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Ep 415 - My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry, by Fredrik Backman


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Ep 415 - My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry, by Fredrik Backman

"This is a head. Gum podcast while Andrew and Craig believe the joy of discovery is crucial to enjoying any well told tale. They will not shy away. From spoiling specific story beats when necessary. Plus these are books. You should have read by now. Uh It wasn't a raccoon. Andrew wasn't a raccoon that adolescent raccoon. That was giving me so much trouble last week. Hi Welcome over to gas at the books even mean to read when he was Craig. My Name's Andrew and if you're just tuning in you will remember that last week when we recorded Craig had an animal and his wall that was giving him a lot of grief he had a roommate move in and clean squatters rights in our wall and after hearing the animal noises over the phone a man said with a pretty high degree of confidence as I recall that it was definitely an adolescent recruit. Yes that was not. That's not how turned out. How the story turnout? No a very kind. Man named jared came to my house the next morning and promptly within hearing it and he had also laid eyes on outside of the building said. That's starling that's a Birdie or wall and he'd spent half an hour trapped inside our closet after cutting and then he said Hey. It's two birds in there. So and they shoved him in a cage humanely and then sealed up our wall and left never to be seen again. They say burn. The hand is worth two in the wall. Yeah I guess just like is the exchange rate one adolescent raccoon equals to starlings and is that why he thought it was an adolescent birds dressed up as a raccoon. I guess maybe just the guy on the phone had dealt with enough raccoons that he he taught we got told a story about how young raccoons like lose their way in the tunnels between houses. And this was like no bird got in through a hole and then fell and then the big bird didn't WanNa leave it behind which is noble. I suppose but we didn't get any sleep so I was. I've never been less angry. No more angrier animals. I think than I was those days. But we're we're we're here now and there are still allow birds in our neighborhood. But they're not in my house which is where they should be so. That's one story wrapped up on this. Podcast we love story. That's normally when we're not getting animals in places where animals shouldn't be each chivas. Reads a book that we've never had before and we tell the other one about it and you. The listener gets a ride along. Yeah you read this week Show I read. My Grandmother asked me to tell you she sorry Frederick Bachmann it is also published in the UK. I think as my grandmother sends her regards and apologizes. Which do you like better? I do think I like the US version better. Because I want I want the. Uk wanted to be. My Grandmother Sends Her regards and apologies. Holiday is is very odd though I guess in keeping with the t tell you she sorry. It's like more active than sends her regards and apologies. But I do like the tell you she sorry it. Just it's simpler. It's I duNNo. It's more direct. Maybe that's more American of me. Yeah Bachman is what. He's Swedish right. Yes I think the translation is by henning coach and in Coke And I enjoyed the translation. Just fine I had no like. I know I had no ringing. Endorsement is fine there. We've talked about some novels. I could translate it and it's like you can't you lose a sense of auth intent sometimes because I think we talked about this a little bit on the shadow of the wind episode like. Yeah where is it leaning into the Gina and whereas is it leaning into just a flowery translation and the fact that this book is a very close third person of seven going on eight year old helps with elect directness of the language Like feeling justified in world but also probably keeping the translator from like kind of getting out there on on a limb. I don't know what am I wanted. this was recommended to us by one of our patrons supporters. Susan thank you Susan. Susan didn't provide any additional information very excited to Dallas to read this book. So that's all was just GONNA have have to reverse engineer Susan's opinion about the spot. Hey that's okay there you go. That sounds good What do you got Bachmann or the novel Andrew Yellow just a little bit on on Bachman in the novel so the novel like US says published in two thousand fifteen in the US and in the UK and then originally in twenty thirteen in Sweden This Bach Men's second novel His first a man called Ova which I watched a movie trailer they can. I kept going back every time a character said his name. So that's that's the best pronunciation. I got based on the trailer for the film. Sure the Swedish movie that came out in two thousand fifteen by the same name. A man called the. Yes which is far as I could tell us about a crank uelmen with a gold cranky all may with a heart of gold and this book is littered with Cranky people with hearts of gold. So you can see. There's a if you've you've read a man called Ova you probably will feel right at home and liked it like you'll feel at home in this book because I there's a similar worldview. I suppose that's what I was when I was reading through a reader reviews of of this. I saw a couple of people mentioned. You know I've I've read a bunch of Walkmans work in. This is the most similar to the man called who've except with a bunch of other stuff which will get into sure. Sure Yeah other books include Britain Marie was here. Bear town which sounds like a fun us against you and then Avella's every more and every morning the way home gets longer and longer and the deal of a lifetime and in a nonfiction book called things my son needs to know about the world Britain. Marie was here. Might be in the same universe like fictionally as This book my grandmother etc. Because that's one of the main key one of the characters that we meet one secondary characters that we meet and from what I read about. The Synopsis Picks up where that character leaves off in this book of a woman whose marriage falls apart and she goes off to explore a new chapter in her life. SO I don't. I don't know that it's been called a sequel. I would have expected it to be but the more of a view askew never S- situation. Yes definitely where things are where. Things are vaguely related by virtue of not directly contradicting on. Oh sure times silent Bob shows. I forgot that that's what that universe was called and I forgot that it was a universe. Yeah the older guy. Like every seventy five episodes or so I bring up the view esque universe in reference to some world building. One of those movies I've ever spent real time with his dogma which I don't know if it holds up but I liked it I like at the time and I think I choose to leave it back there though. Alan Rickman is good. In as our CAU- Yes Allen. Richtman is good in it interesting okay. That's all I got about him that he did he's a he's also like a newspaper columnist and essayist and then got into novel writing There's a New York Times profile of on him from twenty sixteen mostly on the like. Wow this guy's sell us books like Well like why the itsel lots of books in America like. How did that happen okay? That's it traces. It from like the rejection of the Ova manuscript which he said one publisher said we like your novel. We think you're writing has potential but we see no commercial potential and one of the like booksellers who acquired the rights. Peter Boylan said I had a great voice and it was different from everything else I was reading. It wasn't Scandinavian Nawar Scandinavian. He paused searching for the right description. Something Else I. It is interesting to think about it as a as an American book industry though like the Swedish export from the like mid to late arts was stieg Larsson and like the girl with the Dragon. Tattoo and now homing and then this guy. That's more I've never read any of those. But that's more of like a thriller. Yes yes archetype. Right yes And this is very different at a whole different thing so reading reading reviews about the book. And because because you asked me to just let come with some kind of vague handle on what the book was. Yeah please and like you said to me like it's not quite sick. Lit like the the new on air because because we talked about it or on her own but not when we were playing. Drive trucks right. Cyclic is a sort usually. I WANNA a fiction. A character dies or is dying in that is the like you the instigating event of the story or just like a access that everything sort of yes the What's the John Green Book Palmar our stars our stars. Maybe it's either a walk to remember and or the Britney Spears movie crossroads. Yeah it's some you gotta spend the last good times with someone's life a book. The one that I that came to mind that I read for the show while but I still think about sometimes said tell the wolves I'm home. Oh have it here. It's a girl's uncles. Mike Boyfriend is dying of AIDS in the late eighties early nineties sure sure and teaches the girl a little something about life along the way like. It's easy to be dismissive of the of the genre and so so this isn't quite that but it's sort of playing in that wheelhouse is a character. Death in that does set the events of the of the book into motion but it sounds like in addition to just being about Mike people with hearts of gold. It's also got some like sort of magical realism means. Sort of make believe it has a main believes going on. Yeah let me give you the really reductive sentence that I put in our chat before we started recording already. He already gave it to me. You don't have to you have to give me again. That's why I'm saying I have it already. Let me say it out loud in case anyone else needs to hear it. Okay if you think that's necessary. Eight-year-old learns that a bunch of adults in her life are more connected than she thought and that everyone is more complicated than they seem at first glance and that is definitely what happens in the book and it is run through this. You Know Main Character Elsa who is seven going on eight. She is quote unquote. Different is a for is a term that both and people people who like her and people who don't like her consider her different and it's like either a good or a bad thing based on whether or not you like her she's A very precocious kid. She's Super Smart. She loves to read But she also loves to tell people when they're wrong and loves to people. Love love to like wind. That super endearing wheeled that knowledge that she you know really ingests a lot of information and then like is pretty insightful. About how people behave and just her peers. Her seven year old boys are not prepared to receive that type of treatment from anyone let alone. A girl If you can't hear my I roll and the whiplash gave my neck for being a seven-year-old boy there for a second So she really only has one friend who really gets her and that is her granny who I think is seventy seven and she has. She's she is seven and then granny seventy yes. Yes and granny is like Man Take multiple versions of the like outside the box grandparent from fiction but like and roll it into one but like she's not super problematic like she's not you know spouting off with stuff that she shouldn't say necessary racist racist grandma she's more like the grandparents from. Hey Arnold yes she's A. She's an agent of chaos. Graham is and her and Elsa get along very very well and so the it's not quite the inciting in the book but the major incident in the first quarter of the book is that Granny does pass away from cancer and she leaves this like Treasure Hunt of letters for Elsa to find and then deliver to various people who live in their apartment building And over the course we'll get we'll dive deeper than this but like the Ark of the book is Elsa learns about granny while also thinking about how to like remember her as she encounters people. She thought she knew one way but then like based on how she interacts with them. Trying to deliver these letters and trying to uncover who actually are like learns a little bit more about them in how the book the Fairytale Thing Always GonNa ask is is. This person is pretty straightforward. But how does to the extent that this book lost people in the good reads reviews? Okay how was all the jumping around between this stuff and like the make believe stuff so the the make believe stuff. The book does not. It doesn't do a straight up NARNIA. It doesn't do a straight up magical realism thing. The the magical part of this book is that there's a place called What is it called the land of the most the land of the land of almost a week which is a place that Granny Helps Elsa. Go to When she first you know Elsa thinks that the land of almost away comes from when Elsa parents were splitting up and she was having trouble sleeping and having autzen nightmares and granny invented this place. Elsa thinks To give her a series of stories to like take your mind off eight. It's a place you go when your eyes are half closed. You don't even have to get fully asleep to go there and it's made up of like six or seven kingdoms That all have these interesting. Names MEA MOSS and memo vaas. And there's lots of interesting little word play And it's not straightforward fantasy but there are princesses and nights and there are monsters in there are like shadows and things like that. Is it the seed siblings? Who had that elaborate doesn't will union. They may that doesn't really the most of it doesn't really exist anymore correct. It didn't survive. I mean yes Let me read two passages that give you a sense of what this world is? And then I'll talk about functions in the book Grainy says that the Kingdom had called me a moss for an attorney or at least ten thousand fairy tales but also knows the granny only made this up. Because Elsa couldn't say pajamas when she was small and used to say Mama's instead except of course grainy insist that she never made up a bloody thing in Miami and the other five kingdoms in the land of almost awake or not only real but actually far more real than the world. We're in now where quote everyone is an economist and drinks lactose free milk and makes a right fuss. Granny has a story from Yarmouth forever spending time on twitter. It sounds like granny likes to rail against the man a lot granny refers to this person. We'LL TALK ABOUT GRANNY. And and what she did as a surgeon but she talks a lot about capital society holding her back telling her you couldn't practice medicine Granier a story from MIYAMA's for every situation one of them is about deplores. The kingdom were all sorrow is kept in storage and it's princess was robbed of Magical Treasurer by an ugly witch whom she's been hunting. One was about the sea angel burdened by curse that forced her to drift up and down the coast of the land of almost a week after losing her beloved and it goes on and on and on like The builds to this war and see this happen whenever you encounter in the book. It IS ELSA. Remembering a story that her grandmother told her You know the one fairy tale. The shadows tried to abduct the Chosen. One in order to destroy this place but the cloud animal saved him and flew him all the way back to me. Moss and when the shadows came after them all the inhabitants. The six kingdoms of the land of almost week agreed to protect him and that was when the war without end started And so you get like never ending. Yeah it's very never ending story and you get character names you get wolf heart you get these beasts called resources you get the Chosen One. You get the C. Angel And Elsa has has these as a frame of reference for a body of fiction which she like occasionally will call out granny for like stealing things from Harry Potter or is unlike because Elsa loves Harry Potter and has a Griffin Doors. Scarf cares for it in the way that a seven year old cares for like a prized possession Harry Potter or And you know granny has invented this whole series of stories and as Elsa meets people over the course of the book she realizes that each of these stories like pertain to one of the people who live in the apartment building. So I did experience as you're going through the book. The fairy tales feel like they. Don't feel like filler. But they feel like you you you you know. They're a set up for something else as opposed to something to necessarily be taken on. Its own does that make sense Like they're not bracketed off in their own chapters where there's a compelling narrative to like Hook into. They are shared with the reader as Elsa remembers a story that she can use to make sense of the world. The reason it feels a little magical realism. E is that Elyssa then dislike commits to using some of the vocab from these stories like in the close third person that you're reading selection meets this guy who she is just decided is the monster. He turns out to be more like the old man from home alone where he scary but he's actually very helpful and kind and is just a sad person. I'm shows up at the exact right times whenever you're in trouble. There's this big monster dog that lives in the apartment complex for some reason and she constantly refers to it as the fairy tale word the worse And that never changes so like the book never actually tells you what kind of dog it is or anything because through the kids is that is the is the narrator you have this. Patina of fairy tale over everything Does that does that. Invite you to make up your own like play along at home and make up your own stuff to 'cause I imagine a worse to be just like a worse horse. It's a Portmanteau of worse and horse. Maybe in my head Oh God. I hadn't thought about that. She does like I'm on it and it's supposed to be like monstrously big at one point. She you can't the the the narrative style and there's not a I can't even pull out a section of the book that will give you this feeling but the the third person aerator is so close to her. That sometimes in the middle of reading I would think I was reading a first person narrative because it's so in her head That when she is talking about like providing treats to this dog that she's like keeping in the basement of this apartment building but she's talking about it like she's feeding this mythical creature Like instant cake. Mix Out of a thermos You're you're not quite sure. What like Elsa version is real and what the quote unquote like? Active reality is and that seems to be the point and that show. That could be a a bouncing off point. I think for people who are like into the heart warming learn about my granny's life narrative. But aren't here for the what is real and what is in work and it's a lot of work but it is some or you just kind of need to be willing to gloss it a little bit and I will be honest. I think I lost some of it because I once I realized what it was doing I would like look for the key parts of a story and then be ready to map it onto some of the other characters that already met because it sounds like there's a lot of world building going on that is just kind of there to flesh out the characters imaginary world without really conveying important information to you. The reader like world buildings not important if you're if the world actually is not what's driving the yeah dory if not what? The book is focused on being about if he to to talk about. The book does value stories. So I don't WanNa like short sell their presence in the book but them being compelling standalone narratives is not the point the point. I think what Batman's going for is like a these. Are you know stories? A grandmother told her granddaughter to help her through times and here is how that granddaughter uses them to help herself through times And Elsa interacts with anyone her own age throughout this book so every time she is talking about these stories and she talks to all the every adult about fairy tales stories but also how she talks with her grandmother. They are bridges between generations. So I think the book the book is offering or arguing. That stories can draw people together even as they are like at very different points in their lives Similarly like a scene where else's talking to a woman who's a psychotherapist Who has you know? Lost people in her life and has developed a drinking problem and isn't really relating to people very well and else is trying to convince her to read Harry Potter. Because like how do you own thousands of books and not own Harry Potter is an argument? She gets in with. This adult will miss okay and like later in the book. People are both that woman as well as her dad or like trying to read those stories so that they can relate to this girl that is like that they value and want to feel valued There's a similar thing with another character and like them watching star wars together so it's like both the fairy tales of the book and the Real World Fictional stories. This character is interested in Are used as bridges between people as opposed to like standalone stories that we're going to spend time with sure So you talked a little earlier. About the perspective which is third person verging on first person sometimes And so the the qurqus reviews piece that I read about. This is is mostly positive like the reaction to this book is is largely positive but finding constructive criticism is a good place. I think so. You're trying to record a book. Podcast for like fifty five minutes. Kirk says the third person narrative voice when aligned with else's perspective reveals heartfelt innocent observations but when moving towards on missions. It can read as too clever by half. I think that's that comes up for me a lot. One an adult author is writing a kid voice. Sometimes sometimes the kid voice is kid. I is like childish in there like understanding or articulation of things even if they still get at the essential truth because of how perceptive children `red children have branded themselves as being no so like. But but then. But sometimes it's like. Oh Yeah you're this is clearly like a thirty two year old writing a seven year olds and this is why this information is here and the sounds like this. Yeah so let me give you two examples. I think that actually get to that before before I do that myself. there's A. There's a running thing where several elsa is frustrated by the older people in her life who don't understand technology and that doesn't that feels true to me it even as it might be backman having fun with technology himself the fact that a a seven year old would ask some old people that she's talking to to use their computer to look a word up on wikipedia and then be confused that the computer is two separate pieces and that it takes a minute to start like that's like a thing. It plays for good goof in the moment Her rely or familiarity with ipads and the her lack of credulity that anyone would use anything else like. It's that feels like a precocious seven-year-old to me. There's stuff that I think. Works as as humorous writing but I could see falling under that umbrella of like a clever author Okay so I'll give you those gambles one of the things that I like about. This book is the way it gives you like. Remember like it's almost like the western game because you have so many people living in this one apartment building that you need like quick character sketches and no specific traits to hang your hat on. So they're like everybody. Everybody gets to be like this. Is The guy who has a lot of mop? Yes this is the lady who wears pink all the guy who drinks coffee all the time and when he and his wife drink coffee in front of their dog Samantha. They don't say they're having coffee. They call it. A drink for grownups. 'cause they train that's just that's combining all my favorite stuff about coffee people and dogs. There's one so else's mom has remarried with this guy named George She is going to have another kid. Who else refers to as Haffey? Because it's going to be a half sibling. And she has very mixed feelings about it. Georgia's apparently a really lovely guy who everyone likes his superpower. Elsa loves superheroes as you talk about people having superpowers a lot But Elsa has refused to let herself like him because then she would be like giving in. And that's how she can express like some sort of agency here. But here's this. Here's I felt very seen and attacked in in this section on George Lucas. George lives with mom. And that's not always the easiest things because it means he also lives next door to granny. He has a beard and a very small hat is obsessed with jogging during which he insists on wearing his shorts top of his tracksuit he cooks in English and so when he's reading the recipes he says he says pork instead of flask. Granny never calls him George just loser which infuriates mom but Elsa knows what grains doing it she just wants Elza. No she's on else side no matter what the like. He has a beard and a small hat and is one of those dudes is obsessed with jogging. Like okay attack me Craig. They that's the description of Craig has definitely me and I think is missing. Is the bird wall strew but like that is a those. Observations play to an adult reader. Like if they play a joke they land for an adult reader. That Bachmann is talking to like around. Elsa it's not else's point of view that might be making those interesting or funny right similarly with this guy named Kent In the flat under Granny's live. Britt Marie. And can't they like owning things and especially likes telling you how much everything costs. He's hardly ever at home because he's an entrepreneur or a contra preneurs as he likes to joke loudly to people he doesn't know and if people don't laugh right away he repeats it even louder as if they're hearing is the problem and so like continuing. Our nickelodeon references is a real a real Mr Dink. It is a real dink so like against some of those humorous observations and character sketches come from an adult awareness of how people behave. That is perhaps just passed. What you might reasonably believe as else's precociousness but maybe you can just say Oh elsa conveying to me what she sees and an. I'm mostly worked so I can keep going. Yeah I liked those passengers. I pulled them because I thought they were funny. And like reveal a little bit of the sense of humor of the book but I could see someone going. Well that's not else's sense of humor. That's the authors and it's like intruding on what? I am getting out of it like. That wasn't my experience of reading it but I certainly could see how someone would experience at that shirt And I've alluded to the other people in the apartment building. 'cause like so the the setup of the novel there couple ticking clocks. There's the impending. Half Sibling is obviously granny's passing. Which happens early. And then it's like okay. We gotta do this adventure where we give these letters out And then there is also kind of a background drama of will. The tenants be able to form a lease association and by. I think that's what it's called in the book. They're gonNA buy the apartments from the owner of the building Okay and then put up one last show and save the old performing Arts Center. Yeah it feels like that. Experts very contentious because Kent is the one driving this and angling for it and he turns out to be a right. He'll let me tell you what But he is like driving it for what are clearly like money reasons like he's going to buy it and then he's just GonNa flip it because it's a good neighborhood And you learn over the course of the book that some of the people in the apartment probably couldn't afford to make that decision you also learn over the course the book that granny is the one who does own the apartment building so the like arc of are these people going to be able to stay together. Are they going to do they? Should they stay together? And how? What Role. Will Elsa play in that is like the other kind of macro level things so you do spend a lot of time kind of bopping between the different rooms in this apartment complex house thing? I'll admit I lost a little sense of like the physical reality of it and that may be the influence of the of the fairy tales idol is I had a hard time kind of keeping track of the geography even though that that did seem to be important to Elsa I e Okay Yeah you said that was just invalidated the point I was GonNa say I I was GonNa ask if that was if that was the point because I mean maybe two pe- to people who don't live in in an apartment complex like the point of it kind of is that it mostly looks the same right. Yeah Yeah I I'm just saying I kinda lost. There's a couple like I dare. I feel weird even calling them like actions sequences but there are series of physical action. That happened at times. That do seem to hinge on like relationships between spaces that I would lose the thread a little bit. So it's what you're saying is it's clear that the author has a picture director wants you to have a picture of this in mind but it was not conveyed in a way that you could at least follow. At least I had trouble with it. Perhaps because I was you know distracted by the magical realist language or I was. You know to invest in the emotional part. I'm not sure I didn't. I had a hard time. Kraken it the other characters that we meet our like. There's this guy name Alf. Who's a taxi driver? Whose whole thing isn't that. He can. At least that we see he does curse too much. He loves listening to opera. And it's just like Alf from the show Alf Ruth and he's the one of the first characters like the second wave of characters that like get involved in else's like quest like oh. Wow He knew granny in a way that Elsa never knew about and like is going to get revealed over the course of the book He's one of the first ones that like really has a like a More Iceberg under the under the water. Line what you know what I mean. That's how they What they say. And then they don't say we don't say it's only the tip of the iceberg anymore we say there's more iceberg under the waterline. And then there's a guy that Elsa starts out car calling the monster who's a scary man alone As I alluded to before. He's the kind of old man from alone character but she meets him he definitely has a heart of gold his clearly suffering from PTSD from some wars that he's been in And is incredibly like GERMOPHOBIC and stuff and he will like he travels around with her. She ends up giving him the name. Wolf heart because this character from the fairy tales that was modeled after him. And and the reason all these people actually live in this apartment building. There's a couple people that grew up in it and then the rest made their way there because of granny and she was this like world traveling successful surgeon who clearly did a lot of doctors without borders kind of warzone work and working with refugees and stuff so a number of the characters like had a tragic thing happen to them in a different part of the world and then she brought them back or at least invited them to stay and then they never left So the to me. There's like the the book as Fairy Tale if you look at the whole book as a fairytale it is not a fairy tale with a like binary morality It's not a like good guys. Bad guys is It it traffics in like heroes that defeat villains but then like every one of those stories takes a swerve until zone of of like moral gray. Well everybody everybody's hero sometimes or something. Yeah I think the like it's either that or a real life. Isn't that simple kid? Yeah and there's like A. There's a way that granny puts it that I think involves cursing that I'm not gonNA say on air but it's like sure should something about like most of the time people can be bad and your life is really just about making sure that you're good enough most of the time or like not being bad and it's a real like y'all need to run faster than the slowest when your pursued by a Predator. I'll have to be better than the words laws. I'll get to the let me make sure I come back to that like. Who are the worst people in this book? Because I think that's a weakness there's a weakness there but what I was because I guess I guess I'm wondering if there's an antagonised other than there is the big C there is yes okay The the thing about it as a fairy tale that I think mostly works is the serendipity of all these characters being connected and being like tied to granny in some way and them having these lives that are all like this person knows that person because they went on way to war and this person actually used to be in love with that person But then gave her up because they messed up and this person is really mean to else's mom because she actually thought that she was going to be able to like be a bigger part of her life and Everybody who is a jerk to someone else has a very like all. That's sad reason for being a jerk and not. There's not a single person in the Web. That doesn't have at least like one or two other nodes at least by the end of the book and that is very fairytale e be you know it's very it's fiction the fact that stuff is connected as often. You know it's not just coincidence. Right in a story it usually Riley as like somebody made it that way. Yeah and so like so. In a in a children's fairy tale where everything has meaning like all of these people being connected. That part of it is like a gift that granny is kind of giving her and like a very optimistic view of the world. I found a review by dude on his own site. Just this guy named Russ all berry who. I don't even know what his like I think he's just a guy with a blog is as a WHO also likes video games. But he wrote this. Russ all bear He wrote this review. That's Kinda Nice in is with my experience of the book. He says I am as a side note once again struck by the subtle difference in stories from cultures with a functional safety net. I caught my American brain puzzling through ways that some of the people in this book could still be alive and living in this apartment building since they don't seem capable of holding down jobs before realizing the story is not set in a brutal Hobson in jungle of all against all like the states. Wow that's that's a read in the existence of the safety net plays a role in this book apart from plays no significant role in this book apart from putting a floor under how far people can fall and yet it makes all the difference in the world and in some ways makes his plot possible so I just tossed here listen Khan counterpoint. Allowed the books that we've read on. This show can only exist if America is a brutal Hobbs in general. Yeah so wishes. Better for literature. I just Russ all bury his never thought I would discover that paragraph and I didn't know how much I needed to read it. Yeah after I read this book anyway. Yeah because I feel like often when we're reading books that are set in another country. It's like old times. Yeah it was very interesting to read a a modern European book but not a British book That was not like wrestling with a specific historical conflict or era. Like I feel like that's a lot of what we read for the show and and in fact you know for twenty thirteen twenty fifteen pretty zeitgeist e in its in its like young person has relative die and then goes on an adventure of sorts. Yeah shape yeah but also it. It talks about characters going off to wars plural and his very nonspecific. About what those are. It talks about The Wolf Heart. Is this refugee character from another country? And so it's it has a very generous Vibe towards people like migrant peoples in people who are displaced It does I think reference the soon Nami that hit India Okay because that is where the one woman like lost her family But it doesn't do it by name to says like a couple of years as this happened in a place not near here kind of thing. But other than that like the the realities of the world outside of this city and neighborhood are pretty like fuzzy on purpose I think to a positive effect so the thing that didn't really land for me Because Granny's Pretty Rad. I loved Elsa in this book. There's a scene where Elsa bangs on a dude's car with her textbook to to like make a mad that he beeped at her mom and traffic and else's like telling-off kids about whether or not she could wear spider man costume and like yelling at teachers else's just rules throughout this book There is an antagonist of sorts. Whose NAME IS SAM. You encounter him twice in the book before you know who he is and he is someone who attempts to take Elsa and you don't know who he is you don't know why he's doing what he's doing you just take her literally attempts to take her like Try to take her like from a playground near school at one point. He's and she is saved. And she is saved by the monsters slash wolf heart at that point and then similarly at granny's funeral she she like she can't handle the funeral and I will say that a lot of what I think was hitting me in this book. Both in like in my gut and also in my head was like in ways to the two things in ways that I was conscious of and in ways that I think are only like hitting me as I think about the book and Digest. The book is like I lost my grandmother. Who spent her entire life in my house when I was in eighth grade and so the the relationship between Elsa and her grandmother isn't like one to one with mine like losing someone like that who occupied a different role in your life It specifically being a grandmother and it being a unique relationship that definitely felt different from other relationships that you had or new. And there's a lot of Elsa that I'd just very personally identify with and so like that. Part of the book is very moving deserve frustrating To encounter this Sam character who like Elsa runs out of her grandmother's funeral because she can't handle it shares too many people there who apparently knew her grandmother and like I distinctly remember there being one or two people at my grandmother's funeral who else who is that person. Why do they know she is? That seems wrong And so she runs out of there. She runs out into the graveyard and this man tries to take her And I think Wolf Heart saves her again. I don't really remember that gets resolved but the man gets away Then we need to debrief on this man is he. Is the father of the another tenant the boy with a syndrome As Elsa Calls Him who is a is a boy a year younger than her. He does not speak For whatever reason And His mom is caring for him on her own and he had an abusive father who had dealt with anger issues and substance abuse issues and he turns out to be the son of one of the pairs of tenants And there's like a very like thin sliver of logic where because they like got away from him with the kid was young enough he doesn't quite like know what the kid looks like a few years later and because Elsa has a similar haircut. He actually thinks she's is like okay. And that's it's not especially nefarious. I guess well. It is NOT SPECIFICALLY NEFARIOUS TO ELSA. It is various real. Okay yes that's what I mean And I think what didn't work for me about it is that it felt like it wasn't it was it was It was like a glancing storyline against else's it like it was an antagonise. That wasn't actually about her quest. If that makes sense yeah I was GonNa say it feels like maybe inserted to to bend the dramatic arc of the book a Little Bit. S isn't especially well integrated into a book that otherwise seems pretty internally because the consistent right the build up to the the most climactic scene in the book the tensest scene in the book is the final attempt at this guy to take Elsa and The worse you know saves her in a very heroic fashion other characters who have been against her. Who could have like made it harder for people to help her have not done that? And and been kind to her along the way. So there's like many payoffs but it doesn't seem like the culmination of else's relationship with her granny. It doesn't seem like the culmination of her understanding her mom. Her Dad better scenes with her mom and her or really gorgeous and really heartwarming. And then this really feels like it was put in there to give some sort of suspense and like adventure. Anxiety to the book They're kind of like what will happen next when that isn't really what the book is strongest at I do think the way that Bachmann like reintegrates that plot into the epilogue of the book where it Kinda does alike. Here's where everyone winds up. Sorta way His parents do go like visit him in whatever facility or or you know place that he has taken after this event where I don't know I don't think it's just a jail I think it's something else And there it is very clear that like those characters believe that they have to do good by this person because he is a human and deserves basic goodness and that the book is very aware and else's very aware of the tension of what you do with like no that person harms people. How do I feel about that? And what do I do about that? And it's actually one of things like granny is connected to that person and she apologizes for her own misgivings about that person So the book treats it with a very nuanced lens which is nice and is actually part of what the books very good at. But the like. Here's a man who's here steel elsa else's it's like it doesn't feel connected to the central you know mysteries or stakes for the characters And it's Weird I. I don't know I haven't felt I haven't read a book in a while. That felt like it had something so dislike kind of like out of place like it's almost like a garden and there's just like one flower that's just like at a completely different angle like maybe it's like a different plants and like it's a fine plan. It just doesn't belong here. Short messing up the whole aesthetic. Yeah this is like the Uganda. Despite not owning a switch or playing animal crossing gone to very animal crossing place with this this man. I mean it's all. Is there gardening outside animal? Crossing ninety real life might be based on the mechanics of animal crossing. Actually yeah I mean yes. That's true all things flow from Mr Nintendo. Jim Tanto it's true. This is a fun book. I did really like it. I I could see how folks would bounce off it and I could see how and I personally found like as I said the same thing a little underwhelming but it is GonNa read this book right now. There's a lot of grief in it and so just be careful but I I think Similar felt with a death in the family. I think it's an interesting book for where you might put some specific griefs or find some ways to like think about how other people deal with it If in and again I I don't want to oversell. How like the book being dislike a sad book it's actually very And and charming but yeah it's a real Israel. There's a thing he says a couple times. Where like there's a phrase? There's too much reality for an eight year. Old is like a phrase that happens a couple of times when yeah? That's yeah I can see that. When when the adults like lean heavy on a real story that they are explaining to Elsa and she kind of gets fuzzy and loses some of the details and she just says there's too much with the narrator says that's too much reality for eight year old and like yeah. I get it I get it. It did have Dow thirty minutes ago. It did have a hey arnold building value to it because there's that episode and I was going to bring it up but then we move past it and so I wasn't going to force to go back to fair enough. There was an episode of. Hey Arnold where? Arnold has to collect the rent from each of the tenants who live in the building that his grandparents are like the landlords of and he gets caught up in like a bunch of short little stories at which is because they're a bunch of tenants and I think Hey Arnold was eleven minute like each twenty two minute. Episode was two eleven minute stories and to do that at eleven. Minutes is pretty. That's pretty fast. But yeah that that. That is what came to mind when you were doing your descriptions especially once I landed on Arnold's grandparents as the as my sort of Canon for herger her granny. Yeah let me just go out on a quote about Granny Talking you know. We hear about how she was this warzone surgeon. Did all this wonderful work. But one day someone decided she was too old to save. Lives EVEN BELLSA. Quite strongly suspects what they really meant by. Two old was too crazy. Granny refers to this as society and says it's only because everything has to be so bloody politically correct. Nowadays that she's no longer allowed to make incisions in people and that it was really mainly about society getting so bleeding fussy about the smoking ban in the operating theaters and who could work under these sorts of conditions. It's grainy is out there to tell it like it is and not suffer. Fools an Elsa picks up on that and it's it's pretty endearing she should start a radio shock jock. Your Ram grants yeah. Granny would eat that. Roll up if she could Thanks me tell you about this book Andrew Tell me about. I don't know that we're really solve the mystery of what Susan likes about this book but probably all the same things that I liked is what say her. Yeah Susan Leszno send us an email over potted dot com season and let me know if I got it right Twitter DOT COM over to facebook dot com slash over to pot of the websites that you can use to tell me if I'm or wrong Thanks to Neil Meghan Danny Me Michelle. Barb Heather Joshua Marta Ebony Mike Anthony Kyle Amber Terry many more. We did one of our what. You're reading threads in the last week. So check those feeds out if you need some book recommendations aside from what we're eating which is clearly what you should be reading Andrew folks want to know more about the show or should they go overdo podcasts dot coms that Web site. We have links to apple. Podcasts and Google play. We're also available on spotify. Stitcher anywhere else. You can find podcasts. in lieu of our regular SPIEL. I think we wanted to talk about one. Larger thing that we're going on the on the website Going forward so we have had for a long time like since we started we've had links to Amazon to buy the books that we are reading and have read so that you know people who listen to an episode then WanNa get a book can do that and we get a tiny cut of that but we want to do. Our part is like an independent podcast that is supported by listeners to support independent bookstores. Yeah that are local to you. So we are starting to Put up links to bookshop dot org pages for the books that we are reading. That is a site that basically blinks you up with local independent bookstores to get the books that we are eating. Yeah you can still buy the books online. But you can designate. You know affiliates towards local bookstores or help you find in your local bookstore With a lot of them are having time right now. So what better? Time to start supporting them if you aren't already So we thought this would be like it. Would it would dovetail well with our values and it would help the wider book community. That's the goal. Anyway Yeah Yeah They're e-book solution is not like totally ideal. And we're still figuring out what we're GONNA do you. They're like if we're GONNA keep putting Amazon links up alongside the bookshop links or if we're going to go and look into like Kobo or barnes and Nobles Nook or like some other like e reader ecosystem that still something that we're figuring out on our end but the bookshop. Things should be done this week. We have a shot page. That will put up. That has all the books for all the episodes. We've done a few curated lists for some series and some other things. But then if you're going through yeah if you're going through the back catalogue. You should find the website on on the website. Yes specifically you should find links to every do all the books that we could find on bookshop Which is a way to both support? Our if you want but also to support local bookstores and bookshops mission which is Great Again if a book doesn't have that We weren't able to do that. And you might see some other links that we are hoping to add. We're trying to be flexible. And trying to put it in time to make sure that people can find books where they wanna find books and not just resort to one big corporate organism. That's it that's it all right. Everybody Next week I am going to be Reading Orlando biography by Virginia Woolf. Um We've also at some point this month we've got the hell boys episode going up that gets us to the end of Paradiso. That'll come out at the end of the month. Take a look for that. Take a look out for. That is what I look out for that. That's just the rest of the icebergs underwater guys. Take a look out for that iceberg. It's under the waterline. Everybody thanks for listening to our ninety s nickelodeon cartoon Fan and until we get your next week. Try Be happy A that was a hit gum podcast.

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Resenha: Moonspell - Hermitage (Gothic Metal Portugus)

Metal Mantra Podcast

27:00 min | 5 months ago

Resenha: Moonspell - Hermitage (Gothic Metal Portugus)

"Was on lies relate to sell the so broadcaster tad so little. Ev is the l. Miguel move gas on without s. I get out. So he'll healed. Obama brave heritage do move spell sudden jeff. Vinca civetta pummel record. So there's also mitch and alex hair for existence to city nia. Ten years we live in the lake of occlusive commode in vertigo. Do the agonise heritage days moves in quincy into the mice. Arctic portuguese This see rule got a commando sewn g lease boy in portadown achieve. I did they move to. Maha is no black. Matters available at maximus temperatures. You don't get response. Savoia in but cena number designating pain Morbid guide genome through moose spell is cheaper digs in says it's which will sell linking kitty viewing lynch vastagh door the butte guy wolf heart. Delimitation those guys wolf wolford air. My your on some of the skeleton describe fate the you don't atrophies from abundant on site. Preschool chemo's participates because the built nekia wolf heart wolf heart. It has no sauce photo. Lab does not stand up with my stiffy newest shoe influence. Your husband got me to museveni data. We say but it's still got can know what that is. So mean sillage abundance debate to young tossing grinch who plays a consignment. My my interesting sensibility. Secure some would have yet is vital the pacific so single album. We really if you release ninety six you know no add us nuttal. Somebody's one source recipient host you to gays kenya another digest g. The ceremonial dumble quintus. A wolf book a spaghetti with all the opening middle just book take out a bit. I wanna to the mitchell center either with with the religious. But there's also sent picado not seem said he picard donor innovatory to the butterfly effect is innovating avi darkness and help does medium the antidote to this week. Today's memorial as does is sweet bolsa. Bolsa state don't cheat on your fatal system as those years. It's a fate to details on the voice co under santana lose me. Sach residents vince classical spots. This will ninety turtle judas me way to who alfano r. g. though is meal he does it. Were extinct as mckinsey. Sense with this resistance is committed to settle. Hermitage ditto is mute. For put pedro shown car duta for another bid out. Get da i spearheaded. Basu not bought the result. Result it up by Numerous mc donald's house won't to Was a budget that those links missile arts is in subsidies to sit down junior school overseas assist lynch controls last semester. Symon szabo's zoe. Tour took over the stomach. Thing puzzles jiggled. Assist the zoo to artisanal so he told me today so not systems have met kimoto officer so look you to finish the the dodgy simply conspiracy our prohibit coach. It is important is to have metal origin. Assuming the corporate said do joan gelatin ma. To deny tend to gather genetic precipitation up north law so he to comment bruneta make over who resettled metal in addition to get into especially as i said what's going to retirement a podcast so twitter facebook potentially grandma's gonna put a hold on may apply jr which put estimates you're without paying salute elect grandma ponte muhammad podge and she was working and we thought she would have met with tim. Going to disclose the most budget spun. Also group telegram. The interlock Me by amid almond apologizing senators casilda surge it also cites the may pole to comb pawn to be he answered philosophy. We spelled z. Asena do gothic metal. Put gas in today's bundles Moselle sort of course. It was his mother's own experts in heavy metal. Monica this coming up. Huma must sister feodosia. I keep them to free. Your mortal can. That's reveal tackles on douglas. Tools for someone spell domi- hating epo. Khalid were they told me i don moose spell. Yeah janice vibe. Eight coming up in a mitchell abyss masterpiece to heaven would subject. You'd you'd listenable records. Laic yoga's philipe discos. Lovie vs just goes out. Gv scott key me. yeah you can. Several quotes from those muscles omar. Heaven would job brothers. Gothi metals. got us on to villanova guy in porto portugal together but they say fought save of on disgorged in heaven. Would bar me over. Elizabeth latest. I'm not sure what days ing doubt that google scholars who abyss masterpiece so saint l. The tarot of the hemans they gotta go through the metal pig. Either jim spell for lake. You of hard to spell instrumentation shortcoming blow scotus all ever inferior cattle. That you're kidding me that you own adding ferry. Jakarta jeopardy does meals. Bilas season of our will take way to sink quantum to play you ever fairly abundant the average ferry. Precare portuguesa gothic. Doom metal sewn g our modern turbo to gallery spot with risk secret Minorities new threes and my scott was on ix and ask us in quadruple. South is essential because those two bouncer kind of oklahoma that to me her medical do demonic or lay hit a medical new jet threes. I goes to jamuna centers the window to bail us century media records of comb. Nothing in the classroom to deeply. Would the molnar shot by the metro. Julie's to gal. Kobe survey it. Thirty million gourmet stimul- that parallel spell ed so explicit. So i if sally is protests took little scattered who had mexicans though the assistant because it's lawsuit e let's fact include which put in survive without. Water is his the links point to key. That's cal you want. This dissolved survived try. who's explosive vitas scooped isis. This coming day caterpillar said jeffey kind of vibe to go watch issue to see the dodgers a sin cara daughters who's the key cap that goes toward different fitness philology moons. Say yes hermitage. The moments pelting scrutiny. Coca myself learning to this use. Komo podcastone autocracies. The mr graham allows curtain 'cause if you're lapis momentum the body interesting that was to be implemented deja larkhall nobles mobile spos- novice said is to graham center. But thank you. She publicize the main. would it. put a little heavy metal thing to remedy scott on Matab norris bissau's instead grandma. Tell us only a few specific pacific administered three three minutes. Giving chief segador them. The bill is and tommy lee Can offload barbecue for spinach. Even fled the blessed a- massage in bush posted status la song vigil notably else could also will though isis scattered to the shaw v. Akina potential vehicles nor was the northern. But but let's put proceed. They should scoop tacky efforts with my buddy scott stooges car you he heavy threat so now by seeing heavy toward so now waiting cheese minutes container is that we will meet to city goal. A senior being Being genome is what could he fakih masks on Heavy metal touch so now being bateman being dente cashing watch murphy came to the south the go monday but solidifies in the speech about math always. Pg heavy math on that heavy speed efforts on boarded up on whether it's daddy. Yeah that's a gotta do is simone simona. It is lucid for put on gilwell hound to now haunt do douche more. We'll discuss key flesh on gossage obama's been a halt gotta keep that. She said something to get us sons. Los angeles busy fussing. Twitter leaders liberal giorgos savvy final fantasy using e thanks to pick out the heavy thoughts on offering the benefits on now being. He had to miss. If you come to bone say is also a mile combo meal because they can fit in. But i don't want you do speech plus mice sick them publicity of tim. Zhang because metal core look was hit the ball. He's populism. is that to the bank. They me sakai. Ed was is ti. Stetch 'cause you june. Jim heffner to now he cloudy. Mitchell street fidget. Black amax hoped at match the Now named talk about quiz up budgeting cy in sinton gomez. If you're being simple sake throw say to me my steady as hey. Gazillion monochrome can pulu markazi code vs josh eastern for fading keys. Physician says the finishes sit. There is my source. Ice follies policy mice producer stuff. As his city episodes fella now mice no is started. Janitor shouldn't put a pin supernova. My has saved footers dumas. Coon coon to mind on camino inspector. Come l. electrical camano numeral new multiple user swell matthau. Sabu pulls lots of we they've account The ability to do my don't cover. Sigmund the corner alex where she got a zuma conflict ideologically thaddeus price. Come on illness thirty. I'll go on a suicide hazarding. Duke shaky biko release it shook electrobi- metamorphoses who students sour sauce. The could look. Don't talk. assange was the subject stuff as ainu. Got from ticketed. Notice that don't follow logic. Threes as la natural thousands now eating a speech. Matto jeff guessing about about today. But what do you do metal mice up forge you've got in shop. Poon plume defa metal mice. Abi nina can targeting big jamaica core. Don't animus alah kimmy modest burned the to to the east kyle. Uplift put us on what swimming pools key to sawyer. For the demise mice put foul to compete thing says if it is as long as star you software masala egypt. 'cause at your bureaucracies fuzzy towel will also salah the g. r. fosse cold harbor democracy. Comb Bo key document. Otherwise jackson specific homeowner g g g. Blue officials seem sick muscle allergy. Fusco call me okay. I want so much for like a cow kitty them. It's not fuzzy. Flow bone haggard. Us this issue assistant. But i e superlative fini dr moster earlier. He said he principal. He's said he's supposed to call us. If i was the case that a policy chicago police say his safe. Watch him support you even with the competing services spell moose bowl is it is nauseating seal fittings. It is. don't mean no differences. It is komi kitty. Vigil and cleveland courses. It is his spiel fitting. Cisco it is some don't thing. Don't compare tensing craig. Who can get us his story finances. Spruce chea- you look so the beautiful supplement. Jessica dosing A stressful will just go to another for the sake. Yeah we we spent like it. Chef put case defies them bachailian. How combat data call it was in is guests bore. Sipakit spoke out about democracy here staying. It goes mice pecan mukul savage populism. Pasco's calmodulin coleman spell album. We comb gorge schuykill at To wherever they sink abundancy gospel the gospel the gospel operating to gothic a little graphic image as well to go back to the moon to win to morozov to miss watching. It should been too blasi nap to fight for his spell. Say total to face. so paula. Bogus percentage tossing is is basically. This thing moved to my such was Setups oh From called mice. You switch potential Implicit district and just to bogus. What does the fittings is. A significance is prohibited moments per se. I'll go watch suffice. Go downstairs door on your way. I too much fair co two to sing. Pre mutu tool into soto not to cover that chibuto ami gavin letter hostile style-watchers who stop -clusive following q. Key troubles getting closer manslaughter. Muster also and also gonna put remedies wop assumpico kettles mirrors to seven eight or an open. We'll whoever griffin middle got. Who's epilepsy epoca efficacy of. I got you i at all to seven safe for you ever. Whoever grape soap with further agree that how much milk food for all become is what state for let mike quality. That's the goodyear bogus. Our question to the ultimate. It's ma top bowel colleagues application. Give think six hundred word put. Muslim qi tai a scattered if alluded to so so put his. Got a cure for sarcoma on plastic jim in piss of a group on facebook do walkways langa world angra world hunger. Yeah he who would talk super wing to win toxic. A perceivable scored. Dr dur a following mortar sauvage. Fallen put the woman. i kinda eldest say my subordinates. Subordinates ca do have little eat whom is doing grinch problem as your tie like. My startup won't spelled out from tennis. You twist on for a couple of things that i said that he would sorta intelligent younger. It is something tender the for marceau's you former former instinct. I don't think ten to sell events saying this talk elementary. But as you suppress pursuit of mr muto paula. Tom lawlor player is something tunnel. Gal metabolism. grandma's there's no sobbing probes ghia fussing album complex coming. She key medical jim. Turner image virus confusing chemical recipe see amazon muscle singles. Two years go. Sometimes you couldn't tell us with your amazon prime cancale quizzes. Chemical mio thing made a clever to comment Giancarlo mutu sisters that comes. Negoti percentage board Boy over the other thing is awesome. Whittard scrotum as bush boards the super kadam this mosque with the think assault for his employer food. Megan add offered for media research with Under i his into sin cara. Michelle loved this thrillers. Some pollen apologies. Interim histology disappeared because it to our chef to gal gal consider because isn't seeing being threat to the mice don't incorporating said nothing do for the historian sheila far offer g differ be get it back up for the office does full beginning of cooking off mr juggling sao hammock homolka ankle footage alluding monica so far off the you can tell i ain't power is used to darlene linden and also the soy oil. His stolen are left present. So many face following the man went to your shouldn't mayes intel kia and what can still g. g g l. Wanted me to show now won't pick it up. I don't think lewis is being the imagine what you're going to call me at finding you booking isn't megan precipitator for meagre. Yeah he's custodial taller women lupus of lies. Sergio need to say to wherever emma's copy would zoo fina busca e. But i still look at it. I just got his fellow down. Missoula spokesman the one girl. I got froggy matto. You're still to put ki. moon spelt. That enters ahead. It is open season. Modalities should've that like metal. That metal metal. But this is moving the sell kick you spell. Almost metal can make the and spend so tourists spent on seoul ed wing to atmospheric colombian into the it ki- coppola said there who got proclivity. She'll watch from poker still move. Icing system black mattis with silicon pride. Commando he rally lesson to comb wobble. You do glory hammock. I'm going to be chilly kompass. Or who homepride their rapidly by could she does on watch touched. Mice met when we to instead of baden developer services going to host of assets. Mice saw ceuta kiddie kiddie constitute veins. They should die. Gingy associates frequent frequently. Show keep assist was. don't lusting. Who got students some good specimen. Am i choose to call us you spell for this woman either my car mys- louca quickey you ski. Ovae he'll veto. You'll boost gay incb lomas. Y'all know cold today. By being spotlighted the moose fell the most spell probably komo launch lack donald up on the message. I'm kinda go bitten boosting key definitions mentions of discovering spell. Don't mice mice still survey every twice a day using domesticity. Muthu my attention. Lot as for pig on margaret thatcher bean blues e. that'd be no on a single battery limited jess chabrier drinking booze jets put swim into the nato socialist as it used to device when saint Like yo g Bukit artisan now. We smash burger. It is and now i Talkie g Whiskey bourbon the louisiana talk into blue grass depressing cheese logos. The city says formulas which comedian be an episode smooth spell l. mason lynch. Do three against jovi fundamentally us do. Consider this budget Because it matters. Don't have you genova disc system. My nature does or something similar to ours. Monday confident beaver. It was nothing to return to our metal questions not citizen. We'll talk to you. People is a symptom but hypocrites. What she says is important is the mood. You'll have donald. She said get those. I was going to put a hobart. May thelma and those are the rich coins. It was going to permit watch casino. Twitter facebook instagram. I was going to put a hope. I'm to budge with intimate group telegram. Tapert amoeba it was that you want to achieve and when it comes to the schools evil the nas much cash taghrid though. Nfl Bamut apology winning. Scientists on sergeant and also cites term commitment to comb to a beer is away to sell the so podcast john just so feel vulnerable l. omarosa broadcasts all without i get out so that site midtown wound but a foldable fold.

Savoia wolf wolford Preschool chemo heart wolf heart mitchell center picado donald's house Symon szabo kimoto joan gelatin ma bruneta grandma ponte muhammad podge casilda Asena don moose janice vibe philipe discos Gothi metals jim spell Bilas
"Clamoring For The Teat"

Couples Therapy

1:00:52 hr | 2 years ago

"Clamoring For The Teat"

"We are living in complicated times. I'm seventy rule. MSNBC ANCHOR NBC News Correspondent and in my new podcast modern rules. I'm going to be spending time unpacking packing. Some of the hairiest of today's top decided. I was going to be a survivor. Survivor fights back aboard. They want new. It's America listening subscribe to my new podcast modern rules on apple podcast the iheartradio APP. Wherever you get your podcast open your hearts and loosen you'll birds? It's time for couples therapy. Yeah this is taken both talking excellent with brunches cousin linked to messy situation shifts and conscious and coupling from net flicks to stay with the Mulu Tech fix fix regret. You need therapy guarantee baby. Hey everybody welcome to couples therapy. Im Amnio me and I'm Andy and we're a real life. Couple a real life couple of comedians in own couples therapy. We bring you the very best set from our live. Show where we have comics. Were close due sets together about the relationship. Ain't that the truth who boy you know hey hey we're. We're both moving slow. I think a little bit. We're both exhausted our new your dog has drained us of our vitality and life energy. We are Haggard Naomi. I look at you. I love you but you look like. Do you remember the old old woman in Legion. You know what the side of the diner. You're reading activision. What's his name Paul McCartney yeah. Oh ooh look like yeah. I love you but no no you can't just say I love you and then drag okay that completely negate the love and I'm sure I look like a withered third old man. I'm sure I look like five. Ish Finkel from TV's picket fences a television show from nineteen ninety-six. I believe with Tom Skerritt. You're always giving me a young wallace. Shawn vibe but that's an everyday thing I mean that's every day regardless of whether you slept or not and Lauren Holly who you might remember from dumb and Dumber I`Ma living I am. DVD for some reason I know. I don't know why we're also exhausted. Yesterday was a full day. We went out to dinner with some friends of ours. Andy and I don't have full days as you know we prefer half days. I think in general in life more anytime you do more than two activities like I'm GonNa have to take a caffeine pill. Polish Jesse span no up in here what no ponant Jesse as we as we've established on the show before a- Jessie Spano now as a specific drink is a diet coke with two caffeine pills dissolved Bennett to yeah whoa yeah yeah. That would definitely get you so so excited so scared so you mean you're going to pull a breaking bad and go to town on some blue meth blue meth but we were at dinner. I brought it up because not just because we're tired but at dinner there was a moment where I looked over and you were having you and our friend and we're having a conversation about something real me and her boyfriend Adam. We were sitting there just saying funny names Johnny Carson's voice to me. There's something stark in Rico Cohen Tony. Some weird wild stuff tough yeah and it went over way like at one point like we weren't aiming serious. I've been talking about cooking or something very feminine but we're talking and then I noticed I was like why are you saying names of people Fin Wolf Heart. An somehow funding. It's more. It's not even just that you did it but it lasted for so long. There's so many names it seemed to be riding unending lulls and I was just surprising yeah well actually wait. This is Adams bit. I don't I wanNA misrepresent the actual thing it was people with celebrities with with strain names yeah that existed existed after the tonight show when after Johnny Carson's tonight show went off the air so people he never had a chance to say their names right. Okay okay so it's about carrying on like boof oof oof see and even now you crack yourself up. I it's so amazing how I don't get it. The extent to which is almost like you might this will be speaking a foreign language. I should be watching a video right now. Leighton Miester Great. I don't really not even it's it's not even good carson voice. It's just like a Shitty version of Dana Carvey Carson. The whole reason I thought about talking about this on the show was have you had any female friendships that were bit based now. We've had guests on before if listeners if you remember back when day Foale in Paul Greenberg were on like half a year ago at this point their entire friendship is bit based right and I realize that I would say like for the first thirty some odd years of my life I had mostly bit base friendships and in fact the weirdest ones are the ones that started off bit based for decades now blossomed into full friendships where we talk about at our emotions and it's like whenever I talked to my friend Josh who literally just like send nonsense words to each other back and forth certainly no. I mean the last time we saw Josh Wendy's Parents House. indies parents had just gotten less. Alexa an Indian. Josh just spent hours asking Alexa to play various songs. I mean in the middle one they'd be asking for the Knicks and I sort of got I fell asleep. I fell asleep. You guys might have done this'll two or three in the morning. I was like goodbye. If this is the game we're GONNA play Bryce Dallas Coward I so have you had I guess that was the question and female or female identifying listeners. Do you have any any bit based female friendships. Is this almost solely a male thing. All friends have inside jokes but that's not the same as what you're doing what you're basically scenes that lasts forever. I personally don't have any. I can't speak for decades. Speak for other people but I don't I mean even a lot of my friends are comics. We definitely I don't know if your job is comedy is like performing comedy or making people laugh. The last thing I want to do often in a conversation is trying to like keep up a bit tired. I'm tired. You have to turn it off. Sometimes sometimes this is simply. You know who prefers bits or not what I find more interesting have. Do you feel close to those people like to me. If I'm just doing bits with somebody eighty. That's like the ultimate sound like we are not connected. I'm performing for you. Were not saying anything substantive. That'd be the opposite of who I would ever consider a friend where it seems like for you you to do. Bits forever is actually emblematic of closeness. It's the Pinnacle of pinnacle of Bro Town. It is pinnacle of pro. I don't know that's an indie film. A series of small town like a brock. What's what's his face abrupt. Turner Day Brock Turner type. Do you know what actually it is. It's probably like a smokescreen to stop us from having a deeper relationship but how is that enjoyable able because bits are fun to do but forever for like literally like a two hour dinner just bits bits on bids. Yeah I could do that car that Shitty Carson voice saying saying names for hours yeah yeah and I would have fun doing it. As long as other people were because the thing is about bits as they mutate into other things things then and it keeps going. I was walking Mabel last night. I was slightly doing not silently under my breath doing that voice to myself and then I started doing doing don Pardo from SNL introducing musical guests that that weren't musical musical guests on Omar. You're like I don't understand like it's so nonsense. I don't even understand the baseline on which you're operating musical goes justin bed bath and beyond so the idea that there will be band's name. They're not pants. He's just introduced. He's saying this the musical guests and he's just saying do things that are not musical guests so is he having a stroke in this scene undershorts happening. John pardoe alright right honestly how I feel about your bids as long as you're having fun but long as you're having fun but I think you did key into something which is very much a it. We're having having fun but at the fun at the expense of having a deeper relationship yeah and then you look forward to seeing a bit a bit. Bud Yes but then but I don't know I mean Adam had deeper conversation so it's not like that's all we do and again like my long term. Relationships relationships had to evolve past bits in order for us to stay friends. 'cause bits only have so much gas in the tank. It sounds like you can really make a bit less forever. You can take that all the way to the end baby you. You can look you can do bits for a little while for a couple of hours. I would say say when you're doing the same bit for years. That's maybe a friendship that should have ended a while ago. Okay okay if there isn't like a hey hey. I don't feel good today and here's why if you don't have that in a friendship. I don't know I'm coming out of this kind of like. I don't know a centralist centralist fog that like relationships have to be a certain thing. Maybe you have a friendship. That's just bits and go to that person just for bits and then you have another friend and who you get to talk about like deep things with about like your heart's yearnings. I decided to write down the way sometimes you are so extra with your language. You are coming out of an and essentially fall that is the phrase you used and I jus like you're so extra such a philosopher. Eh The most complicated way of saying is so informed by your study. A Philosophy Grad school really fucked. My brain really changed the way I think it's very difficult all to talk to people without like bring up Daza Mine. It's okay you try your best. You're connecting fiasco okay okay. I think we should probably give you some of these sweet. Sweet live sets but before we do a little bit of Info you little bit of Info for your ears. Okay Okay into it into this style. You guys the next live. Show is Saturday October fifth here in Los Angeles at the Virgil you you should come. We're putting together a great lineup. Jamie Lee is going to be on the show drew druggy and Sam Pancake. Oh I can't wait and some more people people if you want to get tickets go to couples therapy pod DOT COM and while you're there you know what the Patriots on to it. You get two bonus episodes a month Mya A and E. getting in deep and hey if you don't want to hear our business but you want us to help you live you can also check out our call in line. That number is on the website. Also I'll sit right here. Three three five two four seven eight three nine call in leave a voicemail and on our advice episodes boy answer them as coherent. One person left a voicemail where they were like. I'm attracted to the Paul Blurt Mall Cop theme song and and you know we didn't know where to begin. We didn't know where to begin. We couldn't bring it into our guests. I know where to begin. I deleted it fair fair but the point is we're not going to judge harshly as Andy. You just judge that person. That was obvious prank. That was a real question. I think I think attraction can go so many ways. I would've honestly taking a stab at it houses. You know what maybe we'll answer that on a upcoming episode that NAM you ought to take a stab at it. I'll take a stab at it all all right one last thing we started a mailing list and we want to start touring the show and you want to know when we're coming to a city near you or if if you live in Los Angeles and you want to know the lineup. Please sign up for it. You can find it on the website to at the top yes in order for us to come to a place we have to know who's there and who might come to a show so letting. US know your location. Your interest really helps us. Take this show on the road. Okay now that you guys have all the Ti-. It's time for some comedy. I'm a rapper okay this. This first set is from Lawrence ash and Nico Santos who you might know as DNA and Matteo on the show Superstore Lauren is also an alum of the second city main stage in both Canada and Chicago Nico is a wonderful stand who also co starred in the film crazy rich Asians they they are really good friends. They got a lot of history and this set is funny so loosening Butts Roll it yeah look at me. I'm wearing a backpack. I'm so young I just had my little messenger. Sling bag also young young. I mean I also don't trust anybody is in your okay. I'm the Bucky Lisek of comedy. Nobody got the reference coal cool cool. Cool skateboarder always wore backpack no. I don't know that I don't know why so this is Nico. We met we met almost five years ago. It was five years ago. It flies US really does when you're having fun. That's say it is the same same we're doing. We did the show together. We got cast on the show together restore and so we work we work a Sitcom and it is the best job the best Sitcom. Hey what are you doing in. La Yeah get out just leave now. They've backup trucks full of food yeah and they say eat whatever you know and we'll just get rid of the rest. That's all we always offset is eat. All we do is always for have conversations about food. Yes yes yes well first of all breakfast that we usually six five hundred five or six in the morning six the morning. How early are you getting their day. It depends the day but usually they make like six yeah yeah yeah. This village takes village takes a village you. Dan You roll up hot breakfast what they'll make it whatever you on this truck. Abu Faye Not Buffet of BOOP BOOP Beaufort Shadow to no way what are caters no way no way at the buffet the booth yeah you always gives me Bacon for the dog dog to work on that asshole yeah sweet so after hot breakfast three three hours later our slater hot snack. There's knack snack is a giant buffet. Yes bigger than the breakfast buffet. It's great because because sometimes it's like it's Cuban Food Yeah Cuban food. We've got Filipino third. Mexican eggs dimsum sometimes when Sunday. I actually got work when I'm not working on Sunday this text chain. That's literally away like it's so he's like. I'm calling newburgh Serbia Park Mama's they. They don't get any pork buns though they don't if you don't get one on the first pass through your thoughts and all that stuff just a cold talk our who wants pork one Shumei Twenty Argyle once twenty I mean it was bad. That's why that's why that's why I love you. Do you know I just realized when I was twenty. I was dating thirty-one-year-old stand up comic in Toronto and it was very quickly and it was our one year anniversary is that I got something very special planned and what it was that he had booked a standup show and didn't want to cancel it so that was like we're going to do it together. O It's fun and I was like no way whereas Aleksey famous. He's not famous now. He's in New York. He just great. He's still stand up. He's a he's doing great. Listen tell you stand up. That line was Dogra. He's he's he's married and has a child okay so anyway anyway. I'm on the Sitcom. Point is I am single right now on an APP and there was a guy that it didn't want to tell me what he did for a living because it was very impressive and I was like what I wanted to say was like bitch. I'm richer than you and it will be a problem for you. It's always a problem for every one of you listen. I've I've met on the menu dated and it has been a problem always. It's all very different people too like they can't handle man straight man in this town. Thank you very much a woman that makes more money than they know then they Sunday date. They can't though they can't oh I on the other hand. I don't have a boyfriend come on. Should I have a boyfriend now. It's my first boyfriend ever business forty so he's the bitch his boyfriends not exactly. I possible that he's forty. Look at this youthful face. My mother was like Niko eighteen in high school on the show. I am agent. I'm GonNa look like this forever. Well I'M GONNA. Hey it's all going to implode. I mean that's what my mom like. One day. My mom just woke up and I was like yeah yeah mother quite a sock sock the John was talking about farting in front of your loved ones and I have say you forefront of your your partner my last boyfriend. I never did really yeah but prior to that. I'm I'm a ripper yeah yeah so Ziguinchor Fart in front of each other all the time but the first time I did it in front of Zeke I was it was I like my father was so bad. It was so bad that I literally had the thought like well. This is I on the other hand yeah. This is true. I on the other hand again. Single was masturbating. The other day felt like I might have some gas sharded. Nothing makes you feel more alone starting well so alone. I WANNA call you Helena Bonham starter from now that is now my nickname yeah you made it through the Fart. We made certify yes and now I. I just feel like I've unleashed a monster right. Oh Pun intended Pun intended because we just far for the beach other all the time. That's all the time but I go back to the bad for it like it was so bad that he liked. He didn't just spell it. He tasted it blazed tire Indians what was going on you. Guys are really you didn't like that at all to go tissue to pick up turned nuggets and like that one either there you go buddy. Oh wow other versions too classy. I sorry y'all to Virgil where we were. You're tab spin well. We are you sit establishments. We are very established so Niko and I got asked to do the telethon to raise money for Puerto Rico. Yes a couple of years ago. There was the hurricane and Puerto Rico and Jennifer Lopez Day low as she has some television shows on the same network as us so they asked us. Will you go and answer phones for the people people to tell you. The people call donate money and then they're like we'll. We'll connect you to a celebrity to say hi talk apparently star-studded like you know like who we get there really early very early and the celebrity we run into was. Bethany Frankel and I'm like okay and then there was there was some guy and we have no idea who he was or what he was from but he looked like the type to play like a ghost ghost cowboy on a television show that comes back to help solve mysteries in the town on thoughts. My ghosts counsel yeah like it goes beyond a very handsome man. What's he figured out that I was on a show. He talked to me but he scored. You Talk to you. The entire time would not talk to me. I'm very charming well. You are very charming charming and beautiful but like I was just I didn't like that. He didn't talk to you. I thought that was annoying so they go and sit us and we're on these were in the sitting on these deaths and there's phones and he and I are beside each other. Thank God this is so intimidating and weird what are doing here and I feel like an impostor actually Nikko. We're going to need to move you. Kim Kardashian is going to sit there. They kicked me out for can't Dash Yeah. I was like what the fuck she asked me. What am I also AIDS and I said look I was like okay. I guess we'll just he's behind me. Select constantly so conditions on this side of me and then this side of me. It's a cheer there's just rotating of the biggest stars in the world. Keep looking back at the co like the Niger started with just just bethany frank because all of a sudden we were like is that is that Jimmy Fox. Is that baby face gravy fix this soda. Is that jared LETO jerod looking homeless. I would still fuck him heartbeat. He looks so good. He's so sinewy all floss with you. You know what I mean. You know. He got a big Dick Right. You don't see pictures remember. There was Orlando Bloom's Dick Dick Pics came out and I literally texted me. go in all caps find to be within thirty seconds. They were on my got to ooh. I got to stand for answering phones and it's also terrible because nobody knows who the fuck. Im or literally you like hi. Thank you so much for donating. This is Laura Nash. I played DNA on a show called super store. They're like people were so as I talk to Ellen. Yeah yeah there were really rotating seat by me by the way and she refused to do it. She's like this is stupid like this is so dumb like I'm not GonNa do this and I was like I don't know what to say to you before the hurricane and then Tyler Perry sat down beside forgotten about very upsetting phone. Call somebody yelled at me on the phone was very very mean and I hung up and I was like Oh God Tyler Perry just learnt turns and goes. Are you okay. I was like Oh this woman. She was just yelling at me and goes. There's always going to be people that come along nor journeys trying to knock us off our pick up. The phone in the next one will be better. Thank you thank you I literally said Tyler Perry the unbelievable but it was around this time that these pieces of paper start getting passed around. Jay wants to invite you to her house for a Pizza Pizza Party Pizza Party first of all. I didn't even know that bitch carbs. No I was very shocked totally shocked but like a pizza party June so again so get go. We're GONNA go now thankfully they. They had we had like because we're celebrities they they had limo. They have them us for us and but here's the thing with the service that they gave us. It's like they just take you to and from your house and you don't get multiple. Stop no no no no no. They're like we get paid. Just the two thousand s fine just dropping a job offer. J.LO's and we'll figure it out figure it out because we got invited to jail for a a pizza party where we'll be so yeah so driver job. Adama Jaylo and we'll figure it out. Don't worry out. We're going to go to jail Jalen Lisa Party. Thank you. We're going to jail when we go to jail us. We pull up. We get out of the car and it's like what the fuck there's nobody stay everything. You thought a celebrity's house would be not ours but like a real one real life. Yeah I mean this was sprawling estate. which door are they on the West Wing? I it's there was like West Wing to the fucking house because it was it was huge and we're like trying to like is their voices and it's like no it's like are we the first people to show up at his pizza party. We were terrified like what this Emily Post's say about the situation where I at a celebrity so we we don't know we didn't know what to do and then there was like a random like member of her staff. They'll just like walking by with a tray of plates. Like who are these people loitering. We felt like a freshman a senior party. What are we doing here. So we go. We find that the area where we're supposed to be very quickly realize none of the the real ones have shown up to this yet now yet. It's just us and fucking ghost cowboy and this yeah I was also wondering it's like what does he mean but like Pizza Party. She couldn't be like ordering Zorno. What's going on. There was like old lady like making pizzas oven outdoor of of course Taylor has an old Italian woman making pieces in the back in her hand crafted wood fired oven. You know Ga.. How can we also have a moment for a rod being like exceptionally beautiful photographs great but it's not like just stunning Sunday best awesome in yeah. He's a he's a best baseball base- baseball some guests box at the fucking dodgers game. I take this one and he goes. I don't understand any of this. I hated it. There was free food booths. We were in a sweet. I'm like fuck yeah yeah well but then Paul came into the sweet and all of us. This is fine. This is fine. He had a big wish. There was great mark. You're so cute circular. Thank you so let's say about J. Lo Did looks photoshop like in person yeah like you're just like how does that yes. She was in like a matching league all pink like Velour tracksuits sitting on his lap. Expose Jose shouldn't be viewing this. We're not supposed to be we felt very very uncomfortable. Being era came right. Yes Ah yes Sierra the singer the bottle she does that. She dates that Russell Guy Russell Russell Crowe player guys grow. Nobody Russell Wilson Wilson Phillips Russell Wilson Phillips. She is dating Russell Wilson Phillips Gorgeous. I mean just I just WanNa watch them. Fuck Oh yeah beautiful. Here's the point is that we felt very very uncomfortable being at that home and then they started to play on TV a recording of the telethon that we had just done and it was silent in in that room and I was just like I was like out here but here's the thing because he lives in a huge estate of an American hills but our phones no service no service. How are we GONNA do ver- how are we seriously a Jaylo like hey girl. What's your WIFI PASSWORD Z. Nobody would guess that Jealous Jealous or out of that hi friends and Emmy here. I gotTa tell you everyone the sheets. It's us on our bed right. Now are somehow the same way too moist and way too dry. I WANNA sleep not go to the beach and this this is where these new sheets just got from sheets and giggles come in a holy cause. I'm I'm all about sheets okay. I'm giving you multiple accounts. I am coming through with a bamboo. I am coming through what they linen. I am coming through with a flannel in the winter. I care about sheets and sheets and giggle sheets. These babies Eucalyptus may eight out of Eucalyptus loving it. Did you know what Eucalyptus is also sustainable hey you the earth needs it green new deal baby these. Ah Sheets and GIGGLES EUCALYPTUS bedsheets are so soft and they're like cool and breathable Lima Hasley Bernama. You are cool sleeper and a works for both of us. We can finally enjoy each other in the bed. So I mean my God. What will we do. What were you doing before sheets in giggles sleeping. Well not sleeping well. Tiger percent percent not sleeping well before tossing turning struggling to fit the cats in. It's a whole thing you guys are looking for. Some good comfortable cool sheets made by a great company Buzney. goto sheets GIGGLES DOT COM that is S. H. E. T. S. GIGGLES DOT com look for their eucalyptus sheets and a promise you you will be sleeping good Milo Ventimiglia okay back everyone everyone hey how you doing what a lovely set. I am a real genuine fantasy superstore so I was really psyched that they could be on the show. I know they were so funny and I just love here that peek behind the curtain. I feel like anybody like you've lived like a regular life and then you start to join this upper-echelon world with celebrity fame. If you're honest it is fucking wild and you've got to talk about some of the crazy shit and I love hearing stories like that. Hollywood is skull and bones. Hollywood is the aluminum auty right the masons. Yes and I want to know what they're doing. Who are they sacrificing. What you owe one hundred percent you know up in the Hollywood Hollywood hills. At least one person in the history of Hollywood has been sacrificed in some kind of devilish a colt murder yet. Now it say that you're staring at me. Hey nearly one and we played them are set from August all right baby. Maybe we talk about in this one about us. Our new car in the anxieties produced other things so rollet rollet pack stage scrolling through Instagram here. That's how I get prepped but no we were scrolling. Could I what I was just going to say that we were just our instagram feeds at this point are just animals and like friends babies yeah because the world world is a nightmare and so we've tried to like push that out here right one social media that is a negative so babies in rescue account account but I was looking but I feel like it was part of my weariness where I was like I feel you it was a video of a cat nursing. It's kittens and I was like Oh my God I get it do you. Have you ever seen a video of a cat nursing kittens. The cat mother always looks so fuck and broke down play eight out with like nine to twenty kittens clamoring for the what a great turn of phrase clamoring for the teat that was like what is in the cats is always looked at the cat is like never never having fun. The cat mother and I was like damn girl. I just saw something in this one video just now. We're always like girl parents from the audience. Is this accurate for humans to know pairs audience they would. They damn kids. These are up in that house right now. Now the children clamoring for the teat hammering this is so upsetting because cats bodies are so soft so it looks like the kittens are sites so like pressing in it's just I I would say back up off me. If I was a cat mother. I will learn to say back up off me and cat. The immediately are trying to sorry. I was off in my head imagining if it would be erotic if you had a row of cat nipples. The answer is now by the way if you're wondering what the inside I'm Hadas like bitch. We all stay together. How you going to be off in your head. We up in here. Are we here. That's the way my brain works. Now have been with me for a decade all right. That's just how it goes. I'm a scam. I'm in my head. I'm a stamp here on state. Andy's a scam before the show he's like let me get into Hashtag scam mode and that him getting ready where my SCAP scab sat in the audience. Yeah one scale fellow scam once camp in his got a giant lollipop. You gotTA crushed Velvet. What sailor suit helmet to say alert suit. I'm SCAMPI uniform. It's funny. 'cause you working my nerve a little but but I'm glad to have you back because you were gone. Andy was away. We traveled together and then I came back to. LA early and Andy State of New York like another four or five days and I did not realize I am co dependent. It's it was bad at one point. The Internet went out and I was like this is how I die like. I know what I'd like. Texture and be like is your what is the name on the Internet Account Account. Does it to your cell phone number like I didn't know what to do. I was really stressed out excited about it because it was what four days you weren't there. I was lying who I'm going to lean into this. Sit in the house. Eating ribs naked which Abroa- young what you brought us wait. You'll want to breast swaying so you keep a bra on but you definitely take your shirt off. If you're eating something saucy yes. That was the the plan. I was like okay. I'm going to be so gross and relaxed. Yes and I came back to a filthy apartment. Just like mud puddles everywhere everywhere. There are some feral pigs going from bundle. There is like a black viscous. Goo did not have like from the upside down and stranger things tripping over everything no but you did tell me later you're like me. You can't just rinse the cat food. You have to like wash them because you said it smell like cat food. I didn't well if we're going to bring that up. Yes there was overwhelming stench. When I came into the apartment. Some might say overpowering. Somebody's going cartoon like a smell like beckon. Someone like pull someone up the window sill or turns into like five fingers punches someone in the face that's okay. How is it that I did not spell it it. I'd never once notice the stench and so when he told me I was like Jesus crack. I've noticed oh I gotta take these cat food cans out. I knew that had to happen but I didn't realize realized he created created olfactory moment in the whole apartment yes you yes you do have to take the CAC has out. You have to wash wash them. You have to clean all the rotting cat food from inside. Oh how are you learning. We've had cats for the entire time together. Gather normally take care of Shit. I don't think about it. The cats eat whatever they want whenever they want the moment I hear you weren't a little draft draft and they just we just like have a very lackadaisical life together when you bring in a lactating cat mother for them like put an ad on craigslist yes to two boys in need of other absolutely the weight you put that it added in and you still gotta lactating Patty because that's a weird. That's a weird input to get lactating mother out ooh well. Maybe you want to go back to New York. I learned to clean up your absence. I did do some clean before you came back you did. He says squalor wasn't squalor. There just may have been a pile of clothes that personally like to keep it a pile so I could easily see them. Did you know that me my pile heads up here. It ain't dirty Tillis in the hamper. Ya The no pile they know it was it was human height. It had been there for so long against sentence it. It was a pile. It was a good policy. I shook it and thousands of bugs came out. Would you lead people to believe. We live in like how we don't wow. Would you in front of company. When I'm around. I got back and you had you had an oil drum fire. You were living like a Hobo. You are indeed living a Hobo. Oh my guy you're rude. You would just talked about riding the rails rail. You lived in a Hoover Ville in fact about Hobos how you guys oh big news for us. Some changes in our lives we now after two years of living in. Los Angeles have a car. Thank you terrifying. Hold on a second I want. I WanNa quiz everyone quickly. What did you think she was GonNa. Follow that with a tabby shirt they say pregnant 'cause. I think you gave the impression we big changes. In our lives. A car is a huge change your net net we drove here. I was I warped pin curls out the house into my car because I had that level of privacy and freedom. It was huge skits so I drove from the years from age sixteen to eighteen then I went to college in a city and I never need to drive again and then I moved to New York. I never needed to drive right. This is the first time in a certain amount of years. Take take guess how many there's a little bit. Sta Sta salt and pepper but you can at least drive like we've rented cars and you've been comfortable yeah. I've driven fifteen years fifteen years flat. I got a license. The twenty one I grew up in New York. I got a license at twenty one and then because I did a job touring with a theater company with the National Theatre of the death and I shared a bedroom with a forty year old death lesbian juggler named Pinky who hated me. She hated me and it was like my first job out of college and I was like I'm doing this wrong long but that's how that was like my first experience. Driving and pinkie thought I was a terrible driver and it really shook my confident. It's okay pinkies. He's thriving and she you're poor depth perception. I think that's the problem right. You never played video games as a kid while the help my depth perception. It just seemed like a thing. Isn't it like hand eye coordination all that linked together. May I don't know in the bread. I I have a degree in philosophy. Okay figure out the rest of what my knowledge base is from that one fact you're good at driving but I feel like being cars cars. We literally all just agree to leave the most expensive thing we own out on the street. We are just leaving this shit on the street dreary and then go in the house. I can't sleep a wink. I wake up at five. Am I look out the window and make sure it's still breathing. I think I can't believe this who drove here tonight. Brave none of you are anxious about leaving your car know no. They are what thank you I heard an. Im It's so stressful. It's just out there in these straight every every part of it stressful when I when we're lifting for two years yes it was dangerous for you. You know I watch a lot of true crime. I figured it out as I this is a numbers game seven. Eh You would get in and you would immediately look to make sure that the lock still was there. Oh yeah check this year real. I'd be like oops. I caught my coat. No Bitch. I'm checking for challenge but it was mostly just annoying and most mostly just felt like you were being picked up all the time by your your parents after soccer practice. That's mostly what a lift is but like I at least if a lift driver would like plowed into a divider and killed me. It wouldn't be my fault okay so it's about fault for yes. I drive into a divider Ryan. Kill us. It's my fault right right. Ah Okay but you are did not matter in the scenario. You're describing are mortality isn't a hilarious subject to talk about it a comedy show everyone one. It's going to be fine. I think we just I really WANNA. Get an alarm on it. Something that says this is my girl you know I'm very I'm very attached to this car already. Even though I can't drive it Indian I right now are like a green book situation who literally is real bad TV. I was like you gotta come. Get me from work. It's like it's going to be the strain. I'M GONNA bucket. Take driving lessons because we do it to your partner. Having him run me around these streets you pick me up from his show and then I was like I'm hungry and then we had to go get food. It was the whole thing it was a whole thing. We're going to figure it out. I didn't know what it was like to be a lift driver you. Did you had a moment up front and I did give you too much information now. We don't even want to escape on a ship with three hunks hunks with huge muscles sure. Can I read about that on audible escape. You can listen to about it on our boss gave you now what I did want to read to all the boys I've loved before after I saw that Netflix movie which I think might have been actually a little too young for me personally but I'm very interested so you know what if you WanNa go on a journey like that sexy hunks with audible escape. You get unlimited listening to love stories for just twelve ninety five have a month after your first free month. That's twelve ninety five a month for unlimited love. So you guys download the APP to explore all the stores. You can get go to audible dot com slash couples again that is audible dot com slash couples and you started with audible escape welcome back. Did I go through so much in a given month in a given set usually emotional. It's not not particularly. We're not that active. It's more like the emotional roller coaster we go on and how beautiful that we get to share it with you. In your ear holes we got another great set. Though Nico Santos who's this next said from Shaun White and Suba Agarwal standups and writers who are also a couple Chom performs at festivals in clubs all over the world including the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition Laughing Skull Fest in riot. La Comedy Fest Soup has written for shows like the Jim Jeffrey show true TV's comedy comedy knockout and many many others a true power couple in the making. You GotTa have some fun. Hey guys but I'm Sharon white and this is Suba. We've never performed together before and and I'm going to try to make sure we have the same levels on state. She's going to slowly move forward feel so the story we wanted to talk about. I don't know how this works. We're just going to talk about this is the longest relationship I've ever had without breaking picking up and coming back so that's a good sign but alright. You should let the coming back part. You just told me this is the longest relationship you've ever had. You wait until you're on stage taste say you came again. That's generally what I planned. I'm like I have a couple of secrets plan for this adds that releasing throughout the show when we were together rather. I had to go home to see to take care of my dad. Everything's fine now. He's dead. We're going to tell the story of the whole funeral process at any of you. Were worried about this stuff. It's not gonNA. Bring my dad back so now. We're just let go a laugh a little bit. It's going to be wide off very dark comedian and a fucked up thing because I love him but there's nothing more or that. I enjoy watching him. Just because it happens Castellani just have a buffet of from don't get it. She like lap. Batman figured out by now that I will be fine. No matter how bad life gas I'm still fine and so she has no problems now poking and let so I went back and then she had to come in for the funeral and so she flew into the Atlanta airport and then drove or Joe got you drove the hour and a half to the cabin in Eljay Georgia. They've you know where L. A. J. Georgia is no. There's more scams than there are yeah. She came in like you did with the dog and everything like that. You actually like the Dog Right Yeah Eh backup cute dog but I wasn't Eljay Georgia. That was crazy. It was your fuck in hometown where it was like every Alabama Alabama rocket city baby every other street have like the word Whiten it like it was wild to Weitzberg Middle School off of Weitzberg road like the more we drove the glory. I was thinking the at this point. It's the white man driving. It'll be born in the ever really white hospital. It was think obviously when you're in that mode you as a running gag. I've lost a running gag. I suppose I've lost three siblings and my mom Tom already and every single time life's running gag order not exactly the banana peel routine you back. Ah I I read every time we go back. We'd always stay at the same hotel. My Dad loved staying at the nights writes in and it was like it was a bad night's and like even for nights in standards like you go here at nights day like this place is rough and we went there and it was the place we always show up and my dad would say duck like because they didn't want the people in the lobby to know how many people in the car it was like one person promise in the Shitty hotel and we'd go to another funeral the next day and then we tried to go but she was like don't now put me in a nights in and I thought it'd be funny to take my dad's ash one last time to the nights in death. You will not escape this. Shitty hotel choice you making happy. It was closed down because I'm like his dad died. I'm trying to be nice but I'm like fuck a nights and she got mad I was it's like honey. It's my dad's. I don't want us to be dead too. I was like I was kind of like mad. Emotional fine all right we'll go to the hotel and Tau which is Huntsville is still next to a movie theater. You know what I mean. It's still not the it's a shopping mall. Still a UH SEAN was in a bad marriage or whatever and it was really the funny 'cause like you're going to a funeral so you're dressed up like I was wearing like a nice black dress and he was wearing a secret so everyone would be like Oh. Where are you two going then. He would be like in the elevator elevator elevator choice somebody say. Where are you guys doing elevator? We got into the room I was like why is everyone in this town asking where we're going so weird. Kelly Aleve suit where are you. Where are you going. Where are you going. where's that soup going and there was one point one point? I was trying to break the tension before he got angry and this this breweries like we're getting coffee. It's like Oh you to look nice. Where are you going and I was like dad just passed but I understand why you ask too does look like a goth magicians assistance distance and then tell them what you said are forgot actually and then he goes. There's like a beat and then he went while I did make my whole family disappear appear where I was laughing at the Baristas just stop making. I didn't know if it was real or it that way. It's like I always say it's not gonNA bring them back. It's fine like why can't I joke in this and the funeral like finer. Whatever but I've been I've been to a lot of them. Frankly I arranged this one and I I would say be plus. I like it was short. That's where I shine a fucking make anybody wait around. There was no religious. There is none of that. It's not just a room in a funeral home. You got starting to say anybody. You want some of this throwing acid people yes here. This kills me Sean like he got his father cremated at a different funeral home and the funeral was at a different home and so he was self conscious about it so he tried to peel the fucking label off the ash say prayer God. Damn DADS ashes branding on the box. fucking sticker in my father's. Ashes is preferably one fuck. They're going to remember where they got and then what I'm going to think about it later and bring their bodies. Do you like the weirdest I'm sorry. I thought it would be weird if I show Donald. You can't have your funeral. It's not a is that to use his brow bags. It does not a little little insult. Dope fucking. Shit here so I put a cloth over. It offered me a gave you a cloth because the box was torn. They're like what the fuck did you because I didn't I'm. I'm not very good at removing stickers. I'm sorry grieving. I don't have time to learn to get Google on this shit off fucking his ex girlfriend she acting girlfriend it keeps my I have a mother and it is not this woman. She is my mother again. I already touched on this. She's dead so he had a whole thirty plus lovely years with her. Everything was fine. He had four children were beautiful notable. Everything's great however after is dead for a few years man can WanNa have sex with something else. Andy fucking did based on the Astra Glide. We found no no I actually I found more containers of like different off brand astro. He just kept the brand name stuff out like yeah. The off brand stuff in drawers. Ezeiza is smart about it is used but blog which I assume was in her unwashed. He had he had months to know that he was dying. Wash it and he didn't fuck it on open. Cochrane's think of all the cockroaches fucking but what is this body. He was messing around with shows up. I have no idea what the hell she is. I don't give a fuck. They had broken up he broke up or she broke up with him for being depressed apparently her him losing three of his children and his wife was too much for her to stand ah kind of a bummer. I thought like Oh you'll come back you back to the wrong. No it's not a fight about whether it's GonNa be a fight. Where did you like that. I'm not mad it but she was like crazy. Cook she corner me because she was trying to get information out of me and she's like when did he now one of these start going downhill the hell like she was like rotating between they broke up because he was sick and Gedin. Tell her it was her fault. I'm like lady. You didn't kill anybody I mean. Maybe you did but he's like no. She's like almost sixty and she still has her parents. She's never gone through any death and so like you. Everybody knows one of the most annoying motherfuckers on the planet. Eh is that my boyfriend died in high school. Person still has the photo of them on the on the visor of their dash even though they were only together for three months and there's like I still miss your Thomas and it's like I don't get the full on people's top five. You're fucking hate. Them showed up anybody who's the other person. Dies is insufferable after that. They probably would have broken up with the week later. Nobody fucking House House yeah. I really think this is a youth thing but go on. You better hope. I fucking die on you. We both know you yes. Yes let me smoke again but we're going to wrap this up but we gotta talk about the ashes and trying to get ah long story short that chick is very annoying and then. I had to go scatter my dad actually the one request. Take take the ashes spread. He's Fred all the other ashes that he had picked for some reason he spread all my family's ashes exhibit at his mother's grave why she was a bitch like she really she wouldn't let more than one of us come over at a time like she was a very mean grandmother like. I don't understand why we're doing this but we all dumped all the ashes over there. I knew the graveyard could not find the great so many times circling circling all damp thing. I walked around it. I do that for crying out. Loud fucking like muddy. I don't don't WanNa fuck out myself. I just dumped him by a tree. Same funeral are graveyard fucking matter the window and those scattered around like it'll probably hit the grave actually so like she's in their like goal coming here out of you my dad and then we had to go so we had to go back to his dad's sister's place and then she walked up to me. She's like so did the scattering go well and I was like yes and that's when I knew I loved her. If you cover for me about where I hide a body dead or alive or anything else do you WANNA say baby. I love hearing about other interracial lovers journeys they go on especially when they have to go south of the Mason Dixon. I was literally going to say we made a vow. Being ever relationship never go below the Mason Dixon. We have broken that vow many times and hey we survived though he survive every time we have every time we shouldn't. We cannot let fear win. Hope you guys enjoy Joanna. This episode in those set help you guys and jaw this up. You know it's not melodic but what I love is that you try. That's what I love. I hope you all listening to this. We'll go forth and try whatever it is today. I don't WanNA leave. You ended up note. I want to give you a sense of Oprah. Zandt hope you loved the Abe see you next week and in the Montgomery County Maryland the courthouse there are thousands of pages of documents detailing the horrific murders of three innocent people soon as I heard the details. I knew my dad was involved right away. Instantly assumes Lawrence but at the time of the murders Lawrence Horn was clear across the country. I'm Jasmine Morris from iheartradio and hit home media. This is hitman. Listen and subscribe at Apple podcasts on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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ATR #163  IT: Chapter Two, The Goldfinch, 2019 Renton City Comic Con

About to Review

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ATR #163 IT: Chapter Two, The Goldfinch, 2019 Renton City Comic Con

"Hello everybody and welcome back to this week's edition of the about to review podcast here to amplify diverse voices in media. I'm host as always that guy named John. You you can find the podcast on podcast platform of choice. It is listed on apple podcast as well as every other platform out there you can also stream the episodes directly directly from the website about preview dot com follow the podcast on social media at about review on facebook twitter instagram and YouTube dot com slash about to review every review and like and thumbs up and follow definitely helps and I'm very appreciative when that happens on this week's episode I will be releasing releasing that is not the right word. I wanted to use. I will be reviewing two new releases is what I meant to say. In English those two films will be it chapter two as well as the Goldfinch and I will. I will also be talking about Renton City comecon on which happened this past weekend so before I go into those reviews we'll go to the original theme song created by Damian Randall of ill mannered media. Let's all go to those lobby. Let's all go to lobby. Let's all build Laura Gill a the so I had somebody reach out to me very very lovingly re and they were like so. You're not doing geek news anymore to which I say. I thank you for reaching out to the show. Make sure we do that on all of your social media channels or at about review at Gino Dot Com yes I will get. I will be getting back to Kinda Geek Entertainment Entertainment News section which I normally do at the beginning of the episode the past few episodes I have not really spent too much time on that because I am still kind of playing catch up with with all these reviews now that I am back on track for a bit then yes soon I will be getting back to that section of the show but at this is yet another episode without that section so to that person I say you will hear that section again soon my dear friend and listener so right into the first review of this week's episode and that is for it chapter two directed by Andy `Mushie Eddie. I always feel like I am pronouncing that wrong and I tried looking up interviews to have like do I could see him saying it because part of my brain wants to say like Mirsky or something like that. Give it some Italian flair because it has double continent continent at the end. I have no idea so Andy Moosh e-e-eddie. I'm just GONNA call him. Andy from here on out so he directed this just like he directed the first I chapter which was titled that but it from a couple years ago of course the screenplay or the novel was from Stephen King and the screenplay was Gary Gary Doberman so this picks up approximately twenty seven year we'll actually picks up with a flashback to the first movie and and then a flash forward twenty seven years where we get to catch up with the losers from the first movie all grown up twenty seven years later and the cast is easily the best part about this movie. This was cast not only perfectly when it comes to the a physical representations of the young actors but when it comes to actually like feeling that emotional connection connection with the original characters they crushed it. It was so good so just going to run down those very notable names just could chastain yeah stain. James mcevoy Bill Hater Isaiah Mustafa Jay Ryan who I did not really know much about beforehand about the only one Andy Bean James Ransom bill skarsgard of course returns as penny wise and then we have the cast of characters from the original all of the kids so that adult cast is so very very solid and when it actually shows like the the flashbacks or kind of melding the characters I from their past to our present or their present it just works and one thing with that but I will say that was a little bit weird. I heard something that they have talked about in interviews before the hardest one that they had to kind of work with thimble part between gene the filming. There were a couple years in between there. He did stranger things. You know season three he has this. He is in the next movie. I'm going to be reviewing which just the goldfinch maturity hit. This kid like a ton of bricks. He grew about ten inches and he looks like a young man what they had to do because of that difference in filming gap because he was busy doing other things is they had to the sounds crazy but it is true they had to digitally de age Fin Wolf Heart yes they had to digitally de age a teenager to make him look younger longer and unfortunately it shows it is not as bad as with like. Justice League when Henry Cavill had a mustache that they had had to CGI over and had this weird silly putty type of look to his face in this not only is he wearing these big coke bottle glasses glasses which distort you know his eyes which of course is is part of his character but his facial- facial features look rubbery like they. They look off because they are. They had to do this because if not the rest of the kids look you know twelve thirteen. He looks seventeen gene or eighteen so that was a little bit weird and that I think is the only time that that transition from current adult actor to child actor and it not quite working is present but other than that again like I said this film picks up twenty seven years years later anybody who has dared to read the book all eleven hundred and thirty eight pages of the book you know kind and what happens where every twenty seven years penny wise returns in some way some fashion and now the losers have to go back to dairy where they all moved out of except except for as Amos staff has character of Mike. Everybody moved out of dairy and like an other Stephen King books. When you move away from the source source we will call it. You tend to forget things you forget what happened you forget you know who you're friends with and important moments so so as chaos starts erupting in dairy the town again. Mike starts making some calls to his former best friends who he has not spoken with in twenty seven years and each of them kind of forgot about him about everybody else so when they hear his voice again they all have very different reactions and not necessarily his voice when he when they find out who he is like Mike Mike who and then you see this realization sweep across their face. Some people like bill haters character plays Ritchie. He throws up like he has a physical reaction action to this same with James. mcevoy bill talks about his heart with spelling was pounding out of his chest because reality starts coming back when they start remembering these things so they get all they get back together. You know get the band back together to go to dairy to fight. Pennywise has once again even though they do not really remember it happening in the first place. Here is the thing so right off the bat. The first movie was one hundred fifty minutes so just north of two hours and it was one of my favorite horror films uh-huh of that year. It was genuinely terrifying the things that they were doing the visuals the tone the music it worked. It just gelled together really well. I think again capped by those performances of the young actors this movie is one hundred and seventy minutes which is very long like almost three hours long long so combine these two and that leads you to five and a half hours you give or take like five point three hours to tell the story story from an eleven hundred thirty eight page novel my issue with that is that this third moving felt like they had about eight hundred pages of the novel that they needed to cram in there and show US everything why no no idea so many of these flashbacks that we get so many of the character building stories they do do not really make sense. The movie starts off with this really weird interaction where they chose to young guys out of carnival. Is You too young. Men are a couple. Some young person's start saying some homophobic stuff to them. They walk off they end up getting attacked by these these same guys and there's this horrific like homophobic beating of these two men one of them gets thrown into the river where he sees penny wise or rather get saved quote unquote from the river by Pennywise his partner then sees this is like yeah he is saved not really because pennywise then takes a big bite out of the dude chest. Why like that was the weird thing thing is the reintroduction of Penny wise in the modern day. We get essentially two different things we get that interaction action which is in the first ten minutes of the film and then we get this interaction with this little girl who has like a wind spot on her face birthmark on her face. We see this little girl we see the interaction she goes under the bleachers at a football game of course lured by Penny wise in you know he was like no one wants to be my friend. I know what it's like to look different and of course she initially is like No. You are scary weird dude in the shadows. I am not going anywhere. We're near you but because he is creepy clown who has some sort of charisma he then attracts her closer and of course eats her. Why again we I do not understand. We have these two different attack on two very different groups of people in ways that do not really set it up for the losers coming back to dairy like if it were just a little girl sure that was how the first movie started you know kids started getting lost or kidnapped or missing turns out of course it was pennywise if they had just gone with that sure it would have made more sense but to have this homophobic beating in the beginning as the rich direction of pennywise was just odd awed and then we also have this weird subplot of bill haters character Richie having his deep dark secret that he might be are you homosexual as well but it never goes near it never does anything never establish establishes at one way or another so so why even have that in their if they were doing that and pennywise is playing in that fear like He. Does somebody knowing your deepest darkest secret in fear. You're absolutely play towards that strength. Make it part of the film. Make it work instead. It is just there for no reason so that in and of itself was was kind of weird and dinner thing continuing with his trend from the first movie bill skarsgard as Pennywise is Tara firing his physical acting is similar that like Doug Jones who is Abe Sapien and the hell boy films who hasn't so much character work Pan's labyrinth he played a bunch of characters in that when you have this tall lanky actor who can really just twist his body and contorted in just ways ways that make your is uncomfortable ways that just has visceral reaction like somewhere in our Lizard Brain Hemisphere. We're just something about it. It's like when spiders move. There are some study done by some anthropologists or sociologists where they're talking about. The reason that the movement of certain animals bothers us so much is because deep in our lizard brain like Chrome Magnum brain that type of movement is hard for us to understand and that is what scares us so bill skarsgard as pennywise yeah he does that all the time and is really good at it just by standing there dropping his shoulders and just kind of jerking a little bit terrifying why then in this movie when when you have such a gift in Bill Scars Guard in physical performance why us so much. CGI and take away from that performance that he was giving I will not I I do not understand that I will never understand that lean into the a practical effects because it works even win just like we see in the first one when he goes to open his mouth and you see row after row after row of terrifying tariffing teeth which of course is CGI but because of his performance and because you can still see part of him through that makeup. Yep those are the most terrifying moments this movie when the kids when the adults are coming back to dairy they start remembering remembering more things they started having visions they start having all these recollections start happening but almost all of it is CGI almost all of it feels fake and gummy and did they're not actually interacting with anything it takes away from the Tara that I felt in the first one the other thing that was a problem or that. I had a problem with with this movie doing a horror movie like this were you do not just rely purely on jump scares when they do like a triple take where the moot or the music crescendo build a build. We see character actor look to his right. Nothing is there but then he slowly starts going to the left. A few nothing is there and then suddenly it is right behind him. That type of triple take is very clever and works so we get a few of those moments but they're so interspersed with twenty minutes. It's sections of nothing happening of a flashback to a scene that again does not move the story forward that the by the time hind the next terrifying moment happens. I had forgotten I was watching a horror movie and that that blows my mind one of the things that they do the Blunt House studios that is ninety minute horror films where you never feel completely comfortable where every minute you're waiting for that next thing or every minute. Even if something benign is happening something in the background moves just little bit to keep you engaged in this they would be genuinely terrifying moment where his mouth opens we see the teeth or he contorts his body or somebody seeing their nightmare and then then you tense up you ball your fist together and then it goes away and then it is over. We're twenty minutes for the next thing so you relax. You kind of wonder where the story is going. You wonder why they're doing this flashback and you just start thinking you too much and that sounds weird. I know that sounds weird but you relaxed too much and I think that is the biggest downfall with this film is those moments points of relaxation were way too common like it would just happening all the time and that just that takes away from the performances that takes away from the genuine terror of the film one you know one of the I will give to kind of actor Highlights Jessica chastain as Beverley is phenomenal like she really sells the performances and it also helps it some of her terrifying scenes when the characters all have to go on their individual missions to do a thing to get a macguffin item her seen or she isn't this bathroom and blood starts coming in and that is a physical effect like that as a practical effect you can see her pushing away away this liquid and getting soaked in her clothing that is terrifying and she is so so good in that scene and so many others that I really was impressed with that the other person is Jay Ryan who again is actor who did not know much about he plays the adult version of Ben who similarly Jerry O'CONNELL kind of the the young round boy who then goes up to be super handsome his character and and Jessica chastain character beverly had this phenomenal moment where they are both on those macguffin journeys and having these nightmarish nightmarish things happen to them but they have to find each other in this you have the physical practical effect of just testings character going through this blood it and liquid juxtaposed by J Ryan's character going through like sand and dirt that none of it looks real not a grain of that sand looks practical until weird to have these two characters interact in such different situations and different levels of detail tale but those two. I love their interaction. Bill Hater is phenomenal. He is such a great actor. He does the comedy thirty correct. He does the suspense he does the genuine horror bits that was really good. James mcevoy of courses great as always always as aimless Stafa this kind of his first big movie. Actually those might let me look. This is the first movie I think this might be his first movie those people who do not know as aimless tofte by name think of the old spice guy and think of the look over there now look at me. Yep that is him so let me see. He has an a movie here and there but this definitely is his. I like big vehicle. He is good but but his character who is kind of the most eccentric out of all of them because he stayed in dairy. He knows what happened. He remembers what happened and bring them back. He get some interesting things to do but you can kind of see that he needs some work and that is not not a knock on him it just when you are up against and playing against Bill Hader James mcevoy Jessica chastain those are some tough people the a playoff of an hold your own so he does but you see some some chips in the armor a little bit but overall. I was watching this film. I kept forgetting what the last scary thing was. I kept forgetting how scared I was in from the first movie because there was just so much going on that I just did not care about and for every one or two things at this movie did right like like that bathroom seemed Jessica chastain. There was a huge disproportionate amount of wrong things they did if this had been a tight ninety minutes as opposed to three hours. Were never let you feel relaxed or if it did it was for a moment or two it would have been a much more successful. Uh swale film so yeah and again if you if you read the book you know how it ends if you remember the miniseries from the ninety s you know how it ends so. I will not spoil that I truly wish that they had given bill skarsgard the ability to show his physical acting more than they they did because the CGI killed it for me like I just really took me out of it every time especially because I saw how good he could be that little smile he does or pulls up the corners of his mouth. That is not a practical effect. He does that in real life so it's not like you know Jack Nicholson and Batman where they had to put some things things in his mouth to make that can rick disc grin no bill skarsgard that is his thing so I just they they didn't Birdie and they took away his ability to give that physical performance and that was just rude so my visual rating for it chapter to Yikes this is a bad because there are elements in this that there are moments and I I just think with a second pass at editing trim this down and it would be a very solid movie but it almost three hours way too long way way way too long so it chapter you get a bad from me. Move on to another film that is very long two hours and thirty minutes that felt like five hours that is not minutes five hours. This is Goldfinch based off of the Twenty Thirteen Pulitzer Prize winning book by Donna Tart this movie stars again part as young or not as young Boris Boris who becomes the best friend of a breath young theo who we see again. We see the trailer oaks. Vaguely is the version of young Theodore that we see you can get to know he is in the Metropolitan Museum of art with his mother. There's a terrorist attack and a huge bomb goes off decimates part massive parts of the museum. Many people are killed. He survives his mother does not so through that he ended up staying with a family not a family friend at school friend whose mother is Nicole Kidman and The dad. I cannot find him. Appear appear yet does not matter so he ends up living with this very very wealthy New York family and just kind of has has with processing these emotions through it all his deadbeat dad played by Luke Wilson shows up in the picture. We get a kind of surrogate father figure in Jeffrey Wright who plays Hobby in this film this this book I look look this up is seven hundred thirty eight pages just like with it chapter to it felt like they needed to include everything everything from the book and yet even with including everything from the book which I do not know 'cause I never read it. This movie is one one of the most convoluted boring bland astonishingly bad films. I have seen seen in a very long time. We're supposed to latch on to to young Theodore Young Theo who has gone through this traumatic horribly traumatic experience but at the same time like there still seems to be something off. There still seems mm to be some sort of hesitancy in my opinion to care about this character when we flash forward which actually it starts off in the current time and then flashes back to him as a kid. It's all love with Ansel elgort who is a great actor. I have been very impressed with almost everything he has done. Almost almost everything because this movie is trash so it starts off with him in this hotel room in a very film noir esque type of situation where he he is narrating over himself as he looks over the window and he looks at newspapers and he pours himself vodka and he is just angsty beyond belief. It felt felt like an independent film like a student film a College Student Film. We're the only direction the director gave to ansel. elgort was angst. No no no more angst even more angst because we just see him you know list fully looking through these windows as snow lightly dances down and then time lapse goes by then it is nighttime and the whole time he is narrating over top and it has an interesting feel because it does kind of feel very film to our ask then that whole thing goes away the only time we get that film. Nawar esque type of interaction again is at the very end the whole time between it tries to be ten different movies it starts offer very film into war then it goes into childhood trauma and PTSD and how to deal with that then goes into a romance then it goes is into redemption then it goes into a heist movie then again and it was like what are you trying to do these constant back and forth flashbacks which again chapter two in this movie are very similar that they would go to these flashbacks that would not do anything. I mean again as good as Finn Wolf Heart is and he is very good as Boris this you know kind of foreign exchange student when Theo's deadbeat dad luke takes him from New York and brings him out Vegas. Where is dad has just a gambler. Is His dad's girlfriend wife. I'm not quarter of ever explained it play by Sarah Paulson who is just a cocaine sniffing just rough around the edges type lady you know he has pulled into this lifestyle going from the opulence of a very wealthy New York family to the middle of Las Vegas but why do I care and one of the big things one of the big I hesitate to to say even plot points because there are fifty different plot points is this painting the Goldfinch which his character steals like in all of the destruction of the museum. He steals his painting secret to the way everywhere. He ended up moving. So this kid steals a priceless painting priceless artifact for his own reasons sure his mom died. Blah Blah Blah okay okay whatever so he has this priceless artifact the whole time with them we see him getting heavy into drug abuse starting from a young age continuing continuing on through his adult years during the heist part of the movie we see him commit some very heinous acts and at the end of this film. I will not spoil it. Even I feel like I should because nobody should see this movie. At the end of the film. Nothing really happens. It is as if everything we just watched the entire two and a half hours did not matter and ethically so you truly bothered me because this just felt like a very well to do upper-middle-class. If not lower high class I mean they have a maid at this place at this family where he is staying so incredibly wealthy. You know surroundings. The young white eight boy who has a traumatic thing happened becomes this adult white man who gets away with heinous acts and has no consequences nothing nothing bad happens to him and that ethically just bothered me so much and it was like how how are we going to watch you be this character who makes terrible decisions who does many many wrong things and it's constantly not changing even through the end. He never really changes he gets a happy ending and nothing bad happens that bothers me. It was just a huge cop out and I I just do it. Was it was bad. It was so so very bad as a non professional film critic in my moviegoing years that I have been on this planet I have never walked out of a film and as a professional film critic I will not walk out of a film over to the artist to sit through there to take it all in to really absorb the art that they put out in saying that this was the first movie in decades where I truly wanted to walk out. I was so disengaged I I was so bored relentlessly board and did not care about these rich white problems that were going on onscreen onscreen it just I was done about the second act and there were still forty. Five minutes left to go so that was just bizarre. I will say a good thing about this movie. Roger Deakins is the cinematographer and Roger Deakins shoots a hell hell of a film I mean it is it is beautiful it. It truly is beautifully shot and it is just a damn shame that the rest of it is just so very bad and boring again. I talked about the stilted wanted dialogue in the clunky dialogue in last week's episode this takes it to a different level because again through all of these interactions fractions with the characters. I genuinely was not feeling anything I was restless in my seat. I just could not wait for this movie to be over and I hate saying that because again. I I want to support an artist vision and I did and I sat through. It and I wish that I had not gone to the screening. It was almost three hours that I will never get back. We see parts of these flashbacks. That never have to do anything with the movie. There's like this weird interrogation scene with Theo when he is a kid that we think might go somewhere. nope never goes anywhere there. There's a pseudo villain introduced in the third act never goes anywhere. We never know what happens. I do not care what happens. This movie is is just so so bad actually no it does not bad what I'm giving. My official rating for the Goldfinch is ugly if you read the book maybe maybe you will care about this movie. If you have not read the book watch the trailer and then do not watch the movie because this is two and a half hours of mess so bad so bad okay moving on to a pallet cleanser of something that actually I did enjoy Roy quite a bit so rented comecon the fourth I believe Renton City comecon happened this past weekend at Renton Technical College here. You're in Renton or not here in Renton Washington in Renton Washington south of Seattle. This is my second year covering this convention and it continues tin used to grow and what I like about that growth is it is not growing exponentially. It is not something where you you go one year and you're like okay. This is kind of cool second year bigger third year massive like this is growing in steps and not leaps and bounds and I really really appreciate that. I really respect that as well. I mean it sounds cliche but you got to walk before you run and as much as I believe that this con can definitely get bigger and bigger things I love that they are expanding and getting bigger every year but still maintaining that same. I'm feeling one of the amazing things about this convention that I have never seen anywhere else when it comes to a convention on the last day which unfortunately I was only label to go to one day of this. I went on Sunday on Sunday at the end of the convention the closing ceremonies which was again unique sometimes there will be closing party or something at a bigger the closing ceremonies for instance city comic con or Ren Con. Everybody was just in one of the panel rooms anybody who who wanted to go who is still on site gone to panel room with the organizers of Rincon with volunteers volunteers of Rincon with the panelists of Rincon with the cost play award winners and everything and just the guests of Emerald city calm or of Renton City comecon and just talked about the con- not just the con that we just experienced over the weekend but what they plan on doing next year and it was not just hey thanks everybody for coming out and we just this year next year. We're GONNA have bigger stuff by it was this is what we did this year. This is why we did it this year this plan on next year. What do you guys want to see. What is something that would be important to you. That was incredible because it just shows that this is not just a convention for the fans. This is truly a convention of the fans the fact that the fans and the people attending could give critical feedback to the people organizing going it right there. Five feet away wasn't credible. I that blew me away and it was not hollow. It was not like the organizers is irs if there was a constructive criticism or if there was just something positive when it was like hey I really liked the science lectures that you did are you going to be. We're doing more of that and can you do more of that. Those are things the organizers pay attention to and will actually implement at the next one they take that that feedback seriously and I love that speaking of panelists and science so I was able to do a couple interviews us a while I was on site again. I was only able to go for a few hours just because of some other commitments and some other issues that I had that weekend so I did go for a few hours on the Sunday of the Khan and I was able to interview a couple of people one of which being Jen Cohn who who plays or who is a voice actor and she most recently did Fara four overwatch so we had a really fun conversation just not just about voice acting acting but fashion and the with those two worlds intersect in ways that you might not expect so it was a great conversation. I also sat down on with John Hammond. Who is another voice actress. She has done stuff for battle tag among other things in Doda to she has also a local cool actress using a film called the parish which a bunch of my friends have been involved in for the past couple of years so talked to her for a little bit and unfortunately with both of those two that I just mentioned. We're in kind of a tight scheduling window so those interviews were pretty short. we had great conversations but there are pretty short and also huge shout out to my good friend dire from the northwest nerd podcast for being the board operator. Raider during his interviews they had a great northwestern had a great booth set up in the middle of the floor where you could just if I was interested in interviewing somebody somebody I could go and talk to them and then bring them to the booth where dire would mix and master the episode right that the interview right there on the boards so so he gets a producer credit on this episode so mixed to add that to your professional resume dire so that was just really great so big shot to Nick and Dyer and Brandon off from the northwest nerd crew for setting that up. I love that setup and I really hope to work with them together at another con do something like this so because it was it kind of a booth in the middle of the Khan and they had a schedule it would just kind of back to back so we only got a chance to talk to them for a bit on the flip side of that at sitting down with my friend Stephen Smith for the second year in a row. I talked to him after the closing ceremonies when they were actually actually like literally breaking down the room around us. We talked for about forty minutes because he is amazing and nobody else the round like rude is in the room after closing ceremony a Hatami gear with me. We had not been able to get connected earlier during the weekend so I was like hey man. I was like you have some time hi any. I always have time for you. That made me feel special. He is awesome. He's a really good friend so that part of the episode that will be on about about interview with those three interviews that will be dropping later this week and see I so it is very skewed as far as the time that I was able to give to the two women that I interviewed versus Stephen that just had to do with with scheduling so definitely look forward to those interviews again like I said that will be on an episode of about to interview coming up very soon and there will be a video component to that that will be on Youtube so definitely check that out but yeah so con- huge out to all the organizers I would start naming them but then it'd be really scared of missing people people and I hate doing that so for everybody from the Board of directors at rencontres volunteers to all the media connections to the the fans. Who are there like this is just a great family convention that would just it is run in a way that I have never seen a convention run before four and that level of feedback and connectivity isn't credible so definitely check out our Rincon. It is just Renton city-khan dot com. I will put the links to you them as well in the description below art so quick rundown of this week's reviews so it chapter two I'd give bad too because there was parts of a good film in there but it was just buried in twenty minutes of boredom between every scary moment. The goldfinch inch gets an ugly. This is flat out the worst film. I have seen this year and I was. I was a boards at tears. I was angrily board like she was just it was it was rough. It was rough so like it's an ugly. Renton silicon twenty nine thousand nine of course gets good. I'd I had a really good time. Even though I was only there for a short time got to hang out with some great friends like Nick and Dyer and Brandon and Rene Abby and Marcel and Brian and Stephen and so so many people thank you to you renton to the COMECON for accommodating me and those interviews thank into dire for being a board OP and producer of co-producer of those two interviews I did with Jen Cohn and John Hammond that about wraps it up for this week's episode next week there will we'll be reviews for what else seeing this week I think ad Astra which is going to be great and then my guest for next week hopefully our schedules line up we have. I've been trying to get something together on the books for a while. We'll be amy Simon who is a fantastic local film critic. She writes for three imaginary girls unrolls. I love splatter like she. Yes she's incredible. Hopefully I can get her in the studio for next week episode but in the meantime mixture that followed podcasts kessels social media at about preview facebook twitter and instagram subscribe rate and review the podcast on your podcast platform of choice you want to return to the show it is about vouch review at g mail dot. Com and you hit me up with suggestions. If you read the Goldfinch annual talk about it and say that I am wrong because the book is great in the movie is great too. You sure go ahead. I will put it in spam. Go ahead reach out to me that would be we can have a conversation about it so yeah so thank you again for listening. Thank you to run con once once again and dire for your help with this episode. I have been your host as always that guy named John and we will see you next time. Let's aw go to the lobby. Let's all go to the lobby. Let's all go to the law. Nice it yes

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Netflix's Comedy Festival, Stranger Things 4, Saint Maud Screening Series, Paranormal Activity 7

/Film Daily

18:30 min | 1 year ago

Netflix's Comedy Festival, Stranger Things 4, Saint Maud Screening Series, Paranormal Activity 7

"Hello everyone and welcome to slash completely Tuesday March. Third Twenty Twenty on today's episode. Be Talking about the latest film and TV news. My Name is Ben Pearson on the senior writer at slash found dot com and I am joined on today's episode by Slash Mill. Weekend editor Brad Omen. And that's me and writer Chris Cillizza. Hulo folks all right. So let's kick off really quickly with a brief to one of the stories that we talked about yesterday on yesterday's episode of the podcast. We talked about a rumor that Ben Stiller might have been added to the cast of fast and furious nine unfortunately after we finished recording are episode. Ben Stiller himself took to twitter to say that report of my fast and furious. Nece are greatly exaggerated meaning not at all true sadly. I wish them well. With the franchise fingers crossed. It takes office. Oh No ben Stiller in fast nine but I stand by the concept that that would have been entertaining and fun so anyway. Let's move on into today's episode Brad. Let's kick us off with talking a little bit about Netflix. They are taking an unconventional Path here as they have often throughout their history. What does Netflix? Habits leave Indeed a Netflix has become sort of this. Bastion of stand up comedy Tons of Comedians have stand specials through net flicks now they're all over the place on their streaming service. It's one of the biggest places that you can find tons of stand up comedy and so because of that decided to launch their own comedy festival in Los Angeles this spring from April twenty seventh through eighth third is called. The NETFLIX is a joke fest branded after their sort of endeavor to have all these different stand up comedy specials and various other comedy programming. And they'll be bringing a bunch of their heavy hitting comedians who have netflix specials to the festival. Amy Schumer Bill Burr. Dave Chapelle David Letterman Kevin Hart Martin Lawrence. And then they also have a bunch of strong veteran names to like. Billy Crystal will be Goldberg Chris. Rock Jerry Seinfeld They'll be honoring some Lee Comedians. Like Joan rivers and Robin Williams and Richard. Pryor and George Carlin as part of the sort of hall of fame induction ceremony called the hall. There will be over a hundred live. Comedy shows the also have some panels with Like the cast of Shit's creek and things like that so it's a it's a really really big festival with tons of shows that'll be happening And it looks like if you're in Los Angeles area you'll probably be able to catch some of your favorite comedians there Brad. Are you coming in town for this? I mean I would like to but I I just. I don't even know where to begin trying to plan for this if I can even afford it. There are so many people I would love to see. I mean If anyone from Netflix is listening and they're doing press passes for this. Please let me know because I I will come and I will cover the shit out of this event. This sounds as you're saying some of those names I just like my head was exploiting and it's like a ton of really really huge people. This thing sounds very expensive We know that Netflix obviously has a ton of money to throw around but has another. You know I'm thinking of HBO specials used to be like the big thing before Netflix specials came around right and like comedy central special and stuff like that has any other maybe not streaming service but service or channel or something like that put on a comedy festival you can think of that that rivals this or would have been a precursor to something like this. I think the closest thing that you could say to a streaming service doing something like this is Funnier die has their oddball comedy tour that they've been doing for a little while now and they have they have some huge names On that tour but the names change At at different locations across the country and it's not It's more of a concert tour than it is a a weekend of events like this is so. I think this is probably of the biggest comedy festivals. Outside of something just for laughs that happens in the United States. Do you think that any other streaming services are going to have a lot coming up still? There's peacock there's qube there's Hbo Max do you think any other streaming services are going to try to rival Netflix in terms of like the the stand up comedy special or do you think they're basically like seating that territory to Netflix because they had such a dominant foothold already? That's a good question. I'm the only one that I could probably see really making a dent and making stand up a cornerstone of their service would be. Hbo Maps since they do have a long history of stand up specials with a lot of comedians. Comedians have netflix specials. Now and some some of them even have exclusive deals there so Rain to be seen it would probably be on a case by case basis. But yeah I I think. Hbo would be the only one that could probably pull it off and then last question. Do you think that because Netflix has already purchased that? They've they've sort of made inroads into buying their on theaters Do you think there's a chance that they would buy a venue specifically for stand up comedy like maybe they could dress the stage differently for every show and like shoot all their stuff there and then also do live performances and charge for it and all that stuff. Do you think that that's a possibility? I mean I wouldn't count it out but like so often with these comedy specials. It's usually up to the comedian. Where THEY WANNA WANNA shoot it? Because usually it's a venue that means something to them or where they know they have a a good following and they always have good shows And honestly it's probably cheaper and easier For Netflix just to you know buy out certain venues that already exists for a period of time. You know for this comedy festival offer those stand up specials because there's no real reason to have a standard venue where you shoot all of your special because you know In addition to Comedians WANNA different venues. The stage design is usually. If only. There's usually some kind of you know. Pop Art background or Neon light or something that is representative of that special. So I I. I think it's unlikely. But you know knows net flicks can probably do whatever they want this Chris. I know you don't like generally leaving your house. I'm kind of right there with you. But even like I screenings and stuff like that but What's your relationship with them with like? Stand up comedy and and events like this. Have you ever like gone to pay to see a standup comic live? Is that not something that really interests you? I've seen a few live and there are a few would go out of my way to see like I've never seen John. Mullany lie but if he ever tours near me I definitely want to go see him because he's like my favorite comedian at the time but I have not Like you said I don't like to leave my house so it's got to be like a really really good reason so if they did something like this in New York which does not seem like a far fetched a possibility. A typically. Netflix has like. I said you know. They're making inroads into having their own theaters. I think they have one here in. La They have one in New York as well if they decided to. I don't know next year open. This netflix says joke fast. Up to New York which is much closer to you than La is. Do you think that depending on the talent it might be something that would draw you out of your hermit whole. Yeah I mean if the if the talent is is up to snuff you know if they got like Sinbad up there that'd be that'd be that'd be Russian over there awesome. You have to see Millennial Life Chris. He is awesome. I've seen him twice now and he's just he's the best. Yeah I'm I'm really opening announces like a tour Soon Brad. Let's keep it on the NETFLIX train. For just a minute and talk a little bit about the About Stranger things season four. There was a table read video that was announced today. Only you tell us about that and if there's anything that we can glean from that about the future you know the upcoming season. Yeah it's just a quick minute teaser. Video they made. It looked like it was like shot on like an old home video camera. It might have actually been shot on an old video camera. Because there are there are also shots of Finn Wolf Heart and some of the cast members holding what looks like an old camcorder So it's it's just very you know Sort of warped greenie footage of the cast getting back together No real surprises pretty much. Everybody who is alive is coming back. we have all of the core kids Sadie sink is back. As as Max. Meyerhoff will be returning as Robin. We just recently learned. David Harbour is coming Officially back since he's alive and he's in the video as Winona Ryder So it's pretty much everyone you expect no surprises the the big I guess new detail and this isn't even come from the video. That just comes from a separate report is that A. Brett Gelman who Plays Marie Bowman. The Reporter turned private. Investigator and conspiracy theorists is has been upgraded to a series regular for season. Four he joined the cast in season two had a much bigger role in season three. And so now. If you're a season for for the long haul for this new season Chris I know you're a fan of Especially the the most recent season of stranger things. Are you excited about more breath? Elman or do you think he's a character that in this universe should be used sparingly. I guess it depends on. How Big is part. I thought he was. He was good last season. And I think he's great on fleabag so I am not against Brett Gelman so I'll put it that way. What do you think yeah? I think he's a A welcome face in this series provides a little more comic relief. I think than most of the rest of the carrots. With exception of maybe eight motto As Dustin but yeah he's he's great his characters fund and it's it's it's nice to have a character like that who you know can be serious when it's called for but also has a goofy your side to every now and then. Yeah for sure all right. Let's transition over into the world of Horror Chris. Amc The theater chain has a screening series coming up celebrating one of their movies. Tell us about that Yeah so the movie in question is Saint model which is a new eight twenty four hour movie. And it's very good. I also feel like it's GonNa be one of those eight twenty four th Harvey's that quote Unquote Normal. People hate because it doesn't have to jump scares and it's more like psychological but in any case to honor the film's impending release. Amc's doing this Screening series where they're showing off Female lead horror films. Blake Saint Maude So they're they're going to be showing Let's see what we have you're showing The exorcist Rosemary's baby and the conjuring which really doesn't quite fit with those other two but whatever I'll allow it. Amc theaters and then this is all leading up to a early screening of Saint Malo before officially comes out. So yeah I I know that We talked about this. Maybe very briefly when a trailer came out or something. But you saw this movie at a Film Festival was. I saw it at fantastic fest last year. Okay and you like it. It sounds like right. Yes yeah very good So what do you think about? I have to admit something do Chris. I've only seen the conjuring of these four movie mean. It's not surprising that I haven't seen Saint Malo yet since it doesn't it's not open yet but I've not seen the exorcist or Rosemary's baby mile I know I need to I really need to rectify that. I've made plans over the past couple of years to watch both of them and then somehow just things things got away and I never had a chance to do it and I never really wanted to watch like a crappy version on. Amc or like the TV channel not to be confused with the theatrical. Jane or like I don't know some network that might potentially edit the content or something and I've just never decided to pay for any of it I really need to rectify this but I guess for for people who maybe if there's anybody else out there like me Which would you recommend if people had to see like only one of these movies? I guess in the lead up to Saint Martin what. What's your favorite of this Force I'm here man It probably like tie between exorcists in Rosemary's baby with probably the exorcists slightly taking the lead. Because I think it's a better movie but you really can't go wrong with those two films all right well. That's good news for me who I mean again. I definitely need to check both these out. Brad. Do you have familiarity with with all these movies. Have you seen all of these Haven't seen St. Maude yet. But I have seen all the other movies mentioned and yes they are all fantastic and pretty much on the same page with Chris Extra citizen Rosemary's baby are neck and neck with each other. But I think I like exorcists more because I have a fondness for it in the same way that I do for Halloween because My Mom Let me watch some movies at a younger age. Because she had seen them at a younger age and so she wanted to show them to me and Yeah so they they kind of hold a special place in in my in my heart on the horse. I'd have things nice so Yeah this this whole screening series starts on appropriately enough on Friday the thirteenth of March. So you can go to the article com to get more details about where and when you can find. You know all those screenings in an area near you Chris. Let's let's wrap up today's episode with one more horror related story and that is paranormal activity. Seven this is a project or a franchise that has been ongoing since two thousand seven I think is when the first one came up and now a new movie is supposed to come out. I think sometime in twenty twenty one and they've announced that a writer on board who is going to be returning to this universe right so I've actually just update this story because an update stored of just came in via twitter but so Christopher Landon who wrote paranormal activity two through five and he also wrote the Happy Death Day movie so the other day Jason Blunt you know had. A Blunt House announced that Christopher Landon was coming back for paranormal activity. Seven and blooms quote really makes it sound like he's writing the movie and then. I guess Crisper Land and saw that and he went on twitter today and said I wanted to clarify something. I'm helping my friends but I'm not writing the movie. So it seems like he's sort of shaping the story but he's not writing the script and we don't actually know who's writing the script yet so interesting. I was going to be my next question. Who is Ramos thanks? So what do you think about Christopher? Landon some tenure in the panel activity Saga I mean those movies. They get more ridiculous as they go along. I really liked the happy death day movies though so I am a fan of him in general I I just don't know what else there is due at this story like. If I were doing it I would start fresh. Like not a reboot. Just tell it new story. Just because the the original paranoid activities series tried so hard to build this mythology got more ridiculous more complicated more impossible to follow. I feel like there's there's no good way to keep that going. It's better to try something different. But that's me. I don't know Brad. What's your relationship like with the paranormal activity series? I really liked them even as they got more ridiculous. I kind of enjoyed how they went for a partially. I think The for the same reasons that I enjoy the happy day franchise especially the sequel even more than the first one is that it kind of it leaned into you know I guess vibe that I wasn't entirely expecting it. Got A little bit more. Sifi little more comedic and even though paranormal activity never went in the committee direction. It did start to get a little. Bit more sci fi because marked ones features time travel and Actually as does the ghost dimension one two and a started going this wild direction that I was interested in seeing if it turned into anything if it becomes something even more crazy so I've always had fun with these movies. I finally enough. I was actually at An early screening of the original paranormal activity after it got picked up slammed dance and you can see me in the night vision footage from the first traitor they released. That's awesome well. I had no idea about that Yeah I watched the first three and really enjoyed them and then just I don't know what it was about the trailer for the fourth movie that it just didn't really have any interest in it and then I think you know as Chris was saying because they got so much more ridiculous along the way that the critical consensus sort of Soured on these movies as they kept going but I don't know I'm very mixed on crisper landon because these are the only things of his that. I've seen Chris jalousie burning homes. Which was his directorial debut from twenty ten? No doubt that is a rough movie. I would not recommend that to. Have you not seen the happy movies yet? No I haven't I have not often. There's no fun yeah. I think they might be on. Hbo where they were last time. I checked so maybe I'll add those to my cue and check those out but Okay Well Yeah I. I think that's going to bring us to the end of a pretty short episode of slash daily. Today there's not too much news out there but I feel like we covered the big things that are floating around today. So why don't we go around the circle and tell people where they can find more of our work online Chris let's start with you. I am slash home dot com and you can find me on twitter at C. Beta list of four thirteen Brad always slash from dot com. You can also find me on twitter at Ethan Underscore Anderson. I've got my own podcast called go flicks yourself on Itunes podcast and platforms. I'm replacing Ben Stiller in periods nine. I look forward to it You can find migrating at platinum dot com while you can find me on twitter and instagram. At Ben Pairs you can find more about all the stories that we mentioned on today's show at Slam Dot Com and linked inside the show notes of this episode slashing daily is published every weekday. Bring you the most exciting news from the world of movies and TV as well as deeper dive into the great features you can find on the site you can subscribe with show on Itunes Google. Podcasts overcast spotify all the popular PODCAST APPS and send your feedback questions comments and concerns to us at Peter last film Dot Com. Make sure to leave your name and General Geographical Location. In case we engineer email on the air. And don't forget to rate and review the podcast on itunes. That helps us out a latte. Tell your friends spread the word. Thank you for listening and we will talk to you tomorrow.

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541 - Pushed A Bunch of Buttons There = A Tounge Twister

The Librocube

32:49 min | 11 months ago

541 - Pushed A Bunch of Buttons There = A Tounge Twister

"Pillow. Pendulum. Actually. Listen to the liberal podcast featuring host Jordan Maywood I could potentially enjoy. The libra killed bed as a contest we haven't heard yet might might be terrible. Growth, you can catch with. Our here we go this comes to us from our good friend Jordan Maywood. Class. Hamburger steamed ham do. Hello, welcome to the Liberal Cube. My name is Jeremy would and I am the like it is a liberty regular. To tip. This show. His one in which I discuss well, discussion sort of who implies. That that it's a two way street whereas this is a one way you know where he got the Arrow white air on a black background classic classic one way. Street which reminds me one time. when I was, I don't know early teens I would have to guess my mom drove us me and my sister accidentally. the wrong way down one way street nothing happened. But we did sort of like make fun of her for that because it is amusing. To do so. anyways. spoiler warning. Yeah. So spoiler potential things, Oh my God professionals at this juncture would likely restart or edit however being neither professional nor a to do so means that I leave just about everything in very infrequently edit anything and it shows let's go ahead and face it. Let's also push button. that. Will Start. Don't know not start a timer. Let's the. Let's push a button for the first segment of this piece of Shit podcast Jesus Christ. Movie Monologue. Today's movie modeling sponsor is carnivorous Hominid under dark denizens. Thank you for that sponsorship. It's funny. Literally, just had to edit out because I hit the MIC. In that normally makes a loud sound so. I'm already a God Damn Liar. She's craze. Okay Movie the first little women from. Twenty. Nineteen. Yes I watched this movie. Had to be The main reason I watch this is because I learned that this slick the fifth sixth or like it's a crazy amount of times this movie has been made little woman based on the book. Of the same name, and must've been on a podcast I think where? People discussing not only that fact, but the fact that this was the best one. so far so I decided you know what? Why the hell not going to watch the movie little woman, this is the best version if they made it a bunch of times since like the free nineteen, ten's. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but they've made this movie a lot of times for a very long time so it can't be that bad and after watching it Yeah. Not My cup of tea. I don't think I am the target audience necessarily that being said it's fine. Cheese. But I go three for unfamiliar with my rating scale three is enjoyed while watching but probably wouldn't watch again I watch again. And there was some enjoyment civil go three. Yeah. A reluctant three. We'll call that for little women from Twenty Nineteen Joe March reflects back and forth on her life telling the beloved story of the March Sisters Four young women each determined to live life on her own terms GonNa Sneeze. Okay now, I had edited sneeze with the FRIG more editing than I've done in a long time. Yeah it's a it's a period piece. it's you know it's little. Women were what more do you want moving on to probably Oh. Jeez could you have more? I think I've had this sort of question before. Movie. Movie monologues in particular. Could you have two more different just Things. So we're going from little women to shed from nineteen, eighty four, if you're unfamiliar, with Chad, stands for cannibalistic human underground dwellers. Yes, a bizarre series of sudden disappearances in the streets of new. York City seems to port. Point towards something unsavory littering in the sewers. Oh My. This is from Nineteen eighty-four and it is. Sort of quintessential. WAS GOING TO SAY BE MOVIE But we'll go you know be plus movie. A minus. Movie. of the horror sci fi Zhilin ru of the early nineteen eighties and very much. Feels that way in a good way in a good way definitely. So bad it's good. Yeah. This is sort of a famously so bad. It's good to make make a second one of these anyways we've got to John Heard with the MRS and I are just watching. Sopranos and he is of course in that. Daniel Stern which I was talking about him to someone the other day and mentioned he was in shed. and there's a few names that pop up in this that you will recognize. But basically, it's these things that live underground in the sewers and the railways and the the. Myriad of tunnels almost dean d like a amaze like tunnels. Below the city of New York Without giving too much away I'll just say radiation question-mark. Oh. in the things look. Pretty, it's practical effects of course, because it's you know nineteen eighty-four and there wasn't much in the way of non practical ex and they look. You, know. Not Great, but this is something practical Colfax that even to this day, just feel more real So you know give her points that I think I'm going to give it a solid. And you know what I can't remember if I hadn't had seen this one or not I don't think I had but I I've heard about it over the years it's it's quite often like a punch line to a joke I feel like shed. Let's see period h period you period D. period. A great name by the way I'll go like a four point five. Yeah I enjoy chart. Oh, you know just while I'm on the embitter. Should to. Oh Judd to bud the Chad Oma God. How can I get this? From nineteen eighty nine. Oh Wow. Waited a number of years for Chad to. Okay. So I'm GonNa copy this I'm DB. and. Email it to myself. See if I can find shed two colon bud the Chad at is not a joke. Moving onto the Jesus roles from twenty nineteen. Oh. But a women from two thousand, nineteen, the Jesus Roles from twenty nineteen. a trios. A trio of misfits irreverent sexually charged dynamic evolves into surprising love story as their sparked spontaneous and flippant attitude towards the past or future backfires time and again, it's a very interesting. embitter description I suppose it's apt and Scott of lot of big words in it. And the doesn't necessarily explained the. Plot but more the feel in you know I like it. Yeah. Okay. So my rating for the IMDB description of the Jesus roles is we'll go four. My raining for the movie as a whole will go closer to three It was fine is starring in Britain by and directed by John Toro who? This is I think happened because it said I got the end based on a book or maybe it said somewhere the credits based on a book so I think he. Got Ahold of. This. Book. And really enjoyed it and thought it could be turned into a movie. But perhaps. either had difficulty getting that done or decided that in order to get it done. Perhaps he could sort of intertwined with it the character of Jesus that he played in Oh my God. The Big Lebowski? Because he is that Jesus Rate down to the looking of a A bowling ball which they use on the trailer now I. Should say if you're going in expecting a movie of that character it's almost as if he is just that character enough to have some film for the trailer and then the rest of the movie, he's a totally different character it sort of had that feel that. He kind of maybe had to make some sacrifices in order to get this made. Possibly this is all hype hypothesis that being said Comedy, Crime, Drama Yeah, okay that makes sense. It's got a little. What's that movie Not Dazed and confused natural born killers but not as menacing sort of traveling in a little Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde and Clyde I suppose might call it. It's good. Cheese rating. Wise. I think you're GONNA. Go three point eight. Three Point Eight. How about that? John? Tour was good. You've got Christopher Walken you GB smooth Jon Hamm Davidson Susan Serandon owes incredible. Bobby Kinda Kinda Valley who's a comedian you know? Some good names they're all going to it. I'm bumping it up to a four point one. Don't do that often. Okay moving on to standing up falling down from twenty nineteen is well. Apparently a busy year for movies. Wealth was the last busy year for movies. ooh. That's sort of an interesting question. What are my movie monologues GonNa look like in the future while because I watch movies from all years. It'll be a while before I run out of movies regardless of if movies continued to be made, which who knows what will happen with that. the unlikely friendship the kindles between the struggling stand up comedian from La forced to back home. This tail between his legs Oh. That's kind of Nice and tragically flawed but charming and charismatic alcoholic dermatologists. Let me read that last part and a tragically flawed but charming and charismatic alcoholic dermatologist that my friends is a sentence I very much enjoy I'm GonNa, give that a five, hundred, five to that sentence within this IMDB description am going to give the movie a four point. Eight seven. Yeah, I very much enjoyed it starring. Billy Crystal who I don't know if I've ever really seen a billy crystal movie that I haven't enjoyed and and also bench wirtz who I'm just like a huge fan of in general period full stop super super funny been following his career for many years since you know the college humor days in beyond You Know Comedy Bang Bang I believe would be shocked if he hadn't check but I'm not going to if he hasn't played one of my, would you rather scenarios on comedy? Bang before I would imagine he has as long as he's played it we should. He probably has. You. Know what? I could always check. Okay here. Stall for time co host. Look they used to do this. Is, Co.. Last Abe, host Who? Okay I'm looking it up. I forget what it's called. It's like would. podcast interaction list. Okay. So now I control F. Because of course, it's a Google, Sheets Aka Excel Document and control aft- means fine and if I type in Ben Ben Schwartz So in episodes though I, see what episode of fact before I was keeping track. Okay. So in an episode he and Horatio Sanz played. And Okay I guess that's it but still he has. To have the scenario So on my list it wasn't until episode four, hundred, twenty, four that I started keeping track of the episode numbers of when one of my would you rather scenarios gone on so There you go a little off topic but a little on topic we're here to ramble. And that's just what we do when these days. He's Bod Gases going to Ramble Hall over you. Television Talk. Television. today's Tobin talk sponsor is looks like the sponsor. Okay. This is interesting. Looks like this is the sponsor of where Phil Rosenthal biases shoes seems like it's called shoes to fill. Thank you. For that sponsorship okay. we are talking somebody feed Phil Season Three available for your viewing clears you're. On netflix. This season only five episodes for some reason Maybe it had to do with corona stuff although I feel like that's probably not the case maybe it was. whereas season two was ex and I think season one also six. So we lost episode somewhere along the way. Which is fine. They're still all good in fact good to to the degree where and this happens to the Mrs Anaya Lot feel like maybe I feel it more I don't know. Where you get to the end of a season of television and you're so deeply disappointed that there's There's no more in the season and that's one of my higher recommendations for somebody feet fell where five episodes in and you try to spread them out. You try not to bench him too much because they're so good. And you don't want to add when it's over. You're like Jesus back to the back to the old life where I don't have a new episode of somebody feeds, fill to watch she it. May as well God damn kill myself. Okay. So we have if you're unfamiliar with Somebody Feet Phil Phil Rosenthal, a creator of several crater writer on several television. probably most notably Loves Raymond. And he is a bit of a food well, your food or does he just like to eat I I think eventually someone who is the latter. Forget what which order I said them someone who just likes to eat and likes fine foods eventually sort of morphs into Foodie I feel like. That sort of the natural progression of that state I would assume So even if he's not he, he's making his way to that sort of food linus. and he travels around the world to very cities and. Goes to places. I don't know where he gets his recommendations may be just people. He knows maybe online who knows maybe it's just the producers of the show. Many possibilities and not important. So I don't know why I'm dwelling on IT and he'll go to you know a handful of restaurants in each city and sort of experience that cities cuisine it's a travel show. It's a food show. These are good things to watch on a Sunday. and. I love them easy. Five out of five. You know what? Let me do this instead season one into I'm pretty sure I gave five, hundred, five this one, I'm GonNa give a four point eight nine and let me tell you why it feels like. In not necessarily bad thing. It just free Let. Me Explain This season, it felt like he rather than one hundred percent searching just for good food. He was. Seventy five percent searching for good food and twenty five percents searching for a good stories of interesting people who have maybe. Trials and tribulations that he can sort of GLOB onto the none of this is in a negative way necessarily just felt a little forced the season I will admit where you know someone's down on his lock and he's GonNa worth a family who he wants to interact with and helping it. It's sort of heartwarming, but it felt a little force whereas in previous seasons it was heartwarming but it didn't have that we are looking for the heartwarming feel whereas this season Kinda did a little bit so. If you can ignore that and and maybe it's all in my head even I I don't know maybe it's of the world today sort of tainting my view but I don't know it just kind of felt like that this season a little bit a little bit Okay. So let me just quickly run down the city's we've got Marrakesh, which is interesting. It's an Morocco I. Did you know I don't know if this is a universal but it is for a lot of people I know because a lot of people I know what school in Ontario Canada we're in like grade I don't WanNa say great four great five somewhere in that neighborhood everyone had to pick a country and do a project on it. As you do. The feels like probably somewhat universal that people do that in school in the. Chose or was given I don't know if I would have chosen but just because it's interesting to was Morocco my grandfather used to go to Morocco. Handful of times like maybe six times which you know if you're traveling around the world and choose to return to a place I'm sure he's probably been America. So if you like lamb. Seems like a good spices. Pretty cool. interesting place a place I would visit yet definitely other than the heat's yeah. When you did not go to hot places if so to Chicago, of course. big food town whenever the doe boys go there. It's always like Jesus how how do you people eat the way to do so i? I'm sure injured that London not traditionally A. In the past at least known for their food. the English in general, but that has changed even. In the last five years five, ten years it's definitely changed and who serve interesting to see that transformation. Seoul. South Korea interesting interesting Any Asian. like the MRS and I watch a crap ton of just. People in Asia, Gordon Food. Be It vending machines that I've mentioned a fascination with Asia? Asia. Means that we enjoyed this episode of course and then last we've got Montreal which is cool. Because well, we're Canadian and It's have I been to Montreal hundreds of ever been a Montreal an Ottawa. Yeah. I'm pretty sure haven't been too much a famous for Putin which I don't think he ever had routines and you have protein I can't remember. So you know little little hometown episode we'll call that in all in all a good season that I recommend. You Watch I think I've just GONNA push one more button. Yeah. Here we go. Johnny Bit May. Be. Internet intercourse I, like. So these Internet ship. The button pusher but. Pushed a bunch of buttons they're pushed about. Oh. That's hard to say push a bunch of buttons push a bunch of buttons pushed about Trindon's Did I just inadvertently Come across a new tongue twister pushed but bunch of buttons their push, a bunch of buttons, their push, a bunch of bunch there Okay. You know what? infrequently. But I do like it when it does happen the title of the episode. Will come up mid episode sometimes, it will be before though that's someone's rare. Sometimes, it will come after which is probably majority of the time we're after like think of something and then frequently or infrequently, and these are my favorite ones it will come up during episode so. Push. Bunch of. Buttons their. Equals. Tongue. Twister. Okay that's title if anything is. Okay. So item the first of this Internet intercourse. Oh I should mention the sponsor. Of course we gotta make dollar bills. He all. the DYSON dyson sphere. Thank you for that sponsorship. Okay I. We've got Elaine appears YouTube Channel Yeah been enjoying this a lot lately. So as what happens in the Inter net intercourse segment I find things on the Internet, that I enjoy and bring them back and talk about them. That's all it is. yeah I'm sure you've heard me talk her in the past most likely revolving around her work on Fun House, which is a One of my favorite youtube channels She's funny and she's quick on that But what if sort of learned from her youtube channel and the other things she's been doing lately is So so incredibly knowledgeable of the video game industry that's just sort of has blown me away with that recently. So it's interesting to see that and she did a video you know what I opened it up. She did sort of a day in the life video which was pretty cool. Because I've often wondered, whats do these people on the Internet's what do their as lick and she sort of very entwined and. In, the no of video game related stuff. So if you ever are doing, you know a panel show or Hajjis anything with video game related where you need some knowledge you need you need a I I believe the term is a talking head she got down. Just just just amazing and recommend her. And just a seems like a very interesting. Nice. Not to mention beautiful person. So you know. All good stuff. Why don't you check your? Moving on to star trek the next conversation Colon Relics Oh. Okay. So I've spoken of Star Trek the next conversation many times, host Matt. Myra. and Andy Seconda Myra. In fact, one of the people you here in the show opening the one who says might be good might be terrible. Of this podcast let's face it terrible as the answer but. Despite. That I have spoken highly of that podcast with a are watching episode of Star Trek the next generation and talking about it in a conversation hence the name of the podcast. Yeah silver up to season six. Yeah. and they got to what apparently is a matt's Matt Meyer rose favorite. favorite episode of the show and it was the one that had Scottie on it. Scotty from the original series which you know I i. thought it was a good episode but I don't remember. Having a love of it too that he did in the reason I brought it back here because I I enjoy all episodes of the show. However. I think in this really emphasize it for me the difference between win. It's a bad episode that they don't like and a good episode that they love I. Think I tend to gravitate more towards the ones where is a good episode that they love and the and they're excited about it and and it's just sort of this episode of particular in particular for that but for India's while. Just, using with their love of the show. The episode in particular but the show as a whole what aspects of this episode in particular they love of star. Trek the the combination that you got next generation and old generation and one is just a beautiful. If like me, you're a star, trek fan and. WanNa listen to a podcast but star Trek health start with that one because you don't realize to do these in order necessarily. and just such dripping with genuine warmth in love of the show just warmed the cockles of my. Cold Dead Heart. And I recommend it because that is what happens in the Internet intercourse. Okay. last but not least quickly yeah Qube we're going to talk about that. Believe it or not apparently youtube channel. And they posted I think it was like a selection of Quips Zobel, they call them over there. I've never been on the APP. It's an APP right? It's not a website. anyways could be sadly sort of a punchline now for it's not doing the greatest Had A show segment. I don't even know what it is what's going on there called home movies which apparently is. in this came about because of coronavirus. So you know what? Hey. There you go. We found Corona virus silver lining that we wouldn't have had home movies from Qube in which a various. Famous folk reenact scenes from famous movies like the. Princess. Bride. So yeah, This is kind of interesting how they did it and it was fun and it makes you think Again makes me think winner movie is GonNa look like in the future? So basically you'll have, for example, Jack, black playing Wesley. And Diego Luna playing in in Inigo Montoya. But. They're both at their own home sort of recording and the. And you might have like a standard for an arm or something. Where it's like Jack Black got. His son maybe to reach in and pull them up to the cliff If you remember that scene or for for when they're sort fighting someone offscreen is holding a sword and then they sort of go back and forth as if they're in the same room although there clearly in two separate like backyards. and let me just run down the names that we have. So we have Jack Black as Wesley, Diogo Luna as in Yoga Montoya. CAITLYN DENVER as Wesley in Wolf, heart is an Montoya King Bach is A. Vincentians. Vicinity. Inefficient I. Don't how to say his name Dave Petita as physics David. Spade is Wesley that I, think was my favorite David Teesta Zach sorta makes and then David. Spade has Wesley was pretty hilarious watching them quote unquote fight Tom Lennon as prince humperdinck perfect perfect casting their of all these castings who even David Tesla's ferulic Jesus definitely Oliver Lennon as Rugen Yeah Patent Oswald is. visit any. Jon Hamm was just to name all of them I think. Yeah. So funny ridiculous. The obvious because. In the fact that they're all in their own separate backyards, but it didn't matter. And I think that's how you would have to do these sorts of things take scenes from movies that everyone's seen a million times and do them that way Patton Oswalt, the give a little little not hymns well, I was wearing a top hat. Leopard was the aware. anyways I got real rambling at the end, but that will happen at Qadam. So early in the morning and I haven't had my cup of Bull Semen. I don't know what I'm talking about folks. We did it's I suppose something happens thirty one minutes of recording. Happened and apparently that's going to be a podcast. it's nice to be nice to the Nice. This is the end of the show. Sincere. Thank you for listening. Time to plug some things and I do not mean. But You. Can like Assad facebook. You can follow Jordan underscore maywood on twitter. You can subscribe and comment on Itunes. Lastly, if you would like to contact the podcast, you can eat admit Jordan dot may would APP G MAIL DOT COM? I would like to conclude that I am not roll back and bad I have. I've got a theory that it's a demon dancing demon something isn't right. They're getting the best is yet to come and. Voted Five. You. You've seen sun but you ain't seen it shine. To the UPS, underway. Wake to. Wait see that sunshine. You seen nothing yet. Come and. Be. Live long and prosper.

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Side Jams 12: Fernando Ribeiro

Rock N Roll Archaeology

27:52 min | 1 year ago

Side Jams 12: Fernando Ribeiro

"This is Brian Regan. Welcome to side jams. Frontman and lyricist for Portuguese. Goth metal icons moon spelt. Fernando Hebrew has been able to express his dark wolf heart on such classic albums as their atmospheric breakthrough sin cotto which had his twenty first anniversary reissue late last year. And two thousand fifteen extinct. Which rocks hardwood is also hunting and beautiful at times? The newest effort is seventeen. Fifty five a concept album sung entirely in their native language Portuguese. It's about the Lisbon earthquake of seventeen fifty five which had a dramatic effect on the literal and spiritual landscape of that country. A man with much to say he by to actually study philosophy at the University of Lisbon in the late. Nineteen Ninety S and immersed himself in Texas about religion philosophy and theology. He has also written poetry for episode. Twelve side jammed. Fernando spoke with me via skype while on tour in Europe with moon spell to discuss his poetry as well as book collecting editing and translating the singers actually translated books by HP lovecraft. Edgar Allan Poe and Richard Matheson into Portuguese even has his own venture called Alma Mater Books and records and literary releases from that company included on poetry collection which has been translated into English with the poetry of Ramstein Frontman till Lindemann translated from the original German into Portuguese. Fernando is an intriguing character for sure. We have a lot of fun discussing his love for reading and collecting books while ago. Fernando thanks for joining me on side Jammed Leisure. Actually our first time chatting. Even though I've been listening to you guys for a while and Funny we were trying to chat a couple of days ago and you guys caught so you guys got caught almost a hurricane on the way to Athens. Yeah we had to cancel the show. I is a pleasure talking with you for the opportunity. I mean we started these two in Germany. All around Europe grads Portugal and Spain raw so we were coming to Italy. We played two shows in Italy. And then we have to take the ferry to offense but all hell broke loose because some there was a hurricane. Nothi- and in Greece which is not something to typical have a house so we had to postpone this Athens. Show we're going to fly to Athens after at least toward to play a debt that show that got postponed but we could get a ferry Year another CD in Greece delanie but we still got the aftermath of the quake so the city was rare very brave and there was a very very angry. You know and it was such a rough path to your and As we talk but ultimately kitchens were down offense was already like you know almost jumping on the bolt to come from Portugal and say their their beloved sons but by the end of the day all went well and then we arrive safe and sound. You're in in time just to play the second Greek show tomorrow. I'm going to Turkey to his humble and we could save the tour. We had to sacrifice a GIG in Athens 's capital of Greece. But then we'll be back hearing them in January so right now we are infirm land and the quite safe and the up so we were catching some sun because they said there was really really terrible. Even for gough person used to darkness and thunder was a you know hard time yet. Your side jams. You're into book collecting editing and translating. That's like a trio of things. Yeah I was when I was a kid in always loved how mental was connected with books. You know many people. At least for instance rival Seattle Mariners by our Laden HAP- they think perhaps a Steve Harry's lyric it's not or Brazilians and it's a very big poem from a one of the biggest British poets. John Coleridge call. The raimondo should Maryland and made music around it so I always loved this deep connection between literature at Your Dukes and rock music or metal which is something that sometimes people forget about so I always strive lot only moon spell to have this literature influence but also I started to translate i. You know the usual suspects. Hp lovecraft at Gallen Po. But I think that the biggest book so far have translated from English to Portuguese was. I am legend by Richard at the medicine and sometimes I do through obvious stuff. I wrote my own poetry. Books now have a collection in English. If you want I can send one your way. That's other problems. Hope for tomorrow night. Yeah Bird Detoro like a something. Related to purgatory. Yeah I did that and also the right now. I have a small Book publisher that is increasing some books at one of the books my small indulging in English but also To bring the book culture connect connected with music to partial for instance. The second book was it was still in. The man is the singer of Ramstein. We also writes poetry and he has beautiful poetry in Germany like his old style. Quite rural and We bought the rights and I had a professional. Don't speak German translated into Portuguese so at the book collecting. It's something like I mean best. Examples always note to tell a little story. There's some Israel fans that are coming to Bucharest on the store but the show was sold out so they couldn't find tickets so there won't be on email or social media they Asked me well? Can you put a because we have a law flights in our vacations plan. But it's very sad to say well. You came to the right person. So I'm Fernando Singer of most Pollen Fisher. I can put on our guest list. And then they asked me. Do we want something I said no? It's okay come on the spending enough money by some shirts or some vinyl than they so much as I said well I want something. I don't know Old Testament. Bible Decimate Old Testament Bible and Hebrew and see in a day upbringing me a Bible in Hebrew. So that's the kind of of collect free so my son is named Foul Faust which is also very big gold from the German altered gut to and you have a first translation from parties from the forties. So I got some. I got some stuff. Yeah and I got some cool record side but I have to say no to disappoint anyone because I'm a musician like mental but I sometimes I like books better. They are more. How can I say they allow you to imagine more things yourself while? Music is a lot of quotes PROGRAMS ETCETERA WHILE BOOK. You know you read the book. The he has a tree. You think about three that you saw when you were growing up in school. I'll think about the tree that I saw when I was growing up and going to school that I think that's the magical literature and I really love that. What is the name of Your Company? Then what's the adult Alma Mater? Books as you've two books so far. They're more well so far. We have done three books. Mine Demands Romance Sign Portuguese version and also We did them at Buca Fulham's over him as the singer of aid thus riyal metal bands in Portugal. But right now we are very open to in hope. Not only half stuff from public domain. There's a lot of stuff that liked to have Partisan nowadays I'm more connected. We industry but would love to have first Harry Rowling's books that ever got a Portuguese treatments. I love the way rights. So probably I'm going to try You know Rights publisher and try to find the That I can afford obviously that kind of stuff. More poetry people connected to music or sports that writes poetry so we have a lot of a lot of things that are going on with the label. Book businesses have been slower for me the music business. I wanted to be Depth way definitely but like I said the just the just my size jam. It's just What keeps me all sold? Same for instance of this nowadays at this stage of my life. I don't treat anything that has less than the thousand pages. You know even on tour reasoning from Portuguese Walter called Beguel thought. His autobiography comes from the Spanish. Civil war. Up to the Portuguese of today and already The tourists like a couple of weeks in almost finished. But I have my kindle because I'm not I liked the books but as I travel a lot. I like the idea of having six hundred books on my kindle not bring Dory that's the tricky part and I have this discussion with people I mean I know people who commute into the city and so you. They read books on their phone. I can't do that. It's like but I understand. Why people do it. I mean I think actually for example for Hollywood executives that works out our script readers development people because I remember the days when people would go. I I worked in Hollywood twenty five years ago and I remember. People take a whole bunch of scripts with them on a trip. And so I can understand. Having on a kindle is easier than carrying around a Duffel bag full of pages base again. I just the less Bukeye. Rats was called The benevolence by genitally legal and It's a more than a thousand pages and I was struggling a lot. So I read half of the kindle had half of it on the book but I finished all the physical book I came home and say well my wife's like well hello love you and let's let's Hug Makita it as well but then when I had the chance already. She was already raining. That chick is because I I definitely have food to finish. It's as soon as possible so I bring some type of books physical books I bring the Keno as backup definitely but also the other hands people. Give me a lot of books on the road. They no defense. No I like it so I have a crazy books and sometimes I pick up some sun reading in. It really enjoyed it. It's like more of an addiction as well. I really liked to read when I'm eating with before I go to baths so there's always time to read. And when people say while helping they have time to read. Say if I don't have time to read over half time to do anything else I'd Right. Right gleeful moods belts. They'll be out of out of the job as well. What is your poetry like well? It's quite different from the spell lyrics because I tap more into my life and have to have a real subject. Let's call it this way so three books last week. I wrote was about Mike break-up my ex wife it's called a shadowy dialogue saw the island between shadows of people that don't understand each other anymore but are trying to survive in each other's presence that had the second book back in two thousand five I think called the D. Social Wolves like a wool. Like flesh wounds about everything. That was dark but important in my life at the first guy wrote S- was two thousand and one is called Hal to dig and Abbas at it was about coming from my flirting at the university teachers up to you know demolish two quite a crazy book nowadays. I'm working in a very different project called. Say it with a poem and it's a coalition of Iq's when I'm pissed at someone. Yeah at the scene or someone in the street instead of just going crazy ins do something stupid. I say we the poem so the and I think it will be ready in two thousand and And Twenty it's gotTa be a different book couple of forms like this short Haiku farmers at I think maybe people will will dig it. Because it's something that you can read in fifteen twenty minutes so are any of this stuff going to be translated into. English has been translated Bergenthal. I'm going to send you one. You're going to send me your address by red going to to She was from the road when the the other one is out there. Definitely send it to go away. Definitely I am thanks. I'll check it out. I mean it's interesting when people get to do other stuff outside of that seem to be someone who really likes to feed his mind. I mean I was going to school while you were in this band. And that's not. That's not easy when you're trying to write and record and tour and they go to class. It's hard in the suburbs. I had to choose between a by adding an academic career as a philosophy teacher or investigator or Spell bellies much. More of something off gut feeling is looked really. It doesn't really. It's not really my choice. Just kind of chose me because ninety eight ahead no other little time after seem to go on to the master into the two of being a doctor like not to be hd but the other the other level already Mostert and So I decided to have a live of touring etcetera but I never believed at one saying definitely it puts the other off you know. I can always read economics write lyrics. I always have an audience as well that is linked to probably repeats of. It'll be more. Let's call intelligence on thoughtful lyrics so even though I cannot study physically is days and go to diversity. I definitely never stopped studying. And many of my favorite books philosophy et Cetera. I had the chance to travel to those countries to devote to those universities to talk with people that in a way also I would say at Contacted with these these Philosopher wards a daredevil languages so I think it's always something that you can definitely do yourself if you have the discipline and especially if you will like it nope because everything is a question of the big fouled of it as well as I loved to read My Comfort Zone philosophy poetry. Novels doesn't matter a something that really puts me in the right place. Actually utterly if it happens to Jewish here but there's these stages that don't really have the boot Tweeden Dervis you know you don't Su strange old cranky and you know the what it can mess with you but when you find the book like little drug you know it's just okay. I'm here so I'm going to read all these pages as quiets. We know it's funny. I mean I collect so much stuff. I have so many books in comic books that I've collected over the years and I'm always behind my my problem is I'm as I'm getting older. I'm like Oh my God now. I have to read all of this or I have to have all these movies. I've collected that. I WANNA watch so. It's funny because you know there's that Netflix. Show at that woman. Marie Condo. I don't know popular in Europe. But you know she's always about the fangs way thing about getting rid of things and reduce clutter in your life in saying in saying. Yeah but then you know there was I find an essay online. Where someone's like how the hell with that? I mean a lot of book. Collectors Lake having more books than they can read. Because it means there's always something to read and it's I guess it's the passion for learning something new. It's a accumulating knowledge and I remember once I went on a date with somebody and I I went back to their place and like they had no books CDs. They had no movies and I was like. Wow I mean they weren't. They worked a lot. They weren't home a lot but I was just like. Wow there's none of that here and I mean okay it might have been digital for all I know but then there's that does that funny John Waters quote you know where he says go to someone's place and they don't have any books. Don't fuck them. I totally agree. I'm I'm always various issues about people that have stuff I mean this is the two thousands you know. There's a lot of There's a lot of your God is a lot of West and people trying to go oriental. But the I mean we are collectors. We likes stuff. No Western people from from the States. We like the physical stuff we brought our society based upon the object. You know so. It will be very hard for me to get rid of my first editions. Cousin Sakis or goods or love crafts. Just because of one idea that some guy in Tibet or China thought about it. You know I'm not to Convince about this Getting rid of stuff everything in your mind in. You cannot kindle fire without without fuel so I swear analogy. Yeah so I I can go. You know myself out of the sun or something like that. The mood tonight. That the kindle or whatnot I need to stop into debt. Finally stay are even if I'm not going to listen to it. You know there's something to be said like I'm trying to take some stuff. I'm going to take some a little bit of stuff out of here and take it to my parents store distort rather than getting a storage. What's funny is that I I like to have some things around simply because oftentimes. Yeah you can have it in your eye tunes. You can have it in your kindle but you don't always remember you have it it's hard. It's hard to think. Forget about something you like but you know when you start collecting more things you go through a phase of listening to something or reading something you you forget certain little gems that you have new and sometimes they just go through my CDs or books like Oh yeah I have that or I have this comic book. I haven't read yet and if you just have an a list somewhere it's not quite the same thing and it's easier to find the KENO sometimes like where is this and then when I go to Michael shelves which is very well organized organized. I taste organized by moods. You know I still have to work on my because a big apartment kilometers from Lisbon. Have my office. Obviously fool of final of Dayton et CETERA. But also have a basement that I'm organizing these three years the books. How am I got a work in progress? And it's a retirement plan for Portugal so easily in a years time I could afford a cabin by the sea. And guess what what. I'm taking my boots you know and I'm going to wake up to the Martin King will be raised. My wife will. He's going to do whatever she she's going to back in the future and I'm going to make some tea and coffee and read and read the big books you know. And that's that's one I want when I'm not a rock and rolling around the world anymore. I think that sounds like a plan. If I get rid of the boobs honestly I'll kind of person that's whoop boots will ensure the books like any company than have them away. Wow have you done editing and translating outside of Your Own Book Company? Yeah I worked for a big public group in Portugal marks emergency exits but important and they have Off Stuff I did for them but they have stuff so much. George R R Martin Throws Nora Roberts the greats bestseller Ms Wall so they have a lot of off but obviously I expert is more the horror fiction et Cetera. Et Right on their magazine as well about using so. Are there any any Well known titles here that you've translated into Portuguese over there. Well after the musical various by lovecraft of crafts is was like did. I am legend and will wow the sharp Adele's After as laid it also for a comic company. A Common Kit Lovecraft biography and here in there after a lot of stuff right now. I'M A as a personal project. Visited THE ELSA CRAWLING. Pollens is the public domain. And we'll make we'll get Alberta's make a book about it but if you ask me what I would love to to have my I love French poetry and is disposed called lighten very important board from nineteen th century and in the sixties and Seventies. French culture was so big in Portugal. Nowadays I think everywhere but seem stand. There is not one addition from erotic poetry. Its three volumes. And I'm chasing that. The consumer because of the family at so there's many titles. A loved definitely Alister Crowley. Sounds like it's right up. Your alley mood spell censor is a weird guy is the poems. Ara a mixture between the Rodman ritual so really have to You know the INTUIT's it and probably have like one or two months off the rolls Definitely already tried to five six and I thought well this is definitely Mahad. One too hard nut to crack we were talking about sin and I was thinking. Buy Your albums and even more recent stuff like extinct. There's definitely a bit of a Middle Eastern vibe to certain tunes Now I know that you know free for hundreds of years Morris Culture how to a lot of influence in Spain. Was it the same in Portugal? Yeah Yeah I mean. At the time. There wasn't Portugal or Spain. There was a big region called evaluate. Ads roundings right and The Muslim rule was you know wasn't and culture were very important in import show and inspect obviously nowadays people at his idea of Muslim cultures terrorists culture. But they're back in the day the leftist Amazing poetry amazing inventions. You know even our alphabets Away of thinking. Sometimes the way you deal with the eroticism for instance in Portugal talking and There's a lot of knowledge from Arabian culture poetry. being made in Portugal. So I think that comes across in our culture indefinitely music and also the parts views as you know they always been traders lots through straight Thursday traders. They the Were always in the seal grooves threatening spices and et Cetera. So we always had the big big contact with s far S. Japan. Coming to all the the you know the the Middle East in something that You know it's not involve not for us. These people have always been a part of the physical and cultural presence in the cheese Mentality and also Portuguese territory. We know it's it's interesting I I. I don't think people here like in the West especially in America really realized how deep a lot of Arab culture runs the only not a minority of people hear about the bad things. They don't hear about the good things no they don't. I mean a it. Also I was. I played in Lawrence Kansas and It's the lands hometown of William burroughs. And I love wheel in boroughs and I hate him people. Tell me well. Americans have low culture knowledge rising. That's just let off a BS. Really because American tragedies awesome you know Carolina all the Knicks and in every way movement sets right when it comes to what goes across America aimed at US et CETERA. It's a shame because honestly all the Times I've been in the states. I think people are more curious than freight about it about about stuff so I think that Don knapp Linda tour poetry foods Kuzina et Cetera. Always the best way of connecting people you try to connect people forcefully to religion or society or economy. Well that's going to work in everything. Rights people may be sweet each other. It's evidence because they understood the mentality and the culture but religious economic competitors. Yet not only in the states but everybody everywhere else in the world it will be very hard to come up with. You Know Armani between the people you sound like a man who appreciates culture all definite. Thank you very much. I appreciate Fernando. You're very interesting guy. A really loved the interview. It's always nice to chat with people that actually took the time to understand your band. Let you talk that wraps up this latest episode side. Jams. Please join me for the next installment which will feature singer Twenty Hornell of PNT Westworld and star break fame. The tunes used in this episode of From Fox in the Law License. Them to audio sock as always. Thank you very much for listening. Hey this is Brad page from the. I'm in love with that song. Podcast inviting you to join me. As we explore a different Song. Each episode discovering. What makes these songs great performances? Arrangements and the production tricks and techniques are all part of creating those magic moments to turn a good song into a great one on this podcast. We take a deep dive into each on listening to all those nuances that came together to make it a great song. Our journey takes us across the musical map from the Beatles and the stones to aretha Franklin and Tom Petty. Kiss the cars todd rundgren and Roxy Music from bad finger to Al Green. Stevie wonder David Bowie from Aerosmith to the zombies. We listen to it all on the. I'm in love with that Song podcast. You may be unfamiliar with some of these songs and some of them. You've probably heard a hundred times but I bet if we listen closely we can discover something new so join me on the. I'm in love with that Song podcast and let's listen together because I think you can love to songs too.

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Teachers Are Not Essential

Slate's The Gist

38:26 min | 1 year ago

Teachers Are Not Essential

"The following program may contain explicit language. A. August, fourth. Twenty twenty. GSI. Mike. PESCA. Stakes is a horrible word I don't think ever used again or ever. It's one of those words or phrases they force you into like sweater weather for. The choice of a pick of vice president is less consequential. This time than usually is and usually it's not really consequential at all. You can't convey any of this as a pundit however because once the host prime issue with that exciting speculative question. Hey, what's Joe Biden thinking? It's hard not to respond as if the stakes are high the veepstakes if you will and I most certainly won't I think artists tablet. So. There's not a lot of evidence in fact, there's almost no evidence that the presidential selection effects anything some stats show that Sarah Palin me hurt John McCain a little bit. But. In this case, this year people are really quite invested in a particular choice or really Osipov choice not because they are trying to convince us that this will affect the election, but because the people being asked are often. People with an ideology, which is fine. You tap to be a pundit for a number of reasons. There's the pundits who are very good and knowing where things are going to go or at least convincing you thereof and there are pundits who you represent a certain way of thinking about the world and they're there to tell the audience how their way of thinking is right. But sometimes, these things are a little mixed up and people are called upon to predict what will happen what they really wind up saying what they want to happen like tiffany cross on MSNBC. Help Joe Biden is having a younger more progressive running mate that can go into some of these groups and constituencies and make inroads and push him to adopt a gender comprehensively addresses a lot of the issues that impact communities of color. All right. Renee. Graham. Also on MSNBC I. think There are women who have more Progressive Bona Fides and I think people. Do want that because you know they want something to balance out by me people like MSNBC pundits might want that but there is no evidence that other people don't want that or have no interest in a progressive candidate or even might be turned off by that more than they would a woman who's a little more like Joe Biden himself now grabs you. Heard those statements and they seemed reasonable to you they're not unreasonable to be fair but to posit the pick as something that Joe Biden has to do or needs to do if he wants to improve his electoral chances I, think that is inaccurate I. Think what's going on is that all of those prognosticators and this one now are articulating a pick that. They want Joe Biden to do here's Jennifer EPS Addison on C. Span, and then it was one hundred percent upon Vice President Biden to both bring the Progressive Wing of the party into governance with him but also to select a vice presidential candidates that can really speak to progressive that has progressive Bona Fides or what or they won't vote for him. Except they will, and if it is true that they won't which it is not it's not true and large number I. Mean it's America it's country seventeen people. Pick the right person. But if it's true that they won't do it, I'm going to throw this. Out there for you to consider you ready who need some? Short progressive might evoke set of policies that you favor and they might call to mind I don't know progress it's right there in the name But what is being postulated is that it is right proper and savage court progressives because progressives have energy and supposedly this righteous agenda. But if it is also the case that unless a progressive VP pick is made that all these important progressive will stay away on election day. Then I think we have to fairly ask what manner of monster are these people people. Who are not sufficiently motivated to vote against Donald Trump, they have the chance to vote Donald Trump out of office and they choose not to because of the vice presidential pick. If. You didn't think it's an urgent task to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. If you're on the fence with a noncommittal attitude towards voting out donald trump didn't really. Do I have to consider your wants needs and desires. Donald Trump is running against an adult. That's all rational people with need to know how about this an adult who isn't a rapacious idiotic threat to democracy I shall cast my vote for that adult and whoever that adult chooses. To associate with. In normal, times I see the normal argument yes you gotTa Unite the Party. You can convince me it'd be good to have a progressive on the ticket because this progressive policies are good and we want Biden have good policies sure. But the presence of Donald J trump gives lie to the argument that progressives need a If you don't vote to get Donald Trump out of office you are into progressive. You are opposed to progress I'm not making a political judgment I'm making a moral judgment anyone who has a chance to vote out donald trump and doesn't take that chance should not be a person whose opinion I value or you value that person should not be courted should not be sweet talked should not be placated should not be spoken of as a force for anything other than the perpetuation of a horror show I am not actually insulting progressives because I don't really think there are any progressives out there who are in the category of, I'm not going to vote against trump unless I get my Elizabeth Warren. But if there are they're bad people and no party should be eager to have them in their fold. If you can govern without those types as part of your coalition, you're better off again I think the presence of these types of people is largely mythological. I think that again, country of three hundred, something million, there's definitely eleven people out there who are Warren for vp or bust absolutely and I think they're angry Chapo trappists out there but I'm not talking about them. I am talking about people who need a progressive to get sufficiently excited to vote for Joe Biden even considering the fact that Joe Biden is running against Donald Trump. Again. I think there might not be such a person. But. I do know that if there is that person is not worthy of our good graces. On the show today, I should feel about a certain back to school sentiment reading writing and wretched Animus for the legitimate concerns of teachers. But I Jesse Eisenberg has a new audible original series out audible originals genre. That's ripe for exploring it for tweaking. So Jesse was offered the opportunity. He recognized the fact that there are really no rules requirements or traditions going on here. So what he did was he created three characters and they narrate three. Monologues though there's actually no breaking of the fourth wall or I don't know fifth sound wave whatever the audible equivalent is the characters are related, but they are spread out over time we meet them at different times, not only their lives but of ours. So one character speculates about another motivation and then we actually get you hear what form that other characters personality. A father frets about a son we get to see the results of that worry. When you finish saving the world is the name of the series. It Stars Book smarts, Caitlyn, deavere stranger, things Fin Wolford and the Gist Jesse Eisenberg. I'd the just because you're is right now on the The following message is brought to you by Samuel Apps so many industries are being devastated by the covid nineteen closures but perhaps. Quite as severely as the restaurant industry, this includes bartenders, servers kitchen staff who don't have the opportunity to work from home. Thankfully Sam Adams along with you nonprofit Greg Hill Foundation have created the restaurant strong fund to support these restaurant workers who are so important to the social fabric of our lives. Sam Adams has launched this fun to support these workers and kick started fundraising efforts across the country but they need your help. The restaurant community is struggling and you can help them by donating to the restaurant strong fund at Samuel. Adams dot com Sam Adams got its start thirty five years ago in bars and restaurants. The ones that took a chance on revolutionary beer from serving beers to celebrating life. Sam Adams has supported the restaurant industry for all that time. The restaurant strong fund is Sam Adams way of saying thanks and that they stand with restaurant workers during this unprecedented time. To donate to the restaurants strong fund in support of these restaurant industry workers who need your help please visit www dot samuel adams dot com, and you can donate their the Boston beer company Boston Massachusetts Savor the flavor responsibly. Jesse Eisenberg's new project is called when you finish saving the world it is a three part audible original series and it's really quite excellent. It takes three characters who are interrelated from three perspectives and I don't even know how much to give away but Jesse's here and I'm just going to push them and make them. Crack Him and make him give up his secrets Hello Jessie. Thanks for coming back on thanks I promised I wouldn't cry but we'll see what happens. So the first chapter and I have to say it's not often that you experience a work of art. Shall we say and have no idea even what the genre is and I benefited from that because I did not know what time plays this would take in what form this would take I just knew that I would be listening to it and as it revealed itself to me I, found it thrilling and creative and shocking and one aspect. Of My reflecting on, it is just to Bemoan the fact that given how much we have to promote things and what gets people into you know the theater or watching something on Netflix. You always just necessarily have to lose that surprise of, hey this is what the genre is going to be, and these are some twists that it's going to take that. You have that you had no chance of knowing about I don't know I guess my. Question is when you wrote this thing, how much did you think would be revealed to the audience before they began experiencing it? Yeah. I mean you hit it on the head and your experience of listening to it and not knowing what to expect to not knowing even how to kind of absorb the this medium was the exact same experience I had writing like I had no idea how long it could be it felt like maybe there should. Be like a thirty second monologue and it would be cute and then I just kept writing and just kind of hoped that I was writing that it was good. But there was no kind of Canon to compare this to. There's no you know you'd never I didn't take a you know an audio literature class in college or anything. So yeah, there was no I didn't have anything to compare it to, but I just kind of assumed that Had some plot propulsion. And some humor. I don't know it sustain in this very strange format. Right. Right. So it did have plot propulsion but. I thought that the joy was not in asking what comes next but really trying to listen to three different characters who are interrelated and figure out. Maybe came I. You know what their motivations and what drove them, and there was a joy as the listener for you to do that mental math yourself. Yeah. Exactly. I mean I love I love stories that are told from different characters perspectives that are all interrelated because you get kind of like in a macro way you get the feeling that. There's here when villain and that stories are complicated, and then this you kind of because it takes place in. Three different eras each character separated by fifteen years you get a sense of how a character may have developed over the course of you know thirty years and why they would behave the way they do based on what we learn from the other characters. Again because there's no precedent for this medium or there are precedents, but they're all on audible and six months old. Yeah. I kind of just was hoping that if there's kind of enough interplay and if it feels like the characters are kind of full on their own and have enough of their own storyline, then wouldn't get wouldn't get boring with each character. Yeah. So I will. Let, let us reveal this much to the audience. There are three characters. So first, we meet a guy named Nathan cats and he's doing therapy into cell phone and I guess sending the files to a therapist, the two, thousand seventeen, and the issue is he's not bonding with his baby. Okay. Here. Okay you told me to spend a few minutes recording my feelings into my phone and email the audio file to you this way I can practice articulating my feelings and give you some insight into my thoughts. But. But what if I don't have any feelings? Let me think. Yeah I don't have any. I can't think of any feelings right now. It was Rachel's idea to go see therapist. Anyway she doesn't even have a problem with me. We've never gone to couples therapy or whatever, and we don't even really fight that much. She just thinks that I don't connect to the baby which seems like a totally normal thing to not connect to i. mean it'd be a one way relationship. The baby doesn't connect to me either. When that session was over when that hour and a half was over I went on a little bit of journey I I enjoyed spending some time with this character for some reason, he reminded me of you and some characters you've played in the past and I literally said to myself and knew two things about this. I knew you're in it the. Actor Fin Wolf Heart was in it in the actress Caitlin deavere was in it and it was over I said to myself where the hell with the other two characters. Then chapter two comes on and Finn plays the son who was not bonded to for about an hour and a half essentially doing version of therapy, and then after that I still said. Where's Caitlyn deavere part? What can it be and it starts off and it's the mom or the wife of the character you play but it's fifteen years in the past. It's two thousand and two, and my mind was kind of just blown by the structure. How'd you decide on that framing? Well when I was getting to the end of my section where the character can't connect to this child I kind of. Started imagining what the child would be at fifteen years old and I guess because I'm a new parent and was writing it when I was a new parent. I was starting to think about what my son would be like at fifteen and how that would kind of like maybe relieve some of the kind of guilt I have for screwing things up now because you know he'd be his own person. and His behavior would be less a reflection of my flaws and more a reflection of like so many other effects of society and even more importantly the wonderful effect that my wife will have on him because he's just a a better person and so I kind of started picturing that from the characters perspective and then I started picturing his perspective would be like growing up with a dad who maybe doesn't. Express themselves emotionally well and growing up at the mother who is. A. Militant activists for. Issues around social justice and domestic violence, and so I tried to kind of put myself in that voice perspective and I realized I kind of written myself into a corner because I had set mike characters storyline in two thousand seventeen and I realized I had to set it in the future and luckily. You know at the time people were talking about the future people were talking andry was running for president and talking about what the job market's GonNa look like in a in a decade and people were talking about emerging technologies. I was reading about all socialization might change in the future and so I thought actually be really interesting. To, discuss the world from this kid's perspective. As a kid who's like a capitalist with activist parents in a future where there are not as many jobs and started writing from that kids perspective and then I realized I had a third member of this family and I have to address her story in some way and you know I thought it would be interesting I've been living in Indiana on and off for the last five years and the kind of culture war has a different face here. In Indiana you know in New York where we also live there's a real feeling of homogeneity. Any kind of argument you make will be. Following will fall on agreeable ears but. In the Mid West you have a I, don't know I find myself talking about things more carefully here wondering who's listening how expressive I can be about my. The Red Diaper I I grew up. In and so I was trying to think of how can I address the Culture War I didn't want to move fifteen years in the future but I thought if moved thirty years in the past two, thousand two, I can kind of address what might be happening on the liberal campus before the invasion of Iraq and how you know probably a lot of people here had family overseas in vulnerable places about to be deployed, and yet if you're a liberal campus where I live here in Bloomington Indiana i. Think there'd be a real local feeling of antiwar activism and so when I placed this young woman who know grows into a kind of strict activists I thought we were going to be interesting to see her intellectual and spiritual awakening occur as a freshman on a liberal campus with a boyfriend who stationed in Pakistan, about to be deployed at any minute to Afghanistan, and so she's putting this untenable place of being on an antiwar campus and get her. The love of her life is is about to join. So. Much of the first monologue play by the one that your character plays how much of that was written before you started writing the other ones one hundred percent I wrote the whole thing in the order in which it's intended to be listen to, which is good because you can drop hints in ways that are sly if it's in chronological order than you can certainly drop hints, but it's more of a logical expression of the hint. It because the future things did not happen yet, but I thought it's more fun to write and probably more fun to listen to if there are certain things that you know have happened in the past and you're seeing their effect but you didn't you don't know kind of what the the the momentary immediacy and the feeling of the kind of visceral response to those things. Like. So for example, early on, we find out that Rachel the wife. Mother of the boy. That she had a boyfriend who has passed away and we don't know why the when we finally get to her story and you hear that her boyfriend is deployed, it gives you kind of an eerie feeling because you know probably what's going to happen but on the other hand she's experiencing the immediacy of this romantic relationship in a way that say I would take convinces. The listener that this is a real and beautiful and sustainable relationship. So did you have the idea for how the boyfriend would die when you were writing the first chapter which references the death but I, gotta say listener didn't really dwell on the matter I said I just I guess said to myself I don't know car accident maybe cancer did you have it? All applauded? No. No. In fact that the only thing I kind of the the only thing I kind of like really reworked a bit. Like we've that boyfriends fate as. into the other stories but. Rachel I kind of just. Conceive that she is a character experience such a great trauma that she just doesn't talk about it a lot which which seems logical enough and also serves story point two so that it's not revealed to early right and a wooden box. So was the wooden box in all three episodes the whole time no. So I did like a ton of research on the military because I know so little about you know military grew up in. New. Jersey I knew no one who was in the military the only thing you know when when the war was even conceived of in Iraq, we were marching you know in major cities and so my military service was drawing on poster boards. and. Driving to DC so I started doing a lot of research. It's really easy to research on. The you know the military if in. INDIANA. There's so many I have so many friends here who who joined her their friends joined and so. I started I found I was looking for like a base know literally to set the story and I found the space called K. two and who's Becca Stan which think has recently, I think as recently as. After I wrote it but like like within the last few months has been outed as. Having had nuclear material that is now infecting the people were stationed there but. Somebody told me all their war stories and how they got this wooden box from a town nearby the base Andrews Becca Stan, and so I started reading all these stories in has just fascinating especially as somebody who grew up on the east coast I don't know how you feel or if you were aware of stuff like that but I was just totally unaware of what was happening in. The military. Yeah. It's. It's always a revelation that it's such a reality for so many of our countrymen and I did a little teaching on a base in South Korea and that would just so eye-opening that this was just the definition of reality and not at all unusual that it's reality for some people in so far different from reality than myself. Yes. was that that was before before the. The Iraq war right. Yeah. Right okay. So have you met? So Finn, what's the name? Fin Wolf hard. Did you meet Finn Did you meet? CAITLYN DIVA WHO Voices Rachel? Yes. So it's a it's a really strange process. So this is obviously basically three long monologues essentially. So you know the characters are interacting with each other I've done. Animation movies where the characters are interacting with each other, but still the actors don't meet. So with this because I was also like directing it, I met with flu Vancouver to record him and then with Caitlin deavere. I met her and a day later, the world entirely shut down. So we ended up I met for coffee just to talk about it. Then a day later, the world kind of a when unlocked down and we sent her a microphone and she went into her closet and recorded it. So. But it's that. For this kind of thing, it really doesn't. It doesn't matter. You don't have to be in the same room. Yeah. Except you might want to say to yourself God I got to act with Caitlin diva in the future she's fantastic she's unbelievable and I turned this. You know this audible book into a movie and Her character in the book is being played by Julianne Moore 'cause Spring played by at at fifty. and. So there's no part for Caitlin and the thing I lament the most because she's just absolutely brilliant. Tomorrow, we will continue this Jesse Eisenberg's personal connection to the material to fatherhood and to his wife's lack of any real interest in the movies. Going to say that you listen to podcasts. Don't you? Yes. I know that about you so many podcasts that you always wanted to listen to our on luminary my personal favorite. Facts fiasco original host of slow-burn takes his magic to fiasco on luminary APP, I actually downloaded the luminary. APP. It works very well tells me quite efficiently. PODCAST, already luminary only podcast all the podcasts in the world. One new podcast luminary is doing. This year is called murder on the towpath. It is a true crime miniseries is hosted by Soledad O'Brien. It's about the hundred sixty, four murder of Mary pincher Meyer. Georgetown it was one of these trial of the centuries and it became something of a time capsule of all the racial tension scandal and distrust of the nineteen sixties. It is an unresolved case. Listen to murder on the towpath only on luminary. Go to luminary dot link, slash towpath, and get a seven day free trial of luminaries original podcasts that's luminary dot link slash towpath cancel anytime terms apply. And now the Spiel with schools reopening throughout the country parents, administrators, teachers, and students are gingerly attempting the balancing act between education contagion. There's so much uncertainty so much nervousness. Dread. The ground is not solid. The virus is not contained in education plans are not tested. There is however one source of certainty. The source is neither pedagogical or epidemiological, but polemical certain writers are sure that teachers are trying to get one over in the Washington Post former George W Bush speechwriter mark. A thesis has a column headline schools aren't that risky and teachers are essential workers. We must reopen which schools aren't that risky. University of Texas researchers point out that Miami Fort Lauderdale Nashville in Las Vegas big cities. If you have a school of five hundred people, you can expect five students or staff to show up infected with corona virus. Three could be twelve school of a thousand the numbers double. The New York Times has a chart look the area you live if you live in Los Angeles, you could expect eight infected kids Polk County, Florida Thirteen Houston ten I'd say that's risky. Let's go to the second part of the headline about teachers being essential workers. Now, this is the crux of the argument. This is what the you must go back to school crowd is hinging its argument on pretty much the word essential and the guilt associated with that word. Thesis and rights at the height of the pandemic millions of grocery clerks, factory workers, food processors, truck drivers, railroad workers, mass transit workers, sanitation workers, utility workers, police officers, and firefighters continued to show up for work because it was essential that they do. So our teachers less central than professions. I have an answer they are. In the pandemic. There's a definition of essential and that definition is what we need right now to keep the society functioning, I can prove that teachers were essential because we did schooling without them, and here we are today. There couldn't be a similar pausing trucking there couldn't be a similar pause in the utilities we get because we need uninterrupted utilities each day or else society would collapse. So we went to online learning and it was worse than in person learning but it was also an alternative in a way that factories and mass transit have no virtual alternative and you know what in New York City as of last month one, hundred, twenty, six, Mta, workers died. So maybe some more care should have been given to the safety of say bus drivers, right An online virtual truck driver, not a truck driver. What do you call an online teacher? You call that person a teacher maybe not the best teacher that teacher can be but a teacher getting by and not causing anyone to die the use of essential worker as a Braggart Challenger accusation is what is driving so much of this unfair unsound unsafe argument the. New York Post editorial board ever the antagonised of Unions Rights United Federation of Teachers Chief Mike mcgrew was apparently decided that his members are essential workers after all he doesn't want them going back to work this fall without impossible safety guidelines that makes teachers a lot less necessary than all the cops, firefighters, sanitation workers, and others who kept showing up through the lockdowns. Well Brave New York Post riders were certainly going into their offices to right there op eds and squeezes through hallways crowded with six to ten year olds I'm sure that's the dynamic. Might I suggest that teachers and firefighters police have job requirements that differ and physical health is in fact a requirement to do the job if you're a firefighter policeman, there is literally a physical fitness test to. Get The job and physical fitness requirements. Stay on the job many teachers on the other hand or Mya compromised in ways police aren't allowed to be if they continue working the near post continues that Mogo is the T. head is promising a court fight to keep his members from having the show up. He says three thousand teachers have already filed for medical exemptions for the fall with many. More expected in all, he insists a minimum of sixty percent of instruction will be done remotely again. That's all about teachers preferences. Thoughts Ends The New York Post section of my quoting except how is that at teachers preference? They talked about three thousand teachers filing for medical exemptions. That's not a high number. The in this city has seventy, five, thousand teachers, nineteen thousand classroom professionals plus all the. Thousands of secretaries, counselors, psychologists, social workers. Three thousand is pretty small even if it goes up triples or quadruples, it's in line with the prevalence of dangerous medical conditions in the overall population, and it's supposed to self quotes is saying that a large portion will go on in class. So what if two thirds done remotely that is the plan not to have all the kids in class at once. The Post is literally just hand waving way in inaugural threat to the lives of New York teachers. They're calling it a preference and they're using the word essential to shame and bully the legitimately vulnerable. There's viciousness to that of viciousness echoed in another Murdoch, own publication. The Wall Street Journal which ran op Ed titled School Opening Extortion Teachers Unions are using Kovic. Political weapon no covert nineteen isn't a political weapon. It's a biological one. That's what you called it. When settlers threw infected blankets into populations with no defenses, it's not different to throw defenseless teachers into populations Schorr to be infected shame on the Wall Street Journal for writing quote for most Americans to Corona virus is a scourge teacher's Union seem to think it's also an opportunity to squeeze more money from taxpayers and put their private and public charter school competition out of business. That's the only way to read the extraordinary effort by national and local union leaders to keep their members from returning to classrooms. Well, it's the only way to read it if you didn't have a good teacher. Adherence of this argument must not have had one because they're ignoring that charter schools and private school teachers are also extremely hesitant to return to unsafe conditions. They just lack the political agency in the form of collective bargaining units to say so the essential workers who bravely did their duty in Amazon service centers and trucking hubs and grocery checkout lines were in fact to central. Yes. Yes they were. They were brave they were. Also, not able to agitate for better conditions without losing their jobs. It is sad Puerto Rico on tragic that they couldn't in many cases and it's not an incomprehensible sense of gleed that makes people want to not die on the jobs. By the way it's a benefit to the Wall Street Journal Writers and the Wall Street Journal readers if schools don't become hotspots like so many of those essential factories and essential meatpacking plants became. The Atlantic ran a similar article, but with a different bent, it attacked teachers as shirkers but this one was written by the wife of teacher who herself is also a nurse headline. I'm a nurse in New York teachers should do their jobs just like I did schools are essential to the functioning of our society, and that makes teachers a central workers. Because she is a nurse and not say a professor of logic. Let me point out the flaw. Their schools are essential. They are teachers are essential they are. But teachers have to be an essential schools to teach. Well, that is not essential. That is what teachers are arguing. That's why teachers should be accommodated this author Kristen McConnell. Also seems antipathy towards sound reasoning in all forms as this sentence indicates instead of taking the summer to hone arguments against returning to the classroom administrators and teachers should be thinking about how they can best support children and their families through turbulent time Just like you can both teach and not be in school you can also both think about supporting students and simultaneously make the case that the best way to do so is to not force them into a school environment during a pandemic and not force yourself into one either. Rather than honing arguments I, like that part instead of taking the summer to hone their arguments, they should just got down to the task of teaching like instead of holding arguments about why Pickett's charge was bad idea maybe the confederate soldiers. How to run up a hill artillery fire, tear them to pieces rather than spending all your time honing arguments about the housing market that was a bubble in two, thousand six maybe you should have been spending your time flipping a lot more houses maybe kristen McConnell is very anti honing. And not just the honing, but also the tuning. So writing about teachers who are threatening safety strikes, she says quote, these threats run counter to the fact that by and large school districts are already fine tuning social distancing measures and mandating mask wearing fine tuning. Maybe she didn't read that Washington Post diary of an Arizona Superintendent which was titled. I'm sorry but it's a fantasy about opening schools where he wrote. We still haven't received our order of plexiglas barriers. So we're cutting shower curtains and trying to make do with that. Yep. They're fine tuning. They're just crossing the T.'s and gouging out there is overall. The entire essay in the Atlantic is an exercise in psychological displacement with the author goes through a harrowing experience and he's now eager to have her husband and those of his profession to do the same, and we should also point out that it's not just teachers who would be in danger. Of course, the students would give it to the teachers, the teachers and the students would give it to each other. The students would infect their parents and then maybe everyone shows up in your hospital again. She writes the military language people use when discussing covid nineteen in the spring seem totally appropriate and in a way that mentality got me through the peak. This was a war and I was a soldier. It wasn't my choice to serve but it was my duty at skills and knowledge that were needed. She goes on I was terrified when I started taking care of Covid one, thousand, nine, hundred patients before my first cove nineteen shift I panic attacks that made me we's and I walked onto the unit my first day in tears. Well, my God, wouldn't it have been great. If you could have treated those patients from afar with them getting most of the benefit of the medicine you provided. Also in this scenario, if your service wasn't a matter of life and death or rather if it was only a matter of life and death if patients entered the hospital. That would be the proper analogy that the threat was only if the patients left their home and entered the hospital and also if the patient stayed home society would be much safer overall. This argument by analogy is so far off in its particulars it's worthless as anything other than a piece of psychology and to broaden it out in case, Kristen McConnell stands for a whole maybe a piece of future anthropology. It's displaced rage directed at teachers one of whom is right there in your house. So to nurse McConnell I would say, even if you want your husband tough it out. I think the better strategy would be for his bosses and his boss's boss's do not tough it out but to think it through. This way not just teachers but everyone in the school ecosystem won't tempt a second wave thus thrusting you back into the horror that you found. So formative, but also it would seem that was a little bit warping. and. That's it. For today show Daniels freighter produces the just he thinks the jettison contained six year twelve, hundred structure that is leading up one day to the big reveal Maher Kelly just producer guesses that reveal actually occurred somewhere in season three or four careful listener would know this was all just dream within a dream portion which Montgomery is the executive producer of sleep podcasts. She will be delivering the third monologue in this triptych, which she revealed that she's not getting this whole obsession with peruse. The gist are plexiglass order didn't come in. So we're going to have to mind the boards this particular ice rink with good intentions. Let's be honest. We would never do that to NHL players because we are not horrible people. Joint, into, professional. Heard that Perdue Peru and thanks for listening.

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Chapter One: 301 - Suzie, Do You Copy?

Dungeons and Demogorgons - A Stranger Things Podcast

29:17 min | 2 years ago

Chapter One: 301 - Suzie, Do You Copy?

"Welcome to judge demagogue and see officially unofficial podcast stranger things on netflix i'm jim you're on an where here today after just watching three episodes one a brand new season of stranger things brand new stranger things a time excited i thought this first episode is really good for the most part what'd you think stranger things coming fast a blow the lid off the russian operation in the cold open a we get a i i mean i figured the billy would be just from what we saw the trailers he'd be nab the compromise pretty early on in the season but like you know you got the is that the barb slot when you get nabbed at the end of the first episode is that in a second for her is pretty early on i don't remember exactly we have ability got barb he yeah so bad i think so and bob like they're they're it's it's a bad town the have it'd be be starting on thursday i mean i've ever been in a but i i liked it i mean it did come out as quick a but they also other than essentially the teaser an er they do the cold open in the stinger ability getting the ducted the vast majority is about the interpersonal relationships and just what's going on in the town yeah i guess i'm surprised they took us through a tour of the town sort of right away a tour of all the characters like catch up okay where is every single character you liked and cared about in the first two seasons ago we were gonna go back and were gonna say this is where they are now yeah and i mean it was affective it's a good way to start the season but i liked i liked it i liked that 'em i i like what they're doing with hopper and the kids i like what they're doing hopper enjoys so that feels very a natural 'em i like the kind of the tensions are 'cause i'm a little worried that maybe the the kind of fault lines in the friend group they wouldn't be able to handle choir right but obviously everybody but this this this feels incredibly realistic moderate a from like just just yeah i mean we will talk more no actual review a itself but a yeah also pleased to see the bob looms pretty large still he does he's still got his a superhero picture on the fridge reminds me very much larger through most of the episode yeah they're reminds me of like very much of like tony stark and the new spiderman it's like he's gone but you're always gonna be reminded of because that'd be a picture of the a billboard joyce's gonna sta turned out hopper in favor of a stroll down memory lane date night with bob it's it's all very sweet and it i like it and he's a great character and i'm glad that we just didn't no matter here yeah and they they bringing back like you said that that sort of reminiscing date night thing a is interesting 'cause it's clearly new footage so like they brought a sean afternoon back for that stuff right a the film a little bit more which i think is cool you know and you're very easily could have just sort of said well bob is gone forever a thanks sean service more roller clip of them being together last year right right get that checked john i like it a so i wanna talk i like just about everything about this everything is like all the relationships are so cute like steve trying to do his thing and flirt with the stupid had the stupid although it doesn't seem to be the hat prominent by yeah like is is dustin rubbing off on him or these rubbing off on dustin well i feel like there's there's some pathetic nist steve now where he he sort of it was big king shit in high school and he doesn't have any future plans and i think that's getting to him like he's not going in college right you're saying oh and taking a year off to get experience plus this whole character he was such a fucking shallow asshole in the first season that i think part of what you're on the understand is he kind of like this associated himself from the in crowd high school yeah so like yeah he was king shit maybe as a junior but you gotta like shit the popularity bed and in his senior year by befriending these kids and probably acting weird because of all the shit going on and really yeah and he had bigger things going on you know horton things but he can't tell anybody about them yeah no i think it's like from like a shallow perspective like the fact the the you know it looked like jonathan the school weirdo swooped in and stolas girl like there's a lot of these suffered a lot of a purely surely social setbacks i think it's really interesting in this is so fucking high school is that like it's very ironic that by him becoming a better person he lost the like either easy breezy popularity in yemen a and also now it's like a what is the writing is is what i'm just understand that steve didn't do so hot on his essays the getting 'cause he couldn't even get accepted by the technical college it seems like it would yeah i think except you if you have a pulse andy or a and the money's ryan recor yeah yeah a yeah it seems like once he lost nancy's support in that regard he wasn't completely no he just unable to write this story oh this injury letter in this application letter yeah most places like that the thing is like i'm surprised at all the kids being portrayed is relatively normal because it feels like two years back the back of this shit happening that you like i always looking for like well maybe steve is hitting the skids because you can't sleep at night he's gone through all this drama i think it's kind of i gotta stop thinking is that kind of show the trauma wally manifest itself when the dramatically appropriate like when wheels watching zombie movie the upside down starts knocking on a russian portal then he then deal oh god oh god this is happening again starts happening but yeah i think you might be right steve just being betrayed is like a dumb dumb this little directionless after which i think it's fine like i i think that has that suits his character he's hanging out with dustin more than he is the going parties anymore earlier that kind of thing i i'm all for that the one thing that kinda didn't work for me is the portrayal of hopper at this point i we were talking about this a little bit beforehand and you said well you know he's new father and i think that's true he's been thrust into that but he seems to be playing a man who is completely unsure of himself in every regard now and that was never the hopper that i understood like the hopper i understood with a guy who is very sure of himself a was able to express himself even if he expressed it like in ways that were detrimental to the overall conversation or mental wellbeing of the person you're talking to he's still knew what do you wanna say i knew how to say it in this hopper is very very different and i guess maybe i'm supposed to understand the ensuing year here a or really just like nine months or so i had it has a lot of tim fundamentally the mentally like having this teenage daughter yeah he has no idea how to deal with it i mean to me that feels very realistic to go from zero dad did not deserve davidge zero the teenage doubt of a teenage girl ad before like this is not entirely new to him but the age part is yeah in fact it like i think that would make it even more protective the fact that you've already lost the daughter in i think that he you're seeing a person you're right they old hopper would have have probably beat up mike in my opening night and his own jail a but but like he is trying like he knows he can't physically do anything to el because she's much more powerful than him and you know he feels he feel stupid you know like you can't even threatened kicking the door 'cause she could probably just magically resisted or whatever 'em so he's trying to be better as a dad and he's he's leaning is this a vice from joyce which is good advice but he's very uncomfortable doing it this is not i do think it's a little bit far far like there's though the one point where he's like hugging a pillow embed yeah like or the way he's talking to the joyce is like a pinot and i don't i i yeah i think he just he's this is like he's trying on new suit the doesn't fit very well he knows he's like a i gotta do it because i don't know why you'd have to put on a suit but i you know i wanna be a better dad i know that i can't get my wages by yelling and kicking down doors and with this crazy strong psychic girl so i wanna try it but it's it's different i like i said i it it feels to me like they take it a little bit far for comic affect yeah 'em but then also like he got to a certain point and that's interesting is like mike is a fucking mad man i don't know why when you're sitting across from hell boy trying real hard to have a heart the heart did you start laughing at him and then whispering in his daughters we're year as you're both giggling about house like yeah i it's i i gotta go back and forth about whether it's appropriate to be that scary with kids like i you know i'd never would have a daughter but if i did i don't wanna be the get the the dad like greets dates polish polish and my fucking shotgun and you know i yeah but my was like what do you do win win even attempt to discuss boundaries you have this little shit undermining you like that's the thing so so i really hated bike last season because mike was the spoils sport of everything yeah like he got into the halloween costumes and he just shit on everything yeah 'cause i was gone you know he was sad and i get it like that's that's a perfectly valid way to tell that story i just didn't like mike in this season i think i have same potential not like mike but for very different reasons because now he's back with l i think that it's giving him license to just be however much of an asshole he wants to be because he has the protection about like ooh hoffer can't do anything to this kid because l could fuck him up oh i never even got the fact he just doesn't have any fear of an because i think he has no fear of anybody now the he's withheld interesting because i think most of the stuff he's doing with his friends you dismisses just him being you know horny kid and oh yeah yeah kissing and all that stuff where the irony of the he's poking the literal berry here yeah interesting yeah big old magnum p i must stashed yeah that would you think of that scene where he's sitting there in his lazy boy watching magnify with the clearly inspired mustache yeah yeah no i saw the mega stuff is really fun it's so cool that like a couple of years ago some commission is the watch magnum pi right because like it got me a little bit you know into like understand what the character's about in in in just is exactly the kind of show hopper would be into yeah like i think hopper closes mine and say oh man i could retired hawaii right now get myself a ferrari on that hawkin salary i don't know that's the thing that if he didn't he just how he went about rolling out there yeah yeah i could see like that would just be like fucking chicken super his his hell boy soul yeah a but he is is really funny is really funny there is a lot of like a i forgot how much of a massive likeness daljit doping mean hit this thing is like seeing like the the scene where 'em a dusting gets home andy he they're you know they're they're having all these toys bond parade doing this whole thing like recognizing all those toys where my childhood especially like the remote control dinosaur defied defense out of his mouth i remember when i think of all but my cousin had one on fucking jealous of it nice 'em yeah i just enders you know we we already got the new the new coke has been established 'em like why is sitting these seeing these kids watch that sit down and watch a movie the had the exact same leg future attraction type trailer stuff in the music is just like this waves of eighties and south you're watching over i loved it yeah so i speaking of nostalgia nineteen eighty five a show eight poster of back to the future in the movie theater 'cause it's about open i think it opens in like four days from now a an obviously like crispin glover is in that movie right he's also in a movie called wilfred i think his name rat yeah where he has like it's a psychic a control over a bunch of rats unease to wreak havoc on his enemies right i i will be a little disappointed if crispin glover doesn't show up in this season of a disappointment in that but that that lady but they're making that connection right like with back to the future they there's hinting at the back the future stuff they're not going fullon oh well this is the biggest thing in nineteen eighty five lean into it i could see it happening a i wanna talk a little bit of oh let's talk about some other relationships stuff before we move on i think from the kid because i feel like we've covered them pretty well 'em i do wanna say that i thought they did a very great job of hiding how much the kids aged yeah yeah because it like real time it's been almost two like like just almost two years of their physical development it's only been a year and you know you're between twelve and fourteen a lot of changes that we saw that with brand start a an you know it's like one one season he's a child the next these like who is this gangly dude hanging off the back of haute or less a i wonder if it's like because the kids kids are often segregated to themselves it's like hey you know what will just make them up kids and will put a bunch of aggie closed on him and his we will make sure that no adult standing next to them and then no one will know that like a wolf heart is now like six foot seven a there's a couple voice where like she comes global up and he's got these like fucking gives out long legs and i'm like oh god he's he's he's he's a lot older but i thought some of the anytime i see these kids out doing publicity i think jesus christ these guys were like seventeen eighteen years old now but they're able to kind of de aging my thought that's pretty cool what do we do close i mean i think the oldest one of them is like fifteen now so there i know i know their ages they're playing are and they're they're spacing it out there like thirteen going on fourteen or fourteen the kids in show are yeah yes it's the kids in real life i think the oldest is like fifteen okay 'em what did you think about mrs wheeler i i mean i i like her new bathing suit i like much like billy a i love this scene so i think this is played perfectly because the scene okay so there's a scene obviously like the the phoebe cates i make a case referencing the episode right a ridge of high kind of thing 'em come out two years earlier i think yeah there's there's a couple of years ago but it's still relevant right on pop culture but like that scene is one thing and we saw that in the trailers but then the scene where they actually like get together and talk and flirt a and billy tries to seducer going this a motel six swimming pool to practice the lessons and i think that is played so perfectly 'em because billy goes too far with that at one point he conceded miss wheeler wheeler turning on him it's like i just hey will you allow you yeah yeah yeah yeah and i feel like he you know he should have backed off he should just let the flirting says he's get again whereas mill seducer jim jones yeah yeah i know how this is done he's gonna see her again let it simmer oh yeah all summer yeah all summer heat these things up billy yeah but but it felt so natural they felt like a guy who was like very confident sure of himself able to seduce this woman but maybe a little too eager yeah yeah i think that's the other thing is like why is he too eager because like i feel like why is he on mrs we'll let me just wants to work his way through all the moms of hawkins like they're clearly lined up for it a i think he would have no problem with girls his own age like it they they i feel like they're in i don't know how much of a moot point says his nashville seems like he's gonna be possessed with the dark side from now on but like it's almost like they seem like they he is got a little bit of a thing for her mhm like it's not just like oh i wanna have sex on old it's like there there there's some kind of connection there because just i i don't know maybe in a print been ingrained in himself and his trans am on the way to go meter was more just like looking forward to the conquest but i i dunno seemed like he was pretty excited about it but like i said now he's he's possess a dance of who cares yeah how much opportunity when we have to explore that it's so weird i mean i don't know what they're gonna do with it because they had this nice arc where mrs wheeler is going to do and then she got and then she's like okay maybe and then you're getting all dolled up and everything and she goes down and husbands snoring and you think oh it's gonna be this 'cause we we we got this guy yeah this sucker walk out the door on this guy is this but this bucket of of yogurt a any stored on the couch but then they paint over and it turns out he's also cradling her little girl i haven't yet a how how how you how you gonna do that so i don't think she's going to know but at least not yet yeah but so now is they're gonna be so are they gonna milk comedy or horror out of the fact that she is gonna try this is what villier continued for billy will i don't know that even look like it's hard as an audience member see the comedy in it win a potentially he's part of the mindful upside down in the scene from the trailer where he's like trying to wash it off it's like in a shot seems like he's still billy oh so i even episode her to yeah maybe he's just hiding is like of his injury or whatever you sustain this attack in one but but the thing is i would tell people that happened to you like if something is drug you into a shack like when you go to the police wouldn't like i i'm a i'm trying to think of as billy stagger out of this facility and just like you know like a mark on his armor whatever it'd be like oh okay yeah lifeguard and that is a weird thing about will last season right willis kind of this hybrid of the mind slayer in himself and you never quite fight new win he was willing when he was the mind flare there were the weird man they could do something similar with billy what's more it's like okay so why did the kids never go to these adults in season one because they're afraid l is gonna be taken back to the laboratory in laboratory bad people looks very okay why the adults in the children not go to authorities in season two because they saw this is a top secret government silty that they were actually killing people that knew about it so there's actual fear i think hawkins lab has been shut down and let the government just about all this stuff also believe is known about any of this shit yeah so why would billy not like seek medical attention file a criminal like like like a busy he is afraid of people i dunno i was thinking movies when like someone sees the monster and like they're afraid to say i just saw fucking monster a yeah i guess if you were like already kind of looked at as a sort of loon town right but he's not saying yeah yeah lucky people like dustin her one of the nerdy kid yeah yeah i but he's like the you know the the user stupid on through scientific term alpha male an i think he's urban maybe that's the problem he doesn't wanna feel like he is vulnerable or something he's a he's a jet nelson in ferris buehler's day off in the police station a that they know it was a fuck i can't think of yeah i think his name but yeah charlie sheen yeah yeah it he's charlie sheen in the police station in ferris buehler's day off where he's like you know the guy the nobody's gonna believe the guy just an asshole right like you saw a monster a share whatever dude there'll be a burn out the a i dunno an end mice later control could also explain the other thing is like from the trailers i thought they were maybe going to make billy have a face turned the season because like okay well maybe gets affected by upside down humbles him a little bit he kind of looks really cool and collected at this i thought but but what they did is in the trails their move him column that kid harass a which i'm just thinking like yeah no you're fucking died in the wool asshole and how also like no and challenge to the summer of nineteen eighty five it's i don't wanna be called w w w a right it it felt it felt completely be accurate the time period yeah like nobody would deny they are sharing would be like a and then and then oh my god that scene if we're talking about things the issue are offensive by today's standards has seen in the newspaper birds office a or they're just essentially shitting all over nancy while also thing it's it's it's so that stuff's kind of in your face but really how they did jonathan jonathan a nice guy he's trying to be like hey you know relaxed and she's like no no there's a there's i know you can't see it but there's a thing called institutional sexism and i'm on the side of it and you're on that side of it and you know me scrapping the get ahead doesn't look anything like you scrapping the get ahead in like you know she's she's sit there and i liked introduction a early on to a a j p c m i definitely get like the kind of fletch vibes and this whole thing 'em you know which she has his eyes solid idea of like oh we need a story stories like oh what about the death of small town america and he just like fucking shit sonnet and then turns it into her fucking up his catch up on a sandwich or whatever a a boss nancy it's weird i don't understand exactly what's going on nancy in jonathan's relationship in in the public like it's clearly an open secret with at least joyce in jonathan knows this but nancy climbs out the window to kind of sneak out of his bedroom in the morning even though the secret is out and so are are they just trying to pretend is nancy like to proper to yeah i think it's like one to one relationship out there even though it already is yeah i think like will enjoy definitely know what's going on which is why they have but like nancy jonathan don't know did they know you know this because joyce comments on on nancy yeah in that scene like nancy goes out the window jonathan goes to the kitchen enjoy says hey something about see is that just because the third girlfriend day like mid this you know like meet together work together questions i i saw it again because i definitely know that will enhance enjoys none of that conversation about it yes but like i don't know the jonathan knows i think joyce's right now because you know there are there right there at all yeah yeah so no less you wanna be the type of parents get thrown fucking place before we have sex on her house them right plus i feel like joyce there's a little bit ahead of the curb they've always portrayed her as being injured z to like fucking regiment lee controller children also she tells hopper like that doesn't work yeah i like teenagers they're made to ribeira order them not to fuck each other and they're gonna say well fuck you she read all the books they came out in the seventies and eighties and says trying to trying to put it in practice yeah a speaking of a large pass hopper a i was kind of support therefore they put a pat on him is certainly seemed like it seems like he's punchy and i thought you know 'cause we we know that he guy in light pretty jacked shape the play hell boy in an they even had the kind of like a a layoff doughnuts last year it's kind of like they knew that was gonna happen i was really shocked the same come back and he's looks pretty punch elite looks a lot like classic hopper mhm so are they patting him out because they think his consciousness central part of his character is he i can only imagine you do that in order to reverse it later kids yeah when we had the lifetime jump backwards and see what the russians were doing i thought maybe a some of this stuff we we'd we'd season flashback scene out it's but i don't know like i said he looks pretty paci but i thought i saw some scenes in a trailer where he wasn't so maybe they're inconsistent about making where the pad or maybe he's maybe he's like this is something he's doing physically like like coffin puffing his belly out the looked like hopper and he he forgets to do and he's sitting down and something i it's just weird because i they set this up to explain in universe chris pratt on target wreck and then they they didn't do it though there's one other interesting tidbit that i sort of think glean from this episode have guesses on 'em there's a lot of stuff we we talked about you know bob in his superhero thing on the fridge but we didn't talk about how it falls off the fridge and all these magnets come on the free it yeah why the mind flare have it in further joyce's fruit or maybe bob's memory or i'm not sure bobby's like if it was whereas in for bob i would add those kids yeah those meddling kids but it makes me wonder if there is something some connection between the russian experiment in in the polls because like dustin or or something they've had a rough rough rough time of the now the police the north and south pole mentions it yeah we see magnets falling off the fridge when the mind players around around the russians were doing some crazy shit a it almost makes me wonder if there isn't some sort of magnetic a poll reversal thing happening here a i don't know what to make of it but it was something i noticed some some kind of three lines on yeah you're idea about the disease raptors pretty right onto you you you were wrong about the my eating the remains a dummy dummy down organs dog's but you are right in that there was this big scene of be you know rats all being pied piper by presumably the the honors what is it the amines there yeah dines layer end but but i guess where we got it wrong is that a similar to the free credit sequence glimpse of denton russia that this thing is turning it looks like it's turning people in the rob by law or things on the rob bio matter they're making then reassemble in ways which almost makes me think that it's not like possessing people it just sort of using their bio matter like you said well it's remarkable transformation seen may not be like hey possessed person to the upside down monster it might be more like you know just regular person being turned into the thinking you then turns it to us as a monster in his early anybody like the rats all those rats popping leg orval reading bacher was hosting in that russian being melted yeah the russian oh god those guys worked i don't died pretty hard it seemed like a but yeah i'm i'm interested to see obviously this russia's stuff disconnected we saw the terminator looking guy a i think he's named comrade the force because these russian darth vader users in the choke the people i he has a very darth vader style of leadership finisher noble what actually happened is mikhail gorbachev off choked to death a five or six a nuclear engineers before they should noble so you they had if they had the first first they're the best nuclear physicist working on had been fine but daddy is the seventh best because the one through six couldn't keep the time budgets isn't that weird i always thought that's weird is like obviously this leaders pry the best guy you're choking promote his underlings ling i know that doesn't affect of management darth vader no comrade general it doesn't it doesn't hey you gotta expect mistakes from from time to time especially when you're doing things like i don't know inventing inter dimensional portal technology like it's not like they fucking built the road or even a fucking hydro damn where it's been you know it's like hey we're inventing science branches year fries a i yeah i'm actually wanna get into the next one okay you wanna talk about no i think we're ready for number two a thanks everybody for listening we're gonna be back a very shortly with we got the first three episodes per today also send any feedback to stranger things above blue dot com were not gonna be considering feedback during are are are marathon but after i think the week after next we're gonna have a rabbit podcast where we consider our thoughts about the season we consider feedbacks in that industry angel things above dot com were also 'em we were also i create a show threads and the forms of forms that ball move dot com clustered by the day there were covering swords we got the thread through the first three episodes and extra episode the final episode ready to go for your discussion 'em and yeah we're glad that you're you're here along

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Fall movie preview 2019

Off the Red Carpet with George Pennacchio

33:14 min | 2 years ago

Fall movie preview 2019

"This is off the red carpet with George for Nacchio sponsored by Mercedes Benz. Everyone's words per knock you here and thank you so much for joining us. Where another other edition of off the red carpet so with me? Today is someone. We had to really work with her schedule because she's busy all the time. She watches more movies movies than anyone. I know she had appointments before me. She has another appointment after me but she made it here. It's the movie. Shocker Self Debbie Lynn Elias. Hi Hi Debbie. Hey George I am so excited to be back with you. It's always so fun seeing you but it's even more fun when we get to do something together while we talk a lot off Mike off WanNa talk. It's it's very fun on Mike especially when we're talking about movies that are being released but before we talk about the movies that are going GonNa be released soon. We're going to be going through September October and just a little bit of November. But I want people to know some things about you because I mentioned you see about three movies a day. Hey and we all have our specialties. That do this for a living who we interviewed. Who enjoyed talking to and I find that I love my classic stars? I like my older women. But you have a niche that is unlike most people who do what we do and you somehow discovered. Directors of Photography Editors Writers. And you have all these people that are in your world that come and talk to you all the time and you see movies differently because of that but tell me how that fascination began for you. Well I think you probably know this better than most people. George that fascination began began for me because of my father Hugh started in Philadelphia at Channel. Six and start as a cameraman for American bandstand and and worked his way all the way up a television engineer and stayed with the station for sixty years until he passed. When you grow up a television engineers daughter and and you get gifts of soldering irons? And you're making printed circuit boards when you're twelve years old and you're on sat somewhere. There is a picture of me sitting on on the bandstand set when I was a month. Old so it just kind of gets ingrained and the fact that my dad is the one that I turned me on to films very very first film I saw was Nosrat to nineteen twenty five silent. I was four when he sat down with me. My mother took care of the musicals and the classics such as Cary Grant in Clark Gable And then all the MGM musicals. But my dad was the one that would sit there with war movies season pictures and he go all right. Now look at this. What do you see and I would have to break down frames? Based on lighting light and shadow so initially in black and white when color came into play and that was my early training so it was inevitable I would end up in production and then I was always writing as well. You were doomed. From the time you were Fi I was considering my birth was announced on the air by Dick Dick Clark and by Bill Weber and Philadelphia. I was doomed from the afternoon of my birth. Well I just want people to know that you often consider the stars of movies the people that we often don't see and I think that's lovely because I know these people love talking to you because you give them an outlet to talk about what they are most interested in so if you WanNa know about all things movies connected to Debbie go to behind the Lens online dot net you get trailers you get commentary a lot of extra as you get full interviews. You're going to get a lot of education. I think in the world of movies. And that's what we're going to be talking about today. We're GONNA start with a pretty much. I'm going to say the fall and we're going to start with the movie that opens on September six. It's a sequel. The first one did well. It's a scary movie it's rated R.. It is it chapter to what are you know. Well I've never been a huge fan of Penny wise is and the series. I respect the filmmaking immensely. I'm very intrigued. Because Gary Albumin is the writer and the cast because now it chapter two we have the adult cast all the children that were scared to death when seven years later. That's right so now. Now we've got Jessica chastain. We've got bill Hader. We've got James mcevoy. I Will See Jessica chastain in anything and of course we've got Finn Fin Wolfhard in here fins having. He's having a busy fall season because he's popping up in a couple of other films to and of course we've got bill skarsgard back as pennywise so it's rated R.. I think that's really interesting. Because a lot of times movie goers movie studios no that they can get hit with the PG thirteen horror film an ars a bit of a risk but you have to consider the source material here. The origin of where this story came from. And I I really believe that a film of this ilk a story like this. It works much better as an are you you because you go in believing that you're going to have a lot more thrills chills in scares a perfect example where I think they could have pushed it. Further is the new scary stories stories to tell in the dark. That's produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Andrey orbital. They wanted this to be like an entry into the horror. Yeah world so they wanted it to be right and these were young adult novels so they could have made it a lot scarier they could have but I think the audience against the money. It made show that they're probably very wise. So or let's move ahead of week Neta September thirteenth. We've got the Goldfinch and this is based on a bestseller right. It sure is but of course. I'm very curious to see how this adaptation comes out because the book was over eight hundred pages long and this has been condensed to a little over two hours. Now we're getting more and more used to these lengthy films. Thanks to Tarantino. Thanks thanks to marvel you know. This is becoming commonplace and it used to be commonplace back as go below but you know it used to be commonplace in place back in the golden in the golden age of film back in the thirties forties fifties to our films. Were that was normal. So I'm really curious and this is another one where Finn Wolford is in so you can see him two weeks in a row in the theaters But it's got Nicole Kidman. Sarah Paulson Paulsen. So I'm curious to see what happens. John Crowley is the director and John. Crawley brought us that Beautiful Film Brooklyn a few years ago starring starring sure Chevron and I think Nicole Kidman has a way of picking good material. So I'm GonNa say this is something I I wanna see. I'm curious about the other movie opening the same weekend. That's hustlers with Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu and it's about these Strippers right. It is and of course. It's directed by an incredible female director Lorraine Skafar Area I've spoken with. Lorraine before her film the Medlar which starred Susan Serandon she was all she also brought a seeking a friend for the end of the world. So I'm I'm really interested to see what she does with this one. But I'm more interested on the thirteenth depraved. A Larry fastened in film. Larry is back behind the camera with this. One people are saying who is Larry. Larry Feminine is a horror icon horror icon. All horror fans are no the name immediately and the film. It's it's a twist on Frankenstein so I'm really interested to see this one Has a great cast with Joshua Leonard Who I'll see in anything? Anything Joshua is one of those indie Darling actors within the Blair witch project. Yes he was so a lot of the names we might not know but you probably know their faces races but this is going to be a film that is deals with. PTSD right with the with the medical. Yes okay build the monster. I saw freaks and I'll tell you something freaks up that same day. It's in limited release but this is a movie. That has bruce dern in it and I don't know what it is about Bruce turn but if he utters one word I love what he says and I feel like I I I know what went into creating met one word before it ever comes out of his mouth. He's so nice and brilliant. And what is that. Bruce Dern is having he's always been omnipresent in in in the cinematic world but lately he's in once upon a time in Hollywood. He's in peanut butter butter Falcon now. He's popping he's in everything. I think it's great that he wants to work. And I think that people can see when they write a screenplay screenplay this would be great for Bruce. Yeah knows how to do. And that's what we're hearing from directors is that when they're getting script or from writers. It's like immediately mmediately. The that's who they see in that particular role and he saying yes and we have to remember how far he goes back in this decades. I was talking recently about about him. Being in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Bette Davis and the Livia to Havilland. I mean I think that he and his memory for all of it. Oh Yeah I really need that book and of course he was actually doing stunts for many years. A lot of western stance With a lot of the guys who were my mentors when I first came to to Hollywood so you know it's I love these you talk about how much you love the old film stars. I love them equally. So we're often on the line at yes we are yes we are steeped timber. Twentieth is a day that a lot of women are looking forward to. I think especially because this this is the day. The Downton Abbey becomes a big screen film. And they've been using those promos for a long long time I think if you're a fan of Downton Abbey you will probably probably go to see this movie because you invested many seasons in it and you miss the characters in my right there too. I think you're absolutely right on this. One Michael Angler is directing reading this. The CAST is all back. WHO DOESN'T WANNA see Maggie Smith? I Love I love Maggie Smith Maggie Smith is Hugh Bonneville Imelda Staunton these incredible credible British actor in the show. Dockery keep showing us what she can do this side of that world. Yes we could look at her from from a different set of eyes from now on bought ought to other movies that I'm just very excited about on the twentieth. James Franco fascinating well. Well it's not just James Franco because the twenty twenty of his also Rambo last blood okay. So we've got sly stallone and we've got James Franco. James Franco is in zero. Ville bill once again. This is a film set in nineteen sixty nine Hollywood and he plays a guy who has dreams of making it in the business and gets on a bus and comes out to Hollywood Hollywood and starts building sets and working his way up and gets befriended by an editor and starts editing. But there's a lot of fun stuff going on if you haven't haven't seen the trailer yet see it. It is a nine hundred. Has All the vibe of a nineteen. sixty-nine Peter Max op art. It's just amazing. Using and of course general hospital fans who have longed for the return of James Franco as Franko definitely gonna WanNa see this. He's he's put a lot in Jews career and I don't know a lot of this but I remember going late at night. My wife and I would go to this diner in our neighborhood and outside on the patio with a writing partner because sometimes we could over here of course James Franken would be working on scripts. He's been working on on really shaping this career career for for decades now and it's nice to see that he gets the opportunities that he's getting and he works with so many as as a visiting professor at some universities sinise he works with so many young talent encouraging them and helping them mentoring them as directors one of my favorite films that he's done within the past. Ah Bao I five. Six years. The adderall diaries brilliant. He has a great he has a genius conception of things wchs and I love to see how he applies it to his characters to his scripts and then as in his direct to`real vision so I'm I'm really looking forward to zero Ville which he also which he directs is than what happens here. Let's say it's this weekend September twentieth and you go to the theater. 'cause you haven't seen Rambo or zero Ville what do you see I well I gotta see sly stallone in Rambo. I Rambo last blood ramp or decades after his first one right absolutely and yeah and call me jaded but the fact that I worked on several stallone on films he gets a little bit of an edge. They say this is the last chapter. Well we've heard that about a lot of things in now we may also be getting another Iraqi. Why not why not surprised at all of the films that are coming out? We're talking about God kids. There might be two or three and now there are some times ten movies in a week. Yeah well and do you remember when when we were growing. I've got a lot of years on you even But it was as you get a lot of foreign films as Matinees in the afternoon I saw some of the greatest French fantasy films Re doing all would grimm's fairy tales and that would be a Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the local General Settlements Theaters Plymouth meeting Pennsylvania and I would just sit sit there mesmerized and a you got to see all that now all of those films that we had the chance to see. We're running out of places places for them to be shown everything is going for. We've got a multiplex theater was sixteen theaters. But we've got the same movie on twelve of those theaters if not more. Yeah and it's sad so that when we do get a ton of these films another big one on the twentieth coming out a Brad Pitt Film. Tom Ad Astra from James Gray. Me More of the same weekend I corporate corporate. Es Corporate Animals is is that weekend also these are big and then the following week. This is the one that I think we've enjoyed the trailers for and they've been eking out. Oh Renee Zellweger Zellwegger as Judy Garland in Judy. And this one this is. This is a tough one. George this is a real tough one. I'm not sure hi feel about it a lot of the classic film fans the TCI groups everybody's kind of on the fence. We have to see it before. I think I really do. The trailer is Great. The costuming is phenomenal. You know the music we all all know that Renee Zellweger can sing. We all know that Judy Garland had issues. That's true so if you get to see her sing and get to see some of the struggle maybe maybe some people will understand. Judy Garland a little bit more. That didn't know a lot about her. And I think that if the film can can achieve that and get people out to see it so they can learn more are about her. I think that's a great thing. All see it because I want to see how they tell the story how they do this adaptation because it's based on the stage play into the rainbow looking at the trailer thinking. How does she not get an Oscar nomination from the trailer? That's I agree now on there's also so on September twenty seven a very special documentary that I have to make mention of one of my favorite publicists. This is it's it's very dear to Sylvia's heart you know Sylvia It is a documentary. Jim Allison breakthrough. Jim Allison was the two thousand. Eighteen Nobel prize is winner for discovering the immune system's role in defeating cancer. Heavy stuff. This is. It's heavy stuff kind of goes hand in hand with a Judy garland bio pick to With heavy stuff. But it's supposed to be inspiring very inspiring. Woody Harrelson narrates it. And I'm actually going to see it very shortly but the pieces I have seen of it. It's amazing and it is. It's not often we get to talk. Talk about documentaries but this is one that I hope everybody puts on their radar. Having you think people are going to be talking about this I do I really do. Because AH cancer is such at the forefront. I think almost every single one of us has had their lives touched by it in in one form or another so here here is somebody who's being celebrated for his work and how many people pay attention to Nobel Prize winners. They don't but they'll pay attention to the movies interesting. The power of the cinema right. Yeah absolutely on October. Fourth were in for an interesting movie that people have been waiting for. Just by using stills released of Jared Leto as the joke show jokers coming out. We haven't seen This character in a long time What are you hearing about this well? I'm hearing that Deniro is the must see the film. And he plays a talk show. He plays a talk show host which which is it is very fitting all the PR materials for their playing up the fact that he was in one thousand nine hundred ninety s king of Comedy Scorsese Film? Jerry Lewis I would have done it So I'm really curious to see how how this plays out We'll see but I think that there are some other stuff that weekend. How it's going to be received? I don't know we it's going to be received jokers GonNa win the week. Joker could win the weekend but then of course we've got the current warriors coming out but then it's it's been sitting around for a while. And that's that's the story of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. That doesn't have the sex appeal of J doesn't but you've got Tom how Holland Benedict cumberbatch Nicholas. Out and Michael Shannon good cass good cast and. Then we've got lucy in the sky that starting to get a lot of push right now with Natalie Portman playing an astronaut Um and that could be a counter for the female audience out there in terms of programming that we in in terms of of releasing that weekend. And we're talking with Debbie Lynn Elias. She's on twitter at movie. Sharp d you can also find twitter with bt L. Radio show that is transmitted all around the world people all around the world know this woman's name she's also one of the people who Ranks your movies on rotten tomatoes and to do that you have. I just see a lot of movies. You have to have a lot of experience. You have to prove yourself to be a worthy critic. Debbie little lies. Our guest is just that as we move into the the week of October eleventh. That's a Friday Gemini Man is coming out and that's will Smith and he's playing a dual role and people seem to love. Will Smith we so what happened with Aladdin recently and we just heard the announcement about Aladdin. And it's because of will Smith as Jeannie make so much money and there's going to be another one but now we're going to see a young will Smith and an older present day will smith so this is going to be interesting will Smith cloned Ingley is directing and pretty much. Do any angrily can do almost anything known to mankind. But the movie that I wasn't interested interested in seeing until I checked out the voice cast is the animated the addams family and that and now I'm curious to see it with the voicing surly there and tissue Yup Marissa's play again Finn Wolf Heart Heart as Huxley. This is his third film it. It'll be his third film in five. WEEKS SNOOP DOGG is playing cousin. Well the the big reason I wanna I wanna see it. Bette Midler as grandma you know. I was interesting because uncle fester is Nick Kroll but I wonder if the filmmakers thought about the key Coogan who was an actor and his grandfather aid now see that that would have been nice cast. A vote have been kind of cool just to see just to see that. And of course we've also got parasite opening that week. Let's just sounds scary. But it's Bong Jun Ho and that guy he is he is brilliant And it's it's a dark comedy horror So I think that one. It's further down down on the list. But I think it's worth seeing ends a Korean film and we've got You know there was just Kay Khan and his big thing of all things Korean and it seems like right now. In America there is a fascination truly is and of course you the go-to person for because I'm a fan of the BT 's fans. Because I told them a long time ago that if the Beatles were around today and they had that social media it would be bt US Army any oh the organization absolutely impressive. But there's no little film coming out on the eleventh that I wanNA make AAC mention of high strung free dance soap opera legend Michael Damian from the young and the restless. Yes my a lot of people. Don't realize that once Michael Left soaps. Michael Michael is a very very well known director. And he's saying but Michael Writer. Director Co writer is his wife. Janine Janine father all you trivia buffs was James Best on Dukes of Hazzard but he did a film a couple years ago. High Strung starring Jane Seymour. This is now a sequel. It is a dance delight. We've told me my Jane Seymour's back Jane Seymour is back This is where I am. Jane Seem I love Jane Seymour. Naughty and she can be sweet and I think that when Hollywood started giving here those opportunities we got to see a different side of. Yeah and we're we're going beyond You know the winds of war kind of mini series of the seventies now. Now we've got 'em beyond Dr Quinn. Were even though she and Joe. Lando still tease the fans. All the time. But there's so much legal wrangling with CBS. That they can't do reboot reboot of the show but they do cruises together for the doctor wind fans but you look at something with Jane Austen land which she is delicious delicious in and it is so what. You're not used to same with her character. In High Strung and now in the sequel high strung free dance or Tober Fifteenth Fifteenth. Jay and silent Bob Reboot. Hey Kevin Smith is bringing this back just hit God only knows I hear. It's good well while for the cat. You've got Chris Hemsworth their Damon. Joe Joe Manganiello Val kilmer and Val kilmer. This this I think will be a nice lead up to seeing val again next year in top gun maverick. So it's getting him back in front of the camera again. That's good so I think that for me. He is a reason to possibly see that film. It became kind of a cult. Hit after really dead. People I think new generations might WANNA see the the reboot too. So that's good and I think Kevin Smith has become kind of a hero of the comic world twos serving. He's got new fans over the years. So I kinda liked that as we move to the next week in eighteen we have a lot of films and to double tap. Well come on. What's not to love about Zombie land? corozzo Dawson isn't that one too. And she's another one. We're seeing quite a bit of this fall. But we've got woody Harrelson again. And of course you know what he the as we just mentioned the documentary breakthrough. Would he narrates that. Now we get to see woody as we love him. which is killing? ZOMBIES is in Zombie land to Abigail. Breslin is back and I always love seeing abby but we have another film on the opening that did well. The first time it's Malefic malefic mistress of evil so that has Angelina Jolie back in that world malefic again L. fannings back as Queen Aurora and now from Shell pfeiffer joins the fray this time these movies seemingly always do well. He knows how to do it right. They really do and people were reluctant. They they weren't sure how malefic was going to be received because we all knew the story of Aurora Asleep beauty but to turn it on its head head Intel malefic story and now we thought we saw everything with Melson and Aurora and everything was lovely and happy at the end of the movie a now now what happens what I like is that once upon a time Disney would take a movie like malefic sent and Malefic two would be released direct to video. Now now I think there. Maybe I don't know if it's the effort the time. The talent the scripts are. They're saying these are big screen film. I think I think that's a big part of it. Plus I think there's also people are craving it. This is not the kind of movie that you want to experience on a streaming platform which is where things that's the alternative initiative now to a DVD or BLU ray or VHS from back in the day Of course look in my house. It's still the day in my house but this is not the kind of film you WanNa see on a streaming platform for your first experience. Would you have wanted to see each of the avengers. Engineers move subsequent adventures movies after Iron Man. Would you have wanted your first experience to be on streaming no absolutely not and the grandeur and and scope of the production design costume design is such an even when we get into the sound design. The sound design is so intricately. Jerkily done on so many of these big films. Now that you can hear the flutter like with Malefic and I'm sure the same thing is going to happen with Mr Seveval evil you can hear the flutter of the fairy wings and that attention to detail a lot of people may not notice it but it feels your senses senses so it enhances the experience and you're not GonNa hear it on your TV Saturday. Okay Miss W October twenty fifth black and Blue Star. Therese Reese Gibson I go back a long way with therese. I root for him all the time. He's a big supporter of a lot of other people in the business. Frank Grillo is in this Naomie Harris's in this. What do I need to know about this movie? What's well number one? The big thing to know is dion. Taylor is directing it dion and I go way back and dion is a dear. The dear friend however thriller it's an action thriller. Dion also knows that if it if it's crap I will say it is crap to his face as well L.. We should tell people it's this action thriller about a rookie cop and that's Naomi Yup and she captures of murder of a drug dealer on her. We have corrupt cops and and I think one of the big reasons to see black and Blue Dante Spin ody's cinematography cinematography spin spin spin. Not is one of the best cinematographers out there. He didn't manage to show his range. The last Mohicans ant man and the wasp beaches. He's okay. So that is a definite must see film for October twenty fifth blackened blow before we wrap it up. Let's get into November briefly because because we can't stop without talking about Terminator Dr Arnold's back Sarah Connor's bag the Hamilton Hamilton. Hamilton is back reprising her role. And this is the sixth and Stolman in this series. And there's a new terminator Gabriel Luna Right uh-huh and it looks like it will have all the action that we remembered all that kind of and given chemistry and hey this this is the sixth installment since the last terminator installment stunts technology. CGI It's all advanced even more. So so I'm chomping at the bit for that one and we should talk about motherless Brooklyn because this is Edward Norton like what his his prize is. He's Yes for a long time if he's Dr. Yup It's New York City crime drama and it's based on a novel from Nineteen ninety-one. Yes it is so you know. And I'm typically always hesitant with adaptations from novels. But when you get somebody like Edward Norton or you get a James Franco somebody that is doing adaptation nation. They know literary construct they know how to bring character from the page to the screen. So I think my motherless Brooklyn Alan is wanted definitely have on your radar. Plus Bruce Willis is in it. And not only Bruce Willis but Willem defoe who I think is Baldwin Google bothell raw amp Jerry Jones. Bobby Kinda Avala. There is a nice cast here and I feel like they had to look at the script when they were offered the part. Read for the part and thought. I WANNA be a part of this absolutely going to let you tease people with one more Phil God. 'cause thanksgiving we'll have you back and get into that whole holiday meal of movies but Friday November number eight was a movie that you WanNa see. Well actually there's three I wanna see I got I got to talk about one. Well the titles of the other two okay well number. We've got to be on the lookout for mid way. It's a remake of one thousand nine hundred seventy six jacks might. We're GONNA talk about that next time last Christmas the trailer. Just just drop this week written by Thompson starring Emma Thompson that went and it's George Michael's music and of course it features the Song of the same name name last Christmas but the one that I'm really that I really am looking looking forward to it. has you in stars. Ewan McGregor doc yes. UN UN is my question you and my downfall doctor sleep. This is the sequel to the shining. And you and plays Danny Torrance all grown up but the big mystery surrounding this film is who's going. Will there be flashbacks. Will there be an appearance by Danny Torrance's father I mean Jack. Nicholson you said it not me. This is the big mystery surrounding this film. Will there be Jack. Nicholson appearance but I think in and of itself off the fact that we're revisiting Everything that we know and remember Red Rum Red Rum. It's it's this. This is a big one. This is one. I'm really really looking forward to. We'll be able to talk next time about films. Including the Irishman knives out Jumanji the next level all caps is coming out star wars the rise of skywalker call of the wild little women and other adaptation of that spies in disguise. We've got some movies to talk about. But I just say thank you please. I will to Debbie Lynn Elias. Whose twitter handle is movies? Shark D. where you can find her also on twitter bt not L. Radio show that's heard all around the world and you can find her online at behind the Lens online dot net and that's where you'll get her full interviews with various stars and behind the scene stars. A lot of extras commentary trailers. Anything related to the movies that Debbie thinks. You'll find interesting. Lots of movie reviews in lots of movie reviews. And clearly. If you've been listening. She does not mince words. Gummy Lynn Allies. Thanks again for joining us off the red carpet and we'll see you in November. Thank you George. Pinocchio and I will be back to talk about the holiday an award season. Alright thanks for being with US everyone.

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# 122 -  The Goldfinch / The Last Tree / Birth

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# 122 - The Goldfinch / The Last Tree / Birth

"At Toyota we believe that American veterans have the strongest credentials on earth especially when you consider that they spend years gaining valuable experience by putting their lives on the line to protect the country they love and the people that live here but that doesn't always mean finding a career path is easy. That's why Toyota has partnered with hiring our as Europe's to help over one hundred fifty thousand veterans and military spouses connect with employment opportunities. We are Toyota. USA Today on truth and movies Donna Donna towns bestseller makes it to the big screen with a hell of a star studded cast in the Goldfinch Italian going from Lincoln to London to Lagos in the British English drum. I'm at the last tree was tough guy and in film club Nicole Kidman. Dan Thinks her man's a kid John Glazes two thousand and four the Sean. What am I supposed to thank all coming up in truth and movies lies allies podcast. Hello there movie. Truth is welcome back to the movies. It's Mike Alita here in the host chairs always sitting across this week from so few months Kaufmann Hi Sophie welcome and we're welcoming a new guest this week we have Rogan Graham Rogan. Welcome to the show so so for the listeners benefit. Who are you want you to. I just graduated unit and I'm a freelance film writer at the moment but we have read any of your work with the Yes. I reviewed Phoenix. It's white lies in the latest issue that Judy Garland and I contributed to the veneer she was well the list of one hundred the best British which blood pressure ran Liz and hunger Steve McQueen Ville yeah congratulations on graduating and like thank you very well. I wish you luck in code. Thank you very much now that we've got niceties out the way we should get to the film. I'm GonNa Start with a film. It's already had his fair share. Refer as critical kicking on an international stage we're going to start with the adaptation of the Goldfinch. Goldfinch is the film adaptation of bestselling novel which won the two thousand fourteen Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Theo Deco was thirteen years old. His mother was killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of art. The tragedy changes the course his life sending stirring Odyssey of grief and guilt reinvention redemption action and even love through all he holds onto one tangible piece of hope from that terrible day a painting of a tiny bird chain to its perch. The goaltender got a guest for you. You must tell me what have you been doing with your dealing antiques takes. You were a child. I used to catch studying my paintings. You always go straight to the very the best ones the Peel Copley. I used to think kindred spirit parent barber. Tell you the clip from the Goldfinch there so sophie. This is adapted from doorstop of an awful. I think many people might have bought in. They're not read right. How does the film panels I mean Pan is operative word when talking about the Goldfinch and I will say that as I said earlier one of my nights is not as bad as I have been led to believe it does arrive with a critical booing ringing in your ears supposed that very low expectation I had but it's just like I haven't read Donatello and I will say that it did make me WanNa read it because it's a very intriguing story and that sustained my interest throughout what is a very long film and another one of my notes read. I will be happy when this film ends because you really feel it's run time. I would say it comes into its own in the third act but it's too little too late. There are some really beautiful beautiful lines in it but basically leaders from novel and again. It just made me. WanNa read the novel. Saul say it's kind of a whole lot of nothing and there's this very insistent schooled food plays throughout and it just it's overly reliant fatone on this composition of Trevor Directness which is very sad melancholic piano and violin. It's just constantly playing throughout so you know you might as well just listen to the soundtrack I would say to guess entered the film when you say the intriguing elements in the what are those intriguing bring elements of the characters and performances in the narrative the settling the themes so this character theo he been breathed in paps the West mish shocking way as a child the characters that he meets along the way so during this explosion this mysterious man handsome a ring and it's like go oh to this address at a guy guys to that address and he ends up living for well with this guy who restores antique furniture but then his dot cons and like whisked him away to lake very unhappy booze ridden like desperados style had life and then he meets a friend could could burn anyway. There's a lot of those happen which is what drags the amount but like the intriguing elements are the he's got this. He's emblem emblem with him of what he suffered and what he's lost and you're like. Where is this going to go. I think that's what you're waiting for. The pair of what's GonNa be comment. The goldfinch which is a painting haning as the phone goes on you just has decided mythology sign sad story around debts. I like the intertwining of grief on electoral level with like grief as embodied by this painting and the misadventures of this child Okay Rogan. That's really and sounds like it's quite a heavy novel. That's been condensed into into a two and a half hour long film. How how did you respond to the goaltender. I agree definitely feel the run time but I also I to the actual. Being the Goldfinch I found myself forgetting about the painting throughout the movie because it takes you down these alleys and you you try and get invested in that and then you're brought back in the painting. The importance of the painting on really comes into play in the last half an hour. I think is off the two hours of me kind. Hunt Valley is important and being more invested in this young boys home life. He's kind of dealing with adults is meant to be careful by adults. He just don't really want to deal with the child's. PTSD in elise into kind of a drug addiction because Oh you can't sleep just take this you know we're not going to talk to you about your grief for about your loss and I kind of was interested interested more in that angle but then it doesn't then it stops short then and it's just cut to him as an adult with a drug problem in that's it. It's is trying to do a lot not really achieving yeah. You're right to point out your cut stays like it's on June timelines. You've got him as a kid and then his meadow played by ansel. It's Al Al Gore and yet. It's always arbitrary the way it just kind of swings between the child life. How is on so he's somebody WHO's been rising. Thank staffer few years now. It hasn't quite found that how is a good question. He doesn't really have much to do and he's he's just very kind of a I think twins play this unites of damaged young man. He just emotionally constipated. You just deterrent. I just don't get much. I'd child actors can be a bit hill miss by thought the kid be. Oh I know. He was quite good especially in scenes with his father his name yeah. The kid was really yeah. The League Wilson Plays This caricature of irresponsible dad he he has nefarious reasons for taking him in Canada Poulsen samples entrances Sandra with an x houses quite really yeah. I'm not sure if it was meant to be as funny as it was. I think she saved by one point. ENISA missile stories I missed out is that in between the living with antique dealer and Being Taken Away Violet Wilson he's adopted by this very wealthy upper east side family the Babas and this is a family when Nicole Kidman Matriarch and Nicole Kidman and Sarah Poussin and Luke Wilson rock up to this pristine environment for the AH chippendales and genuine paintings and she's like chewing gum and wearing sky high heels at it yeah yeah I think she relishes she's saying this quite trashy character and she has fun with it and so much as you can have fun with a very smooth one night park yeah yeah I agree so this film was almost announced dead on arrival as its Toronto Premiere then made hardly any box office and it's releasing the states dates so it's become exalted as one of these films that you may go to hate to watch and woodhead wrote to call them on the White House website about this. Sometimes sometimes films are so critically panned that maybe you're the you're the you can go and enjoy them for different reasons than them being particularly good. Do you think that that's the case with some funding going to see this anyway despite the review. I think if you're gonNA have fun with. It's going to be on our earnest level because it doesn't quite hit. Those beats like the film we reviewed on phone club to Assegai. showgoers is a pet hate which foam because it's got these moments of light. What are you going to believe that but yeah. It's very earnest annisten very long so I mean unless you have a very patient form of hatred that you'd like to bring to the watch. I wouldn't say it's very good candidate for a hate watch you. Do you agree that it takes itself too seriously you to get any real kind of you know. Oh Gosh what are they doing. You kind of think. Oh Yeah it's great just having a hard day and you just want to sit in a room. No one's asking you fred at big screen isn't too much. Just sit quietly quietly good grade. That's a good field to guy well sophie. What scores would you give this in anticipation enjoyment in retrospect dissipation one one as you said it was pronounced dead on arrival and everyone's been kicking since and enjoyment Apache to in in retrospect to okay Brooklyn. Yeah I'd say to just because I didn't know much about it and read the novel and I have a friend who is an avid reader and she told me she couldn't finish the novel so then that didn't bode well for me. I'd say watching it. I kind of flip between two and three because there were moments where I thought okay. It's GonNa. Something's going to happen and also fin. Wolf heart is in it and his accent's really not all right yeah but as far as I know it so long for go on access is he. Is he attempting freshman rushing Goto. Yeah okay so that you know moments with him. I found quite enjoyable pats for the wrong reasons and then again retrospective to unfortunate well. Let's Goldfinch anyway in cinemas this week of next. We have another new release and that's the last tree growing up with his foster mother. In Rural Lincolnshire felonies young life seems delic as the landscape but when he returned to London to live with his birth mother he begins to struggle with the culture and values of his new environments and as the pass he must decide which path to hurt he wants to take and discover what it means to be a young black man in London. During the early two thousands new missile cost today again to incoming stinking weed eighty six tuttle home as we which was a tough guy told me I can't you mentioned that must have been Huber's to ship. Yes I clip there from the last tree the new film from a up and coming British director Schoeller Amou- so Rogan. How do we start with the last. It's been billed by some reviewers as the British moonlight shoulder movies that British Barry Jenkins is the right way to think of this film or as I bet cheap I can see why people are saying that I feel like the references to moonlight quite heavy and direct and I feel like I really enjoyed the last train. Bisque feels a little bit like a patchwork of references almost as you're watching it which as you're watching can be quite nice because he home that's reminiscent communist this or this but then. I'm not sure how that works together just as a film standing on its own yeah so so who do the Patchwork worked for you it did and I I think it's a coming of age story and it's one that it will go into Cliche I territory but then it will come out of it. I really liked the way the film ended as well because I was like what is going to happen to this character who is is trying to buy his way. China his life in Lincolnshire he has a very caring loving foster mom and then when his room on comes and takes him to London she she turns out is quite a tyrant and then at school you know he's like he gets kind of embroiled with gang leader and say he's just trying to go his own way trying to not to ruin his life before it's even style edge which is a story that we've seen before and. I was like whereas GonNA end. How is this going to end for me like the success of the film breasts who don't buy is this GonNa. Is this going to be a surprising end actually for me. It was not spoilers says there is this this tripartite structure perhaps not equally weighted but you start with a young version of the character in Lincoln running wild and the landscape with his young lab mates mate's then a tricky teenage life in in London trying to justify climate and then this and point where he goes to Nigeria which is almost like an epilogue but it does reach for some meaning for me the the part of the three that resonated so strongly completely Lisa prising you go into this film and you see some of the themes that being sketched out some of the comparisons mentioned in the marketing copy and almost none of the mentioned that this is actually a period coming of age movie set in two thousand something the early two thousands which full disclosure I was a teenager and there's a sequence where where he walks up to his high school in Inner City London south London listening to kill which I don't know I didn't expect to feel seen by film so strongly a- As that there are so few and this is something that's a book of mine. Maybe listeners can enlighten us. There are so few coming of age film set in that Little Nook once you're past is the nineteenth but not quite up to the modern day. Ladybird is one of the only few the sheets that territory but that's quite welcome in this film school listening to the cure and being asked what I was listening to and I didn't have to pass tough as to anything but as he does in the film but this only has three Soundtrack Hughes to cure all songs in one new order Song Straight in my comfort zone Rogan. What were you responding to this film. It was some parts working for more than others for sure. No I think it was nice watching it because I feel like I recognized where some of this shooting locations and that's definitely there you know and and that was quite nice. I said I feel like he doesn't necessarily British. Film is in Manor Houses and it was just nice. It was really nice to see. I think I responded to the performances Mrs as well quite strongly some women who plays older teenage Femi- I think he's really great. He has a really great expressive face. I thought as well as the the actress he plays his mom his birth mother Mazzola. She was really really terrifying and then she also be really heartbreaking and I just I was very moved by both APP formative characterize. That relationship with the mother looks is often in the social drama genre it would be reuniting with the birth mother would be seen as a relief whereas in this one. It's much more complicated than that right in this in this story. Yoshi has very heavy expectations on what initially is just a very young boy. She expects him to do a lot uh-huh domestically and will come down like a ton of bricks on him if he doesn't do it so she's a disciplinarian type of mother and again. I Ah link between this and the gold finches she's not really interested in his sense of dislocation having been yanked off his hyman. Lincoln show with this woman he he sees his mother sites like again an example of not not really taking an interest in the emotional wellbeing child ready. She just uses him as a like like the two slave but then as Reagan says there are moments when you can actually see that she does have some other motives as well but she's just very misguided and the way that she h is that his may tiffs anything. We've not caught on on this film goes to schools. I just went into underlying a couple of points to say yeah. I think of the time in London on film. It's either really like tourists woody. Allen View of London has big Ben Buckingham Palace and this is great it just like in a London and they has the ring of like try that he knows these streets he nicest estate. You can relax into that depiction and enjoy it so yeah who say just abayas agree that Sam one meets performances incredible III. He's got cloud clough within his social group 'cause he has he's built. He's good looking. He's got a Gravitas much energy but it's understated and you can see see that he's like. He doesn't just want to trade off of that. You can see this intelligence center intelligence desperately trying to apply itself to away out really and you can feel the state like the stakes are him like what is going to become of his life. He made me feel. I stakes three his performance. Could I just something that I think I think I think we would do. The film a disservice especially in what shall armies trying to explore because this is part biographical he's the fact that his foster mother Lincolnshire and she was white and that definitely is attention in the film especially when you talk about his distant times of culture and his musical interests and the go so he likes it school a young black and she has blue braids and she also listens to the cure and his friends pick on her for many different reasons her interests is was the fact that she's darker skin. They are even though they're all black and he kinda sticks up for Hubbard a little bit too late and she gives him what for for it which I found really interesting and Acuna with director. He said the young actress Ruth. Actually said to him no she's. This is how she should react. She shouldn't 'cause I think initially initially it was written that she would be more forgiving thing and I think when I said it was a patchwork earlier visually I can also in terms of themes and what he's trying to present to us in terms of intercommunity issues as as well as his own personal thing so that's why what me and also didn't think it's really ambitious film in terms of what it it's presenting thing but and I admire it for that for sure yeah schools. Would you give this. I'd say an anticipation probably three just like a kind of neutral like in new film nice to see it and then enjoyment I think four and then in retrospect expect I think I'd give it a three okay. Yeah Yeah Yeah Sophie. Oh yeah identity who three four three but I just want to add to my I four the forest because of the ending and I think what the ending does says it's like these different cultural influences on this character and I think the ending is a statement about these cultural influences and about what this character needs from the wow denoted to feel at one within it. That's why I was really quite touched by the end date but then three just because I didn't really think about it that much more afterwards I think for me. It's it's three three three straight down the line. That's not say this isn't a an impressive film and I think shoulder has bags access talent hair. I can't wait to see what he does next down line but there are some four fantastic elements within it as I've already sat and the way that shoots elephants in castle which is narrow I lived in I close to a decade same with me. roken spotting little corner shops and so on that they're running out of that's quite delightful. I haven't seen London shot like this before but then there were many elements that were quite familiar perhaps or this film just trying to do a little bit too much which isn't a bad thing. Maybe go Cohn C- to make it real mindlessness. That was the last tree rounding off. This week's new releases up next after film club. Jonathan Glazer's birth director Jonathan Glazer followed sexy beast with this curious drama set in a wintry a New York Nicole Kidman Stars Anna. A young widow who is on the verge of new life when a solemn little boy appears claiming to be the reincarnation of debt husband greeted with boos. It's world premiere at the Venice Film Festival birth divisive disappointment on release but in the years since its reputation has grown. Let's hear a clip Sean. You know it's taken me this long and I can't get him out of my system. I can too many memories. I understand. This is gonNA sound crazy. I've met somebody who who seems to be. Sean and wanted to start with actinium award told you he was late. Husband said it's me Sean. What am I supposed to thank his best. What do you want you can make a big mistake of marriage. In this course to marry my fiance. Yes a clip from birth. There are very peculiar film but I think a good one but let's see the listeners have to say we have a very chunky email here from Angus Melbourne. He says Hey Mike Link. Oh thanks for the recommendation this week. I had no idea that birth was the third of only three glazer as a feature films and existence having already seen under skin in sexy beast whilst there's probably my least favorite glazes three features. The apparently awful critical reception police seems cruel. All Things considered high points included the films immersive Gothic aesthetic with a very ambiguous New York in winter the struck me as reminiscing the devil's advocate. I thought that Alexanderplatz and displays school was holy absorbing its Takata moments of orchestral flourish providing a great counterparts a Harris Evita's tents and elegant cinematography as I'm sorry youtube deep dive. It's glazes music. Video graffiti is an hour well spent some absolute gems in there and plenty of nineties Alger Best Angus Angus. Thank you for that please. He's gone there but also we had some quickfire responses from twitter at Stephen Volk saying a brilliant complex and subtly effective psychological drama but unsuccessful release as most the greatest wash don't like their supernatural stories disabused. Yes they need a good washing. Maybe like price says one of the best films ever made about the paralysis of grief the finest performance Nicole Kidman's career. We have hope saying one of my favorites. Kidman forms is cold as Ice Jane saying I loved this way. It cold movie and lots of good comments. Hey by analysts on display score about Nicole Kidman's performance all sorts of positively. It's go on on Rogan. This was the first watch for you right. What did you make of it. I really liked it. I mean it's it's very strange yeah. It's very strange really enjoy thought. Nicole Kidman was incredible. I fan of hers anyway but it was so nice to fill in this gap because I thought up four months was wonderful and so sad and although there are moments where I definitely felt very creeped out I said by the end I was completely just so sad for her just so sad it is on a genius level so fascinating because it has this premise in fact we love cinema said it was one of the most inherently disturbing film premises ever conceived tweeting it. Does it's not quite a ghost story. It feels like it could be a Jonathan. Glazer says he wants to play like a fairytale but it seems very grounded. Sophie could narrowing your eyes at me here. What what. What do you think of birth. I'm now is like a cat narrates size seductively over well so yeah I first Sir Harrison Savita died some years ago and now is a tribute double bill to his work of Bath and the game yeah from one of his own prints that you won't get annoyed. I Troy printed. It's beautiful famous verse opening sequence of this guy running through central park which is is so a beautiful. He's just center of the frame. It's just this Dolly shot following him as he gliding behind him as this black clad figure run through the whites night his so beautiful in there so many shops that we've been the phone another famous show is Nicole Kidman having just met this boy he said unease her dead husband she then goes TC at classical music performance and the cameras just on her face as she cries at the music and what's happening in her life and this indelible and is just a very moving film. It's about people it's about magical thinking thinking like the extent that you guys to believe something that would comfort you but then having that compass gnashed away and having to go on living is very very sad moving and frankly relate of who film like. I know grief and I consider myself rational person. I was raised in fiesty and the things I'll believe sometimes is is it's a beautiful film or not score and so beautiful film on a visual level and it'll say has of being extremely funny the way learn who is an ads. Anna's mother and it's like say this boy shows up at their apartment and says hi I'm you're dead husband in tenure boys buddy and the humor of the film comes from the fact that no-one overreact severance deadpan about it and they even have some. Yuck some lows. They're like yeah sure you up but then it was that line between mocking the ridiculousness of the idea and who say eh entertaining it which is a clever attain to conjure up It's a film to me. Almost similar space to is white shirts where there's there's a strong tension. All the way through an all hinges on a single line delivery is a punchline at the end of eyes wide. Shut Nicole Kidman delivers and there's one here where I'm I'm paraphrasing where she is sitting on the edge of the bath with Young Sean and she says well he certainly had me fooled. I thought you were my dad husband. which the entire of the film's dissipates there and you don't know whether to laugh or cry because you you know how deeply she really wanted that to happen? She's wiping away tears and buttoning herself backup to go back to her delight the life that she's tried to piece together for herself. Yeah exactly it's amazing it. That performance by the boy is amazing. The phone would not work without him he. He makes you believe that he's dead husband because he's so serious. Did they find such a serious issue boy. It's true no I believed like I was. There's there's a twist at the end in I was I was with all the way through. I was like Gosh what she's GonNa do. Run Away with this child very invested. Ah You seen other Jonathan Glazer films before this he's so fascinating because he's made only three films in twenty years and they're all so different difference and of course maybe the slight failure rebirth maybe resulted in father who is a decade between the second and third features and the third being under the skin but he is one of our best filmmakers today and he so the Goldfinch is unsuccessful adaptation of a book and there are many unsuccessful adaptations of a book one extraordinarily successful adaptation his under the skin and the reason why it's so good is that it doesn't make rookie. Era Era Light. I've gotta adopted actually every element of gazes into the book so and then it tightly reconfigured what is a narrative level and as a huge fan of the book under the skin by Michelle Faber. I was an even huger founded development. If you WANNA see an adaptation dun-rite which under the skin and and this is really fascinating production history article I think on screen international probably stolen went somewhere about under the skin which ten years to pull together for budgetary reasons cast reasons and it was one of those films where it was a fuller bigger budgeted production but they lost a lead cast member and just cut the scripted Hof and made it up in other ways so that I become this fascinating half adaptation half its own beast sexy beast. Oh God I'm so sorry ninety eight. B Don't pretend that you're sorry when you know you're you're pleased with the S. L. Making Fun radio. They can't tell how much I'm smiling but what we recommend any other Nicole Kidman films she's become over the last twenty years just one of the best in her field right now with the TV work she's doing. She's rightly known for that. You found broken yeah. I love Nicole Kidman Yeah. I haven't seen in a while by wrote down a few weeks ago like I need to reward going to today's yeah. I think that's one. I'd recommend things a bit more obscure. She has an interesting sideline in films in which he has in Portland inappropriate relationships sweet being rabbit hole and she can go sacred tears while per parkin has any scenes and yes so you mentioned eyes wide shut that gives more screen time to Tom. Craze bet she he has the payoff line as you say Michael Right at the end I feel she's the best thing in everything she's in when she's given support rose in films. Those are the ones I would say to avoid any any film. She has a star billing is by defoe incredible with watching we should say that this film and while it wasn't successful on release birth has had some acclaim over the years and has had some impact that short you talk about the tube in unbroken slow resume. Sean Smith Nicole Kidman as she's as you see that new information slowly work its way through her brain and see her kept sorts falling apart from the camera camera that has become almost a a cheap hackneyed cliche sean now that's used in many of the films to very recent examples coin the name the final shots in the portrait of lady on Fire Shut Lake that the always active when they use especially with the right piece of music the right actress thank you anyway that was birth listeners. If you watch that film or any of the films we talked about about this week. Let us know what you think the usual channels at truth and movies on twitter truth movies at TCU Linden Dot com via email and then there's also the comment section at allies dot com com slash podcast next week we have a satisfying -Ly Alliterative wwl of new releases with joker and judy and film club because the two together and we're going to go back to nineteen fifty four for her version of a star is born. Let us know what you think of that film if watched it Rogan Sophie thank you so much for joining me this week and bringing your opinions and insights i Michael Leader and as always this has been a seven digital production.

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Abigail Spencer, Amanda Palmer & Emily Giffin?

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Do you do whatever you wanted to. You could read popular books like upheaval turning points for nations and crisis by jared diamond you could read becoming by Michelle Obama. You could read inside out on them or by. Demi Moore which is honestly my recommendation for you right now for a limited time has a special offer just for hooligans good blink dot com slash shoe to try it free for seven days because you gotta know how it works and then save twenty five percent off your new subscription. That's bleakest spelled B. L. I. N. K. S. T. blink dot com slash who your free seven-day trial and you'll also save twenty five percent but only when you sign up apple INCAS DOT com slash. Oh you they wanNA know we can welcome to. We learn everything you need to know about the celebrities. You don't Bobby Finger. I'm Lindsey Weber and this is a tweet from. Schley crashed slashed slime trying to Germany. I got it. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah okay. Yeah Yeah James Charles. Making these kids apology videos as a mini challenge on his youtube show is dot at that the most devastatingly on the nose piece of two thousand twenty content thus far. Here's the clip on workstations. You will open up. Compact randomly assigned each one of you a minor scandal. You guys are going to have fifteen minutes to run anywhere onset and a one minute. No editing apology video. This is I never had. I would say this but definitely my favorite thing. James Charles done. I know me too was really much in the running. Though they write the competition was actually nothing but in its shot to the top. He did well here. You did. Good James Charles. I just love the concept of making these people apologize for stuff. They haven't done which really adds to the idea of the apology. Which is that. You don't think you did anything. It's like double deep in a way. These are the most minor scandals as well like none of them are like. Oh a photo of them was found in black face like it was like none of them are things that James Charles has done himself which are like the truly problematic so the four that they had these. Four contestants had to a fake apologize for were overdoing. Click big titles to get views. I got to say I love the little the little minor details of this show. This is the Compaq Challenge and they have to open up a compact reveal. Their apology is for and the Compact has a ring light. And it's all very well thought out. Anyway overdoing click big titles to get views missed your meet-and-greet which is very which is very funny. Caught over editing. Your photos and monetize an an apology. That last one is an offense that I've seen right because that was the one that happened to. What's her face when she made like the the fake crime? No the other girl when she got in a fight with the makeup makeup Yuccas Taty didn't know but members with you further back that other crying makeup lady. She got in a fight with some other makeup people in. She made him video. Everybody was like this is crying. I've ever seen it and she monetize that video. You supported me for so many years booth. I'm better not youtube. History really is where my brain turns to Mush. Yeah a lot of calls about youtube and it's like I agree that these people are who's and I agree that they could. I mean this episode of the Josh Charles. James Charles James Charles. Video has over eight million views already like this is a highly watched show and I'm not even putting air quotes around show because this looks like something I would see on Bravo like The production values are high on the show. But like it's too much. It's too much for for me. Personally I think for you to you watched it. There's two I I watched it. I watched up until I realized that the the actual elimination challenge was not apology related. It was about how to make a. I mean. They are teaching these people skills life lessons. If I'M BEING HONEST. How to make collaboration video so they had an actual famous youtubers. Each of them was paired with an actual famous youtubers. They had to like make a fake collaboration video. All right you guys. I am so proud of all of you for taking these scandals hat on. Hopefully this will not be training for the future but if it is not you know exactly what to do. I'm pretty sure that you would all make out of these uncanceled at alive. So congratulations guys. James Will Josh Charles. That's shows are ONA triggering. That's our own age bias. Which is a problem but the thing with him is that he has done things that are genuinely shitty and deserve apologies but this just implies like never been sorry for them doesn't learn from anything doesn't give a shit thinks it's hilarious and now like spinning into a joke which like you have have to admire but then half to to look back and be like. Wow you're like truly evil it's like I don't see any of these. Fake apologies in the realm of like dragged Finn which rock on twitter while texting during their movie on opening night or something member. That wasn't that him. It wasn't Finn which rock it was It was James was was making fun of Fenwick truck or something. It wasn't Finn. Which where did you get Finn with truck? Then wolf ARD out. Sorry there are two who we Finns. I'm sorry using the two nights he was mocking like a child actor and then at the premiere movie it wasn't even if he was at a he was just add a screening of it and was texting during an Enfin Wolf Heart. Excuse me that I got dorsal. And I don't know in Wichita view. Be The thing you remember is pretty funny. Yeah I know but he was texting during the movie. Fan Got Mad at him and then James had to release a crying apology video in the back seat of I believe right because and that was even funnier because that video was over a doing it for the actual offense so that was like over he. He was so embarrassed. That came out almost two apology. And you're like WHOA. Whoa WHOA WHOA. You didn't even do anything that that that that that wrong. And you've done stuff wrong and not even given this type of apology before here. You are sobbing about texting during a Fin Wolf Heart Wolf. Hard not withdraw. No it's Wolf pectoral Wolford. That's it Wolf Art. It's Finley Wolford. God Fin Wolfert. He's the things child. One of Wolf Fin Wolford Child Stranger things child. God my brain is melting out of my ears. If you say female minus two my brain melting out of Myers when we got this email in the WHO weekly inbox breaking news. David dobric becomes the highest value Internet influence or according to demaree analytics Business Lindsay started I guess. The data from our portfolio of analyzed content creators like David tells the story of continued consistency during this time of quarantine says de Marie Analytic CEO. Frank Spatafora get weirder and then Franks. Ceo Frank spot of De Maria. You named it after his Abby Veterans Day my name Analytics Company after you it's Di it's D- apostrophe Mirage like of Marie Good Job David Brations. David how're you? How was your weekend vibe? Chuck Pretty Good Fine Field decent today waking up at least a decent feel. Sorry God feel as good as I'm gonNA feel. I feel I didn't have to watch last night so nice like loving the lack. Sing Sunday I had I watch. Titanic instead what may say? It was amazing. All of titanic. It was great. You know you made the big lasagna. And you watch the movie. I did the ball exactly what I did. And the big. Lasagna was which I made late because I didn't have everything in time. Amazing it was amazing. Of course it was amazing. Lasagna's amazing you could throw me any lasagna recipe in the world. It would be amazing as there are layers of lasagna sheets. And now I feel like the thing about the big LASAGNA. Which I'm would be thrilled to make. And maybe we'll attempt one day as well just striking experience is I've made before. That is like half ass lasagna. Version of that which is like no. You're Kinda like just layer shit you have and it was honestly iconic. I trust me. I understand that. The big is probably better but like any LASAGNA. The way that you make lasagna is GonNa be come on good and when you end the thing is like I was. I was even I was prepared. I haven't made LASAGNA and a long time from scratch like I made a couple kind of half ass LASAGNA's like you were talking about like only a few layers you could put together like GonNa weeknight. Whatever but I haven't done something like this in a few years and I was prepped for my kitchen to get completely crazy bat. Shit nuts dirty but not really. Because I didn't because I didn't make the pasta homemade which is the totally optional thing. It doesn't get crazy and so I was like oh I'm done and the kitchen is totally reasonable. I like cleaned up a little bit and was fine. It was great another Lasagna for days. Frozen LASAGNA it. To me is the ultimate reward. It's not even the accomplishment of doing. It's just the idea that lasagna freezes so well that would be the only reason. I would attempt big LASAGNA. At this point it it freezes well and it also slice as well so you can make your individual porch area very easily on my bed. Yeah like you can have lasagna. Every night plus whatever else you have in house. You're making me WanNa like make the lasagna again. I know that was my that was my mother's Day activities speaking of Mother's Day So Mother's Day was upon us and we got you know the avalanche of Mother's Day posts from celebrities across the spectrum. My favorite of Oh one of my favorites was the one posted by none other than Olivia. Jade in honor of her mother the iconic Laurie Lachlan and she said happy. Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. I think that's my least favorite thing that's happened in the past few years. When did we suddenly start calling? On Mothers Mama's I can't deal with this Mama's four Mama's this for being Mama. Thank you God for Mine. White Hart White Hart White Hart White Heart. You are my best friend and of held my hand every day for twenty years making it look like not while you were really well. She was wrong. She wasn't having her hand held She was seeking the photo. You made it look. Like motherhood is an easy job. You are one of a kind. I love you so so so much and cannot wait to give you all the love in the world today and forever. Thank you for being you. You are the most special person to me. Space period space. I am so blessed to be your daughter and so proud to call you mom period heart. I love you. I mean old photo of her. You're telling me that Lori doesn't deserve this you're crazy Lori. This is a fully deserved If my mom also scam to get me into college I would also make a post and write all this stuff to her too. I saw a headliner solid tweet. That was like you know. She is the ultimate mom. Because she's willing to go to jail for her daughter and I was like excuse you Lori. Lockman is not willing to go to jail. She's she's doing. She's going out of her way to go to jail. You would've done one week fourteen months exactly and now she's she could have gone to jail for what exactly was going to. Guantanamo because she's hoping was like Hell No. I will not go to jail for one week for my daughter like felicity. Listen men who in Probably Laurie. Lachlan's mine is a dumb ass. Our just gave up and Laurie refuses to let this for two to three days. Two to three days a minimal to a minimum security prison for two to three days. Speaking of other posters Kristen Cavalieri celebrated Motherhood Amid Jay Cutler divorce. That's a page six headline. I loved that everything has amid the divorce. Now force. It's so funny as if like the concept of this post implies that. She's not allowed to do that because she's getting divorced or something like she celebrates motherhood amid her divorce as if that is like two things that are pushing against each other. She call being among the greatest gift as she spent her first. Mother's stay single. That to me was single but that was really funny to me. It's like in her whole life. I guess they're like doing the math or like she's been married to him every time she says kids at the first time she had kittens Jasmine woman. And I guess and then we have the most curse headline of the weekend which was Elon. Musk's model mom may shares cute photo of her new grandson exit twelve on Mother's Day nicknames. The child as the SPACEX. Ceo Calls his little boy. Acute d three point one four purposes Cutie Pie. Nothing Lamer then a Pie Mathematical Pedro. Nothing nothing nothing lamer and also whenever you're the CEO of Tesla like think of a better job. If you should know more than Pie math joke I get it. You should be ashamed. The only math joke that you should be doing that Stephen Hawking only could get or at least that he remain. That's at least Eddie. Reid means like I get it. I studied scientists twice. You know. Yeah is that on his resume so this is really intense. This started breaking Sunday night morning. One of the Jonah Kate plus eight One of the kids that John McCain had Colin who Justin Sixteen wished his alternate sixteen while they all turned sixteen. Wished his step mom. Happy Mother's Day but not kate and everyone's like Collins out here being petty and he said turns out today as Mother's Day today we pay love for our mothers but I don't think mother can describe all the things colleen has done for me and it's just like all about mother colleen. You are more than other to me. You are one of my guidelines. One of my guiding. Light's pizza. It's sort of like wow. John picked right the second time right. It's true and we always make fun of John but I guess he has a nice girlfriend who we don't really hear about my. I mean the only time we've ever made fun of John. The past like Ernestine dumb. I've ever mentioned John in the past fibers. Wouldn't he was doing those? Dj Gigs and had like or whatever but seems like that just means he's out here supporting his five six sixteen year olds or whatever more it's Giannakopoulos eight his eight children. He has eight children. That was the entire thing. Yeah whatever the other the final piece of Mother's Day News Talk. This is my favorite post. So Jemima Kirk of girls fame Amongst other things posted a great post. It's a picture of The nanny and her kid and it says and happy Mother's Day to suites by Stacey Eighty two than any. I can't stand playing with children's we've literally saved them in me a whole lot of boredom. Thank you for making me a better mother and for being nothing short of another mom to my children which is like. Oh my God so nice and do yeah. I saw some post being like. This is the first one I've ever seen the celebrity. Do this busy. Phillips has done the other celebrities that is true but the admission. I can't stand with. Children is so funny. It's so like you know it's Kirke Kirke in. Yeah and she's so nothing but herself you know and that is always something that. I am very amused by with with her. She's great it reminds me of the Extremely ICONIC SEX IN THE CITY. Sketch from SNL. Rachel drag is the Miranda and. They're having their COSMO's. Rachel graduates this holding a doll baby like by the leg like it's just very comical. She's holding the baby and Charlotte who I think. Is Amy poehler complaining about wanting a baby and Rachel Trach holds up the doll baby and says. Do you want this one? I hate it added announcement to Harry and I have decided to adopt a you. Want this one here online onto arm. Us. Updates has an update yeah. Let's move onto relationships that will move onto divorces. We have a lot of people. We've like Mother's Day relationships divorces today like it's a terrific day politic monumental moment this is truly I mean I know everytime I say this every time I say oh this is my favorite onto Armas. And this is my favorite banana update right. This is my favorite banana date. So since we last banana and they were spotted together obviously walking the dogs and they got locked out and he had to climb the fence. That was like a big event. A big banana. Every talk about that now it was. You know we didn't talk about it. We sweet it. It's more just like you have to see the fellows locked down. He has to climb the fence. But this is my favorite thing so on and is updated. I also saw this to Ben Affleck Fan account which really made me happy to On a darkness and Ben Affleck have been spotted wearing matching heart necklaces. If you had said that to me just off I would've giggled and I would have thought. Oh they're probably wearing like kind of subtle hearts each wearing a heart. That look the same. You know like something that they both could wear but it still would be a little bit like masculine and Feminine version of this necklace that we could connect to each other but no no no no sister. They are wearing sister sister. No sister they are where James Charles is like infected my mind. They are wearing literal like clair's necklaces. That are like half a huge heart split in half. She's wearing one and then even weirder and I know obviously men are allowed to wear jewelry and do plenty of times and it looks incredible. I mean have you seen in normal people but this negligence? I'm considering goal? Jane think that's next. Yeah gold chain just like a like a subtle change. That's great. I love it for you. Get it from one of our many incredible sponsors. Okay what he is wearing like a the most flattering weird Cha- like teenager Joe Joe Seawall Line half heart friendship. It's like an in Chai. It's at least an inch that's big and it's just hanging like very low. The whole thing is so strange it literally does look like it's you know it's from Clair's or Claire Jason Store. I one of the icing. Or what are the other players? Jason Stores you know there's like a million spinoffs clears your that. Have all come and gone. Maybe so this like this really secured. This really cracked me up and made this the high point for me in this relationship although it could maybe only get higher. Apparently the shirt that he's wearing to it's sort of cut off in Spanish. It's in Spanish but a lot of the L. Tonight saw because he the bomber jacket is covering part of it. And I know that like technically no more drama is no moss drama. But like I. I don't know what like any colloquial Spanish terms are but it might actually need no more drama. Which is the shirt. He's wearing on on the armistice. Cuban like he's been wearing shirts with Spanish on it and we know he's yes so we know that see Spanish but yeah there's even there's an even greater connection there because his girlfriend is fluent in Spanish so very interesting these to do after the pandemic like. I don't even know how where they go from here. It's going to be Cortesi. My parents was talking to my parents yesterday and I was like did you do anything. Like what what are the plans for mother's Day and my mom? Dad is like cooking dinner for my mom. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and. She said Oh well. Dad went out and Got Dunkin. Donuts this morning it was like first of all. I was like quit leaving the house. I'd be like no don't do that. He didn't go inside right now. They only do. They only do drive through. They don't even have to takeout up only drive through and I was like okay. That makes me feel good about. Dunkin and they went to Dunkin and my dad was just GonNa get to donuts really funny imagining him. Going to duck on its and buying donuts and then apparently the cashier. Dunkin donuts convinced him to get six and starting he did to exactly so he did and I asked I was like I knew exactly which donuts my mom would want. I was correct and I believe they might be your least favorite but I wanted to bring them up and see what you expect your mom's twice but I said my mom's favorite. Dunkin donuts is your least favorite Dunkin donuts. Which one is it? Jelly no Boston cream. The Boston cream not a Boston cream is disgusting from Dunkin. I'm not saying it's disgusting like everywhere I'm just saying. Dunkin donuts is not do a good Boston cream in my book to my mom. Y'All know I'm not telling it to your mom but doesn't listen to the PODCAST. So it's the feeling ones are weak. The Best Dunkin donuts are the are they do like the cake style. So you have your glaze. Chocolate would be the best I think. And then they also do really good like crueler. The Chrysler Chrysler Crueler Yeah. Those are really good and then the other one they do really well as weirdly blueberry. They are blueberry burberry their blueberry cake Blueberry Kale. Yeah those are good so that's my opinion and I bring it up because in my mind I was like Oh my parents are like. They're all like banana. Cue Look at them like banana. A banana will also probably go to Dunkin for their anniversary. Whenever though is going to be because I feel like it's right around the corner. The probably celebrating their anniversary once a week according to like whatever they're doing you now speaking of relationships newish relationship. This one's a good. We finally got motorboat confirmation. Whose happening have we talked. But there's maybe we cut it if we did talk about this. We must resign lease and it was controversial to imply it because it was so so so no I think we talked about it but it will because I might prediction was that they would make their big reveal the Oscars and they didn't and I was very wrong. They wait than the Haribo are almost one hundred percent quarantining together which probably means they are in released. That's the thing it's like the quarantine element of this kind of exacerbates. The evidence that they're together because of some people are if people are seeing together even though a lot of people are breaking rules and hanging out with whoever they want. The point is is that if they're like in the house together hanging out it feels very like okay. This is like bigger than just like we're friends You know what is this room? I have no idea. The point is at somebody. Screen shotted some of the instagram story from Cynthia and then Lena's instagram story. And they pretty much match up if you put them next to each other and they're in life for angles in like a screening room with stars and big puffs that you sit on. Honestly I gotta say I would kill to be in this way. I'm confused what this APP is. I guess is like a like a Netflix. Watch party APP. 'cause there's a chat on the side. I think it's a they're watching versus or something and and we're looking at the chat or something and then there yet. I don't really know what they're doing. But anyway this this twitter C dot C tweeted Leeway Cynthia having a quarantine slumber. Party or what? And it's like no that's what they're doing and they're probably they probably been having some parties for months and months and months school. We could use SPEC that together. They were to get the true so the rumor was that to fill you in case you forgot you. Did lean away got married. Sort of like shotgun married to this woman and that was sort of talking point for a while where it's like. Yeah we just went to City Hall San Francisco and Got Married. I love the woman to turn production persons. She works as a she's development now and then apparently the rumor was that lien away. Like couldn't stop cheating on her Alonzo a Lotta Mayo. And then eventually just like they broke up because lean away was like I'm horny like I can't deal. I'm famous now. And then she fell in love with the rebound and then they decided decided to have like a truly like a real relationship and that was all happening just in the couple weeks before the Oscars and then it didn't. I thought they would have their big coming out party together and they didn't the right so I guess Yeah I mean I wonder when they will. It seems like they've now. Been dating our estimation of pretty good amount of times few months quite a few months. It's kind of weird to me. I guess to that I mean the fact that they're willing to post. This makes it clear that they don't really care who knows but they played did care at some point because their point hiding. Yeah would together and you knew that they were probably dating each other but I just feel like it. It's not bad like I don't think it would affect either of their careers negatively to be like. Oh Yeah we're dating it burdening dating each other. If anything it would make them both a little more interesting to be honest. I feel I got a product of cheating a problem. What that's what I'm saying. And also maybe Cynthia Revo because Cynthia. Repoed denied densify queer. Or I don't know what she identifies as like before. The this was a means made more a mystery right so maybe this was like or maybe she did and we don't know and she if she came out she'd be like. I've I've always been honest about the the way that I am. So it's like the thing is is that would have been a thing. Maybe she was like the moment. I say I'm dating lean away. I have to start talking about all this stuff. And that's so annoying. And she was doing the Oscar nominated for an Oscar. Says she would like it would have taken away from like that accomplishment which was a big deal and it probably would have taken away from that. You're right so looks like dating. They are dating. Can I really want to be on that gigantic beanbag look at it? Oh my goodness spent Sir grain looks set that up next time. I have space. I did look into really expensive beanbags recently. Oh they're so expensive like so. Yes leaps the really expensive because I think it really expensive so love sack lob sack Abigail Spencer. Broker risk doing Video FOR COPA. Belief bound to happen eventually bound to happen. It's truly to use this word lightly as I always do iconic to send yourself to the hospital when doing cova charity video on the one place you don't WanNa go and you're not really supposed to be going for breaking your arm which she did Abigail Spencer a name. That means nothing to me. I guess she's a soap star. Soap Star Star Name. That needs nine. I mean it just sounds like two different names that would make some knee any. She's all my children soap star. Yes but she also was On true detective and Rectus competed earlier and I was like okay. Oh I recognize for mad. Men She's madman okay. So what happened. She broke her arm doing a head stand for charity. She was wearing like a backflip. She was trying to do flips and she said she did one flip well then the second. She heard the crunch crunch crunch crunch but it was wrist and she was like and so she had to go to the hospital. It actually sucks because she was like go alone and this rose you have to do all of this alone thank you to Lynda Michael and Christopher off at gray's anatomy for helping me find my incredible. Ortho so I wonder if she got like the grey's anatomy to help her like Lego Assist the doctor that was consulting grey's anatomy. I didn't know what that meant is that that's my guess. But I've no she live but does she live in Seattle. Like did she go to the hospital? That grey's anatomy. The hospital is based on. No No. That's that's like not not an you're talking about like. I think this means literally the team at Grey's anatomy. Which maybe she was on. I don't know like helped her find a doctor via like there because they have consultants who were doctors like on staff. Oh I see what she's saying. Now I see what she. Can you find me a surgeon? I don't know what to do. And that's our job right like they're like I haven't done surgery in a while but sure whatever I don't know that's the truth but like that's my guess which is very that couldn't be anymore. Hollywood so it's almost like exhausting to try to explain but I don't know yeah then she's out of this. She's eating a lot of content at though so good for her. He's posting this broken wrist a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot as recently as yesterday during Mother's Day Cool Tan lines breath then. Her arm was up mother's Day chill healing healing. The first comment Abigail. You're the queen of Queens and that is a representation of your crown. She's got a lot of. I feel like she. She must transcend soap stardom in some way because she's got the look and the following of someone who is much more famous. Amir soap star. She's got a name. That is like somebody that I would say. Oh was she on suits. That's her name to me. It's like Oh don't suits but it's like the name the name says. The name conveys a level of celebrity. That sort of equivalent to like Michelle. Dockery that it's like. Oh you're like a cable star that I always whose name I always forget you know right. But she's not really oppress friendly person so she hasn't really come up before which is the more of the WHO version of this which is like. We've never met her before because she hasn't done trouble she hasn't done like what's in my bag forty five times. She's done anything interesting. Well congrats to her for doing something up. Good job speaking of love and the time of Cova nineteen grams mystery. Man I love mystery men and the age of Cova because they have mass. Identify them daily. Mail's like we have literally no idea who this is. A not not disingenuously. Actually we don't know who this is. I saw this man above above the nose. I was like Stephen. Dorf also could be anyone. Stephen Dorf would be a perfect fit for Graham own mind could just be like Stephen Thorpe. A dude named Stephen Door. It looks like even door P- Stephen Derp. Okay Heather Stephen is an ageless beauty in daisy dukes and a black crop top during a stroll with the mystery man so I she had a big hat on. The hat was flying around. 'cause it was windy then she took the hat off right. And it says who's that man when closer a male companion. Heather take less floppy hat also cover up with a black face mask as well as slapping out as well swapping out her hat for a similar and more manageable felt fedora so she changed hats and the Daily Mail wanted to note that because she had a huge like oh because so she had so she had a huge hat with the brim. The the radius of the Brim was probably ten inches. Like this fun lousy. Yeah she switches it with essentially just a little fedora. Right I. We're we're supposed to be focusing on the mystery man. I don't know who that is but I'm sorry this mystery man is as interesting as the hat. He is the hat. They're looking at their phones. They both have mass on which I appreciate. But yeah we're going to try to figure out who this mystery man for someone else to figuring Dorf Stephen Derp as you said Stephen Dorgan stones I love why Amazon's fancier convinced she's married today. Mccarey who cares? I know it is. It is truly impressive. How Amazon a big star normally would no problem. I know sh normally would care what she does. But the the the Emma Stone got married already. Plotline is the least interesting one that I've ever encountered in terms of her. Also I feel like Emma Stone could develop a covert vaccine. And we'd be like okay. Okay no I would be excited about Camman. That'd be cool if she did that. Because it'd be kind of cool but the thing is as to okay. This woman isn't is engaged. She's going to get married to Dave mccarey. Whoever that she is engaged is truly engaged? Shown on the ring. She's engaged that she's already legally married is probably the most boring thing. We've we've done like we've done so far. I understand why Amazon fans are reaching for whatever they can in this time because she's out giving them a lot you know if you're an Emma Stone Stan. You're like what I gotta find. You know we should. We should we stand. Bts In the meantime or something we need them do ripping yes. Amazon's great but you're right. The Faucet had is is dripping. There's not much there to pull from. If you're gonNA stand someone you gotta stand someone who at least he gives you material to grasp exactly like on Dharma's like on Dharma constantly giving us stuff you need if you're going to develop an updates account mega for a to arm us but now because they're already is a great one. Yeah it didn't win the Pulitzer by the way it should have next year. Neil diamond and Amanda Palmer broke up and this is nancy and silly and it got sillier. I'm glad we cut it from the Friday episode because it got sillier after we recorded because of Neil diamond. Yeah good reads it with some real gen-x gossip and we did not do it. Justice because I think we were like Oh you might know these people for X Y Z. And it was like very whatever it was. So Neil is a sci fi writer who is a musician. They're both artists and they lived in New Zealand. Which is you know very isolated and also handling the pandemic pretty well New Zealand. Despite that they couldn't make their marriage work in that environment and sealing did a good job with the virus but did a bad job keeping Neil gaiman and Amanda Palmer together. So that's on them So the original Gaza we talked about it was because allegedly not even a legend. No it seemed. It seemed well. No it was real that she did announce the break-up be a patriot. But whether or not Neil knew before that is up in the air because some sources will say O'Neill found out because of the Patriot Post but some sources say O'Neill and Amanda had already hashed literally had moved to the UK and she was still in New Zealand and she wrote the Pos like Neil move to the UK and he was like. I guess we're breaking up and it's like well you did leave to go to the UK from New Zealand. Pretty far. That's pretty far. You know. Also you've got to pretty unreliable narrators here or at least demand as unreliable which is enough for both of them honestly. So it's like I don't know that I necessarily believe what happened here to add insult to injury and despite them both being pretty famous like or it's still a niche. There's still both a niche interest and even together as a couple initial interest in terms of like you. Kinda have to be paying attention to them. It only broke out of the normal sphere because they broke up such a weird way. And that's why I hit like the Daily Mail or hit like US weekly or whatever because it was interesting but otherwise the stuff that they do separately doesn't really make tabloid news even her and she loves making the news you know. She's always in the news and wasn't a thing about their relationship. It was like Oh look like progressive interesting like we have like sort of an open marriage. Like isn't this cool and everyone was like I really don't care about you. Which is fundamentally the problem with this. It was like okay. Cool care and you pay for Amanda Palmer's Patriot and you read Neil Games books and watch his shows or you don't care at all never heard of them it is like that's what I'm saying. It's like these are the binary she's A. She's like a Jason to like Tori Amos Fiona Apple. Regina Spector like that vibe. Right and he is like kind of. Homey God I like. I don't even know who to compare them. To buy the SCI FI writer whose books are pretty popular into shows. But he's still like a writer you know. So yes you sell a writer. So it's like he's not really out there in here doing much. Amanda Palmer yes. She has a lot of gen-x sequence like Amos. And all those people but it's like Amanda Palmer is unlike a lot of those Fiona apple or Tori Amos or whatever because a lot of those particular. Don't like attention and Amanda Palmer is obsessed with attention. And that's why she is different that's is. That's what differentiates her from those other. Women were it's like. She is thirsty like the last time she was in. The news was because she started feuding with this Guardian reporter who she accused of being anti feminist for not covering her album and then she was like girl. Listen WE CAN'T COVER EVERY ALBUM. And then she was accused of harassing her. It was like crazy so Amanda Palmer Will Amanda Palmer likes drama. And here's another instance of that okay but it got funnier than it was even the last time when we did this. And we cut it because it wasn't interesting really funny. Was that US and be somebody. Somebody tweeted Neil gaiman. Just posted this on good reads and I am simply blown away breaking innovative and perfect escalation of the online conflict. And it was Neil. Gaiman is reading two hours ago splitting colon protecting yourself all divorcing someone with borderline or narcissistic personality disorder by Randy. Krieger and bill. Eddie and this understandably is very funny very funny but according to kneel on his blog yes he has a blog it was he was hacked and I do believe that if only because if you go to his good reads now. Last time he updated it was two thousand and thirteen. So it is like it is not crazy. Yeah but also maybe he did it. I don't know that I ever maybe he did it. I don't know and then instantly regretted it or he did it. I don't know I. I don't always believe the hacking stories. We run someone with Dr Sense of humor. Just hack his account. I suppose that's what I get for leaving here. Not doing anything for a long time so it was just blocked on good reads the I guess it's on good rates. Yada good good real lot of stuff going on good rates okay. Yeah I guess Anyways I mean I guess it's still funny to me even if it was hacking. It's so funny. I my favorite thing about the Amanda Palmer thing is that the news was that she didn't tell Neil that she was breaking up with them. She just told her patrons. She's obsessed with their patrons because look at this time I was in the original post. Not Her mind my patrons if you're one of my friends or family who has reached out and I have been able to answer. I'm so so sorry just understand. And it's like what you you wrote a post to your patrons before you responded to your friends and family do so bad. Start doing that. It's like putting personal feeling to my patrons if you're my friends and family like okay. I'll get to you. My friends and family are like. Why did I ever subscribe to this although to fair like if I was a patron I'd be like wow? I'm getting my money's worth. This is a patronage. That's true what is next. Oh this crazy after all so. This is the follow up to the drama. Where did wrong Jay left because I thought this was fake? Like this whole drama to cause also was like the details were Vegas fucks also their TV stars Reality Star. So it's like you know. And Hippo polly would so ray J of Bobby's favorite earbud the owner of the company. That makes Bobby's favorite ear buds. He compare them to the Apple. Tv CONIC SAVE IT FOR THE AD which we don't have on this episode unfortunately but it would be amazing so he left his pregnant wife in a hotel in Vegas like left like left her there. That was the story and and again it sounds vague because it is because they both kind of like I didn't leave her. I just like she knew she knew that she didn't get home. She's an and she was like. Why would you leave me here? I didn't know that. So Shady de so. It's like that happened and it was almost like did you guys even talk to each other this whole. I'm so confused as to why I'm hearing this and it seems like you both haven't communicated to each other about it and And then they were like back together and Reggie was like. It's all good. It's all good and then you're like I don't think it's good and you didn't hear from them in a while and now they're literally getting a divorce so I guess that really was A thing because she gave birth in between all this. Yeah and like we talked about with Who just got divorced that we talked about new. Oh Chris capillary in color. You know every time you see celebrities getting a divorce that they filed for divorce. You gotta assume that the divorce has been in the works for a couple of months where these two had a huge kind of expensive of gender reveal thing member with the helicopter then good right and then they had the big vegas thing and I was like okay. This feels very like love and hip hop Hollywood. All of these like plotlines. Yeah Yeah and like they'd be good plot lines and maybe this divorces a plotline but it almost feels like this is too far to be blinded. Yeah I mean it will be online but you know what I mean. It's speaking of breakup that this won't be a plotline. Because neither of them are on reality shows de Libyan nationally been split. The best part about this is in job. It's just a line didn't even. It's just like Gary. Naturally they split which we knew because no offense. We had a caller call in and tell us this drama which was great again. We love listening to your calls at are like. Don't play this but someone called in and was like don't play this but I know that car and actually had broken up. Because here's the anecdote was like the thing about this. That the thing about this. That is interesting to me is that this might be every every time people split up. I think is the quarantine split because the timing of it of this makes it feel like this could be they split because of their like weird Corentin. How situation don't you think like? Maybe there's something like they invited all those friends to Corentin with. We're having fun and then dragged onto long. You know well I think specifically I think even more simply I think it was a factor of the their relationship was. I guess it wasn't all that new I mean. Look at Ben and Anna. Look at banana but I think based on you know the call based on these preliminary details it was just who do you WanNa spend your quarantine with right. And it seems like they didn't want to spend with each with other people. You don't WanNA party with me. Speaking of I was reading the tabloids which we'll get to later I don't know if I put in here but did you know that Kristen Stewart is in a quota again. These Corinthian houses are such bullshit. Whatever so like when I say this I'm not condoning it. The is in Corentin house quote unquote with Emma Roberts and like. Oh Yeah. I saw that but there were no photos and the weird because like kristen loves having a party and she loves taking every everyone and it's so fun that they're all with her and and Emma Roberts friend a- dyed her hair and it was so great that they're altogether and I was just like this is a sickness this like this report reporting on these like fun houses of like celebrities hanging out anyways so I think in my position queue in my like In my pure pure pure pure pure fiction. Fantasy fiction was not fantasy finishing in my fan. Fiqh mind what happened here was like why can't we just spend time together? This is getting crazy ridiculous. And why won't we? Yeah so maybe maybe. That's the case. Maybe what does this? Olly murs headline and we're GONNA move on because we're not clicking on it and we're not getting into it. All lemurs apologizes after backlash to pringles to prank on girlfriend Amelia. That's the singer. Said he was sorry to those quote offended by his social videos pringles to prank that he's like a snake in it. We can't find out finding out. We can't this this this next story. I love this. There's this woman. Her name is Emily Giffin. She is an author responsible for the something borrowed book series as well as a few other ones but like she writes books. Sort of like you know airplane fiction for women light romantic fiction. Whatever which by the way no but I love those books and they're delight I will say something borrowed the movie which I have not read. The book is terrible. This one is really really one of the worst bad by good kate. Hudson is great in that movie and that is not a joke. Okay but a new. See Sean we're talking about. Is it a good thread? We were not kidding. Is it a good movie? The movie isn't great. I just think Jennifer Goodwin is just the lease compelling performer in the world. So yeah so however. This isn't about this. Oh this woman. She has tens of thousands of followers on instagram. I think it was eighty thousand last time. I checked. So it's like she has a little bit of a following and apparently her thing is instagram stories in the Phillips Vein that are very confessional diarist stick just long-winded top looks like Morse code BBB BBB. And she like just goes on and on and on about stuff she has something to say about pop culture. Whatever that's a whole category of person. That's how they use their instagram stories. She's one of them. She got into trouble last week because she responded to a video. The video the video of Meghan markle reading with Archie for that charity. That Harry took by saying she got in trouble for on the instagram story. She put the caption. G- Happy Birthday. Archie go away Meghan. Something about this was even funnier just because of the way that instagram sort of auto sizes things so the happy birthday archie. Because there's more letters it's smaller but because the way McCain has fewer letters it's bigger and so it says go away Megan screaming it. It's just people like this attitude. This this anti Meghan attitude is very strange to me still to this day because it's very strange and when it's coming from a white person at always reads as vaguely racist always let's just like it's what is the reason that you don't it's very it. Makes me feel like art. She a royalist like she just like really loved the the Royal Family because we've been critical about Meghan but it's only been like where you know. She's an actress. Like what this mean in like what? It's just one of those things where you can be like critical and sauce about Megan but being like go away Meghan and like publicly putting that stuff out there is like to me still a very strange take on the whole thing because now this woman has had a baby and now she's like part of this world and it almost feels like okay. Now you can't really be hate on her like this in a very. That's yeah I don't know how that's absolutely true. And that's absolutely at know what it is. It's like the real family is inherently ridiculous every single aspect of it everyone involved ridiculous worthy of our disdain worthy of our cynicism to single out. Meghan when you single out Meghan when the whole family is a complete training. Yes there's a problem and have to you have to raise your eyebrows at it right and yeah and I think also just just the idea of being a royalist or or being a royal family stand to me is still very foreign literally more like and she is American today as being. She doesn't have the excuse of being like a British woman who has followed the royals or whole Leiper. Like actually mean something. Sort of vaguely significant. So He's just an American woman. It's very weird to me for like the the American Royal Family stand is still weird to me in a in a very specific way again. If you'd like if you're maybe you're interested in the history you watched the crown. You're like that I get kind of like it is a anyways. I'm still confused by it. Yeah so everyone was like emily. Here's the US weekly headline something borrowed author. Emily Gibson Slams Meghan markle on Sunday Archie. Birthday quote colon. Go Away so this gets them. Headlines were all familiar to people you probably never heard of suddenly getting headlines with much more famous people in the news this week but one instance of that and she gets in trouble. Come to find out. This woman has insulted. Megan markle in the past and the next story on US weekly thing. I joked about this earlier. But it's like the are not of this story is like pretty high because it's like one and since then you get like all these. Follow up stories author. Emily given has a lot of opinions on the Royal Family. Read her criticism praise and more. I mean honestly. Most of it is criticism but the criticism is for is for. Megan and she explains it away by saying like I. I used to like Meghan markle but I don't like her anymore because of the way that she's behaving so it's sort of like why are you putting all this pressure on her but not the it's it's just so so you end up sounding like the globe which is weird sounding like a tabloid magazine which is very strange to me because then it's like a sound like a British tabloid? Don't want to sound like it's just like. Meghan the things that you can accuse Meghan of are there are few things but What to take a video. She's reading her child that she gave birth to a book and be like she's fake and he's miserable the baby it's like now you're like now you're a little bit like poisoned brains brain rewarm brain. You know because when I watched that video whether I like Meghan or not. I'm like cute. She's reading her kid a book and he squirming because he's a fucking baby. Yes so she had to apologize. She apologized on under instagram story which she has since made private. I enjoy following celebrities and analyzing them but my readers. I post doesn't have instagram stories. A day and a very honest unfiltered way as if I'm confiding directly with close friends fun fact you're not further very invested in British monarchy. I always happens. See the link in my Bil- for an essay I wrote in the days before Meghan Prince Harry wed to be clear. I absolutely love Biracial. American woman was marrying into the royal family. It seemed a wonderful happy thing for everyone Bubalo Blah. I was appalled by any signs of racism towards her. I find fault in the way both and Harry handled things and feelings blood over and later post including zone. You don't though that's the thing. It's like the idea racism. Accusation comes when you're just you're standing hairy and you're telling Meghan to go away and that's that's not true she. She even said in her post she was like why didn't she give? Harry the weight. And She Harry you. Why didn't you need this to Harry? And it's like okay but I think the main reason this is getting attention is because of the books that she writes the Ven Diagram of the audience of US weekly in the audience of something borrowed books. There some overlap. There are so many right someone had asked weekly was like. Oh this is great. We have to cover this because this woman's audience it's like exactly who we you know. It's like the ADS for books. The ads for books and these magazines in these magazines are Atra books and these magazines but betrays their email and hildebrand there. Emily Giffin like she's done a twenty five things on this man this magazine four. She gets press attention. And so it's just like this was no one really cares about her. You know six days out of the week but on the seventh day you know God God made a light or whatever. On the seven day we arrested. She met her husband at Laguardia Airport. Which is really funny and her current crush is Adrian. Grigny which is very funny. That is funny. Her next book is in stores and just a few weeks. It's called the lies that that just like made the whole thing. Even more Saas know now is getting Promo. That's great let me get twenty fifth. It's about who marries into royal family. The twenty fifth thing you don't know about her is. I have no sense of direction which seemed pretty appropriate. Honey we know honey you at the wrong way. What's really funny? Is this happened over a week a week ago? And it's already like you know zip zip to the. Yeah no one gives a shit all right. Let's talk tablets weird weird assortment of things. We're of back to normal away back. Also we aren't we are recognizing the lack of glossy photos because weirdly Kiana. Leaves and Richard Gere are two of the store like this is like Gen-x and boomer icons are on the covers of two of the major six tablets. Week which is running out of stuff lagging on deed. Where's Timmy Charlemagne? Where the young people? They're not here. I'll tell you that much. Yeah you're right and even Brad Pitt on US weekly ease. The Louis is like strange. Even though I know they'll cover Brad Pitt. If he like makes fart but like it is you have a very low you. You have an older. You've an older set of men on your three biggies a star. Okay and then you have. I mean people again. People doesn't count people the only one that's just doing their own fucking thing which is like at home with Jimmy Fallon spread opening. You Misread the headline at home. Of course with Jimmy Fallon so tightly. People are still like cove in nineteen like. They're still like being Jason that okay they're Kinda don't count in the tabloid talk. Show there the Nice. You know you Kinda need them to to show a little context right. I will say the best cover on this list though. It goes to none other than life style on this week with their picture of Kristen Cavalry and the headline is Kristin Cavallari. Keep pronounce her name different. Every time I say Larry. Kristen Cavalieri wife from Hell of all the wives of all the famous wives L. Y. From Hell to never would've put this marker on her and to put a little zoom of a court paid a court document on. The front page to me is genius. It's a the cover is kind of gorgeous. I have to say I like that. The whoever filled out these court documents was lawyer was kristen was it. The judge was at just some notary. The four twenty one twenty twenty handwriting is like be most high school handwriting. I've ever seen in my whole life like look at that handwriting. I mean it looks like currently that looks like my my friend Ali and senior year. Fill those court documents for me speedy line. That's new job. Maybe she works there the Like per usual whenever you actually open up the the tabloid and read the story look. There's something we didn't already know not. It's not interesting at all the things with divorces when you file and you get paperwork and it's access economics you can get it. Anyone can get it. That's like their bread and butter. So they're just thrilled. They have like court documents that are public to them that they can just pull from an run with you. Know with rumors and sources. So it's like it's kind of a given that you get coverage of diverse like that because There's public documents just with with anything so to contrast life styles actual public documents in touch on the cover used a fake text. Message between Harry and Tom Marco and it's it's like a fake iphone and good. It's a fake iphone and it looks like it's hairy texting so Harry's the blue bubbles he's the sender and Markle it says because he's the blue bubbles. It's so hilarious texting Tom. If you like just let her you you love Meghan call me and then the next sex is you capital letter you you have two options em dash only we can help you delivered. And then typing fumbles Thomas. I think those weren't there text messages in that in their lawsuit. I think there were so those might be actual transcripts from that. They put in a fake phone. Obviously in this lawsuit that Megan is involved in with the with the Daily Mail etc there. They leaked these texts. That Harry texted to Thomas so there were technologies but those ones that they used on the cover our lead cobbled together from the real ones. Which are the real ones? Yeah the real ones are like Tom. one message sent a few days before the wedding reads Tom. It's Harry I'm going to call you right now. Please pick up thank you. Another motion text. Reads Tom Harrigan really need to speak to you? You do not need to apologize. We understand the circumstances but going public will only make the situation worse. If you love MEG and want to make it right. Please call me as there are two other options. That don't involve you having to speak to the media who incidentally created the whole situation. So please call me so. I can explain Meghan. I are not angry. We just need to speak to you. Thanks. I got that down to like Tom. Com E you got. If you love meg take you have done it again. Like not just shortening like those are very level headed like Clayton thoughtful tax like. That's not like it's like we don't blame you. We're not angry. Just like talk to talk to us on the phone. Okay Anyway. So yes so so. They're not fully fan. Faking those texts. Those are real but the illustration is hilarious. No of course it's funny good bubble nobody bubble. It's funny what are some funny non cover things that we saw. Because I saw that we both screen grabbed a lot of the same things. Who's one of my things dismal? The this made me laugh. This one I thought was pretty funny. Was they. Got a picture of Olivia Wilde and sweatpants and a sweatshirt waving. Because it's like usually I look the first look section is like a glamour shot or something like an address but it just her waving and a sweatshirt and then then shop style and it's a gray sweatshirt. Her sweater just says Adidas on it. Rice it Adidas. But this sweatshirt says I was social distancing before it was cool which you can buy for twenty eight dollars on buck. T. Dot Com. I just love the idea that they're implying that you would buy this to look like her. And she's just wearing a very plain and very easily accessible adidas sweatshirt. That's probably the same price. Probably they must have a deal with bug. T. Dot Com. Because why not just put the Adidas leak and very the whole thing was just the strange. I WanNa take a moment to apologize to Emma Stone. I thought there couldn't be anything more boring than Emma Stone's relationship. I was Emma Watson relationship this I also screen-grabbed this and I forgot to put in the dock Emma's off the market. It's because of the lead. Emma Watson has her own chamber of Secrets. She is happily single interviews. The Harry Potter Star thirty actually has been dating california-based businessman Leah Robinson Robinson Robinson for the last six months Leo Robinson. The couple were first spotted kissing outside Gayle's bakery in London's Notting Hill back in October. Emma has tried to keep their relationship private as possible leave. Leo even deleted his instagram. All good for Emma. Who fucking cares businessman Leo Ronbinton? Who is here? Not Much is known about Leo. The time except that he previously worked at a cannabis company in the Los Angeles Area Lussick. That's his business la rage. I`Ma that job Emma okay. That's true magazines. I believe it was in touch an okay but maybe it was in Okay in star talked about the thing we keep forgetting to mention on the podcast. Which is that Jesse? Metcalfe and Santana are coronate together even though they just broke up right. They're stuck together right and they had two ways of covering it because they're taking walks. Yeah one of them was XS and Os Jesse Metcalfe and Care Santana solve isolating together after a nasty split but made the quote mature decision to deal with the situation together source tells us that was US weekly not okay in star trying times and they found a photo of them doing the same walk but looking different directions. Y'All keeping their distance. Yeah though Jesse Metcalfe and cares tennis but three months ago the pair who were still living on the property took a walk around the block together and they absolutely miserable like having to sift through the probably dozens and dozens of taking a walk to find these. Two sad ones is very funny to me right. You got that one can find a happy one. There's a bad the other. Okay hates drawn Krinsky okay. Magazine hates John Krasinski. And this is John. Krasinski is of them but this right up of him is truly. Deranged are downgrading him. But like this is like Ch- to go after John Krasinski to me seems extremely weird and misguided like somebody has a vendetta against on Krinsky at. That's what I was going to say. It's like it's like the page six stuff it's like they. They go hard on things that you wouldn't expect them to go hard on whenever you get the feeling they have information that they can't reveal where they just really the person because literally this has been making like I mean. I don't think this is amazing. But he's doing a youtube show. That's good news. It's like some good news. Good news right so it's positive and it's not bad it's not good whatever it's sweet and it's getting a lot of attention because people love him and his wife and like Emily Blunt and they love good news. So there's really. It's really would be hard to criticize this in a way. You know. Even I wouldn't touch it but okay magazine. Okay listen to this. As the first sources are as the first episode of his Youtube series. Some good news made the rounds. John Brzezinski knew he had a hit on his hands. A stroke to his ego that a source says was anything but needed quote. Becoming a Youtube Star has only confirmed John that there's no facet of entertainment. He can't conquer but the general feeling around him is that he needs to show more grace spills the source. Though the success seems to have gone to his head some states on entirely without reason the actors earned raves for everything. He's done reasonably from starring in the action series. Jack Ryan Directing a quiet place. Still his colleagues can't help roll. Their eyes at the overachiever quote his colleagues. Emily Blunt by the way real. John is a lot more cutthroat than the guy you see on the charming youtube videos. Ads The source underneath. He has an intense Snead to succeed that exclude fine. It doesn't bother me doesn't bother me. Oh my God I'm not like John Kaczynski. Die Hard stance. He is for my hometown. But I do feel like this is coming out of nowhere. Why aren't these photos loading for me? There was a photo of Kristin Chenoweth reading a book outside that I loved and it won't load for me anymore. All right well. Is it loading for you? I see at peace and quiet long island April eighth got Chris in China is sending pictures directly to the tablets like generally like with no Christian should with exclusive. Yes no subject. Line NO TEXTS IN THE BODY. Just six attachments different angles. I know I've never seen Moore in China with comment content in tabloids that I have recently it is an it'll say like the or the subject line or the body will just say no but the body will be like happy Monday. Hope you're hope you're well. Oh we forgot to talk about how Keanu Reeves is probably engaged that woman. Alexandra the artist because she posted a photo with a ring on her engagement thinkers. Whatever show at this reading a book called synchronized breathing by Tara. Ellison and I thought it was interesting I was like Oh maybe her friend wrote a book and pretending to read it because the book came out. The book is a few years old and it's like very strange. It has very few reviews on Amazon. I'm like where did you find this book? What does the story behind this? This book Probablya Airbnb Year. Like a a rental in your dislike reading there. And you're like I would never encountered this book but I'm GonNa read it and then that's like what you read. I think that might be one of those times books. It's like how last time I say it at an AIRBNB for some wedding. An Idaho and there were not many options of things to watch but one of the DVD's was dodgeball. And it was like I guess. We'll fucking watch dodgeball. And it was awful miserable experience but we watched the whole thing anyway because it was all we had was all we had. Yeah well sometimes you just gotTa like look around the room and see what see what they got when they got to synchronize breathing by Tara Ellison this last woman last thing was like I didn't I guess because we've been getting so much brie Bella information like because she's pregnant and like her sisters pregnant. I really didn't know that John Cena her ex was dating. A new woman. Share Sharia today never heard of this woman in my whole life issue shares. Five things about the the five things about Johnson is date. Sharia today was published on April. First two thousand nineteen so we somehow miss this over year. Johnson is mystery woman is a mystery no more just days after did just days after the. Wwe Star was spotted holding hands the new woman in Canada. That's so funny. Holding HANDS WITH. A new woman in Canada. State has been identified as Shari out. Today let's get to the five things number one. She has Canadian roots okay. They Burn Canada. Her linked in profile reveal. She graduated from the University of British Columbia and has worked in the Vancouver area for more than a decade. What's number two? She's an engineer cool. She's working as a project manager for a Security Solutions Company vaguely on okay okay. Next up. She's always enjoyed physics. She said in a company profile K. NUMBER. She followed in her brothers footsteps. My brother studied engineering school. Okay great number. Four she idolizes her mom. They're really running out of things or Mama's or hero and number five. She's a people person. And how do they know that? Because on her Lincoln profile she says in her bio I love technology and people. I Love Technology and people me same same. Who Doesn't Weet Sina when key press? I don't know what key who key is. When key pressed him for more Information Sina share that he met Sherry out today at a restaurant after noticing quote a group of young ladies? I do not want to know the end of that story. Hey I did I. I didn't mean to pry but I just I just happened to notice you a group of young ladies over here like I'm having a hard time. Picking which one of the young leaves would like. So would there happened to be one of you. Who LOVES BOTH TECHNOLOGY AND PEOPLE? Because that's sort of what I'm looking for. Everyone looks at Shea Shea. He's got your number girl shake girl. Check that link Dan. This guy's perfect for you. Love Technology and people. That's what we always say about Shea. Vancouver when he was filming a movie. God Meeting New People in Canada. When you're filming movies the new. It's a new thing who wants to that I want an. I'm thinking I'm actually thinking of a Meghan and Harry. But he wasn't filming a movie if you get it. They meant Canada when he was. I got it okay. Is it Never Rita. It's always time for me to be wary. Where was she seen? She posted why on Instagram. She's clean ten onto through Us What's Rita Ora up to own this woman? She's I'm worried I'm worried about Rita. No you're not saying she's not doing as much as I thought she would. I thought she would be killed in it with quarantine content. But I think she's getting a little fatigued everyone else. She got spooked. I'm telling you she got spooked by that. Oh yeah because she fled her drama. She got the little drama blip and she got a little spooked and she didn't like say a do an apology or anything like that. But she's like I gotta lay low. I think she was kind of like. I'm just gonNA keep posting partially see through over the top bright red bricks or whatever according to this right. So she's not GonNa flaunt the fact that she's like airbnb being this place that she is going to take photos of herself in the garden. What really surprised me although I think. She put it on her instagram story. Let me check. Oh she's not British Duh. Okay I mean because she's British. She's on American. No yeah that's what I that's what I'm saying I was like I. Why didn't you do a mother's Day because they mother's Day is a different day and England so never mind but yeah? She's been doing a lot of instagram posts. There was this headline Rita Ora slaves and partially see-through top over Bright Red Bra which could be any day like windisch. She not wear partially see-through tops over bright red bras. I can't really name a day when she hasn't done this but she's doing more lives and this new one was on some applied. Never heard of so. It's like okay. It's like alive on some shopping APP. What else did she do? Oh secret demise bond for teela brand. This is the interesting thing that she did. She May Margaritas with her Prospero Tequila brand that. She's the brand ambassador for which I was like. Okay good that makes sense I think Lindsey. I think that's it. That's all almost yourself yet. It's all she did. She posted a photo of herself Twelve hours ago taking a walk like taking a social distance walk and like she's at a creek and it's just walks w. a. l. k. says the caption W. A. L. K. S. That's it. That's all she's doing. I'm not worried but I'm surprise but I think you're right. The fact that she spooked by how the press covered AIRBNB. I think really explains a lot of this is doing less. She's laying low. Yeah but that can't last forever. Think we've got like two more weeks of laying low and then she's back. I just. I'm not quite worried. Because of the time we're in that she's laying low that there's not a ton of Rita's stuff but go silently to lay low. We go a few weeks I might. Yeah Yeah And that's it for today. Thank you for listening to another episode of who weekly an extremely relationship fell to weekly. But you know what? Some weeks are like that follows on instagram twitter. Facebook support some Patreon.com slasher weekly for twice. Weekly bonus episodes Starring the two of us. You get your own special. Vip number as well but for those who don't subscribe call six one nine who them and we may address your question. Commoner concern on a future episode. Have a great week. We'll see you on Friday with WHO's there and That's it by MA THEY WANNA know fame it.

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Wonder Woman 1984, Ghostbusters Afterlife, & No Time To Die? | Pop Culture Comedy Podcast

One Giant Leap For Geeks

1:11:04 hr | 1 year ago

Wonder Woman 1984, Ghostbusters Afterlife, & No Time To Die? | Pop Culture Comedy Podcast

"What's up guys on this week? Show Bond James Bond. Oh you're going to go and that's just a trash gang more on this episode of one giant leap for geeks gigs welcome to another episode of. Og G talk about movies video games and all things key culture. I'm your host Mike. C. Squared with with my co host. Dj Mill. Hey before we get started. I want to let you know if you enjoy the show. Tell some friends about us. Shiro singing social media. Whatever you choose to do just that you helping us let others know about the best and podcast probably never heard of now if you want to talk to us to show was on twitter at giant leap the number four geese you if you can get a hold of our resident? Dj Mellie Mell at FROGGY beaver. No is what you've been doing counting down the days till Christmas vacation so the way that my job works now is I actually get pretty big time off during the holidays holidays and I don't even have to request talking so for Christmas. It's GONNA be Two weeks nice and all of that. That is paid ice. That's Kinda Kinda Nice Nice. Don't even have to take For thanksgiving I got three days so I got the Wednesday Thursday Friday so I had a total five days. Because I don't wear the weekends either So kudos to that. Let's much anticipated Other than the now now. When does it kick in they want? Is your Christmas vacation to start. It's going to be the twenty first. Oh it'll it'll be the Friday okay. Okay so the Friday before. Okay Okay Nice and I think that today's a half day so I leave half day and then we have so so. Yes so you said the twenty Fourth Twenty First Okay I. I'm sorry I think I did say the twenty my fourth. I on Christmas Eve. Oh but no yes right before and then another week another two weeks. So it's it's I don't go back until like the fifth or sixth. Geez that's great. I'm jealous I'm jealous. No I don't even want to hear that because you're always on vacation. No I'm really not no no no. It just seems like that because I've been taking so many in succession a week here. We right because because it's been like the last like three or four months. It's been like up until like a week off a month in the last few Souso feels like that but I haven't taken off any time up until that point was last time I took time off since September was back in January. So yeah you you kind of chunk it all. Yeah we'll be. It always seems to into working out that way because like staffing and stuff like that and it's like for me to take off that much time but yeah and and because they kind of winters your slow season exactly like after you hit that holiday rush exactly. Yeah Yeah because since since I work retail tale. There's no need for me to you know and plus too. If you're planning on taking a vacation go somewhere when you know. The season season isn't the optimal to go because it's cheaper through. I mean if we would've tried to go to Texas in the middle of the summer I would have paid a lot more to flaw as opposed to going in January right where it was like. No one wanted to be going anywhere then right no I mean as as just for myself. This week I've been like in a life and death battle trying to make sure that I don't catch the flu from a train. Trains and mother has been sick. Kurt sick a couple of other people I know have been you know coming down with flu. Like symptoms glad that you said something Now that we're here right right right like we're into this episode early this week you know I. I don't think I'm sick. I did feel a little like like queasy yesterday in Like towards the end shift at work started not feeling hot and that night but prior to Ed I had a really hard time sleeping and I was like really sweaty throughout the night. Okay so I I don't know if I'm fighting off or what I feel okay. Hey today I'm tired. I had one night last week where I woke up in a sweat and that was the extent of it yesterday. I I was like super exhausted. Yeah that's that's more so because you know she was like you know like physically. Ill has been kind of upset stomach. Don't make a little bit but I haven't really wanted to bathroom any more frequently than what I normally do But it's been just tired. Yeah just like I. I can relate to sleep. He just comes. That's how it was yesterday. I didn't even very barely got on facebook other social media that I have no. I have a chat group that unusually pretty active and I wasn't feeling it and all yesterday got anyone deal with anybody. I fell asleep. Elite six five thirty six When I got home from work yesterday so yeah yeah thankfully? I'm feeling much much better today. I'm good good to hear that you're fighting it off. Yes yes yes yeah so. Yeah we'll see how I feel in the morning at least whereas right now feel pretty. Okay on shoes alright. But okay moving on flu shots. You probably wouldn't be dealing. Would this our main man Mr Bond is back and at least I don't know they say that this is the last one they've been what they've been saying for like the last like three. So I I would daniel okay. Well the studio Sony don't want it to be last one Daniel. Craig doesn't want to continue being bond and that's why we keep every like year to you. You know we get the whole argument backup like Oh you know. Are we going to Egypt. Elba James Wall. I know I would love it for it to happen. I don't I would too but the no studio is going to let that happen. I mean they kind on a close to it because there was rumors for a bit that the the woman. That's in this. That she was going to be the the new bond. She is a double o in the movie but she's not going to be the new bond. It's the black woman that's like talking about shooting day. I didn't catch the actresses name but she I was GonNa say I'm like like I feel like people are gonNA throw a fit no matter what you do changing bond in any kind of way because because when I just need time to let the change grow on them because when they first made Daniel Craig or when he first announced he was going to be beyond the hardcore fans are format because they're like Oh bonds not blonde. You know bond you know has this I color. And he's this heightened build and ninety out and then the books they say and I'm like man it don't I'll have to be exactly like right like you don't hear people complaining that bury the actor who plays Barry Allen on the flash show like Oh. He's not a redhead. A Brunette like it doesn't matter like it's it's fine like no one gives a shit like if if fucking unless it's something that is he's like directly connected to what makes the characters special Then it I don't think it matters. What their physical appearances per se like Lester Mr just so far removed? Jonas like an Asian. You're playing and I don't what's something. Captain Captain America or Superman or something. Yeah I mean that. That would probably cause an uproar. Sure sure not not that it should matter but now captain America might be a little bit weird because of the time period that it takes place like if it was like a modern day cap. Sure but at that time yeah it would have been. It would have been kind of weird but I mean it's still shouldn't matter however we had you know anybody other than and a tall white dude playing captain America somebody'd have some problems with it. Yeah yeah no I I mean I'm I'm just I'm over this whole will you don't fit this idea of somebody that we have in a comic book so you talked today. I think you should look like who the fuck. Yeah look at the same time though. We are the same. I mean people who complained about the way sonic looked now sonically garbage. Say now we can't be hypocrites. Didn't even look like the video game. He he he. That was just an abomination. I don't know what the fuck. Oh that's not even in the same compared to be fair to them. Though I mean I would still. I saw what they were going for. I you can look at James like yes I noted that supposed to be sonnet sure but it was in weird Ankeny Valley. He just looked creepy. Teeth were weird and his eyes were it was just all all of it which is bad. Yeah there are some things about this though. That kind of made me hesitant about it because one of the things that I did like about. Since they've revamped the bond series with Daniel Craig is that they've been kind of keep an overarching continuity between his movies so each one is Kinda connected to the last one is not like the older by movies where it was just like. Hey it was just leak freaky too weak and showed so each movie was just kind of its own standalone little story. I'll take your word for it because the last bond that I think I watched was die another day with Pierce Brosnan Roy right right but for example like gold nine die another day. Don't really have much. Yeah no one with each other if you look back at like Sean Connery Bonds Brian. Roger Dorado bonds can go to the Pierce Brosnan now every insurer maybe. ABC They might bring a villain back from another movie you know. And they have those to be connected. But it wasn't like each successive movie was like Owen. This happened and then it's it's not just kind of like standalone stories successions. Yes yes exactly. So so would this. I liked how they were all kind of connected to each other by the the problem is I haven't seen last couple now. So they're making references to stuff in this from the last like to move and I have no idea what the fucks going on. I know that the villain in the last one was blow Feld or whatever and Christoph Waltz but I don't know how the movie played out so the whole strip with the girl in she's a why would I betray you and he's like. Oh you know something about secrets and Shit and I'm like I don't know what the fuck talking about but right so so that to me as a viewer it Kinda. I'm not invested in it. I don't know who that chick is. I don't know what they're fighting about. Like AAC they kind of give you flash. Oh you gave up everything for her James. SNES my is still. Don't know what he give up what happened. They'd you'd have a fall where she cheated on him like she culkeen them or some shit like I don't know what went down but as far as like the action stuff it you know like There's a scene where James is on the motorcycle when it goes upstairs. That was really cool. The car scene yeah. Everybody loves the CAR scene. Being with the little gatling guns coming up the headlights. That was that was really. Don't he's just doing donuts. Shake his face because he just he's sitting in this car and they're shooting up his car right and he's like got this look on his face like dude. I'm James Bond. Really Right. He's like they don't even know often a fuck shit visa. Hold on let me I. Just don't let me push this button right here and showed his design Bush. No here one of the things. Though that I would say a is probably a strength and a weakness of these movies is that they do go out of their way to find. You know different actors offers that you wouldn't necessarily expect to be in a movie like this. You know they had Javier Bardem as villain and one of them and then they got Romy Malik. Now and this one and it's like sure you know yeah it sounds in theory like an elevator pitch. Yes sounds house cool to be like you know James Bond versus Freddie Mercury and Shit. Sure but then like as. I'm watching it you know he's supposed to be like 'cause like you. You hear Alex character's voice over and he's like oh James Bond licensed to kill and history of violence. And he's like Oh you know I could be looking Humira or some shit like insinuate. The he's also some kind of secret agent person gone rogue or some shit and I'm just like Grammy Malik. Doc In fucking Daniel Craig and even in the same fucking universe of light comparison like both are killers we whooping ass fucking bitches and globetrotting and Shit and I'm like Malik doing any of that. If he threw a punch okay. His shoulder was like no like stop like he so so when they when they present him as a villain like that. Because I thought okay. We're going to make him more of like intellectual that I can see a mad scientist or like some rich kinda you know pulling strings behind the type of shit but Kim like giving him a gun on it just like in anywhere like a weird like Phantom of the opera mask or some shit. I don't know what's up with that. I mean mean 'cause there's phases birthday. I don't know it still is weird. I'm I've never really been invested in any James Bond movie. Sure sure sure. And we're we're we're we're casuals. Yeah every once in a while. If there's looks like a good cast sure right right but I mean I'm not I I haven't followed them. All no means no. I don't give a shit I'm just I'm sorry no and that's totally fair because I'm kind of in same same boat is like I don't I don't like the movies I I'll watch it sure. Do I get excited when the next one comes out out now now H.. Rain heard her father he actually really loves James Bond so he gets excited for these movies but now he he's definitely got more invested in it deny ever will not say that they're bad just inches not really nothing right. I will say as always like you know. All the bond movies are but especially I feel these since the Daniel Craig air like all these movies look really well. There's shot really well like the locations or just beautifully lit and you know everything just looks really really good and Chris. There's a scene where he's like in a club or some shit. Here's all these lights and stuff and it just looks like really really good. Yeah it kind of reminded me of John Wake in a couple of shots but if they if I thought they would give Elba chance in the next bond movie v. I'd be excited to see where they're going after this because this is supposed to be his last year but I don't think that's going to happen so it's like I don't really have anything. Invested stayed in seeing where this goes raise. Because I'm like you know after Danny crates. who going to get WHO's British because it's gotta be somebody British so who you'll make a comeback? If James Gone gives townhall fucking let him do it. We started off young. Should in that way you can for the next twenty movies chair Shar Marvel. Yeah because then that way Sony you get off his ass lobbying spiderman he can be bond in he can still be spider man from our when everybody's happy. There's a win win across the board. Sounds good there. We go all right moving on. You're waiting for in this episode of celebrity death match it's Freddie Mercury versus James Bond. I am disappointed in the Internet. I feel like I'm always disappointed Internet but I'm especially disappointed because people were saying that. They thought that the song that was in his trailer for wonder woman. Nineteen eighty-four was her new teams on. I know I know 'cause 'cause you remember what her thing that Ben Okay okay. So but didn't they heard this in her like. Oh they knew theme. It's like Oh you know Synthesize eighty sound. I'm like yeah because it's a actual actual eighty song. Yeah but I'm like it's I forget the name of the band but it's a song like tell me how does he feel like you do like that's not wonder woman's new theme is just the song in the trailer that's from the eighties because the movie set in the eighties right right two years ears. Actually before I was born so old man I knows and say our. I've literally age myself years before you were born. Yeah so this movie would've took place thirty five years ago. Okay well that puts it Seven years before I think five the movie is set. Where were you born ninety one? Okay then my math is way off. Fuck you're right I seven yes. It's been a long day but no I I'm going to say the obvious. The movie or at released a trailer feels a lot like thor Ragnarok yes like the whole time. All's watching it from the music down to the colors and how shot shot and like the pacing and everything with the joke sprinkled in. I'm like man. This feels a lot like like a lot a lot and it they had to model it off something true true but but see. Ns kind of what my promises. I feel like the I wonder woman movie felt a lot. Like captain America vs Avenger right like it's just one instead of World War Two and I'm like Oh man like I just hope that they're not you know in any gave me vibes aquaman and stuff like Datu as well no. I don't like a too much to be honest. We we both said though because we wash it again in Right before we started recording and we both agree that like all the action scenes really good. It's really colorful and especially like there's certain scenes where any reminded me a lot of the scene from X. Men two when nightcrawlers like going l.. Like fighting OUGHTA secret service agents or whatever which it looks like. She is fighting in the White House as well or something similar to it. But there's a shot where she grabs the guy's gun and she unloads the bully and she slaps it with her bracelet and those dough and I was like that was really cool. She probably killed somebody but it was still cool through into a wall potion. Oh sure totally. And then there's the big money shot towards the end where she's like riding the lightning with the fucking awesome. I don't it does makes absolutely no sense at all but it's cool looking. I mean I guess he can she do that. I've ever seen wonder woman do that. Nell I've never seen seen her do that. Okay no it doesn't make sense here but for her to be the daughter of Zeus use. The you know somehow connected to Zeus in the way that she is sure sure it's cool like as an after like Komo yes. She's she's brought to life by. Yeah yes and then. She's riding controls lightning so that is kind of how now I took that in new. That was pretty awesome and also the golden costume that we get at the end. Yeah it looks better in motion because remember when they put out that poster and she and we were dogging on it because it looked bad and that whole everything waited that poster was against that suit just all of its look bad but in the movie itself it looked a lot better than it has wings too which is cool and I was like. Oh that's pretty awesome. I'm I she's got kind of a What's what's the story about the guy who flies he gets? He makes the wings but he flies through closer to the sun and they catch on fire fire. Forget it's like the Greek story a whatever. Yes yes yes armies. I think you're right. Yes yes yes yes. It's Gimme vibes with the wings and shit like that. Sound like the Greek gods leaning more into her whole like Amazonian in shape. And all that and I'm like that's you know I mean. I appreciated that but I like Greek mythology as do i. You know I love to war games. Yeah I sit and watch T. money Like I don't have any desire to play them out of touch playing video games. Sure but I do. I think I've watched I've watched him sit and play mall. I like the story progression. I like the way that it goes. So yeah no I I do I. I'm not really filling the villains that that's my biggest worry like I don't I don't like this fucking weird blonde wig that they got on Pedro Pascal know they. It looked like Nathan fillion. Anyone shot like I don't like what they're doing with him like I don't find him intimidating villain. Kristen waste cheetos isn't isn't looked very interesting. Like a stage five care for Kristen Wake anyways but Pedro Pascal in this movie he he does look very eighties. Looks like he stepped off the scene. Miami vice not necessarily the villain for wonder woman yeah he looks like Caricature of somebody from the eighties. What we you would make fun of somebody from the eighties of being like I don't I don't know I don't know what his his performance is going to be like right now? I'm I'm watching. The main delorean on Disney plus and he's the main character in that and he never takes his helmet off but you know so you only hear his voice the whole time but you kind of like judge dredd kind of thing okay. But he's really good and I've never watched game at the rose before what I hear us in that and he was good in that as well okay but so it's like I do like him as as an actor so I mean I hope that the movie will do more justice than what this trailer is because as of right now. It's not know the jokes were were pretty funny. Little Trash can joke. That was cute. She's like Oh it's all our he's like Oh yes and he's like walking up and looking at it and she she's like that's just the trash can. He's a great right right just trashing interesting. I don't like the fact that they brought Chris Pine back though. I think I kind of knew that they were. We're going to. Oh Yeah I knew from my set photos and casting news end of the other the other one woman movie but it feels like the I wonder woman movie was kind of set more modern Whereas this this one is set in eighties? Measure how that's supposed to work mark. But the first one she was like flashing back to like war one came all the. Yeah I know that but I mean just as far as why are we going to have one set in the modern time and then one setback thirty some odd years. I don't no no. I guess they're they're kind of doing what the X.. Men reboots did where it's like. We're going to go through each decade like we're seventies and eighties ladies and ninety shit and it's like in Kinda sorta what Captain Marvel did too because that takes place in the nineties though. I don't think her subsequent movies are going to take place back in time. It's GonNa be like modern going forward but it made sense for hers to start in the nineties. Though just like it made eight cents for caps to start in the fifties and you know ironman started in the two thousands but he does a lot of flashback Roy. Roy and that's mostly you know them creating the backstory interweaving them. Yeah so where is this. This is like like you said the previous wonder woman felt like it was today's time. And why would you need a movie. That's set thirty thirty years ago exactly thirty seven years ago or whatever. I don't yeah I don't I don't see what I'm getting at. Yeah no no no no I know what you mean and plus two. I don't understand what I just feel like. They're kind of just making the first movie over again and I don't understand like why they wouldn't take because they could win a very very different direction with the sequel especially because the first movie was so successful like you literally literally did anything you wanted to do with this right and all they're basically doing his remaking the last movie again because now instead of wonder woman being a fish out of water and not not knowing anything about man's world now Chris Pines characters the fish out of water. We him being an eighties now because he's in the future and he's like oh he doesn't know anything about you know Jersey phones and all this kind of stuff. So it's like he's like you know what is the TV again. Yeah Yeah Yeah years. He's the Captain America of this duo and stuff. It's like he's he's ignorant All the modern day technology outings work right like he's been frozen somewhere exactly exactly and I. I just think that that's what they're going toward. I don't know how ever they explain him coming back. I don't like it because I feel like it. Kinda cheapens. His Death S. in the last movie. Yeah because it's like well if you're going to just bring him right back in the very next movie then it's like Whoa that whole power. The power of that moment is kind of taken away. Because it's like well all you do. Is You bring right back right. kind of like how Ben vs Superman Cheapens Superman's death because you literally bring him back in the Justice League the very next main. It's like not even a year passed and he was right back on screen again so it was like well. Why did you make such a big deal about the death of Superman if you were going to bring him right back back at least in the comics when they killed superman it was a while before he showed up again? I think it was supposed to be a while. But it was not because Warner brothers is not as developed. No what would that's what I should've Mir it. They were gonNA mimic anything for Marvel's model. It should have been there team up. Movies should have been event movies. Oh Yeah so you have your standalone you build up to that. So that so in Batman versus Superman happened there should have been like a Solo Superman movie. Solo Wonder Woman Aquaman then when you build up to justice and then you go from there. I think so too by. Yeah like the waiter doing it. Now it's not. Yeah but I mean I don't know we'll see I mean it doesn't look bad there are things about it. I did think we're cool looking. I just I don't know I'm not really feeling what they're deciding to do. As far as plot with yeah I'd I don't quite get it but I mean I'm excited for it. 'cause I've been hyping up. This wonder woman return for a while. Now right wash it. That's the only good thing they had going for until I came two out of six. That's not good. I know right I mean no. It just ain't even the man is still movie was lacklustre. Luster Yeah I saw that and I was just I don't know hate ministerial but no. It's not the greatest though. I mean I know it has definitely lackluster. And I'm just like Yeah no yeah and that came out way before all of the others So we'll see when this comes Out June fifth. I believe Yeah so summer movie. At least they got the timing right right if nothing else all right moving annoy the biggest question I have to watching. This trailer is watches. Chris Pine carrying enough fanny pack It's that time again for America's number one show dumb shit of the week and that's why dump should show Jamie Melvoin Dumb Shit and we talk about which is mission on the show find on twitter at giant leap number four so you can email us. Officio G. G. H. E. DOT COM. Here's your host. Dj Meli All right so the end of twenty nineteen vastly approaching I can't believe that in December like we're fourteen days away from Christmas or something like that As crazy but Apparently somebody thinks that we we need to go back to two thousand and five The golden year old in diamond. Actually the the at newest trend of the sweet. And we're GONNA finish twenty nineteen out with teeth gems to all. Aw baby coming back. Thanks Jerry Leno from now. Correct me if I'm wrong but grills our our teeth overlays. Yes yes. It's like a metal piece. The rhinestone spun it well. This is the next level grills. Oh they're putting actual tooth. Gems are the neatest trend lasting up to six months Oh from six months up to a year. People are installing Jensen diamonds onto their actual to also adhesive or something. Yeah Yeah I from what I understand. They're already drilling Shithole most. Almost they're like using the super adhesive thing it and they're getting playboy bunny logos and diamond. Assortment I don't get it then I really don't okay so okay. So so where is this. Where is this like? Does it say like where he's as popular as it people. The sale took somebody was having a massive lake flashback. I don't know what you would call it re re watch party and sure they Had A bunch of throwback music from mid two thousand when girls were popular her and they agree you agree. They're like me did see how close we can get to this. They started to find these gems that you can glue in like this bracelet. Braces glue and Wallah tooth gems. So we were really do. I'm like I remember when girls were like. Oh it was so stupid looked retarded so dumb and I remember when that song come out. I can still sing every word of it. Yeah but that is not the point I was GONNA say so. Can we all start rocking. Air Force ones again grills. We Own Saran Wise Beatles again the band under your. We don't cut little slits in our eyebrows. What else we bring him back Foo Foo coming. I'm back bitches. Janko jeans right out the ladies that gotta have the dark line around their lips with the light lip gloss or the lake. Ah We bring him back Sean. John did he's coming back. I did see how somebody brought back the Alva Lord jumpsuits. Oh Oh shit yet reaons coming back bitch. We got all four jumpsuit. DEGREES CRIBS is coming back. Oh yeah should we finished our watching fucking punked again as Beck which actually the kid from stranger things has like a punk. Don't type show on as as apparently okay pranked or some such bullshit. I have the same ring. Like they can get Ashton back back. 'cause last I heard he's like a lawyer or something. No no he. He did some light sex trafficking or chatting asking people but I mean yeah but he he does he does do the ranch though on that. So yeah we're GONNA. That's that's what I'm still trying to come up. Well what else can we bring back from the early two thousands we gotta have the Rahman noodle hair. Oh yeah okay okay okay. Wow what else was popular then the Tamagotchis all those kind of ninety thousand say Oh nope we gotta have the chain belts. Okay yeah sure. Yep Yep Yep Yep thongs are Popular Oregon. Say Girls Dancing in the neon bikinis. Yup Yup we've got bad boys coming back I was. I mean we might as well you know we bring him back batboys Yeah Guess Bikini Top with the Gene Ryo say anything associated with Nellie or like AAC southern rappers Oughta shows popular in two thousand boy bands and very nose-bag back the boy the end and sync backstreet. Boys like Ghirardi and like the the street is call and again. I don't missed a two thousand ten to sixty four. I'd rather go back to the nineties. These men at least at least in the nineties everything was extremely no this shit like at least at least it was just goofy. Fun The two thousands of just whack whack. I'm like it's so corny. I look back at it and it's like why are we should purses law God. Yeah I'm with you. Oh white chicks all remember that movie. You actually liked that movie. I'm pretty sure you've talked about how you like that movie. All the way in brothers bring them just in general thing with the Wayne's family. It's like thirty anything anything involving no again okay. So so it was so bad also who is the artists the artists the tick tock in. It wasn't credited they did. What do they call it? Tick Tock creators fuck. I don't know won't even have toxic TACO doesn't even the call so we're GONNA call on Youtube Avenue Right. By one giant talker are the enslavers called. Twitch streamers are they called twitter's I would never call myself to say switched remain. Yeah yeah so this is the new thing popping up in take him on twitter and you know it's crazy that all of this stuff is leak. I don't WANNA say coming back but you know yeah. When we were younger we had was that thing where they like twisted your arm and made the red mark? You had like did that. And then you had the the stupid challenges that our generation did so now we have a whole new wave of stupid generation thinking that they're discovering something new and they're like. Oh my God this doesn't is and I'm like no go go go read a book or something I mean we. I guess it makes sense though too because we've already gone gone through the phase of our bringing shift from the nineties back so now I guess we're to thousands. It only makes sense. We're at the point where the two thousands are now retro my twenty years here so yeah I know how how. How do we keep making this progression? We're not dead. Yeah I mean I still alive. So how do we just keep because you were not shitting witnessed cycling back you can only you can only do so much new stuff until you gotta go back into the bucket and start bringing up all this stuff and you make elegant because his new for the next generation yeah as new those of us in the old generation we're just like why you're still wack as it was back then they they go learn kids going to rediscover it and it's still be what I guess mostly so I don't recommend indicating these gems things if you want to Google basically what they will look like Google any kind of rap star in the mid two thousand early two two thousand no no just look at Gerry those joker in suicides. She's a grill. That is about what you gonna get but this. This is a little bit different from release the way you're describing it. They're just like glowing things to their team. And they have some kind of adhesive and so that makes it worse at least a grill. You could take out an inner change if you glued to your fucking tooth. Then that's another thing. Who even draws playboy bunnies anymore? That's another made to thousands thing like we were all obsessed with the dams and now I went to high school with a kid who wore a black wife beater would have playboy bunny on it to like homecoming or something like that. Ah I'm surprised. I haven't let him in. My sister-in-law has a playboy bunny on tattooed on her hand and it's clearly done done amateur early and so it takes up like her whole chunk of her hand and her son is uh-huh Fourteen fifteen probably thirteen or fourteen and he looked at her looked at her hand a couple of years back and he's like mom. Why do you have the angry bird on your hand? And so she's been talking about how she's gotta get it covered up because it it looks bad why I would say if you can finally get cover up artists. It is though they they. I've seen them transform some bad tattoos and it could be done however there it's going to be because it takes Liga takes up most of her her top her hand and so like starts over over by some and then it kind of goes out across by her fingers and then back around. So it's rough. No but I mean whatever. It's her tattoo online. You know several people with two uh of the Playboy bunny so it's not ever anything I could get into probably for good reason 'cause when it was out in unpopular I was too young for playboy and now that I'm older I'm just Lake Shit. Nobody cares so I guess if you're going to get these gems glued onto your teeth. Might I suggest something mildly appropriate for the subject. But I mean again. If you're getting gyms glued to your teeth and rock out which Littlejohn health rows that was just my. Hopefully you're self employed. Because you have time go on job interviews. Yeah it flu. John Wasn't a rap star. Nelly when rap star. I don't think that either one of them would have a job. No at least not legitimate ones. That's all I got though If you WANNA be a part of my dumb shit process. You're more than welcome we. Did you take submissions via twitter at jointly than before Geeks or you can send it directly to myself. I am at froggy beaver If you would liked to email it to US official G G G MAIL DOT COM. That's where it's at all I can say. Stay smart kids and make better decisions visions. Let me see you grow your grill. We finally got a straight up actual trailer for the the new ghostbusters ghostbusters afterlife. Last time they showed us anything it was basically the wire in a in a barn and shit like the Tarte blows up in like you see the ghostbusters logo. And just like that was it and I was like. Oh Wow oh that's literally auditor showing is okay. `climactic right right right so now we actually got actual straight up teaser trailer for the movie and is it a teaser searching at a trailer trailer I would say I would. I'd it's long enough to where I would call trailer. Day would probably still call it a teaser. Okay okay okay. Because I mean we are not calling that lasting fucking teaser. That was literally nothing like nothing. You didn't see a person on the screen inside the car right. I'm like fuck that noise. No I'm actually really excited to see them. Do something different. Like Dave remade. The first ghostbusters twice already ghostbusters to is basically ghostbusters. One again and the two thousand sixteen goes on atrocity. Yeah I mean they swap out the characters and stuff but it's still basically the first ghostbusters again. So glad to see them doing something different with this one. Yeah we're actually progressing story. Yeah Yeah Yeah in ignoring what came before. I like the fact that this is set thirty years. Oh after the original movies and all the events that happened in the first two movies actually happened in this world. And you know it's not like Oh we're just GONNA act like you know. This is a whole new team like it it. It would be disrespectful to pretend like the original movies. Didn't sure I agree but cool that we we have a link to previous yes seem as well. I mean it's not you know it's not explicit. Hey Hey this is so and so but I mean you can pick up the kids like hey. This is my grandpa right right right right then. John's granddaughter the car and you see the suits and you see the this that and the so I mean it's it's Kinda cool I'm pretty sure we saw slammer in a trailer to chasing. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Because he goes by so fast and I think that was slimy but I was one hundred percent. Sure did I but I can see people making the the argument that it does feel Kinda like you know. There is a stranger things vibe. There I totally get that. I can't pretend actually seen stranger things. Yeah Yeah I it. It feels like stranger things or it or something like that. Because it's like like the kids and the monsters and chasing ghosts and all this kind of stuff so if it does remind me of indoor stranger things I mean hell all the way down to often wolf. Heart is in it N.. Stranger things and now he's in this as well. That is the same kid yes so it was so so. He's in all three of these things so I mean it's hard to see him and not think of that and the kids make in vain online he gets around should but he's Mama must got him a real good age. I know I was GonNa say I'm like his agents doing work for that kid but I I just off like the visuals along. Were enough to make me go like okay. This feels refreshing new like seeing the ECHO. One like do fucking drifts in like a cornfield and I was like that was cool because it was like whenever I see that car or whenever I even think about ghostbusters. It's hard to not immediately. Think of New York Work Right. You know because there's so you know attached to the place as well lately say even still had the original New York plates. That's exactly what New York is almost a character in itself in the movies. You know. I'm like hell. Yeah he comes to live he had a whole fucking city does. So it's like you know. The the city city always felt like a character to itself so it's hard not to ghostbusters in New York so to see that go one in this little small town out in his random cornfield view and shit. It's like it's so far removed but at the same time so familiar that it was like it felt refreshing to see like that I was like okay. I'm like now I you see what they're trying to do here. I'm like they're. They're not just going to remake the first movie again but at the same time they're taking elements that were familiar with an putting them in a different context and contextualized the Jurassic Park a little bit. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah I mean we had elements from from the original Jurassic Park but at the same time it was it was new it was falling kingdom shit the bed at the end but I respect they were trying to do something different. Yeah like making it until almost like a horror movie in like a haunted house. Kind of thing. It didn't play outright and it was dumb execution but the idea was cool Jurassic world in of itself was pretty cool. Yeah with this though. We talked about this off Mike. But you know and and I had been conversing seeing some other people talking about it in the comments comments. But they're not gonNA show the OJ cast right not yet like this is GonNa be like the advertising for this will be just like marvel. Did with civil war theo. Everybody knew Spiderman was going to be civil war but they didn't show you him right away like the fourth trailer say it wasn't at least until the second trailer at bare minimum. Like the the very first look though we got was focusing on the main characters because at the end of the day this is not their movie right you know they will be in the movie Yes they will have a cameo. I don't know how big of a role they will play but this is the kids movie. Sure like that. That's what the problem is. Yeah Yeah Yeah. 'cause that's what the problem is with ghostbusters. Making a secret in general is that it's been too long like people keeps complaining that they WanNa see the original cast back. But it's like do you really want to see old as bill. Murray in old as Dan ackroyd and in fucking oldest Ernie Hudson there we can think of his name earlier I knew we would come back and and Noam Proton packs in getting an fucking jumpsuits and should broken hip right. It's it's like I can believe more kids out here running around chasing a bunch of grown as middle age you know oh now senior citizens when they made the original exactly so now these old ask more focus on like Like I think like you said it's refreshing. Yeah like go look up a picture of Bill Murray today like don't stop get built ghostbusters. Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Bill Murray audio head. This ain't stripes no more often. I'm all fucking white man. He's old is hell now. And I'm like I don't know if they can still embody the characters. The way they today's back then are they gonNA have the same chemistries when it was made exactly now. We're talking thirty five years later. dudes or like on their deathbed Ernie Hudson. Doing the Damn Insurance people commercials like come on now. I with this though. It was interesting because it does feel more like a coming of age story. That's a bit more sombre originally because there wasn't a lot of jokes in a trailer like the only outright joke I know that they did was when deer like the earthquake or whatever and and Wolf Heart scare two goals. He's like hey remember that one summer we die right under a table like the one just outright joke but other than that like there's funny moments like win the seat comes out the side of the car and you're here's shooting the fucking proton pack slammer and Shit and you're driving the streets. That's funny but that's not a joke right so it's like. There's only one joke in the trailer so I'm like. Is this a comedy or like what are they. That's why I'm waiting to see what the next trailer does. Because I think this is. I think that the trailer are maybe isn't necessarily what the tone of the whole movie is going to be. I mean that could be like a couple of times. Yeah I think that they might be that is true and maybe a little bit misleading as to what the final product. The movie is going to actually be that could be. Do we have a release date yet. Any just said summer twenty twenty. It didn't give the actual date trailer. I I know that they're never gonNa make everyone happy. But I do think that the filmmakers hearts are in place as sure. I think that it is the son of the original director. So it's like you know in the original director producer onus so you know the in in Dan ackroyd writing or co writing it so it's not like you know two thousand sixteen months jassat anywhere right right. We're just like we're just doing our our own thing and we just say fuck everything that came before and so the the people who started this and the people who have the most investment in our working on. It can't be such a slave to the original movie that you don't let it be. Its own thing for a new generation because it makes sense to have kids in it because because it's like well you know they're they're gonNa make sequels it is. They're going to be great. We're into the roles. I mean well then stop for thirty years. Search your favorite actors from the eighty shouldn't just pick up their roles and continue and be like. I'm back right. I know John Rampart right or you'll be lucky. Give you get two movies out of these. The first one right. I do think though that it was a good idea to put Paul readiness to because he'll kind of anchor the movie in like today's as age because we have the younger kids who you know. Somebody's actors are already popular from strange things like that. And then you have an adult actor actor comedic actor who is relevant now with the marvel movies because and who is also relevant twenty years ago right exactly because it's like you can't just throw although g characters in here with the new kids and be like we're selling the movie. Oh yeah the hardcore scenes you know who wanna see though Gecas. They'll be on and in some new people who like the young actors might be on it but to get everybody. You have to have something that the general audiences recognized and I think Paul Rudd's is a recognizable enough actor to the person to where they're like. Oh I like that guy. He's that's aunt manner. He was an anchorman or he was in whatever you know. So Ah I don't necessarily know what they're doing with his character because he just kind of seems to be like exposition man because the whole trailer he just like explaining and this is a proton pack and this is a ghost trapped in an eighty eighty. He was there. You're in New York right or at least alive during SA exist that he might have been swept up in the ghostbusters. Maybe MHM somehow someway. He's connected to that and he seems like he's like he knows a lot or like fain boy almost and she he's. That's that's a cool replica. In on his shit. And it's like what are you fucking talking about me like what so I I. It's going to be interesting to see more of him. I think what what they end up doing with him I. I'm kind of excited to see this. I like ghostbusters. T money hates ghostbusters. But we're going to go see this anyways. Yeah I I like you. I don't lovey. I have never understood the rabid passion. Some people have for but I do think it's good but I don't think it's like the best thing since sliced bread by no means. No no no but I mean I enjoy it. I've seen both of their the ghostbusters. Movies are okay. They're pretty good. Let's they're just fine the way he whacked like they put them on a pedestal. And they're not even know that the second movie they couldn't even make I was gonNA. I'd say they couldn't even outdo the first one themselves so for people to keep going over. This would never be as good as it. No nothing will they call lightning in a bottle and they've never been able to repeat repeat ascents so just give this chance and stop trying to hold it up to some you know attainable standard right. All right moving on something strange in your neighborhood got a cool fin wolf. Uh and finally to wrap up our tra- lanes apart from this week as we did have a shit I I remember. I was leak. It was late at night and I'm like Oh here's the wonder woman trailer then I saw something else. uh-huh here's the ghostbusters trailer. And send it to you and then I was like. Here's the Milan. Senate deals like Jesus. Christ we're going to have just nothing but trailer this up because I was gonna say because there was a couple of other things that happened in pop culture I was GonNa talk about but then it was like you said no time to die came out and I forgot about that one. The two Ts Fuck Mu Lawn and ghostbusters. And it was just like Jesus Christ and then another one came out today for some Ryan any rentals movie that I didn't even watch it because I can't believe I just glazed over it. I was like Yay probably. That'll be next week. I'm not even gonNA worry about it right now we did. We did have a sad moment this week though. Yes we guy that plays big Yup Yup Yup remember. I'm blanking on his name. Yeah but the actor who played the big bird he I was like man I was like this week. It's been like jam-packed but to round it out we finally got a another trailer for Milan and it looks really really good. Even even if you don't care enough about the story nothing else just from a visual standpoint like the the way that this is filmed I love like period. Piece movies like anything to do with Samurais or any kind of like old like Eastern culture culture stuff. I love movies like that. And so like this is right in my alley in just the way it is so you almost forget that. It's like Disney right right right right like like we're remaking a fucking cartoon movie from the Nineties and Shit Yeah like you you forget Eddie Murphy was a talking dragon initiate. You know it almost makes you forget what the source material is because the way it looked so like cinematic and shit I I don't know jewels are great. Yes yes the trailer is really powerful. Like I think that it did his job well and I was already like an and for this movie from the last trailer. Yeah but now. I'm like all in like I tear up a little bit when like The the the father of the family He was like. Do you have any sons. No Sir I was blessed with two daughters I will fight and he like falls down in in case they end up. They know he's got to go to ward. He's getting his sword and armor together and I was like Oh no and then she likes sneaks off and put on the armor what a sleep and she leaves no correct me if I'm wrong. She was only child in the cartoon wasn't she was never mentioned that she was the only child. Okay that mention that she was this. She had a sibling sibling over there. I know daughters rather this this she had a sister. No she definitely didn't have the right. Yeah 'cause that's why she the Dad was going to rape I don't I don't think so. Oh I think the mom Mulan in the grandma. Yeah yeah they were trying to like dollar up in church approach trying to find her suitor so maybe not for arranged marriage. Yeah and I wonder what's going to play out the same way in this is it didn't a cartoon where it's like you know she. She set her hair on fire some And and that's why the guy doesn't thinks she's crazy gene should just she she she like sabotages the date. Yeah because she doesn't want to leave him and Tip because I thought yes she burned burned her hair and then that's why she ends up chopping it off and how she tries a password boy going into the military or whatever which. That's the one problem I have with. This is that all throughout the trailer when like she's like in the military and she's going I'm like she looks too pretty to be a boy you know I'm like I'm like she would've never passed for. I did any level unless she's just like it's supposed to be like Phil Fourteen fifteen. Maybe you're some. She says she's just a really young dainty looking boy. Oy maybe she looks too much like a woman so you know. I just saw a debate about this. They were it was made into a meme. They had people were talking about in the cartoon how her jawline was like immediately squared and it was ridiculous and then when she becomes you know. Tom Takes off the disguise juice. She's got this fair face and yeah it's like yeah they. They drew her different when Roy. Yes that's right. Aso's her masculine features more. She's a female. They're gonNA give her more makeup even though you can't see that it's makeup and it's in the fucking movie poster you like. She has different Jolla line. And it's all it's done a it's all a cartoon and be it's all pre. CGI cartoons shows like animated. And then. Why why would she not attempt to look different right? It's a it's like you can get away with stuff like that because at medium because like you said it's animated so you can draw them to look more like when we were. I mean because it did for example fucking The enemy the series when Batman is not wearing his cow. When it's just hanging there is nothing in the is is just a mess? He puts the mask on his eyes. Go white right so it's like obviously there's no white lenses onto mask in his eyes he's pupils just don't disappear when he puts it on just to emphasize the whole scariness of the Batman artistic choice so yes they do shit like that and like make her jaw more masculine and seventy cartoon to try and make them more convincing that. She's a man in the live action movie. You can't really do that. It's like you said they can do subtle things like give her more makeup when she's a woman when you know when she's obviously contour lines like natural looking make not obvious they're not putting fucking wings onto bitchy deny in Nascar and shit but you know it so make sure as most makeup should be right or they'll have stuff where like she lets her hair down were they have their fight scene like in the trailer towards the end where she's fighting with her hair down. It's been so long since because I've never seen we'll on the hallway through and has been so long since I've seen I know I know but I don't was the witch in the cartoon. The key turned into a burden. A trailer no okay. Okay because I was like I don't remember her character but maybe I just don't know she was not okay okay. 'cause I know we had the talk and dragon is so but I I don't remember the witch being. She had a cricket cartoon. It was supposed to be this lucky. CRICKET AND GRANDMA TAKES IT PUTS IT in a cage age that looks like this cricket hop out of which the curcuit does hop out of and cheese got MU and she's got the cricket so I think what they're trying to do. Since there is no Moo Shu in this that the chick that keeps switching into a burden uh-huh is a combination of Meshu in the cricket. Maybe probably yeah because it because I think it was a cool like a fact when she was turned into burdens stuff and they call our witch like she has like when she's in her human form. Her makeup still looks like the bird that was cool in like the line. She says is to Milan where she when they discover who you really are like. They won't show you any mercy and stuff and I was like that was. That was really cool. I think I think that it is is replacing the issue here because of kind of what he did like he he was like I gotTa keep safe and we got a you know so. I think that's kind of where they're going with that. I I really appreciate too because it's a I think it's an American director. I know it's a woman correctness and I really appreciate the OBAMAS delay like hung Fu like styles movies to wire work. She's like jumping across talks and stuff like that. Like I love movies like die. I grew up on a lot of stuff so to see it in this. I was like I. I like the dating and try to make it to modern with like the fighting and stuff like kept straight to the time right race in the like the more like fantastical stuff that you would seem like those little Kung Fu movies or like jumping like fifty fifty feet in the air and spinning around shows cool Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but the one thing about out the trailer though that that bothers me is because like there's been controversy surrounding the main actress who's play Milan. Because she put out a tweet or something like that like supporting the Hong Kong police and like you know they got protesters shit going on over there so people are protests and movie and you know. They're pissed off at her. And all this other kind of stuff off and all that aside the thing that Kinda worries me about it with the actress is in the first trailer and in in this one they show her ally but they don't show her speaking a lot of dialogue Like they let a lot of other characters talk like in a very beginning. Our fathers talking to her about the Phoenix or whatever in about the being on the emperor's writing stuff then we get a bunch of dialogue from like like the General Guy in the military and stuff and then we hear the witch talking something like that. The only line of dialogue that Milan has an entire trailer is the very end where she says I am Alon and I will bring honor to us all. That's the only thing she says in whole trailer and I'm like an inner accents Kinda kind of thick. You know. It's it's good enough to where it's like. I can tell what she's saying you're indecipherable boy. I just hope that they don't have a lot of that because I'm just worried like she either. It isn't a very good actress or that Sh- her handle of the English goes. Language isn't strong enough to where they feel comfortable putting a lot of stuff of her talking in trailers. Because I'm like she's the main kid. The movie is called Mu Lan right and she has one line of dialogue in the trailer. I'm like that's a little bit of calls confer concern. I mean only crazy just just a little bit I mean at least will. Smith is the biggest star in the last movie. You saw land talk throughout the trailer. When like he just said one thing right right and that was it it was like even Farro bitch ass? They gave him more dialogue to move on head and her own fucking movie. I'm like man. The list is hope that it's just. I don't know to build suspense or mysterious. Let's hope hope I would really be concerned if this hits in. She doesn't speak a lot. I don't know it. Maybe and maybe it's nothing to do with her acting skill at all. Maybe it's just because she is controversy right now and they're like okay. We're just GONNA Kinda have the trailer alert focus on like the supporting characters and just kind of have her in the background a little bit and then not really put her in the front right now because you know he'd on her I don't maybe I mean that could be but at the same time it's like you can't hide her. She's a star to fucking shop. Free deals she's on every every goddamn poster. SOC is unless you put the the witch on the posters now like you can't really avoid redo start over but yeah no. This is also coming up next year. I'm really looking forward to it. I give a date for this one day. May Have you catch catch one but I I am really looking for tonight. I just hope I'm not disappointed. So fingers crossed knock on wood. That is it for the show. Remember you can always find out her home one giant me. Forgive Sampson Dot Com. We're also apple podcast spotify. Google play or anywhere else. You could your podcast so make sure to show us some love taking a little fingers and go ahead and hit you bet like subscribe give us a rating you us and all that Shit if you have any comments questions or concerns like safe by always email us at official show Osceola. The Middle Dot Com. You can find us as a show on twitter at giant leap. The number four gates on myself. I am on twitter at froggy. beavered hurt we are on facebook instagram. read it maybe Basically everywhere all you have to do a search for one giant leap for geeks. Are you guys have a good night bye.

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EP. #16: Murder on the Appalachian Trail - Part 1

Locations Unknown

48:22 min | 1 year ago

EP. #16: Murder on the Appalachian Trail - Part 1

"And thousands of people have been studiously benched banished in America's wilderness. Join us as we dive into the deep end of the unexplainable room and try to piece together. What happened and you are listening? Talk what's up. Everybody and and welcome back to another episode of locations unknown. I'm your co host. Joe Arado and with me as always is a guy who so not basic. His Ph is near near-zero. Mike Van de Bogart. It's a pretty technical injure their joe only only some people who get it Not a Lotta updates. This time around but I do you want urge people who want to help the show out to visit our facebook page where we have a store there that sells a lot of really cool swag for the trail some hats bumper stickers so so Help us out and purchase one. No that you're supporting the show I'm actually looking into Getting some patches badges pretty cool. Yeah yeah anything backpack if you want to put on a hat something so excellency. I'll buy one of those Mike you can just I have one okay. Thank you This week show sponsored by Verger. CBD products They've been sponsoring us for a while now. Almost most of the Most of the time we've been on the air they've been helping us out They have some products coming up for Valentine's Day. They'd have the strawberry chocolate cheesecake truffles. They just came out with some coasters versus. It's a CD chocolate bar on a stick. And you'd like pour hot water or milk in a cup and you stick it in there and keep stirring tilt dissolves and it ends up being. CB Hot chocolate so they have some good stuff. Go check out their website at verger. Med Dot Com. That's V. E. R. D. U. R. E. M. E. D. dot com and. I'd like to also shout out to Lisa Howard Ducey who actually recommended the topic of what show. We're going to be doing today. We're covering the case of Hood Larue. So for those of you. Who Know what it's about it's A? It's a grisly murders on the Appalachian trail. It's it's a pretty good story so it's outside of the normal realm for what we do for locations unknown but it's an incredible story. We have all the details on it and it is a nice break from the constant constant. Not Knowing what's happening to people so this'll be like a is the although it's one of the most grisly murders on the trail. I'd argue so far from what I've seen any outdoors related incident. We do have an end to the case there is a close to it. So that's kind of Nice and because it is a little bit longer we're going to break this up up into two parts so this would be one of the whole put in the Reu case excellent and I read the summary But I do not know the timeline so this was is Casey put together Joe so I'm excited. Yes and that's where I figured I'd WanNa break into two parts because there. I knew you aren't going to be reading about it so I want not to ask questions that I know. The listeners might ask that some of the feedback that I have been getting From people I know plus on the website is a lot of times missile. Tell me they're thinking something and then Mike. If you did the case I would ask the question. They were thinking or vice versa. So when you come and clean it really helps break it up so and please interrupt when we're going through the longtime line especially because there is a lot of actors in the case people that were on the trail that were involved in this so without further ado will everybody. Let's gear up and get out to explore locations. Unknown car September thirteenth. One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Biff Bowen and Cindy Bowen you were at the halfway point of their two thousand one hundred and forty four mile hike down the Appalachian trail the couple stopped for supplies. In Don Cannon Pennsylvania before their trek up nearby cove mountain the two plan to spend the night in a three sided log shelter along the trail as the couple hiked down an incline behind the shelter. biff sensed something was wrong. He described the uneasy feeling in such a way. The cause him to position is hiking poles weapon as he walked around the cabins. openside the couple found supplies scattered frantically and amongst the chaos US two bodies. The Bowen's walked onto the scene of a grisly double-murder the victims to experienced hikers. Molly Larue Age. Twenty five of Shaker Heights. Ohio and her Boyfriend Jeffrey Hood Age Twenty Six of Signal Mountain Tennessee. He had been shot Multiple Times with a twenty two caliber revolver. larue had been tied up tortured raped and stabbed dabbed eight times in the neck and upper back. Join US this week as we investigate the case of hood and Lulu and like Joe said this took place on the Appalachian Russian national scenic trail which is generally known as the Appalachian trail or simply the. At it is a marked hiking trail in the eastern united. It states extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia in Mount Joe You're going to have to help me with this one could Hatton. It had an in Maine a apologize headed has can had an. I don't know if you if you already know we're we're pretty bad with names so Feel free to blast us on facebook. Yeah A lot. A lot of people like to comment about how we don't know and just like the last episode or the pass episode Iv to the point where it's like. Well I don't really care what you think is because we care but some of these names are just pretty pretty crazy. Try It's totten. That's Tatton Guitar so the Appalachian Trail Joe. I've always this is on my list of places to hike. Oh absolutely there's just so many amazing national parks in the country that feel like I have to hit those first before the Appalachian trail. But it's definitely something that's on my list along with the Pacific I see so. Do you WANNA do sections of it or you want to actually set aside the months and and do the full through hike. I would love to do the full through hike. Just don't know how I would make that work with normal life but you never know. It's on the bucket list. So let's let's do it when we retire. Okay I'm in so the Appalachian trail if you don't know is very long. It's actually twenty two hundred miles long. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy describes the Appalachian trail as the longest hiking. Only trail in the world. More than two million people people are said to take a hike on the part of the trail at least once each year so it sounds like a pretty busy trail. We'll end. It sounds like an. I didn't actually know this Mike but it looks like what they're saying is it's the only trail that's only walkable meeting like if the P. C. T. might have sections that you could write an ATV on or Avihou this. This seems like it's the longest one the world where it's literally only walking. Yeah so it sounds pretty cool. I know there's a lot of different scenery and You Know Mountains and planes and it's it's a cool trail So the history of the trail The idea came about in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. The trail itself was completed in nineteen thirty. He's seven after more than decade of work. Do we know if this was a conservation corpse project that's during the depression like a dead conservation. Obation no no he said corpse. CCC I know you met the core course. It's spelled like corpse corpse recording this late. I know what you meant jerk. Thank you I. I'm not sure sure I was just curious out you keep describing. I'M GONNA look it up. Okay we're doing this more live the Appalachian. The trail is maintained by thirty one zero clubs multiple partnerships in his managed by the National Park Service. The United States Forest Service and the nonprofit Appalachian Asian trail conservancy most of the trail is in forest or wildland although some of the portions do traverse through towns roads and farm land. So if you're planning planning a through hike this a lot of thru hikers attempt to hike the trail in its entirety in one single season. The number of hikers per year has increased steadily with with about seven hundred and fifteen northbound and one hundred and thirty three southbound through hikers reported in two thousand seventeen if hiking at one way in a single season doesn't sound intense enough some people do a Haiku called a Yoyo basically they hike all the way up the trail and then come all the way back down in it looks like one season so that cheese that is very intense glutton for punishment right. I don't think I'm going to have the Yoyo on my bucket list. Maybe just one way. That's completely unnecessary. The Appalachian Trail the continental divide trail and the Pacific crest trail form. What is known as the the triple crown of hiking in the United States? And I definitely say I've never been on the Pacific Crest trail either and I've hiked over the continental divide. But Yeah I've have just done segment. I've done segments of the continental divide. We did actually. We are in Montana coming. Coming down from fifty mountain out is chunk of that the case. We're actually talking about the murder of hood. larue happened on a seven mile stretch of. At near Cove Mountain Cove Mountain is a wildland in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest and is located in the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia About four miles east of Buchanan Virginia the forests vast and mountainous terrain harbors a great variety of plantlife over fifty species as of trees and over two thousand species of shrubs and herbs. So it's You know very foresty. Imagine it. It's lush it's lush. I imagine imagine it probably the northern sections of. At will would remind us a lot of force in Wisconsin. Yeah just because it's what can withstand the cold and wind the bitterness southie start getting a little bit more moisture and warmth so As far as wildlife I think your biggest biggest predators in the area going to be black bears. I'm assuming those get more common. The farther north you go other types of animal in the the At are white tailed deer bobcats bald eagles and your other typical forest animals. So all in all it sounds like a amazing adventure to it actually hiked the entire thing. I would love to get the triple crown. Mike Yeah I bet you meet a lot of really interesting. People say natural. Yeah that's what's really cool about. This is because because And we'll obviously get into it along the time line but when there's so few people that do a thru hike and you have little charts along along the way and it's it's what the four service uses to track. WHO's through hiking? Yeah you'll learn that. These people are constantly catching up to one another passing each other falling back so they develop relationships along the trail and a lot of information I got was an article that was authored by one of the people on the trail with Jeff Molly when this happened so it's it's GonNa be a lot of first hand witness experience variance and then what we'll do is we'll link the actual article too and you'll see I pulled a lot of it verbatim out of there just because it's very factual based and I grabbed information from other people's accounts counts and things like that but it's a fantastic story fantastic obviously being grim. But it's just really. I think what I really was intriguing about. It was how much information insight. We got into such a grisly murder. Whereas you would think such a remote place somebody might find these bodies and and you just know nothing about what could happen but you do have this time? Line leading up to the event of these people interacting with the victims and the murderer as well. So it's it's a good story. Laureates grizzly it's terrible. It's unfortunate but it. It's really intriguing and I think you said You you've got quite a few pictures from the case so we'll get those posted on facebook facebook similar to the love pass case yes. Yeah we'll have An album probably a couple hours after the show gets posted so everyone can go look at. You know when you're starting to hear us discuss these things and actually see what the lean to look like in the different areas looked like what molly and Jeff looked like Jeffrey Hood and Malia Larue met in Salina Kansas where the two worked for Church sponsored outfit that took at risk children into the back country to teach them how to hike camp and basically hopefully set them on a more prosperous path. So right out of the gate. It's like a little bit upsetting like these are really good people like they. They spent their free time in their work. Time working with at risk kids in the wilderness. Yeah it's really cool. I know you know a lot of kids that grew up in the inner cities. They don't get a lot of chances to get out into nature so that's it's a really cool thing that they were doing absolutely yeah and he has a kid. I mean you and I think I was in boy scouts as a kid. I don't know about you. Yeah as in conservation clubs so we got to go up to boundary waters and stuff. Yeah it was something. I look forward to every year as a kid going to camp and being out in the woods so yeah. That's great that they're able to do that. For at at risk youth so jeff was described as a friendly contemplative Tennessean even tempered and patient molly a a year. Younger was described as a sunny energetic artist in high school she won a national contest to design nineteen eighty-four. US postage stamp. The two shared a love for kids and the outdoors. Jeff Rock climbed in Colorado and taught climbing at New Mexico's philmont Scout Ranch. Molly had tackled to outward bound courses and spent a year providing wilderness therapy to kids in the Arizona desert so it sounds like they. They have a lot of experience in the back country rock climbing and different terrain so new Mexico and Colorado. We're going to be you know kind of two different trains. You can hike in. Yeah not to make light of like camp counselors but these these two were at a whole `nother level level of ability in backcountry. Just like hey. I work the summer camp in my counselor and I can kind of do stuff. These were these are like borderline survivalists tight level hikers and backpackers so they knew their stuff. So the young couple learned that they'd be laid off soon. So they're doing all this stuff. They learned they're going to be laid off and a six month. Hikes seemed like a good way to decide what to do next. So those are the type of people that can Do do the yo or even just the through hike Just have nothing really stable. So Molly's father. Jim larue recounts a phone call. He received from his daughter. And this is quoting. We got the phone call from her one day. She said you know. I've always wanted to do the Appalachian trail and I have a friend here who wants to do it to. Do you want to know something about the friend. Ah I said yes I would. She said well he's a male I said. Are you announced and this is him talking. I said are you announcing wanting a relationship and she said yes. I am very formal. Yes formal at this at this point. Molly Jeff were basically inseparable. I love you forever. I like you for always. He wrote in an April when he was often the backcountry. As long as I'm living my all you will be. Molly drained her savings account to finance the trip and the couple plan to start in Maine and worked their way south so the these to basically hit it off right out of the gate. Were you know lovebirds. Essentially I am sure you're going to get into the time line. But what time of year did they start. The A T I'm I guess scroll down like forgetting. I think it's June. Yeah or June Yeah taunt late August June. Yeah 'cause I'm going off of their posts and I I probably mentioned I have a ton of notes here that I'm going to be reading through so okay. Yeah sorry or to put you on the spot there. No that's fine. Lets people know that it's more real. I did want to take a break in. Actually say that a lot of Like like I said before. A lot of the information was taken for articles news clippings about the incident but the most complete set is mentioned. Earlier wasn't article posted by outside magazine. And this was the September Second Twenty fifteen was the issue It was written by Earl Swift Earl was hiking the at the same time as the couple and was several days behind them Initially okay so he was hiking back in nineteen ninety. Yes he was a with them he actually interacted with them before. Like guys who is a part of this story essentially he wrote this this story for outside magazine to to cover it molly. Jeff kept a journal. That also will help referencing. It's in catalog. Their journey through the so it's GonNa be a mix of earl swift's counts molly and Jeff's journal the Journal entries from the different checkpoints along along the. At Quotes from other people. They ran into in other news stories from the area. So it's kind of a really. It's less of me just just reading a story from outside but I pulled together a mishmash of different things to really piece together. What I what I felt would be a good way to tell it so we can also do post host the show notes on our website? And you know that might be able. You'd be able to read through. It will link the article too. I don't want to just take this claim it from on my own. So we'll link swift's article and that's that gets a little bit more in depth about the different people as well. I mentioned them but anytime he went off on a tangent. What about something? That wasn't really related. I kind of breezed over just to save time. So so we'll start with their so in a June fourth nineteen ninety entry molly wrote. We reminded one another before we started this ordeal that there would be tough days days we would ask ourselves. Why are we doing this? While we had one of those days. Jeff's entry added. Our bodies have had almost as much as they can take the day before the couple had climbed the peak of Mount Cat had had in the northernmost part of the tea to begin their journey. In addition to their personal journal Entries Me Jeff wrote and logbooks along the trail before social media and cell phones. These logbooks really served as a means of communication between fellow through hikers. So based on their log entries they were thoroughly thoroughly enjoying themselves. Earl recounts the first entry. He read from Mali that he found in the main lean-to inside with her trail name. Now gene now. This is this so molly's trail name was now gene. And for those of you that don't know for people who are back country hiking you typically if you do it long enough off. You can't come up with your own trail name. It's like an unwritten rule. It has to be given to you and it's usually given to you because of something so if anyone follows me I usually usually take things wolf heart. That was one I got from Was it officer Peach in Montana when a minute was my knee was bent up pretty pretty bad and making it with that. Yeah as I was. It was really tough getting through and he just said Hey. Now you're wolf hard like talking about how you get hard. I'd like a wolf in the back country. I'm like well that's the coolest thing ever. I'm taking it. She probably had some incident with now gene or loved. Caring algae's whatever but when we go through will we'll tell you what their trail names are referred to him as that but that's something that through hikers do and long-term backcountry hikers end up doing so. This is is molly's first entry in the Journal where she signed her name Nalgiev. Last evening I whispered. I think there's less bugs this morning. Bring on the slugs through the roof of our tent. I see the familiar sludge. The stuff that resembles butterscotch fudge squish between my toes in sandals. Yuck Tuck this is something. I just can't handle so she made a little poem about Hummy slugs. There were Right in the beginning so it's not as good spirits. They're in good spirits spirits. But it's clear it's it's not an easy hike even right out of the gate. Yeah so earl was twelve days behind the couple at this point but he was quickly gaining ground around on them earl mentioned that they left log entries that they're almost always upbeat. Thanking trail. Maintenance crews shouts other hikers earl mentioned at the new Hampshire line. I picked up a week as molly predicted in one log entry. If you're behind us you will pass us so earl started twelve days behind him but it was very clear that he was at a much faster pace. So it's very easy. You're doing something for six months. Twelve days behind signed is not like you're completely out of the race there. You're going to be able to catch up past fallback. More whatever earl actually had a brush a brush with death while while on the trail himself he had met an army vet. Along the way named Greg Hammer his real name was animal. They hit it off and pushed through the trail together so so they kind of hooked up and started going the same direction as the to continue to follow hood and Larue they resolve the catch up. Meet them the pace they were going was at no accident. The couple was stopping to take pictures. Study Plants Wildlife Baked Bread Irwin animal race through the presidential range down two thousand foot webster webster cliff instead of camp overnight in the middle of the night earl and animal were startled awake. By an enormous thud a rotted tree had toppled into a four foot space between them coming within inches of earls head. So that it's it's such a terrifying thing that I try not to think about about E I was. I was thinking the same thing whenever I'm setting up camp. I always if I don't have to. I do not put my tent under a big tree. No I'm I'm terrified of like a big branch down in smoking me in the night. It's totally it's totally not super common but it happens in what a thing thing to get you but basically he had like earl an animal head. They're like single tents like next to each other and there's a space between him and and he explained how the trade fell perfectly down the middle between their tents and it was a tree that would have smashed him. It would kill them so it's pretty. It's pretty pretty crazy. That's something I always thought about one hiking and backcountry. Camping is never put your tent under a tree. Oh Yeah it's it's going to want to think about that so so on Friday July twentieth at the Jeffers Brook shelter near Glen. Cliff New Hampshire Erlin animal finally caught up to and met Molly and Jeff as earl exchange handshakes with Cleveland. That's a jeff off and algae and so his name was cliffs for some reason his. Yeah he told them that he felt like he'd already met. Earle's first impression the couple Molly Ali was a was blinded dimpled quick to smile solidly built but obviously fit spirited. Funny Blue Haired. troll doll dangled former backpack. Jeff was bearded beetle browde and thin with the smoky high pitched Tennessee drawl earl notice that he carried one of the best packs ax around the time a mammoth Green Gregory and that both of them handled their gear with an expert nonchalance. That is a very interesting way to describe describe people. I think he's a writer. Yeah I'm just saying like because the article was very well written so he asked he must be a writer because I usually take journal on the trail and a I can't spell and I just described things like exactly as they are like central. Yeah Super Boring you meet a smoky. High High Pitch Tennessee drawl. Yeah I've been like I met these really nice people today from Tennessee. Yeah I forgot. I forgot their names. The now that's just interesting. I've we've met a lot of interesting characters along the trail and the only the the only one that I can even really remember was the one we called splinter. Yes I remember splinter. Actually I gave this group of guys a trail name mm-hmm and they're from Sweden so less here in Montana this this group of three guys. They looked like they're out of like a music video. Like stereotypical dear typical Swedish. They were head to toe in. F- y'all raven everything like like. They must have had money too because they had expensive stuff. That wasn't probably even the best stuff for hiking but it was expensive and there weren't like flip flops and it was freezing out so I just kept calling him the feel Ninjas is because they're all it was like all black y'all raven and they're always popping out of nowhere like in the freaked me out a couple of times so I kept calling the y'all rave the fuel Ninjas you remember splinter I do not to go off track here but I just real briefly I want to call it with you because I just remember how looking back now. It was kind of funny but at the time like I mean we're back country in Utah somewhere. I can't remember we're outside. We're near Zion. National Park Doc lands or something. Yeah we had just done. We had done the top down of the narrows and then we're on a plateau right. It was after all the no we we we hiked in no this down remember we hiked into amphitheater. Yes Yeah Yeah Yeah like the Red Rock type thing. Okay yeah so it was like we so we were a group of I think five or six of us and we hiked down to all the listeners. Listening I saw you know splinter. Did you ever meet him on the trail. We hiked down into this kind of natural atrocious. Amphitheater made out of Limestone Rock. And all of a sudden scraggly looking guy it just comes like wandering out of the the bushes and and he kinda wanders into our group Ralph kind of standing around him in like a half circle with our hands on our knives and he starts talking to us about. I think he's he's talking to. It's about how he came up with some story and Disney stole it from him as the craziest thing and yeah I do remember him. Like emerging very rapidly at us from the Bushes Bushes freaked us out because yeah we got super. We got super defensive and he was like in like like not in a trail that was obscured he was like in Bush's yes. Yeah and I mean he was a it was like the rambling of a madman. He was talking about some songs that he came up with in Disney. Stole it from it was like Walter. Walt Disney store not like the company like he knew Walt in Walt took it from him and I think he introduced himself as splinter. Sure I think that's why we call them that crazy story. Yeah real site. It was his no he said it was because he had a hiking stick remember and he was. Oh yeah harboring hiking stickney got a splinter some guys like oh you're splinter and he's real name now. So yeah so I sorry sorry for the sidetracked. But I forgot about him at first so that no. Yeah so the interesting people you meet hiking all right so Yeah as you can tell. That's why some of the stuff out earls did a fantastic job and was extremely descriptive so as almost fantastic a blessing. You had a guy like that on on the trail that was taken as much information. But that's where I did cut some out so it is reporting. Remember that backpack though so it was unique enough. That url made meant a mental note of it because it was very green and it was one of the Best Gregory Gregory packs to this day still are some of the best backpacks that you can have so basically is an extremely extremely memorable back. Then they spent all night along with several other hikers on. The trail. Earl talked about some interesting and annoying characters. They met along away so earl spent another day with Molly and Jeff before they decided to hike an old section of the at while Molly Jeff and a few others backtrack backtrack to finish. The rerouted trail earl watched as they hitched a ride from a pickup in waving from its bed. Motor off for the trail crossing. That was the last earl would ever see them actually okay. So this is around July twentieth time for him so later July of nineteen eighteen ninety. Yes it was later July and I do highly recommend that you go and read the Outside magazine. After the story earl goes into great depth about the people people he met and how they're all kind of ping-pong along the trail trying to catch each other as they hiked leaving notes for the log books for each other it's a great read and it's truly interesting in-depth insight into basically what what the goings on are the of the trail when you're doing something like this like the things if you imagine you've got a hike something for six months what's this is. What keeps you sane? I guess it's like this is what you focus on. Because you're not focusing on anything else and like you said it was the ninety S. We didn't and have the Internet yet like we didn't have cell phones like there was. This was the only communication you had was the people on the trail. And these logbooks. Yeah it's interesting because you know whenever whenever I'm back and she hiking sometimes you get so exhausted. The last thing I'm thinking about is kind of the details around me I can remember. You know fifty thousand foot things about the hike but if you ask me you know certain details from hike after we just hiked all day with fifty pound impacts on. I don't know how well I'm going to be able to call some of that stuff. Oh yeah that's why I don't know if you remember. I carry that like waterproof pen and book. Yeah and that's why at night night like I'll just quickly jot things down like where we've been what we did how hard it was just so again like recall it and I actually when we went back to Montana like open that book up and had a lot of information formation mountain and what to expect and it was it was nice. It wasn't as well written as Earl but it did the job. Unfortunately we didn't have exact dates days for some of the things he mentioned but we're fast forwarding now to September fifth a few were few several months after the start of the trip essentially. We're the fifth one thousand nine hundred ninety thirty eight year old farmhand from south. Carolina buys a one-way ticket north at the nearby hereby Greyhound Depot. He was a short stocky. Man considered smart and hardworking by his bosses. He was described as rootless quite to the point of secrecy and prone to lengthy unexplained absences the shack. He left behind piled with garbage and empty beer cans. So that's describing a little foreshadowing if I'm gonNA ruin some things so a day later on. So this is September six This man stepped off a Boston in Winchester. Virginia in hitched rides West to Romney West Virginia North into Maryland Northeast to Gettysburg Pennsylvania until six days after leaving the a farm. He walked into a library in East Berlin Pennsylvania halfway between Gettysburg in York looking for hiking maps. A librarian agrarian suggested that he try the York. Branch wrote the directions and asks that he signed the guestbook. He wrote his name down as Casey Horn. Now this guy's name was really Paul David Cruz okay. And he was. He was a suspect in a murder. Four years four years earlier on July third nine hundred eighty six. A woman had offered him a ride home from a bar. In bartow Florida she was she was later. found naked. And nearly decapitated advocated on an abandoned railroad bed according to law enforcement records shortly after this incident crews had turned up at his older brother's place in Polk Ville North Carolina. Driving the woman's bloodied oldsmobile. Nothing suspicious there I know with the law closing in his brother gave him a lift into the country three and he took off running the police recover the car along with cruise knife and bloody clothes but found no sign of him. Since then he'd lay low avoiding attention attention and revealing little of his past which had been troubled from the start abandoned in childhood he was adopted at age eight by couple in Burlington North Carolina but he ran away frequently. He joined the Marines in Nineteen seventy-two married in January nineteen seventy-three became a father. The following month attempted suicide and went went awol and he got discharged from the corps so he was divorced in seventy four so about a year. So I'm getting a sense that the sky Abbasi's suffering from some mental illness. Yeah some like stemming from abuses of child or so he's got something is is wrong with him very much so and he is getting away with it essentially not being in jail when he should be. Yeah so he went back to Florida after divorced his second. Second wife where he picked oranges each spring until the Hamas until the homicide Umberto a crime he was formally charged with on July seventh nineteen one thousand nine hundred six so the police thought crews might have killed before. So it's interesting this is you know cruises loses still committing a murder in a time where you could probably disappear. Yeah it's innocuous for the Internet before the Internet before you know no the mass surveillance that we have now everywhere before phones tracked us. Yeah So I don't know why mentioned that it. Just it's an interesting for most people alive. Now that are younger than twenty twenty twenty one. You know they were. We're born and grew up with the Internet. I still remember I remember a time without the Internet. Yeah absolutely like when you you wanted to go to a movie with friends is and you had to plan it ahead of time and then show up in hope they show up to like so yeah. That's interesting that you know. He committed this murder and now he's kind of on the run so they know who to look for. They can't find him absolutely. And I think it was worth you mentioning that because it really does bring home what it was like like before the information age and even for like like you said we were adolescents. Teenagers like when this was all happening so it wasn't like we were a little kids and it's hard to remember the time before you were that connected to where this guy is a. He was able to outrun the police. That's it unless like there's a new story worry that somebody another town just happens to see and then happens a notice them and then they call the police department who then calls the police department and they like Kinda weekly put together. This guy's running running all over the place and they can't catch him And that would not be the case nowadays. Yeah I think it would be very hard to commit a murder in misdemeanor age and em you could go on the run. But I think you're GONNA get caught off quicker. Well Yeah. Picking cellphones. CREDIT CARD transactions. Things like that. We're exactly back. Then he didn't have you have to survive on that type of stuff. Yeah so late in the afternoon now. That kind of just gave a a little background about who were dealing with a nutjob who's at least murder murdered at least two people that they know about. Yeah threaten the life of his. Second wife with the bayonet so he's he's off his rocker for sure so late in the afternoon on September Eleventh Nineteen Ninety crews found his way to the Appalachian Asian trail at the time. The followed sixteen miles of paved road. Through Pennsylvania's Cumberland Valley is described. I by Earl as a shameless hike and very hard on the feet. The trails caretaker had worked for years to reroute this footpath into the forest that Ed acquired piecemeal on this afternoon the Karyn Lutz. And this is the caretaker for this segment. Okay was surveying in such a property when she noticed a bearded man plotting up the road behind her. So basically what they're saying is earl described this as like an open desert like hike that was crap on the feet and the caretakers for the section that trail there piecemeal acquiring land in the woods to reroute it to go through a more comfortable hiking waking area. Okay so this lady Karen Lutz is out surveying one of the properties when she noticed. Crew's coming up behind her she was close the Pennsylvania turnpike configured. He was just a hitchhiker between rides. Just a drifter so she didn't really think anything of it based on his close and what he carried she did not take him for a hiker so cruises wearing wearing a flannel shirt jeans. Combat boots had a small rucksack on his back and carried too bright red gym bags each with a marble moral borough logo on them so the cigarettes. Yeah the camel yes so he kept his head down as he trudged past headed north towards. US eleven in two hours later Karen lots drove north in the trail. She drove pretty far north of us. Eleven so she passed the road where he assumed she was hitchhiking on where she happy and counter cruise again. She realized at that moment that he was in fact hiking. He wasn't far from the spot where the from on the road and onto into the trees essentially at the time she noted that if he hustled he would have made the Darlington shelter under which is a little more than three miles away so this is something she just Kinda recalled to herself. She wasn't talking to him but she just knows the urges it. Hey if he's moving quick he'll be able to get to the shelter the author. Let's drove on unnerved. She stated that something about the man has filthiness close his joyless progress filter with dread. Wow so and you know what this goes into some of the more not supernatural stuff. But there's a lot to be said about like people's Auras and and I don't want to Hippie on you but there really is like around. Truly evil people use here counts of other people in like interacting acting with them and feeling like they always say like it felt like the joy was taken out of the room. It felt like like they can actually like. They're the negative energy from the people who are this evil literally affects people that they encounter. So yeah that's That's an interesting idea I don't I can't say personally that I've ever I've ever met someone like that where I've I've sensed that feeling of dread but it's definitely something I've live. I've read and researched about before in different cases and Different stories I've read about you know people that experience strange things in the Wilderness and so yeah it's it's interesting. I don't know there's probably no legitimate study of it but it's it's kind of one of those things that everyone knows what you're talking about. Yeah anecdotally enough. People have said it that I have to believe it but yeah there's no I'm actually there's probably is research done on it but still it's she felt something was off with this guy. Yeah Yeah So. What she didn't know was that cruise was carrying a long barreled? Twenty two caliber revolver a box of fifty rounds a double edged knife nearly nearly nine inches long. And he was one of most of Florida's most wanted fugitives. So she just passed this guy. WHO's murdered two people before carrying a gun bullets giant knife? It's probably good that she didn't stop and talk to him. Yeah legitimately Chris US out in this long stretch of wilderness like it. It could have been her last already killed. I mean why wouldn't you do it again. If you feel threatened by somebody well not even threatened. I think he's just an job so it doesn't matter I think he just rub him the wrong way and he'll just do that. Yep so going into nightfall on September eleventh carrots lots sees crews heading towards the Darlington shelter. We we are now going to rewind to earlier on the eleventh and go back to Mali Jeff so this is what I'm trying to piece together as it's if if we had a video of this it's kind of like rec- one person's timeline and they go back to the beginning and show another person's time line and we're building the story together to where all these people start to intersect. So we're going to rewind earlier eleventh and go back to Mali and Jeff They had broken camp at a tiny. It's squalid Peters Mountain Mountain shelter. So that's what they describe as squalid shelter north of Cisco Hannah River at this point their almost halfway through their hike hike so they've almost gotten to the halfway point there about months in and really hitting their strides. They're really starting to hit kind of their pace really starting to feel it. They've even pause has to do some counselling so they they they wrote in quote reached the Allentown shelter for breakfast. And this is something Jeff Road in September six there. We met Paul whom he talked with quite a while he was a fifteen year old. Who was kicked out of his house and we talked about some different ideas for him to try the couple hiked into? Didn't I think done cannon where they met some. More hikers had pizza in walked a couple blocks away to the hotel in earls article he described it as a crumbling fossil of a once grand end with great food but spider infested rooms. So I'm almost thinking like a hostel for America. Yeah that's a that's a pretty bad hotel one-star so yeah it's it's just going back to like just how how good of people the how how good these people were you know they. They met some kid. WHO's obviously having a rough time? And they took time out of the data work with them council awfully hopefully hopefully give them some ideas and just maybe he might have taken some of those so these two were just great people. This is probably the first place that they've had a bed for a while. So yeah and early says when hiking for months Abed's Abed so exactly so it doesn't matter so the couple of pack their gear and called their parents discussing their plans to reunite in harpers ferry to celebrate making it half way so they're actually working with their families to all meet up at the halfway point and celebrate before they continue the second half so on the phone call. Jeff told his mom. Better bring soap and brushes so so that we can scrub the smell out of our packs wchs Glenda Hood promise to bring to Pumpkin pies which was his favourite one more thing. Jeff said we have something to tell you when we all get together. There's always been a lot of speculation about what that was going to be his younger sister. Marlow Hood said she thinks they plan to announce their engagement. Unfortunately they never do so that that night and again. This is September eleventh in nineteen ninety. The couple signed the doyle's register countering a previous hikers claimed that he was the last of the nine hundred ninety southbounders founders. So there's another hike came through. That assumed he was the last person coming southbound that was through hiking the a t yeah they wrote. Hey greenhorn you most certainly are not the last century the season Jeff wrote as you can't read this well we'll tell you when we catch you as we hear it we're about mid slip of the southbounders moving down oops getting food on my book. Good food to time to go. Cleveland analogy slice. So they're in great spirits thinking they're going to catch this guy because they believe they're the last ones ago. Yeah so now. We're on Wednesday September twelfth so the next day in the morning. The couple met Molly's elderly great aunt and two other relatives in the town. Square then accompanied them to lunch at a nearby truckstop up afterward they picked up mail stopped at a small grocery store and at three forty five pm followed the trail into the woods and up Cove Mountain. They climbed over stone loose scree to arrive at Hawk rock from there. They face an easy two miles of ridgetop up to Thelma marks at the bottom of a steep five hundred foot side trail. Jeff Molly likely arrived there some time after five have PM. The graffiti carved plank floor slept four or five comfortably. Eight people in a pinch they would have had plenty of room. I'm to UNROLL. They're sleeping gear and spread out a bit. Sunset came at seven twenty two pm but the shelter was hunched against the mountains eastern flank and and in the shade of the ridgetop Molly Jeff likely died between five. Am and seven am that next morning Thank you for listening. This is end of part one of hood in Larue. We're going to be coming coming back in the next few days with part two to follow up to this grisly story in the eighteen and more to the story on what happened in Bali. Jeff go like us on facebook. Check out our twitter. INSTAGRAM feeds. We Lincoln page still. I always mentioned that exciting. It's hilarious. Hi Tom and if you want to go ahead and find out what happened go ahead otherwise. If you can wait a few days we will tell the rest of the story and then feel free to go after that. Add as always if you're hiking camping or in the woods be sure to leave no trace

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Everything is Canceled Except Tiger King - Movie Podcast


49:34 min | 1 year ago

Everything is Canceled Except Tiger King - Movie Podcast

"Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Film. House by guests include James at least Williams all the way from Los Angeles California. Do you like night-time where we are and Ryan. Who's living and squalor right now? In the world everything is getting delayed. We're GONNA be talking about that but first let you know that. Today's up so sponsored by Ray con- you get fifty percents off your order at by RECON DOT com slash film. House will be hearing more from them later. Let's get to the show so like I said. Yeah world world changing events. I'm really looking forward to the day where we don't have to keep talking about this thing right now is affecting all sorts of things and it trickles down much like the economics at work. Oh so well and trying to get political here. I'm sorry I don't look at her. You look at me. I don't know mentioning. Economics is inherently political. But it's okay. Sometimes it feels that way but anyway it got to the point now where it started with a movie. We're all looking forward to a quiet place to and then it hit or two part to the quieter place but then it hit our beloved trolls world tour. No and we thought it couldn't get any worse. We thought it couldn't get any worse. Rash Guards are gonNA say for me. It started with Milan. 'cause I was really genuinely looking forward to film a Film James. When you go to the movie theater and they show a picture on the wall you have the popcorn. You're friends sits right next to you. you'll be sitting extra should be sitting faraway. People gave me crap for buying five seats between me and everyone else. But who's laughing now is Jen Sif. He's so well elise. Have you considered just watching the probably superior animated version? I have and haven't okay will now too so I honor you Moulana. Different enough movie that it was worth watching at. Yeah as the live action feature. Yeah I think that was sort of the consensus one time at the office when we were still a lot of going to the Office Ryan cornered me in the kitchen and said you knew Moulana rolled Mulan and I could smell Jin on his breath any live Action Samurai film. I don't give a shit if it's animated or not but this is that a free Chinese food restaurant calendar behind you or is it or is it. A in bruises posted Bruges smokes term. My webcam hard to tell it's hard to tell you the bit rate on that. Webcam is going to lead us to believe that it might be something else that remind me. I am hungry and I will get Chinese food after this. Thank you elise okay. That's that's one of those rare in brooch posters. That was only at a bus. Stop that one time. Those out too. Many people seriously went missing city. But yeah so right now. Actually a little bit of good news. I was looking up in our general area. Drive ins are still thing that you can go visit on weekdays and weekends most of the swap meets closed for obvious reasons. Do you want to go to a drive-in at and t s where we never actually interact with each other? But we're all parked cars near each other. You have to park ten feet away from each other. That's the rule. You're not allowed to get out of your car and you have to see a double feature of hunt and the invisible man if anyone's down for that. Please let me know absolute okay. We have to drive an hour out of the city but it at city of industry About their yeah. I've been there once. Yeah it's a cool experience. Yeah that's great. Yeah Man. We shouldn't do that. We should do a film house from Beautiful City of Industry but that's obviously quieter. The quietest place was not the only movie hurt by any of this money. Just go down a list of all movies that have been delayed. You guys ended off just the band aid off. Just start with the first one. Okay over with stopped me. If there's anyone you WanNa talk about but first ghostbusters afterlife. Originally coming out in July Tenth Push to March Fifth Twenty twenty one. What are ready to actually ask okay. So that would make Iris. I'm kind of the same. People were feeling emotionally charged for that trailer. Didn't do it for me. Emotionally drained me. I'm like I can't. I can't waiting for the point in the trailer. Where like it stopped focusing on the kids. And then it showed. Like an old jalopy pull up and then some boots stepped out and then it was. You know it was gracious house. Rick Moranis and that's what I that's what I was hoping would happen but then the trailer just kept going and I was like. Oh wait no. It is just a movie about about ghostbusters. I you know what I could wait for the washing trailer. One joke or funny thing to happen. It's a drama about a fairly or something and they're kind of like there's jokes he a cutie and he does his jokes or he's like ghostbuster track horrid ghostbusters is supposed to be funny. This trailer is not the right out of there could be saving it. But I doubt it Abrams. This feels like Jaber. No this is Jason Reitman but Jason. Reitman is protege. Jason Reitman writes comedies. That you laugh about later you he you go see the movie and then as on the way out of the movie that you saw three weeks later you go. Oh that was clever. He was like the Marlboro Man. The problem is they go. We want a stranger things type. Just hire everyone from stranger things and then they you know they get a thin card and everyone's good to go. I mean I think he's I think he's fine. I think he's he's probably. He's being titled Charismatic as a Kid has eighties kid as as as a field. Good Super Eight kid basis as like him as feel good at the ice get him. He's more of a game. He's great he's awesome in it. I like it when he can. Klusman in an R. rated movie and. He's a tough eighties. Wink I'm going to toss out here right now. We need to do remake. Good son get Finn Wolf Heart in it as he needs to. He needs to Redo his image. As bad boy. Oh who's who's who's the Elijah Wood we bring back allies would because he'd listen. Ephron from cat wire everyone's in their forties now so okay. I'm just trying to thin wolf. He's too old there to play the mcallister I. It's the kid from a hunt hunt for the wilders people. Oh yeah are dead Polka. Let's even lately. Yeah deadpool kid okay probably nothing. He probably walked down the street in New Zealand ago. Say The lion he goes. I don't remember it so on on this subject. A stranger things is getting delayed. I think like production even might beginning delay because of this and that raises a good question. Which is these kids are meant to age? Along with the series should are they. Are they going to have to alter the timeline a little bit? And you know say they wanted the next season to take place in like eighty eight or whatever is it gonNA take place. If the if the Irishman taught us anything alise it said you can make anybody be any age you frequent one of those kids need to be fifteen and a half sixteen than we can do it right. It's twenty twenty baby you're right. This is the way we don't let the virus win moving down our list of things that were okay with getting delayed. The uncharted movie which is basically been delayed since forever is someone opened their mouth and said what if we made a movie are video. Video is based on a movie into. I WANNA kill myself just trying to figure out the show you liked Indiana Jones. You liked Joe versus the volcano. They're already there. And you know it is interesting. How yeah how? This is like when uncharted came out. You're like holy cow. This is the first time I feel like. I've really gotten to play as Indiana Jones in video game. They've been Indiana Jones Games. But they don't feel like Indiana Jones and the idea of then going. Let's turn that. What if we turn that into a movie seems like so weirdly translated backwards the Tomb? Raider movie has already had. Its chance. Three times in the last one wasn't so bad but still think it's just keeps proving your have your romancing the stones in your police academies we don't need any more as they travel you know sexy exotic locations we can always have more police academies I came in I agree. Have you guys been watching? Police Academy as well. On Net flicks is there is no There's other show but that's a great idea. It got me to at least is on Is On Netflix? It is not. It's funny as I remember. I mean you know gotTa take those with a grain of salt ahead. There's moments if you took a you could make a full length movie of all six of the funniest moments so I think the I think the first police academy is great but I think to to is a little iffy. Their first assignment and then citizens on patrol is when it gets back its understands itself again My Goal winslow came into our office. One time sorry right. I just want to tell US quick story. Mike Windsor the guy who does all the noise. You don't need to. Yeah you don't have to explain who he is. We all know is was he was being marketed. As being you did all the sound effects for this mobile video game that had come out two thousand eleven issue or whatever it came in and he did video stuff with us. He had the worst breath ever. Well it's hard to do those sound effects a spit things. Whatever I was I was one I. I was wondering. Is that a thing with voice actors with like. Why can't brush my teeth or tuning? It ruined yeah ruins my shift friction of what it is you probably every night when he's posted brushes teeth. He just pantomime does like a mechanical toothbrush. And then he forgets that he has. He's putting on. The toothpaste is in Bodies Academy to where it's trying to showcase his fantastic ability to do sound effects. And you think you would do something like some guy is going to like. Hold UP. A gas station. But he makes a sound of like a tank show up now just two strangers on a date with each other. They're sitting down for dinner and then the guy goes to put a salad in his mouth like a pizza salad but when he puts in his mouth Michael Winslow. Who's One table way like? All all it makes it sound like real like he's doing a really obnoxious and then like his stomach's growling and stuff and he's like. Oh I beg your pardon. And his his date is completely put off and she's like how could you it ends with going. How could you do this to me? And then and then he's just giggling off to the side like you said at some point. Somebody's deterred and go. Excuse me Sir could you keep it down and trying to take a breath mint okay? Well that movie's been It says delayed till October. It went from March fifth. Twenty Twenty one October eighth twenty twenty one. I don't think it was ever coming out anyways. So Yeah Yeah. That's actually the point I was gonNA bring up was that this is kind of like the mythical What do you call Atlantis of video? Game Movies 'cause 'cause no it's been it's like literally ten directors or something like David Russell and a Trachtenberg. Now there's I forget the new but Alan Gribben Fleischer. I think is the new one either way. It's got a million directors million stars and now this this guy in the middle of this virus. It's the new Don Quixote movie this movie that will never get filmed what happened. That movie came out and no one game out. Yeah documentary about it. That was probably better than came out. And then it turns out that he had acquired the rights correctly. In so- Terry Gilliam was unable to make any money off of its its sales or whatever like he basically says one all that like screwed up some accounting thing and then he was so now. It's not even his move anymore. Terry Gilliam. He just cares that it exists. He wanted out in the world. He's an artist a probably wanted. I as rents. I assume doesn't care about money. He made it. He's a Monty Python Guy. Know is those in Terry Gilliam. I'm GonNa Jones Yeah. Jones died your tears mixed up. The show terriers on Fx no ended. So what's next flight was delayed next. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA put all three of these movies into one bucket. It's all male and female power fantasy bullshit wonder woman black widow in no time to die the James Bond movie I e to actually. I'm really excited. I was kind of Rooting for wonder woman and Black Widow But James Bond same thing. It's that one is probably one I want to Probably like I don't know what he called like. I can wait on that one. The last one it's been more important. Breguet sixteen hundred more wonder woman movies and Black Widows question if these were released digitally would you want to watch them or would you rather wait and see them in the theater? I would pay no more than eight hundred dollars to see these movies All right I would. I would wait to see James Bond and the theater probably wonder woman and probably rent black widow. I'm not precious about any of these. I would rent all three. I wonder woman was that a leading question. I don't know if I would probably rent wonder woman and will like I would do if if it wasn't even the rent thing if it's the thing that they're doing with some of these in theater releases or it's like a full taking price to watch it at home. I would pay full ticket price to watch black widow and wonder woman and then I would really debate whether or not I wanted to watch no time to die at home. No because I wanNA see in theaters. Okay good all right. Yeah you gotTa James Bond in the theater and yeah but then I. It would kill me if it's like. Oh I have to wait. Whatever eight months for that negative watch it now and I've seen it several times but this point is key making faces like wonder woman looks so good like I feel like the original. Iran was like kind of a surprise good. You're Oh wow this is I mean. She was good in. She was one of the good parts of Batman. V Superman but like this movie is a surprise. Surprisingly well put together. Movie Wonder Woman. Nineteen eighty-four looks really the trailer the music in the trailer with the new order cover and And the fact that like they have Pedro Pascal as a villain in this and Christian wig is GonNa add like actual comedy as opposed to her like goofy sidekick from the first movie like. I don't know I think it'd be CEO. Yeah what happened to her her. You think they're going to have her in the movie at all her World War One friend. Who's dead now? She's dead okay from the office. Is that WHO it was yeah? She's from British office. Oh yeah sorry. There's the office and then there's the office we say correctly. See A PRETTY. Pretty Big Bummer. There wonder woman's been pushed August fourteenth. No Time Dies Push. November twelfth and black widow has an unspecified released day. I wonder wonder woman is going to hold up to her performance in the imagine viral video she came out with. She's hoping that will be forgotten. What was it called tone-deaf The music video? Look at us. Get moving on to. If you have any kids. They're going to be real upset minions the rise of grew as been hit by Kovin. Sorry I that one that could airdrop from you know from above onto DVD and probably make a lot of people happy. I soon this feels like the one if there was one. You're going to release. This is the one right like saying just chance. It put into theaters. Well now I just take this on demand or whatever I think parents are going to be like. Oh anything to get. My kids distracted from something for two hours. I'll pay any price. Sure I mean there's a lot of people WANNA see. The origin story of grew a character. We have grown to love over the course of eighty-seven movies. I might say on this one. I might see this one only because that I only see every other movie so I saw the first despicable me and I didn't see the second one but then I did see minions and then I didn't see I couldn't. I started it several times because it was on Netflix and managed to get through despicable me. Three which is what it should have been called but now it means that at skipped another one so probably end up watching this on a plane and this is also a revote. Because we're taking us back to basics this a reboot though. Yeah they're taking us back to the basics origins. I think it's a reboot. He's got the exact same scarf on the prequel. I mean they're all prequels at this point right because that's two three one two three r sequels and then minions is a prequel and then this is a prequel post post minions sequel prequel. It's a prequel the despicable me and a sequel to Minion. I thought that I thought that grew invented the minions and he did not know thought that because you haven't seen minions on a plane guided the MC. You is so confusing. Well Oh shoot. Would you look at that? We have spent more than ninety seconds talking about Have to move through the rest of these real quick. We're almost through the entire list of the big movies. If we miss any please let us know blown comments or Tweet US Nadia listening or just yell from a plane or ours Aria a truck that passes by anything like that Fast Nine are sorry. Half nine the key prester refresh has also been delayed man. Does he had recently father. You didn't see the last one on a hell. We all know. I only saw minions I told you only see every other one of the well. Michelle Rodriguez had that White Kid. The I've only seen one in three honestly I only movies. I've seen in their entirety Ryan. Biggest Ryan's the biggest fast and furious fan in here is going to let him catch us up on the story so far dude on the biggest fast and furious fan and I know about as much as James about the story. I know that last movie there was big boom booms Adam and the one before that there was even bigger boom booms in a big tank in a helicopter with those are the things I remember from these. What about three movies before that there was other booms and other things? There's a crash or two. I can't tell you the story okay. What about Hobbs Zone? Not One human being can tell you on earth this is just. It's so funny seeing this trailer and thinking about Paul Walker going like I need to go undercover to stop the street racers from stealing stereos from the back of Semis secret societies. And he just got a car with his hands. Yeah nothing matters anymore. Well that back delayed almost a year. That's got pushed to April second. Twenty twenty one was supposed to come out two months from now are a month now. Sorry yeah they what the summer spot. That's the thing with some of these movies. Though is they're like well. We could delay it too when this'll probably be over or we can delay to the time when we know we're going to make the most money which is uh summer. Well here's the question too. Is like delaying it? Until it's over is the big question when you know a lot of researchers think that scientists think that health officials think that there will be another wave of this where it's like it's waves of of quarantine and ritualised and say quote unquote over like to be honest like I everything I've been reading. It's like probably a year before everyone's like spills like to go all right. I'M GONNA go to the movies and feel okay out or go to fucking football. Game added the crown. He knows what he's Irish article this morning. Predicting that there's going to be you know. Yes we pass this. One wave of light were quarantining were distancing but then come September. There's going to be that next. Wave of like okay. We may have to do this again. So like a lot of you know change. Do you think do who's going to be the first movie. Do you think is GonNa step up and just go screw it? This is going to be a theatrical release. Were were selling it for ticket price by digitally. It's already I can see the hunt right now. Nine that that had a chance to be in theaters. You know what I'm saying. I'm saying one of these future movie releases. At what point do they go quiet place to screw it? We're just going to release it digitally now. Will I mean the thing is the thing is? There's not even movies being made like it's a question of it's like at some point we're going to run out of movies baby or something like that. Like his movies aren't being made. And so there's the question of yeah. We can't go to the theaters and we can't see these movies. But then there's the other hope aspect of the formula. Which is we also can't make movies because they require a ton of people to be closely working together for a really long time. So you know there's going to be that thing where it comes around and we're GONNA go. I'm not I think this is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. Obviously but like there's going to be a part where it comes around and it's like someone can't even say I want to make a movie just to release it on demand because they can't make the movie cannot James Cameras can start doing like this kind of a setup where he's going to like talking Zoe Saldana and these gear blue screen out and I'm going to film this cool waterfall scene in your living room. And then I wanted to ask me that you'll get like you'll get some inventive formats. Like movies like unfunded and searching. Zoom Zoom the movie. We should we should already just makes him the movie right now. It is a horror story. Took place over in the middle of it. Yeah my screen. I think you'll see a few of those inventive formats merge. You can't have you can have one or two of those and then at that point. You're like okay. This is exhausted. I don't you know I'm not fifteen years after it's no longer relevant m night. Shyamalan does it. Well we're visit was awesome was was awesome. Yes okay did it do anything new with? It's like heat like it's like he just discovered that that was a thing and he's like. Oh I WANNA make one of those two is the found footage sundowners downers scary old people. How many will scare people movies? Are there not many of them? Yeah you like Mosul resigning people. How does how do how old people have much ago? Prisoner House explained that they had a hinny. Caleb whatever you see. Here's the thing with the visit. The girl wanted to be a filmmaker. And why don't people who wanna be filmmakers do is they fill everything times around and they film everything all the time with no regard? For what or why exactly? I'm looking right here right off to the side of a cameraman. Guy. That's just filming everything I do. I take stolen Muslim poster and a boomerang and you're wearing a crown. I'm rubbing keying baby. Ride the Tiger Gig. We haven't even gotten there yet. I think that's a burger king. Well that actually does segue us into our our next bar. I will finish out the rest of the the delays shortly but a lot of movies have just stopped production altogether. A Lotta the live action. Disney remakes may be a good thing. Arguable but the Batman stopped production. Altogether I couldn't find any information on Dune. I don't know if that had finished Finished principal tasks suicide squad. Finished Dune finished. Yeah that was working on it. Earth's yeah someone that knows someone so that was supposed to come out at some point this year but Yeah a lot of movies like I. Don't know Matrix Four. Oh Yeah Matrix. Four has been Stopped fantastic three. Which was being made. A top gun maverick. Also we haven't heard anything about that yet mission impossible seven Basel. Urban has an Elvis Presley documentary. I'm learning all these things that you put in here. At least kids Andranik World Three. Probably the one that hurts the least. I can bring myself to continue watching that second one. You get to where they minutes where they go. We trained a dinosaur to kill anything that you point a laser at and you're like it's the greatest killing machine in the world and they show off how cool that feature is by pointing a gun with a laser on it and it's like oh my gosh you can kill that person like yeah if you just pull the trigger that skips you the step of getting dinosaur to it. Maybe one of the worst movies ever made in my watchet to know that though you haven't seen it yet I missed it. It has some redeemable qualities in the sense that it's terrible that yeah they were onset and someone said wait. Hold on you kit. You spend possibly billions of dollars getting these dinosaurs. You auction them off for like four grand or something. It was like everyone knows that you take the dinosaur bones and grinding them up as a cure for krona could be a better a better story well right now writing their corona virus movies. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA knock these out in order in a how much they hurt. But a spiral the jigsaw. A New Jigsaw new movie coming out that on anyone. Who's a jigsaw movie? Chris Rock I was looking forward to Jewish rock. Yeah can't wait. They're rebooting jigsaw thing. It's about time that was supposed to come out in two months. Indie movie on specified release date fucking left field and then and then after that will hold that pomp. My friend because also getting delayed is the one we were all very much looking for two more BS which was supposed come out July. It's wet few film qsge. He's the living vampire you about this on all right. What's the what's the most famous Marvel Superhero Time Marvel Superhero spider-man? Exactly a name. His greatest foe Dr More obvious correct. Cool and then The joke that keeps on giving the new mutants which had originally had an original release date of April thirteenth. Two thousand eighteen was GONNA come out April twenty twenty and has now been pushed Until four days after the earth crashes into the sun because the Mazy Williams is in it. And so like you. You'll have this time. Capsule wiser movie coming out with a toddler in it even when the toddler is a full grown adult while she's going to have to do press junkets for it. Why do you look forty two years older? I'm yeah that's Weird. I don't understand but Man there it is Coming to Disney plus in calling it now is that is what I'm calling it. Just get out sooner than later. The sooner you pushed through this the sooner we can move on to actual mutants in moral cinematic. Also you run. You run the potential of a lot of movies. That will come out in that. Lull that January to April lull. If they're all decent people are a lot more forgiving of them. Because they're desperate for something so I feel like if if you give this to people in a lull and they're desperate You might get a better reception than you would have had you given a theatrical release up against some real competition assuming it's good zooming escape again at people might be more. Forgiving is when I'm John Standard. The bar is set lower even the technology in the movie. They're using IPADS that. You probably can't buy anymore it's It just looks amazing. Well that brings us to an end of all. The movies have been delayed. Sorry I know. It's been a bit of a bummer. But we got it. We pulled the band aid off. It's done we can start focusing on really really cool positive things coming up next but first quick word from our sponsor rake on everyone. Adam here in this crazy time. I think one thing is certain more than most others. We need some wireless ear buds. Yeah everything has gone wireless. You know what he shouldn't have to break the bank to yourself. 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Thank you Rakhine okay guys. It's been sweeping the nation. Nave the world. I'm sure an alien satellite has already picked up transmissions of what is being called the greatest show ever to be made tiger king. Yeah maybe we are doing our weekly tiger king check in as long as we can roll the graphic. Evelyn cool you guys have their Jani Merit. Okay so a quick disclaimer. Before we get this thing over with a lease had her as always had her finger on the pulse. I think the day the minute tiger king released she had already watched. It already started and told everyone you gotta check out the show. It's amazing a friend recommended to me. I can't think I can't take the whole credit Was it Joe Exotic from prison? I was just that one thing of him. Moving into yeah. My friend message me was like you gotTa Watch this thing. It's like it's fucking insane. I probably could not have come out at a more perfect time this is. This is our generation cereal though cereals our generation cereal or just a generation ago. Well the the Internet is a water cooler right now. Everyone's talking about it. I personally have not watched the entire show yet take. I'm taking it in like like a a an expensive wine. Okay just to SIP SIP in it little by little. I think we're going to watch the six episode tonight taking it taking real slow six six. Oh my God okay. So we gotta be. This has got to be spoiler free for episode six right now I. I'm going to try it why I wanted to ask the ask. The question is the show. Is this show that you should binge or do you think it is worth kind of savoring much like a tiger eating future widows husband. You can't help up into. That's what I'm going to say it's like it's like crack cocaine. You gotTa why you want to hit the next baby. But you're GONNA be consuming this show the same way. A tiger consumed walmart meat out of the back of the way to tire consumed. Carol Baskin's husband though well critically spoil on the show so popular our good friend of the show. Oj Simpson spoke to his twitter followers and actually had weighed in on a few parts of it. Pretty a pretty amazing I mean. Would it have to say something along the lines of like from one murderer to another? I know when someone got away it. He's he says at the end he's like. Yeah you know like my opinion. She's definitely that husband is tiger. Shoshee me so you would volcano J. Right. Yeah it's like when OJ looking down on you real well. He then calls out white people but let the record show. He's lived in. Brentwood and I have not so true. Must Be Nice Rich Hollywood But I had some questions for you guys WanNa play a little game on this Haggar King check in my question for the for my panelists today. Who is the least worst person on that show? It's definitely the campaign manager will hold on. I need to know that I agree with that. He's like listen. I. I'm a libertarian. But that being said I try and get a psychopath elected. I don't know he was. He was never get elected. He was just like to be part of the campaign. You know I don't think real job is. It is a little dubious to be like trying to get that guy actually elected you know you're fucking with the democratic system. Yeah you're right. He's not he's not a say. Now hold on hold on here. Sorry go ahead. No go continue Oh No I was gonna say I narrowed it down to four characters because I knew this would happen. Are there are there are two for a nonfiction fictionalized documentary like their way? Too many characters in this that people attach themselves to don't seem I love them all to. It's it's insane so. I narrowed it down to four people more or less the main characters the show The the joey kind of shows up later but So we got jobs audit Carol Baskin DOC antle and Jeff Low while those are terrible people are Shia. Who is the least worst out of all those or Adam? It's funny you are asking us this because I recently did a buzzfeed quiz that was asking asking. Is it gave you like everyone on on a tiger king show and ask you whether you thought they were innocent or guilty and then it compared your answer verses you know the answers they had been gathering and I think I think the highest ranking Was the his his worker. That got their arm. The August was the highest score for being innocent or. This is a good person but I will say like I feel so genuinely bad for the two husbands three husbands now. I guess that he had because they're clearly like young guys that he's grooming into and enticing away. So here's I it's still it's still hard. I'm so sorry no no. It's fine as someone who hasn't gotten older through the series Justin. I've had a conversation like this exact thing of like well. Who's the worst person who's the best person think? My webcam froze did it. I I yeah okay. You're okay. It's cut out Omar cutting it up. Clap yes sir So just and I were talking about. Who is the worst and at one point? I think I think Joe Exotic I think he's. He's at least real. He's a real person at another episode. He's terrible he's the worst person in the world I don't I I hate everyone on the show. Oh sorry I hate these four people. Probably the most of them. I'm trying to figure out who is the least worst and I can't. I've thought about it a four I. They all have very big checks against them. But I think I'd have to dock even though he has a Harem of young underage or not underaged women young women. That's you know his biggest check against him but I mean the people are literally trying to put hits out and murder people all right Joe Exotic on guy to watch but I mean him and Jeff. Low are totally involved in this hit for higher. It seems so I'm going to take that and say that they're worse than document for that reason. Alone Kill Baskin. I believe she murdered her husband so she's a murderer. Therefore doctors the the angel by comparison. Okay am I you guys I mean I. It's this the thing the thing about doc. Is that one woman who got away and her description of what he does to sell enslaving rooming house women's not. I'm not either but I'm just saying I'm just saying it sounded like Carol Baskin's husband was kind of an asshole. Why so I mean I'm telling you. I don't know that it's not about anyone deserving today. I don't know that I believe that's really the the show doesn't make it completely one hundred percent certain that killed anyone. It's it's pure conjecture from the point of view of the people that hate are the most. Here's like do. I know that she killed her husband. I don't but like all those people that they interviewed that talk about. How like he went missing. He was rich. He didn't take any of his money with him. Like it. Just it just so crazy that that would happen in an his ex wife and daughters the way they talk about it. I think I think something definitely happened to him but I don't he was. They established a before she even entered his life. He was a double like a double life. Leading sketchy dude. Who did what he wanted to do. So like I'm just saying. In terms of the morality meter like every one of those four people are only in it for themselves to. I think two things though like if I watched the documentary I would think like she. She probably to craze But I read it. I read about this podcast. That is actually about the same events as tired king which apparently presents L. The events in a much more measured way like just reading about people that have listened to the podcast. They're like oh. The podcast takes things out of context. Or does you know some things. Sorry the the show show does that and I also read. Nasa recently from a former volunteer from big cat rescue. Carol Baskin's rescue and it was really interesting because she by all the person that answered Amei by all accounts seemed very normal very sensible and like they were leading just a a pretty decent average life like she was working as a vet now or something but she only described doing volunteering there as very glowingly and do i. Do I think that maybe you know people hire personally. It's one person and doing that. People hire someone to write. May they did hire this if they did hire this person. It was amazingly written to make this person very genuine. Just you should always the thing about documentaries especially documentaries on net flicks like things. That aren't oh. We went to Iran to see what it's like for these women like not those documentaries that are sensationalized trending number one on Netflix. And stuff are designed to be narrative absent is designed to convey the most compelling version of this documentary story. And I think that's what makes them so entertaining an amazing to watch Part of me thinks that's an even greater achievement than if you have written those characters and conveyed this story because you had to take this material interpret the material and figure out a way to make it slot into our brains. Exact desire for what a narrative structure is in what character should be like that being said I think that of those four people all of them are pretty self centered and only willing to project their personal viewpoint of the world on everyone else as opposed to ever taking anything in And bought. I don't know that it's the kind of thing just because there's an episode devoted to her potentially killing her husband Garrick there. She did it case closed. I mean yeah I mean as as a editor myself James in new manipulates. You guys and stuff. All the time I totally take everything in in in any of these movies with a grain of salt. I mean it's totally for entertainment and then I do love it now. How when one of these things out like a cereal or the jinx or whatever then you then you really can do all the supplemental online research for yourself and kind of see all right. How did how did all these characters feel like? They were portrayed in the thing and then you can kind of really get an overall feeling of like what the truth quote unquote is and yeah do. I obviously was made for TV and stuff but for me the most compelling evidence and it's not relieving evidence at all but it's like hurt them talking to the missing dudes family and kind of and just like you know they obviously were close with her some point and just the look in their eyes and stuff. I mean just like they like yeah we never fucking fact she did it like like an. She had the means to do it and she's evil enough to do. I mean yeah. I don't know for sure if it was a court of law firm on the jury. I don't know if I'd convict but watching that and watching those people talk about that. I mean my hunch in my if I was GONNA put money on it. I'd say she did Reddit. Ama The one thing we have to move on as Susanna Ama. They talk about how light or the the woman that did it she talked about. How like it you can't. It's not even easy to get a tiger to eat human me like. They're fairly fickle. More fickle than you might think and like I guess maybe if you like starved Tiger and ended. Tyre thing is probably. I probably don't believe that I think other means to just get rid of them. You know a Florida dig a hole in the Desert Adam. What do you think as someone who's going on episode six? Where do you think this series is going? I'm not allowed to have it ends up with Jobs Zodda in jail for some sort of hit job that he does because he's becoming increasingly paranoid. I've no idea I he he could end up being a time traveler and from Killing JFK that. That could be a thing. I don't know I'm I'm at a loss for what it is but God I love every. That's what makes it so good well. I. I don't think we've landed anywhere. Close Up to you guys we can. We can call it here or I have another segment where we can determine who is the best person on the show or we can save that for next time after eight wasn't the first question who is the least bad and now the next question he's the best who's the best person do you mean the are. The best is in like entertaining or no. Who's WHO's an actual genuine. Good person is supposed to show I. It's a different list. The people Got Arm enough. I'll give us your list atom. Oh yeah so we got Eric Cowie who Looks like Iggy Pop Is A goal dude. And then there's Rick Kirkum. He's the reality. Tv producers seems you know only want to make one thing There's Kelsey the one armed worker who Ryan mentioned and then air. Good the filmmaker. Who's actually making this whole thing? And Somehow didn't blow his brains out or get killed in the making of the campaign that one. No they'll lose. I came when I made this less. I had not seen episode five yet. So but but that that poor individual yeah. What is my Webcam? Keep freezing I don't know it catches up to itself. It's still young Kelsey. I guess Yeah just go around the horn. Never insure yeah yeah. I don't know if this when he's as much discussion but yeah her Kelsey. You're GONNA go Kelsey. Listen person's name Brian. What about you? I am kind of convinced. The first bit went with the campaign manager but but for the reasons you said I think Kelsey you know is in it for the fucking tigers and nothing else went back to work right after. Got His arm off. I mean that's fricking bad ass. So probably Kelsey Adam I kinda liked the air cowie character. Only because there's a part with asking about how many wives you think dogs don't give a fuck. I love the what was his name a the other guy that he will that Jeff was going to start another tiger thing with the do. This is how I know. You're talking about his his buddy. Who's like he's just like you know? I've worked with him a few times as in jail for fifteen years now. That guy was a Hitman guy. That Guy Sucks. I'm talking about the dude who was another tire. Cat Person who has other building? Yeah Yeah that guy is awesome everything he said. I cracked up at the Aragon. Not a good though. I have my vote goes to shack shocking at Sharon shows up already in it. I'm pretty sure because shack was like like hell. Tiger King Zoo so popular like say Joe Exotic. Joe showed me around got his name wrong. I'm realizing Jeff. Low looks like Somehow the more successful jigsaw brother. Yeah I can see that. He kind of looks like the brother of Jigsaw realizing with somebody should be not I saw some medium that said that he looks like if if if gas station. Boehner pills were a person I think I think. Yeah we we said if If like the outside of a Vegas Casino was a person be Jeff Low. It's just the why is he wearing a do rag and a leather jacket in Ohio. And it's clearly hot out Alpha Dude. They're all terrible people. Did you get to the art where he talked about how he was hiring the his babysitter? Like like Oh we're getting it. We're hiring in nanny. And then he holds up the picture of the nanny. Vc Not yet not yet. Okay I imagine it can only go one of two trash. It IS A. It's a beautiful train wreck that we can't look away from thank you. Thank you lease for making the show Yes it's Jim. If you haven't checked it out you probably already stopped listening or watching this podcast but That brings us to end our tiger king. Check in and the end of this week's episode house. WanNa thank everyone for coming onto the show and I think you rake on our sponsor. We'll be seeing you guys next week until then wrote writes. GotTa go okay. We'll crowd. He's taking his crowd. I'm taking patience and good day to all my tiger Will you call? I'm the tiger kings. So what are you guys? Where are your Cobb segregated by Tiger Dukes and princesses and Queens? All right Joe Exotic your uncle.

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E16: E16: Andrew Heaton & Liz Wolfe on UFOs and if an alien landing would unite us or tear us apart

Right Now with Stephen Kent

48:19 min | Last month

E16: E16: Andrew Heaton & Liz Wolfe on UFOs and if an alien landing would unite us or tear us apart

"Hello and welcome to right now. I'm steven kent. Today i'm being joined in studio by comedian and chairman of the political orphanage podcast andrew heaton and journalists liz wolf of reason magazine we survived twenty twenty and all of the jumanji light is that came with it. And so naturally twenty. Twenty one is already being characterized by a surging interest in drum roll. Please read alien. Aliens is the thing that everybody seems to be talking about. I have been itching to get into this and these two space cadets both happened to be here in dc. So that's what's happening today. We're gonna get into the surge in ufo coverage aliens conspiracy theories our trust issues in government and more but before we go down that rabbit hole. I want to ask all of you. People out there and youtube and tv and podcast land. We still call this tv. If it's a youtube show. I tell people i have a tv show. And then they're like. Where do i watch youtube. It's that's the same thing right. So there is a big red. Subscribe button down below your screen. Please headed and join our community. We have new episodes every week. On thursdays and videos throughout the week you can also follow us on social media and like us on twitter and facebook at rightly. Aj if the truth is indeed out there than you will hear about it here. I this is the way all right so aliens are suddenly taking over the news cycle in twenty twenty one. We had an insurrection. We had a complete meltdown. The public health system. And now we have like valid real information that you have bows are real and that aliens could also be on them. Do you buy it. I i missed that other stuff. You were talking about it but the instructions by anger tension to the aliens the whole time. It happens and the answer is no. I don't think that that's happening. I think that this is more a phenomenon of media and journalism than it is a phenomenon of aliens. Although i hope i'm wrong really cool if it turned up but i don't think that's the case i think that it's a journalistic phenomenon. But the information out there has just been a constant stream for the past year like it is like the state establishment right like the high rungs of the government have actually just been open and vocal about this and you have to wonder why like what is going on here that all of a sudden. They're validating this information. I so i'm gonna take slight issue with with that premise. In that you're absolutely correct in there have been a lot of afo headlines and anybody. That doesn't think this is happening search. Ufo's and you'll find a variety of headlines from popular mechanics and washington post and the new york times. Those are all very much there. The implication is that there's been a massive amount of ufo sightings that have happened and that the government is beginning to tip the deck on it. That's kind of the inclination that we get from this. What's really happening because you have. Oh sightings have declined precipitously last ten years coinciding about the time and everybody got a camera on their phone. What's happening is there are one or two writers new york times right. Really good kind of click beatty headlines about. Ufo's all of the other newspapers. Look at those and go. This is great. We're gonna get on it. They write about it and then the talking heads talking about it. So i think there's really only one or two actual ufo phenomenon happening but he gets scaled up within the media. And it's fun to talk about in his result. There's this impression that this is the way the entire ecosystem. Yes i do. Also think there's a component to this which is that the reason why new york times may be sticking out to you as a purveyor of ufo headlines is also partially because new york times has a really robust ab testing process for their headline. So they're very very focused on trying to figure out what is marketable. What actually will do well. New york times is at the very forefront of testing headlines out the way they do. I mean i. I don't know if you guys have noticed. But you know they'll they'll run a headline and then the headline will will disappear be tweaked merely thirty minutes later three hours later because they're basically testing things out internally on trying to figure out what draws the most traffic so i think the traffic hypothesis is very fair. I'm also curious. I tom cotton's name kept coming up. And the ufo related articles. That i've been reading over the last few months. And i'm very curious about whether or not this is an effort to distract from some of the other unsavory things he sort of been putting his name behind i'm thinking about his op ed a year and a half two years at your level ordination that would require would be so massive and that would actually be like spirit tori. I have so many Tom cotton related conspiracies. Now i guess i'm just entire at also new york times related where he called for bringing police Into the streets the us military into the streets to suppress protesters And i think it's really worth considering okay. To what degree is you know. Is he or or other prominent. Republicans trying to rebrand themselves Or to at least distract from other unsavory news cycles by saying things about your phone but like all these all these lawmakers are asked about the ufo stories and when the stories come out of places like the new york times and everybody writes the rewrites other stories people like us then talk about them and share the ideas and the more discussion. That happens around this subject just more comes. Ufo's have always been opportunity to kind of comment as they do all the time with a gazillion frigging issue and rubio loves to talk about this and then he always turns it toward being a national security issue. Which which if you were going to. I'm going to try to avoid conspiracy thinking today if i were conspiratorially minded. I think where i would go is looking to beef up the defense budget. It doesn't. it's not a horrible thing to imply that there's some sort of really good technology from another foreign power coming into our skies and surveilling us if we should put a little bit more money in the pentagon budget. If you're if you're kind of hawkish republican it. It doesn't hurt to kind of goose people's fear about this kind of thing. Imagine that they're reacting. Potentially and this is what i meant when i brought up tom. Cotton and i think marco rubio's a really good example of this. I think if i were sort of this hawkish law and order type conservative and i noticed The sort of public consensus shifting away from wanting military involvement. Us military involvement abroad. An away from wanting such high defense department budgets and even away from You know having these really enormous police forces in major american cities. If i noticed that the tides were turning away from these types of things the public sentiment was shifting. I think i would get a little anxious person. i never will be. Where is tom to launch of blink. One eighty two in this entire story. Because you just crack this case wide open on the political orphanage podcast in a big way and big props to you for taking the time to investigate this stuff like top military brass riot like leaving the service talking about potentially that there are aliens or definitely. Ufo's on mainstream media outlets but they are all now going to a new side project that has to do with the guitar from blink. One eighty two. Yeah this is very common but thank you. I'll say. I got interested in this topic. Because while i am deeply skeptical i love it. I grew up listening to coast to coast. Am which is like the bbc for people who think they've been abducted by aliens. I really enjoy it. I think it's fun. I think it's creatively stimulating. And i like you kept seeing these headlines and was thinking it. I how it really feels like the pentagon's kind of bracing us for for some big disclosure and you start seeing headlines about that of like a top pentagon official admits. Ufo's exists which is now under worked it into one of his Piece of legislation at the end of his term related to covid a that there would also be declassifications of ufo information Yeah and so. It implies. All the stuff i how. I spent several days researching all of this. I i went through. I felt like every astronaut. Who claims to believe in aliens and went through all of their stuff. I looked for every every sitting government official that might have input on this and it all traces back to time to watch from one eighty to all of it. I have the crazy chart with a red string and things and basically the thing. Is tom lodge from what he did to. Who's a lifelong paranormal enthusiasts. At a show that he produces on the history channel and they hired a couple of former government officials to come on and promote it and so a lot of the feed that you're saying for example there was a very interesting segment on fox and friends about a year and a half ago with chris. Mellon who is the third highest ranking intelligence personnel the pentagon he's retired from that now but on and he's talking about how yes ufo's exist. We acknowledged them all this. What you don't ever really quite as the reason that he's going on this stuff is because he's promoting a history channel special and all of this basically saving now. I don't think they even know these things no. I don't think that anybody cares to ask. It's just when somebody from former military or used to work at eight tip right so ateb is the military's advanced aerospace threat identification program which was supposedly expired in the budget in two thousand twelve. And run by this guy. Lewis ella zondo but they've all gone now to contribute work or be fellows at tom dilemmas organization to the stars academy of arts and sciences. They're being paid to talk about this. And i don't think it's gripped like i don't think that they're lying. They're lying about anything that they say they saw while in the service but they are definitely now monetize ing information and little questions that they might be able to throw in the living embodiment of the just asking questions. Type is just asking questions. It's like they're just asking questions. And they found a way to make that super super lucrative And to go on major tv networks and promote that and there is also a kind of productive ambiguity that everyone is participating in here. So if you watch chris mellon one of the people. It's fellow with his program that you've described and he'll say is a pentagon official will acknowledge that. Ufo's exist what he means is very specifically very literally. There are objects in the sky. We don't know what they are. They're sky mysteries. That's what he's talking about right in popular parlance when i say ufo. I mean spaceship or flying saucer. And if you watch their footage. They're always very careful to say There is a aeronautical phenomenon which which we cannot identify. they don't say yep pentagon admitted it a bunch of dead bodies of aliens. they're on an area fifty one. There's there's something that crap like they never ever say that the furthest they'll go is we are not alone. I can say with some certainty that we are not alone. But that doesn't mean that. It's not the chinese violating your airspace. Very frequently. what they'll say is i can tell you as a former pentagon official that we do not have the terror. I am unaware that our government has any of this technology. And it's like well you probably. There are probably many many many people that were in the pentagon when the stealth bomber was being developed. Who did not know about the stuff bomber as the tenor of like a husband respond to a wife's allegations that like maybe he's cheating on her and it feels a lot like a lot of like well. I can neither confirm. You can't really established that. I was with that person specifically between those hours in that place but yes i have interacted with her at least once or twice and you to speak to my lord young but he has his ten or two of just like their feels like the the headlines are huge extrapolations from what the person is actually saying. So i wanna. I wanna i wanna go to the the likelihood in which this could be real right like. What does it mean if this is real. But i your theory that you had posited on your show that you thought was the most likely one was not that a foreign power here on earth is violating our airspace with impunity. That would be pretty outrageous like that could be international incident if another country had actually developed something and was flying over our bases could blow up in a huge way. The most likely option. You said which. I had never ever considered which kind of blows my mind. Now that you've said it. Is that the government. Our government itself could actually have at the highest levels developed new technology drone technology that they patented and our testing it over their own military installations to see how servicemembers react. And what they do. Under those circumstances and i was left going. I believe in aliens but that strikes me as quite possible. Yeah thank you. Jesus at a policy walk it comes to aliens. I if were let's say we were to jump back twenty or thirty years Let let's say thirty years ago. I don't think still bombers had been decommissioned yet. Thirty or forty years gonna take your pick when they're being developed if you were to take a well decorated Jet pilot in the air force and they encountered not knowing about still bombers because they're classified at this time they encountered them what they describe as i saw this crazy shaped black object. That could fly angles. I've never seen before could fly faster than anything we have. I couldn't on radar. And that would imply we don't have that so it must be something else but as you point out it's something that was in development that was not widely and i think that the chain of probability with indicates something very much like that. Is it more likely that we have technology that is not yet declassified that we use to to test out our own areas or is it more likely that aliens are super interested in our air force bases. I think the former is more likely. And i think that the The the likelihood that it's us rather than the chinese or the russians which is strongly implied by senator rubio is also more likely just because our budget is so huge that i think we are ahead of them in terms of innovation and on top of that. If i were going to test out crazy new technology i wouldn't tested on china because if i crashed it they'd get it and i might start a work whereas if i tried over tinker air force base in oklahoma like something goes wrong. I can recover that pretty. So i think it's far more likely to be some kind of super ultra drone but in about ten years will become publicly disclosed. But what if aliens are real. I i think they are okay. Like i'll put my cards on the table. I have always found it to be absurd. The idea that we're alone in the universe. I look everything out there. I'm also a christian. I believe in a creator and a vast galaxy in a universe that was painted by god and humanity is the only thing that you could come up with. That could talk to each other right. Think do art like that would be so boring. An ungodly to have us be it. What do you think we can. I follow up on that when you say that you believe in aliens you think they're aliens do mean a probabilistic sense that we are not alone in general. Do you mean aliens come to earth in interacted with us Well in alien versus predator. They came to know so. I think i think probably the the former i'm in that same camp too and i like i actually honored meet buzz aldrin one time and that's the first question the second question first question. I have is not about aliens because it was his handlers with like pull him away once. I established that. I was going to make him look bad. I wanted in the exact same Which was that you think about the sheer scale of the universe. The number of stars galaxy. I i've done back in the envelope math before if you took one percent of the stars that exist in our galaxy and see one percent of them at one percent of them. Earth like planets and one percent of them have bacteria in the fraction fraction for. You still have a million. Life's that should be able to have wristwatches and conversations in our galaxy. I'm very curious in your sort of theories of this. Are you specifically also sang alien. Life forms that nearer mimic us in some way so that share certain attributes like or. Are we talking crazy. You know amoeba creatures like what exactly talking about when talk about life in other corners would have to be intelligent lifeforms right so so i i out for me a little bit you know. I was looking at images of like scandinavian looking on the internet this morning and it was probably not that though. Yeah no i realized my husband. Actually it looks like one of them. So that's a little suspicious. She might have been fill. His name suspected your husband is always said that millions are already among us and we just need to figure out who they are. Your husband could be one of them. But i am curious like flush flush out for me a little bit. What would these life forms. Look like and sound like and be like. Oh i don't know. I hope they look like the camman's from star wars episode two which is like very classic look long next like giraffes and then big heads and big is. I mean. that's what. I like to imagine that these sort of enlightened beings but you know i could be like squirrels just be like squirrels that have like our own civilization their stars. It doesn't matter to me and honestly i've never sat down to actually think that part of it what they look like but it is obvious to me that the scientists changed so much over the past couple of decades in terms of life beyond this planet finding water finding evidence of breathable air and other places that is no longer with us like they're talking about goldilocks planets now throughout throughout the sector of the galaxy. And that's pretty darn exciting well. so i'm fascinated from the probabilistic standpoint. Are we talking like our contemporaries existing now or could it possibly be talking about life forms that existed many many thousands of years ago where we might uncover evidence of their existence but not necessarily interact with them. The flesh that seems feasible. The additives is already the mayan temple. The answer is both kind of one of the disturbing things about this idea if we accept the premise. Which i think is very logical rational premise. That there are just there such a mind. Boggling amount of planets within the goldilocks zone. Some fraction of them have intelligent life because all of the stars the planets in the galaxy are coming into being different times. It's presumably that there are both thousands of species out there and that many of them are millions of years older than us which begs the question. Why haven't they decided to be neighborly. Swing by to you know. Give us donuts and ask about our sitcoms and things. The fact that we haven't encountered them raises some questions of like everybody. Just nuke themselves is. That is that the point of all civilization. These saw some of our bitcoin sitcoms in the salt lake friends. And the whole friends reboot and they're like it's not worth engaging with these. Yeah we'll talk. We'll we'll get really good. Puns get some get some butter tastes. So you're just talking about like observing right so aliens aliens are found out to be real right so let's even say that something. Crashes in the ukraine it is an alien vessel. It is clearly evidence of intelligent life beyond earth. And there's going to be a moment of figuring out. What do we all do with this. Aliens have landed in invaded. but we've got their spacecraft and it's obvious peace on earth independence day unity like do we become better or worse off in that kind of situation. I think that's the best thing that could happen to us. I would be thrilled if we became aware of alias. They crashed awesome. If if we if we had incontrovertible proof of radio signals from another planet as long as we had confirmation that there is intelligent life elsewhere. That's not human. I think it would be wonderful. The reason that i say that is i think. Human beings are inherently try ballistic. I think we have a deep set in nate impulse to support our team in defense against another team and we crave having an other to eliminate and to fight and to compete against and i think just having a concept that earth is not alone in that. There is a truly alien other out there. I think you'd see a greater degree of international cooperation. I think you'd see people going. I don't like the chinese communist but the only one head you're saying i think this is interesting. I sort of apply this to like how imagine parents relate to their child. It's like we have a common enemy. Okay we can be united. This and i sort of see a similar situation with the thing that i would sort of push back on there. Is we already struggle to understand each other and to come to any sort of consensus or even interpreting each other's arguments and beliefs in good faith. You add a whole bunch of other complexity that comes with an entirely different species in here. And how does that go. Are we attempting to reconcile differences with them. We already filled it do that with each other. Even people who live within the same state or the same city. I think the case for what you said about their you know possibly being peace on earth goodwill men is that we would be reinspired we would we would realize that there are possibilities that elon. Musk should in fact. Have it even more massive private and public budget given to him to do his research in the stars like there would be a sort of a reimagined sense of. What's possible like i think it is. It is true that everything that was accomplished in the nineteen sixties and seventies as your client is writing about this the other day in the new york times that like we accomplish. All these great societal advancements more equality more rights and going for the stars at all at the same time that makes some sense to me like maybe we would progress. But i think you're wrong. I think so. So that craft lands in the ukraine. There's gonna be a bloodbath over. Who owns it okay. The countries are going to then race to that crash site violate one another sovereignty because it is so clear the stakes will be so high as to who owns that technology. You will have to fight for it. The united nations is not going to get it and then put it in some facility for everybody to have access to russia's going to scoop it up and they're going to keep it from everybody else. So are we so sure that the technology would be the focus as opposed to not not literally dissecting but at least understanding this species or the form of life. Why would we be so interested in the technology at the expense war you insane technology necessary to go across. It's crazy to fathom how advanced you'd have to be to get to to cross a neglect stretch. It would be really good propulsive technology. What makes us think that we have the ability to replicate. I suppose we need to dissect it in order to figure out whether we yeah we might. We might die in the process in the past. We accidentally dropped off a nuclear reactor in victorian england. Probably blow themselves up. There's a chance we do now. This is the folly of mankind. We want to be masters of the universe and all of these different countries like just think of the big ones right so like russia. China united states powerful states big ambitions. We think that if push comes to shove with outside alien forces who better to decide what happens in that relationship with these extraterrestrials than us. The chinese would feel that way they would think that they are the ones who need to lead the way and those interactions they would cover the technology dominate the earth militarily with it or at least that would be their hope and everybody else their incentive would be to get that technology and we will rip each others heads off to get it. You make a great point theoretically. Let's say that that our our awareness comes not from a crash landed vehicle which is always struck me as a very odd thing in american advanced technology. Why would it crash then. So advanced cried me really. Lightning storms are a problem for you but let. Let's say theoretically that it's not that it's just the that seti. The study institute goes. Hey we're we've got this unequivocable signal that we're getting and we're gonna make it public and we now know that there's some sort of alien species and that's all we know we just know that there's some sort of language. Do you think the same thing would play out or do you think that my positive scenario more likely to have well. I think we all agree that when militaries around the world get more budget right when every nation is sort of increasing their arms race increasing the size of the military trying to update their technology creates tension. Do we do. We agree with that kind of like as libertarians ladder. That sort of makes the world more tense. And everybody's in that position countries around the world there people would be scared. I don't think in chaos right. I think everybody would go about their lives but they would be afraid of the possibilities and military budgets around the world would just balloon and you would have. Tensions rise is just a result of that having the war drum in the background constantly can only lead to bad things maybe eventually piece will break out but only after a lot of bloodshed because of the fear could there be a certain amount of peace that sort of gotten from this sense of like mutually assured destruction but at the hands of the other where there must be some amount of banning together and this sort of incident of racing against one another to develop this technology. There's a sense of will they've made contact with us. They surely have the ability to obliterate us. What are we going to do about it. We better act fast. I think i'm in the space pollyanna. Camp there was. There was a moment during the towards the end of the soviet union. We're reagan was walking with gorbachev and asked him if aliens came down and invaded america. Would you be on our side or their side. And gorbachev was like clearly we'd be on. That is different than just getting access to the technology and realizing that they're out there and that one day we might confront them and invasion would call for everybody turning their guns is the same time let. Let's say that ailing exist aware of it and we do we do bump up our military's because we're worried that they might come someday. Don't think at the same time that we would be going. Hey china in the event that we're invaded. Let's start coming up with contingency plans. Let's form an earth. Nato against whatever threat this might be. I don't know about that. I don't know about that. Yeah i i. I don't find that to be super puzzle. The that is really interesting. Just like listening to you guys talking about this is it's fascinating what has sort of become accepted within the overton window of semi serious american political discourse. Lately i've been thinking about the rise in ufo related headlines. But then we're also right now dealing with this like is it. Conspiratorial is not the lab week theory for the origins of covert. And trying to figure out. Okay well we know. This originated in wuhan china. But how specifically this has significant implications in terms of How culpable china is And you know it. It just has great significance For i think. us diplomacy and sort of relations with the rest of the we'll china's relations with the rest of the world specifically because we're basically trying to grapple with this idea of did this origination a wet market where a human taste a little bit of bat soup. And that's how a coded became a thing Is it something where researchers in a lab in wuhan at the wuhan institute overall aji were working on developing this and either unintentionally became sick and then released it or the more conspiratorial angle is the intentionally released it and there's a bio weapon concept but the thing that i think is really fascinating is we're talking about you affo- semi seriously because that's fallen. Within those sort of acceptable overton window of discourse and now we're also served grappling with this on a very serious inconsequential level. Because this is something that's the lives of you know an insane number of people worldwide. How do you guys look at that. I suspect that the greater the populist movements. You're having a country the more conspiracy theories you're going to say because populism is the idea that there's an elite and then there's the us and the us has been trampled by the elite and i think that's going to lend itself towards a certain degree of thinking that there are these small units of nefarious people or groups that are secretly collaborating indus- so i think that kind of thinking is more apt to increase. We go that direction. The most recent pew research on trusting government poets. It's down towards twenty two percent and in terms of people who think that the government will just about always do what is right. Americans are closer to two to five percent. That's incredibly low me so pissed off about all of this. Is i think the pollyanna narrative on this is great. We're libertarians. They don't trust government anymore. That's awesome fries and i think in reality. What's actually happening now. I think it's even more concerning and stressful for us is. They're not flocking toward libertarianism. They're not sort of taking home. These these lessons of when you centralize power and sort of detach policymakers from this idea of local knowledge and letting people largely choose how to live their lives for themselves. When you when you take that away what actually happens. Is people really flocked toward populism they fox's populism on the left there they tore down the right. We serve saw that with the election. Sort of rise. The colt personality if you will around donald trump and now we're seeing an awful lot of that on the left right now and i think it's really disheartening. Feels like a americans are countrymen. Won't take home the sort of appropriate lessons about concentrated power. Yeah i've i've set it on this show a number of times. I think one of my great regrets as sort of a movement libertarian. I believe in the ideas. I believe in institutions that we've built around it but beating the drum for a handful of decades about government can only do wrong. I don't know why that was thought to be a good idea like why that was thought. Oh people then just form like happy little commune's and organize themselves as individuals and we'll have happier. People know people will be angry. Feel betrayed and then you have to ask yourself. Where does that go. It results in strongman governments. People naturally go back towards order. They don't like chaos and anything that can be tied to chaos. They will perdue's order over that instead. I think there's also the challenge of instead of feeling so amounts of gratitude for the areas of private sector innovation that have really made our lives measurably drastically Better over the last twenty or so years. I'm thinking about how. I can order something on amazon and have it delivered within a day or two days to my apartment in brooklyn without ever having to leave the house which is really helpful with your sicker. You're busy or you have a newborn at all. Nothing like sleeping stretching. We've been pushing people in that direction for a long time and so early in the pandemic there were some polls coming out about trust government versus trust in the private sector. I don't remember the exact numbers. But like trust and ceos and cos is so high so and i remember numerous institutions that we favour running articles like yea. That's so wonderful. Trust in the private sector is so strong but to me the in bowl of that is just going to be anointing different kings and these kings don't have any rules they don't there's no bill of rights constitution for them. That's not totally true. I get what you're saying about. You know the constitution doesn't mind. Facebook for example in terms of their content moderation decisions. But the thing that i think is really interesting and we saw news of this sort of servicing. Maybe two or three weeks ago. Facebook does have an oversight board That sort of their governmental if you will entity to no one accountable to no one but that is focused on attempting to adjudicate content moderation decisions in sort of be this internal arbiter of what types of decisions are appropriate versus which ones aren't i don't think that's fully satisfying to people approaching it from sort of your school of thought but i do think we're beginning to see. I mean remember. These are relatively new questions trying to figure out the appropriate amount of content. Moderation whether it's okay to kick off you know president trump off of twitter. That's a relatively supposedly had four years to grapple with that decision but it really only came to a head within the last few months and now they're sort of grappling with. How much can we can. We do stuff like this without actually sort of losing trust and also inviting regulation right because that's really social a small nexus to sort of think about this rather than just the corporate sector structuring all of our lives in a way that they are again accountable to no-one as long as money is being made and stakeholders are increasing their profits like that really does. Worry me like my favorite dystopia. Nhs right like ball where you know everybody in these. Sports leagues are playing Deaths fort on behalf of different companies like nike plan against mcdonalds in-depth sport ring. It's like hunger games. But companies and then like ready player one the world gets to be so unlivable an awful that everybody is just sort of lured into virtual reality to live out the rest of their lives in peace and comfort and enjoying their reality. but like that's not the ideal and i just feel like libertarians. We've given up. I think that that libertarianism has such profound focus on individual autonomy that it oftentimes loses sight of things that connect individuals to other individuals. So there's so much of an emphasis on any coercive forces wrong in all situations and every planet throughout the time space continuum all government forces always evil. And there's other there's other elements to this equation. One of them. That i think is very important one right now that i'm very concerned about is just there's plummeting social trust. There's lowering social capital in the united states The government is part of that but it also applies to turn but also applies to how people feel about strangers their neighbors and things like that you want to have high social trust in high social capital in this society. That's good for an economy. It's good for just enjoying life and we seem to be lowering in that regard. It seems like a really mapping the differences between thick libertarianism and thin libertarianism. Which i think are things that are. It's sort of an interesting debate within the sort of broader wilbur. Terry an umbrella. But this thin libertarian idea of the main thing that we ought to be concerned with is government infringement on individual rights and In in the absence of that we really shouldn't be all too concerned. As opposed sticker. Libertarian concept which is saying. Hey we have the skepticism of power wielded by government what about skepticism of it wielded by corporations or the thing that's more compelling to me what about skepticism of sort of woke hordes within these companies that are pressuring the higher ups to make certain decisions which pushes people sort of deeper underground push us. Certain ideas deeper underground. Really they've lost a sense of how to be judicious with what types of things are acceptable. Or what types of user acceptable for people at their companies. To hold and i think that's an area where i think the thicker libertarians not thick with two seize i mean normal thicker returns have a lot of concern there and so i think you see differing levels of concern about the serve woke mobs be stuff where you sort of fall ideologically spectrum. Is this why. You've kind of moved away from libertarianism. As a person yet to a great extent. Yeah i think that. I think that there's a risk of becoming dogmatic or or intellectually ossified around one model. And i see that in libertarianism. Where it's just all coercive forces in rocketing that vibe from either of but there are people that that's it nothing else counts and i. I think that That is a very important thing. I remain very sceptical about a government authority. Or i mean very skeptical about government efficiency and so I you know those are all factors. Coming in I think that the the equations broader than that. I think that there are other elements that are at work and i think that Part of the reason the libertarian movement has been so stunted i think is because it only has that one access. It's operating under end. Everybody else in america's operating under other axes. Did you formerly by in. Was there some sort of catalyst or precipitating incident. That sort of led to this this shift. I mean i did buy like i got into. Pg or work and milton friedman at the same time and was very much in that like you know if the government was in charge of the sahara. We'd run out of sand kind of and i. It's not so much that i've quit like i don't agree with that. Premise that there are just functions. That the government's never going to be good at there's there's informational elements that it's always gonna make poor. There's all sorts of things that i think are very much accurate there It's more like my focus has broadened. And i think that a lot of the time. Libertarians are very very narrow. And i've kind of taken a abroad. I i was. Andrew hangs target audience when he was running for president like like what he was talking about like respect for capitalism right the real ideal of free markets and all that stuff and really like being happy about our societal gains like he's not like a doom and gloom socialist and all that stuff like the world is off the world is obviously better. The united states is prospering. Even in times where we right now feel like it's really hard. What he was talking about and universal basic income to me sounded exactly like what i wanna see which is government doing the only thing that it is really good at which is sending you things in the mail. And this guy's jets and i feel very slowly significant while they send us the checks. Maybe they send us to buy. Maybe they send a load of them to nigerian scammers. Which this all happened with covid bailout money like that is the kind of thing where i go. If we are going to save trust in government and keep our society together in keep people from rioting and tearing down the capitol building which is scary stuff we need to rethink what the government does what is good at and retool for the twenty first century and i think like libertarians. Need to get with the program. I'm curious make your complaints a little bit more specific not that. I'm a libertarian. Who can weave a magic wand and fix these things that i think you're reacting to. But what are the specific concerns that you have or things that you feel like. Libertarians inappropriately downplay. I'll give one and this applies to me very much. I think that libertarians are attend to very much. Downplay emotional impact and psychic each other. So i'll i'll give a microcosm example that i think you can scale out. Are you saying we don't have could touch with our emotions as therapy for the record. I like i feel like we need more vocals. I think like that libertarians. Really overdo it. I wish that that impulse was much more prevalent within the republican and democratic parties. Like i think they are emotionally incontinent in need much more of that rationalism so it's not this isn't a one sided thing but like uber to do surge pricing and economically. That is a good idea. You're you're incentivizing the market for more people to enter it. That gets everybody more cars more cheaply all these things. It's all very every hated it. And they got rid of it because customers hated it. And it's like right. It turns out people would rather actually not have that material good because they they would rather not feel taken advantage of and i think you can kind of scale that out go even if the even if the rational economic arguments are one hundred percent accurate you have to take into account that there is some amount of emotional ligament for example league libertarian-leaning. There's a hurricane that strikes. They should probably hold off with the price gouging related. I agree with them on that. But it's more like. I think let's say that there is a you know there's going to be a government program. That's going to be ineffectual. But it's really not going to be a serious infraction of your rights. He has just dumb right. Attacking it so vociferously i think is a misspent energy since because it's it like theoretically let's say let's say that the democrats want to put a sticker on all guns says. Don't shoot this at the wrong people. You know it's not going to do anything but for some reason it's gonna make everybody much happier and feel safer okay. That doesn't bother me so much. And i think that's the thing that would be the stiffer slee attacked in any way shape or form. Yeah i mean it's too to some degree this libertarians. Strong suit right. Like being such falcons And being able to laugh at the the the hooligans and all the foolishness of people attempting to i mean. I think there is a truth at the bottom of returns are saying though and i'm thinking about like the labels that we attach to cigarette packs and only things where it's like. Okay well these like disgusting cancerous lungs do not in fact a swayed me from having a few beers and then going outside to smoke a cigarette like let's just be clear about that and i think there there's although it's understandable especially from temperament perspective of saying okay. This libertarian persnickety. Nice doesn't necessarily appeal to old all types of people and everybody's sort of a general sense of of what they want in their peers in their political movement. I do think it does get to the heart of something really important. Which is that. We need to actually be making policy. That attempts to give wide berth to people's choices. And when we have these sort of moralistic leibels up onto things. We're not doing that. And that says something about how we conceive ourselves politically and what types of. Things are within the purview of government. So i think it's fair for libertarians. To react pretty strongly. Say hey you judging me for going outside to smoke a cigarette if that's my choice and it doesn't really affect many people other than me. That's not really something that the framers envisioned you doing and screw you for doing that. I wanna take him seated on a hard pivot back on the other direction. Just wind down because i really wanted to see what you think about this. And you're a religious studies guy with aliens. Are they fallen creatures. Who are going to need redemption in christ if they come to earth are we going to minister to them in the same way that we would have anybody else throughout human history because this was one of the subjects of c. s. lewis's books. It was caught. They retire leonard trilogy. So the space trilogy right. So this is the whole idea. That like if god made the entire universe and everybody and an atom just bought the entire thing with With sin for all god's creatures did that apply to them. And are they accountable. Why do you think they're falling. Well that's my question. If god created a perfect universe perfect world and adam and eve tempted by the serpent right and we fall. How big is the we is the we humankind and the we all of god's creation on the other side of the universe. Do you have these aliens right. These other this other species this other group that god created who all of a sudden their lives become awful. All of a sudden people start eating meat and cheating on their spouses. And they're like. Why did this happen. Everything was anti eating and anti everything was perfect and then all of a sudden it wasn't and then they're traveling the galaxy for the sole purpose of finding out. Who did this. And that's when they find us the troublemakers. Those bastards are they fallen in sin. Lose wolf i. Don't i think legitimately. I think the most christian answer is like we ought to turn to scripture to get a sense of this and i don't think it really guides us particularly while in this area. I don't think it really leaves much room for interpretation on the question of it just doesn't grapple with that question at all and you would think that An omniscient god would give us direction as to. I mean he knows all of this right and so you think he would give some amount of direction as to how to grapple with that. Doesn't you would think that could just oversight. On god's lots of oversight. On god's gosh i hope there's a god i think it'd be terrific guilt presently. Think so would love it if when i when i die surprise and it turns out. There's a plan. And i get to be reunited with pets and some of my family. That would all be terrific. I don't think that's the case. So as the resident friendly low wattage atheists here. i don't. I questioned the premise itself. I do not think there. A fallen ruled nor sam. Because i do not think that there is a standard deity to sit against optimists. We none of us bertinelli. That's i'll put a science spin on it in that. If if by fallen we mean species that are materialistic were competitive or military. Whatever i think that. That's probably true. Because i suspect that in order to get a brain as large as ours. You probably have to have a certain amount of inherent competitiveness to get there. I think you probably have kind of a mental arms race. So i'd be surprised if you found a species that had always been perfectly nice to everybody and was really smart. I think probably cap off at dear. I take umbrage with a concept that you can't be with materialistic and competitive and via kristen. Come on you can be all of this wolf. Heart is what i need is like the idea that we have a society murders and thank you. You're the only person who hasn't shown your hand inside whether or not you believe in aliens. No i don't believe in kneeling now. I'm the guy who hosts the show. I think that they're out think they've come here with. I just don't think they're here. I actually completely different for me. I think it's opposite. Like i don't believe in them. But i think i could be convinced that they are already among us. Because there's some weirdoes out there. You know i mean. I is there. Aliens actually wanted to them without being sifi conventions and liberty conventions need to places. I'd recommend they go there. Is this interesting. Concept of like the libertarian pin number this sensibly a apart from. Are you familiar with this okay. This this ideal like water of a social or hobby types of things that libertarians are attracted to her serve gravitate toward apart from something that's explicitly ordained in our ideology or something that are ideology specifically takes us to but just the sense. Like why are there more. Libertarians interested in homeschooling than democrats and republicans are y. Are there more libertarians. Who are big huge sifi fans in the sense that like there are certain attributes. Some company libertarianism quite often because your political outlook in life and the things you're interested in are all from a different series of ways that you could just be wired as a person like what are your inclinations. Are you a person who values Change or your person who valley's values consistency like these are just like different ways we tilt on that determines what we are. I mean some of these things very much mapped to this like individualist versus collectivists. Sort of way of orienting yourself. I think it very easily follows. If you're a libertarian. Who considers himself to be a hardcore individualist. It's also important that you raise your kids in such a manner and so the idea of turning them over to the state to be educated in a group of twenty five or thirty kids versus homeschooling them having more control and sort of letting their minds run wild and free. I think that's very appealing to people who care a lot about individualism. The idea the prospect of your child becoming part of the sort of collectivist taty really stressful for them guys. I want to give you an opportunity to plug all the great things that you're doing in your lives where people can follow you andrew. How can people stand touch and support you and all of your words. I got two things to to to show them. So i host to podcasts always called alienating the audience which is all the scifi stuff chomping at the bit to discuss. I going as deep as i. Can we talk about like the petroleum economics of dune. And what what. The ethos of the matrix is things like that. So that's appealing to check out alienating the audience if you are also somebody that is not really well comporting. With the whole red red versus blue slap fight rock them sock and robots tanguy hosts. A podcast called the political orphanage for like minded freethinking individuals to come. Hang out and solve problems as your entire life on clubhouse. Now i'm this well if you can find me on twitter at l. i. z. z. Y. w. o. l. i. Right at reason. I have a feature coming out in reasons december print issue which is all about my future at least all about the soviet union and what it did to food culture. Let me spoil it for you. Not good things extremely bad So definitely look for that and you can absolutely find me on clubhouse. I sort of lurk around. They're saying all kinds of things that will probably get me in trouble someday. I'm amazed it hasn't already. Everyone should follow. I'm steven. this has been right now. A special episode. And yeah. Thank you guys for joining me. We'll be back next week with more cnn.

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493  Star Cops  Other Peoples Secrets

Fusion Patrol

49:35 min | 10 months ago

493 Star Cops Other Peoples Secrets

"Fusion Patrol is a listener-supported podcast. Find out how you can help support us at patreon.com Fusion Patrol. This is the fusion Patrol podcast each week. We look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie and over-analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of fusion Patrol. I'm Eugene and I'm John and tonight. We're looking at the star Cops episode number eight other people's secrets on a return flight to the Moon Davis and Kenzie are rudely awakened by Springs latest high-tech. Cop Gadget a phone on the moon. Alexi is introducing the safety control wolfheart to Spring just as the fancy space Communicator blows up much to Wolf Hearts disdain elsewhere engineer Hooper is being a Rite asshole to his assist Anderson. He doesn't like her he doesn't respect her and he shouts at her a lot. She puts in for a transfer which Alexi denies. He suggested she try again Hooper is under a lot of stress. Alexi also introduces spring to his latest great idea. He's asked a psychiatrist to come to the moon and the interview everyone. He wants his Command Staff and the Starcraft 2 old mandatorily volunteer as a show of solidarity and confidence in the importance of the interviews with everyone on the base spring agrees Spring contract David and forces him into a game of bridge wolfheart apparently plays and Alexia's trying to smooth over his visit that doesn't go so well when the bridge table explodes on them during a game back in the service corridors Hooper threatens Anderson with a projectile tool and she's had enough the star cops are called in and Hooper is just as unpleasant to them. But he also bought a case that there's a saboteur on the base, which is the sort of thing you'd expect the chief engineer to have reported previously rather than just continue to be overworked having to fix things spring assigns David off. Qualified engineer to help Cooper and to Snoop around Upon returning to the Moon Kenzie learns of the mandatory voluntary psychiatric interviews, and she goes into a strop. I am not being analyzed Davis when he learns that doctor par is coming runs and hides spring picks up doctor part and she's immediately and obnoxious person. Not at all. The type person a patient would be comfortable talking with she tries to apply spring with her analytic Jiu-Jitsu but does little more than provoke him Hooper tells David the cards table was wrongly wired. It looks like there might really be some sabotage the interviews begin with an ocean but doesn't last long when doctor car learns that Colin Davis is one of them are cops on the base. She seems distracted and Disturbed in the service corridors. David finds his own evidence of sabotage a device keyed to his voice print off. Suspicions to Spring but there is no proof Hooper was behind it Alexi and wolfheart. Apparently old friends have a heart-to-heart about the problems on the base. They then take a moon buggy out to watch the Earth drink Vodka. They open up a bit to one another the next day par reveals to Alexi the wolfheart devolves. Some of the things they'd spoken about he is upset by this and goes to look for wolfheart. David was supposed to meet Hooper but he's not at the designated spot and David suspects. He was sent there. So Hooper could avoid him. We see a saboteur in maintenance workers overalls and carrying Hooper's toolbox Tampa things in the service corridors Kenzie still avoids her appointment with par so device goes in her place doctor par is one of Davis's Ex-Wives and there's still that joyous spark of antagonism between them which does not stop device from trying to jump her bones. She rejects his advances. We see The Saboteur and it is wolfheart who acts job He causes an explosion and decompression of the base Anna and Alexi are trapped in the mess hall with several others spring and Kenzie are trapped in a small closet and Davis and Par our trash in Alex's office David Hooper and Anderson who steps up in the emergency must Dawn space suits and fix the damage before the people aboard the base died of asphyxiation strangely off. The service corridors have not lost air pressure and wolf art is injured but not suffering from lack of air trapped and facing death spring opens up to Kinsey and explains about how his father was criminal and that he brought him to Justice in alexey's office after much prompting Davison par get down to having sex before they die when the base seals a repair the only way to get air to the survivors to use the air in the service corridors and open all the internal doors manually with everyone breathing again spring realizes that wolfheart must be The Saboteur and was in the service corridors they rescue him. Cracked he didn't even realize what he was doing par departs her Mission unsuccessful, but leaving Davis with a smile the end. Oh, what did you think of other people's Secrets? I thought it was a a passable episode not as good as the last one, but it was all right had its good parts and bad parts off. I would be interested in hearing what its good parts were well, I thought they depiction of the explosive decompression was good. There was the not often seen cloud of of a water vapor is it makes a a cloud briefly before it's evacuated and I like that there wasn't like a prolonged Rush of air and so it was being thrown through a door. But of course that could be a budget issues. But yeah, that part was good. I liked that bit. Okay. Okay anything else? I have some notes. Let's see here. Things I should highlight those. They're easy to find. Yeah. Well, I'm just going to say well you're looking for him that I didn't find much redeemable in this episode. I kind of felt it was the worst of the bunch. I'm not like not like actively hating it. But when I was done watching it, I was I was really not in a good mood was one of those I just walked away from this going. Wow. This was a bunch of nothing and and frankly the depiction of the psychiatrist. Uh-huh, really really put I mean, what's her name was terrible in Moonbase three, but doctor par. Oh my goodness, and and she's supposed to be a criminal psychiatrist. Was it criminal psychiatrist off? Apparently, I think so if that's the case, then she should ever bad removed, you know, forcibly perhaps she has so many leading questions to somebody else. She's asking formation for about that. It is just like you've got to be kidding me. She's asking that I mean she just it's a foregone conclusion. Now. She's you know, she's tainted The Source I I feel like that the person who wrote this had a real axe to grind against psychiatrists. So should be a sign. Oh, yeah, I think she wrote this this well see and she's the voice of she's kind of the voice of the author in this. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, whoever wrote this down. Uh, yeah, they did not think highly of the psychiatric Arts because I find it difficult. You know, what is an accurate representation of a psychiatrist's some of the shows, you know response to what you're saying. Yeah. He listens right? I hopefully yeah dead. I know we didn't do a lot of that. I know we've had this discussion. Well, either you were and I have had this discussion assignment and I have had this discussion that when you go back like we're looking at doomwatch Psychiatry and psychology weren't as delineate admitted as they are now because you know, you go back to the 1970s Psychiatry was still about therapy and because there weren't any viable Medical Treatments and as we've moved forward. Well there are medicines but they were pretty basic. I mean, oh lithium. Yeah, they they were not effective Medical Treatments in the early seventies. I I looked this one up and it's like when we're laughing at what they pass as a psychiatrist or what they pass is Psychiatry. It's all heavily Freudian analytical stuff and you know, so we're looking at a show from the 1990s. Is kind of the beginning of that delineation where you're kind of going towards therapists and Medical Treatments and this Thursday at 1 curse and the other one can't yeah, this person is neither. This person is is not trying to help people. This person is trying to break them. Yeah, exactly. Actually Cherokee find their chinks. Yeah, and I guess I guess that perhaps the question. So if I go to a psychiatrist or therapist will call it therapist just for the sake of simplifying this whatever that therapy type is I go to a therapist wage. They are for want of a better word working for me. They're there to help me right but if your company hires a therapist to come in there working for the E. Company and and what is it that the company wants to filter out the bad eggs to you know, they're not there to help the people there. They're to make sure that they don't cause problems. So I thought maybe that's what this is about. It could be. I mean if if I was some sort of a therapist and stuff like that and I was hired on by a company and you know, how long after getting hired and filling out all the paperwork my boss or supervisor took me aside and says, okay now we would like you to find certain elements that are being non-productive. I would have to quit. Yeah. You see you've got these things on Netflix. Yeah. I'm just you don't do that. It's like okay you actually you want a private investigator, but but you know, and and I know that there are people who question the motives and questioned the ethics of professionals like doctors and you know, it's like, oh they don't want to cure them. Do they want to keep you sick so they can get more treatment, right? Oh, yeah, very set is not why people go into medicine. I mean some people obviously but but yeah, you know by and large that way it's just like that's not why people go into civil service, right? They don't go into it to line their pockets they go or to to fuel the bureaucracy. They do it to help people right if chosen that way to help people and you have to apply that but if you want to be a writer and you want to be hip and cool and you want to play to that narrative, this is exactly the kind of person that you would concoct. Oh, yeah. Hi interests are awful. They're probing. They're they're nosy. They got no business there just trying to to page Expose and ticket your scabs and then just trying to reinforce The Stereotype. Yeah. It's like, oh, what's that? That's lazy writing that yes that before. Yes boss. It's extremely lazy writing and because that is an underpinning of this entire episode. Then it makes this episode a big black whale yeah for me. I think if I think what they probably should have done is in this wouldn't have happened just you know, budget time is either make two separate episodes or drop one of the subplots, you know, get rid of the psychologists. Let's concentrate on the guy who's trying to ruin the base. Okay, that would have been much more interesting. I think I think you got a wrong if there is a psychiatrist involved it would be to find out why he's trying to ruin the base not you're part of a little tiny paragraph that was said that explains it all away in the last couple of seconds of the episodes. So you see how your your your your your on the the track that bothers me the other track that bothers me about this. It actually makes sense khong Okay, if they brought this person up because they thought they had a saboteur on board but they don't Alexi has brought this person on just five or cuz I think it's a good idea. And so if if they had hired a therapist to kind of dig a little bit to find out who is mentally Disturbed enough to keep trying to kill them all that would have made sense. Anyway would have given reason for them to be there as you say a private investigator might be the might be the same thing, but they've got them are cops for that they invested but Springer to do that. They he's good at that bit but for somebody to come in and try to you know, just make sure everybody's not Jeffrey Dahmer or something on underneath at least it would have been a valid excuse for having them there. It would have made more sense if they had had more of a part in Catching wolfheart dead. Of which they had none whatsoever and indeed She interviewed wolfheart and did not pick up on it. Yeah, exactly. And and we see her interview wolfheart as well. Now spring did actually mention I think the Powell, you know about the reason why to have the everybody's psychoanalyzed or interviewed at least wage is to catch somebody who, you know want to cause an accident which can be horrible out there by and if if Alexi had brought this doctor up to actually ferret out possible saboteurs, or if he actually even thought of that was, you know, a possibly something to consider he played his cards way too close to his chest. He really should have I know I talked to the cop. Yeah, you know, there's confidence here. We already know those two people, you know how Alexi and spring are you know, there are they seem to be there? Amicable close Yeah Yeah Yeah Song. Are both professionals and yeah, and they probably each other exactly exactly they both each one knows. The other one is good at what they do and they don't question that too much money. But yeah, yeah and yeah now I hate this episode. Thanks. You're welcome. That's what the show is all about. Watch it. Talk about it. I hate it. I hate it though. There's a t-shirt for you. Watch it. Talk about it. Hate-it Fusion Patrol who ruining don't tempt me back. Oh, no, that's my dear. That's a dare might need some artwork, but we'll we'll work on that. Okay, so We have let's see. Let's let's talk about the wolfheart aspect of this was off. I think they could have done more with that character. Why? Why did he do this? I don't know. That's the that's really annoying me at the end of the episode of thinking. Okay and for starters he's doing this because it was just spawned about his wife dying. Yeah, and he's not in shackles. He's not in shape really wrong side of everyone that that is that is definitely definitely a big No-No for me. It's like wait, you're out there having a ride with Alexi again. Right for me in general practice is a gentleman who has exhibited mental instability and now he's out in a moon buggy in hard vacuum drinking booze with one other person off. It's a bunch of things just Lander. Yeah, exactly. It's like what know and the dialogue was like, oh, I don't even know why I did it or something like that and he say something to that effect. Yeah exactly or he didn't remember doing it or he does like he doesn't recall doing it. Okay, then that's definitely a guy. You don't want out on the moon buggy with you in a vacuum bottle by yourself. It's like, who knows when he's going to forget what he's doing and suddenly do something else like put a screwdriver in your head. Right? Right, or you know, pull up one of those Nifty little laser thingies and pop the window. Yeah. Yeah. Jeez. So it definitely was very badly very badly handled and again, I wish we have we have him loose and we have more leaving because their mission was a failure. What was how is it a failure? She wasn't dead. Are for anything other than to evaluate people as far as I can tell and wouldn't she be attached to wolfheart like a ball and chain at that point? It's like here's a nut you're a psychiatrist here fix this. Hey Kim back to earth. Right? Exactly. Exactly. We're going to send this guy. Probably not Colin. Here's to make sure nothing bad happens to both of you. Yeah, I think that she left because she was embarrassed that her and her ex got together. I think there's a possibility of that but still in once again professionalism na total optional apparently with this person, man. Okay? No, no, I'm not talking about I'm not talking about the sex they had when they thought they're going to suck. I handled it after it or all of the the discussions they know their stands or any discussions that she had with anybody else. No more professional none of them. Exactly and yeah and and comical I mean there is this whole thing about how she sits Anna down and she's talking to her about so you don't like you you wanted to protect people but what if you have to kill people, well, I choose not to you just had to kill people and just just last week he killed somebody. How does that jive? Some people get distracted when these things happen and their their work performance fails. Well, I had to do it to save my partner Colin Davis who what huh, huh? Yeah. Exactly. It's suddenly distracted and can't do her job, right? Yeah. It was always her like her comedy. But yeah. Oh, yeah. So what it tells me is that Davis is attractive or completely incompetent women. Is that it? I don't know about that. I mean we haven't met his otherwise so fair enough, but poor Life Choices. I don't know. And is I hate to even ask this question, but is Colin Davis a poor life choice. Jeez. I think it's somebody that would you'd have to get used to I mean, you really want to find out more about the guy before you sit down and like get married to him. It sounds like that. She did not want dude. That's all I mean. She mentioned that he was in the military and then the police, you know, it's like first the military and then the places like, okay, so he's a career cop. I guess you could say and somebody who probably spends a lot of time away and she didn't figure that out. Like when they were dating. Well, she's a psychiatrist. So she's incapable. Ethically in capable of analyzing him because that would be working on a family member, right? Yeah. So you have to go blind on this. Yeah. I still preservation is entered into that. Huh, and Davis has been throughout the entire Series Dead. He has been an obnoxious racist sexist the most well-rounded character of them all unpleasant human being and yet but I will say when he came in and Anna said, you know, he was complaining about something and Anna said, oh, is there anything I can do to help and he goes how about a game of hide the sausage? I was taken aback really that I thought wow, they even went there. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That was was like, whoa. Okay, you've been Brash even for this show man that that is I mean the absolute definition of a sexist pig toxic toxic masculine attitude. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I mean the workplace unbelievable and sadly, like I said, he's the most well-rounded character on the damn show off. It's just unfortunately he's rounded in the way ways exactly and very very unfortunately stereotypical 1970s for the 1990s. That's really the ad. Yeah R 87-88 whenever this episode came out. But yeah, he reminds me of and obviously he's came before him but I can't think of his name. I can't think of his rank. So we'll just go with jean hunt from Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes the absolute stereotype bullies Exorcist unfiltered 70s 80s cop. Yeah stereotype. I mean that it's like they were mocking that character. Yes in in life on mars or they were made using it as an extrapolation of all the bad things about but also the wild fun of the old days and the Nostalgia Of that style of cop and here it is. It's like yeah display and I'm sure that those characters must have been on on the bill show. I've never seen but they're bound to have bought some of them there have to be right or Z cars or the other shows that are like that, Thomas from the UK. Oh, yeah said car. Sorry. It's well, you know, I'm in the US so I can say z. Z LED car seats while the British won't know. We never had a show called Z cars. Yeah, there you go. So they would I did notice that the name that the righter column or the director of the writer John Colley. He wrote the last two episodes of this prior to this or the double life and warm but one with the freeze-dried people and the kidnapping of embryos. Neither one of those was bad. So yeah, I guess I'm bailed out something fierce. Yeah dead. I think in my notes I have for the last episode. It's like, you know a good cop show, you know, good detective show. And this one. No, I don't I look for my notes twice. I do not have that written down at all off I searched for the word good. Nothing my blink twice different spellings of it. Not their new g o o d e. Yeah, but you know nothing of it it's not there. Let's see so we have Kenzie and oh boy, you know, nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Talking about noon. Yeah, the only place farmer not talking to anybody about that. So there is very there is the and all she is. She's seen a lot of them when she was young. Yeah. So Problem Child presumably in and out of probably crime or something cuz she was a crook before she took. Actually got on Springs Force here by by blackmail. And once again, you know, we could write off par as being a horribly bad psychiatrists as witnessed by her choice in men as well as her actions on the Moonbase but Kenzie by saying basically, I've been to a lot of them and they all are bad right is what's telling us. This is the writer talking to us. Yeah, I think so. It might be interesting to find out more about the writer and see if that there's any way of determining if there's any truth to that but it just feels like it because it's it's true. It's like oh, you know some are good some are bad anything any concession to the fact that the entire profession isn't horrific. I mean that that is I I joked it under my breath earlier, but you know Scientology they they they're proud. Tempted to hate them like that. And so it was it was a comical level of distrust of psychiatrists in this. Yeah so long but there's not really there's nothing to it. There's no growth in it. There's no Discovery. There's no it goes nowhere. It's just and and we never see her back to the psychiatrist. So there's no resolution to this which I think is a major major failing on the episode. Yeah. I wonder if he was just like foam in these scripts, you know, it's like yeah. Okay. Here's a here's an idea for a cop show. I had I'm going to put in space with these characters and it not a problem, you know done easy money. I don't know. Yeah, it just it it's not it's not great. So nobody hasn't, you know, written good stuff. I've looked at his his Wikipedia entry and suck. Master and Commander Happy Feet I haven't seen it but I understand it's good. Happy Feet really wins, right? Yes, Penguins bouncing off and dancing Penguins. Yeah, my kids watch that so many times in Chinese herbs even better something to do with he was a doctor some form of medicine or something like that. Yeah. Hm. Oh, okay. Now it all begins to make sure what type of doctor to see. Oh well see medicine. Okay. So remember when I said when we're talking back going back to the seventies Psychiatry was was not well thought of by the medical profession. Oh good point. Yeah. So if he was raised in that, I remember and I I absolutely agree with this so don't get me wrong. But I remember there's a there's a British show called well doctor in a house is one of the many variations of it. Oh, yeah, and I remember in the very very first episode. When oh my can I pull this out Michael Upton goes to the way to the Saint swithin's found it after an outbreak founded for outbreak of venereal disease, which occurred right after the discovery of America. I love that show Iraq, they they give a speech Loftus gives a speech or an admonition to the student the incoming students about who you should not associate yourself with and I don't remember if psychiatrists was on the list, but I remember you know, it's all it's it's quacks. Basically it he's and he's listening. And and chiropractors his tire pressures and chiropractors. Yeah. I'm sure it ended with chiropractors. And of course there's you know, Ample Ample reason to love chiropractors in that category wind it, but I have a feeling that you know again based on some of the things that we saw in in in Doom watch as well as definitely, you know, there's there's hard science and then there's you know, that crazy talk and two people stuff. Yeah, it's not it's not so yeah, I could see if we can throw into a center Fusion to still we don't trust it. That's right. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah interesting and I don't I don't know. I'm not going to go off in the psychiatrist now as an MD to some degree in addition to their training so they they are medical doctors of A Sort. So yeah, I do wrong. Our parsing other people's secrets are my business. It's like, who am I really really? Wow. Yeah. I don't yeah, she's yeah. Yeah, that's very ominous. I mean keeping other people's Secrets is my business. That's not ominous right that that like helping people with their secrets. I can now be fine you and I'm safe, but other people it's make it sound like she's trying to dig them out. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Maybe she was bucking for Springs job. You know, what? What did she start with on spring break the first thing she went after him with I don't I don't recall. You're the guy that put all his cops through a test before you let them on the force. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you don't you think that's a trusting or something like that? I mean she's oh that's right. He's doing but right publicly did back off. And checks on on all of his people. Yeah getting. Yes. Well nobody is more than that. It's like yeah, I tried to have people he tried to set them up and sting them with bribes and things like that. And and that's not that's not Kosher know. So I mean again the depiction of policing in a star cops is not it's it's Jean hunt Life on Mars to say it shares a lot with life on Mars. Yeah. Yeah, which is ironic. This can be called life on moon wage. Yeah. Yeah, so can't remember the name of the series that life on Mars really pull up a lot from Oh, you mean the the the style and the top show? Yeah hopping I would swear it's got to be the bill, but maybe it is anyway sure. I've never seen but I hear it's famous. So yeah. Oh no the dog All the British people are shouting at me right now. They're probably Sweeney. Yeah, there we go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah another show I have seen but wow, it's like Lupton and the Sweeney in one episode. We are on a truck roll. You're done. That's it. That's it for the rest of the day. Yeah. Yes, so it's about it then I guess no, I I actually don't know what else is. Well, I guess there's the reveal for spring but why he's a haunted? Oh. Yeah, we kind of knew that right we've heard about that. We can what first episode we didn't we we heard that his father had been arrested thought it was a criminal we did not hear that. He was the cop who found and arrested. His father was under the impression that he had a lot to do with it. I think I'm dead. May have tipped that off I can do that. Right? But yeah, I mean, this is the first time he's explicitly said, you know, I was young cop I was my first choice in case I spent right way too long looking for the guy and then I found out it was my dad and yeah arrested him and so it's very interesting thing to share with Kenzie though. It is I think they thought they were going to change I will still and to their credit they didn't have sex which would be nothing there. That's a good thing. Yeah. Yeah. I kind of have my questions about whether she conceives actually interested in that and I think that has to do with why she doesn't like a psychiatrist address. Yep. Hm. Yeah, I thought I would be a fitting stereotype for Yep this type TV show it would I'm going to let's go back to Spring in his dad whooping. Would any police force in the world assign a policeman to a case where his father is a principle of the company? They're investigating as soon as it was a possibility that he was a suspect. I would hope that the that Springs even if he's not a size back. I would hope that his his damn the loss of the Wardrobe manager boss whatever would pull him from the case or at least not going to recruit recuse himself of it. We only have flicked of Interest yet. We only have one cop that we can assign to this case and plus if I was defending his father, that would be like, oh, yeah. This is a mistrial right there. Sorry conflict of interest. He you know, he's he's he has something in her first father or if I was you know, potentially yes, right. Yeah, I mean, yep. Is on the evidence but right it's well, it could still be overwhelming enough that you could say. Well, it doesn't really matter that he had it in for his dad. We we found the videotape of him actually doing it and you know, something's manager. But but yeah, I know you just wouldn't do it because of the of just the smell of yeah, it is mm or cover-up or Vendetta be a pretty pissy thing to do to a guy, you know here investigate your dad. Well, you know, it's clear that he thought best option for a year and he had no clue it was his dad. Right? So I mean if anything he was incompetent on the case because he was blind trying to it and that's why you don't put somebody like that on a case with where their father worked. Right? Yeah. I mean, there's just should recuse himself of it for conflict of interest, right? But you know, I guess they don't have them. UK are they like I said, they only have one cop we've only got the one cop we can assign to this case you either get this investigated or you don't get this investigate. Yeah, maybe that's it or you know, the computers going to Thursday or we can send Colin Davis if you've got some is it like to play hide the sausage cuz he bad or roughing up. Yeah. Yeah, cuz he's down for that. Mm. He will take all your minority employees and give them don't work over them is a he's a piece of work. Yes. He is. Man, let's see. Let's see who per the video the maintenance guy who's very put-upon to fix everything that gets broken. For some reason. He apparently went to the I called him Mister shouting in my notes same acting school as thorough. I think Engineers, they're both Engineers. Yeah. Oh that's it's we're all Engineers are very upset yelling. People. Got it. They vary a little compassion. I got it. All right Hooper made no sense in this episode. I mean, I know he was obnoxious individual and he's pushed to his Edge and yet sure people get testy. But yeah if they were trying to write him in his possibly somebody who was a suspect once again, they did not do a very good job. I mean, it's really investigate it right just seem to be the the guy who is annoyed that he had to do extra work. He has had relief and what twelve weeks or something like that balance. I don't know and Thursday. I the guy who then when they call him in for being unpleasant threatening his assistant to the police and he's talking about it and it was like I should use listening in Iraq, and I didn't threaten her in anything anything by the way, you should be worried about something else. You got a saboteur on this station and out the door. Yeah. I'm sorry. You would ask him back. How long have you known about this? What how do you know why it's like oh but no but no none of that. They're just like, hey David, he needs an assistant. Yeah, and it wasn't even clear. He was there to investigate Hooper, right? It was they sent it in. I thought he was there to go and see if there's anything to the same size routine and it was Hooper who then sorry it was David who then came back and said, I think it's Hooper. Yeah, right. Springs like yeah, you got your dog. I'm just doing my gut man cuz I'm following my gut you try to teach me that it's like yeah examine its go. Yeah, so exactly yeah, cuz I would think I personally think that if I were working hard and I was being irritated at having to work hard and constantly fix things and I and and let's just arguably say Anderson's not very good at her job. That's just for the sake of argument say she actually is incompetent which would which would piss him off even more because you know how that goes if you have to work with somebody who doesn't know what they're doing, but they're supposed to then you end up doing more work and write down that's not good. So we'll give him the benefit for the doubt but the second you suspected somebody is making more work for you by a sabotage. I would be telling the authorities instantly. It's cuz I don't want to have to be fixing this right and it's well, I would hope it's your duty to the people that you work with to report something like this. Also, it could kill you dead. Exactly when the airlock blows out by mistake, right? Right, right. Exactly. You know carbon dioxide is scrubbers are turned off and the alarms are silenced. Yeah. Yeah, so that character that character Was Not only was he unpleasant and illogical very one-dimensional and in need of psychiatric evaluation. Yeah thought of occasion. Yeah, but then they and this is so weird about this show they give him he has to you know, save the day David's working with him and Jason comes back and and puts her life on the line to basically right to to get out there and try to oral I suppose you could argue that by getting a spacesuit. She's actually prolonging her life, but but all right, let's anyway she despite her hatred of Hooper and not getting along with him. It's an emergency. Situation she feels she's qualified. She gets out there. She does the job they work more or less as a team and they get the job done afterwards Hooper still a grown-ass whole tour on on the way out. I could just be he's in a serpent bastard in just like anybody he just he's like that in in normal storytelling at that moment. He could have thrown her a bone and said you did good work there. Yeah stuff like you do good. Yeah, but he didn't even do that. Yeah, just he just flat-out dismisses her birthday and and off he goes That's like another loose end. These people are so basically unpleasant lazy writing. Like I said before it just sucks. Yeah. I I found it amusing that in my notes. I have here like a good Russian. Alexia's come to terms with the futility of his life on moon or on the moon song. We use he's out there with the wolf heart talking about how all these stars are out there countless systems and what not. And you know, we haven't even left the room the moon yet and he seems basically. All right with that is that those kind of interesting? What are you going to deal with it? I mean, yeah, I know. What can you do know what the psychiatrist would make of that but it's like I think you know, I think I've resigned myself to the fact that I am not likely to be an astronaut and leave the Earth. Exactly my lifetime. Yeah, you just connect to cope with it. It's like okay cool, you look up at the stars and and especially if you can get out of the city and the country and you can look up at the stars and the billions and billions of stars out there and they imaginable distances and if he is in a way almost crushingly yes defeatist, right? But but it is I mean, this is not dead. Space is big really busy big and you know, you're just recognizing the reality of it that there are things that you are not going to be able to do something and you're not even going to be able to experience vicariously through somebody else and I I don't know. I mean is that a thing that people have trouble dealing with probably some people? Yeah. I mean, you know, I've often I've I've gone out in the middle of nowhere and there's plenty of stars and stuff like that. You look up and you think oh, yeah, there's a lot of nothing out there and off bright little points and I know I'm on a huge and I know the Galaxy is is monstrously large unfathomable and it's like yeah, that's pretty cool. Yeah. Bother me and you know, don't don't worry about it. Yeah, and so I didn't notice there was no box in this episode. That was no In this episode Nathan didn't use it at at all. I had noticed but I guess his absence wasn't a felt right I guess spring didn't do anything in the notes. Exactly. He didn't do any investigation and study didn't have to crunch any data at best. He was just yeah. All right, go do your do your psychiatric evaluation speaking of which how long how how as a management tool is no Kenzie, you're going for your psychiatrist exam grabbing her and dragging her through the corridor like a four-year-old. Oh, wow, I think nowadays. He would probably be taken to the HR office and be sitting next to the Davison hit with his yeah, you know, she signs of shame that somebody would take pictures of them as I drove a co-worker through corridors and and Davis is like I asked to play hide the sausage with a co-worker saw that yeah, they both be in the same, you know instructional seminars wage. And on what not to do at the workplace. Yeah. Wow think we need to have another video training session exactly Yep this time. You guys have to stay awake took a test this time exactly going to demonstrate that you actually understood this is this is bad dining else. Let's see here. So just one gripe about how they're shooting some of the other shots, you know, Alexia wolfhard are out doing whatever and then all of a sudden you cut to the back of a guy's head goat around inside one of the service tubes and then it's revealed as wolfheart. And it's like a little transition would have been nice. Oh, yeah. Yeah, man once again rushed and lazy. I'm also thinking that every room that they ran appeared to have blankets and food. Do you notice that that was fine. That was just the dog Normal, something like that. You'd want to have emergency facilities in every room that's pressure tight. You would I think you would I think you one and half warmth and food and we're well are too yeah. Yeah. That was the one that's kind of missing off like a year. Perhaps would be a thing. Yeah, or maybe there was well, I'm and conditions would you need blankets? Well, that was a long are right. Yeah. I think that when Colin was rooting through the box looking for stuff something with Colin was rooting. There you go. Yeah. That's what I get paid. The big bucks. He held up a mask to his face and I yeah, I don't know what that was attached to maybe it wasn't attached to anything. That was that was an n95 mask off. From 2024 the great shut-in. Yeah. Yeah, it could be that that was just kind of there to show that possibly the emergency the first aid kits as you were to say have been kind of ransacked and not kept up I guess is possible. I mean there was a lot of booze in their home. That was the base Commander's kit though know that would explain the bottle of booze that would explain the booze for sure, but would it be ransacked without the last one? Somebody could be stealing stuff from? Yeah, but you know if those things like that if you don't go wrong and actually check them, you know, they don't get refill replenished when they're expended. You know, it's like a first aid kit. So I'm just going to I'm just going to say here that do you recall if ever there has been a situation where you knew somebody was going to come in Thursday? Audit you or check up on you and do you not do the procedures you're supposed to do a little extra right before hand just in case know yeah, of course wolfheart was the safety coordinator there on an inspection. Yeah, you think everybody be like on you know, heightened awareness is safe. All of the safety gets should have been at 100% off Shack at that point. So I'm not seeing there weren't real valid problems on the Moonbase. Okay, I think there are yeah I yeah, this is this one's that's that's enough that's enough but I was much more entertaining to rip it apart than to watch it. I guess there are days there are the days. Yep. Well, unless you do have anything else in particular you want to risk? No, no other than song. Our discussion is actually lasted longer than the episode was they usually do you have to say that's nothing that you probably thought that was a music. All right. Well John, thank you for joining me have your birth. Welcome unless there's I hope you'll join us all again next time on Fusion Patrol. You've been listening to Fusion Patrol a listener-supported podcast find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at patreon.com Patrol. Come join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. All episodes are available at Fusion patrol.com. Our music is fight The Future by Amber wolf. This has been a long Locust production.

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Celebrating the U.S. Women's National Team (and Also Zendaya) | Tea Time

Ringer Dish

45:04 min | 2 years ago

Celebrating the U.S. Women's National Team (and Also Zendaya) | Tea Time

"This episode of teatime is brought to you by are presenting sponsor bud light it's summertime and that means it's time to get outside and enjoy the weather with some chris refreshing bud lights but like has the perfect summer line up with bud light lime and orange boats brewed with real centrist deals new and just in time for summer in led lights lemon cheap ruben real lemon killed in cheerleading see ideal drink for summer but it's only here for a limited time so get it before it's gone it's really get you in the summer spirit bud light is giving everyone a chance to win the get away a lifetime you could win two tickets aboard a vip cruise to the bahamas this summer featuring a live performance by jake owen and of course plenty of clouds and a chance to win simply poster bud light summertime photos using the hashtag hashtag real enough to get away and hashtags bud light contest on facebook instagram see bud light dot com slash real enough to get away for more details or what's up guys and welcome to time this is the weekly podcast podcast network i was telling me what and today we're talking about the upcoming summer movie played the women's world cup in the bottle cap challenge with our own let's hope it earlier today in will be later video i feel to worry about anything okay every time here we have two topics no matter what and now much like alex morgan that night okay face category is always is teatime checked in west kate you go first okay so jam session when did this extremely hard core so if you want more go to them but there were four weddings this weekend love is in the air people many of them in france were gonna focus on zoe kravitz and sophie turner yeah because they're the only team that really matter they both have their second wedding in france so they both were already secretly married yeah they'll be less less secretly blown phil right they both on the same day had their second winning in france not to each other unfortunately so i just wanna compare some notes between the two of them had the league kravitz so rabbits war bike shorts to her wedding she had like a white sports bra white bike shorts and then like a see through like mash crystal she ran so good with her dreads she obviously looked amazing yeah and then sophie turner she first of all the the first picture they came our perception dinner everyone or white their secondary the move i feel like when people do that thing let's kelly wedding expert has the authority on i'm gonna say now yeah i feel like having other people were white is any other kind when you're eating right she also she has an affinity for red wine anyway they all were whites their second dinner shore like a very like like very tight fitting in classic white dress and then those aerobics online and i was like i wanna see the real wedding there is only one picture that i could find of the wedding dresses up like a drone flying about an it looks like super like philosophy and princesses like big poofy sleep it's not like ugly poofy like berry voluminous oh i think i agree gone the classic i'm sure it'll saw the picture so someone will see them so i really appreciate that because she kinda covered both spectrums of the wedding trenton vegas little chapel example yeah streaming and then she did the classic drought only is the best of both worlds she does and then the guest list being the best of both worlds of all the way i think had more like hey liska definitely gotten so chris pine the big little lies cast both of her parents obviously rose and they cared olivia nash events and a lot of those kind of gaddi i sophie had the jonah squad obviously maisy williams carlos hills laid barest on game of thrones unclear if other game of thrones people were there i feel like they probably were that yeah but no one really saw them which is impressive actually will dry out rounder and then deploy guy his second shot he joked on instagram they took his phone away from him out of there is something where he apparently did yeah i'm underwhelmed by that that get the jonas godless yeah well i thought though is pretty impressive greatly greatly yeah so i feel like the only one the wedding weekend easily oh well hunters okay all right like that long we looked at this convoluted topic and one that's also been discussed right areas gossip by this already is taylor swift scooter braun feud that start on sunday taylor swift drop the post basically being like scooter braun bought my music he owns all my old music i'm grossed out by this bullied me bob la the ringer has done a lot of coverage of this already we did a full ringer dash podcasts on on monday i went through it on instagram for this week check that out also posts on the ringer dot com so we won't get too far into it but i think the thing that we all really appreciate it was the sort of like social media shadiness all liberties attaching themselves yes so the comments by celebs instagram account was really just time alight doing god's work yeah and like you know how it is these days like celebrities just like pick sides by liking it instagram it's all of a sudden someone so like pro taylor swift ray scooter braun like hates everything yeah so cared like fighting in the comments uber justin bieber and haley haley like gentlemen like on us and it was just a lot of like stupid shit out of 'grande like like said something about scooter braun in the league that and then somebody taylor and tell her what the fuck is tumbler anymore taylor once more of an so anyway it's been a mess it had and i guess it more things come on which obviously they will continue to weaken check in with them but right now i it's raining i'm gonna let the people who know the lie and no about like right track right i feel like we could all we all just like taylor swift his on some shitty things obviously is not totally in right here in scooter braun is like just hard for me personally it'd be behind so yes i just i don't have a lot of love for either of these parties right now yeah i just can't find them on agree the shitty people paul ryan is gonna be the new ghostbusters movie and according to it's gonna play a teacher in the movie while can't wait till that make you feel it i feel bad other people attached is carrie coon and then a love jerry stranger things fin wolf heart and they're gonna be playing mother inside him he hasn't every i he's about to be even bigger than he already is anyway it's an extension of the original ghostbusters focusing on a single mom and her family have not a lot of other details jason reitman acting were were sitting on the liz kelly polarized few offer another day where he actually is we've been sitting on the worst take so i know and i explained that at a later date we will or saving okay next category this is a ritual on this week this week in social media a lot of stuff happened i'm looking at these bullet points covering a lot of different people kate you go first okay so yeah we we were were recording early this week because of the holiday and we're concerned about not having enough content and we're just like they were like three days not x came out this month at the very end of pride month came out as gay in a series of tweets which first of all we served and he's so charming and so get a social oh my god yeah you don't deserve him as they like they like really i doubt so he basically tweet only thing people like that as thought i made it obvious screen like rainbow building an he's just tweeted things like just got news i'm dan i will no longer be streaming music that's not okay and then he also tweeted this is a little confusing is that just because i'm gay don't mean not straight it's like okay i mean sure yeah but yeah he also i people kind of been like wondering whether he's just a one hit wonder but apparently he's doing music videos from other songs now like a bunch of other celebrity on it so i like she's been clapping back at people and he's like the next person to call or to be a homophobe cast he he's really oh good internet she told me her way we almost they are just so funny and he was like i wrote a song about horses that are being gay is right about her right just and i also on the other end of the spectrum glen powell largely like like i finally drying end but he's handsome set up is a terrible movie but shuttered sure yeah i really strongly were very pro to all the boys love before it what a little more antifa set it up yet seen don't want good anyway what he'd be on social media so glen powell posts on instagram today posts about how you're gonna find out the he wasn't gonna be starring in top gun maverick he did eventually get cast it's a different role but he lost out the part two miles teller of goose and son in new movie yeah and he posted a picture that moment where he's sitting on his porch in like a american flag tank top it sets a long posts about his feelings andy he says something about like even though fourth of july is my favorite holiday which okay it's not your favorite holiday come on even though for the holiday i spent last year in the fetal position far away from roman candles grill and barely able to whisper the words freedom without crying i don't really think that this is like humor yes so i think he's being serious really you know i'm i'm i think a little of both i think he's like self aware but also a republican from my take is that my really my central take is that glen powell is chris pratt if chris pratt with selfaware and funny i think that's a great day like tried to try to like hide this part of him yeah and glen palace out there like right so i am yeah in a mid western yeah flag flying hit three star i always dubious of celebrities who tried it'd be like right off the young guys like the reason why he's so great is because of he is who he is i unchecked authentic and and also speaking of comments by celebs always just like kinda keep open but those i feel like glen powell who's i haven't been in the news cycle in me on the movie with terachi the hidden figures well yeah and also set it up but yeah man i just feel like posting something like this is kind of like a grab you're not gonna grab a cup while though for him he's gonna be out of presser with miles teller who is not charming and really annoying and a little do she was how will look good in comparisons of that do you think they're gonna do marvel ask like bromance those those to be like really good friends chummy doing all these photos these really like hall inject john hall thing that one i'm sure they'll do it you re other things in media pregame chris pratt known for almost giving away his cat on twitter at his now wife who has a gas so contentious they're they're in hawaii at forty last week at i mean around goggles eating chicken tenders right i don't do it let's get like and so she posted a picture of his back in like a little bit of the but to instagram and it's like full right read like she got sunburn so hard it is but it's so white it's a man denied put on even the spf five where the golden globes it atrocious pale white person you just gotta be smarter than that he is old or getting older like for like over forty like forty one forty one yeah anyway he needs to respond chris pratt it's also i'm look there's way too much of asking this picture first of all and there's such a chris why he must like falling asleep because like you really yeah bottom would have like yeah i mean sure where they are putting little debbie hand is not hammered burn is so chris also amelia you credit a little bit of his but it is a lot of really good here maybe i was just censoring myself that i don't know much chris pratt for me it's a lot yeah it's also just like that's something be products you yeah he's smart he does press onscreen okay i'm going to one more thing is ivanka trump she went to some summit saying i guess i'm sorry i i like she does as she does you know nepotism she she tried so hard to join the conversation with like i think the president's france in some other foreign dignitaries and it's just like the most awkward like she's trying to come into this conversation and everyone is just like okay like it's it's like the awkward like hovering on the outside of a conversation yeah all encountered parties like it's it's just in person chronic may trudeau gar which like there are all okay and it's like this is this is like me trying to jump into like a culture conversation as a writer but like i i feel for her in that respect but i know you don't belong in that conversation they want you there but you have to stay on there because it's like yeah but like i it's also ivanka so this is like my yeah really hard yeah like how tough all right one more thing okay last thing running on a better now than chris pratt's reaction of on listen this thing going around instagram it's bottle cap challenge john mayer has attempted and succeeded jason stay them like burned the whole house fan did so well as he should have done because he's like an action star you basically simply the bottle cap challenges you spin kicked around you turn around and then you kick a loosely bottle cap at the resting on the bottle itself and then you kick it off and the kickoff is in slow mo it's very dramatic ends off it looks like a very very cool action movie move i attended this morning ants cage there you were present you held the bottle from me how did i do honestly so much better as expose the shocking sokoll is wanting to do this like you are don't tend to be like super proud of her athletic ability okay here you have thank you i would literally going we useless is like metal water bottle and the cap would like to just like resting and i had kicked the cap even like spinning off well it was like my first try so maker tried again on video in slow mo i accidentally where my titus pant pretty limited but i'm also very chunky sneakers late in karate she'll be fine i did karate so yeah if you attended tigers because i wanna see more like not that many people have done it were gonna ride at least lou okay great okay next category removing on this is teatime summer movie watch these movies are spending a lot of different genres a lot of money on as maybe there's something for everyone in this lead leader so we're gonna start you which one yeah spiderman far from home is out now go see it you know i'm sure it's good jake jilin hall is hot a an that isn't here have you bring to the table oh shut are like oh my god i am now the host of the big yeah so i haven't seen the movie yet i haven't seen the first one i put on my god damn it really does is killing it on his press tour dyer hair right as i think in washington mj and she's great you know she's on that euphoria show she's doing this like just credit at yeah i did at a movie last i say i have seen the first one they're both delightful huge fan of tom honda spiderman why is the movie like two hours okay all right okay okay next one is angels remake with kristen stewart and a bunch of other people and it looks quite bad they just released the trailer for it how kristen stewart has her pixie cut she's giving me real like gay action star hunting men in the face by an i'm gonna see it at i'll probably into it i see it for that reason born christians who i dunno the last movie i saw her in the twilight felder she's like is me she's like always struggle you know like sick with her vampire baby and i see her muscles like i wanna see her and they this is one of the i mean she's a bunch of any movies that are really great but like it feels like the first big movie that she's done right and really be like yes stewart south they've just the same way that she looks on the street right rate right and i'm excited for it i also know then it so happy the matthew where his team yeah it's gonna be terrible i'm gonna love it so what i like all right next up blanking out soon also might be bad yeah i think people are like realizing that they somehow managed messes up i don't i truly don't understand how these pictures came out it's like the actors are facing they're like cj counterparts it looked like they were taken in like sears photo studio my friend said it looks like you know bohemian rhapsody city there all night of black and they see their face either feel like it's like beyond say looking at this literally just looks like a lion and i just apathy messes up its most popular disney movie of all time like most of it and say most bloated pops are all time like just make the animals cute and let beyond say saying yeah it's like that's all you people were freaked out starting with those images that you you were tweeting about earlier where it was the cg i am a dry animals they're like to to real and a thirteen yes to the uncanny valley yeah totally they're like it looks like you're just watching like the nature channel but then like their faces wrong revenues my hot dog so this is over but yeah anyway then i blanking might be bad yes okay next on another really long movie that's coming out waiting for this movie for what seems like years the beginning of yeah if it sucks i'm going to kill myself so look i better be good name what the movie is once upon a time in hollywood herons you know the nine starting brad pitt leonardo dicaprio and margot robbie yes and i just my super bowl okay so let me have this let me enjoy it i can't wait like i said before quentin tarantino problematic say okay i'm sorry i think we all have this movie is and i'm just just like the cross section of things i love like hollywood and true crime and it's just it's and i like all these years and i've just like i'm so excited this if you mess this up quentin tarantino i will come prio wow oh my god very clear about this movie speaking leonardo dicaprio he's just interviewed for esquire magazine and he's talking about the movie industry and he basically said how moviemaking is turned into like a giant corporate machine and how all the artistic creativity is kind been sucked out of it ball blah and then that's a huge talking about this movie is like we should celebrate movies like this you celebrate filmmakers who are holding onto the cops making movies there is some dark ages coming out okay that's scary twitch i tell you leonardo dicaprio i'm gonna talk to you about two movies coming out into the world no oh it's like the end of like good movies okay i think i have a problem with that but okay okay so the next movies i'm gonna talk about a is a direct counterpart to that point this is a serious hobson shaw which i had to look into this morning anthony hops and saw okay so you've seen the trailers for i have trailers were in fact they did some research because i know nothing about it i know bills excited ringer blah blah it's coming august second coming out really allow yeah so i have no idea about what this movie is about according i am db here's the description law luke cobs an outcast decker shop form an unlikely alliance on a cyber genetically enhance villain flattens the future of humanity the villains interest elba why the genetic cyber genetically enhance dylan yet threatening of humanity say i also skeptical of the but i've seen i've now seen trailers robbed and shot in movie theaters with audiences three times people are every single time people fucking loser they clap after the trailer and what laugh while they're like holy shit dwayne the rock johnson just like whip the helicopter train now jumping off the cliff yeah nice vanessa kirby punch me in the face yeah like i honestly have really come around on hops and saw the only reason that will go and see it is for the ages got helen mirren who's gonna be i'm in mapping matic universe beta any other ones but i'm neither have i seen a lot sooner gonna talk about fifty times summer movie watch reading on a high note this i forget if i assign this to myself myself george explores the live action movie real titles door and the lost city of gold people they're only state in august night also coming up soon now look this baby up in a wicked pedia page just gives you get excited about it having spent most of her life explained the jungle with her parents nothing to prepare door for the most dangerous adventure ever high school four door quickly find a self leading boots her best friend of monkey yes everyone knows about boots on rag tag group of teens blah blah blah saver parents and solve a mystery in a civilization between this and mr rapper i'm really really on top of the children are taunting game yes i'm excited for this movie is danny trails playing boots hell yeah fun yeah i mean they're also great tacos he has great audio yeah iran goria is doors mother which tomorrow is wiper who is may be placed in cyprus i really like baby cousins were like i don't know why it's added that her death go see dirty explorer last i don't know what leo he's talking about doing great okay this next we're gonna try to get through with the least amount of screaming and the least amount of amelia just like popping off now with no end emotion about okay so this is teatime relates other when you're contends on this one we are so excited everyone dancing around me holy sake i gave you the guy stephen talked about the women's world cup patriotic i've ever felt like have you guys ever cared about sports more than this moment i do love dealing problem i also have been lympics olympics other time but i felt this picture we ice skaters i forgot about it more low key rooting for canada when that happens so radic's and that okay you guys you should care about this for many many many reasons the uss women's team is like fucking amazing day okay they're also really confident they're really kick as bad as women who don't care about people being overly confident don't celebrate they were gonna be ourselves and celebrate how good we are which we cannot appreciate yes so for those who aren't keeping track you should it more game to watch team they defeated england two one on tuesdays and then they're gonna be going to the world cup final on sunday rain early yeah they've been on a fucking care so just again so you guys care about this u s is the first country reach reach the women's world cup final three consecutive times oh a majority of these women have been there for three of those time and then you must also owns the falling backwards most games played at forty nine world cup games mullah wins thirty nine world world cup wins and then most goals score which is a hundred and thirty six goals town the world cup they are absolutely amazing we're gonna talk about some of the personalities that we love which i just say that the men's team don't even qualify for the last world cup the early garbage don't even think about them i know we have some favorites do you go first with the most liz like really brought the facts that's all we had like all caps making her murder needed and he grounded in some don't start screen you okay hate take it away asserted usa versus france game last week i mean i really bonded and why they've never done it before essentially over just asking magna stummer summer us yeah exactly one hundred percent a how do you feel we're sitting there watching us with a lot of people who know about soccer and then every now and then it'd be like one that everyone would go back to those general feel how do we feel i i i i truly say this without being facetious i do not think i've ever been more like just in awe of men meghan pino she just wanna kick ass soccer player holy crap to she stands by her convictions are first white athlete to take a knee for colin capper knicks protests she also said i'm going to the fucking white house atlanta and the guy in office like tweeted about it because that's what he does instead of you know making laws and stuff out there and she scored more goals like to beat the french i never felt so proud of someone in my life and i'm so proud of her she makes me just like wanna scream at the top of the mountain in a wave american flag and just just great it's just i totally agree but it's also really that whole sentiment was summed up an article by my girlfriend yes love real her girlfriends super using american israeli professional basketball player also huge bat out of the players tribune annoyingly good writer a load of you it was called to the present fucking hates my girlfriend with a picture of anger iconic celebration her pink hair which is also exceptional so that was after the hazards france game you glenn came around yesterday i had a small crisis when it was announced it would not be playing where i had a heart attack and we care then which we did obviously half we're like okay we find some new soccer i just feel are hard right chris impressed i've done my anyway love forever immediately scored a goal morgan right no no it's her birthday she also got kicked out of her being too drunk and disorderly after she she on the sideline mine incredible thought you were pertain to smoke a joint england but like if it's disrespectful to our culture work and lots of shit which we love well yeah that's when you tax us without representation right okay we're gonna ground this again okay so the take i let you run free robot like three and a half minutes are gonna rain in the main problem is that these women like there's no problem the main public perception problem is that these women they like this one versus thailand thirteen teen girls like you're celebrating one such thing all these women are like kick ass and they also have the talent tobacco up like you were saying amelia so yes people having kind of a crisis says people hate confident women which is a problem in our society but anyway so piers morgan like he said is losing his shit because everyone he is a garbage human being right now he was so struck struck you about alex morgan celebration like that about sipping tea that's not how you said gee i know and if that wasn't bad enough you went to the daily mail to write an article on wednesday and this was the title this is all one single title so the granddaughter is shaking usa women's soccer team are bunch of brash cocky hunting prima donnas but these brilliant ruthless winters also walk the talk so i reluctantly raise my teeth drinking pinkie finger and wow totally backtrack because everyone's like no actually we all love them and european shares that chocolate like you guys are amazing i'm like you deserve it hats off to you but nothing can make us forgive you piers morgan never terribly bad luck not to support everyone in playing in the world cutter so that's on its own but also women celebrating i feel like there's nothing wrong with that also a the british amy sucking here's my oh my god okay so we're wrapping this up watch see a world cup final on sunday bench on 'cause they deserve it they're bad ass says they stand by their convictions there pino honestly sorry one saying she so courageous i truly say that as like i'm sure who gets one negative comment on twitter and then like wants to kill myself she i'm sure it's getting a lot of people hating but she is so great and she's standing by her conviction and she had every right to protest you don't have to agree with that but you know what the fucking guys what shoes like i might tear up when i talk about meghan her the podcast is did hold okay i love i love you say this is why we don't generally three times more i notice me take a deep breath everybody this category is not worth the tea going back or communist selves down so kim kardashians so i know i know but i wanna talk about completely all not worth the t in front talking about women like alex morgan mainly after work our way up to one direction fan fiction so we need i need this stuff in between yes came crashing in trademarked the word kimono we talked about last week she said yet she's really not back now she got a letter from a mayor in japan being like hiking you please not trademark mark yes word that's extremely important role yeah three so she is you know releasing a new name for her quote solution where but i will say this i feel like she knew this is going to happen and it just how it's more like conversation about her new shape where i guess you're right i don't find it amazing on an excellent thank you ever signing this jimmy lori loughlin is apparently trying to make the most of her summer before going to prison which you know good for her i guess according to vanity fair she she is she's tried how fun because she realizes that she might end up in print it prison and honestly yeah a little bit up you're probably going to prison so have fun i supply on my level and god bless okay nitrogen okay so so then desi showing his value for you has been in the news time for being controversial people be like confused about it so on the most recent episode third episode at dover fan fiction which i have now been asked to explain it was one direction ethics in one direction fan myself i a no more about this and i care to personally so it's create controversy because the scene which was talking about one of the characters who writes fan fiction on the show basically the day and nominate skews me narrated the scene which was like a fan fiction sex scene between harry styles and louis tomlinson it's animated it's like very clearly just like like berry fantast like the calling show like it's not realistic it all right but the controversy came up because people there was a rumor that harry's team signed off on it and they did not ask louise team a louis home pod on twitter and like i did notice is happening they never asked me about it which obviously they just out of it later don't acknowledge it i suppose but i if i was him in a very popular each be a tv show is depicting may do it i dunno layabout irrelevant like the fact that harry silence in which is a gamer whatever has been a thing for you right now is okay that's why it's controversial because this whole larry style so it was a where do i begin to explain when i don't quite know how so early in the day the one direction was like kind of win like the tumbler fans if you like that coming home blurt out hot yeah i right totally an basically fans started shipping so to speak hairstyles hairstyles and louis tomlinson larry tomlin said they had these incredibly deep fan theories but they were like secretly in love secretly married like being forced part having like a real effect on the band like they had the start separating them onstage age they had the start like they couldn't see the mexican other interviews and like it just is like sort of become like be example fans going too far in ruining like real dynamic familial relationships i mean we see that nowadays people go bradley cooper lady gaga are only allowed to lesser extent but this is like a real like actual thing right and they've talked about it like how it affected their friendship and couldn't like sad public anymore so the controversy that like this also just like brought this all back right warfront friday yeah like i watched the scene and like i think it if you're gonna talk about fan fix on any tv so this is like be examples to you yeah you're right i know well it didn't really like explode on the internet like it didn't find only i know yeah yeah so i mean i personally as someone who knows more about again more about this and i ever want to didn't think of it that bad but apparently louis tomlinson didn't love it fairly herself in mind grassley thompson you are currently rela back in further one direction stands who have been reporting on that for years and have you're there is you should consider a job in the cia or f b i really like serious yeah go really deep all right last thing our at the last thing is a we've been talking so much about movies and like library makes his man so they're remaking the little mermaid they're gonna do a live action just like the lion king a lemon miranda's in the music sure sure okay on on friday as you're part that melissa mccarthy is gonna be playing the villain ursula to say that's not worth the tea because it should instead be lizardo who has bang inadvertently campaigning for this thing for over a year so she last last halloween she dressed up as ursula full makeup whole costume so she responded to this news about melissa mccarthy would like a sad face lincoln the article quote treating it so last halloween you guys should look this up on instagram she dressed up what she's saying a poor unfortunate soul original show well melissa mccarthy noticing kate maybe why do i feel like you would know that i dunno i probably would i but i don't okay i feel like she doesn't i'm just gonna that's a blanket statement saying that the thing in one of these liver oil rose i hit like has like deep on yeah he's in no way it'd be her for her so she did she did a series of videos on instagram doing this ad she also posted a video of her plane or having a phone conversation recision when her quote side bitch eric love interest in the movie 'em who is well area and so this is interesting british she goes like what do you mean she's still over there that bitch don't even got voice and then she likes that some inappropriate stuff stuff that i'm not gonna repeat and then she goes well call me once you've gone who taught until you do feel her sense of humor combined with their legitimately amazing boys yeah combined with her presence mike onstage and in video and everything she does make the perfect care like literally funds into play this unless mccarthy has been so many things and has said raising like she's just been alive and i think i would rather take lives though and have put her in the forefront the most mccarthy again when you know what i mean right every scene hunt ellen like ten time and i know her whole press ratio right i wanna see lizard doing disney press store in how am i not how i do i think that she also i feel like the porn fortune soldier such an iconic song that only you need like a good singer you do you know someone who is different than the original person in arabia is no credible about about this known trans that's gonna yet that chat about china i know your show but listen i ran in a sequence teatime so it's on answerable question of the week go ahead and answer a question is how did millie bobby brown become friends with angelina jolie pets kids huge question mark so this week millie bobby brown was pictured at walking around west shiloh in hora they went to lunch at mel's diner they're about the same age as her which is like weird to think of the philippe kid like being teenager like yeah they're very small with highly highly brown they're out with a bodyguard they're just getting lines they just look like regular teenage girls just like hanging out and i really liked the millie bobby brown i like the 'cause obviously they're super famous obviously they get it they have similar sort like that you know can't grow without a bodyguard it's like they're not you know on instagram and not drake i was just gonna say that age decided i'd like they're not using her fame because like they're already famous and really don't wanna be more famous yes i think the way they set up spotlight is really good for right she has everybody at our fingertips yeah yeah i was stalking her instagram for like to talk about this a she says ariana grande day writing way older drake way way way older it just feels like like she's got so many people around here i am really happy that she's more atra like this is how you hang comb right and she essentially i've grown up in the spotlight on a spotlight i have like similar experiences at cetera well it's not like they're trying to like get in from you're not using her she's not saying oh my god like be girls yeah yeah i get a great how do you think they met i truly don't know maybe she reached out maybe they're like fans of ranger thing i know yeah there's so many of dance i'd go on that like we don't that the real eight list secretive were not be too yeah i'm sure they like them like that clan is like very like very like secretive and like or you know just you know a next question i have is who is best equipped out of the group and i'm gonna list out to play elvin in a a bio pic about his life so a there's four front runners to play a young elvis presley in an upcoming movie directed by balls there man it's gonna be really he did milan rouge and go okay so not much loudon should have been allowed not much is known about the project but just gonna be a bio pic about life okay so here the forefront one as you guys can let me know who is best equipped playlist we had on phil elgort harry styles austin butler and miles teller or so on soccer has the fault in our stars divergent baby driver i suppose to the west side story harry styles k correct me if i'm wrong he's only acting credit really has been dunkirk yeah okay awesome butler famously the boyfriend the high will be in once upon a time in hollywood real outlier list she will on and then yeah he hasn't done a lot he did the kerry diaries brain dead miles teller ever is really well now you all know he's filed the answer will get tired of like oh my god yeah there yeah i watched the movie about like i'm just going to be on a guy out of those four guys on south austin butler miles teller who is best equipped elvis presley harry styles he's saying i really truly believe that ice because of his voice and also he doesn't make me wanna punch in the face all right that's fair i just on principle why or looking at their pictures miles teller looks right i never automated logo the enemy again i don't give a fuck about this other guy so it's three miles in harry in august painter okay my opinion was that awesome butlers should play him because i'm gonna show you a picture does look like young elvis presley is lynch's hair color has that kind of like resting just like slack job i find it annoying also i want him in vanessa hudgens work in he has been just like someone on her arms about that she's like the front runner breadwinner in he's real supportive all the way i feel meaningful that he is he made it this far shortland people i came out gordon miles south of eight people like hammer like top ten right around but usually like the like vinyl shortlisted like just the big star joe all when is on this list he cut personality personality yeah yeah but yeah i meaningful the austin by others on this but i i would like i guess we will see once once upon a time in hollywood comes out if you gonna be a breakout year for him yeah also risher of jonathan reese myers elvis he won a golden globe i'm pretty literally never heard of the two thousand juwan like eighty so you're so you're knowledge knows no bounds okay emulate wrap this up okay one less thing in this is really random but it's charge my mom who celebrate her birthday other week cheryl why jaylo win an oscar for something that is my mom's on ending on answerable question jiang's jaylo should have won an oscar for selena have you seen selene yes yeah he's not wrong just unfair fair she might never get fat chance again i thought the roles at schifrin later hustlers yet okay all right the stripper fell over there might win an oscar hustler movie even open mind maybe you're right i agree cheryl i agree why hasn't come on it's a great she's going to the cattle so the honda that and if you have answers her thoughts any of these questions i'm gonna do it this time because key me of not knowing are twitter twitter handle which i do tweet us at teatime underscore thirty three guys who were like oh thousand followers really slow as you approach cast 'cause i think we really only have keys to the teatime

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Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things 3

Zero Credit(s)

1:31:24 hr | 2 years ago

Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things 3

"Take me home today. That was not in the show. UH In a story about small town America a particularly our corner shops being overtaken by new malls globalized corporations. Is it possible that stranger things three the real monster is Reagan era economics and bald-faced boldface capitalism and consumerism. No in fact the lobsters are the monsters and welcome to the supplemental reading of Stranger Things Three Tom on zero Fred. It's my name is John My name and welcome to the eighties eighties so for anyone who isn't aware supplement to reading as we get together on this podcast to discuss something that we considered to be culturally important in its entirety meaning that we have watched from beginning to end and and most importantly spoilers are on limits. That's an expression. No one has said spoilers are free game. We're going to shoot them. All up every sport there you see will be shot who we it's hog season when I mean by that is we hope that you have watched the entire season because we are going to discuss it and its entirety. Spoilers are abound yes if you're one of the two people on Earth who has not watched all of stranger things three already go do that and then come back but so then just downloading the episode counts for like a like a listen right. They don't need bizarre like a youtube thing where they actually need to listen to the whole thing. Actually until the end of this month we can see partial listens ooh and after the end of this month we would get that information for a small fee which means we will never get that information again great so it does not matter just go watch it then come back to us. Yes stranger things things three or as I like the collet stranger things three things three rings three Ings T. H.. R. E. I. N.. G. S. Three T. H.. R. I E I E I in eighteen. That's just say no as a N._S.. That's now I heard all right. You lead US leader okay so one thing that I thought would be particularly important in talking about stranger things three as we kind of disclosed on pretty much every supplementary at this point especially about a T._v.. Show recapping the plot is pointless. Yeah you've seen it so. We don't need to tell tell you what happened. You know but a time line that I feel like is more <hes> leg long term may be more fungible than actually like the season chronology is actually talking about season one to season two to season three kind of the actual story story of stranger things as a whole not as a recap but kind of kind of like a look back at the first season particularly the the second season what our feelings on those things are like now. They've matured because I knew going into stranger do things three. I actually found myself having a very different. Take on stranger things to than I thought that I did. There's a weird thing. Of course we're viewing this work in its the creation or we're not looking at a final product yet because if we were our ideas about the different parts would stay the same because because we're watching this kind of like in motion one part might influence what we feel about another part exactly I feel like looking back on. It and I don't know if you can if you share this but when the when stranger things three started something that they did is very smart. The netflix does for it shows that it cares a lot in pumps a lot of money in two stranger. Things is probably it's biggest cash cow right now they will only second to Orange is the new black they will do a full season full previous season recap. That's like very long and pretty indepth and pretty fantastically edited. I'd say as far as a previously on goes it's kind of in a League of its own and I I was immediately struck by the innate tower that stranger things has when I started watching stranger things three and I felt like tears swelling up in my eyes as I was watching the recap just because I not because I was remembering the events of season two but because it was reintroducing me slowly and perfectly to all of these characters that regardless the quality of individual episodes or maybe even seasons that I've grown to like deeply love as characters throughout time and it it really struck me as like maybe season two wasn't as bad as I remember that recap recap was like a concentrated dose of season two. You know you didn't have all the problems in Shropshire that we had originally with it because it was edited to be a quick highlight reel that completely cuts out an entire episode episode yes if it can really cuts out the most questionable episode of stranger things to entire run. <hes> the eleven goes to pump gland yeah and that was something I noticed immediately while watching it ended did I kind of turned to my wife is like they cut out the bad episode yeah like Hey. They made a decision. I don't think we're going to see those characters again. I mean that I feel like that's totally fair. I thought that episode was a massive misstep and there was not a lot about it. I enjoyed so looking back at season to some of the comments we had about the structure of that season was that it started a little too slow for us and then it sort of ramped up way too quickly to get to the end game. Yeah the the you know the supernatural weirdness of it all yeah there was a point in season to where they decided. I mean the the new whatever the name of the little baby demo dog thing was there called dim dogs dogs <hes> does the things name the baby the baby the dust I think he was named Gorgan Gorgan Shurmur member but now the I think that was like an interesting dynamic but it seemed like all of a sudden that show went from nothing to you. There are tunnels under Hawkins. They are full of Demo. Dogs and also scientists are opening the portal again it went from zero to one hundred very very quickly and there was a weird thing in the telling and that none of that we didn't see any of that the tunnels or like the scientists is like Oh that stuff is just happening now. Yeah it was kind of like they were withholding parts of the story from us to surprise us with later which is ultimately <unk>. I think a weaker form of story Kelly Yeah I. I don't think that <hes> you really win anything by doing like Gotcha story reveals outside of maybe a really well done twist which to be fair. I feel exchanger things as opposed almost every other like peak television show resists the urge to twist which is very refreshing and I very much respect yeah as someone who is watching through season three of Black Mirror right now which I I wanna say is arguably the weakest season of that. I've seen so far what you don't meal you. You get points. Every episode points in the People Are Nice to you. Every episode of Black Black Mirror has a twist of some kind nine in it. Be It like a twist of Oh. The technology is bad or oh. Humans are the real monsters it doesn't matter what was his and one of them the twins just l of the guy you rooting for. He's a pedophile. That's the twist every episode. It has a twist and depending on that twist like Oh. This episode was a complete waste of time. You don't just don't flip that coin. That coin flipped don't do a twist and instead show us the parts in motion how how the story is unfolding Dresen with characters and events. Yeah people react to twist because what what twist do they lay the entire story on the line. It's a big bet twists are going all in and I feel like stranger. Things plays it close to the vest wasted understands like the story is the most important thing so it doesn't play with that or or doesn't wager all of its story however I feel I going into stranger things three <hes> there was a massive twist and it happened moments nee seconds into the first episode after those sweet sweet Stephen King inspired credits rolled. I was blown away by the twist that these children aged. Ah these children got old yeah teens now. They're definitely teenagers now. Air Not babies in ghostbusters costumes what I really like about stranger things as a whole goal is that it's a real buildings reminds to use my literary prowess but the real coming of age story we started stranger things and these were kids in the basement playing dungeons and dragons and now it's like these are tiny adults. Were we've really complicated feelings and problems that we kind of can relate to because we're kind of like larger adults with the same stupid problems yeah I mean adults are just teenagers who are more confused but have greater responsibility but I mean the the thing that I like about stranger things in season one and season two and it continues to season three is all of the I mean all of the characters go through an arc but the children all kind of have their their own kind of coming of age ark about a certain part of their personalities every season and that's something that much like in life you live through that cycle again and again until you end up being old and then nothing ever changes. What's really interesting within that childhood childhood group is like in season? You're like Oh these kids will never they're inseparable. We'll never be apart except for will who is in the upside down yes but like they got through trauma. They'll never be separated. They'll never be separate except like when we'll get taken over by the mind inflator then it wasn't really season to the driving force of the plot is these kids are fighting not getting along and they're they're suffering and missing out on clues because of it and now in season three it's like Oh these kids have learned learned to be separate. They do love each like love being with each other but they don't like that's no longer like what the plot is mainly focused on because like some of these kids didn't see each other all season and then like there's this just really touching reuniting moment in the in the the star court or they're all back together again when you realize holy Shit they've been like totally kind of handling on their own like they've grown up. They're no longer like we gotta be together so something thing that this show does exceptionally well and season three. Maybe does this best of all is and this is i. It's very difficult for me to talk about this because I don't know my feelings on stranger things as a whole Doma complicated because I don't know how much of what it's saying is intentional because if how much of what it's saying is intentional that I read it to it. It's genius so stranger things three starts <music> with day of the dead. Oh it starts with the movie into yeah the Georgia Movie Day of the dead and the entire premise of day of the dead other than zombies are human as well in that you should and that monsters reserved to be humanized but Zombie like speaks English still has cognition. I've never seen it's good all of the Jorge Romero movies are good <hes> but essentially the underlying message day of the dead is people not communicating is how disasters happen it is a pro communication movie and the entire premise of David as people are keeping secrets and only when people come together and are honest and communicate to things get done and that's something that happens again again in season three and it it culminates perfectly in the moment that has existed every season which is the two stories convert yes because every season is fairly formulaic and that you have a a plot and which is a kid's plot and a B plot which is adults plot and they exist kind of coterminous Lii and really. I guess it's three plots because you also the teens plot what here's the thing that's that season three shakes up because it usually it was just his kids plot and adults plot will these groups are kind of mingling now <hes> and so I think it's more apt to say there's the monster plot in the Russian plot and there are groups that intermingle between kids and adults covering both off and and the thing that I think is really fascinating about season three is what so the the teens plot used to be kind of its own separate thing and now the teens plot and the kids plot is so intermingled did your mangold were they is just a different places like will and Nancy have totally different responsibilities. They have to have a job with misogynists. John also Jonathan Jonathan will is the younger yes. Jonathan is the photographer remember yeah. The photographer man remember in that first season how he just gets hated on by that bully that mean bully Steve. I'm glad he got was going to it didn't turn into the vest fucking character ever Steve is the best steve is the thoughts remain unchanged. No this season really doubled down on everything that I loved about these characters because now Jonathan a nancy are like any relationship. unshipped but it's something that this show does really well in that it shows you a relationship that has texture and not everything is like super positive or happy but people do have motivations and these constant negotiation towards their they're like ends and no characters ever portrayed as being right. Yeah characters are portrayed as being correct in that their assumptions are actually what's going on but it's ever actually telling you that the characters who are correct are morally right. No one is ever like demonized other than Russians and monsters and milk hunters they yeah every character that you root for every protagonist has has flaws like even hopper for turns out to be a little bit of an overbearing kind of muscle bound parent. I don't know if that's muscle man. Did you see okay quick assigned to hopper they show him shirtless. Allot hopper offers a fit of that. There's a thick hop on the loose. What would I mean is like he's prone to yell lean rather than talking out you know he's not abusive but he's stubborn and headstrong? Yeah I feel like we could almost do an entire episode not just about the character of hopper but how the character hopper is like he exemplifies a certain kind of toxic masculinity of not not being comfortable with his feelings and I I almost felt like the show is doing a very bad job because after he goes through all the coaching with winona Ryder joy spy expires after he goes through all the coaching with Joyce about how to present this this to the kids and eventually when that speech is revealed. It's actually very heart warming and perfect but when he couldn't be at home with his feelings for a second it looks like his way of doing that worked and I wasn't comfortable with that was like Oh. This is like a classic eighties movie thing we're toxic. Masculine was the correct thing to do and that's bad but then that ends up essentially causing every bad thing happens for the remainder of the episode yet inciting incident is him not being able to deal with his feelings. Yes the the stipulation he puts on Mike Causes the rift in the group which causes a lot of bad shit to happen yeah which is great because again like if you don't have flawed characters you have a bunch of per- perfect perfect God's walking around and that's interesting to watch. There's only one perfect God walking around and that's billy. I mean you said it. I was thinking it you said it. Oh man I feel so bad for billy. I WanNa Talk Kubota Billy's character because number one. I really didn't anticipate billy would come back. I feel like you know the Steve Thing from the first season where they anticipated that Steve would just be written off because he'd be a shady Bali and and then everyone would hate him then he gives up an eighties movie style fashion and then he's gone forever yeah <hes> but then they just love the guy who played him what he brought to the characters so they just kept him around it almost feels like stranger things as this massive love professed where and this comes up in almost all the behind the scenes stuff behind the scenes in almost all of the behind the scenes stuff in stranger things because they keep saying <hes> we were going to kill this character in episode three or <hes> you know this scared was kind of a limited role but then we just liked it Vicki falling in love with the people that get to play these gears. They just give them more yeah. I really liked billy in the second season. Billy was the highlight of the smoking and doing curls of poor <unk> bedroom like billy was of course like the the implement the exemplary eighties musclebound idiot yeah and of course like the bully the strong and then these sealer of the parents are of use of that's why he's he's such a shithead yeah which doesn't excuse his behavior but you can't get the rationale behind it and billy was just a real monster too and humanized monster but I love that he was irreparably bad he was a bad dude and then he gets taken over by a stupid fucking mind flare piece of shit thing and you're like oh because now he's no longer a humanized monster. He's just he's a monster. Just a monster there that moment were l. goes into his mind as memory whatever she does. She goes into his past and sees like basically where the source of the mind flare is and you see all of these horrible fucking moments in his life. You're like Oh shit. They're humanizing the stupid mindless monster again and now I care for him again. A billy is so good. Billy is such a great character because no this show is just perfectly good at manipulating emotions out of you because no matter how billy is so bad in the season season because there's some great billy moments where he's being billy <hes> but he's also being literal monster. Maybe my favorite one of my favorite scenes in the entire season is when he's like having dinner her at Heather's parents house and he's just being like a peak polo wearing gum chewing lake very coy you know he's up to no yeah and the second they leave. They just merck her parents. It's good that it's so good really so good and now he's gone. There's a really great detail and they go back looking for billion had heather that like the tray of cookies and the dinner still just sitting there because like the the mind flair has no time for for clean up yeah but yeah yeah billy's gone forever and I'm glad they gave him a last moment of hero heroism but continue to trend that I deeply need to talk about with you. John is that the trend of killing billy every season of stranger things a character whose name starts with the letter B Dies Really Barb Ono Bob and now billy now. I am very afraid for will it will the first line of season four. I'm going by bill now. Really I'm really worried for hopper yeah because I mean his name is actually boppard this uh up. He's like well. We call him jail but that's he doesn't like his first name which is Balthazar is first thing which is being Comma Jim Hopper it's actually boreham Mir interestingly enough yeah so every season of stranger things a character whose name stood for be dies. That's to sad dies too and it keeps going specifically upside down monster barb get at Bard Gut at by the Jimmy Gorgan that Bob got at Bob got it by the dog so they all get killed by the new monster to billy gets off by the mind giant flare the flare the goop manifestation the carbon weird chemical based physical body of the mindfully flavor Levine Flavor. How did you feel about that by the way if we're talking about stranger do things being like a weird eighties mood board which there's so much we could talk about for like the visual pastiche the stranger things puts on for good and ill <hes> but I I think that the at least for me the choice choice to make the antagonist of this season in addition to the littoral terminator two just an invasion of the body snatchers thing yeah? I really like that because it wasn't something that I anticipated at all it doesn't really seem within the scope of the mind flares established abilities and also I didn't totally understand the motivation for that character nor do I at this point understand the motivation for the mind flare yeah but I liked that it was the residents here my thoughts on the entire actions of the mind flare this season it was kind of a perfect master class on how to build tension by having those so season two it was like character character character boom supernatural yeah season three I think was better structured in that from the first episode or getting supernatural interspersed with character but it always ends on that supernatural thing the kind of bait the hook into the next season and I think with the slow building with the rats eating the chemicals exploded into carbon goop that would then is being assimilated into a meat flare. I like all of that. There does become like a weird thing with its motivation where the riders definitely think they explained it with the whole scene like we're doing this for you all of this for you which I interpreted as oh they won't hurt a rule will them or something they want her to be there queen but the show interpreted as although they want her dead yeah I I don't know I feel like this shows too smart to to be the motivations because the every we talked about about how good every character's motivations are but in an opportunity for the mind flair to literally speak. It never said anything that made me feel any kind of connection to what it was doing because I feel like and this is something that has come up pretty much time and time again like sci fi but if you have like an extra dimensional monster the gains the ability to speak to speech to speak that is a great opportunity just to throw some like could base level philosophy onto it play around with nihilism like play around with like any kind of ideology for deb just a little bit because my my assumption based on everything that it's doing is it just like trying to build some kind of empire and I. I don't know my assumption was that it didn't want to kill eleven but it's actions seem to speak otherwise than the show pretty much literally said that they want to kill eleven Kevin because she's the only one that can stop it. I don't know from what has been presented to us like if we're going to close read this text. The monster says something along the lines of like you led us into this world and they come from. We've seen the upside down. It's a dark dank world covered in gooby things and that's all there is it's also full of structures that exist in the right side up at you're not yeah that's very true my assumption about the upside down or or at least it has been this like so far is that the upside down isn't like a parallel universe. It's just a incredibly unimaginably distant future. I don't know about that. I see see that's a different. That's it's interesting because what I thought was like they're from this dark world and then L. breaks the door open to let them into a world of color in light yeah it it's and and they don't they don't they never knew these colors existed and now they they covet them. The covet this world full of life because it if the mind flares abilities as demonstrated in season three or any kind of indication life can give them power yeah it. There's a very symbiotic relationship between living beings and whatever lives in the upside because they eat people they kill people they eat them they. They are like they're they're consuming things on the sense of they do get something out of it. I don't know I just feel like three seasons in. We'd want to know a little bit more about the motivations over like a prime antagonise especially because now we know that it's the prime antagonists in season two's Oh that's just the next monster for the season and it seems like it's really intelligent. They didn't beat it. It's GONNA come back season three. I thought an interlude you know you get give space and then in season four comes back now. We're going right back to the mine flare so okay so now we're gonNA understand it by the end is like well. I didn't one thing that I wanted to to discuss and I don't know where we'd find room to do it in the podcast other than a pretty a significant gear shift <hes> out if you will those Russians the Russell those Russian the Russians are interesting because I don't know if you can make a television that spans is the entirety of the eighties and not bring the Russians into it. It like three even the mighty ducks aren't they. They are in the mighty ducks. It felt strange to me. The Russians a little bit because yes the Russians in the eighties were like the perceived antagonised of the United States and they were all over the place as far as media goes for like being just a general cultural antagonised but I felt it just felt kind of strange because even now and it might just be because we we have so many people like crying like Russian bots or whatever and all this like. Oh Yeah I know it it felt not of the time that we live in that. That's the choice that they would make though I'm not going to lie to you you and say that the misdirect of having everything that happened with the reactor opening the gate happened without speech and then they start speaking Russian. I'M NOT GONNA lie and say that didn't surprise me and I thought it was kind of cool I I I had certain thoughts about that scene because I know the literal terminator is a big man but I didn't think it was within the realms of physical strength for a big man to lift another full size adult male by the neck and kill him so my immediate thought was oh he's possessed by the mind flare they're all possessed by the mind flare somehow leaked into Russia and that's why they're trying to open the portal eight eight episodes later. I learned that's not the case and I still don't understand why the Russians are trying to get into the upside down. Yes I feel like because we we don't even truly understand the the rationale behind. Hide the Hawkins Laboratory thing like we don't understand the <hes> the the genesis of that entire effort but one thing that I struggle with is I very much a level with Henry. I think the Terminator Not Terminator two. I think the Terminator while the best horror movies ever made just the Terminator is impeccable and Terminator two is just one is one of the best action movies ever made if not the best. They're both incredible films. You can't go wrong but the the fact that they manage to find someone who from certain angles looks exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger and from certain angles looks exactly like the guy who played the T. One thousand. It just looks like they a bread. Those two people and I adore that character I adore that they went whole hog on a Terminator Ammash. I don't even know if it's a mosh at this point they basically just put those characters into the show <hes> but but I'm I find it a little tough to totally by it because they did imbue him with a certain amount of like ridiculous strength and ability and like cognition and just overall competence. I found hard to believe him. I guess I understand what you're doing but also you're pretty effectively taking me out of this thing by making this guy like as super humanly strong yeah that the Russians because that's it's one thing stranger. Things hasn't had like Predator naturally physically gifted people is not something that it has had these are schmucks from Indiana you know they're all like normal bodies as we all men picking people up and strangling them or picking waking people up in like showing that their feet dangling author. That's a classic eighties movie move. I can't blame them for doing it but it just didn't totally feel like it belonged here. Another lingering thought about the Russians Russians this is like the height of the Cold War is it not wall came down eighty nine. May I'd say so. Is this before or after Perestroika. It's after Perestroika any so like no it can't be after anyway. The Russians are unspoken enemy. How in the world would entire platoon and entire military unit the able to construct all that they constructed? How would they even get into the country in with guns in this criticism? You'll have discovered my single greatest complaint about this season. which is how the fuck yeah how I sti- think that the the star court mall is a very cool idea because they it allows for some degree moments? I think the existence of that mall transported to a place in like eighties pastiche yeah that is so perfect because small culture and then they bring everything back from eighties mall culture and then they have like material girl while eleven on Max or shopping and they show like a Jumba juice. Just an uh-huh Taco bell coming soon sign does like well sorry devel- but we are not coming but like we have to understand the lake malls now are a thing of the past oh yeah there's a I I lived in unaided. Were malls were huge and I've been to many malls and I hung out in many malls. We all have the the fact that these are now. They're fossils. They're relics their relics of the past seeing that I was like yes. This is something that speaks to me and I know doesn't truly exist anymore and it's like this crazy throwback. I thought star court was amazing decision. Intertwining the the imagery of Star report with the existence of this is like Russian Russian sect this Russian extra dimensional like hyper well funded research initiative that is miles below star court but somehow how projects a signal that you can hear the little horse thing through somehow it stretched my disbelief to the breaking point like I could not get into that. It seemed very formulaic and everything surrounding. It was amazing. The die hard references Stephen is her name Robin Names Robin Stephen Robin like infiltrating getting like shot up with goofy juice going to a movie going back to the future. I loved everything that happened. In Star court but the idea of the Russians and star court being one in the same was ridiculous also the way that they got into this country was they a bought up a bunch of land contracts to build the mall and they talked about giving them visas and stuff well. I yes all of that sure you still can't bring guns into the country. He says plenty of guns in America already did have A._K.. Forty seven or they get the radioactive goop. What is the no idea what the kiss you loaded into into the portal gun yeah but also you don't drink it and it works like alien blood or just acid but eight is what I have to say about the mall so season of stranger things was about the eighties home? A lot of the action takes place in the basement of Mike Wheelers House we see D._N._d.. There's a that's kind of like the the theme of that season season to introduce the arcade. That's the kind of the season starts and we go there a few more times for Meat Mad Max the arcade is a big eighties thing and we kind of pay attention to it and then of course the rest of the show takes eggs over season. Three's the mall season and more I think better more better. They handle it better in that. The mall becomes kind of like a set piece for the entire season. It's woven into the Russian plot. It's for the monster gets drawn to their last episode of the seasons literally called the Battle of Star Court yes so I think of all of the themes that we've seen in the season so far of eighties things season three is treated the theme mall the best assed but to do so we have to swallow the Russian pill the Al.. You can't separate mall from Russians. It's a it's a tough bargain because to be perfectly honest with you. The the setting of star court is the strongest setting that has been in this entire show. It's perfect star court. I will go out on a limb here and say that works of fiction that take place almost entirely and if not entirely in a shopping mall typically speaking are incredible dawn of the dead one of the best horror movies ever made dead rising one of the best video games ever made mallrats mallrats. One of the best movies ever made. Its it so think about it. I think the mole term <unk> Dude Star court is just such a great place to set things. It's just the fact that to to make it so the characters could reunited starcore to to create that lake to create the cage where the final showdown takes place. You have to understand that somehow the Russians built star court and also all this other improbable shit. I really liked star court. I loved loved the set dressing. I love the set design all of it. It made me ask out loud. Why did they get rid of the NEON? Why did malls get rid of the if neon was there? Why did they rip it out of the walls and make it look boring and if Malzahn neon and then today to to this day I feel like more people would go to malls? I feel like much like new. Coke is making a comeback co stranger things three. You and I should buy up some Russian land contracts bill bill the mall yet. The Russian thing was weird as much as I like carry out was his mayor character was interrelated that was Kari Alice. He Lost Weight for the insane <unk> Sane. That's crazy. My wife spotted it right away and I turned to her and I said out loud carry owl says never lost weight for a role took my phone out full of confidence typed in stranger things mayor ear all of these articles about Carol's pop up his face POPs up his name POPs up. I put my phone bag resumed the episode in Sandra my breath will now. I've seen carry those lose weight for a role. That's incredible. I had no idea that was curious. Ellis he did a great job scumbag shady mayor but what the like they lamp she is the Lampshade for the Russians in a in a eighties Miami Vice Te themed nutshell. I also felt like and this is something that I always feel like I've seen articles that say the opposite and I don't know how you'd feel about this but I feel like having a like corrupt white male politician I feel like a very easy choice would have been to alike drawl lot of like Donald trump parallels which tippy clear I hate donald trump with every fiber of my being yeah but I also feel like a number of fairly lazy choices could've made for that character and they typically ugly defied those and made him just a kind of a shady typical white dude in power but in more of a typical mould. He's the sleazy eighties like businessman as a mayor the that's all it is it's it's the owner of the mountain in the in the ski movie or like the Rich Dad is going to buy the Mountie. He's that character instead of being like a politician. He's the guy who's GonNa tear down the community center. He's exactly that's who he is and he he is the eighties arch-villain light up I he didn't he didn't get killed. He's got in trouble if you get kicked the balls yeah by Joyce Joyce but which is honor <unk>. There's so much to talk talk about this season. That is my point is. I think he's coming back. Yeah that would make sense yeah. <hes> there's so much the time when the season that's almost impossible to touch on all of it the Stirrup I am. We're talking broad strokes for the most part but one thing that I would like to talk about and maybe this'll come back near the end of the episode where we'll just talk about it all now. Let's talk about some Jim Hopper Jim Hopper Jim Bean Hopper Jin all been bill hopper Jimbo Halo Bimbo Hopper Hopper is at this point. I'm pretty sure without a doubt probably the protagonist of stranger things he was the best thing about season to to our he was the best thing about season one and he fell a little bit for me the season three but he's still strong. He's still there. He's still I think you're correct. The driving force the protagonist of the show. I do think that the protagonist of the show is eleven and hopper essentially because their story and maybe we'll talk about a little bit of that is kind of the most fleshed out relationship and story in the entire show but the thing that I thought an and you pretty much made my point for me the interesting thing about hopper in this season is that he's actually operating from a place of being incorrect and and pretty much incorrect morally and I think what they do because essentially what they're doing at the end of season two hopper had essentially gotten what he wanted. I guess or gotten what the audience wanted for which is he has essentially a surrogate daughter and he's repaired his relationship with Joyce and he's like on the men as far as his career personal personal life and everything kind of seems okay and then as eleven ages you get to see him kind of sync into not mediocrity but sank into jealousy and envious insecurity in a way that you haven't seen him do in a way that was real before which is of course setting him up for redemption which happens at the end of the season <hes> because you want to see a character go low before they can go hi yeah because if he had started from a place like moral authority pretty kind of mature and then everything happened like it happened that it wouldn't have had as much impact than you got to see this man be week you get to see the totality of his personality and then and then what we we also have to see him yell at a Russian man for low too long. Yes Little Alexi didn't deserve all the yellen I found the Alexi stuff to be some of the most challenging because I think that the actor played Alexi he was found on the Internet loves him he was the Internet is in love of Alexi. He was very very good and I I find the kind of conspiracy theorist ex reporter guy to be kind of annoying. Oh Murray yeah I find Murray tough to deal with for long periods of time. I feel like his and we haven't seen him a lot but I feel like he was perfectly fine. I loved him and Alexi at the fair. That was amazing. I really liked that which is sad add because that's where Aleksey eats it but yeah no I. I like that Paul Giamati type A lot yeah I like all of the interaction between him and dusted on the walkie talkie like for a character that is right so how many times he does eat a Lotta Shit from a lot of people yeah which I think is a good balancing act. I don't think he'll be coming back. He easy. There's there's no way it's possible. I don't know now <hes> the only thing that I like I feel like maybe I consider him to be cloying because in season two didn't really like a single thing that he did however he did have the single best line of season two which was how was the pullout which is incredible however in season season three he was much better <hes> but I do feel like the Alexi Murray Joyce Hopper dynamic did stretch on a little bit too long and I kind of lost the thread for what was really going on there. It's because is like so this is this is a writing thing the characters Joyce in hopper think they're they're learning things the audience however because of scoop troop which is the best name for Dustin <unk> Steve Robinson Erica. We know what the Russians are up to because of them however joycean hopper don't know this so they think they're learning it from Alexa Alexi but the audience already Kinda knows yeah so those. It seems a little more tedious drawn out because it's like they just need to talk to scoop troop scoop troop however is miles on the ground and they need to get back up see that's where sort of the stretches for for the writers as it's like well we have to we wrote ourselves in a corner here to try to get them back up so meanwhile another force another driving force in the story needs to learn some Russian stuff so we got Alexiy we got Joyce Hopper Yeah and then we're GONNA we're going to run with that literally until the mall like and then they all get back together I it's it's it's kind of like each season of stranger. Things is a is an open world game or your choices matter and a one player can go down three different choices but stranger things shows you each of those routes with different characters yeah. I think that's a that's a pretty good way of putting it. I just felt like a kind of stretched onto long but for the reasons as you said <hes> hopper hopper rare form in the season because the thing that you want hopper to do is die. There's two things you want hopper to do. Let's just rip that band aid up Yes. He dies hopper appears to die. He absolutely does appear to such an in denial abram funding are it's. There's two things you want hopper to the the two things you want Opportu. A._C.'s is number one a beer emotional additional support animal because you want hopper to be the somewhat <hes> kind of unreasonable emotional cipher for you because you're like yeah hyper hyper yeah hopper feel the things do the things things you also want him to do. Some Buck Wild Shit at least once season one. It's punchout that guard yeah because you're like Oh shit hopper season two. I forget what he did a lot of shit he he he did a lot but in season three becomes magnum P._i.. In season three far and away the most block shit the hopper does is he beats the shit out of the Mare with Joyce's help the the live <music>. I'm enjoys a rips the telephone out of this. Who are you going to call the police? Yeah it's so good also assured as as well yeah. He's he's Magnum P._i.. He's even got the silver pants. He's Tom Selleck. I agree with what you say but I would amend it like I would combine. The two hopper is my emotional fist. Actually that is true what you I. He feels like he feels things but also he throws a punch when no one else well it's it's interesting because in a lot of scenes in any T._v.. Show and in stranger things that's no exception you go. I wish that purse will get fucking punched or shot at hopper. Is there to be like all of that emotion that you're putting into the screen to watch someone be shot or punched. He'll do it yeah. Don't don't mess with them win. He's holding up the Terminator Guy and he says on three all shoot you <hes> and he counts to three and on three perfect dodges but but he still shot you're like oh hopper is not around. Your copy wouldn't shoes like hugh you this hopper yeah. He's punch people out. He's done a whole mess of Shit. hoppers got a bunch of shit going on do not. Ill realize he's still shot. I was proud of him in pursuit. No it was so many times like the hero beliefs and then the here's like I just can't do it but hoppers is like they did a great job of pretty intelligently getting what they hey. The writers wanted to happen on the scene which is the dude gets away but they also managed to do the dude gets away and hopper in no way compromised on his stance because hopper makes good on what he says. He's he's GonNa do yeah. Also I brought this up to you. In text message hopper is hop hoppers the emotional core of the show yeah you know hoppers daughter Sara the Internet it has been talking about this whole bracelet thing I made you aware of it but just in case our families who are listening or not aware hopper is daughter. Sarah has a blue hairband in one of the last scenes that you see her and in the hospital and then you see hopper is wearing it on his right hand for the entire season one and I believe season two and season three eleven is wearing it because at some point between the season to season three hopper started to consider eleven to be his daughter and then at the very end when they meet up at star court when hopper goes to hold hands with eleven he places his hand through the bracelet it to hold hands with her so they're both wearing the bracelet at the same time so good. Wow never brought up that is something that if I was a writer I would like to call attention to. I'd like put Arrows on Oh screaming. Look at this storytelling but it's something that until it was brought to my attention I had no idea then I've been television writing. You get to do a lot of cool things movie writing you get to put it in a lot aww cool details and then only later when you're Reddit Ama someone asks the question. What did you intend for this? It's like yeah no exactly yeah yeah. I intend I wrote it yeah. I mean you spent eight hours. Watching the show I spent hundreds of hours working thought of a lot of stuff we thought of some things and we thought we'd put him on camera. Yeah that's television writing you see some of them. You don't see others now. I mentioned this text message to you but I hi and I forgot to call him this the entire the entire episode but my personal domain for hopper of courses hopped hopped hopped daddy yes which is of course is a reference to hopped out a burger joint. I don't care he's his name Hopper and he's a dad. He's Hop Daddy. Daddy is not a bad name but can we talk about Kevin we need. We need need to talk about Kevin. Okay Robin Robin the new character for the season every season. There's a new character last season. It was Bob and billy. They're both dead. This is Robin. May she rest in peace as she rest in peace. I don't look I liked Robin. I liked her character. I like the way her character developed because the writers introduced one little thing debate the whole clouds obsessed with you and then later the reveal the twisted a little bit. I was obsessed with you because I hated you because you have the attention of the girl. I wanted the attention. That was very good. That's really well done and ah there's people who are Oh st was in love with her. It's like I don't think he was no. I think he liked her and wanted to be close to her and was on drugs and wasn't thinking straight like she said and I think them. Becoming coming friends is probably the ultimate good move for the future of the show. What I don't want to happen is that ski goes Robin? You're kind of like my bro. I'M GONNA call you row big because it starts with of A.. B. C. will die will die. You called it right here. I now you already played your hand. which is a shame because I earlier lay down a trap card? Shit I reveal right now and the trump card is dimension. The dice saw the internet loves Alexi part of the Internet or at least despises Robin. Oh there is a I'm not gonNA say healthy but there is a sizeable sizable portion of people who watch the show that really despise her character considering her to be kind of Manic Pixie. Dream Girl Ish think that she is like a convenient solution to problems also thanked her coming out as at the very least like interested interested girls at the end of the season his cop-out. I also think those same people are like meaningless troglodyte swith bad opinions but a lot of people truly did not like the character of Robin to a degree that I was amazed to learn. I do do think the one thing I will say about anyone. Knowing Russian and American the nineteen eighties highly suspect she didn't know Russian. She knew a little bit. You're right. It didn't know Russian. She knew a lot of other languages so so it's relatively easy for her to pick up languages. It was displayed skill but she did not know Russian. You're absolutely correct and I think that's the way you if she I think a man at Pixie dream girl is like someone who is quirky who just just kind of the the protagonist thinks is the solution to all of his problems and Robin does not display that Steve even denies liking her. It's only under the influence of that truth truth telling drug that he he thinks he likes her but he denies the Dustin has now now. What are you saying yeah and they are better suited as friends and that is what happens like and I almost feel like the the the thing is like Steve? He's not in love with Robin. Well Steve has feelings for Robin but you can have feelings for someone who's not interested in you and you can be friends with them like they're. They're going through a very trying ordeal together and it's tough not to develop. Some kind of feelings for people volpe was like playing with an idea yeah. He assumed that she liked him based on what they were talking about and based on what he is used to. He used to girls liking him because in high school he was of course Steve Harrington Yeah but now he's not Mr Scoops Ahoy. Mr Scoops Ahoy <unk> announced video rental man which is really great because video rentals who the takes back but but <hes> what I will say is completely left my mind. Oh one thing that I will say is <hes> we bandy around the stir manic Pixie Dream Girl. I feel like it's something that is really like a lot of things in society used to mean one specific perfect thing then it's meaning kind of change and now it's just used as a term to denigrate women and female characters Kinda like the term like Mary Sue or Gary Stu so I feel like a manic pixie dream girl to begin with was your our definition which is a character that a character will see all of their problems being solved through the exist is kind of like a rogue element like an eternal sunshine of the spotless mind kind of way Clemson and then eventually the Manic Pixie Dream Girl archetype type transition to these are like the kind of short haired ephemeral women that men will right who are just like repositories for a lot of male frustrations and feelings feeling like there are people who will solve all problems is typically pretty lazy kind of character to right. If you're a man who's writing a female character. It's like a classic jaw Sweden move I will I'll give that character the least <music> merit and the last one which is what I think Manic Pixie Dream Girl has evolved into now is just any kind of girl with shortish hair who doesn't wear a lot of makeup that men decide they wanna hate. It's this weird thing words like we get a checklist of all be on the lookout for this person. We got a checklist. They they have a moustache they have is and they say the word for minted and it's like that is the person we're looking for insular. Oh the president of the mustache is that must be the person yeah. It's like when you when you boil down atropine the traits and another character just so happens the have some of those traits like short hair. I guess you could say quirkiness Turkishness but that is a very subjective definition. Yeah quirkiness implies that there's any set of like these any set of Social Moore's that are considered nor mall wiza- slippery Slope Penny. She didn't have died here. She did not have died she in riskier. She didn't write a scooter. She was somewhat sporty sporting once that what does the word sporty mean she talks now in the context of spice non the context. I have no idea sporty spice doc note. I I feel like the People Hey Robin are wrong. I feel like Steve needed somebody who wasn't in the thirteen year old range. How many how many children are you friends with which is a really good question in but it's like Steve didn't have anybody because the only people his age we know our Nancy and Jonathan who only interact with each other yeah? It's it's interesting because Steve <hes> Steve was a <hes> ship Adrift. He was a U._S._S. butterscotch a draft. He was the captain of the U._S._S.. Butter Scott yes or at least a mate. He was a maid of USA's butterscotch. I feel like <hes> <hes> Steve Really found himself and I really liked the kind of a coterie of characters he found himself with in Star Court. I WanNa say it has been a long time since my so you can put a character intention Erlich in a suspenseful situation put a protagonist in suspense but like we all kind of know they're going to get out of this. The group that took the elevator down to the Russian like base the scoop troupe yeah I fear to for all of their lives a hundred percent of the time they run screen to the point where like anytime Erica spoke as like shut the fuck up. You're about to die like I was so worried for them. A hundred percent some of the time because it's like the kids have been an scrapes before but never had been surrounded by people who don't speak the same language of guns yet when the elevator thing happened and this is something that I don't think that I've ever felt watching stranger things. I was like they're not prepared. Yeah like the stakes were so high for those characters and then everything that they did after that was just perfect everything the scoop troop did not stupid. Russian base was so perfect. And so much fun even and I feel like these kind of belabored the kind of torture via fist which that's not really a method of torture that anyone uses it something that pretty much exclusively existent assistant action movies not the torture works anyway but it was even when Steve was being beaten up and like killed any was consistently telling the truth scoops the whole only the script troop. It's so funny that you can have a scene where characters being tortured and they're literally just telling the truth over and over again but we found it all by accident honest look I wanted to be like we've been through this shit before two years in a row like on yeah. We're fame the weird thing another thing I want to talk about. We've got a little bit of time time. I thought for sure there's like there's no way you can keep the wraps on this this time like all of the same setting up this fun fair that that the mayor froze on his reelection whatever the the the whole subtexts there was yeah and then the tree start moving. I was like Holy Fuck. This is going to happen when the upside down is going to be exposed to the world. There's no hiding this final like no. Other way can hopper kind of answer for the Shit. He's done unless the bandit it gets ripped off in the end. The supernatural revealed to be true. Yeah like the stakes are so high that the only thing that can happen is the worst case scenario but they subverted all of my expectations and handled handed it in a very believable way that I have to applaud hopper dies or so appears to yes. All of the action is contained in the mall which catches on fire due to the fireworks and so it burns up so that all of the missing people that we see get Jealou- fide into the meat flare get attributed to dine in that fire along with hopper. It's so oh tightly constructed that the only possible outcome for out sire outsider looking into this newspaper article. They're only recources to believe it yeah. It's it is perfectly <unk> tied up because everything took place in that one place. If it was the it was the one option and of course they placed that call to whatever government agency that swoops in with that doctor whose names I will never remember looking the crap leg <unk> again yeah the wish you get here sooner. They opened sweep all the Russian nonsense so it's it's like yeah. It was just a fire that broke out when the malls closed I so that killed thirty people. I've got two things to talk about. <unk> relatively limited amount of time. We've got left yeah. The first one is I want to say we can't take for granted how high the stakes aches were in season. Three compared to seize wants to do because I consistently throughout the entire season was under the impression that this liber still watching like a p._g.. Thirteen event and the characters who were flayed taken over by the my flair that they would regain consciousness and then become people again <hes> Nancy kills someone yeah <hes> dozens of people just die they turn learn to goop and die also <hes> shown it to parasite eve clearly huge inspiration for this so remember a couple of podcast episodes back. I discussed I. I'd like metamorphosis offices within myself where I can't I wrestle now with watching horrible things happen to fictional characters. Yeah we're watching these people liquefy and become literal. We're flesh monsters ancestors. I was like a part of my soul was taken from me because even though they were misogynists and I hated them and I did I like you kind of I guess the writers like well. They'll they'll be okay with watching them die but but like then heather and her family and then the only person that doesn't happen to his billy which like bad part of my soul I guess is preserved but watching each of these people liquefies outfought off that fed into they're gonNA get found out. There's no way you hide this. Many people dying yeah because they're dead. They're not coming back. The thing that got me is like when you see when you start seeing people liquefy because when she kills the misogynist interest in the where was that hospital when the hospital you're like oh he'll liquefied but maybe that was just like a like a doppler gang or something but were those people actually liquefy my broom. No this this many people can't die in Hawkins. Yeah like stranger things can't have death at this scale and it made me scared for future seasons because they've removed the death bandage veg yeah like the Gore bandages off. If you're going to escalate from here next season I I don't care who you are like. They have I will say this is how phrase it like this. They're going to have to pull off a lot of writers Vanessa gymnastics to come up with a scenario in which the nation does not find out I because even the news segment at the end like the national news is already kind of got their eyes on Hawkins. Yes further events swollen draw more attention next season. I'll I'll be very surprised if it doesn't end with the entire world finding out about supernatural occurrences I mean I've heard from various sources. The Stranger things is either before season-long six seasons. I think the narrative of the people saying I was six. I have read a lot of four or five or five so so my assumption is by the end of stranger things as a work it has to be at least national right because I feel like went stakes increasing this much and the scope of devastation increasing this this this much every season we have to end on a season that's like Red Dawn but with mine flavors just like an occupation of the United States by these things and it's it's. I'm excited for that. I don't know it's it's impossible to speculate and speaking of speculation. There's one more thing that I'd like to talk about. That's on my agenda and that is what of Hopper Okay you sell. Of course he saw in credit seen yes where they say not the American the American my thinking the way that it was filmed the way that it was written and filmed hopper before looking at Joyce at the very end looks at the rift yeah and then looks back in knots the slow nod like the boat we can interpret as like the I'm okay with what you have to do even though it's going to result in my death if nod but I don't think hopper is one to sacrifice himself. I don't think he he plays a ROIC trope. I think absolutely he hopped into the upside down so you and I are pretty similar page judge if I were to imagine this is what I think is going to happen. I think that everyone says the same thing. The post credits are made credits seeing the only one that there is there's not like a post post credits but the made credit seamer this unknown out the American and then someone is fed to this leg white demagogue organ right that can stand up that can stand up that I feel like there's not a lot of point to that because we know demagogue organs exist obviously obviously that was in there because the big one was not the American but I feel like that's going to be a misdirect and I feel like that's going to be different American person. You think it's going to be the doctor. I think it's going to be the doctor I think it's going to the doctor locked up in this Russian prison. Okay what I think is going to happen and this is big. Wish I think a rift is fully going to open and hopper is going to come out of it and he's going to have like a sword or something saying or he's going to have like an eye patch. He will have seen some shit and lived in the upside down for a not insignificant period of time that is a very sort of time honored trope the portal opening someone stepping stepping through looking more bad as did my really big. It's GonNa Happen and going like finally a bag hurry in my my prediction it for doing predictions that he hopped to the rift ended up in Russia and we're going to give an entire episode dedicated to his time and transit okay his time in the upside his time in the upside down and also his time by the Russians successfully opening a rift in dragging magnum out so the and I want to explain sort of a little bit quickly my reasoning there's no way that could transport a Demi Gorgan from Hawkins to Russia so they found a way to open up another rift. Yes now the read the theory that's going around and I think this is a fairly easy one to to kind of grab onto is that the reason why these things are being like researched is really like teleportation. Basically it's for travel ravel yet. They're opening like because if they open these portals in two locations they can travel between them and sneaking entire Russian like force into American soil. I I've read similar headlines about that so it's also possible that hopper got killed but he also went through the rift and ended up in Russia because they were opening them up at the same time yeah to like. Because why else would you open a portal to a thing that you know has demons ended is not to transport people exactly so if the not the American thing is not a misdirect. That's probably what it is now. They have subverted our expectations before and Dr Brenner kind of disappeared on us so maybe it is Dr Brenner and maybe maybe that's the key to getting Elle's powers back which is another move. I have to applaud because if you're going to raise the stakes you can't have have the the Literal Dais X. Mafia now walking around with your party yeah the the fact that they took Acre powers was a great choice. Can you believe that we got to the end of this episode without being able to discuss really in depth like the relationship between these like the the core four characters and L. Plus Max. We got all all this way and we didn't even talk about the Gut Punch Finale when eleven reads the letter from hopper where he <unk> this season ended just so well written what I feel like our intention is is better placed on things we had problems with an <unk>. Our audience has watched it and so they know how good that is because it speaks for itself yeah. That's why I didn't WanNa draw attention to it but since you have the letter her that hopper writes lead the addendum to that species memorizing from Joyce that moment was so powerful and so good. I wished we had seen him. Sit Down to begin to write it earlier in the season yeah. I wish we got that clip of him writing and then like you know I it's it's a movie see him like start writing. You're like oh he's changing it to fit his persona and then later we find out the real thing like I kind of wish we had that setup but as it stands the Gut Punch that it is is so good that I don't even care the the entirety of the end of that season where there because we haven't had an opportunity to see these characters say goodbye you ever and see that happen just perfect emotional manipulation while the what now is also really good because a huge trope of childhood stories is the move yeah moving to a new place moving from a place that you love losing your friends to remove the promises of like Oh yeah you're gonNA visit. We'll we'll use your monster manuals when you visit and then kind of coming to the slow realization as adults we realize the visits I don't happen. They don't happen yeah like I. You know we moved from a city. You've gone back. I haven't really gone back yeah. I've got back twice <hes> but still okay. You're better person than I is this contest but it's I know but it included in it as the passing of the torch. It's giving the D._V._D.. Books to Max it's the Erica Erica. Oh Shit it is Erica. 'cause they discover. She's a inert also Max is not interested at Max's more video games. Roleplaying Erica is a nerd but now the the giving of the books to Erica's not it it perfectly exemplifies the promises not we will see each other again again. The promise is this will still exist yeah not between us because that is over but what we had and the special thing that existed will live on through the people who are not us which is a shame because they're are in for a hell of a ride. I imagine they're playing first edition. Dungeons and dragons men second edition third <unk> Four F- addition fifth. They're missing and then like maybe they would be one of the groups that splintered the Pathfinder who aw instead they're kissing girls in like they would be. I guess today I don't know in their sixties or seventies be excited for the for the release of Pathfinder second edition which is still. It's coming out soon at the twenty twenty their project the date thanks Tiso Entertainment Games pies games. I don't know they make underactive Tiso interactive sure we are not that kind of podcasts where we know what pies though is I'll. We unfortunately are not <unk>. <hes> I feel like we've alluded to this enough mostly by me whingeing that we've got to the end of the episode without discussing so much that I loved but something that I do feel is worth discussing is. How do we feel about it? Oh. Oh we haven't even I feel like the okay so listen to this. The first five minutes of our our supplementary in for season two of sugar things we were really focused on whether it was good or bad I never had and that feeling washing the season. I feel like one hundred percent. I was entertained. The writing was really good. I liked the pacing I liked. Everything I saw. I had questions I had concerns about the Russians but never did. I feel like what I was. Washing was a waste of time. I wholeheartedly agree. I know that around. Maybe the three quarters mark of season two I found myself pretty seriously doubting and now I think maybe doubting putting a incorrectly but I was doubting the what I was watching was actually good but the only kind of conversation that I had with myself what stranger things three is <hes>. Is this the best season of this show or not because the only conversation I was having was is this better than season one and then I eventually realized that that does not matter rankings do not matter that this is simply some of the most pitch perfect television I've ever seen and it is part of an overall work that I deeply deeply adore even for their punk episodes <hes> even for some relationships that I don't love it still full of things that I I greatly appreciate gate stranger things as being elevated to sort of like a cultural moment each time an episode none episode east. I'm a season comes out. The world. <unk> are the U._S.. World Kinda looks at I don't know how the the seasons shower I honestly don't but like four American Cultural Zeitgeist everytime stranger things is mentioned people kind of look at it and that has a power around around it so even if it's bad I think because of that command of people's attention it's worth looking at and in this case the the looking at turns out to be rewarding the the differ brothers are putting everything they have into this. They're not doing any other products on the side like a lot of other writers were show runners. They they devote an a lot of the actors besides like Fin Wolf Heart aren't really appeared in many other things I think at salt today maybe a David harbors in another netflix thing called like Frankenstein's monster's monster Frankenstein okay. That sounds okay. I there's a lot of weird things going on with television right now. So many of our pillars have been not down game of thrones is done what enters the void my the point that I would like to make their people have been talking for the last two years of like once game of thrones is over what will be the new game of thrones and my supposition a position is that the new game of thrones is already three seasons deepen at a stranger things. I feel like stranger. Things has the same level cultural cachet greater. What are we season three right now? Stranger greater level of quality overall overall and way less characters to juggle yes wailers characters way better writing but I feel like it if we're time of what replaces game of thrones not in like quality or type of story but what replaces it as the thing in to watch like the capital t thing than it stranger things the gap not things I would agree with him. I like. I don't think an another show will reach game of thrones level in quite some time but like if there is a checklist of things you need to be watching stranger. Things is definitely on yeah. It's number one. It's probably number. One of the net flix released some data recently they their most watched series is is the new black and like so much so many wasted hours. Why are you watching that when he could be walking stranger things? Why Watch orange is the new black when you can have hopper when you get hopper Joyce <music> give billy well? I got really sad look last moment heroics a really good sure but what's better anyway on the show like oh he was a he was a horrible person. Do so fun to watch now. Billy was so much fun to watch. I also feel like he kind of lived out what that character could do really once you give a character an opportunity to do some Jack Act tour and Shining Shit thought you were going to say once you give a character the ability to bain another gear of Gers. Mom Yeah have to ride them out the show. It's that's television law that point the characters become too powerful for to power. There's no way to bring them down. Everyone else's level so you have to kill them off. I will say for all of the horrible -ness of the wheeler parents they're bad parents and maybe that was just norm for the time I don't I don't know Lucas's parents barely on the show yeah but like the small moment of redemption of Mrs Wheeler backing out of going. It's a very small moment. The tiniest have moments neighborhood only lines in the season but like it Kinda Kinda felt a little good to see like yeah. A bomb is not just GONNA go sleep of a newly eighteen year old yeah super male or whatever the fuck you WANNA call home. You could have made it a lot more gross but also Mr Wheeler's Grosso dot com isn't he. He's is he grows or is he just non existent. He's just tired. He's tired won. The Fuck does he do sleeps on a couch is afraid of ferris wheels. I feel like look at a person's afraid of affairs wheel. I feel like his job is my job. He goes to work everyday works for a boss. That doesn't actually say anything doesn't ever really give you work and and you slowly over time you just become a non entity. I don't know I am Ted. Watch out for bilious everywhere. There's Billy's literal. You'll live very close to a pool ono billy's release their aid. We all have any lifeguards perfect so all of those children will die need billy's to save the children die. There is a hierarchy in society -ociety Billy's save children's. MOMS children's sleep very simple die in the will vilis save children children kill monsters monsters hillbillies. It's rock paper scissors. His I feel bad for maxine. Yeah 'cause now. She's stuck with two shitty parents with no <unk>. Billy was no saint but at least maxine had like a billy against against the parents at least maxine headline Camaro she can escape in what the fuck happens to the car. I guess it just stayed at that like what if the car becomes the Van Hits Stephen Gate what if what if the car gets taken over by the mine flared at becomes Christine Yeah that'd be good you wouldn't be in for the the show the the movie of Christine that'd be okay well. I think we are reaching what some might call. The ticker tape of the finish line. It's not tickertape was take yeah well. It's not like packing tape. Though what is it like cloth now rips real easy slick paper tickertape. Where do they make the crime scene tape out of because I see on shows all the time people need to go see e? Can't I'm going in Oh. How do they cut it with their their hand their hands so I don't know paver Mouche Pave Papillon Mesh as we are reaching the paper macheted ticker tape parade of this was a ticker tape parade a ticker tape parade is like a parade down the street where like streamers streamers and tickertape isn't tickertape old tiny like they used the markets ticker because <unk> that yeah that's what it did? We are reaching the finish line kind of this this this supplementary eating that what you wanted to say oh no. That's what you wanted to say. Just took you twenty minutes to say we have now reached the end. I think that's what I said. We've now reached the ticker tape finish line. I think that's probably the best way to say and we have reached a verdict which is stranger. Things three is good. It's good stranger. Things is good and stranger. Things is good. Yes as a whole yeah as a as a good looking back on season two. I don't hate it as much I like it. You can have a week season if you followed up with a better season. I feel like that's warranted. You're allowed a week showing if you showed up of Abedin Bench showing and all I want is extra Dimensional Samurai hopper. That'd be cool. I don't think we're going to see it but that's just my personal mill. That's my hot. Take see it's committed to tickertape. We're interested in your hot takes aches however if you WANNA send your hot takes about stranger things season three we would love it if you would contact us on twitter dot COM at Z. C. P. C. W. H.. J. And upside down John. What does that stood for? Oh wait you want down at John. Answer this yeah okay. Let me go get him very on a drink. Play Gee Alive Gaming Laura trainee not back all right. I'm stands for hold on. Let me go put upside down John Away and if you I'm GonNa talk really walks back. If you want to send us a longer treat see we treat us about what your feelings and thoughts of US gender thing we were retiring. Treat sees should go outside so we can have a treat see okay. You're chain is if you have a longer manifesto who've shaped Schaechter things three all do send us an email at zero credits is a podcast a g mail dot com emails have no character limit. Send US an email. Hello we're on facebook. You can find us by searching zero credits podcast in the facebook search bar. We also only speak English so keep that in mind we are on Apple podcasts Sir and spotify to services that do the same thing but on apple podcast all you gotta do leave us a rating leave us a review but don't leave us in your rear view. We just want you if you listen to the podcast cast. Drop a review say like Duh you listen to it and if you're latch review it was two years ago. Drop a new one so you still listen to it. We just want argues irs. Our listeners are fans. We don't have users it's our homes to engage with our reviews or ratings on apple podcast or on spotify sometimes stream on twitch TV and saying this apropos of actually streaming being because people might listen to this context if they are interested in her feelings and thoughts on stranger things so it's not connected to the realities of if we actually stream or not but most importantly John I know I know I know I know in you know and I know in you know an l. knows Mike knows and hopper might no word of mouth is the only way we can survive in the upside down so if you detail to people that were on the upside down they'll tell two people were in the upside down and maybe we get rescued by people in Weird has met suits. We don't know we got slugs in her mouse. We have slugs their mouths indeed henry now <hes> as typical with a zero credit supplemental reading we don't typically end with our kind of boisterous simultaneous by we usually just kind of give pretty austere sendoff but I've get some pretty big news that I want the listeners to be made aware of and I know it's not a good time to bring it up on the podcast but Henry thank you and I will both admit that the only time that we speak to each other when we are on Mike so I do have to bring up during the podcast. I am sorry to do this to you but Henry just going to say it. I dump your ass really right here. In front of all these people I arrived after right at the entrance of the mall and inbetween between where the mall walkway is in the buses look Henry. Don't make this any harder. That's I guess I just I. I have some thoughts and feelings to go through a quick. I got up tearing up and I just I just want you to hear my goal Walker. Why are you walking away? You're law John Dole drive the buses leaving. All I have use upside down John. You want to join me as simultaneous by I've got my doing good feudal man <music> and.

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#354 - Ricky Gervais, Samuel L. Jackson

The Empire Film Podcast

1:25:33 hr | 2 years ago

#354 - Ricky Gervais, Samuel L. Jackson

"Finally by on the podcast is week. We keep both is openness Nick fury himself. Samuel L Jackson talks, captain marvel talk to Brian. She told me she was doing moving to hear secondhand from from. I hand here from cab tomorrow. And Ricky veins rugs up to the poll booth for lovely about his new Netflix show afterlife Matilda. Or dog? What's the thing? I'm doing now. It's my favorite thing. All that more on the movie podcast with Jeff as and Jackson. The same episode is basically turned into extras paddock's here is gonna be on here. Nick sane is too late. I've seen everything I'm Chris Hewitt and welcome to the podcast back inner pod booth in London after lovely chip up north of the weekend beyond the wall to the Glasgow film festival that with, sir. Michael Palin is up. Now, should you wish to give it a listen to colleagues of such lethal Cunningham followed me back from Scotland first up is a canny lass who spent much of the weekend gazing longingly in the direction of Hamilton. It's a place Helen, not a person. It's both Asgard telling her how are you? I'm very well. Thank you all the better for having spend the weekend in Scotland. Of course, the nice wasn't. It was good. What was your favorite thing that you did in Scotland we went for very good meal at mother India India's cafe. Yeah. Great Fontana best indie meals over had our second colleagues such cunning wasn't there because he was getting a later train because next up we have a man a TV expert who seen as many films as he's had Niks and tabbies it's James Dyer put it you just say nips and tatty. So these things it's an Scottish delicacy, essentially, okay, we start with a question. Let's let's have a question. The question comes from Twitter accounts from at Dan packet, and he asks with captain marvel on the way, what is your favorite pet in a movie? Nah. Not from the la-z-boys. Okay. Show you working out. I I'm szeswith huskies for start and. Yes one, but he liked kills vampires and everything and he's super q on ties the dog that I won't I want that dog to follow me everywhere, the littlest Hobo with chomping teeth. I case ever beset by Pires, which I might happen. The lot round you're part of the world while you know, it it does happen. Yeah. But presumed to be talking actual co portrayal pets like I couldn't have like a like a dragon of some sort of. Toothless? He's more of a partner. Helen, I think you really diminishing his role. He's an animal who live with this. You censured creature? You are a racist. How dare you say animals aren't sentient? Yes. Well. So you got toothless on your list, I'm going to allow because the the question is favorite pet in the movie, I'm going to allow things that aren't dogs at aren't cats. So therefore, the only answer the correct onto this question is, of course, the rank core. Oh, yeah. Because the run core keeper loves him. He loves him. And look kills them. Intractable pets. I mean. You can have landlord issues up the really with that one on. That's a very good point. You could sell most issue. Landlord up the arse what no into the mouth and. Yeah. Okay. I Aldea maybe ours. I thought you were going to say a goldfish called Wanda. Oh that is true. Not really range. No, it's no. It's a goldfish. No. I know. But you're right. I can surmise Palin. Good friend. Yeah. Mikey, sir. Mike ep. Yeah. As Ken in a fish called Wanda, he has many fish. But he his beloved one James you'll know this because you love comedy. I do hate a fish called Wanda. I believe okay. Let's get we're we're good stars. He's learning. His CPU is learning. On growing the vessel because as you have nine from clearly listening to last week's polity be per cost. You'll know that we reviewed three sitcoms and I loved all of them. Yeah. But like Darryl's like unaccountably Britain. So I really enjoyed myself to life in every into at home as well. Rufus Jones, you enjoy afterlife, which has an amazing pattern for dog. I don't remember the doc doesn't tend to end well for a lot of pets. Does it want to get eaten? The rancor gets crushed my a callous Djeddai evil. Stor. That's the dog and the cat usually survive usually Joel's maybe dime. You spielberg? This is true. The dog is eaten in Joel's. Yeah. But you know, in in I don't know independence day. Of course, the dog survives. The gigantic wave of fire jumping. Now, it can have been just toasted by the heat would have been toasted by the hate the dog is fine, flammable hair. And it's for with his that that jumps the door. Okay. Interesting anymore for anymore. Are we? Core is the winner. I'm sure we're forgetting a law of great Petr rankle. You've really couldn't. How do you know? I mean festival is just coveting drool and other people's and trials, and I just I just don't see myself snuggling up in front of the TV with a rankles headed Milan. The couldn't. But that's because it's pick up your entire living with squish your lap. It would be very uncomfortable. What about what about Willie? Pets. Once he was free, presumably less, but before he was free when he was still captive willing. But even then you couldn't sit in your living room overnight and stroke Willie. What if you had a big if you? All right. Anything else? Bears snakes, gentlemen, bad from the edge. It's not it's not what what happened if they hadn't killed it. Yeah. And they take it home. It would have killed the lion in born free. Okay. Elsa again. Is it a pet? It is adjacent it lives in the house for longtime fine. Okay. Gravy roar? The the movie which start I think it was tippy Hedren on a young male Andy Griffiths, and it was filmed with actual lions running ticket. Yeah. Their house and took ages to film and. The film, but he wonder how it's it's kind of. It's kind of weird. We haven't even done animated pets are always good because they're a little bit more capable like the chameleon and tangles dislike the comedian. Pasco Pasco or the Goliath is pretty great my actual ideal. Pat. I'm not kidding about this as Harry Dresden's dog from the Dresden files books. He's a dog called mouse. He's Tabet temple vulgar to betton mastiff. I believe they're called needle kind of slightly part team, and he's kind of mystical. So he's superintendent you can just tell them to do things kinda just do them with the pod demon dog. Good team in like a bad demon golden, compass wasn't shit out of said one of the demons in that like pendulum, and it was shit. Pets pets Damon's. But the name to demon dole. Those are like people souls I named an actual pet. I could have someone Solis. Can I have oh people can have someone to be your own souls at their you're out of luck. Because we've established many many times you are completely and utterly Solis. Thanks. You're the one who established it. I'm just calling to non okay? Do you think appalled? Pretty cool. He walks away count Knoller sent in creatures once again, they could fill out in exam form, they could take a driving test. That's that's my I think that's my test. That's my metric if they could drive a bike, then fashioned precisely all right three more pets and gonna throw in one bub. This be from day of the dead technically pet. He's chained up shows nothing, but doglike devotion to his master. You would because Bob has been trained not to bite humans, unless of course, they're nasty nasty hip. So would you pet it because he could tell he could sense. The goodness inside me. Somebody cat. All right. So hang on. I'm evil. He sold us. What does that make you lost? In the wrong room. Here. Why is this? Keep. Two more pets pets, they'll talk by Baxter from I commend. But just can't just can't can't. Jeez. He communicates. With the bear the end he saves the day. He gets punted off a bridge. That was my best leading to wrong in a glass case of emotion. Yeah. That's all fair. Yeah. Is gonna be my new thing on the NPR podcast. I'm just going to start describing bits of Michael ended James little bit inside. Do you like the bit with the what about? Oh, I like it. All right last pet. Reggie the pet snake from the beginning of raiders of the lost. Ark. Is even referenced in line of dialogue. That's just my pet snake? Reggie I know his reference I'm not sure that Warrenton being you know, the great pet. He scares the shit out of Indiana Jones to all his cousins. But it's beautiful foreshadowing. And also, this is a man we've seen not really be he's come through unscathed from poison darts and all sorts of weird booby traps and obstacles. And it's a snake that puts a fear of God up. And it's Reggie Wheldon. Reggie, okay. The rank within sure let's go the records. Yeah. Not like we've been talking about animals for the lost eighteen hours. I mean, it's been like ten minutes. It's been it's been six minutes. Yeah. The run core is the winner. I'm delighted to announce that rancor is the winner. And if you wanna have your question right out on the empire podcast as Dan peck found to his cost you can get in touch fine number of methods. We are on Twitter as at empire magazine. Use the hashtag NPR podcast or chances. Are we won't see it? You can Facebook as well. We'll we're implementing scene, and you can Email us also podcast at empire. Online dot C. O M how exciting time now for a first guest making a welcome return to the empire podcast. He's a comedian writer director an actor a prolific tweeter. And the creator of shows like the office extras life's too short all was diva merchant and Derek on his own. He struck out solo again with afterlife, an expiration of grief and healing which launches on Netflix today. It also has an amazing dog that JIMBO can't remember also accepts odes are in this lakes as it is a course Ricky face and he came into the booth recent. To have a little matter with me about a great many things. Please do enjoy the land of the joined on the apple podcast by the star of afterlife, the writer of afterlife, the director of afterlife and executive producer of afterlife be grilling you in that if you seconds richer vase. The fourth time. That's what I was wondering like what what is an executive producer? Do what it means to take any shift? Many olders. But you are in. Even if it wasn't being charged. Yeah. I don't know what it means. Really means something in this context. There's also where it doesn't mean. Anything people put their name to something friends befriend put some money. I did a lot of the work. You're you started. Obviously, you do you see those three disciplines as very much entwined. Yes, they are. Because when you're creating something happens in your head. Don't you don't think in sentences, and you don't departmentalize really. And when I write something if I were screenplay for someone else. Bouncer chore. That's a lot of work and Adleman Roy's if I'm writing for me. I now I'm directing it. Yeah. So you can you can be more craven away. Because when you write something don't doing on the laptop putting into you know, final draft. You'll thinking about things you shouldn't be thinking about when you're trying to create something you shouldn't be thinking about Adleman and punctuation and spell check and structure, and you should be lying back drinking looking ceiling. I think my best writing comes when I'm running or on a plane drinking champagne outta chewed, dude. I mean, there's no there's no Ottoman. There's no you just you just do it. Yeah. And so all comes at once. And I and I felt these down, and then you know, you workshop, and is quite a nice pleasurable process doing all it's harder is not it's hard and not being in charge. Okay. In terms in terms of. So if you were say the writer. Yeah. Just a writer. Yeah. Someone else was directed. It. We feel. The whites I've been on films where the director is hired is hired by the studio. ES too cold to change your word to worry about shop. You know? Stories is hand handover their screen plan. Can't what's the film because they go to to pressing? So win lose or draw. This is how I wanted it. There's now 'ambiguities. The buck stops with me. And that's and that's the that's the only pleasure for me, really creating something and it turning out like I wanted. When was the last time, I happened to you you had to create a struggle to people were not sticking her own. But may be that you weren't getting your vision one hundred percents since the office lucky very lucky to get fine lead. And I think that's because it was, you know, low low budget on a Monday in July, and no one knew whatever whatever it was. But then when it works out. Well, you again, and you keep getting until you really really screw up. So but having said that you know, when I say fine lead it on on a TV show. It's still sixty people involved. You know, I'm still the only thing that really is flying solo. I think is stand up. And so even that gives me another level of, you know, to- talk. You know, is that where you're in your heart? Mainly lies these days. It was off. Do you mind? I've been a full member ten years ago. Jerry Seinfeld signs me why you to move isn't your stand up? Didn't get it right now. I understand what it meant. And then human a income. I think that was my best. It was my best for lots of reasons. I seven years away so absence makes Harper funder I approached it differently. I wanted out like a style of I think my first so of for toes, I so of wrote like a writer luck and Edinburgh or something and then acted them out. Like a stand up but humanity, I shampoo lv out in jeans with a kind of fosters, and I started talking to the audience, and and and it was so different place. And I really felt like that was my that was my best for those for those reasons is also a privilege. You know, it was it came at the right time. And I, you know. It was about freedom of speech, and it percents. So this is about as well, and is in many ways. But now I've fallen back because I loved the experience of afterlife so much. I'm tundra. Dog thing. The thing I'm doing now. It's my favorite thing. Yeah. Yeah. That's my we think. Yes. That's my favorite thing. I'm like that. Really, I'm but I I enjoy the freedom. I enjoy the freedom of creation. It's absolute privilege by the time. I get to filming something is easy of I've done. I've done the road work of live with that script for year. I know the characters I'm playing parent to the comes from inside me, you know, when someone hands me a script, and I say do this. Do. I'm not. Stress the one. Yeah. I'll be housing Mike up every not doing it. No, it's it's gonna come from somewhere within me for me to be excited about it. Popped up in movies. I've done I've done those things and they're fun. They're not they're not a piece of my soul. Like you get up in the morning. No. Yeah. And I think I'll get in my if I could list things I've heard I'd say a mine, and my vote, honestly, it would be half a dozen things and the other the other twenty things really enjoyed of of an episode of the Simpsons starting the Simpsons. I've done a map. It's great fun. But then not mine at the Golden Globes, then not mine. Whereas, you know, the office extras, Derek afterlife a couple of movies, flannels and and five toes than mine. All mine. Everything is, you know, I did I did all it's hard to explain really why you do things. Do these. Because there's there's an adrenaline rush. In me. Do them was doing adver for a house. It's the Michael Caine close. Yeah. But I have seen the house built in. Yeah. The the different different reasons is a business, and I do I do exploiting brand now and again, but not very often. Actually, I don't do press and podcasts and things for an advert. I mean, you know. Often life and super and I'm proud of love a won't be with be as excited about as as may. You know? So I it's it's a clear is a clear different in my head. If not in a associate we don't say around, caring. Why I'm doing things they they judge you on results as opposed to what I'm going to watch this because he of work. Next facts, they go, please let me through because I really want. I wanna cat. I wanted slightly more than. Exactly. Yeah. Jerry Seinfeld thing you say to him. It's easy for you to say that movies aren't important because all you've done this be movie. Done like loads loads of movies. You could maybe see I think man. Standard is the holy grail of comedy. Yeah. Yeah. Why do you wanna pop up in movies? Why do you want to you on the stress of them? Why do you want to just be at someone who puts on a rubber costume run around? And and I agree with him because stand up is the holy grail. Again, you know, it's quite a remarkable place to be where you can play to a million people around the world. And I've come to see what you say for an hour. I mean, that's incredible. It it does feel Lucca a real privilege. And is exciting as well. You know, you could to the big difference. I suppose with stand up and acting is the so if you're a big actor in you on a rubber costume and men around in film when that rubber costume comes off people. Don't really carry. You are I remember I remember story. The right. I rose turned up to a club wants to try and get in free, and I would turn away, and I understood it because the planes really make the planes. We like to be honest, I possible oaks. So I think that was I think with them I think being a comedian if you write and perform your own stuff, I it's it's more like being a rock star. Because you're the people these people think y'all that same person when you step off the stage. Did you saying just told to stand them, you know, what to say? So it's not as exciting. It's not, you know, stand up more confessional. Even if it isn't necessarily the still that perception that it is at your bearing your soul Blair. Yeah. It's it's it's it's you preaching your words as opposed to someone else's. So that that's that's I suppose one difference the other differences when you a film or a TV show, you, you know, you do your best. And then you put out that. And that's it. It's done nothing. You can do about it. You can't you can't guys reaction. You can't change anything. Whereas stand up it's more like evolution through natural selection after you've played to a few thousand people you've got this perfect beast that works anywhere. So stand up is less like an art form and more like a science because either works or it doesn't. And so that's another difference. Once is there is there forever. It's you know, it works everywhere, and you can change in the fly. Ever-evolving improving and getting more and more perfect. Did afterlife emerged from humanity a away because she said they have similar thematically preoccupations yet. I've always everything I've done. This is is one, you know, at least semi autobiographical, you write about what you know. It's you all the some of your inputs over even things you realize, you know, it starts don't whether you know, and everything I've done is also quite existential. I didn't ask 'cause I'm an atheist, and I know this is all we've got everything I've done is the office was about becoming four, and I I do the right thing. It was about getting close to death. And you know, what we learn as being kind and flannels is about the futility of existence. I deconstruct Juno. And so this is no different this and super nature, so super nature. Super nature for two reasons. One on deep the supernatural dental, even anything supernatural, I think the anything that exists by definition, PA of nature explainable if not now then the future so that age and also say that you know, nature super enough. We don't need angels in unicorns octopus. And then obviously go off in it's about human nature. Now, we've changed in what's important in life. And it's about mortality in a funny wise lecture. Yeah. Still paying a for money. And yeah afterlife, I suppose either. No, it's it's about it's about our worst fears. You lose the love of your life. Your raise on debt in away. You know, you know, Tony is a man who just lived for being home with Lisa played by Keri Gotland. And we show that daily an Adila life. It was fun. They mucked around they drunk. They played it was brilliant. No, I'm Bishen of getting at six o'clock in about a wine, and and then that was taken away from him. And now he's needs a plan B. And is I thought is willing to kill myself because I'd rather not be around without but the dogs hungry. So he feeds the dog is in time enough to think. Okay. But if I'm going to do this. I'm gonna punish the world. So he's going through this second stage degree Freddie's angry wounded. Yeah. And they went to come close to him and he wants to hurt people's feet. Wins because how what happened here and the as he doesn't believe in God. And he knows there's no offs life. And as he says, you know, I'd rather be nowhere with her than somewhere without. Yeah. And is ticking clock for his friends and family to try and save the nice guy. They once new and he's different absolute, and he's tried to change himself as well. Because he's he saw tried to become a psychopath. Anymore, and it doesn't work because you calm. He's still he's burdened with conscious conscience. It's it's really the tone of the of the of the show is really interesting as well. Because you could imagine kind of weird really broad almost Rodney Dangerfield level where this guy. We're totally. What did I say? Don't think. Yeah. But this is, you know, this is really somber Israel serious Israel. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's the Dr laughs in it. But I would say it's it's drama. First foremost, it's shot Laka drama. Yeah. Is a comedy. But the comedy comes. I think for the audience celebrate in his Khanda, and we live vicariously through his is bravery and lack of you know. Innovation and from his anger. I'm from high in the world. That's funny. Clown isn't funny because they're trying to make you laugh angry with his life is funny because he doesn't want to be laughed at these angry. And yes, I suppose I've been I've been watching comedy for two years I've been watching Scandi nuance. Does it's paced like a. Yeah. A drama. Yeah. He's a long movie. I guess it's it's the most serious thing. I've done you can't watch out of order now is one long story of a man in free full. It's got the beats of a two and a half hour movie. You know, or a novelization I think that's yeah. Yeah. Actually in the novel because that's why too hard. Hundred thousand words. The TV series day. I know screenplays in notes. So. Yeah. So yeah, it feels. But it is funny. You do laugh do you laugh, and and and it's an as lovely moments as yeah. And the castor amazing. Oh my God. Apparently will is incredible David, Bradley. My father's is suffering from outsiders, actually, Jensen is the nurse. I carry a small cadre of kind of Ricky surveys all stars as. Yeah. Is the greatest hits. Cost sometimes in that first thing and people have admired from one of my favorite. I think the most underrated is comedy time is decreasing circle. Say that probably got fifteen million. Remember being here. Yeah. But it's it's amazing and they use payphones beautifully. And she's she's incredible. And everything. Tremendous, and she saw of help save me. No, no. No. No. No. Yeah. Yeah. I think people probably no, I don't kill us. There's a threat there, isn't it? When you saw tweet Taito, and then it's like, synopsis and Afo people start guessing onto. No not saying heaven. Does he come back as a dog? If I come back as a dog. I mean. I mean. What do you think this? Ghost town too. Yeah. That's not mine. Show is set your Tony works for a small local newspaper. I started off working for small local newspaper so product lots of interesting memories. There's a moment where Tony says everyone should be in their local paper at least once and were you in your local paper going up. I think I was forbade in the quiet ones. I think I think that was it. Yeah. Yes. Isn't local. It's a local free paper. Again. I'm I'm so of slightly taken the mic a little bit, but affectionate way because I love local newspaper wherever I am. I get looking newspaper, and I want to see what the front cover story is. Because if it's, you know over July book. Yeah. You know, that's probably a safe place. London local papers nine stop ins last night. So. Paper. And you know. Yeah. Tony says, you know, it's it's not for ratings for being in. And that's and I think that's really it's really sweet. And you know, when he's is in the deepest depression. It's a chore. You know, doing these banal stores they EM up from the inside. He just wants to go home and get drunk. Yeah. So it's it's about. It's about how can you enjoy life? If you're not happy in your own head doesn't matter. What's happening in the world. It could be the best of times the sun can be out. Right. If you wanna open your head, you're in a dark place, and if you're happy nothing fazes, you if you're happy if you've got happy home life in your happy, nothing fazes, you nothing matters. So it's so of about that really we touch on those issues, and what you do to survive. What is five in pain and grief and depression again? This sounds like the most depressing. But it's really funny. It's a lovely show as well. And there's a dog in a great dog everyone. It's been a pleasure as always thank you so much. Thank you. All right. That was Richard phase and afterlife. I I liked afterlife. And obviously, this isn't the pilot TV podcast, JIMBO. No you shouldn't be out of your comfort zone. Talking about TV on a film podcast, or is it the other way around, but I like to show. Yes. Did I Ricky wanted everyone to watch all six episodes before reviewing it Boyd informs me. Boy, this one or rookie has won a board Celebi friends houseboys one of celebrity friends, it's hot desire. But, but yeah, he said so so to understand the art can I think you fill in a lot more of his backstories to show guys on because he comes across his rating in the first one. Because of course, that is what is chosen to be completely not the show with what was going to be discussed. It is good stuff and great dog it promises. Great dog in it. Yeah. An accident. Same with small ginger, boy, which made me Ghafour allowed had can imagine that it did. There are laughs in it. But it's it's a more moving Chillan. I expect it so afterlife is now on Netflix, all six episodes. But his time now for some lovely movie news I woke up this morning to bit of a bombshell. Really? Oh, yeah. What was that? It was rumored last week that Will Smith is out of the suicide squad. Yeah. Which is the sequel to suicide squad which will be written and directed by James Gunn. In live guardians of the galaxy volume three. Of course, I know at least drawn Chris. I still do feel. It's a it's a active brinkmanship that he's going to get up to the point where he's shooting and marvel light. Yup. And he's waiting for you offer for marvel and come back come back. It'd be fine coming right Guardia street, and he'll be like five weeks into the suicide school at this. So I guess I'm doing it. I guess I guess I'm making this movie. But we're excited about it. Despite that an interests Elba has joined the cast, which is one big reason to be excited about the suicide squad, and he is going to replace Will Smith as dead shot. He is exciting. This is exciting. This is the first thing that's made me go might want to this film. Genuinely that is true. I'm excited about that. Because he knows what he's doing not say David air doesn't David Ayres made some good films, but he's also made some less on that dreadful with Arnie sabotage. Anyway, big dress big Driss as as Smith. I'm above that. Yep. And there was some speculation that the the part might not be in that the character might not be in the movie, but clearly they decided to important to the suicide squad. My knowledge of the suicide squad characters in DC is quite slim. So I don't know how integral he is to the first film. He was somewhat the conscience almost thank you know, guy. But you know, he had that very much more sympathetic story about basically trying to get back to his daughter. Yeah. Trying to sort of regain some kind of life as a father and not to look more synthetic than the motivation of literally anyone else in the film. So I think that's probably why they won't have needed to have replaced him with another character that you hit latch onto if they didn't have him. So you know that we've listened to other gun developments this week. Yeah. So the the try not to James comes bright burn tro this week as well. Which is an interesting. This is one fascinated me for ages because I just love. The log line for this. The elevator pitch which is not imagined superman if he was evil that's a great setup for film. Isn't it superman comes down, and he's just even read son? He's a little bit, you know, politically problematic. It's he's full on evil. And that's a pretty good idea. I was in Atlanta while by the trail about if a little conventional today, it's very conventional as then it's a trailer trailer didn't think it was quite scary. I thought it was affected that way. And my only worry about really that trailer is that it gives away our whole everything. Death's all sorts of. Don't like that too. And I'm curious where they go with this film light it feels like west there. I mean perfume you have some kind of kryptonite type substance with something's going to happen. But I'm yeah, I'm curious. Red sun superman is actually more or less. Good guy being facetious. Yes. Russell. I love obscene fantastic. Really, really great stuff this promising, but actually surprises me that no one's really made. This twist on before me to I guess, you could look at this sort of you know, retelling of the. In a weird way. If you had heat vision. Well, of course, we could potentially have to sort of twisted superhero stories Sierra new mutants ever comes. Breath for that. Out. Always strikes me as quite funny that Richard Donner. Made the omen an envelope. A superman movie both of which involve how talented children being sent to earth by their fathers for very different. Both are sent here to shape humanities path. This is true. The way. All right. What else has been happening in the world of movies? Quick story them listen sequel, which is subtitled mistress of evil has moved forward seven months, which is a bit of a vote of confidence. I mean, given that we the only one who had no idea that was sequel coming might be. We might be. We were on set. We had a big old. The what's I didn't know this was last summer. It was do I out may twenty twenty. It's partly now arriving October of this year exact told not yet confirmed. So I mean, I have no idea how she's going to be misunderstood again in her attempts to be good and some high end up super evil. But apparently, that's the thing that's going to happen. Interesting suicide squad. Well, he's very busy right for one thing. But to he signed on to star in a movie, although it's very early stages called king, Richard. Now, this movie is about Richard Williams who is the father of Phoenix and Serena Williams, basically to the greatest tennis players of all time. And encourage case of Serena really argument as she is the goat eighty twenty Twenty-three slams, so far there has been a little bit of controversy about this me. I will Will Smith terrific actor, we love them. And I think this could be a really really interesting story because he's a very interesting gyn not without controversy and his past. But there has been bitter controversy over the color ISM of this casting because we'll Smith is considerably lighter skins than Richard Williams. And there's been a sort of push for maybe someone darker skinned basically, so people were suggesting don't Cheeto or address Elba overseas. Otherwise engaged right now. I have seen up the the the I'd seen lives. People asking why is not a FINA? Serena movie wise, focus on their dad, and I guess this doesn't preclude anyone from making a FINA Serena movie, and you can absolutely one about when they're in their pump which be fantastic. But the same time you look back at the story of rigid Williams. And it's an interesting story is something there, and you can see why someone like wills myth would attach himself to this doesn't director yet about with Wilson's attached to it will get made sooner rather than later because which Williams basically from very early age they grew up in Compton in Los Angeles. Non this sort of background at you'd imagine tennis players, come from Tennessee, very white sport. It's very middle class even upper middle class sport. It's a sport for rich people as sport for people who can afford to go to tennis clubs afford. All parv navy that comes to that. It's more than just a racket, by the way. And I it was an exclusionary sport as well. I would say and he along with his daughters. He basically shattered the glass ceiling of tennis and. Decided from very early age and his daughters were going to become tennis superstars, drew a seventy eight page plan to make them happen trained and worked hard and lobbied into altered stuff. I'm better than the doors at a previously excluded the majority of black. There's happened black players in tennis before Arthur ash, one of them, and yeah, it's really interesting story fascinating one. So I'll be excited to see where this one goes me too. I think I think it could be really interesting, and I also hope we get the Venus arena film that we. Yes. The also need and tuten. In the meantime, I highly recommend following Williams on Instagram things like that. 'cause she's brilliant. And fascinating. I feel like I've seen Wimbledon. I'm done. Okay. That's like the worst tennis movie recently heard enjoyed it. Good. Yeah. It's good. As tennis gas for me. Understand. No, I don't remember. When we were speaking sequels that we've didn't know were happening. Sherlock, Holmes three is still a thing. That's happening. It's moved back to nine December twenty twenty one with Robert Downey junior. Jude law ju- to reunite guy. Ritchie's name hasn't been on pressure leases for this when we don't want to know if he's directing. But if his move back that far he'll be well clear of Aladdin by then. So it's potentially possible clear. Well, we knew this was coming Helen because a sequel was never impossible. And of course, as you know, when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however, improbable must be truth that is thing bellum entry, James. Really is. I, you know, it's going to be ten years after after lead last movie, a new might wonder if the iron has grown slightly cold in time having said that I really liked the two movies that they mate together the Richie law and Downey trio. So I'm excited about them returning to it. I think it could be it could be fun if he gets made. Yeah. I don't know. I'm just a little bit skeptical about that. But we shall see. I mean, they're they're both very demanding answers. And he's very busy director. So after an OC he's going to have all this MC you commitments as well down. After after game. It's going to be so many MC commitment. Stance cards can be of course lull. So in the nice, okay. Destroy the number of Thais, drew. All right. So Ghostbusters three news is beginning to filter in. We have the first bit of casting for this. And it is interesting because Carrie Coon, the great Carrie Coon has been cast as a single mum who we're told has a connection of some sorts to the original characters. So you're guessing wait. So the first piece of casting for this film is a woman. Pulled woman is political correctness gone mad. I intend to boycott this identity, politics, S, J W nonsense. She's not even real ghostbuster. It is possible some kind of very subtle reference. Current outcry of mobile the last one over Ghostbusters. Yeah. Cool. She's great. I can't wait. She's been tastic. So we I'm guessing that she's a daughter of an original ghostbuster makes sense. Yeah. Time wise, Peter daughter. Peter fake news seems like someone who might have been selling some wild oats from time to time. Cheyenne retiring? Yes. He is isn't he not total sleazebag when you go back and look at those movies. Oh, but anyway, so Carrie Coon is going to play a single mom who somehow gets caught up in ghost busting and her son in the movies going to be played by Finn, wolf heart. He of stranger things, and it fame and also the best name is show biz. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's fair on all three client. Yes. So early days yet. But I'm wondering if maybe they are living away somewhere. Maybe they're the owners of echo one, which we saw in that little teaser that Chason Reitman put up on the on the Twitter's early in the process in a barn. Barn summer. Yeah. So maybe this is a world which the Ghostbusters kind of no longer operate. But the the stuff still around maybe something happens, and maybe she has to get back on the horse. And then. All work on. Yep. Could over count. So that's gonna be out next year. Exciting stuff, indeed ending us. There was a trailer this week for good omens TV show, which is one that I'm particularly excited by it's I think it's one of these ones where it's a little bit hard to sum up the tone of the show may be an trailer. There's a lot going on angels demons and of the world anti Christ everything else. There's some old wig decisions with David Tennant's. But I'm still I'm still super optimistic the super excited about this. I think an incredible cast a ridiculous embarrassment of riches. You don't see all of them in the trailer actually be Michael sheen? Deva tenant and Joan ham in particular fronts as McDormand voicing gold Benedict. Cumberbatch as the devil Nicole front in there. Jack, white whole Michael McCain Miranda Richardson, it's it's a good is a good bunch of people so fingers crossed. Remember loving crime? And need to go back and take a look at that. A refresh my memory because I remember very little about it or read it salon go, but the fun, and I realized this isn't the pilot TV podcast. You guys mentioned the podcast on the guest. Really? Yes. Really? Yes. Really? Yeah. I mean, I know that because listen to religiously. That's good. That's good. An empire pilot crossover lost week Allen portrait special. That's right. And Boyd with Boyd was here. He was very good, by the way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Much better than you would have been. He's TV's Boyd Hilton. He is TV Boyd Hilton. What was going to say I forgot what was going to say. Oh, yes. Came through. Trailer. A game of thrones. Now, I will start this by saying I haven't seen it. But you have you haven't seen the series all the trailer. Three of the show. Better. But I understand that willy wangle is back in it. And he survived the collapse of the great wall. Mr. Morley Willie wangle. Yeah. Which one's Willie wind. Go the Winfield hin anyway. I thought it looked good. I'm excited. We yes. Take take us through the Senator James for people who in this. Trailer your seeming, my Powell's Rico or up to this their dragons in its we see. Jamie, Lancaster, obviously having sort of turned coat from SAS and gone up to the north to fight for the living as he says squeeze in Dade the most say looking really worried, which is unusual. So looking like a boss. Incredible. But the the the exciting Shaw industries the best show. It says a bit was in waste deniro and John walking towards drug on and out. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Clearly, she's gonna ride on strike. They can beat dragons. It's going to be. Amazing Williams aria looking terrified terrified. Door. Halter scandal with the army of dead creatures and under dragons coming tool temple. Yeah. He's running through corridors. There's some things specific that. You'll see I think I'm saying the gold company, the mercenary company seemed like so there's a bit of a wrinkle their new, you know, we see the on fleet at sea. We do. Chris a lot going on von fleet. Don't you? I'm huge the the our fleet. And I wonder if Bobby stairmaster will at long last return as the rightful head the this strikes me as some kind of really obscure random references owns stunt. Now. I'm just making up nine. This is coming soon. This monstrously exciting. I haven't been this excited about TV show in well, very long time. And speaking of ridiculous made up names can we talk about more via still living. We already knew Jared. Lisa would be starring as Michael Moore bis, but Jared Harris has now joined the cast as well, so many Jarrett's jinx. I don't know how many other Jared's there are for Hollywood to cast. But I look forward to them. Also joining this one absolutely Jared. Jared paddle Icke, John. Yes. He might get nipples out become R rated immediately being wouldn't it. Roughly pistol ever shot a hand, not true. But she has more or less deep on the fact that that will be the final. Thank God, we have. Do we ever really actually didn't talk about this? So we did we didn't discuss his of anybody in the podcast pink. As people don't know. What this as the rumor was that bonds twenty five was going to be called shadow hunt. We talked about Romney Malik being potentially the bad guy down last week show. We forgot to mention that might be called chatter hunt, which as an end Fleming. Name Sheringham's flooding comes from the canon. But is I would say. Yeah. It's a it's an alias blow. Feld has led people to speculate into surmise that may be crystal waltz would be back again as blue belt with his fans demand. Lisa von crystal won't. To go back to that one. But yes, our hand doesn't look like it's going to happen. It always seemed like more of a production titled to me than than actual name. But then, you know, they call the film quantum. This is true. Little bit of doubt, the Hildebrand rarity. This feels like that's got to be some kind of bond film, title generator. Someone on the only guy sixteen times. Quantum finger quantum never say quantum again. That's exciting. But yeah, we'll see what happens with twenty five and JIMBO amazed. You haven't talked about card yet because to cast members joined card TV shows. Wow. Okay. Breaking news. I'm like one Woodward and Bernstein. Yeah. It's almost as if I haven't actually bothered to look at the news this money guys to say, we're recording this at nine thirty on Thursday morning. We just could record their regular podcast at the regular time and to see in McKellen this afternoon. This you my young buttercup. I've seen that woman show. It's amazing looking for take quotes Coronation Street, and Gondal dream, everything you've dreamt off and more. Because because emissions old Muko. Patrick Stewart is gonna play Luc Picard once again TV show, Santiago Cabrera has joined the cast and he's going to be a pilot of the cards new ship. Whenever that as pretty sure is not the enterprise, and he also Hanley doubles as a skillful thief, whilst Michelle Hurd will play an intelligence officer who has an incredible memory, but also serious issues with drug and alcohol abuse. So I'm saying right off the bat that this is not your father's Picard this Shane meadows, the Star Trek. It does a little bit doesn't it feels like this one's going to be a little bit more warts and all than the next generation, which was basically some sort of futuristic utopia. Yes. Yes. And everyone was great and very few people had flaws on the enterprise, and here it's going to be big old flaws. Yeah. No, I'm as anyone who will visit to the podcast when I wipe out fairly regularly in Fatto will be revealing this news on the next. If I had just discovered it. So I look forward to that. No. I'm not. Aramis in the three musketeers TV show. Okay. Y'all sign off on this. All right. Three musketeers TV show. Yeah. There was. Yeah. It was on the BBC. I mean, it made no sense in terms of its decor. Mean they had clearly fourteenth influence buildings in the background of thirteenth set show. I mean, come on. But otherwise, it was fun. That's exciting. One or two of the show as well. And I love to see some of the old next gen cast mung up in this one. That'd be awesome pest. We'll raka. Yeah. Changed? I'm sure he stopped being passed think. Okay. We shall see two other really quick bits of news again with the Torah seems of chosen his next live action derogatory project and his first since winning the Oscar for the shape of water James's favourite film of last year. And it's going to be an action movie called sand battle produced for J J Abrams bad robot, and it's about a young woman with superior fighting skills. And that's all we know at this point in time. And there's every chance, you know, gambles like he loves dance card up then shuffled around bit and just seems pick random. So maybe this might be his next film. He's directing Pinocchio as well for Netflix. So we'll see what happens and leeann L his physical movie is moving ahead fast. And Elizabeth moss is in talks to appear or potentially disappear in not film. Not sure whether she would be the invisible man of type low whether it's even though be called me. This woman might be called invisible woman person visible person that which case fantastic four's lawyers would get fair interested, please season desist. And but that's good Casten. Good. Testing. So keep an eye on that one. And we have some very very sad news, of course, to wrap up the new section on. It is the death of Luke Perry. Yeah. I don't fifty two years old, which is incredibly young he'd had a stroke last week. So he he was surrounded by family when he died this week, but it was a real blow because for an entire generation of you know, man fund seeing persons. He was just a gold in the nineties as as Dylan in nine or two on. He was he was not just the sex. He was also a secretly really nice guy and a very caring person. And and so he was just catnip to to everyone. So, you know, I think he struggles a little to kind of escape from that image in that show, but he was really back on track. Actually, recent you know, he'd been doing work in in Riverdale on TV, which had the brilliant idea of, you know, hiring all these former teen stars to be the parents of its Team Stars. But he was just kind of. Reminder of how good he wasn't how much we liked him in the first place. The tributes poured in this week, and I'll have to say just every single one that I saw had a different story of how kind he was. And what a good person he was on just what a likable and humble guy. So I mean, I think that's a greater testament to him than anything else. He'll be he'll be sadly missed and for young age to go. Now, the one that does springs to mind, Colin Hanks story DC. Run a flight together in Kulla Hanks was in coach which I think also is very calling hikes thing is very, you know, seems to be a very nice guy who would fly coach when he could as we all know fly first class if he wanted to because he's Colin Hanks and the some kid making a racket in economy, and everyone's at the end of the tether, and suddenly this man emerged in a hat and sunglasses from first-class holding up a balloon and sort of proffered it to the kid and should it. Prostrate himself a form like a night and the kid the balloon and just shut up and not did the trick. And he walked back into I pass. And it was Luke Perry. So important he told Cullen that he carried balloons with him wherever he went in case, it was a screaming. As a as a father himself. He'd find this effect. Yeah. Absolutely Luke Perry who died this week at the age of fifty two time now for our second guest this week, and he is an absolute ruddy legend almost one of the people who needs no introduction by giving an introduction. Anyway, he's one of her favorite actors. He is when the coolest men in movies. He is of course, nNcholas j fury himself Samuel L Jackson who makes another appearance as Nick fury. But a different kind of Nick fury, a younger, Nick fury. A more idealistic Nick fury and with stereo vision. Wisteria officiant in this week's captain marvel. And I went loan to speak to him earlier on this week in a London hotel room. And I will say that I started off with the factual error, which he himself pick me up on. And I realized the minute I said that I was forgetting someone. So I was like, oh, yeah. Welcome to the empire podcast, man. Who's been more MCI films at anybody bar Stanley, some EU L Jackson was really? Yeah. Look. It up. And then I went all hang on. There's Robert any. So I forgot in the by man. But you don't really like our menu. So lukewarm on as you know, team cap until of course, cap does a terrible thing award that team Tonio away. But technically, speaking them, right? But also an ferry real way, I'm wrong. So if you look at it as some Jackson has been in nine films up to now. Okay. So he was in. I've got a list here. Go list. Hang on hang on hang on hang on hang. Okay. Okay. Helen, actually, you can get go. Helen, right. Yes, avengers. No, go is captain America. The first venture. Yes. I don't remember him Armand three because he wasn't an and then four to remember it wasn't and cap to definitely was. Yes. And. Age of ultra n-. Yes. K good. And. Six. This is this is really fascinating listening. Quizzes she'll help you show misery. All right. So he's in the post credits thing at the end of force seven. He's in a post credits scene at the end of offenders Infinity warrant, that's eight marvel makes it nine coming Spiderman far from home. We'll make ten okay. So here's the thing. Downey three Armagh movies three offenders movies fest, far captain, America's civil war is seven Spiderman homecoming makes it eight for Downey. But motherfucker he was in that brief scene at the end of a credible hog. But makes it nine so they're tied on nine eight. Now, I'm saying on Jackson's gonna be adventures endgame that will put him over the top. I'll give him one more than Robert Downey junior. So therefore, we've come full circle. I was rights way. Are you including endgame for dungeon? Yes. Ten for Downey junior. And it'll be eleven for San Jackson by the time far from comes out. So therefore, I'm right, you're wrong. Suck it hears me talking to Sam Jackson enjoy. We're delighted to be joined on the. Podcast by the star of captain marvel. And the man he's been a more MCI movies bar anyone? But STAN Lee summit L Jackson. How are you, sir? Is that true? It is true. Yeah. I made sure I double checked this one, you're exploiting young fury. What was that? Like a win. Did you know that this was going to happen when captain marvel do you get a call for Marvel's basically saying we need you? I had to conversation during the summer, and I talked to Brie, and she told me she was doing moving into base say that's gonna be mean used to hinder so true. Yeah. Okay. Let's see what happens those pretty much the way it happened. So you hear secondhand from from? I hand here from cab tomorrow. That's a very very good point. It's been a couple of years. I guess you really got a chance to dig into Nick fury, and this movie's fascinating because this is a sensually always the captain, marvel origin story as well. But it's very much. A Nick fury origin story as well. I think it is. Yeah. I mean, there's a whole half of his life that you don't even get to explore. You hear him talk about it. I was any army. May burke. Okay. And then then I was a spy. So you think there's more remote explore going back? Apparently, all the way, we'll be fun that would be fun. But in this when we get to learn a little bit more about the Cold War's de somewhere desk jockey. Yeah. And till he get something. Interesting happens. Oh, let's go out in the field is and get a woman's then into tongue season alien. But you look like us talk like us. So why do you think that? So is this something that you've been wanting to explore for awhile terms that happen to come up? Okay. That's what we're doing that. I'll do it. Great to kind of dig around in different aspects of people's personalities to see how they became they became. And this is like on those things of Nick discovery that we're not alone. It's like, okay. Once he accepts the fact that okay, they're aliens. And you know, she might be his first extraterrestrial, and then she takes him out there. And he sees all these things like, okay? So I'm sure the people above me knew about this. And then tell me about this, which is, you know, probably the beginning of his paranoia, and distrust, those people and him trying to figure out, you know, his threat assessment for that. And what he needs to do to prevent those guys from coming down and taking over. But this is a looser. Gouzer version of Nick fury. I'd say that we've seen before the whatever happens in the intervening years between the end of this movie, and you know, your first appearance in ironman, something happens to make him a little bit more paranoid. But the state of the world and this one, you know, there's there's one liners galore. You even get to sing it happens on times, you know. Yeah. Movies before sometimes successfully sometimes not. Efforts this time. This is short, you know, burst of songs works. The movie is set in nineteen ninety-five did that bring back any memories few particularly because nineteen ninety-five look at the Pulp Fiction come out the year beforehand, diehard defense was just about to come out. I think just after this movie set that must been a time for you. When you were thinking with things were changing for you. Interestingly enough. So when I think about the nineties, I just think about you know, pursuant and trying to build at body a work and. Seeking longevity. You know, what do I have to do next or trying to plot? A plan of do this kind of movie do that get a movie read this read that and as things came across, you know, still trying to find things that were interesting to me that I like that I will go and see if I was, you know, movie goer and not just something, you know, the to try and generate money, I was just trying to trying to do things. I was I had an opportunity to try and shape. What I was going to do at that particular time land while you're coming off the Oscar nomination for Pulp Fiction, the that change things for you was that the movie's been lodestone in a way that you look back does that mean jungle fever got me into Hollywood. That was the first thing that got me noticed by you know, whoever was producers powers that beta set of guy. Let's give him a chance to be some and jungle fever got me in Pulp Fiction. Anna opened another door or as Bruce said, you know, diehard kinda changed my life been the highest grossing film that year. So it may men international figure, so you know, things things things in drips and drabs. And then all of a sudden, you know, I was able to read three scripts and choose one or read five and do one, and they hold the other one till you were free kind of cool. After years of going the other way, I guess we'll go now dishes. Yeah. The audition process seems to be something that a lot of actors find quite difficult. There's a fear factor. But but then judging by your expression Sam that you don't agree with that. Is that is that fair to say, no fear mean going to additional just another opportunity to act to me when I was doing it. If I went to. Four dishes. One of the jazz was mind. I just felt that way. And when people didn't hire me I felt sorry for. Did you tell them that not to the facist sometimes later when I'd see some of those same casting directors nego? Remember, even you we are ready for something. Yeah. I remember. Yeah. You should've Caspian. Everything happens for a reason. Right. Exactly. I said that the Clinton when you know, so I'm after reservoir. Dow's addition for it and great movies who got your part because he remembered me reading, well, definitely would have been a better movie with me in it you made your choice. Now, you got a little bit. But then again, it's one of those weird things like sliding indoors moments. If you if you had booked Reservoir Dogs, ultimately gills might have gone somewhere else. Thanks do what they do things. Do what they there's that amazing, obviously, the seek you'll speech the first time you said that second time you said is very very different as well. But the first time that whole scene with with with Brett and intimidating killing. So what you call it. What are your memories of of of making that? Well, first of all, we shot the diner. The diner was the first thing we shot because I have no idea why that was the first thing, but we shot that first before we got to any of that other stuff. And then I was off like two months. Okay. We shot the down because I think Bruce was doing twelve monkeys. So they had to shoot him out. All right was doing something else. So they had shoot her out. So from September until December basically, did I did a play actually. And funnily enough to play idea Clark Gregg director. So play on Santa Monica waiting for the movie to crank back up for them to get back to me. So I didn't get a chance. And by the time, we came back we shot we started in the car and the con on Hollywood Boulevard, and then we got to the killing room, namely got to the car in the park and then Jimmy's house. The last thing. Yes. Yeah. So it was a it was a no around about process. That's amazing. I'd always thought that went non shot it as largely largely as he could. No, but shooting diner scene. I that's that's fascinating. Because I guess it was having the location funny because all the people sitting in the place, Dr John now cops. They had no idea. What was going? Okay. So you delivered the sequel speech I in in the in the sort of the moment would gills has revelation. Well, that's he's already had. He's already had the the piffle up at the apartment. So he's just sitting in a restaurant, you know, telling them interestingly enough in the regional script. I don't even know in the published grip. Do they have I'm I'm I'm I've never seen the public script. But in the original script when Tim I comes over to the table and ask what's in the briefcase, and I tell him I can't give it to him. He tells me he's gonna you know, he's gonna count the whatever shoot me in the face. I actually closed my eyes, and I shoot him and I blow Honey bunny off the top of that bar and about a time. He gets the three in our opened my eyes still there because that's what I would've done before. You know, always want. Quinson not using. I don't wanna going on. But you wrote it, but did not set you up in a way that gave you something to contrast against when you came to the killing room sequence unto done all that stuff. I mean, I knew what was going to happen. I knew how those things are going to play out just because of what had happened prior to in. You know, that whole thing when all of a sudden they will thinking about casting somebody else's gills, and I had to fly to LA from New York while I was shooting fresh to get some acting contests with another actors, so they can make up their mind. And they were really, oh, you really oughta guy we want not that other guy. Like stupid, but it happened. I'm going back to Nick fury and the MC. Some interviews this week for ventures and game spoke to Scarlett Johansson, let's talk to her about what Kevin Feige has said to her when she signed on for ironman too. And had you know, had he painted the whole picture, you know, the the offenders, and how might go, you know, going forward. She said, no, basically that it was basically leap of faith in many ways. And what was your experience like because you're onboard rifling beginning with with Nick fury, right there at the end of iron, man. What if I say to you nothing? As I continued over the years. Well, no and continued over years. But I mean when when I signed on, and you know, I got the nap picture deal. It was like. How long stay allowed to may nine movie. Because, you know, making a movie will not easy process during the time you figure, well, maybe they may want a year maybe every year and a half to make new I didn't know they were gonna make nine movies in two years. You know? So that was nothing, you know, really talk about it was more. It was actually more about Jackson was about them really in my mind. Yeah. Yeah. Well, Josh was the comic book guy. He he had come jargon. He had a specific way. He wanted to talk. You know, you couldn't add little words or conjugate in certain ways because he didn't want you to get that way. 'cause book people didn't talk that way. So he was real strict about that. And be like sitting in Irene coming. I know people do talk this way come up over. So he was that guy. And like, I said, nah, pits deal. So I knew they weren't gonna kill me. One of those. So so what you gonna do fire me? You can't fire me. Yeah. I'm free pictures. I'm good. What are you going to get us agent technology? Doc was being an Albuquerque had it was fun. Albuquerque not your taste. So pretty quick. And do they got nice golf courses? I enjoy I enjoy playing golf in Albuquerque. Your dietary restrictions are. Yeah. We talk very quickly as well. Some about the I think the greatest Nick fury moment to date and the MC which is the the car taxation in the winter soldier, which is amazing. Probably the best action scene in the in the hill. MC today. It's fantastic. What was that experience? Life. Cool. None of us going to happen. Jeez. Took about ten two days. You've got things great for different kinds of vehicles. It was like, it was awesome. If you're a, you know, you get to see Nick fury in his full control modes like, Nope, panic. You know? Okay. You're doing this. Okay. I'm going to do this. This is what's happening now. Let me get together. Okay. Man. Pull them and pull them in and kill them. Let's go, you know. So a lot of fun doing it. And it was like for me. Like, okay. This is the ultimate fury moment. Yeah. To get this done, and then you know, disappearing through the whole car the floor the cars like. It is cracking. There's there's a line in the offenders where twenty stark asks how does fury see this? Because he was he got the patch. Someone says he turns twenty says sounds exhausting. So I have to ask about your acting style with the patch on do you turn an is it exhausting? You got to pivot a bit more sign. You don't turn key people guessing, keep yourself guessing just just answer. Works. And the very last thing. I'm gonna do is. You're a big Liverpool fan. I'm a big liberal van today. Right. One five now. Okay. Cool as amazing to see them often. When you're in u k do you get up to been I haven't been to the stadium in a few years pass by a couple of years ago when I was doing miss peregrine. We drove down live from Blackpool hung out for you know, when they ate some stuff, but they weren't playing that day. So I didn't get to go to gain. But at home. Okay. We'll see. Nothing's go up road ahead ten games. But there's one thing I wanna say which is there is a point last season. When Liverpool won a game. You would tweet Liverpool. And it was one of the things I look forward to most after Liverpool win this season top league doing pretty well. And you seem to stop the white. Why is that? Well, I might of Jake's them last year. So. Fuck that up this year. Some leaving them alone to let happens. Do it at the end. Fantastic Jackson's been a pleasure. Okay. So that was Sam Jackson. And I think it behooves us to talk about the movie in which he stars this week. It is a little film called captain marvel the twenty first film in the marvel cinematic universe and Helena harra who wrote the review of captain marvel as here right now. Helen, what can you tell us about this film without spoiling ended? Obviously, we'll be doing that sport especial. So we open on the planet of Halla. Basically, we meet varies. She's initially. No in various, she's initially. No who is reloaded since Carter. She's not an easy action doesn't quite know where she belongs. And she's living fighting with the Cree who are engaged in a war against the shape shifting scroll through a series of events. She ends up chasing the scroll to earth, which you've you've seen in trailers. You'll know that's coming on working with some Ila Jackson's Nick fury to figure out where they are. What's happening? And indeed she begins to realize she might have passed on. And she may be able to figure out who she herself is. Booze. It's basically the bone Infinity. Because she's got mad skills. She's been fight training with Jude law's yon rogue. Give you'll kill warcraft. I can never remember on wrong. It's a really nice yogurt. Strawberry flavored delicious. Anyway, you know, she she basically is this formidable fighter, but she just doesn't have her place in the world. She doesn't know where she comes from. She doesn't know who she is. She's trying to figure that out. And it's only when she kinda got start that she begins to learn who she is. So I mean what seminar review? I I think I'm right is that this does take a bit to get going think, it's a real problem of having an Asia. Back hero or heroine is that they don't know who they are. Therefore, it's hard for you to kinda grasp onto them initially. And I think because she's very strong because she's very forthright, and very, you know, she poking fun at people all the time making jokes. It's quite hard to see how maybe insecure or or on merge, she feels and I think maybe would have been helpful to get a little bit more of that early on in the film because then we may be sort of simplysafe bit more with her plight, which is a plight is she is a, you know, difficult situation. But also, the the the the movies filmmakers drive to buy Anna Boden on Ryan Fleck co writing credit as well, they make very interesting choice. It's a bit like Thawra, I guess in the west official water tells you have this really powerful being coming to earth, and Carol, despite the fact sheet discombobulated Bissett disaffected by things is also ferry supremely confident in her own abilities. She's very cocky character, which I really enjoyed. So maybe that means that some of the emotional. Blanks that need to be filled in aren't there in the first first half or so they they come later on? Yeah. I think that's I think they're they're a little bit too focused on making her caulking confident. And there's a good thing. It make sense that she would be. But we also learned that she does have a bit more to go in a bit more to learn about herself. And so just a few more hints that would have helped that said, I think once she starts working with fury things really take off the DA aging work on Samuel is pretty stunning through. There's a couple of moments where you can maybe say something looks old with his makeup. But generally, it's it's phenomenal phenomenal work and the two of them. Just have is really great old couple of chemistry. It's kind of nice to see someone explaining things to him for wants to say. Say. But it's also it's just a really nice dynamic that both kind of you know, sarky and tough, I guess and very capable but in very different ways. So it kind of works. So yeah, I just I just really enjoyed it. I think it really builds. I think it's one of the most for me satisfying finales of any marvel movie. It does take a little bit of time to get going. There's lots of great moments along the way, but just as we say that sort of emotional art takes a little bit of time to kick in. But I did really really like ended up and I'm really excited. See what she doesn't feature. Yeah. It's really good. This is this is a film, which I the amount of misplaced hatred for this on the internet makes me want to say, it's a five star classic in your old twats. And I hate you all unfortunately, do that. I didn't think it was one of the film's where I do think. It's great. I recommend everyone. Go and see it. But I liked them loved it. I think I think Paul the issue with it for me was I felt the script was at times a little bit flat. There were elements where I wasn't bold. But. It wasn't a great deal going on in the wave action. It wasn't a great deal going on in the way of humor, and it was just sort of like meat and potatoes plot movement, which is fine. And there's nothing wrong with that. But when the ball has been raised so high by the likes of Infinity will it's hard not to want more of that. And I know that's incredibly privileged to say. I want all films to be like this. But I think it speaks volumes that, you know. I don't think it's a huge. Let's say that there are hints towards and game in this. And those are the really got my pulse rice and just oh my God. This is the appetizer to a film, which is going to be incredible. So very good in and of itself, but bring on I. Yeah, I think it's interesting when you say there, I think the action scenes in this are are fine. But nothing really gets the blood racing. I would say in the way that for example, winter soldier does with the level of your the level of invention. I think to like a feels quite by the numbers that said all of these Christmas relied on a superb in this row. And I think even though the script is at times. I think she breathes life into sections that someone else maybe wouldn't have done in the same way. I think she she really does elevate it as the character of well Charalambous most much captain marvel because that's nine that was really applied. But but yeah, she she's really really good on. I think anyone who's hiding on her at the moment really can just going. Yeah. And this is twenty one movies in the first solo superhero movie, featuring a woman in in the title role was we had on the wasp last year. And it's co-directed, of course, by woman as well abode. And it certainly is about a woman making her way in a in a man's world. And coming up a saw an interview this week. There's a moment in the film on spoil too much, obviously. But it's moment in film, where some do bike tells Carol danvers to smile and very very fun. And there was need to be Larson where she said Spacey, just a female experience. That's just normal. Sorry. How you smile a bit more when you say, please. Okay. To kill him. Yeah. Also, I as a child of the nineties myself, I loved all the. Tara, T shirts and check shirts you ice. Took me back. The female experience. The female experience. Well, man, I can say the female experience really is excellent. That wasn't offline kids. That's why the ending the film works. So well for me, but it actually does get into that precise points. And I'm not gonna get spoil anything more than I have my review on that point. But it's I think it's a really really powerful message at the end of the day. And and there are a lot of men in this film guys being left out. Yeah. Dude. Mendelssohn Clark, Gregg when he's everywhere. Scene. Well, he scrolls. Yeah. I was I really really enjoyed your view to the extent that having seen the film and light having read your view. I like it more now in spent genuinely those. Oh, really? It's made me appreciate more in retrospect. So I do recommend everyone read Helen's review, which is on at the moment. Don't let the facts was written by woman put you on guys. Yeah. This is not written humanity for women's. Yeah. I need see this scene. At once. I liked it. I had a lot of fun with it. But there are probably get into in these sport, especially in great detail. But one of my issues with the film feels a little bit like something we've seen before the Cozma stuff feels at Garnsey galaxy the the the stuff on earth feels like Thor I little bit. It's always the little bits and pieces in different flavors in there as well different textures. But I don't think it gave his anything new in the way that Black Panther did with Kanda in the way that ant man did with his shrinking powers and with the quantum realm and the way that doctor strange did visually certainly least with the different universes. I think because you've done a little bit more with nineteenth setting to to kind of justify that and give us a bit more of that flavor of the new time period or the old time periods. I would like to have seen a little bit more of that. But at the same time, it's this feels a bit to me like the first avenger, which has become over time one of my favorite movies baloney. I don't care. You know, it feels like something Sesing up stuff it will pay off in the future. And that might mean that we go back and watch this and like even more than we than we do ready. And so, yeah, I'm I'm I'm really excited to see it again. I haven't had a chance yet more than once. And I'm very much looking forward to it. Because I think like a low of marvel films for me, I think it's going to be a grower. We will see it again. No before we record our sports specialty to let the know. So we won't be just fatally fumbling around the dark wolf discussing this movie sport, especially will be up on Monday, March eleventh and will feature an in-depth spoiler. If interview with the film's co directors and co writers, Anna Boden on Ryan flick has going to be very very interesting indeed four stars in for captain marvel. Now, we go from captain marvel which is a film beset by trolls to film about trolls and is border the Swedish film border. It is a film like let the right one in based on a story by John at vide link fist, and I apologize. I know we have a lot of Swedish listeners, and I have just a. Pulled you with my pronunciation, I'm so sorry on this one stars even Lander as Tina who is a security guard. She's a a border patrol officer in Sweden, and she has an unique ability. She has very interesting appearance. She's quite troll like because turns out spoiler alert. She is indeed a troll one of her unique abilities is the ability to sniff evil, essentially, smells evil, if you will as she begins to track down sort of paedophilia ring, and of course, of her judy's she comes into contact with another troll for play by Eero Millan off. And they start a unique relationship together on it's a foia of discovery for her. And it's I thought this was fascinating though, is pretty terrific actually, really really great makeup, which enhances has enter performances from from the the core GIO, and is his wonderful story. It's not like lettering. One in in that. It's not particularly scary. It doesn't have the snowbound setting. But plays with similar themes of isolation. Plays with similar themes that what it means to be human. And it's about nature I nurture as well. And it's about a teen is discovery of discovery as she goes from being this person who has no idea how she fits into the world. But she knows something's not right an gradually. It begins to click into place for her as well. And it goes into some unexpected directions. Shall we say? So it is directed by Allie Abbasi, and it is well worth your time. If you can go out and see tonight, in fact, in a weird weird weird weird way. It makes it very nice Tila Bill with captain marvel lots of the Matic similarities going on there in this one. So four stars in for border. Check it out if you can this weekend also opening this week is a British movie called Ray and laze which is debut of the noticed photographer. Richard billingham. We haven't seen this one ourselves, but we gave it at empire four stars. And it as apparently a wonderful startling series of Finn yet if you will that peer into the life of the. Title card just Ray and Liz who live on a council states in the black country during the Thatcher era. So four stars in for Ray. And Liz, right. Yeah. Very weak very very good week in deeds. And that is it for this week's empire podcasts. More early starts for testing future. How do you? How do you feel when good the way, you know? Join us next week for more related fundable. We'll be joined by Andrew Garfield star of under the silver lake and also then didn't Simon I'm still writer and director of the new film Benjamin, cool, how exciting it's about the Benjamin Benjamin lines of interviews of happened yet. There's every chance that I might have egg faces, but that is who we have on the spreadsheet you usually have act on your face. Anyway, I've told you try your sandwiches more neatly, but I don't like egging sandwiches. Oh, well that jokes then. No, nobody the joke fell flat. Helen. But I think listeners have learned a little bit more about me and are little bit more enriched dealing your sandwiches. Jess James, only if it's heated with sausage. We're back to stroking. Once again figure weekend plans if in late pretty s okay on that bombshell. Until we meet again until at a special occasion goodbye from James Dyer. It'd be back. I thought go full only, you know, just shits and giggles. All right. Okay. It is goodbye from Helena, Hira annus get by for me, I'm off to give captain marvel zero percent on rotten tomatoes. But try for the last couple of weeks for some reason it just won't take. What is that? What's up with that? So weird so strange. So so weird anyway, thanks for listening cenex week by.

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