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"yami fusses" Discussed on Rantin' and Ravin'

"She was like I'll help drive, and I was like I became I grandfather before seconds like now, you only the draft. I thought about said the day of licence away ever drive again. The Lewis spoke to me said no, let your mother come up in just put her on the car too. And so I started off the trip. And then my mother was I could tell she just wanted to drive a little bit and stuff like that. So I was like when we got to the rest of I sorry, my you just you drive, and or something I think we stopped somewhere. And then we went to arrest we stopped somewhere and I switched with her. And she drove. And then we started the rest stop. And we came back. I said, no you dry keepdriving. It's you know, it's all good. And I love my mother, Dr I just let her drive us to feel good for her to Philly, helping she was helping his she was doing something. And you know, I appreciate that. I was like I watch it, you know. And but my mother said to my aunt she said, and it was so sweet but sad at the same time. She said, you know, Yami fusses at us a lot, but she loves us. She protects us, you know, and I say. Yeah. I think I got a lot of I'm I'm in a growing face, right? Because you know, I just turned forty and which are probably shocks to say. I finally said it I'm like fuck it. I'm only going to get older. So why am I hiding is unit is well, thank you are preciado it, and I'm just forty and I'm gonna be forty for the next thing years, but he turned forty in. And people don't say in you, don't get pushback. Like, I know what I'm doing. Again, they laugh your forty exactly if you don't get that. Then this one girl last week. I rented this girl at the young girl from UCB, and we were talking was turned me and a couple other comics talking or whatever. And then I kinda was talking to her a little bit more. She was trying to pick my brain about southern girl. I'm forty years old. She's like, oh my God. You're forty. She's like I thought you were like twenty eight twenty nine I was like girl, you ain't that fucking twenty eight twenty nine. But I am very like I think it's with me. It's how I carry myself energy. Right. So it's like well this bitch. She warned down yet and this bitch. No, I'm not I'm not worn down because I know kids man, hustling me down. So but just the older I get I and I'm transitioning, and then I don't have my grandparents here transition and the word you wanna use. Bye. How vivacious you are an energetic. Yeah. But I don't have my grandparents here like they were the authority figure figures in my life because they raised me. And my mother was also a figure, but my my mother, and is dealing was a little different. You know, when I the times I did live with my mother, we had more of a like she'll say like more of a marriage like I took care of all like, she get paid. I get her, you know, access or checking account. This is when I was a teenager, and I'd be paying the house bills and cooking meals while she's hard come from school. I cooked meal. My mother had food and stuff, you know, things like that. And then when I started driving picker from work, whatever I have to go. So it was just that kinda like we worked together as a unit and with my grandparents, I I just had it was just a kid right here. I date took care of everything at the thing. They always put money in my pocket up until the point where my grandfather dementia really just took over every. Thing he was still giving me money. And this is what I was make money on TV..

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