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"windham motown" Discussed on Questlove Supreme

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"windham motown" Discussed on Questlove Supreme

"Anyway so yeah I was going to say how often was the. That's the thing I never never had because you know because the age gap between me and my siblings or your last name is love so the yeah now I never. I never had that like you get my brother muscle. That's that's the one thing you never. You would never mess with. Yeah you would never mess with the youngest person any black because they always say I'm GONNA give my cousin fuck you pressure on Tito. Because he wanted to. I always thought you were the oldest anymore. I'm not I'm not. I'm third in line. Yeah I'm like two and a half years younger than Jackie but Jemaine always start face. This school care. He and we started. He was started in the defied. His battle Olym- run home and say mother not finding socially. How do you guys pair off as as far as peers like who is your? I'd never all of your close Yada Yada Yada whatever own but like you road. Oh Dr who who are who the road Dr Groups in the Jackson family or Jemaine and I hunger hung out together Marlin and Michael Kors hunger together are in Jackie. Just mingle damn with all. He was like big brother telling us what to do time to rehearse. Now you can't do that we gotta rehearse you know so he's the Alpha for BA. Yeah he was rather figured he was older than everyone responsible is okay. Let's see. who was the SNITCH family? Little the Tattletale Germaine. Okay tell everything he tells much. Tell yourself don't how it works the fan. You're you're right about that. You're right about that. There's Harry from motown wants pleading me tape of There's there's an EP K.. or not but kind of an audio EP K. of wrapping with Jackson Five. Whatever where you guys are just talking for half hour about your hobbies and all that stuff but Jemaine all of his all of his portions were about like kind? I provoke in the brothers. Like Michael Time when you got in trouble for data and Tito remember that time you got in trouble. I was like Oh like why is he in what. I'm also very curious about you and your brother. Jimmy's craft after as As guitarist and bass players now. I know that motown had a strict system. Which of course you long to get away from theus once? You went to epic but I will say that based on the evidence of a lot of live tapes that I've heard of the concerts and especially with going to Indiana the special the bacteria going back to you Indiana that yeah you to word the top of your game as far as like covering like really in in fine form what the funk brothers were doing on record and all those things. Yeah because Back ECHINACEA Jackson Fiber early days of doing concert tours. The are banned. Contentious consists of myself in Germain. Ronnie rancher firm Oregon Johnny China Jackson on drums and that was the band. So how often were you. Who's the MD of that particular of just Bam rehearsals missiles? Actually I was. I was pretty much. How were the early shows crafted? Not The adult period of the Jackson's but like the the early shows Utah prior to motown not prior to motel. Once you guys were doing motown because one one thing that I think that our audience doesn't I understand like when you're on your first two records. Sometimes you have to do cover songs. We did cover the day so we did a lot of the album album album songs. We have a lot of those songs were covers as well so Basically that's what we did we cover temptations or whether it was a Four top so whoever we did a lot of cover stint who were you while. I'm curious about your record collection like by the by the time that you moved ellum certain it. Oh Yeah you sorta accumulatively brothers and Miracles Corsa all the motown temps and and all that kind of stuff. OJ's we lose you. Go to like your favorite. who were your Jackson? Who is your Jackson's go to group was the temptations really far yes temptations we love to ESL? Why okay so were you guys at all thrown up towards being able to see real time where you kinda thrown off by the Norman Whitfield period of of that group like to go from what they were the smooth presentation of what assumed that is the blueprint of what you guys were to suddenly? Certainly there hippie. Let's keep up with sly stone period. Yeah think we'll seventeen minute intros and yeah we basically just trying to follow style you know The flight slide family stone is very musical. You know their little different type of setup than temptation patients type A group. They're more musical so we enjoyed that you know like songs like thank you in on this stuff you know. SLI- was demand you know. We Love Billy Preston as well our were you able to go to conserve. How often would you see other shows? That weren't your time off. Were not that off unless you on the show or we're running across some somewhere somehow. Yeah was there any act that not even feeling like They might be a threat. But like that's the level we need to get to like stair steps five stair steps was one of those groups that we used to look at and say that's what we ask to be like you know or that. was that rival. You know how you have reliable group or whatever. Oh Yeah what was it. Because I've only seen like maybe one or two performances of there's like like what was it about their presentation that well. I think we love the way they dress the way they cared theirself and they were professionals. You know we were trying to get to that stage in our game you know. So they had it already they would come over to the Just tear it up. The young ladies were screaming screaming and hollering chase them offstage. And that's what we how. How frightening was the Apollo experience? Even though I mean I'm talking about pass Azure our once you guys were even established like is this still feeler fear of like we still better rocket or else. Yeah yeah we never really Concentrated Trade on Like trying to go past what we've thought we could have been. We just did what we can do. Did did our best at what we could do. And that usually turned out to be pretty cool. So that's where that was I know that in the ball to motown Oh town. There are hundreds like to pack level Prince Level of volume of finished recorded songs songs that are fully mixed in everything And not you know the final nine or ten songs that make it particularly Jackson album like a think at last count I saw at least somewhat right like two hundred plus songs so what. What is the process of how songs were divided or like? How did you guys make decisions? We make that those types of decisions. You just told you we would come home from school right right in the studio everyday. If we didn't have a concert or on the road we'll go straight to the studio studio and do our homework in Studio get home about ten o'clock at night and that was it. We used to do a song a day. You know background vocals and if we had any clean up on the weekends wins so I'm an whose decision was it to like. Was it everything like okay. So here's some ten songs. And what do you guys. What do you guys dig? And well. I nothing motel pretty much picked the songs that we recorded ended up with Pal Davis in the corporation Freddie parented and all those guys you know they already had it laid out for us. They had done the keys. And all those type of things and they cut the tracks and have us to come in later to the Boko co-funding so the various producers James Carmichael. How David The MOZELLE brothers for second year. Dick Richards fries mysel- sale. Who did you who you are the brothers particularly favor as a producer? Well we we loved working from with Hal Davis because he was funny he you know He. We would joke a lot since and he was so serious about it and we're little kids just is plan on the Mike and not serious and he pushed record waiting here. We just start laughing and come on guys come on you you know. He was really really defied. But we also enjoyed the corporation which was d.c riches fund the sale and Freddy Parent and Berry Gordy. They called himself the corporation and there were a lot of fun. They were a lot of fun as well. They were young men just finishing. Shing College with a musical scholarships and they great writers. So how long were you guys giving particular song to learn and absorb learned it on. Oh spot learning in the studio okay. So like All right so home along and dense which sounds like twelve twelve minutes and all of you have designated parts so they take one by one or is it just let certain parts were taken one by one some pros taking as a a group in the like. I say we learned that Song Right on the spot. You know. We're going to the studio and in the Control Room. Sit with the producer and and he'll go through with this line. This is your life. Remain this year lime Michael Shoreline brothers and that whole thing so we can you answer question for me. I always wanted to know this. Okay be honest when the when you guys were recording rhythm child was there feeling the air like okay. There's going to be a bigger. There's going to be bigger than dance machine because basically it's the same Narrative Ama- same DNA DNA as dancing machine. So in my mind I felt like you guys really felt like she's a rhythm it's going to be like the new dancing machine in nineteen seventy four. That's the machine is only song you know. That song is so magical. I I love the song and I didn't think that so. I was just doing what they told us to do. Okay I've always wanted to know who brought in. I'll bet you for ABC album baby. I betcha I can't remember that. Think that may have been I can't remember. I'm sorry. I think very was hands on at least for the ABC record. As far as is navigating it very very would let the producers work with us and they would send a copy of the track or whatever we did that they to the him he was studying and give them corner notes and they try guys need your Clinton at all or was it just like here random fungus delic song for you guys do. We didn't know a George Clinton route. I'll bet you actually. It's a funk Adele Song to thank you you knew what I was thinking. Did you all right right so you I mean you were prominent contrary to Opinion all the brothers had parts on records. Include Marlin I. I didn't realize until maybe like maybe ten years ago that that's him riffing on Mama got brand new things don't say no in my mind always always Germain Griffin. And then and I'd I'd I realized that once I listened closer but Was it was the your desire being. So you're the only well minus MARLIN ORLEANS. You're the only one that didn't do any solo projects. Yeah I'm Well you know they give me those parts that nobody wanted. You know the low part heart. I've always had the voice in the family and so like I say Chitlins the temptations was. I realized group that we you know him frank exactly so. They looked at me like Melvin Franklin. And that's why were you stay now you low voice so I never got that opportunity to sing now but I only sing low parts. I would also also double on of the notes in background. Then they put me in and do a little base bottom part or whatever sometime I'll just make up apart too so I can be on record too okay. Okay so you get to do that because I was sitting here wondering like when did you guys get to touch the records because you said for the longest time. y'All just go in. You know your parts at at what point were you able to have a voice in saying what are we did do. How were you feeling watching? You're label mates Marvin Marvin Gaye and Stevie wonder especially go through such a creative kind of of blossoming. You know that you guys weren't able to have like how did how did you feel in observing like when you get your a copy of inner visions and fulfilling this first finale. It's like this is what we want to do. Well you know we always always idolized people like Stevie you know and wanted to do stuff like him and we actually asked to be produced by him. We did BUTTERCUP Cup. Yeah exactly we did buttercup in and you're supposed to keep you loving me I didn't realize that was. There's there's an original it's on. Let's get serious. Oh I didn't know buttercup was released. Yeah finally made the. Yeah once I have a follow up question regarding when they win Windham motown was putting that out. Actually got invited over to their offices to Here a lot of the tracks that they were going through and one of the tracks that they played us Was I see. I think the title was something like Tito Steam. It was introduced to us as a team solo track seeing that real but it never heard it..

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