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"Dot com 6 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Let's go to Steve Dresner in the Traffic center, and we'll head to Virginia. The Woodbridge Cherry on the South bound side of I 95 this after the Prince William Parkway Lance report on Leah's single lane Getting by the crash activity collar tells us only the center lane does get by. We're backed up to almost Lord in but once you're south today, City traffic moving nicely all the way down to the Fredericksburg area. The North bound incident on 95 before Springfield and the Franconia Road IX or 1 69 there in the clearing stages, and the bit of good news is they're only block and the law of flame, but delays were finding back to the area of knowing Tim Traffic moving pretty well in both directions on the Capitol building in Virginia. Quiet on 3 95, however, in the Arlington area, bit of the delays South bound Kleeb Road right before you get too I 3 95 on Lee. The single left language by the multi vehicle crash traffic moving well on. I 66 pretty good right along the G W Parkway. Over in Maryland. No issues on the Capitol Bill way through Montgomery County and Prince George's County and decent ride on 95 B W Parkway. We were funding just minor delays on the North bound side before pattern Mill Road. We want off the roadway on the left. That's been all cleared and a pretty good ride to and from the 70 interchange Up in Frederick used in the eye to 70 corridor, no issues along Route 50 and at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We're finding through art. Traffic cameras. Two lanes heading eastbound three going West, ma'am, If you need a higher you need indeed get quality candidates delivered from indeed is resume database immediately when you upgrade your job post. Learn more and indeed dot com slash credit. Steve Dresner w T o p traffic and now the storm team for meteorologists. Samara Theodore. As we have through the overnight hours. We you know, we had a little bit of action down south of the Beltway in southern Maryland. Right now into the.

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