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"wing texi" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"wing texi" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Under a minute to go on the power play. Long. This is going to switch up, sending out the second unit, Zakarin Ski motoring up the middle. You know the right side Greater Ranko. He got stripped like Lauren, who Rams it back in pursuing in the four check is Yanni. Gord Short handed most Leekens the goalie place and instead around the near side of sexy, eh? I'll drop it off to war and ski 36 in the power players. Now it's Max Domi, cutting his way to center left wing Texi eight to flex it in. First to it is McDonough behind the Lightning neck. Poke it into the near corner for Hedman. You'll find Yanni Gord and Gord launches it out down the icy goes Good kill so far for the lightning Still 18 seconds left in it. Gawronski, Right side feet Grigorenko into the lightning end Mikhail Grigorenko. Right circle. A little past came right in front. How did that happen? Stellan put it, I think off the post might hit the referee by the neck. What an open. Look for Stan let off a broken play jacket. Stay with the taxi. A left circle shoots missing a wide right. The penalty is now up route is out of the box. That long rebound carried the puck all the way back to the Columbus said. We rescue will play it. Still 32 jackets in the second around. The near sign it reflects into the lining in circuit champ is on it by the Tampa Bay net got through Robinson Check and Alex the point Brayden point speeds to center. List for Stan goes, it hit him in the back, and that allows Eric Robinson a counter into the landing zone. Robinson busting the right circles shoot state made Vasilevskiy point the other way. Left wing Stamkos. Spring Palat to center Andre Plot bounces it in is gonna be played by point in the right corner of the offensive zone, Lightning down 32 in the second on the right point circuit jump. Slight stamp coast. You know, rip it right Circle plot. CenterPoint.

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