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"women equestrian team" Discussed on WDUN AM550

"Was the governor and the lieutenant governor talking about the expansion of rural broadband, which is a huge issue. I mean, you heard the president talked about it last week. I think every week this week in the legislatives this year in the legislative session, we've talked about it. Joining me right now is representative Philip Singleton, and he's going to talk with us about a different issue that I became aware of about a year ago when I saw segment on Tucker Carlson, where a very liberal head of a women's group Very liberal. I mean, even beyond progressive was talking about this issue. And Tucker Carlson in this woman had common ground on it. So the bill is called Save our Save Girls Sports and represented Singleton is with me, too. Right now welcome. Hey, man, how you doing? I'm doing great to tell us about this bill first. Well, it's hospital to 76 currently the education Committee. We had our first hearing yesterday. But, um, what this bill does is its laser focused on protecting girls sports. So it says It defines in law, something that's already you know, commonly accepted and is currently in some of our rules here, but it defines in law that athletics when we're talking about it is it's based off of sex, which is The biological sex at birth. Right. So it's a BYOB. Biological differences between boys and girls on that also makes sure that there's a cause of action if they have laws violated by a identity under the state of Georgia rules that the young lady Who lost the position loss of scholarship wasn't able to compete at the higher level because biological male was it what to dominate the biological female sport that they would have a cause of action for remedy. Are you finding cause I've I've seen nationally that this is an issue that Both people that advocate for women's issues that are traditionally liberal groups and conservatives are coming together on this. Are you seeing that in the state house? Well, you know, we're not so far. We're not seeing it in the house. Um We're seeing it amongst the Democrats in Georgia and the greater population, But you know the So far, there has not been any Democrats in the State House that have decided they want to represent women's rights and Georgia. So far, there's You know, they're being very directed by, um, the extreme, uh, LGBT lobby with in there that I mean, Frankly, Martha, this they're trying to make this bill about something that's not, you know, they're trying to make this bill about a transgender. Attack on transgender athletes, and that's not what we're doing it all. In fact, there's not a single athlete that would lose their building compete. We're trying to re enforce title nine protections that that women have fought for for so long. Which is why there are so many groups on the left that support this because they understand That to allow biological men to compete and women's sports is the end of women's sports. Well, you know the South. I think she's a South African runner who is the fastest woman in the world. I mean, she is by far the fastest woman in the world. There was a study done of what the impact of allowing biological men to compete with women in track and field was that you could take a high school. Male runner. And he can be the fastest woman in the world. You know, there's just there's just biologically differences and that what will happen is women will lose a lot of opportunities. That you're right. They fought for for so long. I mean, in some ways, you know, it has hurt men Sports Title nine, and that's another issue for another day, But at the same time it was me. My antenna went up when I saw this interview because this this was a woman who generally, Tucker Carlson will be fighting with okay, and they were Agreeing That fair is fair. And you're right. This isn't about LGBTQ rights. This is about fairness in competition is what it's about. Yeah, that's 100%. Sure. I mean, you could tell it from the hearing we had yesterday. Um, you know, every time the conversation came every time one of my Democrat colleagues wanted to talk about the conversation Kept wanting to talk about gender identity. They kept wanting to talk, you know, use terminology and talk about identity, and that's not what sports is about. It's about biology, and so they refused to use terms like biological, male and biological female, even though that's what we're talking about in the bill. And so it Zaveri. A note to your point, you know, In one year alone, 275 High school Boys high school Boys ran faster than Allyson Felix, which is what you're referencing the fastest woman in the world. That's right that you know, the under 15, Texas, you know, the boys Club soccer team beat the U. S Women's national team and the same year that they won the World Cup. I mean, we're talking the hard. There are biological differences between boys and girls. And you know that the It should be a nonpartisan is issue. We should all be fighting to protect our women and our young girls. You know, my my 10 year old daughter. She deserves the chance to compete in gold sports and have the ability on a fair playing field to be a champion. Well, that just goes to show you when you go down this road. How complicated things get, for example. There are there was another runner that just had very high levels of testosterone. She was a female. She's the biological female. She was on the high end of levels of testosterone, and she had to fight for her right to be able to compete as a female, even though she was biologically female. Yeah. What? What You know you can be banned from women's sports for using testosterone. Yet biological men are born and have testosterone right or have higher levels than women do So I just think it Z. You know that. It's a convoluted argument when they have to. They have to draw this kind of references. So what's next for this bill? And how can people Help you. Well, you know what way have a first subcommittee hearing and, um As always, you know, the vocal minority comes out in droves to try to change the narrative. You know nothing that they're fighting this bill on Is either accurate or, um Frankly honest, you know, they say stuff like this bill would prevent transgender athletes from competing in sports, which is obviously completely untrue. The transgender athletes don't ever mention in sports. What their problem is, is that they believe that Um, that a transgender athlete won't want to compete anymore if they have to compete based off of biology on so it's important that we just make sure the narrative stays on focused on you know there. A great analogy. I was I was given someone else's If you take three biological boys and one identifies as a boy, and one identifies as a Zafy male and one identifies as non gender specific. This. This law applies to all three of them equally, because this law doesn't It's not about identity. It's about biology s inside is interesting, too, because you know girls that that want to identify his boys or identifies boys. They can't compete against males in sports. I mean, they won't. They couldn't even be on the field with them because they haven't changed their biology that much to be able to compete. So I mean, I think it protects everybody and you're right. It applies to all those people equally. Well, let us know how we can help and how we can get involved. The bottom line is we need athletes in Georgia that have been, you know, I've heard tons of stories, but we need some of these athletes to come and tell their story in front of the committee. We don't know when the next comedian most likely next week, some time, but we have to have people to show up. You know that over 80% of George's from the polling we've done agree with this legislation. But again, it's in politics. That very vocal minority. They have a very loud platform, and they've got a whole lot of money behind. You know, all the organizations that came out in opposition to this Where's everyday Georgians are completely for it. So that would that would be my call is, you know they need to get involved. They need to come out they need to testify. And they need to let the leaders in Georgia I know that you know in Georgia. We're going to protect women's sports. We're gonna protect women's rights, and we're gonna make sure they have equal ox access opportunity to the champions. State representative fell of Singleton of the 71st district of Georgia. Thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you for having me. Thank you. You know it is save our girls or save girls sports. And look, I think this makes sense and again. You kind of know that this is the right path when you've got People on the left and people on the right sort of seeing this the same way Nuke. Ingrid used to talk about this as being the 85% issues that there are issues that people agree on 85%. I know we don't feel that way right now, because of all the back and forth and up and down and all the stuff we've been dealing with. But there are those big issues and I think fairness and how hard we have worked for girls sports. I mean, you go to the University of Georgia and They have a women's equestrian team. They have a gymnastics team. They have Ah women's track and field. They have all of these softball all of these sports. Sure, the big behemoth his football, okay, because there isn't a women's equivalent to football. Soccer is in there, but there's boys Soccer, okay? But football brings the money in that.

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