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"wu kuan" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"wu kuan" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"The world here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. Another PGA Tour member has defected to the Liv golf invitational series as 23 year old Matthew wolf will play in this week's live tournament in Oregon. Wolf turned pro back in 2019 and immediately won the 3M open while also finishing fourth in the 2020 PGA Championship in second at the 2020 U.S. open. Since then wolf has struggled missing time to work on his mental health and has missed the cut in 7 of his last 12 tournaments and is currently ranked 74th in the official world golf rankings. Big ups at the start day one and Wimbledon is 7 C duber tour catch loses in 5 sets and unseated Alejandro davidovich for kina while topsy Novak Djokovic did drop the second set to Korean soon Wu kuan in route to a four set win. Another big scare occurring is 5th see Carlos alcaraz comes from being down two sets to one and in a fourth set tiebreaker to knock off young linard truth in 5 sets while 16 C Pablo carreno busto retires from his opening match after two sets. Others advancing to the second round include third seed Casper Ruud 9th sea Cameron nori and ten seated Yannick sinner. In the women's draw two seater neck on Tibet third seated on jabour and NC demo raducan roll into the second round of street sets while 7 sea Daniel Collins is knocked down three cents. ESPN is reporting that the LA Lakers are the only team that is actively trying to acquire Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving in a signing trade deal. Brooklyn has been unwilling to give the 30 year old a long-term contract extension. And Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. On certain days, we focus the yuan reference rate set by the PBOC, there's not much in it here today, the estimate and the fixed by the PBOC pretty much in line and in fact, pretty much in line with where the offshore Chinese currency is trading here at the moment 6 69 58. Hang seng index futures just started to trade. They're down about a half of 1%. We had massive gains yesterday the tech index is up 4.7% the hanx index itself was up 2.4%, so it might be natural to see a little give back today. We saw some give back on Wall Street, the rebound in global equity stalled out there. The losses weren't great, though the S&P 500 was down about three tenths of a percent. Some of it was driven by higher oil prices and higher yields because those had been going the other direction during the furious equity rallies last week. Anyway, WTI is still higher this morning in Asia, but yields have stabilized. They're not really doing all that much to yield on a ten year. Is that 3.19% to two year at three O 9. Nike shares down in after hours 2.9%, Nike offered a downbeat full year forecast for gross margins, so costs going up and it was also cautious on China. After the close as well, we had the banks announce what they're doing with the extra cash. After passing the stress test last week, Morgan Stanley traded up 3.2% Goldman was up 1%. Pretty interesting day I mentioned the Nike was higher. It's actually energy, utilities, real estate that are doing the best. And that's silicon markets. And Dexter has news in San Francisco, and he's headlines head. All

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