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"writers association america" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Me. First people did. They gave me a sit down interview at a point when it really helped my career. Is it because I thought Bill riders a swell guy? No, because the best one was launching. They knew me to be fair of tough and they thought it would be a good look to sit down with a critic. It's not It's not personal. It's simply business and the business. The Hall of Fame is not to make a personal so so to be disappointed in Curt Schilling is to recognize that the sun is bright that that ain't new. Who cares? Guys, that guy, and there's nothing worthy about him his work. There's nothing worthy of your attention of time about him other than what he did in the past on the field. That's it so only thing about him that makes him even remotely meaning. Feli interesting. Unless you find hate and lies and just adjust interest in the truth. Fascinated I don't I've had enough of that. I'm good. The guy belongs in the Hall of Fame. And that is beyond doubt as beyond question, And now with the Hall of Fame is done is that it is damage its own ability to be taken seriously and again. I'll talk about Jeff Passan, because I know Jeff from the cancer. He started. He worked there. He left as I was coming in. That is a incredible reporter. That guy knows his stuff. And is someone that is that both these jobs has been a radio host has been a reporter. I know what it is to try and get a story knocked down. Not that good at it. Certainly I was gonna Jeff Passan. Few are And now what's happened is that it has given space to people who don't know they're talking about and want. Look, I get that's radio. It's not my style. People want attack people who don't even believe in whatever that's fine. Do your thing. I don't care. I think it's ah, bad play long term, but whatever do you think? But it really it gives weight to the words of people who don't know to criticize, not just the Hall of Fame, but individual baseball writers. It's hard to get your credibility back. I don't understand A credible argument from anyone by Curt Schilling shouldn't be in the whole thing. I don't like him. He's not. You know, many people are good people. Big chunk of America. Unfortunately. True of the voters bubbly. You think the Baseball Writers Association America's full of a bunch of angels? No, it's like any other group. It's like any other group. It's a mixture. Of great people and scumbags and complications in between. We'll close in these words, and I hate them, but it's true. In the sense that he should be in the Hall of Fame. Curt Schilling is right. And I guess there's a first time for everything 855 to 1 to four CBS. We were a little long, but I got passionate love your view. In the Hall of Fame on Curt Schilling on what the right thing is to do here, 855 to 1 to four CBS. We'll take some calls next here on CBS Sports Radio. Hi. I'm Tom Wilson on the roads Just like on the ice. I keep it tough. Lindsay Automotive Group gets me with over 1400 great choices..

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