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Week 4 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

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Week 4 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

"Welcome to the. NFL Talking Heads Fantasy football show here. Is Your Host Jeff carrier it. Seth Wall Hello everyone and welcome into the NFL talking heads fantasy football podcast show. I'm your host this jeff carrier and today. We've got a solo pod heading into week four for the waiver wire episode. It's just going to be me myself and I- hosting down the episode. Seth is off searching for a new team not actually but he's just out of town but he early season struggles for seth so I'm GonNa rub it in a little bit while I can for me now that we're three weeks into the season we have a little bit of of an idea of where our teams are at just finished off A. I'm only in four fantasy. Football Leagues not a lot a never that type of a person likes to be in ten or twelve. I can't pay attention to that many and I don't want to be the person that is well not paying attention to lead. That's why I'm doing bad type of person. I'm I'm in for just went four for four for the second time in three weeks weeks one and three so good start for me very fortunately we're heading into week four or how about your team. Where are you at are you. Oh in three. Are you three you know do you. What's the panic level that you have. What are some some of the decisions that you might be making. I mean can we already believe it that we're a month into the season. We talk all off season. We're getting ready for the upcoming season here. We are three weeks pass asked if you are a winter. You're probably asking yourself. What can I do to change things around well. The first thing that we that you need to do is is most likely take a hard and realistic look at some of the players that have not been performing up to par. Are you know these Stefan digs of the world and really decide on higher. You'RE GONNA move forward with some of these players. Trading is probably the easiest direction direction that you can go unloading some of the assets that might not be performing well. I never really loved the idea if you aren't aren't performing well and you have a Julio Jones. Who's you know the the second ranked wide receiver just absolutely killing it and training for a two for one unless you get you know an absolute luke king's ransom forum so a because he is your best player rather try and outsmart. Maybe the the trade landscape of course you'd have waivers. Hopefully you've been hitting hard if your your team has been losing so a lot OUGHTA decisions to be made there you know I would definitely look into the trade market. Get very aggressive. Pick up the phone. Start calling start calling texting people depending on the type of your in you might be one of those people just don't really like to trade. You'RE GONNA have to put in the effort. You're going to have to just force feed. These people. Some on trade ideas absolutely potter them while they're at work. Your fantasy season is at stake here. Gentlemen so ladies and gentlemen do not let go by the wayside. Don't you wanted to three and I guess this is not my year. There's a long season left. You just need hit a I wanted to. You know lucky weeks. Maybe one or two home runs in the waiver wire slash trade and you're back in the thick of things so you you go look at our trading analyzer tool just updated see if you can gleam anything of that now the flip side if you are artery no. I've got a couple teams to four teams with three now and then tune one for the other ones. I was actually conjuring up a trade to trade away Juju to upgrade to Julio as kind of an idea of what something that someone if you're too and one you probably it won't be a little bit more aggressive. You're willing to maybe do that too for want to upgrade the tier level of your players to see what you can get so that's something I would venture in but don't you know it's still a long season so a mistake. I made last season. Was I had hot start. I was like you know what let me trade right away. One of my death wide receivers still really good and let me get levy on bell. Well we know how that turned out not great for me not great for me at all and then one of my other receivers goes to get injured afterwards so it's almost like. I lost two receivers. It's such a long season that we're stuff like that can happen so if you are had leg up three zero definitely look for advantages but don't do it as a consequence sequence to your team just don't overpay just because he had the luxury right now. Maybe overpaying like week ten. When you're really getting towards the end of the season maybe next next week after about four weeks in the season will start looking at fantasy playoff schedules and some of the players at target move and whatnot once we get a better idea idea of these defenses when extra week and your teams because that's something? I'd take a look at really really really early especially. If you're a team that is winning the fantasy Hennessy football playoff schedule. We want to be avoiding the Chicago bears right and probably the Minnesota Vikings and so forth you don't I want to end up with a really good team next thing you know you just have terrible matchups across the board so we'll try and look into that next week. Let's cover some week three news and notes just a couple things that come to mind. We're looking at week three. I is Aaron Aaron Jones. I'm still not buying Aaron Jones. It could just be a me thing I know. They just had two touchdowns but ten carries nineteen yards and not really fully buying in. I would definitely move him if you could now is he. GonNa Perform. You know decent fantasy production sure but we I know what his draft capital was going into the season. We know what that name value in that position on Green Bay holds in the whole Green Bay offense just looks a little off if everyone's been watching all three of these games it just seems like they should be able to be in a position to put up more points. Maybe not week one. That was a real difficult spot but I mean there are twenty one zero two at the end of the first quarter against Minnesota and escorts zero points for the rest of the Game Denver gave them plenty of opportunities to score more points. They didn't play great in that spot either her and at home their offense has been a bit disappointing to me across the board. I mean every player on that. Ed Team so not trading Avante. They atoms not not saying to do that but just Aaron Jones not buying into in Green Bays is not. I'm not too sure what they think. They're not playing well. big-name heading into week three was Kerryon Johnson and because of the C. J. Anderson Release there was high hopes for Kerryon Johnson now I noted after week one with the ridiculous amount of snaps available to Detroit and playing the soft defense in Arizona if he couldn't perform then than I was going to have real concerns especially with the timeshare while the time here's kind of gone and he gets twenty carries last week and gets a measly thirty six yards not too sure what the thing here it other than being obviously disappointed. I would look to move on from carry on if you can you know just something with that. Offenses is greater that offensive line and now they're going to get one of their offense of lime back which is going to be nice but uh not loving what I'm seeing how to carry on Cam Newton is the bomb nothing else to say. They're you know I've been preaching this for years so you've got an undrafted drafted first or second year quarterback. I don't know doesn't matter he performed significantly better than Cam Newton in. I don't want Cam. Newton apologised just coming to me talking about his frank injury. It's is what it is. Danny Jones comes in and is a beast. I mean a beast. The guy is working with the same exact weapons and ends up losing saquon Barkley four at least half the game and just obviously completely outperforms Eli Manning. I'm not going out on a limb saying anything different but there have been a lot of Eli Manning apologists and supporters in his offensive line this or that his weapons and here comes Daniel Jones puts up over thirty points ally manning. I think I saw a stat. Dad was in our group. I think those are private group message and he was like being down by eighteen points and never come back in one before something crazy hope. I hope I have that right so doing jobs looks really good now because he can actually throw the ball and get rid bomb like Eli Manning but he can use his his likes and we know with fantasies. Just look what Lamar Jackson this past weekend had a not so great performance but probably every type of league format. He's still got over over twenty points. If Danny Jones can still run out of the pocket get some first downs and especially near the goal line where he had two rushing touchdowns people start taking them his running seriously in that in that area then he's going to be able to have a decent floor because of his rushing so even in a one on quarterback leagues. I would be absolutely picking up Daniel Jones which will get to week for pickups soon here even in one quarterback lead. That's how impressed I I was with Daniel Jones again obviously after that performance it doesn't take an Einstein to see that and realized that but I do believe that this this is something that would be sustainable. Maybe not to that level of thirty five forty point depending on your league scoring but let's face it. The giants defense is horrendous. They just let Jameis Winston go off on them was at James Winston thing or giants defense. I would say most people should lean on and would be accurate to say. It's the giants defense. Winston looked good had some a good place but you know sodas. Everyone against the giants defense commented after week one. I thought that Winston looked bit better than everyone was making out out that week one game against San Francisco it a couple of bad drops in. OJ Howard's always a disaster and he didn't make a bad throw later when he kinda got behind signed but within played pretty well and he kinda showed that the second game against Carolina didn't play play tremendous played even better so maybe this is a good signed for for Winston in terms of being able to take advantage of some of these lower end defenses and as seth likes to remind reminded all there's not too many good defense in the league so there's going to be plenty of opportunities to take advantage from Jamison James Winstons standpoint. How about the rams offense out. Don't know how many people stayed up for this game. I ended up staying up for the entire thing what terrible of a game my have. Some people disagree disagree with that but it was a close game. Something is off on both sides right. Baker does not look good. He can't stay in the pocket. He is Chris. Collins would point out one time. We had a clean pocket and he ran out of it. There's seems out of sync with the offense it doesn't know the timing gets flustered really quickly so lot of concerns day from from Cleveland and you know what at this point. Can we say we're surprised anyone please. It's Cleveland. It's Baker all over every TV commercial. The Guy got tackled by police police officer in college for drinking too much or something I mean there's a video there on it. Can we all say surprise. I I don't know I'm I'm not the rams. Though a bit more surprising they have been really struggling. You know since the latter ladder half after the bye of last year to the playoffs now we're hitting like ten games. I think there's been a lot of staff thrown out their last ten games with the rams offense the only scoring like thirty points one in how many three hundred yard touchdown golf has had not too many and they it kind of kind of stumbled along here again now. They put out put together. A couple of touchdown drives which is okay. I guess in a lot of points went to Cooper supercup in Brandin cooks. You're happy there but obviously if you're a girly fan and you're not to happy guarded okay with two touchdowns in throat for tunney yards arts overall. That offense looks different. I mean if you watch it is some drives it. They look really good. They got it together and I don't know if wear where there's a lot maybe there's the bloop. The blueprint is out on offense. Maybe I'm not too sure but they're ram that rams. All kinds looks a little different. There's still we're getting some points to cooper. Cop who looks like a machine. Just looks like Jared Goff's go to guide the same way that you know. Ataman does for Brady so that shouldn't and be an issue cooks looks great. Robert Woods is just a dolphins apparently is just not clicking enough to get him his share at least yet so concerns there in L. A. With the offense you're still three now. There's still a good team. It's just fantasy. Production is not the same as it was before our rights now. Let's go ahead and get over to the waiver wire liar segment of the episode on going to try and stick to definitely last week we did kind of like all encompassing everyone everyone that should be kind of considered under fifty percent ownership. I'm going to be a little bit more specific this week with players. I feel a little bit more strongly about but there are handful of players that are still lingering here underneath the fifty percent mark that probably own in most leagues and and I want to just quickly mention knows names that if you're in a lead has these players they probably should be grabbed and the you he probably dropped dropped a lot last week after having a four week to performance and then comes out and has a good game week three hundred great. Maybe an hour above average game. If you really you know just 'cause the one offside shot play that Aaron Rodgers always seemingly gets off but he's number two running a lot of routes out there. Green Bay has had a pretty decent. You know corner defensive kind of schedule so far I would get. MVSA I think he should be owned. Galore until both gesturing and John Jackson his back. He needs to be on two more touchdowns now. Jeffrey should be back this week so as long as only one of them are there I would I would I would not mind roistering Galore Rehim. Oh Sir hurt until Tevin Coleman comes back. He has to be rostered. He had two fumbles. One heat loss moster Hilo good. I mean like one of the fumbles he loss. I was on a big play and or decent size run and then one of them. I think that's actually the one that was in the opponents side of the field so he was on the field. You know running inside the twenty and unfortunately he lost a fumble. Maybe if he doesn't he stays in the game aim he's inside the red zone with the offense. Get some usage who knows he still ran pretty well though and the use after the second fumble as well so he needs to be utilized air even though Jeff Wilson is obviously stealing all of the touchdowns I mean. Could you imagine a worse running back committee mini situation where the guy who doesn't get any usage all besides the goal line. It's unreasonable to think that you can even start. Jeff Wilson because as if he doesn't get only those touches then who knows so very difficult situation in San Francisco but I still do think that being a running back in how well San San Francisco's running most is worth having same with Meco harmon insane with DJ Shark now. Those are all people that I was surprised that but they're still under fifty percent so if they're on your team let's go out there guys. Let's go ahead and pick them up. They should be owned now. Players coming more out of week three that should be available and more of the People's leagues starting with Daniel Jones at fifteen percents really happy with my pick ups last week in my to redraft leagues much too big ones. I paid a king's ransom for Daniel Jones Jones or both in two. QB Leagues so I paid fifty percent on my budget for him just just had to go. I lost Rosberg one leagues that was part of it and and just went out and played. I just had good feeling just six overall pick. He's going to be probably for the rest of the season. The upside was worth the risk of course yes. It helps when your team is set up good and you have that extra budget. You didn't use for the first couple weeks so you know Daniel Jones if you're in a two QB league if you're too QB league and he's still sitting on the roster on the waivers at this point doesn't get picked up. I'll be very surprised I'm guessing fifteen percent numbers because one QB leagues but if he was in there for two Qb League for some reason you gotta be looking at at least if you're if you're starting someone like is a good chance as a team out there that starting you know case keenum. Marcus Mariota even trubisky bisky other game like you're spending seventy five percent of your budget on Dana Jones. If this is to Cuba league at least one you'll be leaks definitely not what but there should be plenty of other people available and everyone kind of roster one guy most likely but you know good going Graham Graham if you have let's let's take a walk down a Qb Lane right here in terms of the QB scoring and who I would want want Daniel Jones over. Let's go ahead and pull up the sheets of quarterbacks by scoring and to do leading ahead and pull this together for a twenty nineteen season fantasy fantasy points none other than PAT mahomes number one Lamar Jackson might per on your scoring here to do okay I would take Dana Jones case keenum. I'll take the Jones or Matt Stafford now. We're you know that is number. One two three four five six seven eight nine apparently case keenum's number ten right now. Stafford's eleven to twelve any any don't thirteen is kind of crazy to say but Jones's right around a qb one for me right around twelve. I mean I'd still gonNA. I'm not GonNa drop rivers for him and I'm not GonNa drop you know someone like Rogers but Dana Jones because start over just about anyone right now besides a top like eight or ten people on any given week on any given week it's crazy. You know you're going to be kind of play. The match ups there. Maybe the type of a a team that wants to roster to play the match ups so but that's how high in Jones is moving on Durell Williams this. This is an interesting player here. Most people went after Darwin Thomson. I think he was actually a name that we had on a list last week. Unfortunately Durell Williams gets all the looks is an plays the Damian Williams role now. The thing that you need to understand here is that Jimmy Williams played thirty nine snaps week to you obviously hasn't played week three throw women's place thirty seven a little bit more kind of Balance Roll but more I think on the the the passing role in McCoy definitely utilize you know in the the the Green Zone areas for touchdowns so so obviously my assumption is our the way kind of looks is does Damian. The Durrell Williams gets the usage after Damon Williams back back. That's the question now. If you're a Damon Williams owner. He's going to be much more valuable to you than a non Damien Williams owner that is drought. Williams because then you can spot start you know one or the other and kind of keep them for the potentially longevity of the season season. If you're a non dame williams owner then it's like okay well. If Dan Lewis comes back this week then I have a handcuff to a someone who's going to score fourteen points. You know I I don't know I just I think there's more values Dana Williams owner for some reason that's just the way I look at it. This being said Road Williams did have more snaps. Shawn McCoy last week thirty seven to show of course twenty six so there's still going to you know not Overdo McCoy. He's thirty one thick cut that ankle issue that he was working with he obviously played it looked well but the big thing that keep an eye on. Don't Overdo it on your budget. Just don't overdo it. You know like we're talking. I don't know ten fifteen percent and I'm a little worried with the long term here of Roy Williams considering diammonium should be back somewhat soon would think next up is will discipline will disley. I have Disley in a a dynasty league directly and it's Nice right now. You know this is this is one of the reasons why you don't go get tight end. You just kind of wait towards the end because there's going to be someone that kind of emerges year in and year out and right right now disley. I had hunter Henry. Go down after week. One the guy pivoted to was we'll disagree so he's twenty eight percent own. You know again if you don't have a tight end and it's guaranteed score ten points which let's go ahead and let's go down tight end lane. Let's go ahead and go down tight end lane and figure who I'm starting. We'll DISLEY OVER NOT EVAN INGRAM NOT MARKING ANDREWS definite Jaren Wallet. How about another person emerges late round tight end just just making even more obvious to not draft his tight ends? or middle round tight ends then trips. Kelsey note still starting Greg Olsen over. We'll so starting awesome hooper over we'll definitely Delaney Walker ha so don't you work has been very good at touchdown did very similar very similar similar and sure enough. They're they're back to back. Even the we'll disagree hurt week one starring Zakar George Kill and back yet so we'll just these top ten tight end right one two three four five six seven eight nine ten yep well. This is the top about ten top ten tight end. I wouldn't start Erz. I'm was just over Earth's or Kitto but I'd start them potentially over Walker probably uh-huh and then everyone else behind that Hopkinson and you name it so please get some good value right now and if you get one of these non top ten tight ends listed you need to go put up pretty penny forego discipline and hopefully that because of his name high touchdown rate you so he had two touchdowns a week to one last week complete garbage touchdown by the way I mean just seconds running off the clock and extra play just the most garbage touchdown in my life which was just fantastic one of my teams and but you know he's five catches for fifty yards before that so I think he's a solid ten point play guy who's clearly going to be utilized near the goal line in red zone for Seattle who doesn't have that many of those types of players and it's a good enough offense offensive. Put up points so that's that on on we'll disagree. I I would definitely consider if if you've got a good team and you need a fix your tight end situation when you're trying to deal with Vance McDonald and some of these other bombs I got twenty twenty five percent to be honest Johnson two percent. Here's a guy owned for the first two weeks. Then just had to drop. They lose Ben Rothlisberger. He's just not getting touches a rookie. It was kind of a high upside play then then the Dante moncrieff experiment ended which was all pleasant to all of our eyes and eh data. Johnson now comes in as a starter. Let me look how many snaps Deontay Johnson had Kinda give ideas his usage. The other Johnson went up to forty two snaps last week so from thirty six percent week one forty seven percent week to seventy nine percent week three. You gotta like that increase now. Obviously the quarterback is an issue right now. San Frans- played some sneaky sneaky defense so I think that we can expect some ups and downs with the Anti Johnson. He's owned by two percent. I wouldn't run out to get him. If you have a good team team and you know you're not dropping probably MVS forum or anything like that but but he's got some upside and and I know that I'm talking to a lot of people really deep leagues like we are where you need to drop an absolute. You know just scumbag of a player. Anton the johnsons worth the upside again like he's going to be an offense that at this point likely will have to be throwing a decent amount had three catches last week caught a touchdown. He'll get utilized more than the offense so I think that's a sneaky sneaky grab. Let me give you another sneaky. Grab this one. This player actually kind of like take a lot not a lot. Hold back my reservation here on that but I like a decent amount sneaky grab. Paris Campbell at four percent didn't do a whole lot this past week but when you're in these deep leagues you're trying to grab someone the week before they do anything decent and Paris Campbell's gone from twenty nine percent percents twenty-five percent week two and forty five percent week three so his usage is getting higher veteran of course we had had the t Y Hilton Quad issue so keep an eye on Paris Campbell Jacoby set is Joe Kobe percent looks good. He can get the ball to raise receivers and they have a little bit more of a shorter passing game so it allows a lot of their receivers in if you watch t y Hilton he's he's not so much boomer bus anymore. I mean he had six catches for like fifty something yards and a touchdown in the first half alone so their offenses a lot up more west coast short horizontal and it's good for PR purposes frankly I would keep Aquino on Paris Campbell before he catches the goes five fifty and one touchdown next thing you know you gotTa Pay Ten fifteen percent of your budget right now you could probably I pay one percent so look at look at you're looking at your bench. Do you have someone you can let go. Is someone that you're only waiting on because of an injury the here's someone that is getting additional usage each week you can pay one percent likely get him and just kind of roll the dice a little bit. Keep them on your bench all right last player. When you talk about Wayne Gaughman the big player the the main pickup cup of the week because of the saquon Barkley news going to be out several weeks because of a high ankle sprain very unfortunate for Dental Jones owners and Jones himself. giants fans are hoping for the best here because this got hurt them right. I I know they had a rally come from behind doing. Jones just played out of his butthole last week against Bay but they're going to get more difficult situations then that's GonNa put them in. They're going to need saquon. Obviously not gonNA have him. Weighing Gaughman God a good portion of looks. They didn't utilized him a ton this past week. Let me look up the numbers here but if if Daniel Jones is good enough in that offense hit forty Wayne gunman had a big jump in forty one snaps so the main person they have Elijah Penny apparently on that team so wink almonds the guy that gets you know this is the tale of one of those is he is he thought he was when he used to kind of have had the job or third down role Eli Manning. He's obviously not a very great running back but I think there's the argument to be made. There's some other not tremendously cigarette running backs that are just in good positions that we like you know for because of their offense. Now it's kind of weird and scary sorry to think okay. What was the giants offense automatically that good that he might get some goal line touches and work to some degree. You know I think we need to temper bag expectations -tations but this is a running back for which I know a lot of people need and this is a significant amount of time a could very well likely be eight weeks to months. That's completely change how your season looks if you're a win. Three and one of your weakest is positions happens to be running back. You know you're GONNA WANNA put in a hefty claiming for for wing almond now that being said I think we need to to to not get so crazy. I would not go more than fifty percent. I'm just GonNa lay that out there personally. I like to try and get anyone. I can at any any time unless I'm always going to be looking for a deal so even if I don't need weighing Goeman I'm going to be throwing in a solid twenty-five percent bed. I think that's like the men and I think like the Max ish is around fifty because I think there's a good chance that you could get really disappointed with wingo and being wing Allman and obviously the giants games not always being length when we just saw so keep that in consideration but obviously a potential very good asset there. Does it make more sense to get wing Goldman at fifty plus percent for eight eight eight weeks or do you get Durell Williams for ten if he can get lucky somehow trade for Damian Williams because even William stock is low right now. I tried to include them in a trade with Juju and no one wants to touch guy but does it sound better. If you have Casey's number two running back Durell Williams Damien Williams knowing that you can get Durell about you know hundred bucks after Fab budget and get Damian Williams for another one hundred bucks. That sounds a little bit more attractive. There's a strategy for someone so be creative when you're trying to get your three and you're just like I'm gonna I gotta go for seventy percent wing Allman here I come. That's not GONNA fix issues most likely so anyhow that's week for those of the waiver wire pickups. I am Jeff carrier. We are the NFL talking heads best of luck to everyone going into week four. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks so much for listening to this episode of the NFL Talking Heads Fantasy football podcast. Show try saying that three times with your host Jeff Carrier Law Weld catch you next time.

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