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"willie murphy" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"The latest on the Packers and the Rams that's in sports at 7 15. The murder of 13 year old Navy aware has city leaders and first responders speaking up on how to break the cycle of violence that is plaguing Milwaukee. Least, inspector Willie Murphy says Children that lived through violence are affected by violence again down the road. That's why the city implemented the trauma response program Five years ago, Murphy telling TMJ four news. It helps put a band aid on something that we're not getting at a solution. We're not killing The family unit. We're not bringing him into the community and the continuous cycle of violence just continue to perpetuate itself. Milwaukee's common Council will vote on expanding the program next Tuesday. What you're feeding fight Oh, correspondent near me right come reports on a pet food recall expansion, at least 70 pats have died and another 80 or more are sick due to mold in a popular dog and cat food brand. Midwestern Pet foods is expanding an earlier recall of some of its sports mixed products. It includes those containing corn and manufactured in the company's Oklahoma plant with an expiration date on or before July. 9th 2022, the food phoned have potentially unsafe levels of athlete toxins. That's a byproduct of mold. Athlete action can grow on corn and other grains used in pet foods that, according to the FDA, at high levels, it can cause illness or even death. Seven away to WTMJ traffic and weather of next letter Animals. 5368 Paging Miller here from Wisconsin's Morning news Back again with your accident mortgage minute with Chief honesty Officer Brian Wickard. Brian the Ink is barely dry and some people's last re finance. And here we have another new record mortgage rate low should folks who did the deed last year refi again. That depends on two things. The loan balance because dropping the rate of full percent of a $50,000 loan just doesn't move the payment needle enough to justify the closing cost. But lowering the rates A just a half percent on a $400,000.30 year fixed knocks off at least 108 bucks off the monthly payment. Now the second thing is loan cost. You have to understand exactly what you're paying to get that lower rate. Just because you're bringing $0 to the closing table doesn't mean you haven't spent 3000 bucks in loan costs that got rolled into the new loan. Folks can get a customized rate payment and closing cost quote by clicking on the Blue Reef. I button at a C C U N t t dot com and that you're acting a mortgage minute. We'll see you next week. Traffic and weather together on the tenses. We approach 7 10 Debbie Elastica. How's my Wednesday, right? It's looking pretty good right now. Jeannie's found 94 17 minutes from Highway 16 all the way to downtown saying for the westbound side, we've got 41 South found at 15 minutes. I wake you to the zoo. All clear for 43 South bound 12 from round here road to the Marquette. 43 94 North found late into downtown seven minutes North bound little bypass from the hill to the zoo. Just a five minute ride with traffic and weather together on the town's on nebulas ago. Wtmj paella wi dot com translate across the WTMJ five day forecast. It's going to be a mild day today, with highs around 40 degrees, it is gonna be mostly cloudy, a little bit breezy. Overnight. It's quiet. Mostly cloudy, mild lows around 30 degrees Thursday cloudy through the first part of the day. Then we're gonna look for rain Snow mix to move in Thursday afternoon, changing to snow by Thursday night. Highs on Thursday still make it into the upper thirties, though so a fairly mild dame Friday it's a little cooler highs in the low thirties. Cloudy with scattered snow showers Saturday and Sunday. We're gonna look for a couple of flurries a little light snow not much in the way of accumulation Saturday highs in the low thirties Sunday. We're looking at Upper twenties. I mean, urologist Kristen crashing with the storm team forecast. WTMJ, Madison 30 Green Bay 26. Walker's.

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