time on it. I could hire the best people. Were all those things right. So i think that's the caveat. Do you have any kind of like. Yeah other backup stuff of source opportunities or ideas or things that contract. I have one. Maybe we'll keep it quick. 'cause i don't know what you're gonna find interesting. Maybe do this one super-quick and you can pull along you like it. Has that sounds cool so okay. We'll actually have. I told you my thoughts like what goes into making awesome content. Like this podcast now. Okay yeah i feel like i have flick arrows. Lungs do so the short of it is i think there's this curse of overcoming frequency. And when i was going through all the content creators that i see the most love process for like wait. But why or paul graham ray mentioned earlier everyday astronaut What they all have in common is. They don't publish content on a set sequences literally the slogan for weight but y dot com. This great blog. That people love is new post. Every sometimes at the end of the everyday astronaut videos will be like the next video. be out. when it's ready paul. Graham will posted a very erratic schedule but they all have in common is their publishing when they truly have something to say. They're not publishing Hit a deadline. Which i think is a trap because you're then forced to try to be creative genius on account on a schedule which is near impossible. What do you make of the like. Casey nice stats mr beast. Or whoever these guys that basically they made their their bones of their following by doing a daily wlac and they got chose to get on that. They've chose to handcuff themselves that treadmill and the fans kinda loved that in their premise was different. It wasn't this is great. It's this is everything yeah. I think it's very questions is a good counterexample. I think just general idea. I'm getting to is almost domain. Specific like it depends what you're trying to sell if you're just offering cheap awesome. Entertainment like money giveaways thresholds. Not that high to be creatively like filling to hit that. But if you're trying to sit down like paul grammar weight. But wire. James clear morgan house. Well if these authors and you're trying to come up with something original and novel say that is really where i'm getting at. It's also not unlike podcast like. Can you actually hit a podcasts. At a really high frequency maybe but at some point often gasser ideas we get burned out and so the reason this is on. My mind is because what i realized is. There's this weird miss that. In order for you to succeed as a podcast or vlogger contact or whatever is you have to have a very consistent and high frequency oprah but does not true this is like some nineteen fifties madman men era like our billboard impression crap. Yeah it's like it doesn't exist with the internet. It's not the same seeing matter of like you. Look at like my twitter account. I think i got two hundred thousand twitter followers. I tweet once every fourteen days twice a month. I literally italy said do tweets a month. If people aren't forgetting i am. But if the quality's high the staying power so much better. You don't have to be pumping all the time round like wait but why i think he didn't post anything flick eight months what i mean so i just want to sort of encourage me on this earth. Dairy platform lifers million. That's really beautiful. Things happen you can rise above is content overload that we live in. If you focus more so on quality the quantities useful for yourself like if you're trying to get good at something do to high frequency but that doesn't mean you have to publish reform You can keep some back and do for yourself so anyway. That's my little rant on quality quantity end the reasoning subs. Because your podcast is consistently good. And i hit the brilliance of it. The reason it's possible is because you found a format which the threshold like i was referring to the youtube. Examples is achievable that. You haven't back yourself into a corner. Like how i built this. They have to spend so long. Doing something awesome. You can grab people refine ideas lower threshold but still incredibly hard to do. Don't get me wrong. And so i just i just. I just find this whole topic so interesting. Sony people are pumping content with like the wrong train. More yeah yeah. I think there's many ways to win. Like i think you typically want to be on either end of the spectrum either Light touch high frequency. So you buy the comfort. I'm like friends. There's a million episodes you can go through and they're all all right Or your game of thrones and there's no there's eight episodes that you can go go to for the season but they're all epic and i think i find that if you're gonna choose one. Strategy polarized either end of that and focus on quality or focus on frequency and and in the middle is tough because if you to be high frequency high quality you lose right if you try to be low frequency locality. You lose if you try to be right side. It's like there's all you have to hit one of those in order to make it work As far as i've seen in terms of in terms of content goes by the way tell me share with people your thoughts on a bios. So i hit you up and i was like hey i want to redo my twitter bio and i feel you've probably put some thought into this and you're like blown enough i have. Here's some thoughts and you gave me this audio this two minute. I message audience. That was fire like this is such a julian thing so so share share with people kind of what you've seen how you break down though the whole idea of by which sounds really light hearted but in reality how you talk about yourself matters to yourself that your own self concept by how you talk about yourself to others how you present yourself to others. It seems for bliss until you gotta go right one and you sit down. You're like fuck had to say. I have nothing to say at the same time. It all sounds bad that it's bragging it. Sounds to unimpressive. How do i do this. So gimme gimme your thoughts on bios. Sure so descended. A hard fast rule is just what i think makes the most sense. No love to hear a better idea which is right your bio to justify why people should folly by weightless With twitter for nasa. We're talking about here. So read your twitter bio that justifies. Why are differentiated more following. What do people get from following. So for example minus. Something like i deconstruct. Literally reading bar out so it was ide- can shocked housing's work like storytelling in critical thinking. I share my learnings along the way. Okay so you know you're getting more and the reason this distinctions important well. Let's compare contrast so the typical bios something like forbes thirty under thirty two x founder of three ex-father five x christian. Like all these stats. You now plans. It's like this doesn't tell me anything. It's just virtue signaling To some respects. And i don't know why should care so the second part of this is not just why they should follow but also what is the minimal amount of social proof to justify y. You talk about the topics you're saying you'll talk about. You actually are qualified to do so so so you're you're kind of saying what are you gonna get from. What's in it for you and why you can trust the source just enough to get you. Trust not everything bingo. And it's what's interesting about this question. Actually sean is that your fundamentally asking me a gross marketing question. Which is hey. If i look at my twitter accounts twitter profile and if we think of it as a landing page for my startup what would you do to either one to increase conversion convergence with the startup. We're talking about clicking signing up but on twitter we're talking about clicking and falls and so you could actually dive into. The weeds is more. You could do your your profile and maybe Exercise exercising walk because it just shows how to apply the lens of growth marketing to twitter or to youtube or to your podcast. I break so. I'll give you one quick example like if you just ask yourself this question. If i'm presenting the public with a page of any sort what are all of the elements that surface on that page that factor into their decision as to whether they're going to convert so if i'm looking at my twitter account right now i'm seeing my bio. I'm seeing my head. Shot him seeing. I in tweets talk without one example. Pin tweet your pin tweet can reinforce. What your bio said to further qualify. Why you talk about that why you should talk about it. Rather and it gives an example of it so they get the quick dopamine. Hit off the bat that your pin tweet delivering on like for me i said i talked about storytelling in critical thinking. So my pin tweet is exactly. It's a tiny little blog. Post will essay exactly exactly so. That's your surface area and the same thing goes for youtube Every little is surface area when added together can increase convergent. You know and then you have like the follower count which is like your social proof that you can't really fake. I guess you can buy fake followers. But that's the other signal that they're looking for is do other people trust the spurs. Do follow this person Or the blue checkmark. That's that's another signal that you can. You can have or not have not fully in your control back. That's what counts towards conversion right. I like that It sean tell me your blue checkmark journey. Didn't you release something. I message Your blue checks Know what you not. i don't have one. I tried to get one. They said they didn't reply. Because that's twitter. Remember something else l. Can say member had story boat trying to get. It never will give it if you remember it. Say i don't remember. Maybe maybe you're mixing somebody know that that actually might have been it might have been the world war story that might have been. It's never mind fair enough fair to I think we can. We can leave it with like one last little piece. And then we'll wrap it up to go but the last thing i wanted to say is if you weren't doing what you're doing now right so you're not doing demand curb you're not writing. I can't. I can't let you go back through those doors. Those doors are not locked. Where does julian go. How does he spend his time. What what would excite you. If i give you all your time back what where would you go spend it. If you couldn't spend it how you're spending it now so the answer actually know reflexively movies like the thing actually came to the us to do from. Canada was to try to make movies. And so that remains the thing that i find so interesting because i don't have a good. It's going to be hard for you to explain this but the reversion is it's so frigging harsh on like it's so hard to break in. It's so hard to write a good screenplay. It's so hard to turn that into a good film. It's so hard to get people to watch it and and the requirements for actually pulling it off our. How resourceful creative than how sort of will really those. The tuckey resourceful creative you can be. Do you have a good sense of tastes right break and i love that forcing i love at bergen on my shoulder trying to crack. What i see is one of the hardest problems the intersection late creative and business so have always wanna to do. I love the idea of being able to tell people stories that moves them as such a beautiful thing so what. What kind of movies are talking. Like comedy action drama. Indie artistic documentaries. What he's talking about. Well i'll tell you for movies. Absolutely love and i think it will answer the question so whiplash. Incredible fiction film the prestige magicians And then a documentary on netflix. Which i'm just i get to tell people lists some will actually go with enough people. Listen that it'll get some use. Searching for sugarman on. Netflix is the best documentary. I've ever seen and then the last one recommend is who's that one about okay. So this is really tricky sean. Because the entire movies spoiler. So i'll just say i'll say this i'll say it's about a musician that disappeared off the face of the earth and where he went to fuchsia. Cut that giving spoiler that we got to leave. But the last thing i'll say is the counterpart which is amazing. Show amazon's my favorite. Tv show maybe ever counterparts amazing. It's a james bond type thing. It's okay i've ever heard of that I'm not pitching anything. Well shy cycles with your great things until they become very personal. Like when it's like what are you really wanna do in your heart of art. So like i don't know how to say like you can say everything else or it's like these movies that you love that you really want other people to love the pressure in your head goes some high. How do i sell this right. Without ruining the the first time magic of experiencing it of it almost create a pressure cooker for yourself here so Okay so what you wanna do. Is you wanna make you wanna make a movie about a searching for bobby fischer style right about Kobayashi the The competitive eater it's like greatness slash magma's slash prodigies like you know with with a dash of sort of drama mystery dude Relying you yes. Well pitched Yeah i love this stuff. I love making love watching people. Seeing people watch it. How about you here. I wanna flip this around. What would do if. I could do anything right now. Yeah i would basically take like little three to five year. Arcs of my life is what i think. I take three to five year of my life. And i will try to do a really fun thing. I don't do so. I would one would be Stand up comedy. So i would try to create a set but actually is good and i would figure out how you do that. the trade out. Go to shows do all that. I would Coach basketball team. And i would try to like be a high school basketball coach and just give it my all out doing that. I would One is don't actually want wanna make a show. But i do want to write a script. I'm actually trying to do that right now. Try to script for a amok episode of the office. Which is a lot of fun and i'm trying to make a song like a hit song. How do you make a catchy. Hit song that pops off. I don't care who pops off as a talk me or what but that would be another one is what do these little like out. Try to write a book. Try to create a m a brand of drink or chips bag or something like that. I would just take these. Like little mini mini challenges. That are three to five year. Sprints go really deepen them try to win. And then i would come outside. Our basically switch careers Each time i do them. I love that. So you wanna you wanna break your license chapters. And you want us to be creatively fulfilling thing. Where you're like maximally using a actually The high school basketball coach is really cool. Nice counterbalance to the creative screenwriting. Yeah because it's not all about making song breaking a stand up set. It's like things that i just think would be really fun if you did them Which typically as creative. But sometimes it's not right like sports zone. Think competition is really odd leading is fun. Strategy is all that stuff. What's stopping you from. Being a comedian in the next fifteen years because for making the time to do nothing just occupied right now. I'm doing things. I got a business running and discontent arm. So i don't have the clear schedule at the moment to clear off to go. Go chase that and i can just dabble kinda like for fun in very small ways. But i think there's something really fun about the immersion. So i've said myself this challenge to try to read episode by the end of this month and i don't know how to do it but i hit up my friend who writes for a tv show. And i said hey. Can we jam next thursday. Tell me how you write an episode of tv. That's what i'm trying to do. So i'm i'm doing little lake tiptoe in the water but to do it for real the way i want to i would buy. I'm going to clear my schedule for for a two year period. You won't hear about me. And then i come out the other side with some some story to tell the funding for all of us. Watch you set. I one hundred percent. Show up why i would be the loudest laugher even artificial. I would one hundred percent support. you do that'd be kinda lift. If there's nothing really want you to do almost selfishly but also i think you'll just have a blast. The i i do. I will so so the other thing right now is that just had a kid to kids actually two babies and so i kind of feel like right now. The main project is actually trying to get in the best shape of my life. And i'm also learning how to be a dad. Can you dad and so kind of want to like not. Skip that part because already debate babies already hard part now. I just have to like stay there. Don't go busy myself doing something else to stay here and actually doodad bit. Well what i will say is if i've learned anything from comedians endlessly talking about how the process it's that this is exactly the fuel in your life that turns into comedy like the struggles of being a data. Right struggles alluring weight. Yeah exactly so. It almost seems like if you don't act on it now it almost like this is the time capsule you right on your experiences in your thoughts and it can become future material sam. We're up too. So i was in the shower today. I wrote down to pieces. Two pieces of contact texted it to some guy who is a comedian. That is is pretty famous comedian. I don't know very well. But we kind of re-texture. Dm a little bit. And i said hey. I got two little nuggets for two two little truths about life that i think you could turn into jokes here. they are and it just. They'd come to be in the shower and one was a receipts. Like i don't care how old i got no fucking strategy when it comes to if i'm out the cashier they said. Do you want the receipt i say. Yes i say no. There is no consistency. There is no logic there is no strategy and nothing is more panic moment than whatever the fuck i do when they asked me do receipt or not and why. Why did we do that. Why why does nobody have like. Eddie kind of consistency. That the second one of his a segue what i sent him. It was a oh racism. It's like people think americans really racist. There's racism is big problem and when you think of racists like if i say racism you know think of a racist what image pops into your head. The klu klux klan member right. So you you'd think that klu klux the kkk like a white guy a white hood or you think of like you know a white person in a maga- hat or something like that. That's what people think of when they're thinking of racists who are all these racist in america right and and it just occurred to me like in reality. Nobody's white people are the least racist. Nobody has more racist than like. You know an indian parents or chinese grandmother like they'll just straight of tell you like a pretty like hey can i marry you know a person of this race and it's like no and here's why and so. It's sort of occurred to be that. Nobody's more racist than a chinese grandma. And it sounds like that's the truth about the world. But i believe that i was like okay. These are nuggets. Wanna write down. I don't know how you craft those jokes. Like when i'm telling you isn't a joke it's sort of like an observation of the world the way i see it and then like okay cool. How do i write these down. So that i learned how to actually like. Turn these into indigestion. We've them together and make out of it. And that's exactly. What i think is the most interesting part is like what's the scaffolding within narrative structure for taking that observation in making it lasts out loud Smirk on my face right and this is where it gets fun to sit down. Reverse engineer david pal in this is actually one of the podcast episodes. We did Storytelling is your to reverse engineer. What makes such a great storyteller and it's like setting the stakes heroes perspective. All these ingredients climax twist right and that's me is the joy that's got to be the most fun because you figure had crafted in the people who totally bucked the trend like mitch. Hedberg your she knows he has a joke. That's sort of light. joe But my point. Though i is. He's not really doing the normal jokes. I don't think a martin expert right but it's still so funny because he has an extra layer. The extra layer is synonymous unique unlike tickling deliver right. And so there's there's an extra layer beyond the structure of the narrative like if you just wrote his jokes on paper might not as funny but he has this joke going back to your receipts thing where he's like a people who are handed flyers on the street. Is you pass by for like whatever you know organization the running basically saying hey you throw this in the garbage. I've ever had in my head. I can't i can't deliver it like he can write. That was pretty good. He got me laugh. Actually there's the thing you there's a thing you would put out in your storytelling thing by the way you you said. Oh here's all these elements but the one that stood out. That actually was telling. Ben my right hand man i was like hey jillian had this thing that i think is spot on and we should like. I think i do this doing extent. I think you should do it more. We can all do this more. You were saying something like the best storytellers when they tell a story. It's almost like they're blowing their own. Mind again live they are. They are surprising themselves in there. There are comedians case. they're making themselves laughter cracking themselves up. And the extent to which you can genuinely blow your own mind repeatedly or crack yourself. Repeatedly is pretty much the extent to which you can deliver a story or a joke and if once you realize that you can't unseen it and it gives your blueprint to just be more charismatic and entertaining when you talk that spot on so the way occa- the way realized that is. There's this person read on call jason silva who from my money is the most charismatic person on youtube jason silva and i was sitting in reverse engineer. What made him so damn good then eventually. Got him on my podcast. And i ask them what's going on here and he said julian before i even turn on the camera i i make sure. I'm in mental space. Where i am experiencing the idea about the talk about like i was for the very first time because all of his videos are like interesting philosophical concepts so he sits there and he's like. Oh yeah that's what was so fucking blowing about it. He likes choose on it. Lets it sink in. Turn on a camera lycos red and relives that initial impression and then it's it's it's infectious. He's the per user proxy that we now live through and it's just it's such a beautiful thing to see someone selena wrapped in their own excitement without any concern for like it. No self cautious. What am i am. I stuttering where my looking at all. These things fade away when you can get absorbed by your own enthusiasm and people people just love seeing that saw center Totally spot on. And if you're gonna like try one thing try that get yourself into the state where you remember what it felt like so that you re you re you tell it with that. Same emotion that you felt when it happened you remind blown. Then you'll feel mind blown now if a cracked up the first time you realized it cracking up now and i love. I thought that was the great. Great little hacker little deconstruction on your part Our worship people so twitter is at julian. Julian dot com. Branding is kind of amazing world. People follow you. Yeah sure so really. It's jillian dot com name. Demand dot com is where all these ideas we chatted about. That's where they come from. We teach people how do growth marketing anachronistically basically it. And then if you wanna see shawn himself on my prada there's brains brought s. dot com onto two episodes of it. So yes dude. So we call you honorary brain because cornell love you so much for like are even those kind of weird to have one person twice in the first six episodes. There's no one more lovable in cars matic Interesting juicy mental models in like a bag of cool ideas in the back was brain. We just we love you. I love you and so thank you for mars. Austin appreciate you thank you so much. All right sweet. We're out of here. All right uh-huh feel like guru could be what i want to put my in like less travel. Never look back.

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Men Are Trash


40:19 min | 9 months ago

Men Are Trash

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit. Www dot odd pastor troy dot com before information. You are meant we are welcome back. Everyone we're here for a third episode for the banana today. We're gonna be talking about a controversial term. Men are trash. You're here with zina. Heba mono- janine and today we're going to be talking about term going to detail about what it means to each and every one of us so I think i'm going to start off with janine. What does this term mean to you. Men are trash. Well i think Men are trash belongs to all of us All genders in it's meant to symbolize the frustrations that we feel have regarding The patriarchy The way that masculinity has been defined in our time of age okay. What does it mean to you is that is that like personally. What does it mean to you. Yeah i think it really symbolizes of type of frustration that i feel with men. i guess. Okay ammana I feel like men are trash. This scribes a specific type of mail. one with poor behavior or intentions towards women or actually towards any gender or sexual orientation hippo. Would you have to say about them. Men are trashed to me is defined like amata specific type of men or Person in general. Let's say amount because they're the ones contributing to make jerky That bringing down women that help. Continue the cycle of mistreating abusing and putting women down And not really giving us equality that we deserve in society exactly they quality we deserve and like i said there To me menor trash really just defines men that think they're better than anyone else. Everyone else That don't contribute enough. They think they have like the green car- like the green light. They can do whatever they want because they are man Yet definitely that even those type of men to me personally our trash once. I don't help one another ones. That leaves their families ones. That are Manipulators lawyers live as those are the trash to me Now i do want to go into a controversial way that people will say that men are trash Do you believe all men are trash. Because i know a lot of women believe that not all men are trash and we. Maybe they've seen their fathers. That are very good. Saddam to others and maybe have brothers. They adore and they believe that. Not all men are trash so he but what do you think. Do you believe almoner treasurer. Do you believe that there's only a party of them that suck. I believe that of trash. Okay like not. i'm not gonna say man on. This planet is trash Because that's just not possible. Like i have man who very much women in society they help. Uplift uplift them. They help us get the voice that we need out there with the issues that we have like me to and other issues that will murphy today in today's modern world so i don't believe all men are charged but i do believe a large majority like so. Let me get this right. You don't believe all men are because you've seen firsthand and there are not trash. You sometimes wonder that maybe those those men are trashed with with to you. They show you a different face. I have thought that for many years. I was like okay just because the guys nice to me. It doesn't mean he's going home to his friends and like not making these jokes about women. I have met like men like that. But i have also madman who stand up for women's right to have done right by plenty of women who have showcased like true intentions that they're not trash they don't fall under that term. Okay so do you think i'm sorry. I'm focusing on. You're not you're good. Do you think that men that are good to women are not trash. So is only too well. There are men who are like good certain women and then you know they go to their bodies on. They're just like normal. She's a bitch she's done. This like their are amendments trust. That are like the other two face. But i know man that just even not in front of me like i've i've my other men who talk about them and of showcasing me their lives from their perspective. We'll have shown that they are genuinely good. I have met men who hire a lot of females in their companies instead of just because they understand the black of connections elements how the opportunities that they look. I have my man who pay some women more than men in have let it be known company because they want them to know. This is what women go through. So i do believe one hundred percent. There are men who are not trash like period. Okay i believe it's a very select few in that. There are men who are nice to women because you know shove being chivalrous and being a gentleman but low key. They're going to they're boys and they're doing all these things about women saying these things. So there is a difference of there's a spectrum of it. But i do believe that there is an an where there are who are not trash. Okay okay. that's interesting janine. I know you had to say about the topic when we were planning it. what do you think. Do you think all men are trash. Yes that's interesting. Say a lot for the ones in the bag. And i think this comes from this. Very popular I think it was a research paper. But i'm not sure where they're like talking about snakes. Not all snakes are poisonous. But that doesn't stop us from being wary of them. Not all sharks kill people but when we see that flag raised at the beach doesn't stop us from from you know getting out of the water and I had a really good example. But i totally forgot to bring it back later for sure But yeah and i think this applies to mend to not almond are like quote unquote violent. Oh man you know. Use the patriarchy to their benefit. Although i think too but not all of them i guess but that doesn't stop woman and other you know. Non gender binary comes being wary of men on the street. You know like if there's a man following behind me. I'm not thinking like oh wait but not all men are trash no. I'm going to be wary. i'm scared shit. I'm walking my car holding my pepper spray. When i like. Go out with a guy. I have to think of like several like you know scenarios. How do i get out of it. Make sure i'm not alone. Takes advantage of exit. One hundred percent believe men are trash and benefit and they all benefit from you know us being on the lower end of the patriarchal power that we currently live in And you know the whole sentiments of not men trash. I think that takes away from the term. The term is meant for us to define what the patriarchy means. It's meant for us to release our frustration or anger of the wayside is and i don't think a lot of men kind of take responsibility for it like okay. Maybe you're not trash. But what are you doing to use your power to stop this generalization of your Gender identity you know. I just don't feel like enough is happening. I don't think it needs to directly be involved with own but like for example if you live in houses very misogynistic and you're allowed to leave your house after ten pm but your sister can't go out and study after six pm. What are you doing to communicate with their parents and try to encourage them for your sister to be able to have the religious you do. I just don't feel like men are doing enough able to solve this generalization. I feel like as soon as they see that term. They get the defense. That's just me. Okay let me understand this correctly. The men that are contributing to the change are not trash. Is that what you're saying. I'm not saying i'm saying your trash either way I'm saying that you need to do a lot to be able to stop this journalism. I think you need to accept because once you accept that term. I feel like venue begin to understand What at me why. It means this way to a lot of people. I think you know. I think we shouldn't spend time saying all not all man. I think we should spend time being acknowledging it because that's when the change starts to happen when we start acknowledging it that's interesting. Yeah i i i sense when you say not all men they think. Oh we can get away with you. Know what. that's not what we want. Start like focusing so much on being that part of like not all men yes seeing the way that they also have like that tort type of power to okay. That's point of view Amano do you think all men are trash I think everyone has a trash in. Everyone's a po us. You know what. I mean I think all men do. Yeah i mean in different ways like who is saying like i know some guys who are all about women like they'll go above and beyond to make sure just women specifically are safe but they don't care if they screw over there boys or like a bad business deal or something like that you know so that would make him trashy but in a different sense but towards women. I wouldn't say towards women. All men are trashed. But i know men are charged when it comes to other people not when it's not like women you know so. I mean in different subjects. All men could be trashed but in other senses to like you know. I feel like some of them are like not that bad. Not about okay. I do wanna get into a little personal experience from each one of us. I didn't say this before. But i do want to bring this up so if each and every one of us can an experience where we thought men are trash and bring a little examples to the viewers amano. When was the time where you literally sat there. And you're like. Wow men are trash. When is when i saw The me or this famous phrase of would you want to use carl the carlisle or a new car. The car lot It's always better to drive off the car with a brand new car. So same with your lady won a brand new girl one. That hasn't been driven before all that yatta yatta like excuse me what. That's when i thought all men are trash like this. You really objectify us and see us as cars and me and all these different things like. That's when i. I come to terms with all manner trash. I agree with that. I had a similar experience. Actually i think it was last week. I came across this tiktok of a guy teaching viewers how to how to have sex with a girl on the first date he was. He was giving tips. He was like ok guys. Thanks for tuning in. Here are some tips on how to get a girl on the first day and it was like is that why is that. What's going on if i went on a day sweetheart. Don't even think about it. That's what i was like. Wow maybe men belong in the trash the trash you know if that's let again maybe those are especially a special breed of those email who knows encountered those things the lord But yeah tell hippo tell us about an experience you had maybe recently a long time ago where you thought men garage specific experience for This is something that i experienced firsthand. I'm at this guy On instagram he followed me for a while. Dm mimi talked. He was decent out in. He asked me out for coffee and was like okay. Like let's see where this goes We never ended up going on the day in like two three weeks later. I post the tiktok on my instagram. 'cause he follows me on instagram. It was this guy giving bat shit crazy advice. That's literally terrible on what men should do if a woman rejects them. He's like if you plan a date and she cancels will guess what and if she tries to reschedule. Be like first of all. I don't like flaker second. Gorgona gonna plan and pay for the date and you should make it like you should teach her a lesson. This is going to teach her a lesson. I was like first of all women are not pets dogs. You don't teach us lessons second. Wow this is like horrible advice. This guy that asked me out two weeks prior lit up. And he's like well he has great advice. Unlike thank god. I never went out with this dude. Because i've flaked on him. He's like yeah. This is what i thought of you. I'm like oh my god. I cancelled the date. Because i had to work. You're telling me. I deserve all this trash folk. You know you're on punishment. Yeah failed on housego coroner thirty minutes. You're paying next time. I'm not gonna beg. You know that i was like. Oh my god this dude who was literally so nice to meet came out to be this toxic acids man. This is like real life advice. My son another tick tock And it was a woman she was explaining how these men always keep using these phrases like. Oh women aren't the same as they were back in the days. They don't stay in the kitchen as one example make. You're saying like women aren't the same as they were back in the day but the thing is is that reminded me of it. A you said you saw that one tiktok is these guys are always trying to get it in on the first date but back then no what did that. You would have to marry this girl by her house. So part her every way in order justice sleep with her like for real because women that asks us to wait till marriage. So i mean men are saying like oh they change their change like no you change your sitting here too busy trying to get in my pants and sat a wondering what kind of person i am on the inside. It's ridiculous go to war. Oh my god yes. Please go back to war. A load anti-imperialist though that's true what to fight each other okay. Janine tells about a personal experience you have or you thought yourself yup. Yeah are trash well. I don't it's going to be hard. 'cause i just the term has been so embedded in me. I can't think of a one time. But i think the saddest part of this term is that we associate we. Don't associate kindness and gentleness with men. And i think that's why they're also rushed to me But also i guess a personal experience was When i was with my friend and she was explaining about this amazing like encounter. She had with a man and the way she described him. As like how i would expect any human to treat me like you know like there was nothing special just being decent but but everyone was like really gushed over it and i just realized our standards for men are just so incredibly low. Like all you have to do is be nice and then suddenly you're you're saying pedestal. And i think that's why i think. That's maybe what. I realize all miniature when they have to do the bare minimum and they get praise. And the yeah. Yeah it's like where like. I don't know it's just really sad. I my husband and kiss my feet. But i will not settle for less. That's the saddest part is like when we settle. We're the ones that. Pay the price for settling to okay. Well now that you bring that up. What do you want to see from a man that we will. But i didn't hear from your personally. Oh yeah i was talking about that tiktok about. He was even advice how to get a girl the first date. Oh so you don't have like a personal personal. I gotta go into the library. There's a gotta pick which was about filing cabinet. I'll take a mini public. Come back at the end and one of my many to many experiences. Okay But i do want to hear from these girls here. What do we want to see from men. What do you think will change that idea in our head. That men are trash what you want to see from them. I think If men were taking more accountability for their actions Electing a lot of men get getaway way way way too easy way. They keep held accountable for any of their actions whether everything razors from sexual harassment to enabling other meant to act the way they do and not standing up and being the ones to say. Hey bro you're wrong right now. You need to calm down. Go collect yourself and come back to the party like you need to stop. I think a lot of men need to start standing up to their own kind and calling them out when they're wrong and having them take accountability for not being scared of other man's reactions are men's reaction period. We shouldn't be i. would you want to see. Just kick him in the no no square fourth grade. I wanna see like amman aside. I wanna see men who like the toxic masculinity that they were raised in and the whole society. That there isn't an. I want them to recognize their privilege recognize. What's being done wrong by their own kind. And then educating their own caned about it like we there are man their first defense is not al-mannah trash okay great. Let's follow that lead. Let's say not. All men are trash proved to me. What have you done have you how in the workplace given women more opportunities than men. Have you treated them equally in above and beyond have you hired more women than men have view. Lessen the pay gap or paid them even more. Have you done for women that you've also done for man have you. Ha- have the turnover rate for your company been lower women than men just because they're women leg. There's a lot to do if a man says not all manner trash. Okay prove it. Show me a big step that you've personally done to ensure to me that not all men trash otherwise i'm gonna keep thinking that your trash like everyone else. If i may add. I think a lot of men are raised to be trash by their mothers. Yes one hundred percent. Not all the time. I think a lot of the time when for example when the house is a mess but the mother go straight to the daughter rather than the sun and the sun is doing absolutely nothing playing video games but the girls actually like reading a book or like studying or something wise. The boy left. Why are manned. Consider to be the only breadwinners of family why are arab women and a lot of muslim and brown people during courage to have sons instead of daughters. Do you guys not agree. That tell me do not agree that the mothers raise men as trash. I th. I agree to that extent but i also think that women are placed a lot of responsibility responsibilities regarding things that go wrong like. We're always seen as the problem. So i don't entirely agree with. I think father also plays a role who who's role. Dr drew up the is aggressive. And he's incredibly misogynistic and he wants to push those gender roles a lot of times mothers. don't have a choice but to comply you know. Ah let me let me edit what. I said that the parents raise the parents raise the sun to be trash. I think i wanna change the. They raise them with the mess. The toxic masculine masculinity that society has instilled and a lotta men. Today yeah They need to go back to what the way they're raising male figures the way they're raising boys young boys and detonate and it's not honestly a lot of the fault like genuine set forth. The mother like our parents day in age in their parents before that that was how their life was lived in that era. They were taught men like women. Don't have rights Men they go out. They earned everything in like the women stay home with the kids in. They push that on us they. They never truly realized that. Hey like this is wrong. I have value a lot of the times. Women are also explaining to older generations of our family. Hey this is also wrong. So i feel like like janine said it's not entirely the mother's fall it's the generational curse has been put on us to teach ourselves this and our kids this and so on and so forth but it's also the fathers because that's all they've been taught to do they just continue that on with their kids. Definitely yeah i think and this might and i hope i don't go out of like subject. I don't think i am but i think one of the sources to that is also capitalism and the the people that have been writing history a lot of times you've seen woman completely removed from a lot of historical context. Like i was reading on robin hood. You guys know robinhood right. And who stole from the rich and give to the poor. It was based on a loose true story. In england when capitalism was kind of introduced so like the way England was before is like okay. There was like a river. Everyone was free to grab water Everyone is free to fish. Everyone was free to hunt food and certain areas but then like there was this kind of land ownership Introduced and so you know how you know. One day you were able to grab water from the specific river river in the next day. You're being arrested for trespassing. Like it was a huge shocked and like completely unfair to and so like the way robin hood was kind of introduced to us is like all these men like came and They fought like the system and they were trying to live outside of capitalism. But the truth to the matter is was there are a lot of woman involved in that too. We were just not taught that there was also this whole industrial kind of movement where people were destroying machinery during the industrial revolution. Where people are working factories. And she knew he was like taking people's jobs. It was a movement that was led by women woman destroying these machines to keep their jobs but the way that history has like. You know been ridden it's we. We just immediately assume it's man because you know the kind of like aggression behind it. And i think you know the paycheck. He was kind of instilled in us. Because we've been taught by history and we've been taught by a lot of these stories that it is the man that are creating. These changes is the men that are valuable but they don't want us to know how valuable we are as women in our role that we played historically So yeah those are my two sons. I didn't know that. Thank you for that important now. Okay i do want to go to the topic of do you think the term men are trashed. You think is sabotaging Women and the movement and like how we want meant to change or do you think it is helping. And it is opening the men's eyes as to what they are doing to us or other contributing to the patriarchy. I think it goes both ways. And it's sad to say that it goes both ways Depending on you know the factors of the situation there are women that if they are active in the community about inspiring change In men and men are trashing everything. There's there's an instance in a road where it could hurt their career that a lot of jobs don't like powerful women a lot of corporations and men put down powerful woman and it can go that route to where could you know Destroy a woman's career in corporate america but then there's also a row where people like the empowerment and the woman where it's helped give women voice where it's helped women realize their worth against men that hey just because the sousa man. He's not supposed to get paid more than me. The i deserve the same worth the in the corporate world. If i have the same degree and everything as a man i deserve the same respect us home and it shouldn't be less than because i'm a woman so while it can also help them in that way and help their confidence it can also take a toll and other aspects of her life that maybe she is confident. Being a woman in saying men are trash but it could also affect other parts of your life. Which could you know spiral down more. Okay doesn't interesting. what about your mind. Do you think the men are trashing is sabotaging or helping I like it a little a phrase that weakens like the mind that gets the brain stirring like like a guy where to hear like manner trash. I think it's a great way for him to reflect back and think like oh why would somebody think like what is in a way that makes her think that or somebody think that like look within themselves and realize what can you do or change about yourself. That's toxic. Yeah and changed the judgment or the stigma know. I also do think that saying the tournament our trash it really filters to kind of men that are in your life if you if a man here's and he gets all defensive than is part of the problem but if he agrees or is part of the change that's how you want this person to be in your life. What do you think. Do you think the chairmen are trashy things sabotaging or helpful. Oh my god. I can't believe you're asking you this question. Of course i love this evening and so important. And i think it combats. I don't think it's sabotaging at all. And i think it serves us a great reminder about how like when it comes to issues of patriot came when it comes to achieve misogyny. It should not be a man leading the movement but people that are The most vulnerable in our community. So i feel like when you hear him in our trash and you hear like a feminist movement all that like you're not going to expect or a man's lead at you want to you want someone who has been silent someone who who resonates with that term so well to be able to lead it and i think it's a very good reminder of the power structure that we currently live event I also find it very hard to believe it sabotaging just because of the reality of the way. The world or society works today right As fullest dania for example. I'm extremely marginalized silenced. A lot when it comes to talking about the occupation But you know as zionists however he can talk and slender might people all day all night and nothing would ever happen to him. And i think this term also placed jimenez well like men are extremely privileged. They are on the power structure. They're very high up. And you know saying that. They are trash Wouldn't necessarily affect them like it would affect me A marginalize percents And i also think that it comes with the term come is very like reality. it's a slap in the face. It's like okay their trash. Let's take it out and so you know there's kind of like this whole action that comes to like okay. Let's let's take the let's take the trash out now. What is the trash stu. It you know So yeah those are my two cents. Okay seems as though everyone here maybe agrees when extent that meant our trash. So why when we voice this on social media for example. Why is this censored as hate speech. Why do you think that. I think it's extremely hypocritical that when we try to put men accountable and we say things like men are trashed when you need like say something. Negative about white people It's automatically seen as hate speech but we see so much. Islamophobic rhetoric see so much anti-palestinian rhetoric we see so much. Anti women are sex sexist rhetoric and it all kind of like under doke. It's funny right but when we try to do the same to those that are in the higher up. It's not considered cool. And i think it really really does show. Kind of power is placed In our society this might be a little detour but that reminded me of one. Bella hadid posted that her father her father's passport and it was taken down for hate speech. Was it in because it posted that. He was palestinian. What was that. Ed so disgusting. Like a the scribes the power structure in reality that we live today. Like it's so normalize to have anti-palestinian rhetoric so normally to be to be like Misogynists so normally to be a slam phobic. It's so normal is to be homophobic puts the panel low when the tables are turned where the ones that are spreading. Hey i think it's disgusting. Yeah absolutely amano. what do you think about. The censorship of men are trashed. You think that saying the terminator trash is at a hateful thing and that is should we censor or do you think that this is critical. I don't think you should. I don't think it should be censored at all Like i said before like the more it side. The more like reminds men like okay way like i think it's just more of like a mind opening thing but i don't agree at all with it to be center that's Ridiculous about what it. What are your views. I think that matter trashes like me move met. Both of them will always have been tried to be censored by the man that are in charge of social media and of charged like in charge of the world. Were always silenced. No matter what it is women can never get justice. No matter what movement we lead including trash once they see that affecting them themselves. They're going to be like. Oh no. this offends mate. Lemme block it off twitter for a little bit. I mean suspend everyone who posts it. Let me ban them from three days from instagram. And it's sad because we have men in charge who have the power to decline and remove those reports of people put up just because they get funded but when they say the same thing about women calling us. A bunch of names calling us females instead of women in humans nazis yes. They're allowed to be a thing. I've ever heard of that. Oh yeah they're not they're like these men who hate women like with like there's chatrooms about them murdering woman. Wait wait wait. Wait wait wait wait. Hold take it back feminine nazis. Yeah have you. You know what. It's actually is by a lot of muslim to they start saying you're they associate you know fighting for women's rights or like yeah thing no okay feminist. The one hundred percent islam does not need feminism. But man these men do okay. What do you guys think the worst type of man is. They're all bad. What's the worst. They're all bad of a man you know what's the worst like this is the worst one. Let me as we can all agree on this and no one thinks. Foreign men are the worst fast. Stop the man that once they hire a woman and treat her while in the company because they're afraid of a me too scandal or like. Oh my god. I have to treat her right because otherwise she's going to sue me because she's a feminine. I can't fire her. Because i can't find her because she's a woman she'll make it into. A discrimination thing has checked me to now. My company's gonna lose billions. Those are the worst types of men because they they do the basic minimum for women for their own benefit like. I don't feel like getting sued. Let me give her some decency in the company instead of actually wanting change but isn't that because like there's not they're they're not only men in these Oh there's women who this to for sure don't you think that's also like kind of like a capitalistic Oh one hundred percent We're both ways either way it's benefiting no one other than those people in charge making money off of us personally. I think the worst of man are the chads that work at in finance. Oh my god. Yes the chats has a white boys the andrews in finance now the chats all know the the the jocks from my high school now work quicken loans. Only you click below zero chad. So funny okay. This is a deter okay. Whatever but like when a white guy looks at me. I don't know if he's a racist. Or if you think of cute by bob yesterday. He's wondering what underneath the hitch. This happened yesterday. We went to kroger because it was my brother's birthday and we were buying like snacks and stuff. The white guy by the door passing out flyers for their church on stirred up my mom. She doesn't he thought she was cute. She was not as or because he's racist because she's a muslim mariachi. This dude stared at her from the moment we entered the store we left. I mean michigan. Dearborn dearborn heights. This white asks do just stared from the minute. We enter the store to them and he. He thought she was. Fly your low key worried. I like i know it's like they don't know whether he wants to liberate her destroyed terrorism. She's proud. she's wearing a hijab. Break out of her oppression. Nobody's of stupid movies. That are okay. We all agree. A woman does not need a white guy to save her from oppression and she can take off our heads up. I don't know if any idea the second episode of every show with a muslim hijab. Be the second episode. it's often. She's who have you guys seen degrees in episode. She took off her head job to stop them leading. It's like relaxing of taken your shirt off. Relax you're working in the hospital. There's goes right next to you. They just they just want want it so bad job off so but sick leave or head jobs alone and the hospital with the gauze like two feet away from her like. She's an adult and she needs to wrap his wounded leg. What's going on. I don't want representation in the me. Please stop putting muslim hijab. Us on it at this point as there is this episode. I think it's an hella. I don't know but like apparently this hegemonies moms you smell like alcohol. And she's at the club and the girls lamont. her white friend was was with. He's in he's the white guy steps in front of a hijab and the job and he's like what do you think she's a terrorist dude. I don't think my mom has ever called me a terrorist. Has your mom's called you a terrorist. I'm so confused. Like mad rush. That is the. I was so confused. I wanted to laugh. It was like wait high alcohol like she's a terrorist as if that's any better white people in their imagination and we would not use that term inside the house. That's what we that's what we're getting outside. you know. i know speedy so weird. Take their jails where i don't think i've ever heard the word terrorist in my house to or bomb. Who said that. We don't see that. Oh my i just wanted to pitching our idea to like not flicks to have a hijab. Take it off in the second one. Some of them are like muslim people to this because they want a job. That's why we shouldn't rely on like white people. Hollywood media representation of should always like focus on uplifting our own. Yeah that's another conversation. Social media is so amazing. 'cause we've seen so many types of muslims like for example like when i was growing up. I didn't see hijab be fashioned. He says i had no idea how to where my job no idea rather than like in high school. They started coming out and they're popular and now they're like seen as the most beautiful woman ever. And i'm like that gave me the type of representation i wanted to see was in social media. What do you think. Oh one hundred percent. I watch the sky on. Netflix has his own show about educating like talking about black lives matter and other things trying to educate people on capitol zone. And everything. Like i was like. Oh my god. This guy's amazing. He's actually educating people. Right you look the second you look into his actual life. This do treats women that work on his show so terribly who and he is a person who is most lum and a brown person say. Oh yeah him on my got so much after the ellen degeneres things like the scandal people started putting on him on twitter and they expose them and then the trending thing went away within like the our because like you wanna be called out. How are you. Well muslim men who sitting here. Educating people about being a good man and doing this for women and so you're out here doing even worse to that to your co workers and that's why all men are harassed okay. I think that's a good a good note to end the have one note to one thing to say reading the whole influencers thing and i think it comes back to the need of trying to fit in like yes. Some he w bloggers are so cute and amazing but also they're so obsessed with fast fashion right and they're always talking eighteen aminzadeh and trying to have like these model contract with nike. And it's like relaxed like we need to understand. The presentation is not revolution. And that like a lot of these companies especially oughta take advantage of Woman especially woman and you know muslim woman in cases when they have these factories in pakistan and bangladesh The completely exploit thumb. They treat them early and then they try to make. It seem like they're you know helping people in these third world countries. And i think it's it's very important that when we want to be. Hegemony fashion east bloggers were also completely self aware of these companies that we By from an promoting for free. Add a lot of times. 'cause i don't know why. Czar has something against muslim woman and they do not want woman representation honestly. That's why that's fine with me. Like i don't want representation industry. That's exploiting women. And i think we need to be very very wary of the fast industry because jobs were so obsessed with layers and results us with sheen. Having like you know Cheap clothes available to us and then we complain when they're like muslim brands. That are a little more expensive but we have to understand that companies are cheap for a reason and they're the reason is is out there exploiting workers and when we buy things in discount or whatever it's at the expense of other people and at that at that note especially women and especially muslim woman so i just wanted to put that out there and i wanted to end it with armand are recycled arman. Recyclable trash since man decided to play with women have sick. Keep saying oh. I have ten women on standby. Guess what babe. I have ten minutes. Dan buyer you're replaceable. Are definitely recyclable. You can wash them out. String them out to dry. And he'll be a brand new creature all your own but that being said women do not take on as projects. Some of them are just to trust to ever be changed for real. I okay everyone. Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode. We'll be back in next week. The fourth episode. Thank you have a bye.

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#323 John Montgomery, Bridgeway Capital Management - A Factors-Based World View Resonated With Me

"Welcome to my favorite show where the focus is on helping you grow and preserve your wealth. Join us as we discussed the craft of investing and uncovered new and profitable ideas. All to help you grow wealthier and wiser better. Investing starts here met favors. The co founder and chief investment cambridge investment management. Did it industry regulations. He will not discuss any of camp response on this podcast. All opinions expressed by podcasts. Participants are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of cambria investment management or its affiliates for more information visit kim reinvestments dot com now. Quick word from today's sponsor yata savings as an fdic insured savings account with a big twist savings with yata gives you the chance to win ten million dollars every week for every twenty five dollars to positive. In near yatta savings account you'll receive a recurring ticket and weekly sweepstakes to win cash prizes ranging from a few cents to over ten million bucks data users have won over two million in the past year. And i've personally won over seventy dollars. Open your account to start saving and start winning us. Invite code mab on sign up to earn one hundred bonus tickets and the next week's contest and now back to our great show. Hey everybody we have a huge episode you today. I am thrilled to welcome guests. The founder and chief investment officer of way capital management one of the early and independent multibillion. Dr quantitative managers and today's episode. We start by hearing what made our guest leave job in the transit sector to start a quantitative investment firm. We walk through drew to a rules based approach and touch on different factors size value. Low volatility w- even touch on the firm's ultra small cap strategy. We used to be shareholders. And how it captures the small-cap premium as we wind down we hear about the firm's unique structure which includes donating half of its profits to charity with the goal of ending genocide. Please enjoy this episode with bridge capital. Management's john montgomery. John welcome to show great to be here mad. Thanks for inviting me. Here is where h down. Houston yes houston texas. Where i grew up. I've spent a little time there. I know you're a fellow engineer. I was a biotech engineer. Once upon a time. I remember going to a tissue engineering conference at rice university right down the road where it was like one hundred and seventy degrees or something in the summer. But everyone else there. It's all energy government energy family right. That's right i do. My dad was the president of an oil exploration firm. Right what happened. You got too much oil under jeans growing up. how come you're not a wildcatter. Well the more interesting story is how he got into it. He grew up in west texas around hay and horses and he was lurch italian horses. Which gets you to the big city in texas. And i tell people that i left texas. During the boom years so i graduated from high school in nineteen seventy three which was loyal. I don't know forty or fifty dollars a barrel. Maybe more it kept going up. After that i returned and price of oil dropped by two thirds after i got back home so i missed all the boom years from nineteen seventy three to nineteen eighty five. When i moved back then houston went from my childhood used. The entire area was four hundred fifty thousand people. Now were like seven and a half million. That's what air conditioning will do. You had a couple stops on your way to the quant world. But i mean swarthmore. Mit harvard woes of aggression. Like had you had the intentions of being energy guy and then got headlocked or sidetracked by something else story. I read a book in highschool called silent spring which was an early environmental book but an important one that made an impression on me and i was out to make a difference in the environment and in college. Urban transportation seemed like a real world. Way to move the needle on that so that was my first career out of college so i. I don't know fifteen years or so was in transportation or transportation but i've worked in academia in government in nonprofit now four prophet work the last twenty years at burj way. I wanna hear all about it but give me the original inspiration if you look at these sort of arc of history on the investing quantitative side. You're definitely been at this for a little while seen a few cycles the idea originally you popped into your head at you. Read some sort of influencing tax early. Was you're hanging out in omaha at the steakhouse or what no. I've never been to the steakhouse in omaha. We've got good steak air in texas. So i guess it's never pulled me up that way but i love service industries and i was a shareholder to. Ira's back in the eighties on an engineer by background. So i love numbers and statistics. But anytime i received poor service whether it's on an airline or a restaurant or a hotel at the other end of the stick on an investment and communications. I always think well. That's an invitation for competition. So i thought there's got to be a better way to communicate and focus than the kinds of stuff. I was getting as a shareholder. That was when i was in business school and i thought when i was in business school i'll take a couple of investment courses just kind of on the side and maybe earned back eventually. The opportunity costs and my grades said that. I should have gone to wall street but i had absolutely no interest in going to wall street nor intention to transportation field but i did have a knack for investments and i had a case study was at harvard business school of a quant shop on. I thought wow you can use numbers and statistics to do all this stuff instead of the classic. Cfa fundamental bottom up interview management think about the economy and figure out what industries will do well and then for your out white companies will do well in that industries like. There's a different way to go about this. And so. I was in one class in particular. And i had behavioral finance. And so this. Before i knew anything about behavioral finance but the insight was at the end of this class with the quantitative methods and i was completely turned on the professors steps back from the bulletin board tugs. Ona's biernes so how many people in here think like when you get out of business school you can this track record and eighty percent of the hands in the class. Go up now. That's not different from any other place. And i immediately recognized. The eighty twenty roles like twenty percent of people can actually outperform and eighty percent of the people. Think they can. I was going to say today. That's ninety nine percent. Why is eighty percent so low today on robin hood and everywhere. I on the optimism's closer to ninety nine. Maybe the database. I was looking in had survivorship bias. Ma'am reason for that. But i thought this is true of wall street people five years from now than it should give a leg up for people that are using quantitative methods and investing so. I started doing that as a hobby for the next six years. There's too funny takeaways from this. The first is the lake woebegone analogy where we all can't be better than average but the reality is you didn't build a incredibly successful quantitative shops so you're in the right cohort but second is who is the case study focused on. Do you recall by chance. I've got a name. But i don't know for sure i'm not going to give it. I do know. The professor's name was professor paroled. That's awesome as an aside. Listeners will be stunned. But there's some unbelievable if you look at the harvard publishing yearly revenue is like three hundred million dollars or something had some incredible business by right. Oh no sorry in. The school in general generates almost a billion in revenue but the publishing arm alone is a of hundred million so great business by the way all right so you said okay numbers. This is interesting and that point was just hobby or like was the next step. I started doing research on quantitative methods and kind of came up with some thoughts about how to go about it and started investing my own money that way as avi. That was what i did for the next six years. At the end of six years. I had the thought. I think i might like to do this for my day job so it was a pivot point in my career. I was thirty six thirty seven at the time and had some entrepreneurial bent by the way did not take a single course entrepreneurialism and business school which is probably a good thing because i didn't know the statistics on the percentages of companies. That don't make it to your five in your good. Might have been discouraging to actually starting but pitched in. It did take us three years to get to a break. Even point as an advisory firm and my business plan had breaking even in less than half that time so good lessons in humility in the early stages. And i'm a big believer in the power of humility and business. Yeah that's one of my favorite phrases like the biggest compliment. You can give anyone the entrepreneur. Startup world in asset management is just survival just existing so many entrepreneurs go into this. You talk to every entrepreneur every startup class or discussion and everyone says most startups fail but zero startup founders expected to be them and it's interesting to watch like so many companies and not even startups incumbents to. It's like you look back at the old. i think buffet actually posted it in his annual. Talk this year that it was the largest market cap companies by decade on back when you were starting out in the eighties. There was a lot of japanese companies and even like the late nineties was a lot of the big tech in the us and now it's totally different list so it's hard just to stay relevant and exist but as laughing as you were saying break even because i was like i don't know what does that even mean we've been doing this ten years. I'm still trying to find that. The promised land all right. So what was the original framework was at similar to what you're doing now. I mean were you able to craft together some quantitative insights on a. I don't know commodore sixty four apple two e. What was it back then. The only computer programming course ever took was in four for which definitely dates one but they had spreadsheets. Were a deal. And there were some good statistical programs even back then but one thing in terms of the founding of way was right about the same year. As the seminal work on by eugene fama and the size and value factors just resonated with me the whole concept of risk and return made sense and my world smaller companies are more risky any way you want to make sure it and seems to me like investors should be compensated for that one of the things that some people will tell you about me as i'm just cheap. I like a good deal whether on buying a car or frigerator or stock. That's my most favorite comfortable place to be so on contrarian for the same reason i'm most happy when other people are wringing their hands and i'm bringing my aunts when most other people think they own the world and things will go up forever so back to kind of behavioral finance aspects of that but continued to develop reading about momentum and studying other factors over the years but one of our first three strategies was what call teeny tiny. We call ultra small size company and it came from waking up in the middle of the night thinking about what can a small startup firm do that the big guys can't do and it's like on seen those graphs of small size like in stocks bonds bills and inflation and there's more action on the really small end of the spectrum long-term and i bet those stocks are not liquid enough for the big is to play and that turned out to be true in spades. So we've made a name for our cells and very small stocks and they lean value in that makes me happy and any rate a factors based worldview resonated with me and that was all great and fine and dandy until i i read. Research on the low vol affect and i went like weighed. What way all the horses here. You're saying that lower volatility less risk and by the way this is like the that academicians measure risk by unlike. Were picking a different one and translating some take the same thing that we all measure risk by and lower risk companies. Do better in the long like that. Like how can be that rocked my world. That's where behavioral finance got to be a bigger piece of the pie for me and at their non-risk reasons. Why stocks do what they do and people do what they do. Your ideas and concepts definitely resonate jokingly. When you're talking about value. I love refer to myself on the podcast. Listeners is cheap bastards. And i say that as a compliment as it applies to all walks of life but the value approached certainly makes a lotta sense and value in my mind is also being the not just investing chief but avoiding the really expensive but your fund you guys have to check the roles at some point but my mom was definitely a shareholder at some point. You guys have closed this thing and reopened it over the years. The ultra small company. Fun too so. I don't know if mom faber is still in there. I'd have to ask her but she was a longtime happy shareholder for sure. Is that even still open to investors or is that close currently it is open gray ultra small company market fund open. That's probably the one that she was in. 'cause we closed smaller version with fewer stocks back in nineteen ninety seven or so. I don't know she might snuck in before she snuck down. He's a long-term. We don't lose many people in that strategy and it is she still is small stocks. Have done really well over the last year admittedly off a low base and just a headwind painful one first stocks decade before that but the last year has been good. So just for anchoring when you say small stocks like what does that mean to the average person listening to this like. What's the market cap ballpark. When you're saying talking about large-caps mid caps small caps and microcapsule ultra small so we slice and dice. It a bit more thinly than most people do and to give you. A rough idea alter small is breathtakingly small. These are companies. I don't have the most recent data but on the order of two hundred and eighty million at the top end so our average market cap is significantly below that the russell two thousand micra cap index only has seventeen percent represented an ultra small stocks. The way we measure it and we say ultra small stocks or stocks the size of the smallest ten percent on the new york stock exchange. So it's not all stock exchange related companies they trade on different exchanges. But you take all the companies on the nights and rank them by market cap and the bottom ten percent in number is what we said they represent currently about one third of one percent of all the dollars on the us exchanges. Wow we're talking really small. They are very small and they're so cool. I just love you read about what they do. You can read a financial statement and you can understand it. You'd think about the product. You'd understand that i mean it's just more accessible. It's always astonishing to me. You find these businesses versus the large competitors that have either no thirty wall street analysts falling them and everyone that's covered them to the decimal point on their annual. And it goes to this topic of just quote of if you're fishermen like go where the fish are and there's no competition it just seems to make a lot more common sense to not be competing for who has the best apple cash flow model versus the tiny company in louisiana or oregon that sells steel widgets. I don't know but it's fun and the quantity approach. At least you don't have to cover ten thousand companies. You can help us the computer okay. So the framework was value in small. You guys have since expanded and a number of different things got. Maybe what like a dozen funds now said about somewhere in the ballpark yes. We managed just shy. Walk me through. How the philosophy. In research processes changed over the years you've seen like i said quite a few cool and some painful market events during this time we got the eighty seven crash the japanese bubble tequila crisis on and on and even more recently. You know the last two years have been pretty weird. How things evolved for you guys. As far as the research side. I want to get the actual company and a little bit and some ways. That haven't changed much at all. So having a factor based worldview. I still think is a big advantage. And so our four core pillars of our investment philosophy haven't changed and some structure of how we do hasn't hasn't changed so i didn't grow up in the industries a little unusual that i started a company in a industry that i had never worked before. People don't usually do that. And it has all the disadvantages you would think of not having experience in certain areas and some other advantages where you don't think things have to be a certain way so especially on the culture side bridge by is a very unusual place to work but sticking to the research side. I guess the big thing that's changed is access to quality data longer term data and these amazing people that i get to work with the systems and the automation. We've got the hd's on the investment team. Now they're easily three or four people that can dance circles around me on statistics. And so i get to be in the room with is awesome. We run the of grade teams. I didn't have any of those resources. In the beginning. I remember one of our first. Paying for data was a company called telescope and they eventually got taken over by somebody. I don't know who but just to say. The data quality is improved over the time bridge way as branched out into some emerging markets not only mutual funds side at this point but that reminds me a little bit more of the earlier years. Some of the data quality is not as good internationally as we have here in the. Us you mentioned low vol feel free to talk about that for a little bit because it is a little odd in any other kind of factors ideas over the past twenty years that have either been head scratchers or confusing or amazing that you're willing to discuss not keep in the komo no as far as things you've looked at or study that you think are particularly interesting. What's interesting to focus on where we do things differently and the same. So low vol is fascinating to me because you just can't come up with a risk argument now. I've heard people do so even and he's got like some ways to look underneath but it just seems like a stretch tomase like we're talking about low standard deviation. The price doesn't move so much versus the ones that do a lot. I was at a conference where they said. This is not really. The low vol affect the not high volvach. Which is decided the real value add is on the short side staying away from the very volatile companies and that has been our experience except some of the quantitative models that we've got feed off of that volatility to separate out good companies from bad companies according to some other metric a related quote that i'll mention is from elena on team who once said she had done some research on fixed income for some reason and she came back and reported in our weekly mini. Said i just like stock so much. Better move and with respect to high volatility in some ways. It's easier to see what's going on when there's more movement there. But as a generalization we all know now level is better. So that's what i'd say about that. One of our pillars of our investment loss vs focused so we believe in strong factor exposures. And then we have strategies in two camps one called omni and one called select and think of omni as we're trying to give exposure to what we think of as an entire asset class or a large nation intends to main. You've got more companies so might having like our omni. Small value strategy has hundreds of stocks in it and it gives you very wide exposure to something in particular you're looking at your mom's ultra small gumming market strategies similarly. We've got hundreds of stocks. Like five hundred teeny tiny talks in that our select strategies to have fewer number. Because we're focused on what we call the tip of the spear so if you think of your buying value companies and to simplify let's say you're ranking stocks by price to earnings and what i can tell you is that we'll say you're ranking the russell two thousand two thousand stocks by that the two hundred cheapest stocks which would comprise what we call a dessel two hundred two thousand ten percent. Don't give you a strong factor exposure as the cheapest five hundred from two hundred to fifty stocks and from fifty to ten now at some point you've got instability so you don't want to invest in ten stocks and all the rules of diversification apply but with respect to strong factor exposure fewer is better and so our select strategies tend to blend different factor exposures. But with very serious exposure to the individual factors that you can so there's cool research around that to know hallowed you go everybody who's like factors based believes this is true to some degree because typically do not buying the top half and not the bottom half. It's more focused than that. And so the question is where do you stop and part of the answer to that is liquidity again. The big companies are gonna have more companies because they need to push through a lot more dollars in order to make money but that's one of advantages but don't have to do that. So i like the less liquid markets ultra small emerging as alena. Says they're kind of more fun. 'cause they move and plays to our strength experience first of all. We got twenty years experience doing this now. Trading is the other huge piece of that transaction costs. Get to be a much bigger piece by when you're talking about less liquid companies. Obviously and bridge way has a lot of experience with that. I was thinking as talking about the bonds. Move that much. Say well just ask the long term capital guys you put it up leverage on these dockers and they can move to yes. All you need is five hundred to one leverage john. Then they'll be volatile. That is so true. Before i started bridge way. I did something that. I saw another businessman in in houston do. He was the mayor and he had had five different careers over his lifetime and each time he started a new venture. He took a year off to study the heck out of the next thing so actually did that. When i went from transportation to investments and as part of that i was studying my own methods which had been even more successful than i had thought that they would be so. I was trying to understand why that was drilled. Down and studying historical data will part of the data. That i studied was downside. Data if you're a value play or your contrarian for anybody that's gonna use leverage you want to know how it looks when it looks really really bad so i went back and studied the great depression. Twenty nine three the thirties. Like if you want steep yourself. Two thousand and twenty pandemic was yawn compared to what they experienced the the great depression. Now it was much faster. The more recent downturns are pretty steep and much faster but this was decade long. It took to nineteen thirty eight to get back to the high point of nineteen twenty nine but one of the things i learned about that is the dow jones industrial average for which they got pretty good data back down and estate. It goes back that far as well dropped. Eighty six percent from the peak to the base. Eighty six percent and to me on a big believer in stocks for the long term. Like just by them and then hold them. Forever is a great time frame. I mean it cash. It's money if you don't spend in someday you gotta ask what is it for. Maybe it's i dunno next generation or we've got interesting things there but at eighty percent drop will pretty much wash out anybody that's using leverage you'll get a margin call a long way before that so i made a decision before starting bridge way never use leverage in a straightforward way we use some derivatives and one strategy to dampen the market risk of the fund. But we never ever leverage using borrowed money. So that's one of the things that i learned in the beginning and has not changed. Its obviously essential to be a student of history when it comes to markets going through what we've been through in the past twenty years we've had to about fifty percents in the us last year really fast and backup little jiggle by compared again to an eighty percent. Plus it's hard for people to fathom. Just how bad that is. You've had that in some other countries since then outside the us but not as much in the us and that creates such a mass. I mean if you think the behavioral issues the last twenty years or problematic when you're stocks go down twenty percent or fifty eight as a whole nother bogging. I think it's like a richter scale for earthquakes. Like every ten percent gets ten x worse so downtown people start complaining down twenty. You're getting like clients closing accounts or angry at you. This applies to under performance to and then everything after that people stop opening an account yada. There's a good book on this time called. I think the great depression a diary that walks through. I think is a lawyer new talk from an investing angle listeners. That i think is really thoughtful. Way to go about it because so many people. I think assume they'll be able to buy hand over fist rationally when things are down fifty. Sixty seventy eighty for the problem in. This was a conversation i had in some countries over the past five six seven years. Nobody has any money. It's like if you're the rare exception. That has some money to put work when some this down eighty grape usually cleans house for almost everyone. It happens typically at the worst possible time released when you're worried about that. So take two thousand and eight or twenty twenty one of the things on your mind is oh shoot. I could lose my job and a lot of people did. In both cases. Fifteen percent unemployment is steep. But it's not everybody. I'd tell people again being a believer in stocks for the long term. You shouldn't have money in the stock market that you might need in a few year period. That's an improper use of a financial instrument so match your investment horizon to an appropriate security and stocks are for the long term. Also have an emergency fund. So know what you're gonna do. I like to say you need enough money in the bank. The engineer are falls out on the road. You have the money to replace. You don't have to sell stock. Said what might be the worst time to do it. And then you need an ultimate plan. You know what my ultimate plan is. Go to face the lawn or jeff. I should say it's moving with mom. Come on his move in with mom. They're all these thirtysomethings. Somethings like never move in. When my prayer. I will never do that. An adult like guys. Just get a life get over it. You move in with them. They move in with you. You can handle. Life gets more difficult than having to deal with that. Well my mom is ninety eight now and she's amazing she's a force in my other people's lives and i'd been giving speeches saying like you should have a backup plan. If things like stocks don't exist anymore. Nobody will hire me anymore. Like i'd have to sell my house. And i've got a place to move in the. I've never actually asked my mom. So i called her up on the phone said mom people think that you're moving in with me. She's like well that's never going to happen but never asked you and said yeah sure you can come over here while the good so bedroom guy. Your old high school photos still love. Have an emergency find and have a backup plan for if the nineteen thirties sits again and then hopefully it's not going to hit again. We know more about the economy than we did back in the nineteen thirties on the other hand. We didn't have nuclear war risk in the nineteen thirties. Like we do today so risk. That's another thing i've learned is like there are different kinds of risks but thinking about risks is key and important and do identify do manage it but don't run from it because you'll be running from some of the wrong things some of our biggest opportunities in life. Frankly brisk attached is. You're talking about that my mom every time she comes to visit me in los angeles. Because i don't own a house and we tend to be transient. She brings a suitcase my stuff. She's like i'm tired of storing this. She's a one way street. You can do whatever you want. But i've been saving this pottery or this whatever of mine. She's like long enough. I love you mom. Having this long-term perspective is so essential. It doesn't make any easier you've probably dealt with. I don't know hundreds of thousands of clients over the past twenty plus years. Do you have any general perspective or comments on just kind of how to think about these different markets in regimes. I think a lot of people looking at where we are now with whether you talk about cinema our evaluations or or everything. Rents repeat over every cycle but thinking about some of the best practices on how to think about sitting through the lean times and that can mean either draw down in an asset class but also drawdowns in strategies of any strategic be commodities. Could be value could be us bond stocks whatever well my thought overall on asset allocation. I know you have a more sophisticated view on this than i do. But my whole thing is have an appropriate asset allocation 'down implemented stick with it through thick and thin and especially when it feels least comfortable to do so so i've got a static target of how much of each of our bridge way strategies i invest in and so what does that mean. What am i investing new money. It's always in whatever's gone down. The most having that in the discipline of that i think is great and one thing that i would highlight. Are there things out of favor. Yeah small-sized was out of favor and just love the articles that come out when something is out of favors like all the small firm is dead or probably was never there. And there's some actually quite good academic papers on this from which you can conclude from a factors based world view that other factors can explain away the size effect so you put the right combination together and size becomes statistically insignificant and there's nothing flawed in the research. The research is solid. It's just that when you step back you go so however these factors work better the smaller size you go so it sounds to me like semantics you can say factors work better in smaller less liquid companies or you can say there's a small pharma fact and demet it doesn't change your action in having a percentage exposure to that as an asset class. There's one other thing before we get away from it. That i wanted to mention in terms of advice for people in that wouldn't be on the specific market niche side. It would be on the more general and that is the single biggest thing you can do over a lifetime that makes the difference is adjusting your spending relative to your revenues which means saving invest. It doesn't matter how good or if you're a really poor investor. That's pretty bad that you can do damage. If you're at any rate you have to have a day to do so and the power of compounding is huge love to preach to teenage years. I get a job save and if you start early it will be so so much easier. People make the mistake of thing. Like if i wait another decade i'll be making more and it'll be easier to say no. No no no. No that's wrong. Save ten percents save twenty percent. I've got a friend who got married in his twenties and he and his wife agreed that they would save one of their salaries brilliant brilliant and it worked. I promise you like work these days. You don't have to be rich to take part in that. You can get a low cost index fund and open an account for zero commission and like four basis points of god. How great is that for the small investor. That's awesome but you've got to save and invest if you run the numbers saving ten percent twenty percents. Not that hard people tell me out. You don't understand john. I got a mortgage. I've got kids and this and that it's not that hard all you have to do is find somebody that makes twenty percent less than you do. Their incomes twenty percent less in study the heck out of their lifestyle. That's the lifestyle you need. I'll get off my soapbox now. I love to have younger folks in and it works reasonably later in life to power of compounding is a big deal you've nailed it. You and i could probably spend hours and hours discussing the intricacies of factor models like the most in depth academic papers and in reality. All of this is trumped by when you decide to start investing how much you save. And that's it. The best day is yesterday but the second best is today. It's such simple advice that it's so important. It's more important than everything else combined in my opinion and so on with you madam agree. I'm only going to add one caveat to what you said which is after you have that plan and write it down to share with someone so they keep you honest. It's like a diet like. Oh yeah i'm cutting out pizza but you don't tell anyone air nephew you tell your significant other and they see us sneaking a slice of digiorno than they can slap your hand or something. So that's my is say you got to share it with someone or even better is put it on some sort of automation to all the behavioral nudges. That did just words in the background. I think is such a wonderful approach that that twenty percent. You're talking about it's a lot easier. We don't even see. It gets skimmed off the top and tossed in a savings account. And that's that altogether good advice to sensible. I'd like to talk a little bit about you. Guys going back to the earlier. Part of the conversation have survived not only survived but thrived built a great organization that's lasted through the various markets. And there's a statistic that over ten years. Roughly half of all public funds close so to at least continue to be around is a huge compliment. But you ve also built this organization in your image which is different than most and would love to hear a little bit about anna that philosophy and progression over the years because it actually i think it has a big impact on the funds and probably the clients. You end up with two i. I hope it's not in. My image is not montgomery asset management. I love one of the people that i work with. We go everyone with a long term commitment here partners and one of my partners gave me a lesson on john. Our job is to be here instead of foundation the next generations gonna stand on our shoulders and do much bigger things. I think that's a wonderful image for the future. But the staying power our president tamra ruefully likes to talk about ridgway's and enduring firm and we actually have a plan to be around fifty and one hundred years so i was in a room full of entrepreneurs one time and they said who here expects your company to still be in business in any recognisable form in twenty years at seventeen people. I was the only hand up through the only one people asking. What's your exit strategy like. Are you going public. Are you going to be bought out by private. Equities some big competitor going up. And if you don't make plans that's the natural tendency so we did two things. Why for that one is. We set up a structure inside of which the ownership of the firm moves into. What's called a special purpose. Trust that can hold those shares in perpetuity and that creates a lot of stability in ownership. You don't have to worry like what happens if john dies or frankly not at much. As far as the team behind me is deep and broad the ownership structure the second thing that gets people as inheritance taxes so either founders wanna cash out to go retire. I've saved up my money just like anybody else. Bridge way in a 401k and maxed out my ira every year and saved aggressively and invested stocks for the long term with our own strategies. So done all that. So that's my retirement money my retirement monies outside. I don't need to tap the firm to do that. And we've got a structure now where uncle sam. It perpetuates from generation to generation. We've got a what we call a partner. Stock ownership plan helps feed that. There are a number of ways where we don't have to sell the firm to raise money for taxes in an estate situation. And where i don't i told my children. I told our fellow partners. I'll never use my ownership in the firm for spending personal. Thanks giving is a different story which may be will come to but the pattern from the beginning was the were long term. Really long term multigenerational player. So it's not about me. it's about fainting about. If you knew you were going to be around in fifty years not you personally but your firm. What would you be doing differently today. So that those people have the advantage of how you've invested in today. I know very few people who think about that. And it's so powerful. I mean just like if you think we're still a relatively we have five billion under management. That sounds like a pretty big number to me. But we're still very small fish in the big pie but a generation into from now. I think we're going to be a bigger force to deal with and it's not just about the money it's not just about what we do. It's also the power of being generous giving company so like being an enduring firm. I liked the generosity aspect of what we do. I like that. We made a commitment when we founded ridgway twenty years ago that we give half of our province away and we save and invest the other half or what we call our rainy day fund so in a downturn rather than laying everybody off or closing up shop like sadly some of our closest competitors had to do last year. that's when we selectively higher. Because that's when cray people are available and then when you come out the other side like you gotta be strong you gotta continue to grow on expand. So that's the formula that we've been working on for a generation now twenty years and that more to go i wouldn't sell yourself short. You got the genes to last a triple digits. In modern medicine. You may be like ted williams style head in a tube somewhere. Linda three four hundred years from now. So we may be doing this hologram and twenty two twenty. You mentioned this concept of giving. And i'd like to hear you talk a little bit about it. Because it's certainly not universal. It's not even necessarily traditional talk. Just a little bit about y'all's philosophy and how you go about it. There are a number of giving philosophies now in companies that are doing some great things here so twice. Certainly not the only one at the time that i started ridgway. Twenty eight years ago. I didn't have a single model of doing this. I just had a thought that a your revenues don't have to drive your expenses and we had a certain standard of living. My wife and i were already there. We didn't need more stuff. And i actually was worried about that with respect to raising small kids which we had three of at the time and we thought well if breach way is successful as on ben personally investing over the prior six years with the low cost strategy. It should be a cash cow. And what would you do with that money. And so that's where was born the idea. Well let's give half of it away and it'll be a lot more fun to do that along the way back then mostly people just did at the end of life and by the way. There's nothing wrong with that either. I should be more fun. And then i had the thought and this was when i founded bridge way i thought i had a dozen good ideas i would say. Maybe three of them were marketable. Not like i still think one or two other ones were good idea but not mark. I've got way more unmarketable. Ideas should see our prospectuses of those funds. It's like a free graveyard of ideas that no one will ever like. The one idea. That was ten times more powerful than i had any idea. Was this generous giving giving back and we folded it into the culture of the firm. We use it to attract like minded people. If you're an investment you can make a lot of money that can attract greedy people so we have a stewardship a pay plan or we try and get off the moore's better forever and talk more about quality of life and but we're here for purpose but the generosity side it's easier to attract people. It's amazing what you can do in the world as in our case a pretty small firm so we have an affiliated ridgway foundation if you wanna get a view into that part which has to do with advancing peace reconciliation and ending genocide. We have other things that we support. Each other in terms of partners interested the farm. But that's mine significant one of the foundation. If you wanna get view into that shannon davis who's the head of our foundation wrote a book came out a year and a half or so ago and it's called to stop a warlord so it has to do with peacemaking efforts in sub saharan africa. Which is our focus area and i have to say i thought it would take a lot longer to get to the point that we are in making a significant difference for peace somewhere in the world and the people that we work with are some of my biggest. Heroes is just unbelievable mature the listeners. To ask most people like what your number one world peace but like stopping genocide is a pretty ambitious goal up there to without give us a like the kinda back flap of the book. I'll definitely pick up a coffee. But how does one even go about thinking about that. I didn't think it was going to be possible to ever write a book because we work with people on the ground whose identity would put them at risk their true heroes just mentioned there is a in the last couple of months. Ah true hero that we work with a new who was a muslim preaching peace and good things and he got assassinated. He got taken out so sad and like he was willing to stand up to say the right thing and it put a target on his back and somebody took him out so like it can happen. But it just reminds you those the series of that so i thought we were never going to be able to write a book. Shannon figured out a way to do it. And it's shannon in her role in the foundation in shannon as a mother and it's david achidi. Who was a child soldier in the conflict that we were working on at the time. And that's the subject of this book and he escaped after six months in the bush is a child soldier and there's nothing more horrific than what happens to kids as soldiers but now he helps other people who have escaped reenter society again. Which safe really big deal so that story and it focuses on the people we work with and some of the heroes that are there in the area that were working lunch. I'll tell you one very brief story. Sometimes people like there's the bumper sticker that says world peas. Yeah right he's great. Dude look how do you actually accomplish anything so in this book and in this period with the ellerey did a bunch of work with governments other civil society people some just individual heroes people making the right choices for the right reasons and you think gosh we need more people like that in the world one of the things they did was trying to get these child soldiers and then some of them were like twenty five years old. I get out there long enough to defect and to reintegrate back in their home. They've all been told they can never come back home. So it meant faking an airplane flying over places where these soldiers are dropping leaflets. Saying if you meet us at these safe zones will get you out. And there's an amnesty program back in your home country. Well that's cool and people have been using planes to drop leaflets forever. As long as there have been planes they've been used in wartime and good and unfortunately mostly for destructive reasons but we were trying to get people out to reduce the number of combatants and bring peace so one of our partners were working with came up with the idea like we actually got a few of the very first ones that come out you go as awesome it works and then who among your fellow soldiers is susceptible to being called out and get names and you get villages. Where like they grew up. You go to the villages and you interview. Say their mom and their mom's voice you recorded on tape calling them back home saying there's a place for them back home then you go out in flame and you play this recording over loudspeaker h. o. smith will obviously not joe's but the person's actual name with the voice of the mother it turns out that the voice of the mother is incredibly power to call soldiers back home and i think that's brilliant effective and we didn't fire a single bullet to do it man. That's powerful that stuff to here. Mom's voice definitely bring peace the world bring anybody home absolutely john. This has been a whirlwind. Let's do a few quick questions to kind. Start to wind down. I what do you think the you believe that. The vast majority of your contemporary financial professionals don't so meaning like it's somewhat of a contrarian view but it's something that you believe pretty strongly your core and then come to mind. There's probably a lot from march of last year as the peak point that the small small-farm effect is dead. We liked looking very long periods of time. And so. I don't think that we've got ways of measuring how far out of favor something is. It's always good to keep in mind. No matter how cheap something is it always get cheaper. There's always one more standard aviation of how far out of favorite can get so lessons in that one humility and to staying in for the long haul we got the equivalent of a decade of returns. All in one year in the last year. But that's not going to be repeated next year. You gotta average that over the whole period of time and suffering through the part so i would say that the small gap firm. The small firm effect is dead with the caveat of what i mentioned previously so that was getting to be a minority view. Another one is that stocks are risky and bonds and money. Markets are safe and to me. The answer that is it's a little complicated but the answer is it depends so if you need money. Two years from now. Stocks are risky and money markets are safe that's would-be a true. However you've got a ten year timeframe it's much messier because we all spend after inflation dollars and if you inflation adjust if you go back over the last hundred years and look at t-bills which are supposed to be the risk free rate that's in fines. They call it. The risk free rate which i was smile at because they're not even triple a. rated any more by one agency least but apart from that let's say the. Us always going to be here and they really are safe. Inflation can decimate the purchasing power of t-bills note the nineteen forties in the us the purchase power of a dollar invested in t-bills with interest reinvested through the entire decade of the nineteen forties so nineteen forty to nineteen fifty declined. Forty-one percent not the stock market goes down. Forty-one percent you link. Oh my gosh a bear market. This is huge as is so often so painful and what happened. Where my money go with t-bills which are the risk free rate. You still got adjusted for inflation and on that basis stocks are safer than t-bills because what happens in inflation inflation kitson businesses raise their prices and recalibrate but fixed income is by definition fixed. You're just stuck with less. And i know people in houston that had ladder. Cds is a way to retire because they were in banking and in seventy nine eighty. They got decimated by inflation. While it's been a long time but we haven't seen probably in my lifetime and for sure in yours mab the last bout of inflation in the us and people are just completely sleep when that some people are talking about it. But nobody's doing squat about it. You mentioned a couple of things i mean. We do a lot of twitter polls and we did a twitter poll. Basically touching on what you talked about which was says like when you invest in safe. T-bills what do you think your biggest loss was after inflation and everyone said zero to ten or zero to five and almost no one said the reality which was cut in half one point. It tends to be more of a slow bleed. Unless it's like seventy exactly gusher. But this concept of time horizon. Certainly i think is really important on the volatility and holding periods and all that all that good stuff. What do you think's been your most memorable investment. Anything come to mind of thousands of probably tens of thousands of stocks. You guys have owned over the years in a stick out as being particularly memorable. Good bad between doesn't have to be stock. Sorry just investment. Sorry the disposition affect says the painful ones stick in your memory. More but on contrarian so the reverse is true we owned a value stock like we bought it because it was a values and was like a year year and a half ago. I don't remember the exact date but it was cheap. That's why we bought it and in january of this year it wins on cars and we have a whole process of very disciplined process about what we do when something has to be too big a piece of the pie. And i have to say the top four times i can remember a stock. That's gone zonked. Our risk management around the discipline of that as paid off. Every single time it's shocking. The percentage of time that it's bad obj- even be that much christine. Our team win back. She had the ideas. Like i wonder where this compares to other individual stocks in an individual months so she went back through the crisp database which were coming up on one hundred years of and do you know the stock ranked number three of single month returns through the entire history was the other two. I wonder that's great the same stock the next but none of them were real reasons. Some of them went quite a number of years. And there was one other stock. I'm going to tell the story on the earlier one. Then i'll just give you the name on second one the other time in my career i remember one that went jonkers. Just like that was an ultra small stock. It was a main state of maine fish oil company. They actually fish they get fish. They make an official outsell the facial. That's the company did. This was in nineteen ninety eight ninety nine while in nineteen ninety nine. When the internet's going soccer's this company has all this cash around on their balancing. They don't know what to do with. It could be turned into shareholders but they announced that they were gonna be buying up internet companies. That's what they did. They didn't actually by any. They just said they were going to buy some. The stock price started from seven and peaked out at about twenty three and we sold most of ours in the top in the high teens. And i did. This is back when i was trading. Self i did it. The day after thanksgiving in nineteen ninety nine in the middle of this and i'll never forget it. I'm selling somebody in. Maybe it will go to fifty. It stops but we bought a value company. It's no longer value company. The reason we bought it's no longer true. And there's all this hoopla around it that's a time demanding arrest to diversify and that's what we did so that's the story. The more recent name was gained. Stop there's so many interesting lessons on this. The biggest one which goes back to what we were talking about earlier is. Everyone and i think it's important. How's the process talk about what happens when things go wrong but you also have to have a process to think about when things go right the right tail on. How do you approach hitter. How do you think about selling without losing your mind and do you have a disciplined set of criteria. Now the jokes going to be on both of us when it goes to a thousand next month than we were the the pikers the don't own it anymore. But that's fast here won't be small and it won't be values doesn't have a place in our small value fund which is where we headed back. Then i like watching on the sidelines. I rarely get emotional investments but it was astonishing to watch. That's for certain john. This has been so much fun. I could ask you about stocks and business ideas all day long and we may have to have you back on to keep the conversation going. Where do people go. They want to check out what y'all are up to read your insights follow along with crew. What's the best place. Ridgway dot com. It's a good place to go beauty. Thanks so much for joining us today. Great thanks enjoyed talking. Podcast listeners will post show notes to today's conversation at favor dot com slash. Podcast if you love the show if you hated shoot us feedback at the favorite show dot com. We love to read the reviews. Please review reverse on. I tunes since try. Show anywhere good podcasts or found thanks for listening friends and good investing. Today's podcast is sponsored by the cambria shareholder yield etf ticker symbol s. Weil d. as wild easing actively managed. Etf targeting value stocks that also rank highly on a metric called shareholder yield which combines dividends and net buybacks visit www dot cambria funds dot com for slash s. Wildy learn more to determine if this fund is inappropriate investment for you carefully consider the funds investment objectives risk factors charges in expense before investing. This information can be found in the funds full or summaries perspectives which may be obtained by calling eight five five three eight three four six three six also. Etf info or visit our website at www dot com refunds dot com read the perspective carefully before investing are sending money the camera. Etf sir distributed by distributors inc. Twelve ninety broadway suite thousand denver colorado eight oh two or three which is not affiliated with camera investment management p investment advisor for the fun on june first twenty twenty the cambridge shareholder yield. Etf changed its investment objective investment strategy fund also changed from being passively managed to actively manage on that date. There's no guarantee. The fund will achieve as investment goal investing balls risk including the possible loss principal. High yielding. Stocks are often speculative high risk investments the underlying holdings of the fund may be leveraged which will expose a holdings to higher volatility and make celebrate the impact of any losses. These companies can be paying out more than they can support a may reduce their dividends or stop paying dividends at anytime which could have a material adverse effect on stock price of these companies and the funds performance investments in smaller companies typically exhibit higher volatility narrowly focused funds typically exhibit higher volatility. The fund is managed using proprietary investment strategies and processes there can be no guarantee these strategies and processes will produce the intended results in no guarantee that the fund will cheat investment objective this results in the funds underperformance compared to other funds with similar investment objectives. There's no guaranteed dividends will be paid diversification may not protect against market loss shareholder yield refers to how much money shareholders received from the company. That is in the form of cash. Dividends net stock repurchases and debt reduction. Buybacks are also known as share repurchases when accompanied by its own outstanding sheriff's reduce the number of shares available on the open market does increasing the proportion shares owned by investors companies buy back shares for a number of reasons such as increased the value remaining available by reducing the supply or to prevent other shareholders from taking a controlling stake.

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EP. 541 - Q&A Sunday

Mark Bell's Power Project

1:50:56 hr | 4 months ago

EP. 541 - Q&A Sunday

"Hey people have been asking me a lot about how get my protein in like. How do you get your protein in when you're doing all mad and i tell you it's not it's not it's not hard. It's a hard at all. where do you miss. I just eat a lot of meat. I just i just Stuff a lot of meat down my throat. Oh yeah. I do you guys. You guys know this about me. This is not news stuffing. Meet my face you and believe. Nah man. I fucking love because so many people have been asking just about like so. Many people are still dieting. Eating normal food like just eating chicken eating Lean meat and they don't realize that you could grab yourself a li appease flat iron which is like ninety something grams of protein and seven to eight grams of fat. You eat a steak while not getting a crazy amount of fat but the cool thing is they also have other cuts their rib is. If you do like fat you can have a stick that has more fat. it's fantastic. I you know i. I love the steaks and eat like one. Bob at stake. It's like there's one hundred grams of protein. And then you know with omayyad stuff that i'm doing. Sometimes i'll i'll have some like vegetables or something like that. My wife usually cooks up something for dinner like chicken or pork or some type of piedmontese steak. And that's how i get my proteins like is taking care of sometimes. I finished the day with You know a a protein shake or something like that but it's it's It's interesting that people think that it's really difficult. And i guess it would be difficult if you're only used to. Maybe consuming like one hundred grams of protein a day. Or if you're just not used to consuming Decent amount of protein. But i i know that it sounds like you need to eat a ton of protein to do it. But when you're eating something like a piedmontese stake. It's very very high in protein. The percentage is high in protein. It's a moderate to low in fat usually and so get your protein. It's not hard and meets. Tender is easy too easy to get it down. Yeah yeah absolutely. Better choice My camera just died but Yeah it just. It is a lot easier especially because it tastes so much better than anything i've ever had and if you want to check it out you really need to. You should be taken our ready. It's at piedmont dot com. That's pie d. m. o. n. t. e. dot com at checkout. Enter promo code power project for twenty five percents off your order and if your order is ninety nine dollars more you get free. Two day shipping. Pretty baffled that in all the time that i've eaten piedmontese beef Maybe maybe it's happened. But i don't recall ever happening to where i had to like. Spit some of the meat out of my mouth like have you ever done before was stake like you go to chew it. And you're like you're thinking that this part that has some fat and some Yeah you're like you think. Sometimes you can eat through those things. I'm just of can't i don't know if it's way. They cut their meet the way they raised their me. I'm not sure what it is. But when you have a piedmontese steak you can eat the entire thing. I've never had any trouble with like weird wiry or stringy meet I need to like spit out or whatever. Yeah no it's it's always been super good and one thing one thing to remember guys when you get your piemontese if you typically cook a normal stake. Really long cooking piedmontese shorter because it cooks quick and like some people like are. It's so rough like it's rough because you overcooked your stake. Not because the steak is bad itself. And don't forget about some of the options they have to. They have beef ribs which they have some of the best ribs that i've ever had in my life. They're freaking amazing. Didn't know they got all kinds of like roasts and stuff on the website that if you want to get a little fancy you can stuff them in the oven and there or you can smoke them. I mean you know they have. They have a lot you know. Don't listen to some of our recommendations like check the site out Were injured the hamburgers but even beyond just the hamburgers. They have many different types of ground. Beef they have they have the hop daddy patties which are awesome. Those are my favorite. Got the super lean ground beef and then on top of it. They have a hot dogs. They have what's the biltong Jerky i talked about that. Real quick is okay. I've had different biltong turkeys like melts in your mouth kind of and other biltong. Jauregui's are super rough like they're really dry And i was like if this was built on the sucks. But i tried be tease milton song. And it's actually like it's good. It's it's really good. They got three different flavors. It's low and carbohydrate. I mean you know And hey don't sleep on those slider still you know they got sliders on there. That are amazing. Throw some damn cheese on those bad boys. And it's you're having a freaking party so forgot about the sliders s. They have so much good stuff. How do you forget like. Oh i'm all loaded up on burgers because fourth of july's coming up pompeii. I'm going to be out there cooking. It's going to be great. yeah the to. Yeah that's amazing. I'm still flat. Iron steak state type guy. That's my she let it's just convenient. It's helping me on my diet. And i know that a lotta people. Struggle will struggle with their diet. But when you have a refrigerator or freezer Stocked up with some great options. It just makes it that much easier. What are we talking about today. Talking direct we're talking about let these people know we are live right now. Mike mark andrus up where they do. Our part of that lives in. God can come answer. Ask questions we'll be answering all your questions for you. Join the party Yeah speaking of party. Partisan i do wanna point out though just because i thought it was so cool so yesterday. I've birthday jasmine. She turned thirteen my daughter. Just a weird amount of circumstances happened and like the guest list went from like twenty to thirty two looking around all my god. There's forty people in our house right now down in our backyard kids in the pool parents. You know chilling out in the shade. It was amazing but something that was really cool because we hear people that talk about you know like oh. I can't stand my diet because my kids are I get on a good roll inside out but there's a birthday party every weekend. So what do i do blah blah We made a conscious effort in like decision. And i should say that We weren't going to have any candy at the party. Nope there we fucking go. Nope in yatta We did make because it was like a like. It's her birthday time of birthday cake. But nobody cared and we didn't even pull the cake out like we literally just skipped the whole thing so the only thing that people had was some lean ground beef from piemontese is why everyone freaking loved it. We had that. How did you prepare the gumby. What was made like a taco salads. So we just we put out. Lettuce put rice Meet some beans cheese and that was it and people loved it. We did have chips which people did enjoy so it's kinda like nachos basically but that was it and then fruit and nobody complained. Nobody sat there and was like. Oh where's the candy. Where's the cake. Nobody cared it was amazing and everyone loved everything. And i was telling my dad. I'm like yeah. I think everybody was really liking the food because there was no bullshit to make the the the real food tastes like crap Right because if if i put out doughnuts walter dances extreme but but put out candy or something like that. Yeah people who gravitate towards that and then time. The food was ready. it was like Actually i'm good like owning. That doesn't even taste good So yeah. I just wanted to point that i think it was Like i said we made the decision. Then we went with it and it's no big deal. Nobody nobody had a heart attack. I talking to a guy Yesterday i just kind of ended up sliding into this like barbershop. I was just like walking. And i just was like. I don't feel like buchan shaving my head today. I felt like being lazy sizes walked in. Okay got my head shaved And wasted some money. Otherwise save by shave. My own head but I talked to this guy And he said he used to be three hundred and forty five pounds and he probably now is like two seventy and i was just thinking like some lot of this stuff. This guy mentioned about how how he took control of his health. I was just like man. I would love. I would love to be able to help. More people get to wear this guy got to now. This guy like You know he's still a heavier guy. Still two hundred seventy pounds big guy. He loves food and he. It's possible that he You know never feels comfortable in a bathing suit or something like that you know you never feels comfortable in the summer like at a pool party or whatever but he made a huge change. His health is a lot better. He has children the some random guy that cut my hair. The day that i started talking to and he just had some really simple things that he did and he beat took things a little further as he went along. But you first thing he did was. He learned that he was drinking a lot of calories through alcohol through coffee through Beverages sodas and stuff like that he What you need penn. So he switched it out and He he started to make some changes. He started to drink more water and he just kinda did so in a reasonable way. He likes to put stuff in his coffee so rather than putting as much stuff in his coffee he would use a lot less he would use arm. Some some Artificial sweeteners instead of using these kind of small changes and he noticed that he lost a couple pounds started blocking a little bit A buddy of his encouraged him to go to the gym and so he was like yeah. It would be wise for me. Get into a little bit of lifting a little bit of lifting a little bit of walking and Just kuttan some extra calories from Drinks he lost like ten pounds and then he started to kind of think about it more. He's like i would like to get more out of what i'm doing. This feels good. And this is the momentum that people can pick up because you start to have more energy because you have encouraged your body to Loosen body fat. You probably start to feel a little bit better because you feel a little bit better now. You have extra energy and you feel like you can do more and you feel like getting off. The couch is a little easier so Then started kind of looking at diets and he found a diet In like men's health that talked about low carb kind of kito type thing. It was talked about like car. Backloading which is a popular by head. Guy named john keefer which is kind of a weird style of kito dieting but anyway he was like yeah. You know what i maybe. I don't wanna do zero carbs. Like sounds kind of crazy. But he's like i eat a lot of carbohydrates. He talked to a buddy about his buddy said man. Why don't you just start out by just cut out bread. he's like. I know that you love pizza. I know that you eat sandwiches and burritos all the time And he was like. I do these like but what do i eat instead and his friend was like. That's the point. You're probably gonna make a lot better choices by pulling out the bread. There's nothing wrong with bread. Bread does not make people fat. It's sometimes it's what can accompany it. Be and you end up over eating calories so by cutting out bread and then eventually moving into more like akito style diet. The guy went from three forty five. Two hundred and seventy pounds which is now but it all started with these small incremental changes that he made over time. And this is a reasonable dude who's probably mid forties got. Some kids got a wife of but went through the same pandemic as everybody else. He's a barber so he took a really bad hit and just had a hard time with that from a financial standpoint on like this like i need this dude on our podcast fucking amazing information and i know like we talk about it but i'm always like i wonder like what people think of us saying it because i think that they think that we're in some sort of different spot that we don't have the some of the same Struggles or some of the same. You know things. Distinct were crazy fitness people. But i thought that was frigging fantastic so i want to share that everybody today. Nothing that's pretty amazing. And yet i do agree with you. I think sometimes when when we say things people think that we are people who always like take it to the next level. Whatever so divisive. Hey maybe don't eat processed foods while you're already in shape you know that that must be just like when people were mentioning about the omega one of the comments that somebody said is like. Oh that must be really. What was that. They said that must be really depressing. What was it yeah. that was. That's what it was like. So sometimes we'll eat one very very big meal a day and some people like look at it like look at that or look at us and be like. Oh that must be depressing. That must be hard. It's really not when you get there. But when we say information people like oh they've always been in shape to haven't had the experience of bigger etc. You used to be three thirty. I can't say that. I was ever really big. But i did used to be two seventy five. And i did have more body fat on me. I did have a lot of muscle. But i did quite a bit of body fat and i dropped from there and he's dealt with cravings and dealt with a lot of hunger and had he said it used to get like angry and frustrated right. When you didn't eat right yeah man. Like i was the type of person who always had to eat before they work out. And if i didn't eat before i work out. I felt like my performance was shit. I always felt like i needed to eat a lot of carbohydrates to be able to perform. Well sawed eat like an upwards of four hundred grams of carbohydrate today because i felt that oh this is going to help my performance in the gym. And it's necessary for me to perform at a high level Did have really bad cravings. And i would always find a way to feed those cravings or fit processed foods into my macro so like it would be often that we eat a whole thing of penetrates multiple times week whereas nowadays. It's not multiple times a week. Maybe i'll do it once twice But i used to eat like a pint of ben ben and jerry's like maybe four to five times a week and make that shit And i would miss make a lot of just. An unhealthy foods fit my calories and give myself reasons to get away with it. And you like when i wanted to be lean. It was harder for me to diet. Because i had such a bad craving so dieting felt like dieting. You know what i mean. And it's funny when people talk to us about like feel or like what happened diet on you honor this. And that. I don't feel like i want any type of diabetes. I am not working to maintain my body. Like as far as the food choices i make. It doesn't feel like i'm making any type of hard choices. It doesn't feel like. I'm having to abstain from something. This is just i eat. Well i i'm very happy when i eat I don't feel like. I'm consumed by food because i utilized some fasting. I do low carb. So i don't have as much processed food so my cravings aren't as bad just very easy for me to maintain this and pushing off hunger it's It's just not that bad. It's really not that bad it can. It can feel bad. Like ken feel like shit sometimes. and i think Both of us have gone too far a couple times with like i know for myself like Long term you know real long-term fasting day in and day out after a while can be a drag and then sometimes. I gotta really make sure that when i do eat a really eat up because at the moment i'm just doing the one meal a day But for the most part it's really not that bad to push off hunger and what i would challenge everyone. That's listening to pay attention to is like i would like for you to ask yourself into examined. Are you hungry at all now with the current diet. That you're on the answer's probably yes. You probably you probably do get like i have said many times. When i was three thirty i was still hungry. You know i was. I was always hungry. And i just happened to act on the hunger most all the time. I didn't really know about intermittent fasting at that point and I think i ate like four or five times a day Pretty religiously trying to get the protein in and trying to make sure. I got in like enough calories and stuff like that so Eight pretty frequently. But i was still if i thought about it. I mean i was still hungry. And i still remember having certain times of the day where i felt really hungry. Maybe during a workout or so. It really doesn't feel that much different the now and so. I think it's an interesting thing because whether you have food or you don't have food. They're still you're still usually hungry like think. About how many times have you eaten. And then like ninety minutes or two three hours later. Your really really hungry and sometimes you feel hungrier than if you didn't eat it all so i'd like everyone to kind of take a challenge in in giving it a shot with just embarking on a little bit of fasting just to of see what it can do for you because i think it can help a lot of people and one real quick. We're going to get to that. But i do wanna mention guys like marcus. Two hundred and forty pounds to forty fifty to thirty. And i think i'll be able to manage to thirty to twenty manage single digit body fat like really super easy. Now that i have found some just newer ways of of doing it and some people might wanna point out like the trt stuff. But like i can share all my blood work with you guys and you can see like my levels are just like in a normal ish range and you can kind of make whatever of that that you want but i can also just say that like i've i've always struggled with. I've struggled with getting not getting lean. I've gotten lean many many times. But i've struggled with getting lean and staying lean and being a level of leanness that i that i want you know like i. I'm comfortable with where. I feel great about where i'm i feel very proud of what i've been able to accomplish but at the same time i would still like to be a little leaner than i am right now and i feel like i have the tools and i have all the information i need to get there. I just just this. This helps like the claiming. When i when i tell people natural. Because you're very open about the stuff you use but to forty so they're like well. How are you to forty eight hundred. But i was also going to say like. We both do fasting. We both maintain muscle. We both have the ability. Like i can eat a disgusting amount of food. You've seen you guys in the past years ago when we go out to spots you can see how much i could put down. And i used to always feel ruled by hunger but by picking up the habit of fasting. I can go sixteen eighteen twenty hours and built be okay not hung up a uncomfortable or congealed by my feeling of hunger. Your your history couldn't be any different than mine. You know your your history. You started out a little bit more and like an endurance slash explosive sport. Like you spent basically your whole Life running know playing soccer and then you spent most of your lifting career Like working on getting like bigger really you know. And and yeah bodybuilding. I didn't start out with bodybuilding. And i never really i as weird as it sounds is as big as i got. I never intentionally set out to be like big. I was just like. I need a way more to lift more weight and so like a. Yeah i did some like hypertrophy work and stuff but never specifically did any of that and then once my powerlifting career was over with and even kind of inbetween. I just always worked on getting smaller. Which i didn't really have some of the tools no some cutting as in cutting right and i think i have made mistakes in the past two of like going so far in on that and like losing muscle just because i didn't have the exact knowledge that i have now and now it's a little easier but i've never really embarked on some of the things you embarked on so i think you're bigger because of a lot of the work that you put in but i think you're also bigger because of your genetics. There's a little bit bigger frame person. You're taller than i am. So it's just it's just the way it is the last thing though i think is really cool though. Is your forty something years old. But because you started focusing on more bodybuilding type work you've noticed muscle gain a certain areas. I didn't have when you're powerlifting right. Which can show. Just how important is to focus on that muscle group but hyun. Oh yeah we'll start with sour. The fund one from or boy brinton curtis And he just wants to know what your cheap meals look like cheat meal so we can go onto something else. But that's not great. What are cheap meals. look like. that's a great question. First before we get that exact question. I do have a question. You seem so how do you utilize quote unquote males for your clients. Family members friends at that are asking questions about diet because the cheat meal thing is is an interesting An interesting thing to kind of talk about an examined but my personal feelings towards the dislike people like the kind and need something to look forward to so if you say hey man you know. This diet is going to be a change in your life but every wednesday and every saturday you're going to get to like just set five hundred calories thousand calories or you're going to be able to do kind of whatever you want For one meal or hurry wanna put it. How do you kind of assist people wits stuff like that. So there's there's always general guidelines when it comes to something like a cheat meal And this is even even for myself. If i choose dyke have dinner with a friend or something. One day. I do have people think about number one when you got out to this restaurant. You're not drinking a lot of calories. So yeah if you want to get a beer. Some wind buchan go for that k but don't get multiples but number two. You're not drinking a full sugar. Coker whatever you're not drinking your calories just like mark mentioned over here that guy that barbour one of the biggest things that he did was. He stopped drinking calories and he started losing weight. So you don't drink your calories when you have your cheat meal right and also when you go out to whatever it is that you're about to go eat Still trying to focus on getting filling food right so if you want to go to someplace like Let's say you go to like a cheesecake factory. Right cheesecake factory has a lot of different type of meals. Get yourself a burger right. Get yourself bergen toward the burger but maybe go double patty and maybe just don't do the right. Don't don't do fries and adds something else in the meal to fill you up. 'cause again when you eat out you can still eat in a healthy way and enjoy your food but you can still have strategies to make sure you fill yourself up. Maybe you're satisfied and maybe eat the burger. I just so maybe you potentially eat a little bit less. Than the franchise i do. Think there's there's times Just kinda go for it What you're what you'll notice. Is that over a long period of time. You're cheat meals will become more and more pathetic. They'll they'll legitimately like you said half of ben and jerry's like i know that you're thinking like come on you little bitch the fucker you do a full on last night. They called me bitch. I still go to town on those man. I'm just saying your internal dialogue. I can't believe you're failing at life. This is this is horrible. We're putting half of half back and we're being Reasonable but i think for most people. I think that will happen over a period of time. it's hard to like. Learn yourself targeted no yourself. This gentleman is barbara. That i met the other day That came down from three forty five to seventy. He said that food is such an issue for him that he's only allowed to kind of mess around about twice a month you know. He's only allowed to have a cheat meal about about twice a month and he said it's like he doesn't like you know every other saturday or something like that. And i was just and he just said like he does not waver from that he's like i'm not he's like i'm just not allowed to. He's like he's like. I literally no that. I can do that but i also know that. I don't have the control to do that. And i was like dude. That is amazing. I said i bet you'll get to a point though where you can do that. He goes yeah. that's he's like. I'm hoping that i get to be that way at some point so the cheat meal thing i think i like what you said about. It is like you know maybe have some rules for it. I think where people can get really carried away to have like a cheat day. And i think that that i think cheat. I used to do them. All the time. Used to be effective when i was young But i would. I would do differently if i had to kind of all over again. I'd probably be further along at at this moment so instead of like a cheat day what i would suggest as Maybe you have a couple cheats throughout the day but try to eat. Try to still get your protein in their. you know. Try to still stuff yourself with protein. So that that way. Your overall calories aren't just off the charts. This is okay so this is what i wanna talk sometimes when you have a cheap meal you're like craving something like pizza so you're like ooh pizza but when i like let's say the other day that i wanna i wanna go walking town so let's say this is that like i have planned with a friend i want bucking. I make sure that this. I don't even call it cheap meals or whatever but i make sure. It's something that i can go down on and like you said that before or you're gonna go down on food. Yes sometimes food is just as good as i'm sorry. Sometimes food has beaten korean. Barbecue is one of those things where i'm just like let's go because it's it's all you can eat meat Right and they just bring out the meat you cook it and i can just just protein and fat and protein in fact i am just cooking ribbit ribbit after after rebuy right but when i look at that like a motte eating an excessive amount of carbohydrates it still falls in line with my what. I'm trying to do nutritionally. So i think you can when you have these cheat meals try to make sure it falls in line with kind of what you're doing both mark and i and you to an extent we do low carb stuff so most usually i'm eating. Maybe one hundred fifty to two hundred grams of carbs. Day sometimes less. But when i go cream barbeque. I'm just eating pure protein. I feel so satisfied. I feel like. I did something nasty. And i got my fill right so have following your food guidelines. Yeah and i know like in you do the opposite. But i'll i'll explain my method about the pre game and then you can do yours but so what i do is i'll try to load up on my normal foods but like let's say it's chicken. I'll eat a little bit more chicken and now keep the carbs down And then right before. I do this before i go to like a family function where there's usually noggin so happy. Great options so all make like one of my anabolic ice creams were. It's the size of ninja blender. So by the time i get there there's very very little room The method that you use. I've tried i love the andrew tournament. Such a fucking meathead cited stephanie. Ticket picture of is worse than us be. So you know. I don't want to get into it. But when you funnest tupperware and his fanny pack when you discover something new and like we'll say cross cry. I i am. That'd be mark. You're the best when you when you discover something new we'll just cross fit and they say the hardest thing about crossword is not telling somebody you do cross fit like we've seen this is like so like i mean it's not brand brand new. It's like within the past year and a half to two years. Don't where i'm like learning how to like actually dial in my nutrition so like to me like why here people used to be the door that would carried tupperware everywhere with me of just like dude that that fires me up. I love that but anyway. Yeah there's a picture of me drinking a bagel like protein shake on the way to my My sister's house and just soup on drive. Because when i get there i don't want to fill up on anything else because there's no more room in my stomach so i can't really get into too much You know in too much trouble. I have tried your method and for me. That's not working. But can you tell people what like your approach to the same scenario where you're gonna go somewhere in. There might not be that many good options. So this is like okay. So you're talking about high mentioned how i fast. And so there's there's two ways and you can mention this his first off andrew. Thank you for mentioning that. Because we would've told i would totally forgotten It is a good idea. Like if i'm going to korean barbecue and i know it's going to be me. I won't worry about like you know. I will fast so that when i do eat i'll get full and my total caloric intake won't be crazy 'cause if i ate a few meals during my day and then i go to korean barbecue. I will have eaten so much food. That i've gone to a wien too much. So that's why fast. But a great thing that andrew just mentioned is the meal before the meal. So if i was going to do something. Like pizza i know. It's a lot of carbs a lot of a lot of calories. It can be very it could be just very caloric dense right at. It's very appetizing. All have some protein saw. I'll try to make a steak or something like some boiled eggs. And i'll fill up some protein before so i can go eat some pizza. I will get built a full quicker. I will then still have enjoyed the pizza and you talk about this all the time. That's huge. I think Eating before you go eat is like a really excellent idea But you can go too far with that. I think i think a great place for people to or a great thing for people to have in their brain is that let's have our diet be Fluid let's Let's have our diet. be a little. A little bruce. A little. Bruce lee ask like. Let's use like whatever we need to like. Fox somebody up. Let's use that. We need to use jitsu. Let's rely on that if we need to use American freestyle wrestling. Let's use that. If we need to brute strength let's use that so when it comes to nutrition. I think it's good to be like a chameleon a little bit and be able to kind of enjoy adjust to the environment you're in and it sounds a little two faced and sounds a little bit like you're doing it when it's convenient but people do this all the time we we Lean into our ideologies religions. Like as it's convenient for us we bring up These political things in you know only when it's only when it's convenient to make a point and i think like let's just do the same thing with our nutrition so Even though like i buy bitch about like calorie counting and things like that. It's like well the only way that. I think that i could actually cheat on my diet. If i'm actually trying to be reasonable and sensible sensible about it with the knowledge that i have the only way for anyone cheat on. Their diet is to over consume calories. That's really it right. The overconsumption of calories now if you're on no carb diet. Let's go back to examine why you might be on no carb diet if you're diabetic. That's a different category. If you're on any specific diet because of a disease that's a different thing but in general the only way that anyone could really truly cheat on any diet where they're trying to manage their body fat levels and where they're not trying to gain weight the only way to cheat would be through overeating calories and so if you were on a no carb diet the reason why on a no carb diet is because that is encouraging and helping you to keep your calories in check to keep your diet in control the only way to cheat is for us to somehow lose control and start to head down that that highway of to smash tons and tons of calories so this is a principle that i've adopted. It's really helpful because i can think. What are some strategies that i could utilize to make sure that. I don't have a net ridiculous gain in terms of calories for the day. Well i can go expend some calories you know. I don't need to be crazy about unindo. Need to go for like a five mile runner. I don't need to be you know to have a crazy mindset towards it but let me walk a little bit more. Let me get in strength training for the day. And now if i'm gonna mess things up i'm gonna do so later in the day i'm still gonna have like diet drinks instead of drinking calories Even if i have alcohol. I might make choices with alcohol. That are Less likely to lead to overconsumption of calories like Consuming like hard alcohol rather than like you know a wine or beer which might have more calories in it just like you know little tips and tricks like that. And wherever i can. I'm going to try to eat more meat. I mean last night was probably a good example. I went to camden which is amazing. Restaurant here in sacramento. And you know. The appetizers there was Like kind of like a pokey tuna type thing that was really good Show i can't remember all their carrots. Switch another we. It was weird appetizer. But it's really really good okay And there was something else that came out that was like Some other type of like meat thing came out you know and so i had all three of those things and yeah i probably like eight more than normal and then had my meal and i have like a ten ounce. Filet got home. I was still hungry because the meal took a long time. And so i was like all right. First thing i'm do you're gonna walk the doors. Make a stake shake. I'm gonna make a protein shake so that way. My mind's not racing about eating a bunch of other junk and i had a tasty pastry in is it. You know. And so i. I probably for the day. I probably did eat a little bit. Eat a little bit more than normal but it was like do anything to me. He's not gonna make me fatter. I liked what you said about like you know so We'll just call it like mma so mixed macro arts. Yeah guys anything else to add to that. I wanna move onto the next question. That's on the next one. I think let's move all right. So i where are people asking questions though right now. Everyone's on the youtube live at power project dot live. But yeah you dot com slash. I think it's marked bells power project but you can find his youtube her youtube search mark bells. And you'll find our podcast on. Yeah so I butcher name so apologies in advance to everybody. I do my best. But so a tony or tony. Itani sunia sonya a tiny sony spell it And mark ira seems really good at this. s. u. n. o. I'm guessing to tony sonya. Tony sonya sorry okay Do you guys recommend fish on a diet. I don't see why not. Yeah this is great The only thing i'd say is just you know be burst off. There's you should have gone amount of family. your diet. we always talk about. How important is not to have to low fat as a really effective hormonal health. So i'd really suggest going out of your fish going for salmon type of good faculties their use. Your uncle sam. But other fatty Like blue like blue tuna or whatever. What about yellow tails. What do they call. Yellow tails fairly. Lean okay my bad yellowtail for people that might not have a palette for kind of fishy food First of all your fish shouldn't taste that fishy. That's kind of like just not great fish but yellowtail tuna is is lean and And it tastes pretty good. Taste very mild in terms of like fish flavor What the hell is the name of the Can't think of that girl. Sometimes it's called fatty tuna. I in fact But i wanna say it was called like that might be sanjay c. h. e. zero. Yeah yeah that might be a. I've had awesome dude. It's like i'll take makoni and we'll get some time. It's like just like it's like butter. It's so good. I've never had that okay. This way your weight like you're you're you're thinking about right now. I got inside. I'll never had that before. Either it's known as also or it's just another part of the tune of oto on otero. That's how you say. Arrojo toro fatty tuna blue something. Yeah it's the great to have fish on a diet. Blue-fin bluefin bluefin. Yeah there you ask company also if someone who doesn't tricky name you know if you don't eat fresh there there. I don't recommend many supplements but omega threes are just good to half an so if you don't have if you don't eat fish supplement though mega threes and i still supplement mega threes. I do a supplement. A lot mega three because of what she told me about like charles. Paul quinn. yeah. He likes to use it so i take like a lot of omega threes. I just don't think there's a reason really not to like it. Seems like there's an. I mean if it's a cost preventative thing than i don't sweat it but like i think it's great to have them and There's just a lot of information about how can potentially be beneficial i. It's just one of those things it's like. You know vitamin d like it just appears that it's like a good thing. It appears it's a great thing to get some sunlight. So it's like let's just creating seems like a good supplement. Probably something that people. If they're looking to take supplement against muscle mass probably cardholders stuff Just to let people know where we're on the power project youtube channel. And we're going to be answering questions on their more frequently. We're also going to be answering questions on each other's tiktok and we're going to be getting a little bit more interactive with the podcast coming up so make sure paying attention and makes you subscribe to all the different all the different shit that we all our tick talks. The andruzzi marks smelly bell. Insieme yin yang. Because we do a law. We're gonna be doing a lot of shit on tick take you hit all the notes right up in yang wrath. Don't we have another question in another name that i'm not gonna pronounce correctly so spelled or okay. Housego g. r. e. m. i. t. s. u. ogre meet sue dasher. Okay that guy or girl. I think it's i'm not sure What would you rather meet sue. Ogre meets audrey. What would you recommend for a beginner. Who doesn't know how to cook. Oh a great question. That's an excellent question. So let's just assume the person wants to lose weight i think I think you can go the route of dirty kito fairly easy and the reason why i mentioned this is because like i'm just thinking you go to mcdonald's you can go to in and out burger you can go to some fast food restaurants. I also believe like You can go to convenience stores and get cheese sticks and sometimes hard boiled eggs and pepperoni and salami and some of these different things. If you're looking for higher quality meats a lot of time when you go to a grocery store they have things that are already cooked. They have you know Prepared chicken you get rotisserie chicken for very inexpensive price at like cosco. Think it's like five bucks and you get a lot of meat and so keep your eyes peeled. You can kind of find things like that. Then there's also Beef jerky biltong. Piemontese has a good biltong. And there's there's some things like that that are just kind of around and available the biblical white rice If you ever go to costco guys or if you not even just costco but there are these little white rice things. They're called bibi. Go and for a lot of people that let's say you don't want to cook a lot or you are pretty busy. You can legit put it in the microwave. Warm up for ninety seconds. You have this amazing sticky rice. I like sticky rice. And it's just it's just so good with anything won't take you any time to do to can have a packer to kneel. Just you a question about that rice. Go for it. So i checked it out and you know me because i track. I'm like okay this. According to what i've been able to figure out about rice that'd be go. Had a pretty good amount more calories. Because i think it was like restaurant style so maybe i grabbed the wrong. Or they added something to it Is that something that you can. So some of those. Nor or some of those ninety second rice's some of them have like extra stuff in there by You can buy them without like some of them have extra flavor in frigging phenomenal. But they do have like more faddem. You want to. If you're really concerned about like trying to strip your calories down you might want to try to find the one. That just has doesn't have any fat in it but i think overall like it's probably not like a crazy amount more calories as it I won't i'll check right now. But i remember when i looked at. It was like whoa. I think it was almost. I think it was over. Two hundred four the one bowl. It might have been like double or something yes. It was easily out more on that same note. There's tons of options when it comes to those styles of rice. There's a lot of and then another thing that i think people forget is Wild planet make some really fucking awesome products. They have like chicken. They have all different. Kinds is really good. Yeah they have all different kinds of fish. I know people. Like i don't know people get a little weird about fish in tune on shit like that but they have like yellow tail and they got the stuff that's in like sometimes it's in like an olive oil. I find these things to have tons of flavor and to be really good and if you mix it with something else it's fucking awesome but they also have chicken you know for the people that don't like fish you can just get a flat out chicken. And it's i mean you got like fifty grams of protein in this little tiny thing so a lot of convenient things that you can do Without the knowledge of cooking let's not forget about some protein powder to There's you know those. Those are some other options. You can also invest in a meal prep company. You could So eat right. You guys need to check them out. eat right. Foods has all of these like all of these different types of our like different meats. They have actually meet and carbohydrates miss too so if you want potatoes and chicken or potatoes and steak they have that also but on my bare their honey carver's stake home. That's how i feel. And then they also have this shrimp and you can get like the meat like just the meat. And that's what i like personally and it's just like i just warm it up. Put it on some rice and your boy gets wet. Yeah he's not joking not joking the for me. It's at that pre come maybe again. Yeah a little bit. Yeah is there. Pri pri pri pri dry yeah you're right has the by you shrimp that stuff for me number one right now. The turkey is like one a one b like that turkey makes no sense. I usually fucking hate turkey. Yeah but they have what's called the southwest like turkey bowl or something. I'm not sure what the exact name is. But you'll see the last thing. I want to mention here too. Is like it's kind of pathetic to not know how to cook it all like it really gets it kind of is like just like just learn how to cook like it's going to be a great asset for you and i have to learn how to cook for anybody else other than yourself. Yeah so makes it tastes good for you but is it's pretty easy. I'm sure like everyone has experience of like you know mom and dad left your own your own self for a while when your kid and you started making sandwiches for yourself and shit like that and you start to figure out what you like what you don't like so it should be fairly easy to cook up some meat I cook a lot of stuff just up in a pan like a have like a a griddle type thing that i cook a lot of stuff on but like that takes a little longer and just i gotta pay attention a little bit more. I take scissors. I chop up my piemontese steak. And i put it in a pan and i just make it hot and then when it's like no longer looks like it's rare i pour bunch of seasoning on it and i fucking take it out and i eat it stories really really simple and if you came into my house and tried it you'd be like oh. My god is dog but i didn't. I didn't really cook it. I like heated. i'm not good at cooking. I can heat stuff up and have it tastes pretty decent for myself. But i don't really. I actually don't know anything about cooking. Let's give you guys a hack real quick though and the amount of times we've just spoken about this. Ninja needs to sponsor us to Y'all need to get your air. Fryer my boy. Who said like you being a cooking. Tips for cooking. If i remember when i was younger whenever i would never buy state because for some reason in my head i thought that stake was like hard to cook. Well i think the first time. I cook steak when i'll say twenty or something. I clicked it on the pan. Cut it and it was just so bloody. I was like chicken going back to chicken. You know but you can just literally put your stake in an air. Fryer said it out the stakes setting of three fifty for fifteen twenty minutes. Or whatever pull it out you have a perfectly cooked steak that is crusty crispy on the outside and it's whatever medium rare i like medium rare whatever it super easy stick it in. Pull it out your good season it before hundred good. It's easier than anything you could possibly even think about this real quick for those of you. Who like i don't. I don't meal prep anymore so i i like i just go home and cook. I stick the stick in an air fryer. I want my rights for ninety seconds. And my and i just go do whatever else around the house. Comeback foods ready to eat. Yeah and then. I mean instant plug but like at the andruzzi on tiktok. I'll be doing more stuff. But like i have stuff like ideas and like tips like this but the the ninja foodi girl x. l. So that one you literally. It has a thermometer. You you you jab your meat and then you you just how rare you want it and then you set it and you can walk away and it does everything else for you that it's so good. It's so you know i i. I talked to friends and the others. Like oh but i don't know how to cook and it was like for me. I have a hard time with it. Because ever since i was a little kid. I'm like is there a recipe on there. Does it have instructions. Okay i can do that. Yeah and i've never messed up like it's just it tells you how to do it so it was something like this it literally does it for you So like there's like no more excuses and then for me. I have a bunch of canned chicken. I know it's not the most amazing thing. But i always be if you season it Yeah sometimes i'll throw element on that. Yeah it tastes amazing. I do that. Always have a bucket of rice. Ready to go and canned chicken. Just in case in case. I run out of eat right foods or something which you know. I mean. it's really hard for me to like screw things up now. It's just little things like that like. I don't have to actually cook. I can have eat right or i can. Just papa can of chicken open. And it's like i have a high protein like is just the meals are easy the super easy but we got. Let's see. I should have had some ready to go bad. Push to yeah. Let's see we got guys. Air fries will change your life so go guy go got one bad. You keep searching for questions odd. I've been working on bringing my bench back around again and Just been fun. I was kind of thinking like I haven't had a central focus on like strength in a little bit. And so i was like let me see if i could bring my bench backup working on my dead lift two. I'm really taking a dead lift like really super duper slow cmo conventional. I haven't messed around with any sumo really. But i probably should because just feels like it kind of is challenging for me to mess around with a lot of sumo. But i probably should because it's johnny. It'd probably help but yeah mess around with some dead lifting and mess around with some benching in for today i Mainly stuck to ta- benching and doing some kettlebells swings in between to kind of keep the heart rate up but heavy things to about one of the big ones. Yeah one of the ones Is feel really good The bench feels like it's getting stronger with each workout. But it's interesting. Because when i start to push into my strength like it goes good for Maybe like about the third week or so and forth is where i can kind of feel it but then from there gets to be challenging for anybody else and it's always like oh shit like how hard. How hard do i really want to work on this. You know and so. I'm kind of getting into a round that that timeframe at that period but So far is feeling good. And for today i did like a five by well. I did get five to six With the same weight and all the form and technique felt dialed in felt really good. And then i did a couple work ups with Some singles and like a slingshot. On and i just i like. I like a kind of living in that. Seventy to eighty percent range. And then i like kind of touching my toe in to kind of see Just kind of like rev my engine a little bit and see what capacity i have but not too much not not not trying to blow anything out just trying to like get a little feel and and see what i'm capable of so might one of my favorite handles. I've just i love this one year we go. it's school. I've seen them multiple times of. Thanks for like you know coming back. And supporting the show meat-based vegan. Lisa's only eats a plant based proteins so he cows that eat grass obviously thoughts on the magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs for fat loss. Always fills leaner after tripping. I don't have that much experience. Because yeah i have heard that some of these things can for some people they can crush their hunger and for other people it sends them the other direction. So i think it might be kind of experienced oriented Preach person but i would. Also i'd also say that. I don't currently have any knowledge about Any potential fat burning properties of any psychedelics. Although it's possible. I i've never heard that before However if they did do anything to assist anybody to lose weight it could be through Maybe shutting down your hunger. And i've heard that lsd does that quite a bit. But i don't i don't know enough about you. Know how that is and how that feels and most of the time when people kinda are coming off of Like a high like they're like you get high and then you start to kinda crews out of that high feeling a lot of time. You start to crave food more than anything so That's been my experience. I don't know what you guys think. I would just totally encourage anybody even if it's found out. Let's just say that we find out that shrooms are great Or can cause you to lose hunger something right Probably i try to be like what are what's the way that you can be able to stick with the diet over time. That's not going to impact you make it feel like you're dieting. So as as few inputs as possible and the the the big things come to lifestyle habits right. There's certain certainly you can change that. Just gonna make dieting easy so it feels like second nature now if if you're like you're like ooh. I need my shrimp. So i can get sumer. Lean against canni- on or i need x. Or i have to do this to get really like it's just it's you don't wanna have to depend on something to do something to your body because then what do you do when you're not doing that. You're right like you don't wanna have to do that. Yeah shoes are fun right. I just want the experienced though. Not for what it's gonna do to make. This guy brings up a good question in that. Like i think sometimes people are looking in the wrong places for a certain results like we had. Somebody asked earlier about like a running there. Like i'm trying to trying to keep my apps and i Running twenty minutes a day and I was like that's just in my opinion. Is this a little bit of the wrong place to look to look for china re comp your body you know there's not. There's nothing wrong with running. I don't want to discourage anyone from running. It's great thing to burn calories. It's great for your body mind and spirit so it's fucking awesome. But you know i would. I would think that when you're thinking about changing your body fat composition. Which i think most people that listened to us our after You know one of the better ways to do it is is through some lifting lifting weights eating protein being consistent and those types of things Running is a great way to burn some calories. It's a great way to burn off some energy. But as we pointed out many times on the show and a sal pointed out Remind pump on a recent podcast that we did. Sometimes some of those things pull so much energy from you that it can negatively potentially impact The results may have with lifting. And because of that it could be you know not in your best interest to utilize running as insieme iran. twenty minutes. you know Are now what are you gonna do run thirty minutes and then you're gonna always have to run to get lean now we're like now we're in a weird spot so there's something about creating hit me extra arts bet. It's so funny so having while while mark was talking. I just put the camera on you and so like actually noted down. Probably gonna make make a little clip out of it like when the mind will hit pause so that'd be good song right. There are wondering yeah in this thing is Create m ak mind bullet aka him or cray side Yes and i can compare the feeling like i'm just getting warm. Hug bowl kirwan cast. I actually did. Just give you a warm hug. Yeah so what that felt feeling was but i just feel like you know i wanna give my momma called tell. I love everyone in my life. That i care about. I just want to say. I love him so and you i love you. I lived here bro. I love you guys. Do you feel good man. You just feel like you're in a good mood. Yeah right so yeah. That's what it is the in regards back to the like the shrooms and all that i would say equate it to the same thing as a pre workout like every once in a while it might be cool but like what's going to happen when you don't have the pre workout or the pre workout stops working marks mentioned this about like getting fired up in the gym with a loud music and stuff but when it comes to the day you're going to perform on the platform like the music's not there. You know your your headphones aren't there. You know what i mean. It's like you could really You know set yourself up to kind of just being really disappointed. Yeah a another question from our friend. Iris this is going to be a little bit tricky. But she asks what's a good number of pull ups for a female. She can currently do nine. So i'm like fuck you win hiring good gyrus a tough one to answer. Your tank should feature of that particular style of shirt that move slow. My picks do that. If if i were that shirt. It's popper shirt and yet thank you. can you can pop through. That's super attractive. You what a great. What a great feature. Yeah how did they get the technology company. Nine pull up. So what's up with the. Irs is like lightweight trying to flex. She's just like guys. What's a good amount. I can easily do nine. She's like you look. You're fishing for compliments girl. I'm sorry ugly today. I really wanna lose three pounds. I love girls but yeah you can. You can slowly progressed doing more. But you're already had the game. Most people can't do april up a man and woman many just can't do one two or three so being nine is ahead you can. If you can get yourself that do more do more. A lotta times females struggle with pull ups And just upper body strength in general. Yeah push ups pull ups bench pressing things like that So that's awesome that you can do nine If you wanna get better at pull ups what do you think. She should You can start. I would say like start working around the edge of what you're doing right now so if you could do nine then start doing multiple sets of like five or six pool pups right and look for more volume in came more total rap. Sell something like this on a poor up there. You go and you do. I love watching you fed off. These sneezes air clicked on show. Trading faces a thing so bad Maybe you do like a ten sets of six right or eight sets of six so forty eight pull ups not another training day. You do You could do another like maybe ten sets of six. You just work up to be able to work more behind because that's going to allow you at some points but now you twelve bullets nonstop or thirteen fourteen and then you can also add a way to blow up since the mix so be grab yourself applaud belton at maybe five or ten pounds on it and work your resistance and doing multiple sets of five or six to pull shit. If you could do nine pull ups. I mean maybe you could. Do you know four or five a little bit of weight around your waist. That'll get you strong. It'll get your back bigger and stronger and so give it a shot more. We got sick. We got an awesome went and seemingly. You can help me with the pronunciation. So it's v. d. r. a. n. madonna Be a. j. a. C. by jacques. There you go back says okay. This is how she worded this. Okay this is important. Cannon sima flexes arms just once real quick girl. Is that a girl or guy. it's a girl. So okay according to ban bo pam. I'm ben ali flex both arms. They help ham. Toge- armed or another question all right to go there all right hold on. I had arms used to be bigger. It is when you're heavier. They must have been like they must have measured a little bigger measured a little bit bigger but my arms. I think my arms are as the amount of muscle. I have on my arms. They're bigger now. And that's that's the wild thing man like it's i. I hate this this this idea that goes around people believe that like you know you'll have your new begins right Those those massive games that you make in the first few years of but people are really under the impression that your years of training if you can send your training. You're not really going to be able to gain that much more muscle and in comparison to the newbie gains. Yeah but you can still slowly put on some quality muscle that will allow whatever you have to just look better and maybe be a little bit bigger so my arms are bigger now than they were when i was heavier i'm holding more muscle there and I'm still improving. I think he can put muscle on like into your seventies We've seen it. Although more muscle might be a little tricky. Because if you're already trained but somebody that's just getting into training at like you know sixty seventy years old. They could still make some massive massive. I would love for people did not think that like they're counted out because of their age. You know you can still. My mother-in-law just hired a personal trainer. She's all fired up. You guys saw she got in here and trained for a little bit but she just she started to do more walking and bodyweight exercises but now more recently She's just got excited about like strength training. She's like i really wanna push and kind of see what i can do. She's seventy two. Wow so it'll be fun to kind of see like what kind of changes he's able to make because i i think that she's going to be able to make sure already in great shape. Sheridan looks great. But i'm just thinking like she's gonna notice some huge progress because she doesn't have any injuries should not come in with anything. I should not like. My knee hurts and my elbow hurts. she's not frail and she can make herself strong and she could build up some bone density and she could kick some ass. I'm really bump for her. Yeah that's super exciting. So real quick we were talking about the bbc. Go rice bowls. Oh shit like maybe. I won't have it so just something to consider. Obviously it is a better choice than getting fries or something. But the lowest that i can find his four eighty so four hundred eighty calories in that one little bowl so you know okay but is it really. That foreign eighty couches go check. Because that's the lowest i can find out. There was one for like three seventy but it was like a really old picture so it was like sixty grams or like sixty grams of carbs. I quite a bit of lakes. I buy something microwave for like ninety seconds and it has ninety grams of carbs from the rice. It's like a cup. The uncle ben's one. I think is like just straight rice. Yeah mine's not uncle. Ben's i don't think debt is just straight rise whenever when i grab hold of yanling that's why the bb going sucks so good. Because i think it has some kind of oil or just flavor anyway. Okay so sorry just wanted to point that one out. 'cause that's why when i saw it 'cause i planning on filming something very similar what we're talking about and i was like. Oh i can't touch this one like this comedy. How how many grams of carbs in it. I'll check again. But like i said maybe you could just use half yeah So it says the flavors. Good use half the calories and you know i'll check like i said it is hard because there's so many different numbers that i find it online not even get a get some cauliflower rice dump that bitch in there and just kind of have it be you know you have a little more volume more fiber and then maybe you can split out. All my secrets bro. Knew that with oatmeal. Yeah authorized Weiss about mark. Mark said we swabs earlier so funny for one thing that people. You don't know if you'll listen to what i do much like you'll notice that my rs sometimes bw's l. sometimes like awesome. Maybe talk shit without. It's not it's not cool also got weapon like no. We got a good question. From samuel caymans is spot reduction so so fat. So spar reduction fat complete bullshit seems to make sense in a bro science. Sort of way that working in a specific muscle target some fat. Some fat loss in that area. Gmitter you know i i do think that I do think that it's like if that was the case. If you could kind of target area and like you know lose tons of fat from an area specifically we would probably see a lot of examples of this in certain sports where somebody would be incredibly incredibly lean in these particular areas that they work all the time. We do see hypertrophy. In those areas we do see muscle gained muscle growth. A lot of wrestlers have big necks. You know a lot of. There's a lot of sports where you're like. A lot of rugby. Players have like thicker legs. Soccer players. have you know. Soccer players have lean and nice looking legs right. but it's it's not like it's not It's not because of spot reduction but it's usually because some players are fairly lean because they run a lot and they use their legs a lot and so therefore their legs Look good in. There might have hypertrophied their legs from their sport And so on. But to my knowledge you can't really like blues weight from like a specific spot and just another point on that would be something to consider. Is that you whatever area you consider to be. Stubborn is the area where you typically put weight on first and is the area where he usually lose weight off last. Which makes it a bitch. 'cause they're like man like what's going on with that but if you're stuck in that category the The unfortunate news. And maybe the good news is that if you can stay in the pocket and and deal with deal with the heat of it all and deal with the kind of pain in the ass of the whole thing you will continue to get leaner and leaner and leaner and eventually that area. That's an issue for you will spot reduced so you kinda can spot reduce a weird way. But you can't spot reduced by like trying to train a certain area to death to make like fat disappear from that area. If you get your diet correct for a long period of time you can lose weight and body fat normally from everywhere on your body Okay when you're losing body fat you're going to lose from everywhere so there but there are going to be certain areas. That are more problematic for me. The some of the last areas in the past that i lost body fat Were my quads quads. And my hamstrings and my gluts. Like those would be the places that i i would hold more body fat. I'd get leaner and the the apps quicker But my legs wouldn't be as lean but the really cool thing guys and you mentioned this. I've talked about this before. But the really really cool thing about getting lean and then maybe bulking a little bit and then getting lean again and this is something that bodybuilders all bodybuilders. See this all it's like something you notice The more you've done that the more even your body fat your body distribution so like the first time. I cut my legs. Weren't that lean. When i got really lean on a gain body fat back. i noticed. Well i'm not gaining as much body found my legs. My legs are pretty lean. Even though i'm heavier i did it again. I gained body fat back again. I'm like wow my my whole body like it's it's much leaner at the same weight so You will be able to get to like by doing that more the the next time you end up being like thirteen fourteen. Fifteen percent body fat. You may look like your ten percent body fat because your body. Your body factor stations. Lean everywhere like i still have lines. My legs went on to sixty five to seventy because my distributions even it's it's easiest to just tell people know you can't spot reduce but they're from a bodybuilding perspective. Bodybuilding coaches will tell you that they've seen it before and kind of through what encinas describing as like a really long way of spot reducing but you kinda sword maybe can but again. It's easier to kind of tell people i hey. The love handles that. You're trying to lose or the stubborn belly fat. And she talked about all the time It's more a function of like. Hey you got to really clean up The way that the way that you handle yourself in your kitchen more so than the way you handle yourself anywhere else and it's just gonna take a long time and now service announcement but yeah. I've been the person that is only focused on my body. Fat percentage need to get that number down. Whatever it takes to lift. And then i'm going to do cardio to keep cutting the mackerels you're the calories and you know all all the things that all the pitfalls that like the nose guys this has gotta go sneeze blow your nose. Oh my gosh. But our boy ryan soper. Who's are you know. The the jack cameraman you know. We got her body. Fat percentage tested and he actually has a little bit more body fat on his frame than i do. But if you compare us. I would rather look like you know. He has like an awesome physique right now. And he's like two percent Higher in fat and the thing is just. He just has more muscle his jacket so he's able to maintain carry. That amount of fat would still look good so just told me that like okay. I need to stop worrying about losing fat and start gaining more muscle. Because you know. Like sal pointed out on previous episode. And you've told me many times. I don't need to be smaller by develop more muscle on his burn. Fat will be a better fat burning machine. I think where we hold our body fat Like a legitimately describes kind of who you are and what you've done. Yeah i really do Charles pollock took this to like. He took this information to like the fucking moon 'cause he would tell you like exactly the way that you lived your life and you're like what the fuck what an asshole but you know The kind of like you know quote unquote computer nerd. The guy that sits there and just eats a lot of potato chips and shit like that that the drinks a lot of soda. That's his computer a lot. The dude that does that has a very extra genyk. Looking body like is whether it's estrogens high or not he Stores body fat in a similar way to a female the way of female does you'll see guys get fat and like their hips and stuff and you're like man. That's that's odd but these are you know that's a lot of times people that aren't that that are struggle with sleeping That are into like. There's nothing wrong with video games but as people that play video games a lot. That aren't paying attention to the nutrition and they're not Hitting the gym Whereas somebody that has been trained or well trained or ryan. Soap is a great example of this. Someone who's healthy and has a fully functioning metabolism. Not that your metabolism's not fully functioning. But at some point you were doing things that negatively impacted your your metabolism for probably multiple years. I did the same thing And as a result ryan soper his body is able. He's probably he's probably has a better tolerance for like carbohydrates and things like that not that that's like the main factor in the whole thing but it's probably a factor and so the fat distribution is more like all over his body rather than like sticking it in one spot. We've all kind of seen people where you're like man. That's a crazy physique. Like how did somebody End up with Storing body fat just kind of in that one area. You see that from people and obviously genetics are a huge part of it. But how you live. Your life is another huge part of it. So it's like a laundry list of shit that you gotta make sure that you have in. Check your sleep your training your recovery. All that stuff. What does happen we're talking about. How soper looks you know he asks great and he's still able to look great while while holding onto a little bit more fat than me. You're right come back nonstop back. Just feels like there's some stuff up there even though there's not yeah snorting too many mine bolts too much coke man. You need me to jump on your back. What what will that do. I don't know. I don't i just to try. Will that help. I just want to help you. You know i like somebody has the hiccups. Then you like go away. Yeah like we're getting rid of my head goes but now shit my pants trade off and we were talking to massage your thighs if you'd like if you want you mean because this could be a distraction from the nose and maybe but i'm not trying to like not trying to get all excited and go and we're talking about coke zero by the way yeah coke So howard is his name. Go hold on where to go shit. Sorry or does it okay Okay here's another one for you and seema. Km a n. j. t. k insulation came. And it's like yeah okay. So he asks and cozy just really wants to know Brings up our ben patrick knees over toes. Guy yes. I know you guys both have been doing it Have you guys found any benefits to it. And are you still doing it. I personally still use. I'm still progressing in utilizing a lot of those movements from there it's The cool thing is that you know like for example the slant board stuff i love the slap because it a lot of people they see sample like oh. It's just like wearing an olympic lifting shoe. No it's not Because it's such a high angle lettuce. Yeah it's like you when you come down into your squad bursts off to able to keep your upper body upright but you're also now able to put more pressure into your knees a big thing of like the split squad which is like the ben's money move Along with some of those other movements is that it causes so much compression in the knee that you actually start benefits and strengthening of the tendons ligaments in the knee bright. You'll get stronger knees by getting into deep reflection in the knee An just want to quickly clarify he asking specifically if it's helped your other lifts. But i mean i guess it kind of goes hand in hand though. Does i mean you have stronger knees if squat like your pain. I think that we don't even like phil drew talks about this and Tail holdsworth You do not even have any idea. How bad pain holds us back. We just think. I'm fine because we are like a lifter or you're an athlete and we just kind of always think that we're good and there's like shit that is has been going on your knees or your elbow shoulder for probably decades that you just sort of ignored and you just sort of worked around it but if you are being like hypercritical of yourself you like this side still stronger and that's my little. Imagine if you could just you know fucking eliminate that completely. And i think by examining some of the things in your knees your lower back as a guy's name that came here in baldy julian baldy doing two hundred and seventy five pounds on a back extension exercises. I mean imagine like. I don't consider myself to have like a messed up. But if i tried even any weight on that that would kinda like feel like it was hurting my back. So just getting stronger on some of these things and improving the mobility Can help you massively the knees over toes stuff. I've been doing it. Religiously sense ben has been here but ben advised me to pull way back on it quite a bit. 'cause i got a p. Shot in my knee and he just said be really really sweet and tender to your knees so I'm doing way way less of that stuff and just trying to my knee was still swollen For eight or ten days or so afterwards so just letting it. Just let me kind of chill and let that take and then once that takes all reintroduced to some more stuff again in general strength training. Bulletproof your body okay. In general being stronger is good view but a lot of these things that moving into these deep ranges emotion or the back extension which is like a big focus on the lower back and being strong in that position. These things i think are are going to be so beneficial especially as you get older because as you get older lose a little bit of muscle here and there but i think those are things that can make sure that when you're seventy eighty ninety. You're still being able to move. Well you're walking around. You can walk upstairs. You can bring squat down. Pick something up you can pick something up on the ground and your fucking lower back. Doesn't go out. These things. I think are like money movements. Not just for athletes but money movements for your longevity you wanted to kill right Yeah you wanna be able to move throughout your whole life. So i just know from my own personal experience. Asthma has gotten tighter over the years. it can make certain activity certain things a little bit more difficult and i don't want any barriers of entry into any movements. I don't want to think. Oh man. I can't run or gonna take the stairs. Use the elevator. I don't wanna get into that. I know that like you know. I saw my mom and up kinda going down that road. I've seen other people go down that road and it's just not great so i want to stay active. I want to try to build a stay. Lean and i think examining some of these things and kind of looking at it and saying you know what i should just back the fuck off of all this benching all this crazy stuff. I'm doing and i should pay more attention to my shoulder. I should give it some tender loving care. I should see if there's a ben patrick. It don't of shoulder. Mobility and shoulder strengthen stretching for the shoulder and just this for a couple of weeks just pull back and just reexamined. Some of the stuff. I'm doing so i'm not dealing with this A lot of people just dealing with the pain all the time and just kind of grinner teeth and going through it. I've made the mistake of doing it many many times. And sometimes it's worth it. Sometimes you end up getting a lift that you want or something like that. But once that's done with you really just take some time reexamine and and go over it because this whole fitness journey is a kind of lifelong process and i would love to see people be able to move and be fluid. For many many many years. I've been able to Kind of mash up to people. You know so. Ben patrick and doug brignoli using the slant board because doug brignoles talk about like using the like getting the most bang for your buck and one of the ways to do that with squat with elevated heels. You know he he would rather you do like cable sissy squats but i have a hard time figuring out when out so i can't wait to ask him but using the slant board i will just use just an empty bar i will get an insane pump. It's so fun especially introducing that to people so my boy nico. He got on their using chunk last two. Who was pretty funny. Go so slammed bore guy like i know it's a pretty aggressive slant but do something about that like you can get way deep in the squat and do the quad pump is so legit. It feels amazing heart. Where is this fucking slammed poor guy. Yeah i think australia is now. I could be totally ride with his parents. No yeah yeah right. I mean what a cool name. And then he comes out with these products worked out. Well yeah slam guy jay. How do we plug them. How do people go and bhai as shit. i think it's just the slant board. Let me see his instagram. I believe is these lamp or guy honestly got everybody should get a slap board. I was i was on board. Guy dot com. I know here we go. I know people look at the slant board and they get upset. Because there's like you know a price associated with it. You know but i i don't i. I understand that people are hoping that something like that comes in fifty or sixty bucks. Which which i'm gonna make for you guys to have people in china do not kidding ship faster cheaper anyway. No you know. I think know. Sometimes i think it's like a hundred something bucks and people get upset. But like it's gonna it's gonna last forever and maybe it's not just using it. Maybe it's a buddy or a friend or maybe it's for a gym. And i just think like just i. I've spent so much money over the years when i didn't have any money that i don't have sympathy for people when they're stressed out going. I can't afford to get that like if you can make it work. Make it work. But don't pitch at the guy for trying to have. He asked to have a business. There has to be a margin there. He's got no choice. Like this. slant board dude is probably like way more passionate about this shit than we can even imagine. He's not trying to gouge people. he's trying to like trying to make a living off of something that he really loves. So try to view it that way and say like shit man. I think i could really use that or you know. Build up towards at some other time and this realize you're gonna be using this thing a lot. It's not just really good for your fitness but like yesterday house on live. And i was just sitting on. I squatted down no way. I'll just chilling in that position while talking. You know we. We've done the ten minutes watts. This feels really comfortable as just like a squatting position just kinda chill in the knees and and hang out so it has so many uses is you gotta do it and the thing about it for me is like it's really hard 'cause like i don't have as much training experience you guys so when people ask me for help like i don't have the confidence to be like. Oh do bowl blah. And then if they had like you know mark you say like if you ask a couple of questions and people are like You know then you know. They're they don't know exactly what they're talking about. What the slant board. I can be like. Yeah get on the slant board and squat. You can't mess it up. You just do that. And then you will feel the pump. And it's it's such a cool like our de to. I i enjoy it. the The slant like i said is a little bit aggressive but like it has like the grip tape on it and you always feel. Secure it very very well. And it's at The slant board guy on instagram and slant board guy dot com andrew. Going to encourage you to give people information like your smart dude. You know what's going on your got some experience with this stuff. And i think you're selling yourself a little short man you know what's going on. And then plus You could just you know so you don't feel like you're putting yourself in a corner. Just say this is. My experience is doing for me. And maybe you find it useful and it's like really hard to argue You know when somebody's says you know. Hey this creatine it really really worked great for me and maybe you should give it a shot. it's like it's just. There's nothing to dispute there. 'cause i just shared my own experience with it so i'd encourage you to do thanks. I yeah. I don't know. I guess it's just the The all a lifetime of not having the confidence and then now like starting to feel better about myself and obviously he's a man your child over. Well let's go for. I know right tunnel girl up but like this weekend again back to the party like we we had water blah blah and then told somebody that oh yeah we got a bunch of soda over there and they're so really with you guys have soda like yeah whatever you want. They pulled out to leaders of sunkissed zero code root beer zero. And it's like wait. What like i thought like nope. You're fine enjoy yourself like we talk about it later. But i was waiting for the question of like. Oh i thought these artificial sweeteners bad and you know to that. I don't have a ton of knowledge on it. But like i just do what you know like you said. Mark like note no calories no harm. Yeah i think you set said i at. It's so funny like being able to have this knowledge and Thinking like like man. How did you discover all this. It's like again. It's been nine years since. I started like caring about this sort of thing. So yeah it's it's come with with With time and experience for coke zero. They're smart to yeah like you see the the packaging of the fire. When i see well they can. You know has a lot of that read to it. You know you associate that with the regular coke. So they did. I mean those mother fuckers like down. What do you remember chicago bulls crushing what was their sickest jersey online. It was the the black and red all my god. It was so so that's why associated with the best that there is available. Yeah all right now. The question from bella by nydia goes back to kind of the spot reduction thing i guess How many times a week should i work out. A body part to get it lean. How many times just to get bigger to make it. Look leaner if you're a beginner I get special from beginners. How many times a week train. Whatever if you're a beginner once who start off once a week you know depending on how many times you're able to lift. You know what i mean but if you're gonna hit each body part in some fashion once a week do that that'll last few that'll give you some progress for awhile because you know your your your muscle. Soreness is going to be much more than when you adopt to it. But after like three months six months for some people a year for some people you're gonna adopt to that. They can start training each body part two times a week at highly suggest that if you're no matter what you're doing try to hit each body part two times in a week if you can just be a general suggestion do you Like really at this point. You've really program for yourself or do you. Kind of just ha. You're on your way to the gym. And sometimes you're just like i'm going to do pull ups and maybe some like how do you. How do you do that for yourself. So this is the thing it's like with with whenever it comes to training when you wanna make progress there's a big concept of progressive overload so trying to do a little bit more than you didn't last week you're trying to progress. You're trying to progress. Something and i used to have a dedicated programme for myself. Like i'm progressing this moving over the next eighteen months by the end of the eight weeks. I expect to be here I expect all these are spear but nowadays. It's like i almost feel like it's so weird. Almost feel kinda bad about it. But i don't program for myself in that way. I don't program the way program for people. I still have the concept of progressive overload. When i go and train but i can like feel things now like i know kate stay. I want do the extension. And i'm gonna do full body. I'm gonna do some flowing movements. I know i'm going to do some pushing stuff. But i'm gonna push more upper body than lower body volume and just gonna get after it I'm making progress that way. But that's because of experience And i still have intention a matches going in the gym and there are some days. If i don't want no. I want to rest. I want i want to be like a back-off session i'll chase the pump. Okay and i'll feel good. But usually i just know the general idea of what i'm going to be doing. And maybe i'll add in a movement that i've been kind of interested in that session to and play around with its out bills and i'm still making progress that that is because i have done all that stuff before. It just makes me super happy to hear that. Because i did the same thing i don't care and i never and i really have never cared that much I did have specific days a little bit especially because we lifted as a team. So there'd be certain days we would dead lift and certain days where we'd squat and bench and stuff like that and that was really helpful and useful in terms of like having a spot. having encouragement Getting coaching and things like that. But i i come in. And just i just wing it you know and it might be frustrating for people to kinda here That we do that. But like i feel like i do the same thing with my nutrition but again like i have a decent idea of like when i'm gonna eat. I definitely know what. I'm going to eat when it comes to training. I have a reasonable like idea of when i'm gonna train and i also know that training is going to always happen. So the i know for some people that like legitimately the the act of writing down when they're supposed to train can increase their probability by i've heard a stat before like by seventy percent or something because it's like an appointment thing about like you have a dentist appointments like you go and you get to the dentist. Usually relatively on time right If you make an appointment that you're going to train at seven a little bit before work Most likely you'll start to develop the habit to to get there I know that i'm going to train. And a lotta times like what. I'm going to train in terms of this guy's question about like how often should he trained something per week. I kind of just like well. What's not really that soar. Like or what do i feel like training. And because i've been really mixing things up quite a bit and doing little bit. Almost more full body workouts. I can kind of just train whatever. I want on just about any day and a lot of times. I'll hear something maybe from you guys. Or maybe from a guest on the show and i get super pumped to go and try that new movement out you know but To really answer this question a little bit more directly he you know he asked about like you. Know getting a body part leaner. Let's just make sure that understand The lien stuff is going to happen from your nutrition. He's not really gonna only happen from your exercise from lifting gonna mainly happen from your nutrition so you can kinda like work your arms all the time but if there's not really a change in your body fat percentage of your twenty five percent body fat you might not notice much of a change You know in your arm so always keep in mind that so much of the progress that you're trying to see especially from an aesthetic standpoint comes from your nutrition. Let me note this too because this is very important now both mark. I are fair experience. We've been trained for a long time so when be gone to the gym we know what it feels like to push like you know what i mean like. We're not just going into the gym and just doing random weights when we're using a weight. We know where the edge of failure is. We know where the place where we're this making progress on this. I'm really pushing with this. There are a lot of people that like an i like. This isn't even example like a client of mine names. He's been training for quite a few years and then he started working with me. And then you know when my set up a program for him where he was doing each body parts twice a week at forty something years old he started. Make like the first training southeast like made like this this like. I've never felt like this enough seen progress. This quickly number one. We went from training. each body. part wants to twice week number tools progressive. So i'm saying this to tell you that yeah we may be going into the gym and winging it per se but this winging it is not your normal wing at this is winging it with experience. We know how to push ourselves. We know where our threshold is so we can then come into the gym the next day and get another training session but if you're going in and wing it. There's a big chance that you might not be doing enough consistently because not just that you have one good training sessions a today. It's four or five good training sessions this week. Four to five good training sessions next week the week after that the week after that the week after that one good training session. You're not gonna gonna be the thing gates that consistently and by having a program set up or you can see the progress from day to day week to week that is going to ensure that you're making progress in the long run so keep that in mind. Yeah and i got this from training with mark so many times but like you know like mark. What's your program or whatever it's just like it's just like we're kind of free styling at the whole time or like you said we're winging it and I do a very similar thing. But it's like ida shoulders yesterday. Saw do like either back or some kind of lower body movement or whatever for me. What i've noticed is it brings the barrier of entry down so far. Because if i look at so for for me if i look at program and it's like oh you're going to do a heavy triple or something i i could get fired up but if i wake up tired that day i might just be like. Aw dude like that like. I'm yeah you're right like already lost before even tried so by doing it this way. It's like mammal tire. But you know like. I'm just going to get to the gym and i'm going to do a couple of rows and see how i feel so you and of course what always happens you do a couple rows and it's like now you know i think it's dead lifts you'll but actually i think i'm gonna go a little bit heavier. And so you know. I guess i just lower that barrier for me so i guess if you are somebody that maybe having a hard time with these structured program approach. Maybe try this a couple of times a week or maybe take a break from that. Super highly structured program gives us a world in you feel and let's add into something real quick because this since we're talking about this programming aspect of things. A lot of us are very excited about the gym. And i know there are times where i trained super hard week after week after week and then i just hit a wall where i wasn't getting stronger. I felt like every training session was a drag. You gotta do something i think. Sometimes some people trained so long and so hard for so long that not only do they need to back off for week at just happened in the easier week but sometimes it's like two weeks sometimes you may you night might need to easy weeks in the gym. So you can start progressive. Get some people instead of taking delayed weeks. Also some people like to actually intermittently when they feel like they're hitting a wall they'll just have it be like maybe two days two days where they really just back off for a bit and then they feel kind of good and then they start pushing again so you need to figure out how structures for you. I am in favour of like taking a week but if you feel like a weeks too long and you don't want back about longman intermittently maybe you know. Let's say that you're doing a five training week. Maybe one of those days structured that it's easier so it's like you have four good training days and then an easy training day and that will ensure that's like hard hard hard easy hard hardy easy every week. You kind of have a little deal. There is something to think about in different ways of programming. Kalua this. I just got an amazing picture. Shout out to my son really issues. Currently watching he's watched right right right. I know But we got an amazing question. That i can't wait to hear what you have to say. And i believe this is joe j. o. If focus is not our if you ju- jonah If you're not focused on powerlifting is it better to exercise for hypertrophy just to like for overall wellness. So one thing. That's amazing about bodybuilding in particular. And not so much. Powerlifting but bodybuilding. I think can be done by anybody. nearly kinda forever Powerlifting ken of be done by everybody. But like the you know what. Powerlifting actually is in my opinion can't be done by everybody because powerlifting represents you doing a one rep maximum like these sport of powerlifting represents you doing a one rep maximum on a bench squad An death right and normally you stay pretty attached to those movements and you do them quite frequently. It doesn't mean that you do singles with them all the time. It means that you are working towards strengthening your single which can be beneficial in all forms of fitness. but i think that One one of the mazing things about bodybuilding is like i. I can't think of anybody That can't do it like a pretty much. Anyone can do some bodybuilding because the amount of Amount of weight that you need to use to induce hypertrophy isn't so stressful that You know it takes somebody. It takes as much of the same form and technique. you still need it But it's it matters a little bit less and you can hop on machines and the machines are a little bit quote unquote. I can't idiot proof and things of that nature so But what. I would advise in this particular question is i would advise a mix of both. I think there's really no reason like pick one over the other But in general. I don't really like to see people. Just start randomly with powerlifting. I i like for people to kind of Just go to the gym and move around some weights for reps and sets and like build a little bit of muscle and then get into it at some other point so just kind of a regular kind of bodybuilding split. Maybe for a period of time if you're new and then maybe you'd start to think about all i want specifically actually like bodybuild bodybuilding like do competitions or want to cross fit or i wanna powerlift whatever it might be from there we had andrea melodic of come into the gym andrea milan chavez like one of the greatest time as far as powerlifting concerned. Yet a really good rule of thumb. Anybody that's interested in doing powerlifting sport and getting strong spent three years in the gym building a foundation of training volume meaning. Let's just make that doesn't even easier. Definition spent three years the gym bodybuilding and putting on muscle everywhere on your body so that your body can withstand the stresses of lifting heavy loads every single week for powerlifting. Be as if you're frail and you try to enter into powerlifting. You haven't built much muscle. Well you're gonna. I have a lower threshold for strength as you build. But you're also going to be frail and easily injured easily breakable. You're not as you not as resilience. You don't have resilience of a body as someone who came from bodybuilding background. You see this a lot with like football players that come into powerlifting or athletes that have done sports. Where they've they've put on mostly comes. Powerlifting they crush people bright because they have this resilient body can now that can. Now handle the stresses of what the sports on you. Yeah and Was reading so hopefully. I don't repeat what you just said. But going back to our decks a scan at dexsa fit midtown sack Again comparing me and In ryan soper. Who's been a powerlifter for a very long time I forgot his. Max dead lift. I think i've seen him do like six. Something's exempted astronauts. Yeah like like six fifty. That's left at six fifty so very strong His bone density was like triple mine. You don't count because you're triple like the most. In cmos of freaking he's a freak but with ryan soper like i don't know his nationality at all. She's actually i have no idea. And we'll like we're similar size. And his muscle denser his bone density was like through the roof because two point five or sn was almost eighty. Three almost three hours in line was at zero point nine So with that means it's like almost impossible to break his bones. Yes so he's just naturally and just be better built for taking impact and just being a stronger. Human has haven't seen it the bone density videos on the super training six channel. We went down to dexter scan andrew ryan and myself got scans got body fat tests Well it is bypassed and got we got our resting metabolic rate checked And it was really cool. My my bone density has went up a little was seven point one. Two years ago my bone density is seven point two years when you lift weights your bone density increases over time so yeah variances the have you already. You went to got your scandal ready right or you still haven't gone. I haven't got very interested to see what happens there. Wait why are you guys laughing. We'll tell you later. We are older When you're older you want any more questions how you fill in. He will be older later. You're right yeah it'll never be this young seconds. I'll be well i'm old. I'm older. Oh my god. He's do slow down aging aging. I i do like this question from Bon bon bon. Bon spelled creatively. I love it Do you guys approach coaching family members. Different than strangers. He's having an issue keeping his brother. Compliant on certain lifts and. I do want to hear what you guys have to say. Somebody told me the other day that they liked One of the quotes. That i say often that's helped them with other people and and I learned when i was coaching high school football. And when i was coaching them with strength training. I said basically If you're not sweating you're probably not going to hear much from me. Meaning like i was telling the kids. If i don't see you put in the work. i'm not going to put more time into you. I'm gonna tell everybody the sets and reps in what we're doing and Gonna care about everybody and make sure it was protected all those things but If i don't see you sweat and you know and you're you're coming up asking me questions and stuff like that. I don't have time for you. And so i think with family members. I think you try your best to be in recognition of like. How interested are they really in this process and maybe even make some hoops for them to jump through. You know maybe say hey you know what. That's great that you want to lose weight Here's my email address. If you could put down maybe some years you know give them a couple things to do even just to email you flat out like is gonna show like an extra step or you know. Meet me at the gym tomorrow. Or however you gotta whatever hurdled stick stick a little girl in front of him. How them jump over that hurdle at least meet you halfway on something just to show that they have An interest in it. And if you have somebody that is falling off with their compliance I would discontinue assisting them because there's some something that They're not ready for. They're not prepared for on the flip side of that. You might want to consider that. Maybe what you're doing isn't best for them at the moment and you may have to take a slightly different approach. i've had to kind of eat my own my own beliefs sometimes and just kind of Disregard them and say man. I really thought no carbs just works for everybody but i really tried to help this person implement this. It appears that they're giving me the correct information that they're not actually eating carbs but they're still finding ways of overeating and it's not just. It's not working for them. So i need to advise them to do something else. So those are all the considerations I would look into. Yeah and i bet it also depends sometimes family Because you're close with them. Sometimes they might not take you as seriously as someone who doesn't know you and they're coming to you and they want to work on thing right. Yeah yes so. Sometimes they might not be as compliant because they know your family. I can get away with some shit with you right. So there has been situations where i have suggested. Other coaches were like family members. Who to work with this guy. He's actually really good Because then they there's that barrier there were there like oh. I can't just be casual with this person right sometimes. That might be something you wanna do. And then if they ever would just wipe one advice from you can give them advice. But that is the responsibility of somebody else. Yep -solutely so soul train underscore yes. Yeah if i want to lose a decent amount of body fat besides good nutrition would alternate day fasting beneficial and i didn't have alternate day fastenings a thing or not but that was asked yeah. It's a alternate day. Fasting is recommended quite a bit by thomas to lower Now i don't know if he sought him out. Alternate day fasting. Like you fast. A whole day i would. I would personally just say like that. Might be a little bit extreme at. That's a sad. The sounds fairly difficult but he's talking about You know every other day. Utilizing some decent intermittent fasting I'm all for it. Sounds great but again remember. You know one of the best ways to Change our body. Fat composition is to lift weights. Yeah so while this person may already be lifting weights I would encourage you to do the every other day. Intermittent fasting But let's not forget the impact that just lifting weights has and getting some good resistance training Absolutely and you know. I i really As far as alternate day fasting even if it was Because i was also thinking. Maybe it's like yeah. You may be fast sixty hours one day. The next bath next sixteen hours I wouldn't suggest that someone take a whole day and they not eat. But i think honestly that that is not that crazy no i would have bought in the past that all of it. I agree with you. There's just not eating twenty four hours. What monday tuesday wednesday through the day. Thursday don't eat like. I don't think that that's that wild. I don't think it's going to be something that really damage somebody overtime on less when they choose to actually eat now those days where they're eating they're they're also trying to like not like they're they're really trying to push through hunger on those days to. That's where i think this thing concern pretty bad. And you with mark. And i do fasting andrew also. Does it a bit just remember. You want to go to hard on fasting where it turns into some because it could turn you're prone to not eating And their their mental hurdles therefore you it could turn into like an eating disorder or something. So i just wanna say like although we do fasting these self-aware and if you see this becoming detrimental towards the way you look food and and to syria eating habits stay away and don't do it. Just be careful of the extremes because you could end up overeating binging. Remember what the point is on why you're trying to utilize fasting is you're trying to cut back. You're trying to reduce the overall amount of energy that you're consuming and if it turns out that it's not being consistently effective for that then You're probably making a mistake. But again i i agree with encima like it's not an extra wouldn't that extreme even doing this One meal a day thing. I actually have kind of thought about for like for someone that's obese and really try like this other greatest recommendation just because it'd be so fucking difficult to do but i could even see a way to ensure that somebody would away to ensure that it's almost impossible to overeat would be to only eat like three or four times a week free or four meals a week And kind of picked those out you know what whatever whatever way whatever way you wanna pick them out. I guess but like if you eight. Monday wednesday friday and had one meal. Like i cannot picture envision a scenario unless you're professional eater where you'd be able to consume enough calories to Overeat for the week. I guess anything's possible. If you really worked at it but just go wild with the protein on those days right have protein party and just fucking go home and a meal right. It's gonna be hard silvery but we needs things out. Are we need things that feel sustainable to whomever it is. That's trying it and that and therefore That particular style might be Too aggressive but for this guy. I think you know. Look at some of the work from thomas to lower. He's got great information Take a look at cole robinson. Who's a little bit more on the extreme side of things but has has some sick information. I would love to have him back on the show again actually I really thought that he was Interesting character um anyway. Yeah and then for well. I guess you don't let me say that i'm skinny anymore so former slim jim here before anybody else. That does have a hard time gaining weight Obviously you don't want to eat less but what it what fasting did for me was. It just made me appreciate good food and good as in like good for me. I would be the person that's like. I want to gain so i'm gonna snack here. I'm gonna snack there and by the end of the day though. Snacks didn't add up nowhere near as much as like having whole meals. And when i would simply skip breakfast. I would be pretty fired up to hit up a meal at lunch. And then doing that has allowed me to depreciate food and also able to just consume a little bit more. I it definitely helped. Let's get out of here. I think that's a podcast show. So thank you everybody who ask where you're recording. Oh this you guys wanted to record. Oh shit no i didn't. I thought we were still warming up because insieme like he wasn't doing that great right now so we gotta kinda yeah because he likes to the warm up you like the warm above my. Yeah no I can put in a memory card and we can start over and then record this time but this card. A sim cardiac just simp- carson. You don't want to get your sympathy card taken away. That sim card. And he's gonna so sorry. I got so the super funny. It's not an original. It's some a few as we were heading down to. This place called emigrant gap and they said back. Yeah we're going. This place called american craft. It's like a waterfall and in the back her. Name's liz it. A trip with a friend is emily and josh and in the backseat lives in josh. They were saying simply secure individual massive penis. And you know a simple is like the opposite of that they are actually like Am i going go. But i thought was hilarious and of joke and joke for you guys. Hope you guys enjoyed. It was worth it only. Stick your dick in there. I mean police. You've got to always put a yet always put Thank you everybody on a live stream live chat the questions that you guys were amazing as really pushed this show into being something pretty awesome. I just called it. Qna sunday maybe. We'll keep up with that. 'cause qna cunanan old human on sunday. I don't even know what that means. Honestly but i've heard of it and i. I haven't heard this documentary. I haven't seen it though. Ryan was ranting. You got to watch it. Yeah so anyway. If you guys missed out on this opportunity to ask questions make sure you subscribe and hit that bell notification because that would be a way free as to hop on these livestreams with us Please make sure you're following the podcast at mark bells power project on at mb power project on tiktok end twitter and shout and huge. Thank you to piedmont. Tease sponsoring today's episode links to them down in the youtube description as well as podcast show notes again promo code power project for twenty five percent off your order We've talked about today. You can implement easily with piedmontese state because it is second to none. It's incredible my instagram is at. I am andruzzi. My twitter same thing and on tiktok at the andruzzi insieme were you at these days. I n yang on scramming youtube at sima yin yang on tick tuck into a mark at mark smelly bell on all social media. Platform strength is never weakness week. This never strength. Catch you guys later bye.

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Yadadamean Ep. 6 - Swedish Sex Pigs, Spanish Werebabies and Canadian Foul Mouth


33:34 min | 2 years ago

Yadadamean Ep. 6 - Swedish Sex Pigs, Spanish Werebabies and Canadian Foul Mouth

"Your source of latest breaking news. I'm your host. Mike Anchorman raw the couple named the third straight. This story is three years old but we're going to talk about it anyway. I'll shut up because his podcast is free. You mother fuckers. It's as easy KamAZ. I love you Yatta Yatta world yet to make a word or for for employees or is it kind of like an on and off fan. Uh guys are are one fan. You're the guy back for your pallet cleanser here and there okay. Let's go to those because this is. GonNa sound a little bit weird so six pigs hall traffic after laser attack on pokemon teens little pigs excellent story sex pigs because they had six pigs pigs now okay so according into the local. Se and the small town of NCO and central Sweden two teenage siblings planned POLKA Mongo but instead of finding big at you or squirrel they found two people who were wearing rubber masks of pigs heads hot they also they also started screaming and waving a Green Laser Zor added teenagers as though Oh Yeh doesn't stop there so the two teenagers ran away after the laser hit one of them on on the face but luckily none of them were hurt scrapes seafood a red laser would have because you know the reds always about aristocrats too badly. Exactly Green is just like no. It's friendly Florida. Actually let's we'll be in Florida but now it's not maybe there's a county in Florida called Sweden for Ed La County and other travel and move. We said we see we see you in your secretly. In Florida I can tell snow no and the wooden buildings and the worship happens like two thousand people living in that tiny little village or wherever yeah her so they were wearing <hes> what Kinda shirts a couple of wearing the pig mascot shirts on one in Queen and the other one saying king then after the team's last day I would actually have sex next to the town's a water wheel which would cause traffic and some people would actually get out out of their cars is see what the couple was up to shouted jumped in Asia off. The fuck is going to make a noise this shit like hey guys. I got my pig masks to a month to hop in Zork. This was reported from a <hes> from a more or less interests who just happens <hes> you know. He said he watched him. He may have gone in of all. We don't know that we might have might have up Dan. I was there in the county of sleep in Florida. Oh so you can confirm this story our first story. I was literally their shit whereas we which <hes> who are you. Where are you just a bystander. Who got in or palate? That was the third pig in the third quarter. We reported third. Your third wheel covered damn. <hes> you know why those kids ran away. They went home and get their pokey balls pigs. Come on see why okay so. What did the police do about this well the police they didn't really much care about the traffic jam they hop in but instead but instead they were more concerned about the laser attack and public sacrifice story now the Laser Tag Sweden Sweden Florida. What would you call laser tag. Oh my God maybe it was the hey we could have probably been Florida because you have to remember from last Asociados absolutely got it on the exact same part allison to seniors wearing pig head Yup fucking fucking fornicated rate than in the snowy forest yeah definitely fourth she it all like waiting in the cold. This is good from my arthritis and you can tell us. Florida because John is actually is actually an old creole word. Yeah I mean six pigs. Oh Boy Oh <hes> that's a fucking yeah top notch research right there. PRAZEGAS holy you totally FRESCA's Holy Holy Shit you help everybody last week we had a senior is going into the park and now it's time we have backed act. What's going to happen next week. Well you have to stay tuned and find out six seniors wearing fucking. Oh that's the other thing too. They never ever found the suspect so they could have been seniors for all we know where we're pig finals voters and apparently it can be considered in her harass sexual harassment. If anyone took offense to it or your plan everything uh I'm thinking of my lack of an invite hey kinda Kudos will okay kudos to these to fuck and right then and there are those two kids. They had to carry them off with the laser. Yeah they had the common decency to wait until the kids were gone and having sex. Some public would only adults at it. They they use the laser yeah. They use laser scare away so they wouldn't see a could be will the man. Eh Okay we'll go in from we have a forty person broad raging waters that started started over at a beach towel a forty person bra raging water started all over started because of a beach towel according to the W L K Y DOT COM original authors in Sacramento California was shut down early because of large fi started it over a beach towel. Moss town nearly killing a man nearly killed a man well technically yes today wrapped the towel around the guy's snacker Sunday the so the bras started in the Lazy River a picnic area after disagreement between two women. That's that's now over who took whose beach towel during the finale how how did thirty eight people add onto those two right like everyone forget their beach towels. They know own mind. There's only one around yeah so then. <hes> Christopher needs tried to break up the fight but instead was attacked by three other people after him. Wow Box oh yeah he's. Churton through in the wall was throwing the Taliban. Apparently you know nobody knows where we're there at so when the police finally showed up nieves a Haddon so they found them without a pulse or heartbeat for for for an unknown amount of time until zone until CPR was a was performed and that's when he has heartbe return so some breeders that guy because God Debbie's Salomon brain damage will probably from the lack of blood flow. <hes> you say how how much time they had how much time he didn't have a false soil heartbeat so. I feel like this is a lesson in in not stepping in defiance that are not yours. <hes> how about you just let them do it themselves and don't be a hero yeah yeah over child man. Three more people get in their mortgage human waters. I hey don't forget. Humans are still animals. Men and all we do is work works. When times we gotta get the inner nature of man asks every now and then? I think that's healthy for us. Just like fight club got all your inner your inner beast so you can be in touch with your more relaxed person being touched yourself exactly what it was. A raging waters evidently always I shouldn't should oh my lord remember man raging and it took Bruce Lee to heart water my friend go on with the story so at the end they were actually no arrests were made but was dying. Ryan got arrested every he got involved. As a everyone that was involved with the defy was indentified photograph and Release Wall Shame Man. That's it'd be one hell of a fucking long and more surprising that actually the wall of shame raging waters and the last thing that was mentioned in the article was that of course alcohol was a factor into this fight go if you put alcohol on any friendly family friendly places. Don't be surprised if you get a brawl happening happening. I mean alcohol based on your inner wild man exactly now all of a sudden you want ma'am. It's it also <unk> for all you know like Oh man I used to fuck in partying all the time but now guys occur if this kid all right so they say nieves leaves is still in the ICU at UC Davis Medical Center Ed Cal Expo police say if they have enough evidence to press criminal charges against the people involved in the district attorney will support prosecutions for the arrests to be made so yeah. There's there might be justice still just as needed downtown. We'll just just a battle over a bath almond and Algebra al just instinct man good aspect of data. Alex Egyptian swayed or some shit right to payments. I mean look the most the best factory of all time children is made it. The worst sweatshops exactly run through <hes>. Chow challenge shots tears. I think he meant to say <hes> tears sweat and blood there. You go all right now for this one. <hes> you know whenever there is a alcohol around friendly family places be worry because because <hes> just a another name in there there was a bra at Chuck E. Cheese now they have. I don't remember the story exactly okay but were the pizza. Was it over the pizza. I started reading about it yeah. I never only heard it mentioned. Budget legend never actually went around to look it up. I was over. It was over to write to us at. DDR Machine Bastards biggles Lionsgate all right. What is the next door so going into fights. An Isis fighter was killed by his own drone despite her killed by drown bomb he was operating going after Iran low on battery and flew back to charge your she'll always right so according to the sun dot co that UK okay the isis fighter had a customized drawn to carry a plastic explosive that was going to be used to be used to attack a UK troops but the isis fighter for God that the battery was low and when drowns <hes> when the battery gets low the Jones returned back to the <hes> <hes> the the area that it would take out from so it's actually program into it though unfortunately his returns to the person Flannery Yup and I guess the the hasn't been too weak or the Isis fighter must have not paid the Thatcher because yeah he pay with his life. Oh my khaki badges that he's like yeah. I'm GONNA be killing. Some of those heathens today yeah yeah. I'M GONNA make. Your was Yanking folks at them. No no it's those redcoats <unk>. UK notes it so then he flies journal. Giddy like kid and it stops meteor start flying back at him. He's like no no no. No no no. It's like a sick guy. The cartoon like women who is getting closer and closer and he's trying to figure out what do Wiley Coyote there you go fucking skills of Bam saw some rb at the end. He always you know his greatest enemy was himself is the greatest. The enemy was not bringing an anchor battery. They'll do this guy ever played. Welcome Ongo always bring a spare battery. Mambo was take a it's this Delta heavy blow to Isis forces because they consider those <hes> Chinese drones as their air force a swirly absolutely said when you're relying on China's element to it through to rebellion to rebel against the status quo yup come in on it. I'll get for being a terrorist fuck mother fugger hugger Bazan okay so go along with this of course already mentioned that when drones have low batteries the our program to return to the launch point I figured because he was just waiting patiently and everything went according to plan. Can you imagine if Americans you want to go go bouncing like Isis base and somebody forgot to Dan Ronan and it just flies back with the mom well. I'm pretty and smarter because again the the drum was customized so they did little fuck supercharge on the suspension. Put a jet turbine say so uh-huh you forgot the decal stickers on there so yeah some customers some customers wings to forget that man come on okay go along with this as secure secured source said the following we learned this idiot had wired up his drawn with an explosive explosive but was killed when its batteries ran low and flew home and it does mention to that with a weak signal for some reason it committed over his head homemade bombs too so damning for that. Guy Greg Brown did now number seventy. Two virgins are still going to get a laugh at him. Oh yes I can. I get somebody else that didn't die from that giggling shameful making smoking this making small gestures now. We're good are gone on with mistakes that happened babies develop a where will send after during medicine makes up babies available wherever syndrome after a medicine mix up in Spain so a court into the guardian at least seventeen children had been given the wrong medicine which would really was dissolved in the children to grow hair all over their bodies. Which of course is being called the where was syndrome. How can you sir. Can you imagine the seventeen <unk> babies you're holding it. Everything's fine at all of a sudden gradually starts growing hair and you're like oh Jesus with the wrong bye baby over the place holy. That's cool. Is it a ways. Is this axeman way. There's a there's a guy in a wheelchair rolling down. He's bald professor. No Guy has cancer. Oh Watch and you go home with the baby and wife and then all of a sudden your neighbor walks out and you notice that he's a Harry. motherfucker might be a chimpanzee ship. All Utah unleashed you want in theology might not even be humans. It might just be chimpanzees and they were going. Maybe they got it right fucking meds and they were just superintendents. Welcome played so going on with this at the medicine so the medicine and the kids were going to receive it was against Rick <hes> to help with gastric reflexes where instead we're giving them. Medication used to help with hair loss <unk> abysmal. I'm pretty sure I could differentiate. Pip Abysmal from rogaine been much more stronger one. It was much pinker them mega that easy people come on us. So which medicine are we getting the pink one. You cannot miss it. It's the pizza went all the periwinkle us you mean the purple one no. Pink Pink Pink or light pink being one being the guy works against up and mom walks in asking for Marlin xbox. It's like no we don't. We don't have Marlin xbox. We'll marshawn would be better for you. Ask for xbox or they come in asking for a we but it's supposed to be a we you know the difference between the two. I'll be the ultimate. That's some more expensive mistake or you know. My son wants the playstation which one oh aw I was just buying the classic I love the classics stupid comes home. She comes home to her Werewolf Child. He's he's out growling. Alexander above seven years old mother as long as it sounds like the because he has Werewolf Syndrome. Yes it sounds like a thirty. Seven year. Old Man he gets on all fours starts like a prowling around the rug tearing up the fucking carpet. The condition is known as hyper hypertrichosis which of course would cause <unk> abnormal hair growth and of course that makes it a mix of happened because the labels were incorrect nice and when he live from this yeah imagine somebody went to like. I don't know how long it take to be a pharmacist or at least four years. Whatever for you four a six years and crushes the definitely all that time. Just you know be defeated by label man out of a job on the bright side. No one died from it. Yeah that's the silver lining. I guess it probably forgot that happens to say that the of course no babies harm and at at the <hes>. It's expected to be a reverse after the children stopped taking the drug. I mean a I might get. The drugs mixed up a gamble. Hopefully verse does that mean. The hair is just gonNA disappear or are they just going so they're just permanently the same hair length. We're going to have like the accident should offer. Everything's gotta disappear and then when some of them reached the age of like eight they'll have a receding hairlines and then there'll be a bald. It'll be Bowl Montana. You're depressed by by the reality of Adulthood Years Old Holy Shit Working Middle Job at an office in San Jose sitting in traffic every day getting pissed at their juices warm. There were not divorced three times. You continue we we're done. We're done to report on that. That was the end of it are. WHAT IS THE NEXT DOOR ACCELERATE TALKING ABOU HAIR. The dog returns with <hes> Kalervo I- eyebrows attell anatole a dog return with Colored Ears Ira Browse Patel according to the Plan Beach Post Dot Com la a golden doodle was dropped off at pets salone dog daycare now after being dropped off and picked up now in hours later the owner is shocked when she takes her dog and finds out that the dogs eyebrows have been shaved off shaved and died neon green and her ears were Neon Pink that was dope cloud has doug anime character and along with that the dog's underside had been pink and now because of being shaved but it was actually not because it was a <hes> they died it but it was because of <hes> being shaved allows an infection. God on Yep <hes> yeah. Well fuck this dog. Kinda feels like it was a take. Your daughter's workday and you know that killed us a really went in can help and decorate the dogging exactly damage spin. She spent one hundred fifty dollars for her dog. That looks like it's ready to join a circus. Maybe it was a matter of hours. Israeli gonNA stick out of a crown now yeah yeah nine hours to do that man. I could do that in an hour to get a bit of spray can cover the is slightly spray. They underbelly later looking ahead yeah ugly their fleet calling imagine a local neil owners face when she she saw. Oh my God she she almost cried man. Now I mean at Taussig the fucking they were just you know just dive the her eyebrows detailing. Everything appreciate the change of doing back. I guess I don't know how dying works you. Just wait for it to nine hundred anymore a Ed if I if I look like that out of the walk walked at every day. We'll get a get attention but then again. They're like what the fuck you do. Use your dog like it wasn't me on the IT. Was that one UH also. Is that where you stay at Wjr. You really want to have that where you say hey man. Fuck with fruity fooling me on as hardcore guy right there. Oh say back a that dog puts. Og Back Dog man stupid terrible breath on this no Sir Nazran that much of a long story but that only mentioned Ontario teacher told a student to lick me where I fart hot a <unk>. So are you supposed to eat out. She keeps yes. Oh gives a demonstration. I'll take that s the manager will be like your according to the mashed dot com Jennifer Elizabeth Green Johnson teaches grades ten through twelve and has been suspended for multiple charges of misconduct including several allegation an alleged inappropriate comments. She made two students one one common being. Why don't you let me rewired farts voice. Do Voice go now. Why don't you may Y. I fart. It sounds like a Canadian teacher alright yeah. He got the at the end like me. Wii fired a you know what for you to say at the end of everything are a pronounce pronounce. Everything like your like your Canadian talking to boot Gordon yes so of course the the committee three of the Ontario College of Teachers Green Johnson is coming under fire for the following incident so we got a good amount for you. She told US student who brought coffee to class to get DAF CONDEMNING OUTTA here. Hey she called a student a hey berry pedophile. Hey looting. She told a student. Dan said this to a student before but fuck you a are terrorists she said in class. It's the Bait Now masturbating bars Jesus Christ <hes> bars this man. She told she told the she told another student in class. That was a was it at a particular student would stare at my daughter's ass eh man. She gets jolly off. Calling people bloody fed files on our field but who to file beauty pootie refiled are continue this as you thought it sounds like y'all as cheeks are too close together. I always buy press in his lips. What the sounds like where she shoved shoved the Jesse Jackson. She heard that comes from binder as far as works law on the next one would be. She told a student you me my bribe a able to ship for a week because of all that fiber a student offered to his in exchange for a passing grade really there's no fiber in Lavin's. You can get the money to sh. She easily tired buff including little rap that comes she yeah no. That's how you know Bam and another <unk>. She said to a student that a female that a female student look like a from-from frumpy old lady today and of course why don't you like me where I fought a comment that was made about a piece of gum so this isn't the first time that a green was in trouble. She was actually suspended for a home run and without pay for comments she made was and for a comment she made towards a female student ever seen him. Russell another male student in the hall saying so you like it from behind a hey who was on the album just say he signed. It sounds like a pretty teacher. Hey when. She said that she asked them yeah. Both of students fucking. I'm rick that'd be one one actually turned out. They were both recyclers all my gun again you know apparently study was written by three women like. Ed Meet all three of US telling women about their periods and shipment but now we definitely read the AC one get to me though if I if I found a picture of this lady on the Internet I how annoying images nowadays I'll just plus the Google image link but take a look. She's very first one and straight theater where she I I do and make sure she ain't a muffin before right not just one. She looks like she looks like a fat. CONAN O'Brien female form over okay so despite all that the spite everything green Johnson's rating on rate. My teacher is actually above two point. Five out of five stars good wording. They're they're good rating. I mean fuck. It may not be four but I mean it's better than one Canadia. Two point five is a California six. Oh when it comes to the quality of Teachers Man Love Education here on this now I just wish does she kind of had some more clothes because they definitely are something out that was episode six of your source for the latest and breaking canoes accepts. I've been rob. I'm land pieces stay by.

Florida Dan Ronan UK US Sweden Rick Jennifer Elizabeth Green Johns Bam KamAZ Yatta Yatta Laser Tag Sweden Sweden Florid Green Laser Zor Green Mike Anchorman Asia Taliban hypertrichosis Ed La County harassment reds
7. The REAL philosophy of NieR Automata [Part 2]  Is This a Communist Game?

My Ghost in the Machine | Philosophy Podcast

12:58 min | 4 months ago

7. The REAL philosophy of NieR Automata [Part 2] Is This a Communist Game?

"There's something strange perhaps even concerning about near outta mehta you see. There's a total of three bosses in this game. Which don't seem to have anything to do whatsoever with existentialist philosophy. The first of these bosses is marks when real life was the author of the communist manifesto and the main architect of marxism. The second of these out of place bosses. Is this massive alive machine. Life form whose name is angles and angles in real life. Of course is not only the co author of the communist manifesto but also the second main architect of marxism and the third and final boss yard omega who appears to be completely out of place is the massive seagull machine. Life-form whose name is grown and in real life gruner. This largely forgotten german communist who played a significant role in the political events leading up to the german revolution of eighteen forty eight. So what's going on here. Why are there so many bosses in your maeda who are named after prominent communist leaders or prominent communist. Intellectuals is in your automated secretly a communist game and this is what will explore in this episode Food and i feel fine. Sony automated begins with a mission specifically to be the main character of the game sent on a reconnaissance mission to collect data on a particular goliath machine life-form and as you make your way towards this objective you eventually stumbled upon the first boss of the game and the first boss of the game is essentially this weird industrial buzzsaw looking arm. Whose name is marks. So the very first boss of the game is named after no one other than the main author of the communist manifesto himself and things only get stranger from here. You see after you defeat marks and you continue towards reaching your original objective you eventually encountered the second boss of the game. The goliath machine life-form you were initially sent down to earth to collect data on and the second boss of the game is named of all possible things angles. Who again in real. Life was a second main architect of marxism and the strange thing about angles. Boss fight is that both of his arms are comprised of the same type of machine life for you just earlier. Both of angles arms are essentially marks machine life forms so the game really goes out of its way to emphasize that marx and engels are intended to be seen as a single unit. And this is interesting because in real life. Angles was not only heavily involved with marx's writing but angles also marx's main financial patron. I mean angles pretty much finance most of marx's writing career so there would really be no marks without angles and game really illustrates the codependent relationship between these two by portraying marks as an appendage to angles having said that later in the game in the flooded city you encounter a third boss. The seagull live creature who is also named after a prominent communist intellectual again one of marx's student colleagues so literally some of the largest and most visible bosses in yatta are named after the main intellectual architects of communism so what does marx engels and groom have to do with not only existential philosophy but also got in western intellectual culture which are the main topics which yada mate i suppose to explore but to understand the role that marx engels and groom played in the events which ultimately led to the development of existentialist philosophy and the death of god. We have to really. I look at hegel. Who in your outta mehta is the most difficult boss of the game now in real life hegel is widely considered to be the greatest western philosopher. Who has ever seen the light of day. In fact and i don't say this lightly but there would really be no such thing as western philosophy without hegel. That's just influential. The thoughts and ideas of this one particular intellectual not only war but still continued to be to visit so to understand why marx engels in green are in the game. What you have to understand is why hagel is in the game in the first place but all of this starts to make sense when you start to look at what hegel actually argued and what hegel argued is that the south our identity our thoughts beliefs behavior and so forth is not only the product of the society. We live in but the product of history itself. You know everything has a history every idea every gadget every product every book. Every thought has a history. And so what hagel realized is that the societies we build the languages we develop the cultures and civilizations we produce all of our rituals and so forth are ultimately a product of human consciousness. Everything which we see around us with the sole exception of nature came out of our minds. We did all of this. Our computers the internet social media youtube. Our buildings our political system our infrastructure are all byproducts of the human mind but as we progress through history and as we became increasingly absorbed by our immediate realities you know paying our mortgage picking up the kids going to work keeping up with the jones and so on we gradually started to forget that everything we see around us is ultimately an expression of our minds and so we gradually became alienated from our own societies. In a sense we kind of became prisoners of our own device and as such we gradually started seeing ourselves as being separate from not only the societies we built but also the cultures we developed. We gradually started to forget if they're going to work living in a city paying our bills the hamster wheel and so is all essentially us engaging with the very same system which we put in place in the first place again. We created all of this. The hamster wheel is our creation. We made it. And so what hagel realized. Is that all of human. Civilization is ultimately expression of not only human imagination but human consciousness so the society we live in are not external phenomenon. They are internal phenomenon. They are an integral expression of who we truly are deep inside our minds. You know for hegel. it's not. I think therefore i am for hegel. It's more like we think therefore we are and this is where things start to get interesting. You see what hegel further argued is that the totality of our actions. The totality of our ideas that tally of our minds and so forth essentially constitute what hegel referred to as the spirit of history and according to hegel the spirit of history or the human imagination strives towards two major things or two major objectives reason and freedom but how on earth is any of this related to mark's angles grin and more importantly again. Why are all of these major bosses in your automate on named after prominent communist intellectuals and well the reason for this is both complicated and extremely simple at the same time you see what hegel died to. Intellectual groups immediately formed in his. Wake the so-called all. Hey galleons and the so-called young galleons and marx engels and groom. We're all part of the same young gillian intellectual circle. You know the hanged out together. They drank together. They partied together. They commented on each other's works and so forth. They were all best bodies and this is really important because what the old. Hey galions believed. Is that the spirit of history was already fully manifested in the prussian state. They all lived in at the time. They believe that human reason and human freedom had already been fully maximized in their monarchical capitalistic early nineteenth century christian society before the young gillian's on the other hand for people like marx engels. And groom the idea that the spirit of history had been fully manifested in religious capitalistic. Monarchical society was an absolutely preposterous suggestion and specifically what the younger gillian's argued that in order for the spirit of history to be able to fully manifest itself three fundamental things had to. I change the first of these. Things was the dominance of religion superstition and supernatural beliefs specifically. The young galions argued that religion makes us feel strangers in our own world religions. Create this idea that both we and our external world our products of some higher intelligence and hence makes us feel as if we are not in control of our own destiny. I mean for example the philosopher who declared that god is dead and who was tutored by a young gillian himself stated that religions and christianity in particular are essentially life denying systems according to nietzsche religions make their practitioners focused attention on a hypothetical next world as opposed to this world so that was their first argument in order for humans to be in order for us to be in control of our destiny. The first thing which needs to go is religion superstition and supernatural thinking. Their second argument was that the other main thing which made western society on reasonable and on free is the traditional capitalistic. work environment. you know working for someone else. Working a nine to five plus overtime job. Having to pay to live on the planet you were born on just because of the way we've set up our capitalistic system. And so forth. The main idea which marx and engels in particular developed is this idea that everything in our modern world revolves around the needs of whatever company or institute just so happens to be employing at the moment companies and institutes which not only pay us peanuts. But don't really care in any fundamental shape or form about us our wellbeing our needs desires hopes dreams and so forth so marx angles argued that in order for us to reach our maximum amount of possible freedom. We have to stop subjugating ourselves to a system which forces us to have to pay to live on the planet that we were born on so this was the second main argument which the younger galions made a truly free society cannot be a capitalistic society because capitalistic societies force their members to trade not only their best years but essentially their entire lives for money and the last argument which the young italians made is that in order for humans to be generally free and on elevated from their societies humans have to ultimately live in participatory democracy or in constitutional republics. If you have a direct say in how your societies governed then. It's only a matter of time before you start to feel a strange. Then elliott from your external reality and the ideas of the young galions were very much successful. In fact most of the modern western world is pretty much not completely but mostly building the image of the young. Hey galions we live in secular constitutional republics which in spite of still being fundamentally capitalistic in nature. Nevertheless still offer an enormous amount of social welfare to its citizens especially in europe which is pretty much ran like a group of democratic socialist. Secular republic's at this point but having said that the philosophy of the young galions does have its limitations in particular one thing i didn't anticipate as by killing god. Western culture would lose its overall existential sense of meaning and purpose which is the main topic which automate explores so. No yada is communist game but the reason why the game so very much prominently features. The names of mark's angles and grumman is not because of their communist ideas but because of the role the young galleons played in accelerating and bringing about the death of god in western intellectual culture so existential philosophy essentially picks up where young galions left off. It tries to find a way for which we can give our life of existential meaning and purpose without having to revert back to supernatural superstitious or religious belief systems. So this is what we'll continue to explore in the next few episodes in artemisia series. What happens in which paths can a society take after it has killed it's god.

marx engels marx hegel hagel yatta galions gillian engels maeda mehta Monarchical society Sony groom youtube jones mark elliott yada europe grumman
Marti Mongiello  Have Partnership Agreements to Protect Your Interests

My Worst Investment Ever Podcast

33:48 min | 9 months ago

Marti Mongiello Have Partnership Agreements to Protect Your Interests

"What i found was we did that. We flew to new york. We did knock it out of the park. We did get funded. And then i got a phone call saying hey They wanna go on ahead and dilute everyone shares. They're gonna come in for several million and so like in your shares. Marty were taking you from thirty three percent down to four percents. Low fellow risk-takers. In welcome to my worst investment ever stories of loss to keep you winning in our community. We know that to win in investing. You must take risk but the win big. You've got to reduce it. This episode is sponsored by a stocks academy online course how to start building your wells investing in the stock market. I wrote this for those who want to go from feeling frustrated intimidated or overwhelmed by the stock market becoming confident and in control of their financial future. Go to my worst investment ever dot com slash deals to claim your discount now fellow risk-takers. This is your worst. Podcast host. Andrew stotz and i'm here with featured guests mardi mondello mardi. Are you ready to rock. I'm ready to rock thank you. Yeah let's do it so i'm going to introduce you out to the audience. One moment. so chef. Mario monti is a story. Weaver intoxicating his audiences by stage and television across the world. A mesmerizing speaker is published. Nine books. two hundred plus papers and given up over one hundred speeches and keynotes and europe asia and the americas featured on every major news network presenting to almost three billion viewers is only eclipse by articles that have been written about him in one hundred sixty newspapers and magazines all the way from the washington post. La times to the australian and many more his latest television series inside the president's cabinet. Now marty is a former white house chef. Private investigator security expert executive chef and gm of the camp david resort and conference center working with the past five presidents for twenty five years from george herbert walker bush all the way through the donald trump. Mardi take a minute and filling for tidbits about your life absolutely thank you so much andrew for sponsoring this type of show for the world to listen to and i myself of course have been an entrepreneur for a long time and started and stopped many many companies and living on three continents for a long time like yourself. Living in in thailand is not easy to do and you learn a lot. So i feel as though i have learned a lot and i'm ready to share with others fantastic. I mean one thing about your bio that you just comes across an about you talking to you. Is you know your energy to do so many things. I just curious for the young listeners. Out there that want to achieve a lot in life do a lot in life. Do you have any advice about how to do that. How do so many things year. Biggest thing i can say is i have had people laugh into my face. It's a very common trait by upi snotty rich people. Sometimes who just will dump all down on your idea your project your entrepreneurialism and you you have to do a lot. Like president trump says and do not listen to them. But i mean if you check in with bill gates if you check in with the former steve jobs or you want to check in with with really anybody. Who's a success today. They're gonna tell you. Yeah you know elon. Musk same story there so many people. Who will tell you you're unqualified. You should have gotten your doctoral. You're a clown and nincompoop at yatta. Give up the child extremes and just get a real job like the other belts do and you know it's up to you you're either gonna buy into that or you are going to create the next lift. The next alibaba the next amazon. Whatever you believe you can do. It's up to you. Yeah in fact you know in life really that type of resistance that you mean you can really really use it as rocket fuel as one of my prior guests said use it as rocket fuel to propel us for it. And you're you're a lot and it'll start with your your parents and and there's just been so many entrepreneurs even i was mentioning today to a colleague about red smith rama. Fedex you know had the in audacity to publish in college a childish paper that insulted as professors about how he was going to revolutionize the world postal system and it would extend well beyond revolutionizing the american postal system and he was almost systemically laughed out of university and created fedex. So let's take that as inspiration will now. It's time to share your worst investment. Ever since no one ever ever ever goes into their worst investment thinking of we'll be tell us a bit about the circumstances leading up to it and then tell us your story. yes so. I was living in japan. I was contacted by a food service oriented company who wanted to take advantage of the dot bubble and bring food service training online. They thought it would be super sexy. Grew the to have a former white house chef as their face masks and to take a couple of hockey pucks right in teeth. And so i said yeah you know absolutely and i'm a great presenter of business plan writer and do a wicked pro forma but also an excellent excellent writer and storyteller and i can help you put plan together and obviously present and then slide to new york to an ivory tower and bring in millions of dollars and hit it out of the park. So i'm definitely your guy. And that was the setup that was the pitch. So that's how they they kind of got started andrew. When you said the setup it made me think of the sting you remember that old time movie absolutely absolutely right so we got the setup and so then all fi flew to arizona and they floated numerous stock certificates. Pass my desk. And of course the by law. And i was still in the military at the time because i'm thirty year retired military in the united states. I was still in the military. And so i was a bit naive as to how these things work and how they operate and you know. I didn't really realize critical state. That's the founders document and in the bylaws which were registered with the secretary of state. I didn't yet really understand how all those things worked. And i quickly come to to grips with it because to put it quite short and sweet. I did actually fly into phoenix arizona. I did sit with them. For several days and honed the entire pitch we had some would be actors. Come in one of them portrayed the bad guy who had nothing good to say about your plan. We had one that was just literally stupid. When was constantly bewildered and then we had one who thought everything you were pitching and offering for their investment was wonderful and and honey syrup so we went through these training sessions several times to perfect pitch and overcome objections. And don't handle it that way and get better shape when the person makes fun of you and you know this was really beneficial. Prior to flying to new york to the ivory tower to go up to the seventy eighth floor and do the professional pitch to the hedge fund. That was really interested in what i found was we did that. We flew to new york. We did knock it out of the park. We did get funded. And then i got a phone call saying hey They wanna go on ahead and dilute everyone shares. They're going to come in for several million and so like in your shares. Marty were taken you from thirty three percent down to four and i was not real thrilled about that. I really wasn't talked with. It was not discussed with me and then obviously The next thing the next phone call the next day was from attorney saying in accordance with the bylaws we formed a quorum. We had a special meeting. We have gone ahead and slashed everyone shares the last valuation was at thou. We're so we're sending you a check for forty bucks for your shares. We talk and everything's in accordance with the secretary of state and bilawal so now that that's done your four percent owner or something or a three percent red and i was really incense. I was not familiar with liquidation and these various other clauses in the bylaws like unanimous voting. Which could be in their prior to acceptance of any deal from any investor at all the different little faculties that today and entrepreneur or investor who put in and then honestly we had one or two people in that group who did nothing. They were squatters so they came in. They were given their cut. The bylaws were filed andrew. They did nothing and so today. We all these types of investors in group in the inner core we call them squatters and there was no provision for like. You know you're to work forty hours per week on this. If you don't you lose your shares and after two months taken from you also other provisions that i look for in deals today whether on investing in it or or i'm actually on the team is what if the person gets sick and has a horrible cancer situation where they're going to need to be out of work with rehabilitative therapy for a year and four months where is the provision for that because certainly we we are not unfeeling and uncaring. And kind loving. But you know we've had people come back and say well look even though i'm going to be out for about a year and a half. I still expect when the company gets funded in about six months on that seventy million dollar deal. I'm supposed to get a cash windfall of three no yet and i want my three million and you're kinda like wondering man i shoulda had. We should have had a provision in the bylaws for this and the founders document. Because you know at this point with the money. Coming in person hasn't worked for over a year it's been a year in one. We have not seen them. They've done nothing and now they're threatening us with. They want the three million. Because that's what us so. I quickly learned andrew these clauses in for visions including poison pills and squatters and liquidation clauses. They have got to be addressed in a document bylaws. Because whether you're investing in the project or you're part of the group that has launching the new technology or the widget or whatever it is the new new drink the new food the new snack with whatever it is. I don't air. These are just basic provisions scott to be to be dealt with and the final one. All mention is relative valuation at absolutely cow value. Something so you know you had best take a look at the different forms evaluation yet and really really make sure that they're down to earth and make a lot of sense because when you go to investors and you say things that are crazy that land is like we now think the company's worth one hundred fifty two million and that's why we're asking blah blah blah. You can get shredded in a meeting with your evaluation. And so these are the big things that i share today. My speeches and talks and workshops with entrepreneurs who are very concerned about being taken advantage of. These are such critical factors. Mike my question to wrap up the stories. So what happened eventually as everything continuing on with this business. Yeah i told him you know. Essentially they could go screw themselves like any good. Oh gosh i must have been about thirty two. I'm fifty five now like any good young thirty one or thirty two year old. I was maria. Hurt and disgusted like most children are under the business. You know and i still have those stock certificates and if i ever I check on them once in a while with what they're doing in the state of arizona. So i have like several attorneys. One of them is pretty funny. One of my entertainment attorneys. Tony marcolini she'll often say no. We're not actually going to pursue that particular trademark that you have right now that they're violating we're going to let them continue to sow and do things and then when we do so we're going to go through a discovery phase and pull all of their sales records for ten years so you know. Sometimes people need to be taught a special lesson. We call the ice cold dish that we serve out the tell me. How would you describe the that you learn from this. Biggest lesson is liquidation preferences liquidation clause. How is the company allowed to be liquidated or diluted and so through dilution many times this is where investment will come an and it gets very testy. Well you know rob's going in. I mean he's personally put in. It's not a hedge fund it's not a hedge fund raw wants to put in eighty million. So i think ross gets to hold on a second. Stop getting all out an automated and swinging your arms around. Here's a cotton candy. That's great that. Rob wants to put eighty million but our our dilution clauses and our liquidation preferences say the following Okay and the one that can be helpful or not is the unanimous decision. So say there's five partners who created this technology and it's a very strong. Ip maybe it takes a unanimous vote to let somebody like rob come in with eighty million. Whoever robbed it maybe the unanimous vote is not. Maybe it's too strong for this particular contract. Maybe we wanna have it to where it says. Four out of five partners must vote to let any investor come in yet ball times the way we deal with these clauses now in contracts if there's descent and the person's enraged and says will flat out. I'm not doing another thing for this. And i'm gonna sit squad on Shares and you guys just go ahead and do what you wanna do with rob his stink eighty million we have actually mapped out of provisions in the contract. What we're going to do with that one person. How are they now handled. Because they can't come to the office any they hate everyone at are. They sold out or they bought out. What is the valuation of the current shares. That they owned most of the time. I would say andrew. The thing i learned is it's good to just go on ahead and remove them from the process and pay them off silently. They can still own something but no longer. Welcome the come in or participate. They're not allowed to vote at any further shareholder meetings. But they're not gonna have their stuff sees they'll just receive a check and that you know you have to have something like look at three years. Your checks are done bro. At five years at ten years you you can't like always continue to to pay someone as the company grows like we've seen with airbnb and the recent or lift or alibaba or amazon or apple. As the company grows you've got to come to grips with old shareholders. Who were there from the beginning. You can't be carrying them to the tune of three hundred million at your guts just because back in nineteen seventy nine. They actually knew steve outta was before it was even married and they worked in the garage. Which steve jobs and they helped actually i. It's like dude. It's been like thirty years bro. We're not sending you another three hundred million this year for twenty twenty one s- crazy you gotta have provision for that in the contract. I let me summarize a few things. I take away i mean. I think there's a lot of interesting things. That are really little bit technical here and so i'll go through a couple of quick things in one thousand nine hundred five my best friend from ohio where we both grew up since we were young. We knew each other. He came to thailand and we set up a coffee factory. We rose coffee and we supply that to hotels restaurants coffee shops and offices so it's a b. two b. coffee roasting business. We've had that business now for twenty five years but when we set up the business we had founder agreements basically and. That's where. I think the first lesson i want to take away from your story is the when you found a company. They need to sit down and have some founding documents about. Who's doing what and all that and that raises. Also the issue of sweat equity so sweat equity is when you do have some people in that company that founding group that don't have any money to put into the business but they have the knowledge and the willingness to work and therefore you can do some sort of calculation as to how much work they do and what they get for that because there are people in that that may be able to provide capital but in my case for instance. Dale became the managing director of the business. And i i never have been an employee of the business. I've been an equal shareholder. But i've been an external shareholder so the first thing is like founding documents the second one is sweat equity and then even in We have a shareholders agreement and as we started to bring in other shareholders we created a shareholders agreement since my expertise is valuation. And in fact. I teach something called the valuation masterclass and in that in my own experience we even put in a provision in the shareholders agreement of the actual way. We're gonna value it. Which was very simple. I basically said we're gonna look at the stock market Look at the multiple the stock market. We're going to look at the last audited financial statements for the year. And we're going to create emotional on that and that will be the amount then we created clauses where any of the founding members could sell their shares at that price and that all the founders had had a right of first refusal and it was it would be distributed equally amongst all the founding shareholders that they could all if you didn't come up with the cash then you know there's nothing and if no shareholders with the cash than that postseason that founder would be able to sell those shares to anybody else. This wonderful pre planning sounds like an excellent pre-nup. Yeah and the benefit of this is that you know you don't want to have a business. We're one guy walks out and sells his shares to your competitor right so that that founders agreement and that the shareholders agreements critical. Now once you get out to be public company. These types of shareholders agreements are no longer really valid. Because you know except in very rare situations. You're you're meant to be equal to all the other partners now now. The other thing is interesting. Is that my best friend and as we ran business. We were in thailand. We were to foreigners is at the time and we didn't. We knew we weren't going to get money from the banks and we didn't really have a story to tell the time we didn't tell it. So it was all self funded and we knew we had to fund ourselves. We had to build it ourselves. And then eventually we have looked outside shareholders and we bought in what i would call strategic shareholders in the case of one who has particular relationships or can bring something great to the business and then there's also external investors now if an external investors came in say. Someone said. look your goal is to sell two hundred a hotels this year. We can get you there in a month because we have access to one hundred hotels way. That's going to accelerate your revenues plan and therefore that that's strategic partner could bring a lot of value and you will absolutely be diluted in your shareholding down but the trade off is that you're going to get a bigger company so dilution it's impossible to a delusion except in cases it's impossible organization but you wanna have the provision to go through it so this song one thing the one thing i would mention with somebody like that coming in that i never knew. I thought that they always when they come in. Get tell us what to do. And so over time. I've learned that no that's not true. You can write an agreement because rob wants to come in with eighty million cash. Doesn't mean he now gets to come in here with his wife and tell us how to run the coffee company and sell. And now you're just coming in with your money and you'll be paid your your distributions but no. You're not here to tell anyone what to do in the coffee cup and and i never knew that i thought well. Gosh they're coming in with the money there. We've got a new boss. No no no. That's not true that doesn't the two don't automatically equal that scenario and a lot of young folks think that anyone that comes in with dow that they automatically ought to be allowed in. I've seen them destroy hotels. Destroy companies create chaos. They should not have been telling anyone what to do. And the last part of it is thinking about valuation you mentioned about the relative valuation so this is my area of expertise in fact. I was asked by a friend of mine here in bangkok to sell his software company to microsoft in through we did a deal basically pretty quickly for about eighty five million. Us they bought it back in about two thousand eight but the point was was that when microsoft was offering to buy it there oughta with something like fifty million or something and then when i came on the team and started to handle the transaction. Basically i went to microsoft. And i said this company is were two hundred and then we negotiated from that point and that in negotiation is the concept of setting an anchor. They had set an anchor. Fifty is in two hundred. We eventually agreed upon eighty-five million but the point was is that even though i'm an expert in valuation and you know you can bring out number and charts and graphs and all that ultimately valuation is a negotiation and so for the listeners. Out there you need to set yourself up for how you're going to negotiate that you need to have your evidence as to why you think it's worth that but the point is is that there is no hard and fast way valuing anything alternately. It's the final negotiation between to an interested seller and an interested buyer. So those are the takeaways anything else. You'd add yea. I would just say again. Focus on a pre nup. They are not disgusting documents the more time you put into a prenuptial agreement. And what's going to happen when and how and if this occurs we know exactly what to do. You will sleep so well. At night knowing that everything is covered with every eventuality and a lot of people think that even between couples the free nights are filthy and should never never be talked about and and i will often tell them a little bit. More about a pre-nup. My wife. And i are both previous marriage. I often tell people. Look pre-nup actually. One of the big things is if like i should have a financial windfall. My wife's acts it specifically states in the pre-nup he's not allowed to come in and benefit or take her back to corridor anything autos by inheritance my lottery ticket. My whatever the other things about prenups is your will literally your iron will of your mind spirit must be followed through and affects rated so whenever you want don and a lot of pre shin corporations cover turning in a copy of your will turning in a copy of your prenuptial agreement and the entire founders document will cover your own death and what will happen shares and do they go to your spouse or your children. That's all really important stuff. And i can't tell you how many people i've talked with their like it really marty. Is it a bit far-fetched be by death. I mean you actually have that kind of stuff in the unlike every adult company north of five million in dialogue the could grow to fifty or a hundred has all of this stuff that i'm talking about in it. The only person who's laughing out loud and boisterous and obnoxious manner is you and you are. Actually the real inexperienced child and when a person is like that and laughs out loud andrew. I may actually say like this is not your two inexperienced and business. I don't think they never have heard of these things like you know. And they'll say things like oh come on marty. You know i would do something like that. It's like have you ever been at the table where the executor of state up. Whose name was johnny and uses epidemic in every other sentence and starts threatening all the owners of a company and this person is from kentucky or wherever. I'm not even sure what they are. The executor of the estate and now own actually shares and. Trust me if you've never been through the app you want to have all these clauses ironed out now before you plunge in 'cause everyone's looking at putting ten no yet in you want to have all these clauses hired out now it's a you know one other one is about death since dale and i have been friends since since we're about fourteen. We both on equal shares in the company and naturally those shares would go to our families but dalen i decided with since our companies in thailand and since obviously it would be devastating to lose your best friend and our families are in the. Us like what are they gonna do with this company right right. So what we decided is upon death of either one of us are shares. Would go to our complete shares would go to the other. How and the hour on the benefit of that is that. Let's say we both owned about forty percent so that would mean that though if something happened to me or something happened to dale. We would be devastated. We would take possession of eighty percent of the company. Which would allow us then to be able to either grow it. The way we wanted to or selling say gives eighty percent of this company. And it's going to be much more attractive for buyer than the buyers. Say okay. i got you at forty percent and then dale's or andrew's family that i've gotta deal with. That's too much and there's other tag along clauses and stuff that you can do for the family but we decided that way so there's all kinds of things you can do with the agreement. So i think that's a lot of lessons from this so based on what you've learned from this story and what you've continue to learn. What one action would you recommend on this mistake to avoid suffering the same fate. Get a super strong prenuptial agreement. That covers everything from angry outbursts to storming out of the building to threats the email and phone to full on intimidation tactics with seven attorneys. And people screaming i just put thousand on a retainer down. We're going to drag you through the mud. Have all that stuff spelled out in a prenuptial agreement all that behavior and what happens and who does what when this occurs. because then you'll be able to to sleep very well at night and also when people know what's going to happen because you act those ways and it's all spelled out you know what. The weirdest thing is andrew. They don't act that way not working. Probably yeah and we spell out. Staff like heated and raised voices or intimidating or emasculating. Emails text messages whatsapp night. Communiqu nations that are sent to other primary members of the board. You know are not welcomed or tolerated and if they occur we have step by step process. The first time is warning. The second time is at management with suspension. The third time is removal stock share. Seize your you know blah blah blah. I mean when you have all that stuff spelled out like this is what's going to happen then everybody's on alert like. Hey man don't do don't dude dude dude. Don't you remember twenty two. It says in clause fifteen part age. Yeah yeah so dude do. Don't don't everybody knows this is what's going to happen now. You're going to be removed from the building. Browns and equal dale. And i say to. Each other is principles before personalities in that are active objective is to build a successful business and if we get into something heated we back off because we also made an agreement that was gentlemen's agreement that if the business was going to hurt our relationship as friends that we would get out of the business so i lost question. What your number one goal for the next twelve months number one goal is london twenty twenty one december seventh to sixteenth the world leaders summit. We are meeting in london next year and we had over a hundred and twenty speakers this year for world leader summit and ninety plus countries attended so tens of thousands of people In the presentations ten straight days of freezing -tations we had the medical panel blockchain. Just a wonderful wonderful vehicle world leaders summit at world leader summit dot com and we we are just so psyched out about world leader summit. It's kind of like the davos for the young. And and i often people young doesn't mean like we have a ten year old who who is is speaker and we have one hundred year old. Who's a speaker so young doesn't mean like thirty below young is a way of thinking Davos world leader summit dot com fantastic. And i'll put the links in the show notes so for the listeners out there that you wanna learn more. Just go to the link and learn more. We'll see you there all right listeners. There you have it another story of loss to keep winning remember to go to my worst investment ever dot com slash deals to claim your discount on how to start building a wealth investing in the stock market as we conclude. Marty i want to thank you again for coming on the show and on behalf of stotts academy i hereby award you alumni status for turning your worst investment. Ever into your best teaching moment. Do you have any partying words for the audience. I just wish everybody a wonderful christmas and new year. And i know many of my friends waiting for chinese new year the first week of february. Twenty twenty one. So let's celebrate to new year's three new year's We love to celebrate all the holidays honestly and twenty two thousand a year to celebrate. Its passing and that's a wrap on another story to help us create grow and protect our well fellow. Risk-takers this is your worst podcasts. Hose andrews dot saying. I'll see you on the upside.

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Bowdysseus, It's worth a shot

Greek Gods and Human Mythtakes

1:04:46 hr | 7 months ago

Bowdysseus, It's worth a shot

"Yeah low it is i through many grievous toils now on the twentieth year come to my native land and yet i know that of my servants none but you desires coming from all the rest. I've not heard one prayer that i return to you. Then i will truly tell what shall hereafter be if god by me. Subdues the lordly suitors. I will obtain you wives and give you wealth and homes established near my own and henceforth in my eyes. You shall be friends. And brethren of telemacus come then and i will show you two. Very trustees signed that you may know me certainly and be assured in art. The scar the board dealt long ago with white dusk when i once journey departed esus with autologous sons. All right thanks destined. that is gonna be a quote. That's coming into this episode. We've got a pretty big one coming at you now. So we left off with a little bit of doubt with odysseus. He's feeling it starting. To wonder you know was his wife up to. She's throwing them on a couple of curve balls and in this episode. We're going to see if penelope recognizes them because last time we left you off She asked to meet with them but he had come to her. And now he's gonna have to have the dreaded conversation again while dustin when ti just There there's a couple of different arguments that go on with penelope. Like what does she now does. She recognize odysseus Does she like our behaviors because she doesn't recognize him or they because she does so as doesn't tells it just try to try to keep in mind what you think it might and make your own opinion. I'm gonna to go over a couple of the the major points that both sides tell so. Take it away destined. You've got this. All righty so we're we lift you off Odysseus has been teased by the suitors and penelope as heard that the stranger which is odysseus in disguise knows or has seen odysseus so she wants to question him and has arranged a meeting for that night as to avoid suspicion from the suitors so after the suitors have retired to go to bed. Odysseus until lamarcus begin storing all the weapons in the palace and the armor in like kind of like a vault that they got in the palace and the old nurse eurabia. She sees doing us and tell him okkas tells her he's like you know it's around all the armor and weapons around all the smoke all the time and starting to damage it and i wanna make sure all my father's things are kept in good condition so i'll move them to this little storage room and she's like okay. I mean that checks out. I was confused. You didn't really bother her too much but while they're doing this you know it's it's it's nighttime and they don't have like electricity so they don't have lights and flashlights or anything but yet it's very illuminated they can see every corner of the room and that's because fina is there shining light upon them so they can see what they're doing and tell them okkas points the saudis like man them must be god or something because this place is lit up. I can see everything. Origins of this place is lit right. And it's kind of funny. Odysseus is just like keep your mouth shut god. Don't worry about deal them all the time brands on the really. He's just like it's no big deal talked to gaza all the time. Your you're old man. He mango few stories. He did he. Did i tell you what it shined sparkle so after that odysseus is like. Well i gotta go meet with your mom so you go to bed and get some sleep. So with that odysseus the bed and then he goes to meet with penelope now while he's waiting for penelope he's again insulted by the made memphis or mythos. She's the one that insulted him earlier she sees again. She's like well. You not just leave us alone and know talks about out. Dirty nasty is and odysseus calls her out. He's like what have i done to you to make you hate me so much. 'cause dirty and don't have the means i mean she did tell him otherwise asking. Yes yes that's exactly. Why name college and well. He also tells her. You know if dome marcus. Here's you know. He's not going to be happy that you're treating guests like this so you should probably watch what you're saying. Well unbeknownst her penelope was listening and she comes in and and this is where in the book. It's worded kinda weird. She says you'll pay with your head. So i don't know if she is going to be executed or if it was because nothing really happens if she doesn't have taken away she's like you're going to be executed. Now get out of here. It's like well. I know that. I'm not just going to be like okay. I'll go away. I mean she's like you. You know dang well that i told you to bring anybody who shows up here to me and here. You are berating him asking him. Why hasn't left. Because i want to know where my husband is right. She's like oh my gosh the queen. Yeah that's that's exactly what exactly. I'll go homers beautiful. Sometimes you make some weirdo quotes strange. It happens not paraphrasing again. I wish that's exactly what so ever that penelope has a chair brought in for herself. And then she has a bench brought in for odysseus and they are sitting face to face then penelope aso dishes where he's from but initially odysseus acts reluctant. He's like you know my passes too painful. I wish not talk about it so then penelope starts talking about what. She's had to go through how her husband's been gone for twenty years. Her son has had to grow up around. This chaos. you know with no guiding figure pretty much and then everyone's trying to force her to marry someone that she doesn't want to marry she doesn't want any of these guys she just wants to be left alone. If odysseus isn't coming home so she she tells about she concocted the plan to we've that tunic for layer teas and every night. She would undo it she will. Hey i want what. I'm doing with a student. I'll marry somebody. But every night she would undo what she weaved that day so it wasn't always starting at the beginning and then she tells us you've actually got out for that and that you know. They called her so she she's forced him you know. She's in a really sticky situation. She's like again. You know. I told you my bad stuff. Don't tell me yours. And then with that odysseus like okay. Yeah that's a fair point. So gani tells me goes back to crete. Crete's go to when he needs to make something up but this time he kind of spices it up. He says he's from crete. But he's the younger brother of domino's so he's giving himself a little more status when talking to penelope and that his name is eighth in and ten days after a dominates left odysseus actually arrived in crete seeking. A is the reason they arrived in creed is because of a storm. Blew him off course and they had to stop and create to weather out the storm. Well since a domino's actually left ten days before odysseus scott there now i know this sounds confusing because eighth in is odysseus. And i'm i. It's really hard to keep track of because odysseus telling the story about meeting odysseus. He's like water. Honk yet seen. I heard a couple of people. Call them buddhists. yes but it was. It was a good booty. Yeah those we'll get to that second on that. Yeah but so just just for reference. If i mentioned eighth in that is actually odysseus so just to get that out of the way. He also said that he made bellerophon fon a couple of times that he did not say that was a cool namedrop. no one talks about blair fawn. I talk about you. Talk about blair fall. And that's about it w wbz d- what what fondue dustin we're gonna make some bracelet zanu merch. My god so eighth in who is odysseus hosts odysseus confusing since dominates is left. Now this causes penelope to weep because you know he's talking about her husband but when she dries her tears she decides to put the stranger to the test and the test is asking him what odysseus look like what he was wearing and who has comrades were because only someone who actually met odysseus would know all that information will the stranger who gains odysseus and skies. He responds with old lady. It is hard with so long a time between to tell you that for twenty years gone since he set forth and left my land. Still i will tell you how my mind makes him. Appear a cloak of purple wool. Odysseus war made with a double fold a broach of gold upon it was fashioned with twin buckles. The front part ornamented in his four paws a dog held down spotted fawn and clutched it as it richard. This all admired and marveled. How though things have gold the dogwood clutch and choke the fawn and how the fawn that struggle do scape would twitch. Its feet his tunic too. I noticed gleamed across the flesh just like the skin stripped down from dried onion so smooth it was and glistening like the sun and truly many a woman gays on the man with wonder but this i will say further market. Well i do not know of odysseus. Wore this dress at home or comrade gave it when he entered the swift ship or yet perhaps some host odysseus was beloved by many men few equally gave him gifts myself. A sword bronze a beautiful purple doublet and bordered tunic. And i sent him off with honor on his. Well been ship a herald. Older than myself attended him. I will describe what manner of man this herald was bent. The shoulders swore the curly herald named europe. Eighties odysseus honored him beyond his other comrades because he had a mind that suited well his own. Now obviously this being odysseus describing it he described odysseus. You know perfectly exactly what he was wearing. Who young with everything. What a man. And of course he had to throw in all. The women were drooling over And he's looked so amazing talking about himself. You know you gotta you gotta pump yourself up. you know. Every time i tell my wife stories. I'm like and you know what this neil kid back. Neal knew everybody loved him. Couldn't wait she she where she. It's beautiful that she doesn't listen to the podcast march because then i'm like man. I really dustin. He thanked me on the podcast for being friend. I have saved and changed his life. Yeah live with all your heart knowing you. She doesn't believe it but that's fire that's fire. I don't blame her. I wouldn't leave it on so after. He described himself perfectly. She gets really overwhelmed with grief because now she knows for a fact that he has actually seen her husband so she starts to we but when she she gets herself together again and then odysseus starts sympathize with her. But then he's sympathizes for what she's feeling because she thinks that the stranger has all her husband and she's never going to see him that he was the last person this is to her knowledge. You know that can describe him to her and that tears row but odysseus knows that that's not true because he is owed is began saying anything so he's got a torn about that so so to kind cheer up. He assures her that odysseus still live and on his way home and he tells her this that he heard it. From the king. Of the thesselonians any recounts how odysseus crew was lost after eating the sun. God's animals you know we talked about that earlier All the crew was lost but he survived and arrived at the land of the fations and that the physicians were bringing home they gave him. You know gifts. They treated him with honor and they were bringing him home. Rest assured he was going to be there soon. He left out a lot You know sursee glimpse. Oh and all that stuff but anyway but alabi appreciates the story but she still feels that odysseus is lost forever but she does offer the stranger a bed and to have his feet washed. We'll the stranger whose odysseus declines the bed and says only a soul is tortured as his would be allowed to clean his feet. He doesn't you know he wants someone. That knows strife and sorrow to wash his feet. Penelope's like i got just the person and she summons the old nurse Your wrigley of to wash his feet. So the going to like an adjacent room tour for more penelope is and you wrigley as she puts cold water in the basin and then she puts hot water in it and then when she goes to wash his feet she sees something she feels something. Oh scar those no feet. I mean we don't know by i. Suppose that's agar she feels and see something on his foot and she instantly recognizes that. It's a scar that only odysseus had no. She's probably wash odysseus his feet a bunch of time so she knows it well and it's a scar that he obtained as a youth. It doesn't really say how old he was. What i'm su- let's just say. He was like what eleven twelve year. Neil yeah. he's probably even younger. Because it's a story about deceased but we'll just go with. He was eleven. He went to stay with his grandfather. kiss and Talk is the sons which would be his uncles and they went on a boar hunt. Well odysseus up corner in this bore by himself and the bore like charges at him and odysseus dodges out of the way but it's tusk caught odysseus his foot and that's what left. The sky went all the way to the bone. And that's where he got the scar. And i think he ended up killing the ball. Because it's odysseus this does dope style So you know. His eleven year old killing wild-boar. The spirit is what it is and she immediately recognizes that it's odysseus and she goes to like embracing scream in excitement and odysseus kind of was hanover mouth. And he's like nurse. Are you trying to get me killed. What are you thinking. Jill and he kinda threatens her like you need to you. Don't say word. Do not let penelope know anything. And while this is going on a theme comes up with some kind of distraction to keep penelope from looking in there and see what's going on after odysseus tells euroclear like hey chill. Yeah it's me but don't let penelope no she's like you ain't got nothing to worry about. Melissa sealed secret. Save with me. Don't worry about it so she goes to fetch some more water because you know she knocked the base over and excitement and communities the washes feet. Well after the fi the foot washing odysseus gets closer to the fired. Warm up and penelope comes in and she tells him about a dream she's had recurring. Maybe can help me understand what it means. Because i don't know now in this dream she has twenty geese. An eagle comes down from the mountains. Kills all twenty geese by breaking their necks then the ego lands in the rafters of the palace and start speaking in a human voice and what the eagles says is courage daughter of renowned a carries. This is no dream but true reality. Which yet shall come to pass. The geese are suitors. And i the eagle was at the first bird but now the second time and comb your husband to bring a ghastly doom on all the suitors. And she's like what does that mean. What could what could you possibly mean. Am i the eagle. Yeah i thought this was kind of funny because the dream explained itself as she explained to ever there was a dream and a story. That didn't need interpreting. This was it. So i imagine no dishes going to a funny loc- like really but he tells her he tells her what he thinks. It means he says lady. The dream cannot be understood by rushing it onto other meanings odysseus surely has himself revealed. What yet shall be the suitors. Overthrows plane on all at falls. None shall escape from death doom. Yeah i agree. Let's pretty much. What man. That's what i get out of it anyway. I actually just think that there's going to be talking. Eagle which is probably probably blair ifan show up. Kill the blair will show up. Kill the suitors. And he's going to rescue penelope and they're gonna live happily ever after Yup that sounds rush right fantastic. Thank you what was god. What would we be the gotta heroes. We got a flight. Gotta find god of winged horse and then losing it getting zapped so even after this penelope is still not convinced that odysseus overturn and she concedes stranger the she must remarry but she tells him that she wishes to hold a contest to decide who shall she remarry now this contest is consists of stringing odysseus though and then firing one single ero through twelve ax rings now acts ratings are the little rings at the bottom of an axe handle so this person wants to stream this bow and shoot one single ero through twelve holes pretty much cleanly and odysseus is like you know what that's a great idea. I think you should do that tomorrow. As a matter of fact don't waste any time with it. That's the perfect blend you you go ahead and do that. So with that the two part and then they enjoy their own russell night and that's how we in book night. Yeah perfect so that brings up the ambiguity of penelope does she doesn't she now so a lot of what happens with penelope camby. Chalk down to it. Actually being her understanding what's happening so they call it the early recognition. That's what a lot of the scholars Describe it as in the best way to explain. Is there if you translate it. From the original greek terms there's a couple of terms that in quotes that actually translate a little bit different than for us so when she tells the dream to odysseus in the original translation she says listen i and then interpret so yeah no it was interpret. I then listen. So she's telling him. I if this is what they're saying on early recognition if you listen to or if you interpret what. I'm trying to say you in this coded message then you can listen. So if let's say she is someone who knows. She recognizes them immediately. Probably if she does recognize him. It's probably because of one. The the jokes that he makes a little tongue in cheek remark to her about odysseus being such a fine man getting all these women because no old beggar in his right mind would tell an old queen or not note queen a queen who is grieving over her husband that man though did he pull some tale in crete right. It's a little tongue in cheek remark. And i think that that's about if we can pinpoint it to a certain time for him. That's when i would say that. She does know she does and maybe she still unsure and maybe she has her bed maybe she decides that stringing the bow like if this is odysseus drinking the bow only. He could do it if not. It'll buy me some more time. But let's say she is for the sake of argument. She does know that it's him. I she says well. I had this crazy dream Are you going to kill the suitors. And he goes. I might be perhaps. And then she goes What would happen if i gave you the bow. And he's like i would use that bo. You should do that tomorrow. So i mean this is a pretty good argument to in yatta. Also take in mind look at the difference in her reaction so think back to the last three books. She's been this character who had literally no substance to her just this grieving wife and then all of a sudden i actually the first thing. We even hear from her book. Nineteen is her berating. Her handmaiden milan throws and she says you actually had the quote rate. Here hang on. How will you knew you heard from my own lips that i meant to probe the stranger in our house and ask about my husband. My heart breaks for him. I quote that we hear from penelope and then the first thing she says to odysseus under is not. Have you seen my husband. It's where do you come from new. are you so. It's kind of a strange situation. Then when he tells the details then she goes nope. My husband's dead. All of a sudden is a complete change. Yeah i think my husband would still be out there and then all of a sudden it's my husband said now. Why would she do that well. She's got a lot of spies in there. So he's got to talk to him coded message and then like this is kind of throws a curveball in it because he feels bad for and she was like you know if you could just shut up about that and my husband said i'm talking and then he still keeps doing it and then finally she's like maybe we could get someone to wash your feet. You know because maybe you've got something weird going on with your feet odysseus. He's like no. I don't think i would like someone to wash my feet. And she's like. I got a person to watch wash your foot. And then lo and behold right person does it just everything seems a little too convenient because keep in mind fits perfectly if if homer puts it in there. There's a reason for it doesn't just tell us these random little anecdotes and actually one of my favorite quotes. I actually wrote down from fables. Which is the version. That i use for the translation. He says and the introduction. This is why he explains that. Homer is such a standing and sticking authors. Homer shows us character and motivation. Not by editorial explanation but through speech and action. We're not told what is going through the minds of his characters. We're shown and what better way can we show that penelope's not some weak and pathetic typical heroic woman than by having her be this mischievous and beguiling woman because we'll also see in the end. She tricks odysseus again. Because i don't think odysseus knows. I don't think this is realizes. If she does now that she recognizes him because when they finally me in the end she does a trick to trick him into revealing. Who he is you know will. Yeah because od. Well another injury to agree to agree with you. There odysseus also has a pretty big ego. So he's probably thinking man. She doesn't know what to i. I am so good lying frigging waiting. I'm so clever and dope and did you see how bad she got. When i made that remark blyden by his own ego. I feel like that they're onto something. I do believe that they're right. I think that she she does now. That's my side of it. The other side of it people say well you know there are elements that don't stay with it like The way that she reacts to bring up the boat. That's such a strange time to say that. But the argument against that is why would she bring that up. Like if she's like. Oh man i can't can't make a decision. What if i just make them string of this bow just came up with right then and i think i need to settle down now. Okay well why don't you just pick something better than decide. And there's one other thing that i'm starting to notice to. I think ancient greeks might have had a foot fetish dustin. They might have had a foot feet. Walsh there's a lot of feet washing feet recognition. Remember mitt allow us. He recognized tell lamarcus because his feet look like his dad's foot. Yeah there's there's weird things going on. Why feet washing was just kind of like thing back. Then because it's even mentioned like biblically sign of like humbleness and wash someone's feet and getting in close Toes on you finish. I'm just saying. Perhaps i'm can't rule it out giant rule we've already established a correlation between a black market of shepherd stealing babies in the wilderness and selling them to royalty specifically on mountains on mountainsides. And now you know. Maybe there's a foot fetish. I don't know. I'm not saying anything. But i am saying. Yeah and then there's one more stacking there's one last thing i wanted to bring up So with the scarred. Actually there's a little bit of that in that tale that they explained the origins of his name so the yeah his grandfather gave him the name odysseus which was it could be translated into multiple ways. But the the best way that they've found is he who gives and Gives pain or hugh inflicts pain and he receives pain which is kind of the best way to describe the story of odysseus everywhere he goes he inflicts and receives pain because he just can't get out of his own way odysseus. Just stop man. But i'm but some matrix stuff right here. If a talk has had named him odysseus would he still have done all the stuff now because they know went up cared wouldn't rambled. Buddhists back with a matrix. Yeah that wind paradox mind blowing. I bet. if he wasn't named odysseus. I bet that balon would have gotten his time to all right. That's this is sad part. That's the sad part. Everybody everyone in this listening and it has stuck it out. Just know that is that odysseus could still walk around and strut around with his his scantily dressed. Bomb while bellerophon gets whore stolen from him by hercules and disney movie and by perseus and clash of the titans. I'm just saying is bullcrap gabby. wbz thanks. i really had to say thank you for that blur phone. Shout out yet again plugged. Plug blair oh my god. So that takes us book. Twenty can make twenty kinda lack some luster now. But i don't know because this first part of book twenty. I found kind of relatable the books. Good it's just. I mean how can you follow a blair von you can't man. He's the an albedo so in book. Twenty it starts with odysseus lying down on the floor. He doesn't lay down on a bed he just throws a fleece down and that's where he's going to sleep but he's unable to sleep and the reason is he is wrestling with his anger towards the suitors. And his you know he's giddy about one he he wants to snuff him out immediately but he's also feeling fear fear of failure because this is his home and family that's at stake and he has to try to pep talk himself by reminding reminding him he's like hey you know we've we've faced worse odds you know we're stuck in a cable cyclops. Those eaten us and we got out of that sack troy. you did. Yeah yeah he's he's trying to talk himself up. But it's not working and i understand why here because you know you you know you might have a dangerous job and it doesn't bother you as much as if there's danger when you're on home because that's your family you know in odysseus case. He's the first and last line of defense if he fails you know his family's going as homes going down so that is a fear that he's wrestling with like i. I can easily fail. It's to be twenty or more. You know we can easily die and if that happens then my son's dead they'll probably kill penelope or worse and yeah that's a real fear and i think a lot of people can relate to that. I mean it's easy to when when it's just as long shot goal that you're just mindlessly trying to obtain it's not the stakes are high because you're like well. That was another curveball. Let me just keep going and just keep plugging keep going and then all of a sudden it's real like the next day you're like oh god okay all right. This is happening as we're here. Joe now say it's easy to get pumped up. Yeah so he's gonna psyching himself out and that is when athena comes to and asks why he's not sleeping and odysseus tells her you know. Hey i'm struggling with this. And athena gives him some godly advice. She says oh doubter. Men trust weaker friends. Who are mortal. Not wise. As i i am a god and will protect you the end through all your toils and let me tell you plainly should fifty troops of moral men stand roundabout us eager in the fight to slay. You still might drive them away from their oxen and sturdy. Sheep no no. Let's lumber comb evil. It is to watch and wake all the night long. You shall come come forth from peril yet so she lays down the law like hey you got another worry about. I'm god i can literally do anything to you mortals personally. Yeah she did is like you trust your comrades who are men. I'm a god. Do you know how bad your make me look right now. I am really my friends already. Make fun of me. Because i care about humans and then you little pant or sitting here trying to act like you're not gonna win with my help. Oh yeah yes. She does not really tested she. that doesn't sparkle so after she gives them that harsh speech she poor sleep upon him. So i'm leaving you with that. Goes to sleep olympus which is even funnier when you think about it that there's a god sleep so i just kind of imagine like just like a pouring him on just Yeah exactly and he's like he comes out like a pogo. You looks lose. yeah. And i'm with you on. Oh i mean. I just meant like you know. Say their names but yet yawn to sleep him. We'll we'll meanwhile while disley odysseus gets put to sleep but lb wakes up from her sleep she wakes up crying and you know wishing that odysseus was here and then she begins to pray to artists now she prays for from artists. Is death okay. She's like arduous breeze. Strike me down with your arrow. 'cause if i can't be with odysseus than i do not want to marry a lesser man. Do not make me you know. I don't wanna see anything. Bad happened to my son. Just kill me skills on how to deal with this. What could go wrong yet. Right when praying artists for the. That's probably the last one you want. Because she'd be more than happy to oblige so odysseus actually wakes up at the back end of this prayer and kind of. Here's penelope and you know it makes them feel pretty sad. He's going on my wife's wishing for death and i can't can't do anything yet but maybe today it will be the day today is going to be the day i got this. So he folds up as fleas and puts it on the bench heads down to the. I guess it would be the main pal like the bank would hall or whatever and while he's walking there. He praised to zeus for a sign that he will be victorious. And that everything will be co-pathetic so you know he starts praying and sure enough a big boom thunder resounds through the palace and there's actually like a group of like a dozen women that make barley unlike corn meal and stuff every day and one of those ladies. Actually here's the thunder and she says out loud. What is not a cloud in the sky. And that's thunder that zeus saying. These suitors are gonna get ghosted. I'm paraphrasing but yeah that's what she says and both those signs please odysseus. He's like all right. I heard the thunder. And i heard the lady proclaim. It'll be doomed the suitors. So we're good to go so that kind of makes odysseus feel even better about. What's about to transpire now. Tell marcus also wakes up. And he immediately asks directly up if the stranger was taken care of and the way he got asks it. He's kinda harsh about penelope his mom when he asked said he's like a was my mom like you know because i know she nice to him because i know she's kind of in this funk where she's nice to people shouldn't be nice to mean to people she should be nice to and you're equally as like. Don't blame someone. that's that's you know blameless. She took very good care of the stranger even though she offered him a bed. He declined because he's an animal that's what she says he'd rather sleep on the floor like a beast or something like that and but no he was very well taken care of and Tell them okay. That's what's up. Never mind the day back with us about my mom. So with that. Rick in the Serving gals star preparing the palace for the suitors. Now before the suitors get there you may us. The swineherd enters ingred so dishes and asks of situations getting any better there. I don't mean to him immediately after asking that alanthea's comes back the goat herd and he wants again in odysseus and is like you're still here Man made me happy as punching the face. That's really what he says in its wild and then after him the cattle herd felonious arrives and he's actually very very friendly to the stranger which is odysseus. he's like. Hey where are you from stranger. You know this and that and wishes him all the good fortune and everything. He's really plucky guy. He's he's nice. And odysseus sees that the cattle herd is loyal and wise and he prophesized that he will see odysseus. Slay the suitors right soon. He's like you will see it with your own eyes because flotillas loyalty. oh dishes. He talks about how he misses odysseus and how he would like to leave but he can't because he still has hope that oh dishes will return and he wants to be there when he does so. Without prophecy. the cattle herd felonious is like hall. That would be awesome. If that happened. You'd see how loyal and strong i am. I'd i'd hop to virtually what he says. So after that the suitors arrive and they start killing all the animals in you know getting the feast prepared and they're still contemplating killing. Tell him okkas. this is still going on. They're still thinking about. they're still waiting for that. Sign that amphibious was asking for sure enough they get it and intimacies an eagle clutching a'dove flying above them and he pointed out to the suitors. He's like hey the eagles clutching adult. That's gotta be signed from saying it's bad idea to kill marcus so i think we should loan and the suitors are like all right. Yeah i'm cool with that that anyway. So yeah whatever no big deal. So then. the feast begins and while feasting tele bacchus. Makes it perfectly clear that there is not any funny business about the stranger. don't mess with. Don't don't mess with anybody. It's pretty much what he tells them to keep it a chill day you know. Stop throwing stools. Don't start nothing. We'll be nothing. Wealthy has other plans. She wants odysseus to stay. You know mad at the suitors. She wasn't be red hot fuming so she puts it into a young wealthy arrogant suitor. Name catastrophes. She wasn't his mind to mock him. 'cause they give him up a portion of food equal to their own at this feast and catastrophes stands up and his like you'll he's you know he's got a portion equalled hours and you know what i'll give them a little more and he picks up a cow hoof and hawks it at him and almost hits him in the head but odysseus season narrowly ducks underneath it and the cow hoof hits against the wall. Now this gives a sly little angry and like all right yeah. I'm killing everybody today on a couple of people but you know what throwing a health not taking it. So tell him agassi's this and he immediately response was threatening to cut down catas- right in there with a sword. Well one of the suitors then speaks is like hey you know. I know you don't like us. Don't want to see her. But if you just tell your mom to hurry up and choose a new husband we'll be out of your hair. Borough just dillard choose. And he's like a. I told her to choose somebody i want. I want you out of here. I told her to choose. She doesn't think any you guys are good. And they're like oh. I came in there literally. Like they laugh at him because none of them think that can be possible jerry. There's what there's no way she thinks none of us are worthy because they're so into themselves so suitors. Laugh and you know. They're making fun of telemacus well. Unbeknownst to them the clemente's the pro. The descendant of the prophet that met with tele. Marcus in was was a sparta where he met him was a piero's sparta on. Yes it was. It was one of the two. He met him there and came back with him. He's there in the banquet and apparently ability to be a prophet is inherited because he sees all the suitors covered in blood and blood on the walls and they all have this ghostly foreign appearance and he immediately stands up and he's like you guys are all doomed. You guys are going to die. I can see like your. That's exactly pretty much exactly what he says. And he's like. I don't know what guys'll laughing about you're all you're all doom all gonna die. I can see it. Will they get mad at him. Start making fun of him and they try to kick him out and he's like i know my own way out. Yeah and he gets up and leaves and meets back with a aparicio's who wanna tell them office's best friends and that's what he's gonna stay with instead of with telemacus he's like. I'll be danged if i'm going to be thrown out by a bunch of ghosts right lunch dead. Walk myself out. Thank you very much touch me with your taint. And that is how that's how we in book. Twenty a destined with some taint touch painted a What do you think deceased said when that was them. I don't know it be holds me to kill the suitors. I wish we closers like a punch. Yes just beautiful. I didn't come prepared for that one. That's poetry in motion. Over that is that is audible honey. Let's get on audible. Let's do it. Let's do you have anything advert twenty. No that was that was it. Okay the awesome. That is all you had to say. So book twenty one starts with putting him penelope's blind the idea to retrieve the bow announced the contest. So that's exactly what she does now. Little back story on the bow. The bows actually a gift to odysseus from. If it is if you guys remember if it is was the one in our Heracles episode that there was a con. There was an archery contest. The winner of this archery contests would marry the daughter of yotis whiches if it is his father and I believe it was yola. Isle of iona was the daughter that was to be married to the winner of his archery conduct. Will eric lease wins. It and forget that this is also the part where decimal all hyped on haircuts and that was like. Don't forget that the bow can't mess that is true. So don't don't let no no. No that was the part with the birds stem failure. Birds doesn't doesn't play his archery skills a lot. But the man had a bo that couldn't miss so real hard that's fair. that is fair. The smallville where he just kicks the ball and it just goes in. I can't argue with that. not smallville. nice. I don't know what you're talking about so matic you're on your own there so he wins this contest to win the hand of yellow the daughter of eurydice who was the father if it is but they won't it won't let her marry eric lease because he's like. Hey you mad once before and killed your whole family. And i think you'll probably do that to my daughter. Some nago let you marry him merrier. And he's like. Oh well that's rude but okay would've will later on autologous odysseus. His grandfather is pleasantville. Was it okay thanks. I'm glad you looked at us. Well autologous comes by in steals a bunch of your sheep and after that they blame herrick lease because they're like well he's mad that we wouldn't let them marry. I wouldn't wanna marry my daughter it has to be him and eurydice and all of a suns thing oh yeah it had to be heracles. Only one that doesn't think heracles did it is if it is like. I don't think he did it guys. I think we're jumping the gun here. I also would like to point out that. What are we gonna do about it if he did right. What are they going to do about if he did. Exactly where do you. How do you think this is going to play out. You're going to confront heroically needs you. Go right on ahead just became king overnight right. Well just kills you all in married your daughter anyway so it is what it is. I got mine so what happened. If it is is he goes to herrick lease to talk to him and to make sure that he wasn't one that did it because he you know he's like hey eric leigh's my family thinks you're the one that did it. I know you didn't. We just need some proof. Eric logo okay and shakes his hand. And everything's cool. But then harrow makes heracles go mad and harcourt's picks up if it is and throws him off the walls of tearing or the cliffs of tyranny and kills them right there before that happened. Odysseus had a run in with. If it is over some there was some sheep that were taken from ithaca and odysseus had to go find out who did it and on the way he met if it is and they became friends and if this actually gave him his bow under. I'm sorry i'm still just playing out in my mind again. Just haircuts great man. You know what. I appreciate that handshake. Strap back man. I really appreciate it. Good looking out. Who excelled and there's like. What are you doing and just grabs him. And we were cool man all the over. It's like that's so wrong. Guys are just ruthless. Man i know you go and that's how we got the theme of our podcast right. That is it stuff like that. I dea so anyway. That's that's where she's got the bose before he was thrown off a cliff one of his friends so so penelope addresses the suitors after destroying the bone lays down the rules of the contest. Which is you know. String the bow shoot. One arrow through twelve ax rings. Then she has. You may bring the bow down to the suitors. Now seeing the bove their king makes you may us and flotillas start to weep. You know You know it hits them hard. They're like this is really must really be gone. If we've come to this show will antoninus. You know one of the jerk suitors starts mocking them for crying. What are you calling for. Who you've herdsmen get outta here. It's pretty much what he said. Yeah we'll tell them. Marcus is very eager of this challenge. And he sets up the axes and then he gives string in the boa try so he's the first ago now. He struggles in his unable to stream the both three times. But it says he probably would've gotten it on the fourth had he not seen odysseus shaken his head signaling for him not to like. I don't look this is mine. Don't don't Don't do it. So that lamarcus stops and then he has the suitors lineup and attempt. You know we almost had an oedipus complex going on here right. Why was even trying. Like i just wanna know like i think you've just for like pride sake deceive. You could do it now. you're my wife. Well maybe that was just playing like me. Five string for anyone else can just kick you out. Because i'm the ruler. I mean i guess. Maybe i don't know i wasn't there. That's weird things going on in this story now so after that he you know he has everyone. Line up and attempt single fire file. The first that attempts of the suitors is leo Liotti's who's kind of their soothsayer and he personally abhors the suit crowd. He's not down with it. He thinks they're you know a bunch of jerks to he fails at stringing the bow and immediately exclaims that the bow will rob many chiefs of life and they should leave and find wives elsewhere. Well they refused. They're like no. We're not going to do that. And antanus has alanthea's start a fire and grab a cake of fat and hopes of loosening greasing the bow up because if you if you put would next to a fire in greece it up. It's supposed to make more pliable. So they get that going and while that's happening deceased you as and flotillas go outside. This is going to need help. So he's trying to recruit these to help him and the do so. He tests their loyalty by asking. He's like hey if odysseus was the show up right here right now some god dropped them off or if he popped up out of nowhere. Would you help him. Or would you help the suitors and be honest obviously. They're both loyal to odysseus so that we would help odysseus. Why yeah in a in a heartbeat and that is where we come to the quote that we read for you at the beginning of the episode. He reveals himself to them. He's like okay. Well i'm odysseus surprise. It's me and approve it. I will show you my scar that i obtained from the bore. They see omer got. It is odysseus and odysseus promises. That if they help he'll give them homes right next to his will give them wives and status and they you know he'll look upon them like telemakos lamarcus they will be equal in status and then after that they all star you know weeping in kazan each other on the head and hogan and gino's big happy reunion thing going on leno dishes cut short because he doesn't want to get spotted. Obviously and get outed. Susan are all right. This is what we're gonna do. We're gonna go in one time. I'll go in first and then you guys come in later so as they don't suspect any expecting thing now when the suitors are done with the bow you may as you're gonna bring me the bow and while that's happening flotillas you're gonna go outside in. You're going to lock the courtroom door. You're gonna bar shot so the suitors can't get out and then you may as after you give me the bo- you're going to go to The handmaid's and you're gonna tell them to lock themselves in the room and just kind of do their work and no matter what they hear. Do not interfere. Do not open the door and come check it out staying room and do some work or something. Just do not come in. So that's the plan and with that odysseus comes back in sits down where he was originally seating then the other two shortly after now. Let's see here now. Antanus just tried are you. I'm sorry you're a mockus as just tried the bow. And he is unable to string it and he feels quite a bit of shame for this because now hits him that he is a far lesser man than odysseus because he could not string this bow. And he's not able to well or antanus chimes in and says it must be because it's the day of apollo's feast. No one's going to be able to string about a day. It's day of the archer. God's fee so yeah what are we doing so this is what we're gonna do. We're going to leave everything here we're just going to pour some libations and then tomorrow we're gonna come in and make some sacrifices you make some offerings option sacrificed some offerings. And then yeah. We'll string a no problem will no big deal. We are men. Yeah we'll all the miniature either. Yeah that's a great idea. It's gotta be because it's apollo's fees. That's why we can stirring it. We'll deceased then announces that he would like to. Attempt stringing the bow. he's like. I just wanna see if i can do. I want to see if my muscles are still strong. And i'm not a feeble old man anymore. I still got it. This he's saying is pretty much. I ride now. The suitors do not greet this very welcoming it actually angers them quite a bit because they it says that they have a fear that he might be able to do it because i saw how he whooped up on that other beggar earlier that was. Actually you know pretty well built and odysseus you know. Turn the lights off in one hit so there are a little weary of this guy and penelope's like hey let him do it. You honestly think. I'd marry emmys a beggar even if he strings it. I'm not gonna marry me. It has got nothing to worry about all. We know you're not gonna marry him if he strings he's a beggar. We're worried about is if he's able to string it as a beggar that's going to dishonor us is gonna make us look shameful. No no you misunderstand. As we know you won't. Maryam were worried about our honor. Yeah and penelope actually has a good rebuttal that she goes zero mockus. Men cannot be an honor in the land and rudely robbed household of their prince. Why then count this. Shame like. Where's the where's the line here. You guys are destroying my family and house and in money. But you guys don't want a beggar string abo- you can't like with the line here. Boys the strangers truly tall and well knit to call himself. The son of a good father given the polish bone. Let us see for this. I tell you in shelby done. If he shall bended and apollo grants is prayer. I will clothe him. And a coat and tunic goodly garments give him appointed pointed spear keep off dogs and men a to sword and sandals his feet and i will send him whereas heart and soul may bid him. Go well with that telemacus steps in. And he's like mom if anyone has the right to see who can use you know or the right to decide who contest this bo. It should be me. I'm kind of the rightful heir here so this should be my call. So why don't you just go on your room and let me handle this. And she's like oh okay and then she goes into a room and when she does she begins the week fro deceased but then athena comes in and the ad begin pour some sleep honor so now penelope is wracked out now after this you may as picks the bow up and goes to hand it to odysseus but when he does this the suitors. Threaten him for their like. You put that bow down swineherd or we're gonna put you on a ship and take you somewhere and just leave you there. And he's like oh. Why don't want that to happen. Swe goes to put the bobak down. We'll tell lamarcus in chimes obese. Like hey you picked the bow up. I'm in charge here. You pick the boa boa hose and you give it to the stranger. Wahyu who's a way. Jose you gotta go the line model leaving many of them up. Oh my god is. I'll save them okay so with that you may as picks the bow backup hands it to. This is now at the same time. This is happening flotillas win and barred the courtyard gates with a cable before returning. Now this is holding the bow begins to inspect it to see if worms had gnawed the horn while he was gone and all the men are looking at him and some people are saying like he is really looking that bo over like he's got one just like it or wants to make one dislike it. He knows what he's doing. It's a bow brainer mica. I can't can't do it anymore. Oh man i hate so you know. This has their attention. And then odysseus you know disguised as the stranger easily stretches the sheep goats string in its place and strums it so the suitors could hear its cord you. Let's like musical chord. Bloom like a heart and he strung it so easy look like jaw drop right now. He then grabs an aero lines thunder rings in the distance. Zoo slip noticias. No it's time now deceased fires. A shot leaves aero clean and passes through all twelve ax rings and when that happens telemacus ready sword. And that's where we leave you guys all this episode raises sort. And he says bo my goodness it's bowtie. You don't know bo bo. Yeah so many good ones broken. So we'll turn bo. You think you can dance. Yes so great episode. It was a great episode. I really liked these three books. I think we should name it but way jose. I think that's what we should name this like these books. They were really good. But way. Jose i liked the name but you know i read a thing that apparently a lot of people do not like the back half of the odyssey because they feel. He's in disguise too long. And you know i can kind of see where they're coming from. But i feel like i've read this to confirm my own suspicions that homer does this to of build suspense. Because that's that's what i get out of it. It's because you don't call it or not. I mean if you if you know nothing of greek mythology and this is the first. I'm hearing over dizziness. You don't know if he's if he's going to get found out or not and yeah. I mean we touch base on that. A couple of i know but yeah. That's just wild to me that so many people dislike the back half of this book after he gets done dying. I i saw that has more so to do with people. Go into thinking man. The books that they let us read in high school were cyclops and And caribbean This and so. I mean obviously that this is going to be an action packed book and then they find out that those are just the main experts. I mean whatever. Get over it up sweetheart because you don't even even in the book to book five. Yeah and he's crying on a beach money. It's not the most masculine that you've seen him. You know but we just blew blah blah that so. Many people didn't like the. Because i thought those three in particular. We're pretty good. I think that we left. We left you guys with cliffhanger because it's about to get real next next episodes actually going to be the last episode of the odyssey so epic conclusion coming. Your way is good episode. jim. I agree i. I don't understand why they wouldn't like it. I think it's everything is on the line. It's like book tune in the iliad. Diomede haters man. that's what it is. I forgot how about ten. you You know now. We're going to tell you you decide i'll book. Dan was one especially when odysseus forgot to grab the rain or web so they had to like use a bow to me. It was like a buddy cop. Sitcom you know the two opposites just trying to do this wild task together. And that's how that's what i thought it was. It was falling one. That's just balls to the wall and the other one that's just Ski ski schemer to do her. Yeah yeah it was literally like a sitcom you knew everything was going to be all right but some hijinks all right guys. We'll appreciate all the support you guys give us again. Wwe d- what would you look for the bracelet scout for the bracelets. Also if you guys could hit the like button also subscribe. I'm not saying that. Maybe just like in the previous episodes that might kercheval. Drop a balkan alanya. It'd be not i'm not saying it but turns himself to stones astound favor. We hit fifty thousand downloads. Yup we're kind of on their radar now though all the shadows i give him. You're saying we're gonna get struck down like blair avante nope our chest out hubris you. That's the one thing. I've got going for me all right. Thanks guys have a good one. Yup so you guys next time l. Spawn up though.

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#11: Das Hotellerie-Labor The Lab Hotel in Thun - Hotelchefin Janine Rfenacht im Interview

Upgrade Hospitality - der Podcast für Hotellerie und Gastronomie

40:51 min | 7 months ago

#11: Das Hotellerie-Labor The Lab Hotel in Thun - Hotelchefin Janine Rfenacht im Interview

"Anki than also open. Monday sentenced directly women's issues entity whilst stopping immunised each persona to nashville go in savage any humanist and all became. Is this niche on them. Yali each persona In st l. doesn't even kind week One hundred pissed specimen becoming to upgrade hospitality. The input cost phil. Who have to me onto tova moss. My name is peter. Funston on gun at yawned august. Skiba ozzy in these podcasts vote combined done maidens each county by mia via does found the ended ashore mine. Hoity gaga's is janine. we've knocked. Who ten minutes of an addict lighter and this led in tune in dutch fights hundred nin jato pay. Oh janine do pissed who taste shefrin much pushed off funded project lighter in the leper. Tate's us mastered an ignition. That's all happened so long. Guns pheno hitting a pro lite on. I need to know who gets. Let's help yarn as even turn hemp. React vowed this break. This hits in teams opt lawson does hotel earth network on This being benefits dynasty hotel monitoring this That are patel neat. So trotskyites maturity the mid project. Imram this is the sodas onto hotel Numerically fetishists vitelle. Visit but i hear bertozzi fighter vacancy friend and this being passed brake lights. That inflation scoot is an invasion and house hotel. I'm agni have by vida vita invigorate before about missing a year to the aleppo's hotel but i'm correctomundo heighten. My unit yet to who an unvarnished invoice torn leaked tune. Gano to nick James in banner oberland direct biden. Alpin shown tunis league or hunter tell the fast. I'm safe and meet different here on the municipal i tim bassett tune is up would set rollicking. Awesome honest in being minute. Ninety four ban tune ban us spoon the dot that rights. I had not really his money. Said sets intolerant on schnell in tool on heroes even national in cya cemented sushi fan bomb than eight more. Who to took as a myers niche of the land carta crooked and the leaked midler invest. Nash rights tri-trimester lunch Managed on sued wesley. College or done emna zuhdi. Shopowners help shut bound implies nami can contain bound for a ban thanked me. It's caught him. Farmingdale talk madaba. Antilles northbound boy. He had vanished on in front. Not one sonoma's funding the took it not banish them between A pound strelka dot ca plod british team from city st shirts to mark autism service stars. Eddie mentioned advani. Pointless deep anguish states in in bonn and as far as we are endorsed niche had been fishing occupants. I'd feel justified says corporate funded as in bad advice. Scheuermann in mich- does undies. Should that on. The clock has disclosure which is a tight lock in term or not spotting this house a petition forged about interns apes vice. No bus common in interns or tune in tune community how tune nobody's vary with any shudder to name. Your social arched not minding his climate span of a weekly session. Skip the schloss tune. Our a skinny alamos liquid bear on respond. Say the mineralogy gave the say the On because arcus in any superheroes skunks punked on even even if the sheet in in Theresa too much throw your order. Eight mock starts on in lund on common dot national direct massage hudson on baden gain or Eager in dundee unto highlights and shown on the horizon funding got us on kenya into an off to deal far and who actually tune on our factual you heard yet as the patel. My delight often compass unhappy often. It doesn't mean. I'm i'm telling me ed since can met on your from we're bringing skill is kind of the moment in montana and see tony. It's kind of ocean. Does i on them. And it d'italia refuse fired. Give me. I'll starts them Separate are reality to win game this house and so obviously if you to make tour guides the climate gap fungus continents victory oliver tons of sidon got it can be and business baskin acura from also suit and a toolkit committee guest dips who again for what the grew up can be bus I muscled to tune. in connotes. a tone this is giving me a big yawn sensor keshishian discounts and losses kazakh. Shula tune would your for made us. That is from drastic yada. Would you hear on these chamdo wounds hair shulamit internet's three nine hundred on potato shula. Gabelli them wounded. Let's yard the how many of us me these intros took issue then yards mismatch combating bouncing equivalent and one hundred hundred worn lexicon similar to thailand dismissal in yatta coming on shift from and all the he said he said in china three and even some bow this hotels on stupid for china viane. I'm rick van meter condition common in any self. Ted talks with a tune up soviet foot we but islands fancy garden or optional cynicism on sale. I'm here as fury's is paul yet. Viagra cohen iago dot mangas art. Anaconda dijon on china china also about an off and vietnam's employees on on the stickman is. I need cited in a year on facebook kuna on dennis. Alice leaked s. Mom borden the nerve net yet. Another woman is kind versus few. Y'all stopped Furious your sphere. Not really Competition doesn't usually guests hub and insufficient. Guests were emeka gets to tune basically stanton barrett. Cindy's mind the interest to the powder this but yourself set up life within each comes so it was tied on storrow isolation on onto common your sincere stock vicky coffin. Coutanceau mahir into the. Let's say coot. The hotels random say With our biden on behalf not set up the summit islands zone sick thinking twenty convenient way more from profit kernan on them to hit on this given to disclose to us this kazakh in teesside hotel roof sneaking basin. Call me around the wrong season city. hotels often. An eyeless of and bolton here for marlin in october on site. Yeah okay who tell you the Discussion the leap. Who takes the snap tool fuzzy. I'd say that's how it's at laboratory. Foodi hotel in la hoya for ending experiment here. It is in airport and hotel Experiment theaters would is the safest and hotel experiment. We it's watched rushed sites and hotel in the experiment. Desisto on spa newsstands. Alan butin onset. The savage any comb talk kernan onto the so keep keeper in even experimentation To mine and so much. Lisa lab rooms. He fed meeting internet weeklong. Debate differ meeting the yet. Tibetan uprising tickled tom. John timon i give you sit tieman kiki name. It's i'm focused by food. Fibia clear once swiftness room dot roguish telomere. Kb surveyed spleen. We re perhaps marinas finish to pro took vice beefier violated but offering me trying as you feel pretentious off on on on. Does kassi helped them. Schloss definitely taught and hobbies the sequence to percents rights. Seeing these midland badness vice get so. I'm by spiel. The signature guest invaders misconduct by turkish mill. In it is deflect quantum loss along escaped time. Vanished okay m. Mid autumn mullen pop-rock sent on business on stockings. Up mother room to mosquito helped kidneys on. I'm that teammates. Management is smart. Bloom dockets Italy zero mosquito. Who reported does iraq jahre sind stupid hope giving in so To not fantasy despondent. Most todd in english spiel and enough program into southern bowen yang nine. We've been on your so haven't if in our by statelet hultman tarum. Toronto bhutto an. He's this concept on. Slide is a liberal windy pizzonia constant in them. So few islands is petty. It's affecting fish does different within content concept. We cannot on a home set. Mandates between agnes contented. I can tell team concept on this any either options bite diets. The on cassettes. Tom on the team at associates outlier in a spotted same. But it's about how s- concept lady next to them night east baltimore always give it. The feud on benefit and also given the sponsor his concept on a homestead. Janine has been at it for amazon husted and upshur safes under hotel factual ligament in torn on the vendetta at seats minority guys tong vestich danton understood. It is martin these potatoes. Yeah was told them. Couldn't fires million. Dean does hurt to your. We almost sister thailand. Violence is love when he not to shoot 'em sequitur society hundred very to be club. This lock foot. Alum york the mental kentucky our starch zero yucky early stumps that i'm gonna in this and are initial inside of an trillion cup so humidity's k. Arsonist for here com. Denying hoity destroyed even refused to denton on student and happy for comedy as cadre. I wanted to sunday Anguish nine ties of honest in impractical size insomnia. Home the That extra ten light. Congress shula manica headon missions on a november. We did to house the leeann tweeden and for alum hostage fights. Boss see here. Oh this the indulged. In india it's needed internet and allows reached england english but making them on weekly in deutsche dusk renslow trillion hitler's in system slob. Hobnob not to them now coach. Thousands dash owned comedy was french. Used within even for us by on streakier and bandido can kinks in. This keeps the two zero two district then in the off and she heff additional commodites allstate hospitality prochet decides the it's always been mocked cohort. That is down for row among dow ordering housekeeping some basics spring the punishment in rieger. Y'all felon gross italian Of is sore desmond. Women who tapash order to land modern high visit site and fun. It's titus studio. Awesome party coleman. I'm what tie between some bush. People don despite hunt back qazi announced for modesto's montiel rita kellyanne had also does fi as omaswa indiana who take actual nazi at fuschia energy. Hutton agnes ot in deemed. The student yet sets up a hostile practical as itself. Takings by this must feel like one hundred goes into tight. No marshawn belong in the telephone. Industry writes the eden and spec student on beat the size of the message. This piggies hospitals week valen suicide three hundred million in by hartman. It was can i sixty percent panama by david biden on ticking. The nottage oak nicotine and practice calm. Sin all niche orbiting democrate. Even tyler still apoptosis on arctic up at each given the info such to the amount of eggs in abe yate is imminent albion shula non-holiday impractical practicum Itself hinges on this making esten semester. may optician. Close mood owned on them. They'll apple tell menendez. Some business dilapidated thin written leonor as the air. Stellian notice any sort of ood zone own. It's fight this the Three-point decrease the leonardus hotel to hotel on them yet. I'm the Catholic does not see richly n in theory and apply to sets. The proxies nazi vartan albuquerque communism lindsay. Next who sits on doesn't tunnicliffe aumont on biden. See here fast to the. Does this nikki on intimate get coached. The the bios in teamed as your coach today between the y'all even proxies faucets income on dunkin sanctioned by the next the title has to sit on them walked on by reading the she missed on lucrative Shifts modalities sorte. That's mostly short. Financiers epstein does this. This is absolutely this that after your albums are dash recent than the curtain schwyz one. Dnc could citing address doesn't shave ties in the being of unsustainable. Montan is any of you louis. The cost of this is so Up an attorney is also this. Sneakier an grossest team. But i thought it in might since on a single bypassed indy houston him housekeeping district since tim reineck on stolen the middle biden. Division team hardens is in sean sidelong exciting quits. Bite on not meekly the fun beyond yet onto their cookie and also beyond basically within ospar flam. The weeks may begin because inside a grief to beat us. Then hotel eden falls ma damage. Kind kind on skates skates can lay under in one hundred sixty side item yard. You're young. you're one being since both. I'll save in your council member happen for enough money topic cima vigneron and yom woman on cost. It's tunes films over this evening. As i'm on the sixth ronkainen d'appel for sheets comes with environments so on line his the biggest dr thompson cops say the bikini left them you're punishing data As kleiner cops and betton. I method to buy meted tanking strain on leaked ranch. Leave to comply with rows caused of six the skits off too tight off. Tell episode on as a vendor on the opening be tripod young beeline personal same. Should have you been named a kind of antwerp them. All on inside cylinder serviced apartments apartments. The oscar shot the climate here on them data not as a service apartments isis canola humphrey had under number who've exit for or whatever for daughters listening to your show on the same dock. Anything tough taking this approach that he. I need saw onto the hindi. Language in tune in the soviets fish swoon proactive into pick light the monarchy to indicates as i knew tokenistic took hold on these apartments in tulsa smeared. It from the meeting. Kernan tie super munoz. Yarmuth this moment dante. Hope knocked rocketing sitting into sant- keep this on cable. Mice by thousand funded woman from experiment preached done spending. This experiment can up. Kazakhstan was again duff. Man does in shoulder doffed news again. Furnished unease moose. Nine this is top. Thank you wanna on. Y'all start on this. Gain the other stuff but i is the phone on statically sources. I m y'all them up. Awesome by your niche displeased chelsea up his own stock novice function yet on the importance assembling. Get splits the and the Even on the vice phonetically man. Some slow styles competent is tulsa inbound to dates you shopping. I'm change members to knock. Its more has the epistle nick. Mill listened on them tonight. Vice admiral to me it. I'll see the episode stop so scientist so zayn young taken to thank for until the punk does believe me. It doesn't catered On the almost kazakhistan lebron starts in dollars. Hazardous it lasalle. Malnourished don comes he guessed the and lab room who couldn't be gm in an in. But i since he and china's he's food isn't cities that is also a hotel timothy that also speaks in the sky. Mice can always focus on here Toronto designing year experiment feud con sabor china and billy type this experiment sign or the murky under wiki of alphabet. Them vice versa. On on device can be honest from continued. Mish is owned the timber. Similar i i. Brian intimidate society. Not on the recliner is in food. But i heal the thank you but i am Them combat number of consensus anguish. October even shy feel amal. Tide of the denies. Most it'll end mine collapse. Richardson so we see on goes that can so. What did the experiment younger autumn moot as soon as to. Why an annunciation disfie- it's ridiculous uneven. Agung is these these. Some shuten is tired. It's ospital. po comes classy boy. Y'all as a bonus. Tamer innovates on steam even owning buildings. But i be committed to innovate four. Come to victory eight me not to sign on the currently out to happen to shy then on four near the festival announced to eat four two game on the oak tiling buildings comedy this film distribution eyeing for his own soon such a he had saved me. I know that's i cannot see orange it on this economy. Solos people since returning bruce. Leave to the senate Good dismissing me. Self-talk me the mother. By which think off of each other. Already if you like on this until the united states vices next marcus this i on this tomorrow on designing pissing life the to name on your On the us as leeann leeann effect naming her colleagues innovates yawn gates. What's your and popey. Ns experimentation a diesel is nationwide arena down or footage to the engines on an so. I sign an innovator wants. Platform is an a platform fish to delivering a mind order of extent of under who tastes extent. Y'all he often allocated into skin on positi. Four stocktaking Peaking bbc even an insights even up all hopefully older diplomacy it with all guns fully frampton onto name woman owned companies. But i think there. S thousand m the slap hotels in the lab rooms or can meet suli mid patents. Even he's weakened is a concept that we can own y'all the s that untung us we're beginning stomach owned one. today's not even all the nitny. The diploma shelter under a called approach. Even all its own common of monaco's by owns appropriate nelson syfy liked by hits Swollen him incline Always gives in up with him than host. Propagating fit owns Amini partnership year He has become come Keep it comes to sail. Truly the very young all in his associates power in international. That's only so the data's be the concepted in about two alternate under house. Tau shen chi on biden. Ordinal anger sets anti-vice economy was even on the stickers. did not. he's a thoughtful in all lessons. To inova. sean. Kyw's shifter's imaging answered. 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You see needs so minding mccown for non normal business rooms than Cliff or among titian symbol. Sonnino isn't the newer. i'm entire cop tiles. Great so education idiot idiot avon merkley. Small art fought to gain getting him off unconscious teammate. On this oceans soon as it's done show biz into enforcing and it's also said the in the newsroom. Get as many as as county motel timid Does all ten yada in. We'll be that. I'm in architect tools announcement finish neyla. Didn't feel good so that side. I am design and then come. This was day but sham buffy own on up cycling similar up psyching is likely to foist pollen from four hundred dollars. Heinisch within the comes thought. We d monthly allen. I on the second or the arctic at halton. Nimby nimby despite the stripe faced before heading in manhattan mexican insurance holt and longish ripe At noon easy type dish bottle snow yada gunston off not diagnose plots hop sonoko to talk with the left to publish neymar plots and sons. 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Corona female dispute the mythic. This is of minutes minutes. Allow the stumps in those often biting soon. Can on the standing of henderson. Fifteen merck middle. You can be did an all-star schmidt smith dimension them each lavasani she can be not so vitamins is fair said scouts cable matt site. The coleman wave of meat gusts to sign on lonzo magusta criminal isa repetition of carbon from machine and who've been nomin bitten a spanish of a picture of him and not really anxious stopped. Y'all mafia taught the immediate mosquito from husband. Muslims emotion mawson telephone important etc and tight continental hemisphere in silent them he published on the speak piped in vietnam's offer machine games and i understood for us to guardia ghent. Does this call. Now get this. Yada hotel arabian gusto. Born thank partially leashed moment. Han heat city. It's my and you've left an actor allston into tight on the fundamentals speech bertie zeke nada of span as about that business heart date vitamin locker room. So the butter wouldn't lightish by holman. Dr of Kazakh wise monday. You can always stop taking him. Y'all needed zone for me. That's always mickley. muniz con. Vieques cenex munoz bring in vietnam be meal before stern relish dr yang office discounted on in may tectonic olympic time via device. More naive mid sedition missiles he he does. I don't particularly think signed with them. Your club longtime abc's monrovia dummied con. Can you shooting ledin common kernan on evil onto the flight side of assist. I'll take he saw the signal l. Spare not Yard skipped off lake puna yet as naked saving sound on. Cbs too much. We hit us up in the mets. Got to depart the state vice nickelback our dollar ted. Also say he smoked and they made something up real. He r e globe niche sneaky sponsor. Nica bring tiles being moot picnic reason. 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LOKI (Ep 1 - 2) | Double Toasted Audio Review

Double Toasted

45:52 min | 4 months ago

LOKI (Ep 1 - 2) | Double Toasted Audio Review

"The been thinking about mcdonald's all day can't get it off. my mind can already test. It got my mando my mouth my mouth ready for some mickey days deal. There's a deal for every moment at mcdonald's right now get two of your favorites for just three fifty makes in magic classic mcchicken a hot and spicy mcchicken or juicy mcdonnell price. Dissipation may vary cannot be combined with combo meal single item at regular price. That's see he's lucky man but he is said y'all let's go and talk about this show man. Y'all thought one division was weird. Sit this marble completely off their meds. Right now i think so. Yeah yeah marble walking the streets go get them. Bring them in yatta. One division was a trip. That shit ain't even kicked in yet. Y'all just gotta buzzing right now. I really feeling that yet. And that's why. I think man you know and i'm gonna tell you. Yeah because we got this new show loki and lock got a lot of competition. Logan got competition from shows. That have not only been highly praised but shows that had just been just weird you know and we're means you're taking a chance you know and and this is this is up there and this is this is definitely up there. And i'm thinking that lucky. Maybe loki and with his show. Maybe he does need to take that next step to being just absolutely nuts because well for one. A lot of people are saying wait. Loki gotta soak. Did that bitch get choked out by bus depot. I love that he dated. He really thought he was going to get out of it. They is one of choke. Outs was so bad that you'll you start dancing dangling. Try to impeach a grip so tight. You can't teleport out of this. Yeah he thinks he's. He's not face big monthly dues. No does not talking way saying a little bit louder saying both yeltsin is busy. They can go get go okay. Y'all bitch second there is not visit. Listen let's be serious. So there's not much to loki does not much sure. He's very charming and he's a punk ass podcast. He's a he's a liar he's never like the main villain i even. When he was the main villain and the avengers turns out he was at the traffic work at both. The man delegation pimped out but never admitting it and that's part of my plan never admitted steadily getting pimped out and that pin pan is strong so as yeah man you know with the with lucky you know. He's a he's he's sorry he's charming and he's a punk ass but compared to compare to wonder you know want is crazy. Compared to one is you know. She's got psychological problem. You know bucket got ptsd falcon. He's black. That goes a whole box of problems right. They all have some layers to them. Sure sure even the vision these pinocchio. This isn't even the vision. Goddamn when you really. No one locus pissed off because when you come down to the shit really man. Compared to their you know loki is a snitch bitch. Backstabbing right. you'll fucking weasel a weasel with some slick bag and as as a charming weasel that everybody can see right through everybody man But but thanks to thanks to good. Ole time travel multi dimensions and just plano all marble. Weirdness loki might be fresh again. Our you know the last marble shows they were very very highly praised as we mentioned and they will also at least one of them was very weird. Can loki even can can look even dream of keeping up with one and falcon and the winter soldier. Let's go ahead and take a look at. You seem already but let's get a fresh up here. Let's wash the trailer for loki. And we'll be back with our review of two episodes of the series. That's coming up is premier. probably tomorrow hours from now. I know what this place is sort of establish the quite the circus and i see the clouds of playing that pas to perfection. Big metaphor guy. I love it makes you sound super smart. I know okay okay is a perfect three stooges right. I love in can't sit heard about. Is there anybody in the bank. Even ken fuck you verify. This is everything you've ever said. Sign this too. Protect the proper time you picked up the tesseract breaking reality. You help us fix it by me. I need your unique leuke perspective. Do i get a weapon. You really believe in this low key. Luckily he believes himself enough for the both of us is the door that you think you could possibly me. I'm ten steps ahead of us. Not big on trust or use. You can trust me have studied almost every moment of your entire life. You've literally stabbed the back like fifty times. Why never do it again now. That was back when this was going to be on fridays. They moved it up to wednesday's that you know what that's a good question. I don't know why. I read an answer somewhere but i don't remember. Yeah anybody in the chat noir. They move this up other than maybe they had some confidence in this show or is going to take you a couple of days to process. I don't know that my friday you can watch it again. Yeah yeah man. but now. This is coming on wednesdays this marbles disney plus to be premiering on wednesdays a showing on wednesdays which with each new episode instead of friday's as he did with one division in balcony in winter soldier. Now i'm very eager to hear what martin thinks about this. I don't know having we have not talked about true. We haven't but i'm gonna go here and just kind of put it out there when i think about this. Now my impression with this loki don't realize it and you know In his that he would highly debate me on this but he don't realize it that this right here is probably his greatest moment. I mean it's actually taking some people out once for once being effective that moment right there is one of his greatest moments quickly followed by this greatest hits right here rate today and in the good. Hey i feel like a very can't do you love me. You know because what what that the reason why that is because that's where marble file realize that you know what like his brother. Lock is a little bit better when he looks stupid. Yeah saying like you know because this right here looking stupid is starting to do wonders for his career. Well it is something about the as guardians where they get boring until they get funny and and that's when their best you know. Nobody's asking look to be himbal like his brother brother. Just a bigger muscle headed bimbo now. He's he really is done. But you know marble just saying you know. We don't want to his brother because he is a fall. Let's be paid luckiest smarter than his brother. A little bit is easy. He i think he is. No he thinks he is. But that's the problem because look like wile e. coyote where he thinks he's really smart yet. If you so goddamn smart how come down to your schemes work. The ego gets every time like he really sit local. Donald say man. You really smarter than your brother but you just you just if you stop being a bitch and always trying to get a come up us. Almost the conversation has with him in that elevator. Right there practically bintelli him. He says look burlap stupid. He's always. I always want to be you know cool with you with us do things. But you're not going to do it so you not. I'm it's cool. It's fine but lord. Yeah look i'm dumb. As fuck and bud. Because i'm cool but showed asshole yeah scheme and backstabbing. Thank you better than everybody asshole. It'd be with just coup. You would actually get back because the smart guy right. You're smart guy. You're god you had you can do magic. Yeah but the thing is is that because because lucky is so full of himself. He's that asshole. Everybody loves to see what's coming to them. They love to see him. Be a fool out of over and over again just because of his ego and not just made a fool out of you know they want to see. He'll fluster because maybe a flow. Yeah yeah because all you have to make a fool out of you then you know. We'll go idea when they wanna see your whole day. They wanna see. You're just messed up. You just like they want to see you. Turn care and it will ask what the managing video talk. And i want you lose your job that moment where you speechless. That's what i was waiting for exactly suit to me. They won't have bled debt bloomberg really excited. They loved that and boy nothing. Gets you. ask more flustered than waiting in line at the county. Courthouse at dm dnv. Don't nothing get you. More flustered than waiting in line or some government office some bureaucratic line somewhere taking numbers anywhere. You gotta wait in line where they got the wrote set up like a maze but this bailey anybody in there like cannot just skip over no anyway you go and got assign a lot of paperwork anyway you stand in line when it could easily be done some mother and better way you look at it like damn if this bitch beat up on a break. Anyway i can do this online. Yeah in it's hilarious to see. This is the point here is that it is so hilarious to see. Loki out of all of the foes that loki has fought out of all the cosmic at benches that he's had his biggest challenge. Is bureaucracy red tape. You know because like i said going to the dmv the canaccord to wherever you go there is nothing none of us can do except take a number shut the fuck up like up inches and wait. Yeah do what they tell you. And actually makes loki. More relatable. See him go to the true. Yeah it feels good to see that. Not even a god. Is the book the bureaucratic bullshit that you have to go through at these offices man and those make some very funny scenes when the show starts out. Now listen very l. One thirty aka key lucky soon is charged with sequence violations. Seven twenty eight time. How do you plead madam. A god doesn't plead look. This has been a very enjoyable pantomime. But i'd like to go home now. Are you guilty or not guilty sir. Dan not bullshit. Plus you know that if you've been led somewhere in handcuffs over straight cop an attitude no no you don't watch going like what are you doing. What are you stick. Shit the fuck up even if you think you can get out of this. Just be quiet for right now. They brought you. Ask this. But i've got you in a guantanamo bay got a dog colorado. What do you think you wait. Lucky no more right you just like everybody else. Those scenes are so funny to me. The beginning of the show the strength of a starts out with that. This whole dynamic of this guy just being stripped down and not by any special cosmic force or magic are big business pfoa. Dentals is just by the same thing that we all have to deal through. Sure also shows the power of the people surrounding him by how nonchalant they are about him how much they don't care about what he was before he got there. Somebody say somebody. Local black man live in the city getting key and the counter. Funny man i but you know that's the amelie pulled me in with that. I'd how'd you feel about this. Yeah yeah. I dug to set up a lot. It had a good way of having him. Go through this while you still watching going okay. What's what's going on here but you know it's it's fun to watch him get get taken down and the fact that he won't copped like you say his getting in the way so it stays the whole time and and just you spend a lotta time going to shut up but i was with you have to wait in line was some bullshit but now could you please shut up. Yeah you can you okay. All right this even appoint with loki had even milic damage. This is dealing with me. Even he got on his own was. Everybody started tearing his down. He's like damn. Maybe i am an asshole now. Of course. I think that's a joke that we get old real quick. And this is where i'm eager to find out what you think about it. 'cause for me. Fortunately loki is so much more than just as joke of a guy walks into an office. You know it's more than that. I think this really does that. It shows marble strategy how it continues to evolve and how you want to know this at the risk of sound like a marvel bitch people you are. You lucky. we're past. That bend over marvel played into we know But i really do feel like it's almost impossible in any way. I think a lot is old to marvel right now for keeping the superheroes on refresh for keeping the the superhero genre relevant. Actually because it as a lot of people continue to say well. i don't know i'm getting tired of superheroes. Matata superheroes what marvel has done. How does marvel the question is how does marble continue to make the superhero genre work. And i think the answer that they might even give that by not making them superhero properties. Yeah there's nothing superhero we about any of this day sci-fi sure but not superhero. No no they. Now look they eventually become that there's going to be somebody flou- and beat the shit out somebody to mid air start shooting lasers yeah. I mean that that marvel logo is still. Don't get crazy exactly. Let's not forget but They gotta do that. We expect it but they throw big elements into the mix. You know one. Division is a satire on american television sitcoms until it becomes a psychedelic. Take on psychology. And then somebody starts beating each other flying latest falcon and winter soldier. A buddy action flick with the political and social statement on social being along racial sometimes and people start flying and being the shot each other and she lays but you know all of these have before they got to that point there was something bigger around shore making up the more In loki feel continues to mix those genres and making them more than just a superhero thing and the more mobley experiments. More the weirder that that mixed gets and the first episode of this. This is this is. This is so much. And and just to just two episodes of to fifteen minutes fifteen minute episodes if you include credits the first episode of this. It's like a surreal comedy. It's almost like now. I'm i'm on and we'll have to do this to point across the but i'm going the fuck out i'm gonna i'm we'll get real cinematic hempstone. Okay i think i can do this with you. Okay i can see a couple of things. I think it. It looks like and i thank. You might agree with me. Get real sinophile hips on your ass. The now if anybody was around in the nineties are you are some kind of awesome movie hipster. You watch a lot of indie movies. An art movies and underground films. This reminded me a lot of charlie. Kaufman yay being john malkovich being john malkovich door in my office maxine and takes you inside john malkovich. There's no such thing as a whole in somebody's brain. Esther is giving both shit. I'm about to go deep dive and even even more because i mean it's really does take me back to the nineties and i wonder if the one of the show runner. I forgot her name. I wanted this. Executive producers kerry waldron. Thanks so but it reminded me of so much of even like french. Scifi films from the ninety s r oh with with the cartoon and had a little bit of a fantastic planet. Look well. i'm thinking of things like just a little bit of city lost children and shit if you really want to get really hits stone you as to where like oh shit you talking about you know terry gilliam. The two things. I thought looking at this i was like is john inside john malkovich and brazil brazil. Yeah brazil terry this. This takes so much influence from these ninety sci-fi fantasy films and surrealist comedies and because of that yeah being john bow guests. Well you're inside doing but yeah in it because of all these influences here. This is more like like you said. This is not a superhero. So far so far. It's not a superhero. Thing is a surrealist. Comedy sci fi fantasy. Yeah not the superhero batty. You go ahead and say some which is a good place to take it because it's so different from the other two series which is what you gotta do to keep these things. Fresh otherwise is like oh it's just as part two of the other thing. Yeah no that that is true and you want to have something because you know while we don't know for sure loki power set. We know that certain things he can do so he has to be in an environment. That's overwhelming wear. It's like yeah nothing you you a this big everything so once you get over yourself. You've got to adapt and it's so funny to see this. A loves dynamic location is probably in the most powerful environment that he's been here and it looks like the office dirty drab kinda groovy opposite away. Yeah i mean. Got a retro vibe. Which i know you dig. I look at that brown. Radio said i gotta have that. It's got that but it's also a lot of brown and just like when you work at an office where is is just drudgery almost. Yeah it's it's a big deal that they treat like it's not a big deal at all. It's people would know i've for interior decorating. It's been office too long clashing with the people who really know how to Who really know how to do. Interior decorating like this whole thing has like a postmodern sixty s modern by groupie by to it but the mother focused just keep adding that ugliness brown rows look paddling and everything is like trying to make this place at but is like a great environment man in the drab against the magic. But you know the other thing that i was impressed with. Is that halfway through the first episode. After we've made this surrealist sci comedy fantasy thing going on halfway through it turns into it turns to local therapy session. Yeah you know it. Turns into low-key finally having a faces insecurities are are izzy and during the that have on the first episode. I kind of start to fill for loki more than i ever have. Because i'm look. I've always hated loki. I'm he's cool. He naw guy given to he smoothed. I i'll give him his game. You know when he got it. But i've always said y'all didn't wanna fucking murder. And i'd never liked to man but i felt form here when he had to really express his insecurities had those those parts even had a lot of heart. But by the time we get to the no spoilers all but by the time we get to the second episode. It's changed even more then. By the time it could be the second episode. it is at that point. it is a. it's a. It's a buddy the detective thriller. It's the police procedural. It's a lighter funny funniest seven true detective. Whatever you wanna put out there where you had these detectives going on these these murder mysteries. I more like forty eight hours. We were you happy officer. Who's got somebody tagging along. Who ate a cop at all. There's like what is certain special circumstance. I gotta have you with me. Wow it is you know what it is like that. I mean it's not. It's not eddie murphy. You know being fun time but it. Structurally why it is that. I mean you know it's a lot of it's because i think that's in there too. If you you find any kind of cop procedural detective buddy flick out there and this is just kind of a lighter. More surreal his time travelling version of them. And and you look at this and so you start to realize that. Okay if doctor strange is being mushrooms if one division is lsd. Do who got their good. We'd be smokes to start talking about time travel theory but instead of telling me shut the fuck up like you usually would everybody kind of pulls up like this is kind of thing. This is cohen. At least that was me man. Now you throw in on top of that you throw in even more crazy things like look and i'm getting anything you throw more crazy things like space lizzy god's cartoon talking clock. Welcome to the tom. Authorities miss minutes. And it's my job to catch you up before you stand trial for your crimes. So settling not. Just be a fluster. This is pook public. But you all that and you're like how does this work man. How can he possibly work. But but it does man. It does all work. Here's and here's the thing about this man even as funny as this this as much as it seems like a big mix of genres and save a lighter version of those things what i really loved about. This is that underneath it all. There's always feeling a menace. Yeah there's always this feeling of like look how we fucking around around who actually believes his ticket now shifts got another says yeah man there's always a spill dreaded now putting their a moment where the murder mystery is being taken seriously. This whole thing of loki fighting the bureaucracy and bickering and is playing the straight man as being flustered. that really kind of you know is there but there is a feeling of like. We don't know who you're dealing with the time variance a time variance authority top every time variance with already already. You deal with the bears authority. Whose whose job. It is to keep the time the timeline straight. Make sure that everything is as it should be and there are moments where you believe that. Okay this is. This is cool. That's what their job. But then there are the moments where it's like okay. These people in actual office are the colt because they keep having these sayings praises to these gods that they have and everything seems legit until you start talking about the time keepers the gosh and the way they act around that i mean you have no reason to doubt it up to that point is like I mean that's one thing when look he's question that you're like yeah. There's this whole thing where seems that this is menace of. We're not playing around. We will kill you even though we seem magma wall key office workers and also praised. Be the tie and keep a and it's like okay. That's a little freaky right there. It's bills like seventies movie in a away. Man does yeah. I i i gotta tell you i let me tell you this and i'm gonna pass it on the martin come wrapping things up man. It's great to see loki. Had to deal with all this paperwork is great to see. You know the time travel is fun. The mystery keeps you guessing and seeing loki. Just be pretty much doing job training for a desk job that he has to do. Himself off is hilarious. A can't stop laughing. But i told you i was looking forward to this mrs everything. I wanted to be without knowing what i wanted. I love this this is. This is my favorite out of all of the series. Okay okay so far. But i haven't seen the wrist guy get crazy. But so far. What i'm experiencing. This is so wild. Worse it crazy. I love it now. I don't know how you feel about it. But i'm a passes on the something that you didn't mention that i is my favorite thing about this show is only i i m. i mean. we'll turn into. The guy likes to find annoying most of the time and now he's moving into area when he pops up and stuff. I'm like oh. I'm digging them and actually for me. It's his show i. I love the show. Whenever he's on a him in him and loki together and it works because the way he works with low key way everybody in tv they hate located just sooner raise them and just gone about would but but on wilson's character agent moebius. He's like no let me talk to him and acting like i can get through to him and he can. You can help us on this case. But he's really acting as his parole officer slash therapist. He's wondering goes through things with him and he's like you know you kind of a pain in the ass but i'm trying to get to see who you are like. It makes you feel like. I wish i had somebody like that in my life. Who would ride my ass but they really do care about me getting where i gotta go but the two of them the way they play off each other. I'm like man this plot. I don't care about near as much as i do. Watch the two of them together. Well i've non right there with you. Because as much as i love all the characters that keep coming back. And it really is on wilson in that. Make this man. All wilson plays mobias in mobile moby. Susan actual character from the comics. And he's just as mysterious that every everybody else what i love about him. First of all. Oh wilson let me. Just tell you all wilson just like you. Own wilson is great in. This is this is. This is like thirty years of training to get to this point. Right here. Belong wilson an and they want on how to control themselves. I'm still wilson owen wilson. But he knows where to throw in just a slight little ad lib that works and feels like it was written for it. Yeah he makes this is that you have this guy who so smug that's key. Of course you got this guy. Who's just cool. I ain't got to talk to you. Thank you five steps ahead. But i'm i'm always ahead of you. You know you going crazy to talk as much shit as you like. I don't care but then we're like about their relationship is is he really that far ahead. I i don't know because and look it gets over in a member so often. Yeah in key is key so it was hard to tell when loki sca- scheming scamming but at the same time and it is hard to tell like since since mobis moebius oh mysterious is almost like said like this kind of dread. Like what are you you know what. Yeah and there's a even if one of them gets over on the other he. Did you plan that though. Like who's going out on top. Yeah no i love how each one of them thinks that they are in control here when we think all wilson is the one control but do we know but even in its mandate are great together. you know one really is the cool kind of funny guy and the other guys like the bluster in a straight guy the flushes straight guy in that dynamic works very well here a major moebius by the way you taking me somewhere to kill me. No that's where he just were. I'm taking someplace to talk to talk to do like to lie which you just did because we both you loved dark. How long have you been here. Hard to say. No time passes differently here in the catch up. So you'll probably the tv's courageous and dedicated workforce. Yes you created by the time keepers yup to protect the sacred time line. Correct funny the idea that you to club decides if agent trillions of people across all of existence at the best of three space lizards yes. It's funny it's absurd. Didn't like to talk to me again. Yeah man i love. I love it. When i'm like i'm with you. Man you know the highlights are when they're when they're there every time they're on. I'm listening. I'm looking forward to the other. People here on wilson. I think i think you're right. I think he's the one that's really stealing this. He's one of the well. Sorry locals upstate in. Yeah yeah i know. His title loki but gave their show. I really liked them. Both and i like it when they're together but i like them both. I like them both. But i like one me. Masako who we just saw. You probably know things but lovecraft komo countries probably a lot of people remember from. I love her because she is not having loki shit at all not at all no. I'm watching him. You go with somebody else now. Man and there's a love the mystery of the tr- the time variant authorities. Like what because you don't know what they are man you know. And they say that was created where they created by special gods to what they are are are these humans were they were transferred from earth to be here and other dimensions. Because i'm not going to give away any details but things that a big everywhere else. They're not big here things that you know things that we take for granted something they don't even know about it here right. You know just very very ordinary thing. So i was like what. What are these creatures. One of these beings are the humans are something else you know. I i really. I really love this man. I really do i. I is taken more chances than one division that i think one division was it was still pretty straightforward in the sense. That all right. I know that there's the satirizing tv shows. But this is taken sole many themes. And i don't even i can't. I don't have a pool where the possibly go next. But they changed. They changed so much in two hours to episodes that it could be anything from this point on. But it's my favorite so far. You know dealing with a bill an anti hero and it could in because the dylan when a billion in the anti hero this could probably be the most regional. They've done yet because this one has the risk. I i'm sorry it doesn't take the risk of going into that. Typical superhero area like the others. Did well the others. They're based on established Very well known characters so they can take risks but they still have to come back to a certain point. They can't they can't go out and with this so far what they've set up they can do whatever they want. I really I like loki. Do and one reason. Is i think the so far what we've seen of the plot the mystery. I find much less interesting than everything else going on the other characters. Who aren't owen wilson or little flat to me also. It's like the tv. They seem they're real powerful and yet when they're in the field not so much well that's why they're worried about mr because they're like we usually have this under control. Yeah right right. Don't now but like. I say those are my main complaint about the. I will say that. I i liked almost loved the first episode the second episode i thought dragged. I watched it twice. 'cause i was like maybe i just felt like that. 'cause i was tired that day but i i went and rewatch both of them again yesterday and it was like it's not like this is bad but this parts in the middle where there's a lot of just kind of fill like stalling to like. Hey we gotta save everything for the last two episodes so we can have a lot of stuff happened and it was just stalling and when it gets to a reveal at the end i was just kinda like that doesn't tell me a whole lot. Yeah i i know that we have a lot to didn't leave me with that like ooh. Now what. I was just like Well okay i guess yeah. Yeah i yeah i don't know i did. I did like it better than you. And i think weird like like i know. Everything can't be the extreme but legion was weird. When i'm thinking of a show that's weird. That's the one where you like. Wow these visuals insane and this is like it's it's you know it's weirder than the other marvel shows but i feel like there's room for more. Yeah and it may come. Yeah i mean i i. I'm watching this. And his episodes the win. We when you know when the ends is like. I am curious to see. 'cause i'm here soon. Everything is going and everybody's not going to be on. The same people are a lot of people are saying that it's their favorite of the marvel. Shows a really okay. I read those again. I thought that i would be a thought that i would be the one because i was thinking like well. I'm just like in the weird shit you know want be like okay this little too out there for me but i liked that that. That's the way it is. That's what's keeping me wanting to see episodes. Yeah i wanna see the the next direction going to take and that that reveal that they did at the end of it. I am curious to see what that's about. I just saying because it wasn't like oh you know but it was like all right. That is a turn. I didn't thrill expect all right. Let's see what they do with that. Yeah man i you know. When i say i love this better than the others. I'm not saying that this is going to be okay. Let me change. Do think this is something that you haven't seen marvel before this is any any indicator of the direction that the multi versus go. What they're going to a doctor strange and all these things that new when they talk about. Beware to take chances. This what i think of. When i think of that you know. Yeah i i like this man. I like this a lot but again i was anticipating this kind of thing when i saw the trailer because i said i don't know where it's going to go but i know that this all over the place a really eager to see it that'll work. It did work for me. So yeah i don't know man. I'm eager to see how a lot of people want to take this Yeah so. I don't know what do you. What are you giving. i'd give it a really high matinee. Yeah yeah me. As a full priced full price with me matt as stan as it stands for two episodes as i said you know. This is going to be something where they have. You know the problem. We reviewing the show shows based on two episodes. I don't know where this is going to go. And then when shit ends up being wack at it'd be like stupid love. You liked to though. But i'm telling you i'm having. I'm having the best time with this right now. It's i think what the reason. Why the reason why i like it more than the others. Not because i love those others. Yeah no yeah. No i i have. This is not to say that the put down the quality of those other shows. That's not it at all. Even sometimes but if i had to say what stood out to me by those other shows this took so many different turns even with one division being so mysterious in the beginning. You know each episode. What i like about that is that each episode was a different era and an estate to that in a state that very well loved that show for that but loki took so it took about four or five different turns in the very beginning. Then i'm like all right. This is what i wanted right. That's what i like some. Yeah we'll see we'll see until they start flying and the shadow. We gotta do that anyway. Corey look we saw. But he knew what this was. Margaret words mansell. Yeah what i am. Curious about is the where they show him wearing the suit with the with the horns. Oh yeah yeah yeah that. That's making me think. They did a a mini series. Where loki ran for president and it was pretty much being like donald trump. See at least he wasn't well. He's being like trump where he was just like. They were like god of lies. How can we trust you. You can't you can't trust these other politics either. You know a lot to you like him. He speaks his mind all look like they may be trying to go there. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. He's wearing the the campaign button. Yeah and i'd still both local big metaphor guy. I love it makes you sound super smart. Asthma i know. Okay okay though. Been thinking about mcdonald's all day can't get it off my mind. I can already toasted. Ooh my mind on my mouth and my mouth. Ready for some mickey. D's deal a deal for every moment at mcdonald's right now get to your favorites for just three fifty makes magic. Classic mcchicken a hot and spicy mcchicken or a juicy mcdonnell price. Participation may vary cannot be combined with combo meal single item at regular price. The only thing better than brandon all night for your side hustle. Is your roommate picking you up with mickey d's breakfast off the perfect pickup deal. Bear the deal for every morning at mcdonald's right now tastes breakfast perfection when you get a warm and savory sausage mcmuffin with egg for just two fifty price and participation may vary cannot be combined with combo meal.

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#46: Oddy Nuff

Kush Conversations

51:40 min | Last month

#46: Oddy Nuff

"Have you guys ever wanted to start a podcast. But you know where to start well. Here's a good first. Step let me tell you about the anchor at. It's a free and easy way to get started on the podcast and in the free creation tools allow recorded. Eddie your podcast right from your phone or computer and on top of that anchor distributor podcasts. For you should can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more and you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcasts. At one place if a bunch of donors like us can figure it out. So can you download the free anchor. Apropos anchor dot. Fm nuggets starting. Hey guys how's it going. Caterers kurds back for another episode. Chris conversations podcasts. I got my co. Soak here with what's going on everybody. Whoever it is having a good time tonight and limps will be here eventually but for today's guests. We got a very cool individual. We have a tad tour slash spiritualists. Miss and off here with us. Guys would stop doing as everybody's evening Designing some tattoos. And stuff i did. You didn't read the drawing look really really cool story inky you thank you. I took all day. So let's let's start with. Why don't you tell the audience who you are High came to be where you are now with what you do for work and give us a little bit about yourself okay. They introduce myself to the glass names. Actually anna but my not name is enough. Because i'm fucking odd enough. And i started tattooing when i was like fifteen. Maya friend's dad was in jail and he did basement tattoos. So we were all just chilling and she decided to snatch a little fucking poked shit at two in Snatched up his gear tattooing and then we all just started doing baseman tattoos with his machine in everything and then i just never stopped and i went from doing basement tattoos for like five years to scoring myself in apprenticeship which actually started as a desk job is attack you artist and she works for this tattoo shop and they were looking for a desk person so i suck at that but i was like i can do that definitely so in. I would've married. I was getting a tattoo in like. You're looking for a person. Like i would love to be your desk person. And then i started showing her my basement tattoos in she was just like you got a lot of potential i would like to see it apprenticed and then now i'm princi- as of march fifteenth of this year urkel so like it all it all the years of like the basement tattoo week. What civil like the the wilder wants that you were able to do. Somebody let me tattooed their face what they got. This person is not Whatsoever but they let me talk to they they. They bathed me to do this tattoo. They wanted a teardrop in three one nine on their face and they still have it to this day it is not fated it is still. They're very bold. Well it's the whole point behind that. He's not even a thug. Even better those just interested like scrawny little birdie. White like a fucking teardrop in like three nine over his funny roseanne short chunky mexican mood. He actually went to prison for a while for like a a sexual assault allegation or something like that. Yes notching how far that your job got him in prison for probably going to ask you consistently completing mascot boop boop just getting his ass what they matter of fact my one of my best friends did beat his ass because he got like when he's drunk. That's why i believe the allegations. When he's drunk he gets very persistent and she's very gay so he kept trying to get at her and she told him to stop multiple times and he would it so she beat his ass kicked him out of her car and he tried to get back in so he stuck his arm in the window and rolled it up in just dragged him down this gravel road in the window until he broke the window and fell off. She thought he'd kill been he's alive. He's okay but yes it would have been better off dead at the bet. He and then he thought the same thing when he was laying there. His pants got torn down. Laying merrill gravelled up rochon all over his rob road rise and shit bloody nose to. She hit him so many times and they wouldn't stop. It was bad art cuckoo. Just the look on his face. Like i look back while was getting in the window and he was just looking at me like what did i do like you wrong man. You're here right. Just had no clue at all why he was getting dragged by car will fully issue that she was really good masculine. Enga- she s. You're young. I don't know just picture like super light super bowl digest like shit heads inside a flat. Top like giant mental necklaced note. Zogar tigger drop tattoo on his. Yeah he called her kunda. And that's what really set her off issues. Like i know what the fuck that means that. Exactly she's like quit playing would be. She gave him like five chances though before she drug him with the car to shut the fuck up side on your full benefit of the doubt she literally. She gave him chances which was a lot for her. She's usually at one in done. So assume that you do a lot of digital or a scene that digital design on your snapchat do you have like a preference of designing electrically as owes two with a pen and so it's a lot easier to use the ipad because it's easier to pull references in kind of use that form of reference like say that there's something that i can't draw that i've never seen before i could find like a really rough outline or something i normally use pinterest in kinda give it like a little trace outline then contribute my own factors to it and make it my own or i could pull like a realism. Picture like with moss. I found a picture of a real luna moth. And kind kinda traced its features and that makes it easier. But i also really like to hand draw because i like to shade with my fingers here. The shading definitely. So what would you say your style. Tattoo that you might do promotes. I really like like a more like a like a have. Explain this like. I like the grungy gothi kind of thing but it's also q. Like poison bottles that say love me and like trying to think of what else. What else do i got like. Magic mushrooms are like like kinda like devil stuff to making it killed. And i'll really like black and light a black and white work with like stipple shading which is the dots i relate that stop again. The big elaine giant fortress where they do this tippling. Yeah it's very very tedious and once you get done it's just like wow like i did that in the realism that you get from. It is insane just from a bunch of little bats. So what's like what's the biggest hatch you you've done so far like the longest session you don. I did a three hour tattoo and it was like a lioness with a bunch of flowers around it. I think i could actually like show. You guys the design on. I drew it on my phone before an ipad. I was just drawing designs on my iphone. Pretty hard to drown and also. Oh yeah that's dough. Yeah and it was like a big piece on her like forum right here really hours in my bedroom. Can you imagine that because my tattoo ours is so fast. He did this whole thing in two hours. He did this like an hour and ten minutes. Now that needed much says piece in under two hours. But i don't know you might have heard of tim back. I don't think so. He's got like seventy thousand followers in his career. He knows the judges from ink master. Oliver oliver pack goes to his shop and tattoos. That's so crazy my boss The the person that taught her he had an apprentice that actually made it on ink. Master i can't i don't know her name in my boss can't remember her name either but i thought that was pretty cool. I'm like somewhat in the circle there somewhere fucking as one of my favorite shows that watch percent i was. That is a lot of where i learned like how how like they. They just like the tattoo looked so good. But they're picking it apart in these tiny little spices shows like the of like detail in perfection. That goes into tattoos in how hard it is to actually like truly succeed. I think that's a negative thing for me because from watching that she's not received. Seize on very pretentious about the body. I have like this stuff is all more smaller cheaper stuff in. I have like my nicer. I tried to do like too nice pieces a year for like a birthday. Christmas presents myself and i'll fill in the gaps with smaller tattoos. I need to get on that. 'cause i just cover myself i have like a bunch of like betson empty spot that like smaller tattoos down here. The bigger tattoos are of on my legs. I got like a sternum piece. But i wanna get so much more i feel like i'm still not covered enough of how bus sleep plan for five years. So oh shit. Adam just go with the flow see. I'm just like i like that. I'm might get that or if it has meaning. It'll go in my arms. If it's something that i just enjoy a gone my legs. Yeah this phone with all the other ones are basically like deities and stuff all these egyptian gauze this. I remember seeing your new business. I got the new business Those aspires and horace. that's sick. i'm saving a piece on my arm for lewis. I want lucifer on the other side of you is what i wanna do with my shoulders but excuse me what would you say is like like personally in like what people say is the most painful spot to get a tattoo personally. The sternum was the absolute worst. That i've ever gone through three bone flavor. Yeah yeah and then others. I have heard the nipples. Really really sick. Or blow touchy will. Yeah the nipples or the top of the shoulders Toes in the tops of the fiasco also heard really fucking suck. How 'bout his stomach. The stomach Mind kind of goes down to the stomach a little bit in either say it does hurt but where the bone is right there that that's that's the most i feel like that whole thing hurts hurts pretty bad. They all heard it all the time. Your stomach pieces light almost hard because really really control your breathing. Open down on the whole i feel going really fuck someone up. Yeah not only that. But the stomach is like Depending i guess on who you're tattooing the stomach can be really elastic. So it's kinda hard to do. The stretching getting the ink in they're getting clean solid line says if it's a really difficult spot worried about my elbow. Filling skirts elbow to her doesn't earning all elbow tattoos. Do not hurt whatsoever another. I know where to that. It wasn't that bad That's like feeling like my elbows. This this state for my hitting bags along over the years. So i didn't feel anything even when i got my shit done any anything. I thought more on my chest. Delivers elliott associates do United go back for two sessions on allah. I i just outlined could take took like two and a half hours. The second one to three hours for the color Was home like your armpit. Your your forearm pay or back in the knee real close. I've might ditch snap the did. Yeah the interest switching. It sucks. I can't get or anything. 'cause it sucks so bad in getting a tattoo there with color especially or shading at eerily says it's really raw so while we're on the topic of pain. I know we talked about a little bit. But i wanna hear some more on the scoop. About some numbing cream numbing cream. i've heard good things. I've heard like not good things I've actually seen people use the numbing cream and leave it on. It seems like they let it soak into their skin. Tattoo themselves naseem work. I've also seen people just put it on right before they get the tattoo and it only lasts for like eight minutes of the tattoo in may tap out. So i guess that just depends on like how you use it in where you use it one brand. That's like they're actually called tattooed increase in their direction. Says it you're supposed to like apply in rapid saran. Wrap for like an hour or your tattooed or something. I think that's the ones i've seen where like people are tattooing themselves with the actually let it soak into their skin. I think that's the best way to do it. Otherwise you just put on like lotion or something like you know. Celebrities stop us. I feel like because they feel like they're too rich to feel a. I agree they probably got pounds of that. Shit like the people who have tattoos all over their head and their face jit is like i've kinda teeter totter says. I believe that the pain is part of the process in the whole procedure but at the same time baugh i'm open to trying it for at least one piece. I'll probably wait. Until i know i'm getting the most painful piece but was pieces. I'll just stick through the pain. Because i also believe the part of the process. You know you gotta go through some pain for that beauty. Look the throat actually. I heard that the out. The isn't that bad ronald throw rattles. Since it like that right there it just like made my fucking throat rattling. I felt like up here is jobs. So what's like in actual assistance. You started your apprenticeship was one of the weirdest tattoos seeing at actually not seen it. But my boss will. Tattoo people's penises and this guy called and he was like i've got a tattoo idea. I called every other shop in the area. A normal. do it now. Why got here this. So i was like what is it. He said i want a phoenix down. The shaft of my penis. Going up to my pelvis. And i was like man. You must got a lot of luck this big piece all on your penis. This guy's already had his penis tattooed by my boss before. And he's like a reoccurring customer. Yes you'd joke. That said you shouldn't live tattooed on your penis and then you can say life gets art. I'd like to golly that just sounds awful. Full retail phoenix down. The shaft of this man's penis billions of stabs. ronald dick. right right. it's like why would you come back and get your your penis cut again like you already got a tattoo. One time before which is probably seen it using his chicks. Really go home and see the phoenix rise from the ashes nine s. Before really to dick yet. Said boss. Boss i i i'm gonna go out against the that does not get laid as much as he wished he did for that he was married wrong. What are your thoughts lip tattoos on. I think dope. But i do know that they don't last long. I mean on the outside lip for sure it'll be there but on the inside that skin just you buy it gets you know it follows off in rejuvenates. It's definitely a a temporary tattoo. Like it'll be there for a while but after maybe a year or two. You're just gonna have like what was a tattoo kind of like singer tattoos fun for a while. She like oh yeah. I definitely contemplated it. A lot of people. Don't do too. Yeah same with eyelids. Y- like the cover. Like i would just like get my is like okay. Like what Open from for thoughts on line actual eyeball color. That shit is fucking crazy. I think that that. If you if i can't hate on it i guess because you know you personal preference and you know how people wanna look but i think it i. It's very dangerous. I don't think that. I know that it's very dangerous. And you have to be very particular who you go to in yatta. Consider your. I was going to be that color forever. Like that's the most top notch most insane place to get tattooed. Just hey yeah like they literally stick a needle into the like top layer like the top covering hyun of your eyeball insert in into their insane contacts people. Kawhi tags get contacted not selling one on all but like after a while ause infection and all kinds of shit blindness. Like definitely not something that i personally would do. But if you can do it you are punk. Rock is thug. 'cause that is scary shit on spot. Good fuck it worth motherfucker your you fucker. I wouldn't fuck with you. I would not try you at all. You probably eat my soul. A china figure some questions have always wanted to ask a tensor feeling as long. It's okay. I'm here for it but We can into the other half to. Because i'm awesome spiritual individual i wanna hear about the other side. Doubt what do you wanna know. So did you dislike realize one day that you had like some sort of certain connection or some sort of ability realize or how did you realize that you were able to make connections. Well when i was really young i lived with. My grandma likes since. I was in third grade and my grandma was super religious. Very hardcore christian. We went to church every sunday. Wednesday and friday. We went to a wanda's we went to all the church programs. We were involved in all of it and even as a kid. I there were certain things that they taught us that i would ask. My grandma like if this is true like how does that happen. Or why if god is so great. Jesus christ the christian god was so great. Then why this. Why that in my answer. That i got from everybody was. You've got a half face and me by wasn't good enough also. I grew up in a trailer park right like literally. Like i could throw a rock in. It would hit the graveyard in. It was a huge graveyard in. I spent a lot of time in this graveyard. I would go over there and clean up the gravestones in. I would put the flowers back together. Not clean the grass off of them and after a while i kind of started like going a little. I don't. I wouldn't say i was going crazy but i now that i'm older. I understand that was like making connections with spirits. And i had a few like spiritual contacts as a kid that affected me a lot and i didn't realize until honestly older but i i went through like a hard core like i went through depression for like thirteen years. I'm twenty one so thirteen years ago like when it started. I started veering away from christianity. And i didn't wanna believe in any religion. I was just going through a really really hard time. And then i discovered acid and i started taking acid in smoking weed. I kind a win to like this. Hippy stays in kind of started delving into that in that kinda guided me towards more of spiritualism and loving nature and feeling more connected to nature and then that progressed. I realized that. That's what i believed in in kind of found wiccan ism and then wiccan. 'isms i delved into that really hard. I i have before you break that down wiccan. Ism is Pretty much like the worshiping like more of like the mother. Nature is god pitch or god The grass is god like you're believing the energies of the earth and its Healing benefits and I kinda really got into that. And the more acid that i took in the more reading that i did. I started playing with spells and spell crafting and i even initiated myself. Like i got this book that had a ritual in it and i did the ritual and after i did the ritual. I just felt so connected in in tune with what i was doing. In at this point. I don't know if i'm like a wiccan. Exactly or i don't know exactly how to explain my spirituality but I believe in many gods. And i believe in we're all connected in that bodies are just vessels and somewhere we're all in relation and it's just like me just like a beautiful way to live like when you feel so enlightened and you start to see things differently and it's just it's so crazy and then i. I started to accept that i'm like i'm a sensitive in. I'm a healer at an impasse. So i absorb other people's energy like emotion night soak it up into myself and that's kind of how i dealt with my severe depression anxiety in accepting night in using that kind of help to cope more with living in being alive. Now i feel like i have a purpose and definitely discovering all of that stuff. I would not be this good now without it. It's changed my life completely. I i wanna say all. that's amazing. Also there that probably had some sort of thought when she says something about the acid. I want you guys to look a timothy leary. And richard alpert also known as round us because those are two harvard professors who inducted studies on the hours of lsd. The magical mysterious things that does if you haven't heard about them at all. I highly recommend going that because it makes perfect sense to me because psychedelic. I don't think anyone can take psychedelics. And be like there's nothing after this. You know no way you can experience that yet. There's nothing because i didn't know the term. But i kinda like. I agree with your ideas. Ause does allow walk into nature a love being barefoot grounded connected and i prayed to feel the same way. I believe in all the guys like all the cultures. Of god's i've personally prayed like guy. Every day i believe in all ninety mother guy but at the same time. Also pray like my sphere guides say higher bees myself because that's essentially how i feel. I believe that everything happens is always meant to happen. And there's no change in that you know. I'm a huge huge fan of rhonda. So i was just hearing all actually listeners. Documented stuff In all sorts inside. On but i agree one hundred percent. Wholeheartedly attorney said wicked wicked wisdom and there's also paganism in ominous zim. I've heard of pagans. Have you heard of narcissism. I feel like i've read the word at don't think i've delve into the description Kinda confused me. Because i heard this guy talk about going. Don't entrusted podcast. Who that's the guy who made a midnight. Gospel duncan trussell shit. But on look this guy. Haas's which essentially is like the belief that this earth is evil in all the humans are put on this earth to essentially combat this evil lifestyle and united. So it's kind of like the idea that we're all supposed to become god. The god complex is when we overcome the poison that is a society of the earth. Type shit. i'm so glad you said that. Because i have came to The belief that we're all god's and we all have the power to control our lives and in infest our destinies and that's by definition delving into satanism. So i i got a lot of things that i do that are considered satanism and stuff like that. But i don't consider myself sadness but i definitely believe that we are all god's by far. Yeah like. I heard this thing that i was on. It was the idea that we are all gone. Guys i mean the whole adam and eve thing was made which guide so essentially we were made an image of god or sewn and so forth. But you've watched way to his ragnar. That's where do you guys have. Seen watch record. Deathly snus savage. But i forgot where i was going. Well no like. You're right though. Because like if if god created ad and he was created in his image then he was created to be more or less a god. So we do in a sense. We are in a form. The gods yeah. If you wanna live in a way and i believe to like the idea that if we did all the humans in the world ever did get on the same age we were essentially reach god fuller so it's like the idea that we are all god pieces that we come together. Why the government keeps you down. Exactly exactly the government's trying to disconnect people from earth. Yes speaking of the government in speaking of lsd in everything that it does all circle. I'm on probation for. I got caught selling lsd. And they were really trying to hit me with a e felony which is twenty five years and in my opinion. That's just so corrupt and insane. I i've never been in big dribble like iowa. I'm pretty sure possession of acid in illinois comparable to a manslaughter charge. Oh When i was able to church. Yeah it's tad fuck each. Each tab is a manslaughter charge. Yeah yeah that's the got caught with. Its it's fucking insane like why you say it's a lesser charge like it. Is it okay. getting caught. selling acid is the same charges raping. Somebody talk that is so fucked up in california. If you get less time for raping somebody than you will for murdering somebody that is that is sick has to do that fucked up shores like okay to be intimate with a ten year old now ever not my stern made they made it. They made the age buried. Day fucked up. That is disgusting in my opinion is just i hate. I hate the government. To in matter of fact the government guy. Everyone ernie everyone running. The government are a bunch of fucking ped- files because if they weren't there would be more severe charges for profiles in raping children Absurd thing in the fact that there is not more with that in the child. travel is it's disgusting. I believe gotta mainly the law you kentucky law fucked up area the government also whatever happened to the edge. Wife epsteins why she still absent. She was kind of like a big deal. I remember when light club it hit and then like everyone was getting accused of like sex charges and stuff like that like sounds like when she like twenty twenty like it's so insane. Like how ev everything. Hit all in that year now. It's backseat backseat. Accede get the vaccine. I i can't do it. My stomach tells me that is not good in chess. My intuition more than i trust anything. I word is trying to jam it down our throats. They're giving away money. They're bringing the clinic to the fucking work science. You can get your vaccine at work. I'm like no the people who are like well use. If you're healthy you should get back steve. But i'm like you can spread whether you have it or not. I literally went to a festival in utah in dot cohen. And all that happened to me was. I could not smell and i couldn't afford to be out of work so i still continue to win to go to work and wear a mask and everything in nobody else got it. Nobody at my my sister hit my vape in. I was like hey. I might have coded. I didn't even get tested for it. And she didn't get sick from it so it's just really. It's really suspicious. Disease i have a theory that diseases outbreaks and all that stop population control at phone because right now the climate so fucked that the soil is getting so fucked in the waters rising so the lands getting so that no one can have the amount of land they need to plant crops. Everything's given shortages instead in say we're gonna fuck it run out of food that we need to survive. Because we don't have anywhere to fuck you out like i don't the government will do everything in its power to ban lsd. But they won't do anything about pollution in pollution control egg. No one really takes that seriously. And that's a big big part of our earth dying not even trying to send any shots here but literally everyone in the world is on board with climate change except for the united states republic. That is so fucked up by literally held. That is so fucked out. It's insane how not a lot like like there's a lot of people that questioned the government. Yes but there is not enough to do a thing. This guy. I work with us at barry. Had a what do you think about. Climate change is like fuck shit. Not a real fucking weather. Man like do august was the hottest august ever. Oh my god. I for like. I don't think you can see it. But in line waiting at summer camp i literally guy burnt so bad that i got like this like rash on my body and i went to the doctor and they didn't even know what the fuck it was like. I got burnt so bad it was insane. I couldn't even breathe in that line. People were dropping left than right like waiting body. That was found. I know i know. I heard about that lingard. Yeah i wonder why. I wonder hit like a wonderful new die tonight. The festival said no dog way was founded his chalk on the very last day. So i'm that he either gather overdoses truck dive off the overdose or he took too. Many drugs passed out. The overheated. bizarrely alive where he overdosed. One of the two. That's yeah also. They have controlled by going on for the whole festival and they got people with x level felonies which is a thirty year minimum. Yeah that's another thing. I saw about summer camp. They released list the amounts of drugs that they found that the festival. What is really not nearly what it. Or no yeah. They're not doing their job with. That's all they found like. There were kind of more lenient israelite. Yeh ruined stone scan shit. Shouldn't be undercover buys at a festival like who goes to a festival and like yeah i'm gonna bust. A bunch of people for doing drugs. Never did anything off the grounds. Never say that you have it even. Oh my god. I literally saw. I heard so many people like walking. I like ground score. Grounds gore earned a one thing on facebook like this facebook group. Shower people relate common in all the most fucked up share a scene. It's summer and apparently over by the stage elimination stage. Apparently over by some of the having some dude fucking his girlfriend did align all with his dick every. Oh my god. I read this thing about giving birth. I don't know if it was this year are one of them but somebody gave birth in the crowd. At apparently some buddy came up and blew d. Mt in the baby's face ran off into the crowd. Nola high read that too. I don't know but yeah these less insane right now. Like i should've or pace fifty. Maybe bill abusive close the pregnant art marcos birth or giving birth. You probably should not go to a music festival us like the last place. You wanna give birth like dirty dirty and there's people drugs everywhere like do maybe that baby's gonna be like the next messiah. He probably is. Does babies probably dead born with you. Just learn to everything in the first ten segments of his life that dies. I mean you know everything you don't really have a purchase to be the reborn. Jesus christ like he's coming of christ on invert sober camp the baby Man that is why. Yeah i see. My in the mtv helmet gone their pregnancies in dogs. Yeah i thought we weren't supposed to have animals. There's no i mean. I i wouldn't bring my animal there. Just because they're they're hearing is like ten plus times more sensitive than ours. Not music is pretty fucking loud. So i mean i saw this girl with her dog in the vip ten in the dog was terrified. And i would just felt so bad for it because she was like sit down in lake trying to make it like stay and i was like dude. Your dog doesn't wanna be here assist system. Why would you take another shit. Blonde person's dogs right like that is just like loud high pitched noise nine animals ears like there's no joy in that for them like why. Do you need your your dog at a at a music festival. I don't understand that motion support on the air. Good excuse that's bucks the people's nine emotional support music. That's why Go i have emotional. Support has three. I'm so emotionally unstable. Have three emotional support animals in. I could go without them. I got my feathers reagan. Ooh i got my my My special happed special hats. Yeah i'll get it right special high my special hat damn baby like on it. That is actually really cool. I made it. You made that. This fucking gnarly dream catcher dark feathers of the flower of rana super sick. Yeah that's that's my emotional support for the festival. Warriors like the whole time. You should start showing ryan like literally this like. I love this thing so much. I got so many compliments on it and i was like really like nice and i was like we. You talking to me this this one here. Thank you as my special head so speaking another thing that you do another one of your special talents and abilities. Zhen new dream analyze. Yes so what's what's a little bit about that. Well i kind of learned yet again. From a book. I liked to learn from books But i kinda wanted to understand. You know because when you're sleeping you're like w into your consciousness like you're living in your head you're going through experiences in your head for at least eight hours so i thought that was really interesting so i delve into that a little bit and there is so many secret meanings and are not secret but like hidden meetings in a you can Decode in also. Dreaming is another way that you can communicate in meat like your spirit guides in your angels in like beings so that also inspired me a lot to get into that really Yeah i feel like. I've had a lot of dreams i feel i. I've read incorrectly. But i feel like. I've also misr misjudge things but i definitely a firm believer that there are signs and it means to absolutely china like some weird shit. I remembered when i like went through my evolution. I guess because i was really depressed. Loss person a fucking. I had this dream one night. Where i was like in my bathroom. Some dude was outside my Trying to get in and stuff. Now i couldn't. He opens the door. Like drags old beyond the other gun like pains me on the ground. And i'm like freaking out last year. The gun like pressed against the back of my head. Just here's something in. My head is be like wheel. Don't worry and then. I disliked frozen than the gun went off and then i woke up. I just felt like tireless different like i think experienced some sort of self. Yeah ego death. That's insane. It was a very very tense moment by shelter. Gone to the back of my head. Someone was about to shoot near the fuck nazi you while home but ever since that is like when i really really started my evolution as a person as like one of the key was that i have like people say that they have problems with memory james but i usually don't have that problem i can think about it all day. Dreams tried to start dream journals. It's hard to keep up with. But especially when i've taken acid Sleep i really really try to wake up in immediately. Remember in annualized the dream that i had in some dreams like the dreams that i know carry messages will be the dreams that i can't forget dreams that like will resonate with me all day long. That's how long. No i need to like overly analyze it and figure out kind of what it meant in like what it was trying to tell me as lost. Yeah so just trying to think lose my traded by me also like there's all kinds of different ways you can figure different dream rain running linger you're trying to inch in southern china chandler. Used something like. I've had a crazy dream of four where i float off into space and another self was floating. Oh man with the five you can actually see your other selves otherworldly in this area is a floated back office. Fuck and look what that it will seems like astro projection honesty. That's crazy bunch of all injuries. Free fall out. Yeah i had this one. Where i was in chased nami says way grabbed this. It's not announced served. Border run ride crazy. Fuck injury is one of the only ones that never say. Don't ever dream though. When i do fucking terrible shit bad go ahead. Wrap this one up tonight folks. This pleasure. i've learned so much from this. Conversation is absolutely a great time. I think absolutely definitely invite me back. I'm open to this. This is really fun for sure. Now where can people find you to use some readings and stop and they can add on snapchat. I prefer you guys hit me up on instagram. So i can give you my snapchat. So i'm not giving it's any negatives you can follow me at stay lucid with today's or you can ask me on my tattooing profile which is ink by aries heirs. Right you gotta folks mixture you check it out. Check out her arch the readings and stuff man. She deserves it. She's really cool. Thank you again for coming out and joining us will be another episode and thank you. Everyone for listening was another episode of the chris Podcasts sign all.

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The biblical argument to leave the SBC and other denominations like it


1:03:02 hr | 4 months ago

The biblical argument to leave the SBC and other denominations like it

"Like some like random things. That didn't matter and i'm just. I'm just laughed back at their faces like. Are you really not gonna take this for those things. I'm not doing that for you kidding me. You've already shown your hand so no exactly right. Welcome to reform jellicoe. Where the reformed and evangelical meet. My name is matt. Williams hosted by the great eighty ramblas eighty. How're you doing today. Doing okay man you know. Let me just say this passer was awesome. What a good guy. he's great. he's yeah. He blew my mind a couple of times in that. Just with like simple things that i'm sure. He thinks pretty remedial. But i thought it was amazing. And now you know why. I'm like so close to like baptizing my kids get. He's like so convinced. Yeah he really is. He's a good guy. So i'm looking forward to having more conversations with him. He's a great guy. If you cannot hear me correctly not you eighty but everyone else barreling. There's a problem with please. Comments unless you're on goblet watching you to go to youtube for assis- yet we do not see the comments on gab. So if someone before we start going halfway through the show so when does oh by the way we can't hear matt it's all eighty let me know. Now that's typically how it goes. I guess it's i don't understand it. i mean normally. I'm the one who has all the audio problems. But on this show it's always you. I don't get it. I know. I don't know either sterile. A good news we ate. He doesn't even know this. either. I'm telling him right. Now we are joining the fight. Laugh feast network. We're going to be doing same time. You're no longer going to find us. If you're watching the recording on the reform jellicoe channel. We're going to be moving it to the fight. Laugh feast channel so wherever filed feast. Is they have an app. You can i there or you could just watch us. Live and be part of conversation. That's what i'm talking about is. It's the best we'd rather have you here watching a recording. I was on a stream yard stream with Another guy on saturday and There was a ton of comments and he kept posting them on the thing. Like you know how you do. But it was just like constant barrage of comments. And i was just like getting distracted. It was awesome though. It's like it's a art. You've got to figure out how to trigger that really quick. Write a cramp. And i'm losing my train of thought. It's not at that level yet. I saw that it really good. It was really pretty of him before. Yeah he seemed like a decent guy. You know i had heard of him before and i had interacted with him a few times. But i don't know a whole lot about me. Seem good to all right very cool. Oh my goodness so jewelry and talk about june eighteen. Yeah it's the most important thing. It's a federal holiday. Now what what are you doing for juneteenth. I really wanted. I wanted to ask you that. I don't know it's kind of late. Notice they could have given us some time to prepare a little heads up. Would've been nice. You know the only time. The government's rushed anything. I mean come on two days. I think so. What are you supposed to do on june fourth of july day. We kind of have an idea of what we need to do. You have a barbecue. You know stuff like that we all kind of get it What are you supposed to do on june teeth. Celebrate republicans setting slaves free. That would be a good. That's a good idea. we should all. Maybe what we should do is get a Like a big big donkey. You know like the symbol of the democratic party. Yes and then just like you know maybe burn. It like effigy kinda thing. Yeah we'll do that or just whack the crap out of yatta. Yes oh should do that. And oh i got a great idea. So we'll do that but then the mask that you wear while you're doing it is is an elephant mask and you just beat the beat the donkey you know with because you have to blindfold yourself with the pinata. You know part of No that'd be great. I think. I think we should do that. And then we should recount all of the democrats that wanted to keep black people. Enslaved and alex like a ceremonial recounting of it. Yes yes it holiday to joke around with. Very serious yeah. We'll we'll do. That's a good idea so after we beat the pinata will will will do a ceremonial reading aloud of all the democrats over the years up to biden who have a Done racist things and and wanted to keep blacks in in slavery jim crow laws and all of those things. The whole thing. Biden's text messages about the people wanted to sleep with or not. Yeah you know you hear. That sounds good idea. I did hear about that. yeah. I haven't been paying too much attention but i try not to. I refuse to go into it too much. Because i actually feel gross. Even seen a picture of him. I see it on. Social media grosses me out. so yeah he just. It's one of those things where like you kind of. Just get the sense that he smells really bad about as a homeless person definitely but he's but he's like but he doesn't look like one but you also get the sense that if you ever like like Like touched his his forehead. Like your finger would stick. You've probably sticky to corruption would go to your finger. Finger turns black spreads. Yeah that's the kind of thing so yeah you know. Here's the thing but the thing about this is his tweets is use of derogatory language. That's actually the least creepy part about him. Oh yeah for sure. I'd rather have that all day. I mean i don't understand why the gop even waste their time trying to bring that point up. Tried to show the hypocrisy of the left. They don't care. They don't care at all their hypocrisy. is patently. obvious for everyone to see the obviously. Don't care so let's just ignore that stuff right exactly right at some other big news. Sbc's falling apart more a little guy. Yeah the little bit more. The liberal guy took over. there is three candidates. There was the left the middle in the right and left one. Yeah and that's all about. That's the only thing i know about. It and my wife told me that the the left was trying to do some parliamentary tricks. Or whatever in some filibustering but now the left is completely. Sbc's completely run by the left. Yeah yeah and. I think that's species over what do you think. Oh yeah definitely. I don't know if you had a chance to watch my video on this. But but that's essentially. What i said i in and actually. I predicted that this would happen before. I said i think the left is going to win this one and I think it's going to happen in the pca too by the way their general assembly think is coming up. It might be next week or the week after anyway but yeah i think it's i think it's done so it's done so I i know that like rod martin is trying to get you know. Rallied troops like we can win. We can do it. I just don't think you can you. Can't this was the one to win. This was so winnable to and apparently they had good conservative turnout to yeah and it and it didn't happen and and i think one of the things that i think is important here and this is not directed towards anybody. Because i don't really know the ins and outs of the stuff but but you have to. You have to speak the truth about what has happened here. A lot of people on my channel. We're starting to say well. It named one thing does its liberal. They don't even want to call him liberal. It's like it's like right. That's i said instantly. I was like here's i'm not gonna. I'm not going any further than this. Because this is enough and i know you're not really asking in on correal but his wife preaches. The you know what i mean. What else do you need. Besides that so like the point is though that if there's any hope which. I don't think there is then. We're going to have to have a legion of people willing to say what's going on and the reality is that what went on that. You really had two liberal candidates you had you had Which i think at this point. He's not a moderate no. He likes to pretend to be conservative. But that doesn't make you a moderate that makes you a liberal his russell more right. That's right listen. We're just doing that. We're just doing the charitable thing. He told us to judge him by who he platforms. Okay if you judge him by who he platforms. He's a liberal so we had two liberal candidates. It's no surprise to me that his his voters broke the other way now. I do think that he tricked a lot of people. i think. There's a lot of people who legitimately think l. molars conservative. And whether that's naievety or they just know him personally and he's done the trick on them i don't know but he's not probably the same percentage of people that think the. Gop is still conservative. Yeah that's right. That's right absolutely the same people that there you know. And they're going to be celebrating. Juneteenth on saturday and i don't know what they do but they're going to do something. How does anybody know in the if the chat can tell me. what do you do. Traditionally june ting's traditionally. It was just made up like two years ago wasn't he. Doesn't there have to be some set a time or could be a tradition high school. I'm going to start a tradition once and never do it again. This is tradition. The first annual yo juneteenth. We're going to have a tradition. Am i supposed to do. I think. I think what's supposed to happen though. Is that that. Black people can do their traditions. Whatever it is they do but white people are supposed to cry all day and if they don't then did ashes. Hillary clinton will pull out the hot sauce. Rumor purrs and she'll just she'll get payment for past sufferings as white person a juneteenth june to make sense to me. Hey as my pastor and his family is watching. Hello welcome for poor I got a good idea for tradition. You could if you're if you're white you can pour hot sauce into your is all day. That'll that'll absolve you for the day i think. Do you think anyone's going to go and apologize. The black people remember that was the thing was probably six or seven months ago or no is pre pre covid. that's it was Yeah it was. Well they were doing it before covert and then they started doing it after the george floyd thing a lot and they would have like some white lady would like it down and on her knees and just kiss the boots of these these these crazy Hebrew israelite types. Yeah that was weird and then they would like bow down to them while they're praying. It was very weird Yeah someone in the comments is saying if you just listen to the brief brief briefing regularly. You would understand why people are duped into believing muller is conservative. Yeah and this is what i want to encourage people with is we are no longer in a time where we can just take people's word for it. Yeah think that was foolish of us to do that. Even in the beginning god told us to judge people by their actions. You treat us on how they acted. You'll know by their fruits and you would hold people accountable by what they did. Not what the said if you said something and you didn't do it. You were deceiving yourself. The scriptures say and so we have given the benefit of the doubt to our detriment and so we need to stop doing that no matter how conservative you sound. You are appointing the russell. Moore's of the world and the matt halls of the world and you are overseeing the destruction of your denomination that is all you need to know you. Need a discard everything. They're saying they're not being truthful. It's a facade. it's fake listen. I think okay you know like if you meet me in the street and tell you hey you know my name's adam i'm i'm calvin est and It's okay to believe me right. It's like there's nothing wrong with that. Take my word for you. Don't know me right But then you see me doing all kinds of non calvin steph. You know eventually it's like you can't just take my word for it. You know what. I mean like like eventually you have to come to terms with what i really am. Whatever that is not the not saying. That's me but i'm just saying that eventually you have to do that. And so when you see a politically conservative person or supposedly a theologically conservative person. Continue to do things that you know. Get you scratching your head and all of a sudden they're talking about gender pronouns and how you got to show gender hospitality to the people that are you know pretending to be a girl like that's not that's not a conservative thing to do and you have to eventually come to terms with the fact that they they aren't who they said they were people do deceive. You mean. sometimes. They're deceiving themselves. You don't know what's going on in their brain but people do deceive you whether intentionally or not right absolutely and that. If i did meet you on the street and you told me about yourself had a great conversation of course we should take you your word because your track record is as long as june eighteenth or whatever. There's nothing to judge you by but if you have been in our lives for and this is the importance of discipleship of having community of constantly being and fellowship together is that you can't lie over. The long run is that your works will become self evident for the most part i would say. Yeah and that's what you judge so if you have somebody saying there's something living a different way. That's the whole point of church. Discipline is to bring that in line together. They oh you're claiming to be christian. Okay that's not. What you do is a christian. Let me show you. How if you don't listen. Then let's go get some brothers around you to show you and it's not just me that this is what we all think you should do as a christian or you're saying it and then the church and that's the whole process of church discipline. Yeah definitely no question about it and you know i think this is this also highlights the importance of people doing this kind of content and not to to our own horn here but but jammie here says that he used to be one of these people that you know that that believed The believed the briefing right. And so You know it's not like he. He jammie over here saying it's not that hard to believe because they listen to the briefing and you know he he. He goes hard by according to word against the libs. Right right but the problem the deeds and so you don't always see the deeds and so you do need kind of counterpoint. Where it's like. yeah. I hear what he's saying he's against you know this or that and this and that but then at seminary here's what he's up to right. It's like we gotta we gotta bring those into into into connection and if the church that he goes to isn't going to isn't going to help him out in that regard then you know other people need to do it and it's okay. It's totally fine. I don't hate al molar. You know. I'm not i don't hate on them. You know but the thing is i. Don't think that what he's up to is a net positive for us right now. I think it's a net negative. I think the fruit of it is who won the southern baptist presidency and the destruction of this species immunise over. I don't hate him. I hate what he does already does with a passion because it's hurting people in destroying people but in into the people that do listen to him. A lot of them have no context of anything else that he's doing. I'm sure there's tons of people that don't know what's going on in the seminary in the back deals and things like that. And i think that's case in point of why we need people not us but just people to push back publicly. And how many times do we get. Oh you should just talk to them on a phone call. You shouldn't make it public like. This is the case in point because if no one ever went public a public personalities and leaders in the church then there would be much many more people who had no idea no clue at the very least we can bring something to the surface and then you can go research it and make a decision for yourself. I mean yeah importance of this. Yeah i'm not against going to someone up privately as well But but these things are being done publicly. These things are you know. It's not like he's privately being a liberal secretly. If that was the case and we were just looking for some dirt on him that would be that would be. That would be something that probably wouldn't wanna to do. I'm not going to hire a you know Investigative journalists to go through his garbage. Just because he's being liberal at home who cares about that. I mean if i was his pastor. I would care about that but you know i'm not interested in what i'm interested in is his influence on the church at large which he has a tremendous influence on the church at large. And it's it's important to address that because my friends in my my church family. My local church family is affected by what l. molar does. It's just a fact i'm not. I'm not complaining. it's just a fact. He reached into my own circles. Right and people have read his books and people and people know what he's all about and so he influences these-these these churches at nothing to do with and so If they're gonna do that then we need to do that as well you know. I think i think that makes perfect sense. At least to me that that you would want that at least in your local assembly. Yeah absolutely because he doesn't just influence. He has responsibility as well to do what is right with that. Influence comes responsibility. And he's going to be held accountable by god. Yes that's even more of a point for us to do it because it's for his good to. He should push back if he's wrong. That's just a it's a win all around. No one wins when you just stay silent and you hide. It is exactly what i was saying. Giant robot own nine hundred conservative name only be equivalent. People like doug ducey in arizona. Absolutely it's such an amazing. It's such an amazing comparison. It's so it's so similar you've got the liberals that are all about action. They get it done. you know. They're going after they make no bones about it. They don't apologize for it. they just do it. And then you've got a very small minority of conservatives. That are also doing that. They're doing the actions are doing what needs to get done. And there's not that many of them. The vast majority of people and i think this is true in the united states as well are are moderate to two right so moderate right but they don't. They're not willing to do anything. They're not willing to fight. It's never time to fight. It's always it's always you know we gotta get along. You know we all got to be americans. You know what i mean like. We got a better respect this and that and it's like it's like sure we nothing that they say is actually wrong. It's like yeah. Of course we have to respect our elders with respect our president. It's all right but they they they mean it to be sort of a way to pacify you write and exactly so they just sit on their hands doing nothing. Because that's what they've always done. And it's it's that's what the that's why the liberals are are just massacring us because we we just don't have any pushback or Or the pushback we have is just too too small to isolated and we'll put the standards of on you that make it possible for you to even act and everyone gets. Everyone gets duped by this again and again and again and again. It's what we need are people that are going to see the hysterical crying woman on the stage and say i feel very bad for. You obviously have had some issues but doesn't change. What's right to do so whether you're crying or not. I still need to find out the facts of the case that you're alleging you don't mean that's what we need and so You know i. I one of the things that i found so disgusting about what the liberals in the in the spca were doing is they were using these hysterical women for their advantage and they were saying to of the spca. Oh oh totally totally. Absolutely and they even used all the language all the stuff that letter that russell moore put out they said he was powder first wife. And it's like they know that triggers people right and they so they use it because they have no scruples. They have no desire to know the truth. They just wanna use whatever they cancel us women that have been sexually abused because these people are sick and disgusting so anyway so so they say that what we need though are are men who can actually say okay. Listen the the they. They received the tears of the woman. And they they. They want to defend that woman. They want to do that but they wanna do it. According to god god standard because they fear god love god more than they love the crying woman in front of them. So we need to do this. According to god's standards because we know that just because you say a thing doesn't mean that that's necessarily true. It's definitely possibly true but we've got steps to to go through. We can't just believe all women and so the thing is most conservatives are not willing to do that they think they can love that woman in a way. That's outside of god standard. Yup we end up doing is what the liberals are doing to these women. And that's hating them and using them and it's so disgusting that i can't believe that anyone puts up with it. This is a hysterical woman. And maybe she was sexually abused so she shouldn't be on this stage. Doing this. this this political stunt for you. Yep yep exactly right and i. I hope that these people will wake up and realize the kind of men. They're going to have in their camp. They're not going to have the men that are going to defend innocent women. They're going to have the russell. Moore's that don't say anything if it's true we're just assuming what he's saying is true. They're going to hide it. Suppress it not confront it. And they'll bring it up a year or two later when it's politically advantageous to them. Those are the kind of men that's right that you are bringing towards yourself all of the men that will defend you when you are actually under attack when you have actually been victimized you are pushing them away and there's nothing clearer than what we're seeing you are getting the russell moore's of the world so enjoy it. That's what you're going to and it's going to be your destruction. Here's a fact. And i'm not making any accusations against moore because i don't know the man and i don't know anything about him but here's a fact you will find consistently again and again and again the kind of men that utilize the hysterical woman and they try to defend them like a white knight and they say believe all women and they are feminists feminist men essentially. You will find again and again and again that these are the worst sexual predators of all and they're doing horrible things behind the scene and they're abusing women left and right this happens over and over and over again. It's always the one that puts the nice guy presentation out that is actually the the one that's the most perverted and so manipulating and all that right and it's not hard to see why because they're manipulative. That's what they that's what they're doing. They're manipulating yeah. They meet including the women that they're claiming to love again. Hear me saying. I'm not saying anything about russell more because not all men that do this are doing that. But a lot of them are because it's a mindset man. it's a twisted disgusting mindset that conservatives. we can't play by. We can't do that like we can't be dirty like that right. That's one thing we can't do lots of stuff we can do. But we're not gonna play dirty like that. We're not gonna use women who have been abused like pawns on a chessboard. Not at all. We're just not gonna do that and so you can let them do that but we've need to expose it. We need to stand up to it. We can't be manipulated by it. Because here's the reality. Sbc they've just learned that that works so we'll do it again and next time is going to be worse and next time it's going to be even more ridiculous and they're not gonna ever stop unless you find a backbone and kick him out kick them out. Don't ever let another russell moore quit. Fire him unceremoniously without pay. Let's sue you because that's what we'll do because he's a weasley doesn't care what god says let him you. Let him do whatever he wants. Air the dirty laundry because he's going to do that anyway. There's lots of lessons to learn from this and the spca could be saved if they actually learned these lessons. I just don't think that they're going to yeah. I know. I don't know. I don't know if they can be saved. I don't know if if they're worth being saved. But i'll just say this is when you see those people. The thing to do is not to find. Peace has to just sweep it under the rug. Not yeah stations. Because that you know you don't wanna causing issues or you don't wanna be unchristian. You wanna be charitable this stuff. The biblical model is to withstand him to his face. Just like yes the peter because they are to blame that's right that is the biblical model of masculine man. And if that is not going to happen in any context in any organization where there's a group of people then the evil will win every time. You're not gonna win by politics. You're not gonna win by practicality you're not gonna be win by any other way you either confront evil you kick it out or you brush off your sandals and you walk away yeah i i've had And by the way the the reason the reason why so often these direct confrontations don't happen is because they know that that's the godly thing to do and they know will actually squash it and they're not trying to squash it trying to solve the issue. They're just trying to cause trouble to get their way. Here's the thing like Last week on the show. I was talking about my beef with kennedy right and i don't wanna really talk about it too much but the reality is that the next day on friday. Last week we had a conversation and He called me and we spoke for about an hour. Maybe even a little more than that and like an hour and a half and the first forty five minutes of the call. We just screamed at each other. You know what i mean. It was did not go well and We were all kind of area now every issue that we had and he had some issues with me and i had some issues with him. And you know what happened. Was that just rent not randomly. But suddenly i don't even remember. Who had the epiphany but there is a missed opportunity. Somewhere in our squabble right and somebody had identified it and just like that it was it was done. It was like you know what i should have said something that point and i was like you know what i should have said something at that point. It's like we both kind of realized that despite we both thought we had something legitimately against the other person that we we both missed opportunities along the way to to have a conversation and it was squashed so then i called up. I didn't call texted chocolate. Knox because he's a mutual friend. Okay and and i just texted him and told him that the beef was squashed. And he he. He texted me back a picture of his book in my book on his desk and he said he put them there so that he remember to pray for us all the time awhile and and he said so what happened and he said. Let me guess you just actually had a conversation and basically true. It's like nothing really happened. We were screaming at each other. We weren't making progress or anything. We weren't like like logically solving this. You know what i mean. But that's what happened so this is the reality though. There's people that i have. You know things against that refute. They're in big eva. They refuse to have a conversation and what they use as a stupid excuses. Like this will. How do i just don't think you're ready to repent right now as if in the scripture it says if somebody has something against you wait until they're ready to repent and then go to him. That's not what it says. It says you go to them. You don't have these back sa- back room deals. You don't do low. You don't leak information because that's what this does to me. Sometimes every now and then he'll leak information somebody you'll say this about me and then people come to me and they say hey. This dude said this about this true. And i'm grateful for that because lots of christians know how to do this. They don't just relieve negative report. They go to me and say you do this. It's not true it's all lies but he won't confront me directly because he knows that that'll solve the issue and he doesn't want to solve the issue right because it he doesn't want to solve it as a man like that's right effeminate. That's something that the bible talks about. Oftentimes with women right. Don't be busy bodies and gossiping right. It's it's a. It's a temptation primarily for women when the reality is that there's a lot of women that have penises that are in the sbc the realities russell. More doesn't want to solve the issue of the spca. He wants to keep the divide there as long as possible until he eventually wins out and he can probably try a triumphant return back to the sbc and be the king of the sbc in. It'll be all liberal away. He wants it. That's what he wants that liberals. Don't try to solve things. They tried to get their way and so they manipulate to get their way. We gotta stop that we gotta nip it in the bud. We have to say. Look if you're not willing to talk to me you have to leave. Go do your own thing but you can't be here. Because as christians we deal with things directly Yeah amen to that and the only thing say about your situation with kirk kennedy but that confrontation that you had for the first forty five minutes to a lot of women was probably very uncomfortable and my wife be celery stairs. And i'm not even saying that in a negative way but oftentimes. That's how men deal with. Things are direct you. You're confrontational you. Address the issues and then things like what you said get to happen and you know the reconciliation can happen. But we don't even have men willing to do that to each other and they go and they act like women and they go gossip and become busy bodies and slander their brothers in continue to sin instead of at least confronting them and having some kind of masculine way to resolve things. And that's something that we're missing a lot from our side we're just letting the other side do whatever they want. Be the slimy manipulating weasels. They are manipulating week. Women that the bible says this is all in the bible. This is what the bible warns us about and tells us how to deal with this right dude. We gotta be men about this stuff. We we are. We are lead even if we don't participate in the gossip in the busy body nece and all that were encouraging it by not nip it in the bud right were encouraging it by letting them up this way. Russell moore has operated this way for his entire career. There's no way he should have been allowed to resign from the er. He should have been fired. The minute you found out he acted like this and it was just a pattern. He was never gonna stop you confront him. You do what you gotta do but then you get rid of him. He's gonna do his dirty deeds anyway but let them do it on his own dime. Don't pay for it. Stop paying for people that do their dirty deeds like this. This is ridiculous. And it's like this is not just a russell moore thing. I'm not trying to beat up on russell moore. He's just the most obvious. Example of this is rampant. This is just rampant in the sbc. The guy that. I'm talking about in the sec. He's low tier. He's like he's like a d lister right. I'm not talking. He's not a big or nothing like that but but it's just the same mentality. It's he's russell. He would be russell moore if he was in alastair right you know what i mean. It's just it's really. It's really sad. And i think that that we need to really. That's the muscle that we need to start exercising that confrontational muscle. That it's like like you know. Look it's not i saw. Didn't doug tweet this out or gab. This outweigh said that true. Religion is more like a bar fight than it is. Oh yes answer something whatever. Yeah whatever he said you get the idea though. And it's like what me incur. So so i went outside because i don't want my kids to hear it but of course they probably still heard it But but with me. And kurt were doing was was messy man. It was messy. And i don't want to go into detail but but it wasn't nice. We weren't being nice to each other and by the end of it I said this on my show on the show. I did the next day. Like don't know if we'll be best friends but we've been texting this week and stuff like that and and I think. I think there's an opportunity there man for a lot of good content and some content. That will actually drive this conversation. Ford because kurt is not totally on my perspective. These he is in many ways but it some. He's he says some woke ish stuff right we get that so there's an opportunity there and i think that you know the fact that we did this messy sort of like you know. Sharpening of each other was probably some sin in there as well. That got thank. God we're covered. We know we shouldn't be doing that but it's it can be effective for us into the future there's going i think there's going to be fruit there. I i don't have any. We don't have any plans to do anything. I can't see into the future not profit. But i think there's gonna be some serious fruit there. Praise god for that. I mean that's the ideal situation is when when you have disagreements with a brother it's not going to be solved overnight. And maybe i'll never be solved but i but the goal is to disciple each other push each other closer to christ amen these relationships that you guys are both coming closer to not. That one's coming to the other side more than the other. But that you're both going becoming more christ like you know was thinking as you were talking about that just real quick. Definitely through the in the in our church right now and kyle has been harping on this. How messy sacrifices and how it's a messy affair and i don't think christians want to get messy. You're not willing to cut the innards out and pull them out and take the liver out take the kidneys out and get hands deep in the blood and but that's what's required is a type of what what is pointing to jesus ultimately but that's reconciliation is. Looks like it's getting into the blood getting into the guts and we just don't see that that much from ourselves and we we need to be able to do that to get into the gut sometimes get messy with this stuff. Absolutely people were asking me on my channel. They're like so. Are you going to not criticize him if he says something else woke it before not. That's that's not how adding that. No no i mean of course. Of course i'm not gonna not y'all man just because he's my friend right. That wouldn't be loving. You're exactly right. Yes yeah and and and the reality is like. And i told people like you know. Look i someone asked me on my channel on the same the same threat like is there anyone that you you support their ministry totally and i'm like yeah there's tons of people as support the ministry totally and it doesn't mean that i can't criticize something that they say that i don't agree with we. Were talking about. Doug wilson the other day and i disagreed with doug on the on the church closing the beginning when he was still for that kind of thing and i said what his arguments were kind of silly. I thought his comparisons to the fire that the house is burning down and they tell you to get out. That's a dumb comparison. I didn't agree with that. And i love doug wilson and i support what he's all about but that doesn't mean that i can't like you know. Try to help him out a little bit. When i know more than him getting. But you know what. I mean no for sure. Like if i said something wrong on my show or you said something wrong on your show or we disagreed. Like i would love for you to come and tell me on this show where he like time you call me an anti semite. Yeah exactly that time or a half presbyterian baptist exactly and because i'm not play. I don't think i'm perfect. So obviously there's things that i need to change it become more christ like and i'm hope and i pray for i want who brothers around me. Who can tell me when i've screwed up or wearing i'm sitting and i need to repent because it's a blessing for me. Yeah that there's there's no shame in it. We should love repentance. We should love reconciliation. We should be all about as christians. Okay so we should start confronting people we should start standing standing up to people interface that need it but what happens when you do that and you lose the battle and i think that is the question with the sbc and this is my question. I was thinking through it. Today is like in first corinthians. Five eleven says. I'm writing to you to not associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he's guilty sex and sexual immorality greed idolatry revival drunkard swindler. Whatever and he don't associate with them. And i'm just i'm thinking about that. And how does that not apply to denominations like. That's the ultimate association with things and if you are seeing denomination that you're affiliated with that has a huge idolatry problem a huge idolatry problem and they're greedy and they're in love with this world. Isn't there a point where you have to biblically walkaway. It's not even about saving the spca anymore. It's sure doesn't want us associated with this anymore. And i think we're at right dude you know. It's it's a scary thought in the sense of it. It's a paradigm shifting type of thought. It's like are we at that point yet. you know. I think it depends on who you ask but you have to. At least acknowledge there is a point like that where you can no longer be associated with them in any way and you know. I'm willing to hear arguments on both side of that. I don't know i. Th i think personally that you that it's a very valid and possibly you probably should just leave. Just stop or at least stop paying into it. You know what. I mean pain into it so i don't know if we're there yet but it's definitely not off the table no question about it. I don't think anyone should be shocked that you're asking that question. If of course applies to denomination. It's the ultimate association. You're right yeah. And it's an especially with the denomination because your name. The name of christ is you could be by definition taking the lord's name in vain if you're saying as the denomination you're burying the name of christ and associating with him with things that he does not associate with you taking his name in vain and it's easy for us or i think we have a tendency to want to put this on a spectrum but it says don't associate with them. Yeah don't and so if you have all of your leaders. I mean is there now for sure is left. Who's left. who's left right. It doesn't say well. If you think you can win the battle then associate to try to win and maneuver and be somebody who's being like matic. It says don't associate with them. And i think that's something we really need to think about. You've done the good fight you have made your case. You have stood up against resolution nine. You have done these things you showed up to the convention and they rejected the word of god and now. What does the bible say. And i think that's where we're at. It's not a spectrum. I don't see the bible sane a spectrum on this It's kick them out of your church. You leave it's yeah. It's definitely not a spectrum. I would agree with that. I think that that the the opinion of is is is nomination characterized by these things or one of these things. I think that you d disagreement. On that is it characterized by or are we just dealing with pockets of this and and and all that i but to your point though even if the majority of the people are solid. Let's just say that. That's true. Which i don't think you can necessarily assume but let's just say it was at but all of your public leadership is is doing. The woke thing right. Every one of them is doing the divisive splitting up the body of christ according to skin color. Everyone's doing leading women right manipulating women all the whole thing allowing women to exercise authority over a man and by the way when you do that. You're actually not only. Are you contradicting the bible. But you're also going against something you signed your name to the baptist faith and message so like you're basically you're not only are you. You're disregarding the bible unless you interpreted it differently. You're also not even carrying that. You said something that you're not going to do it. Your i mean you agree to something. You're not going to do so you just a liar. You're you're lying swindling people. That's one of those things swindler. So so i think you know you'd that's where you get the disagreement. But you have to ask yourself if you're in the sec. What would it take for this to be applicable. What would it take if it's not now. Okay then what is it. What would it have to be because that list does not say if they deny christ publicly. It doesn't say that doesn't say if they if they If they you know misunderstand the trinity and say that is talking about their actions right so we like to put this standard of disassociating with things like way appear so they basically have to say. I don't believe the gospel anymore. I don't believe in jesus anymore. I don't believe in the trinity anymore. That's basically anything else you'll put up with it right. That's not what it says in that passage though. That passage isn't primarily about their theology. It's an outworking theology. But it's about what they're up to what they're doing. You know what i mean. And i think that that's something we all need to consider because matt to your point like okay if not now then when and it can't be this is what people say. This is what roussillon said. He's like well. We agree on the essentials. And it's like okay fine. Let's just say we did. We don't by the way but let's just say we did. Okay the passage. You just read matt. Or any of those the essentials that he's talking about that the basic doctrine no no. Yeah so first of all. That's not true but even if it was there still this other stuff we need to consider right. And what does it say. Says don't even eat with such a person and clear. And i like to think of what he's thinking about when he saying. That is the very thing that peter was doing. Hypocritically in the wrong was when the jews came he would not associate with the gentiles. He would not eat with them. But that's what paul is saying in the positive of saying do what peter did but not hypocritically don't associated with them. Don't have anyone see you with them. I think that's what he is saying in this passage. Let's put it on a smaller scale because maybe this will help. Because i'm working through this what we're working through this live right now. So that's how we roll. Put it on a smaller scale for a second. So would you go to a local church whose leadership was characterized by some of these things but they had decent doctrine like they believed in the trinity and they believed in christ and they preached the gospel. Okay would you put up with it in the local church if they were using hysterical women as a prop on stage at the church when they were they were doing the june juneteenth social justice Thing like they were doing all this stuff. They were voting for democrats or putting up with democrats and stuff like. Would you go to a church like that. A local church whose people were characterized by this and whenever they wanted to get their way. They put a crying woman on the stage. Like would you do that. And there were leaking letters to the local paper. You know the local town paper about this guy did this. This guy did that. There were leaking letters instead of going to them like in a local assembly. I don't think any single person. I put my name on that church i'd be i'd be a part of the church I don't think you would. You'd go far away. And i love that. You just did that. Because it puts in perspective the damage that it does. I think of how much sin and hurt and death would come from those kinds of situations happening in your local church and then you have to multiply exponentially because it's at the denominational end the global level. This kind of stuff happens at local churches but usually what ends up. Happening is the person who leaked the letter or says the or who who who who spills the beans on a private matter or stuff like that they get kicked out because there obviously being divisive right yeah. They're obviously not. They're obviously not doing things appropriately. But for some reason on the denominational level it's put up with right and it shouldn't be. I mean i wouldn't have molar at my church. I would put him through church discipline. I would confront him personally if it was a local like if he was in my church and we were brothers together. I would confront him like. Why are you platforming these people yet. Why are you platform these people that are you know shaming the name of christ look how much damage they're doing and if he didn't listen to me i would go to the elders and then i would have the church either confront him or if they agreed with him i would leave i would not be able to fellowship with him because what he's doing. Yeah it's it's a sad. It's a sad state of affairs. And you know you know that that that example of like the local church. I really of puts it into perspective. I think matt because you know these these big denominations there conglomerates of churches and stuff like that and and you know you might disagree that this has come to characterize the sbc. But i like we can argue that point but if it has there some serious questions that every person in the sec needs to ask. Can i sign my name to this. Is this how i want to associate is this. Is this a valid. According to the scriptures be to associated. Forget what you want to do these valid for me to associate with these people if this how they're characterize so that's the good question matt you kinda put the point on that a minute so let me just put it on a fine point it again. It really is not about your desires. It's about what's your duty amen. And we don't speak like that enough. Yeah we don't talk about the duty and obligation to what we're going to be held accountable accountable to god for we talk about her feelings. How do you feel about this. What do you want to happen. That's not what god talks to us about. Data not what we're held accountable to. That's not what discipleship looks like. It's the same thing with this whole thing with kurt like did i really want to talk to him Have on a friday night. When i was about to have pizza night with my family. I didn't really want to but i had to. You is this. I just had to do it and just like this. Sbc guy that i'm talking about. I've never named him. But i don't really want to ever talk to him again. As far as i'm concerned if he ever called i would just hit ignore. You know what i mean or curse him out and and and and never call me again. But i can't do that. I'm i'm required to not do that only me like it doesn't matter what i desire. You would be in the wrong. Then yes on you right. i have to. I have to try to solve this. If the person is there to ready to solve it and by the way this is not a is not a dunk it on the sbc guys. The pca's media in a couple of weeks and they're about to do the same thing they're putting this. At least they didn't leak any letters. Right yeah this is. This is what i wanted to post screen. And i've i've actually. This is not the first one that they've put out the liberals and the pca have started to put out these statements and he's open letters that basically are pretending that they're gonna lay. We should lay our arms down. There should be diversity of opinions and you know we can all get along that kind of stuff because they know what they're about to do they're about to come and launch them thermal nuclear attacks. They're about to try to get gay pastors they're about to because the the as more about the the homosexuals and That kind of thing than it is about race and gender. They're all into the race stuff as well but they're more into the lgbt stuff. That's their thing. So they're gonna they're about to launch thermonuclear assaults right now and they want to throw people off so they want the people come into the be ready for peace but there's these people are weasels. Dude they this is what it says in the scripture man. They buttery smooth words but there's war in their hearts. They're calling for peace knowing that they're about to launch some massive assaults on you and here's their tactic they think that and the right that men aren't going to want to make them look bad and they're not going to want or not make them look that they're not gonna want to be on the attack it's gonna make them look bad. They're going say well we call for peace. We call for peace. And look at your your attacking me. That's what they're gonna do. But the thing is what we need are men who know that and are willing to say okay. Fine you call for peace but there is no peace here. No right there. The people that are ready to go to war but many men unfortunately are just not ready to go to war. Two years ago when they had their last general assembly they did go to war over some of this gay stuff and God bless him too young. You know say what you want about him. I think he's one of the good guys. He did in epic you know speech or whatever they call them on the floor to stop this gay stuff for moving forward and it worked. He did a great job and he's on the gospel coalition. So you know. He's obviously some squish there but he did a great job this these attacks that this unconstrained guy said it was a spectrum of belief. That's an attempt to to stop kevin young before we get started and it might work because this is the kind of guy that we have going to war. They just don't go to war right and so two things about this. We really need to remember is part of war into part of battle is how you frame it. And what they're framing it as his. Hey were here in peace. So don't come here and contradict because you're the one going to be a divisive one to one being angry causing contentions exactly right but in reality who is the one. Who's the the river reveller. Who's the one who's bringing the the all this stuff. It's the center. Every time sin brings division seeing sin brings strife sin brings death. The person who is reconciling to death in breen it to the altar to be dealt with is the peacemaker and so we have to be wise and stop drinking the baby milk. That paul talks about roy food to be prepared to properly assess the situation that god has brought us to. And that's where we're at. We need to eat solid food because we are at war. A man dude that that you blew my mind met you blew my mind. Because that's they try to warp your mind. They try to warp your mind and they make it seem like everything's opposite so if you insist on biblical doctrine then you're trying to divide the body. You're not you don't care about unity. I heard i heard this man. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna blow anybody spot but i went to a meeting in local meeting in in in new england like i say what state wasn't new hampshire. I went to a local meeting. And there smith spec- guys are about to head to the conference and their positions essentially were we. We need a. We need to have unity. That's what that's the most important thing we gotta stop with these resolutions and got to have unity and it's like if unity becomes your ultimate goal. You're going to put up with all kinds of heresy because that's not actually peaceful. Were you said just blew my mind. They've got us all warped and twisted in the mine where we think that if we're in united in these pagan the spectrum of beliefs like on canadian said if we're okay with that then we're carrying about unity then we're being peaceful but really that's the opposite of peace. That's going to war. That's that's that's that's being a divider and so they've got us all jacked up in the head and we've got probably a lot of good. Pca elders that are going this general assembly. Their heads are all jacked up. Thinking if i say anything now i've macuser the brethren. I'm a divider when it's the exact opposite exactly right brother. You blew my mind right there. That that i had never thought of it that way. But they've framed us man. They've got us. It's alive from the devil. These people are devils. This is exactly what the devil does. And i said that last week about russell moore. I'm saying it again because it's true. They are anti christ. They are of the devil. They are lying deceiving. They're trying to kill steal destroy. They're not here on good terms. They're not here to have open discussions. They're here to shut us up or kick us out and until we realized that we are going to continue to be conquered going back to even. I corinthians five when paul says don't associate with them that could be perceived as divisive by definition but by definition according to the way that some people will interpret it. Yeah what is. That's the most divisive thing that i've ever don't even eat with them. Bright like you don't even share a meal with people that are like this. That's pretty harsh. That i can't think of anything harsher basically dead to me at that point. You know what i mean. So imagine the context of this too. It's far worse. Than just splitting divisions you became a christian you became ostracized from the jews. You were no longer part of your family. You guys had to pool resources you had to have your own communities because the communities you grew up in and depended on. You no longer could live there. You literally got cast outside the gate and then you start singing. You start doing all this stuff. Then you're going to get kicked out of that community to like. It is a very severe thing to not be associated with the christian community and that dane context far more significant than what we're talking about today but yet we are far more passive and far more week. And i think it's not because we are to spiritual but on the flip side is we're to compromise. We've had too many idols in our life. And we've loved this world and our comforts far too much instead of obedience to christ and that's why we are where we are in the workplace were in. This is a couple of great comments here. So i'm going to start with. I love america. This person quotes james but the wisdom from above and then he puts the emphasis on is first pure then peaceable gentle reasonable full of mercy and good fruits. That's huge van. Verse the other one jammie star here he says i know so many awesome believers and solid choice in the sbc. They just need to leave and form new associations and institutions. I think this is a totally valid thing to do. If they wanted to do this. That would be great but you have to recognize when you start doing this. This is fine. But the liberals have their post millennial. They're trying to conquer everything so they will come to you and they will try to fool you into let them into your new denomination. This is what always happens. Because you know the pca splits from the pc usa and then the pca goes liberal because liberals are not content ever with what they have. They're they're always coverages. they always want more. They always want to convince other people to join their rebellion against god so they will come to your new denomination and try to destroy it so you need to be committed at the outset that it doesn't matter what your track record is with us. It doesn't matter what you've done in the past. How conservative you you're conservative stalwart for twenty years. This matter if you start putting nonsense out there you're going to be gone. We're not putting up with it. We're not going to do this over again. So so if the sbc the conservatives in the spca the ones who are theologically conservative. They're believers they you know they don't put up with nonsense if they wanna start their own denomination. That's fine but they have to commit the outset. Look if anyone of you guys goes liberal. It's over you gotta go to be gone. You gotta be gone. And it's not like a witch hunt or anything like that but when it becomes obvious when it becomes manifest when it becomes like starting to leak things the washington post. You know what i mean like. Joe it's gotta be done. You know what i mean and like it's just that's what always ends up happening. The pca will the we. We beat we. We had to leave the liberals. Were getting too much in the liberals come to the and they don't do anything about it so now they're going i would again. It's like eventually you just have to stop with that not sets. Eventually you do have to fight. But the problem is you can't wait until the fight is unwinnable. That's what always happens. They wait to fight until it's already over and you know that's such a good point and i think in addition to what you're saying repentance needs to happen because it's not just that you have sinners in your denomination but you've been sitting by letting it grow and manifest and metastasized in it and so if you don't repent if we don't repent of the responsibility we have to steward are associations wherever that sphere is if we don't repent of not doing that then the same thing of what eighties warning about is going to happen. And the reason it keeps happening is because we flee without fighting and then we flee without repenting ourselves and so the same mistakes happen over and over again but if we repent and turn back to god in these ways of purposely disciple lean each other holding each other accountable practicing church discipline. Doing all these different things. I've talked to people like. How do you not just kick out these people. How do you not kick out some of these churches that are totally woke left communists and they say there's no mechanism to do it. They just don't do it. That is a sin issue by the conservatives to not have those tools in play for not kicking these people out that was on us on the people on our side that are faithful to the bible and less we repent or until we repent no matter where we run sin will be there with us. We have to learn how to deal with it. That's the problem imen- man you've been you've been you've been dropped some serious bombs here man. Good job this is great. This has been one of your best episodes. I started filing fees. networks are going up my game now yet. Up your game yeah. I don't know what you were drinking before this but Do it again next week. Man dropping bombs here. it's my classic game. maybe an extra. Maybe he had an extra shot or something. I don't know why. I'm actually really excited. Because now our constitution our supreme court or no. I'm sorry it was an appellate judge. A group or whatever whatever's right before the supreme court in florida said. You can't wear masks anymore. it's i mean you can't require them. It's unconstitutional to the state of florida. So costco can't mask me up and require me to mask so i got to go to costco and i got to buy all my scotches again. Well you know what. Hey good for you man. That's good for you. So like if you go to disneyworld before stewart masks anymore yeah i heard now. None of them are. I heard that that He also was going to pardon everyone that got arrested or whatever. They got fined for not doing the masks stuff. Is that true. Who santa's the santa scott find. No he was gonna part in everyone who got fine hardened jailed gelled or find past present their pardoned and now unless the state supreme court overruled which. I don't think they will from what i understand. Yeah then you can't mandate it previously. So they no longer can be mandated now or in the past or future ever again. I'll tell you right now if you really wanted to trigger people. He would be legend if he did this. If he paid reparations to people who were arrested he would be a legend. If he did that well he bonus for the police. That's kind of triggering them to. He gave all the nurses and the police officers and firefighters. I think that's pretty good. That's pretty good everyone. Everyone's defunding the police to just like. Yeah you can have a little extra money. It's been a tough year right. you guys. Just don't get paid enough man. Nicholas job man reparations for mask abuse victims for juneteenth nineteenth. Whatever it's called juneteenth it'll be a juneteenth miracle so what are you going to do for where the show's over. Basically but i really do want to know what. What are you gonna do for june teams. I feel a lot of pressure. Like i should them. It's saturday it's saturday you got you got say i feel like i really get in trouble with anything i tried to be. Doesn't matter what you say you could say nothing. Basically the questions asked and now you're screwed so yeah so now now what's the seat later. I mean we weren't strong. We went strongly. Go off the rails now. I happy juneteenth. Everybody i hope you guys have a great juneteenth and let me know in the comments of this video. What you do to celebrate juneteenth. Yes oh yeah. Share the show with your comments about what you did even better than that. I made a comment. On gathered about juneteenth the racist out of the woodwork. Say that man does get you haters. Oh definitely definitely by the way. I also i also posted a I just re tweeted something about the trinity like there's a miss wording on the The new president of the spca trinity page. So you know he he might. He may or may not be a formal heretic but anyway so he changed it apparently secretly later. Anyway i posted that. And there's actually a lot of unitarian heretics on gab to really tons and tons of trinity. Deniers gab wow. I couldn't believe it. I finally unfrosted andrew. I just couldn't take it anymore. Would what did they even say. I which time which time it's terrible. I don't even notice it. Does that mean that. I'm like i might be a racist. Yeah man. I didn't even notice what he says. Maybe i'm just not attention. I'll show you off the record. And then a screenshot of the comments like reaffirming. What he's saying with even more anti jewish stuff. I said something about ice said something about home prices or something people were going in on unrelated stinky jews. Man i don't know yeah do off the record now you go ahead and you want you. I don't really much. Nah i won't. I won't all right. Everyone thank you so much. Please shares this show. Thank you for joining us. We'll see you next time. Su seven thirty thursday and then the week after that we will be on the fight laugh. Feast yeah everyone. Jesus skiing have a good night. God bless god bless.

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110 SIN T4 - Vaccine tourism, supersonic Boom, Mi(g)nsk detour, Covid passports, plague terminal


2:02:48 hr | 4 months ago

110 SIN T4 - Vaccine tourism, supersonic Boom, Mi(g)nsk detour, Covid passports, plague terminal

"What are you talking about. It's just so many microphones in that's audio right. I mean this is what happened to us by being stuck at home forever. We bought way. Too many microphones and cameras. Whatever you buddy. Yeah and i found the ages cancelled return flight for a trip. I'm taking on friday. No way yeah for five days before the return flight that and they did it so inelegantly. I got notification that my seat had changed. And i was like okay. That's whatever they changed aeroplane. Or whatever. So i click on that and takes into my booking and says your flight's been cancelled an eye coming back not coming back and i have to get back and doing this depends depends on where you doing. Where are you going washington. Oh yeah well. No sorry for the guys were. I was about to say that. Maybe not the best place to stay. But no it's okay actually. I'm gonna ask me. This keeps happening virgin are really bad at loading scheduling and And then cancelling will you just be a virgin virgin of demand doing this Throughout cova the load it in and then you book it they take your money and then you about maybe three or four weeks before the flight. They cancelled it these how they played. I haven't had any played with treasury all these airlines book stuff. Don't worry book it here's exactly the voucher and then it's infuriating have done it to me on on a few occasions but they'll the flight will linger on in google flights as an available results for days and days after they cancelled flights because it has an permeated through all of their affiliate partners airline workers that they really do disres- so the long trip in supposed to stay only a couple of days and coming back a couple of days. They're out there for for just a couple of days and you know leaving. Friday coming back are supposed to leave like eleven. Pm friday night so scrambling to figure out if i this is fantastic because your your weekend is going to turn out to stay month. Something in dc. Sorry because let's have a nice weekend in dc enjoy some good food and invaded capital. Nope sorry this is not what you going. Let me let me present usual stuff because we are archie already recording. This is counting on counting on you. Alex is counting on you. Getting hottest day. You remove my empty. Move my jacket before we started this. I mean we already started. Hello everyone this is one ten holy cow one ten. I don't know where we're going to ours probably again like last time. We didn't have any complaints. People i though they don't june in i think they do because as the stats or they're okay with us going on forever. I don't even removed chapters chapter as and because now. I'm just going live and roll. Podcast very cold. It i just guys. There's a pause button. you could pause. I'm sure there's some of you would like to have a new poll button so you only listen to alexander. politics ran. oh. I don't know that. Jeez this is the episode where we will learn how it feels for alex being a kid again and ask him in a few because he flew with his mother. Hope that didn't get cancelled right. That happened now. we know you made. It made it so q. In a bit. I was dead. So let's have our intro music before we get into the proceedings. Which one is the button now. Because of so many buttons. Like so many microphones. I think this is the one assure. Version go so again. Kenai the epitome of good taste in music wrote us to say. The music is amazing. Which means that. I'm not going to change it. He's he's a new music for the show. Because again can. I decided and i think forever forever and ever saw. We've been off the air for a while when we last month ago because addicts is crisscrossing the world in mostly crisscrossing the us and then we're supposed to record on them. My daughter broken wrist so she better now. She's she's tough little little so she takes her father. That's why we do. You gotta tied rather not at this point So yes so hours probably a hopefully maybe less so much talk about the then again so little to talk about I haven't listened to you latest medication nation because it's on hong kong and i'm sure that must be a grand one. Listen to the previous one. And i love the fact that you've been pistol whipped so that that everybody's into like that. I got shot at the not. The dingo threw me but that was. That's for maybe one day. I don't think i had heard that. Yeah because that's part of the world it's always contentious so which is why probably not going to do that on the over hotel you after we finish eating so first of all. It's amazing that it's just it's hot in here. That is great weather. Finally because we had a dreadful month of mainly you all over europe. I think and because we can go out we can actually meet people again. Feels really cool. Really great that we're starting to get fantastic some normally. It's absolutely needed and deserved. Frankly we as a people deserve some decent weather. It's been also some decent food outside. There's something to be said about just having someone serving food. I know it's not here to talk about the someone that serves you food but to not having to cook in being outside with friends and enjoying a good beer or wine and being it's just it's just amazing it feels we have some kind of normality always want to be cautious of course because i said that last june but i think this should be at least in our countries when i say countries receive meant for you is both the us and the uk for me. It's the uk. But i'm not bright yet. Maybe one day after nine years in here it feels. It feels great. I'm happy as well for the people to be able to work. People in this pathology starting to being able to do something again because that started to be a little bit long for them right i. Did you enjoy some good food. I always pictured. Yeah i'm always always look at yeah had Some some amazing amazing food in california california japanese fusion that was probably highlight colder california. Roll that too. Yeah always good to get stuff. Oakland forgotten how. Good the food there. Yeah yeah well ask you in a bit alaskan a bit about your flights there because obviously in our pure tradition of being people that Foresee the future always and we've always been good at this. We're finished our last episode. By saying i think. I said it would be. You said remember. Don't get diverted well unless you were flying from athens do vilnius on iran's flight and ended up in minsk don't get diverted holy man. That's a dangerous precedent that dad insane for those who haven't followed so a reiner flight from athens. We're supposed to land in vilnius It's trip line if you looked at a map. It's really full north from athens. You end up in vilnius. I think what is two three hours flight. Probably and just when they were over belarus which the are space because they have to in this industry. Line the dean. They sent a meg. said that they had a a cold that the might have had a bomb on board and diverted flight. Said you need to get to the nearest airport. Vilnius was actually closer but because they were on the air. and especially imagine. if you're a pilot and you get a big being sent in front of you you don't do you don't you don't play smart and Yeah and that was kind of the crazy story o'leary see you a radical hijacking para seemed air. It's crazy man. i mean i. Yeah it's crazy on so many levels. I mean if you'd read it out of context you would have thought. It sounded far fetched in an overwritten and not out of place in a mediocre spine. Awful but it was. It was interesting on so many levels because of from a geopolitical perspective. It set a dangerous precedent that if a third nation you know because it wasn't a belorussian airplane it wasn't available was a polish Registered registered Yeah with a parenting ireland. Lying between greece in lithuania you countries to nato countries and then if you add all them basically all of them need to an eu countries and then suddenly third party basically i mean. I don't think hijacking is a is an exaggeration. But then you. You went through all from the pilot's perspective in reading all of their forms and they're basically saying what you just alluded to when there is a meeting next to you do what you're told. Yeah you land where they tell you to land and then you figure out the consequences after that because who knows what they're gonna do. Who knows what they're going to do the they said they had. I mean it's a bit of a joke. They said they had a warning from hamas. That was a plan with that flight. Only that the email that the presented a proof was sent twenty four minutes after the actual diversion. So there's also probably could beat. This is just all fake. The clearly wanted to catch this political opponent. Apparently that was on flight and O'leary said as well that there were operatives that boarded the flight. And i wondering if these operatives got valter from ryanair because it didn't finished her flight and get ready needed to go. I mean that the president is is obviously something that is problematic. Because i mean some people are read online of course online. There's a lot of morons online people. Say yeah but this person should have taken the flight knowing they would fly over the country that these opposing yet. But the problem is is the last time this sense and also also if paul and alex are on that flight i am. I going to check that every single passenger any flight. I'm good taking the future as new business being on an aerospace of something that you get. It's it's not only the person which of course shameful and shouldn't have happened to him. And apparently is gopher and i think but also for the rest of the passengers you being diverted is not your fault staying in and that was just that he could have been worse. We don't know remember. There was a flight that was shot down over crane years ago. It's not the same thing. But i mean it's it's like you know i i. I'm not liking. no. I think that's nonsense. That whole thing is just specious reasoning. That doesn't i mean and also like how many people are gonna check the yes. I appreciate that it's a straight line on a map but generally flights don't work like that. But what you know what has been interesting. As a result is one of the part of the fallout of this is that airlines have stopped flying over bellarusse. Yeah so the The eu has asked old. It's airline to not fly over belarus. The uk has done to save another. It's not part of the eu and then it became a whole grand chessboard. Russia's only started saying that a false that you cannot come to moscow. We're not giving you the flight rights because you want to avoid belarus on the way here so flights got cancelled and it's becoming a mess. I mean it's just yeah. I mean there's that's not. It's not just a symbolic gesture. There's a economic implications for belarus because for every plane that flies over even if they don't land belarus takes a fee and so the eu and uk. And i think few other countries their decision to do this collectively wasn't in essence and economic sanction. Yeah i can't imagine the numbers were were huge but it was so in that in that sense it was symbolic but I think that's why russia has done with anyone. But yeah you're right so you can also probably other Didn't check but of course we're closer have also banned a bolovia thing is the name or the airline who come to. So here's t tit for tat and it. It's the major the foundation problem. You'll so i think it's one of the rule of airspace by kyle that you shouldn't do that so this is even before being an economic sanctions users. You're not just a lot to do that. So their hands these these decisions but yeah it shouldn't I think Walsh who's now heading. Yatta is critic criticizing the decision of banning. Overflights saying that. It shouldn't be a political decision but it should only be a safety decision. Isn't that safety decision. I don't know because one could very very reasonably argue that if you are a critic of the bella russian government or the russian government even if there are increases. They seem to be that. That's a a genuine safety risk if that and if the if they're going to use this big stick approach of scrambling fighters to bring i. I think that sounds like a safety risk to me. And maybe now ryanair will introduce an a new fee. Loses new section is a big avoided. Exactly kidnapped fee may be or an extra feed yours insurance to designate. What i'd pair or there was. That's not me a joke. Dear president lukachenko. That's a president of belarus. My mother in law will be on ranier flight. Twelve six comparison moscow. We flying over belarus about eight pm. I definitely heard or criticize regime during sunday lunch last week. You are most welcome. Let's let's send people. We don't like over bella research they get to david. No that's just stupid. Took but yeah. It's it's not really. It's not really really fun hold on What were talking about. Russia a red yesterday. Not call because you said that everybody in the grandmother was flying in the us. It seems that it's i mean we're still not at the numbers of course pre pandemic us but of course he's sticking off no pun intended russia I didn't know that airflow had a low cost arm. Cold beddoe i think. And so they really blowing a lot of routes of course domestically because they have this domestic market. Also it s- piercingly populated in some parts. The load factors of that low cost are arrow flood or ninety eight two thousand nine percent. It's insane so there is like pre pandemic for them already there. It's crazy india reopening route. I think it was writers that called it soviet era route. I don't know what that actually means but probably that flights they were never they had stopped taking since then but yeah so good for them. I guess in terms of factors because in europe where we haven't seen that happening yet i took some notes and of course the only method on know where i am a few feet back of feedback taking a few. Because again i told you guys. I'm not reading everything though. We re appreciate all the time you're taking. I'm not really in social media. But i'm going to use the network i truly don't like which is linked in because we got to mrs clinton so i was there. I saw these messages. that reply. Thank you this first dominic said. I'm thrilled the layover. Spot is back. Thanks for all you do. As a navy geek. It's great to hear such relaxed yet. Intelligent commentary that. This is what we try to. It's very yeah i haven't. I don't think i've been called either of those things that are very little. I'll take it and so he has a company sore events. dc so he's easing. Actually oven asked him that educators about events in mixing with his love of commercial aviation dynamic. Thank you so much And michael russo. Also lincoln said a so. Glad to see you podcasting again. He's an inter- international flair like us and he's a big fan of thank. You thank you so much for this on. Twitter was yes just yesterday It was from lucid alchemist. By the we loved the last do layovers podcast me feel like life was returning. I don't know if we are a good barometer for that. Now no i guess maybe just because we used to always be there in the good old days quote unquote now back. Maybe not necessarily talking about the things we used to talk about but we are back. And he's doing his first international flight in eighteen month of this thursday recording by the way on wednesday the ninth of june which means you'll get this episode on the wednesday of neither of june's he's doing the travel bubble Between sydney to auckland on air new zealand citing that's amazing man. I wish we could do that. We we have kind of travel mobile in this year in the uk because his new bubble at open to that it'd be later as well. We can travel between london to end in bro. I think that's a trouble bubble. That's about it and green on instagram centers. What used to be something we would ask. Even a picture of him listening to layovers. Is he the one on yet one. Oh nine episode. And he says first flight in nineteen plus month dante denver to coke. Koa what coco in hawaii. Oh yeah of course. On united on united airlines Seven five seven. Glad you're guys are back again. Thank you. I mean i. It seems that the trend said it in the previous episode that everybody hasn't taken a flight for eighteen months at least travel again which is a good sign. I haven't done so yet. So yeah it's a good sign. I like i like that and we got finally an extremely touching message. I'm not gonna redel. Because he's very personal. Already chariot with alex by arly wheeler Was it to think it's on instagram. Or is it on twitter twitter. No i don't remember a c w three r d. So is that according to probably. Is that what you're going for early so i don't want to share shish share it but he's been working on the front line. The health crisis Is in. We are two guys. So he's he's thinking a lot for being companions throughout this very difficult time for him as being one of the frontline workers in healthcare. We wanna say. I'm that we are the wanted. Marring you because you are. The person was an all your colleagues have been under frontlines in surely making all possible so we thank you wear to wants to turnley grateful for your contribution to this. I'm really happy. We are really happy. Debt you've got an early. Both your jabs sending gusts who. He's turning to normal for him in the he got his first drink outside. So i hope you enjoy your drink and we hope to meet you somewhere some some time for one of these drinks as well so godspeed. Thank you arlene for the rudy touching message and like like you said he shared it with me and it was really. Yeah it was really full of heart to thank you so much. Thank you so much but you guys you know that usually default. They assumed that something that you send us. He's publicly announce -able But some of these you know. Because they're very personal. I rather not think you already and finally or to anywhere on twitter. Very long-term listener listening to alex describes diversion day which was in the previous episode and realizing i'm ninety nine percents sure i was working on a flight into texas that same day. Sixteen hours sixteen hours at work and getting to my hotel at four. Am so yeah you per you you might have crisscrossed path. Yeah and us doing the hard part. I was just sitting. There stressing out that i was going to. Yeah but he was he was doing the actual work so i have no right to complain and also already to anywhere your name think you only called hard so i'm gonna call you already to anywhere He's asked me to do an episode where i would go back to my predictions of what was it five. I mean the episode. When i spoke for two hours alone and see if i was right i think it was mostly right a might do one but i s he tate's because simply also alex those don't wanna talk about me but at some point maybe we'll do a recap what we thought would definitely think you should do. You wanna do it now. The wiki make it like some kind of game show. Yeah we probably do another episode with some of our listeners. At some point it'd be intertwined that in their a one realization. The logo again. I'm coming back that logo. Oh snap started watching this New tv show that new but perfume months called the flight attendant. If you've heard about it. Oh i've seen that advertised it's supposed to be really good. And then i just realized that are is very similar to the one and i had no idea that i was doing something so similar. So my god. Oh i didn't know any way it'd be fun bid so i haven't seen the entire show yet i've seen a few episodes. So it's it's supposed to be you supposed to be a first-class attendant in an airline. of course. the airline is made up what i like. Is that the first class is clearly and it's unmistakable. It's a be a business class. The you know the the old one if you want or still current one weird you looking at your neighbor kind of seats and like this is not really a first guy seed guy. You could could've gotten better. But i thought you know right because i started google yet. I thought not guys. Do they get one of these parts airplane because you of course you be did park in store aircrafts and ditch some some the actually use that no. It was actually recorded in a set. It was built in new york. So it's a sound stage so they probably bought i guess some be a business seats. Aircraft discard it. Didn't it made it as a state. So we we have our next next. Su said we need to go there to record layovers. Now there's a there's a couple of companies but there's one that's sort of semi open to the public in la for for filming and they have the whole cabin with i and economy and all the lighting rigs on the outside and everything like that. I'd love to have it for an hour just to go play with it so since we're talking about new york the us let's front with. How was that trip with your mother. Did you feel like a teenager again or kid. Perhaps again how was it. Oh yeah and my mom. And i were talking that i hadn't i hadn't flown with her since i was probably certainly alone with her since i was fifteen or sixteen but even just with her and maybe my father or brothers since i was about twenty one and yeah and i you know i. I went with her because she was a little anxious. Just use a season. Traveler has been her whole life but she hadn't flown in a long time like the rest of us and was just anxious about the protocols. And the paperwork. Can you know all of that stuff. So i said chasma if i would go with her and i said of course and i'm very very glad i did because as i've mentioned in the past couple of episodes every time i travel and just in between the us and the uk some piece of the process changes significantly up. And you know you. And i and probably a lot of people listening to this. We have enough sort of of our ears to the ground of the industry that we hear people talking about these little changes and we keep it on what we know. But i can't imagine that people are enjoying this process. It also even being able to go into the i wing at at terminal five. The lady that was helping us it was her first day back from furlough in a year while and she got confused about the paperwork and the verify which i've spoken about and one offsetting the other i was like no you have to. You have to click the thing that that no not that one that one and then she had to call up to her supervisor and say you know what. Am i supposed to do. My mom was getting anxious. And you know just what's gonna happen. I thought this was all fine. Eventually it was all cleared up. But it was stressful. It took about five or six times longer than it should have. Even though the my verify app worked hers didn't like it took forever to review the covid result in there are actually worked. They don't have the department of state. I think it is piece of paper where you signed saying. I promise you know pinky swear. I don't have kobe at the check in desks. Really not as before. You just be short with your boarding each sort showa and it's completely different than ask a lot of questions that anyway but managed to get into the lounge where. She drank copious amounts of champagne. Good yeah because they're doing pay now because it's post may seventy s. I'm jealous so does it doesn't taste or the year that he tells it decent that home. It's nygren earned this right. You know when you've gone through all the rigmarole. But when she was sitting there. I snuck over to the customer service desk and i asked about paid upgrades and i bought her a business class upgrade. Because i wanted her to be comfortable and my mom does so much for me especially over the last eighteen months. And i told her and she was absolutely furious. Just enraged i would do something so capricious but as you know is worth it. End good. She she enjoyed it. And we i she really enjoyed walking underneath the the terminals we were out in the sea gates and she was well up for it. She's a big walker. Could and the flight was busier. Than i've seen in a while out to san francisco but at the gate bayer still and admirably so very strict about boarding from the rear of the airplane. Forward if you try. They kick you out of the queue. There's none of this like while you're you're you're with all the gold or whatever no gold nothing spine so i was still. I was in economy. So i boarded quite a long time before her. And i got on the plane and i the flight attendant looks at me and i look at him and we do the spiderman me where we look at each other and pointing. Oh my god it's you and it was a guy that i have had maybe on three of my last five flights and he's like what are you your back like. Yeah which could as to the guy. 'cause they must see all these people being recognizing me with my mask on on that and he's like why are you sitting in. I said i'm in thirty three and a look my mom's in thirteen whatever she was j. She hasn't flown in a longtime. Can you just make checking on every now. and then. He's like absolutely no problem. We'll take care of promising so we're sitting there and this guy brings me back the the betting from first class because i had a row three nice which was great because i was looking forward to sleeping a little bit because it's a long boring flight. The the lady french lady actually who was running the economy cabin brought me champagne from first-class nice and this this chap y size like am i made the case to get yup great to be with your mum but the boss said no and he was like he was like sort of a little upset. He's i tried. I'm like you guys never do that. Yeah it's fine. it's fine. I've got three. You've you're looking after me. I've got the breading. I'm going to sleep. You know i. I'm i'm just killing favor and take care of her and then about forty five minutes after takeoff self. All set up you know got my ipad and my first class champagne. The the cabin service manager. I think that's what they call themselves now comes back and he's like oh don't why we're looking after your mom and it's really nice what you did for any pauses looks at me and says you should probably go joyner nice. Yeah that's this amazing. I love it so yeah and it was just that way of doing it. You know so they. They took me up the got meal set up in february and they doted on my mother the whole flight. They called her the thing i would just get. I'm just checking on on our royalty over here. they just. They were so kind and so when b. a. r. r. on they are truly world-class. And that's what we've always said. This is not dependent always said that can have gaps at times when winter. Good the freaking good. They was just this this this. I mean the the food was was hasn't changed much. The ifc is still prepared down. As i've said in the past it was the the old hairy it was. It was a seven eight seven nine so it was the old What did they even call the the the inverted club world the one we let people know just mentioned the one we see each other guy not the sweet but just the human touch the amount of people that came to check on us. Nothing was too much. I was just so impressed with them and it just made my mom relax and she was able to rest but of course having said to her. It's so easy at san francisco. You get off the plane. And i mentioned this on the last episode. There's not a soul anywhere until you get to immigration. Not this time the whole jet bridge line with cdc representatives and full pcp. Awhile checking your paperwork. They looked at me and said. Are you traveling alone. And i said no. I'm with my mother and they're like okay. Carry on my mom's why didn't they want to see our paperwork in an an immigration was easy but it just kind of reinforces my my point and my worry that what happened last month isn't necessarily what's going to happen this month and i think i'm going to be saying that the rest of the i think these these these decisions is very dynamic. I mean we'll talk a little bit about later. And also they are. I mean fair. Enough are also fine-tuning all those procedures with verify and other apps are coming into line in finding what's the best way and also having to cope with an increasing number of passengers. It's not the same when you do when you have a flight. You mentioned yourself. They were fly when they will be at twenty people or ten people. it's not the same assembly. One hundred one hundred fifty and some point three hundred then. You may be adapted way you you do that. It's going to be a struggle for some airports. Some border authorities to to find the right. I mean at some point again because it vaccine we could get out of here but this transition period. I think you'll see a lot of different varied procedures being tested. Trailed mistakes happen. Yeah for shansu deaf. And i think also rustiness in service like the flight back. I bought at upgrade. Because they're still reasonably good value for money would be still would be a. I wanted to sleep. And i did that. Because economy was there was no free. Rose okay so there was always somebody window. And i'll just as an aside the be. Sfo check in agents who are also the gate agents do double duty are always so good and so friendly. The flight was busy and it was starting to bring out the worst in people. I saw fight physical fight at check in a lot of. I think the lady even said don't you know who i am a just. I was standing next to a lady waiting to talk to the. I just kind of hoped that after all this we wouldn't be such jerks bradley. Human nature reverts back to its worst very easily. There's been a lot of was not planning to mention the disputed but there's been a lot of stats about the disruptions and yeah between people not wanting to wear masks people wanting to be frigging pretty wasted a inflates. That's all in the us. By the way the happen all around. And i mean which is understandable but that shoe has to physical fights insults an etc and i mean the us taking a pretty harsh sense you banned from flying airlines over again. I mean they don't share between airlines blackley stood you're very high fines now by the If you don't respect which is fair enough but it said that we have to get there. I think it's they believe in mentioned this last episode but south west for sure and may be american have delayed the reintroduction of alcohol on their these banned alcohol for a while. The the evans said when they're going to bring back because they have had way too many of their crew of their staff their in flight attendants being assaulted was his southwest. When there was this video running around tried to avoid it. But i think it with the poor. Peloton was hidden a phasing moron. I it's one thing to complain or to have anxiety. And i sometimes services no good here not talking about ourselves example and by the way happy birthday to sell this. The thing. There are turning fifty. But yeah i think so But yeah but that kind of behavior there were. These behaviors existed before because we talked about them over and over. But it seems. I don't because we have a loop. There's more happening because less passengers would be. I don't know but he feels that there's a lot of tension more stories. Come from the us to be fair. Because simply i think also because more people are traveling in the us because the domestic market as or to anywhere was a think. Oh said that. Maybe i didn't say it was one of my webinars that obvious that countries have domestic markets would be the first ones to because there's not going to be a lot of friction between you know inside the country right. Yeah you're up. Of course is different for for that reason. So yeah it's a bit. it's a bit sad anyway. So what's your what's your flight. Good however yeah it. Was it so business. Class cabin was completely full out. And you could tell that the crew hadn't had that experience a long time because the service was ropy. Okay and slow and and sort of harry. I mean they were nice enough. And i slept like a log. Good but you could see. Yeah there's gonna be this this period. Where we they get backed used to having all surveys with a lot full cabinet are i mean. We're going to take again a bit about this later when we talk about the uk situation. But it's true that the uk doesn't preclude americans from entering the other way around is still. The case is why the business class cabin on the way over was very exactly. I think that that That matters a lot in the factors. And which way there's lots of calls for both being open of course variant again. We're going to talk about later. But it's true that probably for you. You always see a difference in well. I mean i sent you this message. I think as it was happening but this is the sort of the punchline to this rather long story. Is that when. I got to heathrow and i looked at the line for immigration. I was like whoa. This is long. I've seen since. I've been back but i was through in ten minutes. T five then at eighty-five because he told me they weren't checking documents. I mean not once. You're not. He's anyone's no passenger locator form. No cova test results. No no confirmation of day to day bookings is not want a straight to the gates. You know. I mean. I just as we can debate. What is a good procedure. But saying you have one and then not doing. It is just silly. I someone had obviously made the called this and said just let them through voice. Well good for you. Look this allies. Good for you. But i'm happy that you did your this this this of this flight with your mom i think my i think i know the last i was also doing that. I've i've upgraded my dad quite a few times. It was come on never experienced much business class to experience that. And he's old and whatever and i remember Flying once with them as well one of the last flies before he passed away. And i was the dad and he was the kid. That's not you know what i mean like because a bit like what you said you know at least in the the airports you wear around height works. You're kind of used to this. Were your maybe here. Your mother on my my father wasn't and as for so that was kind of kind of kind of nice it so it's a bit of the opposite reversal. It's very sweet. Very nice thing to finally be able to do who for your parents you know right. Yeah i have to share this with you. but both eupol anybody listening Above me have huge skylight. And right now. I can see two beautiful contrails all night flying over me and i have my little. Ads receiver and it's a. It's what the hell is. It's an american airlines going from athens chicago dreamliner and a aer lingus a three nineteen going from paris. Dublin and. I love that. I can do that nearby. These so i switched to four people have no contest. They used to have a skylight into same ethic some the other room so i don't have because he was getting too hot so switch because really hard. Actually that's we. It's nice to record in the morning because the afternoons feel like i mean do by here the but i don't the skylight so i don't see these countries because i could also see them especially some. I don't really have a view of the landings on our overthrow here. Because also the only using the with either north runway for landings which is further up. From where i live but i have sometimes departures and i can see steel of like this is three twenty one. Is this seven four seven. These are very rare very very very few. I don't have any antenna check on plan finder or or a flight radar twenty four but yeah it's nice nature is eli maneater is exactly. Birds are back in the sky. So one thing that you'll maybe not maybe you will soon see on your. Adb on your dashboard. I'm always curious. About how the dashboard luke's for someone who has the has different Jetblue as we talked about it. S finally confirmed its launching flights from new york to gfd to e throw near-deified. We throw it will start on the eleventh of august and then they will follow up with flights from jfk. To gatwick on the twenty ninth of september so this more to see on the. That's nice to have them finally coming here. I can't wait. I think boston will also be next. They haven't announced is probable So that's that's cool. I'm sure you're going to try this. And i really. I've never set foot in a jet blue aircraft. I really want to try that. Mint and the new one week and looks even better. Designer did as always phenomenal review of it. Which is worth checking out. Yeah i can't. I'm a big fan of jetblue and an even bigger fan of that men product. So and they're very competitively priced yesterday as well as as one would be when you're introducing something as revolutionary for yourself as this so jump on that end. I've read somewhere. That jetblue will do co-chair miles with a wood which direction we would work. And i don't know how we will interplay with be a year have lots of muslim. I don't know if you have miles away. But that could be also interesting to try to get stuff. I don't know let's see when they come. How that plays out of their responsibility to use some miles or at least a crew miles on good programs. We'll see we'll see how that that happens. But i'm very much looking forward to it. Although i don't think i'm going fly to the us this year twenty two maybe biden will announce next week this week. When is they just did the. Us just relaxed travel policy for sixty countries yet. But we're not one but not us. Everybody we'll talk about slightly later on guys we're paying a lot of stuff but not only negative by the way but yesterday were still a bit stuck It's bit still a bit more complicated. It's going to last few is going to be a right but yeah not flying to the us this year. I think plus. I've my business partners in the us. Do everything on zoom. Can we not do. So since we're at heathrow and you You mentioned actually. You are your arrival first of all. I want to stress. Because i don't think i've said it enough in the last episode because i was gobsmacked with what you describe you know the clearly racist arrive three different of some of the arrivals and it's it's affected me. I thought about it a lot. I realize you know after you said it and if there really is the episode. Because i'm from a family of refugees parents. My grandparents both sides and My father was spat on when he moved to switzerland fifties because people were very still unknown. Foreigners whatever so. I i can claim to understand what people are going through when your example. But that's still folks still maddens me. So yeah. I hope that doesn't happen more. Yeah so they said lots of people d- throat have you seen that. They are finally because it was looking at all our finally putting a dedicated terminal for redlus arrivals which is a mess with because when you say that you like okay. That's why not not mixing people to read lips arrivals people coming that need to continue mandated hotel by the government because it coming from a place that has either variants or something. Whatever they're dangerous. Oh and it was supposed to be t four but they decided to do teeth three which i thought. They were opening for the general public soon but apprentice three. Since then i learned had this crazy so the open it for red a t3. They're going to move to t- four in about four weeks a month but if you arrive. That's a crazy thing. If you're ri- from redlus country a t five. You've been putting a bus. That then goes to the three. But you're still waiting for the other. T i mean makes no sense. How is the point of that. I don't know man. I don't know i assumed and i think everybody probably did that. The plane would just yeah. Go to t. three. But i guess that thing's been mothballed for so long now that i don't know man i don't know it just seems that implementation of what is not a bad idea to have everybody makes we can discuss not is a bit all over the place So one more for the mess at a rivals in uk which is a lot due to. Either i don't know understaffing or not wanting or too costly. I don't know but anyway. Just it's not easy. They don't want they really don't want to make trouble easy for a lot of people i think and something i also learned You haven't gone through. Thank god view. These just Hotel quarantine just mentioned. It's it's actually eleven days it's ten days but you'd need to spend ten nights so you leave on the eleventh day but and that's what i didn't know in a realize that the other day let's say you alex come from read. This country could be dubai. Now you end at six you clear customs at nine because you need a frigging good req- maybe go through the box. You wait for the bus that then drives you to hotel and apparently the wait times have pretty long because there's not enough buses if you checking after midnight. That's where the clock starts so you losing one day because you need the clock of your ten day quarantine so ten nights in a hotel starts when you check in so if you're too late in the following day you have one day. Basically which is unfair. I think but apparently. That's that's insane. I i can't imagine having to do that. No no no i mean. Honestly you had what you'd have pay me a lot of money to go for for us. It's valid to go to a conference to say paul. Can you speak. An alex can speak and then i have to spend ten nights in a hotel which apparently the pictures that are are not old great. Some of them are disgusting. they're not Not the hotels. Think they're staffed by not they'll tell stuff but by these third parties are run the hotel quarantine system so the deleted trash in front of your door for two days and i don't know if that's true on art thing but some pictures are there but meaning. You would really have to pay me a lot of money to say paul. You're going to be stuck in room with five fifteen minutes by day. You can go out fifteen. Yeah i know. I would just might or this is why i'm listening has done it. I'd love to hear in. Singapore does dot. Of course australia does one days yet so no no no. No i mean i. I understand why they do it. But i'm not going to go through this no no way. I'd rather not travel going to home right. I mean at least in taiwan. And that's one of the interviews that had don last year and the haven't released guys were sharon. Hi sharon She was explaining to me. That in taiwan of course is very hard to if you're a foreigner. She's taiwan she. She lives in the west coasters francisco and has of course when he sports she. You can choose the hotel. at least you have like. It's almost like booking a hotel. Same way you would book when you visit so you can go for a five star or you go to to star depending on your means of course but also depending on what kind of experience you wanna be in for fourteen days yeah anyway anyway I home. I read something that. Ba is going to be the first airline in europe to Test new it's called q. Matic which is a basically a digital queuing technology which could help solve the surge of numbers of passengers and having to check all these forms on the way out as in you would books Your place in the queue when you're ready for so you know that i don't know if you've ever flight at eight pm you know that You're placing accused five fifteen so no need to arrive earlier than this. You just go and you directly in q. numbered so you try to limit. You know having massive queues. It's not a bad idea. And that's going to be trialed terminal five you will be able to pre book this when you get. I think you're checking from being something. That's what i read something about what you know. I i was i was just gonna say. I don't think that's a bad idea at all. I think people are well. I was going to say i think people are a little wary of cues just being next to people but if immigration heathrow's anything to go by they don't care it's a necessary evil. Yeah but for me it's mora welcoming more for the comfort because right now for me. You said we're used to this. But now you are in a way used to travel through a pandemic which i'm not because i haven't traveled and i don't know honestly i would cold you not calling. Who calls you. People would message you and ask you. How long before my flat do you think. I should be in an airport. We were always early. Arrivers the airport. But i've no concept of how long all the stakes now that he's not just not showing up and to a fast track right so having acute at least tells me. Oh paul going to be a four. Pm that's your slot. you know then. I know that i need to arrive. Then it unless to over think or over worry about. When is my for people that are not used to flying. I think he could be a very welcome an easy way to the airport. And at the same time for the airport not to have to deal with mass crowds and then being criticism social media friends. I don't know. I may not a bad idea thing. Yeah and i think you would be like. I'm sure that they would. They would segment it so you have a desk or two for people that have booked using this app at their appointment and then for everybody else. That just isn't the normal way. So you know even even doing that. You're separating out the grounds which which isn't a bad idea. I think seattle What's in the seatac They have that for. Tsa you can pre book Guys if you if you fly at seatac I think the you can do that. To pre book your again you're queuing for tsa Not not not a bad idea. I think overall and The bad news about heathrow. Is that what we were talking. Pre pandemic you remember. Has that these new scanners when you pass security that allow you to not put out your liquids and laptops and other stuff well. He just said that they're not going to buy them. Because they're not happy about the fact that they're not receiving enough money and they want to raise fees and they like you know what if you were not buying them you still have to use the old cues and your stuff out. I think it's a big going to say. They weren't happy with the results in this was the security decisions. But they're just complaining about yeah exactly everybody's complaining and for you x. Hope you get to try this. Be a is also announced that on top of very flies at the one. You've been using. Yeah they're gonna start. Trolling dedicated radically to the us. The other one. Which is the ayatollah trouble pass which is probably going to be the standard. We don't know yet. Which is very similar But i haven't tried to see so. I know that. Singapore airlines in twenty twenty-five airlines already either trialing or I've decided to standard so be as going to trial that as well. I hope you get to try it to see if there's a difference or not with very fly I would really love and we said both to have one started having twenty-five apps depending on you flying. Yeah it's it's definitely going in that direction where there's this real universe. Yeah so what about you in that position. What do you think about this whole situation with her in the uk with our lists. I mean i wouldn't want to be the person that has to to figure this out. And then just i i everyone you know. It was upset about portugal being on the green list and then three weeks later coming off of it but i think the people that were most upset about that where the people that were in portugal and had to cut short survey. And you can you know from a personal inconvenience perspective. Of course you can. You can empathize. But yeah i. I don't think there's anything that we can do about it at this point. They're going on the data that they have available. We see these variants and you know how you interpret. That data seems to change from government officials to come in. That's not a criticism. It's just data can be can tell stories know harvey. You really wanted to but yeah it's I think the the foundational mistake is that they didn't really make it clear what it meant as as in adversity amber means you know the the the the consequences if you fly from a number country you need to self isolate at home for ten days and trust me of a few friends who did that. They've been called every single day. That two to three people showing up at their door. So i don't know if he can really do that for everybody because it may be doesn't scale but they are actually trying unlike last year when they said in basic no one was checking if you fly from red lists. We said it's it's it's It's the hotel quarantine and of course green means new corentin and the thing that it didn't make clear. Is that people assume that okay. Well if i want to go to spain. It's they don't accept britain's british for for the moment but if i want to go to spain. I knew that the price to pay is that have to solve currently in the way back which could be acceptable for some people think that came out to be later is. That's suddenly this earning. Say yeah but no we do not want you to travel to ember list country so people will like okay so basically you want to travel and you should have said that and that was lack of. I don't know if they changed their minds. The government was. It's not clear. I think the the absence of clarity which to some extent in what you just said. He's right is understandable because living this live and we have to cope with so what the data tells us made a lot of people. A lot of people angry right in. And and i i think it's it's that indecision that people have been upset about. You know you may seventeenth no longer after may seventeenth. he no longer needed to provide a reasoned legitimate. Reason for travel and people took that to you. Know if i'm okay with isolating for ten days or five if you do test to release yeah. I'm okay with that. that's my problem. Then they came out and said you really shouldn't be traveling to the two places on on amberg. Which at least thematically is a contradiction. That's the thing it fell to me. That i'm gonna call it. Boris is holding the door. Open whilst telling you not to go through the beginning. It was a bit like that like. Here's ember but that's okay so he is easy to criticize armchair analyzing here. We don't have to deal with old These decisions but is true. That some clarity and other governments have had that as well as necessarily the fact that you also have you though. It makes a problem because the eu hasn't actually opened the borders to outsiders is starting now with the us double jabbed but the u. k. There's been lots of stories of people trying to spain trying to with other countries Let's not forget. I should maybe clarify that the eu. There's not a law it's recommendations. In each country each eu member country can decide to follow it. Anonymous have followed which means that third countries which were part of that. We not the you were not supposed to go. And unless you're a resident or your force if you have the passport toy you passport and a lot of people have been refused. checking In the uk to leave to any place because you as an open the its external borders so that adds to the confusion and people don't understand but very enough at the end the end of the day. It's always a tango. it's easy to say. Yeah well you you decided. He's a green country year but the other country can say you knew air but no we don't want you i anyway. It's the whole thing. Again i can see is nailed. This not not a single country has has nailed it and you can criticize every nation's approach to it. You could say australia's being you know unnecessarily hard 'isolation est and you know some of these other countries are being you know a little bit too permissive. You know so. I i think role might might my feeling that overall in twenty twenty in the first part of this east asia oceania apec. Basically was correct. Yes the problem is the missed. The second bit which is now brewed vaccine year. If you don't do the second step then you'll be out of sync as well so it's really hard because nobody seems to have figure this out and it's hard i mean again. It's easy to be here upset in our booth of our attics and saying oh this is how it should be. Yeah it's going the right direction really truly think that we are going to go through this and he's going to be better and but it's still a few months of uncertainty intention and Complaining as well from some people. I get it in the industries. Some of the people are on their knees. So i also understand why very vocal against decisions of the ember etc because it like running out of money and we need to have people in our planes otherwise we'll have an issue right so it's I i. I do understand the other thing that i've read as well i did you. Did you continue using the same provider for tests. That you were using this are they. Did they get more delays. Suddenly or is he still very good Well it's very interesting that you should ask. Because i two minutes before we started recording i just finished jamming stupid thing my nose while some lady wherever she was watching me do it. I i don't have that. Don't almost like it's censoring the reflection. I got my result. So you wait fifteen minutes you email them. I got the results Within minutes okay. But i am hearing more and more people having waiting longer. And i've had times where it's taken six or seven hours if not longer. Yeah because there's lots of the uk again guys is for context because we're very concentric rent discussion story for that. We live here are the the. Uk is has a official list of providers private providers. Were you can do these tests Inbound when you come back to you k. For instance You have to do this. Said to day. Eight and day five optionally and they have of course officially recognized list and the issue is that with numbers of people rising. it's already at the brink As in labs follow the numbers. And we're still a very very low number so a lot of people are saying at some point he will break because if you need to wait for too long together result and you cannot board or you can etc etc etc ritz. A lot of consequences. Which is i don't know. I just read a lot of like you. Just mentioned a lot of stories of people Seeing that you need to be very careful about Getting the the choosing rightly which lab to go with and apparently in good trust pilot and all these things because some of them are very slow while others. Apparently the one using our are okay and you can actually do it all norm. Yeah i. It's interesting. Because i saw flyer talk threat on the be a sub form about this particular company which is cured with q cured. Yeah and generally people were positive about their expert very positive actually but there was. I think one or maybe two people that said i never got my result which makes me wonder if there was human error. I i did have to wait about nine minutes past my scheduled appointment time for the person to actually pop up. That was rare. I mean it's usually been two or three minutes before so there lady did say where we're seeing so much more volume lately and they ran out of test but it's only thirty nine pounds per per kit. You know it's not Uh good price. I the only country that it's not the only Prices of super different depending on the country. You're in thinking. Japan like three. Fifteen crazy amounts raising. And they're not doing anything like we're doing here in the where you can just into your own chemist and they'll give you a pack of ten years we got a got some you know to try. What the hell is obvious. Tests and the the frost is actually providing all the pcr for free. They're subsidizing every single test for free Which is cool. But i mean of course you end up being the your taxes but obviously a lot of people in the industry calling for you to do that. I don't believe it will happen. I just hope that the price over time because there's more people there's more competition so we've tested going for a little while. I don't think we'd be forever but that the prices go down and we already. So that i think the prices are going down already. There are some of them are very expensive. I mean expensive in a way that if you if you were flying with ryanair for twenty euros twenty pounds whatever and in multiple by four with a family of four and then you have to do they. Eight day to day five to pcr's etc. That suddenly is very very quickly. Much higher and so low cost travel is not really low. Cost anymore right now. No and that's you know going into the us any child over to needs to have a negative let. Yeah so it's coming back. So when i take my kids in a month to california for the summer i have to do. I've given my daughter tests before because going back to school and my my boys are old enough to understand it. But it's not they're going to have to watch me torture my children and live on this. I want the food veggie food. Yeah so that so. That's what you know math. Two hundred quid. Wow no it's not whatever whatever thirty nine times for is i'm not a human calculator. That's why yeah no it's not number It's absolutely not anyway. Well yeah it's a but at least some people are flying in europe and it's still very very low though. I loved one when you since you just mentioned portugal. That and reclosed There was Journalists from lbc. That's a big radio station here in the uk to took the flight and was live tweeting. The flight us when they were about to depart the actual announcement on the pa was this. This isn't a kindergarten. This is a two hour flight. If you can't wear your masks you will be starting your holiday in portugal in the police station. Apparently some people were like yeah free all the days and they will ready kind of ruining it for everybody else. Did you see. And then i'm going to start. Maybe stop talking but you did you see. I hope you didn't. Because the the dominic cummings special conciliator from the government who got fired spilled old beans of what happened in twenty twenty You can believe him or not but one thing he said he called. The uk bordering border system. A joke because fundamentally there was no proper border policy because the prime minister never wanted a proper border policy. And i'm actually tend to believe him on that. Yeah it was almost sort of. Let's pretend we do something but we don't because actually wanted to do anything you have this permeable border through obfuscation and distraction. Traffic light systems in pollen season. No policies apologies to your brother. Your brother maybe you are to you or your brother A fool them fan for all three of us are i'm chelsea. I'm very happy because he won the champions league. Obviously i n tier. They've had a couple of americans and what was funny. Is that so that that happening. Portugal and i read that he was supposed to happen in london. Because is to uk teams. The only reason the ufo which is the body for football in europe refused to do it in the uk as you said. Yeah you can do it. Here are but no one is coming in said nobody needs supporters. Yeah well but it was a nice final. I'm sorry for the cdc guys. But i am very happy to two blues one. So what when. When i the first time they want is the day of the year i arrived in gained. Twenty twelve that the welcome for me in the uk and now they wanting to twenty one kind of means that life is returning to normal and have a good. You know i was saying earlier that we're paying the uk for being refused by a lot of countries. There's now corentin to enter germany. Switzerland france france-inter denmark. God knows how many other countries funnily enough the south are europe's not on how you can if you want because of course to raise money. I say we're paying of course paying because probably or maybe because of their border policy which is mentioned but one thing. The uk does very well. Let's say let's admitted. Let's is this genomics detection sticking variant. We're the single doing five times more than a second country. Remember which one that is and on average fifty times more than the rest of the world so obviously we get to discover variants and now we have these soul we need to call it delta. And that's why a lot of people are closing us. Which is seems a little bit of deja view. But i think. I hope. I think it'll be okay. The next three months because basically vaccinating everyone. So yeah and the data showing that hospitalizations among those who have the delta variant that have been vaccinated as less than one percent. Yeah doses. i think booth Fizzer i'll tell wh why i don't like to talk about vaccines. The brands invest due. Once we've been using within confessor are equivalent to us as you're basically protected so it's fine Some of the people here are only have one shot that accelerating the the second shot for for those dupin to plus twenty five. So it's going to be fine it just a few months better when i say we're paying. Is that because we detecting earlier some other countries of course understandably a freak that. Oh there's a new vernalis close. Let's let's ask quarantine to from you travelers and then we're paying for it because you cannot travel to countries and the same story will happen like last time countries a month later. Say oh we have it here as well is not countries. But it's it's just yeah. I'm confused by this watkins. Well because it's so obviously understood when you describe it like you did that. We're we're we're discovering them. We are not patient zero for the very best thing you know. And i think that the this heavy-handedness of of punishing the uk has smacks of eurovision. All over it. You know it's like you know. Let's find a way to you. Come on this week with all seriousness. We're not the sort of like. I said the breeding ground for these for all of them anyway. And we're as you said so good at the genomic sequencing to find these variants and because we are you. We do the day to day eight for anybody that comes in and everything is analyzed. Sort of in everything is analyzed. Even if you test out get a negative test on the live you pay extra for and they call you. You need to do it because we use it for these variant testing. Something that i think. The uk has not padded itself. Enough on the back. For this i mean we did a lot of mistakes and a lot of a border policy was one a lot of things when wrong is that thing i mean. Let's actually in the scientific community. I worked for a project on with One of the big universities here in london they yell it. They are not admired the snow the right term. But they like yeah. This is what we should be doing. We should be knowing to monitored what's actually happening. And then of course he makes the headlines and people graphic that i don't think this variant a i discovered in india so now delta is yes more problematic is it's a new pandemic i don't believe so and most people at the because of the the vaccine i still understand the knee-jerk under reaction of other countries will say oh closer. I think australia even when further these banned all flights coming from the uk's not even quarantine no-fly coming in. I get it right at. And i get it but at the same time is a bit being here like okay. I can go to switzerland until God knows when so. I'll wait at some point. Though the system of two jobs being able to travel will happen in probably with the us as well. So we're just waiting. It's now a matter of months. Maybe by the end of the summer or something. We'll have a system that if you have double jab you should be okay but we're still waiting still for the moment. I think that's the murky thing. I was talking to my brother yesterday about. This is that we've been saying for eighteen months now at all over in a couple of months and executive order before getting this sort of fog of solution now which is kind of ironic really that it is so many ways to solve this and everyone solving it in their own ways post vaccination cova world. Yep i think it's gonna get messier before it gets easier. Yeah and it's never over before it's over and if there's one thing i said it's twenty two many times if we learn something it's always takes longer than we believe every answer implementation to procedure for testing to get everything that we talk about here and that's back to the coming from that already from anywhere. So what are the predictions. Yeah i was talking about march. Some of the things that we're talking about were true. Just that he takes freaking a long time to make them happen. We knew that the health visa cove pass. Whatever you wanna call west probably the solution but you just takes time to accept it for airlines so except for except it to put in place surra. But that's why. I'm still hopeful. It's getting closer to the light of the. Yeah i really. I will continue to be the canary in the coal mine for this stuff regularly test upper stages come back bruised and battered and report about on my experiences. Yeah i mean this is the show. We should rename it. The show of learning how to fly between the uk and the us. Because you really have throwing me formation enough Tips for our listeners. If because you guys in the us were listening in europe because audience you can actually come to the uk now whereas we still cannot. Unless you're like. Alex has a us passport. He's still very difficult for us to to go to the us. But you are welcome. Bring your cash britain to make a stimulate our economy. Please by seats by hotel rooms. I said i know. I'm gonna be pontific anticipating for a second. I just said. I don't like to talk about vaccines brands. And yes sorry. I need to apologize on the air. Because i in the two pieces where we record. I cut you exactly when we're starting talking. I know that it was not your intent. You want to talk about sinopharm in the easily. The last one. It's not released argument. It's more than i feel. I mean first of all. I mean we're not scientists for enough we can read the lobby or not but it feels to me that having a discussion of which brand of vaccines do you want is a is a very very very first world problem. Where most of the world doesn't have access to a vaccine. Whichever branded that is whichever maker that is and also moves at a countries. Actually you cannot choose you. just take what. It's there which both of us did by the way this whole we and so it's not here to hear the. It's not about what alex in general. Because i've had a little messages but do you think this and i'm like guys at the end of the day. Most sort of wealth is still waiting for vaccine muslim. Well needs to take the old work whether the want mentioned Modern as well the they work. It's there's a lot of communication branding issues and people think that one is better than the other and that's very they freaking do work. They all have one hundred percent. Non hospital. ization there's going to be few cases of course because when you vaccinate billions of people there's going to be happens to our bodies and there's going to be talking you know they are. I'm not here saying everything is perfect and guys. I'm not gonna go too long to that. But i'm part of the after effects for a vaccine about myself. So i know i'm still pro vaccine so this is just a reason. I want to avoid to talk about you. Know we should choose disowned because it's better. I'm like first of all we don't know because we learning with real life data and actually the the data in the uk which is absolutely love shows that everything is working a every single one that we have there that we have here. Sorry so. I'm like this is why i guys because i've got a few messages. I don't want to talk about which one etc. I will say however what is very interesting. Is that the. Us now people are flying to the us. I don't know how it works. Because i've read an article the other day the. Us has more vaccine than people now. I mean availability and so people are doing vaccine tourism and because especially because of that one that needs only one shot because if you have to do to do to travel you have to wait there. And i read the some states in. Us are starting to open for people maybe from mexico. I don't know for people to come to get their shot like. Cvs whatever and that's i guess. Business model i. It definitely seems to be this for better or worse. Had i think you know when you have a healthcare systems that is built on consumer choice. That unfortunately was an inevitability whereas here in most other countries. It's like you're going to get what we've got interesting. we did. I say that already forgot interesting. I think is a database problem. You know the uk has everybody registered. So it's easy to say. Oh no it's the forty plus now. It's a third to forty now. It's twenty five to twenty six. Which is the case this week because we have data on everybody whereas in the us there's no such thing so you're like oh well you are. Com opened the floodgates. And yeah it's fine. Both are fine because we end up in the same situation. I mean wanting more orderly the british loved q. Sill he works. I guess. Alex smiling. That i love to q. As well now. Because her. First of all. Because i'm swiss probably also because i live here some queuing like everybody else. What do you think about. So what do you think about this. I called them visa but vaccine passwords. Did you do you have to show your cure. Coda your nhl app yet or not now. Because i've only had one so far in that won't get me in anywhere. Oh yeah. But i've seen it. I mean i pulled up damage. S and sure enough. There's the batch number and the date and all of that stuff of when. I got my first one at your code if you check you check. There's a secure that will be used to scan at airports. Awesome point. I would imagine it shows basically what's written out there in english For us non computers to read as well yeah. I think it's been interesting to see. Recently as you as you mentioned earlier some countries now saying if you are vaccinated you can come in and that that's gonna be policy for for a while. Now i would imagine and how we prove it is going to be another side of these challenges in this sort of obfuscation of the apple landscape. And what if you don't have you know as a piece of paper if you don't have your i think i think the to europe just launch its own. I think it's only live in seven countries actually being blinded by the sun the consume. Thank god you wearing a white shirt. The the mostly. I think poland bulgaria greece. These countries have the west. Part of europe is not fully live is about to get life and for those who don't have a smartphone or you can have the cure code printed out and there are alternatives and by the way it's not only vaccine can be proof of a test because some people cannot get vaccinated or proof to for a test or if you have antibodies as well so you can. If you prove that you've had covid recently enough i guess. Do you have enough. Anybody's don't exactly how it works. It's also permitted into pass. I think the uk's going along this the systems will be probably hopefully ad compatible. Yeah but i think is going to be just yeah. I think he's going to be a fact of life for a while too high of. I think that you will see a lot of places. Adopting this idea. Of course you need to do prove to. you've been double vaccinated and probably have a negative test. Yup yeah asia for sure I think maybe a look the eu is doing it. I was thinking that you between the eu wouldn't happen. I don't know if it will happen. But they have clearly put thing in place so yeah well maybe just you know if everybody gets vaccinated by twenty twenty three there. We don't need it anymore. I mean if there's enough people than the pandemic dies even if some people aren't because it cannot just circulate but at least for a little while. We might have to have this. It's another app. I don't pair really myself from ever. The yellow fever thing the the yellow card to have with me. And i don't know if you if your healthcare you have to have the pathetic be vaccine it's mandated like i don't see what all the fuss is about. I mean and there are ways again for those who cannot get vaccinated. there are ways. They've always been so exactly exactly also like some kind of end anyway. I think he's going to happen to dubai. Airports read that dubai. Airports chief don't have his name in front of me so i don't know how it's called. He said that's the only way to restart international travel. He doesn't see an alternative. And i think he's right. There's just no other way. I'm just. It'll be worried for the moment and i hope that's going to be solved as well. I don't know if you've seen that the. Us said that they will accept fully jabbed from vaccines that they've approved which means that somebody was got a vaccine in the middle east or in asia or studies or latin america. That is not one of the three currently before approved in europe cannot and that that will prove to be a problem. I hope that this gets off. Because that that's a inequality meaning that if you have seen farm because one you mentioned you cannot be entering europe and that's a bit. I understand the need to make some tests. They were something or probably did it. But i mean if if there is a an agreed upon standard for for the efficacy of since approved and if those vaccines referring to meet that standard than they will at some point be approved. But you're right. There will probably if if they're not approved and they don't mean to standards then they're not good enough. That's yeah that's yeah but you're right. There's going to be a window where yeah people are double jab from those with that those vaccines that are not approved. The vaccine has been approved. That can't come in even wait. Let's be clear. It doesn't mean when say not approve. It doesn't mean that the eu for instance in depth instance or the uk has the us has an approved them. It means that because the weight goes is that the the maker needs to seek approval. So if they don't seek approval the whole system doesn't get into play to get the emergency approval says not let's not really into the eu refuses like another vaccine is more like it needs to be happening. Sinopharm for instance. I guess i don't know exactly the details because to you know what i mean. It's not like. I don't think you trying to say don't come here because we don't trust what you have is more like guys. Okay so then get into the procedure so beacon validated can people so it's a bit more murky than anyway anyways. It's absolutely fine These are not funded discussions of their conversations that we could never have thought for told you know and planned for with any sense of rigor at all so at all. We're kind of Building the bridges were driving. Kind of thing. I love that bloomberg. Yeah exactly isn't that what we're doing. Yeah that's pithy enough to make me think i didn't come up with at first. But it's an appropriate idiom. The as as started vaccine visa. So if you're crazy. I read that two weeks ago if you are a chinese citizen and new are in the region if you traveled so you can get a vaccine visa to get to dubai to get vaccinated. So basically dubai's become a vaccine the vaccination center for china that it is in dubai which is insane and they saying that the are opening soon vaccine visa for Countries that are either slow or to be petition to get vaccinated fast the opening within the next few months for other countries as well so i think emerged as a small here who you bring people to get back into and by the way enjoyed dubai and and enjoy. I don't know some of the third yet the attractions and and the good food. I think it's why not i guess. Yeah yeah no way. Not i also think it makes sense. I think if you got it feels like one of those. Things is less about money more about time. Yeah oh yeah. Oh yeah you know. I thought at some point ahead vaccine fomo. I will admit it. I was like seeing my friends because like we just said do you. West was now going by age so we're seeing younger than me getting into the. Why am i getting mine right. Forty five very privileged again realized that a lot of people listening because i see the stats are in countries where it's not even started so pardon for having discussion so as go to another country to dubai was one in serbia in europe was the one because serbia was actually from the start to said. Wherever can they were even like advertising to drive or something. But then i was thinking because of the discussion which has said that. A vaccine passwords hate that term by the way vaccine passport. Because these are not passports anyway. I was like if i get a vaccine. Abrode them maybe. The any chester will not recognize it. And i won't get access to d- app and i'm like no need to wait because then i don't want to be able to travel because it didn't get the vaccine in my own. You know what. I had the same conundrum running through my head to india because you could have gone to the us gotten. I could have gone to the us and got the johnson and johnson. I think if they at least theoretically don't think you could. But i i was. I had the. I do the same conclusion after some hunting in high that that you did that. Just it wasn't. It wasn't going to be worth three week. Had start or whatever it might be exactly. The end of the day was just a few weeks. Yeah it's true but few weeks. And i understand because i've still friends waiting for feel forever when you see more and more people around you're getting in so i can only feel for especially again for countries where it seemed super far and we're here talking about people that already had both qantas quotas offering unlimited flights for a year for people who are vaccinated. Why i think it's a pool. I think the lotteries no single person. I want to encourage people to getting the vaccine. So they say here's a big lottery. You can get our miles and i think few of the prices are like unlimited flies for a year none of these international or not. But that's good. Yeah that's a good a lot of government. I mean the california can't remember. If i mentioned this have put up fifteen million dollar fund together. Where if you have been jabbed or or at any point you are instantly entered into this lottery they're paying people i think fifty to get vaccinated and you have the chance to win. A million is absolutely rolling in money right now so they can afford this a very good investment to get those fence sitters or the the person's we'll pay you and you might win a million bucks. Wow yeah well. I should've gone there to feeling like get a burger or a beer or marijuana. I saw. Yeah exactly exactly. Yeah great whatever it takes. I think the west. Virginia's you have you can get a gun for. I mean it could face of don't can can we get eight three fifty for a vaccine. I'd like that or if some government can can get into a letter get an aircraft. Funny you say that. Because i every time i see the eight hundred fifty i miss it. I want to fly on it. 'cause i- taxing. I'm always on dreamland. Which i love but i look at this route fifty and go. I want to get on one of those. And of course three eighty. I don't i can't wondering why don't i haven't seen a three eighty other than an emirates. One taxi pass me when i flew out last time. I haven't seen one in the flesh are emerged. I think the only one's flying and cannot so we basically we're lucky to even you're lucky to even see one in the flesh because like seeing a rare for attornal animal. Yeah that'd be. Taken by cameron picture in twenty twenty one. It's dated look at twenty one thing. You said fifty bucks i think was it. American american airlines is offering fifty bucks in a day off for the staff to get the vaccine. I think it's i mean you. Don't get a million bucks as lottery but it's also ice. I guess to to to do that The well i think united way. How is it that yet. United united scott said a few months ago. So that's not relevant anymore that they had been thinking of developing a new class or big economy premium business. I and to said we're going to do a vaccine class that they wanted to actually use. I think premium economy to segregate people weird vaccine from everybody else. So you can have your own cabin in. Their flights didn't happen wouldn't have happened. Said he was too complicated. They thought about it. What did you say. What do you think it's like. It's like having smoking and nonsmoking on an airplane. Right you know airborne virus the fact that thought its creative. I guess and united is also i Saying that they're they're asking their employees. The ones are air to get vaccinated all the ways they will be moved to non customer facing capability. I think are fair enough. I guess it's a it's it must be complicated debate to be had to be frank. I'm pro vaccine. I understand that at some point it can become difficult to handle. And how you handle your current employees. It's not an easy thing for airlines sued to be honest but what you're describing at least in the us seems to be the the general atmosphere is that they're really really pushing frontline customer facing staff especially in flight to to to get send actively incentivizing them and also saying look it but if you don't then you're just not going to be in front of the customer. Yeah i mean. I i get it. It's it's also kind of a branding. Exercise cars. some exercise to tell you remember at some point all these airlines amara's in qatar and others in our staff vaccinated. They were like it was part of their communication two words to reassure their passengers. Wannabe the passengers that he was fine right so i guess it's just talking about the since we started with a bubbled. Our friend who was doing the bubble between new zealand so austrailia in that direction the bubble between hong kong and singapore. I cur lynn airport. I've traveled that. Was mike byrd on twitter. Sent you found it so funny. A tweet is twenty two eighty seven hong kong and singapore announced beginning of discussions of trouble though no restrictions on international travel exist. The plans will be ritually redrawn. Two months later nobody remembers the origin of the strange practice. Exactly that it seemed like every two weeks like yes. We're at not we was. This could happen. This will start delayed. Sorry this good app. it's close. This will start next month. No no night may not happen. Not we're not doing it and basically they're still not doing it for four to talk about expectations in anticipation for travel. Imagine living in singapore. You and you wanna go to hong kong. Because i know you love hong kong. You're not on your flight and then it gets cancelled in the book it again and gets. It's just my good poor guys there. Tell us how it feels to not being to be given this glimmer of hope and To be you removed off your feet so quickly afterwards. The must be really sorry. I'm laughing because of the job that address read but other than that. He must not be funny. The irony is that the cluster in in singapore. Which is the reason why this not happened. I started at shanghai airport. We whilst it's not in use your like me going on there. I reading all of the the new case reports out of hong kong from all the countries. And i thought you guys were closed. How is this happening yet. Vietnam as well suddenly annoy Airport is closed old fly international flights. It was mostly guess fleiss for vietnamese abroad because the country's virtually closed So yeah it's an. Alex is suddenly in a microwave oven. Because i can't take it anymore so you'll just get the dulcet tones at the birds because i also kept my guess. If you hearing burs little could be on my side as well. Because i left it open. Otherwise we To way too hot. What do you think men about this announcement by united. That they're gonna invest in boom new supersonic. I wondered if we're going to talk about this. I am so excited for supersonic travel to return. I feel like we've talked about this in one form or another for a long time. Yeah and i think it's a fantastic. Pr move because there was lots of asterisks next to this order. Which is we're going to buy. However many i think thirty five or thirty was fifty nine option of twenty more than perhaps okay there you go and then it was like the bottom if this is matt this if this sound and safety and environmental things are all met by one net where they said they were going to have them have them live our peers in the armchair airline world have roundly derided this as pr. Yeah something to talk about something positive. I would love for it to happen. There's still so. Many hurdles in most supersonic travel is still banned because of noise of the boom. Yeah i didn't know this. Maybe you caught this during during the pandemic that one of the big private supersonic jet manufacturers shut up shop which one. I asked me that i can't remember but they they were. It might have been the one that that branson branson president There was another. It was basically one yet. The other one i remember we talked about like years ago. They just they just said we've run out of my sorry by her. But i mean a big undertaking not only to develop the actual engine. But did you do a frame like you said all the safety and and having to deal with i think that. Even though there's no supersonic flights the the supersonic boom over new york and over london is still not so you cannot do it. So i'm saying these two cities because he seems the obvious one of the obvious choices to start a route with would be that one. What realize is that. This is what the name of the boom aircraft is. A forgotten was over something It's only fifty five seats so it's kind of on the smaller side of. I'm wondering are there was only business. I because i i'm guessing. The price will be. Yeah i mean maybe not concord prices but not if it ever goes if that we're talking the end of the decade at least i. Yeah i i have to look that old so maybe we will actually experience that in the next twenty years. We hope so. But i'm not holding my breath. But i really want to day. You know. I feel like if it had come from. Somebody like a boeing or airbus or but they came out of y combinator so there are star in like a tech startup and it. I'm sure that they're all very very smart. People i think things like space x of proven that you know an outsider can come in and in relatively short period of time totally revolutionized industry from soup to nuts and these guys may do it too. I am rooting for them. But me to why he wanted to happen. Because i want see a supersonic flight. I want to be on one. Rtc one or you're on our on plane radar plane finder. Wanna see that happening. I mean i really hope because the other trend since we just of the atlantic the other trend which we four so because we were talking about before the pandemic but now is clearly happening is at over that route. Which is one you take very often if you were to go to. New york of boston will start seeing the three twenty one accent art busy single ale and for me long haul travel is white body. So when i'm in a single craft enough done long flights with a single ale. I don't like it. Sounds like i'd rather if it's a single me a boom thing that goes super fast. And i like the three twenty one fine but i think it's not as glamorous even as a triple. I don't know why it just. I don't have sushi. That aircraft with long-haul travel. No i i think it's not going to be as fast as concord. Either is it. It's all no no think. But one point seven five. If i if i'm not wrong because i don't know but i'm guessing that because of the ban of the noise booth over new york and london by the time they could basically push the freaking afterburners. Go super fast. And then do you have to reduce the speed. The actual concord bit when they were really going out Marta was was. It is not that long in terms of distance. So maybe at this on that route maybe if that boomer craft west to go yes they're slower but would make a huge difference in the fact that they need to wait until they can go to full speed and then indeed need to reduce speed in need to wait too because we throw. He's always backed up. I don't know it's it's that would that would be an interesting one though have read i. I don't know if you you probably because you follow this guys at. I do on twitter. Somebody was mentioning that a lot of people by kennedy's of concord. We're using corker to go to the us because of a super fast but coming back was not as much use because you would lend very late at night. There was no benefit. You would rather sleep for seven eight hours in a triple. Seven for instance. Because why would you pay in that direction. In terms of i would arrive in the middle of the night. There's new benefit of arriving three hours in london. I i. I don't know i read that. They never thought that makes a lotta sense. And whenever i've read autobiographies or the diaries of this famous person they always talk about taking it to new york back from new york. I'd never considered that. That's a very good point. I'm gonna credit. Maybe it was. Thomas i mean one of the guys we both fall into had throat about this the other day and i think that was i never thought about. It's very interesting because it's true that sometimes if it were to arrive. What's the benefit of arriving in the middle of the night. There are three hour flight. I mean i'd rather than have a nice comfy see. I mean the alternative being a second. Adm departure and you arrive in the afternoon in in london but that. Didn't you have me lost today. You know you're your. You're your days in the air so you're right. I'm sure i'm obviously. They did think. Get the plane back so of course it would have been interesting to know especially with the price difference like why would be that much. You fly back if any way. There's no true benefit to do to do it. Yeah alex you still there i. It's fine you just camera is weird looking you still. You're still you're still. You're still with us. Do we have what ten more minutes. We'll do a little bit flights to know where we discussed that last time and i i was curious to see because we were dating wish countries that are doing it or not in which airlines gould and of course did realize south korea south korea air busan. I've never flown them. Many there you ever fly them. They're doing flights to nowhere as well Why that's the interesting bit just so that you can buy two free on board. Have you ever had an experience where you've thought ugandan free thought that is markedly cheaper than i would pay on amazon or the grocery store. No me neither. There probably have been a time. Maybe the eighteen seventy s. Because maybe you had that. I remember people telling me. Paul buying a camera at hong kong airport duty free was so crazy better than anywhere else and nowadays. I'm like no not really and It was a time and maybe some of the older generations of guys that are listening to this kid and actually tell us but there was probably a time. We actually meet sentence. I would vote first year. Duty free tips because i look at the prices and go and you look on amazon. You like yeah. Exactly right just makes no sense. Usually i mean it's like you just. Won't you sing earlier. There's maybe this thing that because you're an airport. You're always in the mood of saying. Oh you lose some shopping. i'm happy. I'm you know mentors yesterday about the fact that we're going to travel so you you do that that i understand but in terms if you really look at the pricing i was actually when i was doing this Hackathon in a player brought people in a three eighty from hong kong to london. There was one of the teams in the hackathon. There was doing that. I haven't followed up where they are now but it was. They were from china so most cliche free in chinese. sorry and they were they. Did this comparison thing so where you take a picture of the thing. Duty-free let's say in hong kong. Anybody automatic compared with all the other duty-free the data onto we did cheapest duty-free. Maybe there's a demand i don't know but i've never also find usually a by. I did you free because i forgot. I forgot of my battery pack once in like oh and i need to buy a battery pack because out a battery in my iphone. But that's pretty much. And i have about something that dude free i would i would love to and i think maybe there's almost a way to flip that model and say you're in mumbai and it as the cheapest duty free in the world for product x. Yeah okay well. That's worth dying. I wasn't really in the market. Would you go for it just for the reason. Now if you're there would be nice to know but yes it would be nice to know. Oh god no no. No no no. We've been over this. If i'm not going to go for the meal i'm not going to go for the duty free and through my research about these places on one which we can go behind is emirates to sorry we can go behind emirates did To two and a half hour flight to our with For the celebration of the vaccination successful. Yeah he said that's nice new air new zealand data care flight called coeruleus had already down. Here it's a the carrying children with disabilities they've done that before. The pandemic did a flight In through a giant acuity. I saw that that's super. That's super cute and And yes that was the the scope of research i wanted to know about taiwan's eva air was indeed doing fleiss to nowhere and flights was fully. Hello kitty themed. 'cause that's amazing. Was it them that had the hello. Kitty litter yeah described it. Yeah they had like these pants right and he was. He was actually right. They also have flights. That's that's all well and if you were to live in hong kong i knew you always Think about your days days best there. There's no fly zone over but you can go to cruisers do no. I'm not sure worse. And these couple in india final one these couple in india. We did because it was still going on restrictions obviously on weddings the other friends on aircraft in the setting plane so they didn't have to ban new rules. Yeah oh wow. I love it. I don't i think it's stupid but yeah happy. That's all. I'm gonna say exactly. Look i had a little bit more things. But i think that's one to one more and that's it It was actually a message from la flyer or your friend The maybe i'll just ask you the question before. What do you think i mean. We're not either of us. Were not working for corporate so our business travel is our own and we deal with our clients ourselves but do you think business. Travel will be lagging. Do you think he will take a while for them to restart internationally. Or or maybe. Have you seen in your flights a lot of what you thought were business travelers or they're mostly steal either casual casual. I thought it was probably engineered. But also very funny that during the delta earnings call when ed bastion was saying that video calls are no replacement for face to face. The video dropped out. If i don't know forever i mean. I think it's the same for more work from home. I don't think we'll ever go back to pre pandemic levels. But i think it will come back gradually towards the end of the year. I think the might be. It's i'm on the fence because on one hand. I'm like if you if i were to be a boss with a lot of people. Want to be cautious. Because i have a duty of care towards may employee's so and i don't want to force them to travel until it's actually safer. It's not complete your personal responsibility. i'm talking to your international travel guys domestic in the us probably fine Or china domestic as well but once it's what started can go very quickly once once it's actually happening corporate co- come back very quickly in the tweet that l. flyer sent me it was Lufthansa group presentation and did you. The forecast for them the It's pretty grim. These say that the reason they're going to be case because of casual or flyers at corporate even by twenty twenty five we not reach will reach perhaps ninety percent of what was in two thousand nine hundred nine so For them for it will take time for corporate travel. International travel to to start again. And maybe it's part of the reason you know. Some borders will stay longer close and others hopefully not only twenty five. But yeah i have no idea. Honestly i always thought terrorism will start. I and corporate travel later but now at which speed corporate travel once it starts can recover. I think it will be been when. I don't know however you like three fifty you just mentioned. is installing first-class thrifty. So i think if they do that is that they believe that corporate travel is coming back the way they wouldn't do it otherwise no i think they have all of these. These airlines have to take that the same length view that they do when they're planning new product an ordering new airplanes. They're looking ten fifteen twenty years in the future. So i think that they see things returning relatively back to normalcy or otherwise. They just wouldn't wouldn't be making these investments. Yeah that was even before record last year everybody can allow saying is the end of first class and every time it's the end up for excise is more i. It's it's like exactly cycle in life. You know we go through a crisis with nine eleven. Whether it's the financial crisis its everything is due and then never been saying. Well we get back into the cycle of being becoming overconfidence until the next cycle and we overspend and then it comes again. I'm just i think it's human nature and and to be frank for me. It's the same. I you said that in the two episodes ago about all these fake stupid profits like the death cds on are dead guys or the death of office now. They're not that it's just an equilibrium. You just like. I think i agree with what you just said. They'll they'll be a new era brim. That will take probably a decade to filter through to crystallize. Because i think it would be an over correction and start. Everybody will want to go back to you. Have not everybody but a lot of people have been starved off not seen colleagues at the beginning you will want to see them and maybe at some point you will become back to some flexibility but this like it's and first-class end of this of travel. And what are you talking about. It's never nothing was an extinction event when the virus would eat our flesh. Yeah after having met for two seconds yeah okay but now i mean it's going to be fine. I mean it's gonna take a little bit of time but it's going to be fine so to finish off I'm not going to do a trip myself because the biggest one is the upcoming which will be probably the next door following episode. Which was my hong kong cathay pacific first class. Oh last time. Where was i forgot which. I forgot to play the music lesson. I wanted to play something to say that. I was talking about an old of course when i do that. I forgot to put this out on the old. That's a signal old phonograph anyway. So i'm going to do in singapore. You remember that was a long flight. I did my speech that two days in my favorite hotel. There're which is the capital kinski. really fantastic. It has a little bit of raffles own. And i wanted to be kind of the raffles. It's not the raffles. It's really a love the campaign the capital have been skill. So because i mean it's expensive to treat you super well So i arrived. I think i think i cleared immigration by at seven in the morning. I was in hotel at at twenty minutes later traffic at that time of the day and of course my room was supposed to be only at noon but i had to be on stage at nine. Am and said. Look like yeah. Here's a keita's google. It take your shower. It's fine of super nice to have that. So i stay to their in singapore. Great food great drinks. of course. it's fun thank you again. Ernest g g. You guys were amazing. There were hosting me I tried guys if you are in singapore or if you're going to singapore opens you need to go to nutmeg. Make an clove. I forgot the name of the mixologist. She's amazing she did to me a chicken broth based drink. It was. Yeah look at the face that needs to be tried. It's absolutely fantastic grill accelerators. I'm really sorry. I cannot remember your name because apparently have nudity somewhere but yeah it's a highly recommend nutmeg and clove. It's a bar In the very cool district there What i did. When i was there for two days i went to see the old. Have you ever the old airport. The originally called colin airport. so it's the roadway disappeared is run is actually a highway. Forget it but the original airport is still there. You cannot go in saudi. I think at some point was some kind of co working space or art space or something. But it's close but you can really see us still see it i love the architectures and you almost. It's very eerie. You're like i mean the middle of high-rise buildings and highways and there used to be an airport here at you still have these tiny island loved. I it's fantastic and by the way if anyone is singapore knows how i could get into that building. Nick saban come. Just please hit me up. Because i really want to see how it is. It's lovely so the holy grail. As i said he was is the next the next fight but this one was just a small flight from singapore to hong kong. It if i do remember a triple three thirty three three three three And it was in business glasses. Probably tighter than the triple. seven was very nice Four hours. I think nothing special about it probably because back then it was doing all these four hour seemed like no yeah which is pretty sad when they walk in the nfl but it was a very nice. That's the airport of the day. I wanted to mention singapore t for where started that flight. Because i don't if you've ever seen t for t for us to be the budget terminal. I remember when i first stepped into t for the current tea for was like what just happened. I remember being that budget terminal years before and it was literally a concrete cube with no personality. Felt really like 'em i really in singapore airport when you see the rest that is so fantastic with all. The amenities was really. I don't know how to describe the but very very grim competitiveness as so they redid it completely. It's still call it a budget terminal but as it just all your flu. Cathay pacific from there so Fis as yeah. I guess it's you're right. it's not it will be but it was not linked with the others. You cannot simply walk so it's a for me arrive with the taxi they are but i think there's a bus that drives you between the two bits of the airport at some point of course when the new. If you look at the plans everything would be connected. There will be twenty five terminals. Yes knowing how singapore but what i one of the reasons i wanted to talk about for a few minutes Two more minutes before we close the show is that for me even back then. I remember newton on my notes. This is probably the part of the future because everything was to meet it. It's a miniature singapore airport because you noticing appropriate yourself has all even to carpets. That'd be slow. It has all the markings of truly being on brand with the rest of singapore airport but everything is at omitted Arrive rows and rows of otas bit machines of seemed like small. Rtd twos and. It's really well done you have a few checking counters you can. Of course see. It feels like very empty. Because there's not a lot of staff and the automate everything you even can checking your luggage with an automated machine. Which i did so you put your tag yourself and in you just go through everything and i do remember that. D- migration culture. Because i had to go out of the country in singapore. You need to get out So they had e gates for singaporean and residents and of course nationals in some asian the as ian region. But not for someone like me. And i remember noting and now it's very pertinent for our world on the table where i was putting my password and giving the best part to the immigration officer was saying self gleaning bacteria in action or something like that so they had made a special coating that was i guess eating old bacteria in teeing old whatever it was completely self. I don't have that works men. Because but now that i think of it like this is exactly what all airports should have. Because people are still freaked out of touching things so yes this was the four so the future even before it happened. i two. I think oda cleaning surface. Something like that was crazy. I mean there was like nineteen year. Now it would make sense but anyway so an inside is still smaller. But he's very well done. You have a load off. Low cost of course air asia. For instance still around. I don't know there's such a morpheus brand all over the world who knows and cathay pacific angkorian air So these are the two. I guess regional thing you made a good call here it was. It's really an airport for the future. D- lounge cathay. Pacific was really nice. Good lounge against small because it's a smaller personal terminal but really really nice not showers. You can go to the next one. I think it was called blossomed. Showers really comfy. There was a feeling of being in an airport. I mean of course. Very good at this but noted that in two thousand eighteen. This is probably the airport. We're going to see more and more type of airport. We see more and more another. We've been through the pandemic. i'm like this. Probably we're going to see more and more anywhere where you know. We just mentioned qr codes. Everything debated and welsh welsh. You looked like yeah. Yeah so it was it was. It was cool. Sorry that was long. Alex took two hours of us now. And during this so it's always a treat for me for me to that was that was said we can record but you would be strong stronger now that She had wrists st s. I sure did did the brothers the cast no which we have this these rolls of tape so she can change the color of the cast at her win. So we've been doing that instead. This is very cool. We didn't have that now with a grim white thing So this is so good. I'm not. I can ask you want to put the music and i'll put it low end of the show. Your next flight is than this. And so just to dc said so the american nice and you don't know where you're coming back in fact i lived there exactly. Maybe never be going to be here with us again. Ever take your microphone with whatever airport lounge. I'm huddled. All and i will participate in the conversation from. I'm not gonna say don't get diverted disdain. Because pursue that we're going to have another news and talk about enjoy. Dc my view and looking for indoor the flight unix shells and we go thank you alex.

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Bachelorette Baby Reaction, This Is Us Blame Game & 90 Day Couples - Nightly Pop 11/11/2020

Nightly Pop

21:02 min | 1 year ago

Bachelorette Baby Reaction, This Is Us Blame Game & 90 Day Couples - Nightly Pop 11/11/2020

"Tonight on nightly pop. What is next for you guys. I think like you know. Obviously this is so reading. Hazel is bisexual. I am excited about having girlfriends. She can't wait to get out of. I had this plan to teach. And i had to do the tango to sexy door with a parent. I'll tell people right now than any time. I make pancake on my instagram story. I get nina thirsting in my talk one pancakes slide into bed with us. Starting wait now into nine. The best show to watch for making babies and arranged marriages are all right. I guys status update. Everybody wants to know. We've all been any thirsty lazy me what's happening. We talk about this. But i've got some wild deums yesterday. All i guess why you said the word on your instagram and men. Even seeing the word it sends them into a panic. Really oh triggering reading. What word i got a letter from armagh. Who said that my shirt or too tight so extra for you today queen. this is just for you. Wow all right let's get started. The bachelorette loves milk every last drop out of clare and dale. Don't they last night chris. Harrison interrupted the show for a sit down interview with them and twitter is going crazy over. Dale's awkward reaction to this question. What is next for you guys moving into other wedding. What's up. I think like you know. Obviously bbc's Really like we've talked skipped over having babies i. We're going to get married. i got i. We're just happy delay. Start our lives together to get to know each other more and more and more pronounced you engaged fiance. I love you do ooh. I would check. I didn't i didn't i would start double check in you know before. She sounds like she's got a bobby pin that she's put into words bobby pin making it actual big hole like. I don't think you're wrong you know. I don't think she's playing. I mean i think she's serious. She's thirty eight right. Yeah i mean. She's she's thirty eight. Is you know she clearly wants to get that started. I don't know if deal. This is the problem when you move. The fastest is not conversations. You always have so he probably just found out for the first time she was ready to have babies and she's saying whatever happens i like. She's not even pressed for marriage. She's trying to get that bang bang. He doesn't seem into her to me. I don't know if it's just the way i me. That's what i was gonna say. No it's not. You and i really didn't want to believe that. Claire was like crazy and so stereotypical in terms of like just running off with the first guy that she was higher. I definitely didn't want to prejudge her. A wanted to the time after seeing this clip this is so and she's literally just like thank. God i got this guy. He's agreed to go on this journey with me. This far we have a ring on my finger. They are not on the same age. Mark my words. Bill's going to be back. This is relationship is not gonna to laugh and dell is going to be bashful world again looking for love. This claritin is not going to last and in fact in badly agree we can also learn a lot about relationship issues from this is us for example guys. If you just admitted it's not that hard last night. Toby cake onto a big fight over diapers and neither wanted to back down to diversify before we check the diaper play yesterday and saw that we were low and wrote diapers on the shopping list. Right and then. I bought the diapers that were on the shopping list. And you're supposed to take him out of the. We wouldn't run out of diapers so fast. If we could please just buy in bulk diapers thome like other people need diapers talking about buying all of the diapers in the world. But this kid is a human. Outhouse may have which get like an extra boxer to okay. So it's my fault. It would be really great just like one time. If you'd be like my fault like you took the blame just something just like hey with me. I take the blame for everything i am. This families blame in yatta. How blame scattered on the floor. Yeah that's what. I'm hearing talk. That is how i do. I think for sure i go. Hey how do you not see the logic in this and that does not go over. Well i okay. This to me is a regular type of argument. That i feel like a coupla new baby would have. This is probably one of the most realistic things i've seen on this. If you're in a relationship you're fighting with somebody. Do you want them to kind of back down or do you want them to fight back with you like what's your preference. What's your communication style. I don't wanna man that's like just gonna roll over and do everything i say like i'm going to probably push the envelope. I'm have a smart ass mel. But i like somebody who also doesn't get that can say something smart back and we laugh or whatever and it's just like we we have this verbal sparks. I think that's kind of sexy. Shut up i what life. Paul data number one. Let's love you don't cry before you walk. Boo bye bye baby. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. He's doing too much sorry. I did that to me. i. I'm going to close it now. Nothing walkers our hearts of couples on ninety day. Fiance's the teaser for next season. Just dropped and it's everything we hoped it takes. Welcome to america. Look me. I might look like but mom goes drinking. Risk is warning. Don't haulage he needs to understand. I get up everything. I have to be near. Hazel is bisexual. going up in the pins. I just hide it. But here in america curvy to t. I am excited about having a girlfriend. Brennan displacement spray or not. Joking right who. How many watches swayed you want me to bring you new ones restaurant again. This show gets me. Every i look so good every time. There's a lot of different pop quiz. It's a lot. No but i listen to you. Is these hard hitting questions. I have to get them to do. You think is gonna last the longest out of all the couples. You just saw. I don't know if i can say who's gonna last long as i think. The question is the question is who is going to break up. I and i think it's going to be the bisexual girl. Because she. I don't think she wants men. I might be gay. 'cause she doesn't seem to him at all but she saw him girls on the beach she that face lit up so she was like. I can't wait to have a girlfriend. She can't wait to get him to go. Like i want you gone. I want you out. Yeah that's all right. You know we don't just cover vapid gossip on nightly pop. Obviously we also take on hard news like this report is important. Editorial on msnbc. Melvin chewed what have you learned sir. Okay think we lost. We lost cute for second. We'll try to get him back. There was i he. He's in their best actor in the entire world to pretend he didn't hear his co anchor. Just say the f. Word on camera. I think he said oh boy morgan. Anyway he does. He really didn't act. he didn't react to that he didn't react at all. I mean we have all been there multiple times shoutout to all the reporters out there who are really pounding the pavement and really out there covering everything because it's not an easy job to do especially in the air. They're having to do a lot themselves and they're working really long hours especially the people on the on the ground so like you know they give him a little grace. Yeah i'd yeah. I did a spot early on for either nightly popper sugar rush or something where they had me go like. Do you compare your situation to reporters out like industry. No i was going to tell a really good story out cigarette. We're gonna we're gonna talk about this all right. We have to take a break up next. A mom and sons creepy tango hunters dream scenario. You dancing with the stars pro. Cheryl work is weighing in on glove and chrishell cheating. Rumors both have denied an affair but cheryl had this to say about her co stars on her pretty messed up just because they drop on. Tv guys doesn't mean it's real. This is the whole thing. Right when you're in this world of hollywood do reality shows and this stuff does happen. People dry humping their like up there having sex. They're having sex but like when you see a sex scene in a movie like do you think that they're actually really having girl by. She's acting like the people on the show have never hooked up. She's acting at this. One of the judges didn't date a dancer. One of the dancers having dated contestants before like we have openly seen relationships start based off of people being partners on this show so you can't be global people are stupid and don't you guys really think that these this happened to the actors really hook up with each other. Sometimes they do. Yeah i also feel like in. This is the tv side of my brain thinking. They're capitalizing on this right now. Bark giving them dances. That are remarkably provocative and then they have to play this. They're not. I don't think she thinks that nobody ever hooks up. I think she believes that. They're not hooking up and that's why she wrote of them they might not be agree with you. We don't know time will tell or maybe they hook up dissolves and we'll never know but i just think her say kind of thing doesn't happen but i do agree that people play up parts. Plays up this flirty like you know he plays it up and then when people all the time like you guys should be together you know because he should tell them he's playing he's just playing. You know it's like you do cute when you lie like playing since we met him. Tell people to try okay. I'll tell people right now than any time. I make a pancake on my instagram story. I get nina thirsting. Midem's whenever i posted thirsty thursday at thursday's third strap shows love me. But anytime i cook something really good nina tells me she wants be my husband first of all time one pancake and i'm on intermittent fasting right now and that was hungry so you were a little delirious you were you were you worth. She always hungry as she was. It was because he posted anything his shorts. Or his his leah. He pex showing. It's never been a response to that. I posted a story. I won't say there was shirtless or a skillet breakfast. But she goes. This is the most turned on. You've made me ever. that is true. I swear to god if we could afford a camera crater we could get zoom in your lucky. We can't other thing you said was oh my god when i posted something and i said good or bad oh my god and then said all caps goods and then you say well i may fall in with you. Seen he was cooking. Hand was really going to do me. Okay this is a weird transition. That i have to close your eyes were is made. You can picture with hundred while we're not ready to you but you have to close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding giving blows a seductive tango to. I'm your mother gives should probably get on your mega-guys or just watch our latest preview of tlc's. I love a momma's boy. I have this plan to teach jason. And i had to do the tango for the mother sundance at his wedding. I'm definitely thinking that tango with my son is the highlight of the stance lesson today g. a. n. g. gonna keep put a rose in her mouth and ready to go with this one here. I love it needs man. It was a very sweet day for jason. I and takes jason away not really weirded out by the tango say. I love her creepy. Yeah very creepy. This is a little much like you do the dance with your mom wants. Its cue in fact. I think i'd probably end up with fiance. Who thought it was cute. That i did a dance for sure. But the fact that they're joking about rose to rosemount trans that's a long and also like just girlfriend and having to sit there like there's going to be like a mother son dance i'm sure and you so they'll have their own little thing but do you normally do a tangle. Isn't tangle sexy. Dance tangos a pretty sexy. I i don't understand why tangos now what you do with mom you do the to step you do something fine. The tanto is sexy. Doing what a parent. You do a box box exactly with your mom and then you guys are kind of like. You're trying to them at the weddings. You go to really yeah. We ain't doing my friend's weddings. At the castle we would do the pocket. Step tables fun to do with people though. I guess you could make not sexy tango but still pick a different dance for your mom. She's calling the shots. Yeah all right. I'm a reality. Television at twitter has been obsessed with this. It's a list of the most popular thanksgiving side dishes by state so california loves mashed potatoes. Which is normal. Indiana chose deviled eggs fifty yesterday. Oh my god. The best arkansas and wyoming chose mix discussing that makes sense main. Chose is alex. Thanks deal love a side salad. I love having really called ranch. Okay y- i mean i've never had a side had a salad at thanksgiving either unless it was like a particular like a green bean salad or something like it was like i mean. That's not really heavy with the black folks green bean casserole but yeah i don't have any side okay. So then. what is your favorite. Thanks giving side. it's coming up. We might have a potluck. Mac and cheese mac and cheese. Yeah probably probably my or staffing cream corn. Oh disgusting. oh my god. Corn white is boring anyway. People got really pissed about this map and took it very personally and this lady tweeted that mac and cheese and belong at the table. And i thought people were going to roaster at stake. They should've roast the apple. Mac and cheese serious. We have to take another break but coming up. How does one guy get scammed into buying five. Milton's it's his wife salt. Call my lawyer is bob. The law offices of stuart parker and little read it before we started. I love the order loved the business. I kind of want to shirt with this I'll have that wait. I'll seriously have assured that. Says the law offices of march parker stewart or stuart markham parts. Whatever it is And then let's. I'll wear that all day every day too. I think it's cute okay. I'll get it through nick. If you need housing stay out of jail or suing and ask we can help. It is time home. Our first case is from read it. They always a woman says her boss had been making creepy comments to her so her boyfriend got revenge by secretly slashing all number boss art tires but now her boyfriend is worried. He'll get arrested and lose his job. What should they do attorneys. Just the lawyer would y y you can't i mean you did it deny unless there is video evidence and even if there is you didn't do it. Yeah pitch a lawyer don't they. I'd also like there's something really sexy about the idea that my girlfriend committed a serious crime on behalf of me. There's something a little romantic about that but there's also something a little scary wonder. How much of that rage bleeds into breakfast and lunch and dinner. So fiercely defensive of the people they love. I don't know i come from a world. where like you know. Rick to a window or slashed tires. Not that big of a deal all right. That's all right. Deny it took all right next up a homeowner faked a robbery and lie to police about it but his neighbor caught it all on a security camera and cops are asking to see the footage but the neighbor is afraid to turn it in. What would you do rat them out right your neighbor out or would you mind your from the footage. The believes are asking for the footage. So i guess hard because it's like you know you know. I usually say mind your business. If it doesn't involve you in a stop or hurt you like mind your business now. The police are asking for it. But i have to give it to them. You don't have to do you know so sometimes you do have to give it to them though they get like. What is it a warrant because even if you don't give it to them they can get access to the records through the company if they really really wanted to. Is it the serious that they would probably not and you still have to live next to your neighbor. I mean you know. It's not the best situation to put somebody in unless you really love the neighbor like unless it's like a really close friend but i i've been in the same building for a year now. I don't know a single neighbor's name. I'll give about them but you would give you turn them in like turnover. The the footage. Oh in two seconds hunter would be like a police officer showed up to his door and said we need something you have. He quench handed over. Immediate local. best officer goes march. I go ooh the respect. Thank you sir. What would you like mortgage would you you would do. I'd buck are you kidding. I'd be like oh my god it's over here. I'm the inaugural no way. No i'm not getting to get bogged either. Finally this sounds like an episode of ninety days. A guy married to a woman from moldova and was told his tradition to get her family and expensive gift specifically five peleton bikes so he did but turns out it was a lion. Her parents sold the bikes for cash. Now the guy feels scammed and does not know what to do. That's a lot of money. is this guy. Yeah and it's also like legal or is this just. I mean this is just bad judgment by whatever you want. But the peleton bikes and if right moldova. They're probably more expensive than yeah and he bought her five. Yeah that's the other thing. It's like no matter. How many people you have in your family by one bike now. Everybody needs to write that the same time. Why would he be. My thing is people can ask for whatever they want. Why are you buying it. Yeah yeah also if you do buy it if you do buy five peleton bikes for one family. And you get scammed. That's one of those things where it's like you kinda deserve. And that's opposites of march barker steward. Excuse you my parker parker. That's why i say guys. We cannot be messing this out. This is a newly formed institution that we get. The short will have their last name first. How 'bout that. I love our law offices. I can't wait till we have our next question. Whatever it is exactly. Oh we'll have it soon. We have to go unfortunately but we will see you tomorrow night at eleven o'clock and do not forget to catch the. Pca's this sunday at nine right here on either gonna be amazing. We'll see later.

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Thursday 7/22/21 - Forest Preserve Park Ranger

Chicago Dog Walk

25:22 min | 3 months ago

Thursday 7/22/21 - Forest Preserve Park Ranger

"Our bank today's thursday. It's like twenty-second welcome to the dog. President barstool sports join zoom by austen. The former force reserve park ranger awesome. Thanks for hopping on how we doing. I'm doing well. How are you doing good You reached out. You said you used to do this. And you know we knew summer themes but nother more summer. Nothing brings me back like drinking in the woods. Kid so I figure this kind of fits absolutely. I'm sure there's a lot of that going on right now. Yeah so we'll give into all that before we get into it though lost and i just want to take a quick break here and talk about our friends. Roman most guys have tried different ways less bed but thinking about baseball saying the pledge of allegiance in your head counting backwards from ten. It doesn't always work so the folks are online. Men's health company that changed the game with the roman swipes. 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So austin bay is first and foremost de hate being called the tree cop would brave you ever been called a tree cop tree cop or the other one is pine pig. That's another one too. Yeah so why don't they. Yeah so and i mean i guess that's kind of It varies from a- district to district. And i know i don't know how cook county is but a dupage county where i was at the park. Rangers were actually split between community service in education and then law enforcement rangers. So your alley guys. Those were the guys that you know. They were sworn in officers for the state of illinois and caress people in all that. That wasn't my cup of tea. I like going out and being able to hang out with people and kind of the how duty ranger a little bit more. And i was with to commute service in education apartments. We didn't get via the pine figure tree top As much as maybe the dalai guys did okay. What what is your side of the tail then mostly so i always say the if it happened in a force deserve we dealt with it in some capacity so We ran programs so we teach our tree teach fishing. Do kids field trips all that stuff. But we also we are all certified. Wildland firefighters would patrol the preserves. Make sure that you know nothing too. Bad has hit. Someone rolls over in their kayak. We gotta go help them out in the fall through the ice. You gotta help them out any injured wildlife. That was kind of stick. Gotcha so there was a much of you. Jason kids out drinking and the woods you know and and that's why i didn't go along for a bus kids that we're doing the same thing that i did age. So how'd you get into where you like recreation major or something. So i went to university of wisconsin stevens point which probably cranks out more park rangers and game wardens than just about any other college in the country but i was a biology major and i grew up hunting and fishing and spending time outdoors was always something that i wanted to do so i was fortunate to get a job straight out of college and was an intern and then got a fulltime job soon after that wiser like a good program there why do they produce the most. Yeah they they have a really good natural resources program there in. It's one of the few colleges that actually has a natural resource law enforcement major. So you could go there. I mean like everybody. There is either hippy. Dippy you know super tree hugger or Super hudson fishes so everyone. There is kinda into the outdoors because those people. Few the hippy. Dippy hunters you know. I not much. I think everyone likes nature enough that you know. That's the one thing you know. It is central wisconsin. So everyone's drunk enough. I don't think it matters. Yeah no that's true. Is there like a thing where you being afraid of the woods. Is that like one of the first things i tell you like. Hey you can't do that or is this something. Where like were you ever in their night or where is a solid. You're mostly on the day side because obviously kids aren't shooting archery during the time. So i guess dependent on the time of year because You know my shift started at five or five thirty in the morning. So you know in the winter. It doesn't light out 'til nine thirty so half your shifts. It's it's dark out in the woods and A little spooky depending on on where you're at a special ground on foot nap to go to some little spooky but again once you're if you choose career path you know i think you're you're pretty okay with go out in the woods but you hear some stuff indefinitely There are some critters out there. You can dupage county and cook county. That could that could mass yup pretty good. I always say that to the people who hunt i. I don't know how they will up the courage to go into the woods when it's dark like that hunt myself in that and that is my least favorite part about hunting. And even if you are carrying you know bow or a firearm yet is still terrifying some sometimes. You're your stuff walking around in the woods. Behind you to get your. You really have to be pretty brave to walk in there doing it. So it's so damn dark. So have you ever caught anything. That's of scary. Every you've seen drifter in there what it what you see in going to say not in all honesty. I mean the the scariest thing is you know People you run into some people in there and not. You know one of the things that we'd have to do is early in the morning. Check the bathrooms at all the forest and no fair amount of time to run into the homeless folks that you know. Most of the time they were pretty cool but sometimes you can get him on a bad day and might get a little ornery with you but you know for the most part. They're good You know one of those things that besides people which is probably the scariest critters that You know may have been injured overnight and then any find him in the morning and then the real real angry so that could be kinda sketchy to what critter falls into that territory would have you found. That's been like that. And this is a very unfortunate thing within being in an urban area with or serves as people love to Take like say you put a trap in your backyard. You got skunks on your decker raccoon on your back will. Most people don't know how to like. Get them out. So they'll just leave him in the cage throw them in the fourth deserves and then it's our job to to get him out of their deal with them in the morning caged skunks who have been there for who knows how long yeah could be overnight. You know and then you know you get other stuff to you. Might get a deer that got hit by a car the night before you know kind of land down you gotta deal with that too so i mean that's the beauty of being a park ranger. It is no to no two days are the same. What are you trying to do in that situation at your those hit by a car so i guess it depends on what kind of the the state of the situation is if it poses an imminent danger I would probably call one of the law enforcement guys and they would. I guess would be the proper term use euthanize. it onsite would be What they do okay. put out to pasture. Yes exactly so you have to. You know if you're if you're over at blackball and the things you know walking towards a highway Yeah it's probably pregnant. have to take care of that thing. Pretty quick for somebody hits it again so out of the all the little small critters like i. I'm terrified raccoons. I'll be honest with the. I tell people taking out the garbage as a daytime activity because those fuckers you come out there. Pack of eight of them and they shut out at you. I'm not dealing with that. So got a little hands too. Yeah so wh what's damn skunks possums coyotes to you. What do you think poses the greatest threat or do you know post as the greatest threat so none of them really pose a big threat The only time that they pose a threat. While i would say the the one that i least liked to handle is actually none of those sexy. Feral cats the street. Cats are like the absolute worst. They are mean have caused a teeth and they're not afraid of people. Are you calm real. Oh they're super mean. Oh yeah like you know. Like streep tomcats. Yeah they are nothing to be mass with but yeah raccoons. They're pretty bad. I mean anything that has like this distemper which is similar to rabies. So they get all their brain kinda gets fried and then they get real not scared of people in that can always be an issue when that happens. Wow so do we just let loose of entre. Feral cats to kill the rat populations. That's kinda concerned. yeah. I'm sure that they did in those feral cats have a lot of a lot of issue. I mean i guess. Is there for the rest. They also killed like more songbirds than any other animal. Honor no shift yes. They're the biggest to native bird populations. We're weird little nature factor raccoon. Do what's that kinda They get on their back legs. And they'll try and get big mike stereo off but i mean they'll just turn around and bite you like and grandmother taylor something or move and they'll just turn around and bite the hack. They got some some big teeth on them. So if it's on if it's getting big like that that's like a telltale sign that is rapid no if it's rabbit or has a another disease called distemper what they'll do is normally like walking circles or you'll see him out nope in areas like one thing i'd still out with skunks. Is you know you. You've been to the parks. I'm sure as you know you've got the picnic areas where just mowed grass and picnic tables and stuff all of a sudden. You'll have a raccoon or racoon or a more likely skunks that are just walking around just like people all around in their walking around not knowing where they are and that that's usually a sign of distemper essentially rabies. Just they don't mind people as much. Yeah and they just walk in circles the bump into stuff because our brains just kinda getting fried down. Have you ever had some oriented call on her emergency who had rabies her got bit. Bob never had no. I've never had rabies. Thanks i did get bit by skunk. One time now i got i got bitten hand by skunk one time woodvale actually sell two actually kind of a funny story It was the The trout fishing derby one of the big events for the fourth district. And i get a call. There's an injured skunk in the north parking lot. So i you know. I go over there and i see the skunk in kind of walk along. The curb. looks like it had been hit by car. I'm like man and it looked like it was kinda not back legs or messed up. Probably paralyze so i creep up on it nature clean spray. It didn't spray. Did sprayed ran out of juice or just was so messed up. Didn't want screaming. And i was wearing gloves thankfully but i reached down to pick this thing up and Clamped onto my hand. And i'm not gonna wide flinched pretty good and i needed the skunk about ten feet in the air and pulled my hand back and it hung onto the glove gloves. Sloth my hand with the stunk and that was a that was an interesting one to explain all the little kids that were looking to as doing that. That breaks skin or glove it pr- it probably did in all honesty at probably should've won in yatta rabies shot. But i was like add to kinda just scott me a little bit. I wasn't too worried about it. Saw dan what did this whatever their diet. Or what From that point you know. I just kind of i scooped it up kinda you know put in a little five gallon bucket and just let it go in the woods i. I'm sure it didn't make it. But you know circle life yasser some only that fucker. That's for sure that early though going back to the fucking scary nighttime day early diet you whatever you ever seen any devil worshipping people like that and i was like a big fear. Yes so actually. Yes i yeah that is so there is some i. I've seen some weird stuff out in the woods. And never you know you run into it at night in the worst the worst thing i'll tell you is when we get you know Calls over the radio or we get information that you knows that there's someone that's missing and their last seen at a force reserve or you know their license plate what you know. There's a vacant car in. The person is missing in your always. Like almond. is today the damage to find the body Gosh but decides. That is the yet buddha rituals yet. You definitely run into voodoo rituals said. It's mostly santeria which you know. Obviously in the chicagoland area. Large latino population You know that is practiced in the area. But it is kinda scary when you run into. Tonight i've run into a pick sides covered in pins needles with crucifixes in picture. Burn pictures by me walking in the woods right. Yikes and then you run into Multi dc some weird soft out their tongues cobblestones nailed. The trees. seem that too. Yeah there's there's weird stuff out there sometimes explain san three a little more vary more familiar with it away. 'cause i don't really seem to really it's it's from what i understand. I don't know a whole heikal out about it. But it's basically a religion of practiced by like a lot of Caribbean countries in latin american countries. That they It's like a combination of on in christianity solo. Burn effigies to you. Know of different things in do voodoo dolls It's kind of like a combo of voodoo in christianity. And have you ever walked in ritual being happening at that time or you just saw the aftermath. Pretty much. Just the aftermath. Yeah you see some weird stuff out there. Should anybody who worked with. Run into it alive when i feel like. That's the scariest thing of all time. I i don't know that anyone has run into one actively there's also weird stuff to which you know i'll say this is the big one for those that are you will you know where oprah's right illinois. Yeah yeah so There's maze lake which is peabody estate. Right there You know right off the highly right off. Eighty three there okay. peabody mansion. That one is which i did not like going in there. When we'd get alarms early in the morning you'd have to go in there. I'm certain that place was on it. And that was another weird 'cause i used to be like a retreat for for priests back in the day it was owned by peabody oil magnate steel magnate and then it got turned over the catholic church which was a retreat for priests in stuff. So it's kinda real creepy place especially early in the morning. Yeah no that sounds like it could be for sure. I mean there's the sexual activity is at a thing that you walk in on sometimes. Or yeah yeah you see that. All i mean now. That was very often. You run into what i would assume was Either casual encounters or maybe Extramarital activities people meet at a public place and you know the cars rocking in the parking lot. Yeah yeah so. That's you most the time you know you kinda you let it be unless someone is is agreed. Just gotta go. Excuse me sir. Ma'am you know. Do not do that your net. That's about the extent of it. Yeah so there's nothing. so there. Due to china flashlight or not much data. Well yeah in the morning. you shine a flashing. I think most of the time they see the they see the truck and the they're they're keen on it already. You just hit the light show quick and they know what's up they get out of there and then what about people homeless people in there. Can you tell them to leave or is that like. Oh yeah yeah. I mean i mean you're not you're not. Yeah oh yeah i mean. I'm not going in there and shake them down but yeah you just go in there. Hey you know you can go out to the picnic Like that just so. They're not because you know there's a fair amount of time you'll catch him sleeping inside the bathrooms overnight so which i mean. I'm not here to ruin anyone's life. Says it's cold out. you know. Just say your stuff out there but you know you gotta get outta here. Seems like the woods are the one place where it'd be like really fair game. You know well again. That's i've seen some pretty elaborate. Like homeless encampments like where multiple people set up like a little village in the woods. And it is astounding. What these folks come up with. I mean it'll be like two levels so have couches in there. You know like the whole thing sat up. They'll be running at propane stoves in there. It's like a whole resources. The whole thing. Yeah and it's real strange visit will be like a rich suburb. All around not hint sailor naperville like you know all surrounding it and then this little patch of forest which they have no idea that. There's you know ten homeless living in there to have they don't are not going in there. That's i absolutely not Maybe further morning jock but it's out of sight out of mind. I'm sure what about anything else you know you see. You're on the hunting and fishing side is what's like What was a very relevant part of your day. Or what's you know. You said you had a lot of crazy stories and you're like it's unique. Because i could talk about this. A lot of people can't we'll what's to you. I mean the the big ones are is that which they don't like the nine missing persons ones and i'm nine allied Super allot but there's bodies found. You know a good amount of times in the fourth deserves and for whatever reason which i guess i don't know how are how how i should say this nicely but a lot of people like to go to. The forest serves to Toft themselves yeah. So you see that a lot now is a few of my co workers had run into that which is never a never a good thing or you know which was absolute scariest thing for me which i never want to run into at the any public dumpster but you get like dumpster. Babies had always terrified me to run into that. That'd be which i never did. Thank god but Yeah that one. Yeah voodoo rituals definitely. Was you know those are strange ones and then another one to which you know people leave their their pets You know either chained up live pets or even you know. I don't know if they don't want to bury them or whatever but sometimes you get people leaving their dead pets out which was never. That's never good day either. And so the walking with that dog. Yeah yeah and yeah yeah. So but that's all the bad stuff man you you want to get all the bad stories out of me about all the good stuff and there's a lot of fun stuff that would go on. I'm talking about the dogs people annual damn. Yeah that's that's pretty grandma. What he just gotta deal with it. Yeah i mean you figure it out. That's the one thing about being arranged. Where kind of we're at our own mercy for sure. I mean 'cause we have our own. The rangers are the rangers. So we we whatever you got on. Your truck is what you got for the day to deal with stuff there. That's just how my brain thinks. I i come up here and i got all the bad stuff but yeah. Please tell me about some stuff here. I mean i. I mean all the good stuff mean doing archery program is always acts on i. I definitely That was my my favorite part was doing the programs with the kids. Especially i love doing stuff with the my big thing was fishing. That's what i love doing. So i do a lot of fishing programs in dupage county. And i love being able to work with a lot of the The kids with disabilities with which fishing was great. One you have wheelchair kid with down. Whatever like everyone could fish and it was all an excellent thing to get him on him for sure and it was super cool seeing the kids. You know you get inner kids from chicago. That will come out to dupage county for fishing program. And i swear god you'd these kids probably never seen like wildlife in their entire life. It's crazy. yeah and it was always great scenes. Kids eyes light up and all that so that was good and just hanging out with the people know walking around being able to check out the preserve keeping keeping everything clean. But you're you're right. There's definitely a lot of cool things about nature. Just i don't know it's just being the nature in chicago area just a lot a lot. Different mind takes to those places. I it's point in dupage county. It's concrete fifteen percent of the county actually forced to there. So there's twenty three thousand eric. Twenty six thousand acres of four serve in in dupage county and one hundred forty six miles of trails within the reserve. So i mean there. You go to a waterfall glen. It'd be astounded. That's like three thousand acres. Almost lamont. i was talking to someone here. I do a lot more woodland than people realize. Oh for sure for sure yen. Even i'm not familiar with the cook. County preserves. I know they got some good ones. They're like bussey woods. I know that's a big one but the ones dupage county out there. They're beautiful. You could definitely actually get out into nature. I mean there's campgrounds there too so you can even camp out there glare you. This is informational for those people to. I figured out to go to a state barker some shit if you do any of that. That's why people go. What's the What's the what's the thing that people go like an hour away it's like kinda you gotta be showered rock star rocket. Be careful. you're walking right. It's pretty pretty. Oh don't don't it'll take you on that for sure. Yeah right you ticket the second jump off the trail. Those guys are no joke over there. I mean it's pretty damn dangerous right most dangerous. Don't want you know. I don't think they want the natural foliage getting trampled. Either people get fucking around. Yeah for sure well awesome. Thank you is there anything. We didn't get to hear the kind of people boundary. I appreciate you hopping on. And yeah. I mean i guess the only thing i would say you know for those limits chicago land. Yeah just get out. Check out the four serves. I mean look it up. Google for serves near me get out. Check it out. 'cause i know i i've always had a good time especially with kovin. Who knows what's open. What's not open anymore. The forces are always open. You could get away from folks get out in nature and you know it's a good thing just calm you down a little bit rather than all the hustle and bustle and then my last question will be you got out of the game. Does that be out of it for a reason or would you recommend people to seek this out as a job so I i still think it will be. I still think it's the the single greatest job i've ever had and probably ever will have. I absolutely loved it. Would i didn't love was being broke. So that is the thing is you're you're dupage county. You're in cook county. You know how it is breaking most expensive place on earth and You're making you're making peanuts compared to private sector job so that that was the only thing what's gonna average range for like a park ranger about. I would say you know nano cook county might be different but starting pay in dupage. County is like thirty eight k. Okay so thankless thankless job for sure and i mean it is a union job. It's metropolitan alliance with lease see. Do get some got some good benny's but besides that. Yeah i mean you're good. Good luck in an apartment. Most of the rangers actually lived like you know like an hour away or so just to be able to afford full live here. Yeah well. I hope you like what you're doing. You're right thirty eight for getting bit by a skunk. That's tough walking. Buddha rituals can serve fighting off. Coyotes pretty thankless. But it's a good gig. A is good for people who do it. If that's what you enjoy as you enjoy so that's awesome Thanks man appreciate it. Appreciate it all right. That's it for today everybody. We'll be back tomorrow. We'll see then.

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Episode 265: RuPauls Drag Race S13  Nice Girls Roast

Alright Mary: All Things RuPaul's Drag Race

57:56 min | 7 months ago

Episode 265: RuPauls Drag Race S13 Nice Girls Roast

"All right. Mary know your gentle by nature. Do you think you can roast. These beasts underneath. I think there is a bubbling evil exterior interior seru palm. You have been profonde courtesy over simone in this competition you know. I think you both could make a really good couple and buck blanking on a funny joke utica. Have you seen length jane. Yoda assured you look like a. Let's see what you got for me now. West rule oh. I'm sorry i thought you could speak whale. You like that. Lonnie can you speak well to very mean very very mean. I wouldn't do this. That could be very offensive. Does that turkey. You bales manatees to stumble ring a bell a harsh. Even though it's the rose is still has to be funny. Just mean doesn't work. You know what. I mean who. That was a route. Yeah yeah that was In the wise words of yatta sophia. Burn my ass. Utica cannot. You couldn't you couldn't you shouldn't But you did you did. Yeah you know. I am not here to defend any of this content. I know twitter's very upset about it. The place i'll say this and it's more about the final performance in the rehearsal but overall i there was a part of me that was like all of this is not good but i am refreshingly shocked you know like oh you know what i mean like oh lake it. I think in the past weeks where i'm like. Give me my math references. Like play a little dirty drag race interesting. Ooh that this was not you know they. They went there. They show that and Oh yeah they did. They showed it. You know it's so funny for the queen that is so worried about being cancelled all season right and then this happens You know she she. She couldn't get a handle on being mean i mean we got Act one gun When we found out from rosa during untucked that utica was like reading all of her reading jokes to them during dinner and neighbor just mean right. Knew that this was gonna happen. Yeah yeah they've been churning this butter for a few weeks now and they just fully spread it on toast and sent her home. Yeah that was Metaphor was beans on toast essentially. Yeah this is one of those. If you if in when you know you have the time talent energy to re watch these thirteen this would be something to watch for is like utica has been getting set up for this episode for at least three weeks now right right and you know it's interesting because people are calling her fat phobic and i guess i would argue because there were plenty of queens that made fat jokes episode and it's just utica weren't funny because it's like roseanne made those quote unquote funny fat jokes and then you have utica right and so it it. There's there shouldn't be a double standard so if you're against fat jokes right. If you're gonna call somebody fat phobic than the show is right for allowing the roast right and that when you go into like what rosed and our roasts okay. All of that discussion. So that's why. I'm kind of like all right. Well utica was bad right. She was so bad and and label her based on that. If if i'm not being consistent. Yeah i think that's more of like an outrage culture narrative. I i think that i agree with the idea of like. Nothing's off limits. Along as it's funny and i think that you know it's kind of like if you're gonna do fat jokes it's like well you know. That's a pretty tried and true subject for roasts and reading challenges. So like if you're going to go there like you're going to have to really make it. Funny you're gonna have to really be creative about it. And i think that was to me. That was really the only misstep because again it's a roast. It's like reading challenge where it's like. Yeah but what if we weren't sensitive like what if you could say whatever you wanted you know but you had to make it funny like right there. There's a there's a freedom that that's kind of the whole point. You know yes and unfortunately you could just wasn't funny. She had the one simone in puma joke right like that. I'm dying and make that joke. Yeah right i'm just like okay. It kind of works right. I love the Did you ever see the show taymor. I love that little moment that they kept right. There's like You know the lion. King seen the lion king mashad. And that's when you just when you were talking about like michelle. The character of like being underneath and the men's room liner mouth has opened in the men's room at the club. But it's like this is the real michelle the michelle. Who's like i have children. I have i have that. Clunky disney vhs clam shell version of the lion king. Mary yes. I know the smell. The smell i know this. I know that little lake title card of lake coming soon before the movie starts the trailers girl the trailers on vhs tapes absolutely Yeah no i- utica guide. It's it's an interesting arc. That's all because she is this. Goose sweet right. we're like oh utica utica utica. And i don't know like i feel like there's this these editors that maybe saw something else and decided to show us this. Because i think about utica the contestant. Now you know she put that apology. Whatever like the contestant now and it's like wow like ruined in a way you know. I mean it's i was thinking of this episode is like is this the assassination of utica queen or the self flagellation of utica queen. Go there. you're right. 'cause this is one of those episodes that i always think of the season nine makeover challenge with nina brown. Myrtle you know. From the very beginning of the episode. That nina's going home at like they. They're not keeping you gupta of. Who's going to go home. They're showing how she went home. And i felt like this episode was the same thing we from the beginning when they showed utica having this kind of mixed narrative about you know lip synching and suggesting that tina maybe should have stayed but she was so happy to lip sync like the moment like. We're getting a suspicious talking head. From one of the other queens. I was like okay. Wow next stop utica you know right buffalo then utica utica. I did not mean to make a fat joke about tina. That was not a fat. You know if someone had made that connection lake points to them points to them right points to them But no i actually did not was just going off of the buffalo thing that rupaul kept doing. So yes so utica gets this edit and it. yeah. I mean there's a there's a part of me that's like yeah you kinda did this to yourself. You have to lean into it on the show. I feel like they tried. They showed like utica kind of being. Like yeah. I don't understand the difference like just kind of owning it but then also being like i had a really great time. And it's like oh god the phantom is not going to deal with this well this is not going to go down well and i wonder whose responsibility now it is right. Is it on you to cut it. Just defend i. Well you know i mean it's also like remember that thing. Everyone was upset about last week yet. Me neither oh well. Because the queen's now i mean it's interesting because you know that the season thirteen sisters That they have to take care of each other and they defend each other online. When do they not and i wonder. If it's like you know does does olivia lux. Come to you because defense online media. Stop calling your fat-phobic she's not she just fucked up blah blah blah blah. You know is but they're not doing that. Yeah it's it's. I think it's a good question of lake. Where where do you draw that line. I mean to me. it's like it just feels a little blown out of proportion like i think you've made a bunch of jokes national television. She's not the first she's not going to be the last. She's not the first one drag ratio the first in general. It's just. It's just the confluence of that with you. Know they're being this sort of response culture and outrage culture and lake. You know i. I think what's what's interesting about. You know she she posted apology. And it's like well it wasn't funny and you know you should make fat jokes and it's like yeah. She's apologizing what do you want like she beat the fucking pine she knows and so i think that if like so then. What's the point of even responding to that anymore right. I mean at some point. Hopefully somebody's in utica corner being next week. They're gonna forget. And you're gonna have a great finale look and whatever you know it's interesting. Oh go ahead go home. Goes home next. Week will be outraged about that. So just wait. I'm just. I'm not saying anything. I don't know anything. But i'm just reading the tea leaves. You know the other indoor kid get suspended or expelled right right. It's just crazy that's getting into only in the playroom you know. Yeah they you know they start insulting the principal because they're they're lashing out. Yeah well you know. I think it's an principles just like these kids needed some fucking sunshine. You know because you've got these. The candy kim music been running around run around outside on the playground. The whole time and look at her. She's doing great. She wanna challenge. Yes you want to challenge. So it's like you know. Maybe maybe put the beverly clearly books away. I know i'm sad. She died too but you know go outside and play. Yeah right like maybe that's a sign of like the sun's out you know quote the to the jersey shore sons outguns guns out guys. Come on i mean you know Hello how mary. So the indoor kid. The kid turned out to be homeschooled right. They turned out that she needed to be home school. This kind of what happened that she couldn't handle the the the pressure to be an outdoor kid. Because you know this happened she was. She became mean she flew too close to the sun. It was like you need some sunlight and she was. She just like when faced her dress. You know instead of running around naked. And they're like we have a problem. Yup like yes she is. She's she's doing you know bat a backstroke in the phone. You know yes. Mrs new york came and took utica home and said you never again never again. Yeah distance learning virtual learning virtual learning. We're gonna get you zoom account. Comfy chair mute mute sweetie yes Utica i gotta say this utica was so bad. How bad was she thank. You was so bad that they brought back. Jeffrey chapman Topical humor mary. Let's talk about this episode. Let's talk about this roast chickens but before we do tell our mary's what they're listening to well they are of course into another episode of all right. Mary all right. Mary mary mary which is of course our bbdo podcast educated to all things draghi queenie campy and queer. I'm johnny an hello. Hello little and i'm calling and you know what they say nice roast. I mean girls pry. It's so true. Yeah yeah it's so true you know interesting it's an interesting idea for a roast right. You roast the queens on the season right you rosenberg fan favorite slash Congeniality it was. You know an interesting idea. I do want to talk about the roast as staple on race. But before we do that we do need to take a quick break. Yes week to mary. Trivia question Take me back to the miss bliss days of alright mary. Uh-huh how many roasts does it take to open to see robot no How how many a a one. I think there were two crunch So you think there were two roasts and rupaul's drag race history. There is the season five roast and then there is the then. There's the pharaoh mon wanted. She was in season. Where she's nine cis ninth so there was a fair mon rose. There's the season nine roast. And i feel like there was maybe like an all stars roast and i feel like well does the does the lady bunny one count like the yes. That's okay all right. That's the third one. So there's all stars for season nine and season five and i just it's it's not a roast but it had a similar feeling. The despot awards of season seven was similar in that they were reading each other with these awards and roasting each other essentially. But i'm not gonna count it. It's just an honorable mentioned. yeah Three roasts now we have a fourth. It's it's similar to snatch game in that like somebody always has to do ethically bad. Yeah the problem. The problem with this roast with utica and simone is that i feel like in season five you know. Man and eliza were so bad that it was funny You know. And that's and i think the same way of like pharaoh mon in season nine. We're like i look back on. It is like there's things that are funny about it not that it was like an and the jokes were not what was funny about it. You know is correct. The epic failure of it. All at the sort of mammography of it all you know and the other thing i wanna point out and maybe you'll prove me wrong. The only winner of these three roasts. That i remember is the first one is kokomo on trees. Yeah that's true. Because i don't remember the winners of any other ones so season just just to dot is here season nine peppermint one remember that i. It's like oh yeah peppermint one. She was great. Yeah yeah uh-huh and then all stars for manila and monet. One i mean. You got those jokes written by bob right. I think i remember hearing that. But yeah i yeah that i would have had no idea you could have told me that alesia summers one that one and i would have believed and there was a bottom that week right. Monique trinity valentina and naomi which set up the next episode. Which was like the lip. Synch extravaganza o. Okay all right. Wow wow okay to fight back into the competition. There's four and they brought latrice back as well right so interesting that we remember who lost those two roasts. Maybe not even all stars four. If i said like who lost you might say valentina right i you know i'm starting to realize like all stars four was that was like pre lobotomy. I have no memory of it. That little part of the cauliflower that is my brain has gone to science. I have no. Oh yes but yeah no. I remember cocoa cocoa an iconic set an iconic win. Oh yeah bre lists and rock sees michelle mirage joke and that was also a very famous episode because the double save and it was the whip my hair back and forth. That's the we get to choose our families. That's i mean that episode is. I mean very important. That's an iconic episode. Like the you know the when the families come to visit and season eight of project and everyone cries like that is a lake. You get you get so much on your plate. That episode. And i feel like since then i mean. They waited many seasons. They waited six seven and eight and and also like the all stars in between whatever before they brought it back for season nine and then they never brought it back until this season. And i'm i'm kind of sitting here like why would you bring a roast back. Four a no audience. Yes challenge yeah. I mean yeah. I didn't we have this problem on drag race. Uk as well with the comedy challenge many comedy challenges in the past. But it's different than rose in a row and comedy challenge to me is kind of like butter and margarine. You know like they definitely different but they also kind of both spread the same way and and jerking kind of have the same outcome of lake. There's always somebody who just bombs but yes usually these nice people that can't make jokes. They don't know how to be mean you're or not they know how to be mean but they don't know that'd be funny right right it's like yeah the pendulum from mike. Nice to mean it's like somewhere in the middle is the art of making it funny right right and i think i mean i- thoughts on that i like we have thoughts on that now Today when i think about what. Michelle and lonnie were doing. Obviously we don't see a lot but i'm wondering. Are these judges helping them construct jokes. I feel like back in the day. You know. I feel like they would really like. I don't know a sharyo terry or something when really help whereas with this. it's like they. They're just saying well. You've got to be funnier stopping so mean i'm kind of like why aren't they like okay. Let's make this joke. Work by switching biz and then making this word change and what. This is your punchline. So move this over here like i. I'm wondering if they're going to keep doing these roasts the need to start showing them the difference because obviously what utica had no idea. Simone didn't know how to do the punchline thing and so i know that like a challenge but if they're going have this footage of these experts helping them. They should help them. Yeah well this is kind of like. It's it's similar to like the rupaul visits to the work room. We're in earlier seasons. He was actually there to help but then as time went on he was there to kind of throw them off for to create some content or it was about the reality. Tv site of the show them versus the competition side. And i think you know with this. It's like yeah certainly in earlier seasons. You know a real runner or sharrow terry like it would even come down to critiques or like adjustments on just the syntax of the joke or the timing. Which beats you hit. Because i feel like that was for simone. For example i felt like there were elements that she had it was like. I think you just choice. You just need to rearrange the words to make that punchline work you know like that whole thing about you know you're sitting next to this man who's been plucked prodded and polled and it was lake. All you had to say is an and next to him is michelle is rupaul. To be like some kind of yes. The i knew what the joke was. But and simone knew what the joke was but it was literally just word choice. It was literally just delivery. And i don't know i mean that is to me is a little more interesting. I think there is that thing of the more you dissect comedy the less it is but there is certainly an architecture to it and there is a musicality to it and it is interesting to watch people find that rhythm or to figure out if you hit this beat versus that beat that makes a joke work versus that one does it. You know exactly. And i think you know obviously michelle and lonnie have. They might have had more words. More help for utica. But it didn't sound like it's stuck is up there insulting you and your size. It's like okay. Well let's do bad jokes. Let's talk about how to make jokes. Mean kind of like when rosie came out and told them and they were laughing their asses off right. Yeah no canceling rosie on twitter. Yeah right exactly. Yes and so. I'm just kind of like well. What are we doing here with these roasts this really just another format like snatch game where someone will fucking bomb. Yeah and you know and reality is like. I do. Enjoy the roasts and venom challenges. Like i like a challenge. That's basically like okay. Here's the queen you know you got nothing to work with other than yourself and be entertainer host. The room you know take take the stage. Show us your christmas. Your uniqueness your nerve in your talent you know like i think these are great challenges for that versus like you know enacting challenge where it's like. Okay have to make other lines worker musical challenge. We have to make other material work. This is your own delivery. Your own material like everything is coming from the queen. And so i think i think hopefully right right Or at least if it's not coming from they still have to deliver it and like sell it as i was there. Yeah yes yes. Sooner or later you're gonna have to sell it hurt that. Yeah yeah i and there's something about watching somebody bomb. It's kind of like why. I allow myself to go to amateur improv shows. And it's because you never get that feeling of cringe anywhere else so you might as well just go to experience that and i feel like it's similar with this well part of part of these challenges watching one of them do terribly and it's kind of yeah i mean there's there's probably something even a little like i don't know it's like people people who are like afraid of flying watching lake plane crashes where it's like. I'm just gonna stare the devil in the face. You know like i'm just going. I'm to take exposure therapy or something. Like watching simone like bomb like that. It was like. Oh god. I would never want to be heard but like at least i can see what it looks like and see what it feels like. You know without having to do it myself. You know. She really bombed to mirror. She really did. I mean i there were some people who are like what was simone doing in the bottom. I was like no simone in the bottom. I mean i love someone. But like i know i love simone and someone was in the bottom girls. Yeah yeah lake a check. The receipts the purchase was there like she was in the bottom. You know i think. Open your purse. Open your purse. Yeah for your life because libya yes. She was weak but she had that parent guardian signature. Joke and i was like she say that was great. She saved. She say she did it. She did it Yeah i i you know god these roasts do you think. The order matters despite what was suggested on three episodes of drag race uk. No i don't think the order matters. I think That is of course the great contrast is meanwhile and drag race uk. It is like the biggest point of drama and on season thirteen. It was like well. Yeah you know that's the order. Okay cool thanks no drama. I think the order only matters in terms of lake how much you get in your own head about it because like if you're funny then you're funding in the beginning you're funding the end if your materials good your materials good if if being in the beginning makes you nervous. That's that's a problem you know right but like it's not like no yeah like that's not like a guaranteed to fail. Because you're i. You know. I will say going. I is the hardest. Yeah so but. I don't think you get extra points for being for doing the hardest job so you know i get candies you know thought process of like. Wow i just wanna get it over with. I don't have to write jokes in my head if somebody repeats things. I think that's really smart thinking. Yeah but but i don't think she's gonna get extra points for going. I so that's why. I'm kind of like well. Why put yourself go second girl. Yeah right right right. Lake put somebody you know towards the beginning who you know is not gonna take any of your jokes you know right or who you think might buckle under the pressure. Who's really nervous. Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah i don't think the order matters. I think it's an interesting plot. Point that they keep showing us. Because you know it's something that they can do it a potential for sabotage right. So who knows but i i also but i don't think it matters like okay. Candy went after utica. So she setting her. So you know it's like Yeah i don't think there's that much thought into it. 'cause it's like you know. At the end of the day i got mic would have been just a strong in the beginning the end the mid all you know what i mean like. It's not the materials good the materials and if the deliveries there that it doesn't it doesn't fucking matter idea yeah right. Oh heidi great to see her. Oh my god she like heidi's just the reactions she was like calling it now early in that bestowed. Bsa of the week. Heidi and closet for gist selling like face. Journeys for the entire roast. She did very well. i enjoyed her. I more to say about valentina. More the jokes. That were made about. Valentine that i thought were great. I mean ru. Paul coming right out with the joke that everybody's been on twitter for a year. Yeah there it is there. It was like they were just like waiting as soon as like masks behemoth we now we. Now everyone's going to the valentina me my know. Just wait we got. We have a joke in episode three hundred and thirty two of the season. You're gonna love it. Oh goodness well. Mary we should talk about candy. Candy one this week. She has her first win. It doesn't feel like it's her first win. You know. I kept thinking wait this. She hasn't won a challenge yet. Like i just got kids. Like i did not know. Candy had not wanna challenge yet so i guess that goes to show that like candy the season she like she could not a single challenge share. She hadn't won a single challenge. I still was like yeah. She's top for like right. It's it has. It has never mattered less whether a queen has won a challenge to if she was going to go to the finale correct. I do think that they could have given this to got make or rose. Aa but they give it to candy. Because you know maybe it is because candy opened. The show does but candy was funny. You know she came out. She did her thing to know audience. Yeah and you know That's what it was i i. It's interesting now that you know. They gave her this win when they could have not. And that's why i'm like okay. Candy's going to top three. Maybe top three top four whatever they do because otherwise you know you give it to got mic or rosa in this challenge. Yeah i appreciate it like you know. The jurassic park joke was like that. Was i think the first time i sort of was like all right candy. You got me. You can't these fun. You got a gal that was. I'm glad candy one. I would have given candy also and i'm thinking from like the show standpoint. They they gave it to candy for my favorite was honestly got mac. I say i think that she killed it. I think has become someone that like week over week. And we've talked before. I've just like really grown to appreciate. Just how strong contestant she is and how she figures shit out like. I think part of what i enjoyed was like got mic was like oh god. This is the challenge. I'm dreading and i love seeing somebody then completely overcome that and kill it and she. She was so good. I mean the ross. Mathews joke about coming. When the pizza arrives that is so good. That is such a good joke. I just i was like i was rupaul to darien lake. Like damn it. I wish i had that job. I wish that was my joke. So i got mic. I thought she got make. Look the best she reminded me of. Phyllis diller like there was this. This phyllis diller quality to her dress and how. It was draped on her breasts. The hair hair absolutely. Yeah i thought i would have. I would have been happy if got got it It seems like for whatever reason they were setting up that it was between candy and rosa now rose. Aa oh man like it was effortless. Yeah we rosa was really good. I think that she was really strong. You know there's a narrative yeah where she certainly could've one as well. And i think the at that point i think between got mic and rose and even candy. It was like well. You know it's kind of like certain lips even this week lip where it's like. Yeah you in different week. You could have spun either one of them winning. You know correct corrrect. Yeah i mean but they gave it candy you know. She didn't have a win and you know she needed one and a black got got it for her but got mic. Man man surprising and god looked so. Yeah i love it. I just had hair. I think that that's what really put it over the edge for me. I just loved that hair. She's like. Oh i i knew who she is. I love that hair. I love that woman. You're playing yes. I love that hair. But i keep going back to the phyllis diller. -ness of that dress even like mary. Tyler moore type of physique right where it's just narrow and it's like the i like the wide What's that clavicle like. I dunno i with the shoulder. I'm just like this. Oh i love this aesthetic. this is for me. I like phyllis diller. I always think of lake and maybe this is. Just whatever. I i think of her in like how stress but i feel like that's also kind of her like Like the comedy that she does she. Does this kind of like you know. Sort of body housewife comedy So maybe that's what i'm thinking of. But yeah i'm looking at pictures of phyllis diller. Why has she not a snatch game. Character phyllis diller queen You know who you know. What i'm i'm a man. Mary just correct me. Not phyllis diller. I'm the worst. I feel for mary. Tyler oh glorious leach mun yes. I i know ansel. I made the same mistake with ronnie green where i was saying like. Philly's steeler but i really meant phyllis mary tyler moore. You have great chorus leach. Yes right. isn't she giving you. Phyllis remarried telemark coarsely. Yes now. Phyllis phyllis diller as phyllis diller. It's kind of like don rickles and dragged. I guess. I sure maybe fill some pointer career but yes closely shman men. I mean anytime. Somebody reminds me of glorious leach min their their golden my book. You gotta give it to her being gotta give it to her biella. Yeah so yeah. That's that's what i got from from With candy candy came out looking stunned as the kids. Yeah she looked done. Yeah I don't know if i totally agree with michelle being like. Oh maybe a bigger wig. I'm just like well okay. yeah. I didn't i didn't need a bigger wag but yeah you know. Candy had a good week. I think you know livia was the libya it was like. I understood what she was trying to do. And i think it was like actually turning up that lake cutesy thing to twenty seven. I think it was actually part of the problem. Was like a livia. Huge is being live. Lux you just being yourself. You don't have to turn it up anymore you know. It seems like an interesting through line from last week in this week of like livia. How do you harness. you're shine. You know lay How do you either control it or recognize. Its volume like that. It seems to be the her her light is getting in her is a bit. You know i it. It's i was going to save it for unpopular opinions. But it's not like it's this unpopular thing but i will say the cute drag. It doesn't work when you are doing it like what's cute about. Olivia is that she's adorable. And she's just so lovely she shines but when she knows it and she's doing this like oh i'm really cute. It's cute any yeah. You can't play queue. you have to just be. Yeah it's like when you see those Those kids kid actors that are have been told they were cute and then they get old enough to know how to play cute uncomfortable. Yes that's what's this was burning can flake precocious eleven year. Old child actors who've been doing this since they were four. Yeah correct right and it's like cute anymore right. Yeah it was. It was cute when you didn't know what you were doing. Yeah yeah right right. Drew barrymore at four years old. Talking to david. Letterman is cute. But then you know if she's twelve and doing it. It's like well no when you know it. You can't do that anymore. But that's my point to say about. Olivia olivia a. I don't think it should have been in the bottom. I know that that's an unpopular opinion. But i wouldn't have put olivia in the bottom. She had some jokes. Yeah right like. I think she was bottom. Three not bottom to say livia lacks fiar. Be here all night folks. Olivia ducks from getting eliminated. Boy somebody gets somebody get low hook get that little that little cain yes offstage livia sex. No living shock. Yeah libya next next influx okay. We can't do there's no more. Yeah yeah i mean you could see what if there was like a porno thing with olivia lex and it was the libya kuks. You love that. I do love that. Yeah with with utica because apparently you guys this huge crush on right. Yeah maybe maybe oblivion knox and she's like a boxer and they call her knuckles or nuts for sure. Olivia next can maybe. Yeah but livia pa. She gets into hockey. You know she makes bad food. Olivia yuck oh. yeah sure. Olivia tux which is just libya. Doing drag pucks as like hockey. Yeah it'll be a pucks. Maybe maybe she starts a line of hockey pucks called olivia pox. Why do you do you know any other drag queens. You know producing right up to well. She's praising roseanne talking about how funny roseanne rozali is on on trying to make fashion happen. Yeah well you know what's funny and i'll do What other letters are there. Livia people listening. I thought they were died. Olivia stuck's olivia. Or it's it's an eyelash clue. Libya stocks so that they get stuck on libya box vicious her dancing at a club. Oh i was gonna say libya bucks and it's like what you pay. Oh it's libya's bitcoin via box. That's bitcoin love. And obviously i mean you know eventually if you because lucky olivia fox. Oh yeah i don't know. We went on. This journey began. Exactly exactly everyone. Listening is like stop there. God we're going to get olivia chuck's outta here. That's also her shoe line. Olivia chuck's oh yes. She starts a line of converse shoes. Yeah you know this is as good for me. I'm not saying it's good. But i'm just saying it says good for me. It's feeding me as much as to amman advertisements. Somebody us choosy moms. Choose to meet him on. And i we could go on all day of and we did actually a couple of weeks ago Yeah well mary. 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They've recruited more counselors in all fifty states. It's more affordable than traditional in-person. Talk therapy and there's even financial aid available if you need mary's if you're interested in trying to help get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash alright. Mary and that's better help. H. e. l. p. That's right join over. One million people taking charge of their mental health. That's better help dot com slash. Alright mary and again that's h. e. l. p. mary. We had a fabulous mini challenge. This week that was kind of unexpected. I will say. I think ru paul losing her shit helped it. Yes very fun rupaul. Laughing at people's jokes this season has been doing triple duty. Because they haven't had an audience like she has had to just really ring herself out. But i loved this mini challenge. I thought this was. It was so entertaining. It made me wish this happened earlier in the season. So we had more queens. You know i mean. Obviously we've seen a variation of this million years ago in season. Six with the with the legs. Remember when they're on the yes. I love that this was like obviously was so much more because there was just so much more performance to it. And i thought all of them all three trios were brilliant. It was oh for great. The arms utica arms with god Was so absurd. It was very muppet lake. But no any one of them could have one win. Would simone was lake we're gonna start Down here in the cheek. Apparently like if someone should apparently and it was just the perfect landing but all of them all of them were even like. This was like where. I loved rosa. The most this whole season rosa was brilliant in this challenge. Yeah no it was so well done. We hadn't nor vena north carolina nor vino really worked for anastazia beverly. I don't know i. I was getting very much like the girl from borat to. That's what i was seeing. Maybe maybe the drag race was getting punked by sasha baron cohen here. Yeah but i'm glad she was on for the ride You know you don't always get to see a powerful business person. You know the last businessperson we saw. Jeff moran this let not unlike. Yeah and some kind of like all right at least vinas like into the challenge. Yeah she seemed to be having a good time. Which is a lot more than you can say about jeffrey. Unless he's got a mouth full of pillow. I mean that's what drag race needs is the jeffrey moran roast. Yes and he'll be the pig. Oh absolutely exactly spit roast in that pig in front of everybody. Oh yeah. I like jeffrey. Moran's twenty load weekend can at jeffrey. Just this bonding yeah. I now so. Mary rupaul's fingers the add these totally whole talk about this. I mean fingers of drag race lake stars. The was it was so great now. First of all. I have to say this. Was this moment when utica was asking. Rupaul's stand up this to me with tammie brown levels of like fucked system because i loved it. I couldn't believe they kept it in the episode. This was yeah in some ways. I was like i knew that. Utica bomb this but that like i that gupte me more than any other joke the entire roast. Because it was so i was like. Oh my god you did. Not just because we all know. She's got sweatpants. And you know fees on underneath that desk you know no. I'm sure she's still in that costume. Mary i like to believe that she does the runway. And then and then just donald duck's it you know but she's you're right. That makes it much. Funnier because joke. And i think utica was making a really funny joke and rupaul. Completely one update. Yeah i making this iconic moment. We have another rupaul. Meam from these two seasons that were happening concurrently i. It's just very impressive. That rupaul is like pandemic fuck you and does those fingers. They showed that on tv. I was surprised that they didn't blur. Those yeah what was the. What was the motion you think she was doing with the two with the finger. Oh that i that was definitely. She was definitely mimicking like fisting. It was okay one hand into the whole of another. She was turning it around. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah and she was just like ramming it in back. Yeah yes she was. She was road routing those walls. Yeah and i love that. I love that you could see just enough to be like. Oh god i love that. I i love that. It's like watching. You know scrambled porn as a kid. I was like. I can just about tell that you're making a filthy fisting reverend's on my television yet. She i am happy to hear rupaul. Say fuck you to a queen. Yeah you know. Yeah yeah. It was great because it was like a little bit of rupaul. Loosening up and like you know playing around a little bit. But i also liked it. There was there was just a like there. Was that glimpse of like. Oh oh you really wanna fight like you're mad right. There was there. Was that there. There was that danger we have. Yeah and i gotta give it to utica what happened right. Utica like went there and even gave her fingers at the end. And i was like you know i like i wanna feel this way every once in a while you know i wanna feel a little nervous i you know i have this little fantasy that they absolutely hate each other. That you actually heats rupaul. And ru hall can't stand conniving little snow and oh she's such a little snowflakes trying not to offend anybody that little bitch. I just have this idea. That rupaul's like that's what i love. I love imagining that. There's like oh rupaul. Just hates or what but more importantly utica hates or back. Yeah no i love the idea of what of the queen hating rupaul. But being on her stage. I think that's it's the dramatic attention of that is just so campy right. It's very much that many challenge from season. Twelve where they're at the tea party and they have to like insult each other back and forth. oh god you remember that mini challenge when a jada essence. How looked so good. Oh god stupid mini challenge where they were selling those gift boxes. Goodness gracious that system spacious. I did not like bet challenge. But yes i know what you mean where. It's all done very politely. This camp that they're playing that they did at the end and who knows if it was real. You know who knows. I don't know. But i do feel like there is something iconic of like you know you you double fuck fuck off by and you double fuck off their back when she eliminated you. You gotta give it to her. Miss miss ella. Be babe you. I mean maybe maybe give baby baby baby. Oh doing i'm doing. Man i'm doing i'm doing my. Oh yeah there's babe babe and then there's pandas babe and then there's rose baby baby i mean baby with who is your you nominate somebody for. Bsa this week. Well you know. It's a tight race. Because i didn't nominate heidi closet but i also really loved no pun intended lonnie love laughing and saying you're the one who's bombing like okay. 'cause that's out. That's what i thought was so funny. That was that was heavenly. But i i also really appreciate it. Heidi might give heidi the golden globe and lonnie the oscar. You know oh interesting. Yeah because that's usually how it goes you give the oscar to the one and then it's like well no but you deserve an award to. She does yeah. She was doing a lot of work up there. Yeah and maybe we'll talk with some opinions but thinking of heidi on that stage thinking of the miss congeniality on the stage. One of the things. I do wanna talk about is like did it. I like the idea of. We're going to miss congeniality on stage and you're gonna roast them but like was there much meat on those bones oh to roast them. Yeah okay so. I think maybe maybe. That's an unpopular opinions discussions but for nina west. It's like yeah like okay. Great some some fat joe. Yeah you're right as far as the shoulders. Yeah i know it's a roast but like girl there. That's the only thing i can think of with meena sister. I mean lake. What are you gonna drag right. Go back a few seasons and read the corn husks. Look that she made. I don't think she stands by it. Either you know what i mean like. Yeah yeah there's off line right. You can talk about her being disney gay and like all that stuff. But that's offline and so that would it all. I guess they did that with rent. Live with allen. Tina did but even then like that. That is kind of ripe for the picking. But i just didn't think there was much and granted longtime listeners. Know we are you know. Deep nina west stands. But like so maybe being subjective but it might really though like white what would i read her to filth for you know like what would it be. What would be the things like. I think valentina. There's a lot there. You know because of her diva qualities and the rent live and you know like to keep it on please and all that there's a lot there to play with but anyway maybe already gotten into it but those are my thoughts right. Well we'll save them for unpopular opinions. Unless you have more thoughts on this episode what do you think we should And that there. Yeah i think yeah i guess maybe maybe we'll see maybe. Maybe i'll save my thoughts in the lip sync for unpopular opinions. As well sure that makes sense. If you have any thoughts you can reach out to us on twitter at all right mary. You can find us on the web at not alright. Mary dot com. You can email us at all right. Mary podcast dot com. And if you want you can follow me on instagram johnny. Also or on twitter. Johnny also one and you can hear more of me on my other podcasts in the details celebration of nuance or best supporting podcasts. Celebration of best supporting actress. You can find me on twitter at coen drucker instagram contractor underscore and to get more of both of us including and go back in here at drag race. Uk recaps you can hear our movie discussions. That are happening. Next few weeks you could get on board early for drag race down on your recap coming up whenever that comes out or even are unpopular opinions at our only. Mary's level All by going to patriot. Dot com slash. Alright mary love it. Shout out to clubhouse binge with shane camaro. It's a podcast by guide. Our matriarch an alum. Our g mary mother. Og mary mother superior shane camaro. She has a podcast. She has a podcast. A couple of them Clubhouse that she does with her friend dino and then she also has clubhouse binge which has just started. I was on the first episode where we covered clueless. She's going to be covering all of these movies. Tv media That basically you binge that we that makes us feel comfortable. It's the stuff that you put on in the background right while you're doing stuff that Familiar voices all of that and she is so smart. She is so funny. She is the perfect podcasting voice. I highly recommend you check out clubhouse or clubhouse binge For shane camaro Yeah and you know we talk about clueless as you know when you get me. You're probably just gonna get mostly quotes. So i'm quoting a lot of clueless with come here on the script. Read along exactly table read. Yeah she calls it a big shout out to shame. Yeah i'm gonna be on. We're gonna record this week Of to pick something. And i i haven't broached the topic yet. I probably will by the time of a episode comes out but like maybe we could talk about jersey shore. I because it's what i'm benching. It's what i'm binging lake initially discussed talking about the office. And i was like yeah. I haven't really watched it as much lately. Since it's off net flicks. I have been watching And you know. I'm to say lake. We probably have a lot of things to discuss an unpopular opinions. But i want to at least carve out ten minutes for jersey shore talk and unpopular opinions for sure for sure. Absolutely totally do that. We can totally do that Mary what's our last chance. Let's think this week. Well in honor of you know the disasters that we did see on stage and the roast the meltdowns in during this roast. this week's lessons lip sync. Is the song trainwreck by banks. Because they were trained wrecks and you can take that to the banks. It's all there. it's it my good. Yeah i do love this song. I don't understand a word she saying. And i'm living a great song. I've i've had it in my spotify like light songs list for a little while and You know it's It's great last chance lip sync wonderful. Well now. We're the ones whose bombing. Mary's we hope you have a wonderful week. We'll see you next time for our top five episode but guy wanted to kiss his ringing thing and phnom chugging along training trying and the hawk goes beep beep beep of this quite depressing fixing to the problem uh-huh.

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I miei percorsi: facciamo chiarezza

Comunicazione Emozionale con Ema

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I miei percorsi: facciamo chiarezza

"Buongiorno is the communicates you honest retelling equity theater in bristol. Podcasts wireless figured out it got up here. Hoon evolved to Your own it's insane. Yard communicate surname practical. Roddick communicates digitial in montana. Women autumn inland medically diedhiou november. Good joe proietta. Simple laboratory number two communicates to tacona in mass media. We are at your stom- but a web during a novel. Momentum creamy tomato about this monday mandate who the woman to myanmar to dodge jeep. Own nici insane because interest son the known on my into knock door with jordan communists. In an eilly missy your proponent and squatting liquor damian to milan we only senior. Bitcoin see the present our auditioned to koran tower. Requisition if able to the maze what was it. Demand ms mismatch or says it to monitor auto or al jordan. Okay all the with leo and soon from darlene. Enquist unique johnnie epyllion for these cities Award the local. The dan bionic untile on pottu should have been in the car to super two questions on the kid liquor store and of course the t one thousand through or new era we bear approach artsy opposed to unravel feed that will the coursey personalities that the coach in two thousand i e persona meteorology respected local. Win talk your guts. on it. see mature joining me. Around the larry laterally meteorology question protests in the eastern zone sham. Okay got non possible lavar. Arctic corn do better guests on the adequacy in meal. of course were meaning motor. Means the inquest. You in the unnamed. Sauna result won't took bear dunes today. Minimize your btv but cheese lobby requires recommend you bogo the obt numeric. Okay econ create the non coursey couso imparting body popular tv. The media took implemental patty mental shoe chain quantico to we take your to enquist to look who move whoop. What's the political and touching criminologist labasa dynamic. Comunicacion pharmacopoeia there. You're also seeing. This will be kwan. So sony radical. Nobody's shovel neon kid gets you pitched in to jaffna sworn it so much phone book. Acquisition economic you're going to get i'm wanting to ensure the saddam pourquoi three rally rally. Command started the that burke. This of took it nekia. Ucla particular charlier dispatched. Two and three coach insignia. On chima cab. Answerable ankara persona kip. Nope yards and yet kristie normally probably volume la causa get into experience to the our bodies to missoula car took fundamentally k. Preclude so my lectures a little bit about the a lotta unto impossible radic persona not motivated moment in your with wanting to mean point side boss. A dilemma publicity and put in sally. You're also a simple with each year. Appear in the guy. It appears similar. Varada astronomy itchy and thought to guarantee economic non-romantic anamika ansi killer cama- boy reminding but took silly sooner. Did you annuity in manila mall. More upper phone. I could probably mckay course Probably grand look at strategical Grand i ain't gonna grant divine the miller. Emergency blame we k. top. I'm ever more traditional content to empire than biddle that we are fighting for me. Easy was timana peculiar border. So expand to sit in on check on talk to remain label. They say jordan guy. Lam sola mean as team on the are you a quotidian qassim bracket did we see now that biscottis bishop got me into the moment. You agree to the patient. I far to say dependent quayle looking bitch volume and seniority community. Little bit. immediate. Into tacoma sean and you committee according to inter g she could poon nabala professor at the end. Dr coming up in tacon time. Nick nemec chief. He communicates you on the woman. Got you on an ample genetic that we authentic. 'as only student and carlos pacheco to ditch my katie to chrissy solid solo para dima eck invasion la war birth finale zach newly game that we can represent these in yatta opposite. 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But i mean out of america's cozy that for this pitch lieber persona k. k. You do their john. Doppler ramiz alia dapo though the lets you on nymph of course invasion the same as the john mccain. Is this got argument. Proper concrete that known solo only and kit diplomat the technically not permitted to get the equity follicles pasta. To us route of until you're the also guaranteed kit. But i wanted them into personality. These best salita but percent see cbsla in. What did they say. New model you communicated at receive saw decade to samos batali cadet samsung bitch on with contact the ibm with dante experience cantata accountable nettie communica. Okay all quayle looking basu. Dr fake will in parallel male. If you're inside your own imports attorney. People seeking equal. It gets you on marsha. Mcnew bowl but slobby can lap like matica comunicacion. Oman factors to d communicates your rattle. And she's got you'll give me larry in shinto spectacular throw. It communicates yawny luna start. You stood ape manager matt monkey. I brought me la lower three now. Let s allowance on lower east. But i'm moving into moroccan putty bill article matt but we had very on you say but isolates unity as to the ball bearing bets keilor investiment go by is all came down no by the berkeley san on. I on obt sean. Cinnamon i volya and the mirada is tomato ketchup. Ramon say say insecure. The inside of course pro problem in the swimmer juice. Stop bear that it will say permanent paramount that we call the commute today for not dot with sound not what i meant the msci coma committee that. Douglas your pockets to the then timmy. Jordan tickets on the committee. Aca say two hundred team in collado at beneath him over the finish your on and the queued that a portal or molly within the story that a k. Also guarantee it'll be abi same in wilmington kuwait and theory about moment queue. You know stroke petticoats in your companion later sawn in faz dedicated inappropriate fuzzy inqu- sainthood intricate. 'cause i can while you mean you're a combined we're still ameobi useless to podcasting with that. I mean to deny the see their media was your we stable eight anti rested and are being format. Pedic nausea mac. Daddy gust joining amino kapiti will look at me approach to storytelling. I like communicate. Cynic classic copywriting brazil Last turek lativa bombini or to the woman ticket to open to increase public at your honesty. The would you pay five up here. Look at your factual known. Automate the legacy. Ben see in meant to be an opposite them in the beer boy. Bettys automobile boss through probably saved related of course to the public speaking at the impact vilified that get i mean eh professor. They alex skull in the these guys. Who is the navigation sort. Say we need to demand in which persona gone dispense. Y'all lucky boxy. Columbia draconian cuts yawning man. Some on your warrenton. But we want to whistle. Podcast up benefactor to look It the on multiple. Roy maintain multiday boy Known causes a kid by being in causa kick started chip con la guardia. Di dante semi travel colleague. Grab the data. that'd be on cady thirty rock up. Akiva in the demand is that the only saw very problematic communicates yawny gathering. The koran is park okay. Fantastic motivational factor solo repaid mitsuo on payroll acid demand. Okay grandma can when he got on it. So darn to jamie solo the email league nor respond stimulating america to me in a martin the stock when kuni. Okay bad leonard. Soon as you see yati payroll. Let's put them in the phone dot look creamy degrade quarterback quite skegness sop book. You better get here okay. immune approach. You're more pugh trauma. Da that there are quasi on lunch. Assaulter intendant emmy into lisa carter inquisition model. The monologue billups equality. Okay are you a communicated to set yup. But i mean did throw in people communicate and millions of our solar stare nearly. Relax your spilled yesterday. Start to utilize conquest side. And you start showing them a ticket to others who wound component bear parental tara call coaching telefonica community to coon matt am getting unquote up. Got equal school. toilet bill. Duty bossa banovic was podcasts. City manami the mozambican. See talking when he gets twenty four group. Immediate on it up to the. Because i want you to do not only acquisition devante. Comparably new communicates.

buongiorno joe proietta al jordan Enquist johnnie epyllion kid liquor store lavar charlier radic Lam sola biscottis bishop poon nabala Nick nemec carlos pacheco quayle dima eck yatta jordan batory nazir Hoon
Episode 91: Joshua Palmatier

The Worldshapers

1:11:04 hr | 2 months ago

Episode 91: Joshua Palmatier

"Up to the world shapers conversations with signs process on your host and this sense guest on the to welcome to another episode of the world. Shapers the podcast right. I talked to other science fiction and fantasy authors about their creative process. My name is edward willett and diana myself and author of science fiction and fantasy. My main publisher is daw books In new york and which is also the publisher of my guest. This episode josh upon me to also have my publishing company called shadow press and my latest thing is actually from shot oppress young adult science fiction. Novel called a star song which i'm very fond of it. Almost was published by a major publisher back in the early nineties very early in my career. And it didn't happen. The publisher died in decided. The new publisher. The son of the original publisher decided that they weren't going to publish science fiction anymore. And so as a result it it language did never found a home and When i went back to it. I realized that could make it better so i completely rewrote it from start to finish. Ended is now available from Shadow pop press again. That's called star song. It's a young adult science fiction novel. Very much in the andre norton robert heinlein mode. Who were huge influences on me as a young reader and a beginning writer. So that's my latest latest thing Before that my latest book from dob books is the moon at world which is book. Three in my world shaper series. The first book is world. Shaper of the second book is master of the world and then the moon is the third book. They'll be a fourth book. I have written it yet and it will probably also be coming out from shadow. Pop press but That's it's an interesting Series i think because it said in the labyrinth shaped worlds where the people who shape the world's live inside them rather authors living inside their books so it allows for any kind of story to be told so. I've had a story that said in a version of our world was the first book. The second book was in a world very much inspired by jules verne so you know weird air ships and submarines and things kind of steam puck and then the moonlit world the most recent one is actually Set in world with where wolves vampires and peasants where roles in vampires and peasants. Oh my so you might want to check those up. Now arising out of this podcast has been an anthology called shapers of worlds. I kick started that last year and it features a first year guests of the podcast. There were nine original stories and nine reprints. From people like sean. Maguire and tanya huff and david weber and john skull and and many many other well known famous authors. That worked so well that i've kick started a new one shapers of world's volume to it's getting very close now. I think it will be out in october. It's bigger it's going to be pushing one hundred and fifty thousand words of fiction and it's going to seek to renew stories from kelley armstrong. Marie brennan helen. Dale candice chain dorsey. Lisa foils susan forest. James garner matthew. How the kennedy. These akester adria lay craft. Ira name garth nix. Tim pratt edward salvio brian. Thomas schmidt jeremy shawl and be and reprints from jeffrey a carver barbara hambly. Nancy kress david. Dein sm sterling and kerry von so among those authors. You've got winners and nominees for every major science fiction and fantasy literary award and several international bestseller's so that's coming out in october. Keep an eye out for that. It's called again. Shapers of world's volume to it will be out from shadow press. You can find a shout. Pop press books anywhere or you can them directly from the website shadow press dot com and download the book strictly from shadow poppers dot com as well right. I think that kind of covers the beginning material. This this episode of the podcast introduction was the word i was looking for. So let's get on to this episode's guest Joshua oh i should i remind you though that the world shapers. Podcast is part of the podcast network. Now let's get onto this episode's guest joshua palmyre professor of mathematics at the state university of new york in yatta joshua parameter has published nine novels the throne of angkor series the skewed thrown the crack thrown in the vacant throne with dopp books publisher. I know well the well of sorrows series well the sorrows. These aflame breath of heaven. Heaven with bain and zombies need rates and the lay series shattering the lay threading the needle reaping the aurora with dog. Which is the one. We're gonna talk about today's specifically. He's currently at work on the start of inter series he's also publishing short stories. mess to hookah and close encounters of the urban kind in tears of blood and beauty has her way both edited by jennifer prozac. The river in river edited by alma alexander and daughter of the sands and apollo's daughters edited by bryan young. So joshua. welcome to the world shapers. Thank you for having me. I'm happy to be here. We've known each other for a while. Now because of the dock connection since we share a publisher and editor And i remember a memorable escape room adventure in kansas city. Where we you know. If you've ever wondered how many professionals is fiction fantasy authors. It takes to get out of it escape room more than you have. Apparently we did not do all that. Well we didn't even come close where you think you haven't done too bad then you find out. There's a whole other room that you didn't even get into. That's always that's always discouraging but it was fun. It was all about having fun. Yeah so we will start where i always start by taking you back into the midst of time and find out you had a a moving around childhood. I know that anyway where you grew up how you grew up and how you got interested in writing and gulbis started as a reader most of us do and yeah so tell. Tell me all that. Tell me your life story okay. Well yea in upstate. Central pennsylvania and my dad was in the navy though so we ended up moving around quite a bit so i've lived like texas washington state out or needed in lots of different places. And i think that actually helps with the fantasies writing because you get that exposure to So many different kinds of places and settings and cultures and stuff. But yeah i spent most of or i spent the longest amount of time in washington state out in puget sound. And that's actually where the whole thing started it was in obviously. I got into writing through reading said earlier but it wasn't until eighth grade english class. Mrs law that Actually started thinking about writing She gave us a writing assignment. That was unusual. English classes She said that she wanted us to write. You know five word short story that was kind of twilight zone ish and english. They usually focus in on like three paragraphs essays or something like that. This was like brand new. Actually what i consider creative writing. And so i like dove into this because it was twilight zone and by then i was reading a lot of fantasy and science fiction and this horrible rip off of atlanta's except spaceships. So so at that time i was like five hundred words. I can pull out five hundred. It'd be hard And so i ended up writing this and handed it in and she Senate back with you know a little note on the top saying you should write more and that was like ball moment for me. actually sat back and was like. Oh wait all of these books. That i'm reading and then i love you know their you know being written by somebody and so i was like why couldn't that meet and So i saw a but that was the spark. I sat down and i started writing pretty much immediately. After that. it's it's funny how often i talked authors. And they say they had that realization at some point. Hey people people actually write these things. I could be one of those people that seems to be a very common thing when that happens. You're just like well. Of course people write these things but it just doesn't make that connection till somebody points out and and yeah that was. That was my little epiphany when it comes to writing and i started writing things for like at the time Bring norton had the magic and iskar anthology she was doing and so i like rope short story for that and actually set that in back in the whole paper envelopes time typewriter time to i used up so much corrective tape on Liquid and liquid paper. Yeah i is the corrective tape mostly but yeah. No liquid. Paper came into yup and play and And yeah and then. And then i started of course the standard you know all of my friends in school get transported to an alternate world. Kind of of story in that one was supposed to be a novel actually had a whole orange folder. I was using. And i was writing it out by hand and putting it in orange folder. It's also exciting. And and i'm sure if i had that at this point i would horror but but you know at the time it's like it was very exciting to be actually writing this stuff and so i kept writing on stuff all through high school and then when i hit college you know along the way my i told my mom you know. I want to be a writer and fantasy writer analyst and she was like she's very encouraging said. Yeah that that's really good. You know you need to have something to fall back on if that doesn't doesn't work out and so so. I decided early on that i was going to be a math teacher and then i could write during the summer and and so i'd have a lot of time to right and so so. That was my plan. I went to college to become a math professor and And then in college at some point. I actually sat back said to my salvo. Okay are you writing just for kicks just for you and your friends and whatnot. Are you really seriously want to pursue this. And i made the who obviously seriously pursue it and and spent the first four years of college writing this novel and and it was called sorrow and if it went through i went through the whole first draft and when i hit the end of that first draft went back to the beginning and i was like holy crap. The sucks because draft. I was teaching myself how to write and so of course. The beginning was horrible. I'm so i ended up revising this like three or four times before it started sending out to agents and editor and And amazingly at the time. I didn't realize this but i was actually getting from agents. And editors i was actually getting personal response a to the manuscript and only later did i learned that you know that was like a couple of levels on rejection list so they were rejections but they were personal rid. Although that only goes so far we say yeah well. It was pretty. It was a personal rejection. But it was still rejection. It was still a reduction. Yeah and and of course. I didn't know any better. That was a better rejection than you could have gotten a so. I kept at it and eventually four books in i ended up writing the skew. Thrown insist that to Dabo by then dog was was already paying attention to me. They'd seem two or three of my books and rejected them. But but sheila was kind of paying attention to me at that and so any sentence skewed thrown she. She was excited about skewed brown. So that's essentially how ended up getting into it. You obviously like math. You wouldn't have made that as your fallback position. When did you know. I don't know if i would say that. I you know and in love with math. But i love teaching math. So i'm i am a college professor but i'm pretty hard core teacher as opposed to you know researcher Even though i work in college so i think it. I think it's more the love of teaching because i i mean if i made it really really big. I'd probably have to give up teaching. I can't imagine giving up teaching. You know just just. Because i enjoy it too much what you enjoy about teaching and does it relate to enjoy about writing. Because they're both about communication yeah. I don't know if it has much to do. I don't know never thought about it with writing. But what i love about is when you see that spark in the student when when things finally connect and they suddenly understand something that they thought was exceptionally hard. Because i you know. I'm teaching things like calculus and higher level math about calculus and stuff and and most people think the calculus horrendously difficult subject So one of my goals in teaching is to try to make people realize that it's not really as complicated as they think it is The idea behind it is actually very simple. And so when i try to get that across and seeing that understanding when they finally get it i mean that's the best part of teaching and so i don't know if that how that relates to writing Because the problem with writing is that. I'm not there to to see people reacting to it like am with teaching and that was one of the hardest things with this this past year when we had all the online teaching is getting that interaction with the students with the online teaching and not not like in the classroom and so that was kind of heart and my daughter's university age university of toronto and she was entirely online and certainly on the student side of it. It's not great i. I can't imagine like a person learning math online at horrible horrible. She's kinesiology and they were. She was helping. I your students. They're learning anatomy online and one of the things in richer. Toronto is that it's one of the few places where first year kinesiology students have access to cadavers for learning anatomy. And of course this last year's crop of students didn't have that so yeah it really was a certainly not ideal. That's for sure now. Not math online is not ideal. We just back when you're talking about writing. I had forgotten until you were talking about writing as a young person that we in fact you're on. Maybe the first time i met you in fact was at the denver world science fiction convention and we were on a panel together riders reading juvenilia. Do you remember that actually proposed that panel. I'm not. I propose that battle. Maybe we go dual proposal. Yeah so it was you and me and sarah. Hoyt and Connie willis as i recall and it it went over really well but i don't remember you reading anything for. You're really young as all of that gone missing much that most of it got lost during a flood. We had here at binghamton. We have two major floods and two thousand six and two thousand eleven. I think we had a flood. And i like i like loss. Three all my stuff in the first flood And and a lot of it was paperwork. Kind of stuff like that so So anything that. I had that i was keeping including you know my multitudinous all kindest paperwork got lost during the flood so at the time i didn't have i didn't have anything anything really old Like like the juvenile. That story that was in the orange note of stuff. That's what i would have read. If i'd had a chance though on that panel ended up just talking about the things that i've written advocate didn't have i have my old stuff in fact my first novel is near modesto it says algebra on it. But it's actually just that's just what the notebook was full of doodles of people in two hundred one hundred. My yep. don't even know how many pages i ended up with with that i I considering i know it was not novel. Incas is probably maybe thirty thousand. Words maybe tops. I would think looking at it now. It seemed like a lot of words to me at the time. Oh yeah like that. Five hundred writing five hundred words for a short story with like insane. Well we're gonna talk about your process of writing novels now that you've you know you've learned how to do it eventually start to get accomplished and we're gonna talk about the series so maybe the first thing to do i mean that's a trilogy is complete. Could they series. That trilogy is is finished. Like all three of Trilogies that i have outright. Now they're they're all set in the same world but there are different different time periods. And leslie enough. You can see where things connect up between the three series Give us an overview of the world series. Then about getting away anything. Don't give away after all you have app. You've taught classes on writers about writing up so this ought to be easy for you. Yeah no synopses are never easy especially ones where you have anything way but focus on the series but the so the idea behind the lace series was a spark of the idea was i kept reading all of these fantasies. All's and in most of the fantasy novels there is always some kind of like event that happened in the past and that was part of what had shaped the world into what it was and and i even had that You know. I had that in my throne series and so i was like you know why does nobody ever about the apocalyptic events because i mean huge huge stand elliptic stories and novels And so. I was like why. Why in fantasy worlds is always something that happened in the past and so so it's a said are minarik something in apocalypse and i already had the world's set up from the throne series and more or less in my head kind of knew what the apocalypse was so that unfortunately is not enough to actually write a book You always need you know your characters. And and so the way i think that was the idea dea for even a short story not enough you have to. Have you know a a strong story behind the idea and that usually involves a character. And i didn't have a director at the top and just file it away as a as a potential idea and And then caro showed up and once car showed up. I was like okay. She can the the world is going to be off of ley. You know those magical lines that connect stone monuments like stonehenge and stuff like that. I said so so. I also car. She's gonna be able to manipulate the so. There's my character and and i knew there was going to be apocalypse and and that i had said that by enough because you need your you know you need your fantasy world or your fantasy to have something that's different and unique about it So i was waiting to figure out what this might be and The uniqueness ended up being not laylines late lights of the us forever The uniqueness ended up being the time period. As i want to be a fantasy but i want to have a very very modern seal to so i wanted it to steal like new york or london. Maybe not right now. I'm but you know maybe one hundred years ago. Two hundred years or something like that. So so i wanted the society to be using the laylines but i wanted them to be using the power of the lines like we city so i have like i was like okay. The world's going to have like a subway and you know we're gonna use the lael to her lighting and heating and you know basically use trinity for they were gonna use the laylines for and And so that. Once i had that it felt like i had a sort of well rounded world and And at that point. I was like okay. Let's see what this feels. Like if i start writing it because i'm i'm a panzer plot synopses and i don't really rate outlines and and you know i don't plan out the chapters or anything like that i i pretty much just say. There's there's my character. So i had kara and and then i just sat down and started writing. I was like okay. She manipulates the lay. Let's start with her. You know going out to manipulate the lace somehow. And and. that's that's how i got on the whole lays series Obviously i know. Even though i'm a little bit about what's happening like for example for the lay series. I i knew we were headed. Let's um and i kind of had a rough idea of some like goalposts long way. But but that's when i sit down that's usually all i have and i learned to trust myself. That my my brain my hind brain will figure out what's supposed to happen and will make happen the way it should I thought it with those earlier on. And then i just gave up and said you know i just gotta trust myself and just right and so. That's pretty much what what i do now is just sit down and start writing doing that with the third book in the in the series. I'm writing right now. They just started like last week I have no clue where it's going. But i'm going to trust that is going to work itself out And i have to say that. With the lace. I was incredibly impressed with my hind brain Especially with book three in that series reaping the aurora The groundwork was laid obviously wanted to. But the the way that all of the little plotlines His i ended up with essentially three major characters. The way that the pla three major characters ended up coming together in the end of the third book. I was personally stunned and it all fell into place i all. I realized what was going to happen. But three being a breakfast at a convention with sheila gilbert michigan. You know we were just chatting about things and whatnot. And and i can't remember if it was something she said Or or some she asked. And i was a starting to answer it and all of sudden just hit me and you know what was going to happen in my third book and like fell in my lap complete in whole and i literally like gas was like like. She had no idea what was going on. But i was just like holy crap that at all going to fit in his all gonna work out. And i can't believe literally when i finished the book i was just like i can't believe i wrote that way. It all worked out stunning. Yeah it's it's amazing. What goes on somewhere back in your brain that you're not actually aware of it and then it presents itself Sometimes says you're writing a sec. Oh oh oh yeah. I kind of had a similar experience. So yeah i. I do know what that feels like math too. I think i think that's why math and writing go so well together to get your degree in math. You have to prove something that's never been proven before in map and so there's a lot of stress involved there because you're not guaranteed to prove it When you set out. But there's a lot of i think this is true and then you will work on it and then one night you wake up in the morning and you're just like oh let's try this and it's like your brain has figured out while you were sleeping how to solve that problem. It's just it's amazing so sicher a pancer to use. Start off with any kind of written notes to yourself about the character of the world or anything or is it you just think about it and then you start writing and then it comes together. The ladder pretty much. I don't. I don't usually write any notes. In fact people will probably be shocked. How few notes have even after. I finished the book But i i. Don't start with any in general. I don't start with any any. They outline any anything. I usually just sit down and start writing and then. I have a notebook. Keep the side. The computer and the notebook is mainly for things. Like you know when. I introduced a new character. I say they have blue eyes and you know gray hair than in the little notebook. Lou is gray hair. There's not really too many plot elements or anything that go in the notebook. Notebook is more for duty kind of things. And i write like if i'm writing like right now. I'm writing chapter two in in the new book. And as i write it have an inkling of what i think is going to happen in the next chapter. I will at the end of the current chapter. I will put in brackets a little note about what i think is going to happen. The is usually only about what's going to happen next. I rarely have a note that slight something was going to have ten chapters from now Those kind of notes. I be my head because things change As i write and they usually change so dramatically that there is no point in me. Writing the note down Because by the time. I get there. It's going to be complete so so i usually keep my notes to what's what's happening next And know halfway through the book. I've got quite a few little notes. Because i usually have quite a few character. Plotlines going on near the end of the book those notes start disappearing because he right. Egret them So that that's more or less the extent of any notes that i write. The only exception is the finances that sometimes have to right in order to sell a trilogy. So if sheila's interested in in something then of course usually wants to buy a trilogy. She doesn't want to buy just one book. So at that point you know she wants to know what's going to happen to and what's going to happen in book three as so at that point i have something In order to sell the trilogy. And so i do for for that type of situation i i will write down. You know sort of a mini plot. Synopsis of what. I think is going An but sheila learned early early on that you know gesture. Take any of these plot. Synopses that i write with a lump of salt because because it changes dramatically. Like i said as i right i was gonna ask you that if you actually worry about. What's this says you get now. I mean i will try to four warn sheila if it looks like it's going to be dramatically different so i'm sending sheila notes quite often saying by the way this is not going to happen anymore but but the get news visit is usually the end result is much more interesting and much more creative than is that i wrote down. You know two years ago when the series started Because you know the characters take control and they do things you weren't planning and and a during those two years you know it's not like i'm not thinking about the the story or anything and still thinking about the story and and new ideas crop as i'm and so you know. Those new ideas are generally far cooler than whatever the initial idea was. What does your actual writing process. I mean europe fulltime teacher. How'd you find time to write wendy. You fit it in and are are you fast writer or a slow writer. I would rate myself. Pretty slow writer by if i get a thousand words in day and that's like low for most writers that i talked to but it is somewhat of a challenge Getting the writing in while teaching go But one of the reasons. I wanted to do college teacher the college because you can kind of create your own schedule so what i do at suny. Oneonta is scheduled all my teaching in the morning. So usually i am done with teaching don with office hours. All of that. Kind of stuff Usually around noon or one. And then i have a home takes about an hour one way for the commute and so i'm usually getting home. You know like one o'clock two o'clock or whatever and then the afternoon is supposed to be writing and unfortunately doesn't necessarily mean writing. Sometimes writing means doing your taxes or things related writing promotion doing an interview during interview questions by email or you know all the business side of writing usually gets done during that time as well but most of the time i have a couple hours to sit down and write and And so that's what i do and get home and sit down at the computer. And i try to get to writing as soon as i can and try to get in at least a couple of hours and like i said i'm shooting for a thousand words Her day in that couple hours and the commute is actually useful because the hour commute gives me a chance to kind of switch from my math brain to my writing brain. So i kind of core dumping all of a mass on the drive home and auto thing whatever it is. I need to write that day. And so you know gives me a chance to think about it before. Actually sit down and right so it it helps with the sitting down and just staring at a blank. Page for at s- That doesn't usually happen because i knew easily. I'm like okay. Here's where i left off. And this is where i need to pick up and start and i get all that done while i'm driving. I find driving a great way to to think about writing. I've come up with entire new books. Driving places in thinking about on the way one walking to accept i'm currently live streaming my walks which i talk for the entire time. I'm walking so walking right now is not helping me with my but driving is great for that. Yes i i've seen. You're walking videos walking around the city. That's fun hundred thirty some straight. I've done now one hundred thirty some days straight. I haven't missed one which was quite amazing to me and the three people that watch. What does your vision process. Look like once you have a draft. Then how do you go about polishing it up before submission to use beta reader. All that stuff. Well i have a critique group where i run my short stories through and most of the time i'm not running the novels through critique group i mean i did the series that just sold a dog that should start coming out next year that one iran the entire first book through critique group. 'cause i was i was writing that one before. It was sold getting feedback on all the way through. But in general for my novels. I don't have a critique group looking at it or reading it and the critique group hasn't seen two or three for that series yet because it's still what i do for revisions is while i'm writing if there's something that i feel like i need to change. I make a little note in file. And i'd change it like you know if i'm on chapter six in all of a sudden i think. Oh you know if i'm going to do this chapter six then. I have to change this. That happened in chapter. Three I never go back and actually revise it at that point. I just say okay and note about it. This is what you need to change. And i and then i just leave it and i keep in my head. I'm basically just pretending that i wrote it that way. The first time. And i just regular rate until i i mean lots of people tell me that they go back and revise as their writing. And i can't do that I while i learned not to do that on one of my novels. Because by the time i got to the end of that now all i finally knew what the bef- was really about and so all the regions i've made along the way we're useless because now i understood exactly what the book was supposed to be about an so. I had to go back everything. I'd already changed To fit that new understanding of the book and So i learned that book that it's better to jot down some notes and in c- When you reach the end exactly what the book supposed to be about. And so that's what i do. Now wait till the end and once. I understand exactly where the book is going. And and what's going to happen and what it all means to the characters. Then i go back and look at all my revision notes and do a pass where i just revise usually revise only. What's happened or only what i have in my and what i found is usually i only ended up changing about half of the things that were in my notes like the the book that i just finished in handed in sheila. I had aided notes. So there's maybe you know like ten twelve notes. And then when i went back and read those sections over again that i saw it i had to change. I was no actually this. This actually works well the way and so. I ended up. Not changing half the things that i jotted down. I just decided they were. The change was unnecessary And like i said that was a hard lesson with the one novel So then i do a religion and at this point that revision based off of my notes and if it happens to have gone through critique group of the notes from the critique group I make changes. And i sent it to my agent and my agent usually has suggestions for changes I was really shocked with this most recent book. He had two suggestions but they weren't really changes. they were just like about this kind of things And but he usually has things he would like me to. Especially if we have sold the book yet And so usually i do another revision pass for the agent religion passes for the and then And then after that whenever they enter whoever buys it at that point they get their say. And what is the editing. I mean i know how sheila works but the let's tell people what is it working with. Sheila what sort of things come back to you from her that she didn't have to work on. The revision passed the editorial pass. Yeah the sheila usually ons more She she wants to know. And it's almost always world building stuff. She wants to know more about the world. Jala magic works. I don't generally get any kind of like juror comments from sheila. It's usually just you know. Here's the scene You mentioned this but you know you don't really go into a lot of detail here ian and she's like i want to know this part of the magic works or i wanna know like i have. I usually have narrowly large worlds. And they're usually mixing in a city and she usually wants me include. Can you bring in more. Mentions of people from different parts of the world that happened to be nailing in the city. And you know so so. You're getting in more hints about the world and how big is and how many various people in there and anything because my books tend to focus very closely on one or two characters in thrown series is entirely first person. So you know you're following one character through the whole trilogy. The more recent ones like the lay series. I usually follow like i said like with two or three characters pretty closely and so it's the because of that point of view. You're pretty restricted on what you see of the world. You're you're pretty much. Only seeing what character sees so sheila's edits or usually have her noticed more and and you know and try to fit in. She always wants me to fit in more about the world. Without of course invo dumping which is hard to do. Because if you're if you're deep inside a character's head that different characters notice different things and so it's hard to to bring in a lot of especially stuff because to that character that world building stuff is automatic. Like they don't think about because to them it's their world. They're living there. That's that's an everyday thing to them but it's not really in. Some sense is not really registering on their consciousness. Like the fish. Fish doesn't notice the water. Yeah exactly and and so inserting interesting world through that point of view without a being obvious that you know. I am the author. I'm trying to tell you this to make it fit in with the characters perspective. That bats are. Let's that's why. I think people people a lot of people say that something is an inflow down. When it's not really info damn what's happened is that you you've been inside this character and stepped outside of that character to give across this information and then you go back into the character and the reader is recognizing that you have stepped out of the characters head for a moment and and that's when you group usually says this is an info com and when i go back and look at it and i was like no. It's not really an infant announced. Just that's not something. The character would really notice so it sticks out it's it's part of the of the different viewpoints. I mean first person. Viewpoint is even worse when it comes then formation out to the reader. I agree person's really hard to do well. In fact my last few books. I have a first person character but i'm i mix it with third person characters so i have multiple viewpoints. One of them is i. I've now done that for four books. And one reason for that is that it's an opportunity to get some information about the world in a different way than if you're stuck in that one person's head who obviously is not going to notice everything that you perhaps went the reader to know about. Yes and and doing what you're doing. I think is even harder than just writing first person for the whole thing because you know i i for the whole thing once you get in their head. You're you're good to go once you've got their their their voice and their pattern down and all that kind of stuff. You're good to go but then if you're starting to mix in these other views on the writer it becomes very difficult because you've got one distinct voice that's first person but then when you skip to the third person you know you gotta get yourself out of that voice into this third person voice. I have noticed. Yeah that's extremely tough and then there there's been some writers that have said they written multiple points of view. First person for all of them. I think that's even worse. Actually tried that and i found that was not working for me at all in this particular book that i'm working on right now and it was. It was almost impossible to keep the two voices different when they're both really me away. So that's why. I think that's that's so hard it's all you gotta have distinct voices for each first person character and it i can't even i haven't even tried it. I can't even imagine. I always tell people i'm talking about writing that we're all trying to solve the same problems in. There's lots of different ways to approach these problems of getting information out to the reader and everything and we're all trying to find the best balance in whatever it is that we're writing so it's it's interesting and that's what this podcast about of course is all the the. What's that thing from kipling. They're twelve and twenty ways of constructing tribal lays or something like that. There's a lot of that. I think it's kipling they'd have to look it up again Already well there's now. There's another thing i wanted to ask you about. We've talked about your your writing process. And it's now gone to the editor and of course it's published in you make a billion dollars and everybody's happy just assume that but you've also something different in the bet you have your own publishing company now as arby's need brains llc and tell me tell me how that came about. I'm familiar with it. Because i've written a couple of short stories for recent anthologies and i also drew on your expertise in the kick-starting world when i started the anthologies connected to this podcast. So how did zombies need brains. Tell us about it and how did it come about. Raines is just a little small press. That i Founded and basically and we'd like to publish science fiction fantasy themed anthologies and as you mentioned we fund all of these things through kick stars and thankfully pretty much all of the ones. We've attempted to find the how funded and the way it came about was was actually a group signing at barnes and noble and the signing went horribly like power it was just horrible group signing and so as typical after signing like this we all decided to go to the bar after the signing we we went to the bar and we were all laughing and talking and drinking and discussing things and whatnot and And and i said oh we should all do an anthology and And i said it should be about a bar and right what exactly and of course everybody started talking about it and so it ended up being a magical bar and then it was a magical time. Trial are and patricia brady You know the bartender should be gilgamesh. That's how we found his immortality was found this far and and so we ended up with this idea of this. This bar shifted through time in the sense that at any moment in time the bar was the enemy of the best bar in the world at that time and then as soon as aim a little you know blase then the bar with magically shifts to new location and basically reshape itself into the epitome of the bar at that time and so that was that was our stuff and everybody laughed and we all went home and nobody probably nobody else but me thought about it anymore but sat down and i said we should actually do this and so the next convention which three all the next convention i went to World fantasy montreal worldcom montreal in two thousand nine that must have been worldcom in montreal at aurora award. At that one so memorable for you it's invention and i went to the one of the guys that was part of techno and ask them. You know how you get an anthology pitch dot because techno at the time was the one that was basically pitching anthology ideas to die. And so i i asked him how it happened. And he said Basically we just meet with a like e. n. We pitch all the anthology ideas we have and then if there are any that they're interested in that They you know. Pick those out and then those are the ones we do and i was like. Oh cool i you know we had this idea for an anthology and i have been authors lined up for it already and he in so i pitched the idea to him and he said well right up a like a not a synopsis right up the theme and who you're authors are going to be and we're meeting with an sheila tomorrow morning and if you can get it to me tonight we'll hitch a no pressure go so i ran a r rant home. I ran to my hotel room and wrote up. Id emailed all winter. Writers saying you know. Remember this idea. We have i said. Are you willing to be an author for it. And so i ended up putting together and they pitched it to buy said yes and that was the nfl. After hours tales from irv are. And so you know we ended up patricia brian. I ended up ended and we ended it for da and they put it out and then the next year we did another pitch for the modern. Say's guy surviving humanity and dotted that out and And then there was a huge shakeup in the Moral and Da didn't quite drop their anthology line. They reduce their anthology line from lake. Erie doing like six or eight a year and they reduced down to like one or two so basically they were not In biology's at that point because the one or two that they were doing where you know anthologies for like mercedes lackey and stuff like that So at the time i Patricia and i were kind of And we said well. Let's wait a couple years and see if dr brings back the biology line so we waited a couple of years. But i got impatient and decided algae line was never coming back. And if i wanted to edit more in policies I needed to do something about myself. And so so that was when i said okay. Let's let's see if we can create a crowdfunding was becoming a major thing at that time. And so i can get money through crowdfunding And so i. I researched it and establish the small press and Our first theology clockwork universe and crowd. Funded that and and that was the beginning we've been doing. We started off doing one anthology a year and then we switched to one year where we had to. Then i got ultra ambitious. I guess and moved to three the year after that. And so now we're doing three anthologies a year And far like i said we ended almost all two that we kind of were kind of. Don't consider them our main anthologies they were kind of sideline anthologies in those two didn't fund that our main anthologies have often so so. Yeah we do that every year. Now the pattern three new anthologies every year. That's quite a quite an impressive. You get a lot of great author that says modesty being one that's been in a couple of them But you get a lot of great authors in and great story. So and as i said it certainly was one of the inspirations for an i did the shapers of world bam policy for my first year guests and shapers of roads volume two. Then funded as well so you. You were an inspiration to me josh. I'm glad i could help with kicks nervous enough. It's not easy knowing scratch. No i put it off for a long time because it's just seems a little intimidating but it worked so there you go. Well we're almost at the end of the hour so i'll ask you my big philosophical questions now. The first one is why do you right. Why do you write this stuff. Why right. I should say why. Do you think any of us right. Why do we do this. Strange thing with words tell stories. And then the third one is why a fantastical stories specifically so there's your three a philosophical questions. Okay well i'll try to answer all three. But if i miss one just reminding the snarky answer is you know right because the voices in my head tell me too but that's not quite true it. I mean the voices are there. Yes and And like i said with the with the lace series. I didn't really get started on the lay series until till the character car showed up And i wanted to tell her story but it it. It's not that there it system. I tell their stories It it's just started back in the eighth grade where this all of a sudden arc of an idea you know people actually wrote all of these stories that sparked just stuck and i've always enjoyed you know putting words on pay and and bringing these characters to life for other people and that's why you know in college made that decision. Do i really want to do this. Just for kicks is something for me or is something Variously and try to get out there in the world. And i made the decision that you know. There wasn't any complete satisfaction in just writing it for myself. I want i i wanted. I wanted to share yours in these worlds with with other people so for me. It's it's you know it. It's an act of discovery. Because i'm the panther so i sit down and i say okay. Let's let this. And so i get to enjoy you know discovering there the characters world and living the characters life and So that's fun. That's what gets me through writing part of it And then once that's done i was never dissatisfied with. We've saying okay. That school i lived there world. I wanted to share the so. And and hopefully you know the readers. Falling in love with the character is as much as i am when i'm writing them and even though you know horrible things usually happen to the carriages so so for me. The just the writing. It's just it's living this alternative life and discovering this world outside of my own and you know why do people right in general. I think it does boil down to that. I think if you're putting a piece of yourself out there even though it's different characters and and you're you're you're sharing a little bit of yourself with with other people. And i think it's one of the great things about the Saifi community is that in general we. Are you know we are a community. We want to see what other people are doing. And we we wanna read these other worlds and find out more about these worlds and and it so it is very nice community. And i think it's all about just sharing so that's why i think people right in It's like you said earlier. It's basically a form of communication as to why why i particularly like a fantasy and science a little bit. I mean i don't write a lot of science fiction trending in that direction at the moment. it's easier to talk about things necessarily set in our world and they're not necessarily realistic. The fantasy and scifi world settings allow to sort of explore and on things in our world without necessarily creating arguments for the lay series. If you're reading closely enough in the series you know there's there's some pretty heavy duty commentary. I'm trying to make about us. Abusing natural resources is in the in the in the novels you know. The lay is a natural resource. And we're using it and the problem is that we have not just started to use the lay we've started to abuse and and that's what creates a lot of the problems in the lay sits in so there's you know there's some commentary about treating your natural resources with with a little more respect in that series and then in erie that writing for da there is there's some commentary this is more social commentary In the respective you know a lot of what's been happening in our world over the last year and a half. I didn't intentionally right about this. Like when i sat down i was like i'm gonna get on my podium and speaking about these things but crept into the book and that's why i say that's why i don't do revisions till the end because i don't know necessarily with the book is really about hit the end of the book and so so the science fiction fantasy settings. Give me a way to kind of make some commentary about this without like i said without being on a podium and brow leading people with a or whatever it's never you know soap boxes for anything like that any of these kind of social commentary things. It's always an under layer of and And hopefully people are picking up on it as they read and Hopefully whatever it is. I right makes them think about it a little bit because you've already answered the next question. Which is what are you working on next. Because you've mentioned several times there's a new trilogy coming title it. The series is called krystal cities series. It's new for me in the sense. That i am not writing this trilogy in the same world as the other three. So it's a brand new world and a brand new setting and magic. Obviously the the magic system is based off of crystals and. I don't know yet whether it's going to be released. Under my name or under a pseudonym she had a chance to talk about it because doesn't come out until next year i think the first book slated for august two thousand twenty two and the first book is called krystal laps and deccan book is crystal rebel and the third is a war. And like i said. I just started three in that series and and i'll be interested to see what people because because you know the the malays series i it's a fantasy but like i said it. It has a much more modern. He'll to it. So there's there's some kind of science fictional elements to the lay series but in the end it's fans it was written like a fantasy and it was always intended to be fancy the new series. I'm pushing the science fictional elements a lot further than i did in the late series. So it's still a fantasy it's being written as a fantasy but anybody is going to notice the sifi elements to it. That's right off the bat. So i by like i said. My current trend is leaning more and more science fiction. So we'll have to see what happens after this series and the where can people keep up with you online okay. There is a page for me and for his. My webpage is joshua. Paul matere dot com the zombies web pages. Zombies need brains dot com. And you could find us on. Things is need brains on facebook. The you a be all matere on facebook. we're on twitter. My twitter handle is ben. Tate author obviously setup. When the wealth was coming out is it was released under the pseudonym. Ben tate benjamin and then zombies. Twitter is z. Nb llc and we have a patriot and pay if you want to help support the small press and maybe even me on the side than just search for on feature trim pitch their up all right. Well they take that brings us to the end of the time. So thanks so much for for being on joshua's great to talk to you. Hope you enjoyed it. Oh yes there was a lot of fun. Thanks for having me and hopefully we will get to see each other in person again. One of these convention soon. That would be nice. I'm planning on hitting montreal. Assuming the border is open. I'm theoretically gonna be at montreal. But that's still up in the air. But i hope i'll be there. So maybe maybe that's when we will meet in person again but for now we're we're virtual and it was a it was a great chance. Thanks very much again thank you. Thanks again to joshua for that Great conversation. i really enjoyed that always like talking to my fellow authors but now talking new all authors just reminded that the world shapers is online at the world. Shapers dot com. It's also on twitter app. The world shapers and on facebook. The world-shapers you can find me online as i'm sure you want to at edward willett dot com to tease on it. You can find me on twitter at e willett. You can find me on instagram. At edward willett author. And you can find me on facebook at reduc willett. I miss that memo about having the same handle on all social media you can find shadow press which again will be publishing shapers. World's volume to close to one hundred and fifty thousand words of fiction eighteen new stories and six reprinted stories featuring authors from the second year of this podcast. That'll be coming out. In october. Shadow presses at shadow pop press dot com. It's also on twitter at shadow pop press and on facebook shadow. Pop press. we have many more. Well there's no it's just me not count the cat. I have many more great guests coming up. I recently talked to laurel k hamilton for example. So keep coming back to the world shapers and continue to check out the authors. I have talked to just before. I wrap up here. I need to remind you once again that The world checkers. Podcast is part of the statute podcast network. This is schedule. And podcast network is supported by connects us savings checkings. 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We've enjoyed so much over the years. That's it for this episode

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002 - Interview with Dugald du Plessis from Tourvest Destination Management

Taming Tech, The Podcast

1:01:58 hr | 1 year ago

002 - Interview with Dugald du Plessis from Tourvest Destination Management

"And welcome to terminate the podcast episode. Two catalina jai in today's episode. Paul talks about the it manager for tourist destination management to abyss. Destination management is part of a group of companies. that is owned by two based holdings and listed company in south africa on japan exchange. But before we get into that if you can hear in the background we actually are filming this on a very rainy south african day. So if you have never experienced the rains down in africa. And i'm not going to the song today is that day when you can experience. It sickened hand. Let's not do so. Many people do new fit to africa's a country africa's not a country it is a continental has made up over fifty countries. I believe and we are inside that going to boot which is on the half elt in south africa and it doesn't own for its half l. Thunderstorms it is rainy. Days bullshit so they might be some lightning dramatic element and defend in the background. And if it's not too scary you leave it. It's too scary will adopt because it is quite scared sometimes. Today's episode is quite technical episode to busy as we said it's the anti manager of this nation management and he has a highly bellevue and gives us a highly view and then dipped view of a two projects that they've been involved in recently. The one is splitting a company. The company assist company and splitting the structures so that they could have complete autonomy over the operations and the it infrastructure. The second project that they worked on was moving from on prem microsoft exchange microsoft three sixty five and in today's episode pull checks to out about what was involved in that the planning the reasoning behind it and do walks us through what they achieved. What was successful and the challenges that i think we all can relate to projects. Never go one hundred percents movie. There's something that happens. So yeah so. It's really interesting episode at a little bit more in depth in terms of technology. I'm sure there's a lot bench of yatta that really enjoy it. I relate to this from a completely different perspective I've been involved in companies. We will separating financial systems. I'm from one company into a dif- different companies. And it's it's obvious and things pop up in crop and i think that that's what i related to win was speaking in this episode about the the separation of the fund. The sister company the project of making from nonpayment to the constitutions. The thing that you need to know is that if you are a person that is trying to do this if you are trying to split if you're trying to move from unprinted to the cloud the most important thing this is emphasizing. The episode is planning. You can do the same planning fifteen times and make sure that you absolutely susan about what she wants to do because when the button is pushed do the migration it you. You can't really turn back so it's kind of like that at an. If it's diy it's a carpenter's thing measure twice. Cut once gyp accept. This is measure fifteen. Tom mees dean exit. Taste twenty five times and then the button. Speak as they're all good. Thank you very much. You will start complained complaint i do. I do feel like am. I've got a first in person meeting happening next week. I had in person in meeting in six seven months. So and i'm i'm doing well like this whole new normal things like doing these. These zoom kohl's that. That is what i'm used to and having imposts in meeting is going to be a bit weird but yes that'd be a bit of a challenge is going to be a bit of a challenge and you now okay Also used to virtual meetings. But i do go into the office in every again. I won't say regularly So yes this eastern you know my face. Virtual meetings nicole cool so what we do is we want to start of each of these Podcast episodes with a couple. Quick questions just to sublime get the oscar to get people onto the same page and get a little bit bachelor okay. So in your own words when you radius fosters possible What said they're on the wrong answers. Except for the ones that are wrong android versus iowa's which is your preference. I always we're not going to hold that against you social networks. Which one d us. Are you facebook question i read. It's another face. Facebook person account I'm over instagram person to that sort of thing. So yes. I want to control the people that i follow You know we. I can draw energy from. So i don't necessarily want to see what police eating today and wave all these tomorrow inside. I stick to instagram and twitter. I'm going to. I'm going to stop posting things on instagram. By what i'm eating now. I think Okay do you. Are you a real book book or audio book. Kinda give me a real become real newspaper. I like the feel of you know if the book of a newspaper. I don't know what it is about it but yeah give me give me something that i can hold stall j. element the smell this about the white absolutely absolutely so the smell law the newspaper. I just love the smell of a new book. there's just something about it so so yes i'm not an evil person. Strangely enough I don't know why. I don't know i lose concentration when i read an e book and that's what i'm saying. You know something that i can. No i think. I think there's lip the danger element when you've got a real book if you lying in bed and you watch your reading a real book. If you said i fall asleep it is going to crack you on the head. So there's a danger could be could be No definitely definitely a real book. I just love the feel of ecus. And this don't lost greats. tv shoot. Show old movies. That you've watched Mova serious pests in movies nowadays. I watch all the kids movies. So watch bobby goes eight. Schools aren't veg- ucs but more the boys of so yes Back into series and and Sports so i love my sports. Okay what what sport so. You cricket rugby rugby. Gov united I go through after through all the sports channels. It has been a bit of a challenge of the boss saving Mets they have no spoiled on the dvd or live spoiled daddy's. But these things are picking up again. Okay while a i can watch rugby. I can watch him. Cricket i've don't think i've ever understood the point of watching grow. Gulfs am just just eat. You just follow the bull. Mansell doesn't wear it doesn't work and then lost one if you could if you could have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life what would that be I think that would be love will So it's not gonna be they anything like that. It's going to be loved. I just feel that everyone needs love and an abundance thereof so yes where they slept from family members Friends you know it will run just once love and i think not just makes a little bit a place i love. I love it just again. It's it's like it's mini-van before cheesy. I guess a in obviously in the preparation for this podcast. I am still a little bit on lincoln and assorted This nation management's you work for provincial hospital all you happy working under that kind of stress. I mean you worked in a in a hospital you now waking corporate environments stresses obviously parts of of what you do. Have you cut with that. That's a very good question How do i cope with stress. I think you know. I try and stay. Calm in stressful situations look win. Something goes down with in hospital with aids in the travel industry. That i'm looking now Today's the nation management When something goes down it's stressful. You know so. I try and focus at the end and not seeing so much of the they'd on lives Luca the systems that we controlled at the hospital didn't really impact lives As such but it's part hero of the service that you delivering the same was with the nation management. I try and focus at the dos could end And obviously try and keep liberated in 'cause that's the basically to get a problem I don't know. I really to be honest with you and a lot of people. Tell me. I'm very very calm in stressful situations but just i just driving and focus at the end. Would you stop have a different idea of how calm you all like agree with no not not i think gunning dave even mentioned it to me matt bosses nation. Need to me as well That i'm very calm in those situations. And i think that's just you know it's just why am i couldn't get worked up easily. This obviously watch sports. That's that's a completely different story By pages. I think that's the type of person that i am. You know i. I stayed calm Obviously you know. Some people know each Generally i am just accomplished a like so you. You've been at a this national management now for twelve years and now in those twelve years. I mean we're entering twenty-nine twelve years. It was like two thousand eight's in two thousand eight. Everything was untrimmed and the incident wasn't great am what what are the changes that you've seen in those twelve years at at to this way. You sound like you've gone from on prem gone st cloud now what are the kinds of changes in technology and have you seen that have impacts on you. He the entire network has changed You say the internet wasn't great. It's an. I remember when when i started at twitter relation management we we add link of of I think it was one make link and g time leads was forced thirty thousand. He goes flying We had a lot of dial up connections to other branches. It's address so just the nitwit entirely. That has changed completely. I mean the different technologies that are currently out the that that one can use To bellevue infrastructure 'table unit web the systems that be using The on prim exchange for instance I remember when outside to a problem with the exchange Almost every week To say station. At the time. As i mentioned before you know something those downs a system such as s e mailing since you know. That's that's important They didn't run your run So a lot of technologies have changed over the Twelve years that i've been good is the nation management and if i look back From the time that i joined to end what they've got what we've changed literally changed everything we've literally changed everything from the links from the entire network design from the service that we've used all of those As you mentioned everything is in. That's we we'll be tend to move now so we've also moved a lot of our services into the cloud was just You know. I think that's the future that the the new way of of of of green it and when when you said like he started those pregnant knock had a server room in each of your locations and things at that what. What are the rooms being used for. Now it's still on prim seven they like just the routers and so much yes we we do have the Stub rooms that allow all branches. We've still got out of foul service the A lot of vowed service. Each of you know those are obviously things that we're looking at moving into the crowd at the moment so taking i dip so we've moved out. I'll mailing do into into cloud so next. Also we've adopted the cloud solution as such so office. Three six five. Those sort of a technologies will be web planning this year on moving allow infrastructure. That out hit office is on office or without infrastructure into the crowd and then So that's obviously spending too so that east of japan definitely moving services into the cloud. I'm in do as you're using the office basics five functionalities. So yes he's plans and we still have some room so whether it's been used Reaches those sort of things he is now the the actual point of this podcast job your feelings at bats and your project that you've just finished so you've just project you've actually and separated and two companies and you've separated. Ad's you've changed from an exchange. That officers sixty five. I mean that's that in itself is a massive massive projects and then you've got covid and you've guts running normal day to day things and so the question i have is. How are you still come. And what what what. What is the reason behind us. Why did you actually do this. We need to split out the main We had a a wide area network that we shade was the company to struggle services At the time we did you know. Do a line of it's infrastructure At the time it was it was great than i normally explained to be bowl. service providers that we were happily married It was a happy defoe's bumpy needed to do Devos just because of different business requirements to hold each other back with the You know technologies. We wanted to to bring in for instance the office three six five solutions. You know moving to the cloud. It's april so we've shared a lot of infrastructure together like firewalls out active directory exchange servers. Apn bbn's or of those sort of infrastructures be we've shaved and it was very difficult for us to you. Know make changes and wanted to build a said rude without having investing into a struggled citizens and vice versa so we needed to display some the infrastructure. The domains citra. So so that begin. Obviously you know Go away and they go away. As i saved happily we will happily married Elevate good relationship. It's just clearly From a business point of view we have different requirements for business needs so i think that the quotes of this podcast happily divorced time like that so and set. I mean the planning involved in. That must've been ridiculous. I mean you must have started planning this a year ago. We needed was about a year before the project actually kicked off that that he's not planning because we needed to understand. What is it that we want to do and wanted to achieve first of all and then you know have a sort of roadmap. I'll be going to get to that to that goal that dream that we add we we needed to be designed our entire win What are we going to do in south africa. He's stolen a with an is need cross-border we're gonna go. Ambulance is being across galaxies in. It's it's costly. So i'll even though i'd be sick i'll be going to go is the win. What are we going to do. And at the end of the day you know be be put down that the dream on board and we said i will be achieved his dream while we're gonna tend dreaming reality and we mapped out literally step by step. You know the different sop knits than us. Whatever going to do going to do with our regional offices of some of those regional offices like in in east africa. We've got offices in uganda in kenya. We've got two offices in nairobi and mombasa. We've got tanzania all of those basically droll services or get set in services from from nairobi. So we're gonna we're going to design the network around that and that traffic. You know back all the way every going to build the i'd be sick tunnels is they're going to be as specific up in in those regional offices that's going to be quoted the goal site So a lot of lot of planning went into this. Yes and it was a massive massive project for us So we carefully planned before. We obviously started going down that route to say okay. We just doing so. We plan b tasted than we planned and we did that when we went at be. We delete the entire configuration and went back to the white boat and redesigned the than retail. The all of that so so yes. It wasn't exciting product. I must say It wasn't easy bad. I'll try to schools those But at the end of the day. I think he blessed blessed successful. I think i think we'll come back to the challenges. Just now am the the of africa that you guys uprising. How does the incident look in the rest of africa guaranteed africa we've now and so like decent enough and i mean i've got one hundred meg incidents at my house which is exciting but what is the rest of africa looked like if you talking about empty less utopian bat damn happy talking about or that kind of connection. You need to have decent enough incidents. Who'd the handle kind of connections. The internet connection is quite stable. The say they've got good activity of the Obviously depends win everyday. You all But in all those countries where we've got a presence the internet connection is one. It's it's it's i won't take cheap But it's it's comparable with the south africa's and into stable Icon remain win. Last year had a link down in about offices in africa. so they've got quite good connection Update i must. I must say that Pricing as i saved it says good as of everything's in some of those countries it's even cheaper than what it easing south africa so so yes We don't have any problems with with internet connectivity in any of those countries and do you doing happy sick and some of the countries. You're not doing anything. suny not not dead. The time we wanted to go is the wind and be thought you know that technology is a little bit new. Maybe we should wait with it. and we just been i d say come all the way back to our side in south africa so so when we go wherever we go so wherever we go cross-border we said okay. We're gonna go. Ib steak so is the win is where you've got different activities together with your fire. What you bundle those those activities into one and You can then obviously across the to draw And then all the traffic back to to to reject is that you want so so yes. It's it's basically functionality on your on your firewalls at such a can go. With different centers providers can bundle that into one Connection such now with with this planning. You obviously done. Wants to be in the situation in five years tom where you got a hell. We forgot about doing this so we didn't select this place to do anything like that. So how'd you. How'd you plan for the flexibility. How do you plan for the fact that in five years time you might wanna move away from basic like diskettes. Sdn had use black say well. We've now separated out to companies. Am i mean it. It might go all the way back to even how to name a new directory and what what is what is that kind of planning involved. That's like to get that kind of flexibility gagging future so be sat around the table around the whiteboard and such and finding enough. You mentioned the eighty name so and we thought gee what are we going to call eighty. You know it's easy just to go to the village this the nation management but rather the acronym d And there you go back because we multi-brand company We've got a lot of the mates debates registered as well so we needed to make sure that we don't end up with a situation we've got split the in as we wanted to keep out in general the is completely separate all external the sob needed to gave the about what. We're gonna call out our main. Are we gonna do with sub domain outages gonna go with demanding that register that be no not using bentley What are we going to do they so it was a lot of planning committee exactly the same with divinity to all other branches are we gonna go. Abc if we wanted to change it. How easy to change it. What sort of firewalls even though with. you know all of those sort of things we needed to do to think carefully about because what said is that if we want to change anything in the next years we should be able to be out firewalls. They'd be out active directory with a be. How internet connectivity. Oil or the method in which we could make to to Active directory all of that. We needed to take into consideration so a lot of planning Around those topics and we needed to make sure that if we want to change anything in the next ten years for instance Out easy to be judge so so yes only to look. We will never know whether we've got all those onces Until obviously we hit something along the line way. We want to implement something. We'll be wanna change something in it and it might not be that easy to change or to implement. Now i mean we've we've done migrations. I've done a migration from eighties splits. Id's and to the different companies and things like that. And i think one of my favorite plots about splitting in a deal like starting from scratch is the is the blank space or the blank slate of at the the possibility of what it can be the designing a you structure and to figure out everything security groups and that stuff. Now you're dealing with. How many sauce. So we greater the goal it about seven hundred and fifty uses objects easily two thousand objects not that analysis getting an everything that's asking exponentially more and more challenging i. I don't wanna sit like sandwich. But how big is your watch forward. Oh really really plenty for this And i'm very pedantic when it comes to my echeverri and i'm really pathetic when it comes to that you know as as you mentioned having a clean active directory. That's that's what everyone wants. That's what everyone wants and we know how easily can you know. Run away with you. So for instance the office six five groups if you create a team now. Oh i shape on site that that he creates the navy. Rides that back into your Looks it it. It really makes my blood boil casey. What those groups look. So it's those sorts of things Like well. I love a connective too. Because i want to go into my extra derek jeter able to see sect you know any object anything that looks weird and and it's easy to pinpoint way of problem easy if you've got a clean active directory not having to to go and look for something absolutely advocate and so. We were speaking earlier about the challenges. What are the. What are the some of the challenges that you actually had in the in the migration. I'm one of the biggest. Jenin is full. Adm academic three migration to be used used income in combination with Another tool Profile was so active directory migration. Eight empty will just stopped working. Full no reason You would be busy with a massive massive migration of its you know thousand objects the end halfway through it will just come out and you don't know reared up with nerve real reason no relation thing. Yeah while they give you a lock vallon that talk about you know android pages out to something that and find the problem is gonna take you for him So that will start working for no apparent reason Then you would not just as easy as you know opening it up and carrying so it would stop working. We have to read configure that to buy significance reconfigured and it happened about two or three times with us during migration so those were. That was the biggest challenge. I would say Also another one was Security transportation so they italy got these big foul serve When we ran the the security translation on the idiom t too so that's taking audio commissions of grassi novel migrating older permission to the new domain using the same faults. Seven some of those security translation in just It would do awfully a quota of it and you know you never gonna find out up until obviously someone complaints that i don't have access to this So at the besides we've got the big foul service. That was a bit of a problem for us to you. Know basically wait for someone to complainants. And i don't have to this. Follow that foul. It's trump and then adding tobacco in an redo the permissions on those specific directories. So those look like you know big challenges for us Also the amount of downtime that bad so we needed to do to plan For this migration in obviously they would be done done. 'cause we changed the old All change the beans i Do doing the switch over Require downtime so i think that you know. Will you realize when it sunday evening. Ten o'clock That you're gonna run out of time monday morning. Everyone's back at back at the office So those were the challenges that we had Also you know we've ad. I think bad like three profiles that just be completely those profiles user profiles that he's a way the profile was didn't will be. Add we'll get in work you know it would do. The migration could say the migration is successful. When you log to that machine that provides just gonna be it would be creating a new profile basically for you so so yes Those were the sort of challenges that faced the not with the with the migrating of the profiles with the migrating off and eighties. The things that didn't work. Were you able to trace back anything. That's like said well these files if we created on windows two thousand eight our to something and those of the three. That didn't come across properly. Old wasn't just random things that happened. It was just random so we obviously in the second one will be the second one. We wanted to look for similarities between the two machines. Is you know using the same operating system at the same version of that operating system Windows updates those things. We looked that basically everything and and we could not find anything. Good of mistake maybe But we could not find anything to say that you know. This is the exact reason why this but you can get nuts by great aggressive with with this kind of move. Obviously you've got you end staff involved in the in the planning and obviously the the practical moving computers to different designs and things that how many staff actually ponce's that that helped with the move whether it's at your app and premises and stands simpson. Will you other branches and things like that so many. How many are you looking at so brian. Santon be used them seven of our stuff so to the entire project because may need the quality of the infrastructure team that worked on this Aids might need the active directory lead. The win is such that needed them. You know all those skills when it came to the actual rations of of the machines be used internal resources idea resources at all the sites. They've got out al's We've we've rubbed them in. So he basically made use of everyone that we've got when he came to the actual migration of of the use a machines On the on the higher level. So you know the object migration jensen your security groups distribution lists use the migrations those sort of things It was mainly the infrastructure. Stuff that that the doubts that this this move would you recommend. What would you recommend people who've planning something like this move. Would they would be something that used like. Say again stuff before you do anything and think about this. If people are separating from other companies that people are looking to guy from on premise changed office three sixty five or microsoft three sixty five quoting now. What what would your advice be. Would you advise runaway or plan I would say plan. Make sure that you know you not just doing this. Migration for the sake book because you wanna break away. Why are you. Ask yourself the bishen. Why do i wanna do this. Why do i wanna cheat so put down. What do you want to achieve. And then obviously Value a chief that that that dream that goal. So yes i mean obviously depends how you're going to be gracious but a assistance. It's something that needs gave planning gives will planning. That's you know planning and tasting act cannot emphasize that enough is planning and the taste. It needs to be spot if it really needs to your planning. Needs to be spot on them. And you'll need to to really you know. Just due to three machines. tastes to three machines or migrating to three profiled. Saw you know those little things really do your tasting. You know proper proper proper tasting. See what happens on. Your dna is level Make sure that you don't sit with a situation. Big you'll have split the is about you'll you'll you'll name of your active directory and think about how that will tie and if you've got plans to move into office basics five Will it be your name. Would it be the same as your active directory. nathan About those things. so yes. that's the sort of advice that i can. I can give you. We've been through through the pain And yes. I wasn't exciting. Blunkett really was so. How is this impacted on. You'll on your a-team you'll infrastructure team and instead of having people that are working on exchange the whole time you've now got office three sixty five. Have you redeployed them. That a trained up in different ways. They got what what is what is the team. Look like now has changed so i would say. It doesn't really change at such a book so the same team but i would say they are multiskilled. Now you know. Instead of only focusing on active directory south instance We've got someone you know that. Same person living of active. Eric the veins than the viable or active directory and exchange tonight those sorts of things so i would say dignity obsessing some of the solve as they now they multiskilled now across the Active three on brim asia active directory exchange online. It's so so yes it is it is. It is really really upsets. A lot in terms of you know skills development and with with the this migration now that you've got an asking active directory hopefully You've got officers sixty five. You've got your firewalls. You've got your. Mpla's opposite is it. Is it some plan now is the is the whole way of managing your neck with simple i mean does it feel better debris the it even at the fields bidder And then most probably wipers because being control of our destiny now Is is it easier to manage. I know it in before. We've we've done this migration. We had shade as i mentioned shared infrastructure and some of those responsibilities didn't live with us. Stdm it was the dta's ovation's viable. We never managed Was it was. It was a role or responsibility on their doubled set aside now that obviously sits with us. Oh it's more responsibilities. is it easier to manage. Yes it east in me. Want something done. We don't have to wait for someone the to the storm of service assigned to you know. Get a given four us. We obviously jump straight into it But it's if nothing more responsibility that's that's for sure it feels good to be able to domenichino own services says as you even the own days the name the the migration of the ad is obviously tools that even that they not the perfect tools and to migrate the file. What was that like because variables Rules by the hundreds of thousands. There's boats that happen. There's redirect rules this everything and what what file We currently use for to get wools. I can We shared a fire with tourists level. Services that was geneva so the migration of fouls That was when. I must say to us about a week to just do the rules. And and i'm. I'm not exaggerating you. So we had one sit of of external idea base in sub as such so. We need to make sure that you know we moving across so we taking all out. Services of the firewall allow roads of the violent needing to implement that outside back with a new set of submits that that have been given to us by by the service provided. So it's still the same social they now needed Split that us so that was quite fun. It literally took us about a week days. There's no real tool to abuse such You know you do to That they claim that he looks We have got a couple. And i can tell you now. It doesn't look as as well as what they claim. So a lot of manual alana because men that we needed to sit up that basically i will and we don't just have five or ten rules on that fallible beef we've got lucky hundreds and hundreds of rules so you. We need to plan carefully for that as well because you cannot really go in case that on the taste environment because it's live services that are running on that you actually gonna gonna find that outbid implement of so we've created all those rows as we you know. Put a news site onto onto this new active directory and We needed to go and taste these them to make sure that you know and eighteen possible detail. Every single rule of those We needed to taste the main services that that's going through. All the traffic expert drinks at that file. So we were able to do that as we brought a site live on Be services. So i can tell you that was. That was a lot of fun. That was a lot of. I think looking at at some sort of chill exposing old the rules in the old and viable playing against the new one. You've got a split between your company vis travel services and vague rules. You've got certain rules and pag forty together and it. Just i think it actually might. I be simplicity manually. I think it might be cleaner to manually correct incorrect. To 'cause you kinda guy while we don't actually need that stupid ramel grant so that's exactly what we did is we. We exported own rules that we've got on the on the that bad. The juniper firewall. We expect everything. We went through those rules. Line by line of we said. Is this actually be infected ordered on on old. Our roads and say do still need this rule. Do we still need the service He's still need this nepi instance ran on the on the owls. So although sort of things we be you know we as such an audit on our on our Roots and once. We have to be obvious even into the new violent. We implemented on the new affordable. Now they've obviously you talking by testing and testing on a on fire with live things. It's it's my phone challenging way way. You're doing the testing before the migration on your service and connecting and points to the the service with us actually real machines will you doing all those virtual machines maxine real Show so we set up a a taste eighty at first. We both tastes environment for us. We had a taste eighty on the which is with virtual machines with with actual physical machines as well. You know reach bit awake detail with your machine because you're gonna feel the pain so that's what we've done. That's what we've done. We've literally done that if both are tasting and we felt it in and then we can eat free book because they were not happy with something and then we decided that we want people to be deleted another sort of things. We not happy with something that we've created the unknown out. The instance dinged than be deleted. It and that's all be tasted with physical machines with them machines. We've done it so so yes at once. Vip akbulut that we then went throughout new environment. we're going to build a. Does he swept. We're gonna call the domain. This ex-directory will look like these other services that go run on on on how to make these will. The points may be left domain controllers or the sites baby left in controllers. that he's built primarily. Going controllable disavowed secondary will be these updates. That will use those sites and yes level so so yes a lot of a lot of planning a lot of tasting waiting and now now that this is up and running. This is now. You'll baby so what kind of kind of change management you have going forward like if someone wants to add a use it and and they're not spell trotz also like a away that the email addresses of foams what kind of change managements are you actually looking forward to like beat people over the head. They don't actually do it properly. And mess up with your beautiful ag. So we've got change management in in place so we obviously get let's say new users starts on newstalk get that new useful so that gets old in from from h outside of hr system and it automatically logs a a request on the support on outside and The guy literally got a copy paste as you know. It's easy to to to make a spelling mistake. Been been the type it out. So we basically go copy and paste that based on the change control that got We are looking at implementing new procedures. Now we give the ability to you. Know i'll i'll human capital. Hr department as such way with can create those uses as they fully in the system video. Domestic me gets into eighty with the proper of in place so that it gets a proved by one of the idc members so we are looking at those things You know a turnaround times with obvious even improve they disable and enable counts when someone leaves. Hr is obviously the first to know about it and that they can then sit the expiry on on that user account And equal into everything in directory. Together you know writing three to doing office. Three six five microsoft Lean a bio box in exchange nine eight. So we're looking at implementing those sort of changes in all sides with the change managements decides to if you if you said to me rachel is going to be controlled just terrifies the hell out of me. Sam said like i'm pleased put into the is going to be changed managements and approvals and oath things because yes having someone else touching my ad. We'll freaks me out nizam. Ancient very poor game about how extraordinary any system that we implemented yet. That acting writes back to wanna know. Why can we not change that. We want one direction of from eighty to whichever system we don't want to direct backdoor don. Active barrick is alleviated. Pedantic about those things so yes those office three six five groups and the way they have their better while we do. we do lemon. There's no way to stop. that was being. We needed Any any grades distribution list as such. So but just the way that. I don't know why microsoft could not you know have done differently But maybe maybe those changes still coming But at the moment. I'm not happy with what some of those officers six five groups yeah absolutely terrifying and a long and scary looking and they couldn't made by people and they're not spell trotz and it's just it's weird. Yeah i am so you. Are you dealing with tourism. And you're dealing with yourselves. You've got partners. You've got millions of different people all over the place. You can end us through office. How do you. How do you collates all this information. I mean you doing an accommodation and adventure travel group travel and the justice managements and a whole bunch of things how'd you how'd you co lights all that information's who some sort of manageable platform that people can actually deal with an indirect with so we've a lot of system seen base pull Fulfill assess me as the it manager Imboden to make sure that we've got the platform of the infrastructure to support those those systems But yes we've got a lot of a lot of systems in place That would deal with with all those scenarios such so. Yes for for me. I'm not really involved in the system side of things those on the infrastructure side so my job is just to make sure that what the infrastructure to support those those systems. Okay your job as it manager to this. This nation management is supporting the travel industry of south africa. The travel industry of africa. That is a beautiful thing to be a of. It's i mean. I love south africa. Love traveling through to africa. Have you realized how that is. You'll you'll roles actually impacting on people's phantoms. Holidays they experience of our country. So yes i do realize that I do play a role with ease behind the scenes But i do play a role in in making someone else's dream reality in it and it's it's a good feeling. You know being part of an puzzle. As i mentioned this. I'm behind the scenes in making the morality. But but i do play a role. And you've got such a beautiful country and be just how i just want people to visit country and see the beauty in our not just the country that the continent is so so yes it is in. It is a nice feeling okay. I'm gonna. I'm gonna put you on the spot chat. I'm gonna put you on the spot. It said the listeners off from the us from the uk from wherever what way would you recommend that they come to is our show. Lonzo is bush is the rest of africa. What what would you suggest to them. I i just love the pollution. My wife's not gonna agree. Agree with me there. But i just love the bush so for me you know the crew as always always weena I love i. Love the kruger Especially the savvy riverside so that amis as that's my love. I want love that. That's where i would go visit south africa Where would you some might my dealt with me. My wife would obviously go to. The beach is a beach and you know he'd rather be any day any day of the weekend She'll go for me. i'm i'm over west. Coast east coast am devon cottam eastern So my wife A waste engage side definitely She loves the waste it especially the south cable. Seven kepa such wisden capable the code That is so southern. Gabriel yuna garden route muscle. Bay nice joel. That area use uniform beautiful areas. Thank you develop. That was brilliant. Am thank you for sharing experiences with us. I don't. I'm not jealous of the fact that you just went through this. I'm jealous of the fact that you got a nice beautiful edina and things that what what. What would you recommend old advice. Would you give to anyone who's like wants to. He's listening to this and gang on an attic. And i'm out wants to like get to wade through galt. What what is the. What is the the direction that you can select. You can point them in. What is the is for me. You know as it people we always think to want to do everything When i went to look after the exchange of being networking. I'm gonna be in. Programming is for me. it's like finding. I love That i wanted to Unique to specialize in. Something's gonna be you know a program and A sort of nature administrators. Such fine did but it is that you that you love the away your passion Once you you've discovered that Sort of map out a a orgin field where you want to specialize in is it infrastructure as a whole do i want to specialize in insecurity so fire wounding as such What is it that that that. I wanna specializing an nowadays. It's easier you know. Do in sort of not specialized touch on all those sort of areas like Security networking such a domain level with the being in the cloud. So it's easier you know i can. I can do exchange them nine. I can active directory in asia. For instance I can do a fire rolling. Day i can. I can basically do we all learn a little bit of everything you know that obviously falls under the quoted infrastructure umbrella so so find it find what it is. Is that you love what you wanna specializing and then And then take it from the relent relent goal. Thank you so much. And where can we get hold of you. Wake me get hold of to abyss. An and how did we get more information about you gus. So you know. We've got a website at www dot two of the m dot com allow inflammation on the websites I'm brazilian instagram. And in the nation mentioned is a page on twitter we basic the social media platforms. You'll find all the inflammation obviously. Don't know all of those ends. You'll find all the inflammation on our website. Fix put them into the show nights as well so they can get that and thank you. That was berlin and at that you have a great morning fifth at. Thank you very much really appreciate them. Nice chatting deal now to you too so. I think that you clap knitting with ducal part of it. I think you have enjoyed the the knitting aspect of it. And i think you were tweeting. Obviously and about the keen active directory. And we get enough clean active directories in the world. It's like that all use of accu inheritance director and you kind of got. I don't want to deal with this. I want to have a clean. And i know you really enjoy how you set up an active directory being coda. And it's matt's teacher you really liked logic and you like that sort of fall of logic. How teachers just tug at school or show workings. You really like to be able to see the logic santa. I went into active directory that we were assessing up and it was with a an it provider and they sit up. It was at a school and the different structures and one was for the teachers and one was for the pupils and one was full and the other stuff that the supposing stuff and said some ways to name and oh you structure like that all and they winston and they said i think they cold the students while the pupils a you kids and i don't know just it frustration me into it's it's not a professional way of naming things there must be some sort of fulton involved when you name me an eighty if that's the lesson that you take from this and you are sitting up and eighty. Please think about the guy who's going to be taking over from you. Think about something logically. Think about it and plan a little bit further ahead than just our. That seems fun for now. I think we'll with you. Experience of schools media understand the horizontal individual structures of the school. So we you sitting something. I black you understand exactly how it needs to work. And who has access to it and so you can name beta get that's true. I think that you also enjoyed when you're talking to golf. The whole security aspect and the ad the firewall in the rules. And that's thing. I mean saying we just sit down rock the the rules. I think he said yeah. So i think that. Yeah but i think that there was also a joy into gold about having that autonomy relishing the challenge in experience in these projects. I think that was that was really great to see people and myself will list technical and spectra technologically technical logically technical and i think that it's he was really really enjoyed it and it's really and he used the passion when he was giving advice. Find out what you passionate about that. And i think that we ought that he's passionate about of really enjoys. It was interesting. He is a very complex. And when you meet do go three calm and cool and collected but when it comes to something like the that passion comes off that he he really enjoys it which is reading see always an anybody doesn't what business physician is when you bring passion to something that's really good with ati managers and it people in general what you will notice that when someone is in charge of it they they'll fully responsible for things working things not waking and the thing that do goals has done is. He's taken control of what he's doing. He's taking responsibility for it and he's planned for five years ten years down the line for what is best for the company and people who are not he manages or who knocked running an it an ati network and white understand that kind of pressure ahead of low pressure that you that you put on yourself that other people that external people put on you but there's also joy when it does work visit. There's a there's a joy and there's a passion and there's a way that i mean we spoke about the previous podcast episode. Where as a teacher when you feel the penny dropped for for particular students it. That's inspires you and win. Something goes rotten. Rt that inspires you and like puts you over the edge. Like says okay. Cool that's gonna that's going to keep me going through the negatives or the end the hard times and that's kind of why joy the. It is that this is ups and downs. It's not a boring thing but it's like it was once it has wrought and once you get a drought it really. The sense of achievement is unraveled. I would send rock better can I think that The thing about autism win wits in the background. And you don dyson. That's really what you achieve the same thing of websites you don't want the us it to experience a client. Keenness all the change of shift in technology. And i think that's also something that's really important in it. I'm sydney for ninety manages. That bannon saying the needs of the company in the operational requirements and the technology with the user requirements. So these always that balance and the old days of it and we've designed and infrastructure and everything was about the people who had had technical ability that only they were the guardians of of the it galaxy. Exhibition had the sort of mystery and magic and everybody else was nonplussed. And if you didn't have your own personal take you frame than you were completely stopped now. Seen a shift more towards the user experience and how uses interactive staff just to be designed for designers now actually designed for the end users zaki. I think one of the things that came out from this episode is not any the planning the tasting for the actual projects in the move. That also says you speaking about airbnb a box at predicting future little bit to am what are we going to see in the future. That's do not to ask themselves in his team. What are we going to see in the future. How you get high needs going to change. And how does how atty systems and infrastructure change with the needs of the company. So that's a little fortunate in that. I think has to happen in business in general and an it and we all know that it you we can change quickly and you know there's going to be changed isn't a question about that such trying to pretend that i do something that's made it much easier. Full managers business owners. Is this move away move into constitutions way it gives you that flexibility that you didn't see before with the release and taints capital outlay required full hardware that hardware intensive anymore and i think that's given the big companies like to invest and trivialities state signature management. This flexibility say given a one person entrepreneur a e. Whatever it just given everybody way. More flexibility and i think people really want and demand that leagues ability. Now which is really greatness of business and it allows you to change to pivot and to meet the needs of your company and your plans that i really enjoyed speaking stugatz and thank you so much for your time in the next episode. We are going to be talking to molly. potus marley protests is one of the founding members of debate protests. Who on medical social workers. Do potus is a company. That scene extreme growth over the past five years that they've been around and we explore how they've grown the technology and how they use technology to facilitate that growth and what the how they been affected by code as all companies have especially for them to the frontline is working in hospitals. So join us for that episode. It has really not to see the humans behind the technology and humans affecting others while using technology so to find us. You can find this on timing. Take on youtube. You can find us on ten. Yes but fi apple podcast android. Podcasts google podcasts and doug no way to remember all the stuff you got to tending duct tick ford slash two. And you'll find all the information there if you want subscribe to us and you want us to email you. Every time we have an episode coming out go to timing dot fully slash. Subscribe if the the next episode. Thanks so much.

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FuseBox Radio #596: DJ Fusion's FuseBox Radio Craft Beer & Quarantine Music Mix #6 (B-Girl Post-Brunch Blunt #1)

FuseBox Radio Broadcast

32:37 min | 1 year ago

FuseBox Radio #596: DJ Fusion's FuseBox Radio Craft Beer & Quarantine Music Mix #6 (B-Girl Post-Brunch Blunt #1)

"Three par who are now are tuned in to the fuse box radio broadcasts with DJ fusion. And John Judah you're as good as they say you are syndicated worldwide to bring real black radio back to the masses on don think you're listening to Freeview J. Few Wingspan saw talk. Bake won't be rude. Skimpy China pays don't get excite pig. Were just not free. Ready for this. Russell took off probably lawsuit from some people is to get back Africa. Don't make Dj these alleyway. They might cost up a bally's plays into news all although shoe. We away for up to twelve talk with Robert Elevate. The magic word is coming up but at the end of Ti is. You've got to raise your then. Nothing was support was and now I got that coming like everyone caught a little mcshea into over planet reports the money because upset teeth is worth a million club. Don't cope second punk coming back except sandstone up with the cash. Along the big book. Best the plant. They don't even take because beeswax totally like these black otherwise you'll catch one but please don't play the sound. Remember that coming through tonight coming back mother fucking and now box sick with no subject. Oldie above Rome with the Hawk like this on the streets coast that Iraq much back. I don't think lack just can't sweater number. What THE FUCK. Y'All GonNa buy did and then open backed up. I'm always getting back shot off from the Bronx. The big fucking apple got the shot through. I saw wanted to some cough winner convict so much tougher bag in hand page. But I'm still waiting for love. It achieved but I come from CNN. Don't want control of the company which alleged living here in that we needed to did occur to say in a headache. Cramps raised over my dome five to get a work. Hey says they throw up Black Cherry. Picking her trust street by a man was put in positions over people at the door. One close Noah open of Silica. Recently come subset worth Wales represented. I'm transit shape incredulous blessed life and my man Singh also words in law when I was leaving your service and they had all those. Don't put all of them. Souls coast right. Solis more for do for back. My old black shoe stores for later say all school. My master's poll for bad light so three when they won initial more. Bmi still plucks the brand new four C. Legacy Chase our choice. Sam set upon ways probably got a point so he sold Fred. Wynn number four. What is Bette? Loaded ramp to hybrid. Cloud supports works tramway champion closely track. Visualize still got friends of mine. That had you spend five minutes from Ramallah Yatta Dot can offer Mike Pressler Raspberry Raspberry Code Bedrooms. Dash right by the steps assumptions left. He was left missed by policemen over him was pulling the plan with adults. He encouraged worth took tramway champion. Post back fits. That was solved exposed L. Rack Switch Soga. Novacare coach was slammed with a Belgian list was simmered a rolex to speak at one. St Annual had no problems. I am flow in flow neck restraint making you ten days. Fusebox box When the finance took me a number of this latest collection my boy away trapped under twice I got off site. Always Twenty twenty. Yes you have been here coming down beyond the singing off key mosque wall. St Kilda Shit Tommy. How to run a Black Confidence Bitch Day? Just talk a couple couple of times a week and make a play like a parking lot with the sunset did it did it my way down the house which I don't got she got an nobody getting outdoor mall management now. But that'd be all right. Now she's a loop with the episode software. Damage to meet nominally Mai Mai Mai one into God. We got to be taking as phone. Call off this is I mean again when I get am in connection away when I travel to south field up under the fried rice trump wonderful. I gave them a retail shoulder on back. No plans on leaving phrase means now headed Chitchat. Medina's competency bill chocolate pipe and leave. Listen UP ENOUGH FOR THE DANCING UP. Just enough for demand yes. I'm an email inches wi-fi behind declining French. Bishop cut Prince Zombie gossip not so much nebula chuckle. Sh Yes dot com code up say expe- envious and he understands you in class dollar leaving. Joseph so I know on this. You amassed out was about the show. American takes Not who the flu away from Dan. Dobbin is numbered so but I never lose a time a group in the same fine from John Because John McCain burning on a gun. Msa even when a bat even on a tablet Shechem aches on fish Trying DJ fusion Time signed Friday. It's not out of all the man on the got. It was a rather be famous with being alive. What's the meaning the Algorithm Algorithm? I can get from them. I was giving station Vixen divisions I was born applaud. Wait Way I don't really know right. Took you somewhere Bingham's so maybe you'd see the vicious still grown all all my wait. Wait for the call. Ridden tight now. The will change with natural rookie class. WanNa blast me bash. Witness play took the pressure pension of his campaign clearly absolutely within him with a nothing is no longer. Ainhoa in any Jamaica needle the Viking hit. That gives me the wait. What if he puts on Jacqueline running mate? What maybe getting shit like setting now. Plus I wasn't into it just human allen underfoot Rapley a more forever never going to get that up by my break back and him home would be a plan they think nope. Nah when the light indicator lightning caitlyn round now. Fusebox racist twits sex different day. Try TO LEAVE. A case seem to give away stomach. Dwarflets mind playing tricks on you came on. I try to put. It was trying to be serious damn supposed to be furious and it never did sink in his slip up to blame it on drink in what happened every weekend. You still couldn't believe what the fuck was thinking can't save spots on a Cheetah and you can't heart of a sheet and he ain't never love we don't just stop. You should leave baby girl. Let me tried to console. You taught him that he sold you. Hit being loved then. You never should've told hey girl. Let me try that he sold. You never should've told you. Fuck Megaton on your pay never seen no type of stuff like this though having an audio book so big I suppose how many times about the call quits same shit different day. Try TO LEAVE K. Seem to get away cheap nephew together. Last Harsha caution. She never now. She is about everything should do you see that too. She liked yellow. Go with your cell a lot. Poster straps wishy Maciej Jealous Office and foolish to the kids. She's saying that you mentioned was time with tears empathy whereas wetering believe me when I tell you could do better if league. She say she'd gone. Kill itself Joe Asks Outburst thing go and get a health homeboy. Lynnwood show silverstone field like she owes you. Oh boy that was sold so how she tried to push it. You had to go through waste so much time sold you fucked up shit talking about this in the same on Cook fuck off the same shift. Same Kirk fucker. Talks can't believe I of men. You can listen to the fuse box. Radio broadcast via Itunes Stitcher Tunin radio podcast addict and your other favorite podcasts players. Check out the fuse. Box went IOS official website for our latest episodes events and more at fusebox radio online dot com. You can also visit us on facebook at facebook dot com slash fuse radio show twitter twitter dot com slash fusebox radio and instagram at instagram dot com slash views. Box Radio. Real free to contact us at fuse. Box Radio at G MAIL DOT COM to submit music for airplay consideration.

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