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Divers search Indonesian lake for 192 missing after sinking

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Divers search Indonesian lake for 192 missing after sinking

"And this is morning edition on wnyc we've got seventy one degrees partly sunny skies in new york city it'll be pretty much like this all day long although some more clouds will be rolling in the afternoon goes by we'll have highs today in the lower eighties showers tonight with a slight chance of thunderstorms and lows in the mid sixties mostly sunny for tomorrow we could see a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow morning highs in the lower eighties and if you're looking ahead to friday mostly sunny in the morning mostly cloudy in the afternoon and a little cooler highs only in the upper seventies support for wnyc comes from oscilloscope laboratories presenting a new documentary the king a musical road trip that traces the rise and fall of elvis presley as a metaphor for the country in theaters friday qna's opening weekend with filmmaker eugene iraqi and guests from npr news in washington i'm windsor johnston united states border patrol agents say they're stepping up security efforts as migrants continue to make the dangerous trek from mexico into the us aging can group says preservation of human life is their number one priority these are people and always know the scenario that that person you know their background or anything like that but i mean preservation human life that's always our number one mission more than two thousand migrant children have been separated from their families at the southern border under the trump administration zero tolerance policy that's prompted widespread outrage and calls for president trump to reverse the practice the white house is defending the policy saying it has a duty to prosecute people who illegally crossed the border authorities and indonesia's say up to one hundred eighty people are missing after a ferry accident on the island of sumatra the boat sank in lake toba on monday michael sullivan reports eighteen people were rescued shortly after the boat went down but nonesense lake toba is a popular tourist destination carved out of the crater of a long dormant volcano and it's deep almost fifteen hundred feet in some places authorities say the boat was carrying at least three times as many people as it was licensed to divers and an underwater drone or being used to search for the boat and the missing this is npr news in washington and this is morning edition on wnyc at six twenty good morning i'm kerry nolan we have some delays on the rails to tell you about a new jersey transit is reporting delays on the morris and essex line long island railroads babylon and port jefferson branches are delayed and metro north new haven line has delays governor andrew.

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