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Catching Up: Podcast Episode 97

Trapping Today

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Catching Up: Podcast Episode 97

"Back in the first shed this is the trapping today podcast. I'm Jeremiah would great to be here great to have you tune in in the park. Guests is brought to you by COTS brothers Luhrs Wars K. A. T. Z. B. R. O. S. DOT COM at copper rose. You can find books. DVD's lures baits bates traps cable stakes ANC earth inkers basically everything you need to get started on the trap line. You can find from cots brose. They have great website easy to order great guys and fast shipping excellent service in competitive prices. Where can you go wrong. Check them out at cots. BROSE ROSE DOT COM K. A. T. Z. E. R. S. and speaking of them. We are closing in on one hundred episodes of the podcast. That is pretty exciting. Just a few more to going. We're going to do big giveaway with 'cause brose. It is going to involve a collection of COTS brothers. DVD's he's so not just a DVD collection of DVD's a very large collection. I think it will be pretty substantial and whoever wins this thing is GonNa be in GonNa be pretty excited. I don't know exactly what we're GONNA do as far as determining the winner. I haven't decided the funny thing is when you getting prepared for trapping season in getting into things and trying to get everything wrapped up in the fall is Kinda like like I I have almost no time to actually stop in just sit down and think and brainstorm and income up with new ideas ideas so just kind of doing the run of the mill stuff trying to stay ahead of everything or keep up in it. I was thinking today that sometimes sometimes the best ideas come when Mike actually out trapping driving out to the line and just sit in the truck all by myself and and thoughts rattling around in my head and there's nothing to get distracted with in a lot of times. That's where I've come up with ideas. That's where the book for profit actually came about was right around the truck and thing and you know what would people want. What are what are people asking me about on trapping today and what is it that I could provide the that people would would be looking to learn more about or or would what kind of resource resource and had all kinds of ideas associated with that but the one that came up was everybody's asking about for prices and wants to know about for prices. Well for prices are difficult because they depend on so many different things and you can't just quote somebody. The price for coyote depends on where that animal was caught. What part of the country it comes from how the pelt was taken. Care of. There are so what year it is with the market is doing at that particular time. There's so many different variables thought well what if I write a book that will help people better understand how the whole thing works how this for market actually functions and get a better handle on why they're for some furs worth more than other for and how you can kind of help better learn for yourself what the for prices should be for what you're trapping so that's where uh the book for profit came in release that couple of years ago actually the official release was last year but that book is of course still available for sale. You can pick that up at trapping today dot com you can find it on Amazon Dot Com if you order from trapping day dot com that goes straight to me and I I sit out if you order from Amazon one they print on demand and they'll print your copy. It's going to be the same price as my website so just whatever you're comfortable with. Actually I get the same amount of money the same amount of profit either way. I don't know how that worked out but anyway doesn't it doesn't make a whole lot of difference but that's great either way and and of course we love you support the people who are carrying the book like our friends at costs Bros.. Our friends at PCs is outdoors. FIT for harvesters trading post if you check those guys out and I think Sterling Erkki th winkler has some books too and in and if you buy from them that's that's also great gate indicator to them that you know these books are moving a little bit and that's that's always always good to have things moving not sitting on shelves so pick up a copy of for profit if you haven't already but where was. I getting with that time time in thinking thinking in your brain moving around. I haven't quite figured out what we're GONNA do for that giveaway so I thought about like maybe apple podcast reviews views but we did do that already. I don't know maybe we'll do that again. That's been pretty awesome. We're we've got like ninety eight or ninety nine reviews rate now now so I'm GonNa pull that up as you were at. That's that's really cool aw yet. We got ninety eight readings in four point nine stars so anymore ratings and reviews are always appreciated that bumps of us up and helped more people find out about the podcast. The podcast is also brought to you by for Harvesters Auction. INC needed for harvesters is where the world comes to buy wild for for harvesters is the wild for auction. They deal primarily in wild for the the guys that run the auction are trappers. They are on trap lines themselves same people sort and you're for the people that are catching for and and working for themselves and have therefore in the auction as well so they they really understand what it's like to be a trapper and they work real hard to get get the best prices for for you can find more more about them at for harvesters dot com now. I had some questions and we're GONNA get into this a little bit. There has been a lot of talk about about North American fur auctions and I'm not going to get negative on anybody. I'm not gonNA trash. NAPHTHA NAPA NAPA has sold a lot of wild for for a lot of trappers for a Lotta years and you know even though for harvesters sponsoring during this podcast and and I I do like for harvesters I still ship occasionally ship for to Nafta and I think I think trappers should support both for auction houses because it's good it's always good to have multiple. Arkan houses in more outlets for our for that being said there is a lot of talk right now about Nafta because a Lotta trappers are having issues with bounce checks that came in from Nafta so the they it's been a big concern. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind when when you think what I just got a check for my for go to the bank and cash the check bounce bank charged with e money comes out of my account what's going on well. It's incredibly low firm market. The ranch Ming situation is very very bad ranch. mink ranchers are losing a lot of money and Nafta the vast majority of the NFL's is ranch for so. They're obviously having you know the it would be impossible for them not to have issues with finances at this low point in the market now oh. I don't know whether that's tied to the check bouncing. They've they've told people that they switch banks and they're going to resolve it all next month. who knows. I I don't speculate I don't want to put a negative ideas in people's heads or promote some of the negative thoughts that people are saying but at the same time I would I would always urge people to proceed with caution when when there is smoke when you see smoke oftentimes there's a fire. Maybe that's not always the case but but just always be cautious so I get an email the other day from a trapper who was I was asking about this with the Nafta issue and he's always shipped funny wanted to ask about shipping defer harvesters so he's actually in Oklahoma and for harvesters doesn't have depots in Oklahoma unfortunately for you southern guys there there really is is not a lot of you know you get a grunwald truck that will come through in order those states and and they are doing a few extra routes now that they're the pushing down south which helps you might have a few local buyers but they probably aren't going to be paying much and to to get your for into the Nafta or Fha. You know you gotta be close to to an agent now. This guy was telling me about about the prices. crag was telling me about prices that he was being quoted from his further buyer and asked about. Oh you know whether it'd be worth trying out for harvesters and he's a long way from any of the pickups so when I saw the prices that he was thrown out there for for bobcats and coyotes even though it southern for and the obviously the the quality for is going to be much lower cragg honestly I would be sending for two. FHA maybe not all your for but for for the the price you gave me on bobcats and coyotes. I would say you absolutely need to get that up to for Harvesters Senate the what I like about this is you sent to the Auction and you've got twenty thirty. Who knows how depends on. How many people are there? There are many different buyers in the room that are all they've all seen representative of lots of the for that you're selling and they're all competing with each other. So if the for really isn't worth that much then the no one's going to buy it but if it is worth something and there's more than one person that knows that the auction environment is where you get the best value because if that for you know you're getting quoted fifteen dollars for a Bob Cat and there are two for agents or to you know to for buyers up at for harvesters. They're sitting the auction room and they know they can sell those. Bob Cats for four forty five dollars. You think they're gonNA stop it at fifteen when they're bidding they're going to go up to the point where they're comfortable. They're gonNA make a bit of profit on for their time and efforts so in that case who knows maybe you get double of what what you're getting locally for your cats and maybe you only get fifteen and if you only fifteen that means that's what the that's probably what they're worth so that's what I would do now the challenges you are in Oklahoma so you don't have a whole lot of places to send your for as far as I can tell the nearest receiver is Lee Steinmeier who is is in Kansas and he as I don't think he runs any routes now the first thing to do because I've I've run into this before so so you're going to go to for harvesters dot com and you go to there's a bunch of tabs you go to trappers and ranchers and and you go down to pick up schedules you hook on pickup schedules and you're. GonNa get a spot where you have you can click on Canadian or US you go to US pickup schedules. You have every state where they have pickup schedules for harvesters. it's Alaska Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Iowa Kansas Maine Michigan Minnesota Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New York Ohio Pennsylvania South Dakota Vermont Washington Wisconsin now those states are where the receivers are located now. If I click on main you know we're fortunate because we get quite a few trappers here and there the first fairly decent a Lotta people shipped for harvesters in Maine. They have this pickup schedule. Oh and they go to jail for just an example twenty eighteen twenty nineteen Saturday January twelve and Saturday April six is that the the truck can't comes to Old Town Bangor Dick's Fairfield Augusta Lewiston South Peras back to Dick's `field farmington Madison other dates January ninth April thirteenth they went to Lincoln Princeton Callous pembroke broke Mitcham Beddington and the twenties January twenty second and April sixteen they went to Stanford Scarborough Yarmuth Dopson Wisconsin Union Belfast in Bucks Port so would that that is just guys running around in trucks picking up for all over the state that were very fortunate to have that now if if you can't make one of those spots which which I run into I you know work and a lot of stuff going on. I can't just go to three hours the closest. This is one for me a little over two hours away so I can't just run down there in spin fought four or five hours out of my day on our regular day so I called the guy up that is the agent for main and for us as Denny Larsen Down Williamsburg mark and I call him up one time and he says Oh yeah. I'm going up to patent this weekend. D If you WanNa meet me down there you know we can do that so so you just just calling the receiving agent you can easily set up a time if they just happened to be going to your area if that is not the case. Here's what I've done. it may seem odd but I think a lot of US overlook this the US as postal service comes to my house every day and they go to his house every day to and it's GonNa cost a little bit of money but I think it can be worth it in the long run so craig was talking about Bob Casting coyotes. You've got Lee Steinmeyer in Kansas if you can you know you put up. Those cats cats in coyotes. Ero- those guys up for fold 'em up a few times you can put a lot of bobcats and coyotes in a box and they don't wear a whole lot now. The only thing I've had issues with shipping his beaver ship beaver to gear Volk in North Dakota and it was a dozen doesn't beavers cost me like fifty bucks so so there was the that was a little higher than I would like bluish remained North Dakota Oklahoma Kansas might not be that bad and those those I probably don't way quite as much so what I I would do is try to grab a box. Throw a bunch of pelts in there and bring it over to the post office in just or if you get a scale at home you know measure and weigh it and get an estimate on what do we cost to send it to your closest and if you're not in Oklahoma anywhere you are going for harvesters dot dot com click on one of those states closest to you and figure out where those guys are. You can't make one of those pickup locations see you. The the the name and address for every agent is going to be there on that file on on that sheet with the pickup information see what it would cost a ship it to those guys via either. US Postal Service or sometimes Fedex and ups can be precompetitive as well check it out. Give it a shot because I I really think it's worth trying trying out and sending your further the auction if nothing else just to make sure that you're being treated fairly locally and and see what what that I really worth so craig. I hope that helps and thanks for the other stuff that emailed about appreciate appreciate that are right. I okay few things. I thought I'd just run down. I got a bunch of stuff which just kind of housekeeping tonight night because I did quite a few interviews the last few episodes and then chance to catch up on a lot of stuff. There's wanted to give you an idea of what I'm doing with here. Trapping today how keeping the lights on recently and maybe get into a little bit other things and then we'll we'll go into listener emails so just kind of keeping the lights on so obviously we have to sponsors to the podcast and appreciate she ate them that goes a long way and appreciate if you guys support them and I I do have my eyes and ears open for additional sponsors. I haven't reached out very much lately but if you do have something you want to pitch me just let me know and we can talk details the long distance call loor. That's something that I've been working on Did you know made a couple of batches of last year. It's it's a really good lure and very confident. It works very effectively and I I continued to sell that I made some recently. I'm sold I sold about half a little coast Costa. Half of what I made a couple of weeks ago still have that available and I'll keep making that until we get later in the season then if either I get a little low on supply or if I I just get to where it's late in the season I don't WanNa make any more 'cause I wanna have it sitting on the shelf that long distance call work can only be found in two places on my website trapping today dot com you can click there on the big picture there. LDC LURE and you can purchase rate from the websites a secure site. It's easy to purchase the from there air and I ship that out and the other ways just go on Ebay. You can buy it from Ebay. I believe the same price as twenty five dollars for four ounce bottle will free shipping and I only sell it in four ounce bottle so you can pick that up support me in part gas and everything else the Martin and Fisher pelts. I do have Martin and Fisher pelts that are tanned. They come January really really nice quality beautiful beautiful full pelts. I got those for sale. You can get a Martin for seventy five dollars or Fisher for a hundred and I think that is a smoking deal. just let me know. I also have a few damage Martin that you could pick out for air deuce price email me at j rod would at gmail.com. Jr Are Od W. O. O. D. G. L. DOT COM to purchase one of those already mentioned for-profit book That's always appreciate if you don't have a copy that if you buy two or three I don't care affiliate links something that I haven't mentioned much before but when you when you go on if you listen to the podcast gas and you look at the show notes I'll have a few things just talking about what was covering the podcast and sometimes I'll have a few links on what we talked about say I brought. I mentioned a book for instance or a certain piece of trapping equipment oftentimes. I'll have a link there if you click on that link. Let's say I mention then. I've mentioned Muskrat trappers guide in the past. That's a real good book. I'll probably mentioned again here soon. If you go to the show notes and you click on that link and you buy a book Muskrat trappers guide if you buy a copy of that book I get I might get get like fifty cents so would does is it kind of it doesn't cost you anything. Different is basically just Amazon or whoever else is paying pain me to refer a customer to them to buy the book and that works for a bunch of different products so a lot of cases. If you you go with the one thing that's been huge is I did a review on flushing knives last spring and that has has kind of exploded a lot of people have clicked on have found that review and read through it and click through and bought flushing knives on Amazon and That's that's been big. That's that's really helped out a lot so so things like that if you see links like that on the site on trapping today dot com or on the podcast and and if you if you do have to purchase something if you click through the links it does help and finally. I'm working on the Walter. Arnold Project Project haven't mentioned it in a while but that is the book on the writings of legendary trapper Walter Arnold from woods of Maine trapper back in the nineteen thirties forties and fifties in and on from there arnold was was a true legend and in a row of stories a lot of stuff. That's been lost for many decades in and no one really knows they exist and I'm trying to bring that back so if you notice on trapping today dot com occasionally I have an article up Walter Arnold Article and what I've done is I've I've typed that all out from the the old for fish and game articles or wherever they were and edited re edited them tried to make them more understandable for modern times and then I've added then my comments and thoughts and reflections and kind of looking at how things compare today to the way they were back in Arnold's time so I think it'll be pretty good and if you if you read along I'm kind of I don't Ruth. I'm not the kind of person that keeps oughta stuff to myself. Which I'll I'll tell you later tonight that there is something to keep to myself for a while but I like to share things so I've every one of those that I've written up. I've actually posted up on the website. In the plan is the so basically you can read all about Walter Arnold Right now and as I complete more of them I will add more to the site and eventually I'm going to build that up to the point where there's enough to put together and publish a book doc of Actual Physical Book and then I will have that available for people to purchase so that's coming but I just don't have a great solid timeline on it. I apologize for for taking so long but it's a work in progress for sure a my trap line preparation moving along. We are about three weeks away in in kind of a difficult time to catch up. I made a bunch of cable steaks. I've prepped most of my traps. I get to do a few more things with them. I gotTa make a little bit more wax Dir. This'll be my first year in more than a decade trapping for coyotes so back to the canine line. I have a lot to learn I have to remember in relearn a lot of things that I probably learned in the past and forgot and then I have to start making new mistakes and learning new things and it's GonNa. The dislike seems like things always go where you do something thing and then you come back later and realize how much of a mistake it was and you knock yourself on the side of the head and say why on earth that I even think that was you know work and then all of a sudden you don't do that again. You just think about that in the future the Oh man I was done. They even thought to try that and you move on you. Try Yeah I knew things in you. Learn you built kind of a base of knowledge so that's kind of starting on that new base of knowledge for Coyote trapping here and regulations and everything is all. Everything's a lot different from when I started so it's going to be a learning process did a little scouting the other other day. I do want to have all my sites picked out and scouted before opening day and I got a little bit. I'm probably the only gonNA I will will not set more than three dozen traps. I may may be closer to two dozen. We'll see but I've got about a dozen locations all scouted out and and ready to start digging at any time so I've I've got a little bit more scouting. Do I probably ought to ah I ought to have probably sixty or eighty. set locations in kind of my bank to draw from and I'm not there yet. I'm trying to figure out how to work it into something that I can check the line before work and I'm not up at three. Am because I I don't know as I can handle that a- and then come on go to work and then come home from work and the toil toiling away until ten eleven twelve at night and in backup at three am I I'm not I'm not really excited about that. Prospect to so I will. I will see what how things work and how much time everything takes but I'm kind of looking for something that I can run before work a reasonable time. Maybe maybe up at four thirty or five o'clock and an run that before working and go into work and then skin for in the evening so we'll see how that goes but I've I've kind of got things started and really there. I'm seeing a lot of coyote sign so that was really encouraging there. There's a heck of a lot of sign for compared to what I expected so we'll see how that translates who knows. I may get there and there's all kinds of Simon. I can't catch him. I may get there. There's all kinds of signed but there's someone else trapping and he's doing more more better than I am catching them who knows so something to work on but the you're you gotta take a little small victories where he can and and there is a lot of Cayo sign there so I think I'm headed in the right direction. I hope I'm trying to spread those areas out far enough to to where I can. I don't WanNa be hammering one road system and be set two dozen traps on one family coyotes. It's so I'm trying to kind of spread things out in terms of of the size of say coyotes home range of course you're. GonNa have the dispersing animals that are coming through outside outside of the whole home range setup but I'm kind of. I'm trying to be within a reasonable travel distance for morning but also you know cover multiple multiple coyote home ranges and try to maximize my chance of encountering multiple animals. We'll see how it goes is going to be kind of exciting. I'm looking forward to it but the crunch is on. It's getting closer and going to have to be working much harder as we get closer to that so the early a coyote season for us starts around the starts the twentieth of October this year and that goes for ten days and then we're into a regular old or ten or twelve days and we're into general trapping season in general trapping season includes basically every species but for me that that means Martin and Fisher and I haven't done a thing to get my Martin Fisher Line Ready. I'm kind of abandoning that a little bit in favor of of getting these coyotes done John and I. That's something where I'm going to a brand new area. I've I've driven through the area quite a bit. I kind of know the lay the land and the terrain. I don't the thing the difficult thing with Martin is someday some podcasts. We'll talk about predating for coyotes coyotes and and how it can be effective. Some people like it. Some people don't I think it teaches you so much that if you can afford to do it it's it's a good idea but predating. MARTINSBURG challenging first of all finding Martin sign is very difficult. Coyote signs pretty easy drive up non-road. DC TRAXI NOT Scott Martin don't exactly make it that obvious at their around so Martin Scouting is is a challenge typically remarked trapping in order fishers fishers are very much the same way although you see a little more in the way of Fisher tracks but we're looking for habitat if the Habitat Abbott looks right and you're in an area that you know has produced martyr Fisher in the past then you set the traps and that's probably what I'll do really really. The two years ago was very similar year to this year. There was a Lotta beechnuts a lot of feed in the woods a lot of berries and seeds and everything else and the the animals didn't come to bait very readily most animals don't ain't I'll get to that but so it wasn't the most effective in terms of figuring out where you had critters because they just came slow to everything until it really cooled down and and snow came on the ground one thing that it was very effective that was attracting bears and I had so many boxes torn apart by bears two years ago that I I kind of I got very discouraged and I I lost a lot of effectiveness on the trap line because a lot of my boxes my my Martin Fisher boxes were out of commission due to bears so I I'm probably GonNa Forego or go that this year and instead wait until the season starts to I'll probably get boxes out ahead of time but wait until the season starts to put Bayden him and and really really get going so that's Martin Fisher and then of course we have when that stuff closes up we we are left with nothing but beaver and maybe a little bit of Muskrat here and there but but primarily beaver and then we'll get the under as be racine which goes all winter so you can kind of pick your your times when you WanNa do that. I do have another trapping excursion plan and that's something like I'm going to. I've been keeping to myself. I haven't said much about it haven't said anything on the podcast but I'm going. I'm going to trap somewhere this winter and some things some things you guys get to keep himself some things maybe can be a little bit sacred and I haven't talked about this and I probably won't talk about it until after I get back so i. I won't talk much about one. I'm going or where I'm going. I'm going going on a trapping trip. That has been a it. It's kind of kind of a dream. Come true My wife calls it a trip of a lifetime. I corrected her because I I hope that this is not once in a lifetime. I hope this is a regular trip so I I don't know we'll we'll just have to see what what happens but I I'm incredibly excited about. It and era reminded me of of how healthy it is to get excited about things like that. I I came. I moved back to Maine and and I was involved so heavily in my job and starting up a farm and a little bit of trapping in a number of other things to where I never took a vacation in six years and you know other take time off to work around the farm that was it and this is really the first vacation I've taken. It'll be six and a half years so I I forgot what it was like to plan a trip and to anticipate a trip in to think about what you're GonNa do and look forward to it. That's exciting. That really is exciting and I it's. I forgot that planning for the trip can sometimes be almost Mrs enjoyable as the actual trip so the planning will be exciting. The actual trip will be hopefully pretty good. I'M NOT NOT GONNA get over excited about my expectations. I'm just GONNA go into it and and hope hope for the best but prepare or four things going wrong and and tough conditions and then we'll see what happens and then of course the exciting thing will be when I get back sharing the trip with you guys and and talking about all the details and in who knows if I have my act together maybe I'll have all kinds of pictures and and videos and podcast episodes for you to listen to from from location so so that's that moving on I have emails to go through and go over our approach. We'll probably get through most of them today and then and maybe we'll. We'll do a little bit more for next week. We'll see how long it takes. The first one is from Kristen. She went to a convention the other day so congratulations kristen for going to your local convention. That's always an exciting thing. I think it's it's one of the coolest things about you know some someone who's a new trapper who's just getting into it going to the convention is like so you just get into trapping and there's not really anybody around you can talk trapping with and you might have a friend or two that are into trapping which is great but when you go to convention it's it's a whole the new world because everybody there's a trapper everybody there most everybody is as passionate about trapping as you probably are or you are going to he and it is all trapping all the time and their supplies in their demos. There's things to learn just excitement all over the place so many people to talk to so many things to learn so many toys in supplies to buy so so conventions are pretty awesome and so she she came back with some one and a half coil spring traps and asked about treating them whether she treat them with wax or or whatnot and these traps are going to be used in the water for Koon and my rule of thumb for anybody who who has questions about this is never wax traps that you're gonNA put in the water it's not necessary my opinion and oftentimes waxing traps traps and wax and water waxing traps that go in the Water Waxing Kanda bears especially here's a nightmare but it's unnecessary and it can oftentimes make it difficult go to keep trap set and it can make it difficult to have whatever particular pan tension that you want on that drop the the wax can make that a little bit more challenging to achieve. Don't wax him now. These shops have already been D- greased so they need to be treated because they're going to collect rust now you could go and set them in the water. I've done this. A lot of people have done this. I bought some. Tsa Eighty Five's last spring and it was trapping season. I set him for beaver and I caught a couple beaver on 'em and untreated just right out of the box but they started to develop a little bit are asked on him and a little bear us in a big deal but when you get more and more rust the trap the steel starts to you know you're slowly wearing wearing away that steel in so you know rust over time is going to destroy the trap also you can that. Ruskin can osteen on the pelt if if the trap is going to be subsequently set on land the rest has quite a smell to it. That's that that the predators are going to sniff out so really the trap needs a coating around it to protect it typically for any water traps APPs would I use is a cold dip like speed dip or K. B L Quick die made by Koch brothers in there are few others that you can use but but for Christians case she only has a few traps. I get a couple of cans arrest. Oem Paint and spray paint them. Just just spray paint those traps you can if you WANNA WANNA camouflage them. You can get a couple of different colors. Maybe like a brown and green and gray in mix it up. If you just WANNA do one color she's on straight black. That's fine straight. Brown doesn't matter get some spray paint on them getting painted the entire surface of them and you've got him protected protected and coded and ready to withstand weathering and catch them for all right sure other emails. I get caught up with the Vince from Washington who we did the cage-trapping interview with great guy a another great guy greg from a from Maine caught up with him Evan from Oklahoma. Thanks for emailing in got Dunkin from Okinawa. Japan stationed overseas listening to the podcast just not much trafficking Okeanov. He's a trapper who gets his trapping fix by listening to this podcast among other things things. I'm sure and that's pretty awesome to know so so great to hear from you. Dunkin and hope you get back safe and sound and we will try not to catch all for here while you're gone I got an email from Brad. He's a new trapper from Illinois and he he is he had a pretty interesting. I think I'm GONNA actually get emails from two BRADS so we'll go into both of them but brad is a in kind of a middle aged guy and he's outdoorsman besides my weakness has always been in the trapping department. I never look down. Trapping was always impressed by the ability to lure an animal into a trap my best friend and I have been working his acres to develop it for Turkey. Key Dove Upland Endear in West Central Illinois where what we're lacking is Predator control with your podcast is definitely helped direct me on tips and tricks for trapping our main course of actions the trap raccoons and coyotes wanted to get your input my plan for this winter after deer season is stern several lines for dog dog proof coon traps then run some bear traps using a cat litter boxes followed up with some long spring traps coon were also. GonNa utilize a couple of black and Tan Koon dogs back clean up and for coyotes and be five fifties in wolfing set up eight just kind of asked if if he's missing anything thing in terms of you know working on that a nest Predator issue for Predator control in general and just just kind of laying out these plans and and just bouncing it off of me so so kind of the way I responded. I think that's a great idea. It's it's always exciting to hear enthusiasm and people that are getting started and that enthusiasm can continue. I've had enthusiasm from trappers who've been doing for fifty sixty years so that that's always great. Trapping is something that really brings that out and people now in my advice to Brad was kind of I think it's great to be starting with Kuhn's and the reason for that is coons are simple. They're easy Z. Catch the sets are easy to make and you're GONNA get success and you're going to be effective and you're going to have fun. I don't know as I try to jump to quickly into both coon's and coyotes unless you're willing to spend a lot of time learning a lot of time time working and don't have incredibly high expectations so so that's that's the whole the feasability in terms of getting things done if you're talking nest predators. This is something it. It's something that southern trappers have a lot more experience than US northern trappers do but mine one of my understandings of how nest predation works is that you you kind of. If you just trapped in the fall you're you're going to have animals filter back into those areas in that. You're trying to manage for up and game birds or or other game birds. You'RE GONNA have other predators filter back in the months between the time you trap and fall winter and the spring nesting season so you really have to have kind of a constant pressure on those predators on that property all the way through nesting season and in order to do that. You're gonNA hopefully you have regulations that. Allow that in your state and if you do great but you also have to understand that you're gonNA trapping for when it's in a lot of times out of season and not gonna GonNa be as prime or prime at all maybe not even Selbe when it comes to selling like Koon and you're going to be working for a long period of time so if you keep that in mind just without understanding that's great the big thing that that I wanted to get across to Brad into others in this situation is star small and have fun. Just enjoy yourself. learn get excited did find success in move on in advance in progress from there and you'll get better and better every year. You'll learn more. You'll meet more people all all of a sudden. If you stick with it in a few years you'll be like this expert. Trapper and other guys are going to be asking you for advice so I I would say just enjoy for yourself. keep an open mind work hard but also just just learn a lot and don't get burned out had an email email from Bob from New York and he is fifty four years old been hunting fishing with my father. Since I was eight it was the cement that bound us and was the most steadfast tradition we had we hunted small game and ruin rabbits with dogs grouse pheasants squirrels and then of course big game with dear. Dad passed away for years ago and to be honest. The hunting woods hasn't been the same for me. I'm a branch president for q the Ma and we do feel to fork program than instruction takes adults that have never hunted out to mentor hunts last year. We had five participants in all five took gear. We instructed them and everything from laws ethics biology and hunting skills we also taught them to process and prepare the venison truly field field to fork mentoring them got me thinking. I'd always had a passing interest trapping but since dad never done it I never did with my involvement teaching these old dogs new tricks and field the fork. I decided there's never going to be a better time to do it. The now heading into my first season I plan on focusing on Coyote Fox and Kuhn. I may take a stab at some muskrats but I'm not close to any rat habitat that I know of so. I just want to let you know you've helped me get this new adventure underway. Thank you all right Bob. That is awesome awesome awesome. I am amazed at how many new trappers we get listening to the podcast so anything that we can help happy out with Bob. Just feel free to send me another email and I will do my best to answer that in and help you long that is absolutely true. Rubab you can never it's never too late to start. There's never a better time than now to get going and get into trapping. There's a- all kinds of people out there to help you. There's tons of information on Youtube and on websites and and trapper man and everywhere else you you go there. There's lots out there. There's people that are willing to help so come on in guys anybody else. That's the hasn't trap before. That's that's listening come on and and we got a lot of people get started and we need that we knew people to get into it and the beauty of it to me is we. We talked about this in the past about the firm and what happened during the for boom the last for boom late seventies early eighties there there was a lot of money in for there is enough money to where people who had never hardly ever heard of trapping before all the sudden became trappers overnight and they were out there running around chasing. I and everybody was trapping everybody because there was a lot of money in it and and there was a lot of theft there is a lot of territoriality. There's a lot of fights. There was a lot of nastiness going on and ah by all accounts from the people who were involved in trapping during the furby boom none of them that I've talked to wishes at back Jack none of them. We had a little mini for boom here. In like twenty twelve twenty thirteen twenty fourteen for prices scheme up a little bit through all the people that came out of the woodwork but it wasn't quite so bad but the people who are getting into trapping now because we've had such a long period since two thousand fourteen of loafer prices are really people who are getting into it in my opinion for the right reasons because they love the outdoors doors. They're hunters. They're they're anglers and they they've always had this passing interest in trapping and it may be for wildlife. They've management purposes. It may be to control predators. It may be just because they think it's really cool the whole experience about of trapping in harvesting animals and preparing pelts in in making that end product is something that appeals to a lot of people and and really one of the things that I think we underestimate is that connection with the outdoors where the hunting and fishing it gets you there air but I think trapping takes you to the next level really. There's there's a whole entirely new level where you are. You're learning so much about all these different ferber species in their habitats and how to catch them in their their habits and their travel ways in everything elsewhere it it really it puts you in tune. I think more than anybody else that's out in the woods so so there are a lot of people that are attracted to that in and WanNa do that. WanNa Trap I think I think this is great. I absolutely love hearing from you. Is that our new trappers and in our thinking of getting into trapping thing because this makes the trapping community a better place it really does having having people like you join us is is really cool cool. George emailed asking a few different questions. I use wondering about fleshing being what to use for flushing knife and flushing beam what the setup was so. If you go my youtube channel trapping today I we have some videos where I flesh beaver. I Flesh Martin Fisher and Muskrat so there's some demonstrations there but basically basically what I told George was that for smaller animals like like mink Muskrat Martin I you simply use a butter knife to flush him uh-huh or unions a butter knife you something similar that little pelt scraper things that they sell It's it's really simple there. They don't have a whole lot that needs to be flashed lost and they have very thin felt so you don't WanNa get too aggressive because you will rip them so that that works really well the boards for the small animals. I just use like a mink board and and that works really well just the one solid board to put him on to flush him and then for or the larger animals you can use a flashing beam and the size of the beam that you choose is just depends on your personal preference really it it could be anywhere from five inches wide to seven or eight inches wide and it can be from three and a half feet long young to six feet long. I think mine is I've mentioned before I think mine is like five by fifty four something like that but anyway that's that's a setup there. He was asked about tanning and you know about brain tanning. I really don't know much about maintaining. I know some people who have done it successfully but for the most part people don't mess with it anymore. The people who do self tan usually use the hide tanning formulas is that you can buy online and pointed George in the direction of where he could find those and the best tanning video that I have seen so far share it with George and I'll mention to you guys is coon creek outdoors youtube channel where he does a bunch of tanning and he he goes through the entire process has great instructional videos and shows you what to use and how to do it so check that out George also asked about books or DVD resources for beginners getting started in. I think he mentioned something about muskrats again. I will say Muskrat trappers offers guide by Mitchell rickets that is the most comprehensive Muskrat trapping book on the market as as far as I can tell and then as far as other books to get started really. I think the Koch Brothers Kyle's made made simple books like mortar beaver trapping made simple raccoon trapping made simple. He's got a whole series of those and I think those are are really the best that I know of as far as helping people get started in entrapping different species so check those out at cuts dot com and I will provide links wchs now I had an email from John in Utah and he was asking about Martin trapping in the mountains so this was a really interesting one because because I've actually done this when I lived in Utah. I did a trip out in the US with a fellow trapper and we we trap for Martin. Martin for several days stayed in the camp and set up put out a bunch of sets. We caught half a dozen. Martin had one heck of an experience of such beautiful the area and I'm going to save that for a future episode. Maybe next week we'll talk about Martin if not sometime in the future so ah I'll answer John's questions I did email him back and answer his immediate questions about Martin trapping but I I will continue that going much better detail in a future episode the finally I want to finish up tonight's episode with an email from Brad and Dan. I'm not going to tell you the state that Brad is in because it would give away a little bit too much but he he really he he brad has we've emailed before and he's a young trapper and he has he's a thinker and he's a sharp guy. I really enjoy hearing from an he brings up a pretty interesting interesting set of ideas here and thoughts so I wanted to kind of read through this as much as I can and get these ideas and thoughts across you because I think it's very important he touches on a few things and in something that he has done to to to help the trapping community in and trappers as a whole in any kind of talking about. Maybe maybe encouraging others from our community to do the same thing so I'm just GonNa Kinda start off and in in go through this and see where it takes us so brad says this weekend my wife and I attended a a trappers rendezvous so that she could take her trappers education course and get licensed. She's watched me get more and more into trapping over the past few years and it seemed to Pique your interest enough to take the class last will now that it's over amazed at how excited she is to get out and start trapping over the past three years of having my license. I've started a small nuisance strapping business business and spend as much time as possible learning the craft. That's the good news. The bad news is I've been continually disappointed. In the overall landscape. Excuse escape of trapping outreach the course she took on Saturday was poorly done and I feel it didn't provide students with a solid grasp of the trapping in culture or respect for the animals we harvest and significance of our work. Now I fully understand the difficulties we face in keeping the heritage alive which is why. I thought I would bring it to you as you have. A much larger based in touch with this experience has led me to start working towards becoming a trapper Education Gatien instructor as a young person with a background in degree in wildlife and fisheries. I feel sense of responsibility to take this on and try to get more people interested in the sport as was to be able to bring articulate descriptions of two non trappers this where I thought you maybe I'll help in my opinion. One of the things that trapping community needs is more young articulate people out there helping to teach the next generation of trappers. You know I I couldn't agree with this more heat. He absolutely hits a nail on the head we we don't have enough people who are who are young and who are into this that are that are willing to do with. Brad is willing to do here he said I was hoping if he found it appropriate to consider making a short short request to your viewers podcast listeners to go out and become instructors. The trapping education classes in my state are few and far between and the instructors are all within an identical demographic. I think if we could bolster the support of a few more young people to get active and teaching this stuff we may be l. to see a shift and increase increasing class participants for example in the class Saturday. My wife was the only female and one of only three or four people under thirty years old. There were forty seats in the class and only seventeen people showed up. I'm sure you're well aware the struggle but I thought I mentioned and the ability to get even one more person out there. Teaching these classes and getting more people involved will be worth the time in my opinion. I for example have three young people my age that have already said that when I teach a class they'd be happy to sign up so that's from Brad. We appreciate it Brad. Absolutely I know I know where you're coming from and that's a big step. I would absolutely commend you for that for taking the time time to step up and Brad saw something that he didn't like you sit down and of course you know if you understand a lot about wildlife like management and for bears and you have to sit through the course and you hear the instructors talking and it doesn't quite sit well well with you. I can understand why you want to start teaching a course because you know what needs to be done and what needs to be said and and that's a big deal now I'm not. I'm not sitting here trying to tell everybody else to go out and start taking start teaching trapper education in courses because I'll be honest. I'M NOT GONNA go out tomorrow and start teaching trapper education course we all have our own ways our habits are are comfort zone. We all have things that we do and we all have gifts. If you have any desire to help improve things in the trapping community. If you have any desire I to help get more people not only get more people trapping but get trappers up to a better level of understanding get trappers to recognize why what while they've management is how it works. There's there's a lot of great instructors in in the instructors that are out. There are volunteers. They're doing this for free in the absolutely mean well not in all of them have a great understanding of things in in terms of wildlife management they all have experience strapping on almost all of them in their great people and they help us get our courses so that we can get out trapping and kids out trapping if you you have something to add one of the best things that that happened was when I took my trapper education course a guy named Clifford called presque Isle Maine. I I if that if I ever I don't know if I'll have run into the guy but if I ever do I owe him. I O M whatever favor he wants. I I I do owe him because 'cause I got trapping because of that guy he scheduled to a special course in my little hometown with three of us so that we could get air trapping licenses and he was teaching the course and there are a lot of things that he didn't have a full understanding meaning of because he he wasn't in necessarily a you know an avid trapper and one of my buddies. His Dad wasn't avid trapper very very avid trapper for decades and anytime Mister colwell would would talk about something and my Buddy's Dad would would speak up he he'd set back and he let him talk and the any say or you know more about this than I do. let these guys know what they need to know and what what really what we what would be ideal is if we can teaches richie's youngsters in these people knew detracting from a place of experience in also so a place of a broader understanding of of trapping of the ethics around trapping of Wildlife Management Side of trapping thing conservation in how released a trapping the legal issues and put those all together and of course and because we we have limited people in limited folks who have the time in and willingness to volunteer. We don't always get that and guys argyle's take their course and they get started and they either pick that up along the way or they don't. I do know somebody I won't say the person I won't say the state who had a very bad experience in a trapper education course in general. I think they're very good but if if you see a need I would strongly encourage you to step up if you're the person or if we know someone who's the person find a way to step up or help other step up to to to do this right. We need to do this right as trappers and and make sure that we're educating folks in in getting him start in the right direction so with that thanks Brad very much That's a real wakeup. Call for for myself and a lot of us that you know there are times times when when what happened to Brad happens to all of us in you see something in you just need to step in and do do something and I think it is a great thing that you've done and I hope that you continue to help you get going on this course and in that you continue to up up to do this in future years and do it right. That's that's greatly appreciated so with that. We are all caught up. All the recent things going on all the listener emails. I can't believe there's nothing else talk about so. I'm going to wrap it up for tonight and I wish you guys a Greek. Keep on talking trap and keep on thinking trap and it's getting travesties by the way the I know a lot of guys. Stop Listening 'cause I had people last trapping season who used to email me that I haven't heard from so oh I'm sure some of you are just getting going in because Chapman season's coming and you're getting into it and you're going to listen to all the back episodes and get caught up semi. We know let me know your back because I miss you There's a few that I I've heard from last year and I miss you on here for me again. Keep on talking trap and keep on thinking trapping and we will catch you on the next episode.

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