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"yan pawlak" Discussed on KQED Radio

"The irregular flow of migrants across the Mediterranean ends then legal and safer pathways into Europe will be found for at least some of those who wanted to come. And that report was buying Kevin Connolly now if you own a has some of the other stories from our news desk. There have been clashes in Sudan, the funeral of one of the protesters who died in the capital Khartoum on Thursday. One witness said police open fires the mourners through rocks. Calling for President Robert Scheer to step down a constant chant at countrywide demonstrations now in their fifth week. Queen Elizabeth's husband the Duke of Edinburgh has reportedly been in touch with the two passengers of a car who were injured in a collision involving his vehicle on Thursday. Prince Philip who's Ninety-seven was shaken, but unhurt when his car rolled over in the crash, a former personal assistant to Mariah Carey has accused the singer and her ex manager of subjecting her to severe sexual harassment and discrimination. The shock Nasar. Ian has filed a legal case against the pop star and scalable Oceana cove in Los Angeles. Neither miscarry nor Balaj Nicole has commented. A man was taken to hospital with severe burns after setting fire to himself in the Czech capital. Prague it happened near an exhibition about Yan Pawlak the checks students who fifty years ago set himself alight in protest following the nineteen sixty eight Soviet led invasion from Prague rob Cameron has more. This incident happened two days after checks marks the fiftieth anniversary of Yan politics, self immolation and virtually in exactly the same spot on Wenceslas square eye. Witnesses say the man poured petrol over himself before igniting it passes by including a waitress from a nearby cafe rushed to put out the flames police would only confirm that the man was a check citizen born in one thousand nine hundred sixty four spokeswoman told reporters there was nothing to suggest the act was a political protest. However, an eyewitness said he'd noticed the man had set up a stand with signs in English, and Arabic and had been mumbling something that seemed my prior. The refusal to vaccinate has been listed by the world. Health Organization is one of the ten threats to global health is has vaccination currently prevents two to three million deaths. A year campaigns to oppose vaccination is still widely shared on social media and have gained momentum in recent years. Now, judging Canada has confirmed that an anti vaccination couple will be retried over the death of their son. That case has been a flashpoint in the debate over the movement as the newsroom's Peter Goffin reports nineteen month old Ezekiel Stephan died of meningitis in two thousand twelve his parents part of the anti vaccination movement refused to take him to hospital until he could no longer breathe choosing. Instead to treat him with natural remedies. David and call it. Stephan were convicted in two thousand sixteen of the crime of failing to provide the necessaries of life. Then last year the supreme court of Canada overturned, their conviction ruling the trial judge had made errors when instructing the jury. This. However. Is not the end of the legal process for the Stephens. They are due back in court to be retried in June and on Friday, a judge in the city of Calgary rejected their request to be awarded the equivalent of three million US dollars for past and future legal costs. But it seems the Stephens attitude towards modern medicine will not be so easily dismissed in spite of their son's death. They have remained vocal anti vaccination advocates arguing for a parent's. Right. Not to take their child to the doctor when they're sick. That was quick reminder of our main world news at the moment. A leaking oil pipeline has exploded in central Mexico, killing at least twenty people. I'm Jackie Leonard. You've been listening to the newsroom from the BBC won't service in London..

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