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"xyz pool company" Discussed on Pool Podcasts

"Company and everything you do is done under that name. Xyz pool company. So you know. Look i get it. Billy's a very popular player and billy is going to have sponsorship before any of us know it. I mean he's a great player. He's a champion. He's going to go on to win many many many more tournaments and he's going to have any more sponsors it was a lesson learned and i'm sure he will learn it so again q. Tech and yes. I one hundred percent. Admit cutic- is a sponsor of as you billiards. It doesn't matter if they were a sponsor or not. I fully believed that they were in a lose lose situation and they did what they had to do. So speaking of q companies predator predators making some waves out there in the industry does not really making waves but predator is is getting even more volved. We had the release in the downtime between episodes that the tri-state tour is now the predator. Tristate tour not surprised when tony roma's left work and went to florida. The predator stopped operating the tri-state tour with john layman had been out there for so long already so it just made sense for predator step in and become a a title sponsor for that tour. They're also involved with this new coming up for match room the championship series event. I don't know a whole lot about that event We don't really have complete information about the the format and how it's going to happen. But i expect we will. We will know that soon. I mean it's mid february and the event is in march in in kovic related. News super billiards. Expo is postponed again. It's it's now scheduled for june with an announcement expected in mid april as to whether it's going to be postponed again. I can't wait for that. Event finally happened. But i understand allen doing everything he can to to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy it safely in the meanwhile water is wet news. Jason shaw wanted ten ball event.

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