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"yana kovic putin" Discussed on Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior

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"yana kovic putin" Discussed on Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior

"But the but instead, the media was all focused whitewashed, his work in Ukraine, and what he was doing and the media focused on reporting on another story that just dominated the Airways for forty eight hours, and that is a coil it out. Sqi turn 'em self in that morning. The morning, the New York Times went to print because I saw it online the night before, and he turned them, south in for assaulting a Breitbart journalist three weeks earlier. And so, Trump, even ways in and that ends up dominating, and then on the third day, when that story dies when Panama papers drops and portion goes on the top, you know, the website and he was in Washington, so that dominated the story after that in, so I could see why the things were bearing it. Even if it was a slow news week, the media, the Chuck Todd, industrial complex would still miss Manafort, as smoking gun of Russia gate. They're still miss. One of the things that you're, it'd me the most, and I watched it over and over again, because I was so angry was Chuck Todd scored one of the first interviews with Paul Manafort, and he completely got run over and I posted about this. I've made it public. I've been pushed before, but it's but literally Chuck Todd estimate will weren't Ukraine where for Yana kovic Putin supports in an hit Manafort goes, I was working in Ukraine, helping it become part of Europe, and succeeded, and Chuck Todd goes, thanks will leave it at that command gets a smile on his face. Like a little Gramlich was this easy. Is it was Manafort, basically floss his teeth with Chuck Todd and interview, and so within a few days and in early, April, I finally, like I had trouble connecting to press because the role I had in, in my job in at the DNC because I wasn't doing this as DNC person, I was doing this as an American who was worried that our country is being. Attacked by foreign hostile government is the DNC. I always relied on the communications team for a lot of you know, for anything. I did. It was always a process, but it's why didn't have strong of journalists. But I did connect a friend of mine, connect me with Michael Isikoff in early April. Twenty sixteen and we spoke on the phone first Paul Manafort, in this visit he goes, I'm actually working on a story on this right now this going out tomorrow, but it's not Ukraine related, and it was a story about his working Pakistan that drop the next day. But the profit I thought it was a conspiracy, like, what I was telling him was total conspiracy, but he was open minded enough to look into it and did some good reporting around it. And you know, I was trying to get more focus on getting the painting, Americans focus on this because they were so good. It's, you know, Andrea during the crisis in terms of coming together as, as just Americans who are trying to work in. Get attention on behalf of the. Developments of what Putin was doing crane. And I expected that type of feed the same response when the same guy who caused the crane crisis, the American offer command for is now working for Donald Trump, that, that they would be see sense of urgency. And so one of the things that I did was I helped organize a protests town, a New Britain Connecticut, and we had a lot of Republican Ukraine Americans win participate. They wouldn't help out in the organizations wouldn't get involved. But there was a good showing people did come out, and they had signs in April twenty sixteen. They had signs that said Putin hands off the US election. You know, and they, they knew what was happening back then that was the messaging that we were pushing out, enable twenty sixteen knowing how significant presence was on the campaign, right? Well, a lot of Ukrainians Americans tend to be conservative, because Reagan brought down the wall, so to speak..

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