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#1,145  Help Us to Obey (Ezekiel 23:49)

Pray the Word with David Platt

06:03 min | 4 months ago

#1,145 Help Us to Obey (Ezekiel 23:49)

"Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot net. Ezekiel Chapter Twenty Three Verse Forty Nine And they shall return your. Lewdness. Upon you. And you shall bear the penalty for your sinful idolatry. And you shall know that I am the Lord God. So, this is the last verse in a long chapter. The depicts God's people as two women. One Who represents Samaria? The capital of the northern Kingdom of Israel among God's people. And the other who represents Jerusalem the capital of the southern Kingdom of Judah. God's people there. And the whole chapter describes how. God showed his judgment how God showed his judgment on the northern Kingdom of Israel Samaria. By delivering them over to the Assyrians. And then how God showed his judgment among the southern kingdom, his people in Judah specifically that capital Jerusalem by delivering them over to the Babylonians. and. Then you get to the very end of the chapter and Gajah says very clearly. Very plainly after forty eight verses of this depiction of women who have committed adultery who have committed idolatry as God's people. At the very end God says, you shall bear the penalty for your central. Trie. A. You shall bear the penalty for your sinful idolatry as you hear that phrase. I just think this is a simple principle. I think about going into details a a discipline conversation that heather and I were having our children recently. And we've had this conversation up million times. It seems like with different children I when you disobey. There will be consequences like it is not good to disobey. Is Good to obey that leads to good things when you disobey that leads to bad things and that's The Clear simple principle that God is saying over and over again in the book of Ezekiel. And he says it right here you shall bear the penalty for your sinful idolatry idolatry. Is, not, good, it does not lead to good. Immorality disobedience is not good at does not lead to good. This seems so basic yet how often? Do. We need to be reminded of this. As we are tempted every day to disobey in different ways. And God says to us in his word by his spirit over and over and over again, it is good to obey it is not good to disobey. So in a fresh way today Oh God, we pray. Help us. To choose that which is good. Today. Or, if we're listen this is we're gonna bed and night stowe wake up in the morning remembering that it's good to obey listening this at the very beginning of our day or somewhere else like as always we have time left in this day God, help us to choose that which is good. Help us to obey you help us to trust you help us to worship you alone. God please keep us from idolatry immorality disobedience and all that flows from it. Today and tomorrow in the next day to choose obedience. In every second in every moment and every decision every word and everything we do by Your Grace Oh God help us to choose obedience and to experience your goodness. And God, even as we pray this. We we. Know Our tendency to disobey. And we are so thankful. Jesus. We praise you. All timidly for bearing the penalty do our sinful idolatry. help us never to get over this. That you Jesus have paid. The price endured the penalty the judgment that we deserve four, our sin on the cross. All Glory be to your name that we don't have to be afraid. Of the judgment, we will experience all ultimately in eternity because you have paid that price for us. All Glory to your name. So all the more help us to live in obedience today. Elvis to experience your goodness today as those who've been forgiven of sin free from sins power help us to walk in Worship Review in obedience to you in love for you in all that we do help us to choose obedience life love for you and everything we do today and tomorrow and the next the next day please in every moment we pray in Jesus name in the name of the one who is paid the penalty of sin for us in his name we pray. Amen

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#270: Merry Christmas

The Agostinho Zinga Show

1:01:12 hr | 1 year ago

#270: Merry Christmas

"Oh hello there. Welcome back to the casinos English. Show with me your host Agostino and this is episode number. Two seven zero. Oh that's dose Sarah Wrapping Dossier Teixeira Dot on the sub in on the sidelines of hope so much manageable Russia's you kind of guests from this intro but how you doing how you feeling great amazing how am I pretty cool man in a while and it to the break during pseudo Christmas running have some stuff to sell out in terms of my overrule sanity employment and overall physical condition. So now I'm a Stable place of Hawaii interest back to you my podcast community my youtube community and everything else in between yeah. The season to be Jelly has passed we. We had married Christmas. We did Christmas stuff. We were wishing traders. Merry Christmas and trying to juggle and pretend that we care about humanity that we care about families do the whole pay pretending to laugh at your mom's jokes and stuff right pertain. Like you love. Your siblings were really. You WanNA throw to head for a wool pretending you love your uncles and Anti Really WanNA throw him out a window right. We've done all that we've done that now back to normality we're back to the usual one. The Usual Grind Africa remains the same next week as New Year's Eve and not even falls on a Wednesday Zaphon or something right. So Steve Bebel within a week. So you're going to have to go to work either side of the. I'm assuming most of us right are employed is a bit strange New Year's Eve it felt right for the widow time. I think usually you'd want a new to this. The cameras centered. It has been in a war but who cares. Usually you want your newsy to fool around on a Thursday Friday Saturday or something right So at least you kind of get a weekend or maybe you wanted to fall on Thursdays and maybe you might have to work one day in a week. Maybe you could do from home request for you guys going out and getting wasted. I'm envious of you guys. If you're actually going to go out and try and make it work doc. In the middle of the week. It's going to be a bit hard. Be Hard for you to do it. I wouldn't WanNa do a passing myself. You know everyone's got their thing. So yeah it's been a bit strange but hey here we all will birdie refresh. I'm back in the hotseat what I've been doing lately Bonilla. Dj Long running a lot. Chilling home when out to a couple of club nights which I'm going to review and all that stuff in between you know what to expect number one trip across the World Street. FEMA compasses all different. Facets of life from self-improvement art history the general everyday topics that you might see on the interwebs. I do touch upon some celebrity. Needs trying to go down the gossipy way. I tried to kind of you frame it as a as a you know Living Day example of how we can do better or maybe take lessons. I'll take heed and kind of follow in the footsteps to some of these big outside purse celebrities that we have in our society at all those different topics in between but usually most. It's just your regular resident default goon in regular average black guy simple icy free male sticks tool even without trainers just giving you the business right just little bevere mind dump because by lodging the usual day to day life. I'm I'm suffering from some kind of mental illness so allow us of the same front of this Webcam and direct all my pen up trauma. Oh Mama two strangers who haven't met and probably never meet but hey the good apart from that wells going plus guns mentioned nothing else in it or the USA Gustav is happening on the year. I'm probably not going to do a really long years resolution. Probably not I I tend to do to maybe I should because I'm a better list guy right. I think of my upbringing for the most part was around the church church even church. I was very much drawn to the prosperity message. Right this idea that you're gonNA take yourself from nothing to something this idea that you would give money in order to get. There was crazy by the time I believed it. I would go to you know. Hear these preachers Talk about money. Talk about savings which didn't never really spoke. My really. They mostly spoke about how big the jet was. And how much business they did. In the fact that we were blessed to be in their presence Mike Murdock but for the most part I tried to. I've been drawn to and I remember during those times. Italy's this exercise that you did what you to write down your goals right. Visualize your things them say out loud right Mostly visas Asian exercise. which you hear a lot of PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES DO PEOPLE IN MMA. Right visualize they walk out. Visualize the first couple of rounds. Exactly what they're going to do combos how they're going to win if he's maybe the referee letting they had the end of the bout. So that's really important to me. I think anyway I've found of direction and a lot of hope and love motivation to achieve my. It goes through and I'm not one of these guys that Mrs to self help books. They'll take action item prescribe to that. which is what made? We're watching the whole Tony. Robbins documentary net affects very uncomfortable. Especially when the highlight at one black lady who was obsessed. With kind of beverage Tony Robbins Groupie. Or essentially just a stanford self help gurus she goes everywhere anyway. furring event and she'd never seem to take action seem to be waiting for some sort of magic bullet to hear. Or you know somebody to come down from the Heavens Evans and Taylor what to do next. which is not the way I think those twenty weapons classes and we'll kind of things can be a bit Nafta can be cringe but they do provide some kind of framework to somebody? Imagine your your average everyday guy. That doesn't have any idea how they're going to Egypt. Tempstar it right or they procrastinate in. That's probably very example. Maybe having someone I could turn would talk to. You know. You've only got one life to live. Time's running out your you know you're not doing doing your talent any justice you're effectively actively taking your kids mouths by no following your dreams. I don't know these triggers. I could kind of get you started to kind of get going. Okay cool sap your fingers thing you can do to turn around and this is. Why like for instance who gets a bad rapper? He's keep provides actionable steps right. Get your phone you can. You can make a business phone. Take good today. We're not going to be selfish. Says store so stuff online blah blah blah blah blah so. Those things are really important as the most things in life actions speak louder than words and it which is why why we have this really weird where it's funky spot with the whole fat movement right for acceptance where you're seeing happening a bit with little and some of the stuff I've seen with Adele the backlash which you it really strange. 'cause they'll didn't say nothing by Dell posted a picture of her. I think I'm GONNA say she for a Christmas party look alike where she posted these really. Cool black my pictures with her with the center with a few friends a few people have I guess who kind of Supporting a music and she looked considerably. Skinny she has done before right. And if you've known on the Dell you noticed he's always been a big ago so it's pretty obviously someone like that especially for that size when they lose that my dad man way you could straightway telephone race right we yeah beverage all line the cheeks Akilah bit and just generally looks a bit more slimmer Look more healthy. NSA quote unquote which probably some people would say. Oh yeah there's nothing. You can on behalf of fat which is offer debate but you see a win. We actually that even right where people are freaking out about people celebrating further. They'll lose weight but also at the same token want you to accept and allow and not kind of tease leaser complex flaunting her way around the place and try to normalize incense essentially essentially trying to rewrite social norms in regard where we kind of maybe attribute a sexy finger to somebody looks like an empty Roger Karski wherever it may be right so we're in a workplace overlapping society so those things do provide some kind of frame of those suburban cost. They do provide something some. Someone's a point to point towards right. I don't think you you made them Your Messiah Surfing Right. You should maybe take his message to he'd take the concept of clean your room and Plateau lifetime be a noble person. Do Wrap your friends and finally That should be about. It shouldn't be about them kind of replacing. Jesus Christ Adalberto wherever they should just be somebody you take a kind of philosophical framework or a life framework adopted your life Rinse repeat and kind of move on from there but I guess it's just too much work mostly just even saying out loud. Even I've noticed with my running and my training just ghetto point where you realize why people are lazy. I think that's that's the humility that speak about. I hear a lot about people will say any when an enemy fire. It's a really brutal watching somebody to men in a cage palm. We tougher right. I'm here with elbows and knees and cut the skin and stuff and bleed everywhere get choked out. I'm sometimes they WANNA tap. It can be uncomfortable to watch but you know that that that is life but whenever you have met whenever I've heard somebody who Komo across all spoken to comment may fire the voice. Say to the most down of Chile skyline room because oversee into they have the knowledge that they can't defend themselves when it comes to men have kind of chip in your show them being the Agra and being nasty comes from this idea that you feel adequate heavy whatever manager who's a bit choppy has a bad into Germany to shit. It's usually because of stuff. Eddie we've been Tony Snaps Dude you most of the time anyway. Sometimes it can be you and you can sort of looking Rafael tailgate. Maybe physical manager coming late with the time. I don't have any of my work on time Blah Blah Blah but for the most part most managers who are like who are kind of cunty dealing with stuff so when you you meet someone who kind of has essentially aced or figured out a way to defend themselves against other men right and kind of enforce their will on them? Then there comes a point where you don't you don't really feel threatened by the average joe in a straight right. You're comfortable suggestions. Because essentially the two training you've essentially been able to tale yourself down to the coal and Buddhists off up again continuing the every single day right here even if we hit him speak about getting tops out by blue belts and stuff right. The Blackburn's off it can't happen. You can get if you're lackadaisical the Hamas you again right let's you'd know okay by the new stuff seriously. You know somebody that's been doing this for years a year can tap me out so that can that can helping. So I guess you feel haven't got that direction and you feel lost. You can get a bit chippy and you sometimes end up doing this with finger. Every day turns into a weird bow. You wasting all this time fighting these insignificant fights when something comes only away you actually need to defend yourself against you know will no desire to energy no clarity of mind to actually address it in a really coherent which probably explains why people get into with two spots in it. I would laugh but I imagine if you famous it'll be different. I don't really get that many notifications by the margin. If you've got your phone's blowing up nine thousand nine plus on your on every every sooner social media APP right always pain right every time you go look into it. So it's kind of the bubbles are popping up. He can't disconcerting to think that blood yoma most those comments are going to be nasty right away fruit and I just find it funny most stuff. Isn't you know it's not real really for the most part it's real respect. Someone's writing about writing based on the perception that you put out on the web and for the most part we will these perceptions. We put on the incident. I know I have. I have a different persona to have on. The Internet. May Be unto enroll. Life is is probably close to it is not pretend to be somebody else but is a persona the upon online and he just can't help it rich again front of a camera which public explains why going into rambled rambled. Lena this puzzle. Can you do but explains why Life podcasts don't really SAMBA. Great when you know if you've ever listened to a live podcast recording. It sounds a bit strange performance. Live which is understandable right. You can't help it. Imagine if you'll bill bow your me and suddenly get in front of UNST in on stage talking. Look into people. Well if you're doing this according and you do on stage in front of people you're not you're gonNA stop performance because you're GonNa hear people responding to different things that you say the you don't even think that's funny but somebody wants this funny and you might be okay cool writing into that pushing a bit too far. We've all been in groups of in pubs and stop when a guy go comes around and kind of really that horse really going for that joke again and again just not letting a bad joke joke we will been there and usually they get the hint because everyone walks away right. Most everyone goes to the toilet at the same time but info stage quite hard to take a hint probably why Casanova strangely hit with listening back because the rooms no context with which is why of ours makes me laugh when you get us. Blog at Geffen did about comedians jokes in type them up into block is devoid any kind of stripped away from it. You kind of learning ban on a on a screen somewhere out in Nina's ten P.. Funnel ever. Maybe but we need to anyway anyway. PODCAST wherein Gobert whiskey. My hand here. I'm going to quickly run through some topics that I've kind of kind of got on my list of stuff. Most of the stuff is from a couple of weeks ago. The I've kind of been on my list. I haven't kind of recapped you in our own. But as they use your feet of snow via the pod Cossack Libya five-star obedient. Show if you like what you hear people know about it spread it share it and all that stuff. That'd be cool. If you're watching a youtube of course smashed night Bun Cook Subscribe. BBN common let me think about show. I'm always uploading clips shows if you don't WanNA listen to the whole thing and having earned your you know your attention for one hour on the bit. Then feel free to click the playlist channel. That'll be below the dribble to see some clips of the stuff that I took about an hour lieber common let me know thinking and talked to him and let me know let me know okay number one what you talk about okay. First things first. I got some new shoes. I've got some new shoes. It's been a while I've been in a bull as maybe there's a coyote. Waffles does which I haven't worn yet because my fee to buy a new shoes lately. I'm trying to get back into the whole shooting. I think what did I hear. I listen to this podcast. That's right and quickly tell you why one go back into missed into into which wearing shoes a wig point. Hope you guys get coming from. Let's see if I can make make sense. So as you guys are aware been sneak ahead or been something. That's been entrusted in training for a long time. You know most of my adult life. I kind of got introduced to it via cook. Tongues styles my first introduction forum was kind of the best place for my Passion for sneakers interested in it you know. I did the whole thing about collecting. I'm shoot at over one hundred fifty shoes at one time at that Ju- especially during that era when I was cashews dot the era when Nike has really started to come into his own. So we got you know the Tiffany dunks. The what the dunks and all these things came out during that era knows a coup f swans claw efforts wants to still a big thing at a time of zero. She is still you know somebody I look up to. I'm Barbara from the New York thing that he did to the hideout and buying supreme a double tap stafford and oversee the no way the busy workshop in London as as well. That was a big deal. Q Culture was massive. I'm at Lowe's of friends who have kind of really did to me now you into this. Price really seminal moment in my life kind of juice to meet this whole Taiwo. Hi Welcome opened. His goal is to me so I kind of came into for sneakers dislike skateboarding. Discover Street wet. So it's kind of a backwards wedding. People come in truth maybe fruit skateboarding than these vinyl clothing shoes or somebody will come into through St win and go that way by from. Yeah aside from sneakers and kind of what up and luckily. I didn't end up being like a Nike Tokai. I don't look like can dress. All that was not the era. We just Kinda way. Expensive closing Webpage Spencer trains but dead close. Luckily I was able to Kinda a progress for it but maybe I think it helped escape by the most put. It must have quite cool since the style so able to kind of circumvent that and obviously an addition to to when I was when I was in school because I was in a school in the end zone if the most popular quite mixed and I was lucky our highest sets which which allowed allowed me to kind of speak to a different group of people and then when I went to play football or went out oil out raven and stuff. It was really difficult. People had that kind of Mesh that merge which kind kind of I think in in really implant Mike my style of Rousseau's able to kind of I was able to Kinda Dodge kind of Nike total style. Bullet right where you way You don't remember what you're wearing Fred. Who's always horrendously guys? These adult men wearing matching tee shirts. New Era's and trainers and stuff it's a bit cringe. Or they what kind of flattened out there but anyway which shoes so I went? Through a witch era would shoot. I think bit disillusioned agent with trainers and coach. I may be partly due to the way it ended for me when I was used to talk. With one of the you know seminole slow of underground low sneakers sneak a sports were underground underground. One of the main sponsor goto tobacco unlimited Nike shoes a launch in conjunction with the Beijing Olympics. And they don't stay in them in shortage control. You guys listening with nowhere is kind of one of the official. One of the original members of that crude grew into luckily via Eisai. Who's WHO's not doing okay? BAKSI in stops absolute auto him a lot for that intro effectively gave me that job on a plate and that kind of serve as a platform for us to be connected with the culture. Let's it with your stuff going on but rooms picking up at that time warehouse parties just generally being about town. I think that was partly the reason why I ended up doing alibi too because I got introduced to one of the marketing guys. Is You need a guy on alibi. So it was kind of that platform was a real good spot but another time of course naturally these kinds of things when you don't cultivate relationships and you're very you you know I don't know I wasn't engaged in kind of making friends and clicking up a bit put off by immediately maybe due to my kind of fractious relationship I had with some of the guys from palace right. I was a a big fan of Brian. Before we know it died. I bought maybe the first two out of five shots they put out. Then I met the people behind it and it didn't go well in person which you know these things happen in real life in Nino can maybe not live up to you can just come across with them so you know wherever I just find it where? It's kind of where their stuff often think. That also coincided with Nike thing breaking down and I didn't really relationships on me dissident when they moved into action and they went to get new staff. They didn't keep me because no on care about me. 'CAUSE I didn't make any friends. You know this whole thing so I kind of made me a bit bitter regard which I'm not really that kind of guy if you know me another bid dude but I kind of grew up his wealth seconds. Dj To Sikandar Detroit music and I kind of grew up in a contribute to culture not consumers kind of did away with a hole punching of shoes and kind of put my episodes of putting nights making zine making t-shirts do know crepe hips lifestyle. So that kind of put me off of it. But I think over time time I've seen I've kind of stayed back into it because Arab. Listen to podcasts. Right recommended by Benjamin Edco for Brilliance he recommended this great podcast guy and he basically spoke about the need to have the need to the need to maintain a sense of beauty or like passionate crossed in your life and I think I've always kind of had that gap in my life when I kind of look which is why. I'm going to people that maybe Tom Sachs and stuff right. Had this practice in studio where they essentially are able to make these dreams projects these kind of these kind of you know self absorbed PROZAC probably don't have any purpose outside of the fact that he just wanted to make it a MM disability to make something with your hands well take something from idea to actual extra actual final products there. Isn't you already see Tom Sachs so sharing in a PS fouls of line sheets of ideas. He has always physical items died or maybe machines and stop and I always find that really cool and I guess that's something I've kind of missed in my life because especially with most being on screen come put costing with DJ Digital there's nothing tangible. It's quite hard to kind of have that so I think I'm kind kind of stand back into collecting shoes in very purposeful meaningful way stuff to actually I can wear. I'm always. I'm the final trainer's not leap hiding them and put them in plastic classic losses. So I'm back into training Midi just because I wanNA have beauty back in my life again and I think this podcast here spoke by Chievo confined it. It is this podcast right In support cost by this guy cooled gap on the screen bench so bidder Ghafur recommending it gap on your screen. So it's this podcast from A. Hey man input costs and is. Is this guest cooled. What's his name? David coggins right. I guess we can save you seventy really quickly. This of this of the podcast There's an art loving something right. That's the kind of byline from it. which is going back into training? And says I guess this week. They go gins diabetes the editor of the a new website the contender and Anytime bestows bestseller. Men's style mattis. His work on travel style designs appeared in numerous publications. He's currently working on new book. Book about fly fishing and lives in New York. David makes a compelling case for why dressing wells about the people around you said of what about yourself and we spent a long time going into what it means to care about things. Things be obsessive and take seriously advice seeker. This week needs some help pleasure and how to truly enjoy oneself right so so really cool ideas. I mean I've got to be contended with myself like this idea of having beauty in collecting purpose and every the oldest I used to cut back in days treatment stopped Marquis was something I was passionate about but I kind of lost it due to kind of get him voltage through the nonesense industry stuff and get a bit jaded. But now I'm into the point where I kind of I feel like I'm I'm contribute to culture enough for the DJ. And stuff. That I do and I. I went to add to it a little bit more by going back to making scenes writing on my blog more often. I'M GONNA eventually instagram for older kind of social to kind of nightlife life activities. I kind of gap to interview autism showcasing. New Things just being appalled culture. That's what do often and I think what step towards it is. It's the kind of things have been tension in full. Why not go out there and you know sample some of the sneakers out because I think as we as sneaky industry is at the moment especially with Reso- culture I also think would supplement place stock and the fact that every brand is trying to essentially make their own yeezy right? They're trying to create that viral member where they sell out every reasonable special. Release with that kind of first level in the industry sometimes because they ramping up the special production especially dishes they will so kind of ramping up. The level overall order shoes right which is why nowadays is hard to find the Gr even suffering Jd's wolves right even at quality might be shit it's hard to find the GOP crap most most of the average user you might see good signs and stuff a pretty decent right. They're pretty good. And then when you go to handle those kind of places specialist but but most across the board or shoes are improving because of his first novel at the top to get with sneaky guys to sell out shoes. They're making so that's allowing us to kind of get involved also is allowing brands to kind of reach out to brands on so he's also allowing brands to reach out to sneaker companies. Who are maybe when they gave him a look maybe five or ten years ago and get collaborations because they wanna be the ones to kind of be? The first us to cosign is brandon. Have that kind of Brian Relationship and also tap into the culture at heart and there's not a bad example in these novick ASEAN new balance is. I've got the eight fifty which retro recently I saw a video of a few guys unleash you previewing the Oji pay by paradox. uh-huh vaccine. You've got the gray pair. Also tried to get the navy payback. I didn't get mccutchen from good hood. So good to for delivering them. I was a bit miffed about by the process with good. You have to kind of do the thing register your thing and obviously have a payment already in place and when you get when you get him they take a payment out. If you don't refund you cecil their lights pick up. which is annoying yet it has to be sent to you but luckily Sunday with DVD? So I literally the next day which is all right but I would have preferred option to kind of click them so good listening and you have the option to maybe collect your shoes especially because you know I live in London get in basically often live in Nice to get them they just for you know for key caps but yeah I'm happy to shoot comes in his great books. No points during the Baltic railway. Got The gray pair as you can see how you get red laces Personally think the oppressive in the why walk better with a great parent of relations look bad with the Navy but yeah the the Great Peres really nice lows of Nice mix of lever. And you've got this nice hard messier. The talk of the front of the books as well the fact that on the side of the unit which makes the new the special new balance I think is one of the only ones or is only. Maybe a freelance models that don't have the actual on the side emblem is actually moved there to the to the back could be here. I think he might have been the first shooter actually had this happen to picture. Had A per- a worship review at a guy said it and the only kind of the only thing that says nobody Cassini especially on the tongue folded have more on their insult by to take out because you know my feet them fit without the soul. which is the annoying thing? Because I'm usually I'm a UK ten. Then I'll tend to office too big so I have to get ten and take insulin that that makes it kind of perfect on. My feet are a bit larger and ground and also I think the fact that is so thick the soul. Oh I would much prefer my feet to be working on such A. You know he'll Kinda fucking up my overwatch but yeah I love the shoe. I think is a really nice really cool calloway away again. It's very best to think in terms of shape Rafer calloway. Materials of one in jeans and Chino stuffing him show. If they lost to the summit. I'll be able to wear shorts. I'm looking for the navy pay. Hopefully next month I'll be able to get a navy veteran to repeat them but again just really nice collaboration. Something that you won't see going was crazy prices and stock X.. Whoever may be up to me in terms of getting back into being more of a collector and being a fan of things I think this is a good step forward again? I'm buying trainers trainers actually like trains. I'm going to wear day in day out. It's not your usual. You know easy. Fifty original one is something a little bit different Avoid a big fan of you balances of worn them for for years. I had my lows of mad hectic new balance clubs back in the day. which you you're familiar with your bench? You know how they look so these are really up my alley and I can't wait to get some wearing them and again probably similar to the Tom Saxon probably gonNA wear these law really get somewhere in. I'm not ready. Treat them. You know super crazy or super like tender and really kind of get back into the game. This is the first step into that kind of direction again so big up negative for making these. I guess. Cool collaboration not much more to be said about about that. I'm the clubbing is pretty cool. I think if you check the house while I've seen the taxes and stuff up a bit cringe the wet but now the shoes will do for me cool. Oh collaboration really cool process would from good hood and yet by and large goose on backing sneak. Game that you're going to see a few more reviews on here and I think I might do this thing next year to well. I'll do like a series where I'm going to talk about some great stuff on there. I might do one hundred budget in stock ex and just buy some stuff that is you. Don't really see people talking about because most of the into someone could suffer is Christ present minute because essentially you know he left out because you know he became accessible REPA- and is insanely the same wealthy now so he just went out. Bought all the hype shoes. Essentially everything I think you mentioned it in his interview with those guys from full-size run right. You needed which is a really cool show recommend you take out complex. And he sat down. He said she said he built everything because he's got the money to do it. which isn't really the way not really a sneak? Headway right I would say is more about you. Know another thing the Pitney me for sneakers when Snake Amsterdam essentially maybe a six trendy trainer right. It wasn't something that people actually care about but fruit those kind of Dutch guys. Maybe some of the people involved in patent extended crew able to take the a six kind of basis Joe light however in and basically propeller up into being this kind of really desirable train. I think that's what sneak is about. It's about kind of plucking out again about the brands. Mobile talking models that people are already carrying about making it making it hot so the fact that people are only wearing Jordan ones and stuff is bit boring. Is I find it interesting that you picked atop a sale item. Assail payer vans and no one cares about and then you made him look amazing in an Sunday was sold out pretty cool so I think I might do that going forward. I know one hundred pound challenge hundred dollar one hundred pound for pound better go and still can't find a shoot. I think is cool from back in the day or something. I just think it's interesting. You know kind of bring it back into the review but yeah that was when you choose up woman back initials into see an interesting to see What else is on the list? Let's move on up up up up that's going to list of stuff. I went and took about uh-huh winter reservoirs in London. That was good one right so Brazil visa held this really cool. Meet up A few weeks ago. Where essentially gathered a few people from the London ending impunity community? People Promoters Club goers fans of music deejays and stuff just to kind of sit down and roundtable kind of speak about some of the topics that we think are prevalent to the community presidency which is quite cool and I think essentially represents a shift maybe in culture shift maybe in the direction. Where Boyd Rooms Connolly going? I think they for a long time. We're basically just a platform published content nowadays essentially come turning them although to know just committee published content may be a content producer now more so I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing rise at your contribution in in maybe a sense of of a boiler room that statement similar to sort of the thing which I'm a big fan of let me feel confined isn't advise a London. Pyrite isn't advisor London. London was at London. Pie Was London. I'm sure I know it doesn't mind you but you remember that underlie right or the thing is I think. They're kind of similar similar sore thing which is quite courtesy so I think they're trying to gain understanding on you know what the audience actually once was actually going on in the club. Land from the people are actually day and doing things right What what he did he have print the so even stuff like this? This video was book from a few weeks ago. This flow in points that printworks a AH reservoirs are put together and even just like production or productive production wise I must have been done in conjunction with like a l. w. e. how much of this involved in print works like this is something that was doing as sort of like a way to kind of gain to production by fingers. Pretty cool and again goes to speak to the scene in whereas going music is booming. Boom boom it's always facing background without the noises to kind on a keep something there but yeah it was cool man. We got to sit down and those are cool. People resisted some questions about stuff that we lied labels like we were into is quite interesting into kind of be like in a in a kind of stable sitting around people who are much younger. Who are really really really cool right? They really kind of abide by the HIP Sokoto right there was a little bit loofah beginning. Almost warm there was as I speak. In exchange confuse people started to kind of open up a bit so that kind of initial frostiness was funny because has reminded me of like you know the random night so I would have gone to make up a guy. Rex Additional Protei wherever it was kind of acting too cool for school and by the time. Everyone's got four or five restaurants in them right. They suddenly kind of new snap and they want to be a friend against Nagoya Bay kit and this is the more maybe seven was pretty fine. After that was an interesting topics I think it was interesting to see. Just how anti commercial and mainstream some of the guys which way to see. I think London is probably one of the only cities I think for the most part. I'm I don't know maybe it's different places. I think for the most part with Bush when it comes to music I mostly pulled are very very intruder who what's being played in radio or just general public noise or pop and stuff just because maybe because the top of the pops and just how he grew up as kids. You're aware of the general low brow common denominator basic bitch music. But then you also really into what you're into I think that's quite cool balance about it. which makes it which which makes the likelihood that you could have a good time? I Really Shave Club somewhere in the middle of nowhere more likely because you know you can balance a too you can go to an underground party and it also go to a DJ now whereas the dumping right so the same thing you just WanNa have a good time with your friends Both to see just how story against that group were against it. I think we're talking about festivals. WHO's a lot them were really against into festivals? Even I think that's probably one of the strongest parts of the electronic music scene in London. Especially with you know the clubs closing down all over the place and local councils going over the top in terms of licensing laws. I think the one thing that really makes unique is the breadth and a options that we have in terms of pistols. You could go from every every anything from like. Would you know how to you know Gladsden Bree Tina Nepal whatever. This covers all everything right to like download festival. There's so many things how many festivals we have in the UK alone. That's just nuts right to consider to read. You probably not listen to Mel Right. But most possibly the most popular John out there is probably got a very loyal devout following nor release. Not It was when I was was in secondary school where people who actually listened to him now. People just listened to maybe in passing. We've got so many options so that was with the kids so I'll say that kids because they're a lot younger than I was. But maybe they one but for lack of a better term describing his kids with his how against they were against you get festivals they were but then they will also very much for going on holiday late places so this idea of like destination festivals was quite big around the group which makes sense in it. I think he'll be between eighteen and twenty five right and you're earning the money part time working in a bar where the job you're doing you'd want to get the most bang up. Bang a Buell to get the most bang buck so paying wherever my money's and he's got to Houghton and essentially I think what how to maybe all in my between five hundred pounds a grand which is a lot of money but if you go to you could probably book a ticket. Book of an idea for Primavera. Probably get ticket book a Flight GET AIRBNB and have some spending money. That's over five hundred pounds and you're in buffalo right. You're in an amazing city. Great web great food cheap beer so I get the tendency to KINDA WANNA go abroad instead of kind of grants go to festivals in the UK. Because they don't value for money. If you've seen the videos of people from points east you know just how shitty sound production is in some of these places. Sometimes to festival sometimes take pace and kind of take. Everyone's money charge you X.. Amount on price on the tickets. And then you know frisky aggressive at the gate and then play really low music music. Or sometimes the fact that the low counsellors essentially put limiter on the sound so they can't go above a certain decibel so if you're standing the back of saying whip editions that Weight Angle. You just fuck. I'm watching videos of people from all points east according and it just sounded horrible. Sign that someone was playing the song the Music Adam Speaker somewhere the front right just horrendous sound so it can I can understand it but that was strange also for the fact that none of them went to none of the big clubs anymore or at all was it interesting. They didn't go to any of the big big print works exo. Yo for looks even fold was kind of get a bit wade reputation. I don't know what it is about about them but again I think I'm just not at the age where I'm willing or ready to kind of go to railway. Raise all the all the time every weekend. I think that happens when you're younger. News one of flow around the idea of going to like you know in the middle of nowhere of north west London whereas some ways no big little bit funny style for me personally and talk to the distance and having to get back back home you know. I'm not willing to get thirteen night. Buses to get back on again. You both going to cost me. Another frequently takes money my night Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. So it's just something that are you kind of age out of so. That was interesting and I don't know overall pretty cool man. I got some cool insight into promoters that people are talking about that are good so that was quite cool and again. It's always nice to hang around with people that are into stuff as much as you all right. That was quite cool. Full good reaction from people. He took spoke whereabout. folger's the great secret. This basically are only club in London US kind of Wolf speaking about level so that was great to see and oversee. Col loves the yard and mixed garage. Everyone's really favorably. Especially if the yard about how they say space although creeks and widows of that little seeing which is great. That's part of why I love to go to the Australian it the mission of around table with for lack of a better term. You don't really see any more widows anyway and that was makes London so interesting if I could go out and see the most amazing the most glamorous club kids pot in a next to hedge fund managers often accountants. Right now. Everyone's kind of a Nila stuff in the yard is cool. Cool because they have amazing drag nights. Amazing Quinn is just amazing. Just nights I kinda catered to to a certain demographic do they kind of say space I think is Israeli exit to Sima really critical to be picked up by doing that That was cool. People again wasted that roundtable is because they have the data good. Good hello deal. Company called Details Atlas Costa. Yeah pick up an for doing that and again. We're interested to see where those insights will lead. I'm assuming they're going to do something. Submitter boiler room and probably some point of festival of they did that. Twenty rousing enfold. Recently do you remember about the twenty four hour party where they had like and Talks they had discussions live shows and stuff. They had different rooms open and fold. That was really cool. Hud had new kitchen thing open. Basically Twenty people in it. I was really quite mysteriously. Yeah on the women's apprised that we see fold moving into that stuff and maybe over. Oh I'm sure as visor overrule rule we might even see reservoirs doing something like Actually opening their own bar or like space bow be cool to see as the next frontier by their your own software production studio. You measure did that. That would be awesome. I would love to have to happen. I really would love that man. I think I'll be flipping amazing to see The pop and that nothing else in it same old same Oldman Mitzi way that goes again great insight again quotas hang around low could hang around the kids. Who Have you know super cool and kind one of you know making in marketing? Kinda copied identifying their tribal. Just watch over off. Some people would have been a bit crap by freaked out. How really up their own off? These kids were by liked it quite like that whole quite like snobbery sometimes in some some points are quite like it decided that you you know you're against you stand for something like no. I don't go to those kinds of things. I'm this kind of guy ago. I think that's quite cool people just to ask somebody what kind of stuff stuff they liken it I like. Everything's I know what you don't like what you do like Pacific off. Those guys were very very Pacific Ministry where I made a couple of suggestions of soda. The Rube Goldberg Vice. It was just funny to see but you know what whatever whatever I'm no the guy and I take an uber. Places in making show places have cloakrooms entirely Shane in the days of me climbing over a school gate. That's way house Pie is kind of wedding will be done men that's over with. We're good time anyway. Move on whilst we have yet to talk about a Oh Innovations Eh. Let's talk about that man. That was amazing. Think of disobey later Pretty Speak About it now but you know why not. Why not get involved so as you go away? I went to inner visions. London showcase. Oh case labeled that happened a few weeks ago fold the night was in jeopardy because as you guys know Ford has been going through some Interesting events it's as per lately right now the funds cope in some nonsense. Which I'm sure you guys are wet? which can gooey cells? But it was a bit on the knife edge as to whether the pilot going through finally got approval they they can appeal the decision. So the Able to kind of progress and then it came to the lineup. No one knew who was going to perform because as per usual at London clubs. They never tell you performing coming in places because they don't want to let the cow the bag and this idea that some old school promote the idea where they kind of don't want to tell you the line-up because they feel that people aren't GonNa come see the big deejays on the on the billing. The ones that are at the top are in bold which is which is weird because the fact that they booked them and put them in bode is they want people to come and then when people come on the post and he didn't want to release the time because they don't want you just coming for the person set and in leaving but it doesn't matter Rave Valley so they just move the lineup and hope you come early but people are saving. The people know that you know you're generally going to have the main cowgill plane between two and five five or two and six. It doesn't really making different menu. It didn't happen. We didn't get the lineup. Which I understood enough is what it is by kind of feed it? Kinda get it ahead of during the time of the event Someone's going to be in the post on instagram. Wherever so that was all right so kind of have to get best buy it but the main thing was my sleep so I intended to go to the party from six? AM on with right. That was my plan. Originally landed twelve midday took on Sunday but in all deposit everyone top but luckily I torture. UFC The one that just pausing to two point five fight called With that WHO's been be called the Covington so the plan was to sleep at nine. Wake up around free wash. Did you see any kind of step me. My friend at five and then we go to fold and it worked out pretty cool. I ended up waking waking up a little bit earlier freaked me out at mostly because I was afraid I was gonna owe the sleeping mat was gonna leave my friend outside knocking on my door ringing me So I had to kind of make sure I woke up so I woke up in a sweat thing cannot over slip had obviously woken up an hour ahead of time which is annoying. And then you can't go about see begin but I stayed up what. CFC followed was he got it was highlighting cue. That was around what Sunday at six in the morning and yeah it was a great great night my hotel to try to look for incidents combined. Some videos from a someone took some great pictures. I didn't think any because you know I obey the rules in someone did take some cool pictures of what happened and it was fucking epoch. So This is some. Here's some pictures. I'M GONNA pop on here on screen because shakeup are linked to a few of these down below for you guys to see. This is a Dixon on playing so we walked in. We saw Jimmy play. Who's absolutely incredible is one of the new assignee's I think somebody that can be pushing a lot more now? I think she's be associated with him for a while but he's really quick Hamburg or some other small towns but in Germany. Don't quote me on it but really nice guy. We even got speak to him after he said he kind of gave us. Parts of Danzig Edna. Good time which is cool but also you know Kinda sad if I talk to give us props dancing. That's the way it should be about right head down flailing arms in the air sweating. You're also off. But that's the good thing about fold fold is probably the last place in London own place in London where people actually dance. Have a good time. No one's kind of fronting and being to Corpus School Donald. I don't know I'll say followed. Mix The yard people actually go and go to pie in hand have a good time which is great and it kind of gives. The Place Energy Makes Electric. When you walk in there you feel Eli and obviously the dealers enjoy? Every time I've been there. Did you look at it having a blast up there right because it's actually a really perceptive crowd so that was great and in oversee the you know all the big dogs came off the arm. We are Dixon. Gudjohnsen played which was a great surprise. I didn't know he was coming there. That was great and just essentially just an awesome night and I think Dixon at the end probably paid one of these best. We've seen for awhile. And he mentioned before that he was not feeling that well but he absolutely absolutely destroyed and he was having so much fun on that stage. You watch the videos you see. There's a video on. They're trying to find ways kind of moving moving if you remember what Dixon play. Dj or you know. He's the biggest. Move aband- Betsy does have a vibe. He's not he's not. He's kind of a meeting ends kind of tricks pixel addicts. But he was really enjoying himself. He had a smile from ear to ear. And I think the idea is to London and set out this event weeks in advance and this. This event sold out like free times over as underneath the first batch of tickets went instantly deanery. Some more just kept sending out right. You don't take time is kept going going going going going gone and yet to get them Areso stops so the fact that they could sell out London sent out a spotlight followed and have people stayed entire night was insane. I stayed until about. I think maybe six or something the next day so really fucking went for it so this is a clip of finishes. A clipper notice a picture of actually Dixon playing here followed for the most part. You're not allowed to take pitches which is really at followed by you. Know people are sneaking. Do take pictures in there but I think for the most part of no photo policy overruled white does does do I think is this kind of similar to Burgum seminar. where I think is good? I think I they were trying to be too much librarian. But as a usually most places you start with one idea idea one concept for your space but in other time it kind of evolves find your feet right you find the things that work for you and I think the fact that they've kind of gone away from having really heavy handed the big Dj's lineups and kind of gone through this kind of given local promoters and really people are about this life a platform to kind of showcase stuff into introduced intestinal intentional. Act to come down and do Labor. and that's really cool. So they kind of essentially kind of going down the more grease mueller level programming about blank kind of level as as opposed to a program and can only be reserved for like the big print with projects. That places anyway right so I think trying to replicate that whole no pitching in the UK. He's looking to work in a culturally. She's a different culture of going out. People in Germany. Ten on Belen tend to be a bit more detached from their social media. Machines people obviously in in love with obsessive stuff like tinder and grander. Data's what people is doing right always kind of sexually. There must be sexually liberated. We are bent on to societal things going so now. It's very rare that you go to a bar. Belen see those flashes everywhere. People are taking pictures with their friends. They don't do that. Who have been more people be more subtle? The things right they come take the environment into question to take up. The flash copied it and put their firm back. It's about being moment Clinton with your friend which is cool so I think what the photo taken taking this idea of more pictures and kind of have a little blanket over offing where there's a few signs that bubble not they'll have somebody around the dots policing everyone telling you to take your phone right. I'm not asking forever. Maybe so even Bergen someone that taking your view. They're kind of a bit lucent by overrule provides a a good standard of good code of conduct. behaviorally people just generally going for and dancing. So y'all people recalled him but they're being discreet about their phone in the air and putting a lot on during the Clinton they're kind of in a bit more low-key okay about which kind of breeds a full good environment so there's not many pictures but there are some statistics and beyond the Dexia. This is amazing. This is the famous shot as they have on a window which is similar to the BERGHEIM windows or the blinds with the light seeps through they were able to kind of put some some kind of tints on the glass. I'm assuming contrary at what is amazing fractious rainbow. That was great to see. When you're next to it I was awesome and of course you've got the videos of people that sticks Tamie? It was so like I guess again like I said photos are Best Club in London. Hands Down there's nothing better than fault and I think part of the reason why is because this is brew out I think a lot of cubs on good the people that go there right by its drawn out audio school ravers all the people who are very much about this electronic music life. They loved dance music. Nick love going out and hearing cool stuff connecting with friends and I think once you have that under one roof one umbrella it just it just caught for a magical nights. That's essentially. These people existed along rapper. We're a bit fractured love. In place we were in warehouse. Parties were impact is in the woods and stuff ah different nights in different cubs lover too. But now we've got one central hub. which is why it's so important so integral that somehow they I to fight the suspension and be because I think this place enfold replicating London? I mentioned it previously before I think we need to have. We have already would call the venue. They've already ready go now. They just signed the lease four. But I think every POB Lunden north east stopping West leads to have one version of fold in that endeavour acidity the whole reason behind. It is that they need to take away number one the strain and the stress and the pressure that is flooded upon the cubs that we have available now because not many of them right. That's why shoot is probably probably as terrible as is now mostly because of this idea that all the main club big lovable and go to in that area I will shut down so the bar type places that are kind of I'm trying to masquerade as clubs being pushed limits and then able to satisfy them on the public right people are getting wasted too quickly they have to close at two on his show. Winner of the drinking should wind up sending booze just not conducive to a kind of You know harmonious nightlife experience. If you had somewhere like pass people still open. You can have a little basement club. Open somewhere in the middle of you could go to and get wit until six. Am kind of stressing out the people in the Red Lion Landlines installer maybe cord so I think the Nita these places will be awesome because then you could imagine. We had like a fulltime place near Liverpool Street. I'm as I tell you. Sean would improve overnight tonight because you'd because then you'd go to Sudan expectation level of greater shooting would be what it is right. You'd go there because you know exactly what it is. It says you got to go out but in a number you wanna get witness to something interesting helping UBA and boom you go to somewhere around the area bathroom we live. Maybe not maybe not over some of it a little bit more in a fold around a little bit more community driven Dhabi Prequel to see and yeah again account for just. How great was the people in their? Everyone needs to get out in the back because they made that night. Great as great as folded is the people that were there also made it very special and you could tell it by the. Dj's the other booth they'll just having the time of their life and epic. I don't know maybe the the lying Dixon probably played one of his best of seeing playing a longtime. The Guy was so vivid lying guilt. They smashed it so amazing. That was great. Japan's smoke machine also trip all like against right. Yeah it was so good. Everyone was amazing. But Yeah Big Jimmy. Joel's was fucking incredible effing was great about it. I don't have any in two thousand. Yeah and again like I said one of my favorite spots to go to. I've been going there for years. I've been going since it opened and again I I just hope the able to fight the suspension and kind of make it work men. Because it's a it's a great sport. Those blinds that light that through the fact that these people are hanging around canning town. It's just great man just like I said I live in the area and was an absolute hell hole just full of crooked shifty. People were now with the no. That's sometimes vacation can work in those respects where again it won't work if they decide to build flats around fold because it's popping is probably going to happen and it has to go somewhere else Bob. Jr advocation can work when they kind of work in conjunction with the community. Right they give the community out there the first dibs on new places. And then whatever's left over they kind of expand to the out. The outside is coming in and the outside the coming in they give a new lease of life. They open up businesses. No there's a niche for businesses. Now because people coming in the money's dragged in money's kind of staying in Komo is bouncing in your community and state security prosperity we've been minority groups of people right Jewish people in the stuff. That's that's what I say. They so wealthy and they can kind of handle money really well is because they let their money bounds within their community. I think is between like fifteen twenty times or something so you know it goes from a local bank. Today's opponent to butcher the Portugal it Kinda bounces in the community before it goes out somewhere else. So just one spore. The phone is kind of properly contributed many other things sprouting out of the air. And I'm sure plus even the Stalin Pizza just up the road they depart `sometimes off the pies. That's probably debone from that as well. I'm sure involved in red someone. Who was somebody involved in free free as spider much us if we create or maybe was it a baked? The hope is some this guy involved in the peace stalling pieces. Who've Kinda you know one of the main fabrics of the London nightlife scene? He opened up. And I've seen this partly due to follow the opening up to show will see studios popping up out of Mace afford to have their own studios in there too. So it's kind of a harmonious thing you're kind of helping each other in regarding Yemen just great to see easily one of my best nights in a while thank God Janssen Gudjohnsen property my ideal. BJ example. I thank God. The tricks out. Remember didn't Global Taylor from thinking that okay and let's Alex Taylor who Alex Taylor okay. I don't know but he was there too. That was cool. God Johnson wasn't credible. We saw good gains in a phone. You might just think audience and playing a vote. How lucky you are Dow just incredibly again? He's is probably my favorite. Dj for my Deejay who are kind of look up to and I kind of mold my career around the he was relatively unknown in kind of Blew up in his later years of his life he signed up as journalists beforehand. Two Thousand Preschool. And the fact that he's just a DJ and he's able to play. He's probably the most well rounded out the moment he's able to play like a really underground techno pie in the middle of Georgia able to play like a beach somewhere in the Bali he's able to hit those platforms really were effortlessly without compromising on sound and of course he plays vinyl address in a geography teacher. Right just incredible edible dude. I love him really. We watch interviewed. Just a credible credible guy. It was incredible because again look out the very one. Take a look at this so I mean it's not fun hurry smiling. I've found his love. Yeah we just went to really great time of rural this is the oval lineup. That we had they look at that lineup tricks. Marcus World'll Jimmy Joe's Total Shiva Gum. Good Johnson. Tennis did tennis played a you. Dominate you stupid digit tennis enfold. I'm live onlive Again we forget to mention on a friend the other guy from Albright live again. You forget how good he is forget. Ah You'll see these people play too often. He doesn't play as much nowadays. Most of caprice could famine supper. He was insanely good life. So good probably one of the best losses the while probably up there with the legendary Hendrix live sets. You might have seen just really really good software again just an incredible lineup and you know probably you may be the best label. Dj Roster like. Can they really be imagine having a set up a DJ battle especially in twenty four hour a landscape twenty four hour timeframe who could really tear apart more preferable linament especially when you included their friends and family it chuck in the Solomon in debt and stuff like that is going crazy. That lineup is so good Really cool I really enjoyed it again. Pick up everyone that fold for for doing great organization. The super blessed the Bah Bah people bartenders. Some some of the people I spoke to work metabolic and sixteen eighteen hours. I meant to say that vizier. Pick up you for hand behind an innocent putting up with people drunk abusive drunken nature and stuff that was cool and just generally beat up the vibe integrate forever did woman everyone. Everyone can contribute to a great night and at the end of leaving me for a bit and I ended up staying there frontier about seven seven. I think seven eight maybe six seven eight I think and then jumps jumped out daytime neighborhood and that was nice man. I'm still recovering now. Virtually because my age but overall a great occasion a great night and again something special for London but great way to close out kind of going out season stuff in it for the most part. Yeah big up. Everyone involved a great A great occasion and I can't wait for the next closely next. We'll probably be individual label not in Barcelona. They do all the time right during sewn on stuff that's always a good occasion do is held in a massive square. Video is looking sandy cool. Yeah Awesome. Well we met we met Dixon's assistant right Peo- ever GonNa show TAME so if you're watching this big up her husband. We met them up in class. Mix Us she was really nice and we bumped into him again at fold. That was great funny to see them again and it just I dunno it just from seeing her and seeing her partner and seeing everyone else right seeing Industry hanging around if fell as if people kind of like really really up for this night like every was okay cool. This is obviously the big dogs but they pulled off. The phone is sold out London weeks months in advance the fact they went through Leslie and the production was amazing. Purim ed to it and again it was a real kind of family affair. Felt like everyone came out and kind of had some good fundamentals. I loved it. I really love accommodate. Go back again. So Yeah Big Volume Ford again. Best Club London hands down no question about it. Don't don't ask me Don't dare me I don't care that's my opinion and it will remain that way but yeah that's the way it really think for the most part nothing more to talk about. I want to speak about now catch up with you guys. You guys know that I'm alive alive and Kickin but apart from that tuning into exercising. Shrimp Number Two seventy seven zero S. They usually find them about myself. Cook Below Xhosa. EXCELLENT ZINGER DOT com. You can find links to my blog. Social media accounts my youtube page. Probably watching or listening to a podcast contact. Bits measles. Contact me again touch. gotcha stuff any any sponsorships promotions. Hit the boy up and stuff Of course on Youtube Channel Will the south which I'll post on the podcast cost description so you can click on it and if you want to and yeah if you're watching Youtube smashed leaving committee questions if you're listening to the podcast up review view if you do the show and share whatever one and let me know what you think of it and I'll see you guys again. I think tomorrow phenomena the show tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow again to kind of you know Roundup USA sued. I've got the house and myself and Yeah I've take care be safe in that. Hope you guys have a good rest of the weekend that Milwaukee. We'll go from there and take care piece. Thanks again still got soon bye.

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