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"worship churches synagogues moss" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"I am not minimizing the impact. I am not minimizing The contagious nature of covid. Nineteen nor am. I'm minimizing the heartbreak and the tragedy of the deaths associated with a Cova de Nineteen. But the bottom line is as I sit here and talk with you each and every morning. It is difficult to believe that these words are coming out of my mouth all right so we've worked through. Let's see public gatherings All of the Requests that were made by Larimer county to the State Health Department governor police to ease up on some of the the restrictions. Okay and well. They got approval and they got partial approval on some of their requests. So we've worked through public gatherings and malls and personal services restaurants and bars recreation outdoor group activities gems movie theaters other entertainment facilities again. It all goes to your particular comfort level. This is not about judging anyone and respect your right to say no. I'm not ready to go out yet. I'm just not ready to go into public venues fine. That is your right but it's also others right rights to make their own decisions. And how many times have we seen on social media? businesses and individuals being shamed for simply trying to live their lives as cautiously and carefully will leave like the ozarks out of the equation this morning because that was just a free for all but how many times have you seen businesses and individuals being shamed simply because they want to live their lives making their own decisions as adults. It's pretty reprehensible. In my humble opinion education and child care long term care facilities. Tell you what we're going to get into that Probably later on in the show because the list goes on and on and on no doubt you've heard the flap over places of worship President trump saying that places of Worship Churches Synagogues Moss. Whatever the case may be are being unfairly targeted in terms of covert nineteen that the heavy hand of government is coming down on Services and religious groups basically saying you need to reopen and many governors across the Nation San Jose. No way not so fast uring up for yet. More constitutional challenges in an era of covid nineteen sixty seven out thirteen ten. Kfi K y the whole sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI Greeley thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage..

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