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"willie trae" Discussed on The Free Agents

"Bad He's stuck out really that in twenty twenty. Yeah that's funny. You say that I remember people writing at the time like you know something along the lines of reality just delivered the best performance ever put on film by a pro athlete and I. You know watching this again. I'm with you. I think he holds zone at times. Especially sort of and scenes with Denzel. Maybe that's because Denzel Washington's carrying them in those scenes and then other times it's really rough and like look you're asking a guy that's a professional basketball player to act in a movie here that's not easy and have a lot of lines into and to get that across on film there. Were there were moments where you're like. Oh this is this is bad white tree. I guess I'll call you white trae for this. What do you think of Ray Allen's acting performance? Yeah you're exactly right skates. It wasn't just people saying that rail and put in a great performance. Was Roger Ebert saying that rail and put it in a performance here so I think the reputation for the past twenty. Two years is that rate kills. It and there are some scenes where he does but there are some scenes where it looks like the Guy. Learn how to act in eight weeks and then had to carry almost every scene. And that's the crazy thing to me. Is that for a guy who had never acted before? There are so many scenes almost solo scenes right. There are obviously a lot of crossover scenes with Denzel but there are so many scenes. I feel like that Ray is the protagonist in every scene by himself and that is a lot of pressure for a guy who learned how to act in two months. It's not like you would teach somebody to play basketball for two months and they'd be like all right now you've got to be the starting. Shooting Guard for the Utah Jazz. You know doesn't really work the other way. So there's a certainly a learning curve to it and I think ray is good in some of the scenes and then some of them. You're just like all you're doing is player on your nostrils man. Yeah I mean spike. The story GOES SPIKE ORIGINALLY WANTED. Kobe right to play the part of the shuttle's worth and Kobe like the script. He was excited to work with Spike Lee. As you would but he just finished his rookie year there and had a bad playoff loss to put it kindly to the jazz. When he's on the Lakers had all those airballs and so he I think at that moment was GonNa get back into the gym. I got to be better for the the long grueling. Nba Season so he passed on it. And then and then spike went with Ray Allen Black trae. It would be weird to see this. It'd be fascinating. I guess trying to picture Kobe in this role is almost more difficult than than breaking down. Ray Allen in it I think I think he would have been to over sophisticated. Try too hard And I liked that. I liked the rawness a railing. So again I I won't bash him too much. I could said yet. Eight weeks to to really Kinda get it together and then also even still a little bit of Stefan Marberry Life Kind of hard to cast him as well. So in a scenario they did mentioning. You know During the big time speech But outside of that like again you get what you get ninety eight. You can't is. Kinda like heavily star studied in there. Because it's a lot of people in there now But I definitely would've liked more scenes from actually the professional actors in kind of carry rail and movie versus a heavy robe. Right right skeets. You had them in your top five basketball actors. If I'm not mistaken are you're starting five right the but not to do with acting to that. Yeah my fictional basketball movie ballers yeah. He's in there so nothing to do with actors. If you regretted that decision definitely nothing to do with acting I. There are still not that many professional actors or professional athletes. Who are better actors than Ray Allen? I mean it took until basically uncut gems or maybe you would argue. Train Wreck Lebron for somebody to put in a decent enough performance that it doesn't just seem like a professional athlete being an actor. Yeah and like you said. Tk It's like he's to do a lot. I mean he really is asked to carry a lot of scenes and he doesn't decent job. You know you roll your eyes a couple of times. Okay maybe could have gotten a little bit more from your there ray but Yeah you're right it wasn't bad. Jd that you've never watched this movie right first time watching game time. So what did you think so? As far as Ray Allen goes as an actor. I thought he was fine. I mean having met Ray Allen and I think we've interviewed him. Just the ones is that right when we an all star weekend. Yeah he liked. He was talking about his jim his dream of opening a gym track post Career so I'm sure that's going to happen soon wasn't an WHO's an actual a workout gym exactly. But he he sort of didn't we had asked him a couple of questions leading up to that he gave the most sincere answer. We've ever gotten with our jokey questions like he was really dug into it thought about it and laid. It laid out his plans for after the after he was retired and he just seemed to. I thought that he didn't get it. He didn't get that we were doing a bit and I thought wow I don't I don't see how this guy can act how he can carry a movie. And and how old was he when he was shot this too? I mean he's just a kid and having never acted before acting for Spike Lee. What an intimidating to situation be and I thought he did a pretty good job. You know you watch these movies and you sort of suspend your disbelief ago. Okay it's ray out you know like it's he's about he's not an actor so let's give him a pass you know so that was fine with it. What is your favorite scene in this movie tasks diso wants to go to while I was just thinking others. There's a few I was just thinking about. When ray wasn't really extended into an acting role and he could just sort of be his dweeby south when the article gets pulled out of the stock of one of the players and then we get the intros dissolves into the team intros and raise raise. I love that scene embrace just sort of his. You know kind of straight shooter self. But that's that's who he is and that's and that's I think what. Jd's talking about when he just he doesn't have to. He doesn't have to act. And and you know up against Walter McCarty and Travis best who I had thought about four billion years it was it was cool and I thought that was a great technique by Spike Lee. The guys talking trash after win. Newspaper article comes out and dissolves into the team intros. That was wicked John Wallace on the team to John. That's one of my favorite scenes and this whole movie. It's just shot so cool and you're right. It's like fun. It looks awesome even like back ninety eight. It was so cool. I think it's still hold up. That seed now is the Lincoln splitters black trade. You have a favorite scene. Is that one. There's other ones out there. Man is so many again this is when I was actually playing a basketball so like trying to imitate everything like I wanted this to be. My Life I think now at thirty five the big time speech because he was really just kind of breaking down and I think players could still learn that from that movie But from thirteen years old trae it would probably be when he's like doing his little sizzle reel and he's like basketball has like poetry and emotion. You cross the cross right. Hit the join printer. Face Swish in the crowd goes wild like that gives me chills because like it just takes me back until like plan days in like one and a half that moment of having a ball on being a man that you also but you like now you said The big time. What's his name big time? Willie right that through is amazing. Sorta hated but also. Yeah the bore. You kept talking like Whoa. He's breaking this down. He's telling you everything everything in this car right. Yeah very authentic. So I think that was like the hidden undertone by Strana. Give off and it's like it is constant every day because you know Young athletes get drafted. They washed their family change. You know what I mean in in. It's interesting because you know a a your favorite cousin who you probably. She ate hot dogs. We when you're five now thinks you need to give them a ten thousand dollar business loan for or you're you're great niece the payer rant ten minutes before tip off like these. Are these players have to deal with constantly? And he's like calling them bloodsuckers in you know like it's just tons of temptations in. How can you maintain a professional career and do it clean without the without the extra stress? Yeah will yeah. He's like he's warning them of everything. The drugs the sex and like you said the the leeches which are basically like the people. Maybe you would least expect. It's your family. He also gave off his own little. Like yeah nobody on the streets would be messing with you because I told him. Don't mess with Jay man. I thought that was hilarious. Because it's like everybody wants to say gates something to with four him like like. Hey I don't want nothing but I really do want something big time. Willies big time. Tommy before big time thank go wrong. Jesus it's big time Willie Trae trae what'd you do? You have a favorite scene in this movie. I mean I'm with you guys when they are announcing the starting lineup for the rail splitter. I think it's great. I don't remember exactly who it is. Who says I feel handsome when I'm on the court and the exact way? Yeah I guess. He's about mid card on the handsome level of the starting five. But I also love Lincoln Lincoln roll-call classic moment who didn't do that on the bus during high school basketball. That was a must but my favorite scene as a fourteen year old as thirty six year old is the visit to tech. You Rick Fox is there with the backwards KANGOL TUCKED IN SHIRT. And honestly you know twenty years later. I'm still wondering how Jesus ends up at big state. I can't believe Chick-fil-a on campus at tech in the nineties honestly ridiculed in that scene. It was so good. I think I've seen some some Rick Fox acting performances but I think that's the best one. Maybe he was acting a lot like himself but he killed Jaydee. I don't want to jump right to the but I'm going to jump right to the end because this is a big part of this movie that I think a lot of people do have problems with It's the ending and it's this. It's a little strange I remember reading it when I was a kid. I remember loathing. The ending of he got game And so I was coming at this. I was trying to look at this differently this time as an older man and like what was I missing. What's the symbolism here and what I'm talking about of course is really it's Jake. He's he's imprisoned. He's back in prison. Throws the ball over the prison wall. After you know you think you might get shot. He's stepping out of bounds there and all that and then this ball magically ends in big State University where ray goes and grabs it again. This is a polarizing ending to a movie. Like what is the saying here? Am I missing? Something is too cheesy as it. Just right will start with you. Jd and definitely get everybody's opinion on this. What do you think the ending is it cheesy a s? I think it is was it in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. I don't know I didn't watch it but forty nine year old. Jd thought it was good. I mean it this is. This is the connection that father has to son. Right. I'm this is sort of the the redemption that we were looking for Jake and Jesus is relationship right and they mended their fences through the game of basketball. And I think that's that was the connection that was made in that final climactic one on one scene. Jake didn't get what he wanted but but did he. I mean because he. He reconnected with his son and he was able to give him that. Final piece of fatherly advice and be an actual father to him after being absent for so long and and after pushing him for so hard and really pushing him away the night that his he the jake murders Jesus is. Mother is the night that Jesus quits basketball right HE QUITS. He he he. He pushes him so hard that he decides that he's I'm quitting the game. He does the unthinkable by throwing the ball over the fence and And I think there's a connection to that scene with Jake throwing it over the prison wall but but his son catches it and is it. Is it a little bit grade? Ten Films School Maybe Spike Lee makes me feel like I'm watching student films a lot of times like going. Wow He's really he's really a sledgehammer to me right now or I don't understand what he's doing with this at all. You know what I mean like the. There's there's never an inbetween for me. But I liked the ending as a father I found. I found the story between Jesus and Jake the most compelling part of the movie as it should be and and you know I was happy I was obviously not happy that he stuck in prison and but I am happy that they that they came to a relationship with Jesus sitting there reading a letter from his father while all this is happening and he had never opened any letters from him at all and he had been sent hundreds. So it's it's it's like a closure. I guess I liked it black TRAE. What do you think yeah I have to piggyback off that It definitely had some. You know back then. I was like this is corny. Wait understand like again. I'm not I'm not a father but I do understand how important to connection nothing. Jake was at peace after tossing the ball. Like look if I gotta sit down for the rest of my life..

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