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"yana peraza" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

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"yana peraza" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"You know she's she's at a disadvantage because the amount of weight that she's lacking against havoc all right. So how is. Yana gonna make up for that. Okay well maybe she's gonna try. You know how can you. How can you because have as these fiqh legs. That could probably just crushed a heladio right. So what are you gonna do. You know how exactly are you. Gonna you know do you. Maybe try to go for the kneecaps. I mean that that's good strategy right there you know. Do like some running drop kicks but try to connect on that knee right. Maybe try to try to chop at the knee or behind the ankle. Maybe you can do some stuff like that you know. I was kind of looking for stuff like that word. Yana peraza was cutting her opponent down to size. And really. it's all about the speed game for dionne and i. I didn't exactly see that in this match up It was us at an even at the time twin. Deonna purrazzo was trying to put on the submission game in fact that have ache. It's like okay. She's guide you know. I mean her legs when you look at our body and i'm not making fun of her but when you look at havoc the first thing you notice wow she's got some pretty thick legs okay. So if you're in a fight you're probably like yeah. I'm not going for that so you know you're either going for the kneecaps you're gone for the face the arms. They're not as big as lakes. Bud me i guess you could try to do something with the arms right but i was expecting for having to just continue to power. How and like ni- you ain't you ain't getting out on me so i yeah. I had a hard time really getting into this match. Despite the the overall performance dowels particularly coming from dion peraza. And and and i i saw dislike about out. Say me two minutes going into this match. It was okay. We're really trying to tell the story of wild. Just how awesome deonna purrazzo is. Because you know look how. She's pretty much. You know taking you to have a you know i i saw within two minutes and i was able to kinda sit back it okay. It's obvious how to finish to this. Match is gonna go down basically but And have losing via submission here. I yeah dog. I didn't particularly care for that. I didn't particularly care for that. You know decent match but was missing so much substance. A really really was was missing a lot missing a lot. Big time See next up. Six man tag team match kenny omega in a good brothers taking on eddie edwards and finn juice you know to each its own. I know that there are a lotta eddie edwards fans and they love any and everything eddie edwards. I know that there is good. Brothers fans out there. I i know for a w guys madman new. Japan's mad mad love for the good brothers. Mad love for kenny omega And everything but this particular tag team match them particularly care for of all the matches. That was one this car tonight. Viz actually the one match that i honestly i would have been.

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