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June 17th: Greeley Mayor John Gates HR 2

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June 17th: Greeley Mayor John Gates HR 2

"S is mornings with kale in northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi am you might have a question. A resident of really. Because there's plenty going on with the greeley city council joined the sporting by greenlee mayor. John gates mayor gates. Welcome back to the show. How you holding up with all this heat. It's warm gail good morning with you. But i don't like the snow so i try not to complain about the heat too much but i do complain about the snow if i never saw it again. I'd be lying there. You go there you go. Well you know it is going to get a little bit cooler. We do have that to look forward to say a little bit cooler that means in the nineties which is better than triple digits. Ninety one cooler. That's a scary thought. It we're all going to be breaking out our winner gear clubs because he'll shelly right. Yeah lots of stuff going on with the city council Let's start with the fact Tommy would rights and biz west and prairie mount media that the city council approved unanimously. A proposal to rezone more than forty acres of property in west greeley. Let's talk a little bit about that. As it clears the path for future development. Sure so there's the buffs forty acres out by promontory promontory on us three or four bypass close to the new the new fire station and There's not a designation for the land right now. The problem with owning is that some of it is commercial and some of its rose central high density And they want to kind of combine no so that it won't future development so this was actually zoned back in the mid two thousand For an imagine school at a chartered institute wanted to build a school out there and that didn't happen so it's already titled that way but the fact is we don't know what developers developers will put in there but between the developer. Zero city staff We sort of got the word that we need to rezone that so then it will make it easier for future development and that the area is ripe for future development It's a reasonable growing this because we have room to grow west so this is kind of a win win with regard to getting folks up to to To explore what they may want to build out there. Hopefully it's commercial not more residential but Whatever it goes out there we'll take it and then we'll support to our infrastructure and you know it's been said it's you build it. They will come while they're coming anyway. As we're seeing a considerable growth not only in greeley but throughout northern colorado throughout the state. I might add but yeah land Certainly tucked come by yet. Definitely is gail and you watch those median. Home prices like a hawk and Ours is creeping up. Those are neighbor so of course. The housing shortage is a whole nother. Subject it's not just your colorado nationwide. But our our median home prices still roughly a hundred thousand western neighbors for collins and with that it's going to stimulate growth come to really get quality home. They about one hundred less feeling doing in any of those other communities. So that's a certainly an economic development enhancer also on the city council approving this non exclusive franchise to allah communications to bring fiber internet to the city. Wait a minute. didn't we have this conversation. I know it's different but didn't we have this conversation in the past Basically you and this is after the city of greeley declined to pursue municipal broadband internet. So this is different and And don't think you're the only one s connect question gail. I've had it since tuesday night. But so what. The city before was a public private partnership to bring about municipal broadband. And you know. I started out initially thinking if we don't improve our bandwidth. We're going to be left in the dust. The city eventually After a number hearings didn't think that that was a good investment and It was really expensive and we turned it down and and could not be more happy that we did since. Kobe hit directly after that. So this is an entirely different prospect and the public private. This is a firm at an imperial nebraska. Aloe communications Core coming in and doing this on their own. So this isn't a public private partnership what what are residents have said through surveys is that they want some competition with their internet services and this will give it to them. It's it's not an attempt to push century winker comcast town At all it's probably going to give them some competition but more importantly than the competition is going to give our residents the opportunity to get Broadband internet whereas they haven't had four. So it's a long process. And i think you mentioned deal. The contract is not dow. Others may come into play for a franchise. They're company completely able to bring it a crew of people stall five throughout the city Eighty five two hundred voiced tuesday destroyed. Again it's kind of a win with city but more importantly to win when you are projected timeline on that process. I don't have there probably is one gail. I don't i don't have it at my disposal on it I can tell you the meaning. Tuesday night at time didn't come up you know. It's it's not quick but But will you. And i'll be around to see it. How's that for a wide range. That's good news. Measure sure some fourteen now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi a. dot com joined by really city mayor greeley mayor john gates to ask about. Let's see i've got a whole stack of stuff failure. Because yeah i feel bad that we've lost touch a little bit so it's good to catch up on everything. Yeah everything that's going on Let's talk a little bit about dick. Cheap greeley moving That back on the docket. It is back on the docket Voters will see it again in november It's an extension It's not a new tax. It's an extension of on that voters approved it sunsets in two thousand twenty two so we got a little time with it We really feel like we have done what we said we were going to do with. Our roads I think anybody that drives around greeley. Oh the one they see cone zones which indicates progress before i was elected officially store knowing me but now i see progress but For for those. That are paying attention. Which i know most of them are there They're going to be on saying that. Our roads are substantially improved towards a numerical number called a pavement quality index ours is substantially and. We have a lot more work to do. Frankly is that revolves around our streets. So we're going to ask the residents if they would mind extending that tax that they're already paying Of course we pulled this one because everybody pulse but to win. We wanna know where people are If polling on at night of his exceptionally low We likely won't bring that forward. But ironically the polling on this topic of extending keep truly moving came in eighty. Two sandwich caused many including needed. Slip out of our chairs. Because that's a high number at least preliminarily. The voters like what we're doing with the streets. They liked we've been transparent. You can pull up a website. And it'll tell you our spending every dime of that and they think they want us to continue so we'll see of course selection days the real barometer there but the work we've done in the polling would be indicative of the fact that people want us to continue working on our roads that you know. We need their permission. Obviously to extend beyond twenty twenty two well speaking of a barometer as you know vaccines are more available more and more people getting those covid nineteen vaccines if only to qualify for what. There's three one million dollar left on the table and colorado comeback cash. But when you take a look around. The city of greeley as where emerging from all of the lockdowns the restrictions and the economic damage inflicted by covid nineteen Not to mention the number of those who did indeed lose their lives as a result of complications of covid nineteen. How is really faring. These days i make were ferrying really. Well i'm not naive enough to say that we're done with this. But i think we're on the downhill slide. I think our numbers in greeley have come way down. They would indicate there are still some instances Those that according to the numbers coming out about what kind of department of public health and environment are indicative of the fact that Those that are covert kobe. Positive one like we have been vaccinated and two are quite a bit younger and sometimes with that. The second part of that equation where they're younger. They're not getting sick as such. They're not getting hospitalized so i personally think it's great that you can go about anywhere in the community now and And see everybody mask free. I know there are some that want to continue to wear their face coverings and that's entirely up to them i don't happen to be one of my vaccinated needed and i'm able to feel free to To be in the community. As i did before. And you know. I'm looking forward to the greeley stampede. Here soon and think that without hesitation everybody could stay safe going to absolutely and so glad to hear you make that point because we are seeing now the flip side of the equation When it comes to folks propensity to speak their minds you're seeing mass shaming for those who. Choose to wear masks to which i say. Hey last time. I checked it still america. We still have some semblance of freedom of choice and yeah. If you're more comfortable wearing a mask by all means of sounds absolutely it is. It is personal choice and it was personal choice to a degree When we're when we read the bits. Dacoven i i personally wore one because i guess i'm the mayor and i have to set an example and i and i did that without hesitation. I stayed healthy. And i'm still healthy and all my friends are healthy. So yeah it's absolutely a tragedy. We've lost six hundred thousand lives in the united states. We've lost some in our community but that is Tend to tends to happen pandemic. And i think as a whole we got through this pretty well and we'll continue to get man john gates for let you go this morning. I just wanted to get your take on this. The fact that we've got a proposed grocery store at thirteen. Twenty eight th avenue. This is the long vacant downtown deals on wheels building. I mean since safeway left back in two thousand fourteen downtown greeley hasn't tad a grocery store. I think it's tremendous. And i hope that it is moving forward. Yes yes and yes. It is fantastic. It's is moving forward. I know they're still working out some justice but i spoke to the bell versus recently. Is this week and things are still go. it's been a food desert It's important for us to try to bring something about down there. You know. I have personally talked to a lot of property down there As long as a couple of years ago and said now this your property you need to do with it as you see fit but it'd be great if at some point we can have a grocery store and rich marquette candidat and they're committed greeley and they made what happens so the the building as you know has been remodeled. I would guess that The chain question. I don't think that's been officially released. Although i've seen the accurate information in the media will probably have to do a little bit of retrofitting. but it's not as though they're starting scratching building. You know i worked downtown. I spend a lotta time downtown. I am anxious To happen district denver. Much looking forward to the grocery store down. I know most folks down there. Are you know the density down. There is different than it used to. Folks they'll be busy that's good. Yes as argue. Greeley mayor john gates. Thanks so much as always for being so generous with your time Certainly appreciate all you do. How campaign going to camp native going. Well kicking into gear 'cause the season folks will start seeing campaigns nicer. Surely i know some. Don't work so it's getting here. It's good to hear greeley mayor john gates. Thanks can have self great day by poyser juice. Welcome take good care. Seven twenty one now thirteen ten. Kfi yay the power trip weekdays at eleven and thirteen ten kfi k. At seven thirty four keith. Line presidential wealth in loveland in. Ooh ooh what did the feds say. What did the fed say enquiring minds. Want to okay. The fed raised. Its for inflation. Talked about one. It will raise interest rates. That's good and i'll give you some detail on that. It gave no indication as to when it will begin cutting back. Its bond buying program to remember. It has to do that long. pretty much. Long before it can raise interest rates. That's the art of the taper l. That's good i like that. And they say that program has to be completed before they begin the official on the record talk about raising interest rates. And they say the cutting back in that bond. Buying program will take at least ten months now. The fed left its short-term borrowing rate near zero as expected but it moved its forecast of when rates they think will be raised from twenty twenty four back to twenty twenty three. The fed raised its inflation forecast from two point. Four to three point four percent and continued to say that current inflation numbers are transitory. And we've had that discussion with you. Explain that for a long time And they're sticking to that chairman. Jerome powell reiterated that. The fed thinks the current high inflation readings will abate and inflation will trend to the fed's long-term goal of just over two percent. Wow that goes to their transitory train of thought that this is all just temporary exactly and that just over two percent is what. The fed wants in a healthy economy. And make that point once again. Because it's almost counterintuitive but a little impatient good thing a little place goods thing because it means growth and it's as simple as that and the fed defines a little inflation with just a hair over two percent. Powell also said the sharp rebound has the fed forecasting seven percent economic growth in twenty twenty one and remember the fed forecast. Economic growth will be among the most conservative. A lot of experts are saying look for nine percent and some even higher now on that news yesterday the three major market averages closed down about two to five tenths of one percent. Not bad at all. This was pretty much. What most investors what most experts were expecting. Now you ask the question earlier. And i love that is it guesswork. Of course it is fancy footwork yes of course it is but most say powell did an excellent excellent job in in doing what in saying what needed to be said at this point so this morning the markets are mixed to slightly lower financials are up as higher interest rates even if they may be two years away will boost bank prophets. That's long-term investors a showing that With those bank stocks and financials The markets right now all three major averages are higher but not by much the dow industrial average twenty five points at thirty four thousand and fifty nine the snp up four almost five at four thousand two hundred twenty eight in the nasdaq up. Twelve at fourteen thousand and fifty two no route based on what the fed said yesterday again. It was highly expected and many are giving Kudos giving compliments to j. paul on the fed with the way they said what needed to be said at this point in time yield on the tenure just reaffirming all of this up but not by much at one point five five percents summer saying yield on that ten year. One point seven five percent by the end of the year And if that's the case that'll have an impact further impact on mortgage rates. Take that into your planning west. Texas intermediate crude oil seventy two zero three bitcoin. Thirty eight thousand seven. Twenty six weekly jobless claims four hundred twelve thousand. The estimate was that claims would continue dropping as they have over the past several months dropping back almost into that normal range before the pandemic but instead they headed higher in the last reporting week. An but get this. I looked up the details on his of thinking. Why why why. Almost all of the increase came from two states california and pennsylvania interesting. Yeah can't get why they can't get any more than that right. I would ask. What do you attribute that to phase of the moon. I say fraud because that's a story that isn't being told right now. The number of unemployment claims that are fragile. Yeah thank you You ever enterprising. Cybercriminals i did that story a few days ago and the amount of fraud is just off. The chart is it's higher than you would guess. I can guarantee that that's all we could talk shows Those big consumer price index numbers. That you said Social security recipients. Listen up those big consumer price index numbers that we've been seeing over. The past couple of weeks are likely to continue sent. That came in over five percent four. Yeah it four point seven and it was trending point seven five percent right and the month before it was like four two and everybody said well and then it comes back and comes in over five. Well those numbers are what social security cost of living adjustments are based on and there is now a speculation that they may result in a five point three percent raise for social security recipients. Next year that would be the largest. Cpi increase the largest raise since two thousand nine when there was a five point eight percent increase but that five point three by itself is four times the raise social security recipient scott at the beginning of this year. Twenty twenty one. So factor that into your plans to if you're social security aso and advice as always speaking of plans. Well your plans for your retirement. Years need to transcend Security i mean that's not the entire pot o' gold right that your retirement income plan should include social security. It should include an accurate estimate of what your social security will be in how how much it will increase over the years. Yes that's a foundational part of that plan but then in addition to that all you've worked for how you're invested. You got a 401k number. Oh it was a 401k. One class and you were taking it. The first thing most important thing they would teach you if you walk away after the first two minutes is get your money out of the 401k. As soon as you can Why well we can get into that and explain to you and you will agree I i can almost guarantee that. so anyway. Those are just some of the things that need to be factored into that retirement income plan so that it preserves your quality of life for the rest of your life. That's not complicated. Nor is the plan is just everything has to be accounted for in that plan. So if you have questions about that give me a call at our level into office of presidential wealth management. Start answer by answering your questions. That's no no cost to you. No obligation to you. Nobody's going to charge. Nobody's gonna try to sell you anything. Give me your questions. Here's a way to do it. Caller number nine seven zero okay. Seven seven six seventy five hundred like before seven thirty in the morning or after five o'clock at night and just leave a message Who give me your name. Who am what your question is. And if you want leave your phone number and i'll call you personally and we can. We can go over. It may use it on the air. Because if it's a question in your mind it's probably a question and other people's minds as well at number is again nine. Seven zero seven six seventy five hundred. Had something for you this morning as you can tell them what you lost sorting through my oh. I didn't lose it. It's just being allusive last place you look. Yeah exactly that's how it works okay. Trailer out for picard seizes. The to guess who's back hue john vallance. Oh my gosh. The jokester of the universe guy with the major. But it's real. I know that's pretty darn exciting But when's it coming still looking for that elusive piece of paper. So i don't have all the facts. But i i kind of quit reading a q. Actually got you use coming back. You got love him keith. Lemon presidential while in loveland. Thanks so much. Seven forty four now. Thirteen ten k. f. k. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f. k. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint on northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten k ev k. So the loveland city council putting the cancel high on public comment. Kinda send fifty two now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten. Kfi a dot com. I doubt they're going to call you anytime soon. Mornings with gail via the collision specialists studios. Now this piece i. It's a piece by max. Levy in the loveland reporter herald as the loveland council voted five to four to halt online and phone in comments from the public. Wait a minute was talking to somebody about this story. And i'm not. I'm not saying that this is necessarily the case but their knee jerk. Immediate reaction was Well that sounds kind of communist. Well you've got members of the public no longer being able to call in during loveland city council meetings or submit comments online. I guess it's annoying after a five to four to discontinue the covid era options for public participation. Now should note that the mayor of loveland and three councillors actually oppose the change. But you had councilor john. Fogel successfully moving to halt this practice again. Watch which was introduced last year after meetings were closed to the public. To help mitigate the spread of covid nineteen fully in person meetings resumed on june. First though the remote options for public comment were kept in place. A procedure for emailing comments was recently replaced with an online form. Now the recent release of information concerning the twenty twenty arrest of karen garner and controversy involving statements made by loveland planning commission chair. Ron weinberg have driven hours of both public and council comment at recent causing agenda items to be postponed. Well don't things take precedent over others. Well counselor steve. Olson spoke before fogel suggesting a list of changes to the council's public comment procedures that including halting phone in an online comments he also proposed excluding commenters. From outside of larimer county requiring registration. No later than an hour in advance of the meeting unless the council made an exception limiting public comments on agenda items to a half hour and limiting general pub- comment to one hour with an option to continue after the rest of the agenda was completed olsen said. The intent is not to cut off public comment which begs the question well for all intents and purposes. It's that appears to be to some degree. What you're doing. So why are you doing it. While olsen said it's to set some boundaries so that it occurs in an orderly fashion and we get city business done he said. I've been frustrated for some time with our inability to accomplish the business of the city. Wasn't that the business of the city's residents as well fogel suggested amending. Olson's lists to also get rid of an exception to the three minute limit on individual public comment by which a group of at least six people can name. And we've seen this happen particularly at the weld county commissioners meeting where you get a group of people who all seed their time to one person but apparently that goes on during loveland city council meetings as well a group of at least six people can name a single person to speak on their behalf for up to ten minutes. Well okay fine if you're gonna have six people speaking anyway what difference does it make if it's one person speaking for ten minutes or six people. Speaking in their allotted time slots for ten minutes. Fogel argued that it would be more beneficial to hear from stakeholders rather than listen to a candice speech from a group at that. It's the way the group wants to deliver their message than shouldn't they be able to do. Just that now mayor. Jackie march argued. The move would limit participation by parents and others who have difficulties attending the six. Pm weekly meetings in person you have to remember All of these measures for commenting were put into effect has a result of all the restrictions relative to covid nineteen. But i think mayor. Jackie marsh makes a very good point. She said i was at a meeting over the weekend where i heard from people that the ability to phone in public comment was allowing them to air quote attend. Close air. Quotes the meetings. I would hate to take such drastic actions to silence people. And isn't that exactly what we're talking about here. Silence people in ways. That may not be a problem. Ongoing over the months and years to come council voted five four to implement fogel suggestion with march and counselors rob me sampson and write a pose. Talk about putting the kyw bash on comment this morning. Nine seven three five three thirteen tenths and fifty seven. Now thirteen ten. Kfi while the whole sports story northern colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k thirteen ten kfi angry loveland closing in on eight o'clock.

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