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"yardley georgia" Discussed on SPORTS GOOFS

"I would say oklahoma. Because he ever their coaches are there like all right. We need a point guard all head of who can also shoot off. Aw who did. They just acquired a tray for as al horford. You know. Brad stevens listening to my face says now horford conditioned piece of what we need. I think he's going to be closely outwardly. I know he was playing good. And everything like that. But i if you're going to shed money to get rid of kemba. Maybe the camera guy. But if you're gonna shed money to get rid of campbell and you had inherit a horford trade. That's when you bring a three man team into this because really it's just like hey. I looked a first round. Pick for al horford. Ns like terrible thing because we're not in two thousand nine anymore. So you put into that wishing you put kemba shakily alexandra improperly maybe doing dort chart hold onto him even though he can increase shooting base very very productive or he will be productive in the near benson kind of floating between naqvi three the guy but it can also confuse ofensive to primary ball handler. And you can change afloat game where we learned that from brooklyn this year is supposed to be kyri and then he went into hearted and evoked so much better. And then sometimes. I went to direct for eyeso- if anything if you can't get homeboy to shoot properly teach him how to eyeso- and then post up and try to get the rim. I don't think philly. Do you think philly will be able to do that because well because dachshund loss isn't that you looked at it and you'll the great thing about this or not mba professional experts foot. We have at least fifteen years washing diver coach so get kinda know his style. Siegelman distributor mobs big men stuff. Find the man open for free. You can't get growth isn't talking about maximizing the talent around you tell me francisco. Is there a superstar. Hours drafted under doc rivers and code. That became so much. I mean doc. Rivers has never doc rivers set aside from that or maybe blake that yet he became unresponsive shooter but is that because of doctors because of the play i think on on the way i'm thinking of i'm thinking about doc rivers is career and i don't think he's ever been able to coach up a player for the most part for the most may i mean let's see we've got orlando but they traded for choice of mcgrady. We got boston. But they traded for g. Ray allen and paul pierce or they're at i will say that his his and that would be got regime rondo but schley john is basically all you want is a point. I pass first productive game. And what i don't. Let's see an blake. Blake was in was already there. When has got to the clippers. But i remember his game trade up a little. I think they fired. Vinny del negro. I think after one or two seasons and then came in doc. Because that's the only treatment. Chris right but either way blake was already there was was and i and i don't know how much of doc was coaching them up more than anything else. When you got chris paul and yardley georgia on your team and stuff like that help you out. So carl much. Doc coaches players..

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