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"workman elementary school" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"His young daughter. Police say Anthony Worthington left a bag of meth within reach of his one year old who apparently ingested the drugs and died last week Anthony was arrested on suspicion of child endangering drug possession and tampering with evidence. A former Mason high school student has been sentenced for his role in the beating death of a black man in Virginia judge in Charlottesville on Mondays sentenced twenty year old ex Mason high school student Daniel Borden to twenty years in prison for his helping in the attack using a plank on one of the counter protesters at the unite the right rally and riot in two thousand seventeen. However, the judge also suspended most of that sentence. So Borden who is listed as living outside of Dayton, Ohio now will serve just under four years behind bars plus credit for time served Borden was accused of violence when he was a Mason student as well he was seen in some of the videos from that day, wearing a hard hat that said commie killer attacking a man with a wooden plank, Jack crumley, News Radio seven hundred wwl w a teacher in northeastern Kentucky is now facing assault charges over an incident at school that was captured on video trailer Adams in trouble for dragging a special needs child through the hallway as other students at the school in green up county watched. It broke my heart. When I saw the. The video and I saw all of his new class nights and his friends along the wall watching him being dragged down the hallway angel Wilson is the mother of the nine year old who has autism Adams has been removed from workman elementary school. Green county Kentucky is located along the Ohio river across from Portsmouth as the government shutdown continues the effects of it continued to get worse. We're at a thirty year, low and staffing. Mark Schneider with the national air traffic controllers union. It's a stressful job to begin with says, they're working longer hours than ever an airlines pilot association international road to the White House urging an end to the shut down because it is quote adversely affecting the safety security and efficiency of our national airspace system. They added the shutdown means there are fewer inspectors on the job with the FAA. Serena Marshall ABC news Washington, so far the president has been unwilling to back off his demand for five billion dollars in funding to build a wall along the border with Mexico president. Wants to address the nation tonight at nine o'clock possibly to declare a national emergency to try and go around congress to get the wall built for the second time in three years. The Clemson Tigers are college football's national champions, head coach Dabo Sweeney says this is just the start for his program vision for Clemson is for all these other schools to want to be like Clemson, I want to build a model program. And I want to do it in a way that loves our players serves our players equips our players, I wanna have some fun doing it. The Tigers routed number one Alabama Monday night, forty four to sixteen freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence for three hundred and forty seven yards and three touchdowns in the win. We now know the dates for the first hell Israel derby in Major League Soccer MLS releasing the full schedule. Yesterday, FC Cincinnati will travel to Columbus to take on the crew. August the tent, and then the rematch will be at Nipper stadium on August twenty fifth. You can see full schedule by going to seven hundred wwl W dot com. Our next update will be at nine o'clock. Rick chino, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w..

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