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"yara stary" Discussed on The Church of What's Happening Now

"So you know i moved to seattle i moved to la i am going away moment the storm regular at the store in i'm feature of el paso okay and somebody says demere you fringe rose ramos mango fuck gear how are you kidding me any of russia's at an x together and he goes kuala marked next time and do that we first and then come here and i go that's genius yeah and he was as a matter of fact here's his number he knows you hear this week try call russ aarp and i go rush joe di as he was greatly of nickel rush about looking for nova mu i'm working over now oh paso his next homolka tie it can you give me a feature spot his yosemite a tape i go are you fucking kidding me send you a tape avenue frederic for fucking at that time it was ninety were now it's ninety eight i go don't worry by the bro thank you are hung up and then i just heard horror story in other large horror story upon yara stary because it was eagle based on your alma headliner in vegas like they asked exactly exactly i was a decline you don't understand what the fuck i am from a headline rhythm garage the second thursday at a month to k you ever get the kind of david test route there was at a time at guy yep yep yep rebecca let me tell a monica player greg man i i still arrest dress him fucking down it was the one of this next to the icon meant one of the other status things that's our restivo it was the first time anyone had sold out or the club have been sold out eased iran they've got tough stroke listed you hear from uncle joey they tough it will break out that harmonica i will have that room talk about yell it he was a generally fat guy that one now he was there that he was the headline of the night at the open mic would they flip to be a cap at me i told the kid you flip another thought to be a cabinet will have a proverb and they flipped a big cap at meal as a your mother the camera that age and i hit him in the head with the microphone.

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