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"willis wonderland" Discussed on Questlove Supreme

"But you know. And so so i decided right there and then something has to change. Took me a couple years but our of total frustration. I started to paint. And i was writing working with one of the go-goes at the time and jane wetlands guitar and she came in the very next day and bought my first painting so i thought oh my god i have this built in you know music audience. I'm going to keep doing this. So i just started painting It it led to a lot of like a sculptural things and whatever. And that's what i mainly did in the eighties. I was still writing but the art was the main thing and i wanted to combine the art and the music so neutron dance became the very first motorized piece that i did so i had I wanted to get the picture on the record to trigger. the movement. Couldn't figure that out though. So it was mainly my interpretations of what the songs were and i would cut out. You know people and buildings and everything would be moving. I did neutron dance that way. I then went back. I did boogie wonderland i did. What have i done to deserve this. And the biggest fan of my motorized was james brown really. Yeah that was. And i have video of every inch of him ever like being in my house As you said you had a story. Because he was the reason that you start it's james always collected memorabilia and i loved black memorabilia specifically late sixties early seventies massive afros. The fashion talk about. What's what's in your. Oh my god. It's unspeakable now but Yeah on you. Need a trip to willis wonderland. That's what you next l. a. But i wasn't originally i was there. Were sambo's in there. There were miami's and james brown went around my house. He asked me for a grocery bag. Yes james gave him gave him a brown grocery bags. And now but mostly my stuff was the massive afro. But there were jemima's and other things and he would go and he would pick it up and he'd hold it about four feet in the air and then he'd go bang and he'd let his hand go and you could hear it smashing the bag. The bag to i have all smashed appeases so art piece you could make. Yeah no. I know. I know so. He was the one that really said. This stuff is not cool and but the rest of my stop. He said you have to keep collecting this because black people did not know these things were round. There wasn't enough money to distribute stuff so something was made in detroit. It wasn't going to get past cleveland and very specifically. It was a couple of games that i had one called slang lang. Nineteen sixty nine made. In detroit i think irene carter's the company black bingo so instead of b. i. n. g. o. p. l. a. c. k. And yeah and instead of that. Middle free space. It's we are free people. And then instead of the numbers it's chitlins funky broadway cadillac gold tooth amazing stuff. It is typically. Were here right now from this might have it. Have you talked to his massoni about some of yours. You're like no. I'm ram ready to talk to begin to timothy in burnside at the smithsonian who well wait. This is an unbelievable conversation. Because in twenty twenty i was supposed to have A pretty major exhibition of my collection and my work and how worked together. And this morning before i came here. I got a thing that the ceo of the charles right african american museum which is the second largest african american museum next to this smithsonian now in detroit..

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