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"yar wiggins" Discussed on Cheers To Business

"Welcome to the show. Thank you very much for having me. I down each other for a really long time. Haven't we just a couple of years about twenty years now back when this when we were fifteen years old when we first met so that makes us thirty five years old walking turning thirty nine about now about twelve times now so good so today you know everything we've been doing for the past four or five weeks we've had an employment attorney on? Yar wiggins has been on twice young entrepreneurs. I think the next front we're GONNA see with this thing is business interruption. Insurance in some most policies are being denied. And can you tell us about that? Businesses can do it. This is still kind of uncharted territory. We are looking at any business Out there that has business interruption insurance and and most companies You know even if it's a small business typically these companies have this coverage even though they may not even know they have. I've talked to many employers and and business owners that you know when I asked them if they have been business interruption insurance they say well you know. I don't think so or I don't know only to find out that they do. And what that insurance is for is exactly what it sounds like. If there's something that happens typically with a hurricane or storm or something of that nature that interrupts that business where you cannot operate like you typically can it is. It is the crucial bit of insurance. But as you just mentioned in what we're seeing right now and I'll explain the reasons the second most insurance companies were saying. No no no no. It doesn't cover something like this. The San it might it might now. We have looked at many and I do not want to give people false hope. We have looked at many insurance policies. That sure enough. After looking at it and having our experts and complicated language that you see in every insurance policy we've got the people involved at letting them kind of peruse through these policies. We looked at one last weight of one hundred pages. Now a Lotta these policies they have what's called a virus and even some of them have a hand democ exclusion You Know I. I don't know if I'd ever heard the word pandemic before all this but it apparently was on the Dolphin. Minds of some of these companies Years ago and so they have a specific exclusion that says that if your businesses interrupted because of a virus or a pandemic the coverage does not apply. And and really. There's there's not much they can be done right now and I emphasized right now because there may be something that can happen but so there's a lot of policies that do exclude and more more policies than not that. These businesses have that exclude coverage however we came across the other day. It absolutely applies. Because there's no exclusion I'd sell had business policies forever and multiple looseness policies and it is hard spun head to look at them. They're fully legally. They're hundred pages. Hey you cannot get to look at my policies any lower again not not pat myself promote myself my firm but we looking at these and any business can get their policy to me. Just make a copy of it and it is confidential. We don't disseminate it to anybody. We will take a look at it. Have our experts take a look at it and we will make a determination free of charge as to whether we believe that they have a potential claim. And if they do so they can if they choose to hire us and to allow us to try to prosecute the case and try to get them the coverage that they deserve then. We'll do it but there is no obligation free of charge. Look at For us or for us to look at the pulse let them. Yeah for Marine exhausted. I am now I want you to look at that. So how do I get that to you? You can email it to either me my secretary my my paralegal and then we will immediately get it to the expert that That we're using and they are again. They user these experts. And like you said you know these are complicated policies. These are you know as you mentioned while ago. You have one hundred page policy. And they'll be one page of what they cover and then ninety nine pages of exclusions and so you know these. These companies are are not stupid. That's why insurance companies make as much money as they do They love taking premiums Zan. But they do not look like pay claims a drug commercial. It's the this That's Oh yeah no. Yeah it'll say a decrease your blood pressure but you know you may die in your sleep. You know the first night you take it so I would encourage everybody. There's nothing to lose. Sabine until all your friends anybody that you know. That owns a business. Now if you cut grass and landscape on the side and you're not incorporated and you do not have general liability insurance than you're not gonNA be qualifying for this but if you own a restaurant if you on a tax accounting company award ever see a car dealership it can be anything if you only business and if you have insurance policy get it to us. We'll take a look at it and see if we can try to guide you through it. Okay you said e mail it newgate three people. But what's an address? What's the best email address to send these thing? I'll give you a couple of my email addresses bay for bill and then it's E. I l. a. n. d. at E. R. Law Firm. And that's all one word e R. Law firm DOT COM so it's be island at E. R. Law firm DOT COM. And then the the other email I would give you as my sister. Holly Jones and her email is h Jones at the same email address. E R LAWFIRM DOT COM and. I would send it to both of us because we are as everybody. You know. We're in different times right now. We are. I'm working from the house a good bit as I am right now but if you email you can you can. I think you. May you know people out. There may just want to shoot me an email and say. Hey Bill outcast. I've liked for you. Look at my policy. And then we'll make arrangements to get that policy either by email or they can make a copy mail through me copy and drop it off at the office but we will take a look at it and again there's no obligation and it's one hundred percent free of charge fantastic. I said next as this thing is gonNA escalate at sea in the future. I did a little research myself and what I saw. Was that the the proof of the interruptions going to be a lot of financial reporting how it was and how it is now and it reminded me here on the Gulf coast of going through for the big money reminded me and out another takeaway. I think for this show is too is if you do have a case and or your insurance saying no when you do start as saints about this minute state possibly mandating the business interruption insurance own encourage everybody to go ahead and give their financials in order. You don't know how as one reason I have the master classes that teach people how to get their financial information in order. Because you can't go somebody to somebody inside. Hey my business was interrupted. Give me some mind. You prove it numbers. No absolutely no what I would encourage. People is to get get ahead of this. Because like you mentioned I do believe the states. And maybe even the federal government or the mandate and force insurance companies to some degree to to pay these claims perhaps even if there's an exclusion in the in this covered you know. There's politicians out there right now. Trying to save their behinds On both sides of the aisle and so who who knows what's left the com- you know I do believe we're going to see several more stimulus packages. Some of this may be rolled into these. And but so it's it's it's best right now the jump on this and again. Good God I. I know that you know I wouldn't know the first thing about. I mean even you know. I'm a lawyer. May Allen Richie on our own firm. I don't know anything about this stuff is far as you know you could ask me a month and a half ago if I had a business interruption policy now that said I'm not sure because that's just not what I did. That's not my Kinda Forte. So to speak is is is not the nuts and bolts of the business side and a lot of people that own businesses restaurants or whatever it is. They're creative people that are there to to do whatever their craft is that they do and they let somebody else typically handle all the minutia of the business stuff and so just get somebody get. Get it to somebody. Let them take a look at it. We can walk it for just like Your Business. Everybody's were all protective well. The insurance companies are going to be protective over there. We sources a narrow reserves as well seven. This thing is now. We can't pay a claim. That's why we have insurance adjusters. You're right and you mentioned and I've I've been using that same example that you mentioned a little while ago been telling everybody is very similar to the BP oil spill however of course this is even bigger I believe is ours that financial just destruction that this thing is done. But unlike the there's no target defendant that you can. You can't sue the virus you know unlike you could be in. You can't sue the virus. There's been talk about you know. Well maybe we can China one day with that. You have a better chance of snow. Snowing in August and Alabama. How we've got things people can do is run once you are someone else like you I highly recommend new job. Been with the guys and I will good In the beginning of the arm Enjoyed Lacalle with you over the years and I really think a lot of UN Alan. And so I am going to send you mine exhaust policy so you can look that ever yet. Your Policy Tucson and bill's GonNa give his all his website contact Info in little bit and number to get ahead of the game and get on. Your financials financials. In order with Egypt may reach out reach out to your CPI sad ours. Reach out to get yourself in order in but number three. What can people do to get ready to go to the next phase of this thing that keeps changing you well? I don't know if it's a member three but it kind of goes back to number one. The business that we looked at their policy last week and we found that.

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