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"yankee stadium kramer" Discussed on Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

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"yankee stadium kramer" Discussed on Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

"What would jerry do. What would a lane do. What would be a funny position for them to be in. And i think that's because the greatest sitcoms and especially seinfeld or all about what's going on in your head. I honestly think seinfeld in a lot of ways is just four characters having a conversation. That is what jerry would have himself like. It's his internal monologue expressed through four people in some ways. That hear me out. Jona seinfeld is essentially a hallucination of jerry seinfeld well hold on wait okay. Sorry you seriously think. Seinfeld is a hallucination. How often do you see jerry's bedroom or bathroom. Where all of these characters magically rhonda's apartment in the first place the way people move and react in sitcoms is unnatural but seinfeld awesome calls attention to its artificiality season. Four's meta arc in the cupboard. Union are especially telling examples of this but seinfeld has tons of stories that take place outside of jerry's apartment. There's monks elaine's office Yankee stadium kramer's apartment. I mean they even go to india and one episode. Yes yes. I get that. But what i'm saying is the show was an expression of jerry's various personalities. Even if larry david was co-creator these characters the slovenly buffoon the mucci neighbor in the focused careerist yearning for healthy relationship. Are all basically just reflections of the man. Jerry seinfeld these characters could barely stand each other. Have very little in common and yet they're all drawn to each other in severely unhealthy ways. Why are they stuck together. Jona because in every single episode jerry seinfeld is essentially talking to himself. Oh my you turned into a beautiful angel known you pissed on the couch. You're just feed your polls. Oh i'll just flip the cushion. It's fine.

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