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1656: How to Find Your Exercise & Diet Sweet Spot, the Truth About Training for Your Body Type, the Benefits of Earthing & More

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1656: How to Find Your Exercise & Diet Sweet Spot, the Truth About Training for Your Body Type, the Benefits of Earthing & More

"You want wanna pump your body and expand your mind. He's only one place to go up with your hosts sal distefano adam schaeffer unjust andrews. You just found the world's number one fitness health and entertainment podcast. This is mine pump right in today's episode. We answered four fitness and health questions. But we opened the episode with an intro porsche. Where we're talking about current events. We talk about scientific studies. We talk about our sponsors. Today's intro was forty nine minutes long after that. We got to the questions so we opened up by talking about a post by our friend. Eugene tau who said squats really not necessarily develop. Great lower body muscles strength in functionality. We disagree he's racer contrarian discussion there then it talked about how i got my dad to start using felix gray blue blocking glasses and so far so good. I'm gonna get some feedback from them to help him with his sleep by the way felix gray also now makes an eye health supplement. So not only they have the best blue light blocking glasses around that. Don't change the color of the world around you but they also have supplements that can help you with i health or ice strain. Go check them out head over to felix gray glasses dot com. That's f. l. i. x. g. r. a. y. glasses dot com forward slash. mine pump. Then justin gives us an update. He went to alabama yes to a metal concert did the mosh pit and everything survived. He he did survive other people might not have. I don't wanna mosh pit with justin. Then i talked about tiny flying machines super small stuff that can go inside apparently justin. Hey i mean. I was thinking then we talk about ancient humans nine species of humans but we kill them all. Because we're the best ones then. I talked about using the organic. Buy gold juice on a regular basis. I've been using it every single night noticing. Actually really really good benefits from right now. They have pumpkin spice flavor which is amazing. Go check out or identify. They have lots of other products and supplements all plant based they have a really good non dairy protein powders well head over to organic dot com slash mine pump and then use the code mine pump for twenty percent off then. We talked about some of our best shows on tv right now. I brought up midnight. Mass on net flicks justin talked about another show on apple. Can't remember the name was down. Dacians that one sound very interesting that i talked about a study showing that muscle mass and strength is connected to better survivability from cova da and then we talked about cardio everybody thinks that we're anti cardio. We are not So we talk about that in that porno guys. Then we got to the questions. Here's the first one that we answered this personal wants to know are supposed to flex intense while lifting. Were just move the weight the next question. This person wants to know if we think. A lot of people are just overdoing it with diet and exercise the third question. This person wants to know. If there's any truth to somatotypes types you know actum. Morph mezro morph endo morph and in the final question. This person wants to know what we think about grounding or earth thing also all month long in october we're renting a massive massive promotion maps anabolic. And the no. Bs six pack formula together for fifty nine dollars. Ninety nine cents that saves you over one hundred dollars on both those programs. Lifetime access map symbolic foundational muscle building strength building metabolism boosting program and the no. Bs six pack formula which focuses on building the muscles of the core set. they're more visible even higher body. Fat percentages again. Both of them fifty nine dollars nine cents. If you're interested head over to maps. October dot com again maps. October dot com. And it's t. shirt time. She knows more favorite term of the week. We have aggressive seven winners today. We have pfeiffer apple podcasts to for facebook the apple podcasts winners are fair Ruano who saw kelly boy five buzz x. I l l mcm ten nineteen eighty two and for facebook. we have gerald trachsel and william pratt. All of you are winners and the name. I just read to itunes tunes at mine. Pump media dot com. Include your shirt size and your shipping address. Get that shirt right out to you by the way real easy to win a shirt lot. Not a lot of people leave reviews. Also there's some wimps that left a couple one-star reviews we never get those. So if you love our show get over there and crowd him out with those five star radios lane people and you'll probably win one of these limited edition t shirts again head over there and do it now. What a great conversation right now to open this podcast up with justin rockin. That battle sick assured sizes out by the way. Because it's a little schmidt or small thing. I mean it just hugs me because of the material so nice you look beefier and i think what's going on. What are you doing attack. I don't know. I'm just still working as he just got back from l. He's been drinking beer in mosh. Pity you polluted in the arms. Imagine saying i've never in my life as a man so that's one of the man you look a little blow to you. Call me out the other day for saying time. My my baths never wanted yet. He asked about the loops and honest brokers. Hold on just bags. It's paired with the bath. You know what. I'm saying here a little bit monday night monday night. Football going counter on the tv and taking my little. Ask my lights out time as a dad. Now you fight for those time my brother. Can't i wanna. I wanna talk about the post. That we got tagged on eugene squat post but before we do have tell the story. Yeah my brother. He just had him and his wife just had a baby a few months ago. Cute little boy talked about this and his wife was. You know there were all talking and i'm gonna have to have a conversation with my brother because he's like i was when i became a dad. He doesn't like fully understand that he needs to help a little bit more. Like with the child rearing stuff. So here's something that he did. She's going to the bathroom so mom just had a baby two months ago. She's on the toilet going p or whatever he's playing with the baby and the baby starts crying. He walks into the bathroom but the cry baby. And the baby bro. You better figure this out anyway. All right so squat post why this comes up dude and you know what eugene towel is a smart guy so i wanna say that. Like him like his post. He's a very smart guy but we got tagged on his post because he kind of did that social media thing and he's smart about it where you counter something that's being said often and it does get you a lot of attention. Well he opens it up with in my opinion. So right out the gates you you get my respect. And i'm not going to debate that his opinion. He's opened opinion. I think we could argue the other side. But he's not really saying. The squad is invaluable. No he's just saying that it's that necessary to develop big strong or that. Machines have their values what he's saying machines also have their value. Which i agree. I think all these tools have their value but it is hard to find a single tool as valuable overall for the lower body Squats it's hard to find one. He's also trying to point out and address which i also agree with. Is this you know just overgeneralization that everybody should be squatting right away because the truth is everybody should work towards that. I believe and stand behind that. But i don't necessarily believe that everybody should be squatty because there's a lot of people that can't squat with good technique and you risk injury so i think he's covering that that kind of movement like we talk about. How cross it really brought back the dead lift in the squat and now you have everybody starting to all these weekend. Warriors getting out there and trying to hit pr when they have terrible mechanics. And so i think he's trying to address that which and i agree with that. I think that Everybody shouldn't just jump in there and start loading a barbell and trying to ask the grass squat when they don't have good technique. But i think the thing where i will always defend the squad and were the problem. I have with like a post like that. Is that it discourages. I just right away. I go back to you know teenage me or twenty two year old even and i would read a post like daft justified. Yeah a really intelligent. He's very intelligent coach and trainer. He looks amazing. He's strong and older same age as me. I'd look up to him and go. Oh this guy he tells me. I don't need a squat. Like i would continue to avoid it and and i guess that's fine if all you wanna do developed records cards. But the squat ended up being so beneficial for me personally and clients that i've trained at the pursuit to get a good squad because very few people can do a good-looking squat. And there's a lot of things that are broken down that it highlights that so well and the pursuit of getting a good squad has so many benefits in itself versus throwing that person into a hack squat a leg extension a leg press. You don't have to address. Any of those deviations on iran. His post to he was kind of coming out of the strength coaches for highlighting. The you know a backloaded squatters like the gold standard of squatting in in terms of like that being something that you lead up to inevitably kind of displaying the ultimate You know strength of that. Which i tend to lean towards i i agree. I agree with that whereas he disagrees with that in in thinks that you know you can just You know get the same kind of value out of of these machines if your goals only to have muscular development and and just focus on Hypertrophy in your sticks. But you know i would still argue that In terms of overall function everyday life and longevity. You're gonna run into some real issues if that's all you do. Let's back up for a second. Okay let's just talk about the squat without wait just being able to go down in the squawk comfortably with good mobility and good control is a fundamental human movement. So let's imagine now five hundred years into the future. We don't have to walk anymore. We're on these floating devices that take us everywhere the really good at what they do. And there's really no use to walk at all in somebody comes across and says maybe a fitness person in the future says. Hey there's a lot of benefit to walking regularly in learning how to walk and people argue. No no there isn't i. You can do other strengthening exercises. You don't have to walk. There are more benefits to to walking than just the fact that you're walking it's part of how we evolve squatting. Is that as well if you go back a thousand years and you couldn't sit in a squat. You were big time. Dysfunctional in fact go to third world countries and watch people working or resting. How are they doing it in a squat position. They're not sitting on the floor. Why do they sit in the squat. Well first of all if you go to the bathroom and poop and by the way they'll squatty potties of those sole factor for people because that's how he pooped in the past. It's puts your body and really good position. But why don't they sit on the floor if you're out in nature first of all you're not mobile for sitting down. It's hard to move to the sides number two if you need to get up and move real quickly. Now you're vulnerable to being attacked or by an animal or if your kid needs or whatever so they sit in the squad. In fact yesterday i was going for a walk and one of my neighbors had their parents visiting and their parents were from. You can tell from You know maybe not as developed country. And i saw this grandma. She was sitting outside and she was gardening in a squat. There's an old lady. She must have been eighty mm awesome and she's sitting in a squad and she's gardening and pulling weeds and stuff and that's we should be able to do that not gonna do something. That's fundamental to our anatomy Something that we evolved doing means that you're missing out on so much more than just developing your lodge and your hamstrings and you're also point out. Remember the name of the The guys there was the body mechanics or the boat. We went down to l. a. And we went and kind of visit him. They have real unconventional methods. But one thing they highlighted about the squat was how you know it would depressurize your body. So you have a lot of internal pressure built up. that we don't necessarily always get rid of and we carry with us in the squad is one of those positions that really helps to you. Know to to be able to express all that out How women gave birth this. This is how women gave birth for most of human history would sit in a squat sal. We relaxed it. It's how we hung around each other We didn't have chairs for for a long time. We didn't have toilets for a long time. It's a fundamental human movement. And so what is squatting with wait do it just strengthens this fundamental human movement. But you should be able to do this anyway. And if you can't avoiding it is a big problem. And that he develop nice quads hamstrings and stuff not doing it. Sure but what are you missing out on a law. You're missing out on a lot and that's the that's the main problem i have with this stance is is not that. He's not right. Like i don't like the way he worded everything and he set it up. I don't deceive the good. She's smart do not disagree with what he's saying. The only thing that i have to say about post like that is it discourages a lot of people. That should probably learn how to squad that this. It's and i and i know that because i was that kid i would love to hear that that because it was hard and it was terrible at it you know and i hurt my lower back when i did it in. So yeah okay. I'll just avoid it lake. Press and do all these other machines and yet that got me by for a good ten years of training but what. I started to address all those issues that kept me from your limited me from doing a good squad the overall benefit that i got back pain completely so and then and what. I've seen that for clients client. That just can't perform a squat. And i point out all the reasons why they can't and now and that's our that's the way we measure. We don't get on the hack squat and go like oh yeah. That was a good hack squat you know like no i have a squad that i saw the way you squad at our video or took a picture of where you were and now we've worked towards that and then we go back and it's hard to do that with machine and be able to be like objective. I just for me. it's i like to look at the body. Holistically in all the systems holistically in the movements holistically and so To avoid something that is the ultimate expression of that with the backload squad. I think you know. I have problems with that. You know segmenting it out and like you take each one of those movements and just isolating certain muscle groups and trying to build and develop those. You know there's definite value to that Especially if you're not getting a lot of response out of certain muscle groups But in terms of like addressing the overall performance of your body We we need to really incorporate. Those compound agreed not speaking of holistic. I i i gotta tell you guys. I am slowly getting my dad to incorporate a lot of the stuff that we talk about. So you guys don't want a few things now. I have and because each time. I tell them to do something and he does it. He notices now each time. Tell them something else. He's way more like confident. Like i'll give that a try. Yeah so now. I got my dad trying Felix gray glasses. Yeah so over the weekend so he calls me up on friday and he's like. Hey sal what are you doing tomorrow. So i know he's gonna he's gonna need something so my mom not doing much you know. What can i do for you. And he goes well. There's a motorcycle that i wanna go. Look at 'cause i might buy it. It's in santa barbara. So i want to drive there and back tomorrow like oh my god unit drive all the way down there and back like but my dad is the kind of person he never says no to me when asked him for something so i can't say no to my dad plus it's an opportunity To hang out or so we got in the car and we drove and we had great conversation the whole time and my dad talked. Told me how he's been waking up like two or three. Am just week. And he's like. I don't know what the hell it is it's like i can't get any better sleep in i said. Are you watching tv or ipad right before you go to bed and he goes. Yeah so i explained how the brain needs time to know that it's nighttime and it doesn't produces much melatonin. And so i said if you wear glasses that blocked the blue light. It should help you with your sleep. So i gave him a pair of felix raise and he's trying amount allow. Yeah so. I'll report back. Has he hasn't reported back yet. But i'm i'm a. I'm assuming he's gonna like everybody else. He's going to have good results from that you bring it up. I just remembered. I wanted you to look into so you know that they have a supplement. I saw it's called insight. I actually had somebody asked me about it. I had no idea. What do you think about the field. Stray supplement Felix gray supplement. You mean their glasses like they have a supplement so they put so it's it's a supplement that has asked his anthon lateen fan zanthosyn and then bill berry fruit extract so these are all compounds that have been shown to reduce Basically damage from uv rays to maintain i health Reduce inflammation and. They're all proven in studies. So it's a it's an eye. health supplement. You know what's funny is. I had one cl. Actually the one of the clients that trained the longest. I trade this woman for thirteen years. Mondays at three pm every monday at three pm. Carol love her and she had a cow. I can't remember now. Top of my head. What are they doing they replaced the which mccall on your eye cataract surgery so she had cataract surgery and these compounds. What eye dr issue would take them separately. Oh time yet to to keep maintaining the health of right so these are all proven compounds. I think it's interesting that they're getting in the supplement market also to do you know what a which ones those like. I don't know what foods you would you eat to get those some of them like sound so foreign to me. I don't know if i've even You know that's a good question. I don't like your carrots or whatever eyesight right. So what is. What's what's what's what's dominant and carrots that i think they say that for vitamin a. Is that y. Yeah but These are more. These are different. They're not essential vitamins or micronutrients rather any oxygen and compounds that have been shown to have health benefits in their own right. So and what's interesting. Is they also have other benefits. Those all have lots of health benefits aside from helping the is so it is interesting right and i wonder if this is going to be more and more valuable because i health seems to be degrading because of how much screen time. Yeah exactly. he's on. How many just inundated with blue light constantly. so yeah i think if they can find any angle In that direction to kind of address. And i think it's going to be valuable now. I did want to ask you something just in I noticed you had a couple Like look like he scuffed your hands a little bit. I know you went to. I know you with our family. Yeah you went to alabama for a heavy metal. What was it like festival like. I wanna i wanna hear all about. Yeah yeah dude so okay. I saw kill switch engages there. Yes probably one of the only like familiar bands. I think people would recognize In so i guess you'd call this genre kind of hardcore metal or hardcore is named death metal. It's It it's more hardcore sigh because they have like Kind of a punk So like east coast hardcore. It's like a lot of the guys that are like strangers and it's like it's like a gang so there's this whole culture around this kind of stuff. That's very unique To this specific genre. We don't do drugs but we'll get your ass over exactly so many smoke a cigarette like they would like beat them up like really you're crazy strangers crazy. So what does that okay. Yeah you're at the school me on all this. I don't know what what does a straight edger. And what makes a straight edge or different than a death. Metal strangers are will. they're easily into like the hardcore scene. More which is like It's a tighter community. It's like Shows are different with what is straight edger means. Just means that you don't do drugs you know what that means. Is that why you said that. Yeah oh okay. I didn't know that they've taken like i'm not gonna do drugs and they've made it like a gang. Yeah most well in. So it's we're in crazy energy now like where are they gonna pour it. They got gotta like turn outlets. We're bringing high spoke to me as a kid so drugs or alcohol. This thing. No there was just okay. So there's there's just reference tell everybody were straight edge. Bands orchestrated people go. We're probably people go like well in some in they they built followings that Are part of like certain bands have shows together where it's like a whole bunch of straight editors really are like. Yeah guys that are just into the hardcore kinda punk scene And then like there's mixed in with that has been like Metal then also like like christian metal in this other kind of You want to hear crazy. No red red's one of those bands. You've i know you know read. Don't you read. Yeah yeah you were with me. One time when we were vegas on her. I'll i'll maybe i'll play song for living sacrifices one of those And also Beloved which put on an amazing show it so little background so for me like i was. I was basically like this angry kid. And i remember so. I had issues like psychological issues like that. I just would berry. And then my outlet was like metal dude so i was not allowed to play anything with swear words or anything in my house. And you know my. My parents were very much very strict. And so i found a hack in that was christian metal. It's so like my first band was like the crucified and they didn't play but The next one from there was living sacrifice it they are so heavy it just like people like had no idea simulator. Oxymoron it is. It's like that they started to get really good. It's started out some cheesy bands. Be embarrassed to say that like. Oh yeah i love these guys like i go to their shows but they start getting really good in like popular and So anyway so there was like some of those bands were there. And that's why i was excited to go because it was like part of my childhood growing up with these bands and there's like a very very small scene of people that really get it and had similar issues as mu grown up. I think now. Did you mosh pit so i was like i wasn't going to do it but i can't help it dude. I wasn't going to do it. You're going to go to the issues and everything. Shoes is ready to go armed in radio Yeah i i got up to. Well i couldn't help it because some of the band's just it's just it's like memory lane and then you're like oh my god this saw in you know the so the thing about hardcore. Yeah this is my song. They have breakdowns. The most vicious breakdowns regular metal shows that just play really loud and it's good music. Whatever there's like circle pits so the thing about these pits that are different is like people. Just go fucking nuts like they they start punching the air kicking stage diving like an eye. Somebody lost this is what i heard from. One of the forums that They they talk later about you know think. Has anyone seen blue. I mean you guys okay. They carted off that was like holding. His is all blood everywhere And so yes mayhem did happen and i was definitely involved in some of the bigger pits there but the thing is if you know what to do and you know like sort of your spacing code if you're a big beefy strongest guy shirt that there's that i mean people in there aren't really like looking to to hurt other people. It's just more of like this weird like crazy. Violent dance outlet thing now. Did you did you. Did you get hit. Did you like what happened. Dude i have no idea. But like i was like i. I was like just seeing it before it happened like i. You know what it was like was when i when i do those heart swings up there at the indian clubs like i was like my arms like this almost like a blender and i was like blocking everything ditch. Just gloves row. Close your eyes jusuf. Nobody was getting inside this energy field. You absolutely awesome. I'm so fascinated by owner as within the genres. Here i just. I would just say death. Metal's death metal and it's anything that's like beyond to me. There's like a heavy metal which metallica had them in there. You know they just goes. Everything is data like thrash. Death metal adam characterizes as i understand and then everything else and then this is a gone. Yeah like i started with like. Yeah what people properly. No as metal and then i went i kept getting more and more like into it. in finding out there's a lot of levels To this game now let me ask you this because i know that there's a lot of stereotypes with actually any community Now i've never been to a metal concert. I've never been in a mosh pit. But i have met because i like that kind of music to lift too. That's only kind of music i. That's the only time. I listened to it because when i'm working out really hard and i've met other people who are super into that kind of music and at first i was always shocked by how friendly. Everybody thought it would be this angry. Whatever the coolest people ever and that's just my personal experience. What's it like going. Is it like that or does it feel like really. It was like it. Was this weird. Surreal kinda love. I swear to god and it was like violence everywhere but everybody was like i was picking up dudes that fell you known slipped on some beer or something like we're getting pummeled and i'm like we're all just stopping there. We pick them up. We throw him back in. It's just like it's you're right. Bloody nose keep going. You know We look out for each other. It's it's it's strange like unique community. Is everybody super cool. Nice is it a total sausage fest. Because i have a tough time. It's such a sausage fest. But there's i'm always baffled. Here's a role to go. We say it's the good kind of sauce spicy sausage. Do you see any girls at all yet. You there was like in the pit and she was like this. This tiny you know cute little girl that was just like like like really into it and it's just funny 'cause like the rest of us are like okay. Let's let's kinda make a wall around her so she's going to get like nailed. You know like you want to hear something like looking out for her not to get punched so i used to have there. Was this girl that very short time in she was a total metal head and she would go in these ma. She was tiny. She was like ninety pounds. Little tiny thing It up whatever. Yes super cool chick. And i asked her. Then i'm like don't you feel like is. Aren't you scared going. And she goes no she was. That's the safest i ever feel is when i go to these concerts because all the men there become super protective of me. Is that what it's like. Yeah yeah it is fire. Everybody's just tat. I was like it's so good that like i'm too old now. And and and speaking of old everybody there was over forty easily so there was no kids that because most of these bands started a long time ago. They're all angry for different reasons. Now my wife jackson's lilia about taxes. Now people driving too fast by law right. I mean obviously there's some nostalgia there so that When you decided that you were going to do this. Because sometimes i do stuff right. That i remember. I love so much. And it's been decades since i did it and then i do it and i'm kinda like that'll probably the last time i ever. Yes i think. I could check that off. I'm done with that. how did you feel about it. Like yeah Yeah i mean there was some some of those kind of moments like I know In terms of like trying to get into everybody and like be in the crowd and all that is like like i would rather be in the pick his open but for the most part i was cool just standing off to the side like watching and enjoying the actual madness of the music. It's in. I totally recognize that. It's like a lot of people in the outside. We'll just look as screaming in noise. You know like. I totally admit that unlike yes like. That's totally part of it. But there's so many like if you are into it like you hear all the differences of it and like who does it well and who has like you know real good musicianship behind it And so i was. I was definitely more like less less about like getting in there. And getting my energy out and like analyze analyzing it and then pull myself back and being like oh this is why i love the span so okay so then what are some ways that I know like oh. This guy's generically sucks or like what are things that make it stand out as like question Yeah so i was definitely bands out there. That will overuse fuck all the time. And the there's just a power word. Yeah dude. it's a cheap trick you know. It's it's it's one of those things that are going to get an emotional response from the crowd. Let's fucking news five clever row like you don't have to overuse it. Save it for the impactful moments that are you know. Let your music like do that. I will always respected the band's more that their music was would would kind of like take you on this journey and then it would peak so hard that like everybody would go beserk over. Because you'd hit this like moment where you'd see in this happened with August burns red. There was like one of the best bands that played. they're just so tight musicianship that It got to a point where everybody news breakdown was coming. In austin i was getting pushed in everybody's getting pushed aside and it opened up. It was like the biggest I had to like it. Took me like five minutes. It seem to run all the way around and get to the other side because opened up so big. I just like lord my shoulder to somebody. Lock them up as the concert climaxes. So does the mosh pit whole. Yeah yeah i it. Peaks dude in grows this emotional music. Does it gets everybody to feel together. You know you've been to country music concerts wherever they have. So i have actually been to all of it and i i would actually. I'm trying to think where where you would categorize Some of these bands. That is seen by. I don't even remember. I would think would be more punk so punk. Heavy metal punk in the hardcore very similar because So so puck does a lot of these anthem. Chance and things get crowd involvement so there there are a lot better at like bringing the crowd like even on stage and they let like mayhem happen so the hardcore bands. You see guys just like backstage running and almost hitting the lead senior and pushing jumping in stage diving and then you know people are climbing up and grabbing the mike and singing the anthem with them. And you know they're like in the crowd letting them be completely a part of the show. So it's it's it's a totally different kind of talent but it's cool if you like. That's your scene but if you're just you know in the back listening sounds like shit. I would've i would've loved it. I think that would have been awesome. It's fun i wouldn't have got love the banding they're interacting with you. It's super furniture. Mosh pit with you So my one buddy did the other one was the sort of smart one but is funny because he went up to kind of watch the band close in. I was watching. Because i was taking a breath from my. I didn't want to get in the pit. And he kept like pushing me in the back. And i thought it was just some random person kept nudging push push and then the third one. He pushed me real hard and almost win. I turn around. Like i'm gonna punch somebody who's him and i'm like. Oh you got me. He's trying to stoke me. Oh you kill someone else. Just punch somebody. Did you see any other any more of alabama or is it just that no i mean we went to like a bar that was close by had this cool like sort of beer garden. Just catch a breath of fresh air. You know but now there wasn't really a whole lot else going on. But i mean beautiful weather. Like seventy degrees and breezy awesome. Yeah yeah i would go to one of these. I would just watch find it so fast. Yeah it'd be really interesting to watch you at a concert well. I'm not a huge concert person of people watching. Don't that's the worst fist pump. Universal move for all all concerts that would bring you know so you so i had an experience like you said where you do something. You're younger than when you're older you go. I did that an edm concert mid thirties and there was like this big edm thing. That happened in san jose. I like he has no that. So here's a funny thing. I loved perfect death metal and unlike. edm which. I don't know if they go together. But i went to the concert. And i'm and we're in there and looking around. I'm like wow. I looked like a narc like either rugby. Learn get some drugs. Because i'm the only over on the only person over twenty five do that's funny Like i i got called out for an. I know it was kind of like People are into what i'm into like in terms of like displaying the concerts and like you're worse than one of those like You know girl in in fish net going to dm concert. You know just like showing us all the concert and mike. Well when you're doing the my putt media pay really more hate to see you in the mosh pit was there. I have some footage. Aw i'll make sure and abby. I mean it's a big concert. Any mind publicity is actually listen to music too. Yeah yes. I didn't think anybody did especially from the respond. We have come on. Let's say we have cool fans it's yes there's there's some hardcore people out there like five people Wow one of them. I forget her name but she It was great because she saw means. I've been one of the live events and and then she actually used that to Cut in line and drake. Because i was in line for like an hour and found out. She's not no lines she's like. I know you call her out for that. But you know smart you know smart. I knew what you're doing that's awesome. See i want to see the video of you and the mosh pit. So bad yeah. I thought you did post a video. I i'm not sure. I post the one where i was actually in my friend was filming it and i think he did did you. Don't remember that must have not seen that weren't paying attention. I was down to watch. Either one of our stories do Just your own. no. I watch. I want to hear stories sometimes mean guy. That's not true. Anytime you post something with your son. I call matt okay. Yeah yeah. I don't want to review by yourself. Baby hillary police speed of memes. And picking on you right. Please tell me you saw the mind. Pope memes one of you. Oh my god. That's my favorite. One is shirtless one. Yes Getting ready for the pie. I got really uncomfortable watching a way. do that. His grill these past. That was the best one yet. I mean it looked. It looked pretty sprawled on the tech on that. That's an app. She's a frigging. If you didn't see his girl you. I would think you would think that. Was you complete. It was still. The tech is getting so bleary ups. You guys realize this is scary ten years away from getting so good that i won't know the difference between you and let's while that's gonna be weird broken now. That's going to be strange. I bet you said it'd be the future of you know you talked about the evolution of like a political cartoons in memes. Right like memes are like this new thing. Watch that be the thing it'll be you know making these videos of your buddies and friends all the time. We'll be like the new thing to do because it's so good. Inaccurate got caught doing this. And you know it'd be like shit that's gonna go. I'm just afraid how it will be used against people you know like someone wants to fuck with leasing politics right away. Of course i think all the things speaking of which did you okay so trip this right so they invented you. Ready for this tight might tiny flying machines smaller than a grain of sand we. These are microchips that glide and fly in the air and they report back information and so scientists have created literally like enter. You literally blow hours those little wings. Pull it up right now. Because it's it's yeah dude. It's it's it's trippy now. The way they want to use it so these are called micro flyers and they think can fly. Throw them in the air. I wanna see a pitch and monitor pollution. Airborne diseases environmental. Yeah they could provide. They could for massive wireless network gathering important va invaluable environmental data. But i'm just thinking like do they could because spread these all over the air and just watch locusts smaller than a grain of sand. And you're not even think inside you. But now i'm freaked out. Yeah like they make him any small you breathe it in. Yeah absolutely you know you have a manufactured disease. How tiny are the people that have to build these things a little keebler normal. A normal person with normal heads can't build some possible children rape point. That's hilarious but it's pretty crazy and what it looks like right there. I don't know what the hell that that's what they are micro flyers dude. I didn't think of that though justin because that's interesting. I wonder if they could have you. Inhale something like this and then it could report back or deliver medicine to the body. I know that at some point. They'll be able to make you know nanotechnology there'll be will inject into your body. Well that's sort of the real futuristic kind of Stuff out there. that's making breakthroughs. With which like is. I is going to change the whole landscape but i. I hope it's for the best. You know my skeptical brain is always there. It is alarmed local small. Those are right there. Does that feel like Like superheroes technology and attach attach something on that actually records to report back. It's a microchip that's a microchip right. There that can fly those small. I love adam. Skepticism by the way immediately says is true. I'm just curious to how this works. It makes no sense to me. That's wild man. Did you see. I think i added in the threat to the there. Was this other spotting of like a military Spaceship that Like they're like. Oh my god. This has to be like a ufo where yes so. It was a k. This is not a valid source. Right it son. I think that's one of those like this wolf boy. Boy yeah but it was loaded on the truck and sky was taking a video and it looked it. Looked possible like it could be made. Like you know like a stealth bomber but it was even more aerodynamically crazy So i don't know if you can pull it up or not Doug but yeah it. It looks like it's it's feasible. So i'm like wow. I wonder if they're getting even more advanced in that direction. So here's what i always wonder. What stuff like that whenever stuff leaks out or somebody like a normal bystander films and military thing and it goes out. I wonder how much of that is manufacturer right. You know because. I have to admit i have to think that the military would be better than like driving a spaceship on the freeway. Some dude in film. I wonder how much of this is them. Flexing on other countries worse way that we got or make me. We have when really we have five steps ahead of that. That's where i think. I think it's more likely that like anything that we hear about. We're we're far more advanced. Dude you guys know that the okay. So the first war in iraq desert storm. I think was it was called. When was that night was in nineteen ninety-one dug when we went back. That's about the first one right. This bush senior right go in there before iraqi freedom and that was the first time we unveiled. The stealth technology stealth bombers before that. Nobody even knew that they existed around for like fifty years. Before i think we create them in the seventy s. It was a long time ago. Yeah and so it was like. Here's something cool that we made thirty years ago. So what what. What are they have now. That's why i feel like some of the stuff that they're doing with. Ufo's is there sideways way of saying by the way we have technology that can go super fast underwater above water. Do all this weird stuff. So if you mess with us or whatever you guys see the post that joe rogan did he did The footprint you didn't see that what pull up the porpoise. Instagram freedom I thought this is stuff that justin a are way more into. That's why i thought for sure you guys would have our senior was like it. Just it can't have seen him yeah. It was like a footprint that dates back further than what we think homo homo sapiens were on or homo sapiens. Homo sapiens. say home. Yoho meals stasis over stacy's and people look at it oh human in the americas okay so a human footprint found in new mexico about twenty five thousand years old. Wow the hill. That's why did you guys know. I just learned this to the other day we know neanderthals right. So in the nfl's then you have like you know modern humans which appeared. I think you know around ten thousand years ago. There were like seven or eight other maybe seven other human species that all started to disappear. There's like seven or eight of them. There's like the red bread out. There's like the red deer. People of china there's the dennis o. Vian neanderthals and denisovans. They said we crossed the great bearing straight. Yeah in may the rate of the american. There's all these different types of humans and many of them displayed intelligence. Many of them displayed are and toolmaking but basically modern humans And here's the the theory because modern humans have dna of all of these different parts of europe asia africa. You'll see more neanderthal. More than soviet and more whatever right they think because dna is in our dna that we kill that we banged them and killed them so basically. We competed them. Probably because we were better at making weapons and wars. Say that gamer. Mary kill yeah yup and we but we also you know made with them but so they say that we the ones that killed them all off because we all intrigues them now. I didn't realize that many. I always thought that was like lots of different species. Yeah isn't that interesting that is very anyway. hey I wanna give a shout out to our sponsor organic. I've been using the goal juice super consistently at night. In fact i ran almond almond milk. the other night and i just mixed it in water just to t- out of it. It's actually good in. It's not like i thought because you guys know me supplements she'll take your drive. But i said let me try hot water. It's like a warm pumpkin spice tea. But anyway i've been drinking it consistently. And i i notice less inflammation i noticed. I sleep better. Well yeah according to and using the stress in. I actually had some last night because of like the fly inbetween and just like carrying all this adrenaline with me So yeah i did that. Because that's one of those things it does. Help me calm down and just start to kind of you know. Chill out before bed. Yea speaking of before bad I watched a new series on netflix. I watched the first episode midnight mass. You guys know. I haven't seen harry isn't it. Yeah it's a little scary. Yeah already out. It's not that scary. Want to bring something good. So did you ever watch the haunting of hill house. No not so good. It's not that scary. it's it's not. That is that. I have no interest in that i bet if we watched it you would like it. Maybe it's really well made written. Maybe anyway midnight mass. I only watched the first episode. Looks like it's gonna be fucking amazing. It looks like it'd be really good. Same writers and everything. So i'll tell you all about cosign before. I washed sydney to fucking cosign before. Watch chew building back up. I think you know i'm still at sal. I'll give it a world. what are you guys. Were talking about a show earlier that foundations one of those. I've been excited about The whole time. And i guess like over the weekend it launched and i haven't got a chance to watch it. I'm like ansi to watch. I don't want anybody tell me anything. You'll be excited about three episodes already so you can watch it. I started but actually was doing something else and quickly realize like oh this is going to be one of those shows that there's going to be lots of character development and i got to be paying attention because they're using words and terms. Yeah talking about stuff. That i'm not familiar with them like okay. I'll watch this another time. So it looks mean graphically and it's only on apple. I can't watch it in order it on amazon or anything. No god senate for something else. Now they do. They put a lot of money into this thing. So i mean. I i expect they're just gonna keep it on that platform. I'm watching a click bait right now which is pretty good. So i'm how far into that right now. I'm i'm a handful episodes into it right now. And it's got me sucked into four five episodes into it. Have you got to the third season of sex education. You know you're on the second season i have. Yeah i haven't. I'm like have you been watching the hilarious. It's really it's really good dude. You know what they do in that too is they. And i know i mean they throw every single possible type of individual in this purpose. So you like you have like a non binary person and of course gay people and straight but whatever but the way they do. It is actually quite smart. They don't make a huge necessarily big deal about things. Kids kind of figuring. Yeah and there's the one relationship so there's the main character otis and his best friend. I can't remember his name. It's the nigerian kid who's like very flamboyantly gay. Yeah but they showed their friendship. Very genuinely i really appreciate. It's not a big deal and there's and that's what makes it different. What do you watch morning show now. I know you're talking about you. Watch more yeah are you. Are you up to date on the season. Not yet but yeah getting there so i think they do a like. I was just talking about because we were on the new season just got released. And so we're we're up to date on that and they do a really good job of addressing of the kind of political climate and both sides without feeling like they have a by you. You feel like they do a good job of developing character on each side that maybe you might gravitate more suba and there are more. They're all likable. Yes okay and they're all very likable. So it's It's really well done. Where normally i. In the the point you're making with sex education. I feel like you watch a show and it's like quickly the way they present a position or character. I can tell right away like okay. That's something here. But what i'm wrapped into a show enemy. I think they have all sudden. They counter that with another character. that's very likeable. And you go. Oh shit like. I can't see where they're coming from. I really appreciate more than i ever have before. I don't think i ever really paid attention to that. So much. like older shows like cadillac. Either their political view or where their biases versus the way these guys are riding is it. I feel like it's really well balanced and it just a nice way to watch a show like that. I appreciate that too. Oh one quick thing study came out on a muscle mass and covert and they found significant reduction That was connected to the amount of muscle. mass you have and severe Cova or hospitalization so more muscle for less likely just muscle muscle and strength. Grips as more protective. Yes very obvious as you say come on. This is kind of like a people. Need to hear that. I was around people as we need to hear that. That's so crazy that you would need to hear that though because in order for you to build them the more muscle bill the frame the more you have to be dialed in nutritionally and more you more often that you have. You can't just build. You're not going to build muscle out of thin air. You're going to have to go in and put the work in so you'll have to exercise strength train. In addition to that eat the neutra nutrients that are required to build and sustain that. so this they they. They were just showing muscle strength. And and you're right. I think there's so much more connected to it. But how many times have we heard like. Oh just because people exercise or just because this is like if you're stronger you're less likely to have all these Severe symptoms which is which is. I mean obvious to us. I mean i would be connected to cancer and other things to me. It's kind of a very obvious. Studied to come out and say that it's like i but if you're i mean do you think that there's people that don't get that i do. Yeah it's crazy. People don't realize said i've been around just recently person. If you think the average person and you ask forget like a fitness fanatic or person that listens to our show. You take the average person you say you know what kind of workouts will help you improve your immunity. Oh you gotta do like running and cycling and that's also true but then ask them. Do you think like building bigger muscles will help with your immunity. The in a lot of people have no idea that just muscle strength and size alone Is better for just immunity in your ability to deal with diseases. That did you see it. We had a common on instagram. And we also had a comment on the youtube of people like having to every time we talk about cardio i feel like we always have to get into this with somebody who feels the neither defending cardio and how beneficial it is for them in that were anti cardio or not. It's like it's not that at all. It's trying to educate the masses on the benefits of strength training. And why that is a superior way of training not that you shouldn't do cardio and we don't think there's tons of but adding to your strengthening routine appropriately. You're going to get better. Health and better with the truth is if if i had to put them head to head and i had one or the other. I got three hours a week. Somebody is going to move or exercise. And i had to choose running on a treadmill or or whatever mode of cardio you wash more strength training. It's a no brainer no-brainer. Because you can get many of the benefits that you get from cardiovascular training through your straight you like the example. I tried to give the girl that was going back and forth with me is go do ten sets of squats with thirty second rest periods of in between and tell me how much cardiovascular at your heart rate and doing that. Yeah the one thing that'll cardio will be better at is whatever the form of cardio you'll get better at running if you do more running that's true in terms of overall health and even aesthetic goals of course but overall health mobility strength oregon health cognitive function hormone health like in the studies. Now support it. Well the argument they were. Both people are making where the cardiovascular endurance. And it's like. Okay if if all you care about is cardiovascular endurance slash health than doing cardio will help that it will help that faster than strength training. But there's so many more benefits that you get from strengthening that you don't get from cardiovascular and and you can get mo- most almost all the benefits that you get from cardio so why wouldn't you choose the one that is superior now in a perfect world. Yes you do both right. I mean i would even argue. It's not cardiovascular health but rather cardiovascular performance you'll get better long-term endurance by training let your claudio but in terms of cardiovascular health like heart health. they've already shown that strength. Training is superior for reducing visceral body. Fat inflammation improving heart health. Dave already shown this in fact. That's when we had dr alo on the show who's a cardiovascular. Dr literally what he's that's the point i'm trying to make is that we're not we're not anti cardio it's more so the most people don't understand that about resistance training they don't understand the value and so our message comes out that way but yeah okay in a perfect world my client. Does both you know that that would be great. But in the context of overall health and also in the context of body composition because everyone thinks getting lean in lean and ripped cardio is the best way towards the end. It's not and we know this and so that's why our messing is always around that it's not that we're oh anti cardio guys. It's a lot of people. Don't understand the benefits of actually strength training in the pursuit of overall health or in the pursuit of body composition. Hey real quick hope. You're enjoying the podcast. Look we have a partner live on. That makes some of the best supplements around with this really useful technology that ensures absorb ability so one of my favorites supplements. there is a glutathione. It's in a packet. You take it. You actually absorb it raises levels in the body. This is a master antioxidant but they also have a b. complex. They have magnesium supplements lots of products. All of them. Actually get to where they're supposed to because of the absorbed ability. This is very important when it comes to supplements and live on is the best in the market with that. And because you listen to mine pump you can actually get free samples. Head over to live on labs dot com for slash mine pump. Right enjoy the rest of the podcast. First question is from cam slade. Are you supposed to flex or tents while lifting or just moved away. Oh sissy it depends. It depends on your goal and what you're training for if you're trying to really develop a particular muscle or connect to different parts of a movement. You wanna stay really connected you wanna flint flex you wanna tents you wanna feel those muscles contracting. This is more of a bodybuilder style of training and there's a lot of value in it however there's also a lot of value in just focusing on moving the way in perfecting your technique and skill to move more weight. This is how strength athletes train. Both of them are very very valuable. For example i can squat. I can do a barbell squat. Slow my reps down in really focus on my quads focused on the knee extension and the squeeze at the top and staying connected at the bottom and give myself a crazy quad pomp and burn and again. I'm going to develop good nice developed quad muscles from doing that or i could get under the weight and just perfect my bio mechanics and my technique. The most amount of weight and both of them are very valuable. If your goal is to train for a balanced physique develop your muscles be strong mobile odd stuff. I think you gotta do kind of both of these. Are there certain things that you can't do you like You don't wanna be flexed intense when you do like a keto bell movement right like you have these these explosive kettle. Move mega swinging. Yeah you have to be able to be fast and loose. yes fast and loose like like olympic. There's a lot olympic movements where you can't be tensed the entire time through movement you gotta be explosive tents but then relax all about the movie. Yeah it's really about guiding shuttling force output the very beginning so it's very high emphasis on that concentric part of the left with the very beginning and then just kind of guiding that That weight as it accelerates so. It's a totally different type of technique. But yet to your point it really just depends on what the focus is on in the objective and the intent of the exercise. What's funny is when i trained Clients i would do flexing in tensing with correctional exercise and i'm talking about like new clients. New clients come and hire me. When i'm telling the flex intense a muscle it's when i'm doing correctional exercise and trying to get them to feel certain muscles and connect to certain parts of movement. But then when i would teach them traditional exercises i never said. Hey while you're squatting. I want you to really feel it. In your glucose that didn't happen till later. It was more like. Let's perfect the skill of the squad. Let's perfect the skill of oppress perfect skill of a dead lift and then later when they got the skill down and i could see if they were squatting well and do all you know indebted lifting well not stuff then when they were areas they wanted to focus on. I would say you know. Squeeze your gluts here focused on your quads there So it is. They're both very valuable. And it's funny how there's like two camps like which one do i do. I mean i actually trained the op. I actually trained more less about the movement and more about keeping tension throughout the movement. So i guess it's the body. Builder esque background. That i come from that. Was i always felt like if i got a client to really feel the entire movement really really well then i could teach more dynamic explosive things where you ask them to be quick or loose and then tight like i find that. That's a little bit more of an advanced technique to be able to do. Yeah no. I wouldn't do fast and loose. I'm talking about just traditional squat. Press like i didn't overhead press with a new client. I wasn't like feel this in your dealt it was about your posture your technique in your form practice that and then later if they're like hey i want to develop more of this or that then i would through the movement then i would get them to focus. But you're you're right with the fast stuff. No no no. You can't there and connect to accountable. Swing you ever seen a bodybuilder or somebody who trained right to do that. Oh yeah it looks really. That was the first thing that came to mind where we this question came up was thinking like all i can. Picture was a tense buff bodybuilder. Try to do a cabal swing and it just it looks. It looks awkwardly lateral raises. That point but yeah. I mean there's tons of value in either of these i think for example if you follow maps powerlift The focus is on the movement. It's about technique form bio mechanics and movement. Now you follow a program like maps aesthetic. And it's very much about flexing tensing in developing particular muscles which one is better for you. They both are. They're both gonna give you tremendous value. And i think it's a mistake to only focus on one and not the other. I think both of them will develop the best that you ever had. Because i there's a very different. Feel from what i'm squatting and trying to focus on a muscle group versus when i'm just trying to squat and get better at squatting. It's very different mentality. You know going into the movement. Next question is from tyler mic nutrition. Do you find a lot of people are lovie overdoing it. With diet and exercise. I see a lot of people doing twice a day. Workouts extreme dieting or fasting hit etc or a combination of multiple things. I don't think they're taking into account. Other stresses in their lives which can lead to some of these editions being negative. Course we we. We always bring this up. I everybody over does. And here's what i mean by that. I don't mean everybody works out too much all the time. I mean people that. Stop working out in are inconsistent. Usually when they start they overdo it yet now overdoing it's different from person to person overdoing it can mean you overdo it for your body can handle. It could also mean you're overdoing it. Because doing more than you'll be able to maintain on a consistent basis so if you're never if you never exercise or you have it for a long time. I used to get this all the time. Manage gyms and i you know. Get a a walk in. This is somebody that's interested in checking out the gym. And i ask them what their goals are. And are you currently exercising. Not when was the last time you exercise consistently for longer than six months. Oh you know ten years ago. How many days a week do you. would you like to start working out. Oh i'd like to come five days a week. Overdoing it like. You're going to go from zero to five even if trained properly five days a week. It's it's too much for you to go from zero to five and to maintain consistency. So it's the whole like. I want to get there faster. Overdoing it literally means. You'll get slower. It's human nature. I mean we want to get to that desired outcome as quick as possible and You know our culture is based off of that is like well. How can i get rich faster. Yeah how can i Achieve whatever goal. I have the quickest way possible. And it's just there's no pill to this thing to really like accelerate the process like you just really have to put the work. Well i'll give you a less extreme. And i think more common situation of overdoing it that i think most people fall into the trap and that's just simply eating Eating less and moving the. It's like the most practical advice given to somebody who's overweight. Oh you're overweight will eat less calories and move more and because of that simple advice would ends up happening is somebody ends up eating way less than what they probably should for their size and body and certainly for somebody who's going to start building muscle and then they overdo the amount of movement. Somebody was completely sedentary on the couch. Wasn't doing anything is also doing cross fit. Workouts are also working out like saying five to seven days a week. So i think it's way more common than not and you know a lot of that is just because the messaging. That's been around in the fitness space forever. We we always tout the law thermodynamics. And everybody's okay. They just simple oversimplify that okay. Well less calories move more. I should lose weight. Well yeah you can but you have together. You're overdoing it. You don't need to be doing that. I mean ev- everybody that i get if that was overweight. You know later on in my career. I figured out. Like actually what i should do is either keep them at a maintenance or even try and give them a surplus and actually focus on building muscle. Even though they came to me to lose fifty pounds of fat i knew where they were at nutritionally. What they were feeding their body they were there under there. Overfeeding it and calories under feeding in nutrients that their body needs in order to have this healthy physique so getting them balanced out and keeping them fed while also now introducing. This new stimulus was a much better strategy. And you just don't see that you see most people overdoing exercise and that doesn't need to be a lot and an under consuming. Yeah it the the right dose will get you there faster and we'll make it sustainable doing more than that. Is the wrong dose. Doing less than that is also the wrong dose. By the way. If i had to pick which one i would want a person if they had to go over or under doing it i would say under doing it because then it's easy to ram build it up overdoing. It's hard to back off of. It's interesting right. Because i think people think that the most that they can tolerate is the right dose. So like oh. I'm getting great results right now. I think my body can tolerate even more. Let me do that. That's still not the right dose. Because i know that. There's more i can do with my training. My body will tolerate. But it's not gonna get me there any faster and be like one of the doctor and the doctor saying you have an infection. Here's your medication. Take two a day. And you're like i want to get this infection bottle. What'll happen right. I think if like like hard alcohol you know versus like a sip of wine or beer or something. It's like you know you give somebody like a shot like. Oh i'm i'm going to introduce myself to alcohol and then you just go right to like you know the the most condensed version of everything at once. How every callers drinks with that leads to. I just want to get real fast. Next question is from preacher. Man joe is there any truth regarding somatotypes. A trainer said that knowing if you're an actor morph mess more or endo morph will determine what your body needs. There's a little bit of value in this but it's so generalized. Yeah that it's really for marketers. Yeah if you live and die by this. You're you're not look. Most people are not a most people are not a pure actor. Morph morph is the. Here's what they would say right Tall skinny smaller bone structure tends to be really lean. Hard gainer right mezro. More athlete more muscle lean builds muscle easily athletic and more Gains body fat easily is thicker bigger bone structure. And it's harder for them to get lean very very generous so generalized that most people are combinations of different glenn hybrids whatever yeah so is there value in it may be a little bit but not a ton i find that i find it valuable. I find value when i defend it because it's been trashed in the last like ten years or so because we've we've dispelled there's these three categories or whatever for explaining something to a client who falls in one of these categories to get them to understand their body more and how it responds to exercise nutrition. I it reminds reminds me of thirty five hundred calories eagles a pound of fat. That is not. It's not that simple. And there's it's much more complex. But when i li- when i'm explaining to a client over over consuming calories and under consuming around it's just an easy way to get them to grasp that. Hey listen that five hundred calorie one thing you did is not going to even put a pound out on your body so don't beat yourself up over it like you know so. I also think the same thing is true. When i'm looking at a body type and they're struggling so hard to put muscle on but then they lean out really easy explaining them. What kind of body type. They're more likely and the benefits of being that kind of a body type and vice versa. When the on the other end of extreme when they're like man. I just cannot lose weight for the life of me celta again. Yeah i look at something. Gain weight is i. I find it. I find it a good way to be able to kind of explain to people their body types even though we know that it's way more complex. You know what's funny about this. If i'm not mistaken the person who created this was a zoologist. I think is the right there into eugenics yeah and and and basically they you know what he what he did was he categorized humans by the way. I don't know if you guys know that the original the person that came up with this also came up with personality characteristics for each of these same person. That's i believe. I mean that's not spelled right right manno type isn't it's time to end. I thought it was in no. I think it's not so i'm tomato type. Who created some outta a look up his name. Doug i can't remember his name off the top of my head that spell correctly. I think there's a dark history of eugenics in there too maybe because who can people who tend to characterize people like humans into category because he's tribute also characteristics for example. I thought it was a marketing thing. That's what i thought was used for marketing. Yeah it's very valuable right marketing. It's a smart strategy. You've been doing the wrong. Diet and workouts psychologist william herber sheldon in the nineteen forties So they they would also attach its taxonomy. That's why i said zoology. Just a excuse. Me a word describing like characterizing animals or whatever there would also characterize characteristics. I don't know if you guys ever heard this old stereotype that like you know endo more for people who tend to be a little overweight tend to be more jolly and happy. Have you guys ever heard that or people who are like next or more. They tend to be a little bit more quiet and timid. Is the jiggle more you guys. You never heard that. Doug maybe knows that he's hurt someone so your theory wrong than this person did not also create the other thing you said because that's the characteristics. Yeah i don't know if it was him or other. Sally you made a leap on something. Maybe maybe but surprised. You guys never heard that before. No i haven't heard that and you know again my point to it because i know you guys were starting to go the direction of being not very valuable anymore. And as a coach and trainer. I've found value in it to help explain things and this is an area where i actually don't like when the fitness industry loves to tear something down that we've disproved or like shit on something like the you know Also how many calories equals a pound of our. How much calories does a pound a muscle versus appointment fat. There's all kinds of stuff to to say the all that sixty calories is not true at. Hey at the end of the day. I think from the perspective of a trainer and coach. Who's trying to explain this super complex thing around nutrition and the body and how to get their body composition change and how to be healthy and all these complex things. The average person just has no clue about these types of things. I've found help me explain certain reasons. Why maybe they didn't notice this or they noticed that. I just wouldn't live and die by visual what what i read. This is. I want to encourage people to read this and be like this. No and i think that's the takeaway from this question is that i did do just like it's something that had some value to we. It's been bastardized and now used to market to people so don't buy into the there's a diet and a workout plan specific for your body type. That's definitely not true. So you know you run into something like that. I think that's a bunch of bullshit but for the average person trying to learn their body. Type understand it better. I found value in that. Next question is from c. Greenwood thirty two. What are your thoughts on grounding or earthen all right so this is one of those situations where there's value in something but the way that they try to explain it or sell it. I disagree with. So here's that security truly Oil out so the theory with ground near earth thing is that there are positive and negative electrical charges or ions. I think it is in your bare feet. Touching the earth help balance that out and it produces all these health benefits and stuff like that. I don't think so what i think. The benefit is is that the bottom of your feet nerve stimulus there's tons of nerve endings. There and we are constantly covered in socks. Orange shoes and that part of our brain and central nervous system is super undeveloped. And when you take your socks off and walk around outside on different textures in the grass and the concrete develop muscles in those nerves search develop in the way the brain interprets them it. That's i think where the health benefits come from. I don't think it has to do with the transfer of negative or positive. You know i don't know i mean before i mean i'm with you. I this how. I would say that probably five ten years ago but i think no one in this room would Thought that it was possible for memories to be stored. In in tissue in your. Yeah i think if you would've told us that two decades ago we would have thought it was just as woo and just as fucking crazy as saying grounding or maybe more. I think that sounds a lot on how they really have proven that. But they've definitely brought to you by the way the and what it really is and the point you are making that i completely agree with is that you know this. What happens when You know we haven't put the words to what we what they've figured out a long time ago has value there is tremendous value. I mean i talked about this podcast for years now walking around barefoot outside and i absolutely do this grounding earth thing when i don't call it that i don't think of it like that i think if it's taking my fucking socks and shoes off walking around that's what i think of it as and i feel the value in it so i don't need someone to tell me the science behind if it is or is it and so i think this is one of those areas that we've known this for a very long time that provides value and then there's practices that have decided to put some terminology around and then you get science that wants to come over and shit all over and be like. Oh that's not really science. Wars apple cheese has been around for much longer than talking about your core right well. That's a good example because look and you're right because this is what's the happens. So here's earth l. explain From a website called earth thing dot com. The earth's surface has virtually limitless supply of mobile electrons. That gives the ground. We walk on natural negative electric charge. When you touch your body to the ground it dissipates static trysofi extraneous environmental electrical charges. That are on you at the same time. You receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons. And your body's synchronizes with the natural frequencies of the earth okay. Scientists are going to come and shit all over this in the next step from there is like butthole sunning yanzhou. That's a big leap justin. Not that big. What's his name. Bulletproof coffee guys actually pictures of himself. San burning his butthole. Yeah but anyway so that right there people shit on because they'll be like no the ions electrical charges. No no. here's the value. Imagine this year. I'll give you a better example. Imagine if you almost always had thick padded gloves on almost always you're handling everything and doing everything in your life with thick padded gloves. Imagine how less sensitive and less developed. Your hands would be your connection to that feeling. How less intricate. You'll be able to handle objects. That's what happens for our feet are feet hardcovers like like spiky surfaces things like that like you're not gonna have the same response as you would if you allow your skin and your actual like fingers touch it. Yeah i mean. My son rarely ever wear shoes and i see tremendous value. I don't think it has anything to do with the negative positive energy around it. I just think that that's we've we evolved probably on this earth a lot longer. Not putting anything on the bottoms well. So the thing that there wouldn't be some sort of value in us doing that We always just assumed just because we've progressed. You know as far as clothing or lake the ability that wear something is going to make it better. It's not gonna make it better all the time. I always take value to in just like obviously like taking your shoes off walking around barefoot but also paying attention to your pressure points like you know how like is your big toe even pressing down or is it like staying up and raised up you compensate. You could find out a lot about what's happening with your entire body by just focusing on that triangle of pressure pies been so fascinated with watch. I watch max's feet when he plays and he's in his squad position he's doing things. It is wild to watch how 'cause you'll see that when they have shoot with shoes on. You can't see all that stuff. And i certainly do not have the connectivity that he has because you could see just the way while he's sitting here playing up here you can see all of his toes articulating like putting when he shifts over to one side and this one groups this with flexes his. I mean it's clean have that. Yeah if you think about the parts of the brain that are developed because of that or the parts of the brain that are underdeveloped because your feet are always covered. So that's the benefit so that's why people go do this and walk outside and go. Oh my gosh. I feel so good life changing. You're waking up parts of your brain. You're making new connection. He started taking bass crystals even even like to what you were saying. Adam about your body storing memories. Like i don't know if the memory is actually stored in your body body but i do know that the central nervous system stores memories and part of those memories are the position of your body like if you were assaulted at one point and so you create this kind of defensive posture and then something reminds you of that even subconsciously. That becomes your defensive. Yeah so and if you you might try to work through the process in your brain in thinking about it but it doesn't work then. All of a sudden massage therapist comes over and forces your body to move differently loosen muscles and then member and then emotions come out like how. Many times i know your. Your wife was a massage therapist for a long time. I'm sure she had people kreil. Yeah that's common. Yeah right from doing that again. I think that's the way iran's me. Adrenal fatigue remember journal fatigued. You have all this list of symptoms. It's because you're adrenal fatigue. Then scientists came out and said no The adrenals producing all the whatever the reality was it was an imbalance between how the adrenals communicate with the hypothalamus and computed communicate with other parts of the body. That's what was going on so it's just the explanation. Yeah i think that's the takeaway from this question is that i think we'll whether you subscribe to the terms grounding earth and what they claim to be the great benefit. Nobody in this room disagrees that it's not extremely valuable for you to take your shoes and socks off and walk around on earth. Absolutely should do. You should do that as much as i think the best way to do to start doing that and i started doing this. A few years ago is don't wear shoes in the house anymore which is also very sanitary and clean. So that's what i'm barefoot is at least them in the house moving around and i've noticed benefit myself so look if you like information head over to mine pump free dot com and check out all of our free guides they can help you build muscle burn body fat or just get healthier case so there's tons of guides all free mind. Pump free dot com. You can also find all of us on instagram. Justice at my pump justin. I'm mine pump. Sal and adam is at mine. Pump battle for listening to my goal is to build shape your body dramatically improve your health and energy and maximize your overall performance checkout or discounted. Rgb super bundle. That pump media dot com. The argue deeper bundle includes map down the bali mass performance and maps aesthetic nine months of phased expert exercise program designed by sow adam justin to systematically transformed the way your body looks feels and performs with detailed blueprints and over two hundred videos. The rgb super bundle is like having an justin as your own personal trainers but at a fraction of the price. The rgb super bundle has a full thirty day. Money back guarantee and you can get now plus other valuable free resources and mine. Pump media dot com. If you enjoy this show please share the love by leaving us. A five star rating and review or night tuned and by introducing mind bumped to your friends and family who thank you for your support and until next time. This is my bomb.

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204  Egyptomania!

Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

52:44 min | 4 d ago

204 Egyptomania!

"Hello, and welcome to misinformation. A trivia podcast for ladies and gents who love cool trivia and sticking it to anoint teams at pub quiz. Wear your hosts. I'm Lauren. And I'm Julia. Hey, jewel. Hi, Lauren. Before we started recording, you and I both decided because so many people are having such bad weeks. Yeah, we just the end of September was just a shit show. Just an absolute shit show for so many people that we know and love. So we decided that, you know what? I know this is the second episode so it's probably this is like definitely at the end of October. But we are speaking this in the middle of October. Is the middle of October. We are speaking truth to this. We are manifesting it that it's going to be an outstanding October. Standing October. Outstanding October. So terrific things are going to happen. All the incredible things are going to happen for us and all of our listeners. Everyone under the power of my voice, you will have an outstanding October. It's retroactive. Pumpkin season. Oh, cozy blanket season. There's a crispness to the air. Crispness, yes. There's candy. There's cases of the candy. And you know, this is the second to last candy season before the great dry candy season. What? Of like spring and summer. You know, like, the holidays. No, no. No, oh did you hear? There's a new law. Oh, I'm sorry to break it to you on our podcast, Julia. There's a new law that's outlawed. Andy, except for holidays. Dental, managed to get candy outlawed. Oh, can I complain about dentists for like a second please? There's nothing to do with my topic. Steve comes home the other day with half of his face like obliterated. And I'm like, what happened? He was like, oh, I guess I have. I had four cavities. And so he worked on two and then he did the other two, and then it turns out he noticed that I have two on the bottom, too. I said, are you is is this tell me the truth? Do you go to this man's basement? Like, is he a legitimate? Do you just go to somebody's house? A real dentist? Is this a real dentist? Because I have never seen Fight Club. You can't tell you about it. Yeah, he just goes every 6 months. He goes and gets his ass kicked by a dentist, or the man he calls the dentist. Oh, that could be a good movie script. Oh, I like that. The dentist. Like, I'm gonna collect some teeth. I love it. But yeah, like this is not a real dentist. Right? Like I have never heard his teeth are perfectly fine. They're not like brown and rotten. Like he's a healthy individual. He brushes his teeth. I watch him. He uses, he was his mouthwash. I don't even know. I think that's the real thing. The dentist can tell. Oh, the dentist can tell you. He lied to them. That's when they tell you that you have a couple more cavities. Maybe that's it. I don't know. I don't think I've ever watched him in his oral health practice. I'm not entirely sure. You know, I don't know what to tell him. I've never had I've never had a cavity, so. That's why I think that big tooth is a lie. Dennis saar, not real, as far as I'm concerned. Well, now that Lauren has outed herself as an anti identity. I'm a rabid height. Now that I've done that, I'm going to talk to you a little bit about more art history stuff. Fantastic. Yeah, so again, because I'm teaching this semester and I'm basically writing like an involved podcast episode plus slides plus like accurate dates. Twice a week for the next 15 weeks or whatever the hell is going on. It's a nightmare. And my kids are great, like most of my kids are amazing. They come up to me afterwards and they're like, oh, it's really cool. Thanks, guys. But then I have kids that are like opening openly like scrolling on their phones, like looking at Instagram. And you don't kick them out. No, because this is a, this isn't for them. I'm doing this for me. I'm getting paid to be there. They're not. They're paying to be there. No, I'm no tolerance. No tolerance. Well, I also have like 50 kids in a dark auditorium. I feel like a cult leader. Anyway, so I recently did a lecture on Egypt. And early western art history stuff, I find to be kind of boring because it's a lot of ancient stone sculpture and all of this stuff. So I did anything like this was a fertility idol. Yeah, yeah. We think it's a bumpy rock. This doesn't even look like a woman. Are you sure that this is a piece of art? That's basically the first 7000 years of art. So essentially, I did like a couple of slides on this topic. And I think they really enjoyed it. So today, I'm going to be adopting this for the podcast. And this episode is going to be all about egyptomania. Egypt mania. That's what I was sticking to. So we have not done an episode on aegypti mania or king Todd or anything like that. We did do episode 94. Animal heads and gods of the dead that was part of that was the year we did both mythology may. And dictator December. Do you realize that? I mean, the mythology part was probably more fun, but it was a lot of work. It was still a lot of work. It was a lot of work and dictator December was both mentally and psychologically taxing. Yes. So I'm sorry guys, we will not be doing dictator December again. But we did touch a little bit about you did a great job. That was a Julia episode. It was a very good. Thank you. But today I'm going to be talking about this kind of aura around Egypt and why we're so obsessed with it. So aegypti mania basically has been around as long as there has been like colonialist penetration into Africa. So from Napoleon to Elizabeth Taylor, to the book of the dead being characterized as the quote unquote Bible of ancient Egypt. In fact, that's not even close. Right. You know, it's a collection of spells regarding the deceased to the afterlife. You talked about that in that episode. The modern history of the culture is basically erasure. So even the name of the country, Egypt is an imposition. Early on, Egyptians refer to their kingdom as kemet, or the black land, which is a reference to this kind of rich soil along the Nile, and later as what capita, Egypt is actually a Greek term as the Greeks found the local name hard to pronounce when they invaded Egypt in three 32 BCE. Typical. Yeah, typical. So this understanding and co opting of Egyptian art and culture is rooted in this Hellenistic era, the Greek Hellenistic era. When the ruling Greeks took over the religious rituals of Egypt and adopted the pharaonic traditions down to the headdresses and the colossal statues. And they too were fascinated by ancient Egypt. And when they were replaced by the Romans, this obsession kind of began anew. So obelisks and Egyptian style architecture sprang up in Rome, even as Egypt itself slowly began to resemble the rest of the Roman Empire. It was kind of becoming homogeneous and kind of absorbed into the Roman Empire by this point. However, ancient Egypt would live on in the western imagination if nowhere else. So there are basically three things that allowed aegypti mania to really take off in other parts of the world. So there was one, the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and that made Egypt kind of ripe for entry by westerners. To the enlightenment, provided a climate which fostered a desire for knowledge of ancient cultures. And finally, improvements in sailing technology during the renaissance made it easier to get to Egypt and bring artifacts out. That makes total sense. Right? So as far back as the 16th century, wealthy Europeans were holding what was known as mummy, unwrapping party. And we've talked about this in the past. So this was essentially where guests would unwrap a literal mummified body on someone's dining table, and they'd get to keep whatever thing they could find in the wrappings. Which is sane if you think about it. What? So the audacity. Egypt also had an impact on culture during this period as well. William Shakespeare's work, Antony and Cleopatra, dramatize the romance that helped bring about the Roman occupation of Egypt. Mummy mania was also fueled by this very odd brief belief in Europe that mummies held medicinal powers. King Francois, the first of France, who ran from 1515 to 1547. He would travel with a bag of crushed mummy powder to ward off illness. I think he was one of the crazy ones. Yeah, I mean had a big string on that one. Who didn't in the western empire? So you know what I mean? There was a lot of inbreeding. Yeah, it would be either snorted or mixed into drinks. It's very disgusting. So in the 18th century, Napoleon invaded Egypt. And although he held under the country for only three years, this was long enough for a French team of scholars to explore the country and make drawings of what they found. And they also discovered the all important Rosetta stone. Their work was published in a series of volumes called description legit between 1809 and 1822. And through drawings and detailed information they brought home the wonders of ancient Egypt to the audiences of Europe. So the next 100 years would be filled with European and American Egyptian activity. The Egyptian language was deciphered, which allowed for great advances in the study. Museums across the western world from London to Vancouver had this insatiable demand for Egyptian antiquities. Some artifacts were brought out through careful scientific excavation. Others were brought out of Egypt by amateurs. Many antiquities were stolen and in one notable case in the 1830s, Howard vies, who is a British colonel and John Perry. They explored the great pyramids using dynamite. Which I would argue the word explored doesn't really like capture what dynamite does. But whatever, that's the phrase that loosely. Loosely. Yeah, loosely discovered through dynamite. The pyramids. So it's difficult to say why exactly Egypt caught the imagination of Europe and America kind of so suddenly, but there seemed to be a number of events that happened at the same time that allowed this Egypt to mania to flourish. So things really, I mean, the main one, things really exploded when Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered or Tutankhamun as the British safe. So Tutankhamun's tomb had been untouched for some 3000 years until the British archeologist Howard Carter discovered it in 1922. After years of fruitless excavations funded by lord carnarvon. So I'm going to just tell the quick story about what happened with king Tut's tomb. Yes. I love it. So, yeah. So lord carnarvon employed the British egyptologist Howard Carter to excavate the site of what was known as KV 6 two, which was the tutankhamen site. And in 1922, Carter returned to a line of huts that he had abandoned a few seasons earlier. So at the end of a tunnel, was this second sealed door that had been breached and resealed long ago in antiquity. So Carter decided to make a hole in the door and he used a candle to check for foul gases before looking inside. To make sure that it wasn't going to explode. Yeah, that there wasn't going to be like he didn't hit some kind of like natural gas or something like that. At first I could see nothing. He wrote, the hot air escaping from the chamber causing the candle flame to flicker, but presently, as my eyes grew accustomed to the light details of the room within emerged slowly from the mist. Strange animal statues and gold everywhere, the glint of gold. After a pause, carnarvon asked, can you see anything? And Carter replied, yes, wonderful things. So the official opening of the tomb took place on November 29th, 1922, with the first press report in the times appearing the next day. On February 16th, 1923, Carter opened the sealed doorway and confirmed it led to a burial chamber containing the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun. The tomb was considered the best preserved and most intact pharaonic tomb ever found in the valley of kings and the discovery was eagerly covered by the world's press. However, much to the annoyance of other newspapers, lord carnarvon, sold exclusive reporting rights to the times. Only Arthur merton of that paper was allowed on the scene and his vivid descriptions helped to establish Carter's reputation with the British public. So this is already the beginning of this kind of like advertising entertainment aspect to what should be just like study, you know? Archeological study instead, Carter decided to make kind of a sideshow out of it. Right. Towards the end of February 1923, a rift between lord carnarvon and Carter probably caused by a disagreement on how to manage the supervising Egyptian authorities, temporarily halted the excavation. Work recommends in early March, after lord carnarvon apologized, and later that month, lord carnarvon died in Cairo on April 5th, 1923, more about that later. Yeah, we'll talk, don't worry. We'll talk about that. Carter's meticulous assessing and cataloging of the thousands of objects in the tomb took nearly ten years. Most were being moved to the Egyptian museum in Cairo at the time. So despite the significance of his archeological find, Carter received no honor from the British government. However, in 1926, he received the order of the Nile third class from king fuad the first of Egypt. Now the belief in a curse was brought to many people's attention, due to the deaths of a few members of Howard Carter's team and other prominent visitors to the tomb shortly thereafter. So here are a few people who died. So the famous egyptologist James Henry breasted worked with Carter soon after the first opening of the tomb. He reported Carter sent a messenger on an errand to his house, an approaching his home, the messenger thought he heard a, quote, faint, almost human cry. Upon reaching the entrance, he saw the birdcage. He saw a birdcage occupied by a cobra, the symbol of the Egyptian monarchy. Carter's canary had died in its mouth in this fueled local rumors of a curse. Okay. Here we go. Here we go. So Arthur weigel, a previous inspector general of antiquities to the Egyptian government reported that this was interpreted as Carter's house being broken into by the royal cobra, the same as that worn on the king's head to strike enemies on the very day the king's tomb was being broken into. And apparently an account of the incident was reported by The New York Times in December of 1922. So the first of the mysterious deaths was that of lord carnarvon, who financed the excavation. He had been bitten by a mosquito and later slashed the bite accidentally while shaving, and it became infected and that resulted in blood poisoning. What a dumb way to die. I know, is this stupid way to die? That's a curse, then that's like, man, what a lame curse. So two weeks before carnarvon died, Marie corelli, who's a novelist, wrote an imaginative letter that was published in the New York world magazine in which she quoted an obscure book that confidently asserted that dire punishment would follow any intrusion into a sealed tomb. So a media frenzy followed with reports that a curse had been found in the king's tomb, though this was obviously untrue. The superstitious Benito Mussolini, who had once accepted an Egyptian money as a gift, order its immediate removal from the Palazzo chigi. The only nice decision that he had made exactly. Besides have tea with Cher. That's a deep cut. It's a movie called tea with Mussolini. Anyway, sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of course, has to get his fat Scottish fingers in here. So Arthur Gordon Doyle suggested that lord carnarvon's death had been caused by, quote, elementals, created by Tutankhamun's priests to guard the royal tomb and this further fueled the media interest. Arthur weigel reported that 6 weeks before carnarvon's death, he had watched the Earl laughing and joking as he entered the king's tomb. And he said to a nearby reporter, I give him 6 weeks to live. Yeah. Okay. All right. Yeah. So the first autopsy carried out on the body of Tutankhamun by doctor Derry found a healed lesion on the left cheek, but as carnarvon had been buried 6 months previously, it was not possible to determine if the location of the wound on the king corresponded with the fatal mosquito bite on carnarvon. Because that was pretty, that would be very weird. A study of documents and scholarly sources led by the lancet to conclude it unlikely that carnarvon's death had anything to do with Tutankhamun's tomb, refuting another theory that exposure to toxic fungi had contributed to his demise. The report points out that the Earl was only one of many to enter the tomb and on several occasions and that none of the others were affected. The cause of carnarvon's death was reported as pneumonia, supervening on facial erysipelas, a streptococcal infection of the skin and underlying soft tissue. Pneumonia was thought to be only one of various complications arising from progressively invasive infection that eventually resulted in multi organ failure. The Earl had been prone to frequent and severe lung infections, according to the lancet, and there had been a general belief that one acute attack of bronchitis could have killed him. In such a debilitated state, the Earl's immune system was easily overwhelmed by erysipelas. So in 1925, the anthropologist Henry field accompanied by breasted, visited the tomb and recalled the kindness and friendliness of Carter. He also reported how a paperweight given to Carter's friend sir Bruce Ingram was composed of a mummified hand with its wrist adorned with a scarab bracelet marked with cursed be he who moves my body to him shall come fire water and pestilence. Soon after receiving the gift, Ingram's house burned down, followed by a flood when it was rebuilt. Was the guy who visited him like, hey, man, do you know did you know what this bracelet says? Hey, did you take this out of there? Should you make a paperweight on this? This seems in very poor taste. So who knows if that's true? Howard Carter himself was entirely skeptical of such curses. He dismissed them as, quote, Tommy rot and commented that, quote, the sentiment of the egyptologist is not one of fear, but of respect and awe, entirely opposed to foolish superstitions. Okay, so he was like a good archeologist. Yeah, he was a good one. He was religious. He wasn't like he didn't just come in and strip everything and give it to the British Museum. No, he definitely did. He did it the right way. Yeah, he did his due diligence as an archeologist, all of that stuff went to the museum in Cairo. It was a whole thing. However, in May 1926, he did report in his diary, a sighting of a jackal of the same type as anubis, the guardian of the dead, for the first time in over 35 years of working in the desert. Although he did not attribute it to Supernatural causes. Skeptics of this curse have pointed out that many others have visited the tomb or helped to discover it lived long and healthy lives. A study showed that of the 58 people who were present when this tomb and sarcophagus were opened, only 8 died within 12 years. All of the others were still alive, including Howard Carter who died of lymphoma in 1939 at the age of 64, and the last survivors include lady everland Herbert, lord carnarvon's daughter who was among the first people to enter the tomb after its discovery in November of 1922. She lived for a further 57 years and died in 1980. An American archeologist J O kinnaman who died in 1961, 39 years after the event. So here's a quick list of the death's popularly attributed to the curse. George Herbert 5th Earl of carnarvon. Died on April 5th, 1923 after a mosquito bite became infected. He died four months and 7 days after the opening of the two. George Jay Gould the first a visitor to the tomb died in the French Riviera on May 16th, 1923 after he developed a fever following his visit. AC mace, a member of Carter's excavation team died in April of 1928, having suffered from pleurisy and pneumonia in his final years. Captain the honorable Richard bethel, Carter's secretary, died on November 15th, 1929. He died in bed at a mayfair club, the victim of a suspected smothering. So he was at a club when he was at a club winky wing wink wink and someone smothered him. So there's that. And then, of course, Howard Carter opened the tomb. And he died well over 16 years later on March 2nd, 1939. However, some have still attributed his death to the curse, just like really slow, I guess. So while this was all happening and people are going crazy over king Tut's tomb and all this stuff, it really kind of egyptomania kind of spread to a lot of different aspects of entertainment and culture. American stage magician Charles Carter, he rebranded himself as Carter the great on his Egyptian themed advertisements. There were plays movies and books all romanticizing the exotic Nile delta and the ancient people who lived there. Jewelers, fashion designers, architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, every aesthetic field when absolutely nuts over Egyptian style and symbols. And so in the 1930s, this idea of art deco really has a lot of like this angular Egyptian quality to it. And so it really influenced the design of a lot of aspects of everyday life that you still see in these kinds of antiques and just kind of like 1930 style. It's very entrenched in 1930 style. And the gold oh, the goo. So in the 60s and 70s, it mania struck again. With 1960 threes Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor. And where that connection between American Egypt was reinforced with a tour of Tut's exhibition. Also, Steve Martin in the early 70s did a dumb song about king Todd. Saturday Night Live. So Americans kind of welcomed this distraction of a dazzling distant culture where the treasures of tutankhamen arrived in the mid 70s in the wake of Watergate and inflation and an energy crisis. So the exhibition toward all over the U.S. and North America. And it featured some of the most spectacular objects found in his tomb, including his funeral mask and a large model boat meant to shuttle him to the afterworld. They were sent from Egypt in a goodwill gesture, arranged by Richard Nixon and Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat to steal a new diplomatic understanding, just months before Nixon resigned. So by the time the show opened in November 1976, at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., Jimmy Carter had just been elected president and the United States was celebrating its bicentennial. More than 835,000 people came to see the show in D.C. more than the population of the city itself. And people lined up around the three block long building for up to four hours. Wow. The museum sold $100,000 worth of souvenirs every week, and that's in $1976. Meanwhile, television specialists provided close ups so that anyone anywhere could become an armchair egyptologist. So it's this idea that because it happened at the same time as the bicentennial for American culture at that time, this fascination with ancient Egypt and this exhibition that was so huge really cemented and was like coincided with this patriotism of the bicentennial and very American. So it became kind of part of American culture by default because it was happening at the same time. Yeah, yeah, it's really cool. Cool. Right now, Tutankhamun's tomb is open to the public at an additional charge to that of general admission to the valley of the kings. The number of visitors was limited to 400 per day in 2008. A project for the conservation and management of the tomb was undertaken by the Getty conservation institute. In 2009, factum foundation for digital technology and conservation began work on a replica of the tomb, which was opened about a mile from the original in 2014. And the Getty conservation institute completed its work in 2019, marking the most significant conservation project on the tomb to date. Also, Egypt, Egypt mania exists still today. So there is a great, my favorite fashion show of all time is the Christian Dior by John galliano, couture show, spring summer, 2004. It is all Egypt theme. And it's on YouTube. Please look it up. The quality is not great because it's 2004. But all these all these models are wearing like full Egyptian regalia down to like the metal beard, the metal beard is actually called a pastiche. That's a trivia thing for you. The metal beard that pharaohs wore whether they had a beard or not is called a pastiche, and it was attached to the head with a strap. But like full headdresses, there's even there's even a model in full mummy wrapping and just giant like a jewel encrusted scarab like attached to her shoulder. It's such a beautiful show. It's incredible. Please look it up you guys. It's amazing. But essentially the question is, why are we so obsessed with ancient Egyptian art and culture? And essentially, oh, do you have a guess? Because it's so different. Yeah. No, you're absolutely right. It's so different. It's so kind of otherworldly. It's super mysterious, right? The culture of Egypt mania combines the most exciting parts of treasure hunting and secret knowledge, right? Things are hidden in pyramids and tombs and sarcophagi. There's false doors. Even hieroglyphs require a code to kind of understand them. These mysteries are not just the result of lost understanding, but in some cases kind of cultivated by the Egyptians themselves, which is even more intriguing. This was a culture kind of steeped in secrets and esoteric knowledge. There was this ritual called the mysteries of Osiris and it was held every year when the floodwaters of the Nile receded, and it was led by priests who repaired figures of Osiris, who was the God of renewal in the underworld. In the secrecy of a temple. And then there's the ancient Egyptian intense preoccupation with death, right? Right. From mummification to carefully arrange tombs to the book of the dead, the ancient Egyptians were as invested in the afterlife as they were in the here and now. It's this idea of to examine their kind of elaborate views on mortality is to kind of reflect on our own. Yeah. I think so, as a kid, I clearly liked history and nerdy things. But I had like a couple of we're either like a special magazine issue or it was like a special paper back book or whatever. But I had one on ancient Egypt. I had one on dinosaurs. I had one unlike buried treasure. And all of these things, I probably read them cover to cover a hundred times. Like, no joke. Every single little sidebar every single little article. I just found it all so fascinating, especially the ancient Egypt one. And I loved I think the thing about the Egypt one was that it was so so long ago like this, it's presented as being like, oh yes, this old group of people. Many, many, many centuries ago. And that it was really interesting. Whereas if you would have given me like an Ancient Rome book, I'd been like, oh, great, look. Bunch of guys. Toga. And it's fighting people. But it's almost like you said it has this magical quality, like you have the mythology behind it that we have so much about that they really did stuff and their everyday lives with that. Along with how cool the hieroglyphics look that we can actually look at these pictures and we can look at we can tell as a text or sort of thing. And we can almost try to figure it out ourselves, which is like, it's like a code. It's really cool. And then all of the stuff about mummification and burial and I think I was probably 5 years old when I read that they take the brain out through the nose. Of the mummies. And I probably told every kid in my kindergarten oh yes, and I probably got probably got detention and Catholic school for telling people that. But yeah, it's just like just some of these things that were just so exotic that I think that that's what really captured it. And I feel like that's probably a lot of that for a lot of other people who are into history and aren't that kind of thing. You just get some of the stems from we learned about this when we were younger, and you get kind of affinity toward it. Yeah, absolutely. And I feel like ancient Egypt is like in the sweet spot of history where earlier things we don't know enough about, so it's like, we don't know why they did this or we don't know why they did this. And Rome in Greece, we know too much about it because they because they wrote down their own histories, right? They had a full like their culture was about historiography, where they wanted to write down for posterity for their future families for their future generations. They want them to know because we're super important and we run the Mediterranean, whatever. But Egypt is just mysterious enough. And like you said, it's so aesthetically beautiful. Like it's so mysterious and kind of weirdly alien, but also like aesthetically gorgeous and like kind of timeless and it's like kind of aesthetic, right? And this idea of mythologies like people love that kind of one to one like this animal represents this God and it kind of gives you that personalized like, well, if I was an ancient Egyptian, I would I would worship ishtar because she's the goddess of this and this. You know what I mean? It allows you to kind of like enter into it and like a safe way. Because it is a culture that is so salt one so long ago. And there's no existing ancient Egyptians. There's no one else who there's no worships or practices this religion. So it's kind of quote unquote safe to kind of immerse yourself in it. Yeah. So yeah, it's like it's the perfect mix of all the things that we as human beings just like fucking love. Right. And so in my intro to archives of course study teach, we do a week on history of record keeping and the creation of records. And while some of you people out there might not be that thrilled by it, it is a very exciting class. And you talk about how basically, yes, of course, we're going to talk about papyrus and how that was like what kind of leads us into the first types of records that are kept in papyrus strips and how they make papyrus. And that the Egyptians were really aside from the sumerians who were doing cuneiform on clay tablets. The Egyptians were among the first that we know of that actually kept handwritten records. Usually, to Mark monetary things or financial things, but then that evolved into writing down rituals and stories and that kind of thing. So we were evolving from the oral tradition into the written tradition. And object was one of the first places that that happened, which is really cool. Yeah, it's so cool. Cool. So, that was about a gip to mania. But my but my quiz today is about movies that have to do with ancient Egypt. Delightful. Question number one the ag of the Christian novel Death on the Nile tells the tale of a dead body on a cruise ship on, you guessed it. The Nile River. Which of Christie's popular detectives is the protagonist in this tale. Question number two the movie Cleopatra starring the stunning and incomparable Elizabeth Taylor came out in 1963, where it was the most expensive movie ever made at the time. She also met and began a love affair with her costar and later married him. Who was this dashingly handsome actor, who she would go on to have a very toward relationship with. Question number three the ten commandments is a 1956 epic featuring ancient Egypt and a cast of literally thousands. We all know the infamous Charlton Heston played Moses, but what bald actor played the pharaoh, who also played a different king in a different movie the same year. Question number four the scorpion king is a 2002 sword and sand epic starring our fave guy. Dwayne The Rock Johnson in his first starring role. However, I'm asking about the titular king. True or false, there was actually a scorpion king in ancient Egypt. Question number 5. The 1999 film, the mummy was based on a 1932 pre code film of the same name. While maybe not as famous as Brendan Fraser, the 1932 film starred a big name in a horror who loved getting into makeup. What creepy actor am I talking about? Question number 6 the 2016 film gods of Egypt was probably something you didn't see, because it was terrible, and no one saw it, and it was a box office bomb. It started incredible cast of known stars, though, including Chadwick Boseman, Geoffrey rush and Gerard Butler. The miserable director Alex proas hasn't made a feature film sense, but he is best known for an ill fated 1994 film starring Brandon Lee. What is this movie? Question number 7 this popular French Belgian comic book character with a giant blond mustache and wings on his head made a movie where he met Cleopatra, which makes sense because he and his friends are gall warriors who had adventures in and around Ancient Rome during the time of Julius Caesar. Who is this character who is not a tiny star, who also had a giant best friend named obelisks and a dog named edifice. Question number 8, the 1948 short, mummies, dummies is an American slapstick comedy that starred the current iteration of these three comedians, whose legacy had remarkably endured. What is the name of this comedy trio? Question number 9, the DreamWorks animated film the prince of Egypt was surprisingly popular and pretty good. But 90s kids will remember the epic soundtrack duet entitled when you believe what powerhouse duo sang this single. And finally question number ten, I don't know if you know this, but there was another the mummy movie made in 2017 starring Tom Cruise and inexplicably this adorable comic actor who played Nick in new girl. Who is this actor? We'll give you a minute to think about it and we'll be back with your answers. I got a couple of coin flips. Okay. We'll see how this goes. Okay, great, I love it. All right, you ready? Yes. Here we go. The Agatha Christie novel Death on the Nile tells the tale of a dead body on a cruise ship on you guessed it, the Nile River, which of Christie's popular detectives is the protagonist in this tale. It's gotta be era. It is equivalent. There's no way miss marples. You know the Nile. She wouldn't get on a boat, although she was very adventurous. For her, you know, for her for her type. Next year, a new movie of it is coming out, directed by and shock of shock starring Kenneth Branagh. I don't recognize Kenneth Branagh as an appropriate haircut. It will always be David suchet to me, but whatever. So be it. So be it. Also his mustache is all wrong. It needs to be like a tiny, curly mustache. It can't be like this giant floofy thing, whatever. Question number two, the movie Cleopatra starring the stunning and incomparable Elizabeth Taylor came out in 1963, where it was the most expensive movie ever made at the time. She also met and began a love affair with her costar and later married him. Who was this dashingly handsome actor who she would go on to have a very toward relationship with? This is Richard Burton. It is Richard Burton. They were famously married twice. But did you know the Egyptian government originally banned Elizabeth Taylor from entering Egypt because she was Jewish? I don't remember hearing that. I did not hear about that. They later changed their minds when they realized the film would pour millions of dollars into the economy. Yeah. Incidentally, side related. I have stumbled upon a podcast recommendation. There's one called even the rich. It's on the wondering network. So it's with brook Efron and arisha skidmore Williams. And they did a four episode arc on Elizabeth Taylor and it was wonderful. I learned so much. Oh man. So they've covered like various members of the Kennedy family in various members of the royal family. I just wrapped up the four episodes on Madonna. And so, oh my God. It's really awesome. So I definitely recommend that I'll listen. But yeah, there are four episodes on Elizabeth Taylor, are terrific. Oh, okay. I'm definitely checking that out because I love that shit. All right, cool. What was the name of the podcast again? Even the rich, even the rich. Okay, cool. Thank you. All right, question number three. The ten commandments is a 1956 epic featuring ancient Egypt and a cast of literally thousands. We all know the infamous Charlton Heston played Moses, but what bald actor played the pharaoh, who also played a different king in a different movie the same year. This is another person that I waiver between thinking that they aren't real. And that it's a character's name and not their name. But you'll bring her. It is your brainer. The movie that I'm referring to, he played the king in the king of the united eye. Yeah. Yeah. He played the king in the king and I on Broadway, his entire life. He literally was playing the king on Broadway like three days before he died. He made this his life. He also wasn't naturally bald. He shaved his head bald? Yeah, also he was Russian? Did you know this? I think I knew he was Russian. Yeah. Yeah, I had no idea. I just assumed, I guess he just assumed he was like Middle Eastern or something like that. But yeah, he was Russian. Anyway. Apparently just not great to women. Oh, not a great, not great to his many wives. Just FYI about that. All right, question number four about someone who's definitely good to his wife. The scorpion king is a 2002 sword in sand epic starring our fave guy Dwayne The Rock Johnson in his first starring role. However, I am asking about the titular king. True or false, there was actually a scorpion king in ancient Egypt. I'm going to say false. It is true. His name was literally king scorpion, and he ruled during the protodynastic period of upper Egypt from around 3200 to 3000 BCE. By the way, the term pharaoh was not incorporated into ancient Egyptian like culture until much later. So they were referred to as ruler or king of a very long time. Yeah. Question number 5, the 1999 film the mummy was based on a 1932 pre code film of the same name. While maybe not as famous as Brendan Fraser, the 1932 film starred a big name in horror who loved getting into makeup. What creepy actor am I talking about? See, this is another coin flip. I think I will say lawn Cheney. It's Boris Carl. Yeah. Boris Karloff was the youngest of 9 children born in 1887 in England and has given name was William Pratt. Yeah. We talked about this about Halloween episode level. Yeah. His name is just oh, Bill Pratt. Yeah. And he took the name Boris Karloff 'cause he thought that his brothers who they I guess were like in the kind of like upper ups of British society or whatever. Shame them by he didn't want to shame the prat name. So he changed his name to Boris Karloff. Oh, he never actually legally changed his name ever. So when he would sign documents, not he would sign documents William Pratt, AKA Boris brawl off in quotes. That's cute. All right, question number 6, the 2016 film gods of Egypt was probably something you didn't see, because it was terrible and no one saw it, and it was a box office bomb. It started incredible cast of known stars, though, including Chadwick Boseman, Jeffrey rush and Gerard Butler. Geoffrey rush and I have the same birthday, by the way. Congrats. Thank you. Because it's so much in common. We do. We both are Australian. We're both elderly men. It's just amazing. The miserable director of this film, Alex proas hasn't made a feature film sense, but he is best known for an ill fated 1994 film starring Brandon Lee. What is this movie? I believe that's the crow. It is the crow. If you don't know already, Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, was accidentally shot on set and died after a mishap with the prop guns. It's like such a freak accident. Yeah, somebody accidentally put a real bullet in the chamber instead of blank. Apparently it was like it was a it wasn't a real bullet. It was some other thing that they use. That's still like a prop thing, but I got stuck in the chamber and they thought it had been discharged. So when they fired when they put the blank in and the blank fired, it projected this thing. Into his body at the same rate of speed in the same density as a real bullet would be. And they shot him in the stomach. It was awful. What a terrible way to go. Okay. Question. Question number 7. This popular French Belgian comic book character with a giant blond mustache and wings on his head made a movie where he met Cleopatra, which makes sense because he and his friends are goal warriors who have adventures in and around Ancient Rome during the time of Julius Caesar. Who is this character who is not a tiny star who also has a giant best friend named obelisks and a dog named ay defects. As I said, as the X who I knew next to nothing about before I wrote this question, theme park. Oh my God, he's created in 1959 by writer Rene goski and illustrator Albert uderzo. Since then, 35 books in the series have been released with oderzo taking over writing duties after the death of Gascony in 1977. Aesthetics has also appeared in several animated and live action film adaptations of the series and serves as the mascot of the amusement park park asa Rick's. Before that, he was also the mascot of the magazine pilot. Wild. Never knew about it. What a thing. The French love their comics. They love their comics. It's a big thing. The Belgians. Oh my God, the belt. Yeah. Ten ten. Oh, watch out. And the Smurfs, get out of here. Question number 8, the 1948 short, mummy's dummies is an American slapstick comedy that starred the current iteration of these three comedians, whose legacy has remarkably endured. What is the name of this comedy trio? Is it the three Stooges? It is the three Stooges. Well, she said there's three of them a couple times. And I don't know if that is discounting them. No, okay. It's not the tray Stooges. The three Stooges appeared in 190 short films and 220 feature length films throughout their 40 year career as a group. From 1930 to 1970. Bless them. They also had a rotating cast of third guys with only Larry and Moe being the constants. You also had shemp curly, Joe, then curly Joe. Shemp and curly, they were the actual brothers of mo and probably would have continued except shemp died in 1955 and curly died in 1952. So they had to bring another guy. Like that. Yeah. Wow. So, oh, okay. So like molarity and curly weren't around for 40 years. It was like Mueller and curly for like ten years. Yeah, basically. Yep. I had no idea. That's like that's who that's who they are in my head. Yeah, absolutely. I think that's where the new shampoo is around at some point. Yeah. Shimp was around for I think only like 5 years or something. It was a very short amount of time. Yeah. But I know, right, curly layer in Moe were like, they were the ones. They were the superstars, you know? That was what. Why? Right? I can't stand those movies through the worst. But that's just you know what? They're well beloved. You know what, I'm not going to yuck anybody's here. Question number 9, the DreamWorks animated film the prince of Egypt was surprisingly popular and pretty good. But 90s kids will remember, the epic soundtrack duet entitled when you believe what powerhouse duo saying this single. I don't have a goddamn clue. I don't know what the song is. I don't know anything. You don't know the song? I don't think I know the song. Oh, this was Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. They do edit on the song. You know what? Put on a pair of headphones and listen to it. It is just. At one point the two of them are like, they're like trading like runs. Oh my God. It's incredible. At one point in the music video they're performing together and they're literally like gripping each other and just like singing their asses off. It rules. Yeah. Very good. I don't think I don't know it. I can picture like the prince of Egypt like movie poster. And that's as much as I know. The prince of Egypt also had like a superstar voice cast as well, like Sandra Bullock did a voice and you know what, I'm gonna look it up. Wow, because there was it was like, it was like a sleeper. Yeah. It came out in 1998, so of course this is like this was like peak Mariah Carey and peak Whitney Houston. Wow. We have raf finds. We have Sandra Bullock. We have Patrick Stewart. We have Michelle Pfeiffer. We have Helen Mirren. We have Steve Martin. We also have Val Kilmer as the voice of God. I mean, definitely check it out. It's wild. It's wild. It's wild. Also, with regards to the duet, apparently contrary to all tabloid speculation, Whitney and Mariah got along fantastically, they each had nothing but positive things to say about each other. Apparently, the tabloids wanted them to absolutely hate each other and beat each other's throats, but they were cool with each other. Good, good, good. Question number ten, I don't know if you know this, but there was another the mummy movie made in 2017 starring Tom Cruise and inexplicably this adorable comic actor who played Nick in new girl. Who is this actor? Jake Johnson. Yes, good job. Yeah. So Jake Johnson is adorable, but I got to tell you about this mummy movie. Why old, y'all? Yeah. It's wild. I have some vague recollections of the Internet like losing its mind over the trailer, just to be like, what, why? What? It has a doctor Jekyll, mister Hyde subplot. And he's played by Russell Crowe? And apparently this movie was intended to kickstart what was known as the dark universe, which was an attempt to create a modern cinematic universe based on the classic universal monsters film series. Oh yeah, yeah, okay. Because everybody was looking at like, you gotta do what we do. So we're gonna do like mummy and The Invisible Man and creature from the black creature from lagoon, yeah, exactly. But apparently this, this movie did so badly that they scrapped it. They were like, forget it. JK, forget it. It's not going to happen. It's crazy. Good job. Nice job. Great questions. Thank you. I didn't see most of those, but I should watch the scorpion king just so I can just say, you know, give my boy Dwayne just a little good job you. Great. We love your lab. You love your work. Good job. Yeah, you're great. So thanks so much for listening guys and thanks for being here. Very cool. Thank you. And shoot, hopefully you have all had an outstanding October. Yes. And we will see you. Oh, yeah. Again, we're putting money out there. Retroactively we're saying you're going to have a great outstanding October. And if you haven't yet, then for the rest of October, it's going to be amazing. So we will see you again in a few weeks. All right. Thanks, guys. We'll catch you next time. Bye.

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