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"woody jeffreys" Discussed on News & Talk 1380 WAOK

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11:21 min | 1 year ago

"woody jeffreys" Discussed on News & Talk 1380 WAOK

"Your day? I'm good. What do you how you doing, man? Hey, man. I'm doing fine. We opened up his moment. Yes. I'm concerned about this, this thing would Trump is the fact that they're trying to make white males control of the whole world. As a result of that, you know, come and the rest of the white boys is going to definitely stick with Trump because they understand what the plan is that they will white man controlled, and well and the fact that when mother passed down this little whimsey situation with Trump being, he can't same president can be impeached. All of that, what he did was left enough rule for Trump to warm through, like a worm, I, I might say to some kind of way that he could come down off this investigation as being he wrote a better get innocent. So we always had remembered Mullah, white male who was a Republican. That tell you right then. And there how that investigation was gonna end. He's not going to do was the taxpayers paid him to do was to go in and find out if this man is a criminal and shot him. So I agree wholeheartedly with Muller's situation, ended this thing he didn't intend for Trump to go to jail, he left the room to get out of this. What do you think? I think if we call, what I what I think is, I think that Muller deal what he was opposed to do. I will give him that. I think would I think that Muller d would he was supposed to do, but I also think that in the world we live in. They always seem to come up with special rules when he comes to us, and all I'm saying these is that I know that the parameters of the of the department of Justice is not to prosecute present they don't have jurisdiction to do that. I know that congress has that that's Congress's role, but I questioned sometimes the double standard of the way too low works the double standard, way criminal Justice system. Works double standard away, people work does. I'm just not. So sure if you if you took if you took Donald Trump, and you replace the same. Same. With put it this way. If it wasn't Donald Trump. It was James Trump from side of Detroit, or from the east side of Detroit, a west side of Detroit. Who president who was a successful, black businessman who? By some happenstance got elected to be president who had the same attitude as Donald Trump as she'll this question would he still be an office right now? And that's my concern about this whole thing, if you just flip the script, you just change the right. How many blackmails went to jail for marijuana? Right. But now marijuana in America, and most days, we're not I won't say most days, but in many states, legal legalized, you still got black man in jail sitting sitting here for marijuana. Even in Detroit. Harvesting it grow in it, growing it. Selling it. Right. So it's hard for me as a black man in America, not to look at this lands and say. If the tables were turned would we be saying, well, the law says we can always be whatever we need to do? And this how I see. That's how feel it personally. Hey, seven seven five three to five seven nine seven. Let's get everybody in leave. Nobody out. Let's go to Atlanta. W. A O, K, lamb five Jeffrey. He keeping it real. With the, Reverend Sharpton, you got revenue with. Yes, everyone's doing today. How you doing very well. One of the subjects in high school that I kind of shy away from an name about cutting every now and then with civics, but I couldn't run civics lesson. I got one find out. From I to have. Oh, yeah. I'm watching on getting a civics lesson all day and all night. But I found out that they never told me there was little breakfast. Government. That was judicial executive the Senate and the monarchy. Because. Because right now with that longstanding policy of injects department, Donald Trump a monarch in can't meet that she on touchable. We just be real about this. They have made him a monarch king be touched in. We have now seen that, because what Robert Moore said that if there will evidence of what he did not do would have said that. Well, he did not say you didn't do. X Y. He said that he not it was not guilty of experts. So it was a lot of ambiguity in his statement in wide open wide open. So the branch of government is going to ever hinder, if this longstanding policy covered every monarch every four years to eight years term to term, that makes sense so far. Get where you're going. Okay, so point to with this product feel of candidate chill. We not be pressing them to rescind with an executive order to get rid of this policy that the Justice department has for monarchs. I think that is very question that be putting poor. The twenty four candidates running for president in this twenty twenty election. Because if in fact, we want to continue in stand in allow this now that we see this, we've experienced there would be not to put this as a campaign issue to those running for this office that they're not running for president. They're running for as a monarch. And Thirdly, and I'll be done. We would that the Russians had a considerable amount of money in our elections to turn this. And so, I think right now we need to be talked about getting rid of that. Like college, I would wonder. The boat coil college temper wouldn't look to vote for Donald Trump when he did vote, but in one electoral college, that's all I have to say. So I'm saying we have a very, very simplistic this morning. Stay woke. Get thank you Jeff, appreciate your call, and you have. Right. We do need to stay woke. I think the question is, you know, put on the table by different that, you know, shit, the department of Justice or should've president get rid of this route at the department of Justice. I think we got first of all we got to get down to the center while the department of Justice created. I mean DOJ and to turn his general's office really created one of main reasons why was created as to somewhat really focus on civil rights now. It's turned in and grew in all other kind of things, but it was supposed to help, you know, mitigate the issues that citizens were dealing with across the nation from federal level. Fortunately, we haven't seen that happen as much as let's get one more, Gregory North Carolina XM, one twenty six line six great young keeping real with revenue shopping. Hey, good afternoon. Reverend Williams afternoon. All right. Just wanted to never what could be some good news came out of that statement by special counsel Muller and also pertaining to what Woody Jeffrey and what you have said about the double standard of this department of Justice policy. And what I have is a Google search that will take your listeners and yourself directly to original copy of this policy that Robert Muller talked about, and the Google search is nineteen Seventy-three Dixon Mimmo, that's D. I X O N memo if you just type that in a gogo nineteen Seventy-three Dixon nemo, and that's an original copy of the report that this policy that Muller is saying is blocking him from doing anything about President Trump. Now the key thing about this policy is number one. It was written at the height of the Watergate investigation specifically to attack president Nixon from being convicted of a crime. That's the time line. It was written nineteen Seventy-three by sister attorney general, Robert Dickson, and he was brought into the Justice department for just one year wrote this policy, and then left and the policy was reading written about twenty days before the infamous Saturday night massacre. When president Nixon five, the attorney, general five, the deputy attorney general and made Robert Bork solicitor, general and acting attorney general tell you what, I'll tell you what I gotta I gotta do this gotta leave it right there. Great. But I people to get all the knowledge that you possibly can. So I thank you for your call. Thank you. Memo check it out. I'm read about it myself. All right. Y'all the great with your love being with the keeping real audience. I wanna thank you Muhammad executive producer. I want to thank the field. Whether jay. And I wanna thank all the you've been listening to those. Got through those could get through number keep calling you'll get through and some. All right. Remember, we're revving shop. He wants you to know tell you everybody. What about it? Somebody keeping. Don't forget, whatever you do. Have you wherever you might go do one thing. Better than the most. Keep it. 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"woody jeffreys" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"The senate republican leader might mitch mcconnell says there will be no days off four lawmakers as long as the federal government is technically out of business so i wanna share the american people will be right back at us from all again to the american people will be right back out this the mall and for as long as it takes mcconnell on the senate floor in the past hour after a day of negotiations have produced no end to the shutdown democrats continue to lick their votes for budget bill to some way to extend daca deferred action for childhood arrivals meanwhile south republika south carolina republican senator lindsey graham is not happy with his colleagues i think when look heading that would care more about the party flagged in the american flag from coast to coast women's march are becoming much more classic woody jeffrey saw who song in austin texas today at the march in new york this call from whoppi goldberg the only way that we are going to make a change is if we come it to change we have to decide that the people who represent us have to represent all of us senate echoed in los angeles where actress alfie woodard said the 2018 midterms start now president trump tweeted about the march is noting the good weather over much of the country also noted historic milestones in unprecedented wealth creation in his first year in office house ethics committees looking for a new member now the pennsylvania republican patrick mians not on the panel the new york times says me and used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint from a former staffer there missouri governor eric bretton says he's sorry for what he says was a consensual affair about three years ago that he says there was no black band male and no violence the fbi has opened an investigation was democrats call for the republican governor to resign average johnson started with a new car sounds.

the new york times missouri harassment president texas south carolina mitch mcconnell senate johnson fbi governor eric bretton federal government patrick mians pennsylvania trump alfie woodard los angeles new york austin woody jeffrey senator lindsey graham three years