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"wissahickon" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Our listeners probably know we've done many shows Shakespeare in this particular problem but never about pulling into the Rosicrucians Exeter of using our guest of course Steven sorry first Christian America house secret society influenced the destiny of a nation destiny books is it true that Francis Sir Francis Bacon founded the rosy cross while in school sounded would a group called the the knights of St of Telesistema and palaces being it was said to be invisible when she put on our helmet and really call themselves the Invisibles in one part of the Invisibles became the rosy cross and he is the one that found it be kind of understood the need for secrecy and so we did a lot of writing that nobody ever I was able to see when he was alive how could you repeat that please that the last sentence he found it a little group called the night of palaces Pena and palaces scene was a god is that when she put her helmet on the she was invisible to the world so it was said that on these will like the knights of the helmet because they could also make themselves on the Invisibles which is the nickname for the rosy cross later Adam this group he formed the first Rosicrucian order and behind the scene Hammond on doctor D. road the family retinitis and the other book that in a basically started Rosicrucianism how were the Rosicrucians even more secretive than the Freemasons for the longest time until probably modern days they never allowed a membership list and so did me a lot of people that were right about how great the Rosicrucians work on as far as matters of science and things like that but at the same time a little deny that they were in the water where Freemasons we still have records going back hundreds of years as far as who went to large meetings and things like that well I handful of men connected to doctor John D. and Sir Francis Bacon called themselves the Invisibles you you mentioned of course the invisible before about the helmet is this because the Rosicrucians were regarded as invisible I'm I think the thing was based on palaces fina but they also the amount they actually had a meeting in Paris and they put a pull these on signs that the meeting anyone that wanted to join the invisible sick meet at this one place nobody showed up and so they said that's because they're all invisible oh boy well yes now all you know one of the people that I've greatly admired I love what you had to say about Donald William Penn why did William Penn invite Rosicrucians the Philadelphia one of the people that on didn't come to America for the gold or anything else he came to start a land that would be based on the new Atlantis of of bacon that anybody could study whatever they want they can be free to exercise whatever religion they want or don't want and he thought this would be one place you'll her invited a handful of Protestant order is that they were sometimes being played by the Habsburgs and in Europe we invited them to come to Pennsylvania why would you want them to come I'm because they would populate his colony at you know would be based on these principles of free thinking I'm I'm trying to recall the name of that particular compound it's look in my mind the name of what that Colin a what was it regionally called I'm I think it was just on a call depends woods because yeah this giant walking plot that on he had hired people to walk as far as they can whenever they got they got from the on native Americans he also was given a lot of property from on the king of England at the time who his father so there's no specific colonies that represented anything different he had little colonies like on there's a creek called the Wissahickon in Philadelphia all history they call them the hermit to the Wissahickon and on but this is just one sec but a guy named copious ran it and they lived in caves there that that was one of the greatest joys of my life going up there and seen those caves I was told that I'd never be able to find it park Michael Hurst and if someone on a mountain bike and I see the you know really killed this cave is and his drive around and when I see in waves to me is there had no problem at all well the what secret messages did Jules Verne Ian Fleming in Daniel Defoe place in their writings hinting at the Rosicrucians I'm one mother in her last name was Rosie cross arm he had a lot of characters that the name to start with R. C. and let a Rosicrucian themes lot of times on a woman exercising heard mental ability a lot more than even James Bond and so a theme that was based on not in I'm just mail sexism Jules Verne had characters that also went and RC names I think it Phineas Fogg which one of the groups of individuals call themselves the fog so if any **** represented that that was I think in around the world in eighty days and Robinson Crusoe is really interesting because he's the first page of the book is that my family's name really means rosy cross but we emphasize that from the German I see all I want to go back to the order of the helmet of tell us a little bit more about the order of the helmet and what that was about well I I think it was a group of people that would become Rosicrucians they wouldn't be in you know different studies if at the time people could get executed for studying blood and how it's fun they could get executed for a whole bunch of things so these were done in secret so in other words their work was invisible to the outside world well I can and that's yeah that's obvious the other thing that though I am concerned about that helmet was when we got into writing our last book dealing with the goddesses Exeter of is particularly trying to think exactly which goddesses related to that helmet I'm Alex fina a palace with enough right and I I think thirty member and I should I think he's in the Odyssey two I think she secretly arranging troubles for Ulysses and like should be on the ship in the north and you put the home on no one can see that he's on the ship I've been nice to have every now and then that there I've always had some difficulty of times with them the research of manly Palmer hall who I love a great deal and his of well I quoted floated a many times but some of his research all I I found lacking but one that I was very interested in those how was manly Palmer holes one world government different from Sir Francis bacon's utopian world I if anything it was that it was you know one world and then it was kind of one well within thirty rather than run with you know maybe disorder on his freedom of the word freedom of action and give bacon's worldly Toby in World right bacon if people would wear it invisible the Rosicrucians they can say anything they want if they didn't agree with somebody else's there wouldn't be any need to fight that person or band that person so that was the difference and in new new Atlantis new Atlantis one of the things that I've always been fascinated with and I'm sure you have been as well is Dr Jon dis Monis hieroglyphica of this is a very complicated issue but what is the importance of doctor John dis Mona's hieroglyphica sorry to say that I really don't know and I just got back from Newport were the name Jim James Eagan run and museum at the Newport tower and and he explains it but not really satisfactory explanation well it's well I can understand that because it's so I I know we all know that when you take a look at it and obviously since wrong radio now it's hard to describe but as a matter of fact maybe we better not talk about that aspect of it because it is very hard to describe this particular thing but I've always been fascinated by it and I think that that has something of course to do with its related so special but John D. of but I think that he was obviously the person who put it together for some alchemical reason because Alka alchemy basically as course what the Rosicrucians and other secret societies have of put were emphasizing could you talk a little bit about alchemy force well basically alchemy turned into a bad word once upon a time I would have in chemistry and today if someone's trying to invent a new gas or something like that no one would have any interest in stopping them back then was considered I guess against the Catholic Church form and so as a result of that you know was banned well as a Queen Elizabeth there were a number of things about Queen Elizabeth I had no idea issue was the kind of person that she was of course I've read books owner and things of that nature but do you get right to the point of from the standpoint of of not only of course the G. married have a child was the queen but how she was the queen and how she held on to being the queen could you talk to us a little bit about that your group and the people in England were afraid that if she married someone in Spain he become a Catholic and they would have to become Catholic the people in Spain were afraid that if you varied within our own religion and that would make England stronger and still be a threat to Spain she had like a council of men that would pretty much decide what he could do and would protest influencers hers when she talked about making a decision she I'll well she obviously I would you say she's done dental about a few things that were legal aren't very possibly she was probably the first most educated woman in England and there's only a few people that a man can this be and is well read on as well adapted to sports and things like that as Elizabeth is and but still she had that kind of balance sheet on to every member eight fifteen sixty the the woman Amy wrote short held down the stairs and died it was four days later September twelfth fifteen sixty she married Robert Dudley so they they may not have planned the murder but they had plans all along that if if he could get get remarried it be to her and then is interesting is that January twenty second of fifteen sixty one like four months later on bacon was born and so it was like he was in probably a five months pregnant when she knew she was going to have another child on the Amy was definitely in the way but then everything went wrong the she married are you became the mother of bacon but on the surface Nicholas Braun was the mother and and bacon would be I mean Nicholas found was a father and bacon was the mother Nicholas died in fifteen seventy nine any then you left several of his children except Francis Bacon because I think he understood the bacon wouldn't have the need for money yeah I was.

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