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Whats that big bird

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

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Whats that big bird

"Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. You know if you're visiting a ghost town, a state or national park this summer, then you need to visit perfect blue dot com for campfire coffee. The independent team perfect brew have researched the best camping cowboy coffee positive percolator when you're roughing it one visit to perfect brew, and you won't have to sacrifice the grade taste of coffee anymore. Today's story PTERODACTYL sightings. The PTERODACTYL is a flying reptile. They were thought to have died out at the end of the cassation period, but there have been sightings across north. America. Since Spanish first set foot on what today's Mexico pterodactyls were there on pictographs and discovered on the face of cliffs native. Americans. Spoke of a giant bird eight people in sketched their images on hides. But there have been a rash of sightings in modern times, the nineteen, sixty, a couple driving. Driving through California's Trinity National Forest reported seeing the so what a giant bread that they asked committed to have a wingspan of thirty feet later described it as resembling a pterodactyl may nineteen, sixty, one in New York state a businessman flying his private plane over the Hudson River valley claimed that he was buzzed by a large flying creature that he sat luck like a pterodactyl January nineteen, seventy-six Harlingen Texas Teens Jackie Davis. Tracy Lawson reported seeing a bird on the. The ground that stood five feet tall was dark in color with a ball head and face like gorillas. The sharp six inch long beak a subsequent investigation by their parents, uncovered tracks that had three toes and were eight inches across that same year. In San Antonio Texas three elementary school teachers teachers. Now saw what they described as a PTERODACTYL swooping low over their cars. As they drove. They said, it's Wingspan was between twenty and thirty feet and one of the. The teachers commented that glided through the air on huge bony wings like a bat, September nineteen, eighty, two loss. Fresno Texas, an ambulance driver named James Thomson was stopped while driving on highway one hundred by a sighting of a large bird like object flying low over the area. He described it as a black grace bird, but the rough texture. But no feathers, it had a twenty foot Wingspan Hump on the back of its head and almost no neck at all. All after consulting some books to identify the creature, he decided it most closely look like pterodactyl. There have been numerous pictures taken of flying reptiles. One such photo show six civil war union soldiers standing over a PTERODACTYL. They apparently shot down shortly after the photo was published experts, cleared it a fake however recently, that creator of the Phony Photo said, it was a replica of the real picture. He has since produced the original most recently twenty, sixteen, a man in. In the city of Corvallis Oregon says, he saw a big bird that sounded like a dinosaur, the man who provided a full name, but asked to remain anonymous told Cryptos, who just news that he works as a campus security guard. He says, he was taking out the trash in the middle of the day when the creatures startled him, it flew from above house across the street and glided back to the ground. I only saw briefly those caught off guard by. By size and the screeching sounded made a sounded like an old movie dinosaur. He described the creature was flying with a wingspan of about twenty to thirty feet of wink. The wings he said were bent and it exhibited a short curved beak sightings photos. Even movies have been taken of PTERODACTYLS and surfaced in the UK Africa in Mexico in the United, states in the Pacific. Northwest. States. Of Washington Oregon and Idaho. But Oregon's twenty. Sixteen citing is the most recent. Recent. You can dismiss a siding of the PTERODACTYL in the same way UFO's have been dismissed or if you live in the Pacific northwest, you could carry a pair of binoculars. Next time you're out camping PTERODACTYLS was produced here at idol sound studio and brought to you by perfect grew their team of coffee lovers if you have questions about the best being brand or bruin method or anything coffee for that matter. Perfect brew, Hazars Mrs Kept Crumb. Thanks for listening.

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