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"winkle jones edward" Discussed on Tipsy Tales

"We have a story like this. Yeah i mean the one. I did last. Time is a lot like this one. Yeah and that's where we were like. We should just go ahead. And do the bermuda triangle. Yeah 'cause we have come across it so much anyways. So for decades. Bermuda triangle has captured the human imagination with unexplained disappearances of ships planes and people and other phenomena located off the southeastern coast of the us in the atlantic ocean between bermuda. Florida and puerto rico. The region has become. It's known as a region of unexplained mysteries but the area seems a stretch as far as the magic nation will allow. also. The devil's triangle has been blamed for the disappearance of thousands of people in the past decades. The term bermuda triangle was first used by vincent gaddis in nineteen sixty four in an article published in argosy magazine but the earliest mention of the area was in nineteen fifty and nineteen fifty article published in the miami herald by edward van. Winkle jones edward vending winkle jones. Okay that's tongue-twister tears later. Fate magazine published see mystery at our back a short article by george sand covering the loss of several planes and ships including the loss of flight. Nineteen a group of five. Us navy gunman tbn avenger torpedo bombers on a trainee. mitch mission. Sands article was the first to lay out the now familiar triangle area where the last took place as well as the first to suggest a supernatural element to the flight nineteen incident. So and i'm gonna get into flight. Nineteen a little bit later on. Nineteen alone would be covered again in the april. Nineteen sixty two issue of american legion magazine. All right and then in february nineteen sixty. Four vincent gaddis wrote an article called the deadly. Bermuda triangle in the pulp magazine are saying flight. Nineteen and other disappearances were part of a pattern of strange events in the region. The next year gaddis expanded this article into a book invisible horizons. So this is when the whole legend of the Mita triangle really start to take off explanations. Okay you can both talk about this Explanations for occurrences in the bermuda triangle. Run the gamut from a scale of scientific to aliens. Yeah do you wanna talk about those now or you wanna wait until the end after. We've discussed all the weirdness Wanting to talk about the scientific ones first and then we can talk about the weird ones later. Okay so one of the things that people talk about or as an explanation as to what's going on is comfort competent comp- grew we're definitely drinking today. Folks all right compass variations compass. Problems are one of the cited phrases and many tr- triangle at incidents while some have theorized that unusual local magnetic anomalies may exist in the area. Such anomalies have not been found. Compasses have natural. Magnetic variations in relation to the magnetic poles a fact which navigators have known for centuries magnetic north and geographic. True north are exactly the same only for small number of places for example as of two thousand and the united states. Only those places on a line running from wisconsin to the gulf of mexico. There is some evidence to suggest. The bermuda triangle is a place where magnetic compass sometimes points towards true north as opposed to magnetic north. So that's one explanation and then another one. Did you run into this one. The gulfstream No i don't know you'll have to talk about because it may be under something different than what you have. Okay and other is the gulfstream. The gulfstream is a major service current primarily driven by thermo. Hey circulation that originates in the gulf of mexico and then it flows through the straits of florida into the north into the north atlantic..

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