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"wilson fields lance" Discussed on Ball & Buds

"Let's get ready on. Yeah i no without further ado f. l. experts shame teachers back on the show with us today. My brother how are you doing doing good my friend. It is christmas week for me. And let's talk some draft. Yes sure let's get into this so we can be fairly certain that we know pretty much. What the first two picks are going to be right. We know. Trevor lawrence is going to be number one. Obviously and you may have a differing opinion. But i think the consensus at this point. Is that the jets are going to pick. Zack wilson. now we'll get to that in a second. And if the fans at home haven't been paying attention it's possible. We get three quarterbacks in the first three picks it's possible we get four quarterbacks in the first four picks shoot it possible. We give five quarterbacks in the first five picks probably not gonna happen but probably going get at least five in the top nine top ten again. It all starts up top with. Trevor lords considered to be one of the best quarterback prospects ever the other quarterbacks have some concerns wilson fields lance jones. So we have lawrence. Dick is going to be a superstar. And then four other quarterbacks who have really good potential probably won't see any other quarterback until day two or three unless we get a call tracker kellerman the late first or day to probably more gay to though it is clearly top heavy quarterback class so we will see eye to see how these quarterbacks paying out they all do have question marks. So who do you think our dear friend. Dion clubs is san francisco forty niners traded at king's ransom for trade up to pick. Who do you think they did as for my friend tell us tell us well my friend. I think it's a coin flip. And shockingly i think. It's between matt jones in trae lance justin fields is out of the picture. I believe my friend. I think he is out of the picture. And i think and if you listened to mel kiper podcast. Yesterday he agrees he thinks. There's no chance that justin feels goes to the niners. He thinks he's eliminated from that option. Wow really what was his reasoning. Mind that his reasoning was he. Just here's that. They love. Mac jones trae lanson a fifty fifty coin. Flip wild good intel. there. I didn't even hear that one because i was thinking it was still between fields in lance. Or i'm sorry fields land mac three of them. I didn't know that they. They eliminated fields but those rumors that have been going around for a while now is that they were infatuated with mac jones. We we don't know who they traded up all right. 'cause they traded up for one of the best remaining. Qb's right whoever's leftover they don't know we all pretty much think we know what are your percentages for each of these players to possibly go to the forty niners. Oh i actually really think it's fifty fifty. And i think it's crazy by the niners because i'm no stout but i just don't see how you can trade all those picks for mack jones..

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