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"yasha gates" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Got open lines the rest of the way. We had a lot of guests. The two directors of House of Cardin. Joe Montana Marcus Cosco some. Yasha Gates. The rest of it is all about you much more important than the stupid guess. Lame. All right no college football. When Joe Montana said, it would have been nice if the NCAA was like all on board with this but. It's just not the same, the NFL with thirty two members. This is. Not just conferences but areas of the country and how they look at stuff. The way they look at football in Texas as the way they look at football and Vermont. Not. It out as their big time football Vermont. Now, all chip Kelly in the University of New Hampshire. That's not Vermont Anyway. If you think about it though this all did get started. In England. It was March tenth when the Ivy League Knicks Their Basketball Tournament. And they just said Yale's the champion. Do you remember that? When they did that? On March tenth. That day the CDC announced in the United States that two hundred ninety new confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Or documented than. Two, hundred and ninety. We just had over thirteen hundred people die yesterday oracle just awful. This was two hundred, ninety cases. Of which people would probably be all right and they said forget it. And at the time. We were getting closer and closer to this. We still had march madness. It's like wait a minute so. Is Yale going to march madness at the time they said yeah, we're sending Yale that's who you get. And they're like, okay. You're not having a tournament. They were the first March tenth. The next day. When Rudy Gobert tested positive this is just a couple of days after he touched all the microphone Ha. NBA. Shutdown. Now, there's a big difference between Cornell and Brown and Princeton not playing basketball than the warriors and the Celtics and the Lakers not playing basketball. And, that was big. and. You wondered what the Hell's going to happen next well, the next day on the twelve. The ACC answer their tournament. And you might remember there were players from Clemson Florida state warming up. On the court. When Commissioner John suiffered walked out and midcourt he took the microphone and he announced it and. So it was about three hours later that day on the twelfth. When they cancelled March madness? And that was a shocker. Remember a now it seems like Oh yeah. They cancel March madness. In Our perspective has changed much. Seriously then march madness got cancelled. That was enormous. What are you doing? You can't cancel March madness. Are you nuts? Do you know how much money that makes? WHOA huge. That was on March twelfth. And then. You wonder well I mean spring training's going on right now spring training will be fine. This is. When I was on the road to spring training. Canceled it but right before that, it was bowling green. When they decided that they were going to drop baseball. And they're like what? And they said. If they dropped, baseball could save about two million dollars. And the say why would a mid American conference drop baseball? Are you guys going broke? No one really thought about it too much until you know months later Stanford with cut eleven varsity sports. Stanford women by the way are the. Um National Champs right now in. Soccer Volleyball. Those sports just got pushback they won't even get a chance to. Fend them. So we waited a few more weeks second half of May. We wondered about campus restrictions and on June first the NCAA allowed players to come back. As, long as there was reduced capacity and the weight room and. You were going to isolate self isolate social distance test. It was a couple of days after that in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder. The police. The protests against police brutality, social injustice broke out. and. The tipping point of that. May Have, been when Florida state. Star Marvyn Wilson all out his own coach Mike novell. Misleading. Comments. Remember he said I talked to everybody and he said, no, you didn't talk to everybody. And we saw issues raised from layers at University of Iowa. With their strength and conditioning coach. We saw players West Virginia. Raised up on that, we saw players at Clemson's saying. we don't. Want our stadium. Being named after a guy who owned slaves, Alan. You know basically, we are on the former Calhoun plantation. We don't care if he was vice. President. And the University of Houston decided that they weren't gonNA. Have football practice anymore. At six positive tests and said, forget it. Well, it was mid. June. At the NCAA division wine had what they called a six week practice scheduled template. That would allow players to come back. And that would and that what that said was campus. The campus will open mid July. I'll speak in a clemson. Had Twenty eight positive tests. And then Lsu had a large number of positive tests put players in quarantine. And then you had players from Ohio state. Saying I'm not going to work out Michigan State North Carolina. I'm not going to practice I'm sorry. that same day June nineteenth ucla players. They demanded independent testing. No the the first one of the first signs of the empowerment of these players. They sent a letter to school and they said not only doing a lot of testing. We want third party testing. We don't even want the UCLA doctors. There was a trust issue there. Obviously. And you start to see like, what would they do if we didn't play?.

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