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"yana suzy" Discussed on The All New Suze Orman's Women and Money

"Like that theme song I do. I love listening to Kinda makes me happy every time I hear it. That's by the F. B.. By the way together we will rise and you can get it on spotify but the words are interesting today because I'm hearing them in a different Kinda different mindset and the mindset is while it's true together we will rise. It's also true. Do that sometimes. You just have to do it on your own. I'm thinking about that because recently I've been in communication and actually I've been in communication with this woman now for over a year in. Her name is a Yana. Yana is one of the seven survivors survivors of domestic abuse that I interviewed for Avon about a year ago. And I've been playing those interviews for you and I WANNA play Janas interview you for you today. But the reason that I'm thinking about this because recently. I got a text from Yana Suzy. I just have to vent I've to vent. I worked so hard I've done everything I went and got a degree. And now I've gotten a job Bob and now I only get fifteen dollars an hour and I'm working thirty five or forty hours a week and I have two kids. I have a seven veneer old. I have a fifteen year old. I'm out of the house by five. AM in the morning. And then I have to go to two and a half hours to get my kids into the city. She lives in New York into the city so that they can go to a good school and then I have to go to work and then I have to come and pick up my kids and go back two and a half hours and then it's all the time it's like now it's eight nine o'clock at night and I don't feel well and I broke my foot and I have this and I have that add and I don't have any food in my refrigerator and and I got to do something to get ahead. I don't understand I'm trying so so hard. What should I do Suzie? Suzie Orman and I'm sitting there going. Oh my God it's well you work thirty five hours a week. Maybe you now need to work. Forty five fifty five sixty five seventy five. You need to figure this out but a Yana. I know that you can do this. And she gets down she gets depressed then all of a sudden she comes back and she's like this fighter her she's like yeah. I'm going to do that. I'm going to get a job on the weekend. I can't let my kids down. I have to do this. I'm going to to do this and while I know that it would be easy for me to help her out financially. That's not what a Yana needs. A Yon On and needs to know that against all odds against all odds. She can do this on her own. She can pick herself and her her kids up and she can rise you know. I've had this deep belief that were never given more than we can handle handle and sometimes when we're given a lot we have a lot on our plate. It's there to show us how strong we really they are. And we don't even know we are that strong. I wanted to play this interview today because it's just a week or two before Thanksgiving giving and I really hope that every one of us in these weeks approaching the holidays that we know the the true gift the true gift I want you to be thankful for is that gift of you have what it takes to pick yourself stop. You have what it takes to rise and is much as I know. It's easier to count on others to ask others for help and everything in the end. It always comes down to just you all right. Let's take a listen to the interview with off a Yana Yana. Your story is different than all the other women. 'CAUSE you're a story of abuse started when you were very very young. You're thirty five right now. You have the two kids thirteen year old. A seven year old but at the age of Eight is when you're first abuse happened Tammy about it. Will Mama those traveling on. She was a cultural reggae single. Choose to sing with a ladder artists and she always was traveling and I was. My father was doing his thing industry and it was my grandmother. My grandma take careful the cousins Suzanne. So I was one of those kids go outside and never listened across the hall. You always give me things. And when he gave anything's it made me happy as a little girl soul. He did what he did. And it became a habit and I do say sexually and when you were eight years old and he was sexually abusing you. Did you know that you were being abused then. No so that became your foundation allegation of abuse without even knowing that you were abused Did your mother or anybody ever know about it. Kamal because they never was really around and did he ever say to you. Don't tell anybody and this is the first time that you've let it out. It is and you're eight years old. You're being abused. When's the next time you're being abused? Ah Him when I was fifteen. And who is him on the father of my daughter. Yes Ma I or where did you meet him industry and what attracted you to him. Oh we made me laugh. mammy laughing's brave frames thug. Now I wanted to be down and I did. I just started living with him. And so now you're with him And what happens one day. He just hit. And what and how did he hit. You take me there just punching in the face. For what reason and is he was high drunk but I'm high in drunk with him so I don't know so he hits you and what do you think is normal. It's normal mall. And what was normal about it. Because I was a fighter too so our back did hit him back and as he hit you even harder black is broken we have bloody fights and did you ever physically hurt him Allo. Hello little but not. A man strengthens more stronger than the woman. And now you're pregnant and you have a baby and what happens has came from school we was. We ran out of apartment in yet another woman in the bed as sat and I just wait until they do what they did she left and went into the room and he started to hit and then we just started going at it and then I said on Naven left and you kick take me and my belly hit the steps and A went not cold safe horizon and they sent me all the way to Poughkeepsie. But I never told them now that I was an abusive relationship. I just left New York and moved to Poughkeepsie. So here you are you just because he when you hit your belly. Nobody's going to hurt my child and you just left and that was it. Did you ever see him again. Yeah I still was. When when I had my daughter in the hospital poughkeepsie at coal to you call him to come and he came and he slept in the hospital spital? But he wasn't damaged delivery Medeiros. Then what happens to you started off housekeeping that move up to patient transport than I moved to He. CT patient care technician. That was working Partner that got my car at number was on public assistance. Everything was caddied. You love that you love upped you have freedom independence for the first time and then you get into another relationship and I felt goon. I was lonely and so he gave me attention. I met my second baby for the seven years. After my first I and so I was travelling back and forth to Delaware. We had a good times in everything on one day. He just called me said you don't want the baby or a wetland what lindores me and then I went to like at the break. Now when he's talking to key the pregnancy and then at five months I did.

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