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WeWatchWrestling Issue #364

"Hey you watch wrestling. Believe. Greetings friends. Welcome. The we watch wrestling podcast. You only place unit to be. Where we ask the hard questions like. Whereas Daba Kato. Wonderful Darling. Read it a beard host wrestling Mat McCarthy with me always professional wrestling encyclopedia Vince April. Butter Beetle Battle Pete who? Do, the big dog is back. Up Beaten feed you never saw common big dog is back. legit never saw coming. He's jacked up. He's got a brand new grill. He's all jacked up. Yeah. What's up with the teeth buyers I'll tell you this dude I didn't even notice it on summer. Slam and then it was pointed out to me and then I saw Randy Orton making fun of him. A number of posts on instagram? Yeah. Raining Ordonez. A DECK WHO FEUD WITH DUDE? Got Nothing to do what you kid you. Feud with the guys brand new set of choppers. I didn't I saw rainy orden's posts before I looked at. Romans Grill and then I was like. What's going on there but also? As a guy who has done a bit about the nears and. I've seen a lot of her nears. That were very very noticeable i. It didn't look like a bunch of fucking igloo coolers to me. You know what? I mean like it looked modest. I don't know about modest. It was big. Well it's also looking at it. I was like, why does he looks? So different meaning has normally he's got like. A gap at the like a gap between is to frontier then he See I, guess I don't I'm not to centric like that the way the way I study hair. I don't care about. Then, from from your forehead to your ankles, Vince can't see you but. Hair or your shoes Vince Vince. Police lineup I'm in. I'm in although I did the other week I did miss what? Golf. was wearing in the underground but other than that I'm usually on I know God forbid you know we're already asking the question where's Daba Kato then begs the question where where was Dolphin? I've are or whatever he was supposed to they they. It's like anything can happen in Ron ground even the matches we announced not happening. Well, that's I mean that's your your big indication that that they want act like Vince isn't in the underground he's still in the underground. Boy Although Dolph was wearing I think he was wearing some American flag converse all stars this week when he when he did go up against Lashley right? tonight do the debate arm wrestle or they, but then he then he apollo and him on wrestled. Apollo crews arm wrestled with yeah and then Lashley went downstairs in rolled around with. All right yeah yeah yeah. The Almighty. Yeah. Wherever. The Vikings they were driving around with the Turkey legs. Singing Spongebob squarepants so we. Did they. They also didn't they wrestle I don't know. Let's let's not focus on this. I'm so I'm so tired of focusing on this right now dude let me tell you something. When drew cut his promo and he asked everybody to give a thumbs up I was like I don't I don't like whether this is going and then when he finishes Promo this is Seguin. And, I was like, wow, he didn't get attacked. Actually did a promo. Somebody finished their promo. And then he's backing up the ramp and I'm like, why are you? Why are you have your back to the entrance? Why you doing that? Am I don't do that and then as soon as Randy Orton came out and beat them up. I was just like, I, kind of checked out for the rest of the intimidation tactics of the Viper again. Well, it's also funny to like I. Guess Their big thing now is fighting and guerrilla but fusing. Gorilla and making sure that the camera never pans over to the Nabet can never pay over to the test to see who's sitting there, but it's also it's. It's just so funny that's like. Why do you had this giant empty room? Because it's like they clear everybody out right out right and what is the point of this gigantic empty room? Well, also, you know when they when the report came out later that you know after three punt kicks like they were they're concerned that maybe drew scholars fractured bone brain bleeding and all this. Yeah, we tell you this dude he didn't kick him three times because at first time in guerrilla that was one of the biggest whiffs of all time dude with a ruining. I mean. That was the moment I was like I, just remember I. Remember someone saying it. Maybe. Even fence was just like. When, when Randy does his punt kick he the person in the head which is no good. or He works it and it looks like Shit. So they took the punt kick away from him. And that was. It was incredible I was like they did not where where's your shaky camera when that's going? Yeah. Right. Where's your calcutt? One time you needed? Yeah. Said God Almighty. And then what the word on the street of course is that. If you're in the Thunderdome your bureau getting instructions. Apparently, they have a Thunderdome coach who's coaching them to dressing they're Klan outfits and show pictures of Chris. And other awful things on the Internet. Cheer, Cheer. The goodguys, guys the baddies no. That's right. These are the rules never say never. Who the he'll share the baby face stay on the referee. It's very distracting. What what were your thoughts on the Thunderdome I wanNA very distracting. Oh, I don't know I didn't I didn't I didn't mind it. By. It was sort of it was a non issue I guess for me. I, I kept my I kept wondering I kept wanting to like. Because either people were like frozen because they had like shitty internet or they would all be or I would see one guy, and then see him like also like a few rows back. Then, I was trying to spot like the I just I just kept trying to like see people now because I'm just but it's I don't know I fortunately. I. That was not something that that my brain started to do but oh yeah well, I mean, maybe if maybe Mary what was happening inside the ring was a little more compelling. Matches, all will you name one bad match on the show on Summer Slam Yeah. just one. Now, I. didn't mind Summer Slam I thought it was okay. I thought I mean Balian Oscar I thought was fucking great and then Bailey and and then hoskin Sasha was just like God damn. Yes. Randy match that was the match. That was very, very good. That was very, very good. Match, was good. Oh Yeah Angel versus the St Profs. I was bummed out though that Sonia manuals not Harris's his hair I think that that Sounds like Sony lawyer was like we can't have her in court with shaped head which begs the question. Does. She not live near a wig store. Also begs the question is the defendant have to look any certain way I mean this person had their home invaded why does to show up fucking? Now, somehow this idea that like, oh, well, she shaved her head on TV. So clearly, there is no trauma there. There's no rules you can just do whatever the fuck you want. Love. You read the Book Fair Fair night for fifty one. I still gotTA listen to the mock interview. Tell me about it God. Damn it. If you don't subscribe to The Observer you need to right now just to hear the hour and a half with Meltzer and Moxley first of all from the jump boxes like it's a circus, my house right now they're shooting this cookbook for my life. He's like there's makeup people there's food stylists that's the thing. He's like a thing that they sent me the store like five or six times and I'm standing there going what's shallot? And they're like, it's bits by the onions. It's like a small and was like. Learn learn something new every day but you mean gene Shalit joining. I. Think He's dead bad. When he starts talking about the Thunderdome is like you ever read the Book Fahrenheit. Four fifty one whilst like no I I mean I've heard it but I don't think I've read it and then he's like well, you know it's this Bradbury wrote in the fifties and it basically tells exactly what's happening right now and there's a part where there's like screens and your house where like all your family of friends around these screens and then I saw thundered like it's Fahrenheit four, fifty one. And then Meltzer's Garrett you ever read Fahrenheit four, fifty, one, it was like Nah I haven't. He describes the whole book. It's good. It's good. That's Hilarious I feel like. Was the screens in? Fahrenheit four fifty one or is that in nineteen, eighty four? Raw I read either of those books but that's what mark sent I. I can only work what Max told me Oh Mr Mr take down the government a stern during Bush's never at a book and his life. Can do I got the fucking midnight express. Jim CORONET scrapbook right here. And you know what's funny. Is it make me spit on my wife's computer on on. Beers. This week they were like a Rob Sakata was like, what are the three things non essential that she'd grab if you're fucking house is on fire and I realized when grabbed this damn looking at it, it would have been this. You can't get this fucking book. No more. No you can't get that at all. So I gotta add that to my list of items to grab on the way out. I nevertheless. I liked summer slam but I was bummed about the hair match and I was Thank God Roman showed up when he did during the main event because I was dislike not feeling that match oh can we talk about what happened to us on said on? Sunday. We can let me say this though they're like, yeah just that match should not have gone on last. You know there was just no, it should on last that was that was it's the biggest problem for me with that match because like I was looking like Oh what's laughed and I was like. Well the only reason it makes sense because I mean I guess on paper. Vince thinks. The Universal Championship Is the beer championship. But certainly when brock listener has it that that is for sure true but. Looking at the aftermath. Of Roman coming back. It may says why they had to put that last but Farren. Corner. Wikipedia that went twelve minutes. That was every minute of that. Fella every minute. Yes so you know. Whether or not we overpaid to spend two minutes with Braun strowman on Sunday can be debated. You can't put a price tag on that. But the thought being that if each of us spent two minutes with Braun strowman that those four minutes together for our listening public would have been worth way more suit. We laid the money down on the barrel head and proceeded to get. We were both in the fucking lobby. We were both dude everything. We were supposed to do based on the limited amount of Shit that they tried to explain to you about how you're supposed to virtually meet and greet a motherfucker for two minutes. And both of US got fucked. I mean it just said you're your second in line four minutes to go and it just changed refresh send an email nothing and They still haven't. Grit written back to I e Mail I wrote. I was like Yo, what is up and they were like they it was it was one of those things where they send you an answer that like speaks to one little element of your email but resin. And it was like. This this and I'm like, no already did that and and so. I think the mistake on my end because both are separate right so it should be considered as separate tickets. I think part of the reason they haven't got back to me was my response to that original from them was all capitals fuck you. And then A tirade of a couple of sentences about you know what the fuck was going on in that I wanted my refund. So I'm not surprised that they have disavowed on me the email that was sent on your behalf for your number, your account purchase whatever was a very you know level-headed complaint that you had not gotten what you purchase. So the fact that you haven't heard anything is bullshit. Let me tell you something i. just the link is still open. You can still go in a way you can still going on wait I am the current position is one estimated wait time two minutes won't be long now. So I I once again health has been requested leave that open because maybe he'll papa maybe maybe bronco pop up during the show we brought them pop up. Some two days later, I'm going to leave this open. You know we had hoped I was GONNA ask him Zombie Apocalypse which one gun of his he was going to grab. I was going to ask him his Karaoke Song I, was GonNa ask him AAA order because I found out he let's lay really. I I wanted to ask him Me Look what else I had. Well, we talked about you just ask questions by Jeff Hardy Yeah Yeah Yeah which I would've I would've never been able to pull that off I'm I'm way to. Whatever you WANNA call it Dude I if we'd gotten in. I would have completely traded and been like ask about Jeff Hardy bit like so Jeff Hardy wasn't available for this. You know what he's doing right now. You're probably going to see him. Can you tell me What. Color Schemes e working today on the face paint but I was GONNA ask him as pizza toppings and I was going to ask him if he's ever met SID and if so did they discuss softball Brana big softball, Guy. Is Dad is like in the hall of fame he's like hit more home runs than any fucking whatever Shefa Fan and he I thought I thought I've sent you instagram's of him just like hitting off the tee and. Discussing like softball bats. Is Super, you know what? I didn't put it together that that he would be i. just thought he was wasting time on his farm. Did you watch the The the twenty four the show must go on about this year's mania I haven't seen it. I tell you man my favorite thing I'm network now is that they have the chapters at the bottom where you can skip to the next thing because he has. Like I'm watching the beginning of announced. This is your run of the mill Put smiles on people's faces. The show us to go on. We were sitting at home and we're giving them so much. That whole suck in their own Dick's thing. the-the re-really bit was really interesting because it's like her walking into the stadium and then you know it all gets canceled or rearranged. Just seeing footage of her back in Australia like she started wrestling when she was sixteen all that was super cool. Watching. Vents. Show gronk out of fall off the fucking thing. When which is an note. The most unnecessary thing in the history of. Entertainment like at not. Move hold my muscle milk jump off this thing shrouded stone pal. Like we get it. And that little gesture you are that clip bed gesture he goes where he's laying on the ground just like. This. Problem The Fuck Outta here, Pussy? But they get into stroman. First of all, they show some. Behind the scenes stuff of the I'm just making sure there's no change here I saw a so moving on my phone. They show some backstage behind the scenes, stuff of the the the Flynn House match and it very much feels like the way that just the way the footage rolls out it feels like wait with Shane, McMahon, the director and creative mind behind the fucking funhouse Oche is you see you see Pritchard in there too right like it's mostly just being like you know like talking to John and like setup shots and stuff and I'm like Oh my God. They get to Stroman and he tells it's it's very interesting to a point. Because he's like he drove. Twenty hours. To his farm in Wisconsin and they show if it's if it's to be believed like drone footage of his land. and. It's like this guy lives on like a legit farm silos in the whole fucking deal. And then he's like a call from Toronto, I just pulled into my property and he goes. Need back, in new back in Florida? We're sending the plane to get you at a regional airport. This airport does the runway was mostly grass and he flies back and fagging finds out he's wrestling Goldberg. And then it goes into his bike back story which when it got to a point where I was like. When when he's like Work hard and everything will all your dreams will come true I'm like I'm done because that that is something I happen to believe in but hearing it from. Like he's like, Oh, I, I'd only had like two years experience and then Vince just like threw me into the deep end was like sink or swim. It's. Yeah 'cause you're fucking huge dude. You Suck and you're huge. Yeah. But I mean the I think I saw a clip of this too and what saved it for me is. Because the camera pans around and he's in the trash candidate chicken restaurant right? He's. Pulling bones out of the trash while he's talking about this, that's why didn't have a problem with it because he's eating boats. That was my my questions were what's your favorite movie? What's your favorite? Grateful Dead Song which your favorite book. What's your favorite animal shoot? have. You ever eaten bones either on purpose or accidentally. What's here? How do you feel about nerds? Candy or the people. Both. Where do you? What sides do you like to get with beef stroganoff? What's your favorite Edwin? Movie. Favorite band favorite song, which one's your favorite ghostbuster. Do you have a favorite ghostbuster? It's got to be Bill Murray. The next question is, what's who's your favorite SNL CAST member of all time Favorite drink favorite video game. Have you ever seen a UFO? So this is a call to action to all our friends out there in the world. We need you to get at. Grow Ticks Jaro W. And at Braun Strowman, and let them know that we were cheated. We were robbed. We spent a lot of money that we've not gone back. There's no sign we're getting back and we did not get our two minutes to talk to Bron Mary comfortably, Matt Very, matter of factly, and get the answers and we were waiting for hours. Let I spent I got into the I got in there like nine fifteen our time and and I was still fucking sitting there at. Two o'clock or whatever the fuck it was just just being. He's gone but but put. What's going on here? Right. So, if you have the time if you feel like Lenihan and these people. You've been cheated. The Fan base has cheated listeners have been cheated because they would have found out all this. It would have been real stupid. Mary. Okay. Well, I'm following up with another email to them. You seem a little forlorn bud. I'm. Upset I'm upset I was like. I was in a bad mood for a while after that happened when when we finally gave up. Like I was like this is bullshit. Yeah. Douse anger about to. But like I hopped on that like you you text in, you're like, Oh you know they are you in the waiting room yet I was I got fucked. So it was like nine thirty. Maybe even before that I was in. And then. It was past noon. It was like getting close to one PM when I was like, fuck. Yeah because I remember the first time I was like I think I'm going to bail and you're like, I could never like you're like I refuse and it's just like it was it was such a shitty because it's like you they give you a link. You Click on the link and then it says connecting at the bottom. Okay. Great. We're connecting. And then after an hour of its saint connecting. Vince started like clicking around. And like the only two things on the topper and camera settings, there is no reason why I would think to press camera settings but apparently, that's what you had to do before would connect. So which begs the question, but it was already connecting and disconnecting. So so why the fuck? Doesn't like the email should've immediately sent me to the cameras settings, and then once I do that it puts in the queue instead of making me think I'm in the queue. By only gas I'm not a Karma Guy I'm not a big superstition guy all this event but. The fact that I really didn't give a shit about me and the guy we were doing it for a bit is the only reason I can think that the universe conspired. Not, allow it to happen. At one point did try to I. I, stop myself from tweeting at wwe and grow ticks. Like. At one point I was like I wonder, right? Just Lebanon. This chat so I can make fun of the sky already and be done with it. Very respectful, but I'll get my questions in. Okay. Come on. I was going to be respectful to die I. got you back in a phone care, but come on I'm going to bring you back. What you want to talk about why did feel for the guy because he's he talked a lot about like being bullied when he was a kid and he's like I just wanted to be friends with everybody and people would make fun of me. So like you know this one, one coach like taught me how to start working out I just started working out all the time and then I went into you know. Of strong men, contests and stuff and I, met Mark Henry at a gym. That's when I tuned out because we bullies. No we're not bullies because cut to in March when he's on twitter being like, oh, you indy guys begging for like just be better at your job. It's like I I draw the line at him being delusional over why he's in the position he's in it wasn't. Also any humor that would have come out of those two minutes was going to be US asking a question that might not otherwise be asked but there was no word other than have you ever eaten bones which again for someone like that may not be an question anyway. Yeah. I want to know the answer i. Hey Man. You pay your money you get to ask your question. He doesn't have to answer they hung up on me it's not like they're being like. Like all right F Mary Kill. Jimmy Snuka Chris Ben Wa you know Con- yeah, you're not. You'RE NOT GONNA have a cardboard cutout of next year like that. I don't think so. How'd you think Vince looked on Friday night? Looking old I love that he he is incapable of saying wwe. He's always like we w like, yeah I didn't know how to do it. But he says that the same way every time and it's this like. Amalgamation of three letters. W.. A. W. Three. Very. The be-. Deputy. BBB what else did I watch I watched I I was listening to I, went on Youtube and I randomly came across a a cornet where they were asking about the rock being bullied by Sean, my home triple H. Yeah. As I listen to this and. You know like like like most things on the Internet, you click on it and you're like. This. Isn't really talking about the thing that he said it was going to talk about Click Bait. That's what they call it. Granted all it said was they are asking him this question and I was like Ooh I wanna hear the answer but there was basically no answer because it was like. You know he's like you know it bullying the bullying and. The what they did everybody else in about Blah Blah Blah Blah? Blah Blah. And it was just not. But what was interesting was? Coin Net In not so many words said. That he thinks Michael's. Faked the back injury. and was just collecting a shock because he knew that evinced, keep paying him. He would have just gone to debussy. W. And that Lo and behold when WCW closes suddenly has back miraculously is healed. And he's able to come back and wrestle again and I was like. Never even. Dawned on me. It's his own personal Lloyd's of London. Right. He's just sitting at home like what does he fucking care? Opened a wrestling school that he just had somebody else run for him. Right? He did Russell that one match against Daniel Bryan I think. Yeah. Begs the question it certainly does because it also because it's that also that theory doesn't come from out of nowhere because you've got the knee injury where he's got a doctor who says, Oh, you can never wrestle again and he loses a smile, and then as luck would have it, he couldn't lose the belt back to Brad Hart. Tears for miles Isn't that interesting Vince April? I'm telling you there could. There could be legs here. Only functional legs I think there are fully functional legs because then he comes back and he's even better. He's better than he was. Very curious there was never any discussion of the therapy or the different things that he had gone through. Correct. Well according to him Jesus, fixed his back I guess I don't know. Did He have back surgery? Is that the story I don't know? Because now, I'm trying to remember like watching WWF confidential on USA network when it would talk about him coming back and finding a lord and. Getting off the pills. Because it's also interesting because when you watch the clip where he's like, that's where I hurt my back forever and it's like you just Kinda like. Like grazed your ass on the undertaker's coffin for a second who? What match was it on Sunday where? They tried to put the guy threw the table, but it was the ended up on the corner of it didn't collapse I thought of Shawn Michaels right away because it seemed like whoever it was. Are you. Like the ladder match when a when. Martina when Priests Priests Bape the Fox's name, Damien Priest Damian Priest nonleague punishment Martinez. No Bay precisely know who the fuck is he. Johnny, did like a I think it was like a sunset flip power bomb onto the ladder laying across, hit the side of it, and they both went down and I was like. These that was fucked up but now it was it was the announced ask on Sunday. Yeah. But anyway about that. Pat McAfee. That can go now us. All right. I thought it was fine. It was fine. I mean I I, think the. The hype about his match was that you know it's supposed to be He's a non wrestler doing A. Fairly decent wrestling match but Watching him do even even like the Promo he did like. Lot like it was a, it was a good promo but I'm not like. Always the best promo on the business or or anything like that. I didn't like was the one right before he came out I thought that was like a guy pretending to be a wrestler, one, hundred percent, and then that set the tone for me for the whole match because I'm like when he would do shit I'm like this feels like footage from. Like, when they when they talk about ric flair's mainstream influence and then they show football players in the locker room like acting like Rick flair like. Well. So it didn't it did not. Shaded for me the entire time but but the fact that that happened and then the original collar and elbow was like little monkey yet. I'm like I'm like Oh but then it was then it was fine. You know it was it was it was perfectly I hate to say it but me and Eric Stankowski did a much better Kalo colored elbow tie up than ask ask Johannesburg He. He walked by and HE GOES DAMN But yeah, I, thought I thought it was fine and he was. Match I mean the the thing he did where he flips off the top rope and then jump back on it. I was like, Holy Shit but Yeah, I thought it was a lot of fun I. Don't I still stand by I. Don't think it helps Adam Cole at all. You know but It was fine. It was a it was A. It looking back hindsight twenty twenty. It was a fine placeholder for Adam call while they figure out. What to do with him? You'd rather see shack in Cody Mia Raw Jesus Christ please. Please God. please. Let it. Let the baby Jesus take me now I don't WanNa see Shaquille O'Neal. I don't ever WanNa see Shaquille O'Neal on my TV, I actively avoid all. Never. Why did ever? Album Dude anti-sports what's up with you I'm not anti. War I bought it. I would love to go to a baseball game. I've I saw Michael Jordan play basketball in Washington. How many people can say that they did that? There you go you go. faulk I've been to Yankees Red Sox Games I. Don't know if I've ever been to a NHL Game I've been to hockey games. We'll get you out to one when the time is right I mean fuck I saw Larry Bird play basketball dude. Yeah. me. Fuck Shaquille. O'Neal. is so obnoxious. I cannot stand him the the the shack Aronie or the shackle. The shocker Oni pizza from Papa John's. I just can't imagine a Papa John's pizza being any good but the fucking. The commercial. If I'm hungry enough at, it makes me want to run out and buy one. I don't mind shack but I don't WanNa see him wrestle anybody a but. As. It pertains to take over the fact that grimes did not win there. Ladder match will not come out of my craw. No matter how much I lost. I cannot get that. Cameron was the guy to go with Pinky, Martinez? No. Thank you. Martinez. Punishment. Yeah Stay Damian David. Let's let's take you know Damian from the Almond Breeze from Judas priest whatever Ed and do it for me. I don't do it for me but. Grimes better get is come up. It's what's what's what's his new name now hit him in the title picture. Bronson read. Joan Iraq I always had I've I've always been a big fan of his but he was fucking real. Good. Match was fucking. Monstrous. Yep that when Kansas climbed on his back and then he fucking splashes onto Johnny. I was like holy fucking Shit and a half. Also if you watch it back, there is a ladder in the aisle way sometimes, they would set the wound up in the ring and always in the same spot because you gotta lining up with the belt. Because they had the pictures on the big screen in the back. And Joan Iraq's like in the middle or Bronson read is in the middle. And the way would lineup and it made it look like the fucking the latter was a giant mustache on them. Look like this big. Yeah. I saw that now, what about the? What about camera doing those splits though? You gotTa love it right I mean please the dexterity the flexibility. FACISM, who's who's going to hear your body camera grimes or Magnum ta who I might have to go magnum but. But. We're not quite there yet interest. Yeah I mean but you can save takeover. There's no thunderdome here. There's no flares here. There's To distract you, we're trying to look for anybody I mean, that's one hundred percent true. But the it's she's not a distraction but anytime, the camera has shotsie blackheart in the corner. Always GonNa key in on her because she's like she. She doesn't have a disingenuous bone in her body like even when she's like pretending to like cheer and Shit I'm like she's really getting into it. I buy it. I, her instagram stories are just Hilarious to me over the weekend I sent it to you over the weekend. She's like. They're in the arena and she's like she's like, asked me ask me what I'm having for. Dinner? What do you have dinner? Pau just fucking cracked me up dude sophomoric humor I don't do it but I'm playing. Did you watch that video of her getting her gear back from her stolen car? I did not see that video i. read that that had happened and I read all hunter, the benevolent one hundred already gotten a new helmet Sara Lee he did. Actually have a backup, she should have a backup. Phoenix I also donate now she's I just not great commentary. Now, she's not great on commentary and she's a she's a little. But the fucking You gotTA watch the video of shots because it's like she she was. She's like I was in the she starts filming herself. She's got what's his name driving her the guy that broke his hip shake atlas. Yeah. And she's like. She's like I was in the middle of brushing, my teeth and all of a sudden you look and she's still holding the toothbrush like she ran out the door. Go pick up or like the cops found her car abandoned. And then so she's just walk at she's in her gear she's she's ready to wrestle she takes off. It's got to within the whole time. It's just all these little details that I'm like this is the fucking most amazing received and then finally. You know the cops open the trunk for her and they find the creedence tapes they found the creedence tapes gases. They had the credence tapes. For once but they I'm sorry they opened the trunk I'm sorry I wasn't trying to and she got she her gears back there and the helmet and then she she says the cops she's like, I don't even care about the car I just want to see if this helmet is in there and then they let her take the helmet. It's incredible. And she literally goes back and she's like Oh fuck my matches an eight minutes I gotta go. Did, it smell like a vagrant had maybe use it as a toilet. Come on man. We'll use. Around may come on you ever see big Lebowski overseen Moody. Bridal had that one post he's like Victoria just said to me what's that movie white people like he goes big, Lebowski? Yes. I. You know when he when he? Scratches on the pad at Jackie tree horns and it's that outline of the. I feel like that would be a pretty cool tattoo get. If you had the said Jackie Tree Horn on the top like it does on the pad just like. To have it with. The Pencil and then the the outline have that's my do my whole piece. Your whole Tattoo. It's the pad of paper from Jackie House. Out. If I got a tattoo on my whole back. I would get the back cover of a little golden book. You know like the the children's books we used to have a little, the little golden and the back like. All of them riding on like the train, and then you got like burt and Ernie, and bugs bunny and sure no Bambi in the whole. That'd be fucking. That'd be fun. I was fucking sick be so Dr Oh the other thing I watched I watched Because I was just flipping through new Japan trying to because I couldn't figure out what? What any of the new stuff is because it's like the summer. What is it the summer? Eating or the Summer Bruce? What is it? Oh. for new defense The summer thing. Yeah. Summer thing. Sometimes it's like where's all the new stuff because I? I? Don't know how to watch. I I couldn't find the USA stuff. and. Then anything that I thought was new. was just like that show where it's just like eight minutes or four minutes long and I was like I don't know what the fuck this shit. So then I just. Went into the archives and I and I watched from two thousand nine. At the Super Junior's Koto Bucci versus Prince devitt. Holy Shit because I think my favorite match at. Takeover was Baylor and Timothy Thatcher. ooh. Yeah. Hot. Hot Hot I mean the latter mattress crazy in the ladder match is always going to be fun but. If I Ballard Thatcher I was like this is I've been waiting for this for years. Yeah. I do think that it should be interesting to see keithly and randy payback. I. Don't know why they do. This is this is what I'm talking about with an exte- when they finally bring somebody up I'm like. We'll see how it goes but I I, already have a bad fit the fact that he. Like. I duNNo. Like he had a shirt on or something I was just like I don't know this is. A bad feeling I couldn't help but be like watching what they did on raw I was like, well, that's all. That's all the heat he's getting on. Those like the feeling I was getting, you know like, so Saturday or Sunday, it'll be rainy smoking and but who knows, I, don't see him getting a over Randy Orton what do you think then what what would have been an? For a better term acceptable like if you're like, equally, he's gotta go to. Raw. What's going to happen? How does he debut and what happens? This is the guy that. Went Toe to toe with brock listener at the rumble. and. was like, who's this big mother fucker you know and like that that's he should be coming in like vader. Remember when steen came up and fucking. And Yep eight Seena. I mean, Christ if I if it was anybody I I, just don't see. Maybe I'll be wrong hopefully I'm wrong. I want to be wrong constantly when I'm watching WWe I wanted drew McIntyre to just go through that curtain and for them to not do the same old bullshit where he gets them from behind. I don't see Randy. I just I want I like Awa because you get clean. There's wins and losses you know. Yeah. That's what I want. I want Keith Keithly to beat Randy clean I, don't want there to be some bullshit where it's like We're not doing randy any favors worse randy where's rain in this? We're GONNA maybe. Maybe. We'll luck out and keithly much like Austin theory who still off TV because they have not been able to investigate and away whatever he did. Ask Car accident that's why he's off TV maybe. In the similar fashion maybe keithly, you know ask Randy Hey is it? Okay if I? Do X Y and Z sir and so rainy it'd be like you know what I liked this guy you know what I think. I'M GONNA I'm GONNA lay down. Excuse me Sir is it okay if I compressed the top of your head down. As hard as I can for as long as I can. Can we work both clavel's on you? Can I get a lot of heat on both of your collar bones can I shoot kick you in the neck? Just, like right between both shoulder blades. Can I just headbutted as hard as I can. I watched the King of the ring from ninety three. Look. Think ordered that on per view where Bret, of course, comes out the king and the last matches him in bigalow, which is great but you also get. Razor versus Brad she get. bigalow and hacksaw. You get that Yokozuna Hogan match. Crappy I always found that the the the. The crown that Brett got to be in. So incredibly crappy goofy goofy begging goofy. And you also get Shawn michaels introducing diesel. In a like in a in a backstage is that where it happens that's in that crazy God I mean I think he had been on but he finally was like who is fucking guy right I mean thing that was his bodyguard he's like. This is diesel. Yeah. Do you ever watch when they were on? Regis and Kathy Lee, I. Remember watching that if I have spent a long time but I don't remember there's an incredible moment r.i.p reaches by the way was like. Unbelievable broadcaster and and one of the best friends that pro wrestling ever had Shawn Michaels has a law of Mike on you know just clip on his shirt or. Whatever he stressed like the heartbreak kid you know. The white leather and All the the dangling ship. and. He's got one piece of jewelry one like necklace on a chain. That's wrapped around. The Mike. Every time. He turns his head. All you hear is. You know. and. It's brutal and Regis. Incredible professional that he is he reaches over to goes and look at this. Sean, you've got all this gorgeous jewelry and he just moves it like he acts like he's looking at it, but he just is moving it off of the microphone. And I kid. was probably like thirteen or something I remember watching being like that's incredible. Lick how smooth Regis says didn't embarrass the guy didn't acknowledge it just made it seamless and put him over on top of it. He's like look at this gorgeous jewelry you have. Ele. Worker that Regis rage knew how to get over Bro. What about what about watching Did you watch dynamite Saturday night definitely did I was I was happy that it kind of came on when it was supposed to you know usually we have to wait for the Text, West Coast. I was like I was like, all right. This thing says eight minutes left. How long does that really mean you're. Fifteen twenty minutes. I think I think you said four or five and I was like it's going to be fifteen and because it started right at three thirty our time it was great fortunately no, it looked like there's GonNa be ot for a minute and then Thankfully didn't happen that I was like Oh fuck fuck fucking MBA. It's fixed. It's the fucking playoffs again, every playoff game go to overtime they'll come on you're working. I but then the only thing I had gone for it I was like, but the station is excited about having wrestling on right away afterwards. So maybe they'll though they won't do a fake overtime and they didn't think we win. Wrestling fans win, again. I dug it. That was a good show. fucking Carlos has a new favorite wrestler and Brodie Lee I. Guess. You can you can understand he didn't like that cody, then you know. Did the whole structure job and all this other business? So he may like Brodie Lee but he's still ain't going to be down with cody. Oh any. York hates randy or almost as much as Carl or almost as much as cody. It's funny that I can at least see. But the thing is he's like he that Randy has no talent that he has like that. He has nothing to offer and I that's the part where I'm like you can dislike the guy and feel like. Opportunities but I don't think you can say that he's like. Without talent or that he you know I don't know but no. Maybe do what you want what you want. Now he's absolutely He's very, very talented and that's the problem because he. He doesn't. Work as hard as he because he's so fucking talented, but he's also like. The the powers that be the sun shines out of his ass. he doesn't have to work as hard as he can. That's the problem he just skates by. Also. Can I just say that? Nyah Jax was suspended for pushing Pat Pat Buck down or whatever in the ring yeah. Randy. Maybe has cracked fractured skull. There's no discussion of suspension. Is it just because they're both? Members of the roster. I tell you man the way the my network is right now all day when I opened up the WW network, the first thing I see is, is our truth with Nyah Jax, on his game show and I'm just like. I hate the constant reminder of her. Just ruining Ron aground ruining. Kyri. Sane. I'll just. Go ahead for you. I it really has gotten to that point I I I used to not. Not. Even just not mine I used to like Laker I was like I was like she. She has. She's that's such a good. Role. To have on the women's roster like the big giant you know like like a Mountain Fiji. But Ray Lynch's knows. Yeah That was like what the fuck I mean at the very least it led to. That image of Becky with the broken nose. And then in the long run. It. Gave US Rhonda and Charlotte, and then the three way at. Mania Yeah. But. It just kept happening. And then. Just does she so fucking bad in the ring it's like how long have you been? Doing this. I didn't mean to distract you. We were talking about aid. We can keep it positive my man, you know that. I'm positive about that case in Promo. Dude. Food and then his look into the camera shit dude that fucking. What a fucking monster. Yeah. So good that was like what a fucking So so so So who's he? So so who so who's he says he going to be like? A manager you think or like A. Like A. Like a bressler slash coach is going to be pot stor what I think. I like that I mean he should debt like cut a promo every week for goodness sakes. Is he going to be the new bunny? Hopefully. They let them wrestle and not just under you know it's it's weird like. They. They only have two hours every week you know they have to figure out who they're going to focus at different times but like I saw. Like Jack Evans and a or dark this week I think and I was like Oh shit they're back they had been unable to to you know get from Mexico or wherever they were. Yeah and I was like, Oh shit they're back but they're just on dark but it's like They're not gonNA, try to fuck and water it down. They have the shit that they're like doing and they'll and they cycle around. You know I'm I'm for the first time. Ever I'm GonNa Watch dark this week because Heather Monroe's back. She's going against penelope before D-. So I'm like I am down dude Give Heather fucking contract. She's the other one I was like. An T. Blewett with Eddie Kingston They're going to blow with. Heather. goofs there's a lot of a lot of moving pieces Mattie. It's not that simple always isn't it? I don't know. Maybe, this which reminds me when we were talking about guerrilla before Randy and drew spilling out into it. I I. Loved when. Moxley was backstage at dynamite. And you could see Tony Kahn just like. At the the like the little table and it's like. That is so perfect because it's like the fact that they built. A little room around guerrilla and there's you know monitors like a jacket poll and it's just like. Is just so pointless. Because it's like you're backstage it's doesn't need to like. And I. Just I was like when I saw guerrilla position with Tony Constantly a table I'm like, that's it. That's what that is what guerrillas position used to look like a table by the curtain right and then he would send out talent talk to you whatever it's just like in beyond the mat was like. You you've never seen anything like this before maybe you have an explanation King Kudos. All needs to be a table with a TV behind the curtain? So that I appreciate it. I just wanted to bring that up her. what else happened on Saturday night dynamite you got the mocks Bromo. Yeah. The mocks Promo was sick the elite versus the dark order I. Love that. So Kenny's get close to snapping It seems like he's right there seems like it seems like he's GonNa snap maybe one day he's going to snap on hangman. I can't wait to see. I love this playing out. You know it's it's like with mid South where Since. The holidays or even before the holidays I wonder when they first paired up Mr Wrestling to magnum? Ta. But it was it was like it's been this. Slow thing over the months and then finally there's I mean we'll get into it in a second but like finally, there's been this. You know. Seismic Shift. A seismic shift. Vince seachange? Absolutely. But yeah, I'm I'm loving to see because I even watched a the other thing I watched I watched Being the elite. Which I was like I watched the whole thing I watched Mondays be the elite. And I was like Oh right ride ride ride. I'm not missing anything by now watching these. John Silver's really killing it over there. He is I. Might I might tune back in just for more Brodie Lee and and long John Silver Interaction because that was fucking. HILARIOUS But you can never force fast forward through a Lotta Shit which I appreciate because it's just like I don't need to see another angle of the match I. Just watched European. Cutler. Mark though are you not? I've been trying to figure out how to get a DVD game going I have the the thing but I just I don't know anybody. I mean, you WanNa start playing dungeons and dragons. You know at this point in your life I got no beef with Dude I. Don't think I'm I don't think I'm there but. I wish everyone. Well, you know and God why do you have heat with everyone vents I took one look at that fucking wwe dice game. That I had gone forest pre and because we talk about well, maybe we can play it over this. I'm not even sure if we could play it in person dude I watched the fucking video of some people playing and I was like Fuck is going on. It's a dice game that you can't figure out and that's that's bad news. Yeah. Because you know I like to gamble loves it. I have the no massacres board game and that seemed very complicated. Who I can set it up and we could play over this. All I'll go over the rules like the rules for like two pages. This is this. Mel Anish Mail. You bought a lemon I know it's all Spanish show. What else happened on being the OH. This was this was the one thing that I was like Oh. This is real good because some of this shit I'm like I don't know what's going on and I'm not going to go back to try to figure it out. But Medusa obviously was in the building right and so she's walking on the hall and Hangman and Kenny are like Oh God. Oh, God. Dolinger is. Because it's Medusa, she'll turn you to stone right better. So don't let her eyes and then she's talking to them and she's like, Hey, you know and I'm like I'm having me as waiting for the pitch the documentary documentarist documentary. Yeah. And she's like you're gonNA come but I got a bottle of Jack Daniels in my room and then hangman's like, yeah what and then boom he turns to stone. With sound effects and he falls over. And then she grabs his tag belt. and this was one of the funniest things it was so subtle it was so wonderful. She's like she's like holding his tag. She's like, Oh, I don't know what to do, and then she turns there's a garbage can right there and then she looks out of her second and then just keeps turning. And I was like that was it was beautiful. Thing of beauty. But the rest of it, I was like I was like I don't need to. The John Silver stuff is it's fucking hilarious I. I love watching. I. Wish The show is just the dark or like Brodie Lee fucking yelling at everybody. Yeah because the. Those bits us like every other word out of his mouth is fuck it's I couldn't believe it. Ricky starks as the finally he is breaking out because I was even when he first came in and he did the cody match and all this I was like. He feels like a pre limb. Guy. And I remember liking him. More than that at the NWEA tapings. and. So I am down I am way into him. Being on team TASR and and being upset with. With Darby, and it is a good spot for him I also like I can we get Bill Alfonso a payday can we bring him in for one? He lives in Florida Doni too much. Whistle too much whistle. No I mean I'd love to see a low see bill Because we're at the point now, where TASR is the new Bill Alphonso if he just badges these two guys. Yeah. You know once once the high flier ones the monster. You know RV de Febblue. Both kind of high fliers but like cyborgs clearly the monster you know well, maybe you know her Cage runs up against next the they can bring in. Alphonso is there. Is there second. Maybe cody. Needs. Now, that aren't has taken a shot in the mid section and laid out you know and tolleys with the. F. T. R. dig that. I did that big time you know I thought that was like very logical and cool coming out of the TAG team appreciation night that they were upset. that. Ricky. Ricky fell off the boat that ricky slapped tully and then they got some jackets made up and Shit I. Love It. And still like hangman's like dude, that's not cool and then they're like have a beer be chill. What's what's going on with them co? will eat will a wwe pay per view in the two weeks leading up to all out make you less likely to purchase and watch all out. Note won't. It might hurt if your kid though because your parents would be like we already pay for this network. Matt. You'RE NOT GONNA buy a pay per view when you just watched a pay-per-view last week. Well. Payback's a bitch. When when are we going to find what? What's the over under now? that the retribution thing gets dropped and we never find out who they were. I feel like we might be heading in that direction I'm starting to feel it if there is not a retribution reveal by Sunday at the next pay per view. Like I said last week. Retribution and payback are synonyms. There is no reason that they don't take over this whole fucking thing and it far be it. From Vince, McMahon to not pay something off right? That's the problem payoffs are not done in wbz anymore so We'll have to just sit on that mouth we'll see. We'll see Let me look at dynamite if there's anything anything happened in mid south, this week a big time. Of course I did. Of course. Of course? evil and. They are the women's tag team champions I love that. but yeah, Brodie, Lee Squash and cody I could not. Believe that. Bryan Alvarez God bless him. He put forth a very interesting Booking theory on that story that cody was out there every single week defending that belt and he was worn out. So by the time, he gets to that big match on Saturday. He had already been overextending himself over the weeks and months. Matt interesting. It is except there's a Lotta guys who work every week I don't know. Not at the level, cody? Does. Alvarez? Be Ryan Alvarez stolen because you didn't do the homework you could tell me man I'm together for too long. I'm looking at the AWA rankings. J. Number One contender. Lance Archer. Brian Cage. Broadly Brody. Oh well, they they have an updated this. They still have cody as the TNA champ. They need to switch this around TNT. Mocks squash MGM because he's Oughta gas from running his mouth all every week. Well open up before it is ranked number three if heather, Munroe can get a big win tonight. Then sure enough. She could sneak into that women's rankings and God damn. WHO's he to contract rose big slow. An ally before Ah Bayden what's what's her name? The cookie scarecrow looking girl and then Dr Brick Bakers number five. And some were going all the way through the tag is FDR Best Friends Young Bucks, a night natural nightmares, and the dark order. Megan's friend. This week's homework. In at my Gucci, it's about that time. I'll even go you one further. Did you watch that house match that somebody found for us? No Well. That's why I asked you to get the. I got. where? Did where was that e mail to us or texted where where is that facebook group I? Just I tagged you on the on the. Matter. I watched it was it was it was a good match where where were they? twenty-fourth nineteen. eighty-four if you don't mind looking that up, well, you know what's curious to me is They Ran Houston But what's going on is the curious part to me because hold on. Losing CAJAL Jimmy Arts. On Feb Twenty Fourth of eighty, four there there in Houston and the midnights went over on onto and TA. Yes, they did. But. to Ta worked together for a long time here. Like into the next month and I'm just like, I guess we'll have to see what happens on. TV. But it just seemed strange to me the amount of times that they continue to work together despite what we already know has happened and what we've seen happen. I far for how long whence wins the the last time you see them. Now does he have the full cards or just through the midnights work is just the midnight. So so I guess I the only time the only thing I know is that the last time they worked. Midnight Express Is. All this is interesting is a is march sixteenth that says with TV not having aired yet. And Pre Internet to and TA had two more matches as a team before they split before their split aired. Wow. What's curious is based on what we've already seen that TA continues to put up with this shit well. Too is at least putting up this front of. You know I'm. I'm frustrated with the booking committee. And I'm. Why a coach wouldn't think. That he could beat the student. Is is almost understandable. I don't think he needs to call him gutless right or slash him stupid or slap him three times now that we've seen. But. and Ta who a little bit maybe with the waterworks seemed like he was blue and by Larry usery absurd I feel like Magnum ta has some major daddy issues. Let's jump into it. Let's jump into. It very quickly the house match between the midnights and magnum, and wrestling to February two, thousand, four, hundred, ninety, four, apparently the Sam Houston Coliseum, eighty four, eighty four. this stip was the losers get five lashes apiece. And grizzly Smith was in the ring to make sure. That everyone knew that if the midnight express lost Jim Cornet as well would receive five lashes. Well they went over. Oh, they sure did when there was A. Fifty Thousand Dollar Five, hundred house at night. Wow. Jesus Christ. So they start going at it at one point Ta tosses bobby over the top rope. which then like Cornet is all like though that's bullshit. We just won the match grizzly or whoever gets on the Mike and says, it's this match is no D. Q. So then it gets a huge pop because it's like midsouth they'll watch you can't throw people over the fucking top rope. They a bobby gets tossed again over the top rope I, mean fuck and launched on the concrete dude. Then which also made me think like a Bobby Eaton, he's just such a fucking. meathead did have you ever heard I remember on Cornet once he told a story about Arnulfo cornets house for Thanksgiving or if it was like concrete house or Stan Lane somebody let's say withstand lanes house bobby gets invited over Thanksgiving. Dinner. and. He's like sitting there eating the food and stuff and like Stan leads wife like he's like Cornet was like this story sums up bobby and he's just he has no self awareness. And Stanley's wife is like how's the food? Like if it was the desert whoever's like like how? How's how's The you know the? The. Apple Pie and like bobby don't even stop shoveling and his face just like. All right. She storms out of the room and stands like dude you gotta go. Then, he launches Dennis out over the top rope. Then, we got five minute announcement to comes in. It's so funny how it sync up the time cues are to what happens next in the match. Five minute mark too comes in and he's completely in control Eventually, a chair comes in takes the chair from Bobby Cleans House with it. and. Then, mealy tax ta back in once they announced the ten minute mark. Ten minutes, the midnights cheats. This was where the midnights cheat behind the referee's back. But they already said it was no D. Cue. So what's the point? Muscle Memory Muscle memory? They finally at the hot tag fifteen minutes hot tag to to he comes in he hits that fucking knee Nat fucking is unbelievable. the wrath is busy yelling at Ta to get out of the ring Ta was just ready to fucking destroy Dennis Than Dennis Or. Not, A, was stopping Dennis. to is about to. was about to cover bobby. Dennis, goes outside he trips wrestling to. Ta then jumps out of the ring goes after Dennis there on the outside bobby hits that fucking elbow that elbow dropped Bob Eaton did oh, my God. fucking. Unreal. To gets his foot on the rope cornet casually walks by like nothing and just like like you wouldn't if you weren't. Glued automotive never have seen it but just like casually like he wasn't even doing anything. And then The midnights win. People start throng garbage in the ring they asked them not to. They do the lashes Ta. Sells. The shit out of his wrestling to does not sell his. Listening to appears to be about sixty, seven, sixty, eight years, old I. I can just based on what we're seeing and a Dick Oh my God. What a fucking Dick that Guy Dick that guy must've been right. Boyd Pierce Interviews T. A into afterwards I'll show. while. It was broadcast on Houston. TV They had a big sign them for Kale TV nine Gold Houston I don't know why you're always on T. a. into about not being able to talk Vince you should see this interview it's gotten better. I mean to at least gotten better I feel like in the last couple of weeks my favorite is to demands a rematch and he's always because they're the champs. So he's like I'll put the belts on the line and he always goes to I'll put my mask on the line again with the ego of like everybody wants to know who the fuck I am. Clearly, this is the most important thing to you know who I am Ben. He goes I'll put whatever you want. I'll put my trunks on the line a Mike to we do not to see and imagine if he had like a little to mask on his penis no own. Boyd Pierce I love it. He gives the pitch right into the camera or next shows. March ninth. Friday. Go to our ticket office nineteen nineteen. Caroline's on the corner oh pierce. You Go. February Twenty Fifth Midsouth T. the show starts and Jack Walks in the room and he goes are you playing video games so? ooh. the boy pierce fashioned police one, the FHA. Fearing he looks like he's wearing a suit made out of psychedelic snakes dude. Yeah. Not Not friendly to the the users in the he's like he's an old man in nineteen eighty-four and it's like somebody just explained to him like about acid psychedelics and shit, and he's like I'm in. It's one thing to get you know purple suit whatever the fuck threw up on him this week is seems like he had to really scour the earth for it. You know dude he is a psychedelic rattlesnake that thing was a mess. And I loved it. still no bill watts. magnum TA video music on. That was awesome. Yeah. Off still still got them sexy I, feel like the footage of him like dancing women at bar drinking is a shoot. I. Feel like these. These are actually drunk women at the bar that he started carousing with, and then the camera real quick was like all right we got it. Mary interesting. Especially, the woman he's slow dancing with there's just something that something about the way that she's leaned into him in her head is cocked back I'm like this woman is Dirac. Altering get The zoom in on his hairy chest, and then he starts making his peck stance I mean. I I will always fi be forever. Grateful for the advice that Jeff Jeff. That? Jeff Jarrett Gold Jerry Jarrett gave bill lots about bringing some hunks for the girls. In Much. filthier words that Magnum Ta. J. Y. contract signing? Yes. This was an interesting contract signing. This was an interesting segment dude. Nobody, beats the Grizz on Grizzly. Smith. He can't talk either was born out and I still love them. teeny tiny little breakfast nook table that they're sitting at strange berry strange strange. That was all they could find at the the the Irish McNeil's Boys Club I. I never noticed that second ring. I never noticed that to the rock-n-rollers entrance I was like I have a second ring, another ring or there. Yeah that's a big. Room. Very big. Yeah you know to he's he's pacing because he's Really stick as fully formed Dick. He is steamed. He's the only one who got dressed up for the occasion. Also I gotta give him points for that nice suit. well, a jacket and pants didn't match but looked real. Good. to confronts Jay why calls him a liar? Does not like that. Says if it was any of the heels, the Russians the. Butch read any of them that. Dog would say he would wind that he was cheated. To calls magnum TA stupid and ignorant. TA calls him a says you're being an ass that's when wrestling to slaps TNA, across a TA across the face. Then at that point. The dogs like like. This bullshit bullshit I'm fixing get Outta here. Magnum ta tears up the contract so now. A grizzly Smith has to go to he says he's got to see order directors in Tampa. Strange Charlie Day which I don't know if that's the juicy must've you're talking about the NWEA right like the bore guests. So because that was my question I was like, why is the board of directors in Tampa? Right be I think I think he's talking about the NWEA bigger question meltzer. Monster Monster. We got Joe, Slovo, Lever, and George Wang Roth verses the midnights. Cornet has some words about wrestling too. Well really for about. The thing is Jim Cornick Aubrey's S oh. My God he he talks about getting upset and kicking somebody's ass. It's a riot. Let's see. Volkov versus Steve Brinson. Who as we? All know the well adjusted. CAIN. Looks like well adjusted Glenn J. Dr. XS back. He's all fired up in the crowd Volkov sayings Steve Brinson chest is very read. I don't know if you noticed that like it looked like he must've just shaved his chest like before tv then he went against the grain there and happened yeah yeah. VOLKOFF nearly breaks the guys neck on a backbreaker Lazim over his knee and then Magai lands on his head come on Nikolai. GotTa Take Care of people now got the mixed tag Wendi. Richter and Buddy Landale versus Lenny Pa fo and Princess Victoria this. Time pretty wild for Bill Watts area wild for the time I feel like this was bill watts's not so subtle way of saying women can't draw. So we have to have at least men in their new something and do it when I'm not around. Yeah. Wendy, rector I love the cowgirl outfit and her whole look. I mean she just the woman just looks like cigarettes and Whiskey I mean she just she looks like somebody that you would meet like day drinking like you go into a new bar and it's like she's always there you know she's got her own share her own ashtray and it's like Oh Wendy's some fresh mate just walked in. And I loved it to a great the I was also interesting seeing her where he'll I don't think I've ever seen that before it was also interesting watching what I interpreted silently to be Lanny Mansa planning to his partner before the Bell, their standard as being like telling her like giving her instructions, what I felt like. We've seen shoot interviews of landing PA fo he lives to man splaine to everyone. I don't mind paying for quality but. I pay for that fucking tears I do have a TV on the roof of my building on the helmet. He's one of those guys who will bring up how happy he is to be divorced to anyone like like not even close to the conversations like well, that's why I'm so happy I, have an ex wife now. Once. You're able to s your own. You're totally free. buddy landale monster he'll get some nasty elbows in on Princess Victoria Lindell's row bets beauty. Dude. I it's it's crazy to me that land alley. So In the mid card because he's like such a great he'll. But they're not giving them anything to do on TV because he fucked himself before he left and no one passing exactly he's he's drinking. They were putting the rocket on him. And he did the thing with flair and all that, and then he just flaked he just fucking he was like no showed and keep he. Yeah. He just she did not. Make his commitments after they had like started to go with them and so then. Because remember when he first showed back up and watches like he's got a new attitude, he's back on this but it doesn't mean they're not gonNA fuck punish him or at least put him in a spot where it doesn't matter they can't you can't fuck him. Keeping their eye on. Butch Reed, versus the. TV Tournament Week Four. This was a Fuckin-. Knock down drag on. Rawal, Holy Shit. This thing started so hot that they came back from commercial and they were already fighting Boyd Pierce couldn't even introduce them. Honestly the way it started I was like this thing's going to end in a double d. q, and it's GonNa add to another by down down the line on the tournament not the case after hard hitting back and forth read pulls out some brass knocks lays and bill moves forward in the tournament he gets a bye he's speculation whether or not butch reed utilized. Any outside weapon can only be speculated upon you and Jim Ross have decided to. Go ahead with the idea that there were knocks or some other object we don't know that. The official ruled. please. Rock and roll express versus Tom Lance and Jerry. Gray. Lot of action the really building up the the rock and roll. Dorsey Oh truly looks about twelve thirteen i. mean there's a little crazy. He has his face. So round and smooth. It's just like he looks like a different dude it's crazy like Robert looks like old Robert now. But rookie looks like a different human. It, the harder. crusher, Dr, sue, versus Mike. Jackson. Who is I think Dr So's Dad that guy. fucking. There's no other way to describe him. Terry Taylor. interrupts commentary and he says Dr so wants to be a Pinko Commie I'll make them one. Then he paints them pink and Jim Ross. does not understand what has happened and he's saying he's painting him read. So then they just go with it and from that point forward, they painted him red and that's what it was when it was like clearly, what took place taken place was that he painted in pink. Pink. He said if he wants to be a Pinko Commie, I'll make him one. Torsos wearing red trunks, which I, it even more apparent than he's been painted pink. As pink is my microphone cover but thank you. It's still not I, know I know the sentiment of nationalism and whatever. But like to me, it still doesn't feel like a baby face moved to out coupley. To. Paint somebody no matter. What absolutely not. No the they triple team, the guy How is that truth, justice and the American way I mean then the added the added injury of it being referred to as red when it was clearly pink for Pinko. It's it is like classic gas lighting where like it's it's clearly pink. They're telling me it's red. Then Terry Taylor. Music Video. He just seems like. He doesn't have a thought in his head Terry Taylor when I actually during that the the photo shoot. You just like this guy is there cobwebs. March thirteenth nineteen eighty-four Boyd Pierce Fashion Police he's got a very psychedelic tie, but he's slightly more subdued because the big man is backed bill watts fashion on March third excuse me March third. Bill Watts Fashion Watch. Nice Nice dark blazer with like a salmon button down shirt underneath maybe even a red chequered could needle an unbuttoned. So you could get a little bit of that He little little little more the cowboy. Then you'd be expected to save Kanye's year year yeah. we start with an interview, Jim Ross. Interviewing Magnum TA Magnum Ta. Shirts and trunks very much rocking the Harry man with no pants look. To interrupt challenges Ta to a match slaps him again. Ta Says I'll give you my title shot and then then twos really steams like nobody gives me anything calls them gutless slaps him again. Ta refused wrestling walks away. Then Bill Watts comes over tries to be the peacemaker. And is used as a an expression that I've never heard in my life and I loved it. He goes you've got your little Ben out of Focus. The and slap bill watts though any now, he didn't slap the cowboy. And even says, I think that he could beat you I think the magnetic and be you and then even even go so far to be like you can't make somebody into something they're not already and and implies that wrestling to thinks he's playing God island. Very, subtle. And we the midnight Thursday Joseph Foley and John King they are straight up a couple of drugstore wrestling action figures. You totally cornet down bill watts the midnights come out tremendous robes on the midnight naria absolutely fashion plates. wrestling to then comes out takes Joseph. oldie spots. As I bought his contract I'm going to wrestle he get some heat on midnights than he tags in the loser John King and John King loses the fucking match they almost lost John King they. Dennis is on the top rope to his legs like basically ninety degrees like bobby picks them up for like vertical Suplex to hand them off for the power slam and they they almost lost him. I was watching it on my computer and Georgia's next me like Geez sausage like what? fucking. That's just almost a involuntary manslaughter don't work. Let's see Now, we get some bullshit, go they and they piled drove John King after the match I was like fuck nine, hundred, ninety four that was like attempted murder dude. A piledriver dude unnecessary to tax the midnights the racket they hit him with the racquet Ta comes and tries to make the say then Dr. so attacks ring posts magnum ta Tom your awful. But you don't really get the idea that he's bleeding that bad until he comes back right? While I I did have that in my head too because I was like, well, how ring postmen meant something back then and it still should mean something now it's like if you got your head clanged on that the metal, you'd be done for see I. didn't I didn't think about it like that except. I like when he came back out, I know I had seen that before I'd seen him with the bloody head now that you mentioned that I. Yeah I. Didn't do that what they did that with Deanna thing the to. But whatever yeah sure. But I, it was one of the I've seen that in like magnum ta music videos like down the line or some. A. Okay. So then then everybody comes running in the whole thing, it's broken up. They mentioned that Jim Duggan is missing he has been missing after this Coal miners gloves. And he's still mystic. Areas, he might not know areas. This is this is shades of Cactus Jack, losing memory, and becoming homeless. If you've seen him. It yeah. If you see if you see hacksaw say hacksaw. video on Dr. so about him defecting changes name to Khrushchev. Just watching that I was talking. Dr. So he's such a good talker. He always wants his whole fucking career even even doing like the smash thing I was I guess go even doing like the fucking repo man I was like as annoying as that Gimmick was I'm like he's doing it. He's got it turned up to eleven you know. Dig It Let's see magnum versus crusher Dr. so turn TV tournament week five Bloody Mass Spirit of seventy six magnums not going to give up. And it's like this is how you get somebody over I. Mean God Damn It. You know. So good. So fucking do good i. mean I just I kept thinking about like Dominic, just getting caned to shit. And then he's got no personality and God bless the Kid I'm sure he's got a future hope. He's got a future but I'm just like. I'm watching Magnum ta and I'm like Mangum camp and talk neither. But. They figured out a way to fucking do it. Listen hit holding pattern I. Don't don't go ahead without me. I gotTa take a leak real quick the only way get through this. vamp on. You Know Ours I mean. Cut a promo on the movie show. Cut a promo on the movie show. Well. This weekend I think on just by movie collection on. L.. Because that's something that I've I've started watching a couple of times but haven't. Finished and I've been saving it for the podcast. So And I all I know about that movies that it's weird. The the disc I had was covered in gunk I cleaned it with a mister clean magic racer and the thing plays like a dream couldn't play it before I stand by Magic Eraser Mister Clean. He's tough and he's main. Apparently. The way that it was described to me or my understanding is that the the greatest midnight movies of all time it goes rocky horror picture show number one. And then L.. Tope. Oh, an eraserhead or maybe fighting it out for number two. Maybe I'll Tokyo's number two and then eraserhead who knows subjective art form. Certainly not Certainly not for me to To decide. Also. Recently been going through this the rolling. Stone Record Review. Which I got a box of paperbacks from our different Jerry Stumble who? Iran Rigor store not a fucking bookstore. And I was just reading the The reviews in here for the grateful dead's albums. And Who is Jim? Miller. September twenty eighth nineteen, sixty eight. He says that anthem of the sun side one as a masterpiece. And I know the Vince is a big fan of anthem of the Sun. I haven't read the review of live dead yet, and then I'm also very excited the review for. Work Man's dead but. Apparently, they publish this before American beauty came out. I would've I would've also doug that. also really digging. The Cannon Film Guide. This this this was the first thing I ordered off the internet or I was like something's going on with the post office. This is taken way too long to get here but Volume Nineteen Eighty nine hundred ninety four by Austin traffic I, completely endorse this book. April think being water king is all GLITZ and Glamour. Of the toilet to, but to your point about the postal service that is why next week we will be debuting Halloween drop and we will begin the preorder one week from today. Because we WANNA, make sure that everyone gets a chance to order and then we get a chance to fucking get it made and shipped to everyone in plenty of time for Halloween matty I'm back I apologize I. Love It. Let's see. Magnum versus the crusher. Hella match magnum could not keep it up. It was really interesting at one point Dr. so has him in the torture rack you know, and he's just got him over shoulder and just breaking his back to. Mr Wrestling to comes down. and. It's done so well, because resin to oftentimes does have a towel around his neck. You know he also wrestled a little earlier doubly makes sense why he would have a towel around his neck. He starts talking to the referee. Now. At this point I'm like he prolonging this because now now magnum is not in a position to quit if he's in so much pain and clearly he's in so much pain. And then. Magnum finally. Reverses it? GETS DR so down on the ground has them down for the PIN MR wrestling to throws in the towel the referee calls the match knows that he's t as coach. The wind goes to Dr. so even though clearly magnum had a pinning attempt that was ignored being shitty beauty. Dude that was some fucking wonderful wrestling booking a pro wrestling dude. Then we got bill watts interviewing wrestling to, of course, he's justified and everything that he did. You know the kid was hers he was bleeding. You know trying to help them place still love him were still tag. Champs. Place. We show some footage of portrayed versus the envel- football helmet on a pole match kids. It looks as dumb as it sounds unprecedented I mean this is a bill watch Jim Ross wetering MMA fucking football helmet in a wrestling match. then. At one point, anvil gets powdered in the face. Then gets busted open with the football helmets and now he's leading and powdered I'm like. That can't be good for you now that can't be. Okay. Terry Taylor saves than gets the heat on him from betrayed than we come back to real studio wrestling. hacksaw betrayed playboy buddy landale versus Mike Jackson. Who is everyone dad? And Jason Walker who looks like the I kid you knew grownup that smoke cigarettes. The original burnout. Yeah. Probably stolen bicycle. Like you and your data driving around looking for your bike and you see Jason Walker walking around and you're like, Hey, Jason, he just goes aren't where you're bikers. they make quick quick work a- them to Taylor is Jerry Gray Jay Gray who who. You know just looks like He looks like he should be a bass player like some shitty eighties band. You know he's giving him the benefit of the doubt there. Oh, he just looks like he should be a guy in the back is is like I should be getting all the pussy why the fuck is this guy fronts singing. Come Hogan gets all. That's yeah exactly. they replay the paint job from last week and bill loss really got a kick out of it. Oh Yeah, I love how bill watts really took Jerry Jarrett's advice to heart because when they're going, they're leaving the Terry Taylor match. Pierce's literally says, girls don't change the channel, the rock and roll express the coming up next after the break. So then we got randy. Barber. Who looks like the sinister ministers golf caddy. And Steve Brinson. Who looks like? He runs like the batting cage at a go-cart. You know. they fight the rock and roll, express. I like to imagine when Bill Watts was trying to book. You know heartthrobs I territory just calling up everybody in the anyways I who's a girl Zach who the girls WanNa fuck I I don't understand it man like who's looking. I wouldn't know how would I know I would know is is is Robert Gibbs. then. He he's got a weird eye girls like that. Then we get We also caused the double dropkick dropkick like a four hundred, fifty pound knockout punch which I liked and we get. The bruise brothers music video. and. I could not do the fake WWe music for this one No Odd said to the song soul man also reason. I have no idea what this is solman soul man. So I stopped it I rewound I. Put on my spotify listen to Sam and Dave the bruise brothers. Thing of beauty and. What I loved a size from them. She was the drug deal. Deal. With them and Jimmy. Them shooting craps on like what neighborhood is this that they're walking around in? When it sinked up with so man Salmon Dave. The line in the song is I was educated at Woodstock they're standing in front of Woodstock, high school, and then they throw their papers and stuff into the air. That was like that is absolutely hilarious. It really felt like pork chop was. Taking all his cues from a dream machine because he would like whatever that guy did. He would wait and kind of do it list a beat later? Absolutely. So. There you go. I. I am way into Br and it was so funny is like my limited exposure of the bruise brothers. was just that one video, on, Memphis. Where Jimmy Hart Says Their Dad, they have the funeral for them. and. Then they do a music video where they're just dressed like the FABS. And I never put it to I'm like Oh, the bruise brothers it sounds like blues brothers, but it wasn't until I saw midsouth footage that I was like Oh my God they actually dressed like the blues brother's Griot I had no clue. Dude done done. been another arrest another two weeks in a book in Mexico, weeks of the book. So that means. Next week's homework is. March tenth and March Seventeenth. Same Ya. Patrick's Day. My favorite wrestler, you'll never see a common. Says Ford. Really man I dog tag match Doug Him in it I know they try to poison him poison. Then him and Garza to match on Monday. That was cool. I just. I dig dig the facials I. He's he's lean. He's mean and I dig. Montas. For this week. Can't, say you're wrong. Matters Your favorite wrestler the bruise brothers. I am amped. And it's also they are the last things I saw before we started recording. I saw so much amazing wrestling and great stuff this whole week still. Do the bruise brothers my absolute favorite. Online. Relented or twitter. Vince. Dot April instagram. Spotted instagram capsule writers are bicker telecom, all those places. Miserable paramount. McCarthy's saying follow me on Instagram and twitter at McCarthy redhead. We aren't Patriot shoutouts. Let's take a look here. Oh can. Maybe lucky Ali Yeah you're lucky Ali that you still have job. I'M GONNA keep job and you're out every week. Adam win and. Well, I decided if you win not. Thank you to all our Patriot patrons one dollar mortgage shadow five dollars gets you a video of the show before the audio is posted and seven dollars gets you the world. Are My brother. You'LL BE SAFE William. Real stay. Cool. Youtube Docu San.

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