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"yara matty" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"yara matty" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"Left the dummy. Tom there, he just seems to be taking it all in his stride. He's absolutely amazing. Yeah, again, I mean, he was extremely emotional at the stage end when the reporters came to him and you could see he was physically shaking. I don't think he quite believed he could do it and pull that win back that seemingly was lost. They cut to the Toyota camp and the highlander camp and their faces were just like dumbfounded. How has he done that? Like no one can explain how he did this, which is one of those sort of weird moments. But yeah, Callie, what a superstar. He really is something else and I think we will. It's a big, big call this, but already he's got a 29 point lead in the championship, but I think we will see if he carries on like this. He will win this championship and we will become the youngest ever champion, which will eclipse, Colin McRae's record, and he was mccray was 27 when he did it and Callie's only 21 at the moment. And how about having less of a reference point for the roads because of crashing out on the first stage in 2021. So it's not like he had loads of experience under his belt to call upon. Absolutely, he would not have been a favorite coming into this rally. Simple as that, yes, he had obviously some testing beforehand, but last year as we all know he had a big crash on the first stage. He's rally was 5 kilometers, so he has no knowledge of the rest of the stages. So to do what he did, he actually praised his seat is his note making crew for the rally because they really obviously delivered him some great information on the stages to be able to do what he did. But yeah, going into a rally, you would have said, yep, he could have got a podium, but the win, you wouldn't have said he would his favorite because that is a tough rally at the best of times, and to do it with the wet weather and all the mud on the roads that happened. Yeah, phenomenal achievement. Latvia even said that on Friday it was the best ever performance Callie had ever done in a WRC car and you have to say it's his best ever rally. There's no question about it. It was phenomenal. So he's won on snow on tarmac on gravel in mixed conditions. Is it now time to start talking about odds and things like that? Look, it's a season where it's so much is going to happen and we've got drivers coming and going as well. But do you want to make an early prediction so that if you're wrong our fans, like I just mentioned can say, but in April, you said this. Yeah, I've fully happy to be shot down, but if, as I said, if it carries on like this, if he carries on like this, there'll be no stopping him because a 29 point lead already, that's already a rally, is an important. So yeah, you did it. There won't be trouble in the air. There's no way he'll go through a season. And it'll be perfect. It's just not done, but if he carries on the level of performance like this and what is important here is the maturity that he's showing that he's driving because he's only 21. But what he was doing in Croatia was quite quite phenomenal. Yari mati actually said that at his age, there was no one on the level like Kali is right now. All right, he is doing something that we haven't seen before, which is he's just got this maturity of knowing when to cut corners and not in it, and there's an art to that. Which sort of takes years to learn, really. And Callie is doing it right now at the age of 21, which is a bit of a worry for the rest of the field, because if he's doing this now, he's only going to get better. Imagine what he's going to be like at 25. Like what are we going to see here? Is he going to be? He could well be the next lobe or auger. There's no question about it. So you caught up straight after the rally as well, with Toyota, WRC boss Yara Matty. Latvia and he had this to say..

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