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"wola bonnie" Discussed on Lights Camera Barstool

"Smart decision. Also i want the new season. Are you for you like to the were pretty good. Yeah they're good. They you know they. Obviously they were smaller in scale which was intended point at least the first one was If the second one too but like yeah. I just reiterate more. So the weirdness of the video which feels very odd oddly edited. And we're talking so long about this because we don't have any news items. We keep talking about wola bonnie the entire episode this fine speaking of ola bunia. There's been off in the subs. He wants some. You want some sarah on your pancakes. Bugs a hunt okay. Okay there okay. They're on oh handsome. Oh yes yes. Oh handsome bugs right on it over easy. You need carrots over easy just pan. Frying a carrot on right on the brittle instead griddle drawing a carrot just cracking a cared open and having an egg yolk come out of the carrot you quite place There's a new spin off coming out for it. It's not going to be like obviously spent a quiet place for three It's going to be based off from an idea from drunk Since can be a new group of characters fighting the same sound based monsters in his apparently going to be directed by director. Jeff nichols who did mud mud. I loved he did loving as well. Loving was pretty good This is do right now. They they set the date for it in twenty twenty. Three mid-march I'm i like both quiet place movies. Like kinda talked about so. I mean anything they want to do with it. I think it's fine because they're always going to make money off of that But like i think we talked about a little bit With the last movie. It's kind of tough to see. Where do you go from here while retaining originality right. I just yeah you. Do you know the one of the things one of the issues. I have with it. Is i think by this point. The the monsters are interested enough for me to care like they. They are a threat. But we've we've seen them get less scary just by virtue of one learning how to beat them into like like you're saying in the review time where this one single monster terrorized his family for an entire ninety minute first movie and then you get into the second one and they're just getting like down.

Jeff nichols ninety minute three second one both first movie mid-march one first one wola bonnie ola bunia single monster one of the issues Three twenty twenty