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"windies nostrils" Discussed on Spiritual Expositions

"So he says to mix up subsequent permission. Then there's universal form has to be instant. So after wing two steps onto three four five six seven eight, Dan, you can instill this in the consciousness now think about it. You have to understand one thing when I am looking at a person. Now, let us say I am looking at the camera. Can you see me looking in the camera? Right. So if I'm looking in the camera that means both my eyes are focused on that one object. Now, let's say if I am looking at you, do you think I can look at your nose or is your head and face and everything. No, I can only look at one object in your face letter say I am looking at one. I I can look at the is if I look at body is that means, I'm squinted. Right. So I have to look only at one object. So likewise, how do you focus this thing? And how do you get in the corn shis nece in your consciousness in your inner being how do you get this picture inside of you? And that is what is important instilling the picture inside of you. And then it has got three planetary systems three planetary systems up the heaven, they are and another words all that come along with the larger. Sceviour instilling the lot within us. So we need the three words also because he's the Lord of the three words. This is a representation of the supreme law as universal person in which the earth is feet the sky his naval the sun. His is the Windies nostrils, the demigods appropriation genitals death, his Inez Moonies mind. The heavenly planet are his head. The direction is yours. The demi-gods protecting the various planets as many arms, the God of debt is eyebrows. Shame his no only, greedy upper lip delusion is mine and moonshine Chinese while the trees are the almighty, publishers bodily has and the clouds ahead on his head. So this is the rain will the Lord has been described. He says regionalized this. I wanted to wish you allies see without visualization. You cannot ever come to any form. Understanding in most of the other religions of this world, there is no process card visualize Asian even in our normal life. We have to visualize everything. We.

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