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"wjct ovens" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

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"wjct ovens" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Welcome back to news radio seven hundred bill WJCT ovens political columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer by day and by Saturday night sitting here in Willie seat on seven hundred WLW we're talking with Steve maglia local Republican insider has finger on the pulse of of politics on both sides of the river and you we were just talking about you standing process give me a call Steve Beshear Andy Beshear about how he's handled this shouldn't come out talking about you know tracking license plates of people who are going to Easter services tomorrow but I want to switch gears with was Steve Magaly and CV still with us I am and I love that rock you like a hurricane that the Buffalo Sabres theme song take me back to my days in buffalo so yeah I'm still here scorpions I gotta give credit to tater Pratt my producer tonight for hooking me up with that one what's let's switch gears stay in Kentucky but I believe it or not and I know it's it's it's hard to comprehend right now but they're still primary elections going on the still one going on here in Hamilton County Ohio and there's one going on in in Kentucky in the end they say Kentucky's push their primary back to June twenty third and right here in the in the region northern Kentucky has it as an intense primary for that congressional seat between Thomas Massey and lead McMurdo some totally drawn telling John Lambert Todd McMurtry who's gonna say Tim I totally was wrongly so topic birch tree local lawyer the challenger and the incumbent Thomas Massie and eating up and that one is heating up why I go in Waco why is what let's talk about that Massey voted against the stimulus package and drew the ire of Republicans and force Democrats but not just any Republicans drew the ire of the president himself do you think it is that was Todd McMurtry's just opportunity to seize and really take this and and you know has a shot at getting this when I told that it was very reminiscent of two things one was when gene Schmidt had all of the issues with the Turks and Brad Wenstrup was able to pull off an upset interests in mind and and it reminded me of the bat Simpson children's hospital moment errors cost incumbent election every time and I know you know number one we have people who are at home not able to work and that stimulus package with the help working families and congressman Nancy single handedly held that up I think that was a major political blunder and an unforced error and then he took your unique thank you we are going to do it let's hold that thought your stick with us we're gonna come back to you in in in after you know around ten forty five we got a jump jump to the news now Steve here on the jury of seven or W. W. traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati the arguments surrounding people's health and their religious freedom but the ten thirty report I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now across the country states are taking measures to keep people safe as they prepare for a surgeon covered nineteen cases but some church leaders so plan to gather with parishioners and celebrate Easter this weekend despite stayed home orders Kansas the Supreme Court holding oral arguments Saturday morning in a legal showdown between democratic governor Laura Kelly and Republican legislative leaders over whether she can limit church gatherings on Easter Sunday church gatherings in Kansas have produced at least three case clusters across the state and health officials fear Easter services could further spread the corona virus ABC's.

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