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Kidnapped Sea Snails

A Moment of Science

02:00 min | 3 years ago

Kidnapped Sea Snails

"Done. Why is your backpack all wet? It's not raining outside of drenched it and bug repellent. Why to mosquitoes like your backpack like me, but I don't like bug repellent makes my skin each. So I figured I could just wear a bug repellent. Drench backpack like shield and mosquitos could say away from me without a speck of repellent having to touch my skin the jury's still out on whether it works or not keep me updated. You know, you're not the first to use that technique. Amphion a strip crustacean living in the Southern Ocean, hold another animal called terra pods of plank tonic mollusc, also known as Cisse nails. See angels or see butterflies on their backs like backpacks and use them as a living shield the cease snails secrete, a poisonous chemical that deters predators like cod. Fishes amphibians are unaffected by the chemical. And when they carry the cease nails on their backs. They're also protected from predators ice fishes quickly realized the empha- pods carrying terra pods piggyback. Don't make a great snack. So they learned to avoid them taking my backpack shield idea to a whole new level. And it gets worse. Once the terrifies are in the clutches of the empha- pods. They can't hunt to feed so they starved to death as far as researchers can tell so far the sea snails don't benefit at all from the association. My backpack doesn't really benefit from our sociation. No. But I don't know if you'll get much benefit either this moment of science comes from Indiana University. There are thousands more moments of science on our website at a moment of science dot org. I'm Yale Zander d'arme dog less.

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