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"william wilson bain grell" Discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast

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"william wilson bain grell" Discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast

"The way the film continues on now in its sort of mattering mystery mold that there is. Disillusion like like signed before the illusion way, she's kind of like projecting onto others a will you've made my life like this will kill you on this lad Blah Blah Blah on it's dislike but isolates the person that separates the two when it's only in those early scenes that we really get the two together and aside and that they like split out almost entirely separated and it's only the nations of the version of them in the orange asked joy together in the middle part of the film we talked about how schizophrenic the film was but we also talked about how there's. Three images and there are parts of this movie just like wait a second, this doesn't seem to really fit and it could be because of the way that the film was changed or just could be because pertz wants to fuck around with us there the whole story of a Merrick, the Joseph Brown character where he's in his own little movie for a lot of this. And it's like what is going on with this guy like he? He's kind of the love interest, but he's barely there and then he seems to be off with his boys at this brothel and their gambling there just long scenes of them playing cards together, and the we extra we thing is that the I was getting tired of Days Avenue from the William. Wilson, episode of spirits of the dead in those things it is so much like them, William Wilson Bain Grell impose double gang story, but that was afterward ripping off. This was a just because of the costumes I don't even know this is this film just piles always like things like what is this meaning should even be in this film Groups of people that exist in their own universities is like all those women the go to the highest to just walk up and down those stairs and pick flowers, and then this other group of women he read like Nymphs he just flock around and go naked swimming. One of them gets rock to stroke owner for the hell of. Victoria kind of wants to see what will happen and those people they don't none of them seem to interact they just. Walk around in a strange cried, which is great. They just it's like why all these people keep going to these highs to go down those stairs and the flowers. And then why do these other women come up who every time they see all today after Frawley, hurons 'cause David in the courtyard as well. Don't they because water represents live the this fans this is not. Your Poulsbo Yana. Again, as he says, it's like dead water and I just wanted to punch in the face right now. I was. Playing in the background, there's a sade. Really, obvious boom pole reflection, and that's that's my work Brian from doing post production going at our it's five dart looking up but also having played in the background where you're talking about random people who are like fume they in. We need to talk about the non, oh? Yeah. That none. All the people to have as a nurse and has to be done and using. Here's hoyt these men. Wow. Why does the doctor just kind of hate her? So. Shocked. This is y'all fall. Is the Italian spinoff film knock off starring her she should just have had her whole series it just walking through films and smiling with those is like I would watch like decades of that are just like play the background it's he grabs the white vers she starts the smile and some house. He Looks Boring insane and evil when she smiles when she glowers she's incredible. It's he's just his mind about it's like when this come from but it Does remind this two characters in this that remind me a lot of a character who? Characters in the creator, she's like the the young girl keeps popping up in the CHROMATO- is making out on the tomb starnes at the end, which just like this really hypnotic porcelain Chisel beauty you just comes in early in this, he has much more bazaar nuns boy Tyson flavor, but there's also the the painting I guess where you've been to serum is her mother looks a lot like the blackhead woman that the keeps saying that the one played by the actress from Valor in. Waco wonders. So this week parallel there between the two films that there's these long straight black blackhead ladies. Vary. Cheek burn heavy porcelain women who pop up. Drag the attention away from everything going on from. A painting of its Gothic is you Painting the double he have to have the gothic painting by what she has the color coordinate as you were saying, the papacy fully is. Not just people that color coordinated handmaidens nobody else has Kelly coordinated handmaidens the film, but she has these doc rich blurred. All of her handmaidens have to wear. There is the. was mentioned before about the breaking the bottle as if she's trying to disavow what she's done and trying to smash this object. Latoya's dry is immediately followed by I. Feel like her refusing that by having her creep around and throw a rock at one of these young handmaidens an almost killer and Mike you said before adage, put it. All they however was brilliant. Totally brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant but watching these. Titled Mishmash of Associations, of course, legged for those who obsessed with two kilos. It's quite well knowing that the Soviet Union believed the American problem and could not happen in the Soviet Union which leads to lots of cereal is getting super high body gowns. To me this and the Creator aboard line serial killer films. And for me Victoria those moments where he curiosity, that's what you're saying. The curiosity of her characters, how you put it to me maybe because I listened to much loss podcast on the left, these felt like permission armaments where it's says little creeping instances where like you're just going that little bit further little bit further, little bit further closer to killing someone that's never actually league really gets to the point of killing someone but she uses these permission of like. I'll just test out this poison all just pull a little bit of this. All just rope this rock and it's old is Kinda like it's would serial killers do give themselves permission to get closer and closer to what they actually one of their which has killed someone. Like a child isn't she sought being, she's very cruel and that was one of the things his was surprised at the sense that it was a sadistic because it does have of sadism in wonderfully. So that's a classic thing. Pervert to go is like what what this thing's perverted. That, she is psychic child. He's the sole thing kicked like put off the wings overfly. She seems to be like that she's no lights the creator he is a mission like he's a GRANDPA and then he keeps notes in these poor in A, no aesthetically Roy for his vision. So we take smart she's not like that but you said she's testing she she sees skills pain and she s not moment if Jesse because she sees beautiful young in free, and so she throws the rock and reaction to it. It's. Like a KD's while a bully. Awesome. Katie's I e R. Teach you. Okay. Hope reaction to is really Charles which I love about my character because she snow completely evil in not way and I? Think that was something that his state very well. So is quite ambiguous in his characters and she's not compete evil and she kind of wants to Kim assisted but no everytime she she just keeps off in these moments of like oh It's great. Though has she does these experiments I think like a child. And you just want. Like why she never grown up and why is she like this? You do want her to get away with the end but you also want. The D want her to get caught end having the birth. The Bane, the twins design person complicates thatch because you kind of rooting for the same person. ECON allied I like her because I like her by like her because I like her. Like. He had a You know the one of them you know that somebody has to be sacrificed. You nerve this film especially a Gothic they can't all come out on top but you keep like being like and I. think that is part of that the the. That refusal of her to imbue anything with an? Inherent. Ethic. That dislike no you have to decide. You have to decide who you want to survive and win, and that is possibly like what is maybe most lost by having. It not finished the way he did that he might have been able to finish it more ambiguously with not allowing you to choose on the way but by having. To have it have a resolution and Sachi thousand eventually have which way it goes, but it is for the most part you do kind of like. Like like our Clara's fine clouds grade like she seemed like a really wonderful interesting press on. She's not a bird in a gilded cage. Victoria's finds. He's not a hunches devouring prey maybe you might WANNA be serial Killa bullet. You know lead dog nights at love that they have dolls of one another and she. Victoria Brings Clara. Victoria doll and she's like, Oh, I remember this..

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