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"williams bally" Discussed on Pop Culture Leftovers

"I want to say it's like the eleventh or something like that. Yeah yeah yeah. It's it's called insert coin. It's a it's a documentary. It's the oral history of a team of geeks and misfits in the back of a chicago factory. Creating the biggest video games mortal kombat nba jam and others of all time. So this is a documentary about williams bally midway and i'll make guide lake like we talked about the last blockbuster the the nostalgia there this brought me back with a ton of nostalgia because these are games that i would play for hours and i'm talking about all these games. They talked about pretty much. Are games that i would say i would. I would frequent the arcade and play and one of the first games that they talked about. That was one of the most successful games. Was the video game. Narc which was like you. Were playing two guys with that. We're going around shooting drug dealers. And i played this shit out of narc back in the day. I mean that game dude. I like and we're talking about like these like williams this video game company out of chicago. I grew up in around the area which is like two and a half three hours south of chicago. So these games hit us very early. And at our aladdin's castle at at the arcade. And all these games every fucking even some of the fucking williams games that they didn't talk about in this documentary. I played you know they talked about. Nba jam. I remember playing. Hit the ice which was like their hockey version of nba jam. I would play. Hit the ice all the time. I was a huge fan of hit. The ice i fucking gush about this documentary. But i want to hear what you have to say dan. What did you think about the coin. I liked it a lot. This is one of those movies where i was watching it. I had a few distraction. So i do have skeleton of this and i need to go back and watch again because again you're trigger in the style even things that weren't necessarily related to what they were talking about. They would just maybe dropped a reference for instance. What i'm talking about is when they started getting into the The digital digitalization of body parts and things that you can throw into games and make them look a little more real. They had mentioned a game called journey. Which is about the band journey. I don't know if any of you guys played this game. There should be a seven eleven down the street to block this game up all the time so it was just. It was just cool to see that. Like seeing like the tron games and the back. There's this one seven eleven. It was like journey tron and the game called tempest. So oh my god yes. That was the good ship man. And i just it was just nice to kind of relive that again but i learned a lot on this one because at the time. I wasn't a video games. But i was. I was sort of starting to my interest changing. You know what i mean. So the mortal combat thing. I was totally involved in. But i missed its inception and i miss the big boom when it came out. I always appreciate it. I was it was a big thing but to hear the story of how it came out. And you know how it started off being a filler game to be the next thing like the precipitation narc and the whole story about like the van damme involvement in how he was being a dick about. Fuck van damme. Just make your own game literally. I lost my. He was supposed to be the johnny cage character. Right johnny cage in the game is the actor and that knows martial arts then comes from the martial arts movies and they wanted to get a real martial arts actor so they asked john claude van damme to be. Can you imagine a world. Where fucking jean claude. Van damme was the act. Like you're playing mortal kombat him and it does it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't say johnny cage it says c. up their you-zhong club. Damn here's the thing steve. Do you think there was a tinge tinge of regret. That jean claude van damme did not participate in mortal combat. Because by the time. We're in the year in one thousand nine hundred ninety four john claude. Van damme is the starring role in a movie called street fighter. All out he missed opportunity. He knows he missed the boat in mortal kombat he would have been immortalized in the mortal combat video game. The problem is i don't know because for lightning strike all the components have to be exactly the way they are. He's on the game. Does it take away from all the other crazy insane characters that are on the game like since johnny cage. Was this johnny cage. It also brought a total spotlight. On everyone that's a wild and nutso character is just jon. Call they're down. They're paying attention to all the rest of paying attention like the reason that it was so good because because all of them had sub zero. And who knows if you don damage johnny cage. Are you gonna put as much work into sub zero and scorpion and everyone else or you just got to focus on that guy. What's crazy is though. Jean claude van like even the character of luke cage in the video game does the fucking nut punch with the splits wasn't a big big into world combat. I used to. I just didn't like by the time. I started playing knucklehead. Kids while i was a kid knucklehead. Kids like me. They already knew all the move. So canada practice like you get in there and just be killed within a second and a half. Oh you guys are already way so far ahead of me that i'm not even gonna play this thing. There's certain there's certain games though that the only way you get better is is playing people that are better than you. That's true right. That's totally true. It's just mortal combat. Didn't fill it because they were so good. You didn't got get dude. I remember that dude. I remember plane fucking mortal combat in grocery stores like fucking back in the daylight. They used to have video games out in the front like when you walk into a walmart. They used to have video games out there. I remember fucking i remember. My mom would go shopping for groceries. And i'd be i'd be playing mortal combat. Yeah mike away. I'll give it a tupperware. Actually but the thing is is that. I'm going to enjoy listening you guys more because i will admit that when all of this was going on i was kind of going out of it so to go back and watch it. It's like oh. Yeah that's cool and i. I didn't know that but i want to hear it from the guys that were. They're playing at the time dude. I yeah i give it a total tupperware totally prince dowager and i just love a good success story. I love the ups and downs. I like these like i said earlier. These lower budget documentaries that. Tell this amazing story of something like this and these games are still with us. Still making mortal kombat games and it's just It's gotten bigger than its own name. You know what i mean so the fuck i loved when they talked about. Nba jam because that my game like that was nba. Jam was the game. I mean i remember like it was like me and my buddy we would go and fucking play. Nba jam and we are bulls fan. But i wasn't playing the bulls. I was with three point shooter. In my buddy was fucking. He was the big man on the inside. So we'd play the orlando magic. He was all day. Everyone everyone played orlando. I was scott skulls and he was shack. Everyone could you remember how you would put darn.

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