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"xerox valley" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

"If you want to supplement your legion of skanks fix SDR show Still happening I keep dumbbells post and stuff today man. Go Watch zero again. It's all. They're all on Youtube now. Both seasons of Xerox Valley everywhere the rich Voss rose. Yeah Watch my half hour on the fucking. Take it all in support. Enjoy a steal all that shit post clips do all that Shit. Sure I have no problem with any of those things. You're saying with Xerox. I don't know if it's on youtube legally or not but it's all on there so checking it out. That was a fun show. And you can't wait to get fucking back to real life. Lewis has said. This is all hoax from the hoax. I said that it was being completely blown out of proportion and that it was a bad flu. That's what I said day one I was like. There's a bad fucking flow and that the wounds smokeless GonNa look at it. And that's what we're going to say so Whenever I'M NOT GONNA fuck and keep on doing this. I'm alright what else I want to bring up what you told me when you called me but I want you to bring it up and What did I tell you? What do you got to? You got to tell you something. It's a it's a little bit of a yogurt. Dip and Pretzel chips writing and doing homework outs hardcore and now like just mention of food this anything outside of the Diet is like even as an abstraction and like Harda can do this thing. I'm going like I'm not going over the edge in your house. That's the thing but I certainly am not like Making sure I don't have carbs every day. I'm like I just hitting like macro goals or whatever so I could theoretically eat whatever you're eating it's just like When I'm like making sure I get the macro said you know whatever meal or whatever time it's like I just it's hard not to just see fall to chicken you know Broccoli. Whatever bryce almost every fucking meal? I'm Lewis a thing. You were telling me about a choice. You're trying to make in life. You're trying deck. Yeah sort of Jake. I was just walking around my apartment. Naked great it was great. It was talking with his Dick Hall. It was you know it's corn. He's GonNa go stir crazy over there. You told me that you were that you WANNA relationship status. You'd like to achieve. Oh Yeah. I decided that if I'm going to have a girlfriend again that I'm GonNa be in a poly-amorous relationship you deal with anybody who's GONNA be like. That's great as you start from. Scratch looking for that or do you think that your there's people in your life who would seem like the the the mix box amid aghast. I'll start from scratch. Scratch one of my old wife by butter and garlic fucking ons you. Oh I thought you when you said it to me. I thought you had like people in line or a person. A monitor. Some say general. You won't get serious again unless that person's GonNa have. How many girlfriends do you think you should have? I should have three girlfriends. I think that's the number way. Why not have an open relationship where you can Maybe someone who's just like you could fuck other people as much as you want. I don't care before you go for the poly-amorous why do you want to also the problems complaints Responsibility to to to to three people. It sounds like a nightmare Just WanNa fuck them really right. You don't WanNa like make three people happy every day workers. Happy it's really about me. You looking for slaves. Oh I would like yes. It was sort of some slave. Simplysafe's Gotcha Gotcha. Well you know. Just continue to be single. No that's what I'm doing. I'm single and I'm GonNa Tedious but really what I was saying was if I was going to be in a relationship it would have to be probably with multiple women I wouldn't I wouldn't be like I'll be with one woman and then I can go fucking around. I have three sons is not being in a relationship. Yes because what you're saying is like if you're going to give all that and it's probably what you're a single guy that's kind of what you do like you bring your emotion to the person you're with like that night or that day or whatever as you make love to them each one of them. I'm at arguing that I'm saying is I. Keep a kiss them deeply. And that's where I believe. The problems will start. You're doing all that stuff. It must kiss them deeply now. Am I supposed to just treat women like shit that I don't understand the psychotic thing you have to kiss them? Deeply no argument. I don't think he should've Shit at all. I'm just saying if he's long as one of the key. If you WANNA have a relationship with one heavily with one that doesn't care that you fucked Kinda whoever before you? That seems more tangible. Having her stand or abilities I don't even understand what the argument or disagreement is between what Lewis is planning. What you're suggesting Jay. You're saying he should date one woman and have to others on the side. Now Lewis date threat. Who have whoever's on this Friday. We're not Lewis is talking about having a poly-amorous relationship with three chicks. Which I think. He's got the responsibility on a daily basis of St Talk. I Have Ronald Myself. We all as soon as you would eventually Roy. I spent some whiskey way. Are you thinking that Lewis is going to be like one of these Mormon guys with three wives and like he has to like maintain all of these relationships? It's what he's now. I don't think so. Scrubbing makes a relationship like in a home multiple checks. Lewis is just go back to what you've always been doing. Just date one chick and lie to her. Dated Way this since I've been single a that is the one thing that I've rid of an insane amount of anxiety for my learn to live off from Queens. You're dating anxiety did I. Can't yeah I was the it really was a major source of fucking just whatever it was every time we can David or chicken. I always ended up being sir so now I like being single and I might even say. I'm not saying that I'm looking for that. I'm just saying if I was going to be in a relationship. It would have to be that. Are you really not having January asking? Are you not having any drama being single at all chick drama now because every time they tried a Bring it there. I'm I I just Mike we you know. We're not we're not that I'm saying that doesn't create any kind of like just like you have to deal with someone. Being sad or problem is logically. They can't get their you know what I'm saying. They can be bummed. When that's fine like I have the right to feel the way that I feel and be honest and upfront about it. So when we sort of get to the point where they're like oh I wish I had something more. Their dislike either piss off themselves or sort of data. Whatever but it's not like Oh this guy's wrong me. He's he's you know lied to me or you know told me it's going to be one thing and not another. So that's just your. Did you make that same point with more hand gestures? Yeah chicks irrational. They'll probably get that. Totally is probably not going to be any good pretty good. Have you heard about any drama with really while we've been quarantined? No do you think I have not been fucking creating drama making a lot of decisions that are upsetting some people. Well you haven't been fucking hooking up. Still please kidding me. I mean I don't know how much rando though I don't know if you go down with one person like regular that I have my Rolodex. What's that mean a bunch of different Dick's you have come over the budget? Hello Kyle chicks own fucking years of working better than mine for sure. There could have been roller chicks. I don't know why you chose rolodex on. Let me write that. No with my stylus Yet God bless I'll tell you what dude you are an listen at the end of the day. The evidence points to like you. Even you're declarative with no fucking substance to it statements. Were right to just fuck whoever during this but I mean like. I definitely have been sky. I wouldn't even like some girl was a weapon Pussy Like no not right now man. No way it's it's crazy but you're as we're talking about the numbers we're talking about everything right. You don't worry about the flu every season you interesting. I don't I don't worry about I don. I don't ever think about the flu ever. I don't think I think I've had it once in the last fucking eight years. Maybe so I wasn't taking my temperature worried about my my my my symptoms. I just took a fucking sheep. You're part of the fucking sheep population and that's okay. It's probably not a bad idea. It'd be a little bit cautious at least this week. None Vulcan last week. That's when it's like really spreading around there and especially think about who jay and Christine are having a threesome with that is true. One Corona virus patients. It's not a healthy population. Get Confused Asians looking for their forever. We make them some false. Promises are guys. Let's take a quick moment and thank infinite..

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