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Ozark, Unorthodox, Tales from the Loop, Years and Years und mehr im Solo-Seriencheck

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Ozark, Unorthodox, Tales from the Loop, Years and Years und mehr im Solo-Seriencheck

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Candidates knee hinged on through her own company Vita Knicks of a Vagnozzi Hill. Evita two thousand vessel. Villacorta quotes is also mind Ozark by Netflix. I'm Mitzi director stuff started. Doses Ziadeh Equals Pushkin Worcester. Done I know Vita Netflix. Unorthodox CANOGA MINNESOTA. I'm Monty Smith's dot started done fun Amazon. Tales from the loop is underwritten. Upholder started Sipho. You Buy epilepsies Home before dark. I knew Clemencia you humid even by Stas. Play is the lights. Matal comes on Kernigan fast Years and years started done hobby of Disney no mere host Kazoo tactically high school musical. The musical serious some shot by Disney Bugah Basin deceits feel foreign for Become on the most on done heavy not sway scion of Tim Cetera by started spite up. Who some hundred squeaked does spin off on D. good books on some underlying on the Comedy Unicorn Myth Walton Coggins doesn't the FDA. 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Schools are too is for me. the Hosa of bowing is Ghana De da De Ruth Langmore Minor team with a he believed Familia off. The vaccine is Thai smart is on't an unfunded Martinez Cutted of IOT Susannah noncombatant is the IT does casino shift lighted in the s might appear Melinda by the top of the lake onto westworld of its can dig UN's gun schools onto. Here's in stuff. It's why is not to come? Janet mcteer unveiled tune deduct Stuff all the helped him become the Oscar nominee it is damaged fewer tumbleweeds on feel about knobs on out. The conference zips deakin nervous. A medical problem is the doctor on Dim Biden Dispute Phone Sufia Hamlets Eight cluster from Canada novelty industries as inclined I'd give one is in the essence daughter in that stuff van feeling. Nightmares will return meetings. Amy a familiar. Zanies UFA ended away with US computer signing under Sophocles. A few Vaughn is Vida see IMO. Vida design began. 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Julie Govern get Ed Liffey Damon On Da Mrs. Zia's India knowing of losing feeling final lesson one EVA Estonia of Isaac above US mere disadvantaged off a fine not for me to live Guignard see pattern few of you plot behind the future of the on line on the West Alice. Alec these are the British tougher sides. De Familia yet smitten in Florida Did he close to? Is Nick? Mia Extend on an intent. On these denominators. Laura Linney on Jason Bateman Dubai. The goose artisan always correspond namely last year of. I'm already Shaked us. Marty Angry anguish tools to nick. Mary as the evidence is complete of the height. Productive is on. If I'm you should never needs. Mya Martin was is on Ebola Tatar on DOB lime detained Let's see it's ended so any of her. Wendy expunged Planner had forced along discounts. Knock off conveyed Name to direct contact medium Catella chef off one end of the Santa is D- Biden nickname. Order Sheet Lee here uncertain Hamis White Against Roy invictus. I'll take multiple lien on the I ninety undone by instead would Einstein's fish this Dodig Zab Zoo. Globally in Kaizen is funding Fastener does address. I E four here no needle in Osaka. Zine on Decimate Oscar Pungo define the fund classes. Laura Linney the unfunny the stuff advisor SCA gun wound Donaldson earp Obama. Abba is a e. I'm hit sneak Lewis on hunting. Hitler for Lara. It's gets Neil Gates. V vizi Olympic style Lindsey estimates complete in these needles bragging guitar. And that's hit us. Ganzi GETS ON BREAKING BATTLE UP. Does the deep pestle on the applied is already the if only may as owned Laura Linney Excellent Audrey Ghana at Z. Ruth The jets this casino. I talks shaft lighted become the IMO vehicle on vendor Janet mcteer hus- design. Pc's invas- abudazi. Its own gloppy. Stocker found one does. Mark is a devotee staff who is a quickly. Put us on to meet at slightly to bessant aphrodisiac apart tolerant victim on as of NFL. Oscar steen is what else. Christina's sorted Mendez Diego by Nissan Scheme. Stuff mavin shown up does feel like technically there are also get us desert at Beatles on today become deeds fighters yeah you offer net flicks once started is an Orthodox and Orthodox is John kind complete dodgers original had a bunch. Deutschen is lock on spy is his Aina up soon despite Hollandsworth Autobiography Fund Deborah Feldman of Unorthodox Command India Stefan Gate Visi in China with her orthodoxy Combined in New York of covetousness and Brooklyn owned four deemed the book dead Hairston for the complete. Einstein's either president in heightened flowness done the Belene Geoghegan. Mankini ZANDER's is just as MINNEA- as via tyler muscle tissue. Emma Dewey does aina add up to and his bosses Dafa Ninty to heighten for India for lager as INVICTA. Kite is deborah. Hitmen had designs on on volumes on these Liam Neeson tune on his madame zone. Guff loon on done. Is the speed unappealing again here in the dusty ESTA WOULD STV beautiful? Sheila is Hia McCain. Is Stronger and fleet. Dan Direct not billion owned TIFF. Towards the of the MUSICA. Toper owned fee. Live under the Indus guns of funding for lager up fight. Abbott mankind's is two hundred zero on candy only push vm. Does this is by Deborah Headman visible in these the Z? A. Involve yet one of India? Air L. E. envying one aspect younger combat sideline nigger direct us the Lynch Deflect Double Infinite Moonlight Esme Freudenstadt scheme voters on and having a dementia on Deutsche anti-nafta. Ken owned inside. Vaudin is fun. Maria Scott Elephant for India Indochina Africa. Hope Join Hutter. Want Fund does Shawn Georgia's original equivocally astound V. Gutman `fine the Fonte extreme. Stockists beautiful Sheila Fancy Zero Insignia the attention of Mir tied Hope story the Abilene Fleet. Done County. A- airman yet a hail unresisted to win midem compared to about hour in Blenkton Visi is a bunch of audiovox is Fijians beaten among Kengo Leonhard. I'm to blame on these endorsed. It and he's like a mine shaft. Ashta on the east for Team on NEAT shefty. Todd Lee two-game was vs music as funny as a little Outta dachshund dementia. I'm utility Vinnie. Beacon for is victory Zia into Sunday. I'm fuel in these cancer. Gucci to defend 'em and candies are low skill. Louis is a hot. Docs in the mineshaft. Seen on technically dommage if he flexed he and Odie volative hormones or hunting minuses. I'd like to see these aons focuses on. God I have these sut mother. Free College alumnus default on Nick Masika. Leeann do a motive for either. Inc is beyond pretty for me Allah. enough thanked a hoy to keep this field Nine in Clichy is fusion. Does demands are waiting hut on difficult for me to comment on this new I under I was formed like in pub- limbs on desk Let's Anton voiceless Hoyt of anti-soviet One dollars picked up be finished his Zave. Relative actor air is a desert. Zeal with whom Mon- doff of confiding feeler Manson he would. I knew too pushy UTICA CACIQUE. Dancy does by media medium and as. I'M USE OF AN INTERVIEW BIZARRE. Z. I'm you can buy a clam woida. Does this a? He'll decline I nap. Has One hundred nicked Nigga? She adversity fewer a little Muslim America like Amazon good on canals and was one unorthodox in Steiger's Ashida. I know Hugh dish in how Klein Targets Uson. Gha Mineshaft owned Zuma's pundits as quickly their influence with skipped Nicole's Attica senior Benzi some S. My bodied inventories lobby owned in gigs. At seats who deem it's one is in an whip blanton the bottom the such Mara Doug Emma Tom in New York media Hiding most of any foul doored either PEP IOTA HARM DIFFERENCES. Fonteyn men-only anger I fear on Vida Vans To Complete Kabbah did ones in as a fully harsher gazetted after spongy come fortunately on Amazon components were leaked as Salonica the Dank and at certain tight infused cup from on code onto 'em does is push buttons. Zine does ended. His area is for for hitting busy and Sukey. She had Keratin Abba as quickly. Zia appearance on Cada Sheila's deal I own fuss. Bother in DOT com. The is ill should be to four hundred ninety A Felix also volume in Aina Fans Azalea in Easter Steel. He C. S. T. E. S. is by net flicks for football. Abbas on someone from the anonymous few gazillion on Monday twentieth Calls Ati Yeah Done. Caveats were tales from the Lube Nominally PODCASTS MEL event. A had the aqueduct. You couldn't against the foget. Mahung does ECLECTIC. It's Asta veils and Nick But I am getting. I'm a tough Angen. Fended the ionization To Saif is mere oven going to St wouldn't've only here in spirit soon. Food is the house keep notably. Philip blew up soon but I know up. Tunein is boost Bid On KNBR stayed. Is Sean Zale ungoverned? From Kimbe. Liked Obsolete Alba Dea Sweeter Simone Stolen Hawk Hut Speidel foot soon? I'm boo tales from the loopholes. Kabbah forehead as I know. I know vacuumed. We know online on deserve bidder. Deodorant isn't sent to this dishes. Sina in D- done Abba for Zimet dish heat. Asian tour on dark has to end guns on Grundig here. Again's on Gundi optic so embassy English ben Stash of auto tire sin as a dozen of I`Ma in Bahia Hobotova of visa would s leagues will be home of Uber has to have owned. Does this victory his ear. Fassino and Octavian on 'em done what was lost battles doesn't as cargo bus. Matt Miranda on Nathaniel help on data for a one hundred two minutes infants of Zia's Veterans Legion Var Zik. Zak He Newt Sudas online located act forms and yet. I'm gone into Kenya. Machine is up kushner cassation Fogel M.'s. Against Canister taken song. Me How we get asked fearful infant in its embassy in us by as Manhat- Sean in Yida Foggier Aina Apopka Schloss. Negotiator are the chickens? Airbus loosening of When Alice butte gliding salesroom does send up yet. Donovan is desert unto loop. Does this aigner machine. Eighty one is on the mysterious Salem's to actually on on these loop beden height zebina Indonesia gained also glues on dust into the Sunday is us. They're ABLE CONNEX GURUN HOUSTON SEASONED CLASS. Assure sci-fi on film as escaped side is for the girl escaped. I know body switch. Goose she the on is all of us. Arba these Fast Sifi Kunst come as long as these communities Tom On Hit a month's Kush Marcus On lungs Yet see it on. The exact Was An absolute knicks on given his so ministy bezos of the incident venoms and Electro Mambas inorganic dot as these bodies which Coolest ended the enter fog. Is Emma complete Oftener end woman Mbeki knocked and conversely classes Abba opposite. Inlets inside Isaiah Indiana's will gutter does lead some uninvited undividedly. These these are for logging. Gnomes line current Russell Dozen name I invite is as it is also austen style was food as Ati S. T. Walker as Nydia Artie Artie. Walker Limited few binds on the Anti estimates via by the Davis Against Lana informed about unholiday Heights Kinsley uptick fuss become Mitsuko Snowden on Tata Senior. The student up onto my Home Mike Villa implode in Viet on. Schumer vector intervened on named fantastic bid on is author soundtrack. Fifty Uber doesn't stay out of hand. This contract in Philip Glass Sweep Monday or Oscars from Shimono media. Collective consciousness is still the our Nicole Kidman firm that is unsound. Their Manhurin Globe of Mauritania from gain can arba he does Zaza shooed when this is complete. Atlanta has a directly to guns. Avoid a mind on these are communist soon. Bid On with Zeke is so globally. Suren on on fascination does Leeann album mostly of Akita of iron listeners. Swing absolute desire to Sean on Neiman. By two of motor. Uh What's Climate deal that's basically goes via Amazon is India of the next few perceived almost under dodd. Week of Uplink molest Arbor Quickly here Dan. Sublime on the unto shown by vertically and Zina leap months. Niyazov todd on Toil on Zia zero meter invited. The the fog avoided incident phone. Mark Romanek Damon off election one hour photo. Kent the Futa fog cut their picks others and stanton insignia. Yeti goading outing wally on Din. Adding Finit Nemo combat on the Phoenix goes adding fumes on Carter and he often against taller forgot tree. Light Luga mythbusters stuff on the let. Safaga jodie foster insult to Phnom phones on every industies Alien Anthology as an official. Wooden Mississippi established op divided game but as a heater for continuity of minor fee. Gua as Fogelson Klein is median. After I wouldn and motor is door done of I know under familiar Them young unformed it despite Voyager Gaetan Buddha on these young victims anger pointed hat. Cosa Lieber interfered and fog avert done their coasts fodder fun. These young imported as Jonathan. Pryce Day in their audio. Coulda fund is lupus onto invite afford as in when Tokyo Monday tournament. Funday S and focus on Batman for them loop is done in the lobby. Netflix NOT ZINE. Dan Become done an excellent foil. Sign OFF ON HAND BEHIND. Imamia nickname loops on an opt in fig wounded him. Emma's Women Quincy on Zoll. Zazi knocked an art form pundits puzzle to them on. Econ Alexander often justice done. It's wider staffer. Phone game but then dea stolen or cut taught by white her art books. Kabbah design is thinks from the flood. Is Fun Switzerland's Acheson understood the highest? The Electric State does slow with twelve thousand arts and she is as versatile even get. Andy's eight nine hundred twenty five dollars. Weekly Fascination on. Canas the empty off Kluger hi-fi steed vacation handling done gainesville streaming and Vita is a sheen by EPA Zieger. Home before dark. Defunding hiding for Mini-van Commas I'm humorless median gate d include case. I'm long forgotten. Mort IMITATE ON US into scientists of item Vardhan Fai Buzzy Of of Nevada has some episodes and then the hitter lose. Yuck deeds vitals and Zahid. Soon of China I can website or mit knowing John Exclusive Yuba more in the Anaheim much dot. Billy heated hot owned initally. Asthma supine owner a ninety rickety publican leaked on Walkie Wagner. Secret is about tactically Spectacle earlier this afternoon on heart disease meeting as as as often as the Kazakh to talk tough on. I'm John. Listen the Alabama by New York Daily News Abide to cut done draw follow and hut on done since E in Zaina high much dot super good song levite stem the invite you bein. Deaf Mute Fund. Jim sturgess denies enough. On across the universe can speedily often these blackjack firm. Twenty-one Mitt Kevin Spacey Onto Deductible from Brooklyn Prince de Mon the Florida Project Canvassing Zine Vic advisable would AC- who to lose Ghani decent more and we ought clear todd autozone Ansi Vita onto Vicks Vegan. Eggnog on Hutler. We put its height of year off. Kushner does in Las Posadas in old on Hutton hyped by it's awfully Darva mid become dusty petition from route and as online more handed on had has done to hosing the website on language dead on. Espn Hut does mortgage visa is on before News outlets Ig- not could Was Alice. Abbas of is the extras Patsy nicked active in this morning committed Oregon. Tito fueled US on a season. Vike Ziauddin of shock on his four lager up as a Heison who list Kuni flakes of these tons to shopping on the Strip down here? Tat's Huber on for Britain is all over whom we desert for quotes conductor devices. Done through mocked up not Devante media didn't question has detoured owned finisher. Now does that's these amort mid Aina to date your father. It's hugely will involve far as a more reliable for me English on desolate scene for its own yet seen for a flexible minor hope critique pumped on the scene for the Lizzy Newton's and owned. Doff your pass. It can be convenient as a as a list head to monsoon shiny in flight on sex. Got Another Z. As filial off to the North Venezia's from Tunisia Under Brooklyn Prince. Weekly classes on the sisters of oil here these area nimbies if he would at Ansell as fifteen Whom Desmond's owner knowing year? Addictive Abyssinian Acted or does some visine solution inside. Lustig to about At answer named if he were portrait here. Owner lactate does does under extreme industrial like a lot. And can I known you get tired and dizzy. Complex accent headman doesn't do by next game. He liked shoulder to name. What does he play vaccine? Dashti in Salon Schrafft's eight as he can scoot desmond. See kint named on the Kinsley here limited soon hot on our Kinley. You're feeling marked. Abbas Sean give it star Free Items. You had no idea to conducting this is all of us does good out. There has super is a deck mounted on the kindle. stacked off one hundred here in kindergarten As quickly knicks beyond us because customers onto a missing chart owned. We've gotten off. The GAZA EPA zero on the our home before dark is for me. Two minutes later only But in dive a Hong Kong Josh on an expert on Comedy Chris Evans Zia Defending Jacob D. Mato taking guns Putin I look on liked Diaz as evidence in affordably unbeaten. Dammit Zia's feel gooden's Yagan off the Gulf maximum Mata on imanol combustion goof. You've endorsed leak. This task play stops. Play demand Yagi by the Amazon Cheddar of Benin convict. Lavar Lobau up on bones team of our visa killing Ham counterpart Daley Boulevard by Gianluca for army differential Taba cleanups Dublin Only for these Bettman Butler Pennyworth on is of US owned dot. Com unfunded mandates annoyed at two on nine of illegally Ziemba shefty Langevad Hutton. Deshea lets us. Yeah in without ghost. Hunting Inchon seemly feed Fukuoka's walked on does is years and years. I mean is as fun. Russell t Davis damage to your doctor. Who Feeder the activated onto the our focus on the audience mid years and years. Aina minneap Khalif Index Foreign d of Manhattan's Viata art advisers. Psyched win is few and convention opportunistic. Politica Viet as the tool pushed the index is the Ester Foggia Zia. Is Your Free Lyft? Mitte specification. These magazine have other skit on the family? Alliance of Manchester Kuntar familiar. Commons are Dinas wellness homosexual. Eddie I notice be sex ED. The INCA LYNN is yup comic inch. Beat the Gulf not to Zia Begin. Im- yachts vitals annoyances bull in Aina. Talk Show I gue- chefs halt Augusta's Vivien Rook speech. When Emma Thomson Di da Costa Stump to publish Now conflicts I in unfulfilling and tries guy owned data gibbons autism of English Carmona's embassy in the donald trump He America First UK. I on done compass Affinities Zia own globally could also sign advi device. Sean Anthony Advocacy knows. GonNa meet these. How and Political Matt become by the heads of Ziadeh is a nationalist? Tim had with so. It's sliding protested. Knicks fought on to becomes asthma. Aina own-goal openly proclaimed follow montage delivered. India Consume Fiat Up Laughlin. Us Do this on one. Nine clips fuss in that side. Once widely known swyto twenty procedures as disease. Dusty Queen stooped dust Donald trump so. That's why I'm side give. It does who slanty hookah inner bizet. Angela Merkel Still Donald Trump Tina on disease so V. Vet Imamia on upset begala. Great done debts. The League one hundred hundred zero year him. Yeah swyto from fiennes. Wednesay will d vivien rook doctors the holes put Abba on signing off does she convince Newcastle Ford so on the Scheider asthma by our mandate about what Stem Petunias? If a trade sean narcotic on food is a familiar alliance. Denuded Hotel. The Socialist is hide Australia via video. Also Bruno flings closer t Matia dehy- Dodig and it's this was done. In Ukraine. Anger machine is on. Do you know yet the Knicks of riddling present on Darlie Act TO LA NISAR MID AINA fixed so non who to the station hundred about complete globe for his own disconsolate undistinguished pigment lemon the distance Video on their really so much. Pd. I in Kolin the Human want 'em mercy. Eta site in declawed who ludden Augusta's not heed against often in the entrepreneur of concepts or lead on Redone Def- Amiya on also Shown seemingly clever gamma as east. Ohio does flight my ninety pitic critique on his area is done with them vicinity plattner before these protests. I night and can had see-saw Mitchell snapchat On what's funnier really teed associate as a woman zied has any angry here hundred cup for over and we can mask in the middle of Iowa six purse as a snapshot food to Hamas indeed in this new reality Gesellschaft on the seat and fund will be many of us a victory. Black Mirror element victory. Noviny give me another. Does Cindy is some decision. thickly complex known Entrepot Initiative. Sufia Ranga packed as quickly com globe does few be Putin or the trump different Yin empoisoned. Delighted Vladan devoted In up could seeing on. Madan fit height desire Because I'm in a a tight home fun. Fulton Yonhap as speed front. So idols knowing some In Natalie Flatten Bundy Vivien Rook Soak invoice VESTA Here Eddie kind Matt Sean Zia Otrante come on was og nozzle emcee named about also team. V Climate and available on visa does of course Putin Stock also worked on M. V. Nationals most soon him off as not invade click fueled voter won't decompose area is high. Does he does neat. Of course concept and he completed obstruct at seed sown on weekly psyched visa. Solvers of individual mentioned also worked on does is Heidi goals instantly Disease Zoll D. A. Partidos heinsohn invested in politician protests on US lists the years have custody at other escaped your feeler ont he owes did on Ghanimeh Sonya Vosper cooked meat and US. Stop US here as hot as you make your vehicle. Foregin vignettes noon. Boris Johnson previous order. Jeremy Corbyn took. Premier is order. Zona D-calif Premiums Ota Donald Trump was president Bernie sanders frenzy does asthma's on input in Russian Pizza Hut Its the tillerson underside of sites about defiant Owned Disease Who Does is talking to Benzel at bus pass? Does this height neat? Nba Nervous abstracted is guns guns concrete on as Dafydd Wigley as what is a knee listeners as victims proclaimed on index foil on. Ankle Zia de hit amasi unchallenged. die charted as he by stops play because stop playfield who. Tuesday and wounded shown. Want gun some months cooking victory in Costa Ditka Enfield meal so Niks Z. Of hit me. It's hope can clip of Uganda. I invite Schnitzel extremists for years and years to high school musical as musical desire. You Lowlife Zayed him start on just nipples loft muscle size associates God. Sd Futa foggier forever. Worn Fun INSKIP zoomed seen. Eds too fast owned Gazeta mission nausea about fasteners meals for spy from devolve crystals molly held shown void of US aspire Disney Noise organiers skipped onto via a tattoo. He needs to vocally goes on on hobbies guitar player cooked in high school. Musical line. Harbor Ankle will help kind of its Ume Sahadi Allen he does INC. Give us exum Bisson. Harbor is a mortar dominates the Ester stuff if ungodly dolls Zia Complexities Cuba up tonight. Harbhajan mother English. How'd owned Vodka -posedly leave you. Backlashed was like Mina giving Tune Herta does Teeny woman's months Gazon evacuated hobby. Uh substantial substandard aesthetically Mosman Adroitly Song as Agawam Anna Dry X. Liba shake the year Mickelson at sealed with on't Yada Honda Vying Only few GUTIS FININVEST SPA ABBA Duff who does Disney? I agree Teenage I'm Schmor- on ZING LAS Guncy hidden hit Gilan Visor hype fix Zafy let me talk of Hudson undefinitive. Lauded Z. Canvas Zia Begin Democrats. Newly uncombed the ungodly by ESPN high school musical film. It's background ten. Seven abide to Andy. East highest in Salt Lake City Company and DEA high school musical delete foreigners on astound fester here in the knee. Aina off feeling for high school musical. Combat ONE IS Z. Madison Project in Highschool Music. Live musical off to feel on D. Heinsohn and Fullerton zero nine sooner aspect is opposed to begin auditions and communities opole Buy Presents them on divide. Ibis Dunham Nvidia Camille confused vote on ECOWAS. Concept is alien. Sodas Yida stuff under the strict on of computer lab in spite Fan The wound you Narvik Natalie. Zea teenager huffed Nama as escaped on meted dusty than ATI hopefully becomes an investor owned escapes. Why Young Steel Mia Zico gazillion x four point? Vicky Had Indian semester. Felions on Rawson. Rachel we were on a break Dingo marked avoided unopposed. Among by ziva logging. Kim Onto Ziauddin Kemba an unknown young. Ken Galeano they'll have to Shula. Gid Teams I wanna Anatoly your ex. Ricky's Eve carbon onto discriminate under home dusty Baido on the L. Dissect Ephron Allah assume in these musical fuelling. Completely on onto DEA experts estimate on getting goose intriguing spills as quickly as he could. Shaft Zia is impacted Who CAST ON A for ending. Evans is a clever won't bring Mock you mentally steelers. Avi By modern family does is done on China. Under common top teamed up by Dustin the done do cool undone Uba said about the unfit On display tactics armed this affect sign be about awesome biscuit. Sundays wounded Touch the do High school musical category Habitat doubt too few US hits knickknacks. NIFTY FM new getting devolving hobbies Gadot so on today Mikhail. Weeks Scoot on a heightened Does desire your rookie year? Vast fewer Zeineddine off by eight nine four and a half Alba. Some ideas look teenager. Indium IDA had Kinda It's eight titled. It's a vaccine because tyler via amid cotton owners eastern complicit. Wer Gun at Fudan. Giving unch body. Amanda Fun Avodon. Konta vodka shown as shown guns only must month-long some apps version of spy comedies gained e by Sky Gustavson. I'm spiting puzder skies on a client. Zagan often Ziva Gustavo. 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We won't see I in your change. Pita v by good works is I- Mishmash. Tim got seeing those highs to Hosni before involve dusk That's fine on secret. I don't file or Amazon as exact as valuable timber. Nine hundred ninety invasion on dust imitators e naturally in front of hog is the Hansel Mandy. I not prosciutto in order not positon owner don M we strive on on tech savvy unethically investment number two tunes. On as soon as Lloyd isn't side Khloe annoyance ago we bubbling on the forbidden women. Goldberg's is St the Helpful Laney Lewis Gifts Beautiful AG. Mika de Indian Goldberg St Findin Phone Dame Air Designs on Berry Gavia business and the goat books. Hutton deal caught my Ford's done via the year the agape MOMS Decode books also seem as he had yet Here talk star of the ball Bingo books on Zee com gets knocked him. Give a Kaiada Sanguine At is William Penn Academy Shula. 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TVR350  Lots of News, This is Us Fall Finale, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S2  TV Rewind

TV Rewind Podcast

59:19 min | 2 years ago

TVR350 Lots of News, This is Us Fall Finale, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S2 TV Rewind

"Tibi rewind episode three hundred fifty. Hello. And welcome to TV rewind episode three hundred fifty for the week of December second one eighteen I'm Stephanie Zimmer happy to back with you once again. And unfortunately, I was not able to make a second episode happened in November. I tried really hard. But there were just some things that came up this last weekend that just did not allow for another session of this podcast, a happen. So I'm here within a couple of days of December and happy to be with you again. Our last episode was November twelve there's much to discuss this podcast is against concert by best David breath and Lisa, and Michael, as our five dollars a month sponsors, and Wayne done an errand for as our one dollar. I'm on sponsors. Thank you so much. You can sign up as patrons at patriotair dot com slash TV rewind, which is linked in the show notes. I'm putting on the homepage is greatly appreciated to help out our podcasting adventures here and also to support my household. Here on TV rewind. Bring our thoughts on the last week's television. We'll take a pause for the news, rewind the last week or the last couple of weeks as the case may be and fast forward to next week. I offer going, take a pause for the news. And as I said, our last episode was November twelfth, so there's a lot of stuff to cover over the last couple of weeks. First off, we have some renewables Bosch for season. Six on Amazon even before season. Five aired Marvel's agents of shield. Proceeds in seven on ABC before season six has premiered this which is going to be doing this summer and big mouth, first season three and nut flex. Audience network has renewed Mr. Mercedes for a ten episode. Third season preacher has been renewed for season for with the AMC trauma shifting production to Australia. Ravens home has been renewed for season. Three on Disney channel. And they have also up consultant you Neta T-Bone to show runner for the upcoming run. Production is currently underway for a season three which will come out next year. I'm excited about ravens home. I haven't enjoyed season to as much as I did for season one, but I still like it and cancellation news the good cop has been canceled after one season on that folks, take two after one season on ABC salvation after two season on CBS daredevil after three seasons on Netflix and another period after three seasons on comedy central and of that list. I'm sad about take two. I thought it was a cute show to have during the summer on ABC. It didn't get much of a chance, but it had a nice little following with it. So it's unfortunate that it's not gonna make it. I like that. Little Diomede dynamic between the two actors Eddie Sabrina and Rachel Belle sent. It was cute. And unfortunately, another marvel series on that list, daredevil kicking the bucket, which means now we just have Jessica Jones, which is still hasn't been anything. I know it's about that and the upcoming season is still coming and the punisher still round. But all the other ones are done. It's very curious what's going to happen. I'm behind on it. So I can't say either way, but I've heard good things about season three and it ends with some kind of conclusion. So that's good TB land has cancelled teachers. After three seasons with ten episodes left to air the second half of their third and final season will premiere on January fifteenth twenty nineteen I never watch more than one episode on it, but I can't say that I'm surprised by this because younger moved to the paramount network, and teachers was the only original program on that network. So it was only a matter of time before they got cancelled. Code black is officially DO a it was officially cancelled in may by CBS, but there were rumblings from the CBS president, that they might reconsider that decision, but unfortunately, they've decided not to pursue it, and they will not be bringing it back. Here are some news that I got from Rick on November ninth, which was before he to this podcast. But I forgot to put it in the notes for our episode last time. But this is from November ninth the Associated Press, and this is a report from Camarillo Springs, California. And when we are dealing with the southern California wildfires that were just taking out so much stuff so much land and homes, the Santa Monica mountains. National recreation area has tweeted that southern California's huge wildfire has apparently destroyed the TV and movie production, location known as. Western town at historic paramount ranch. The National Park Service says it has no details or photos with the structures that formed old west facades are believed to have burned down. This last Friday, remember nine when this was reported. The park service says the ranch served as locations for productions ranging from nineteen thirty eight's the adventures, Marco Polo two TV's, Dr Quinn, medicine woman, and more. Recent shows the mental est and weeds, western towns, specifically was built for TV productions in the nineteen fifties and was used for such westerns as the Cisco kid, and Mark Powell's Zane grey theater, the location, set in the mountains, west of Los Angeles dates to nineteen twenty seven when Paramount Pictures, least the ranch and began making films. They're filming continued for decades, even as the ranch, change tans, it was acquired by the National Park Service in nineteen eighty and kiss has continued to function as a filming location when not a news for filming visitors could stroll through western town, while hiking or ride through on horseback. And there are other updates after this regarding the other welfare damage. So like, check that out there will. Ellington in the show notes as usual. So thank you, Rick, for that. We've had a few networks that have revealed their midseason scheduled plans, the first of that list is the CW, and it will have Jane the virgin wrapping up on new night with Wednesday's after all American wraps. It's sixteen episode season as an show that I tried to get into what I drafted because I just have too many shows going on right now, Roswell New Mexico will land on Tuesdays at nine, bumping black, lightning two Mondays where it will lead out of aero legends of tomorrow. We'll take a break. Resuming season four in April and new series in the dark is scheduled to debut on Thursdays after legacies completes at sixteen episode order, also slated to return later in the spring will be the final season of is ambi- and season six of the hundred. So as far as return dates, it cert- s- on Friday, January, eleventh, with the midseason return of crazy ex girlfriend Tuesday, January fifteenth, the midseason return of the flash and series. Premiere of Roswell New Mexico Wednesday, January sixteenth, Riverdale and all American comeback for their midseason returns Thursday, January seventeenth supernatural returns, Friday, January eighteenth dynasty returns, Sunday, January. Twentieth supergirl and termed return Monday, January twenty first aero and black lightning will come back. And that's what's going on with the CW. Drunk history will be back for season. Six on Tuesday January fifteenth at ten nine central and the first episode will feature in are you afraid of the dark, esque parody of Mary, Shelley's Frankenstein, I'm very intrigued by that I was a huge fan of. Are you afraid of the dark in the ninety s that goes kind my kind of awesome stuff happening on Nickelodeon? When I was growing up. Evan Rachel wood from Westwood west world will star as the famed author alongside Seth Rogan as Dr Frankenstein, will Ferrell as Frankenstein's monster. Elijah wood as Mary's husband Percy, and thirty. Rex Jack mcbrayer, playing the poet, Lord Byron. The premier will be followed by the return of workplace. Satire corporate, which kicks off the second season at ten thirty season two of the show. We'll feature such guests. There's as Kyra Sedgwick Elizabeth Perkins. Christine shawl sheer is a Mata and Andy Richter drunk kisser came back in January fifteen so down, not flicks wishes you a very unhappy new year, the third and final season of a series of unfortunate events, for MIR on Tuesday January first, which capitalizes on all those kids who are still on winter break through January first, you can have something to entertain yourself that day which they announced with a teaser trailer and this final season will consist of seven episodes, which would be very consumable if your home from school that day. For those kiddos. It will be interested in that. Silicon Valley is going off line for a year production on the HBO comedy six and possibly final season has been delayed until next summer a move that will likely heap the series off the air until twenty twenty. The decision comes amid speculation that season six could be the last season for the show an ABC insider maintains that no decision has been made beyond season six this move will take them out of the Emmys race for next year for the first time, hence they launch and the show has already been nominated for outstanding comedy for each of its five seasons. So far. The first female time Lord is taking a starting a new holiday tradition. Bbc America has announced that it is not having a Christmas day special, but rather a New Year's day special, which is interesting to say that they're going to be doing something changing it up. You know after all so much. Many years of doing it Christmas day special. I always looked forward to the Christmas day special, because it was like at the end of having to do so many Kirk church services over a couple of days, and then I get to sit down at enjoy that, but this'll be nice to 'cause New Year's day as I have as much going on, I have a service to play in the morning, and then the rest of the day is kind of not much going on on at all. So I'm looking forward to that. And that'll be a very cool thing to do. Although I'm currently behind Dr Who I'm I have to get caught up on that. I'm like three or four episodes behind and the season finale will be airing next Sunday, December ninth that means I need to get caught up on that show. So I'm ready for this all these all this, I so I'm ready for the special episode ABC switching things up at the top Channing done gay is stepping down as the entertainment president after serving for three years, Kerry Burke for current head of regional programming at free form. We'll take over as president Burke will be responsible for all development programming and scheduling for the primetime and late night, lineups and will report to Dana Walden at once the Disney, FOX merger is complete. It's interesting that Channing Dungy announced the agents of shield renewal and then step down. I don't think that has anything to do with either one, but she was also instrumental in putting that show at ten pm on Tuesday, which was an epic fail did not do very well. And then putting it on Friday, and that's also great not great. And then now it's going to be airing in the summer. I'm not connecting the two things, but it didn't seem like she was too excited about that Joe and helping it to grow an audience. I can't say that. She's done that great of a job as entertainment president in doing making a lot of good judgments about shows. So that's right for the best. Hopefully, good things or had four ABC with a new leader. We'll see. Suits is getting lit up again in early twenty nineteen the USA drama will premiere the six episode back half of season. Eight on Wednesday, January twenty third at ten nine central sit can get a delay hill fix in January NBC is tweaking its rollout plan for the blacklist given the dramas season six premiere a special Thursday slot before it relocates to its new, permanent Friday home earlier this month, it was announced that it would start on Fridays starting on January fourth with a two hour episode. But with this revised plan, the first hour will air on Thursday, January third, at ten nine central following the launch of new reality show, the titan games with partout coming on this regular time sought Friday, January fourth at nine eight central. And be see also confirms that upon conclusion of blind spots fall run on Friday, December seven midnight, Texas will shift to Fridays at eight seven central beginning December fourteenth leading into date. Dateline NBC's two hour block blindspot where reclaim. It's Friday home on January eleventh notebooks and the role, doll story company have announced that the streaming giant is extending the role. Dull universe of stories by way of a slate of animated event series. Netflix release says, quote it intends to remain faithful to the quintessential spirit and tone of dole of doll while also building out of imaginative imaginative story universe, expands far beyond the pages of the books themselves. The list of titles in the agreement include Charlie. And the chocolate factory Matilda the big the BF g the twits Charlie and the great glass elevator George's marvellous medicine boy, tales of childhood going solo, the enormous crocodile that giraffe and the Pelly and me Henry sugar. Billy in the men men. Pins the magic finger. Esa SEO trot dirty beasts and rhyme stew production and the first product will begin next year. This is very interesting. I'm very curious about what this is going to look like to have animated series based on these books. I'm very curious about what is going to look like, and I will definitely be checking it out. CBS is getting real in two thousand nineteen with the return of three time honored institutions as well as a launch of two new competition series. The network has announced it's reality rollout plan for the new year. Beginning with big brother celebrity edition, which kicks off its second season on Monday, January twenty first Julie Chen will resume her role as the host of the show's entire three week run, which concludes with a two hour finale on Wednesday February thirteenth. So for those of you who are curious what was going to happen with Julie Chen, her whole relationship with CBS, apparently, she's sticking around and has had enough time off. Next comes the launch of million dollar mile on Wednesday March twenty seventh at nine pm hosted by Tim tebow. The obstacle course based show is designed to quote test everyday athlete's physical and mental toughness by pitting them against elite athletes whose sole purpose is to prevent the ten tests by completing the shows mile. Also, new is the premier date for amazing race ses thirty first season which kicks off on Wednesday may twenty second at eight PM. So it'll be a summer run for the show. And this season will bring back memorable comp- competent competitors from previous seasons of the amazing race. Big brother and survivor to compete for the one million dollar prize. ABC has finalized its post Connors midseason game. Pine also announcing that the Connors will hand it's Tuesday leadoff spot to American housewife beginning February fifth. The Connors is slated to wrap. It's eleven episode season on January twenty second, and I will be talking a little bit about the most recent episode in this podcast. The network also confirms it is added an additional episode to American housewife's current season order. Meanwhile, the Goldberg spin off called schooled. We'll take off. We'll take over American housewives current Wednesdays at eight thirty pm slot on January ninth, it will follow the goldbergs, of course, and I'm looking forward to schooled, especially considering that it's me following the story of AJ Machakos character, and I like her, and I want more good things from her. Because she is going to be the new music teacher. And it's gonna be in the faculty of the William Penn academy. It sounds very interesting. And also it's been announced that bread deer is going to be a part of that, which means that he's probably not going to be a huge part of Jane, the virgin next season or it's already been filmed. And it's not going to be conflict at all man with a plan is now have a premier date for season three I had no idea. It was coming back again. It will return on Monday, February fourth at eight thirty seven thirty central. It will claim happy together time slot, which is not doing very well. It's the it's the lowest Rita and lease watch sitcom on that order from CBS. But it is still possible to be renewed, but unlikely. And other midseason CBS news. The may the freshman said, come fam-, we'll be going in Murphy Brown's time slot beginning, January tenth after their thirteen episode. Run is done fam- stars Nina Dobrev from the vampire diaries, so you like to know more about that. Check it out. What the description is in the notes. A merited for life in pieces season for has still not been announced. This is news that Stephanie can use, and other people who are obsessed with Chris movies, like I am. Because it seems that holiday TV movies are not just for Christmas anymore. They're also helping out our Jewish friends by adding a pair of Hanukkah themed movies to the slate next year, which is very intriguing but to Hannukah movies are still in the early stages. And the details are sketchy, but one is tentatively titled holiday date, which will feature Hanukkah elements because the two holidays overlap in two thousand nineteen and perhaps, we'll have crossed nomination romances because there's always a romance in those movies. We'll see what happens, but I'm intrigued by even I'm not Jewish. I do like things from other faith traditions. So I'll give it a shot and check it out astrophysicist Neil the grass Tyson who hosts the EMMY winning FOX and National Geographic series. Cosmos has been accused of sexual misconduct by two. And the producers behind cosmos are have launched an investigation. The investigation stems from an accusation from Tyson's, former assistant Ashley Watson, that she was forced to quit her job over Tyson's inappropriate sexual advances. Also, Bucknell professor doctor Caitlyn t- Allers claims that he groped her after an after party for the American astronomical society. In two thousand nine Tyson has since responded to these allegations just one day after they said they would investigate this. And he added quite a lengthy Facebook post. So if you're interested in seeing what his responses you can check that out in the show notes, I'm not gonna share too much about it. But we'll see what happens with it. There's always a he said, she said. And then there's an investigation, then it's all one way or another. So we'll keep tuned into that news less than six weeks after the launch of chilling adventures of Sabrina, not flex has announced a premier date for what is now being dubbed part two of the series. They will come back on Friday, April fifth. In addition, they have released the first teaser trailer for the next batch of nine episodes, which you can find the link in the show notes, which, hints, at some potential, new romances and features edgier side of the teen witch. But there is a Christmas episode titled amid winter's tale debuting on Friday December fourteenth. So if you're a fan of that show. Check that out. We also have some casting news for season, two boffin, angel alum, Alexis Dennis off has joined the cast in the recurring role of miss word wells boyfriend at a master's, ho returns to greenvale after a stint overseas with physicians without frontiers unaware, that has fiancee's has been taken over by a D minus. Also on board is Jedidiah Goodacre from the originals and the hundred who is to play. Warlock Dorian gray the lifetime drama, you will move to Netflix for its second season. Though. Lifetime initially had renewed the series for a second season before season. One had even premiered, the cable network has opted not to air the second season setting low ratings as a major factor in the decision. So instead of reversing the decision they decided to take it to in different platform, which makes sense. The second season which will loosely, follow the events of Caroline, kept MRs follow up story, hidden bodies home of the action of Los Angeles. So if you're fan of that show look for it on Netflix coming your way. And in the last few weeks that we've had a podcast, there have been a lot of celebrity deaths that have happened that we need to talk about. There are seven of them, and these are not in order of occurrence third is in order of how I put them in the notes. Ken berry best known to TV audiences for his work on after Mayberry r f d and mama's family died December second at the age of eighty five a cause of death not disclosed his death was first announced by his former wife actress Jackie Joseph in a Facebook post this last Saturday. She later knowledged the outpouring of love and gratitude expressed by friends at admirers of the late actor and shared a photo of herself and his partner of twenty six years, Susie Walsh, varies breakout role came when he was cast as captain Wilton in after which ran from nineteen sixty five to sixty seven next appeared in four episodes of the Andy Griffith show as Sam Jones, then start on the spinoff, Mayberry r f d which aired from sixty eight to seventy one he later went onto star as Vinton Harper on, moss family, which ran from eighty three to ninety prior to after he had a recurring role of Dr John k. Fish on the medical drama, Dr Kildare I digital TV credits included. Episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show a love boat fantasy island and the golden girls. So that is Ken berry, the most recent one. Stephen Hilden Burg, the man behind the most famous animates sponge in history, died on November twenty seventh the sponge van suspect, Bob square pants, creator was fifty seven. Hildenbrand passed away from LS. He is survived by his wife among other family members. The animator worked as a director and writer on Rocco's American light before developing SpongeBob, squarepants, which debuted on the kids channel in nineteen ninety nine I didn't realize it was on for that long, though. Emmy winning series which follows, of course, a sea sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea, it's in the theme song, you should know has air two hundred and forty nine episodes and spun to feature length films and a Broadway musical. Many kids are hurt broken by this. I had one kid at the school that I teach at I'm in, I work in the parish, but I'm very connected to the churches to the school, as well, working with those kids, and he was very heartbroken by this and sad that. What that might mean that the show might not continue on. I told him while there's other people involved in the show just because the creator pass sway does not mean that the show ends. And I really hope that it doesn't cause that's still well loved by so many. So that is Stephen hill. Helen Berg Massey musician Ricky Jay, whose decades long career includes guest roles on deadwood in the Simpsons died, November twenty four th at the age of seventy this news was confirmed by his manager Winston Simone who told variety that his client died of natural causes and says he was one of a kind we will never see the likes him again. A New Yorker profile once referred to him as quote, perhaps, the most gifted sleight of hand artists alive, his one man Broadway show. Ricky Jay and the his fifty two assistance, west filmed for HBO by claim director David Mamat in nineteen ninety six. He appeared in many amendments films, including house of games, the Spanish prisoner, things change red belt, and state and main additional film, credits include magnolia, boogie nights and tomorrow, never dies. Jase TV credits include a recurring role on deadwood where he played card shirk, Eddie Sawyer. He also appeared an episode of the Simpsons asks himself, the X files, the unit flash forward getting on kidnapped lie to me and Simon and Simon. Addition to his acting credits. He was a frequent late night. Talk show guest he appeared on the tonight show with Johnny Carson. Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, as well as the late show with David Letterman and late night with Conan O'Brien. He also worked as a film consultant leading, his technical expertise, the such titles as Forrest Gump the illusion est and the prestige and two of those were about allusion. So that makes sense in two thousand twelve he was a subject of a documentary called deception practice the mysteries. And mentors of Ricky Jay, so that as master musician, Ricky Jay, this next one was ROY Clark who was the host of hee-haw and Ricksen me this in Email, and said, I'm sure you're already going to report this, but it's sad, news anyway, I used to love watching Ryan he haw. So right clock, ROY Clark best, not audiences as the co host of long-running country music variety. Series. He haw died on November fifteenth at the age eighty five. He passed away in his Tulsa, Oklahoma home following complications from pneumonia. He has arrived by his wife and his four children, and five grandchildren. He served as co host of he hot in all three of its incarnations, the series began on CBS in nineteen sixty nine then transition to first run syndication in seventy one where it ran through ninety three short lived revival than aired on the now defunct TNN from ninety six to ninety seven prior to hee-haw. He was a frequent musical guest on some of TV's biggest variety shows, including American bandstand, and the tonight show starring Johnny Curson additional TV credits included, episodes of the Beverly hillbillies, the odd couple and love American style. He most recently made his appearance on nine two thousand sixteen AMA awards and pay tribute to his former hee haw co host buck Owens. He was a Grammy. AM's ACM, and CMA award winner as went and was inducted into the country music hall of fame in two thousand nine he had nearly two dozen top forty country hits including the tip of my fingers yesterday when I was young, and I never picked cotton that his ROY Clark this next one is actress Katharine McGregor who was on little house on the prairie and Rick sent this one also I hope you can take a minute, and remember this wonderful actress people love to hate, I personally, always liked the villains on TV's shows movies and cartoons. She was perfect. Katherine McGregor best, not the audiences for her role as town Gosper, Harriet Olsen on the long running family drama. Little house in the prairie died on November fourteenth at the age of ninety three McGregor died at the motion picture, and television funds retirement home in Los Angeles. She appeared in all nine seasons of little house reportedly missed the series finale, the TV movie, the last farewell, because she was on pilgrimage in India. Before her nine year run on little house. Her TV credits included guest starring and bit roles on series like Mannix emergency and Ironside prior to that. She acted on Broadway off Broadway, and in regional theatre in and around New York City, but next one is comic. But legend STAN Lee, which I thought was going to be the biggest death to talk about. But there is another one coming and Rick also sent this one and said before I was all consumed with music. I was a comic book fanatic. I loved marvel comics hope you could include this obituary in the news hopeful. Obviously, he's had made a huge impact on the world and on TV. Comic book legends Stanley will build MerVal to prominence and who was involved in the brand's television and film ventures. Died November twelfth at the age of ninety five he was declared dead at cedar. Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after having a medical emergency. During his many years at the comic book publishing house. Lee created characters including Spiderman, the X men and the fantastic four he left the company in nineteen seventy two but kept the title of chairman emeritus until a step and receive production credit on TV series like agents of shield agent Carter, the gifted in humans, Jessica Jones, and Luke cage, he also was known for making appearances cameos often playing himself on TV series and movies, and you can definitely find him and all those marvel movies and addition he contributed his voice to a bunch of animated series, including the Simpsons ultimate Spiderman, and the incredible hulk. So Stanley, obviously made a huge impact on come fans and fans of TV series and movies as well. And our last one. Is president George H W Bush who served as president from eighty nine to ninety three died on November, thirtieth at the age of ninety four the former president's office confirmed the news that Friday night, a World War, Two veteran who served as ambassador to the United Nations, and director of the CIA Bush was elected vice president in nineteen eighty as president Ronald Reagan's running mate, and served in that role for eight years Bush, then ran for Preston eighty eight and one beating Michael Dukakis, he ran for reelection in ninety two but was the faded by Bill Clinton? Capping his time in the White House at one term his wife Barbara pass away in April at the age of ninety two and the two had been married for seventy three years. He and Barbara are survived by five children, including former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and former President George W Bush, and seventeen. Grandchildren. He was the target of satire during his time in the White House. Mostly by Dana Carvey impression of him on SNL. He also guest starred as being voiced by cast member. Harry Shearer in nineteen ninety six episode of the Simpsons, that's all the bushes move in across the street from Homer and his family. So it doesn't surprise me that the older Mr Bush President Bush passed away. I mean he was very close with his wife and now he can be reunited with her and also with their young daughter that they lost. They can all be together in heaven. It's beautiful, and you can find the links to everything that I talked about at TV, ruin podcast dot com slash three five three five zero that was a very, very long new segment. So now we're going to move onto the rewind it I'm only going to talk about two shows here because we're already gunning running pretty long. So this week, I have the Connors, and this is us. So if you're not interested in those shows, you can move ahead as you need to. But if you wanna listen to one but not the other just move ahead all the way we have time codes in the notes for today. So our first show is the Connors episode six of season, one, one flew over the Connors nest. Now, the major story for this episode is on Becky, we also have a side story with Jackie and Dan, which was kind of cute it didn't hold up as much weight as the Becky story. But it was it was cute still because of everyone's urging Dan agrees to build a chicken coop for his grandkids after Jackie receives authorization from the city why for he's not very happy about this, because the chicken sickness requires them to have around the house. He stays up all night. Fending off cats from the coupe they need to get a dog. Dr will take care of it. When Dan Air's is this thing about having a chicken coop. Jackie confronts him with the truth that she needed a reason to come over and Dan found this laughable, because she's there, because she is family, which I thought was a really sweet moan between the two of them. And Jackie has become the kind of mom figure for this family. Now that Roseanne has passed on. And it's really nice. Dan still wants to have her around. So she's a great character. So I'm glad that, that was resolved. And our major storyline for this episode was Becky story because she found out in the last episode that she was pregnant, and she was really concerned about how she was going to be able to do this, because she doesn't feel that she's ready. She takes a magazine quiz, which tells her that she is financially unfit to be a mom. So she decides to talk to Andrea about the struggles of being a mom. So Sarah, Chuck comes back on the show, and she looks completely put together and looks. Awesome and is drinking at the restaurant. So I can't really say that she looked like a harried mom because she looked very put together and well dressed and everything. So she talks to Andrea about the struggles, and then eventually just says that she's pregnant Andrews like, oh, great. You're going to be a great mom. So she sees Bridget and Maria at the restaurant, and offers a let them adopt the baby, and she will help to raise it. But she doesn't really one hundred percent believe that she made the right decision. So she goes over to the Conner's house and talks to Darlene about it, and early and has a great sister moment here and says, you know you are strong enough to do this and one year not gonna be able to do it. We're going to be here to help you. So she immediately regrets, the decision that she made, and she goes out and starts walking around in the middle of the night goes over to the couple's house, and tells them that she decided to keep the baby and of course, they can't do anything but accept that idea. And. There's a lot of sadness there. I'm very curious to see how this is going to work for Becky because. She's had a huge problem with drinking, especially since her mom has died. And she has used that as a crutch and now of a sudden, she's pregnant and trying to stay sober for that child and issue going to be able to pull this off. It's going to be very hard. But I know that her family will be very supportive of here of her. So I hope it works out. Then our third story is Darlene. She opens up to her new boss Ben about a customer who is bothered her at the casino. Who has definitely just making sexual anyway, news her and making her bend over to pick up money that he drops. He's just being really big sleaze. So Ben decides to go over there and deal with the customer himself. So, of course, during his questioning his moment, his motives, because that seems like a pretty big boyfriend moved to making and how she responds. He says, well, that's kind of a girlfriend move to responding that way. And I see some kind of romance developing between the two of them. It was very sweet. I mean he's been on the show for a couple episodes now. And I really liked the dynamic that they didn't chew of them. I think they'd be perfect together. He's very much not like David, which is good for her right now. She needs a stable man, who's going to stand up for her and not be so cowardly as she had before. I mean I really love David, but he is obviously not what she needs right now. And this guy is willing to do what needs to be done for her. And I, I of it despite the fact that he's her boss are. They're very nice with with each other. And it's cute. So that's our three stories for the episode, and obviously. The Becky sterling was the one that was the most vital to see where that story is going to go with her pregnancy. And what she's going to decide to do? I think ultimately, she made a good decision, but I hope that it will work out for her the best way in her failing be there to support her, and I see I like the dynamic between Darlene in Ben, that's really cute. How they're working together, and it's nice to see Dan and Jackie becoming more friendly with each other. And the fact that she can still have an excuse to come by even though her sister is not there. It was a nice way to put some humor into the mix of a story that had some heavy storylines in it. Is the Connors? I greatly enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to more. That's Tuesdays on ABC. And moving onto this is us. This is us, which is on NBC had their fall finale, episode this last week and oh my gosh. It was big. There are some big reveals that happened in it. And I just watched it this morning. So it's super fresh in my mind of what's going on. If I'm trying to get caught up on shows this episode nine of season three so they call it the mid season finale, even though they have sixteen episodes or something. So it's not quite the middle episode nine of season three, the beginning is the end is the beginning. So we had some gigantic revelations in this episode if you have not yet seen it. Stop what you're doing and go find it. So we had some gigantic revelations in this episode, which have some pretty big ramifications for the show as it's moving forward. The first one is that Jack's brother NICKY is alive and did not die in the war because we actually see him in the present day living in Bradford, Pennsylvania. And let me also find out that they her that's been referred to for all these episodes is actually Rebecca, which was confirmed by the show, runners, it wasn't his birth mom. And what does pin the tail on the donkey have to do with it? My guess is that she has some kind of memory loss or dementia. And this is what's going to help her to stay focused on a memory that she has. And that's the thought of many people online. So it's not just mine. First off, we have the. War era. Vietnam story in which Nagy and Jack are together and his time is dwindling to just another forty eight hours. Nikki is very standoffish. With Jack nix commanding officer denies him and extension which sways Nikki just a bit. He allows Jack to take him to a quiet spot on the water where Jack points out that now he's off drugs. He can focus on his mission. And Nike says the mission is to kill and Jack corrects him. No. The mission is to get home but nightmare wakes up one evening. Jackie rates, the medics pack for something to help take the edge off, and he finds his brother stone sitting on the pier pretending to shoot Vietnamese villagers with his hand which was kind of creepy. And Nikki says he has no desire to leave drugs behind again. He says, I can see it all when I'm clean. I'm not going to complete the mission. At the end of the day, Jack can't find him me there's a huge blast from the water that boat has exploded. And one of the soldiers says there was a guy in it and panic, Jack thinks that Nikki is in the boat and he swims out to the wreckage. We don't get to see what happens. I have read an article from the show runners that says, we are going to see what he discovers and more of Nikki story, a leading up to the present, but not necessarily all once just bits and pieces, like we usually get on this show. So Jack, thanks, Nicki. Bluhm self up, but as we come to the president, we will find out. That's not true in present day, the at Phnom Kevin is still there Zoe and he's trying to find any pieces of the story that he can find. And he encounters, a guide who deems himself as a locus story, and he says he does not remember Jack or the woman with the necklace, he serves a visitor. Some food and recalls memories of his own father, who was a Viet Cong soldier who would slip into the village and visit him and his mother once a week. So the man says the father, our fathers were enemies, but they were not so different. And here we sit happy, healthy sharing a meal in a place where fathers once fought it may not be the answer. You're looking for. But maybe it is the answer to something bigger. So Kevin is disappointed with his trip winding down. He has zero answers. For what to bring home. And so he says, maybe it's not the ending. It's just the middle as they prepare to leave Kevin's guide, mentioned to him that he search an online database at the worm Morio for nNcholas Pearson, and did not find anything. So the guy tells him that Nikki didn't die in Vietnam. Not on the war anyway. And then the camera caught chewy bespeckled man in a trailer home we don't get a great shot of his face. But it sure looks vaguely like Nikki the mail on his table is addressed to nNcholas Pearson who lives in Bradford, Pennsylvania. So it appears that NICKY has been there for a long time. He was just three hours away from his brother and now it's too late because his brother is dead. So the fact that he's using his own name tells me that Kevin is going to find him 'cause, you know, how hard can it be defined nNcholas Pearson in the present when he's using that name and getting mailed by that name? So it's. A matter of time before that reunion happens. And he will share that news with his family, and they will meet uncle NICKY. In some capacity. Kate's pregnancy is progressing. Well, her doctor doesn't love the fact that she has to drive for hours to get to her singing, Adela Graham assignments, good. It's not good for blood pressure, but Kaye does not want to stop working given the fact that it's distracting her from anxiety over the fact that she doesn't want anything to go wrong. She has the option of being a choir director at a local high school, but unfortunately, does not go very far because she is short of a college degree by a handful of credits. Which causes her to go into a minor tailspin, and Toby is afraid something is going to happen to the kid because of her anxiety, and they don't even know what the sexes so choice suggests that they that she used the final six months of pregnancy to finish her college education. He admits that he's scared like she is, but things are going to be okay. And to spend that they celebrate they order a gender reveal cake, and they find out their baby is going to be a boy, which was super adorable. And I love this story for Kate because she needs to do more with her life than being an Adela Graham singer. She has such potential to be a great character and to have a great success in some kind of career whether it's teaching or something else, and just because she's just a few credits short of a college degree does not mean that she has to be limited. So I'm loving that she's going to have something to do for these last months of pregnancy. Though. Beth is not working for Rondos campaign anymore. She assures him that she will help him prepare for his debate against councilman Brown. She says you are fierce dignified in, in top form. So he goes out and stage Brown mocks him for being boring. From New Jersey and out of touch with the voters, halo is trip is not going very well. A smug Brown gets him mad enough to get all to become all fired up Rando, which is my favorite kind of Rando, all fired up Brando points out that Brown likes to look that Brown likes to look into complaints, but knew nothing about them. So he takes his leave from the lecture and goes to sit on the stairs, and talk to the people on their own level fired up. Randall points out some things that he's read in the minutes from the previous meetings. And promises to go through and do all those things that people have complained about, but nothing has happened Brown, of course, worried. But it looks like the crowd is all on his side. And it's looking good. Unfortunately, afterwards J one has let him know that the poll numbers are still not great, and Brown is still going to win, despite the fact that he has won over this crowd. He has too far of lead. And not enough time left back at home. Dacia approaches Beth in Randall. And all along this episode and for the last couple of episodes, she's been communicating with her mom. So it comes as no surprise to the audience that she wants to visit her because she's now in Delaware becomes, as a big surprise to Beth and Randall. They're very weary. But they agree, which pleases her then tests, who's been dealing with the fact that she's sexually confused and perhaps gay, and she talked to Kate about this last episode which I watched two back to back sets very fresh that she talked to Kate about this and Kate talked to Rebecca and the only reason that Rebecca. Even knew about it is because Kate is in California, and she wanted somebody nearby who could keep an eye on tests, and so- test, and Rebecca had a really cute moment. Or a very touching moment before this reveal to the parents and Rebecca talked about the fact that she kept so many secrets when she was married and later in her life that she would have physical pains within her body because of that just because she couldn't handle the bottling up anymore, and I'm someone who greatly understands that I had a lot of secrets growing up, as well that we're very hard to let go and have other people hold. So I understand this completely. So she takes Rebecca's warning quite well about not keeping secrets to cause these pains. So she comes down to the kitchen and informs her parents that she thinks she likes girls. And she doesn't want this to become a thing. So Beth pulse or close and reaffirms that we love you no matter what. So looks like tests relaxes before heading up to bed. But after she's gone Beth, and Randall admit that neither of them saw this coming, but Randall is still very much concerned about his campaign. Beth thanks. It's time for him to quit. But he does not agree. She reminds him that he promised to stop running the moment. She was no longer on board. And she no longer is on board and tests was the last straw, so Rando lovingly and diplomat. Cly says he needs to see his political bid through to the end. Maybe you can't win this campaign. But you sure learn to talk like a politician. She shoots back. Which, of course, is not a compliment by the fact that she pose out sheets and pillow and he'll be sleeping on the couch for now. So I was really concerned about Beth in this scene, and very disappointed in the fact that she made that kind of a unilateral decision that it was tests. And what she said was the last straw to this. And now she's gone to this whole extreme of, well, I can't be supportive you on this campaign. So I can't be supportive of our marriage. That was pretty big. And I, I'm not on board with that. So I hope that they can make up to each other. I don't think that Randall is going to win this campaign. But the fact that Beth is not supporting him. Makes me very worried about them. I hope it doesn't mean that their marriage is over. Is there really great couple, I would like to see more of her back story and I know there is a Beth episode coming. I don't know when that's going to be some time in the new year obviously 'cause it's finale, but we'll see what happens and then to that other mystery that we had for several episodes. Now since the finale of the last season, the episode gives us a little more of the flash forward future Randall asking future, tasks if she's let mom know that they're on their way and show. Call her from the car then we see future bath whose hair is just amazing Lee on point, huge big hair. Love it. She's not dead. But she's watching a ballet rehearsal from balcony in every hersal space and employee. Purchaser and relays tasha's message. So we know that she's not the her. Then Beth asks if the woman has brought the pin the tail on the donkey game from her office. And because she promised to bring it. And then and then she says the employees that they're going to see randoms mom, and as I mentioned at the top of this review and recap it definitely is Rebecca, that they is the her. So my theory that supports many others, is that her is in pretty sad shape because of something that happened. And I have a feeling that supported by other feelings of other watchers of the show that something has happened to Kate because she's not in the flash forwards. We see Toby. Very distraught. In the flash, forwards, and not wearing a ring, which tells me that's possible. Something has happened to Rebecca because of her because of Kate, and that's why Toby is hesitant to go. See her also. The pretty strong theory that many others have had. So it's it seems pretty probable to me. But of course, we have to wait for more episodes to put those pieces together the only getting snippets of that story. So he don't really know much so lots of things. In the cooker, I guess we could say for the rest of the season in future seasons and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. So that is this is on NBC. Now is the time to get caught up if you're behind it is awesome. Now move onto the fast forward and talk about things that are coming up for this week Wednesday, December fifth. The marvelous MRs Mazo season two premiere on Amazon all ten episodes, and that's my pick for record for later. Dealer. No deal. Revival on CNBC to associates Chicago med fall finale, Chicago fire fall finale in Chicago of PD fall finale. All on NBC. And empire fall finale and star fall finale on FOX. Thursday, December sixth. The big bang theory, fall, finale slash, young Sheldon crossover, which will be very interesting to see how that plays out the good place fall finale on NBC and the young Sheldon, fall finale and CBS, the great American baking show season four premiere on ABC. I'm here for that top chef season sixteen for Mirren Bravo will, and grace fall finale on NBC and swat fall finale on CBS Friday December seventh nailed it holiday season. Premiere on Netflix. The ranch season. Six for beer. Not flex blindspot fall finale on NBC macgyver. Fall finale on CBS repulsed drag race Hala, sleigh spectacular special on VH, one crazy ex girlfriend fall finale on the CW. I'm still a few behind that as well. Why five oh fall finale on CBS and blue bloods? False finale on CBS. And Saturday, Semper eighth for Cy series finale on ovation for ninety minutes and the ad Baldwin show burns off on ABC. So that's coming up for this week record for later, we give recommendation of Spain to check out on DVD streaming or on TV as I mentioned, the marvelous MRs may comes out on season two on Amazon on Wednesday. I caught up with that over the last couple of months ago, I caught up on that and finished it season one and it was awesome. Loved it. And my other pick is all the Christmas movies, everywhere. 'cause you know that's what my tvos is full of at ninety something percent of Christmas movies, as well as all the other shows that I'm behind on because of that. So that's what we have record earlier. Please remember that we are at Amazon affiliate. So if you want to do any Christmas shopping, you could help us out by going to TV Rabanne, podcast dot com slash Amazon. I and anything you purchased by going there. I will help out the show and it's greatly appreciated. Those we have done that this holiday season or other times, it is greatly appreciated. I define me Twitter dot com slash angels. F. A. N. G O, S, T, P, H, or Facebook at the same link or Instagram angels F six twenty one we have other shows on the network to might wanna check out. We have psych and alias rewind. So if we check those out and see, when recording those on our calendar at TV Rian, podcast dot com. You can send feedback to us for those shows or for this one talking about any show randomly TV rent podcast dot com slash feedback. You can find Oliver shows at TV run podcasts dot com slash apple on your iphone or computer or for this show at slash Android. Sash that your radio sash Google are slash iheart radio. You can listen subscribe and leave reviews on any of those places. And we will gladly received the men share them. You can also find us at patriotair dot com slash TV. Rewind follow our group, Facebook dot com slash groups slash TV rewind. In find us at Twitter dot com slash TV rewind. Thank you so much. For your patience in may getting the second episode out. Thank you so much for your patience in waiting a few weeks for this episode to come out, I wish I could have gotten it in by the end of November. But I'm here as quickly as I could into December, and I hope to get another episode out, although December as really crazy with performances for me. But I will do my best to see if I can get something out for you in a few weeks. So I will have to if I can, and I'll definitely keep you informed if it's not going to happen. But I'll try thank you for listening. You can find our show notes and time coats at TV ruin podcasts dot com slash three five zero. Thanks for listening. And I will talk to you next time.

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TVR352  Criminal Minds and Vikings Ending, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hitchcock & Scully, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Final Episodes  TV Rewind

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TVR352 Criminal Minds and Vikings Ending, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hitchcock & Scully, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Final Episodes TV Rewind

"TV rewind episode three hundred fifty two. Hello. And welcome to TV rewind episode three hundred fifty two for the week of January twenty first twenty nineteen happy new year. I f Assode back for twenty nineteen. I'm Stephanie Zimmer happy to back with you once again recording this on Monday afternoon. Again, we are sponsored by best, David Beth, and Michael and Lisa as five dollars a month sponsors and way Don Aaron are one dollar a month. Sponsors is also signed up at the one dollar level once again, which means a lot. You can join them as patrons at patriot dot com slash TV which is linked in the show notes. And as a button on the homepage of the website at TD. We're in podcast dot com. Here on TV rewind. You're bringing arth autzen last week television. We'll take a pause for the news rewind the last week in fast forward to next week. I I'll take a pause for the news. And it's been a few weeks, we've talked, so there is quite a few things to cover. Days of our lives is renewed for season, fifty five on NBC, which makes me really happy that shope is on fire. It's so it's must see TV for me every week. So good. It's the only hope that I'm currently washing, but it is definitely the best. So you think you can dance for a season sixteen NBC Grayson Frankie for season. Six on nut flex season five just came out. Allen's game of games for a season three on NBC and the Kaminsky method for a season to on nut flex, which just won a couple of Golden Globes, including for best comedy. So that makes me think that I might want to check that one out. CBS has renewed criminal minds for a fifteenth and final season to air during the nineteen twenty TV season final season will consist of ten episodes, which will film this spring and bring the shows run to three hundred twenty four total episodes, this lands criminal minds inside. US TV's, all time top twenty of total episodes. So if you're fan of criminal minds, I hope with the good news for you. You probably don't want the show to end. But at least they'll have a final season to wrap it all up, grazing, enemies, still going very strong ABC has expanded the scenes in order to have additional three episodes, bringing the total to twenty five season fifteen will Mark the second longest season in Grey's anatomy, history, tying season three's, twenty-five, episode hall, but not quite as much a season to a head twenty seven for the second year running it stands as ABC's number one series, which means they're not stopping anytime soon. Because why not just keep the ball rolling? If people are still watching it, and it's the number one series in not so great news. We have a couple of cancellations. I love you America after one season on Hulu just sad news for Sarah Silverman. But I'm sure she'll move onto something. Great sci-fi has cancelled anthology series channel zero after four seasons trial and error has been officially cancelled after two seasons on NBC, which just makes me so sad, it was the little show that could it was so great to watch, not a whole lot of people are watching it. But it was so good. And I wish more people had watched it because it was just a really fun show. So kooky and weird and hilarious, some really sad about that one. But not at all surprised. And the I was cancelled after one season on Hulu also. The void is coming to an end for history's Vikings. They have now inst- that the previously announced six season, will be its final, but there is a twist history is teaming up with Vikings creator, Michael Hirst, once again, to develop an offshoot of the series, the news project reportedly will continue the Viking saga but additional details are still fuzzy at this time. So Vikings will officially end way season six but stay tuned for more coming out from that franchise have a whole bunch of announcements about return and premiered dates. The first piece of TV news of twenty nineteen that you're now hearing three weeks into twenty nineteen stranger things return date. Nat FOX rang in the new year on January first by setting a patriotic premier for season three of its drama series. All eight new episodes release on Thursday, July fourth which. Is my hubby's birthday? That's exciting. And it's a holiday, people probably has been Drage, if they really want to, but also be watching it one at a time because I listened to the stranger things podcast on Goldens Farrell media, and they'll be talking about one episode at a time. So why would I need to binge it? The premier date was announced via a short New Year's Eve, theme teaser, which did not include Anita footage by did show dick Clark's countdown to midnight getting turned upside down as the year nineteen eighty five approached. It was a really great promo. So I hope you got a chance to see that I just thought yesterday you can check the show nuts for that teaser trailer and the poster for the new season in the show notes for today at TV Rian, podcast dot com slash three five to babysit America has announced that season two of killing eve will come out on Sunday, April seventh at eight seven central and considering that, Sandra. Oh, just won a Golden Globe for that. And probably more awards becoming it's an excellent amount of time to catch up on it. I have not watched that show it's another show on the list. And now I have until April to catch up if I have time the FX comedy better things will return for season three on Thursday. February twenty eighth at ten nine central which I'm excited about. Season three has been long coming. It's the first season without any contributions from Louis C K, who co created the series with Pamela and line and wrote or co wrote most of the episodes across the two seasons. But of course affects has cut ties with him after several instances of sexual misconduct were brought against him. But I really enjoyed the show. So I'm really happy. That's coming back and hopefully can be stronger. Even standing on us on itself, without Louis. CK behind it plot details are scarce at this point, but it will have an intriguing slate of guest ours as they usually do, including Sarah, Sharon Stone, Matthew Broderick, recurring as a counselor Judy Reyaz. And of course, all the returning Kazimierz will still be in those roles Adlon will direct all twelve episodes, which is great. She's a really great director on the show. They also released a poster for the new season which you can see in the link for the show notes, the CW has handed an official pilot order to the bat woman project, which stars ruby rose in the title role roses bat woman debuted in last month's multi part aero verse crossover event else worlds which I just watched a couple of weeks ago. It was really great. I did not podcast about it because I didn't watch it until like a couple of weeks ago. So I was a below behind the CW also announced that arrow flash vet David nutter will direct the pilot, which is exciting. So somebody in the universe being part of it. Slated for potential fall twenty nineteen premier. It would follow Kate Kane. Caroline, dries pen, the pilot and will executive produce alongside Greg Berlanti Sarah sh- Scheckter, and Geoff Johns who are all involved with obviously the other Berlanti shows. Other characters reportedly being cast for the prospective series include Kate's father, Colonel Kane, that women's Victorian style arched enemy Alice and one that sounds like Renee Montoya. So that is bad woman. I hope that it happens because I'm very intrigued by her as a character based on what happened in Alice worlds. I would like to see more. I was very skeptical about ruby grows actually being a charismatic good actress because from what I've seen she's really not that good of an actress, but so far, so good. We'll see how it goes, I begged character for explore the CW has announced some premiere dates for midseason Jane, the virgin last season, will get underway on Wednesday March twenty seventh I'm very excited about that not excited that the show is ending. But I'm heck's very happy that they will have a premier date and the end strongly, the fifth and final season will premiere on nine eight. Central that evening is on be were returned for a fifth and final season on Thursday may second at eight seven central which is a little earlier than they usually do for that show. But I'm excited that it's coming back. And again, not excited. That's ending. But I think that they will end very strongly, and it's definitely the longest show that, rob. Thomas zipper had. So I'm sure he's pretty psyched about it. Well, see a great final season for that the hundred or open season. Six on Tuesday, April thirtieth at nine eight central a week after Roswell New Mexico wraps up its first season in the post flash time slot that one just started last week. I did not watch it, but I didn't watch the original either. So I don't really think that I should watch the reboot without seeing some of the original cuts similar story, but different. So I don't have anything to base it on, so doesn't make any sense for me to watch the reboot would not having seen the first show. At least for me, probably some people have seen the reboot glancing the original. But that's not something that I want to do at this point legislative tomorrow, return for from its extended midseason hiatus on Monday, April first, or it will not open the night at eight seven central aero moves back in our two nine eight central starting April. Fifteenth? Filing a two week break black lightning season two finale airs on March eighteenth and new drama in the dark, which stars Perry, mad 'field as a hard working hard drinking dissatisfied blind woman, whose life is turned upside down by her seemingly disclaiming discovery of a dead body. Well premiere on Thursday April fourth at nine eight central one week after legacies concluded its first season whiskey cavalier. I know I've talked about it on here. I've talked about uninformed rewind to I'm so excited for the show. Oh I've seen the pilot. I've been holding onto my thoughts about it since June. I can't wait for people to actually be able to watch it. It's so good. But they get to save the world on Oscars night with a sneak preview which means the pilot. Being shown after the Oscars. It will follow the telecast on Sunday, February twenty four th at eleven thirty five pm to twelve thirty nine AM eastern and ten to eleven o four PM Pacific, which means at Stephanie will be recording fat. Because that's too late for me. Sorry, set your DVR accordingly. If you don't wanna stay up that late. But if he had the season pass hopefully it'll catch all of it for you. If not just double check. I'm very excited for this, and then make its regular timeslot premier on Wednesday, February twenty seventh at ten PM, which I think would mean that they're going to show episode two on Wednesday. I don't think they would show the pilot twice that doesn't make any sense within a couple of days. So set your DVR accordingly, and then we can finally talk about it because I love that show so much. And maybe I can even have one of the ladies or gents, who were at Austin television Fessel with me. Come on and talk about it, because that was good stuff. It's official Megan Kelly has indeed parted ways with NBC three months after being yanked off the air. You know, that's not a big surprise, but Kelly and NBC have officially reach an exit agreement hoarding to CNN that will see the anchor walkaway with every penny of her original three sixty nine million dollar contract, even though she's leaving more than a year early according to. In terms of her exit agreement. She is subject to a non disparagement clause forbidding her from telling all about her time NBC, but she is free to pursue another on air gig. The exit reportedly also contains an non compete clause contains no non compete clause. So Kelly can start working for another network at any time. And honestly, if she's getting some twenty three something million dollars, I don't think she has to work for a while. I think she's going to be a okay. So clearly, she has good grip in representation to make sure that she got what she was originally promised to get. But also NBC they did what they had to do to make sure that she wasn't a squeaker and not talking about what actually happened behind the scenes. Unfortunately, she could not write her. Tell about it. But I'm sure she'll be fine and show. Leeann somewhere else, and be a okay, not flex is looking to bring closure to more unsolved mysteries. The streaming service has picked up in a modern take of the true crime reality series from the original creators, and from executive producer of stranger, things, Sean Lee, the update will quote once again, look to viewers to help aid investigators in closing the book on long outstanding cases according to net flicks on Twitter. The original unsolved mysteries Ranford nine seasons on NBC from nineteen eighty seven to nineteen ninety seven. Before moving to CBS for its final two years in two thousand one lifetime revived the program and also briefly aired on spike. It's had quite a few pass hosts over the years, so unsolved mysteries. I definitely saw my good share of them when I was growing up during the nineties. I don't know how many episodes I actually saw. I definitely know what it is. And I think people will be really excited about this, and it just shows once again, another franchise getting a reboot from net flicks and probably being very successful at it Wendy Williams is taking extended break from her. Daytime talk show to deal with her personal health issues. Williams, family said in a statement that she has suffered complications from graves disease and audio immune disease where the thyroid gland over produces hormones in the past few days, according to win this was announced. Treatment will include significant time in the hospital, and though, she wants returned to work soon, she needs to focus on her personal and physical wellbeing right now per the family, and of course, the producer and distributor of the show, greatly support her decision to do this, and they welcome her back when it's time that she's ready in time when she's ready. She was previously scheduled to return to host the show next Monday after taking time off to recover from a shoulder fracture. She suffered last month by now the show will Iran's next week with a rotating series of guest hosts taking new episodes of the show starting the week of the twenty eighth. She also take a break earlier last year to tend to her house after revealing her diagnoses on the air following an incident where she fainted during a live taping, which I believe was a Halloween episode and it was kind of scary. So I wish her well. And hopefully she can come back when everything is much better in balance. I definitely support putting your health I before your job. And now we have a couple of people from the TV world had passed away in the last few weeks and see patta show, so we'll share a bit about them. The first one is Bob, Einstein best known for his recurring role on curb your enthusiasm and for creating the stomach character super Dave Osborne. He died on January second after a battle with cancer at the age of seventy six Einstein began his Hollywood career as a writer for several variety series encoding the smothers brothers comedy hour. The Sonny and Cher comedy hour. The short lived Van Dyke and company, his behind the scenes work earned him. Two EMMY awards in sixty nine in seventy seven as well as four EMMY nominations in front of the camera, Einstein became known for his tirico character super Dave Osborne. Iron an optimistic but hapless stuntman, who is daredevil adventures would always go awry, which was hilarious. He I viewed as a character in nineteen seventy two and went onto appear super Dave Osborne on various variety and talk shows for the next several decades, and I have seen quite a few things of him doing that as well. He also had lane several of his own specials, including super Dave's Allstars in super day, spiked tackler, he later recurred as Murdy Funkhouser, which I definitely remember as well. One of Larry David's closest friends on curb your enthusiasm. He appeared in twenty two episodes of the HBO comedy, including five installments of season. Nine in twenty seventeen. Einstein was originally scheduled to be part of the upcoming ten season, but his health had prevented him from filming and Larry David actually took a took to the internet, and sent out a statement about Bob Einstein and said, never have I seen an actor enjoy a role, the way Bob did playing Murdy Funkhouser on curb, it was an amazing unforgettable experience, knowing, and working with him. There was no one like him as he told us again. And again, we're all in a state of shock his TV credits also include episodes of arrested development comedy bang, bang. An anger management said Bob Einstein. The second one is Gede Oakland, one of world wrestling Entertainment's, most prolific personalities who also died at the age of seventy six. Originally an interviewer for the American wrestling association. Occur Lind joined the WWE in nineteen Eighty-four as a regular correspondent, quickly developing a reputation for as Bacchus interviewing style and dish into interviewing he also spent his career providing ringside commentary, as well as hosting several WWE events. Tributes from the biggest names in WW have been pouring in on social media. And of course, everybody's very sad about this loss. And so that is gene, Oakland from the WWE and our final one is Broadway legend Carol Channing who won a Tony award. I starring role in Hello, Dolly and ferry unforgettable take on that role. She died of natural causes at the age of ninety seven just last Tuesday. She was best known for her stage work, which earned her three, more Tony nominations for the vamp showgirl and Laura live. In addition for her. Hello, Dolly win in nineteen sixty four. She also received a lifetime achievement. Tony award at the nineteen ninety-five ceremony. After getting national attention at her theatre work for her theatre work. She became the first liberty to perform at the Super Bowl. Halftime show in nineteen seventy that will be something to look up. That sounds awesome TV audience has also knew her as a love boats, and Sylvia Duval, who appeared numerous times during the series Decky long run. She also did voice over work throughout her career lending her pipes, the animated version of the Addams family as well as we are as WALDO, the magic school bus, in an episode of family guy, other TV work included the bold and the beautiful touched by an angel in dozens of game show episodes in the seventies and eighties. Her most notable film role. Was thoroughly modern milley's Muzzy VIN house mirror for which she won a Golden Globe in nineteen sixty eight instinct, an Oscar nomination for best actress in a supporting role sat is legend, Carol Channing hurts go out to family and friends of all those people who have passed away. And that's the Rabah of the news for this begin find the links to everything that we talked about a TV ran podcast dot com slash three five two. And with that will move onto the weekly rewind. Move onto the weekly rewind and talk about some shows that have aired in the last bit can give you some thoughts on what happened. So this week, we had the return of the good doctor, which came back for its midseason premiere Brooklyn nine nine had their second episode of season six, and we also have schooled, which premiered two weeks ago. So I'll talk about those first two episodes in my thoughts on that. So if you're not interested in all of these, you can find the time codes to each these discussions in the show notes for today at TV Rian, podcasts dot com slash three five two and move ahead as you need to, so, I have we have the good doctor, which came back from their midseason break, or their fall break with episode eleven of season, two Corentin part two, I so where we left off with their less episode before the fall break was that we had this airborne disease. They have they had gone through the hospital and caused the whole thing to go into quarantine, and there was all this panic, and it was so crazy that was what was going on. But this week, Morgan aids and infected limb, which was so sad and very happy by the end, and Sean performed his first sole operation, mid quarantine, as well as other things that were happening so to headed off or down in the ER. We learned that the deadly virus. Rece which has already killed, three people is not in fact, airborne Morgan discovers that EMT Tyler had a hole in his mask, which allowed blood, and saliva particles, a travel infect him during transport of those sickly airline passengers limb, who was the fourth person to contact the virus as was last seen passed out, and we were all really panicked about what was going on with her. She does pull through after Morgan places sir on life support after she finally recovers Melendez comes to visit her in recovery, and you can definitely tell that he actually was very concerned about her, and obviously, all of us are very concerned about her because she's one of my favorite characters, and she's awesome. And it seemed like they were having quite a casual thing that was going on before this whole quarantine thing happened. But maybe there's something a little more there. That's not just afterward Bergman's in, you know, a little hookups. Maybe there's something else going on here, which is great because I like both their characters and it'll be nice as he something actually real between the two of them has Melendez doesn't have a lot of real things in his relationships. He's pretty flighty about who he gets involved with no one else contracts, the virus in the premier which was good. But another life is taken. Bob, the absentee father who agreed to donate his blood marrow to his son. Chris dies after park completes the X extraction, which was so very sad. The Ivy breaks off and travels to his heart and the doctor is unable to reverse the damage by the transplant is X assess, and their patient lives, a see another day, but of course, very tragically because the first thing he asked about is his dad, and they have a tell him they didn't make it which was so sad. But at least his last hero moment, got to be being able to save his son which was nice to see. Meanwhile we have Sean who's been dealing with some crippling anxiety because of this light, that's been buzzing, and he gets so overwhelmed by the sound and what it's doing to his body and all the sound that's going on around him that he eventually goes to the floor in a futile position and can't get a hold himself to be able to come out of it until he eventually does get encouragement from other people. And park helps greatly by taking care of light for him. He just knocks it out, which is like, Hello should've done a long time ago by thank you for doing that. So no more buzzing, and he can go on now and actually try to be helpful he's able to conquer his anxiety and to help Morgan perform a combat style operation on Pete, which is good afterward, Sean tens to a very pregnant patient viola who suffering from pre-clampsia and her placenta erupts during the procedure. To turn the fetus. So now he has to figure out how he's going to be able to do perform a c section as the hospital's chief obstetrician guides him through the quarantine zone. So that was really cool to see Sean had to be the one to step up. To be able to do this, even though he's really not done soul surgery before. And he's trying to keep a level head about it and know what to do. So we has the obstetrician there on the other side of the glass instructing him what to do, which was really cool that he got to be, you know, the hero in the moment, her baby is delivered but has a built of a fluid and fecal matter in its lungs. And the mom also starts to bleed out. So Sean, has to go to the rest of the people who are in the hospital who are dislike Corentin at can't do anything. And so he asked if anybody has ever done CPR before and Callan, who has perked son, who is introducing the last episode and has been in the quarantine because he came to visit dad, and then all of a sudden he got mocked in the hospital with without his inhaler and then had an attack. And they had to try to do something to help him before this all went down. But he's fine now. So he got pulled in and he asked to perform CPR on the newborn, which fingers and kind of freaked out about the fact that the Esa do it to begin with. But then he's able to do it. He's nice and calm. Sean, works on, mommy. And they're all both seeing in stable condition as that storyline wraps up. So killing on perk, than half to get to have a hurt to hurt perk, admits that he had to let his family go because he felt like a failure, and we haven't really seen a lot of parks backstory. So I thought this is really cool to show not only the fact that he had a divorce and a kid, but he had, you know, motivations verve that happened. And I thought I thought that was really nice to see he also says it has owned father had a mantra be like a stone never cry which he took to heart when he couldn't live up to that mantra. He skipped town. He said my father's voice is still in my head, but I'm working on getting it to be quiet. And then we also get the introduction of ex wife Mia, who shows up played by the actors real life wife, which I thought was really cool to find out later, I didn't know in the moment and you know heaven that lady just show up for a one little scene at the end. I thought that was a little odd, unless they're planning for the two of them to get back together or have more story with the two of them. But why would you have her appear if she wasn't going to be more important elsewhere, we had Glassman who went to the hospital for testing, and he had to take he had to go with Leah because obviously Shaun's at the hospital and in a quarantine? So he finds out this week that has cancer has not returned as he previously had suspected his C T skin confirms that he has meningitis pro CS leak in his head, which causes memory loss. So that's good that they finally found a cause for it. He does need. Surgery. But he's not in danger of permanent cognitive impairment. So he's going to be able to get his driver's license again. Once he recovers. Site out the really great moment of this whole Glassman, storyline was that, once he's able to reconnect with Sean after the quarantine is over. Leah is really encouraging him to tell Sean, what's going on, and he really doesn't want to, because he knows that the last time that he told him about his cancer. He got distracted and had trouble with patient. Nearly killed that patient. But Lee speaks up for him and says, you know, Sean stronger than you think he is. And he can handle this anti accuses her of toying with shrines emotions, especially because that's kind of true. That's kind of what she's done on this show, is that she got kind of close to him at the end of last season. They went on a road trip together. Then she moved away, the Nikkei, then she came back and now they're kind of friends, but he obviously wants more from her. So I could understand where he's getting that kind of observation from, so he apologize after he finds out. What's really going on with him? And then he takes his advice and tell Sean, what's going on. And Shawn's response is really great. He said on glass, not cancer. Because at least now we have a reason for, you know, your brain problems. It's easily fixable. So as the hour draws to a close Leah X implores Glassman to give Sean a hug, and he tells Sean, how proud he is. As of him for delivering that baby and the three of them go out for pancakes, which was I'd doorbell. So overall this really great episode to come back to. And I'm glad that it did come back. Very strong. Good stuff going on with Australia lanes and good Rabah to this two parter that was. So many weeks ago, they had the first part so seeing how it all played out in this new part of the season is very exciting. Although I am very concerned about what the next episode is going to be because they're going to be having investigations going on because obviously not everything was done the way it should have been and actually had to go through a lot of crazy things in order for all this to say, good. I mean, for example, that whole thing with the with the transplant. They had to take the bone marrow and put it down a like a garbage chute or something to be able to get it to the owner without getting contaminated or something like that. So it was they had to do some kind of creative things to get things done. And of course Sean, being on the floor in, in panic mode definitely is not going to look very good. So I'm very concerned about our doctors who are possibly going to get in trouble for things. They had to do during this two parter but we'll see how it plays out. I will definitely watching I enjoyed the show a lot as the good doctor Mondays on ABC, our second show is Brooklyn nine nine episode two of season six Hitchcock, and Scully. This was the backstory. We didn't know we needed over. So glad we got. Oh my gosh. You guys is suppose such a good episode. These are two characters Hitchcock and Scully that are the most. Confusing. And also strangest characters we have on the show, and there are a lot of strange characters on the show. But we didn't really know anything about their background or why they are the way they are in the present. So we started off with a flashback to nineteen eighty six and we see these two exceptionally handsome fellows, in nineteen Eighty-six, played by Alan Richardson, and Wyatt. Nash, fairy very handsome, guys. And they take down this mafia boss, named GIO Kosta with the help of she has girlfriend Mersa. And we don't really know why they're showing us the scene because they don't identify who the guys are until the end. And then they call each other Scully Hitchcock. You're, you're like, whoa, not these, incredibly handsome, guys are Hitchcock in Scully. What, what I've so confused, and it will all be explained within the span of twenty two minutes. And I loved it so much. Doughmi cut to thirty three years later, and we're in the present whole calls. Jacob Charles into his office and tells them, Hitchcock and Scully had been contacted by somebody in IRA, who are going to reopen this case from nineteen Eighty-six. And so they're going to reopen this case hall suspects that the Commissioner is just trying to Djerma scandal as payback for second guessing his new initiatives. But in the meantime, Holt wants, Jake and Charleston brush up on the case without interfering with the investigation. So order to do this Jacob Charles interview Hitchcock and scali, which goes about, as well as you'd think it would because, you know, they don't say a lot and they're confusing characters. About the events that happened in this case, so Hitchcock tells Jake that they took down costs then intercepted, lots of coke and three duffle bags full of cash. But the issue is that there is another duffle bag that shown in a photo from the night of the sting. So now they have to explain what happened to the fourth bag. And of course, they say, oh, we never saw, there's nothing else going on here. They said, maybe we missed the fourth bag because they're dumb and Jake does not by this. So the cops girl ANSI and Scully paints himself, the victim of witch-hunt, Hitchcock accuses Jake, and Charles of being fake news. And Jake says that's definitely language of the innocent. So it's really cute to prove their innocence, hits crack and Scully turnover. Their combined financial records to reveal not only are they poor but they're destitute. It also shows that they have lots of receipts from their favorite fast food joint called wing slots, as well as a monthly parking spot for the beaver trap, which is a sketchy old sex van that doubles as Hitchcock's home between marriages to which he says the vans Iraq and my ex wife's locking me out of her house. So great. And they don't usually get the funny lines. That's really great that they did get one inside the van J controls. Find the duffel bag empty, and then they get locked in the van as Hitchcock and Scully steal their car and leave. They Hitchcock in Scully, flee the scene and Jake's car, and then they have to drive the. Terrible awful van to find them at wing slots there the manager intervenes and, and reveals herself to be Marissa. Who was the person who was involved with this original case and Hitchcock. And Scully everage eventually come clean. They tell Jacob Charles at Marissa was their informant on the inside stole the money for her all those years ago after the captain refused to place or in witness protection. And then we see a call from the captain reveals that I a never reopened the case, and they were just likely duped by GIO, Kosta himself, who is obviously following them and try to track down Marissa. Thankfully Holt and the squad show up in the Nick of time. Jake is so happy to see them. They go says, oh, it's my wife and my dad, and then he tries to cover it, and it's super cute costs, the is, is arrested, but manages to get his hands on officers gun and fires. Two shots in Marissa's direction, Hitchcock and Scully jump in front of her each receiving, what looks to be a fatal shot to the chest, but they have the wing slots signature slut sauce tape to their stomachs, and they proved to be adequate bulletproof, vests. So they walk away on harm, which is a really great hero woman for them. Bag at the precinct. Hold informs him. I was has placed them on probation airy desk duty for a year which they are pretty excited about their like tests thirty desert. Yes yesterday they're pretty excited about this. It's a punishment for stealing the money. But of course, they're lazy. Officers could not be any happier about this. So the biggest question that we had as episodes going on, is, how do these super hot guys that we had the beginning of the episode flashback. How do they become Hitchcock? And scully. And so it is revealed in the second flashback that because they were paying Marissa visit at her work. Aback when they were hot and young, she offers and free wings, as a token of her appreciation, and of course it's love at first bite, and they get addicted to the wings, and that's how they become fats owes so that's the bulk of that Hitchcock's Scully storyline. And is really great to see them in the story for once in the first day, never. Elsewhere in the episode had Charles informing Jake that he's in the verge of adopting. Nikolai shes, half-brother Dragomir, who has reached out to him via Email and claims the fifteen year old but his profile pic, obviously shows, he's like a forty two year olds for trapper. So Jake is trying to help him to figure out what's actually going on here. Jake, eventually gets in getting gets in touch with the orphanage and confirms that he's a thirty four year old half brother of his son, nNcholas cage, and he'll be obviously, on the show, Sern. We also had a whole bunch of tensions escalating between the upstairs people, which is everybody. That's in the nine nine and the downstairs, people Amien all of her officers. Because they have all combined to be on one floor because there's something wrong with the downstairs area that got shut down. Halt at the same time as appearing for a television interview, where he needs to speak out against Kelly's, policing policies. So Gina helps them out with some Gina jargon, which was the best moment of the storyline. I loved it so much. But hope misses his interview because he has to get down to wing slots to help out Jake Cina fills in for him and manages, the break a record for most viewer complaints, which is funny, but the whole conflict between the upstairs and the downs. Sixties was just really ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, because all these people are now in a small area, there's no room for anybody to even breathe much less have space and they're fighting over who gets to use different parts of the kitchen and it was just this big thing. But eventually hope says, you know, knock it off. You gotta live together and just get along. And meanwhile captain halt apologizes to the squad for his short sightedness and for allowing his pursuit of Justice to affect the moral morale at the nine nine and all seems to be on the upswing there, man. I'm so glad the show is back. I'm so glad that NBC saved it. I missed it so much. And I can't wait for more. It's just the most awesome show. That's on. It's one of my favorite comedies. That's on. It's so hilarious commodity of everybody on the team, especially after six seasons as been so established and continues to evolve over the years. And I just love it so much. So please check it out and give them lots more viewings. You can definitely check out pass episodes. But you could also just jump right in and, and see what it's all about, because it's a great show and definitely deserves your eyeballs, so Brooklyn nine airs on Thursdays on NBC. I'm so glad they brought it back 'cause you know that thirty something hours that it was canceled was the worst song. Glad that. All hope was not lost in is back on our TV screens, hopefully for many more years to come. And our last show for this week is schooled, which is. A spin off of the goldbergs schooled airs on Wednesdays on and on ABC. It follows a story of Leany Lewis who's played by AJ Machaca formally best known as the girlfriend slash fiance of berry. On the goldbergs Laney finds herself in nineteen ninety something facing ident- end musical, career and need of gainful employment. She's desperate for work and assisted by a desperate and assisted by a Goldberg's crossover. She gets a gig at the as a music teacher at William Penn academy. Working for principal glass cut co schmo, lure. And eventually, the character played by Brad, dear who's in the second half Assode, and she gets the job by Beverly Goldberg, just basically using her smother. Routine and convincing the principal to hire. I don't think that's how things worked in the nineteen nineties, and I don't think we can actually get a teaching degree or a teaching job without having a college degree. But we're just going to have to hand way of that. I guess, because it gives us a story with another character who's been kind of enjoyable to watch on the goldbergs. But the first episode was definitely very clunky as they dealt with all this back story and setting up the new characters. Lenny is a good character a funny character, but she's also really been defined by the characters on the goldbergs. So now it'll be very interesting to see how this goes in establishing her with the grownups on the show, which is a new experience for her. So a large part of the premier was just other characters remembering things about her character about how he she used to be in high school, which, obviously, doesn't have a lot of relevance now. And on the Goldberg she was kind of a mass as a student, so she definitely has some work to do to become a better teacher. The premier has a lot to show us about who the character of Laney is, and who she has been and so- introducing her to as a character who some people have known before, and some people have never met before. And then we have this main story in which he's preparing her class for a do op concert, which quickly becomes a grunge concert. And it works, somehow or other. And then a lot of it is also dedicated transitioning, the gym teacher slash coach from a comic foil into tight shorts to a more versatile character who is supporting his own show, co supporting his own show, and he's actually pretty good about it. The goldbergs did a good job humanizing him as a coach. And this also shows that he actually not actually terrible character or a terrible co he's actually pretty strong and helpful. The principle didn't have very much to do other than being an exposition device to show us who Laney is at this point in where she spent before. And of course, he'll have more to do as episodes go on. So that was basically the first episode is just setting up that Laney has, you know, been transport- planted after all these years in the ninety she's not married to bury. She's not even engaged to him. But we do know from the history of the show that they do eventually get married in real life. So they, they will get back together. But at this point, they are not engaged, so they don't get married in the nineties. So we the whole and hope that it happens later on. So basically the first episode is, who is this character now and reestablishing that, but a lot of it was really clunky in the first episode like they had to do so much exposition on so much explanation. And reestablishing who the characters are seating, get a whole lot of sense of what the show actually is going to be. So this last week, we had the second episode which is called Leaney's all that. And I thought the second episode was a lot stronger for a show and not only because they had the introduction of the bread, dear character. Although at certainly did help a lot. So Laney's doing better in the second Assode. And she has this misguided idea that if she can help this awkward and insecure students have a makeover. That's definitely going to help her look better as a teacher. And because she's all that was very popular in nineteen ninety eight when they were doing this episode, I guess. That seems to be the premise of the entire episode. So I she gives a makeover to a student, and she's hoping that this is going to give her huge brownie points with the rest of the teachers and the rest, the teachers just blow her off and say, oh, I can't believe he thought that was a good idea. So then we have CB who's played by Brett dear as new character who is just awesome. And you get to see him actually do physical comedy and physical, stunts, which was so fun. And so he has an idea that he's going to make Laney into a teacher as a makeover, and actually works out pretty well for him. But not right away in the same way that you think it would so he tries to. Downplay her by making her look a little more doughty with more fabric and tied back here in it blows up in his face because it doesn't actually help anything at all. She continues to still be a good teacher. So then he undo sir undoes her makeover, and she continues. To be a little more professionally dressed but not like super conservative like she was when he tried to mess with it. She comes back and kind of a moderate outfit, and then we see she's actually grown as a as a teacher. And she's actually pretty okay. I'm excited to see what happens with that character because she's definitely on the road to being a become a better character on that show main while we all said, another storyline of principle glass, Scott, and coach Millar having a competition in which they both become romantically interested in the math teacher, who's played by Lennon, Parham Poos spying. Liz Fleming in this episode and it was really adorable. How the two of them were kind of fighting over her and the principal was was interested in her to begin with and coach was didn't really think anything about her until he goes, visit her in the classroom, and she's carrying a filing cabinet like with her hands, and he's really impressed by the fact that she can do that. And she has such physical strength. That's why he becomes into. Fid in her. So that's kind of a b story for the episode, which wasn't really that important, and we probably won't even see that other character again. But it was kind of cute. So it's not the greatest spinoff, there's ever been of, of a comedy. But I'm intrigued enough and I liked the character of, of Laney. So I'm interested to see where it goes. And I'll keep watching it. But, you know, if I stopped watching it, it wouldn't really affect anything. So take it or leave it. I can't say that. I wholeheartedly recommend it, but it's not a bad show is just not great yet. But I think it has potential to become better. That's Wednesdays on ABC, and that is the rap for the rewind and for the fast forward, we look at some shows that are coming up for this week Tuesday, January twenty second Conan season nine premiers on TBS now eighth thirty minute show. Wednesday, January twenty third the magician season four on sci-fi suits season. A B on USA drop the mic season three on TNT snoop Docker presents the jokers wild season three on TNT. Thursday, January twenty four th siren season two on free form and legacies returns on the CW the good place season three finale broad city final season premiere on comedy central and the other two series. Premiere on comedy central Friday, January twenty fifth black earth, rising series premiere on net flicks unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, s- final season premiere which is four be all six episodes, which is my pick for this week, by the way, and Sydney to the max series from your on Disney channel and strike back season. Six on Cinemax. So all those things, I'm most excited for the good place. And Kimmy Schmidt. And record for later. We gave a recommendation, Spainish, check out on DVD streaming and on TV. And of course, my recommendation is unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I have seen the trailer for these final episodes. I'm very excited for what they will be. I wish there were more episodes, because this is another really great comedy. And I wish it went on longer. We have six associates to enjoy, and then just bench the whole thing I get an again. And again, it's a great show on net flex. We are in Amazon affiliate. So if you would like to order anything on Amazon, you can do that by going to t the Riyadh podcast dot com slash Amazon way will benefit from your purchase. Thank you to those who have used it. You can find me at Twitter dot com slash angel staff or Facebook at the same link or angel Steph six twenty one on Instagram. We have other shows on the network that you can check out. We have psych an alias rewind, please find us there. You can see when those are shows are being recorded on our calendar on the website. You can also send us feedback TV we're in hot, gas dot com slash feedback to subscribe to Oliver shows you can go to TV. We're in podcast dot com slash apple or for this show at clash. Andrew flush such a radio slash are slash iheart radio. You can help us out by nationally at patriot dot com slash TV rewind. Follow our group, Facebook dot com slash groups slash TV, rewind our follow us at Twitter dot com slash TV rewind. Thank you so much between into this episode of TV, renegade find our show. Now it's time codes and everything else and all past episodes, TV red hot, gas dot com slash three five to thank you for listening. And we'll talk to you next time.

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Podcast #863: New TV Shows for Fall 2018

The HT Guys

51:57 min | 3 years ago

Podcast #863: New TV Shows for Fall 2018

"Welcome to the AD TV punt featuring our Derian and prayed Russell. Now, the HDTV podcast. Welcome to another episode of the TV and home theater podcast. This is episode eight hundred and sixty three for September twenty. Eighth of twenty eighteen are a. How're you doing? Sir? I'm doing okay and well, I had some bad news at the office. I alluded to it a little bit last week that there were some changes in what we found out as Mike company is moving to the mid west of. Sorry. My group is moving to the mid west, so they're no longer going to have a a operation in Irvine, California. They did invite me to move to the midwest, but having a wife who's got a very good job and mother Anna mother-in-law who are older, I'm not going to be able to do that. So I will be part of the team to help transition the work to the new people and were looking at probably by the end of the year, and I'll be given some sort of. Retention, and then I'll have to go get a new job. So the way that affects the listeners Brayden and I were talking, I probably I'm not going to be able to maintain what I'm doing for the amount of support that we're getting it. It sounds like I'm holding you hostage. That's not my intent is that Brayden and I put a lot of effort into it. And when we lost the Amazon affiliate, we, we actually lost quite a bit of income and we love doing this. But with me having to start a new job, I'm going to have to focus on the new job, but you know if people make it so I don't need a new job in everyone. Chips in and keeps Brayden in I employed doing this, which I know is a long shot. So if and support us go ahead and we'll make a decision at the end of the year, but my bet is based on past support kind of levels. I don't think we'll be able to see. That type of support? Yeah, I think everybody gets it. They know that you're not holding them hostage. I think if I speak on behalf of the listeners out there totally get it. When you start a new job, that new job is all consuming and you don't have time for the activities that you of built into your life when you had a job that you were more comfortable at, kind of knew the systems and the people and and how it worked. And you know, in order for us to continue doing this, it's a kind of hen wanna say cost benefit, but it's like you're putting a lot of time in. And a lot of that time probably should be in some cases where you get a new job devoted to the new job, and if you're going to sacrifice from the new job, it needs to make sense financially for your family. So I think everybody understands and gets it. Hopefully, you were able to get that listener support people like to show enough to keep it going. But like you said, we'll reassess at the end of the year and see where we go. You know what we were getting the money we were from the Amazon affiliate. I would've kept doing it for that because I would've found a way to do it. I would have stayed up late. I would have taken for myself in the way of sleep in that kind of stuff. But at this point, it just for the I don't wanna say pennies. But I mean, if you look at per hour, I it's it's less than a dollar an hour. So yeah, anyway, anybody if you can support us, we'd appreciate that. And you know you get cool stuff like I finished that base shaker video. So that's posted a Brayden. Maybe you can embed it this week in the show. I'll send you the embed codes. You can put it into the into the the post for this week's show. And that's, that's a cool stuff we love doing and and I may still do the occasional video down the road. But I think what I'll end up doing is focusing my time on the do. Job and then building speakers and other woodworking products. 'cause I really, I enjoy that as well. And so that's I, I'm sorry to be so heavy, but that's kind of where we're at. All right. So then from there we got, we got to transition into something. Oh, I've got a different side of the world that is completely, you know, like Ortho goal to that I, this is the maiden voyage of recording my side of the podcast on the new laptop. So we're hoping that you know all the kinks worked out, everything is kinda dial in and it's just going to be uneventful record. But another nail biter for me on my side, watching the screen and see and things are gonna go nuts. Last week, worked out, just fine. Everything came across and we were able to put the show together. So I think will be good this week as well. Yeah, I went. I went like all in on this. When I leaned into it, I got the sixteen gigs Aram the whole shot. I tried the one that has thirty two gigs around the fifteen inch, but I, I mean, we talked about, I think already on the show how they have to artificially slow down the process or on it because it gets so hot that it makes it in actually running slower than the thirteen. So I traded it in for the thirteen because I'd rather carry a thirteen than fifteen. Yeah. Now you said sixteen gigs Aram, I think you meant. More than that, right. Sixteen gigs of memory for six gigs Aram here. Okay, that's it. That's seem so small. That's maybe you know what? Maybe I'm thinking back in the days where it was sixteen megabytes Ono thought sixteen was the most like a get now you're making me feel inadequate. All right. I'm gonna have to do. I think you're right. No, no minus sixteen gigabytes as well. So I apologize minds an older one so and I and I did. I got a MAC book pro, so sixteen is right and then thirty two for the pro that make sense. Okay, we're, we're level set now. All right. Stabbed I don't want you to have ram envy. I've I've for a while there. Man, I was I was hurting. Do a show, right? Yeah. Let's say how you can support the show that's go to patriot dot com slash HDTV. Pat podcast could sign up for a recurring donation, any amount you do help. So if you have been thinking about it, but just, you know, things get in the way, if you can make a mental note to do that, we would greatly appreciate it. And also another way to support to show his by buying us a Cup of coffee or a virtual Cup of coffee. You can do that at the website h. guys dot com. Bunch of different options for sizes. If you choose the full 'Grande the base is the CAF pow. You get yourself a shout out on the showing Kennedy, show shout any family friendly message you to tell the whole audience, and we got a cath pal this week from Iraq. Peterson, Eric, thank you very much, no shoutout, but a cath thinking very much, Eric. We appreciate it. Wanted you take the first one because the second one addresses an issue that I had that I something that I must have said that I did say wrong on a previous podcast, and my name does pop up a couple of times in here. So. He goes. This Email is from Matt. Matt says, mom, my wife and I will soon be empty nesters and we're planning our migration from Maryland to Florida as the Brayden I know emptiness life for you'll be like twenty thirty two, but hang in there, rubbing it in man- living that sweet sweet empty nest life. A guy can dream, though we put, he says, we put a contract on new home and we were introduced to the low voltage company that will be handling cable cat, six cetera on their price sheet, six RG six co ax drops and Ford cat six drops are included. Extra drops are one hundred dollars. We've been over the top for over three months and will never go back to cable satellite. Therefore, I don't want any co extracts. So I'm having an issue visiting the install company that a drop a drop, all ten drops Ethernet. My question to you and the wider audience do we still need co extra anymore. I won't cat six to every TV in the house. As long as my trustee. Roku has an Ethernet connection, I'm happy. Yeah, it would work over WI fi, but I'm an old school hardware guy, and he says, just as note an O'Brien went over the top. I'd be curious on his selection of services, and then he laid out the services that he uses. So our use cat six in. Or I'm sorry, not cat. Six use the co ax cable to extend hardwired network connections over the co ax for areas where my wife is kind of spotty and I don't have cat six run through the house. That's the only reason I use it. And the only other reason I would say you probably want to keep it in the house. If you're building a house is for resale because people moving in, they may want cat six and if you don't have it, I'm sorry, coaxial. I keep mixing those up. They may what co- accent, if you don't have it, they'd be like, how do I get cable TV in this room? It's not gonna work for me. So from a resale perspective, I think it would make sense, but otherwise from use, I totally get not one to put them in. Totally agree. I would do now the RG six which is the co ax cable, my guess is six of it is you've got one in the family room, probably all the bedrooms get one. And so if you've got a four bedroom or five bedroom house, that's your six, I you may only need one in the master bedroom and in the family room, and then see if you can get them to take the other four and apply towards a cat six, rob, if not spend the extra one hundred dollars get cat, six drops everywhere, get kitchen. The the garage. I'd even put one in in the master bathroom it. It's not a bad idea because I agree with you being old school that wired is way better than WI. Fi. I think Brayden recently, you and I talked about upgraded to the gigabit Ethernet and I said, how I saw improvement and you're saying the reason you didn't is because you're all wireless and even over eight. Oh two. To eleven AC. You're not gonna see much improvement over what you currently have. Yeah. It's all right. Then he says, we've got a Roko Roku TV and every Roku TV on every TV be a rook. Sorry on every TV because Amazon and Google do not play nice in the sandbox. I can't get YouTube TV on a fire sick, and I can't get Amazon video on the Android setup box. I think Roku is going to be the big winner in this new era because they like Netflix, they're like the Netflix of setup boxes. Got gotta video up. We'll play it. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work and PSA for everyone else. Please. This perfect timing there. Matt, please ship in a couple of bucks are Brayden on patriots. So my Friday morning commute can be better guys. If you don't do for us do it for Matt for Matt and back to your point, real quick are on the pay, the hundred bucks to get the cassocks drops put in where you want, you know, Matt, I would seriously consider just going ahead and doing that. Even if you can't. Them to switch it over. Get cat six put everywhere because hundred bucks to do it sounds annoying. It's the ticky tack sort of things that you have when you're buying a house that you know that little bits and pieces they add on, but it's less than it would be if you had someone come out and do it later and the had to tear up walls or you know, cruise around in the attic. So getting done plus amortize that over the life of the home. It's not that bad and it's easier to do so anywhere. You think you might want it put it now? Yeah, and he's moving to Florida, so I'm going to assume it's not a fifty thousand dollar house, and let's just say, just for argument's sake, it's one hundred dollar house. So if you spend. Five hundred dollars to get five extra drops. That's less than one. What is it like a half, a percent. It's it's it's nothing. I can't do the math quickly, but it is very small percentage, and it will help the resale. I now when I had the cat six drops in my house when we did an extension, it cost me about, I think about twenty five hundred bucks to have all those cables run because I had people climbing addicts. I had them cutting through walls. It was twenty five bucks, not necessarily two trillion, but I had to call in a drywall guy to come in and patched the drywall, and then somebody had to paint it now if you're handy and can do it yourself, you can save some money, but you know, those are things that consider later on. All right. Then David has an issue it something I said, I was listening to episode eight sixty two, and I was shocked to hear sponsored his network attached storage device backup of the losing the I tunes contents basically he would just download the content to Nass. You said I contacted apple. And ran your response by them according to the senior adviser. If you purchase content and download the movie, you'll always be able to play it regardless of apple loses the content rights. I hope this is the case since I've spent a ton of money and just purchase content from apple in downloaded it. So evaporate said that, then I'm gonna and he talked to a senior adviser. I'm going to have to say, okay, I guess I was wrong on that, but I do know where I think I got my issue was I was looking at a streamed device. I can apple TV and there it does go out and authenticate with apple, but it is streaming from the from the servers. And if you don't believe apple, you can, I guess, verify yourself, download the content to computer unplug your cable modem. So you still have your network, your wifi network. And everything else is working, you just don't have internet and then go and try and play something off a your NASA vice through itunes, that'll tell you quickly enough whether it works or not. And so anyway, that that's great information from David, we appreciate it. So the key, here's streamed content will have to be verified or authenticated, but stuff that you have, I guess, does it now the there is a limitation. You'll only be able to play that in I tunes because you can't play that same plaques or any other video player. So there is that type of authentication that goes on. But as long as you have, I tunes, I guess you're okay. You think they'll ever get to the point like are with music where they just let you buy the video and they take the off and this year I hope so. I know the music industry didn't collapse as a result of doing that. And I gotta be honest. I don't know the last time I gave music to somebody that I had bought for myself. I. When it gets to a price, that's ninety nine cents. Nobody cares. And as I said also on previous shows that I have the the music service all I don't think I'll ever be buying music again. I'll just be renting it forever. Yeah. And if you wanna get stuff for free, you can go get it for free anyways. Right? I mean, what are they protecting by? Leaving the d. r. on it so that I can't post it. Someone's already priced it. And it's one of those losing battles. But that's it for Email you ever and ship over do some news. Yes, we are. So evidently there is potential in the smart speakers that may be in your home. Smart speakers could completely change how consumers shop, but slow adoption of voice ordering his limited. The market's potential according to couple writers seaching Manian Theron wadhwa only about two percent of Alexa enabled. Speaker owners have used their device for shopping for industry data and politics for saying the wake word in case in any just happen at your house. But further innovation invoice could exponentially expand the use of these devices. And what they're saying is that it could get supercomputing to say, hey, wake word, I need milk, and then you know your standard milk order shows up at the house the next day or whatever, but no one's using it for that yet. And I think part of that the reason I wouldn't use it as like usually I build a cart of stuff so I don't get delivers of just. Milk or just eggs or just cheese. You get it all together and have it all delivered at the same time. So it would be really cumbersome to tell your smart speaker go through and give it a tire shopping list of fifty items and hope that it got the right things. Maybe that's why I don't know. Let me ask you this for I'm gonna use coffee as an example. We have a, what is it a k. Cup, you know, from who's a company? Correct her again, and I don't think I've ever bought the same coffee twice is one of those things where I just wanna try something different. And every time I go through read the reviews of typically every time I order coffee, there's some new coffee on the market, and I'm just talking black coffee. I'm not talking the flavors and one time I might get Green Mountain or another time I'll get. What is it Donut? Shop or whatever. And I like variety. So I'd all never say order me a new, you know, another batch of coffee because of that. So I wonder if that might have something to do with it like razor blades. I just signed up for a subscription on razor blades and you know how sometimes you don't necessarily use them as fast as they as they would like plan. You'll get an Email from Amazon that says, oh, your your new order is going to be coming in like three weeks. And then I go look at how many razor blades I have. Oh, you know what? I'm gonna skip this one and you just say, skip this one, and then you kinda it kinda catches up. So that's kind of how I do it. I don't know that I will ever ask my smart speaker to order anything for me. So you know, thinking about it as you were talking, and I think there are certain items where let's go back to the milk example like out, open the fridge, and they'll see that the boys finish the Milken. They always put the empty cartons back in. To let you know that there's no milk left. Super, super helpful. So you look any said that there's no milk and go, okay. Well, mental note, we need to buy milk and more at the store. Next time we do a delivery if I could potentially say, hey, smart speaker, any milk, and then it was connected to the back end service that said, okay, well, you know, I can get a milk delivered to you whether it's prime now or prime fresh or whatever in two hours and came back and said, hey, for two hours. Cool. And like, yeah, I'll take into hours and it came out to you and it was the same price as the store, no extra delivery fee and all that in that whole part of it was worked out. I can see all the time literally all the time, but I think because of delivery fees and how the pricing is kind of off or it might not be the same as the store. You never really know if I said, hey, I want milk in the milk come in two hours. It could cost me five times what it would have been if I drove to the store. Right? So I think, well, they get the services worked out in the fees and in the delivery stuff. I think it could be super cool, but. I mean, Amazon's gonna need an army of delivery. People or drones drones joins a work. Well, you know, another thing you mentioned which would work is you could say, hey, wayward. Add milk to my shopping cart that I think is something I could do. Yeah, actually that you could do that, say, added to my shopping cart. And then at some point to say, hey, I need my groceries, Lincoln. They'd be here and then have it scheduled delivery of all your groceries. So another thing that we we've done here is I've shared a document. It's just a note and it's a shared to my daughters and my wife, and you could access it from your computer, your phone, or your tablet, and it's called shopping list. So anytime anybody needs anything, they just go to the shopping list added. So if my wife or I go to the grocery store, we can just pull it up and go, okay, this is on the list. And then as we get it, we just delete it at its. You can even use your your smart speaker to do that because it has access to certain applications that are notes eating, say, add milk to the note called shopping list. You say, shopping list and it'll add it to it. So that's another way you can do it. And to me, that's really convey. Because I have been to the grocery store and I've sent a group text to the family, hey, I'm going to Ralph's for people outside of southern California. Ralph's is a local of grocery chain. I'm gonna Ralph's. Anybody need anything. And inevitably nobody responds. I've got my bags. I'm putting it in the Carnegie text message. I need eggs too late. I'm already in the car driving home, so this avoids that. So. All right. So you know there's an eight guys helping you make your life easy. Yes, sir. What we say. You know, there's an app for that right. I'm sure there is, but why app. We use an app called Argo SRI that does that. Let me put grocery items into a list and synchronizes across everybody's phones. So the boys just throw items into the grocery list and everybody gets them on the grocery list. I mean, I, I got the same thing without a grocery list without a app is kind of like the bro app. Bro know what I'm talking about Silicon Valley for season. Okay. Yes. Deneche's brother had an app that all does send a bro. Remember the one thing is so I sent him a bro- and he responded with an angry bro. It's like all says, bro, and it was a parody of people just coming up with a lame as ideas and getting VC funding to get people to do it. And this APPA literally all did was send bro to each other. And I that that's kind of my joke. I don't need an app. I just have a documented. I share and it's a shopping list. Okay. Sorry we've way gone out there, but it is home tech, right? That's it is man. It's all encompassing. All right. So Roku will gain Google assistant capabilities through software update coming soon. The update will allow Roku users to control devices via voice commands and with Google assistant app or Google home. And I think they have a shopping up. I'm sure they do and Amazon's upcoming echo show will allow users to stream Hulu shows directly on the device, making it the first screen based echo device that can support live streaming company executives. At an event highlighted the echo shows, kitchen abilities. The device can offer cooking instructions from abs- such as all recipes, kitchen stories and epicurious. All right. And I saw this and I didn't get it, but maybe you can help me understand Brayden. Okay. So in a business, you'll a notable business seal in the digital audio market satellite radio provider Sirius XM announce that it will acquire Pandora in all stock transaction valued at approximately three point, five billion dollars pending approval by the streamer stockholders and the SEC the deal makes sense for both companies as Pandora's struggles to get a foothold in the car and Sirius XM seeks a greater presence in the home and mobile environments. In the announcement Sirius XM CEO Jim Meyer said the merger is an exciting next step in our efforts to expand our reach out of the car. And even further the release cautions that however, there will be no immediate change to listener. Often offerings for Pandora's part, sat Castro content and subscribe. She also made an attractive partner according to Pandora, see eel Roger Lynch. And although Pandora does offer an ad free subscription option, the streaming services also add supported which helps diversify Sirius XM's revenue streams. According to Meyer, he had explained in two thousand seventeen investment was was because Pandora represents an ad-supported digital radio business, a space where Sirius XM does not play today. So does any of this make sense to you. I, I mean, I think there are ways where you can kind of spin it to make it make sense. A lot of people use Pandora's still, and it's a lot of people's kinda go to music streaming service. So being able to tap into those and add premium, serious content to that subscription might be attractive. I don't know how why you need in the car instead of using just serious already has to offer. I guess it allows you to customize more right. So if you customize stations through your serious subscription in your car than. I don't know. I mean, I guess there's ways you can spend it but, but the thing about or anything some with you, okay. But let's say this, let's say I said a station on Pandora that's country music. You could already do that is channel fifty six. There's like four country music stations on Sirius XM without commercial. So what does Pandora do? It plays country music without commercial. Granted, you can fast forward if you don't like the song. So I get that. And there's also it allows you that kind of dial it in a little bit. So if like at some point on all the country radio stations, they're all playing the same like Miranda Lambert song or whatever they keep getting beat up over and over and over again, if you're not into that stuff and you've thumbs down on your Pandora, then you wouldn't show up. You wouldn't have to worry about it. But if you listen to Sirius, you're gonna hear it over and over again. Agree. That's very good point. However, a lot of people have car play or Google auto, Google auto, but it's the Google, the Android version of carplay and there are apps on there. They all have their own music services. Apple does. Google does SP, you could even use Spotify. So I have many choices of for that exact reason. I can set up a country music station based on particular artists. Yes, you could do that with Pandora, but do I need that from Sirius XM now in the house, there's a Sirius XM app and I w-. Was listening to it when I had the echoes, I set up my echo to play Sirius XM and I would just say the word and say, play Sirius channel, fifty, six or serious. I think it was, you know, whatever it is high the highway and it would play it for me. So there's a, they already have a way into the house. I three point. Five billion is a lot of money for something that I don't think is going to give him that much in return. It's just all overlap is what you're saying. I think there's other providers that will do the same thing and apple are have gravitate gravitated either to Spotify. I tunes or Google music. I think Pandora kinda has seen its day and that's why they're looking for somebody a lifeline, and I don't understand. I don't understand the merger. All right. So we've got, we got some shows to talk about today. Yes, yeah, we're a little late on this. Yeah, this is crazy. So last week after we wrapped up recording the are, you're like, hey, why don't we talk about the new shows that are coming out this fall? And I was like, holy cow. It's already September. We haven't done it yet. Go to put the content together and realize that by the time we were going to record the show and actually present all this information. The end of the biggest week of new releases for new returning shows of the season. But if you miss something that looks great, good news is you can probably find it on Hulu or the networks streaming app for the network. It's on a web, some links at the website to where we put this content together and a list of like every premier date for all of the different shows new, an returning. We're only talking about new shows today, but that's all available at the website as well h. t. guys dot com. All right. So we'll start off by date and then we'll go with what's going on based on network for is September twenty. Fourth, this days already happened and I one is magnum PI and brain. I know you loved the original as did I, but I went back and watched the original and it just doesn't hold up. No, it does not do well. So magnum PI is a modern take on the classic series starring Jay Hernandez, Thomas magnum a decorated former navy seal who upon returning home from Afghanistan repurposes military schools to become a private investigator in Hawaii. I will definitely give this one a shot. It's the first episode is already aired. I'll just pick it up on the CBS app and see if I like it or not. Dude, I'm down. I'm gonna try it. I mean the fact that he doesn't have a moustache kinda messing with my brain, but I'll give it a shot anyways, as long as he's what I hope they have the same. Sure. ROY shorts. Right and Hawaii with wine shirts tucked into this, yes, yes, yes. I remember that. Look, I even I think even. Sported that look probably I think we all did. All right. And the next show that premiered on Monday, if you missed it was one called manifest on NBC what's opponent time, Josh Dallas Stars in this mystery thriller about passengers on a plane who arrive at their destination after a few hour flight only to learn that five years have somehow gone by in the world presuming the passengers and crew dead. Their loved ones have mourned them and already moved on thrown into this impossible situation. The people who've been aboard, the flight will be forced to figure out how to pick up the pieces of their personal lives as well as deal with the greater purpose that is their destiny. I don't know kind of a loss kind of thing depending on what you're into. I think I will wait for the reviews on that one. All right. September twenty. Fifth over on CBS is FBI is a former from former EMMY award winner. Dick wolf is a fast paced Rama about the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of investigation these first class agents, including special agent, Maggie bell and her partner special agent Omar Adam. Oh, a bring their talents intellect, and technical expertise to Tanegashima Slee investigate cases of tremendous magnitude, including terrorism, organized crime and counter intelligence. So the actors in this MRI Paraguayan para grim. I've never heard of her and Zico Zaki never heard of him either a dick wolf. I mean, he's the guy behind what, like all of the as views. Well, right? Yeah, law and order, sorry. Yeah, yeah. Bunch of. Yeah, yeah. Another new show that you may missed on Tuesday from that was on NBC's when called new Amsterdam. This is inspired by Bellevue the oldest public hospital in America. This unique medical drama follows the brilliant charming Dr max Goodwin played by the blacklist, Ryan Ed gold, the institutions newest medical director who sets out to tear up the bureaucracy and provide exceptional care. Not taking no. For an answer. Dr Goodwin must disrupt the status cool improve. He will stop at nothing to breathe new life into this understaffed underfunded and under appreciated hospital. The only one in the world capable of treating Ebola patients prisoners from Rikers and the president of the United States under one roof. And of course, Dr max Goodwin is gonna turn into the glory that put it on the math. I don't know, man. Awesome. So I'm kind of like over the whole medical drama thing, but I totally agree. So I'm out on. Both of those Monday and Tuesday were both CBS and NBC doing their new stuff Wednesday. Apparently it's only ABC and the first one is a million little things and they say friendship isn't deal, isn't one big thing. It's a million little things, and that's true for a group of friends from Boston who bonded under unexpected circumstances. Some have achieved success. Others struggling in their careers and relationships, but all of them feel stuck in life. After one of them dies unexpectedly, it's just a up call to the others that need to finally start living along the way. They discover that friends may be one thing to save them from themselves. I don't know if it's a sitcom or drama. I couldn't really tell, but doesn't sound interesting to me. I'm gonna guess it's a drama. Yeah. And another show that premiered on ABC is one called single parents. It's an on samba. Comedy falls, a group of single parents as they lead. They lean on each other to help raise their seven year old kids and maintain some kind of personalized outside of parenthood. The series begins when the group meets will who is played by Taryn kill them from Saturday Night Live. He's a thirty, something guy who's been so focused on raising his daughter, that he's lost sight of who he is a man while the other single parents just see how far down the rabbit hole of PTA parenting and Princess princesses will has gone. They band together to get him out into the dating world and making realize that being a great parent doesn't mean sacrificing everything about your own identity. So another sitcom show, if you're looking to pick a new one up. All right. And then on Thursday, the twenty. Seventh is a reboot. It's Murphy Brown, Candice, Bergen, and series creator, Diane English reunite for the revival of the groundbreaking comedy about the opin Mus broadcast news legend and her biting take on current events. Now in a world of twenty four hour cable twenty four hour cable, social media, fake news and vastly different political climate. Murphy reignites returns to the Airways with their original FYI team lifestyle reporter Corky Sherwood, which fake faith. Ford, investigative, journalists, Frank, Fontana, Joe rig wriggle Budo I guess, and producer mile Silverberg grant shod Murphy son, Avery shares his sons, mother's competitive spirit and quick wit and his follow by followed in her journalistic footsteps perhaps too closely. Now back in the. Game Murphy is determined to draw the line between good television and honest reporting proving that the world needs Murphy Brown now more than ever. So I watched Murphy Brown quite a bit back when it was original. I don't know that I'll watch this. It will be interesting if they look at the media and give it in honest, take on what's going on today. A lot of the descriptions of the show they're already telling you that it's going to have a political kind of slant to it, I guess. So they're coming. They're coming at it with a the idea that, hey, we've got an agenda push, so I don't know how neutral that agenda is going to be if it's just pro media or if it's something else. But I mean, I don't think they're being shy about the fact that they're coming with an agenda and whether you're into that or not, I guess, is you'll watch the shore. You won't see on fry. Day which is today tonight. If you are listening to the show early enough, you might still be able to catch a premiere on FOX of show called the cool kids from executive producer Charlie day and starring David, Alan Grier Martin mull, Leslie Jordan and Vicki Lawrence, the cool kids is a multi camera comedy about a ragtag group of friends living in a retirement community who are willing to break every rule in order to have fun because at their age when they really have to lose what unites them all as their shared beliefs that they're not done yet, not by a long shot. These self-proclaimed cool kids are determined to make the third act of their lives. The craziest one yet. Has some potential because all those people I like, and they're all pretty funny. They're a little bit older, but select Martin mole, Vicki Lawrence, David, Alan Grier. I don't know who Leslie Jordan and Charles day are, but the other ones I think it's shot, but then I think about this is with Hulu. You wait and see the reviews and then you just go back and watch it. Yeah. You don't have to record it. That's the beauty of this. Now it's just if you have Hulu, it's, it's just there. Okay. So Sunday's September, thirtieth on CBS. God friend me Brandon. Michael hall stars in a humorous, uplifting drama as miles finer and outspoken artists whose life turned upside down when he receives a friend will request on social media from God in unwittingly becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around around him. That actually is pretty clever. I think that's kind of funny. Let's see. There was a TV movie way back when with what's his name, the guy who Bob not Bob, Denver, John Denver called God. Okay. Remember that don't remember. I mean, it was when I was a kid so and it was similar that it wasn't done through social media because that didn't exist at the time. But God appear to this guy and he made him. He asked him to do sir. Certain things to create social change, and he got a lot of angst from people, but it was pretty cool. So I think this is kind of take on that using social media, so I'll give it a shot. Cool. All right. Couple new shows on CBS that are coming on Monday October first. The first one is called happy together stars, Damon, wayans, junior, and amber Stevens west. It's a comedy about a thirty. Something happily married couple who begin to reconnect with their younger cooler selves. When Cooper played by Felix Mallard and exuberant young pop star drawn to their super ordinary suburban life unexpectedly moves in with them. And then hilarity ensues. Okay. I don't know. We'll see. Okay. I had a cough that was my daddy. All right. So next up is going back to you're gonna watch happy, happy together. No, I mean, Damon, wayans senior had a sitcom, family basic, come awhile back. Remember the name of it was pretty funny, so maybe junior can can do it to maybe a shot. I don't know. Okay. All right. Sounds good. I the neighborhood on CBS. The neighborhood is a comedy about what happens when a friendly guy in the mid west moves from moves his family. The Johnsons to a neighborhood in Los Angeles were not. Everyone looks like him or a pre sheets. His extreme neighborliness Cedric the entertainer stars as Calvin Butler the Johnsons opinionated next door neighbor who is wary of the newcomers certain certain that the Johnsons will disrupt the culture of the block. So interesting concept. It would be the other way around if I moved to my company. To come from l. a. to go to their. Yeah. But I guess the same thing happens instead of being one guy trying to enter, you know, interject into l. a. it'd be me telling everyone else leave me alone. I'm not in. Yeah, I'm not in like, man, you're gonna bring that l. a. culture and disrupt the cultural on the block, you know? Yeah. All right. And then on Wednesday, if you're a fan of the CW, they got a new show for you on this Wednesday, October tenth new show called all American. Think the OC meets Friday night lights. It's a show about a talented football player from south Los Angeles who earns a chance to play football at Beverly Hills high, and his friends and family clashes the two worlds collide. The show's based on the real-life story of pro football player, Spencer pacing her Tae dig stars as the Beverly Hills, high coach. I don't watch anything so we can pass skip past w shows if you want to. But. Well, yeah, the for any fourteen year old girls listening and my daughter's. All right, Sunday, October fourteenth, this charmed is a reboot. That's all we'll say about that and on ABC on Sunday, the Alec Baldwin show Alibaba and has been hosting an interview podcast called, here's the thing for years. His new talk show aims to adapt to that model for television that weekly show will feature lengthy sit down interviews with celebrities a pilot episode, Jerry Seinfeld and Kate McKinnon as guests aired last spring could just spitballing here, Brandon. But how about this two guys who've been running a podcast for years about home technology? What do you think? Should we pitch it? I think we pitch it. Man. Hilarity ensues, hilarity ensues. All right, Tuesday, October sixteen the Connors, and that's a revival of Roseanne that was cancelled earlier in the year, but some are family members are remaining on the air ABC confirmed that Roseanne spinoff starting Laurie Metcalf as Jackie and John good. Is Dan and Sara Gilbert as Arlene will air in this fall. ABC executives have said the show will deal with a number of the same dramatic issues, including financial struggles, but have remained mom and how the show will explain the character of Roseanne's absence. All right. So I never watched the original. I didn't watch the reboot the and there was, you know, some political thing about Roseanne. We won't talk about it, but so the question is, can this show survive without Roseanne do? Did people like Roseanne enough that they would like Roseanne without Roseanne? I don't know that never got into the original in either. But I think they have already leaked how they get rid of her from the show and she was not happy about it. I wanna talk about it because it's a little bit kind of edgy and I don't wanna be spoiler if people don't know, but it is kinda strange the way they're they're getting rid of her from the show a little bit vindictive I think. Okay. Well, we'll we'll see if it works. It's kind of like it was her show, and I understand the other characters in the thing about like a show like that. Let's look at big bang theory. The show worked because everybody was was good. You know everyone had their thing that that's probably what I was trying to say. You take away one and put in somebody else. You could probably get away with doing that. But if it's centered around one person in this case Roseanne does it work when that person is not there anymore? Yeah. I mean, it's interesting experiment. Yeah. Have you watched NCIS haven't washed in quite a while, but they have almost replaced everybody in that show with the exception of Gibbs the the main guy, and I think it's worked. I've never, I. I really like to show every time it takes a little while to get used to the new character that replaced the other one that I loved and I got used to it. They were great at it, but I don't think they could ever replace Gibbs once they do that on out. And that's kind of what I'm thinking here. Yeah, I can see that. I mean, it's like the fresh prince, if you would tried to do that show as spinoff without Will Smith just wouldn't have worked. They've been. Yeah, no point to it. Been the Carlton show actually Carlton probably could have had dude. I don't think Carlton gonna carry show. Well, I mean, urkel carried a show so maybe could have, I don't know. Yeah. All right on ABC also on Tuesday in a couple of weeks, October sixteenth is this show called the kids are all right. It's a show set in the seventies a non samba comedy that follows a traditional Irish Catholic family. And then ABC also has a show called the rookie and it says it starting over is an easy, especially for small town guy. John Nolan played by Nathan Fillion who you would know from castle, right? He was castle after a life. Altering incident is pursuing his dream of being an LAPD officer as the forces oldest rookie he's met with skepticism from some higher ups. You see him as just a walking midlife crisis. But if you can't keep up with the young cops in the criminals, he'll be risking lives including his own. But if he can use his life experience determination and sense of humor to give him an age, he may just become a success in this new chapter of his life. So I like Nathan Fillion. I think he's a good actor and he's. Done some good stuff. I think I'll give this one a shot. I'm in just because I miss castle. And so I'm in totally in this. I'm, he gets a gun. He does his castle. He was a writer, right. All right. So let's talk quickly about the mid. That's a long list. We wanna go through the season or site. Like the first one maybe looks pretty cool. Yeah, we'll just go through the titles. Yeah. So the first one is whiskey cavalier about just read the first sentence whiskey Cavaliers a high octane, our long action drama that follows adventures of a tough but tender FBI Subaru. Geant super agent will chase. Okay, FBI played that. Okay, so it's Romney. Sounds interesting. Yes. Got full use the guy from the unit. Right? And I think all I didn't know that. Yeah, and he was like the main guy in the unit, and then he was in that drama, the DC drama or while it was, you'd recognize them. And I think that's the show that is based on Scott Foley worth checking out to he's good. There's one called abbey. It's a about a girl who runs an unlicensed bar in her backyard, San Diego, and then one called the enemy within. On NBC Abby also on NBC and enemy within is a fast paced. Spy thriller where Erica shepherd put by Jennifer carpenter is a brilliant former CIA operative now known as the most notorious traitor in American history, serving life in a supermax prison, and then a whole bunch of other stuff that happens with looking into crime and blah, blah, blah. But then within a fast pace spy thriller. All right. So this one, I'm kind of interested about this one, but I wonder about the longevity of it's called the passage and it is based on the author, Justin Cronin's bestselling trilogy of the same name and it's an epic character driven thriller about a secret goven government medical facility, experimenting with dangerous virus that could either cure all disease or causa downfall of human race. Interesting. But how do you find that into a series. A great question because at the end of it, you either cure all disease and you're done or the kill the entire human race and you're done. So yeah, just I'm just not watching it. There's just nowhere to it from there, but it does have Mark Paul Gaza ller in it who you would know from saved by the bell fame, so Awesome. Then there is a on ABC. There will be a Goldberg spinoff called schooled, and it set in the nineties follows a hilarious teachers of William Penn academy led by Tim meadows principal glass Kat Bryan Callen coach Meller in AJ McAlpine who played a place Laney Lewis who, despite their s interests and crazy personalized our heroes to their students. So I don't know about the goldbergs without Beverly. But yeah, you know, maybe there's a comedy on fam- the essentially is about a sixteen year old out of control. Half sister moves in with the woman who's got. Ideallic life and comedy and sues. Yeah, you know what? We have a giant list at the at the website. You can go scroll through and read and see if there's anything that jumps out at you, but we don't want to bore everybody with this entire list. I didn't think I, I don't think see any else in here that like super jumps out at me as, oh, man, that's one I definitely got to watch. So. But there made one in the list that you would definitely want to wash go to website HG dot com. Scroll through, read them all. We got a bunch of links to other places on the on the web. They have like premiere dates for returning shows and stuff to what is your one new show that you wanna watch. So I know I'm gonna do magnum PI no matter what, right. I'm definitely given that one shot and I think I'll do FBI because dick wolf show. Other than that, I don't know. I mean, maybe that whiskey, Tango foxtrot thing when it was cavalier when it comes out whenever that is a midseason thing, nothing that's like, I'm, I can't wait to see what about you for me. It's also magnum and that's really the only thing on the list that I honed in on await for reviews on everything else. Now, what are the shows that are already out that you can't wait to come back? So the only one I'm really anticipating is lethal weapon because I wanted to see what they do with the show because they got rid of Martin Riggs, right? They got rid of basically the main guy, so they did the Roseanne thing. And so I wanna see how the show continues from there and if it works, if it makes sense, it may or may not, and I really enjoyed the writing on the show. So I'm hoping that it works, but that's really the only one that I'm really -ticipant in coming back. What by what are you waiting for? For me, there's two shows one's a drama. It's seal team. I really liked that show very excited about coming back. Then the other shows a comedy. It's called the good place. And if you've not watched that, it's got two seasons. They're not long seasons. I highly recommended, it's I think one of the funnier shows on TV do. Did you see what happened to. Now I can't think of it. What's the big sick on that? Everybody watches that like the biggest on TV right now. They're in their being theory, big, bang theory. Yeah. So last year, no knew when it was going to end everyone was intimidating coming back, like seventeen million people tune into watch or seventeen share. Whatever the number is. I'm not sure. Excuse me. I'm sorry. And then this year everybody knows it's over. It's done so no one cares. It's like that drop down to thirteen. So it was seventeen thirteen, which is still a huge number for Moshe, but for big bang theory, it was terrible. But I guess people are tuning out now that they know it's over. Very interesting. I'm in all I'll watch it of course. And because I think I've watched every season another show that I like, I don't think you've ever liked is survivor. That's always fun. So I'm looking forward to that coming back soon as well. I'm not doing any like reality stuff anymore at all. That's the only real reality show that I watch. And that's it for today show. If there was a show that came out that you are super stoked to watch, or you found that you really love that we didn't mention, let us know, put it up at the website, but a comment up or fire off an Email, and please please, please, if you get the opportunity to go support the show, keep the single and for longer we would really, really appreciate it. Then once you've done that, go on TV and we'll see next time. You've been listening to the HDTV and home theater podcast with our the Derian and Brayden Russell. If you're not already subscriber, find the show I tunes Stitcher for your favorite podcast aggregated in social media look up on Facebook and on Twitter at HDTV podcasts to contact our or Brayden for questions and feedback. Email HD guys at HD guys dot com, and they're on the web at HD guys dot com again, be sure to subscribe and thanks for listening to the HDTV and Peter podcast.

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Are You Adventurous?

Frankie and Jess

1:47:52 hr | 1 year ago

Are You Adventurous?

"At's Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. Point. Yes can you make the conscious decision to have fun? Do you think this thing at this age? Yes, thank you know failures and politics, but you never really fail. He retreated right. It's different. I actually liked the way he put okay. You. Are I know you were you? Do shows here in La, since you've been here and one of the guys who works here said you're doing a show and Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers showed up for the show. You know they were coming. Into the game earlier I see and then the, but you know they say will come by the show, would they? You know then eight foot, dude. Start walking in the door. They still in uniform or they shower in. The land. The broncos stayed with me. If you comedy bits twenty two, the. He did comedy bits on his own, or he did he. You made fun of him I made this. Seven ten David Chapelle. When he kinda came back into the scene. I wanted to play a clip from one of his netflix's specials new ones, but it's just too much man too much bleeping so funny though I love that Guy it is ninety civil ones solid number, one hit music station with Frankie Ingest, welcome to Friday, so it looks like more clouds, today and chances of thunderstorms there saying not as bad as what we had yesterday which turned out to be overall pretty Nice Day until late in the day. Those things GonNa flew in out of nowhere. That was Kinda cool. To. This morning you could smell the I like the smell of the rain. It's but hopefully I think. Yeah, they're saying it's not going to be as bad as it was yesterday, but hopefully it's not a complete wash the same more dry this weekend, so highs today of about seventy fifty-six. As you get up right now, we have a lot of things to get to. Because it is Friday so up at seven forty this morning in about thirty minutes. We've got Tony Donald Talking Pictures Eight o'clock. We've got another keyword worth thousand bucks. Pay Your bills, and then we'll. We'll get into good vibes with Kylie, so we're GONNA come back into the middle addition of Hollywood headlines. What are we start with? There's a lot of really good stuff, so this is really difficult I'm thinking man. Let's go ahead and start off with the story that broke at the end of our show yesterday and I was trying to get it on, but we were talking to Dr. read from red, river health and wellness, and Salt Lake City and we were running low on time, but em came face to face with an intruder in his home heard about the. You've been listening to the ninety seven one. v Hd Frankie Judge Show podcast. Right here on Iheartradio took twenty minutes away. Love this Guy Tony to talking pictures as we were just talking about a second ago. We love him. Even if we can only have them on the phone we'll take. A trip is a funny guy. so we're going to be talking to him yesterday. Hopefully you had a chance to see the flyover with the F thirty five demo in the three hundred eightieth wing. It was just really cool. The fighter team that flew over all of Utah where we were. In holiday, so we were standing there waiting and we could hear it was like Oh, so they must have been just kinda over the valley, so we've got like a tree line. If we would have been probably on our balcony, we would have been able to see him, but we were thinking they'd be a little higher up. Them but the good thing is our little boy axel. He was with Manny Mason and they were at his house, and he actually thought so they went outside and saw it so because I was telling him the day before. Axel like man, so he was like we saw so when he came home. He's like we saw four planes data. We saw the plane like all. That's cool. I'm glad that he saw. A lot of people that we had a lot of posts on facebook and Instagram I saw them. Yeah, you can see him from our house on the west side. My Man, who is six five had to get up on the roof and he did, and so he was able to see them just faintly, and that's funny, because when we were trying to see the jets, and then all of a sudden. We look what we saw Kevin Standing on the roof and it was the weirdest thing. It's a clear across the values like pretty sure. That's Kevin because he's so tall. It was yeah it was weird. I didn't see blue coldwell banker. Gosh. We didn't see the the. We saw Kevin. Hey pretty sure that's Kevin. Shaved, didn't he? Currently is the first one that showed me. She did. Cool facebook live for. That was neat. That was really cool. Yeah, so he's. Got a pretty good glimpse here. Yeah, the I mean they were pretty far out, but still still got to see a obviously, and then there were a couple of people over here on the roof. ADP building. uh-huh, and then there are some people on this back part behind us where they work. They're all standing out in the in the parking lot waiting, so that was neat to see the healthcare workers. They came out of hospitals and doctors offices, and they were out on. It was really neat to take a few minutes to see so that was the whole point of it for people on the front lines and just the healthcare. Healthcare workers everybody veterans thousand flying over the whole state, so it was really really needs to hopefully get a chance to see it I. we're going to jump into the middle edition of Hollywood headlines for your Friday. And it's brought you by caliber collision this morning. so scary so eminem. This story broke like right as our show was ending yesterday I was like Oh trying to get to, and we're running low on time. This dude broken eminem's house and I guess he lives in a gated community, just outside Detroit and he has his own personal security, but a security was asleep, and it was like four o'clock in the morning asleep. They were asleep their fire there finally. Really, and that's what you get paid for. Fell Asleep. You get paid for that, but here's what out so I actually have audio what it sounds like. If somebody trips, you know the whatever the I guess, the camera once it goes off. Here's what m here's an his. He. He knows that somebody has breached security. Yeah That'd be great. He knows it's on man when he hears that somebody is on my property. So funny! A twenty six year, old Dude Math David Hughes three names cuckoo. So. He used a paving stone from a walkway outside to like break. The kitchen window climbed into the house and what he did was he went to the back of the house. Because the security post was in front and the alarm, there wasn't alarm that woke up eminem and then the dude was in his living room, and like what so security finally got on the bulk. The alarm to detained him. Cops came away. Nobody was hurt. He just wanted to meet his idol. He loves them an EMS lucky didn't get shot. Dude. He's got guns in. Yeah, he's Yeah I'm surprised he didn't get shot. I am to wow, and the guy had on a mask. At least two is being safe. We're like. Oh, my Gosh, not like the ski mask, but like an and ninety five. I, don't want to contaminate anybody. I'm like Oh this poor guy, so yeah, so they took him away, and like I said nobody was hurt, but have four o'clock in the morning to get a wakeup call like that. Oh No, thank you. Guys are fires Oh so fired. But then again it might be a hard time to hire new security. Maybe they just get a past one job and you guys fell asleep. That was your one job. Stay away. And this is Cool News Anderson. Cooper is a dad, so he had a baby boy Wyatt Morgan Cooper. Do. The show yesterday here ago. It's been a difficult time in all of our lives, and there are certainly many days head, it is I think especially important in these times of trouble to try to hold onto moments of joy in moments of happiness, he even as we mourn, the loss of loved ones were also blessed with new life and new love, so I just wanted to take a moment to share with you some joyful news of my own on Monday I became a father. Never actually said that before out loud, and it's kind of astonishes me as a gay kid I never thought it would be possible to have a child, and I'm so grateful for all those who pave the way, and if the doctors and nurses and everyone involved in my son's birth, most of all I am eternally grateful to a remarkable surrogate who carried Wyatt watched over him lovingly tenderly, and gave birth to him. It's an extraordinary blessing, which she and all surrogates give to families who can't have children. So sweet for him and I saw the photo this morning I was like. Oh, my Gosh! He and you know Andy Cohen are good buddies. Andy Cohen, the first time data. His boy is coming up on a year. And so I thought that was awesome. I noticed was awesome AC Anderson Cooper. Does he have a partner or is he was so I don't know. And he mentioned anybody cures. Yeah, so I think he's kind of doing it on his own. And he said I wish my mom and dad and my brother. Carter were alive to meet him but I. can you know believe that there altogether and their arms around each other smiling laughing, and knowing that their love is alive in me, and Wyatt, and that her family will continue and card commit suicide. He did, didn't he? He did and. And we're talking about that I think he was in his twenties. I WanNa say I think you're right. When he ended his life, and so his mother Gloria Anderson's Mom Gloria globally. She ended up passing away last year, and they were extremely tight. Best friends and that was awful for him, and so like he said it's neat to have new life you can relate. Yeah. I can experience like I firsthand experienced when we lost my dad the February prior to August thirtieth win. Axel came in that same year twice sixteen, so yeah, I know it's weird. It's like it's bittersweet. You lose somebody, but then you got new life coming in, and you know so. It's yeah, it's it's a God. God Gift Circle of life right big time, and then these to her circling around in my mind on their motorcycle, and they're driving me crazy and I'm sick of them. It's channing tatum and Jessie j just stop it to. Are, they back on. Yeah for the third time, so you are killing me man, so they were on his BMW bike. They had a nice little sunset ride. People are like wait. I thought these two were over so yeah I guess they're back on again for the third time supposed to be an aside sidecar. You're supposed to be social distancing. What what what is what's the deal? Good call out guess putting us in danger. Yes, so they were, they were spotted and it was kind of weird, too, because his birthday was this week turned forty forty, which is a big birthday and she gave him this birthday. Shout out, and it wasn't like I love you or anything like that, but it was carrying, and so it was like okay. They're song terms their friends whatever they're. They're still together this couple totally. Oh, look at the worst `Paparazzi. Get your phone. You've got one. I closed I hope he's not hope he's stone cold sober while he's on that bike. I. Magic Mike. Magic, Mike, Phase, so yes, so they are back on, and then I love this. CELEBS do and good. Some more good news stories, so Eddie better joined in on the all end challenge, and so you have a chance to bid to go to Pearl Jam's concert, which would be amazing I cannot wait to hear the rest of their new music watch their soundcheck and kind of have helped. The band set their set list, so you can say hey i. this is one of my favorites. You play this one and they'll put it in the list. So then you get a chance to bring the guitar out to Eddie, vedder during the show and he's going to have the whole crowd. Sing happy birthday to you even if it's not your birthday because they're going to film it, so they want it to be a special occasion. Their new music heard some of it. It's It's it sounds different. It's good, but it's. It's different. I've only heard a little bit. I liked it Let's see trump. She donated four hundred meals to hospital workers, and Queens so that was awesome. Good News. We're talking about 'em yesterday. Selling a rare pair of his Jordan's for the cause, and so I think that's still going on Let's see you can buy these Disney face masks. I saw these this. This morning. That pretty cool. They come in packs of four for twenty bucks, and they donate a million sales to corona virus, relief efforts, and then they're also giving out a million masks to children and families and areas. That can't afford the four pack for twenty dollars, especially now with their. They're kind of saying that you know kids to, and over should be wearing. Wearing masks when out in public places even like on Monday, looks like Costco. They're gonNA start making or shoppers where masks including kids that are to an over. You have to have a mask on, so this could be an easier way to get the kids to wear masks. sent a story over to Kylie. I duNNo, if you posted from the L. A.. A. Times talking about that as far as kids that are to and over and the doctor suggesting that they wear masks when they're around people in public places, so if you want to read that, Franken Dot Com but today is the you know red to orange, so went as of midnight this morning. kind of the soft opening of Utah some businesses but again. Again, they're. They're saying that. Hey. When you're out in public places, you need to wear your mass. There's a mask initiative. That's that's out there with the state. Of Utah to so you don't have a mask ahead. Listener, Angie and some other listeners were saint. Thanks for mentioning yesterday Texas into the show so corona virus. Dot Utah Dot Gov. there's an order form. Form there that you can get free masks the reusable so that way. There's really no excuse I can't get one and I know people can't get them I. mean they're either not not on social media or they don't have anybod- any way to you know. There's some people that just don't have people around him making the masks or a way to get him asked this. This is a way to get one for free. And what is the website? It's Corona Virus DOT UTAH. Dot Gov perfect yeah. Kevin was looking at looking at that last night. He's like well. You get free masks Mike. We have messed. What are you trying to stock up leave for the rest of the people? But what an interesting world you know even with our kids. Like having to start wearing the masks. Like! It's just it's just interesting, but it phrases. It's a good way for us to protect ourselves everybody else and then NBC's going to air the feeding America. Comedy Festival that one is going to go down ten. We've talked about that. The biggest names in comedy are going to contribute prerecorded segments like Eddie Murphy Tiffany Haddish me a ton of CELEBS, so that'll be a four-month may tenth. That's around Mother's Day weekend, so a lot of celebs doing good, and then I've got some pictures posted. Posted Frankie and just dot com and we were talking about this yesterday. Poor Britney Spears God bless her. That woman burn down her home gym, so this house she's had she's had it for eighteen years, and her reps came out after she posted that video and they're like Oh wasn't as bad as she made it out to be. You know it wasn't completely burned down. We just had to renovate it after that happened to. Candles fell over. She loves to set the mood and have this. than the mood. Things are fire. In, Jimmy Kimmel made a funny joke last night on his You know because he's doing it from home. Wherever and I don't have the audio, but he made a point. Good point he's like it takes me forty five minutes to start a campfire, but yet she's able to catch your gym on fire with candles and true. That is a really good point now. Did you do that Britney? Here's a clip with her talking about it and announcing on instagram you. Hear from six months because I burned my gym down unfortunately. I had she does. Wanting led to another, and I brought it up so I only thing I can think of this she. Kept. Him Lit maybe and then forgot about. Yeah. Something happened because I know that happened. Years ago, there was a woman that worked here in the building, and I came in from the weekend. Whatever you know again, nobody was in the building and. The sprinklers sprinklers had gone off in the, and there was water everywhere. Things were wet and it was a woman that we worked with the in her office. She left the candle burning and caught the you know. The Wall I went up, so the whole building obviously didn't go up because the sprinkler system kicked in, but it was something that she had left burning, so maybe it was one of those where she just forgot about it. Caught something I guess I don't know something that was close to the wall or I don't know. How did you do that? Yeah, she had to have forgotten. They were there or you know if you watch her. She's really fast with her movements. Maybe she you know. She kicked, kicked him over. She knocked him over and then it was like up in flames with the drapes. Then you been. Like with our guests if something had been flammable like Jim. There's really nothing there that's that's flammable. There must have been something. God. Bless her man. I can't I forgot about that woman that worked at the radio station. Could you imagine I burn down the radio station. came. This on like you said, forget about over a weekend, and then it was you know coming in like. Oh I, mean it was everything was soaked. Gee, everything was so things were ruined studios, no, not in the studios, but just part of the building. Yeah, was this all like watered gone everywhere things were it was crazy. That is crazy, right? Yep, and then coming up next hour eight twenty, you WanNa stick around Michael Jordan. Any. We know he's rich. Does he have a place up? up north. You know he in Park city whatever that what think so maybe. But yeah, he does have a place where rich people hang. On the market was on the mark. He's been trying to sell it for a while, but I don't know if he did. A good call. I forgot about that, but he's so rich. He where he wants turned down a million I can't even say it because it's just crazy me hundred million dollars, so I'll tell you why. You turned it down, and the story is just. It's insane, so that's coming up and then what they're going to do with the rest of the season of the voice, because people love that show, so we'll have the update at eight twenty. Ninety seven one. Frankie Franken just show podcast here on iheartradio. Maligned that would be Tony just gano talking picture. Thank you. The down please. Okay. We're sitting down Hey, what's up? How are you guys holding? We're doing good Hey, did you get a chance to see the flyover yesterday with f? Thirty five's from Hill I did what an amazing moment that is! Just. You know I I've seen. You remember what the Challenger the space shuttle flew over about ten years ago. What do yeah, it's just a? Terrific feeling. You know so yeah. I really I. Really enjoy that It was noisy. I think everybody was kind of kind of boulder wound by the noise, but Just just a great moment. What a beautiful sky! That was too yeah. It was perfect because we were worried about the weather like you know maybe hindering at as far as them flying, but earlier it was perfect, yeah! Yeah so How's everything at the at the radio station? Is the salad bar bat not yet. We're hoping hoping maybe in the next couple of weeks we'll bring the salad bar. Yeah, we're trying to eat. Your. Soup and Salad Bar. So, how about you? You hanging in there? You good. Yeah, I it's. It's been very weird, but I've been busier now that I've ever ever been before. Because studios are scrambling to get you know a get their movies out and heard about and all of that, so I I've been doing about four interviews a day. you know from my home studio here and it's been just. almost overwhelming with with you know how. How they're trying to movies, you know so that they can recoup their money? It's it's I it's a scramble. Well invo yeah. We've mentioned the trolls movies, so that was like just kind of blew everybody away so the first three weeks it made almost one hundred million dollars ton with the whole on-demand thing. Yeah and and you know it sets a precedent but again. You know you have a lot of families you know. Hold up so to speak you know quarantine with nothing new to see, and so that came at the right time I. I'm not sure if something like fast and furious, nine or or top gun you know to is going to. Bring in that kind of numbers at home, but You know the world has changed and maybe theaters do have something to worry about yeah true, and then you mentioned this last week I need touched on in the Oscars making changes, so it sounds like there's more on that that they're gonNA. have to to make changes I guess next year. Well, the Oscars now have have removed the the consideration that that. Movies have to open in theaters to be considered an for an Oscar. which is a huge change because now things that are premiering on, that's licks around on demand, or or whatever are will be considered this year for Oscars We're in the past. You couldn't do that. You couldn't have a movie made for television. the you know, basically be considered so again another big change in and you know I. can you put the genie back in the bottle? Once they do this you know is, that can be the way it is from then on so yeah, the point don't know. It's a concern. you, WANNA start it off here I. Know You have a few things that you wanNA. Talk about as far as to watch. Sure. Let's start off with with? ON ABC TV. It's called school. School this is a spin off. Of the Goldberg. Oh, yeah We're takes place in the niners Oh. Yeah, yeah! And and the daughter lady is now as a teacher William Penn, academy and Zany well written funny little show. I didn't hear you, Jess. It's a really good. My husband and I liked the show. See I don't like the this one is much as we like. The goldbergs because the goldbergs eighties one and this one is a little I. Don't know but I think it's done well. Obviously, the same people that atom whatever his name is Adam. His name is, but yeah so I, but it's. It's good, but I don't like it as much as the goal. It is geared for a slightly. You know younger crowd to yeah, it's It's classic. It's it's really really very well written. I liked it enough to give it a be cool so if you're if you want something fun to watch, this might be it. You know also the Goldberg still you know doing really really well. TV PG and that's on ABC TV. Cool, and that's been out for a little bit. Yeah, and I'm sure a lot of people are a lot. More people are probably watching it now next one is what's it say it again? I have a question for you Franken and just have you guys ever collected movie memorabilia? Do you have something in your house? That was once in a movie. Good question, I don't think I know. I don't think so no nothing that was in a movie. I've got a a really cool an actual poster, a movie poster of fast. Times at Ridgemont High, I've got that frame. Yeah, but but yeah. It's not like he wasn't in a movie or anything about I'm sure you've got a ton of stuff. I actually I actually have a very weird collection of things, but the Disney plus as a brand new series folk pop culture. And it's hosted by Super Collector Dan Lamictal. No I I've known Dan land in a while, and this guy is absolutely nuts when it comes to collecting and identifying movie artifacts He was the one that found that the carpet bag that Mary poppins used in the movie. He was in an addict of somebody's house. The it was just an amazing discovery. and. This show is called pop culture. As I said he goes on these quests. To find these artifacts There's there's an entire episode where he's dedicated to finding stuff from the muppet movie. And almost a very tearful moment when he discovers where Kermit's Banjo as oh, no really yeah, it's. It's it's an amazing show. There's a tyrants of the tariff and show where they they. They show you where all these artifacts are honey I shrunk. The kids is just a brilliant episode, so if you're looking for kind of a of. Treasury hunt this. This is a terrific show and how they produced. It is amazing Disney, plus it's not rated. It's it's almost documentary style It gets an A. and it's streaming right now. I think as today on Disney plus amazing show well dots fun. It's kind of like those antique shows when they're going around and the pickers, and so he's like a prop picture. Do they tell like what things are worth? Do they give you like the worth of things or now? On on some of the items they do I on. Most of them are so priceless. Like how can you put? How can you put a an amount? On Julie Andrews the full Mary poppins costume that they found in a warehouse. You know it's. It's just like the discovery like you know opening up pink Tut's tomb. You're just odd by by all of these wonderful things so I'm not a fan of Mary poppins so I put him out on that. It'd be like this. I'm willing to let it go for something. You make me an offer. You know I pay ups sanded the Tron episode where they go in and they yeah, they find all the Toronto props I again. there's something for everybody in this. In this series, the each each episodes about an hour long okay, and again terrifically done and I talked with Dan when I was doing the interview with him about. all the Star Trek props I have because I again. I had a relationship, not relationship, but I. was good friends with gene roddenberry. His his mom was my next door neighbor in West covina. Wow, another that so was star trek ended gene came over. He gave me a box of of trinkets from the show and. Now, they're worth billions. You know so. In a safe. What are you doing, but you're looking? At Your House later Disney plus just I. Don't know I was thinking about I mean the more and more I hear about it just sounds, and you've got it right, I have a because the reisen customers can have it for a year. I can't Oh there you go. You want to begin on it, yeah! Yeah. That's a cool show. Sounds like a pretty cool like now. The more and more than I hear about. It sounds pretty cool all right next one that we're talking about is called the Bellman right. The Bellman and Yeah, this is It's a Zany little comedy. It's it's really a stupid stupid movie. I mean. Like. Just and it's it's. It's on Dod I. had to watch because it was, I was interviewing one of the stars Richard Kind I. Don't know who Richard kind is, and it sounds like he was on Spin City. Yeah. He's a well known character actor, but he himself said he you know. He took the contract because he wasn't doing anything and they shot for a month in Arizona at a resort. He got to play golf, so. you know no one is really pushing this movie, but it is on the list of things that are opening. And so I thought I'd bring it up and say you know. Maybe you should avoid this. No I might like then. It's you know if you go back to some of the Adam sandlers. Middle Movies. You know not not not as good as you know the golfing movie you know. Billy Madison all that this is just one of those stupid kind of filling hour and a half of your time, and then you go, do something else kind of movies I gave it at the. Doesn't go anywhere and and. Seems to be forced to humor, so it's not rated It should be a PG. Thirteen it It's just hanging out there like like bad laundry. Oh my gosh, okay so. Happy Gilmore, no happy. Okay, what do not not as not as good as any of those that is good as as Even some of the bad Adam Sandler movies, which name a you I wonder. Deal it in Phoenix Tony like. Do you know what hotel it was? It was so in Tucson Arizona had at. The. There that was closed down and after they filmed this the resort itself win under for vacations, and it has an open since because of her own thing and all that so. Richard tied was was telling me that he left his golf clubs. They're actually you can't get them back so. There you go and that dude's Ben in everything, Yeah! He was in What's his name? Paul Reiser show Oh. What was that show? You mad about you. About you everything he's been in everything and he's just a wonderfully warm. You know character actor. He's very likable guy, and a great conversationalist, and he was George Clooney was the best man at Richards wedding, their best friends around and yeah. They hang around there. There were three When they started out in show business, it was. It was George Clooney. Richard kind and Bonnie Hunt. Were all tight best friends. They all live together in a in an in an apartment in Chicago. How about that? That sounds like that's a sitcom write their own movie. All right did wait so that's that's it also see you next week and stay safe. Everybody, Wash your hands and and Don't touch your face. You got it sir. Hey, have a great weekend. We'll talk to you next Friday Tony. You've been listening to the ninety seven one ht Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. And it's time for good vibes with pilot, three or Friday, so we're GONNA jump right into it and start a couple of these stories off with some local stories I. Did hear about this Utah couple so like a lot of couples that were either going to get married, postponing or trying to figure out how they're going to do it, and then just adapting and guess what times so this is the Utah couple that had a drive in wedding. Yeah, it's it's a cool video. They you know they had a small drone. You'll get all. All of it, but happened is as his Brennan. Norman and Abigail Holman so they are planning to get married April twenty fifth, but they actually push to You know up a little bit because they decided to do this so in a large field that they had about thirty cars drive up to and the all created a half circle with all their cars and the UTAH. Mountains is the backdrop as you can tell, and this was on actually so look at the yeah, where was this? What part of Utah's IT looks like? Yeah looks like you talk. How does that okay or either that or maybe it's like the Hebrew valley almost looks like maybe a soldier, summit or something Marines. You took I'm not sure where it was, but. They, actually had it like piped-in drive insulin radio, frequency rights. Read the vows and everything over the the frequency. Yeah, so they had a radio station put together, and then the only people that were allowed to other cars were just like they're you know like close family members like their parents, and I'm so they. They said that they want to any other way. They were really excited that you know people were able to be there. Technically you know, and so it's was just kind of. It's a cool video you have to look. That is really neat. Yeah, the good thing they had the drone. That's probably what got it We're went viral because you can actually get a good kind of just feel for what it was. They did it and stuff, but it's really cool. That's NEAT SO special. good vibes with Kylie. Next story here it's a story about our our central workers, and this is saint. Mark's hospital did this go down on Wednesday yeah. Okay, so this is This is that saint marks like you said and Cooper Brown is a local entrepreneur, so he started his DJ business. It's called one above entertainment ten years ago and you know He. He actually started adding projections and lights to his shows, which ended up turning into a separate business, which is charisma event lighting and he saw that you know there was something. Something to be had with the pandemic with you know helping and lighting up certain things, so he is using his business to do that, and he actually put a light show and projection show onto saint mark's hospital building and the projection read. Thank you with blue heartstrings behind it, which is really neat. My good friend Jamie works there and she posted about this on facebook. It's awesome. It's neat, and it have pictures of the workers in their masks and gloves were projected onto the onto there as well and then just like animations of superheroes and stuff. So that's that went down this past Wednesday night. Yeah, so you gotta check that out, so we've got that posted along with the other story with the couple and the the drive in wedding, so those are Franken. Just dot com next story here. Good vibes with Kylie's a story out of Connecticut this trip. So this is a connecticut schoolteacher who's a hero because she took on. This newborn baby brother of one of her students, because the entire family tested positive for crawl virus. This is crazy so Her name is Mrs. Lira and she got a real really interesting call in the beginning of April from her students, mother her name is Zoli and they're from Guatemala this whole family so they don't have other family members that could help them with. Let's what they were going through so She got this call and she said the MOM said Hey I've contracted corona virus. I'm about to go into Labor. and we don't have anyone to take care of the baby. When I get out of Labor whatever I'm GonNa be in the hospital because I'm just not feeling very well. So She ended up having the baby. They did an emergency C, section and they delivered the baby. Nasal is what they named him, and right as soon as he was born. Mrs Lira was there and he they ended up taking. Him Home, and so Alex is Alex and Mrs Leo. Alex's Mrs Liras Husband, they have been taking care of him at home. And so for the first time on April. Eighteenth Zoli was taken off a ventilator because she had been put it on a ventilator. She was that ill, and once she was taken off. She was able to zoom call with You know, Mrs Lira and see her baby for the first time, and I'm hoping. The baby's name is nicely. Ashes. and. E Y S. Thank. Cute little boy! Zooey made a full recovery. Lira is caring for nasal until the fans when she. was born prematurely, but tested negative for covert nineteen. That's good. That's a cool story. who? Posted Franken. Dot Com and in the last story here good vibes with Kylie's historian attacks us. This is really neat story about this high school principal I guess so this sounds like he and his wife spent twelve days visiting a total of six hundred thirty six addresses to find all six hundred twelve graduating seniors. So they actually traveled eight hundred miles to do all this. So! This is Mr Montgomery and He said that he posted on his facebook. Page said, a sixty-six-year-old, bald principal and his smoking hot wife. Were in the road to find the students in the DALLAS, area. Yeah so he would, he would go to all of the dresses, and then he would put a mask on and walk up to their to their front step, and then he would give them a snicker, and he said Gave Them All like Dad joke pretty much, and he said the students would snicker about having to stay at home rather than walk across the stage in their caps and gowns. Hand them a snicker and then take a picture with them so. Bold. Said facebook! I was crazy crazy to visit every widely highschool seat. That's. Felt like I made a mistake because it with art. It took them twelve days to reach six hundred thirty six addresses to find all six hundred and twelve seniors journey of more than eight hundred. Story! That's a special dude man why special people that love their students? That's cool all right. Good vibes with. Those stories. posted. Dot Com right and boy I ten thirty this morning, when we talked to Julia JP that's going to be I think a pretty touching interview. Instagram live. We're looking at doing that this morning at ten thirty, those two. Ninety seven one ht's Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. It's funny anytime. People stick out their tongue. Even little kids like one of my besties. Kids always young out like she's a little. Michael Jordan in our little Guy Axel. He's doing that and it's messed up because we have to put stuff on his rumbelow, his his lip and it's because of Michael Jordan because he's watched the base chance based you, so he wants to be like Mike and he does that every time he's and now it's such A. A bad habit. Do Keep your tongue in your mouth because we have to put this shop on. Yeah, that is for excellent and at Burns him, and he's like our burns, and I'm like dude. It wouldn't burn if you didn't lick outside of your mouth. That's TA. Keep your tongue in your mouth. Just do that like when he's shooting hoop when he's trying to concentrate on some loves, joy is exciting. How does this put your tongue in your mouth? But yes. Holy Circle Jordan off to give you something coop used to do that. He wouldn't do the tongue thing. He would just suck on like this part would get so red and chapped and dry, but I'll give you something that won't burn. That'll help them. Yeah, well this stuff. Help them, and it's like we're ahead of it now, but we just kind of have to keep putting it on wants to. You know it's healed which it is now. We just keep putting it on I'm like dude, don't you know? Keep your tongue in your mouth because it's hard to kind of get in front of that. Would look good for a day and they keep doing. It was my God. It's Rog and her and it hurts and her. Style. And helps that area. I had to do that because he had excellent. Anyway was, so it hurt. We asked Mj. He had the chance to make one hundred million dollars, and he would have had to put in two hours of work a hundred million dollars for two hours, the fifty million an hour, and he turned it down, so he had to. Obviously you know, use his name his likeness. It was a two hour appearance and they didn't say what it was for, but he ended up turning it down so what it sounds like. Like is maybe like an endorsement that wasn't a long the lines of his integrity, and who he is, and what he stands for totally get that. Get that and they said you know he's been so successful that it gives them an opportunity to say no to things that you know he doesn't want to do. And he's very selective, and I was like well good I respect that you should be you know though his net worth is two point one billion dollars God that's according to let's years at Forbes. I'm not sure, but yeah, that's. So. That's why he doesn't have to do something that hundred million. Yeah, and that's the thing. He could have maybe done it and giving it to charity, but if it was something that wasn't in line with his brand I totally get it like nope. Sorry I'm not going to Hawker snake oil. Just put his name behind it. Yeah, totally agree and then the voice. They're going to kind of follow suit with American idol, and they're going to end up doing the rest of the season remotely, so that will be. Be Perfect for them. They've seventeen remaining singers going predate the performances from their homes, and this is nice, because the show is going to send them production kids with a camera audio equipment, and then they'll get wardrobe and coat coaching sessions, which will make them look more professional, and you know, and and give them a better chance, and then the coaches will all give live feedback from their homes? Carson Daley is going to host each episode like he does when they're normally on the TV in the studio and. And it's going to be small crew, working on the sound stage and I think Carson is going to be there with the crew, and they're gonNA keep socially distanced, and then they're going to air live on Tuesday nights, but yeah, as far as Kelly. Clarkson and everybody else. They'll be at home judging so that'll be good. I think Kelly. Clarkson with her talk. Show it was on yesterday I. Think She's been doing that at home, so that came on, and it looks like she's like everybody. They're. They're all doing it from the house. She in Wyoming still because she was kind of hold up at the cabin for a minute. I don't know and that's yeah is that we're cabin is then in Wyoming. You know so. It looked like she was doing. I. Just saw it on in the house and I did watch it, so that's I guess warranty in there. She's probably still there. Okay, so yes, so they'll. They'll get. Those episodes out I. Think Starting Next Week. We're in Wyoming. Is your cabin? She posted something about a month ago about her quarantining there one of its Star Valley or shutter dinner. Whatever the real what he tweeted up there. It's really nice, little tiny like spotify think getting in her bathtub check I'm hiding in here. Nobody, and then Oh, these two like I said yesterday. It's getting nasty with Chris and Cavalry Jay. Cutler and Jay is trying to keep kristen from buying another property. He said we don't need to buy another property. We're going through a divorce. We needed to divvy up what we have and she needs to just settle down, so they all live together with their three kids and you know they're in a good size home, so they do obviously have their separate bedrooms. They're not sleeping in the same bed anymore, but he said buying another place right now is ridiculous. He said we own a two million dollar property. Let's see to what is it own to multi? Multi million dollar homes and Tennessee so to places in Tennessee. They have a multimillion dollar Condo at the four seasons in Nashville, and they have I think a place in L. A.. They have places everywhere, so he's like. If you want to get away from me, you have options. You don't need to buy something right this minute. And so he said it's unnecessary. It's frivolous and we need to divvy everything up. And then when the divorce is final and we're going to move on, go get whatever you want, but this is dumb to do it right now, so she said one of homes for sale, so she can't stay in it because it, it's ready to be. Shown to people coming through, and there's no Internet there, so take that off the market. Yeah, for the meantime. Live in it, and then put it back on the market. One of the four seasons that condo property construction hasn't started, so she can't stay. There is a rich people problems people. Totally they've one hundred eighty seven acres of land in Tennessee. They have a seventy Acre farm in Kentucky and then a Condo in La, so she's not GonNa. Go to. Because you know. She's got the three kids, and they're Nashville, and so she's not leaving them, so she's like whatever you know what you're doing. You know what you're doing and I guess she said his temper is part of the problem as well. They've been growing apart years, but she's sick of his temper. She doesn't like his parents and we know that Chris kind of a Brat so I'm I doubt his parents care for her either Let's see. She claims that she emailed something to her financial manager. WHO's also friends with Jay and the email appeared to exhibit in one of Jay's court filings, and so she thinks the financial manager gave. gave it to him, or he hacked her email, and so she's like that's a major breach of trust by him or the manager, and that's a criminal act, so she's just trying to do whatever she can to get the extra cash because she's got her own money, but they have a lot of money together, and she wants to pull out for house and Jay's like. No, you don't need a house well and I'd read yesterday. And I'm sure you know you're going to get from both sides, saying this and that and the other about the other person, but she said that he would make her cry on a daily basis verbally berating her, you know. So knows. Who knows she just I know how when we had our on years ago and one little one five seven minute clip of her show, but she seems and just any of those Laguna Hills Laguna Beach. What was it called going beach the hills, and then she had her own reality show, and I watched a couple episodes and I I started to like it, and then I was like man. I'm not. Doing this with her, so I think you know, and if you watch a reality, show, you probably get a good idea of who she is right. Yeah! I mean there's something there in the middle, and then he I don't know so. Who knows what these two it is it's it's bizarre, and it's the others. Everybody's got their side right, and then we talked about this last hour, but I wanted to mention again because we just love him Anderson Cooper. He's Dad, so he had a baby boy via surrogate Wyatt Morgan Cooper and so he's fifty two, and it's first child, and of course, his bessie Andy Cohen had. Had A baby. He had a boy as well close to a year ago. But I think you have a clip Anderson. This is where he was talking about yesterday. In show, it's been a difficult time in all of our lives, and there are certainly many days ahead. It is I think especially important in these times of trouble to try to hold onto moments of joy in moments of happiness, even as we mourn, the loss of loved ones were also blessed with new life and new love so I just wanted to take a moment share with you some joyful news of my own on Monday. I became a father. Never actually said that before out loud, and it's kind of astonishes me as gay kid, I never thought it would be possible to have a child, and I'm so grateful for all those who pave the way, and if the doctors and nurses and everyone involved in my son's birth, most of all I am eternally grateful to a remarkable surrogate who carried Wyatt watched over him, lovingly tenderly, and gave birth to him. It's an extraordinary blessing, which she and all surrogates gift to families who can't have children. How old is Anderson? To fifty two yeah, so good for you man. I know what it's like being an older father. Yeah I love that and like you said he wishes his mom and dad and brother were still here because they've all passed on, and it's neat that he said we get to keep the family going so heartbreaking, but also sweet at the same time, and then coming up next hour. You WanNa stick around nine twenty. We have some more baby news Let's see we have a couple that just moved in together, so they're taking that next step and their relationship and then Chris Cuomo. Of course he is a journalist. And his wife and child ended up getting Kobe nineteen, and that was the one thing he didn't want to happen. He moved into their. Their basement he quarantined down there and stay away from them, but they ended up getting it anyway and so his wife Christina did something that people are saying is very controversial and they're coming at her for that. I'll tell you what she did and I've actually heard of this kind of treatment that she did before and I'll say well I've I've heard that. It's not like it's anything new, and she's not experimenting in. It doesn't sound it. It sounds like it's dangerous, but people are really upset that she's putting it out there and she's endorsing that so I'll tell you more at nine twenty and you share this yesterday off the air and I figured we shared on the air. This is kind of cool to Laurie from the Dream Zone DOT com, so we love her. We've been friends with for a long time for years. We've been having around and we had her on Wednesday because. Because people are dreaming more their vivid dreams because of the pandemic but she posted this was anniversary the other day, and so she said the about Peter Gallagher so, he is an actor. Yeah, so he was in. What was it? oh, see! Yeah, he was the data. He's been in a ton of stuff he was in sex lies videotape. That's where he may be got his start a, but he. The Dude is just but. We had him on the show years ago. Cool guy so I mean he's one that sticks out like a all all the people that we've had on over the years. Just the nicest guy, so she posted this you guys. She said so Mike and I saw this movie. While we were on our honeymoon. In Hawaii, twenty five years ago, we always plan and going back to Hawaii on our twenty fifth anniversary, but Cova now we can't go back for a romantic dinner so I had been racking my brain or might yes typos anyway trying to figure out. How To make the silver anniversary special, because he's an amazing husband well yesterday I reached out to Peter Gallagher who stars in this film and one of my all time, favorite films American beauty. That's right. He was in that and the favorite Netflix show Grayson Frankie and asked if you would be so kind to make a ten sick ten second video that is wishing us a happy twenty fifth. Surprise Mike with it, he not only did that. He made a minute and a half from the heart very wonderful and quite funny video for so she said I can't even needless to say. My husband was blown away. How cool is that? It doesn't surprise me. Do Remember having a mind. He was just like one of those real like man. Why can't they all be like this? He's got good energy. He's really lighthearted. While you were sleeping was really big movie that he was into is in California. I mean he's been in tons of style. You would know if you don't know the name you when you see him that dude that dude he was, he was the What was the real estate king in American beauty, wasn't he? He was the one that so Kevin Spacey's wife. Who was was that Annette Benning in that? She was sleeping with this. Do Okay, you remember. He was like the real estate. That's right. And then he was the dad on the O C. so yeah people know him. That's pretty great. You've been listening to the ninety seven one HD Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. all right, so let's get into this. We'll set it up here and maybe even get to You said there was a texture to come in an eight, two, nine, four five, and then we'll share them kinda throughout the show, because coming up at nine o'clock or tat after nine. We're going to check in with a new sponsor for furry Friday, it's very friends so they're an in home services as far as their grooming so they do you know in your home grooming for your animals and we're GonNa talk to chair, so give her a love and welcome to the show, so that's going to become a. A nine and then you know kind of throughout the show this morning as we get these these stories in an eight, two nine, four five, because we've. We've gotten speaking of Friday at nine forty. We're going to talk to Diane from the Society of Utah Ten thirty. We have JP sacks and Julia Michaels. We're GonNa do this instagram live? So we're going to actually have it in studio we'll. We'll see them. You'll hear the audio with that. We'll talk to them and it's. It's kind of a really neat thing that we're talking about that song that they do the duet. World was ending. which is a really touching song? You listened to the Lyrics Matt Heavy but there's a there's a new version of that you you want. If you can, you can go to our website. Frankie just DOT COM, and check out this new video that just came out yesterday, and it's just everybody everybody doing it from their home, doing a line for the song from the song, and they put it all together, so you're talking like Keith Urban. your car. It's beautiful the Nile Horan. brother who I believe. He produced that original duet, so they sent it off to him I. Think it was I want to say it was a one take really with that, and we'll have to ask if we if we can remember when they did that song, so j. p. and Julia I think they laid that down one taken them. They sent it off to to finish. To produce it, and what you hear on the air's Kinda what finished, did but finances singing on. You've got everybody and you Sam Smith Man. He gives me chills. Yeah, so we're GONNA talk to them coming up. JP, Saxon Julia Michael's at ten thirty this morning again and try to do this instagram live. It should be cool, so if you WANNA. Tune in watch it on HD INSTAGRAM OR Or if you're, you're not able to do that and you can listen That'll be coming up so those. That's kind of a glimpse of what's coming up this morning before eleven, but then we'll sprinkle in some of these as far as the Texans two nine, four five, and that is in your relationship. One person is adventurous, and you know like the got the Cape on and. In the bedroom and the other person is like you know not so much like one eighty. It's kind so you're not on the same page when it comes to stuff going on in the bedroom. Totally so we wanted to Kinda. Maybe just throw it out. There is the up. He's up. He's busy man. Yeah, this federal. I've been boring. I gotta I gotTa throw usually the adventurous one, but let's do this. Let's try this and he's like Babe. It's already good. Why do we gotta mix it up I? was like okay true, but like. Let's say you know it's always me, but this quarantine life I'm like no. I'm lazy like I'm so cashed out. Doing a phone just tired so tired. Santa Ball. A lot of people are in that right now. We WanNa know so yes, as far as in the bedroom, not on the same page, so maybe we'll share WANNA do one quick or two quick texts to all right. Let's do two okay so eight to nine four five, and of course you Nona so just give it to me dirty as you're like me needs this. Me Up for the weekend. But this one's boyfriends, younger and more adventurous and inexperienced, and I was a little bit embarrassed because I'm like Pretty Vanilla, but I'm slowly trying new things, so open up to because I feel like I know you said this in the past year, you've always been very adventurous and very passionate and I. Think you've kind of you kind of Tammy. Stuff yeah she's a little bit more subdued. And here's the thing. Okay, because I'm GonNa just with with my in laws so kitten Dixie, Dixie, especially, especially she wild. No, but she's she's she likes to. You know they'll call. So after Wednesday show with Laurie from the Dream Zone DOT COM, I share that dream, and then they just call Tammy, and then she was like. Hey Hey Boston. Hey, what's going on and then that's all they said. Yeah ask Frankie and it's like, would you? Know. You can't do that. Then I get home in time. He's like so, what is this just said? You know what's up Boston? Frankie will tell you. Like, Oh, my gosh come! What do you think that be? New to the show. Yeah and then you're like teasing or stop stop so yeah, but yeah and I have talked about this and I'm just I'm just. Not going way in detail with it, but when we first got together, yes, she was a little bit more interested minute. Yeah, and she's definitely opened up and it's like. Yeah, it's Nice Yeah, yeah. It's good this one so definitely me and my husband I like to get a little rough, but he's scared. He's going to hurt me, so she's way more adventurous and he's like Oh i. don't know if I should do that. So just a little bit more subdued and we should have warned you if you've got young years, we have forty to keep it clean. Yeah, Yeah I. Around that. We'll warn you the next time if you WANNA text into the show and nine four hundred. In front of your message is eight fifty three now. Franken and just show podcast here on iheartradio. All Right? Let's get into this here. We go, yeah. As her name. How you doing cherish? Guys doing great, so we gotta ask where the the name came from Cherif so you when your mom and dad named you that that did they have like a meaning behind it. It was after the temptations song back in the day. Cool all right? It's a word you know yeah. Cool in the gang did that, didn't they? Do that song as well cherish? For like version, and then of course Madonna. Did her version love that version? Yeah I don't know. How you doing cherish. Dan. Hey, we want to welcome to the show welcome. You didn't ninety seven HD, so she's a new sponsor of furry. Friday. which we do Fridays at nine forty in very friends, so it's a a grooming business that you have and the reason that we we found out about you is our friend and Co worker Margaret so her dog? Juno that you know is is skittish. Oh, yeah, and we know Juno and this. It's a great dog, but. But you know little just kind of like us. Scaredy Camp Yeah and she said she could not say enough. Nice things about you and what you do. And she said every single time I get Juno journalists calm a happy when I pick her up, and that says a lot about you, and so let's talk about Your Business, so furry friends. You guys do the in-home grooming, so is it a? Is it a mobile groomer? like what is it? Yeah, so we actually have to install location that we provide to everyone, and then we are launching our mobile grooming. Here may eleventh is going to be our first day that we launch it. Excited about it. You know the mobile grooming is really good, because we can provide to people who don't have the means to go somewhere, right, yeah! Especially during this time with the virus, we want to provide to the elderly and their dogs as well. Yeah, that's a good call unlike my oldest dog is. I mean he's been hanging on right and I. Don't like to take him somewhere in the car. It's hard on him, so I definitely want to have you guys. Come out on help me. Give them a good scrub down and love on him and clip his nails. You know little day at the SPA. So. Things -iety to for the owners and the pets. It's a more one on one experience where we can build relationships, and you know be there for a short amount of time so that they're not super anxious or stressed out at school and her friend Co worker Margaret, said the Best D. shedding she's ever had. Yeah it was from you guys. Wow, we love Margaret engine. Juno does have a lot of anxiety and you know we really work with animals like that so. Is there one breed over another that you see that might be more anxious, and it sounds like you guys have a way with dogs, but as you know because I know with our little dog Sheila I mean. You're Chihuahuas kind of known for that, but she's good. She's a good dog, but do you see that with You know certain breeds. Guests are a little bit more anxious than others. Yeah, you know I was definitely actually, GonNa say Chihuahuas are very anxious especially for their nails being trimmed though. So, how did you? How did you guys get into this? You know I've been grooming for over ten years and I. Love it I'm so passionate about it and my husband and I started out of the basement of our home. just to. You know I had some really repeat customers that you know WanNa just mean so. I built it from really the bottom up is what we did. It's Nice, and you said to in store location. Where are you guys located? We have a we have one in Mill Creek, we have one draper cool. Mill Creek and draper, so you're kind of covering the valley there like that one and. That's cool, and then we've got your website, so it's furry. Friends LLC DOT COM right. Yes, and we've got that posted it. Frankie and JESS DOT COM, so it's linked up so again. Welcome to the show. Welcome to the station. We're happy to have you be a part of this on. Thanks for sponsoring for Friday. We appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for having me I. really appreciate this and before we let you go, so we kind of asked us to Oliver Guests. You know being in the UAE during this pandemic in a lot of people are watching things on TV, so, what are you and your husband watching right now? As far as maybe shows? Maybe there's a movie that you guys just recently watched. But what are you watching? You know we really liked. The reality shows We just started watching married at first sight on net Flix, and that's pretty fun. You. Guys have watched that right. Yeah, really, that's a good one. The love at first sight or whatever? Is that that? And then we also started watching the Ozark as well. Jason Bateman that pretty good. So what season are you guys in? We just started like two days ago A. Tell you. What because by you know? Season three is the latest season in. I just finished it up. Probably what about three weeks ago? Something like that? That show Oh is so good you are you guys digging? It sounds like you're getting into it. We've only watched a few episodes, so it's still kind of in the beginning stages, and you know we're. We're learning the characters and and kind of what's happening. Yeah, it's it's a darker show but I'll tell you that Jason Bateman and Laura Linnea and the other the other actors and actresses that, but you know the woman who plays Ruth and. You're just GONNA get sucked in. You and your husband often cited. Chairs we'll keep in touch with US and again. Welcome to the show. Welcome to ninety seven hundred HD. Furry friends is what we're talking about. It's A. Dog Grooming grooming, so you do just dogs or Cats as well I mean. Do you groom cats? Can you groom a cat they have? Cats as well yep we can. Do you know back and brushes or haircuts? You know sometimes they tend to get matted and we want to take care of that. Because it is a health concern with matting, so that's true aching calm, you know bruising and and Balding and pain, and you know less movement for the animal kind of tied up tight. So that's a that's a good point. Why are we had a cat? So Kitty was eighteen when she passed away, but so in the latter part of her life. You know I guess she was starting to lose the oil in the. The for like a Lotta Lotta. Animals do or cats, too, and so she was not not more, and it was just like. Oh, it's hard to keep on that, so that's good so good to know, so you guys do cats as well? Yes, Yep, sweep, FURRY FRIENDS LLC DOT COM! We've got her website linked up to our website Franken. Just dot, com cherish. Keep in touch and we'll talk soon. Okay, thank you so much. You've been listening to the ninety seven one. The ht Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. Let's get into the bonus edition of Hollywood, headlines Okay so baby news! This is exciting. It's it's let's see Ashley Simpson and her man Evan Ross, so they're having their second baby together, so she of course had her first child with Pete Wentz from fall out boy back in the day, and they ended up getting divorced, and she hooked up with Evans. So Bronx is the child that came from her and Pete Okay, and he's eleven w-we, which is nuts and then jagger snow is the daughter that Ashley in Evan Together, and she's already four and a half. I was like Oh my. My Gosh she four and a half, so they're having their second baby together, so they're her third kid. Wow, YEP, so there's a cute picture. They posted, and it's the clear blue. Testament says pregnant, and so she'll have three kids total like her sister, Simpson and I've heard rumors that Jessica Simpson might even have another one, so she could have a kid close to birdie her youngest just turned one and You know Ashley was saying that. She's always wanted a bigger family and it's her and her sister. Do they have a brother? I don't think they've brother. I think it's just the. Sad if they do I, hope not because that's horrible. Do they have a brother? That Song Shadow talking about being a shadow. Of Her Sister Jessica. What about me? That's his. Nobody's giving it. What about me? Jerks. Oh Man always mix up the simpsons and the spears saving. It's Brittany, and and her sister have a brother. They have a brother, not just nationally. As, it is grandma. That's Diana Ross. Yes, okay. All right cool right yes. Yes, actually. It's thirty five and you talk about this all the time, but her career kind of ended with snl where she was lip synching, and the equipment went down and you could tell and. Come on so many celebs lip sync man they do. Are they pre recorded the have the track underneath them. Just in case did the whole thing, and she just did a little jig. onstage in the. And then just offstage. Who was so uncomfortable? So awesome at the same time, which is horrible to say, she's piece of history man. She's SNL Gold, but she is very talented. I had her music back in the day. I loved you know her songs and she's really talented, but yes, she was in Justice Shadow. I guess just. He's definitely talented. And then they're moving in together, so I love HDTV that's about the only network. I'll watch if I'm just GONNA, Kinda zone out and put my feet up. Relax what he got over and so going back to the store, so it looks like it's Evans. Mom Diana Ross Okay So. Yeah Oh. That's right. I didn't know. That didn't want it and people texts. You know so. His sister is chick from blackish. Because she the one that plays Bo Rainbow love her. Yeah, so that's that's that's. That's her mom's well. Wow, because I. Know Okay Ashley's Mid Thirties and I won't say Evans a little bit younger. So That's interesting. How many kids Diana Ross thirty one man? She had her or had him later in life than okay, because what is your? Diana's gotta be cash. Yeah I think. She turned seventy, didn't they have like a big special for her and sixty, seventy, six, seventy six, and she's from. Detroit I didn't know that actually. I did not yeah. She was at the supremes. Now on that start right has Ashley is four years older than Evan Carl. Good people protecting. His mom, yeah, crazy. Okay, and then you know what you're right because thinking about that when they first got together as who how would she be as a mother-in-law totally space that a diva? She's ally awesome. The Og diva but Yes, HDTV I love that network and I love flipper flop, and of course Tarkhan, Christine are no longer together. They're divorced and they have two kids, and they share custody, and you know Christina ended up getting remarried, and she has a new baby boy with her current spouse, but Tarek has this girlfriend we've talked about her. We've looked photos of her. She is like spitting image of Christina. Christina his ex wife and they're moving in together, so it looks like I think she's moving in with Tarek. And that was big news over the weekend, and she's really good with his kids, and it sounds like they're probably GONNA end up getting hitched, and what's up with Christina chicks so that she has a show Christine on the coast, so it's still on or like Kinda they go reruns. Now would think around. Second season started so yeah, so it's on, and then they still have the flip or flop show 'cause they still work together, even though they're divorced and and I think it's better now that he's got a serious relationship. He's less intense because he can be really mean to her. You can see it, you know. He just takes jabs and stuff. He's really immature and there are A. A lot better now, which is nice, wasn't it? Her mom or his mom? That would give them the money to fund these projects. I thought it was right I was hit. I WanNa say it was his family when they first started. They didn't have a lot of money and so yeah, you're right. His family I think would fund it. The flips and everything and and some of. Of the ones in the beginning, I mean you look you live and learn right so some of the ones in the beginning that they broke even they lost money, and but they started to make improvements along the way, and now Tarek Scott his own show where he helps new flippers, so that's a cool show. He's like I wouldn't do that and they'll do it. He's told you. You should've you know taken a little TLC and taking extra time with that pool that you know could have gotten more money out of that property. Well, you know what I I can't stand about those shows and I haven't watched that show in a while, but I did tune in early on when that show was big and shows like it and I hate when they'll say. They. Get these bids and they're not. They're real like real people. Bids how? Kitchen like there's no way you're going to be able to do a kitchen for that or even in that how he is like there's no way in. To that you're going to be. Pretty skewed, yeah, way low for their, and it's like what yeah not gonna be able to do a backyard. Do what you did in the backyard for that totally so that doesn't make sense in California. Yeah, exactly, YOU'RE HERE IN UTAH. Where are you finding a landscaper to do that work for five thousand dollars? To get all the stuff that you had put in three including a deck and it was like for five thousand dollars. That's like the deck. There's a cheap deck. Yeah, I remember my parents, not the house. They're in now I think it was their previous residents. They spent at least forty k. just on the back yard. You can use easily that kind of money on landscaping so expensive and then Madonna. We were talking. Talking about this yesterday, the antibodies we're talking with Dr Red. From Red River, health and wellness and Salt Lake City and so Madonna has quarantine diary I think she hears this unser social media channels and she said she already tested, and she has antibodies, so she said she's going GonNa take a drive with their windows down and breathe the Colbert nineteen air, because if not going to affect her, you're crazy, lady and then. Speaking Kobe Christina Cuomo we're talking about this. So she is the wife of Chris Cuomo, and he is a journalist, so he quarantined in their basement, hoping not to get the rest of his family sick, but his wife and one of his children ended up. Testing positive, so she ended up taking a quirks bath, and so this isn't the first time I've heard about. This and people are coming at her the criticizing her and they're like. Oh, my Gosh, you know. The president said not to not to drink any of that stuff, and not to bathe in it. And she said this was the vice of a homeopathic doctor, and like Kylie was saying she was looking at up off the. The air and there wasn't enough Clark's in it to do any harm. It was how much it was pretty diluted right? Yes, listen the percentage of chlorine in drinking water. So yeah, so it wasn't something that was harmful to her, but people are giving her. You know a lot of backlash take. It's not your body and if she chooses to do that at somebody that knows a little bit more than we do than good good. Good on you, and then at Travis Scott. He ended up turning twenty nine yesterday and he got a new body. That's what you do when you turn twenty nine, so everybody's talking about that. And he was at the dealership and you know everybody had masks on, and everything s some pictures online yesterday and Kylie Jenner Baby. Mama gave him a really sweet shoutout. People are all together on my there together all the time like they. They have a kid. They have a two year old. They're together. They have a good relationship. They're not officially back together, but they're together because their family but she just you know definitely put her her love out there for him and said I'll love you forever and it sounds like she's definitely more into him than he is into her, so we'll have to see how that shakes. Yeah, that's a nice dynamic in a relationship. One person's into them. You know more than the other like yeah, that's great. It sucks, and I think they go back and forth. You know it's just one of those rollercoaster relationships. He's in newer that as much as she the. He's a little bit more chill than she is. So I think her lifestyle is overwhelming for him, which could not be I mean they have an overwhelming lifestyle, but you've just bought a body for your twenty nine th birthday, so you're just as Buji. She is twenty Buji. I mean he's loaded boozy, but you know like the Kardashians and the Jenner's. They're just everywhere all the time and you know Travis Scott artist. He's just a little bit more low key than them. You know and he had a cool concert. It was a week ago on fortnight, so that was awesome. His New Music was on fortnight the game it was like a concert. They did that with marshmallow. We talked about that. Year ago. Okay! Yeah, so I remember I needed Gosh. What I needed the TV or something in Kuban Catholic. Who Do trump Scott the fortinet closer. I can't wait an. Array can't win. How much time do we have? Now, we're good on time. Let me train roll through a few of these stories. Oh, STACEY DASH! She's crazy chick from clueless love her, but she's Kuku. She's Super Hot. This I think this is her fourth marriage man and it's over. This is the do that. We talked about. He's the attorney and they are getting divorce after two years member. His kids didn't like her. Stand here. Okay, they had a domestic. She said he put her in a chokehold. The cops get there and they took her. They hold her off and she was like this was self defense or like now we have a lot of evidence stating that you were the you know the perpetrator in this one, so she forgot there were cameras in the house. You know I'm sure that's. Where people for maybe about because every, there's cameras everywhere everywhere. Say something, and it's like we're just going to look at the footage like Oh son of a well those his kids and she's like Oh. Of course you're coming at you. Don't like me anyway. Of course you're taking your Dad's side, so yes, so that divorce is like I said they were only together for like two years, and then we're talking about this I saw this. This story yesterday didn't have a chance to get to Frankie. Pass it over to so the prison where Joe Exotic is in Fort Worth Texas they have a ton of cases of covid nineteen and they just said his location is like a hotbed for the virus. They've had almost three. Hundred confirmed among the inmates in his facility. I think they have like five hundred seventy inmates her cases within that facility, so did he have? Have it, 'cause. We had reported that he had another reports were coming in that he didn't have it so if he did have it then he should of just like right. He's had it. We heard that he he had because that was a while ago. Multiple sources and now weeks ago right? Yeah, they said he's virus. Free I'm like well. Yeah, by now. Of course he is, but yeah, he totally had it because they ended up. Up separating him from the other inmates, which he doesn't like that because he loves people I mean he has to have the spotlight the attention he loves it. He lives for it, so yeah, he's virus free now, but yeah, we heard that he did. In fact, have the virus and the one other quick story. It looks like Drew Barrymore and Walmart getting sued by this rule of three studio, so they filed a lawsuit against the to. The actress and the stores because there's this pillow and I checked it out on a pillow, my. Either pillow and it's got the same design, so the studios like You completely ripped off our. Design because I guess drew. Barrymore has a collection at Walmart called. Flower home. So she selling these pillows and Designers like those are mine. It's a Turkish plume pillow and they debuted like five years ago. So if you look at the side by side. Yeah, they look very similar, so the originals called flower home No, that's drew, Drew Barrymore Flower home, and then this is the rule of three studio. Pillows this Turkish plume pillow, and then the studio cells there for like three hundred fifteen bucks up I mean pillows can be expensive. Yeah, hundred and fifty dollars zero pullover a pillow I know fashion designer pillow was decker. It's a decorative pillow. Yeah, so it's not. You're not even using the pillow. No. No now those and I don't like those and I know women like. Because you gotta take them off to bed. It's like really pretty like a production to get ready for bed. I know, but it looks so great, and then you put him on. The couch catches so fancy, but yeah, so you know obviously druce collection is not anywhere near that and they're like you copied us, and now your pillows cheaper not cool there sooner well. Yeah, all right so coming up here in about an hour so at ten thirty. How are we? We going to do this, so you're so. We've got the instagram live, so we've got JP sacks. Jillian Michaels, so we'll. We'll start instagram liable off to wait for them to join in, and then we'll Let them join into instagram. I've and then you'll, you'll be able to talk to. Are you going to be holding up the phone as we're talking to? We're GONNA for you guys to be able to see it. We'll have them on the monitor here. A while okay, we so that'd be Kinda Neat, so where so okay so the cameras are going to be? This that'd be okay can see you to perfect, and then you'll. We'll just kind of looking at them on the Monitor. Okay? I was just wondering how that's going to go down. Yeah, we're like. Please help us millennials we. Didn't know how we're going to Brooklyn like an instagram live video. You know that we're going to do live on the air, so you can hear the audio or into the ht's instagram to see it, so it's just kind of curious how we're GONNA logistically do that here in the suit, but here's what we're talking about. It's the song if the world was ending, so that's J. P.. Michael's are actually Jillian michaels and J P Sachs so they're an item to so these two are actually dating. So cute look at the. Rate Song, but this is like the new version of yesterday the video has been released. If you want to see it under the Frankie ingests patient, we give you a little snippet of it right now still in your car. Night? You This feature Sam Smith her. He been less. The AKHARA Horn. Florida Align Kelsey Ballerini Pasha. Jason Derulo. Venus in it. I mean there's so many artists that basically wanted to be a part of this, and this all the proceeds from this go to Doctors Without Borders so it's really neat, and we're going to talk to the two of them coming up in about an hour at ten thirty, so that should be kind of interesting right. Tune in if you can, it's ninety seven ones. The nine thirty nine furry Friday's coming up in just a few minutes here. Ninety, seven, one DHT's Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. It is ninety civil ones. Salt Lake's number one hit music station with Frankie Ingest nine forty five. It's Friday and it looks like some rain on and off their looks like it's leading up here in West Valley but plan a role this morning commute. Yeah, especially in Davis County so they're saying this pretty slick. Suggest be aware and look duck's back. They're taking a little nap on the grass. Do see him. There's a party. It's a it's a double date. It's not the same female though. You, that's what the same email. So I'm hoping that it's not the same one, but down there on the corner down there by the late. Yeah, so right down there at the light all the way down by the East Maverick Center. Yeah, there was a debt, a dead one, and I'm hoping it's not her, but that's not the same female. Mallards, or maybe to? Maybe it's just a different. Maybe we've got like a I think a swinger convention with duck here, so maybe it's just a completely different. Totally do as a couple, but white duck is, there's a we had two males, and we've got like this female, but it looks like they might be different ducks, so I don't know what we got going on here. We have no idea what goes on outside this building and inside this building. We're here. We're here because we've got this rain up. We're going to jump into this. It is very Friday brought to you by West, veterinary specialists and We'll talk to Dr Simmons earlier this week. Jeff Good, Guy, and of course. Thanks to our new sponsors, free friends, and we just talked to cherish a little earlier this morning they do grooming for dogs and cats and free friends LLC dot com, so we appreciate them being part of for Friday this morning. We have Deanne from the humane. Society of Utah on the line how you doing? I'm doing well. How are you an awesome? See stained safe and everything and we say that every Friday, but we're just making sure you. Yes My school is the semester ends today so I've been staying home doing homework all week. How you GonNa Watch. TV It's pretty amazing. What are you doing for homework? What we? What are we? What are we talking about? Oh. That really interesting. Curious. Yeah, what what subjects we talking about here? strategic communications, so I've been doing an integrated marketing communication plan, and actually my client was abandoned in Utah County so I've been working with them on some marketing their new band David Album. They're releasing, so we came up with a strategy to do. And I have a nice forty page report that they probably will never read, but I did all the research behind the strategy that I recommend to them. Yeah what's her name a love? their name stable ran so they have a site that is somewhat created. They have a lot of things. Update on it. That's part of the strategy, but they hopefully will have their music mastered and get that single and album out this summer. Stable Ren is that we said. Stable ran. Yes, an alternative rock band. That's your maybe next week. We'll We'll play a little sample of and highlighted. That'd be Kinda. Cool. Stuff is still being mastered. They actually just have a new drummer. They have to re record. Some drum tracks how that goes! They get those new drum tracks recorded with the new drummer. Then they can finish mastering everything. Rumors are hard to find. They are, they are absolutely hard hard to keep yeah. All right, so, what do we talk about this morning? So we don't have the I. Think. Kylie went out to grab it. Are we looking at a dog or cat? That needs a home. I have two dogs to talk about because our adoption process. It's just changeable a little bit with everything, so we have cha-cha. Puppy she's he's three months old and he was transferred from you into counting. And that's what we're starting to do. More of now we're starting to transfer some of those animals from shelters that are overcrowded with everything and helping them find home, so puppies will go fast, and he was just put on the website last night, but he's a large mixed breed dog. We don't know much about him. Oh my gosh so. Yeah cha-cha. He was cute and there's another -nother puppy on our website as well that you know when people are interested in a dog, they need to call us and we can go through the entire adoption process over the phone. They can send in their profile. We can do some screening, and if they WANNA meet the dog, we can either set up an appointment where they can do it virtually, and they can zoom and see the pet on the other side and kind of. Of talked to this monster, who's helping to raise an animal or talk to the adoption staff, or we'll let them come in for appointments, but it's one person and one pet. We're very limited to the number of people that we can let into facility. So is that going to change with the soft opening for the State of Utah's for US businesses? Are you guys looking at maybe in the next week or two that you guys are going to start allowing people in or or what? Yes? We've started moving towards letting people in facility to kind of walk around, but very limited, and you know things like you know. Our public restrooms unfortunately won't be closed because they can't ties between each person, but people come in. We're asking them to sanitize between each pet. limit the number of people we have, but we'll slowly start to get back to that. That we have some staff coming back and we can care for more animals, so I think right now. There's about thirty animals in shelter. Okay, which is more than we've had the past couple of weeks. Such a cute so he's eleven pounds three months old, so he's GonNa. Probably be I would say what do you think? Maybe it's hard to tell maybe fifty sixty. Seventy pounds maybe a little larger dog, probably a little over fifty to sixty. And then I spent Tucker. Just because Tucker's kind of one of those other dogs, a little harder to adopt a soggy is staying right now in a foster home and he's a pointer. German short hair. He is two years old. And he has a behavior problem, so that's one of the dogs that we don't have into shelter because he's very reactive, other dogs fearful of New People, and he resource guard his food and toys, which means he can get into fights with other dogs, and they wanna take his toy away. He's one of those children's like mind. So we're setting up appointments with him, where again just the foster can be him into meet somebody one on one at the shelter, or they can set something up virtually, but an adopted would wanna make sure that if they had dogs in the home because he is selective, he he's lived with another dog. Look for, but he doesn't like all new dogs. They would have to go slow to adapt or make sure they see them separately and make sure they keep their toy separate. Just don't get into any you know. Childish Truffles and fights over each other ways sounds very similar to my personality, so I'm same way. Well I got better. But. He looks like he has a hint of maybe chocolate lab to. Right I don't know, it's hard to tell. Yeah, he's. He's a chocolate color again. Without DNA tests. I I'm not a breathing, yeah! The notes I have in the system. Yeah, beautiful dog rate smile on the pictures I ever. So. He's one hundred and fifty bucks. One hundred and fifty dollars for adoption price for Tucker and then for cha-cha. How much? Is Three fifties and she's a puppy and both have been neutered there microchips, and how their setbacks nations cha-cha just need to come in for his boosters since he's a puppy sweep and we've got those linked up to FRANKIE ADJUSTS DOT COM. If you want to check out Cha and Tucker I love it. There's a lot of Chihuahuas I mean there's a ton of different dogs. You have Right Yeah Congo Haiti. We feature to still there. Though so you know we. We talked about the Kitty last week, and so she's still there and you know somebody's options are moving quicker than others. The Aspen is that one that we talked about last week and she's in a foster home. She was just a little, little, nippy and a little you know. What I found a little posture Kitty. Will need to go with her to in with cats like me being a key I mean we don't have a cat currently, but I grew up with cats and had a cat kitty for eighteen years in cats can be you know not all. They can be a little nippy, and it doesn't mean that they're yeah. They can just get a little testy or whatever, but that's not a bad thing which is, they want to be on their terms? Yeah, they know what they like them. What they don't lie and they let you know. It looks like Kitty Mims us. There's all kinds of faction. Yeah, affectionate just on her terms, but like that. The stereotype of cat, and that's very much like myself as well affection and Mike. Part Catt, part dog I, love snowy looks like a bunny rabbit beautiful. These are cool. Cats had a lot of good good choices. Lot of selection this weekend. All right, so check it out. Go to Franklin just dot com, and then we've got that linked up. So deanne have a great weekend. Be Safe and we'll talk to you. Next Friday okay you, too. Thank you nine fifty four. We've got about. Let's see another five minutes before we give chance at a thousand bucks here. It's trevor. Daniel and falling ninety seven hundred HD welcome to Friday. You've been listening to the ninety seven one, the ht Frankie and just show podcast right here on Iheartradio. Lot of things that we're talking about. For the ten o'clock hour first of all I know some people were wanting to know with the masks, so Utah's got this mask initiative because today I. We're going from red to orange, and there's some businesses that are opening up under some strict guidelines from the State of Utah and you know we're trying to get the economy going slowly. with certain things in. They're suggesting that you. You wear a mask when you're out in public. There's certain stores like Costco. Starting Monday you have to wear masks when you go in there. I love that Yuck to and over so they want you mass starting Monday at Costco and there's other businesses that would you know like you have masks out a lot of the grocery stores? Want you in have masks? So that's something that. They've been struggling with for since this thing started. but yet some people don't have access to it whether it's you know having somebody, make one or getting one buying one so the State of Utah if you go to Virus Dot Utah Dot Gov Corona Virus Dot. Utah Dot Gov. there's a forum there. You can order basically mask for you and your family. Okay, so and the reusable masks, so if you WANNA go to Corona Virus Utah Gop just wanted to hit that real. Quick all right something that we threw out a little earlier. If you have small ears, get him out of the room or you're going to have a combo. and. It's not on us because we're warning you right now, or your earmuffs does so cover their ears but this is what we wanted to know. We've got some good texier. Two nine four five, so we wanted to know in the bedroom. So who in the relationship is it more adventurous, and then the other person is not so. It's like a one eighty. You're not on the same page when it comes to that. At eight to nine four five doesn't said married a good old boy with deep in traditional respect for women. Once described our bedroom. Life is vanilla. Oh, boy! Did he show me? I was wrong. I'm the Plain Jane. He has some tricks up his sleeve. Until in no it until she expressed her side until she said something there you go so it's good. It's good to have a combo can be awkward. At first, you know this is a very personal thing. And people can be very guarded depending on experiences. They've had in the past or not. You know yeah, but that's exactly the conversation man, so you could be thanking us by the time next week comes. Right, you're welcome. Yes, so eight to nine four five. You WanNa time into the show with this What's your story? Wife was not adventurous, stepped out of the bedroom Let's see all drive and she'll you know and then so what they do. Know you know okay all right? And so they'll go to different parks in different neighborhoods and steam up the windows, so they to get out of the House and I think that's sometimes one of them. If you've been together for awhile, maybe just a change of scenery wonders you know like that tax. Guys. Okay, let's see a couple of them are sprinkled in here. Oh, I was eighteen. When I met my hubby. He is close to five years older so He was more adventurous had more experience. It sounds like I caught on quickly. Okay? Yeah, that was good Let's see I like to be tied up blindfolded. He still getting used to things like this. We've been married eight years, but he's warming up to it. let's see my girlfriend. Isn't the adventure one? I wanted to show her okay, so he's WanNa show some stuff. She's kind of on the shy side and He said even maybe kind of boring, but at least I'm getting some. Yeah Right. Now, you know so. That's a good point when Uh. This one said I'm the adventurous one before me. My hubby had never used anything. You know to spice it up. I took him into. His I like sexy shop a few months ago. I will share maybe really couple more of these at eight to nine five, and I'm thinking Jesus JP sacks and Michael's that they're listening to this show. They're like what are we going to get into? They're probably doing this right now. True, they're probably doing their instagram lives. Oh No, Oh, you yeah, because they are a couple. COUPLE AND WE'RE GONNA be coming up at the bottom of the hour. If you're not on facebook, live, you need to tune in because you just can see Jessica Rolling Harish breeding these. That's how that's uncomfortable. She is reading these I love. That's your like this you're. Maybe wound up a little bit. Because you're the adventurous one in Kevin needs to kind of spice it up a little bit, so this is you kind of getting. You're like okay I'm going to get fixed. Tonight for five twirler Harrison. Tell me Morgan like she's pulling out extensions, but it's really your hair. Oh she's. Terrible. No No, I'm tired. I'm the adventurous one. I loved to do anything and everything wiping out so much. Ninety seven one. Franken, just show podcast here on iheartradio. Okay, so I'm GONNA play a little clip here of the new version of the song if the world was ending and we've got this video. If you WANNA, see, it manages cooled it. Here, but you WANNA watch the video as well if the world was in car. The. World. We. saw. So all the proceeds for that go to Doctors Without Borders and it just was released yesterday and we're getting ready to do it. Instagram live here with JP socks and Julia Michaels in that that song I mean initially with the to gave me chills. And then to see it with everybody, and they're all doing it from home, so you've got Keith Urban. Her Sam Smith. Who again now he gives me chills hearing them. finis is billy eyelashes brother so talented? Yeah, and it's just really really cool to to to see it and hear it and again. This is benefiting doctors. Without Borders and it looks like we have them on the line here. Actually instagram live. So this is the first time ever doing this on the show as far as doing and instagram live with you guys on the air, so do we have hey, JP and Julia. We're here. Oh Man, so we're getting ready. We're GONNA. Punch it up, so we can see you guys here in the studio. And if you're watching on ninety seven ones the Instagram, you can actually watch these two so how you guys doing. Right all right. We just played your. This is your first guide, July well. This is your first time doing on the show. while. We're on the air because we're on the air live, so you can. If you can't tune in to see it, and then, people are just kind of listening to it. Well. Here's the equipment as from nineteen ninety eight, so we look like we're really cool and everyone, but are women is struggling. We have a commodore sixty four computer in here so I. Don't know if you know what that is. You're probably too young for that. Yeah, something from one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty six. Where are you guys quarantined at where you together? When La, my house in La Nice Yeah. And then when did you? When did you move to la? Because I know you're a midwestern girl? And then he moved to the west coast rate. Has. been here most of my life. I'm here when I was around six, but my mom moved back to Iowa when I was sixteen, so I've been back and forth ever since that's awesome so i. gotTa Tell You guys. The first time that we heard this song, which was not too long ago. If the world was ending, we started planet here at ninety seven was hd and I was like Oh. My Gosh, the song. gave me chills it because it really hits home, but we just had an earthquake here march eighteenth. We had a five point seven earthquake while we were doing the show while we were on the air. Is A trip, so we're hearing that song, and then kind of you know so jp when you wrote the song. You're in your car then when you have these earthquakes out in La last year. Well, that was just the original idea. Okay, the world ending you come over right line, and then I brought that line into my special Julia, which was the day we met a couple of weeks after the earthquakes in La. Bly and we were just talking about where we were what we were thinking. How might go out our decision? Making differently in some sort of catastrophic situation in the conversation led really Very organically into his arm. Is was that the first time that you will? You out in La for a bit so I would think that wasn't your first time whether earthquakes or was it. I it was. So I actually at that point that never felt one okay. How missed every or quick at either been sleeping were thriving. Guess. On the radio. Dog Oh what's the dog's name? Oh Samson. A yellow my gosh. It looks like Brook. Oh my gosh. I had a dog named. Brooke my lab. So sweet. How old is the pup? He is for. I have a German shepherd. Also, that's three Q. I had a shepherd to mckeon Brooke. Making me only getting like emotional and say I'm looking at Brooke unless crazy so so yeah, when we were on the air that was so I've been here in salt. Lake City I'm originally from Detroit, and some other places before coming here to to Utah I moved here in October of ninety seven, and we had some. You know like I remember there would be a couple little, just itty bitty. What was that? Was it a truck? And then it turned out to be a little earthquake had never felt anything like A. A five point seven, and to the point where we got underneath, so you're looking at us here where I'm sitting. We got underneath the desk the council here because it was you know we didn't know if the building was going to come down, we had no idea terrifying. Then we've had since then since March eighteenth. They said on the news last night. We've had like fifteen hundred aftershocks or something like that are thirteen hundred plus aftershocks. Yeah, it's just crazy. You know of course most of them you don't feel. One not too long ago the other day actually. It was it was really sure, but it was a big shake, and it was the first one. Was it. We were on the couch. Julia was like a little freaked out and I. thought it was Super Romantic. Our and our. Woman that song applies, you know. Obviously you talk about that line when you're in the car and the earthquake, you know that sort of thing and didn't didn't feel, but it's definitely applicable to what we're going through right now with this pandemic. You know what I mean. I mean at the time. Song was kind of inspired by imagining hypothetical catastrophe that would in how you might go about talking to people you don't usually talk to in that hypothetical casualty, and now it's not so hypothetical anymore, yeah! And it's been wild to see how the song is resonating in this moment and I think it's because it just speaks to love I. I think that's the heart of the zone. And I think that's why you know it's it's. It's close to people right now. So with everybody and we were just talking about before we got on with the INSTAGRAM. Live and we're talking to JP. Saxon Julia Michaels. If you're just tuning in watching US or or tuning into the show. Everybody that's involved in the new version with that video. All the different artists yeah like so. How did that come about? Did they reach out to you and say? We want to be a part of this or maybe kind of caught wind that this was going to be a collaboration kind of thing, or did you reach out to certain artists? Well, it started because a lot of our friends were posting covers of ours Tom. and. We're like we should. We should just turn this into something for charity like. We. He's worked with Doctors Without Borders for long time and we thought that would be a really incredible organization to to. and. Once, we decided that. That's what we're. GonNa. Do we just started reaching out to every single person? We knew he reached out to people I stopped. People are labels. Each the people are publishers. Reach out to people, so we really took us a good you week and a half to. To get every video and and tell everybody how how it's going to be done. And then it took another week and a half to edit two weeks. Edit so get. It all proved yes. But it was. It was really amazing, and I think just. So art for us to see how down everyone was like so many of our friends were like. Get up and help your. Here's a video. A lot of my friends to city of the the same day. We asked just so eager to help. Because I think you know as artists how we can contribute is not always the the most simple. We're always looking for ways that we can lend our voices to something that is more powerful and you know Doctors Without Borders is doing right now is done for decades. Show up for the most vulnerable in the most at risk people all over the world. I'm so when we reached out to Doctors Without Borders. A really good friend who works with them moves actually at the end of the video crystal speaking about their projects. and. They were excited about using this as a way to draw attention to their projects it in such an easy yet for so many of our friends because it's like is, this is caused that matters. This is simple press to do and we get to do it with people we love. Yeah, let's do. Almost thirty thousand dollars in well. Ours Really exciting. We hope that just keeps continuing in. Every. Dollar helps than you know we're just. We're really really proud of everything that we've. We've gotten to do with this and you should. Because it's, it's such a moving song. No, so when I saw finish on there I didn't I mean I know that dude talented new could sing, but I was like holy crap. So what's the? Is it true that when you guys did that? Song as a duet? Did you lay it down for the very first time? As far as that was it? That was the first place. Yeah, one take, and then you send it off to fitness. Well, basically for me. Hey, you're. All. The bonobos are from the day. We wrote the Song Okay I fun story. I was recording the demo. And I could not get the second verse, Right. We hadn't even originally talked about it. Being Duet I'm just messing it up over and over. Like let me show you how to do it. And then as soon as I saw her get on the microphone of it, there's no way she's not saying on this song. She does to takes of the whole song and then the leaned. In all her final vote, those two takes I maybe did ten. Oh well. So, you did the mic drop. Julia like doom. Walked away I gotta go. Guys are cute. Okay I have to know because we have a lot of comments and a lot of people. There's love you guys. They love the song. They love what you're doing with the proceeds from your song. So how did you guys kind of hookup and meet and they said that you are totally notorious for giving your man crap all the time. I. Think you're generally affectionate and loving. Aren't like sweeping gone hair off my. Just what women do. I'll? link-up. Well. It started So Ashley, a friend of mine was was texting me and. We were going back and forth, but artists. Something really loved end he. Mentioned J. P. in who you really should listen to the song twenty five in Barcelona. Announcing okay cool I trusted him. You know musically ensure and. I listened to that Song I think for like six hours straight. And then I reach out to him on Instagram I. Know I I. I posted the song on. My Grandma's was like. Please everyone listen to this magical. And then you were like talking about I was a road trip with friends while this happened in when she posted that instagram story I was simultaneously having a conversation with my friends about how I thought she was the most influential song our generation. As I music, so it was pretty like mystical mangams. That's cool. I think we talked for like a month. Month and then. Talk about writing and then and then if the world was ending was the first time we have erupt together. We were today we met. In when did you kind of go public with this? Was it rate while you were performing on the tonight? Show with Jimmy Fallon? After that. That was before people knew earn relationship. Waited like. Like half the year. Nine months now. I think we've three months ago. Yeah, told people. Something we tried to absorb it to ourselves as possible because you know, love is the best thing in the world than we wanted to make sure we have the opportunity to really lean into the beauty of the beginning. I love that and you are so cute. I can see your your body chemistry, and a lot of people are saying that they want to love story like yours. And they and it's neat because you guys connect on so many different levels, but I love that you kind of want to keep that to yourself as much as you can. Because it's. It's your love, and it's up to you. How much share it? Totally. Appreciate. Very few! Things in life power kept private. Yeah, true chance suggests. Together is really special. Darling okay so before we let you go here I. Just want to ask you a couple of questions regarding being kind of isolated in quarantine. I want jp you to answer this the same with you Julia. What's something that you've learned about yourself? During the quarantine? So I mean this is kind of because we talked about that on the air. Something that you learned about you. Jp and Julius something that you learned about you. I think I've learned. Well something I've learned about. Uh us together as you know for a majority of our of the first half of our relationship, I was on tour. He was on tour so I. Think we spent more time in cities together than we did even at home together, we had like more citied spend months together weeks. Yeah, like a different city every day for a while there and we've been quarantined now for almost two months straight together now. When I wasn't even supposed to see him for like these last months. Anyone who's going to be up to our Q. were normally functional. I think what I've learned is is that we're incredibly silly together. Chore So Ridiculously Worke Like, we watch jeopardy. For You, too Well. Consecutive episodes of jeopardy. Oh my Gosh! An idea of a good time is playing banana grams. Additive billion grams. Forgot Jeopardy so wonderful at a moment like this and I. Think it's because it simultaneously wasting your brain and. This is the perfect. That's awesome. What now what about something? That may be surprised you about each other? As far as did you learn something about JP Julia and vice versa jp about Julia. About you, yes, surprise you. Is Me. I don't think so nothing yet. Learned a lot of each other but anything. That's surprising. Julius Dan very consistent personality. She's not of like what you see is what you get, so I'm learning more about things that I loved about her, but anything that was like. Oh. That's from left. Field has really happened. I was surprised when she When she took a liking to Boba in the same way that I did. That I loved alone, and it was just remodeled, personal relationship was below, but then she go and. It's to you. Fan Now of you. In, Westworld Oh my God. I definitely have reoccurring dreams about never ending recurring mazes. That's hilarious funny. Well, this is fun guy. We appreciate you taking time out and doing the instagram live here and. I mean huge success with this. You said what thirty thousand dollars so far in the first twenty four hours with this with this video. Let's go in for Doctors Without Borders. Okay. We have to ask you because everybody's freaking out in the chat. What's your favorite Boba? They want to know both of you. What's your favorite? Strawberries go to. For both you guys up real good. Yeah, we ordered the same nice. You guys look at you. I. Know You offered acute together. They look at each other. Temples killing me, Julia you're so, thank you. The dimples undeniable. Things she can make capital those dimples. Love it I love it. With dimples, and your and your your handsome. You look like our Kylie's fiancee. Deanna you do have a Danny Vibe Sochi, oh? Yeah so when you guys would, things calmed down. We'd love to have you guys back. or you know because I. Know You bet well, I don't know if Jay Bennett Salt Lake, but Julia's I believe yeah. A- actually came with me for my. Up On tour, okay there with me for my Salt Lake Show, which was one of my favorites, but lay awesome. We'd love to have you back. Yeah, we'd love to have you in studio or maybe do another instagram live? Lynn so every sorry I know we're trying to wrap up every every show on my last tour we would measure the sound of the crowd and salt. Lake was one of our loud. This crowds I think it was like one hundred twenty two decibels or something. Like really unbelievable, it doesn't surprise me. It's a great city. I mean just very passionate exactly. That's one of my favorite shows Zoellick? Yeah, that's great well. We look forward to meet you guys in person you come through town again pay. Much playing the Song He. Does, Out For. The new charity video to like really means the world to our love to this song. Thank you so much as a talented and you, too so thanks for taking the time out we'll talk to. Him By guys have a good day. We're going to rebel the show and just a few minutes here. That's JP. Julia michaels that was really cool and I instagram live here on the show. Thanks to Kylie for making sure we could do that today. I was really really awesome. Ten, forty, nine, hundred, ninety seven. Ninety seven. HT's Frankie and jess show podcast here on iheartradio. Ninety seven one HD Salt Lake's number, one hit music station with Frankie Ingest. That was really really fun. We just talked to J. P. Sachs Julia Michaels so if the world was ending that song that we play, which is really one of the best songs of heard in in in a long time as far as you know, music, obviously, move you motionlessly. That's when you hear and you're like. Oh my Gosh! How like to the core did did they get with that song? As far as like. Oh my gosh, it's emotional and if it doesn't move you talk to a therapist. Have problems. You have a heart of stone you're made of stone. But we talked to J. P. and Julia was instagram. Live the first time that we've ever done that as far as because were like this is your first instagram is like no, it's the first. It's the first time we've done it on the air like simultaneously while we're on the air, so we kind of did that Kylie finagle it. Our engineers can finagle this, so we were able to do it, and it worked out pretty well there some glitches but I mean that's what we were just talking about that during Billy Irish. Everything right now with tech. Is kind of bogged down, so it was kind of like. You know a little bit of quick yeah. A little bit yeah, and they came back in or whatever, but it was a lot of fun, so we were just talking to them, no stewart dating if you didn't hear their quarantine together and they. You know and I hate using the word cute cute couple. I mean he's A. He's a cool dude. And she's she's a cool chick fillet and the reason that we were talking to him. This morning is If the world was ending, so they've got a new version of that in the version that we've got post if you haven't seen it, it's a Franken dot com, so it's all these listers that wanted to be a part of this, and they made this video, and they all did it from their home. Yeah, and it's just an incredible video, and all the proceeds benefit doctorswithoutborders. Raise what thirty. Four hours and that's probably even just as we're talking books, just kind of going up and up. So, because cool to see that just go into seven figures. You know in the next month or something like that right so if you missed the interview. I, so we're. We're going to have that post that frankly just dot com eventually. Yeah, for now if you WANNA, go back and re watch it. It's just on our instagram stories. You can just jump in watch. All right we're getting ready to turn things over the Hefei. Jeff McCartney he's. Weekend Right He's got a keyword. Though when when we come back here, it's GonNa be worth. Thousand Bucks or Pay Your Bill, so make sure you're ready to text that to two hundred, two hundred and good luck from Hd.

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